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After spending the last two weeks licking her wounds and attempting to fabricate some explanation for the Missouri debacle, Slaughterhouse Sue has made her triumphant return to Facebook.  Since the best she could do for an explanation on the Rockville lie was to say `It’s not true’, she decided to count on the short memories of her followers along with their propensity to get distracted by shiny objects and forge ahead with her plan to torture horses.  This time it is by sending an `Urgent Petition’ to the USDA and she wants everybody to get busy.  She got four whole `likes’ for her post, so we should all start shaking in our boots now.  She posted a ridiculous resolution from the 67th Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Legislative Conference of  The Council of State Governments.  (http://www.csgmidwest.org/MLC/documents/horseproces2012.pdf) Sadly, as they were sitting around filling their faces in Cleveland and writing up this crap, they forgot that the last slaughter-house closed in 2007 and not 2008. Oh well, what’s a few inaccuracies when you lie like a sidewalk all the time?  I would actually be kinda disappointed if she got her facts straight and actually told the truth.

Sue addressed all four of her loyal followers with this statement: “We have just sent this to the Secretary of Agriculture, Vilsack, at the USDA, as well as to all of our networks. For those of you who are inclined to be proactive and support the horse business, this is a really good opportunity. Keep those cards and letters flying to D.C.!”  Since we never like to pass up an opportunity to have a good laugh, I’m going to post up the covering letter for her `Urgent Petition” .  You can check out the rest of the mess at this link:  (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs024/1103685263837/archive/1110610853601.html)

“Dear Secretary Vilsack,


On behalf of the International Equine Business Association and the horse businesses of the United States I am writing to urge your agency to immediately provide the inspection necessary to humanely and safely process horses in facilities that are ready to do so in the United States. The horse industry is already severely damaged because of the lack of market and options, and now with wide spread drought and wild fire damage, the situation is truly dire.


Attached please find an urgent petition, and background information supporting this letter.”

– Nothing like a good old natural disaster to make your argument.  I bet Holy Theresa thinks this means God wants them to torture horses!

USDA stands squarely in the way of enterprises that could offer some relief and a humane option for many of these horses. It has come to our attention that USDA is promulgating directives to states that indicate the agency has no intention of providing the inspection they are required by long-standing U.S. law to provide, and are actively discouraging state departments of agriculture from implementing any kind of state inspection. This singles out one class of livestock owner for economic harm and persecution that is extremely detrimental-leaving many with no option except to destroy valuable animals, or to sell them at pathetically low prices and allow them to be hauled to other countries out of U.S. jurisdiction. In the face of widespread natural disaster, some would say this is the height of hypocrisy and completely counter to the mission of the USDA to promote and responsibly regulate agriculture in this country.

– What Ole Suey fails to realize is that there was a $9million cut to the USDA budget this year.  In order for them to provide these inspections for meat that will mostly be exported, it may well compromise the inspections of beef, pork and poultry which are specifically raised for slaughter and supply our local grocery stores.  Since horses are not currently being raised for human consumption, the USDA is not singling them out for economic harm at all.  I will further suggest that if these animals are so `valuable’ they wouldn’t have to be destroyed.  Good horses, still sell for good money and the horse market has been on the upswing as I talked about in this entry: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/the-reality-of-the-horse-market/)  I even gave them verifiable numbers and everything.

“Several horse processing facilities are ready to offer horse owners a fair price for the animals they desperately need to sell — or could be within days — to provide much-needed emergency relief. Markets for the product are ready to accept it domestically and internationally if the meat is USDA-inspected exactly as it was in 2007.

– As far as anybody knows, not a single slaughter facility has been retro fitted to offer these super-duper humane options she promised.  In fact, not a single thing has been done to the Rockville facility she still doesn’t own.   UH has NO money and nobody has actually retained Temple Grandin to do the designs.  There have also been no permits issued on a single facility to be open for business, so not exactly sure how they could possible ready `within days’.  Besides, isn’t this a rather expensive proposition for emergency relief?

“USDA should not stand in the way of much-needed, humane options for horses. Horses and horse people are uniquely suffering as a direct result of federal government inaction, and the Department’s refusal to provide the inspection services federal law requires USDA to provide.


Across the nation, states, tribes and private citizens are working hand-in-hand with the federal government to provide relief to every other breed of livestock, and every other kind of business, yet USDA stands directly in the path of the same relief for the horse industry.    


This is a moral and ethical imperative that USDA must address without delay.”

– I guess the USDA should hop right to it since some batshit crazy rep from Wyoming says the sky is falling.  The `horse industry’ is not a food producing industry to anybody else but Suey and her bumbling followers who don’t even make up the majority of horse people, let alone tax paying citizens.  I wonder is she is aware that there is wording in the budget to shut down inspections for slaughter and that could be passed at any time.  I just can’t see the USDA, on their reduced budget, throwing a bunch of money at something that isn’t even going to last a few months, let alone a year.

Strangely, the letter is not only signed by Ole Suey, but also Bill `Maggot’  des Barres (Canada) and Olivier ‘ Money Bags’ Kemseke from the EU.  What do those  other two asswipes have to do with US horses other than to profit from their slaughter?  I guess this is supposed to strike fear in the heart of the USDA or something.  I apologize for the length of this all, but I think we should actually look at the wording of the petition as well.  I will spare you the boredom of reading the same three tired stories she has mined off the UH Facebook page to back up her stance.  You can go read it all at the link provided earlier.  Much of the petition is a rehash of her cover letter, but I want to take a look at her addressing drug residues in meat.

“The International Equine Business Association (IEBA) has been formed as a production agriculture organization representing the equine industry, and it stands ready with well-developed quality assurance programs and food safety protocols designed to exceed USDA requirements.


We understand traceability is a priority, and that another priority is the prevention of drug residues in meat. IEBA proposes allowing the association’s equine ID and tracing system – a system tested and proven in Canada – as an interim emergency measure. This system can be altered or amended later to fulfill any USDA requirements that may not be currently met, and can be updated when the Department finalizes its equine systems. IEBA also proposes its drug residue testing protocol – which uses third party laboratory testing to scientifically validate zero residues — to establish the eligibility of every horse for processing prior to slaughter. Allowing the implementation of these systems now will provide the desperately needed humane and economically viable outlet for the drought and fire-impacted horse industry.”

Canada has not even fully complied with the EU regulations that must be met by next year. She doesn’t mention  how in the hell they are going to come up with the money to implement this?   In fact, Canada has only been testing for banned substances for LESS than two years and their testing is hit and miss at best.  If you need a reminder on how it all works, check out this entry which will also give you links to the CFIA (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/anybody-want-a-bute-burger/).  “Altered” or “amended” later doesn’t exactly build good faith or confidence given the Slaughterhouse Sue’s propensity for lying and bending the facts.  In fact, Canada is doing such a bang up job of testing, this was just provided to me by one of the readers of this blog: (https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/rasff-window/portal/index.cfm?event=notificationDetail&NOTIF_REFERENCE=2012.1078) Read it and weep Suey!!!

“USDA should not stand in the way of much-needed, humane options for horses. Horses and horse people are uniquely suffering as a direct result of federal government inaction, and the Department’s refusal to provide the inspection services federal law requires USDA to provide.”

I would say that a federal agency, such as the USDA, has a responsibility NOT to burn up tax payer dollars on an industry the overwhelming majority of tax paying citizens are strongly against, only to put money in foreign pockets.  It especially shouldn’t do that when it will likely be shut down again within months.

