I hate drama.  I’m just going to put that right out there from the start, because I’m cranky.  I’m cranky because the bulk of what I have to say today falls under the category of drama and that really irritates me.  However, ambient conditions are such that I need to address a few things or at least go on record because the amount of asshattery and just general fuckery out there is off the chain and it ain’t all coming from the Manson family compound lately.  Don’t get me wrong, they haven’t turned over a new leaf or anything, but we’ll get to them later.  For now I have some that used to be `our own’ to put on blast and it’s going to piss some, maybe even a lot, of you off.  #sorrynotsorry



So, this happened the other day.  Yet another person getting accused of being me that isn’t me.  Way to shoot yourselves in the foot, people.  These screen shots came from the Secret Horse page.  They aren’t the only ones I have, but they kinda set the tone for the blast that I’ve seen that many worried was coming.  Oh wait, I believe the word used was `bomb’.  Shedrow was going to drop the bomb on you, right?  No bombs from here, I’m just going to lay some truth down and I’m sure it will make the Manson family moist, but it is what it is.  Karen Pawly, come on down and own your fuckery.  Bring your friends too.


From what I can tell, what started our former friend, Karen, off making a play for being the boss of all haterz was the 5 Appys at HiCaliber and a comment I made in the comment section on my own blog after somebody asked about them.  Karen lost her shit and started accusing people of things, refusing to post in certain secret groups unless her misidentified leak was removed (how did that work out for you, Karen?) and generally throwing a shit fit because she had issued an order that no information was to be passed on.  Guess what Karen?  You wouldn’t have known those horses even existed if not for me.  Guess what else?  Even though yes, I have been in touch with their family from the beginning, I have several streams of information coming in including several sets of boots on the ground.  Hell, you don’t even really know where my boots are on any given day.  You don’t own the info and you sure as fuck don’t control it.  Get used to that.  This ain’t my first rodeo.  Now, I’m sorry if the family felt there was a leak on Karen’s end because they know I’ve held their confidence to protect those animals right from the very start.  I still hold some more delicate facts regarding that entire situation in confidence.  They also wouldn’t have known there was a problem with their horses being at HiCaliber if not for this blog.  I’m not being egotistical, just telling it like it is.  I will not be telling anybody how I came to know about those horses because unlike Karen, I do hold a confidence and there are several members of her secret rescue coalition that can attest to that fact if they are honest.  Or did she blow that group up? It’s so difficult to keep track with all the tantruming going on.


So, now that you have a little background, let’s talk auction.  A few weeks ago, a group came together to attend the Ontario auction and maybe pull a few horses.  I knew about it before it happened and like a good little team player, I did not mention it on the blog so they could remain in stealth mode.  It was my understanding that people were going to stay quiet and just be low-key with this for a few weeks at least.  Sadly, that was not to be because, unbeknownst to some, Karen was becoming increasingly drunk with power and loving the spotlight a little too much.  She decided to make a big spectacle of it by holding court on the Horror Story page afterwards.  Of course this was only after Romney Faye outed her and rather than stepping back and allowing somebody else to take over, she went rogue.  Somewhere along the line, people forgot to tell her to never look directly into Manson’s eyes or she’d lose her soul and that’s exactly what happened yesterday.  Karen went to the dark side and formed an unholy alliance.  Despite her much delayed damage control post and refusal to post auction receipts this week, Karen insists this isn’t so.  Personally, I don’t care.  She stepped out on her own and set everybody back significantly.  Well, not me, but that’s another story for another day.   The fact is I saw this coming and I called it to certain insiders.  I don’t even know WTF she thought she accomplished yesterday with Manson bringing home 7 horses, at least one of which is likely already dead but that was only after she was forced to endure a 2 hour trailer ride, not counting the stop for ice cream, to meet her end.  So far we’ve only seen intakes on 2 and who knows where the rest ended up?  Well done, Karen!

ass barnacle

Robyn seems worried she’s in danger of being replaced as chief ass barnacle.

What I didn’t realize is that not everybody having an issue with HiCaliber has the same motivations.  I don’t generally engage on Facebook, which is also why it’s so funny that so many different people get accused of being me while I continue to fly under the radar.  I’m not in groups and I don’t post much and certainly not on the drama pages.  I don’t really give a shit about auction aside from the fact that new horses are being drug back to that feedlot every single week, never to be heard from again.  It’s not about `winning’ auction for me.  In fact, the only thing Karen has accomplished aside from becoming Manson’s bitch, is creating a false market at Ontario.  The rescues she’s fronting for can’t sustain the weekly buys or they’re in danger of becoming what they oppose.  However,  all these shitbags have heard there is a rescue war going on and Ontario, that will allow parking lot deals and all manner of atrocities, is the place to drag horses that they can’t dump anywhere else.  They’ll get decent coin for them and nobody will turn them into AC.  What happens three weeks from now when all the coalition rescues are tapped out and acting responsibly, meaning all these horses have no buyers and they are too jacked up to go anywhere else?  Some end up turned loose in the desert to die.  Sometimes they get left tied to something so they can’t wander out to a road and get found.  They also can’t find food or water or fend for themselves and tend to die quicker that way.  I can already hear the whining about at least they are saving some and what have I done?  I don’t need to pound my chest and get kudos for what I’ve done.  That’s between me and a select few.  Look at the bigger picture.  This is perpetuating abuse.  This is lining Misner’s pockets, Horatio’s pockets and every other bottom feeding tripper and flipper.  You will NEVER be able to stop them but you sure as shit can decide not to help them get more money to abuse even more animals.


Ditto was one of the horses HiCaliber drug back to their feedlot yesterday.  Manson spun this awesome story about this old man approaching them in the parking lot who was sick  and just wanting help to get rid of his horses.  He didn’t speak English so no other rescue could help him because apparently nobody else in SoCal knows how to speak Spanish.  What she didn’t tell people is that she pulled into auction with at least one of these horses already on the trailer.  I’m not sure if the horse was picked up before or after their donut stop.  (They have to bring donuts to the office at Ontario so they put up with the weekly HiCaliber shit show. ) I’m also not sure whether the stud with the blown out knee came with her or even from the same place.  Seems strange one was in great body condition apart from his knee and the other emaciated.  We do know that both horses got to stand around tied to the trailer most of the day without food or water while Manson worked Karen and the village idiots like a greased pole on $2 Tuesday at the strip club.


Manson had to be laughing all the way to the bank yesterday.  I’m sure this all went down much smoother than she ever imagined and it was pretty much text-book how she accomplished it.  While Karen is pretending that she outsmarted Manson, the fact is that Manson’s couldn’t have had her way with Karen any easier than if she’d have slipped a roofie in her gin and tonic.  Kill her with kindness, flatter her a bit and it was all over but the salad tossing.  In fact, it wasn’t just Karen that got played.  All the drama queens on Facebook played right into Manson’s hand when she put up the post about she and Karen working together.  Friends started turning on friends, blocking, deletions and all manner of insults flew.  The best part is they did it all with their asses hanging out for all to enjoy as other actual advocates looked on with one hand over their eyes, they were so embarrassed, myself included.  The HiCaliber contingent flicked their collective bean in glee watching the implosion, I’m sure.



While all this infighting and jostling for position has been happening, the HiCaliber promo team has been in overdrive.  Since their rebranding themselves as the rebels of rescue hasn’t exactly caught fire,  Manson decided to do a 180 be all about the love or at least as far as social media is concerned.  I’m sure she remains hateful and repugnant in her personal life.   We’re supposed to forget all the truly shitty things she’s said and done and believe she’s reducing her herd numbers because she’s finally seen the light.  Ummm, no.  The actual motivation here is that she’s been jerking the county’s chain for nearly a year and has a September 15th deadline looming where she won’t really be able to hide behind Angrid if she doesn’t ‘put her house in order.  Right, Manson?



These pics are all recent.  As shown, water continues to be an issue and the horses continue to stew in their own filth as the manure piles up even higher.  This is NOT rescue.  One horse, seven horses, no horse should have to live like this.  Just because they are providing the bare minimum of care as required by law, this does not make these conditions ok.  You see Manson talk about horses hitting euth lists for `behavioral’ reasons.  Do you blame them?  They aren’t meant to live like this.  Tossing a jolly ball into their shit filled pen does not make up for room to move, socialization, proper shelter, feed and clean water.  While some people are out trying to win the auction wars, this is a big part of what the rest of us are seeking to end.  The horses at Misner’s lot live in better conditions and for many of them, the ending isn’t much different.  I think we’re up to at least 40 so far this year that didn’t make it out alive.


Can nobody sit up for live feeds?

I’m not proud of this post and wish I didn’t feel the need to make it.  It’s an interesting dynamic that almost any time you get a group together, somebody always wants to grab the power and the glory.  They need the credit and that’s fine until it gets in the way of important things.  This is what seems to have happened the past few weeks.  I’ve watched Karen and a few others struggling to be the one in the know.  Hell, even Rhiannon has more than enjoyed the spotlight since she made her statement on here.  She didn’t even really want to do it on here, but only agreed because she knew it would gain her a bigger audience.  (BTW Rhi, the person you think writes this blog, the one you called an asshole,  is a middle person.  Do you really think people are that obvious?  Shame on you for turning on a friend like that)  I still think Rhiannon was brave to come forward and I still appreciate her post.  Her experiences were important to hear about. However,  they were no more or less important than Riley and Lynn’s experiences.  It is ALL part of the puzzle and there’s a big spotlight.  Plenty room for everybody without all this drama and histrionics.  Hell, take my place in the spotlight.  It was never my desire to have it.  I know this post will piss off some people and alienate others.  I’m ok with it.  I’m tired.  This isn’t the HiCaliber blog even though it has been all HiCal, all the time for the past few months.  My work behind the scenes will continue regardless of how many posts I make.  Hopefully, we have a few guest posts coming up that will keep people motivated and focused in the right direction. Thanks to this blog, a remarkable team of advocates exist that are quite happy to work together behind the scenes for a common goal.  Talented people who realize that the ultimate goal is more important than any one individual.  People I am proud to collaborate with and I hope to be able to celebrate with one day.  My suggestion to Karen and her ilk is to pull your skirts back down and either take a seat or learn to be team player.  We can all paint the HiCal logo on the side of our barns with a slash through it if you just dial down the crazy.  Miles to go before we sleep…talk to you soon.

I bet everybody thought I was going to pick a part Manson’s latest long assed post which basically amount to a sermon on the mount for the village idiots.  We’ve pretty much heard it all before from her since she climbs up on that cross every she ends up with her ass in a sling and, mark my words, that’s just what’s going on whether she wants to admit that publicly or not.  I may dig into it a bit later this week but you’ve all been killing it in the comments and I have much more important post today.  I have another guest post from a recent volunteer.  This one was there through many of the recent events we’ve covered on this blog.  This her personal account, in her very own words.  Again, I give all respect for the bravery it takes to come forward and tell her truth.  It is people like this, standing up, that are making the big difference right now.  I can’t thank her enough sharing this with us all.

confession time

I was hoping somehow a miracle would be pulled off and Dragon would be safe before anyone read my story. Sadly that isn’t the case & I’m scared he may not be safe much longer. My story may not be all that exciting to some since I don’t have years of experience & tons of pictures but I feel it has to be told in hopes that it can change even just one person’s mind & possibly save the lives of some horses that don’t deserve to be shot in the head. Possibly change someone like me who was fairly new to the whole nightmare called HiCaliber.


