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I can’t believe it’s only been a day and already the fuckery has escalated to a point I feel compelled to point and laugh again . Of course we have the mystery and drama surrounding US horses being rejected for slaughter.  We’ll get to that and update in a bit.  We also have Dorothy Robertson and her devotees over at HGS flipping the switch from being loony to full-blown, batshit crazy.  I never realized that so many people hated horses so much and that those same people bother to involve themselves with the object of their hatred.  We may point and laugh at these people, but I’m finding them less and less funny lately.

As we mentioned earlier, Dorothy is back online and showing no remorse.  I guess, understandably, she is super pissed her horses were taken away, but she seems to have slipped a gear in the rational department.  She appears to be devoting all her time in attacking the rescue that was awarded her horses and has now actually suggested they are hiding them and starving them so that she’ll look bad when she goes to court at the end of the month.  I’m not even making that part up, sadly. This is straight from Dorothy…

“Concerns have been raised by some in the community that NNER may not be feeding adequately in order to “slim down” the horses and take undated photos claiming they are “before” shots. Seems there’s not a lot of trust in this outfit among the ranchers/livestock owners here. I do have additional photos taken with long tele lens less than 2 weeks after they were taken (a time frame that the vet testified would not show marked improvement IF the horses were in starvation metabolic status)….film was torn in removal from camera and is in specialty pro photo shop in Reno for handling…should be here by the end of the week and I’ll post what I get as soon as possible. In addition, am seeking photos taken by others (WalMart photo center person said about 50 people had film developed over the time the horses were at the sales yard and that the comments were overwhelmingly along the lines of “nothing wrong with their weight…should not have been taken….why couldn’t the local farriers/vet offer some help for the few that needed more work and why hold out and not euth the one for 4-5 days after being taken?”). Hope to post requests for sharing of photos in several locations within the next couple of days. New job is odd hours….12 hour shifts from 3a to 3p or 3p to 3a…..3-4 days a week most likely so getting some things done may not be very speedy.”

– Sometimes there just are no words…..Naturally, she is being egged on, consoled and encouraged by the nest of assholes that inhabit the HGS board.  Not a single one of them can count past the number of fingers they have and seem to want to place all the blame on the rescue who had NOTHING to do with seizing these animals.  Their newest plan is to take this to the media and they all figure it will get national coverage….Ok then…


As I’m sure you all know by now, Canadian slaughter plants are not currently accepting US horses and there is some indication that Mexico has or will follow suit.  This was a decision that came from the EU and pretty much without warning.  I would have thought it would be a time to band together and help some horses that are seriously at risk right now, but once again I was wrong.  The PSAs are redoubling their efforts to get a slaughter-house open, despite there not being an actual market for the time being. I guess the taxpayers are supposed to overlook that little stumbling block.   I’ve seen some suggest that all the slaughter horses be dumped on Wayne Pacelle’s lawn, that there will be loose horses running in the street by tomorrow and all the usual doomsday predictions they subscribe to.  I have yet to see a single one of them accept what is the current reality and come up with any idea or solution to make sure that horses do not suffer.  I guess the fact that the horses in question currently have owners and those owners will remain responsible to feed and care for those horses or there will be charges laid doesn’t register with them   Nobody knows how long this will last right now.  To lighten things up, I thought it would be fun to take a look at Slaughterhouse Sue’s emergency press release on the issue.

“Yesterday, October 12, 2012, the international commerce in horses for processing from the United States to both Canada and Mexico was disrupted by an unannounced action of the European Union. Approximately 2,500 head of horses per week have been crossing the border to European Union regulated plants in Mexico per week, and an estimated 1,300 head to Canada in recent months. 