I guess this is the PSAs pulling out all the stops.  I have a very hard time believing that anybody is going to take Slaughterhouse Sue and her foreign henchmen all that seriously, but you never know.  If you feel inclined to make your voice heard on this issue, make sure you back it up with facts and numbers.  Those are two things the PSA side never provide and have working against them.  It’s been a busy kinda PSA day, so more to come soon!

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As we’ve discussed many times before, PSAs have a LOT of bad and unruly horses.  It’s one of the reasons they are so bent on bringing back horse slaughter; so that they have a way to wring some money out of all the horses they bugger up with their madcap horsemanship skills.  Lucky for all of us, they must be out of beer money this close to the end of the month as the PSAs have been VERY busy the past few days edumacating each other on how to handle these bad horses.  I figured we best take the time to have a little look now or the next installment of Point and Laugh Friday is going to be several pages long.

Today’s lessons from the PSA school of abusive horsemanship is on how to make your horse behave for the farrier.  I think at this point it is important to remind ourselves that more than one of these asstards don’t bother handling their horses until they are at least a year old and they think roping them is perfectly fine.  Even with their older horses, PSAs don’t have a lot of time or patience, so they like to take any shortcut possible so that actually caring for their horses doesn’t eat into their quality internet time of slapping each other on the back and congratulating themselves on what great little horse abusers they all are.  How would the rest of us ever figure out how to handle our animals without their advice?

“My pet peeve for today….when my pride and joy gelding starts prancing around for the farrier. Funny thing was I was on his left side and the farrier was on the right. We both booted that bastard in the ribs at the same time. Double whammy. Instantly back to a well behaved horse. Didn’t bat an eye the whole time after that.”

– This is the same asshole that can’t figure out why his horse wrings it’s tail non-stop and eats his own horses.  Frequently seen online voicing his wanna-be-a-cowboy training techniques while bragging he likes to `cull his women’.  Given the pictures I’ve seen of him, I’m pretty sure it’s the women that run away from him as he seems to have Dickie-do Disease aka his beer belly sticks out further than his dickie does.   At any rate, if a farrier ever laid a hand on one of my horses, he would not be working for me or in my barn again.


“Hahahaha, back years ago I was shoeing for an old boy, he had just aquired a awesome Morgon stud to run with his mares, he had gotton him from a ranch that never sold stallions, after getting drunk with the owner, well I was trying to trim him (the horse) and he was jumping around, at one point the horse jumped, before I could corect him a cowboy boot flew by my head, I thought he broke ribs, the owner said ” he’s a horse, make him behave”, that horse stood very still until I was done. Had a good freind that shoed, ( he died from a horse kick to his spline and he bled to death) one time he was shoeing a horse for a guy, and the horse was kicking and jumping, the owner kept saying “easy boy, easy” at one point the horse cowkicked my friend and he hit him with the rasp, the owner said ” I’d rather have someone hit me then my horse” My friend cold cocked the guy and left :-0″

–  Yet another horse eating PSA who makes up for his lack of endowment by beating on animals and crowing about it.  I work under a lot of horses looking after legs and I would much have one that is well-behaved and correctly handled than one froze up and not moving because it is terrified.  The scared ones are the ones that will get you hurt.


I won’t tolerate bad behavior,especially when it endangers someone else. The guy works damn hard at doing a good job for me and I feel its my responsibility to keep him safe. Altho we both were cracking up about it after….Not here. Behave or your gone. I actually keep a rifle in the barn,just in case. I’ve once seen a horse go insane,guy got hurt bad. If someone had a gun nearby he might not be walking with a hitch in his step today.”

– Classic PSA move by blaming the horse for your own lack of handling and skill.  He must have some pretty messed up animals if he feels a need to keep a gun handy to protect himself.  Anybody else pulling for the horses?


“My filly was in a bitchy mood the other night and decided she was going to try to bowl me over to get her grain. I booted her right in the chest as hard as I could and stood exactly in front of her and told her to back off. She got wide eyed for a moment then pinned her ears snorted at me and slunk off like a dog. Lesson learned lol”

– Probably because the poor thing was starving to death knowing the way the PSAs like to feed.  At any rate, why bother taking the time to teach your horse about personal space or learning pressure points, when you can just kick them?  I hope she broke her toes.


“The farrier we had back in IL could trim my mare by himself. If she was naughty, he smacked her belly with his rasp and voila…naughty no more. Our current farrier will not do this, even after we have told him it works with her. He prefers we drive her backwards. By the time he gets out of the way and we drive her back it’s not quick enough to make an impact on her. She is not terrible but will test you to see what you will let her get away with. I will be rapping her the next time.”

– Am I reading this correctly?  She is pissed at her farrier for NOT beating her horse with his tools?  Perhaps this farrier understands that making weapons out of the tools he intends to use on a horse isn’t in his own best interests and safety.  Sounds like he needs to fire this owner ASAP.


“my farrier has permission to WHOMP any time it’s needed, and so does the dentist. they are not getting hurt in our barn, and both have said they appreciate my common sense approach. I love my horses but they WILL behave. cannot stand the ‘smooshy kissy don’t hurt my horsey’ attitude, because sooner or later, someone does get hurt.”

– Nobody is allowed to `WHOMP’ on my animals and I have never had a farrier, dentist or vet hurt by one of mine either.  I do this silly thing called `handling’ them on a regular basis that pretty much eliminates a lot of the issues these people whine about.


“My farrier had no qualms about smacking naughty horses. We had a few cases like Gage’s, where the poor bastard got smacked by both! LOL but it works…”

– My farrier would actually be super pissed at anybody that beat on a horse he was under.  It’s a bit dangerous to do when somebody has their head between their own knees.


“shoot, i encourage my shoer to smack my horse if he’s being a jerk.”

– It never ends with these people….

Actual picture of one of the PSA’s horses `standing’ for the farrier. Notice the pile of debris it is about to tangle itself in….


There were a few other comments along the line of kicking the horses in the gut and their usual abusive crap.  I will go on record as stating I am NOT a Parelli disciple or any of the other gimmick trainers.  I do, however, know for a fact you get a lot further with kindness than intimidation.  A horse trained with kindness is a horse you can usually trust.  A horse that is only behaving because it is afraid of you or intimidated is the one that is going to blow up and hurt your dumb ass at some point.  I have a horse that was originally owned by an asstard like these.  The same one I featured earlier that I literally bought  within hours of him shipping to slaughter because he was branded as `bad’ and `dangerous’.   Despite his size, he was afraid of his own shadow because of being handled by jerkwads like these people and beating him was only going to get you hurt worse.  However, I actually handle his feet every day and not just the twice a year the PSAs get their farriers in to cut the slipper feet off their long-suffering animals.  When he was acting out of character and not wanting his back feet handled, I brought in a chiropractor and fixed the problem.  Horses dance around and lean on farriers because they are sore or untrained.  A smart person would fix the problem BEFORE the farrier gets there and not beat the dogwater out of them and make that a negative experience for them.  Horses have very good memories.  But what do I know?  I was late showing up for the farrier and had his ginormous halter with me, so the poor guy had to throw a shank over his neck to improvise.  Behold, the dangerous horse that is treated with kindness……all 17.2h of him…..The one a PSA said was too dangerous to live…..