My adventure with HC begins as a casual follower. I rarely watched the live auction feeds. I started following HC after I met a horse my friend adopted from them.  I would read posts, but not all. Wish I would have watched & read more before I got sucked in. Somewhere mid-April there was a post asking for riders for the Norco Parade. Having extensive parade experience I offered to ride.  On April 19th I got a message from Michelle asking about my riding experience. I filled her in and said I could pretty much ride anything & told her a little about my horses & what I’ve done riding wise. She asked me to come the next day for test rides on the 2 horses remaining that were going to be at the parade Dragon & Comfort. Now Dragon was “rescued” from auction on April 4th, yet was deemed cleared & out of quarantine 15 days after his arrival by Michelle because his blood came back negative, red flag that I wish stopped me.  I show up the next day, parked & started walking towards the barn where I saw people. I then see a vet & Michelle. First thing I hear is “back up, get away we are doing x-rays”. Uh yikes, sorry (I was at least 20ft from them). After waiting around about 15 minutes not sure what I was supposed to do or say. Robyn came by & asked who I was & I explained to her. Michelle then came over & told her to get Dragon & Comfort for me to see who I wanted to ride. This entire time I’m under the assumption that Michelle wanted to make sure I could actually ride, that she would watch me. Both horses were brought to a trailer & tied & I was told to ride both in the nearest round pen to see who I liked. Robyn then went and removed a horse from the round pen & tied it up on the outside and left me with the two horses. Looking back I now realize the horse was living in the round pen not just turned out. There was a bucket for water, but it was almost empty. I didn’t think anything of it since I thought it was just turn out time for the horse. Not a single person watched to see if I could ride, red flag pushed aside in my brain. I rode Dragon first. He was a sweet boy who was so easy for me to work with. The updates on his profile on the HC website I wrote (unsure why the date is wrong for the beach ride it was actually April 30th that we went to the beach).

I get in the round pen & nobody is around, Michelle & Robyn both disappeared. I felt really weird riding a horse I knew nothing about, but I pushed that feeling aside because I wanted to help what I thought was a great rescue. Except for the trying to walk off while mounting Dragon was awesome & that’s the moment I started to get sucked into the HC world thinking I could help these horses, that I could help this boy find his forever home. Red flags & warning signs again pushed aside. After riding Dragon Robyn showed up & showed me where he belonged. I put him  away in what I now know is the vineyard, no shelter of any kind for him & the 2 horses he shared it with, yet another red flag my brain pushed aside. While waiting for Robyn to come back I started loving on an appy mare I now believe was Geri. She had massive eye goop & was shedding like crazy. I felt bad for her. I cleaned her eyes with just my hands and shed her out best I could before Robyn got me. Then the bumper car games began, yet another red flag, but still my brain pushed it aside because I so badly wanted to help the horses. As I was riding in the golf cart back to the barn Michelle came up in another one and started ramming us & yelling all kinds of stuff about taking it up the ass. I felt weird but blew it off as just them having fun. Once back at the barn I confirmed with Michelle that I would love to ride Dragon in the parade.  She then asked if I could ride Comfort just to get her out since she just recently came off being laid up (never told why). I said no problem & was left to my own with her.


Comfort was a little on the skinny side for me & this concerned me but I thought she may have been underweight even more when she came in (I knew nothing about her intake or how long she had been there). While brushing her she wouldn’t stand still and kept kicking at her stomach. I fly sprayed her and decided to walk her around as I was not comfortable getting on her. Hoping the kicking was due to flies but every time I stopped she started kicking again.  I brought this to Michelle’s attention & she told me that she was just removed off of ulcer medication & that she would be sure to start it back up. Sadly now I’m guessing that never happened and she’s still suffering. After I put Comfort in her stall I see a little black pony go blazing by me. Running behind is a volunteer who said he jumped the poop wagon while she was cleaning his stall. I knew nothing about this horse, but grabbed a nearby halter & caught him fairly quickly while he was making friends with other horses. I then learned this little guy was Tonka a little stud pony. The volunteer thanked me and was nervous as hell trying to lead him back to his corral. Again, looking back I realize she probably had no clue how to handle a horse, especially a “scary” stallion.


Dragon all ready for the parade in Norco. Totally relaxed

Norco Parade day April 22nd. I was excited to be helping showcase horses in the parade. I hung out with Dragon, took care of him & we had an awesome parade ride. I spoke to a few other volunteers but felt like an outcast since I only knew Michelle & Robyn and they were too busy to deal with me. While headed to the parade staging area Engineer was acting high strung & nervous. Instead of rider getting off and leading him, reassuring him he’s ok Michelle drugged him with something from a vile. I’ve seen people use calming pastes, but never a shot. I have no idea what it was she gave him. IMO it didn’t help him at all. Now the “fun” part of the day was when I met Mr. Andrew Fice. Holy hell is this kid bat shit crazy! He showed up on Novalee bareback and sporting a huge gash and bruise on his face. The wound one of many he said from training horses. He just kept spewing at the mouth about how great a trainer he is & what he’s done for “asshole” horses, blah blah blah… I stopped listening. I honestly couldn’t believe HC sent horses to him. This should have been the red flag I didn’t ignore, but like many I wanted to help the horses. On this day I was “lucky” enough to be added to two of the secret HC Facebook pages (Shenanigans & Biz Desk).


Dragon at Fiesta Island

April 30th, beach day.  I believe it was on the Shenanigans page that Michelle asked if anyone wanted to go ride at the beach. I jumped on this opportunity in hopes to see Dragon again. Michelle “selected” me as a lucky rider & I met several people at Fiesta Island for an interesting day. First thing was Michelle admonished me for not wearing a HC shirt. Hell I only had one that was dirty,  I just bought it for the Norco Parade for a hurtful price of $30, but the money was to help the horses right, so why not. During the ride I was “graced” with boob comments, boob shaking & lots of other crude jokes. Now I laughed because I still hadn’t watched many live video’s & thought this was just because they were all close friends. Wow, how wrong I was for assuming that. The riding itself was uneventful & I was proud of Dragon for trusting me and going in the water. By this time I’ve completely fallen in love with him. Becky & I got to talking on the ride as our horses hung together most of it. I really liked her, she seemed like a normal person. Of course I didn’t know about her failed attempt at murdering a horse yet.  Michelle at one point during the ride mentioned to me possibly fostering Dragon, but nothing came about that day.  It was just idle chit chat, but got me hopeful I could help a horse, especially one I now loved. The worst part happened when our group was approached by a lady because one of the horses had pooped on the sand. She was a very misinformed person regarding having to pick up after horses.  She assumed it was the same laws as picking up after a dog. She originally tried talking to Robyn, but for whatever reason Robyn just turned her back. I didn’t hear the entire conversation but was graced with Michelle, Becky & Amanda yelling and cussing her out with an occasional word from Jonathan. I was in the water with Dragon when all this happened. The ladies husband than came down cussing, yelling and recording on his cell phone. I tried to shrink into the background as to not be targeted. Michelle took this opportunity to give the man the middle finger & said “tape this”. I never once said a word.  I now wonder what happened with that video, maybe someone reading this can find it & show the world what ugly personalities these people have towards the public that isn’t their village. After the pissing match simmered down it was all they could talk about. What they said, how they put them in their place. It was horrible. Yeah, the lady got nasty back but not until Michelle started in.


Dragon before the Ramona parade


Starbucks after the parade. So generously paid for by Michelle (cough, cough, eyeroll)

May 20th, the Ramona Parade. Nothing exciting happened during the parade, which made me love Dragon even more. He’s such an amazing horse & honestly don’t know why he’s still at HC (well, yeah I kinda do because they refuse to adopt him out).  Michelle got me all excited about being Dragon’s foster. Knowing I can’t financially afford full responsibility for a 4th horse I thought this would be amazing. My brain was going 100 miles an hour thinking I could possibly find him a home close to me or with a friend so I could always see him. She told me HC would pay up to $300 a month to a foster. Great, I pay $295 board which covers the basics & feed & I offered to pay for his feet, supplemental feed & any vet visit due to an injury or illness that happens during my care. We started planning & Dragon even stayed at another volunteer’s house in Ramona for a few days since it was closer to me so I could go get him once the paperwork was done. I was on the phone with my boarding facility; emails flew between them, me & between HC Amanda. I filled out everything. I set up the corral Dragon was to be moving into, and…… crickets…. NOTHING! No response, no “hey things aren’t going to work out”. HC for whatever reason wouldn’t sign the agreement with my boarding facility. I can only speculate now that they didn’t want to sign the contract & be legally responsible for his boarding fees. The last email I received from Amanda was on 5/27.



At this point I got butt hurt you could say. I didn’t know what I did wrong or who I possibly upset to where they no longer wanted me to foster Dragon. I had even talked about him to several people including a therapeutic riding program and they all wanted to come see him once he was at my boarding facility. I felt like an idiot when I had to tell these people that the fostering fell through. I actually lied & said he had a potential adopter.


Dragon with Michelle’s son being ponied on him


Michelle in the parade, high on pain killers and horse drugs.

May 27th Valley Center Parade & the last day I saw Dragon. (Coincidence that this day was the last email I got from Amanda, Hmmmmm…..). This was the day of “Michelle breaking her back”. Before that fiasco Michelle had approached me and was upset that in our group chat for the parade riders I offered up Dragon for another volunteer to ride. After all I didn’t want to be selfish & K**** asked if she could ride him. Well, my bad I guess for assuming K**** could ride. After all she rode in the Norco parade. Michelle was not happy with me & made it known.  She even called her a few names before she was done with it & walked away. With everything going while tacking up & getting ready to leave (me planning on riding on the float) Howard started acting up. His rider just having boob surgery and who stated she wasn’t supposed to be riding felt uncomfortable with him, so I offered to ride him. Turns out Howard doesn’t like back cinches, easy fix. I hear he has been adopted now. I hope he truly is in a new home & didn’t take a bullet since all the sympathy ran out when the hole in his head healed. I got settled on Howard & that’s when Michelle decided to not spill her $5 coffee when her horse spun around. Her horse had a pretty decent spin, one I think I could have sat out even holding a coffee, but I’ve had my fair share of riding & have learned to hold on. Michelle hit the ground with a good thud landing on her side. She sat for a few minutes to regain herself & (this may come to a surprise to some) she actually blamed herself for coming off, not the horse. Once she was up she got pain killers (Motrin I thought, but now could be way wrong) took them & then proceed to her truck where she took out a syringe that look more like a diabetic needle than one made for a horse (I’m not claiming I’m a Dr. but I’ve seen both plenty of times to know the difference) and a vile of something. She told me it was made for horses & also said the name but I honestly don’t remember what it was called. I watched as Michelle filled the needle, 1 ½ cc’s she said should be enough & shot herself up right in the hip. I was blown away, horse drugs in a human can’t be good & she looked liked she had done it numerous times.  There was no hesitation in her when she jabbed the needle into her hip. She then proceeded to get on her horse and she did ride the entire parade. I know there was a video with her saying different lengths of how long she rode. Based on the photo time stamps on my phone from the parade it was about 3 hours total from mounting up, staging & back to the trailers. I can confirm that between the pills she took & the shot she was high as a kite & not feeling a damn thing. Scary part is she drove her truck & trailer back to the ranch afterwards. Robyn offered & I even offered to drive it but she refused. At this time I started feeling uncomfortable enough that the red flags didn’t get shoved to the back of my brain. I really started to questions things that I had seen and heard.