This is a higher number than usual driven by the widespread drought, devastating fires, high cost of feed, and lack of pasture forage in the United States leaving horse owners with few options except the selling of horses. There is a strong worldwide demand for cheval. Cheval is the common name for meat produced from the equine species in the same way that beef refers to meat produced from cattle, and pork refers to meat from hogs. “
– Don’t y’all just love how calling horse meat `cheval’ is suppose to make it more palatable or something?  I’m not sure how strong the `worldwide’ demand for horse meat actually is, but I’m going to guess it’s declining given the recent discoveries of adulterated horse meat and a recent death from somebody ingesting Bute.
“In the United States, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service is still finalizing the validation of science underlying their equine drug residue testing program, which they anticipate will be completed by the end of the year. Several U.S. based companies anticipate receiving the necessary grants of inspection to begin operation at that time providing a much needed humane option for the horse industry in the United States. Currently the only viable outlet is transportation outside of the U.S. to the E.U. regulated plants in Mexico or Canada. “
– I’m not sure there is anything in this paragraph that is actually the truth.  Anybody?
“Today, the leaders of the International Equine Business Association: Sue Wallis of the United States, Bill des Barres of Canada, and Olivier Kemseke representing Mexico, Argentina, and the European Union are issuing the following statement:  

“The International Equine Business Association (IEBA), including it’s partner the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC), and its members in the United States and Mexico who are businesses engaged in the provision of accurate information and education respecting the health and welfare of horses and the equine products trade, have been working to advance an industry leading Equine Identification, Tracking and Traceability system that provides a fully compliant, auditable data base that  exceeds the standards of the European Union.
– Too little, too late, Suey!
“In consideration of the immediate welfare of some 48,000 horses in the next 3 months, it is notable that our organizations have sourced, contracted and facilitated the implementation of an internationally harmonized equine traceability system that can be fully utilized within the next 90 days in the U.S. and Canada.  Major components similar to the industry driven IEBA Equine Quality Assurance Program in the United States, and the Equine Traceability Canada systems, are already in use in Mexico to assure all horses processed for food are uncontaminated, and that horses can be identified, tracked and traced in compliance with rules and regulation.”
– Really?  90 days?  Canada has already stated they won’t be ready in time for the deadline next year and Suey is going to get it all done from scratch in 90 days?  The rumored holding time on these horses is currently longer than that.  How are you going to get around the fact that Bute is banned and there is currently NO system in place that tracks a horse throughout its lifetime?  We shouldn’t be surprised, Suey has also promised she is going to test each and every horse for banned substances PRIOR to slaughtering them as well.
“To ensure the welfare of horses and avoid an international humanitarian and economic catastrophe, the International Equine Business Association joins with thousands of North American horse owners and businesses to call on all applicable government entities in North America and the European Union to work quickly to resolve this crisis as soon as possible. Times of worldwide economic and social hardship are exacerbated by regulatory actions that cause horrific, unnecessary animal suffering, destroy jobs, narrow economic opportunity, disrupt international commerce, and limit access to a sought after, affordable, high quality, and safe protein source for the world. “
– These slaughterphiles really do live in a bubble.  An international humanitarian and economic catastrophe?  Really?  Because some rich people can’t gobble down their favorite dish?  Slaughter CAUSES horrific and unnecessary animal suffering and dead horses don’t provide as many jobs as live ones do.  Those are facts.  North American horse meat is NOT safe.  That is another fact.  Many of us that are in the horse industry are not going to see the value of our horses go down even a little bit over this.  It will be business as usual at our farm tomorrow, just as always.

Puppymill Patterson busily wrote up a statement on behalf of D-bag Duquette which I posted yesterday.  She is also trying to get everybody to sign her petition to immediately kill horses, because Lord knows we need another petition out there.  I’ll be surprised if she managed 1000 individual signatures on it.  I think for comic relief, we’ll check in with what some of the UH brain trust had to say about it all.  We won’t hear from Mendy Tobiano though, because rumor has it she got her ass booted off Facebook yet again and is creeping around in one of her alternate personalities, Bunny Buckled.

“We are now in campaign mode again and need to contact Vilsack and Congress to put pressure on them push forward with U.S.D.A. inspections!”

– Good ole Puppymill Patterson never disappoints!  We shouldn’t be surprised that she feels that rather than ensure there aren’t horses stuck on trucks or dumped over this, that her time would be better spent going into `campaign mode’.  She is, after all, the person that is working double time to strike down stiffer penalties for animal cruelty and abuse.  The prospect of all the horses that could be killed right in her own back yard probably has her moist.