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Today Douchebag Duquette proudly announced that The United Horsemen were entering the blogosphere to the widespread apathy of the few remaining UH followers on Facebook.  For us anti-slaughter people, it’s like Christmas in July as it gives us more fodder for Point and Laugh Fridays.  It appears that Douchebag Dave had some help with editing as the blog is somewhat coherent, but no more fact base than any of the UH’s usual statements.  Perhaps they got tired of having Mendy Tobiano’s rants being their blogging `voice’.  At least they stayed true to form with lots of misleading facts and outright lies.  Let’s take a little look, shall we?

What a long way we’ve come since the beginning, when we were two groups:  United Horseman’s Front (UHF) and United Organizations of the Horse (UOH).  UHF started in late 2007, when forward-thinking horsemen realized the devastation that would follow the closure of the last domestic horse processing plants. UOH started in late 2008 as a lobbying group, and in 2009, UHF officially became United Horsemen.

 Since that time, we’ve fought tooth and nail against what seemed at times to be insurmountable odds, riding on a wing and a prayer, limited funds and the faith of our members, who have believed in us and our mission.  Thank you.   Without all of you, we could not have done what we have.   Many thought that we couldn’t, but we did.  “
–  The last slaughter facility was in Illinois and did not close until mid-September of 2007.  The `devastation’ didn’t actually begin until the economy collapsed  in September of 2008.  THAT is when the prices dropped out of the horse market and given the players involved in the UHF and UOH, I doubt a single one of them had the foresight to put two and two together and realize the impact it would have on horse prices.  The one thing they are telling the truth about is their `limited funds’ as we know they can’t even afford to refund their Summit of the Horse fees and like to raffle off vehicles that don’t actually exist.  Does anybody know if UH still has 501c3 status?  I would think they are on very shaking ground with the lobbying and financials if they do.
“As Samson stood against Goliath, so have we stood against the well-funded, well-staffed animal rights movement (ARM).  We have proven that the might of the ARM does not make them right.  We’ve brought together thousands of horse industry professionals—trainers, breeders, ranchers, and veterinarians—in a united voice against the bullying tactics of the ARM, and we are taking back the reins of our industry.   It’s people like us, with centuries of combined experience and knowledge, dedication, and passion for our lifestyles and livelihoods, that should determine the course of the equine industry.  And we are.
What’s right for the horse industry, what’s right for horsemen, and what’s right for horses—those are the things UH is all about.  Two issues define our mission:  animal welfare (not animal rights), and private property rights. “
– Awww, isn’t the whole Samson and Goliath analogy  awesome?  The only thing the UH has a passion for is torturing and eating animals.  As far as their `industry professionals’, they have a bunch of has-been and never-was types.  As discussed in many blogs and articles, horse slaughter is not an ARM issue at all.  It is a horse issue and an animal welfare issue.  What the UH is proposing to do has nothing to do with `welfare’.  Of course they won’t tell you that so many of them are failed breeders and trainers and have no place to dump their culls, so they figure they may as well eat them.  At least if we bring back slaughter they can continue to have an outlet for their messed up horses and backyard breeding experiments.  We all know that PSAs have a lot of both and it is likely very embarrassing for them when real horsemen get their hands on them and turn them around.  Better off to kill them all and save at least one of their faces.
They follow with the same old tired rhetoric about how horses are being tortured in Mexico and Canada and that they are out of their jurisdiction for `humane treatment’.  I find that an odd statement considering the horses being slaughtered in Canada are in plants that are not any different from what they propose to open on US soil, including having Temple Grandin’s input into the design modifications.  They posted up a pretty little graph with absolutely no citation on where they got their numbers, so I’m assuming they got pulled out of Slaughterhouse Sue’s expansive ass.  They also pull the `skyrocketing’ cases of abandonment and neglect card yet provide no verifiable numbers or resources.
See the awesome diagram they posted?  I bet it took Douchebag Dave and Holy Theresa at least a month with their protractor set to get this all done up to Ole Suey’s satisfaction.  This is how the UH’s Equine Rescue and rejuvenation program is going to work.  Notice that they want people to DONATE their horses for slaughter.  Of course they do!  They don’t have two nickels to rub together, so how are they going to go buy up all these unwanted horses to eat?  We don’t know where all this assessment an retraining is going to take place, but they promise the next blog will be going into great detail.  Hopefully, that detail will include some actual facts and figures as well as WHO is going to be doing all this assessing.  I have a feeling the assessments are going to be along the lines of if the horse is fat enough to slaughter or not.  I really wish I was joking about that too…
I wonder if anybody has any hard numbers on how many members the UH really has… I know they were charging $50 annually for a basic membership and Douchebag Dave had to cough that up from his own bank account along with the $175 Summit registration to at least one disgruntled member.  Has anybody actually purchased one of their super economical lifetime supporter memberships for $5000?  It really makes me wonder where they plan to get the millions of dollars it will take to get their programs off the ground.  They whine about all the money that the anti-slaughter side has,but it never occurs to them that is because successful horsemen don’t support slaughter.  I’m glad to see that Slaughterhouse Sue’s time in exile has been well spent trotting out the same tired propaganda that fewer people believe every day.  One word of advice to our horse eating buddies……If you want people to believe you give a single crap about horses or their welfare, maybe don’t use `horse meat’ as one of your tags.

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One of the semi-regular features of this blog is to profile individual PSAs.  Besides the fact that they are unintentionally hilarious in their ignorance, it also helps the rest of us to try to wrap our minds around what sort of evil it takes to support slaughter.  The one I’m profiling today is not one of the ones that just think it’s a necessary evil, she really and truly wants to slaughter horses at any cost and even eats her own.  Of course she is a breeder, aren’t they all?  See if you can guess which asstard I’m talking about and I’ll name and shame her at the end.

I think the best way to begin is with letting this person’s own words speak for themselves.  Lucky for us, this PSA has a lot to say about all matters of horse abuse and slaughter.  As with most PSAs she has had animal control called on her, but it wasn’t her fault.  It’s NEVER their fault even though the rest of us happily get through life without getting accused of abusing or neglecting our animals.  That seems to be  a PSA thing kinda like having a bad and unruly horses is.  Yes, she has plenty of them too!

“OK I did the dasterdly deed yesterday and shot and hung my crippled coming two-year-old. Took me all afternoon to gut him. I learned you need a REALLY sharp knife. Also learned it is a LOT harder to do than watching someone who does it for a living. I ached so bad I could hardly bend over last night. I know he is too tough to eat. The dog could barely chew a small piece. But, I have the heart and liver. Anyone have any good recipies?”

– Naturally this was posted on the UH page and Slaughterhouse Sue comes to the rescue.  Does anybody else have the visual of going to see a breeder’s stock and seeing them dress out one of their horses?  Yuck.


“I had one butchered a couple years ago, hung the hide on a gate to wash it off. The herd stood and stared at it until I couldn’t stand it and removed it. I say yes, they know.”

– Apparently butchering a horse is not a one time thing for this `breeder’.


“I too am over stocked (aren’t we all?). I am on a chat room list and mentioned that I would be butchering a couple. WOW did THAT raise a ruckus!!!! Comments like “all you do is raise ponies for slaughter” and “why do you continue to breed if you can’t sell any” etc. Well, I sold just as many this year as last. Only had 2 foals from my 15 broodmares. But they slam me for those two foals! I’m not exactly breeding crap either. See the profile pony? Check out the LONG yellow ribbon. Third place, nothing to brag about, right? Well third in a class of OVER 200 entries that had to QUALIFY to even come to the show ain’t bad. Besides that was just one show. Year end awards puts him FIRST place in the nation in small green hunter ponies. But I shouldn’t be breeding because I “only raise them for slaughter”!”