Once back at the ranch I bathed Dragon, gave him lots of love & put him away. In a new smaller corral (I’m guessing It was about a 48×48) with 3 other horses. If I would have known this was the last time I was going to see him  I may have done something to get him out of that hell hole right then and there. I beat myself up knowing I failed him. Failed the little man who trusted me. So, after taking care of him I bathed Novalee.  The wash area is a cement slab with a drain in the middle, one a horse could get their hoof caught in. No rubber mats. Thankfully she wasn’t tied tight cause she went down, sliding on the concrete. She landed on her side but bounced right back up. She had a few minor scraps, no blood. I found Robyn & told her what happened & she told me to just put her away that she was fine. No concern at all for her wellbeing. I walked her, checked her legs and did what I could to make sure she wasn’t injured & I put her away. And, cue Tonka the stud pony. He got out of his pen again while someone was cleaning. She came running after him just like the last one.  Nobody teaches the “never been around a horse” volunteers not to run at a horse. That boy has their number. I’m pretty sure this is a regular occurrence with him.  


The red flags from the day didn’t stop me entirely, although I was really cautious about all that was going on now. My eyes began to open to the BS. The 2nd truck from Louisiana was due in that night & I offered to help. Again there for the horses, right. I felt I had to help the horses & with Michelle going to the hospital I felt compelled because she expressed during the parade she hopped enough volunteers showed up tonight.


Smoke. One of the lucky horses that went to a PB.


First look into the trailer before they started unloading


I was the one that sent this it Shed. Taken the night the 2nd truck arrived. Unsure who it was.

My teenage daughter came with to help. Kicking myself now for this as she’s worried sick about Camilla who melted into her for security that night. I hate that she cares so deeply for a horse that possibly has a gunshot to the head in her future (I have the sweetest pictures of the two of them, but chose not to share because I want to protect her). I left her at the barn to help triage (she’s going into the med field so no worries about her seeing anything gross). I was assigned to the area down the road where the hauler would be parking & unloading & then the horses loaded to smaller trailers to be taken to the ranch. I had the vehicle with the huge lights to brighten the entire area as it was around 10pm when they arrived. Truck rolls in and out of nowhere there’s Romney all done up in make-up, more ready for a date than horse intakes. This was the 1st time I’ve ever seen her in person. I said hi to her and got “who the fuck are you?” I was so blown away at how nasty she was to me. I wanted to snap back “gee bitch I’m here to help you & this fucked up mess” but I kept my mouth shut, for the horses. I mostly stayed in my vehicle & out of the way. I did handle Bambi when he came off the trailer. Just for a brief second before he was ripped from my hands by I think Ingrid (never got introduced). When this part of the fiasco was over I went back to the barn to help. It was organized chaos. My daughter helped with temps, worming & holding horses. Someone wanted to teach her how to give shots but she felt a little weird & declined. I held Bambi, Camilla, Smoke & Tilden. (Bambi later got his eye removed & is now suffering in a box stall. They did a fast update but wouldn’t remove his fly mask. Camilla they did a test ride on and now dumped who knows where. Smoke he’s a lucky boy & went home with a great PB who loves him dearly. Tilden, nobody knows, there’s been nothing on him since that night). Romney pranced around like she was a queen doing her live feed for maybe a half hour & got bored so she passed that duty off to Robyn & she went home. Never once did she touch a horse. I never once saw Robyn touch a horse either. All the work was being done by several volunteers. We worked our asses off that night taking care of the horses & being loving caring hands to help ease their pain & anxiety & tend to wounds. At one point I asked about Tara & Dawson because they appeared to be getting lots of attention. Someone told me that Michelle & Becky claimed them as their new horses. This brings up the fact they were paid for by donations, all treatment paid for by donations & transport paid for by donations knowing they would be owning them. Sadly Tara foundered & both are now thrown into the acres of lost horse to never be heard of again.  We wrapped up everything we could do and left around 3am completely exhausted.


July 19th is when Manson decided I was the troll & possibly Shedrow. In her lies she told me the reason the paperwork for Fostering wasn’t done was because he was lame, this would put him lame back on 5/27 the day of the VC parade where her son rode him, the last day Amanda emailed me. Yet on July 4th in the Parade group message was when someone told her he was lame. She didn’t seem to care & went on asking about the banner. If he was truly lame back in May why would someone have been riding him before a parade & planning on taking him yet Michelle asked how lame was he. Caught in a lie big time about a horse I loved. At this point I knew I was done. I won’t bore you with all the messages she sent me. Mostly it was her trying to convince me that the “haters” were bad & she was good. Between the night the truck came in & the 4th of July parade I started watching the live feeds & reading every post & I realized that this was no rescue, it’s a glorified hell hole where horses are dragged to their deaths for no reason. Raising money so they could live a spoiled lifestyle while horse go without proper care. I wish I had opened my eyes wide earlier then I wouldn’t fell like crap for the horses I’ve let down. Not just Dragon, but all the ones I met while there.



There have been efforts by a few people to try and get Dragon safe. One person has already adopted 4 horses from them but they are on to the fact that we are friends & refused her his adoption.  Another “friend” emailed and asked about several horses & was only offered 2 of the 4 with high “adoption” fees and could only see them physically after filling out an adoption application. When asked about medical history & if a vet could come check out the horses the questions got ignored. Jodi was even said to not be available, yet less than 2 weeks later they do an update on her stating she’s up for adoption. Makes no sense & I’m not even going to try and figure it out.

When questioned about the criminal check on the adoption application Kelsey said they don’t do it. So uh, why is it on there?




Now this made me laugh! Kelsey must be one of the smart ones, She figured out my fake email account) just like everyone has figured out all the fake HC FB followers’ accounts to bump the algorithm).  This happened less than an hour after I posted the screenshot of the “adoption” fees on the post regarding Comfort on the adoptables page. Guess the banhammer will be busy since you didn’t think to block people from that page or the Kids Page (hurry block me from that one).


As I write this Dragon isn’t safe. There was a live feed update recently on him by someone new. I think it was an accident because she didn’t know the controversy surrounding him. I got a quick glimpse of him. He had a fly mask on so they may be hiding his runny eye problem. Sadly I watched it a few times & noticed he is off on his back left. This worries me as I know lame horses are shot without ever seeing a vet for diagnosis. I know now Michelle is using him as a pawn to hurt me. Letting him suffer to make me suffer. Michelle I will live on even after you kill him. A piece of my heart is with him & every single horse I’ve touched there. I’m that type of person, I care and love animals that come into my life. You will never understand this. I will cry for him just like I’ve cried for many other animals I’ve lost in my life. You using him as a pawn is only hurting him. You’re probably reading this laughing, thinking you’ve got me, that you’re hurting me. This I know is the sociopath way & you will never change without help from a professional.  I’m coming to terms I will never see Dragon, Camilla, Bambi, Tilden & many others again. When you crash & burn I will still be standing strong. You will not take me down!!

Happy weekend people.  I’m sorry I don’t have a catchy name for y’all.  It seems like all the good ones are snatched up.  I think `people’ is still a socially acceptable term or at least it was last time I checked.  Speaking of all things social, last night was the big Fireball fundraiser that Angrid has been working on for months.  Most of what I have to post about today is pretty heavy stuff, so maybe it’s best to ease into things with the Fireball Friday Fundraiser and a little peek into how that all worked out.

Early pics from the big event look like the Fireball event went about as most expected.  Angrid informed everybody there were only 100 tickets being sold and it looks like there may have been a few left over.  From her 2 for 1 deals, threats to give them away to homeless people and Biz Desk posts trying to give away tickets, it would seem that the event was not a sell out.  She issued preemptive face saver by stating that it may take 7 years for this `annual’ event to be profitable and it would seem they are right on track with that.  My goodness, I’ve seen a bigger crowd attend the opening of an envelope.  I had to laugh at Angrid’s claims that Fireball only cut a check to help because they can’t mail alcohol.  Well, yes they kinda can ship it, but they wouldn’t have had to because a company like Fireball has plenty reps working for it and I’m certain they have more than a couple in the Los Angeles area.   What likely happened is Fireball gave them a couple hundred bucks and then asked for their brand not to be pasted all over the event, which it appears it was not.  Even Fireball has standards.  With all the claims of selling `sexy singles’ and hot police officers in attendence, it almost seemed like the actual purpose of the event was to maybe get Angrid some sheet action, but like I said, even Fireball has standards.  I truly can’t wait to hear the post mortem official spin they put on things once they sober up.

Since the live feed-a-thon didn’t really work out too well last time, those wacky HiCalibrites decided they were going to put on funny hats and wigs and do `flash’ updates to encourage everybody to dig deep and sponsor horses even though it’s only been a few weeks since the last hay and hooves fund raising drive and I’m pretty sure that those horses aren’t on a 4 week trim schedule.  They also included recently purchased horses who should be covered for a few months with the $650 over and above purchase price they raise and that’s not even counting how much extra they raise for each horse because they never actually give a running tally.  Anyhow, the flash updates didn’t go so great either.  It was just a lot of heavy breathing, hands in front of the lens and horses either way off in the distance or they whiz right by so fast you can’t get a good look.  That was likely by design though.  We did learn that many of the Louisiana horses are still wearing their lot tags around their necks and it seemed we got to see Percy about 7 times.  He looks to be as sore as a boil, poor guy.  No word on how the big fund raising drive actually went, because it that’s just not how they roll.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with next week!

Just before the flash updates, they posted pics of some of the previous;y sponsored horses with thank you notes on a white board.  That’s a really nice idea actually, but again, not executed well or consistently.  Shit filled pens were the back drop for many of them and then we get to poor Squirrel.  I’m going to guess Squirrel is a cribber due to the miracle collar around her neck.  Sadly, that’s so not how you  put them on so they may as well write `Don’t crib’ on her white board for all the good it’s going to do.  I’m sure it’s not overly comfortable they way they have it and with the buckels right under her throat like they are, but it’s not likely stopping her cribbing if that’s what she does.  To make matters worse, she was shown in the flash updates the next day with it still on wrong. Word is that she’s had this contraption on wrong since sometime in July.