“……most of the people who are anti slaughter are not horse people…there for they do not understand the challenges or impacts things like shutting down slaughter bring. Horse abuse and abandonment have rose since the close of the last slaughter plant in the U.S. and now with this debacle it will get WORSE!! The rescues are over flowing, tame horses are being turned lose to fend for themselves, starved, shot and who knows what.”

– Somebody please alert The Jockey Club and all the big farms in Kentucky that they will no longer be considered `horse people’ according to the brain trust of the PSA  contingent.  Strangely, I don’t think anybody that needs slaughter to value their stock or be in this horse industry is much of a horse person either….Funny how that works..


“The next Presidental debat is going to be held in NY next week in a town hall meeting. it would be very interesting if someone would ask the candidates what their opinion and plan is for the unwanted horses and slaughter issue now that this has happened.”

– Considering this rocket scientist can’t even SPELL `presidential debate’, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that she honestly believes that they will discuss horse slaughter rather than foreign policy, health care and the current economic climate.


“I and many other draft breeders consider the meat buyers CUSTOMERS!!! Whether anyone likes it or not, the meat buyers have kept our breeds from becoming extinct.”

– Sounds like somebody needs to get out of the breeding business.  I would be mortified if one of our horses ended up at slaughter.


“We need to stay on our toes, keep up to date and push hard to get people to understand this is necessary and humane thing that can benefit the whole country not just horseman. The people that need convinced is the general public.”

– When you are constantly in the minority on a certain issue, maybe it’s time to `understand’ that you are wrong.  You are not going to convince an increasingly health conscious `general public’ that consuming adulterated meat from a companion animal that is not raised specifically for human consumption is in their best interests.


“The antis behind everything are vegans”

– This little gem came from the good vet, Kim Houlding.  The one that still maintains there is a withdrawal time for Bute and other banned drugs and has no understanding about the difference between a blood sample and a tissue sample.  I wonder if she could wrap her mind around the fact that `antis’ probably had little to do with what happened.


“Folks this is no different than all the odds and obstacles we have already overcome to get to this point. Don’t hang your head like we’re done cause this is far from over..”

– This is from D-bag Duquette.  He also said yesterday that all of this was `no big deal’.  I see a bare butt spanking from Mama Suey in his near future.


“i sold a young horse on Tuesday and lucky for me she and not gotten any shots or been wormed since June. did not get much for her. she went to Sweet Grass border cross by Thursday”

– What an asshole this person is.  I see a Sunday feature in her future….


“If all these city folk want these horses to be Fido & Fluffy so badly, how come they aren’t boarding a couple each? Maybe a crippled up mare with arthritic hocks so bad she is 3-legged lame, an insane stallion that has been let to terrporize people all his life so is a human safety hazard, oh, and finally maybe an inbred product of some retard who let a colt breed his mother and all his sisters too and this said horse is dumber than a brick and stunted. You think the ‘do-gooder, horse huggers are gonna ‘adopt’ and ‘care for’ those horses too?? Bwahahahaha! <right!!>

– I’m going to come right out and say that the `city folk’ horse owners probably contribute more to the industry than these backwoods bumblefuck ranchers that can’t get with the times.  I’ve also got a crazy suggestion for this PSA.  How about the person that created the 3-legged lame, the insane stallion with no manners, and the inbred product of `some retard’ who let a colt breed his mother and sisters take responsibility for their own mess and do the right thing?  Why should anyone else clean up your mess and why should thousands of horses suffer because a few people want to be asstards? I think it is far easier and will do far more good to cull these types of people right out of the industry.


PSAs eagerly await for the next UH press release

I have a feeling this is going to go on and on for a long time.  I’m not going to pretend that the coming days will be easy in the horse industry should this ban last longer than a week or so.  They won’t.  Depending on what news we get about this next week, some immediate action and intervention will be needed.  Hopefully, the ban will stay in place and without the looming threat of slaughter, advocates can focus on helping the horses.  Please keep checking with Equine Welfare Alliance for updates as well as Habitat for Horses.  There is already a lot of misinformation out there and sadly, there will be people trying to take advantage of the situation.  Please read the following updated press release carefully.  (http://myemail.constantcontact.com/2012-10-13-Update-on-Press-Release-.html?soid=1103281455502&aid=NWXY_HKnWpo)

Stay tuned!