– Actually, she is mostly breeding crap and we’ll look as some of her champion stock in a minute.  Many PSAs think that getting lucky with one horse means they are forever golden.


“I ran four breeding stallions on a neighbor’s 20 acres over a winter. No mares for miles and they got along fine. Only problem was the idiot neighbors who contacted the humane society because they could prove the stallions had not been fed or watered for weeks. No tracks in the snow was proof. They were right! I didn’t water because there was a creek 20 feet wide and 3 feet deep. I didn’t feed because they had not strated to eat the 1500# round bale I’d left them 2 months earlier. Society worker said she was sure I had not fed them but ‘they sure looked good’! She had not noticed the bale.”

– Perhaps they didn’t eat the hay because it was moldy?  I wonder why Winstar and Three Chimneys don’t turn all their breeding stallions out together in the off-season?  Oh, that’s right…..because it’s fucktardious!


“So what does a LOCAL plant need to do to do horses legally?  I mean a plant that is currently doing cows and pigs.  And you want your own meat back, not sell it.  Ya, I got another one to go.  16 years old foundered and unbroke, but gentle enough for a toddler to handle from the ground.  Can’t get $600 for her so might as well save myself some $$ at the store.  Besides, I just bought dog food $20/month to feed the mutt!  She can eat scraps and bones.”

– Where do I even start?  Why does this breeder have a 16 year old unbroke mare that was allowed to basically eat herself to death?  If she can’t afford $20/month to feed her dog, it makes me wonder what the ponies are living on?


“I sold my mare to a dealer. The next morning she put his hired man in the hospital. All he was doing was carrying hay to the feeder.”

– Every good PSA seems to have at least one horse like this….


“Oh, they charged me! No drugs, just throw and cut. I had one done by a vet that spilled his guts the day after I brought him home from the vets’ office”

– She was referring to how she gelds her colts here.  No drugs, just throw and cut….charming.  Then she pays the guy for `training’ to get around the legalities of not having a vet do it.


Sadly, those are just samples of the ignorance of our PSA of the day.  Since she is so proud of her stock and breeding program, I thought it would be interesting to see what I found listed for sale by her on Horse Clicks.  I’m not sure how old these ads are.

5 1/2 years old, unbroke and `heavy’ in foal. Cow hocks included. $1500


Almost 3 yrs old and unbroke. $1750

The copy for this grey colt is: Sire is brother to Pony Finals Champion medium and res-Grand Champion. Dam’s sire is 1/2-sister to Silver Steps, 4 times horse of the year for AHSA/USEF. Has good hunter movement.”  Did you catch the part where the dam’s sire is a 1/2 SISTER to somebody famous?  Does that mean he was a hermaphrodite?  Typical backyard breeding of the second cousin twice removed to somebody that was almost famous.  Ugggghh,.


Coming 2 yr old described as `show quality” $1000


5yr old gelding UNBROKE $2500


Ok, this PSA basically has a crapload of ponies advertised for sale.  Most are not broke and  way overpriced.  Yes, there are a few cute ones, but what appears to be going on is somebody that has far too many horses and can’t afford to get them trained.  Backyard breeding at it’s finest.  If anybody wants to pay way too much money for one of these little unbroke terrors, do not tell her you are anti-slaughter or she won’t sell to you.  “Am seriously thinking of not selling to a person who doesn’t agree with processing. I don’t want my animals slowly starving in their backyards when they lose their teeth” You can check out the rest of the hoard here: http://www.horseclicks.com/welsh-pony/kansas/AC/horses-for-sale 

This PSA really ticks all the boxes.  Backyard breeding, hoards of unbroke stock, horrific injuries, unruly and bad horses, and of course she has been reported to the humane society.  She also is also hoping to get a job as a kill buyer for ponies should the Rockville plant open up and thinks that it should be perfectly fine for miniature horses to ship in triple-decker trailers for slaughter.  Have you guessed which one it is yet?  Her farm name is Patchwork Ponies.  Meet your Sunday’s PSA…..

Doris Kelsey







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Now, that we have paused to point and laugh at our PSA pals, it’s time to get serious about a few things.  Slaughterhouse Sue has poked her head out from under the bridge she occupies to post up some more articles.  Seriously, she must spend nearly every waking moment endlessly searching online for support for her horse eating mission.  The articles she has linked are not entirely accurate, but true to form, Ole Suey doesn’t let that bother her as long as she’s getting the word out in support of her dream of torturing and eating horses.

The first article comes out of San Antonio, TX.  (http://www.mysanantonio.com/business/article/Horse-slaughter-plants-looming-3741876.php).  While it claims that an administrator for the agency responsible for inspections stated`the testing procedures should be validated and ready for use in November or by the end of 2012.’, it then went on to say that Al Almanza of FSIS wants to get started as soon as possible.  Of course, what article about horse eating would be complete without a timely quote from Douchebag Duquette, momentarily let out of Suey’s dungeon to make an ass out of himself?  He insists that the New Mexico and Missouri facilities are ready to go and they are considering Oklahoma as well. I guess the fact that Oklahoma bans the sale of horse meat for human consumption is just an inconvenience.  He is quoted as saying`People want to know why it’s going so slow’.  Well, Douchebag, maybe people are waiting for Slaughterhouse Sue and her buddies to actually OWN the facility in Missouri, retro fit it, and apply for business permits.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking that the USDA is going to be somewhat pissed if they send their inspectors all ready to go to work and they find a locked door and tumbleweeds in the parking lot.  It’s all not as cut and dried as Slaughterhouse Sue would have people believe and the article fails to mention a single thing about the pending Moran Amendment which will effectively wipe out slaughter again.

Who knew Captain Douchebag was Amish?

The next article that made Ole Suey’s panties wet was, strangely, from Teche Today.  (http://www.techetoday.com/view/full_story/19605220/article-Eating-horses-a-solution-to-neglect-and-cruelty-?) It largely depends on the GAO report for its information, which

has been soundly debunked (http://www.animallawcoalition.com/horse-slaughter/article/1866) and is not as widely accepted as the horse eating faction would like the general public to believe.  Slaughterhouse Sue is quoted as saying that horse meat is 40% cheaper than beef.  What she neglects to mention, or maybe she’s just too ignorant to realize, is the reason that horse meat may or may not be that much cheaper is because horses are not raised to be food.  Should horses be raised specifically for that purpose, the cost to breed, raise and finish a horse for slaughter compared to a steer would be significantly higher.  Horses actually have a very poor feed to pound conversion ratio.  That means what people are likely eating is a horse that was not raised to be eaten and has likely been given any one of a number of banned substances.  Lies of omission or just plain ignorance?  Again, nobody mentions the Moran Amendment and nobody mentions that the same number of horses are being slaughtered now as there always was .

Given the glaring omissions in each article, I doubt that it’s time to panic, but neither can any anti-slaughter advocate afford to be complacent.  Right now pressure needs to be kept on the government to get the budget passed so that inspections are not funded.  That will keep the slaughter houses closed until anti-slaughter legislation is passed.  It’s also important to educate people.  Clearly, the writer of the Teche Today article is not aware of all the issues surrounding slaughter and perhaps they should be made aware as he did make an effort to do a balanced write-up.  There are so many well-informed and articulate people speaking out against slaughter, that the time is now to get busy.  Let the PSAs run around like the bunch of toothless hillbillies most of them are.  We will continue to point, laugh and throw out shiny objects to distract them, while we ultimately work towards ending slaughter once and for all.  Time to get busy, people!