Techie was another one we got a flash update on.  It was a bit of a head scratcher.  He’s currently in with some young fillies and, as far as anybody knows, hasn’t had his remaining testicle removed.  His gofraudme is still active although not exactly raking it in.  Of course we have no way of knowing what was actually sent directly to the HiCaliber paypal to contribute to his surgery that never happened.  Was he not actually a rig or did he have his surgery?  Does Manson know that a rig could impregnate a young filly?  I guess we should tune in about 11 months from now to see what’s going on.  The other not so good thing about the flash updates and thank you boards was to see how much condition this young horse is starting to lose.  Yet another failing to thrive at the Manson family feed lot.



Phoebe was a filly that they purchased from Misner along with Tanner and Gosling.  Both Tanner and Gosling have been returned and, in Gosling’s case, adopted out again.  Now it’s Phoebe’s turn as she is up for sale.  I’m not sure how that works considering she was never on the $1 menu, but this is for sure her and she’s either in a really awkward stage of growth or something else is going on.  The $1000 price tag seems a bit much, but I sincerely hope this little girl lands softly and doesn’t have to return to the feed lot.

Here are a few more posts from the bat cave.  Manson bitching at people about fly spray being left on the ground and then posting a pic of a horse with a hay bag just begging for it to hang its hoof in it and wreck.  That’s not to mention the fly spray on the ground beside it that Manson felt it best to photograph rather than pick up.  Other volunteers post about crowded pens where horses continue to kick the crap out of each other.  The thing that actually puzzles me is the post about the sleeping horse and the one with the blanket that needs fixing.  In the time it took to make those posts so people who are probably not even on site to see (ie. ME), they could just go fix the blanket and go wake the horse up.  I know they are volunteers and they don’t all know very much about horses, but how hard is it to go straighten out a blanket?  Sometimes it seems like they over complicate things.


Now we come to my least favorite part of doing these posts.  Our milk carton horses. First up today is Danielle.  Poor Danielle never got any respect from the beginning.  Purchased for $50 on July 11th, it was one of those days that HiCaliber bought more horses than they had trailers for and even Romney Faye Baker couldn’t shove and squeeze any more on their loads, so Danielle and a buddy got to spend an extra night at the sale barn until they could hitch a ride back to the feed lot.  Truth be told, they were probably happier at the sales barn,  because they had shade and clean water and the people there don’t seem to have itchy trigger fingers.  Once she made it to HiCaliber, Danielle got an intake video and then was never heard from again.  In the video Manson pretty much sets her up to disappear talking about her melanomas on her tail (not life threatening no matter what she says) and then goes on this riff that skinny horses look like they have stifle problems.  Don’t ask because I didn’t really get it either.  All this added up to a walk to the killing field for Danielle and getting erased off the website.  RIP Danielle.  #sayhername

We’re going to throw back all the way to last May for our next horse.  Beautiful Rita came from auction early in May 2016.  She was said to have come with injury to her fetlock.  The next we heard of her was a brief update towards the end of May where they talked about keeping her leg wrapped.  I’ve seen what passed for wraps from Manson and her med team, so that part wasn’t encouraging.  Rita was never heard of after that update.  There is some rumblings that she is one of the horses that prompted the midnight trailer ride rumors as she was there for feed one day and gone by the next morning.  Soon after, she was removed from the website and never mentioned again.  Rest easy, Rita.  #sayhername

Our next horse was Dockweiler.  He was purchased from Misner during their regular Tuesday auction run back in mid April of this year.  There is some confusion with Doc as he was initially called Theo, then identified as Dockweiler and renamed Doc.  Doc was never a stake horse, but he appeared to have been a hard knocking and consistent one.  With lifetime stats of 10 – 10 – 2, he rarely missed a check even though he ran for cheap.  Only 7 years old, he came sporting some ankle jewelery common in racehorses aka osselets.  His right osselet was pretty large and likely not set yet as Doc had last raced only in January of this year (he won).  The thing about osselets is they look bad and their x-rays can be scary, but once they `set’, most horses will be sound enough for light riding.  Some will be able to do even more depending on the degree of arthritis in the joint.  Out of all the things an OTTB can have wrong with it, that’s one of the less problematical ones if you know how to manage them.  Clearly Manson did not.  Doc is no longer with us.  RIP Dockweiler, I’m so sorry so many people failed you.  #sayhisrealname #dockweiler

Bullwinkle was an owner relinquishment that came in last August.  In the intake video Manson makes some mention that they did raise funds for him presumably for their `responsible rescue’ fee.  He was an OTTB, but they never bothered to identify him.  His name was actually Rocky, but since they have this strange hang up that names can’t be reused, this 20 year old horse was stripped of even that.  Rocky didn’t last long at HiCaliber but I sadly don’t have the exact date of his departure.  That’s the problem with these milk carton horses.  They tend to wipe them off the website within a day or two.  I think it’s fairly easy to surmise from Manson’s update and statement about not being a sanctuary, that Bullwinkle didn’t last very long at HiCaliber. RIP Rocky #Sayhisrealname


One of Manson’s stock statements is that even if she buys a horse and euthanizes it immediately, it’s still `rescue’. I can’t figure out what part of any of this is `rescue’.  Shooting horses in the face for space is not rescue.  I know that Manson claims that is not the case, but what else can you call it when horses with perfectly manageable issues just vanish off the face of the earth on a regular basis?  An osselet is certainly no reason to shoot a horse before it’s had a chance to set.  Several horses have melanomas and live many years.  In some cases horses can’t be made riding sound, and so what?  That is part of rescue and if they can’t place horses like that, then they really need to quit buying them because I’m more than tired of having to memorialize these animals because the people who OWED it to them couldn’t be bothered.  I get the feeling may of us are more tore up over these horses we never had the privilege of meeting than the person that looked them in the eye and pulled the trigger.  How messed up is that?  While we’re wondering things, how is it that other rescues manage to operate without the carnage and without hiding the bodies?  I get that the nature of rescue means that you’re going to have more than your fair share of issues and untimely ends, but this is taking it to another level.  As they threw themselves another expensive piss up in Los Angeles last night, I wonder how many horses had empty water tubs.   How many stalls went uncleaned and who was on the property and sober overnight in case of emergency?  Something’s gotta give soon.  Meanwhile, we’ll keep saying their names and marking their passings.  Enjoy your weekend because Tuesday and the next death march will be here all too soon.

I’ve been procrastinating today.   Tuesdays are always such shit shows and today was no exception. Plus you can add the other stuff I need to cover that I probably should have a few days ago and it makes for a long assed post.  I certainly notice a shift in the wind the past week or so not only with the HiCaliber antics, but even the detractors are all kinda getting restless.  It would be fascinating to watch and analyze if there weren’t still so many horses suffering and taking their last walks to the tarp behind the shed.  Mostly, I just give my head a shake and carry on.  I think what we’ll do is start with auction and then work our way backwards.  Sadly, we have some milk carton horses to honor too, but we’ll get to that in a bit.  So, grab a coffee or whatever your morning beverage of choice is and I strongly suggest you make it Irish.  The fuckery of the last few days has been way too real.


So, this week’s auction was fun.  I wish I was there.  Apparently Romney Faye threw a pretty huge bitch fit in the chutes when she found out she isn’t actually queen of the chutes and other people can go back there too.  I think that was the first blow to the HiCaliber gravy train today.  Another, was several other entities were there to check things out.  This meant no more lying about when horses were running through, although Romney Faye did claim they were `early’ this week.  There would also be an actual record of the prices they dropped the hammer at.  I think the highlighted wording in the screen shot I posted above pretty much tells the story.  Romney Faye appreciating the help and allowing other people to buy horses or `step up’.  What really confuses me is why she thinks she is entitled to know who anybody at auction is whether they be a private citizen or rescue.  It’s not like anybody needs HiCaliber’s permission to purchase a horse or anything.  In fact, I don’t blame them for not giving names and rescue info out, since Romney Faye and her buddy Bubba Misner tried to run the bid up  on them last week.  In fact, Bubba got in trouble for being a dick again today by trying to jump a bid $300.  He also did his best to run bids up which only ended up costing Baker Ranch a lot of money for the mini mare and foal at the end of the day when Bubba got caught out with the high bid.  Oops.  HiCaliber was pretty much shut out and didn’t actually bid on anything themselves although many of the horses noted as sold to Bubba on the sheet above ended up with HiCaliber or their private buyers.  Since their weekly quota and eyelash fund wasn’t even close to being filled,  Romney Faye stomped out of auction about 15 mins after the horses ran through and went and found two horses on Misner’s lot to drag home for Manson to shoot.  Both have cancer issues and one only has one eye.  We all know how well one-eyed horses make out at the HiCaliber feed lot.  The great news is that at least 7 horses were truly saved and that means they were bought by other parties/rescues, that have no links to HiCaliber.  You would think that most people who care about animals would just be happy they weren’t sold to flipper or Misner, but no,  the village idiots think that all horses should go to HiCaliber and so the shade started…

queen of the chutes

I usually blank the village idiots’ names out of screen shots, but I really can’t be bothered today.  They are being over-the-top hateful and ignorant so they can just go ahead and own their cuntiness.  I’m over it.  My best guess is that denied their weekly fix of the last minute save, they are starting to get testy on us or something.  Driving over to Misner’s to fill the weekly quota just doesn’t provide the same thrill.  It’s clear that most of them will believe whatever line of BS HiCaliber feeds them including that vets do intakes.  That hasn’t happened since last year.  Manson and the med team do the intakes and IF they think they need a 100% vet then maybe they’ll get to see one.  Have none of these knuckle draggers realized that they don’t even do regular intake videos any longer?  Hell, Thomas never got to see a vet.  Go back and watch his video.  Manson says that the vet was at the ranch doing dentals and not that she was actually doing intakes.  Most of Manson’s lies are very carefully worded like that and are actually lies of omission.  It was the same thing with Moose, now known as Deacon; the vet never saw the horse, but Manson played it off like they had even though that was proven wrong as far as the EOTRH situation.

Not content to keep the drama in her own house, Manson decided to branch out and strike out at The Golden Carrot Sanctuary this past week. I think the post started out as more of a venting about donors withdrawing support of a horse, but Manson took it personal and assembled her crew to come create some drama.  They did not disappoint.  I think Manson may be have been high because she actually threw herself under the bus.  It was revealed that she figured Golden Carrot would fail with Saban, which further proves how much she hated that horse.  What rescue will send a horse off to a place they think they will fail?  Then she reveals that Saban came in with the head wound (which is likely a lie), which would mean he sat there without it being treated for 5 months and she sent him off to Fice knowing he was hurt.  Whichever way she attempts to point the finger only adds up to her failing that horse.  My favorite part was Manson posting her own intake sheets and those need a closer look…


This is the intake sheet Manson posted as evidence that they did not harm Saban.  There’s just so much going on with it!  First off, it may be on a Temecula Creek letter head, but I know of no vet or tech that would write `furry’ as a coat condition.  They may write `coarse’ or more probably they would write `hypertrichosis’ which is the actual term, but for sure a professional wouldn’t write `furry’ unless they were a 13-year-old girl or a pretentious wannabe. Furriness aside, what is important about this sheet are the horses on it.  Roe and Saban.  They did not come into HiCaliber at the same time.  They didn’t even come from the same place.  Saban was bought at auction on January 10th and Roe, came along the following weekend as an owner relinquishment.  If you look above at all the village idiots and Manson insisting that all horses see a vet within 24 hours, wouldn’t it be impossible for Roe and Saban to be on the same intake sheet considering Saban came in from auction with 5 other horses.  How did Roe manage to get ahead of him on the intake sheet and why are there no dates on those sheets.  There is at least one lie being told, but it’s up to you to decide what that is.  Do all horses get to see a vet within 24 hours?  Did a vet do this intake?  Was Saban wounded prior to purchase?  I’m guessing the answer to all these questions are fluid.  What we do know is that after this little clusterfuck, HiCaliber scrubbed any posts mentioning the donation amounts that had to do with Saban.  So transparent!