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Today is a day that should be marked on everybody’s calendar as a victory for the welfare of all horses.  As of this morning, US horses are no longer being accepted in Canadian slaughter plants for the time being.  Mexico is expected to follow suit.  Right now seems to be mass confusion but the fallout has already begun.  The following is a press release from the Equine Welfare Alliance (http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/).  Please read it carefully.



Chicago (EWA) – US horses are no longer being accepted by Canadian horse slaughter plants, according to multiple sources. The Shipshewana auction in Indiana confirmed reports that they have discontinued loose (slaughter) horse sales for an indefinite period of time.


A spokesperson for the Sugar Creek Ohio auction also confirmed that the kill buyers were no longer taking slaughter horses because “the plants are shut down”. This was further confirmed by a Richelieu slaughter house official. An unconfirmed report from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) indicated it was the result of a European Union (EU) directive.


Canadian customs officials, however, knew nothing of the action. To add to the confusion, at least one driver stated that he did deliver horses to an undisclosed plant Friday afternoon.


The move came so suddenly that many trucks were already on the way when they learned of it. According to Lambright the issue is that the EU has banned American horse meat from being shipped for consumption in Europe. EWA has yet to receive confirmation from the EU.


Following the closure of US based horse slaughter plants in 2007, the export of horses to slaughter in Canada and Mexico increased dramatically. In 2011 the US exported over 64,000 horses to Canada and 68,000 to Mexico.


Documents showing horse meat contaminated with phenylbutazone (a carcinogen) and clenbuterol (a steroid) surfaced recently, indicating that the CFIA and the EU were accelerating their residue testing programs. These reports were followed by claims from some kill buyers that blood was being drawn from as many as half their horses (an unprecedented percentage) before they were being accepted.


Since most of the meat from both the Canadian and Mexican plants is being consumed by the EU, it is reported but not confirmed that Mexico too will curtail imports of US horses.


In 2008, the EU announced that it would require third countries to come into compliance with their standards which require horses to be micro-chipped and all their medications tracked, but few observers expected any action would come before the expiration of a July, 2013 deadline.


The most likely explanation for the sudden move is that the expanded residue testing program has yielded worse than anticipated results. 

Clearly, this is a huge victory towards ending horse slaughter, but now is not the time for complacency.  There hasn’t been word on how long this ban will be.  The United Horsemen are, of course, claiming this as `no big deal’.  D-bag Duquette claims to have spoken with a sale barn and his Canadian contacts and said “Not a big deal, it’s about EID’s and will re-open. Just a bad time for that sale so they cancelled it”.  He can go right on thinking that.  I’m sure the trucks that were turned around and refused at the border today may disagree with him.  Of course they are also waiting for word from the USDA who had nothing to do with what happened today.  Stockland Livestock Sales in Davenport, WA has cancelled their fall horse sale that was due to be held tomorrow.

“UPCOMING SPECIAL SALES:Saturday, October 13th: HORSE SALE CANCELED!!Due to unforeseen circumstances all exports of horses to Canada and Mexico have been suspended. We just became aware of this situation the morning 10/12/12. We have reached out to numerous experts and traders in the business and as a result and due to the uncertainty with the market we have decided to cancel the horse sale. We will reschedule later this fall or early in 2013. As it stands we would have no buyers and no place for the horses and would be unable to provide a service to you or your animals. We understand that this is both a frustration and inconvenience to you. We will keep you posted as more details about the exports and a future sale become available Stockland Livestock Sales, Davenport WA”

Even with that announcement, the UH loyalists remain in denial and have already begun hatching conspiracy theories….
“A play on words with no proof or actual facts.Folks this is a scare tactic,dont believe a word of it. Seriously,look who wrote it,lol.”

– Regarding the above press release…

“These horses will still need to die. These people are truly delusional if they believe they are saving any.”

– Not sure who `these people’ are, but I wonder if this person would like a mug of blood to quench her thirst until they can get the border open again?

“Its not unusual just befor a weekend to hold off on taking some across the boarders,specially if the plants are working full shifts all weekend,and get holding pens as empty as possible befor resuming across the boarder, sales resume a few days later. Chicken plants,hog,beef,they all do it once in awhile,its not permanent.”