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Wow!  Time sure flies in the land of the Stupids.  It seems like only yesterday we were pointing and laughing and already it’s that time again.  Never a dull moment from our intrepid little horse eaters for sure!  While some of our usual suspects were relatively quiet because, I can only assume they were nursing headaches from being the online version of a whack-a-mole game for the rest of us, there is never any shortage of PSAs ready, willing and more than able to step up the plate and carry on their moronic mission.  So, without further delay, please join me in another round of Point and Laugh Friday!  This week is brought to you by the letter `O’ for oblivious.

It would seem Slaughterhouse Sue’s Missouri embarrassment caused deeper wounds than originally thought as she has been all but silent this week and only poked her head out from her self-imposed exile once to comment on an article by The Edmonton Journal.  Ole Suey prefaced the article with this statement: “In spite of the headlines, solely designed to add drama and sell papers, there are actually some very good comments made in this article by our International Equine Business Association partners in Canada.” Way to put a spin on things, Suey!  The article was actually about the unveiling of an anti-slaughter billboard in Calgary, Alberta and the efforts in Canada to push the anti-slaughter bill, C-322, through (http://www.edmontonjournal.com/business/Protesters+call+slaughter+horses+Alberta/6978133/story.html).  One of Slaughterhouse Sue’s little allies, Bill DesBarres, chair of the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada, stayed true to PSA form by making some rather bizarre and offensive statements in the article as a counterpoint to the protest.  “The end of life option of processing is a very real and wonderful option to have for the humane handling and the welfare of all animals”  Wonderful????  This little maggot of a man further went onto say that the protest was actually encouraging people to try horse meat and that it is completely healthy.  You just know that Slaughterhouse Sue wet her panties to read this and probably wished she was Canadian.  At any rate, this was the only time she was heard from this week as she continues to struggle with coming up with a plausible explanation for the bag of lies she told about the Rockville, MO slaughter facility.  The good news is that Douchebag Duquette was obviously muzzled and locked in her basement so we didn’t have to decipher any of his incoherent ramblings this week.

Sound familiar?

Speaking of the brain trust of The United Horse’s Asses, nothing came of Holy Theresa Manzella’s  promised big news from the USDA on Monday.  Apparently she does not put the `intel’ in intelligence after all.  Despite her assurances that a decision would be forthcoming from the USDA on Monday, that day came and went with out so much as a peep about anybody from that agency or Holy Theresa for that matter.   I guess she still has not figured out how to actually call the USDA.  She did manage to park her head up Slaughterhouse Sue’s ass this week so all was not lost.  In a show of undying support and devotion, she preached to the choir as they coordinated their efforts to go swarm a Facebook page that dared to reprint The Kansas City Star article that was featured on this blog a few days ago.

“Ya know what? Sue is a good mother to her children. A good wife to her husband. We’d all be lucky to have a man adore us so. A good Representative to her constituents. I find her strength and clarity of thought amazing and inspirational. They have no legitimate argument, so all they can do is try to discredit her. She’s WAAAYYYY smarter than they could even imagine being. She’ll get this done IN SPITE of their poison”

I just want to go on record as saying that if Rod McQueery was the best I could do for a man, I would happily switch teams or become asexual.  He is as repugnant as his greasy wife and rarely has an intelligent thing to say.  I wonder if Ole Suey actually pays Holy Theresa for all this cheerleading?

Everybody’s favorite split personality, Mendy Tobiano enjoyed what has to be the most active week ever on their blog.  Sadly, the activity was mostly centered around people calling her on her shit and telling her she sucked.  The mention of this blog in her comment section sent her into meltdown mode and she proceeded to charge around with her skirt flying over her head screeching that there was a mysterious and nefarious tracking code on this blog (untrue).  It would seem the new themes for the Petulant Pony blog is to trash horse rescues (natch) and play the `Poor Me’ card.  Astonishingly, even though she complains about people assuming she is NT, Mendy was once again the subject of one of her own postings complete with the admission of multiple calls to animal control with concerns for the condition of her animals.  She claimed that the investigator was the one who ended up charged although there seems to be no records of that in her local courthouse records.  She provided photographs of her hoard  herd to `prove’ that they were in “good condition”.  Besides the dull coats, one picture featured a yearling with a razor back and big old worm gut on it.  I’m really not sure what this was supposed to prove other than her horse husbandry skills are probably on par with her intellect.  Not good.  She claimed she could not provide the actual letters and court documents due to it being an ongoing case against the investigator, so one has to wonder the wisdom of airing all this dirty laundry in public at this point.  Mendy Tobiano balanced out the week by whining behind closed doors,playing the victim card, and pretending to be sexy.  I must say that at least my own mother doesn’t have to post on a group’s Facebook page to ask me questions any mother should know off the top of her head.  In the land of Mendy Tobiano, I guess knowing what your kid’s actual major in college is insignificant when you have all this cyber-flirting to accomplish.  I just want to know why I never get any hate mail like she does??????

With Daffy still sequestered in her private page and rarely venturing out to spread her knowledge, it was up to other PSAs to step up to the plate and edumacate us all in all matters of horsemanship.  One of the topics this week was basically what to do when a horse pisses you off.  Personally, when I find myself getting somewhat irritated with a horse, I try to find a good note to quit on ASAP, because I realize the problem is mostly mine and things are about to head south in a hurry.  Not so with our PSAs….

“has anyone else had a horse they wanted to just kill, i have a paint mare that is a hell bitch, she managed to make me so mad today i went a little old school on her, and yes she stayed tied to a post nearly all day, i’m a firm believer in tying horses up for awhile especially if i’m working  i don;t want to have to keep catching and saddleing all day”

– contrary to what this asshole thinks, the horse likely does not spend her time tied up `all day’ reflecting on the error of her ways.  In fact, other than probably being thirsty and uncomfortable, she probably is thinking that you pretty much suck and that being caught and tacked up is no fun at all.  You would think that maybe one of this group might suggest a different method?  Of course they don’t!  It just opens the floodgate to share their stories of bad horses and abuse.  The PSAs sure do seem to have a lot of `bad’ horses.

“This gelding I’m doctoring, he’s healing real well, btw, is the first horse I’ve ever owned that inspired revenge. He is a fence climber, and I’ve never seen one, before, and he’s so big that he damages anything he goes up against, including himself against a spring snap. Anyway, installing the hot wire and watching him hit it and spin and fart, again and again and again…one of the most gratifying and humorous things I’ve ever gotten to do. I’m actually kinda grateful to him for being such a jack ass, sometimes.
“Lol i had one of those, this mare though is just a nightmare, she broke 2 halters and tried to run over me and kick me….she was a good riding mare could ride her anywhere,until my ex got his hands on her long story….it’s a lot of sppoiled brat not been handle, she was also abused badly, he was a drunk and on crack it took me a year to get her back the foal she had on her was a yearling hadn…..been handled, still sucking and extremely dangerous i saw the writing on the wall with that one i think she’ll come around just need to let her know whose boss,”

There is so much wrong here besides the grammar and spelling, I’m not even sure where to begin.  I guess this PSA’s choice in men says a lot about the kind of person we’re dealing with and I feel very sorry for this horse.  Actually, I feel sorry for any horse that ends up at the mercy of these asstards.