Here’s some pictures taken around the feed lot this week.  It seems the glam team needs to step up their game when horses are starting to grow fungus and poor RJ is not thriving since his return from foster.  Aussie’s surgical site appears to have not seen any care and the bandage is only going to cut off her ciruclation and potentially damage her tail the way it has scrunched down.  The overcrowding and general disrepair continues, but at least Manson’s horse has water  even if all the others do not.

As we get closer to the big Fireball Friday extravaganza, which I hear tickets are hard to even give away for, Angrid and company continue to jump at shadows and look at each other with squinty eyes.  I have a suggestion for them that I’ve made before; take care of those animals, practice true transparency and start posting invoices and I’ll go away.  Seriously.  I’m tired.  Straighten up and fly right and you don’t have to worry about your private bat cave or who finds out you’re going to go make drunken asses of yourselves at Fiesta Island again.  If horses weren’t being neglected and left to suffer in feed lot conditions, I wouldn’t really care what you get up to.  It really is that simple.  I don’t want to see any more crap like we saw with Mirage last week.  Speaking of which…



Still having issues with low water/no water


Seriously, WTF is up with orange shirt guy?

Where to even start with this mess?  This poor horse.  Ever since the day she arrived at HiCaliber a few weeks ago, it’s been disturbing.  From Manson’s obsession with her vagina including the endless photo sessions with it and finally to her horrific ending.  I don’t even think that’s an exaggeration either.  Even though Manson was apparently off lunching with her feeders when the colic was first noticed, it wouldn’t have changed much. The mare had been brought home from the clinic immediately after a fairly major surgery not even a week prior and didn’t appear to receive the proper care.  From the screen shots above, feed and water continued to be an issue and we even had a village idiot helpfully come over to the comment section here and inform us she had been having problems passing her poop.  The horse, not the villager, although going by her behavior she’s probably a big bunged up too.  I’m not sure if it is because they truly don’t know anything about colic and how to assess or that nobody noticed until things were too late, but once again another HiCaliber horse suffered needlessly.  From what I’ve seen from other colics they have filmed, they don’t know.  Apparently that stethoscope that Manson likes to drape around her neck for live feeds is merely decoration and she doesn’t know how to listen to their gut, check gums, or tap a belly.  Any single one of those things would have probably told her that horse needed to be released right then and there.  For once she could have even been justified in shooting one if the vet couldn’t get there soon enough.  Instead, they load an unstable horse in the trailer while she’s thrashing around and, of course, she goes down and hurts herself worse.  I gathered from Bang Bang Becky’s live feed, the horse was found in distress, they medicated and turned her in the arena for some reason and then things got worse.  From what I know of colic,  I’m guessing they hit the mare with banamine and masked her pain enough for the horse to be in real and serious trouble by the time it started wear off.  None of this was likely going to change the ultimate outcome, but it certainly prolonged the agony and suffering.  I’m not really surprised given that we saw them put Boyer and Clint through basically the same thing by trying to play vet themselves.  Part of being a good horseman is knowing when you’re in over your head and when to get a vet out.  What is with these people not getting the vet out on an emergency when they need one?  I’m talking the real 100% vet and not Manson and Google.  Anyhow, the mare apparently died `on her own’ shortly after they got to the clinic which is really horrible when you think how long she suffered and how bad it was for her to just lay down and die.  Despite raising $4500 for two surgeries to fix her fistula, when she only had one, the begging for money started before the horse had passed. Manson sat in her car and cried for the camera telling us all that she was too upset to go in and be with the horse.  The actual reason was she probably didn’t want to case conference with her colleagues when she didn’t have her scrubs on.   I’m not entirely sure what the money was needed for considering the mare passed on her own before she had much more than a catheter ran, meaning there should have been in excess of $2000 in her personal surgery fund that people had already donated to.  That wasn’t even the worst part of the day.  For some reason, the Manson family and friends decided to gather for a photo shoot with Mirage’s dead body.  This poor mare was robbed of her dignity even in death.   Her name was Causingacheckmate, she was eleven years old and she deserved much more dignity in life and in death.  #sayherrealname

I get a lot of questions about the Appy mares and Breezy in my inbox.  I’m sorry to say that Charity met her end at HiCaliber.  I’m not sure if Manson did the honors, but while they were crying and posing for pictures with Causingacheckmate aka Mirage, they allowed Charity to pass without so much as a mention.  Even if it was warranted and the previous owners agreed, she deserved to be mentioned.  Breezy and Lupe remain at HiCaliber, with reports of Breezy finally doing better.  The other two mares, Pat and Tillie are apparently off to one last good home, so there is at least that good news.  I find Manson’s response to the inquiries about the horses to be laughable considering she’s the one that brought the fire down on their former home with her lies and continues to do that to the Peruvian mares’ former owners as her village idiots regularly attack them.  Don’t forget that both these families are grieving the loss of loved ones that were connected to all these horses.  I guess grief only counts if it is used to raise money for Manson and friends. RIP Charity #sayhername

Josie also took the tarp nap recently.  No tears or mourning for her either.  The poor mare was basically ghost on that feed lot anyhow.  Purchased in May, not much beyond intake was ever mentioned about her.  Manson has  recently become more secretive about her `gone to heaven’ horses and their deets so I can’t really say what Josie’s transgression was that caused Manson to erase her, but she’s gone according to my sources.  They bought her the very end of May at auction, she was given a clean bill of health and then kicked out in one of the larger herds.  That’s pretty much the last we heard of Josie.  RIP Josie #sayhername

I saw the above screen shot on a FB page the other day.  For me, this is pretty much what my issue with the HiCaliber situation is.  Yes, the grifting and money sleight of hand is beyond the pale,  but I’m most concerned with the horses.  Those five freedoms that they all deserve are not being met at a place that purports to be a rescue.  The HiCaliber horses are not always free from hunger and thirst.  That’s been proven over and over recently.   Freedom from discomfort including a shelter and resting area is hard to come by for most horses at HiCaliber and then you have the screen shot of Manson pointing out that shelter is not required.  Way to do the bare minimum!  Freedom from pain, injury and disease by providing rapid diagnosis and treatment.  Again, not happening at HiCaliber unless you count the 30% vet experimenting on these poor souls.  Freedom to express normal behavior?  Nope, not even a little bit.  Besides being cooped up in stalls or tiny pens, if a horse so much as looks at Manson the wrong way, they get branded as `behavioral’ and marked for death.  Look at how Saban has turned around now that he has room to move and just be a normal horse.  Freedom from fear and distress.  That’s not consistently happening at HiCaliber either.  The fact most of their horses aren’t regularly handled and need sedation to have anything done with them pretty much says it all.  Rescue should be about more than just keeping them alive with the bare minimum legal standard.  It should be giving them a life worth living and keeping them with these 5 freedoms in mind until a forever home can be found to provide them.


I want to close off today with a few things that need to be mentioned.  My function as far as this blog goes is to pass on information.  That’s it.  I understand I often serve it with a healthy dose of snark and I go `there’, when most people wouldn’t.  I make no claims to any sort of moral high ground in most cases.  Yes, I make fun of Manson, Romney Faye and the more prominent members of the Manson family.  Absolutely!  If they put it out there, I’m going to comment, but where I will draw a line is calling somebody `It’.  I am nobody’s moral compass or keeper, but I do ask that if you’re going to say things like that, please don’t do it and wave your shedrow flag and for sure don’t do it and come over here to spread that sort of hate.  There are many of us that want to see an end to the hoarding, neglect and suffering at HiCaliber, but that’s where our commonalities end in many cases.  The amount of chest pounding and me, me, me I’ve seen in the past few days alone is gobsmacking.  Keep it in your pants, people!  We only have to join forces long enough to accomplish this one goal and then we can all separate ways and I can go back to having free time and not having nightmares about horses suffering and starving to death.  As for me, I’m going to take a few days to regroup and sort out the monster that is my inbox.  Until next time…

Today we have another guest poster.  I can’t express how important these first hand accounts are and what it takes for people to step up and share their experiences.  The bravery it takes to step out of the shadows and speak up for the horses is inspiring.  The videos at the end of the post are of the people working with Chi that got her safe.  It just goes to show that HiCaliber has had good people trying to make a difference once upon a time.  Sadly, they often aren’t treated much better than the horses and don’t last long. I’m always happy to turn over the platform in these instances, so I’m going to get out of the way and let Chi’s story be told by one of the people who loved her and helped to get her safe.


Chi in the middle, Willow (RIP) behind.

I’m going to tell Chi’s story and I’m going to spoil the ending by telling you she got out. She is safe. But she almost wasn’t.

I met Chi during a Catching in Herd class. Its to teach HiCaliber volunteers how to catch difficult horses in herd in a way that teaches the horse how to be caught. By now I’m sure you know that they throw horses into the herds and forget about them, leaving them with almost no human contact or interaction to thrive or fail. They throw horses in the herd so they don’t have to bother with them, people forget their names, and they can be executed later with little to no repercussions.

Chi was the most reluctant to be caught so we focused on her. It took 45 minutes the first time and throughout she was NEVER aggressive. All she did was hide behind other horses and try and get away. We caught her, loved on her, and then released her. For the next student it took 15 minutes to catch her and again we loved on her and released. After a short break the third student was able to walk right up to her, put on a halter, love on her and release her. Chi even followed the student for a bit, wanting more love. She wanted to trust. She wanted to learn. But she had been dumped into an environment that was setting her up for failure.

We left the herd, the class having been successfully concluded only to run into Taylor. When she found out we had been catching Chi she was hugely disappointed we had not brought her with us as Chi was on the list for euth. We were all surprised so that night I inquired to a person I thought I could trust what was wrong with Chi. I was told that Chi had been returned twice for behavioral issues. Again, I thought I could trust this person (it wasn’t Michelle) so I believed her only to have another volunteer question the story.

Well I figured we would use her for the next class to see what the behavioral issue was and if it could be fixed. We pulled her from the herd, took all of 10 mins, and then we practiced round penning with her. She was so good that we also practiced several other exercises. By the end she was following all the volunteers around the round pen, not calling to other horses, and being a really good girl. I was struck at how quickly she learned and how calm she could be for an Arab with “behavioral issues.”