– Then why hasn’t it happened before?

“We will have to wait to see how it plays out, I could see where all exports for any reason would be stopped for a period to prevent dealers from reassigning the load once in the other country. I could see where this move would force the usda to ban bute totally so that they will start accepting young stock again and then gradually increase the age to match how long the ban was in effet, so if you use bute you might want to get stocked up now.

– Less than 1% of the horse population goes to slaughter.  There will not be a ban on a useful therapeutic medication so that small number can be sent for human consumption.  Period.

So, as of tonight there really are a lot of horses in limbo and needing help.  I’m sure the kill buyers will hang onto what they have for a little while until some clarity is given on this shut down.  However, with sales cancelling and effectively no dumping ground for these horses, now is the time for people to step up.  Support a rescue, donate to a hay bank, and euthanasia clinics will be needed.  I don’t even care what side of the slaughter issue you are on; if you care about horses now is the time to step up and help them.  The reality today, right now, is that there is currently NO slaughter for American horses.  Now is the time to work together for the welfare of all horses.


Seems that somebody told D-bag that his `no big deal’ was not an appropriate response…Puppymill has just posted this on his behalf (pretty sure she wrote it as well)

A statement from Dave Duquette, President of United Horsemen:

As many of you are already aware, there has been a major disruption today in the international trade of U.S. horses going to Canada and Mexico. This is the result of an unexpected and unannounced European Union action. Little official and accurate information is available on a Friday evening, nonetheless, United Horsemen, a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is devoted to the well being of horses and horse people, and its executive team is working through our international networks, as well as governmental and industry contacts, to get to the bottom of this situation. We will provide continual updates and information as it comes available, and work with all of you to make sure that our network has accurate and reliable information.

Bear in mind that reestablishing humane horse processing in America is a viable solution needed more than ever with the news of this situation. As always, United Horsemen continues its work to restore much needed balance in the horse markets and horse industry, while profoundly improving the state of horse welfare.

We call upon all of you, as members of United Horsemen, for your much needed support in our efforts on your behalf and on behalf of the U.S. horse industry.

Warm regards,

Dave Duquette
United Horsemen

Notice their only concern is to get to killing as soon as possible and no mention of HELPING those horses that are stranded and displaced as a result of this…..Seems that the UH’s information source is not as timely or accurate as the EWA.

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Here we are again…another edition of Point and Laugh Friday!  I’m not even going to pretend to be surprised at how busy our PSA pals have been spreading their version of the truth and ignoring facts and science.  They’ve stayed the course and not a single one of them have gotten any smarter since last week.  As usual, they have given us a lot to work with this week, so let’s get our fingers out and ready because it’s Point and Laugh Friday!  This week is brought to you by the letter `I’ for imbecile.

First stop this week, as always, will be with the fearless leader of the slaughterphiles, Slaughterhouse Sue.  She’s been a busy little beaver this week for sure and gotten her Facebook on in a big way.  As we were told earlier, she shuffled off to Denver to address the Colorado Horse Council about how she is going to save all equines from becoming extinct by slaughtering them.  Ok, I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist of her mission.  According to Suey, it was a success…“I spoke to a full room of supportive horse people yesterday at the Colorado Horsemens Conference at the National Western in Denver. Thanks to all who attended! We are all working hard, hoping, and praying for a better future for horses and horse people. Glad a could share a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.”  In the UH’s case that `glimmer of light’ may just be an oncoming train, but whatever works for her.  Amazingly, she persists in lying through her tooth about the status of horse slaughter and had this to say as well “FSIS has committed that they will have finished validating the science underlying their drug residue testing system, and will be in a position to grant inspection in November or December to plants that meet the requirements. Rockville will be in that fiest bunch. As for what horses are bringing, depends on where they are and how much trucking cost is involved. You can maybe get that price if you are real close to the border.”  The last I heard, Rockville is still bogged down in lawsuits and nobody in that town has seen or heard from Suey since way earlier in the year.  It certainly hasn’t been retro-fitted nor is it in the process of being retro-fitted.  She seems pretty confident about the outcome of the upcoming election  as well.