We all remember the drama that ensued when I questioned the ethics of a rescue supporting slaughter.  There were temper tantrums, accusations and people dramatically leaving pro-slaughter groups because they didn’t have the spine to own their own evil. I was the big ole meanie-head for even suggesting that these rescues were pro-slaughter.  It seems that at least one of those rescues, decided to just move her support behind closed doors into private group even after her dramatic exit from her regular FB playground.  I can’t say this enough, but NOTHING online is as private as people think.  Not even the secret groups or the private groups.  If you do not know somebody face to face, then they just may be the fox in your hen-house.  IF you happen to support slaughter and run a rescue, then say so.  If you are so convinced that is the right and humane thing to do, then you should be loud and proud about your beliefs.  As it is, your attempts at hiding out just convince me that you know you are scum and people wouldn’t support your stance.  At the rate we’re going `Out A Rescue Wednesday’ will end up being a semi-regular feature on this blog and I get the feeling there will be some repeat offenders…..

So all in all, it was a fairly routine week for the PSAs.  They continued to swarm various rescue Facebook pages while slapping each other on the ass and high fiving back at the bat cave.  One of them decided that he would pick up some spare change by testing the waters as a kill buyer and attended a cheapo sale in hopes of picking up some horses for $8 to bring up to Canada.  It turns out there were no horses at that auction, so that leads me to wonder where all these unwanted horses are.  General run of the mill fuckery and paranoia abounded…..The coming weeks should provide much amusement as they turn on each other and try to figure out who the `mole’ is and, trust me, there is more than one. ……

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I realize today is Friday and we always point and laugh, but I came across something that was so  ignorant, I felt I couldn’t do it justice by only mentioning it in our weekly recap.  As a result, I thought it best to give this its own entry so we can fully appreciate the profound ignorance of the PSA movement.  Don’t worry, Point and Laugh Friday is almost complete  and will roll out this afternoon.  For now, let’s take a peek at how the PSAs discuss alternatives to horse slaughter.

What happened was that a new member was admitted into their inner sanctum and this person stated that she wanted to discuss alternatives to slaughter.  That immediately branded this person a `troll’ and the natives started to circle the wagons in hopes of having themselves a little online dogpile fun.  Here are some of the responses that the PSAs gave…..

“In my opinion, horse slaughter is not something a solution is needed for. It is never going to be stopped. Stopping the plants by defunding the inspections didn’t stop slaughter in the private sector, even caused it to be done illegally and caused the loss of some very expensive horses for people that found remains of them in their own pastures. There is always going to be a market or desire for horse meat. Dictating what people can and can’t do with their own property is treading on some serious freedoms and rights”

– Are we clear on this?  According to this horse lover, we don’t need an alternative to slaughter because it minimizes people getting their expensive horses poached for slaughter.  Also, this one gives the common PSA stance of having the `right’ to do what they want  with their `property’ although we already debunked that a few days ago.  If it doesn’t suit your agenda, continue to ignore simple logic….

“HA HA HA HA HA HA HA XXXXX I asked for THAT MONTHS ago and no one spoke up. What makes you think someone is going to give you an answer?”

– That little gem came from NT as we all know he/she tends to make every discussion all about themselves.  He/She then proceeded to cyber flirt with one of the old wannabes on that page to the point of orgasm.  I guess that’s one way to stop people from peaking in on your lunacy…..just creep them out to the point of dry heaves.  Well played, NT…….well played.

“I understand that you want an alternative. But to some of us, there is no alternative necessary. It is an effective way to deal with low end, non useable horses.”

– Of course they think like this considering that the PSAs are the leading breeders and trainers of low-end, non useable horses.  I have a better alternative……if all the PSAs would just get out of the horse business, we could have this mess sorted out within a few years!

“There is none… you cant uth all the horses that are worthless because then we have no water to drink when you put all that crap in the ground… but yet.. the meat from the horses will feed many countrys… and yes i have eaten it as well. so unles you have a very big back yard to take them all in and feed them good.. and keep them happy… slaughter is just something that you might want to get use to.”

– Clearly this little brainiac has never heard of rendering or cremation.  Does anybody actually have a scientific study that proves that burying a euthanized horse is any more dangerous to our ground water supply than planting a bunch of embalmed people full of formaldehyde in the ground?????  Didn’t think so….

“After the horse is dead does it really make a difference what happens to the body? Really? Isn’t using it better than tossing it?
The people who call inhumane have (usually) never butchered, hunted, fished or worked in a packinghouse…”

– If we follow this person’s logic we should probably start eating our dogs, cat and grandparents as well.  No, it doesn’t make a difference what happens to the body after death, but it does make a difference how it actually arrives at being a dead body and THAT is the issue that anti-slaughter advocates have.

“Vet visits aren’t viable for anyone on a budget. It’s unreasonable to expect it, much less attempt to demand or mandate it. It’s not just the price of the kill shot, it’s the farm call price, too. And the disposal, if you aren’t where you can dispose of in on your own property. They are not and will not ever be pets. Ever had a clydesdale sit on your lap? Not pretty.”
– If you don’t have a budget that provides for proper care, including euthanasia, of your horse, you have no business owning a horse.  Also, my dog is too big to sit on my lap, but she is most definitely a `pet’.  For people who don’t want other people to tell them what to think or do, they sure like telling us how we are supposed to feel about our animals. As far as I know `sitting on your lap’ is not part of the definition of `pet’.  In fact the definition of `pet’ is:  A domestic or tamed animal or bird kept for companionship or pleasure and treated with care and affection.

It turned out that the person that originally asked the question was not a `troll’ and she proceeded to flip-flop back and forth between being pro and anti like a fish out of water.  As you can see, there is absolutely NO reasoning with these people.  I’m beginning to think that, for most of them, being pro-slaughter makes them more `western’ in their own minds or something.  Or maybe we are supposed to be impressed about how they don’t get emotionally attached to these animals.  I really can’t put my mind in a place where you love horses and think it’s ok to torture them.  They ignore research and science and I have yet to see a single one of them actually back a single thing up with solid facts.  They have no concern about carcinogens in horse meat, which is a proven fact, yet they think that humanely euthanizing horses will mean that there will be no drinking water left in the world.  I’m not even sure why that is a big concern for most of them as, going by how they behave, alcohol is their beverage of choice.    This has just been a little warm-up because we have an entire week of crap like this to discuss and it’s coming right up…..


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One Man’s Trash

I’m going to feature another `face of slaughter’ today.  This horse is not a famous horse.  I’m pretty sure he’s not even registered.  He’s also not exactly the best put together horse in the world.  I’m pretty sure he won’t go on to be a world beater or get any other recognition other than that he is loved by his family.  He is probably the kind of horse that almost everybody would consider a `cull’.  His people call him `Pete’ and he is our poster child today.

On May 18, 2010, Pete was one of 30 horses on a trailer bound for a Texas feedlot owned by Frontier Meats.  The feedlot in Texas supplied horses to a slaughter-house in Mexico.   All the horses on this load had come from Missouri kill buyer, Terry Broocke.  While traveling through Oklahoma, the truck hit a median on the turnpike near I-35 in the early morning hours and overturned.  Eleven horses died at the scene and another two died after the survivors were transported back to Broocke’s property in Missouri.  Thankfully, after nearly three months of negotiations and pressure, the HSUS and Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue were given custody of the surviving animals, many still in terrible condition and largely untreated for their injuries.