Then I found out her story. She was part of Erika Hunter’s Valley Center Youth to the Rescue Program and SoCal TIP program because she was part of the “unhandled yearlings” herd kept at Indian Hill Ranch where Erika had her business. Chi was labeled a yearling by HiCaliber and did wonderful in the program, although strangely never saw a vet to be properly aged even after she was able to be handled.

In the Valley Center Youth to the Rescue Program, Chi was brought from being pretty much completely unhandled all the way to doing freestyle performances with her trainer (who was under the age of 10). There were video’s of Chi doing the Freestyle Course while being compliant and having a good time. Her little girl fell in love with her and the family adopted Chi. Chi was returned when they did a vet check and found that instead of being a yearling she was somewhere around 8 years old. She was never going to grow big enough for the child to ride. So because HiCaliber mislabeled her age she was returned.

After Chi was returned, Erika and a rider at her barn took her on as their special project. While Chi was not a mustang, they added her into the SoCal TIP program. Her trainer was 14 years old at the time. She had Chi under saddle and doing small jumps without issue. Chi was having fun! Then the wheels stopped when Erika was unexpectedly evicted from her property and Chi along with the rest of the HiCaliber horses had to return to ranch.


I have heard that she was first thrown into a small pen with 3 other bigger horses and very quickly got the crap beat out of her by them. Volunteers had to pull her out of the pen, treat her and move her into a stall while she healed. After that, she was bounced back and forth between being in the herd and occasionally in a stall. She did leave for foster for a while, but was returned from her foster as well. Michelle did a video with updates on January 25, 2017 that included her. Funny that she never once mentioned that she had behavioral issues. Fast forward to June 14 and she is suddenly unmanageable and dangerous. If you throw a horse that has only recently been taught to be handled into a herd and never touch them again – they will revert back to their old ways. When Michelle wrote, “We have exhausted all that we can reasonably do” and “But I need to know that I/we did everything we could possibly do” “and she was returned multiple times” was total bullshit. They did nothing for this horse, but not properly vet her, give her to a foster to try and then throw her in a herd when she came back. The only person that ever did what should have been done was Erika Hunter and those young girls. Although, I guess the fact that a child and a teenager could work with her definitely means that HiCaliber is incompetent at doing the same and she is DANGEROUS. They never worked her, never made decent ads for her and never gave her a chance.

Chi’s only crime was to be small (13.1 hands I think) and mislabeled a yearling by HCHR. That’s it. But because of that they decided to put her down.

Several volunteers rallied to find her a home before she could be executed for shortness, I mean “behavioral issues”. Michelle was so upset at us that she even did a live feed on the Biz page (which she deleted of course) basically saying we were wasting our time with Chi when there were more adoptable horses that could be networked and advertised. I thought we were supposed to rescue horses. I guess I was wrong.

Chi was adopted several weeks ago. When I went to get her, I found her in the round pen with a rope halter hanging off her neck. This just made my decision to leave more concrete than it already was. Who leaves a rope halter on a horse that is not being led? The new owner came on a Monday and I walked her down from the upper round pen to near the shack were most horses are executed and out the back gate. I started crying and telling her she was safe. The incredibly understanding woman that rescued Chi from the rescue let me sob on her shoulder for a moment. But even after they left I couldn’t stop crying. I walked back to my car past rows and rows of horses that, at best, are being neglected, and at worst are being abused and executed.

When I got home that night I left HiCaliber. I couldn’t volunteer there anymore. I couldn’t stomach the lies, the bullying and neglect any more. And for my own safety I had to leave before I could be put down for “behavioral issues.”


AKA Ze Munin, Former volunteer and instructor for HCHR

Link to Hunter Horsemanship page with live video with her and her young trainer

Happy Friday!  I hope I get this posted on Friday at least.  It would be nice to experience a weekend without trying to make sense out of HiCaliber antics for a change.  I am grateful for all the intel always and more than I can ever express; I just wish there wasn’t so much to report on because they finally got their shit together.   Sadly, kinda like Santa Claus, that may have been reality many moons ago and it’s certainly a nice enough idea in the present, but I don’t really hold out much hope for that to manifest in the near future.  Speaking of manifesting things, I think I’ll start off today’s post with Manson and her interactions with the Manifestation Babes.  They are rapidly becoming my most favorite people on Facebook.  Seriously.  They are awesome in how they handle her.

On the last post, I shared some screenshots of Manson trying to manifest some cash flow with a group of spiritual warriors.  It seems she tried this the week before to no response when she tried a little honesty.  She came right out and said they weren’t getting much traffic on their page, which most of us have noticed for a while now.  Hardly surprising when they ban people for asking the most innocent of questions and troll the membership lists of groups they decide are haters to seek out other so ban.  Anyhow, when the honesty thing didn’t work out so well, Manson fell back on what she does best and that is lying.  No, American `domestic’ horses are not being illegally sourced for slaughter.  They are bought and sold in the open and shipped right across whichever border with it being perfectly obvious where they are headed.  There are still large feed lots strategically near various border crossings and it’s no secret.  Again, the truly illegal thing is shipping to slaughter from California and Manson has been aiding and abetting that for years. She is correct about the carcinogens, but that obviously isn’t a huge personal concern of hers when she shoots herself up with horse drugs and eats and feeds medical waste to her family.  Again, all this fundraising went down long after the horses were run through  and this was going to be in addition to all the money their village had raised for them already since the Manifestation Babes are a closed group and Manson wasn’t thinking she’d get found out by the haters.

Percy.   Percy has been the object of affection for many, the catalyst for drama in some cases and, at times, a cash cow.  He is the horse Mansaon whined about not getting enough attention and funding while money was being `wasted’ on a horse like Saban.  Percy was bought back in January on the same day Saban was actually.  I think they drug 9 horses out of auction that day or something.  Money was flowing a bit more freely at the time.  Being a pretty color and having a handsome face, the poor horse was the recipient of many licks as the HiCalibrites vied for dibs on him.  He was gelded right away and, by all accounts, has a really sweet personality.  For awhile there, it appeared that Manson’s favorite ass barnacle, Taylor was going to be Percy’s new owner.  She even relinquished the yearling Manson and Bang Bang Becky had gifted her, which ironically is also what took her out of consideration for adoption due to them enforcing a rule that anybody returning a horse has to wait a year before adopting again unless their name is Andrew Fice.  So, exit Taylor and enter Jessica the volunteer.  Jessica fell head over heels for Percy to the point of obsession.  However, Percy’s time at HiCaliber has not been easy.  A few weeks after being bought at auction he turned up lame and Manson initially informed everybody it was due to a suspensory issue and he needed a very expensive ultra sound.  I’m not sure why Percy’s ultra sound was going to be more expensive than normal, it’s not usually a high ticket item and most vets have portable machines.  It turns out the magical ultrasound didn’t do any good if it ever happeed at all and finally, in June, they decide to do proper diagnostics and find out *shocker* Percy has navicular.  You can watch the videos above where Manson talks over Moss and they discuss why they couldn’t get it together and properly diagnose this horse for nearly six months and then explain why they want to de-nerve him.  For what it’s worth, I’ve dealt with horses with suspensory issues and horses with navicular.  They don’t usually present anything like one another.  They aren’t even from the same part of the leg, but I can’t really say when Manson let a 100% vet actually see the horse so the initial diagnosis may have been hers alone.  Just because there were vet trucks in the background of one video doesn’t mean they saw Percy.  We know this from past experience.

I’ve seen the HiCaliber adoption contract and heard from people who have adopted and people that have tried to adopt.  It’s always been hit and miss about how fast they respond to inquiries, if they do at all, and they are far from consistent when vetting out potential homes.  For some people they want everything short of a blood draw and DNA profile and for others, it seems that if they like you and you’ve kissed enough ass you get approved right away without so much as a home visit or reference check.  It seems this is the case with Percy’s upcoming adopter. She doesn’t even seem to know where she is keeping him yet, but already approved from what I hear.  She’s actually had dibs on him almost since poor Taylor was out of the running.   I understand she’s in love with the horse, but I’m seeing several red flags in her posts.  She can’t afford to pay much to ship, expensive monthly supplements, no firm place to actually keep him and no concept on how to feed, but hey, she’s already looked up how to teach him a trick so it’s all good.  What could possibly go wrong?  Then take into account this will be this poor girl’s first horse apparently.  How is allowing her to adopt a horse, that will likely not remain sound very long, responsible when she has no idea how to care for him?  Navicular can make it costly to keep a horse comfortable as it progresses and personally, I’ve never really seen nerving work for very long  if it does at all and that includes high nerves.  The poor girl is going to get her heart broken and Percy is likely not going to get the care he needs even with the best of intentions.  How is this making a good match?  It certainly speaks to the amount of adoption returns they never tell the general public about.  I am sure this girl won’t be happy that Percy is featured here and I did actually think long and hard about it, but HiCaliber needs to do right by both her and the horse.  The fact that they’ve reportedly approved this adoption is wrong.  Neither of them are being set up for success.

HiCaliber Titan was one of the Fallen herd, so we’re going back a ways for this next bit.  He found himself at foster with The Cannabis Queen, Maloree.  She’s a shitsack on a horse, but she does seem to feed them well as most of her horses appear to be in good condition and Titan was no exception.  I have to admit the Fallen dealio was before HiCaliber was drawing any negative attention from me and they were not really on my radar on a regular basis.  I don’t really recall much about it all, so the timelines for Titan are fuzzy aside from what’s on their own pages and website.  What seems apparent is that Maloree is the one that placed him and, from what I have been told, she placed him with a student of her longtime friend that lives close by.  HiCaliber just did a recent update on how super awesome Titan is doing with his new owner, who is a rank beginner and even showed some pictures that don’t really show his condition.  They’re really good at doing that.  Then I get the last picture in my inbox recently of what Titan actually looks like as of this week.  With that as a reference, you can go back to the update pic and realize this horse is not in good weight and, clearly, nobody from their adoption team is following up on him in person.  It’s not like they don’t realize that pictures don’t always tell the whole story.  They’ve certainly posted more than a few deceptive ones themselves recently.    I’m not even suggesting they take the horse back but a little coaching and follow-up would probably go a long ways.

Pearl showed up at HiCaliber over a year ago.  She came in as a 5 month old still on her emaciated mother’s side and, because Manson only believes in soft weaning, was allowed to hang with Mama and suck the life out of her for a bit longer after landing at HiCaliber.  She is also blind in her right eye, which we know is an automatic strike against her in Manson’s world.  Pearl has been on the $1 menu for a while, but recently they posted an adoption ad for her on their Facebook page.  It didn’t last long because people starting asking why she was in such bad shape after being there a year.  Initially HiCaliber tried to say that the pics were all from intake, but even though she looked similar, the longer tail and lack of auction tag pretty much revealed that to be a lie.  All we really know about Pearl is that she was living over by Laurie’s trailer on the grounds and being cared for separately until Laurie moved away.  Now that the adoption ad was taken down, all that remains is her dollar menu ad on their website.  There is no excuse for this young filly to be looking this poorly after a year at a rescue.  She still has a pencil neck and wormy belly and that’s not excusable. I’m thinking people better start asking after her on the regular or she may be just vanish one of these days.