I wish I could tell you that was all Suey had to say, but it wasn’t.  As we discussed yesterday, she was endorsing the video from Lt. Col. Dennis J. Foster, Executive Director for the Masters of Foxhounds Association.  As one of our dear readers here likened it to, it was basically a modern-day version of Reefer Madness for all the `facts’ it contained and sheer comedic value.  However, we know that the PSAs are easily impressed with graphs and British accents so they all dutifully linked it across the internet.  Unfortunately for them, the asshat that put this video clip together used Secretariat in their opening sequences and it has now been hastily removed from YouTube.  I’m guessing Penny Chennery, Claiborne Farm and Tony Leonard’s estate did not appreciate them using this horse as a poster child for unwanted horses and slaughter.  All those people are staunchly anti slaughter.  We really should thank Suey for linking that up for us so we could right that wrong.

Not sure where this picture was taken as it was sent to me, but if you look on the table in the background….it speaks VOLUMES.

Next, it’s time to check in with the dastardly duo of Holy Theresa and Douchebag Duquette.  Their little meet and greet and mutual admiration visit concluded this week and Holy Theresa is back home and trying to sell off many of her horses.  Her rescue website is rarely updated nor does it seem to advertise anything new up for adoption so perhaps there are no unwanted horses where she lives or maybe people don’t want to surrender horses to a slaughter supporting rescue.  I only bring this up due to the fact so many PSAs have their panties in a wad over the Dorothy Robertson horses going to a rescue that does NOT support slaughter and that has a chair that has bred horses in the past.  That good ole double standard at play again….D-bag has been fairly quiet this week.  Although he is still insisting his hometown slaughter emporium will be up and running by next fall, despite the city council and most other normally functioning human beings in that city being in opposition. (http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2012/10/hermiston_doesnt_want_horse_sl.html).  I often wish I could have a little of what these people are smoking…..

Mendy Tobiano has been blogging her brain cell out this week.  Sadly, she is no closer to telling the truth as she is to being even a little bit as sexy as she would like to be.  Apparently, when Wikipedia isn’t a good enough source for your facts, you just go back to telling stories that you pull out of your ass.  The only problem with that is when you outright lie about stuff.  Actually, she outright lies about most things other than the fact she is finally admitting to selling horses to kill buyers on more than one occasion.  One of the more blatant lies told over the past week was her working with all these ex-racehorses, including a son of Bernardini.  The problem with the story is she mentions that the horse would be 5yrs old this year.  He must be some sort of miracle horse because Bernardini’s OLDEST offspring are only 4yrs old this year and her story doesn’t work at all if the horse was any younger than she claimed.  I guess this is kinda like the original NT being the son of a `Lethal White’….those pesky facts always get in the way.   Perhaps if she posted up a graph or pie chart, things would seem more believable?  At any rate, she becomes more bizarre in her posts and seemed to suggest that it was ok for humans to eat each other at one point.  I find her prose a bit tough to read in its entirety so I’m hoping I got that part wrong.  Thankfully, the human side of the NT personality has remained in hiding (I’m claiming the win on that one) and claims to be writing a book.  All I really have to say about that is I truly hope she finds a good editor and self publishing is within her price range.  My 7 year old nephew writes better than Mendy Tobiano and his `stories’ are much more believable…At least I am very relieved we no longer have to witness her flirt with herself and pretend to be sexy.  It was beginning to have an adverse affect on my personal life…

I’m going to heap a lot of our former Sunday PSA types into one section here.  Thankfully, this blog does some good in that it gets them to either overshare to the point of comedy or just STFU all together which is always preferable.  Buckaroo Harmon and The Chin have been relatively quiet this week, although Buckaroo is on several message boards and did take the time to link up that awesome video we talked about earlier.  The NT and PSA approved Wild Ones magazine, that was supposed to be all about wild horses, seems to never have gotten off the ground, although they happily collected subscription fees from several people.  You may recall the editor of that magazine was Tony Ullrich who loved nothing better than to pick fights with anti-slaughter people.  He seems to be off the grid for the time being though.  Basically, business as usual for many of them…