So, how did Pete end up on that truck?  A couple of weeks earlier, on April 30th, 2010, he was run through a ring at the Montgomery City Livestock Auction as a stallion.  From what the rescue was able to find out, Pete was owned by a family that couldn’t deal with his hormones.  Apparently, Pete would try to mount mares while they were being ridden near and charge the fence at passing horses.  By the time he made it to the rescue in August he was estimated to be 4yrs old or under, so you can imagine what a young stallion of that age with improper handling might have been like.  Clearly the family that sold him had no interest or care about what happened to him because they neither gelded him, which may have gone a long ways towards settling him down, nor did they bother to break him.  It is rumored that he was sold in the neighborhood of about $35 dollars the night he went in the ring.  That alone should have given them no doubt where their horse was heading.  It would seem they didn’t care.

Pete the day of his arrival at Blaze’s Tribute

There is also more to Pete’s story.  When the trailer overturned back in May, the first thing the state police checked was that all the paperwork was in order on this load.  It was.  Every horse had a current Coggins on it.  The name on Pete’s Coggins was the name of a `rescue and rehab’ ranch in Missouri that consigned him to that sale.  At the time they were allegedly in the process of trying to achieve their 501c3 status.  The `rescue’ said that Pete had been `dropped off’ at their place and was wreaking havoc and that they had attempted to `re-home’ him or place him with another rescue.  They `said’ they even started him although he wasn’t ridden in the ring that night.  They also `said’ that he was bought by a family that night, but they never came and picked him up, so the auction gave him to the kill buyer.  Now tell me why the auction wouldn’t have called the consignor back to come get the horse when they allegedly knew each other well?  Who is the ultimate douche-nozzle in this situation?  I would have to say all parties involved…

When news of the trailer wreck and ensuing drama hit the blogs, Pete was featured due to the name on his Coggins.  That same name happens to be one of the more vocal PSAs who often demonstrates a distinct disdain for rescues.  Apparently, after people were named and shamed, the rescue abandoned their application for 501c3 status and said they closed down for rescue, although continued to label their horses as `rehabilitated’.  As tragic as that trailer wreck was, it turned out to be life-saving for Pete.  He is now a gelding and was adopted by a family in Oklahoma where he is very much loved.  This horse that wasn’t worth $50 to somebody is now priceless to his new family.  When anti-slaughter advocates call for more responsible breeding, we aren’t saying that horses like Pete, who are already here, need to disappear.  We see the value in every life, but realize that not everybody else does.  Maybe Pete wouldn’t have found himself on his way to Mexico had he been better looking, better bred, trained and/or gelded?  The only thing I know is that until that truck turned over, every single person Pete had met in his life had failed him and the only one that was going to pay the price for that was Pete.  How many other `Petes’ never get so lucky?

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Well, it seems I was somewhat premature in reporting on the trainwreck over the Kansas City Star article.  I had mistakenly assumed that the PSA crowd had used up all their stupid on the matter and would move on.  I was so very, very wrong.  It’s STILL going on and the PSA crowd is making less sense than usual.   I’ll give you some highlights here, but if you want to catch the live show, go here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151100260841648&set=a.346008596647.197164.318696121647&type=3&theater.

The one thing I noticed about PSA’s, other than travelling in packs, is that the more opposition, the more outlandish their statements become.  I’m not sure if they really believe what they are saying or they’re just flinging crap against the wall to see what sticks.  Maybe a bit of both?

“I have a better idea than watching a video. Go to a meat locker, and SEE with your own eyes how a responsible rancher and a responsible butcher dispatch an animal. Watch this with your own eyes instead of the propaganda videos which have been proven time and time again to be bootlegged from other countries, and edited to make them seem even harsher than they are. Get off your couch, put down your laptop, and GO SEE. Then perhaps you can come back and make a *gasp* educated decision.”

– Ok, I’m not sure what going to a `meat locker’ is going to teach anybody about slaughter since all you will basically see is the end product.  There won’t be any sign on the carcass that says `This one took five shots in the face to drop’ or `Woke up on the bleed rail’.  You’ll see….well, you’ll see meat in a meat locker.   Now, she also suggests that all the slaughter-house footage is `edited’ to make it seem worse.  Hmmm, the footage I have seen was not edited in the least.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t bring in PIXAR or any other company to doctor up that footage and make dead horses revive or appear conscious and aware as they were hung upside down.  Another thing she mentions is to watch a butcher dispatch and animal.  Those are called custom jobs and are nowhere near what happens in a commercial slaughter plant.  I wish we could move on from this `expert’ but she wasn’t done yet.  She was so worked up, she was responding to herself…

“And as for the young beautiful horses, it’s not hard to buy them back from a slaughterhouse. All of the KB’s I’ve ever met at auction will not bid on a good horse-unless no one else does. They will not bid against anyone. And if you change your mind, follow them to their trailer and offer what they paid. Guess what-they will all take it. All you are seeing is the horror side of the pretty my little ponies that you think you are saving. Put down your fork, don’t eat or drink for a week. Then tell me starvation is better than slaughter, and come back with a rational solution. Because if you can’t come up with a viable solution, you are aiding in the problem. Congratulations for aiding and abetting in the abuse and neglect of countless animals. Pat yourself on the back, and I hope you are proud of yourself.”

Ummm, once they have their USDA stickers on, it’s virtually impossible to buy horses back from the `slaughter-house’.  In fact, when they were up and running,  the general public was not allowed to just waltz into a slaughter-house and check out all the horses.  Now, if she really means buying them out of a kill pen at auction, sometimes that is possible and those kill buyers do a booming business preying on people who want to save horses.  Not to mention stolen horses and people who patrol Craigslist to swindle somebody’s horse off them and yes, that does happen.  Also, I will tell you starvation is better than slaughter, not that I want to see that happen either.  Horses can be rescued from starvation and given a new life.  Slaughtered horses meet a terrible end of which there is no chance at coming back from.  Many viable solutions have been put on the table, but the PSAs are all so blinded by blood lust, they refuse to listen. Once slaughter is shut down for good, they can all move to Canada or get out of business.  Either way win/win!

I wish I could say that above PSA was a solo act today.  She wasn’t.  Today’s designated wingman got a little long-winded, so I’m going to have to break her post down into sections….

“You can anthropomorphize all you want, animals are not humans! You can say “if I had all the money and bought all the pretty horses” all you want, you don’t have money and that thought process simply proves your utter lack of understanding in regards to herd health, range management, disposal and by-products.

Some of you folks sitting there making inane comments need to grasp that it simply doesn’t matter what you SAY, if you want to buy a horse, go do it! Don’t expect everyone else to carry the affects of your lack of knowledge. And boy oh boy, in these comments lack of knowledge is rampant.”

– Kinda like all you junk breeders want to use up federal tax funding, at the expense of the existing meat industry, to clean up your mess and put all the profit in foreign pockets?  BTW it’s `effects’ not `affects’.

“So who cares, sit on your rear end. BUT, until you have a working knowledge of the industry as a whole, you damn straight aren’t going to be allowed to further damage an entire industry simply because you read Black Beauty once.

For the ill educated, you’ll automatically think “industry” meaning slaughter only. It isn’t and doesn’t mean that. An “industry” means so very, very much more. It includes veterinarians, shoers, leather products such as saddles, equine saddle pad and protective boot manufacturers, horse trailer companies and dealerships, pick-up sales, farmers or ranchers who raise and sell hay, clothing apparel, shows, associations, and when events happen it means the local stores such as gas stations, restaurants, and motels. All those businesses employ people, supply a product, and directly contribute to local and state economies. THAT is an industry. All those things that many of you never think about.”