I’m sure many people don’t remember Itsy and Lily.  Their feet have never touched the ground at the HiCaliber feedlot and probably never will.  They acquired them from Misner in early May and said that he had gotten them as part of a lot of goats he had purchased privately.  Strangely they all had sales stickers on their asses, but that’s the story they sold to the village idiots and it worked.  The two fillies were purchased by HiCaliber and whisked straight to foster together while the two colts were private purchases never to be heard from again.  Flash forward to this week and the fillies are now much larger and still not halter broke.  They are also about to be evicted from their foster home and are not welcome back at HiCaliber.  Apparently the foster that had them thinks that halter breaking babies traumatizes them and prefers to leave them alone.  HiCaliber states they want what is best for these fillies, but if that was true, perhaps they would have placed them with a foster who was actually going to halter break them.  In the amount of time they have been at foster, they should be well handled and easy to work around.  Two more set up for failure courtesy of the HiCaliber adoption team.

The water situation continues to be an issue at the HiCaliber feedlot.  Two of the paddocks now have these jury rigged auto waters attached to whatever these water tubs are. In theory it’s a great idea, but given the lack of organization at HiCaliber, it’s concerning.  Even with high-end auto water systems, there is always one asshole horse in a herd that figures out how to jam the float and flood you out or stop it from refilling.  They still need to be checked constantly and they still need to be scrubbed and kept clean; two things that have been problematical for HiCaliber.  At any rate, these are only in two paddocks and the rest of the hoard is still depending on humans to keep their tubs full and again, it’s just not happening.  These horses are still going dry for who knows how long and it still seems to be falling to the volunteers to rectify this situation as the Manson family sit on their asses trying to figure out new ways to manifest money without actually having to put forth any effort.

Our milk carton horse today was Lindell.  He had a rough go at HiCaliber.  He arrived at HiCaliber last October as a cryptorchid.  They quickly raised the $2000 for his surgery which was done in November along with the removal of some cancer.  In the intake video posted above, they talked about him being lame but it didn’t seem to concern the 30% vet enough to not go ahead with a rather expensive surgery before finding out what was going on with him. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given how often we see them obliviously riding lame horses in videos and on live feed.  I’m not sure what went on with Lindell between November and the end of February of this year, but by then Manson had decided he was neurological and posted up a video to `prove’ it.  I’m not really sure how it proved he was neuro considering he spent the better part of it bucking and farting, but nevertheless, the ask was on for diagnostic money.  From there, I can’t say with any certainty what happened other than on or about the 8th of March, Lindell took the blue tarp nap and there would be no public mourning or sorrow for him either.  I’m not sure if he saw vet for diagnostics or not because, as usual, no invoice or vet report was ever posted.  Rest in peace, Lindell. #sayhisname

Pretty much anybody that has been following along with this mess knows about the big Fireball Friday even they are planning for next week.  There has been some rumblings that ticket sales haven’t exactly been stellar and overall the entire concept has been met with widespread apathy.  Part of that may be due to the fact that people don’t want to spend $100 to drink rotgut while scarfing down what can only be described as a vile menu of appetizers.  We’ve already seen from previous posts that Angrid isn’t so concerned with actually making any money for this event as much as she wants it to be seen as successful and fun so people will attend next year.  I’m not sure why there would be a next year if they didn’t make money given the fact that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result, but you have to consider the personalities involved. The event is being held at Ruby Street which is an old church/event space in Highland Park.  If you click the link, you’ll see that it costs $5000 to rent the space on a Friday and that does not include the mandatory valet parking for over 60 guests, insurance, catering, and bartending/alcohol.  That’s probably close to 8k they need to make before they can break even.  If you do show up and donate, do not expect any receipt or thank you card for at least three months or more because that is also something they leave to their volunteers and can’t be bothered to stay on top themselves.  Oh to be a fly on the wall next Friday…

I think Firetyme is a good one to leave off with for today.  Both pictures of him were taken this past week.  The one in the stall was posted here on Wednesday and the 2nd picture was the rebuttal picture from HiCaliber that Romney Faye used in her live feed on Thursday.  Obviously they had given him a bath prior to his photo sesh.  For sure he’s gained weight, as the poor horse should after being there nearly 4 months.  He still doesn’t have a top line and there is still zero excuse for the condition he was in although the freshly dragged arena was a nice touch.  It is especially heinous given the homes they rejected for him solely based on Manson’s hurt feelings.  How do they justify letting this horse suffer even a day given the poor adoption and foster decisions outlined in this post alone?  I get that the Manson family is super pissed off about this blog.  I get that they’re paranoid and I’m sorry they are pointing fingers in the wrong directions and taking it out on the wrong people.  It is completely within their power to shut up me and all the other people who are speaking out.  Prove us wrong.  Get your house in order and practice that transparency you preach.  All this stops if those things happen.  I’m certainly not confident that it can happen with the current cast of characters running the show, but I have faith in the horse community and that they’ll do right by those animals should they ever get the chance.  Prove us wrong.

What a day!  I seriously need to learn to stop asking rhetorical questions.  How much shadier can they be?  How much worse can things get?  Even if I only think them, sure enough, some cretin at HiCaliber will pretty much say `Hold my Fireball…’ and take it as a challenge resulting in overachievement in the asshattery department.  We’ve had a lot of that going on over the last few days, which makes for a lengthy post.  So, let’s get right after it and try to make some sense out of the last few days.  Sadly, we need to say a  name while we’re at it, so I’ll start things off with the one that’s been on many people’s minds the past few days.  Thomas.


As most of the readers here know, Thomas was unlucky enough to be a parking lot purchase last Tuesday.  He had a big knee and a wobbly hind end, but was in good weight and condition.  He certainly didn’t present as really old horse like they claimed and certainly not ancient.  The HiCalibrites never offered a view of his mouth and only said he had teeth like Moose with `​extreme’ angles.  Moose, if you recall, turned out to have EOTRH despite Manson’s denials and he also wasn’t nearly as old as they said either.  Pretty much from the moment they purchased Thomas the stories started.  They claimed they snatched him from the jaws of a family that wanted to buy him as a dancing horse.  He may well have been a dancing horse at one time, but nobody was going to pay $500 for him to do that now.  Romney Faye Baker immediately floated the `compassion pull’ scenario which was picked up and built upon by Manson.  His intake video asked for One Last Good Home and she said they’d see if they could get him comfortable.  This was said as they lead him towards an absolute mountain of shit in the background.  Unfortunately for Thomas, Stilly had the misfortune of dying on Friday and since the Manson family had just returned from their Vegas adventure, they must have figured they’d save some Benjamins by making up a full load for the body removal guy and execute Thomas too.  Maybe they get a deal for multiples or something or maybe just killing a few horses put Manson in a party mood for Saturday.  If you listen to his intake video, Manson pretty carefully words that Dr. Spini was on the property but she never actually says she saw the horse.  Their lone statement about his death indicates they didn’t think he was worth doing any sort of diagnostic and then he had the unmitigated gall to stand in the hot sun and sweat in a strange and chaotic environment.  Manson says his heart rate was elevated, but maybe he was stressed.  What I do know is that horse wasn’t at HiCaliber long enough to even eat a bale of hay, so his $650 over his alleged $500 purchase price is in some pocket because once again, they began this week’s auction with 0 dollars in the kitty.  What I find horribly sad is that there was a long post about them mourning Stilly, but Thomas who died on the very same day, wasn’t worth a mention until somebody asked after him a few days later.  Rest easy, Thomas. #sayhisname



We’re going to jump back in time a bit next.  This has been talked about in the comment section and it’s actually been something in my inbox for awhile.  I’ve kinda gone back and forth in my mind about whether I should even post it because out of all the crap Manson and company post, this is offends me more than most things.  I know they want to frame themselves as `edgy’ and `rebels’ and that’s fine, even though it comes off as kinda immature and sad to most people.  What I cannot abide by is racism and this post was straight up racist and disgusting, which is a bit strange for an organization that say they are all-inclusive and everybody is welcome.  I guess that only applies to sexual orientation because their statements and actions are certainly not welcoming to people of color.  What’s worse is the horse involved.  Palomar.  He was purchased with donated funds from Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  Church, which is how the horse got his name in the first place.  It also makes the nature of his adoption post even more offensive and then factor in a member of that church voicing their concerns only to be ignored.  This post is still up in its original and racist glory.  Manson is nobody’s bitch and she won’t be told what to do.


Moving right along to some inner sanctum things…Apparently they are brainstorming ways to make things seem awesome at the feed lot with Scrappy Doo Rene leading the charge.  God help them.  Apparently, it is also not ok to approach and speak to Manson without approval and permission and she may start wearing shirts to remind you of that fact.  Even though Manson lives on the property and has had volunteers out busting their asses (this is not counting the drunken pool party people we will discuss later) to make that place presentable so she could get a few free pallets of feed in exchange for allowing some feed company to fly a drone over top of the hoard and scare the shit out of some of them.  She is too important to pick up garbage on the property she lives on.  She can’t even be bothered to say `please’.   The next screen shot would be just one of the filthy water tubs in the stalls.  Just keep putting water on top of the sludge and get a good plant culture growing in that.  All that roughage should cut down on the hay bill!  Yes, that  picture is Firetyme.  He’s gained some weight so he might be back up to a body score of 2 or 3, but still looking rough and Manson still declines any offers of a new home for him.  The gray horse was photographed around the end of June with an open sore under the jaw.  I’m not sure if that was a fly mask wound or something blew out there.  The flies were certainly enjoying it though.  Lastly we have some fuel cans left out and leaking so they can catch something on fire maybe.  A few weeks ago Manson was telling us they couldn’t drag the shit out of the pens and arena in case it threw a spark and started a fire, but apparently sloshing actual fuel around is perfectly ok.  Moving right along….



Next up is Blueberry.  By all accounts a very sweet mare and volunteer favorite at HiCaliber.  She’s been at the feedlot since last fall, but they just got around to putting up an adoption ad for her mid July of this year.  As you can hear in the video, she is not sound, but apparently that doesn’t mean she can’t be a good trail horse, because who doesn’t enjoy riding a horse in obvious pain and discomfort?  Shortly after this ad was posted,  they said they had Dr. Spini digging around in her shoulder for some reason and she needed to be up in stalls wearing a sleazy to keep her shoulder covered.  Personally, if she was mine, I’d have put some SWAT on it and left it open to heal, but Manson being a 30% vet and all, decided to see if should could do what is actually quite difficult to do above the knees and hocks and grow some proud flesh to add to poor Blueberry’s laundry list of things she has wrong with her.  The fact that the sleazy is on over top of the halter and they leave it on until it’s basically stuck to her shoulder and stinky, probably means she’s working on some good halter rubs too.  Horse husbandry at its finest right there…


The above screen shots are from their bat cave over the past week or so.  Watering the horses continue to be an ongoing issue.  While they were all drinking their faces off and partying down over the weekend, the horses in vineyard/QT area were either out of water or very low and there wasn’t exactly a stampede to rectify the situation.  In fact, I believe only one volunteer took it upon themselves to put horses first before Fireball.  It also seems that horses continue to wallow in their own filth in the barns as they stand around with no interaction or attention.  Meanwhile we now have fly mask issues beyond rubbing the holes in their faces.  Never mind that everybody tromps around the ranch and dogs and chickens wander freely in and out of pens, don’t you dare mix up fly masks.  Seriously.  This is coming from the same 30% vet that figures as long as a horse doesn’t come from auction, they probably don’t need to do the usual quarantine.  I can’t make this stuff up and I don’t blame the volunteers either.  They have zero leadership nor do they have anybody in charge working alongside them.  Many of them have significant commutes to come do chores for free while the residents go for manicures and eyelashes on the donor dollar.  Wow.