– Now call me crazy, but I just don’t see dead horses needing vets, shoers, saddles, protective boots, horse trailers or hay.  I am also not aware of many shows for dead horses…

“So, it is vital to make the INDUSTRY healthy and strong again. And stopping slaughter absolutely does not help horses, if fails in every aspect. C’mon – look at the facts! Forget the glitter farting fairy stories so many of you repeat, pull your head out of the clouds and get a real life experience. Look beyond your own personal agenda!”

– I will say it again…Killing off horses isn’t helping the industry considering it is the young, healthy and strong that go to slaughter.  Bringing back slaughter does not mean that every abusive and neglectful hoarder is all of a sudden going to start taking care of their animals either.  It means that backyard breeders have a convenient dumping ground for the dinks they produce and we sure as hell don’t need more BYBs.  BTW, I AM `industry’, so I am more than qualified to tell you that if you need slaughter to put a value on your product, you are a failure and need a new job.

That FB thread goes on and on and the PSA’s are all wordy as hell today.  It’s the same old tired denials and ignorance, over and over again. For some reason, they think that only people who live on ranches own horses.  I would bet if anybody did a study, many urban horse owners, contribute far more to the `industry’ through boarding, training, lessons etc.  Almost everybody that works on the racetrack in an urban dweller at least during race season and they sure as hell qualify as `industry’.   You know what I noticed the most about PSAs?  They are all very, very angry people!  Maybe we could make things better if all of us would just make an effort to seek them out and hug them.  Any volunteers?  Didn’t think so……



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One of the main things I hear from the PSAs is that horses are property.  To them, that means that they have a right to do as they wish with their property.  While I agree that we technically `own’ horses, or at least that’s what their registration papers say, I dispute that they are property.  Property implies something inanimate.  I hope we can all agree that horses are most definitely not inanimate nor are they `things’.  Things are defined as material objects without life or consciousness; an inanimate object.


1. a thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively

2. a building or buildings and the land belonging to it or them

Now, I realize that our PSA pals have some problems with comprehension at the best of times so this is probably boggling their minds  and causing outrage.  In fact, I bet Ole NT is frothing at the mouth and pounding on her computer keys already.  You have certain rights as they pertain to the animals you own.  You have a right to train them or not train them as you wish, even if you suck as a trainer.  You have a right to set your own feed program and you have a right to stable them or not.  But, all these rights have limits.  You do not have a right to abuse another living being because that is against the law.   Don’t believe me?  Go ask Michael Vick how doing what he wanted with the dogs he owned worked out for him.

Because Slaughterhouse Sue is still in hiding, the PSA crowd is once again unsupervised and have resorted to cruising the internet to find things to be outraged over.  Today, it was an article by Donald Bradley of The Kansas City Star, which basically called Slaughterhouse Sue out on some of her more recent lies.  (http://www.kansascity.com/2012/07/06/3718025/no-progress-yet-on-proposed-rockville.html#disqus_thread) You would think they would get used to the daily dose of disappointments that is life as a PSA, but they don’t.  Once again, they coordinated their efforts in the bat cave and swarmed the FB page that posted this article.  Then they got their stupid on and let it all hang out for the rest of us to witness.

“…….. Boy, they sure banty that “PhD title around with this Patrick Fazio character. Too bad he isn’t as smart as his “title” deludes. Horses do NOT move their head around any more than any other livestock animal in the same situation, as he stated in one blow hard interview. This is a matter of training, supervising, and enforcing that training to make certain that it is done correctly and humanely. And could you possibly get any more long winded and full of FECES as you have in this emotionally driven, irrational spiel? Honestly, if I were a supporter of opposition to slaughter, I’d distance myself as far as I could get from you people just for the purpose of maintaining credibility. I’M embarrassed for you, and I’m against you.”

I actually cut off the first part of this diatribe as it was just basically ranting. I just want to  point out it is actually PATRICIA Fazio and not Patrick.  Too bad this person can’t tell the difference between an innie and an outie as it does not bode well for the rest of this discussion. Let’s look at what this anatomy expert is telling us. She thinks horses do NOT move their head around more than any other livestock and slaughtering them is no different.  I don’t know what kind of horses she is breeding or riding, but I think even a blind man could see there is a pretty big difference between the necks of horses, cows, and pigs.

Do you see the difference?  Now add to the fact that horses’ heads are not placed in squeeze chutes and all of a sudden you have a moving target with a much larger range of motion than cows, pigs or chickens.  I know our PSA buddies aren’t very bright, but surely they can understand the difference between hitting a moving target and one that is in a head restraint?  Maybe not….Here’s another definition to chew on…



1.lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2.lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3.uninformed; unaware.
4.due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.


Speaking of ignorant, here is one of the PSA supporters backing her anatomical expert buddy up…

“I have yet to hear a reasonable alternative to horse slaughter. Until one is presented, I cannot oppose the horrible act. I would never eat an American horse due to unregulated drugs, but I have no problem with those who do. I would actually like to try the meat one day. That doesn’t make me evil or an abuser or even a horse hater. I love my horses and would never subject them to that fate. I do not love every horse.”

Do you get that?  She won’t eat US horse meat because of the drugs, but she’s just fine with feeding it to other people.  Awesome!  She is also another PSA hypocrite that wouldn’t put her horse to slaughter because she loves him, but it’s just fine for horses she doesn’t love.  I wonder if she think they suffer less or something.  That’s like saying it’s ok for other people to get raped and murdered as long as it doesn’t happen to your loved ones.  WTF?  Seriously….

Not to be deterred, the original brainiac pulled out the favorite defense of PSAs everywhere and over shared liberally peppered with bullshit….

“I was raised with horses. I was getting paid to start range bred remuda yearlings when I was twelve years old and up. I’ve delivered them, I’ve shoed them, sales prepped them, galloped them for race trainers. I’ve been a broodmare assistant, a race barn groom. I’ve raised them on bottles and buckets. I’ve watched the bootlegged slaughter house tapes from Canada and I’ve seen the photos of the conditions horses are subjected to in Mexico. And that’s YOUR fault, since you want to place blame and judge people you know nothing about, business as usual for a bunch of half wit clowns that profess to be experts when they are in fact living room recliner jockeys perched balancing a lap top professing to save all the poor little ponies from the nasty horse “murderers” and not knowing their rectal orifice from a snake hole. People like me save horses all of the time. Because we know how to, because we are the best at what we do, and we know what’s worth saving and what isn’t, because we treat all of our livestock responsibly and humanely, because it’s the right thing to do, NOT because a bunch of know nothing NUTS had to enlighten us in the errors of our ways.

This is the same asshat that thinks horses wring their tail when they are racing because they are in the process of stocking up. Even if she has done half of what she claims, she’s likely been  a miserable failure at most. You know, you can spend your lifetime around horses and that doesn’t make you a `horseman’.  Some things can’t be taught especially when you think you already know it all and are the `best at what you do’.  BTW, seen pics of this person’s breeding efforts and she is definitely part of the problem.


I think at some point we may need to consider an awards system to add to Point and Laugh Fridays.  These people work so hard at being ignorant, I feel like we should give the dumbest statement/story of the week an award.  Should I let ads on this blog, I’m thinking along the lines of donating a portion of advertising dollars to either a rescue or anti-slaughter cause in the winner’s name each month.  Thanks to y’all we have more than enough traffic to do that, but I also think ads are annoying.  Nothing is going to happen overnight, but let me know your thoughts.  I’m neutral at this point.

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