So, this past weekend featured the big volunteer appreciation piss up by the pool.  Manson went all out hiring band and having the event catered by Da Kine’s out of Santee because we all know how Manson loves herself some Hawaiian eats.  They did a brief live feed from that party which featured sugar daddy board member, Richie Price, pouring Fireball down everybody’s throats and Manson sexually harassing the underage band members who looked distinctly uncomfortable when she kept trying to get the 17 year old to take his shirt off.  After the live feed was off, the underagers in attendance got to get their drink on with a little beer pong in the pool while Lex, the other half of the Tuesday auction pair arrived from Misner’s.  Thankfully, they left the video in the bat cave for me to share with you featuring Scrappy Doo Rene so drunk she can hardly talk, let alone stand up, insisting on unloading the horse.  Of course, they can’t even remember what angle they used to loosen the donor’s purse strings so there was momentary confusion as to who the other half of Lex’s bonded pair actually was.  Naturally, Manson couldn’t be bothered to shuffle herself across the drive way to take a look at the new horse they just had to have.  She probably still hasn’t seen him. All in all, a good time seemed to be had by the few in attendance, although probably not by the Sunday volunteers that were left with extra to do because apparently drinking and partying takes precedence over doing actual chores.

This is Shawa’s adoption video that was posted last week.  The rider is Amanda the riding team leader at HiCaliber.  I think that’s important to note considering she happily rides around on the wrong lead as Scrappy Doo Rene tells us how `rad’ and amazing this horse is.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a decent enough little mare but she is LAME.  Why is it these HiCalibrites can’t pick out a hind end lameness and why do they continue to thump around on lame horses even if she they do know?  (see Blueberry above).  Judging by the lather on the horse’s sides, they’d already given her a good ride down before they turned the camera on, so who knows if she was salty with them or not?  They certainly took the wind out of her sails for some reason.  It’s pretty clear that neither Scrappy or Amanda can tell if the horse is on the correct lead or not or that she looks really uncomfortable trying to balance a rider that is not helping her at all.  Then they decide that the horse must be a reiner because she has a `whoa’ on her.  Ummm, no.  That means she was probably well broke at one point and, if anything, looks like she was a decent pattern horse when she was sound, but a reiner she is not.  That wasn’t a spin by any stretch of the imagination.  For those that think I’m nitpicking and being a bitch, you are only partially correct.  I do have a point and that is that none of these horses are set up for success or proper placements because a) they don’t have a clue how to present them and b) they have nobody there that seems to be able to evaluate one properly.  It bothers me to see these poor lame horses hauling these gunsels around.  FFS shouldn’t knowing your leads be a prerequisite for being a riding team lead?

It was easy to tell we were in for a shit show at auction today when this was the opening post from Romney Fay Baker.  I’m picking out a common theme in recent posts of them attempting to market themselves as `rebels’.  They might want to rethink that stance considering that it’s already being done up in Washington state by Sam Milbredt or whateverthefuck she calls herself these days.  The point being, is that even HiCaliber is amateur hour compared to Rebels, but if they want to somehow make people relate a feedlot scam operation to them via the `rebels’ flag, then so be it.  I’m getting deja vu!. Anyhow, when all else fails they play the sympathy card and I’m starting to resent it.  No mother should lose a child.  That’s a horrible thing, but it becomes uncomfortable when you are constantly hit in the face with somebody else using their grief to raise funds.  Let that little boy rest in peace.  This was an extremely hostile post to kick off their fundraising drive and nobody wants to actually see it in print that she doesn’t give a shit about the horses or if the ranch burns down.  Some of us have known it all along, but if she’s feeling the need to put it in writing, perhaps it is time to take a step back.

With Romney Faye Baker not `feeling it’ today, it was left to Manson to inspire people to dig deep and she got downright creative on us.  I’m not really sure what she is doing in this specific group, but in it she is and she told a sad story using key words like `littles’, `meat auction’, `slaughter’.  Never mind the fact that the horses were likely already  running through when she posted, the money wasn’t flowing so they posted up the sadder looking ones to tug at some heart strings.  This was just a warm up.  Manson was desperate.  I kinda take miniscule responsibility for what went down next only because I have used the term `manifest’ in talking about how Manson gets free stuff and I think I may have planted a seed…

Yes, this happened.  Manson joined Manifestation Babes and asked them to manifest some cash for her.  Well, maybe not directly, but she wasn’t too subtle about it and I almost couldn’t stop laughing.  However when I did finally get done laughing I got kinda pissed.  Once again she spun the `black market horse meat trade’ to people that really don’t know better and then went on about the illegal slaughter trade.  Horse slaughter is not illegal in the US.  They just aren’t funded for inspections which make it impossible for them to slaughter for human consumption right now.  People can still slaughter their own horses for their own personal use.  It is illegal to ship a horse to slaughter in California, but they seem to be willing to overlook that every single week they do deals with Misner.  If it really was her `life’s work’ to save horses from the illegal slaughter trade,  wouldn’t it be smart to start by turning in your kill buyer buddy who actually does ship illegally to slaughter?   Anyhow, the Manifestation Babes are not so loose with the purse strings and mainly wished her blessings, good vibes and I think somebody put in a good work with Archangel Ariel or something.  Finally one of the `babes’ called her out on her negativity and bad reputation and suggested she clean up her vibes. I’m paraphrasing obviously.  Not bad advice really, but it may take a team of experienced manifesters and archangels working around the clock, 365 days a year, for decades to clean up the bad vibes Manson must have deep in her pores after shooting so many animals in the face over the years and that’s not even going there with some of the other downright fucked up things she’s done to people over the years.


Romney Faye Baker did not manage to fill her quota at auction today.  It seems that people took HiCaliber at their word and showed up to do it better, since that’s what Manson keeps telling everybody to do.  So, despite Romney Faye being a complete twatwaffle and figuring she runs the show at auction, it turns out she doesn’t and they only managed to leave with a very crippled mare and a donkey as an afterthought.  Even though the little donk was only $150 from Misner, Romney Faye was asking the village idiots for $1000.  Maybe donkeys are more expensive to geld and feed in HiCaliberland.  I don’t know.  I also don’t know what the final price on the little sore mare was either.  I was too busy being disgusted.  Last week, they get a horse like Thomas who could at least stand on all 4 feet and he gets shot in the face within days, but for some reason this poor little mare who is sore as a boil gets drug all the way back to SLREH for diagnostics.  Diagnostics that they didn’t feel Thomas, who as not as sore, was worthy of.   I can’t even pretend to figure out why they shoot some without any valid reason and then one that so obviously needs to be released from her agony, gets kept alive and drug around.  Maybe there is some sort of point they are trying to prove or something.  It most certainly isn’t anything close to putting the best interests of these animals first.


The little cremello poster child struck it lucky today and ended up at a real rescue, so there is some good news.  You can follow him over at Forgotten Horse Rescue.  Three other horses went to another rescue situation near LA where they should also thrive.  That leaves us with poor Fawn’s updates.  Manson got pretty freakin official with the cut and paste on the diagnostics.  I’m not sure what her point in doing that was other than to make herself sound smarter than she is.  It kinda backfired.  Know your audience, Manson.  Tell them what is really going on here which is that the poor mare has a very jacked up left front, with the coffin joint bone on bone and out of place with a likely ruptured supporting tendon.  This means she’s offloading onto the right front causing lameness there too.  Horses in these situations are often at an increased risk for laminitis in the supporting hooves.  Think Barbaro.  It wasn’t his original injury that did him in but the supporting legs that failed.  Instead, Manson puts this: “X-rays show chronic, marked subluxation of her coffin joint secondary to likely a deep digital flexor tendon rupture on the left front in addition to contralateral right front lameness.”  She probably doesn’t even understand what it means seeing as how she still thinks a lesion can only be an open sore.  Now that I’ve explained it to her, she can be a 32% vet.  I make no pretense of being a vet, but I can read an xray enough to know that mare is in trouble and I hope they don’t make her suffer too long because Manson has developed a foot fetish all of a sudden.


HiCaliber Mirage

Speaking of fetishes, I may as well give Mirage’s update since Manson is too lazy to do so.  I only heard it through live feeds after people kept asking and Robyn finally admitted that she had her surgery and was already back at the ranch.  I’m not sure why they couldn’t have fired off a post about that.  Their village only ponied up something like $4500 for her to have that surgery after all. Maybe they didn’t update because it seems Manson has lost interest in Mirage’s vagina now that it’s back to normalish looking.  Just prior to her surgery she had to slip over to the clinic for a little moonlight photo sesh with it late at night, but seems to have no interest post op.  I hope somebody steps up for that poor mare sooner, rather than later.  She’s put up with enough already.

I’m just going to dump these few screen shots here.  They are all pretty self explanatory.  Angrid is having issues getting people exicted about her Eggo waffle and grilled cheese sandwich extravaganza, but that won’t matter because she’ll fill that room with hobos if need be so that everybody thinks it was an awesome time and want a ticket next year.  Then we come to people asking after Dragon who was a recent purchase that they raved over how awesome and bomb proof he was, which he did appear to be.  He’s also super injured or sore and apparently that’s a state secret for some reason.  Better keep saying his name just in case…The last two screen shots are of Manson keeping it classy on other FB pages by telling people to `eat a dick’ and making jokes about shooting horses.  Hmmm, I wonder why they only raised enough money to get one horse today as per Romney Faye Baker…


I don’t really care who this last meme offends today.  The longer this drags on, the crankier I get.  I’m sick of them shooting horses in the face.  I’m sick of the lies, the hoarding and the substandard care.  I’m sick of them sitting on their asses as horses choke with thirst and colic.  I’m sick of horses disappearing and their very existences erased.  Manson keeps bragging about her less than stellar career as an animal control officer and how she runs her rescue on a shelter model.  Guess what?  These aren’t dogs and even if they were, most people don’t like kill shelters.  If that’s what she is truly doing, then she needs to be upfront with her donors about it.  Stop calling it compassionate euthanasia.  It’s not.  She’s as much as admitted that if they don’t move out via adoptions, she’s not a sanctuary and if that’s not killing for space I don’t know what is.  Now, that people are onto them with their horses looking like crap, she’s calling in fat and healthy fosters and swapping them out with skinnies.  I’m sure they’ll try to lock down Biz Desk and Shenanigans even further after this post today and blame the wrong people for being me.  It won’t make a difference.  If they won’t put those horses first, I will.  Who’s with me?