We’ve already updated the Nevada 34 and the delusions of their former owner, Dorothy Robertson.  I have to say, having watched the online bitching about this situation, I don’t know why anybody rescues horses.  It must be one of the most thankless vocations in the horse industry.  The PSAs are out in full force and doing their best to deflect from the issue that Dorothy has now been charged with neglect and is going to court soon.  For some reason, they want to blame the rescue that is rehabbing those horses for the entire mess and have now taken to attacking NNER’s chair personally.  I always thought that the HFA/UH people were the biggest asshats in the slaughter wars; now I know they are strictly amateur hour compared to the Horse Grooming Supply People.  Never have I seen such a gathering of ignorance on one message board, let alone one topic.  If you feel like having eye burn, go check it out for yourself…(http://www.horsegroomingsupplies.com/horse-forums/vet-had-sheriff-seize-one-our-members-485192-177.html) Dorothy, herself, is posting over there and COTH, so you can get your updates straight from the source that way.  Personally, I’d rather wait to hear directly from NNER or the courts about the condition of the horses, and hopefully that will be soon.

So, we’ve come to the end of another week in the land of the moronic.  It’s been nothing if not entertaining.  To be honest, I would love nothing more than for this entire issue to be laid to rest with the election and move onto other things, but I have a feeling that it’s never going to end.  As long as there are PSAs owning horses, we’re going to have problems.  It’s really easy to get discouraged if you don’t take a lighter view on some of their antics.  I certainly have a difficult time taking many of them seriously lately.  As always, I have to thank the people that take the time to email me.  I also always appreciate the comments and information so many of you take the time to share on here.  That’s the one thing I do notice about anti-slaughter people, they do take the time to educate themselves on the issues and don’t just blindly follow some backwoods politician.  Remember, the PSAs are the ones that felt that `Buddy’ from Safe Haven was the very poster child of why we needed slaughter and why it beat starvation.  He’s now been with Safe Haven for little more than two months and I think he proved them all wrong; including the ones that insisted that there was no way his organs couldn’t be in failure and that the vets who did the diagnostics on him didn’t know what they were talking about.  I’ll leave you with his latest update from Safe Haven.  Have a good weekend everybody!

Before and After….yes, this IS the same horse

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Well folks, it seems like Slaughterhouse Sue has finally found a YouTube video she finds worthy of sharing with everybody.  It’s a fascinating piece on the unwanted horse issue.  If you are ADD like I tend to be, you can watch the 7 minute version, or if you have a strong stomach for bullshit, you can wade right in and watch the hour version.  In the interest of not boring the crap out of y’all and my own inherent laziness, I’ll recap the short version and leave you on your own for the longer one.  They are sharing this little fictional piece far and wide and hoping to sway legislators with it.  They even have a narrator with a faux British accent to make it seem more important.  I guess they finally realized that the hick speak most of them engage in isn’t getting them all that far.  Are you ready to be entertained?



Ok, remember this video is about UNWANTED horses.  That part is important since they use pictures of Secretariat in their opening.  There probably are very few horses that have been less unwanted so I’m really not getting the point of that.  I’m also going to go right ahead and guess that the use of his image in a pro-slaughter video is not authorized given the stance of his former connections on the slaughter issue.

NEVER spent a day being unwanted in his life…

Surprisingly, the video openly acknowledges how repugnant that the majority of the population in the US find the idea of eating horse meat as well as the horse’s importance in our culture and development.  They even use warm fuzzy pictures of children with their horses before it all heads south.  The video talks about the $65 million export value of slaughtered horses prior to 2007, but neglects to mention that the large majority of that money went straight overseas with the carcasses.  This video does not say where they get their stats from but make mention of the fact that non-profit shelters spent something like $50 million caring for unwanted horses in 2009 and that taxpayers are handing out `millions to care for unwanted horses’.  Strangely, they don’t make any mention of how much it costs the taxpayer to fund USDA inspections on horse slaughter houses and how little they put back into the US economy.  If you go to the Kaufman zoning link on the side bar  you can see where Dallas Crown paid a grand total of $5 in taxes one year.   Given the fact that most workers in slaughter houses are minimum wage and the problems it has caused hosting communities, horse slaughter actually COSTS the taxpayer.  That is the real and well documented fact of the horse slaughter business.


Next they move onto the wild horse and burro population and that nearly half a billion dollars have been spent maintaining them.  I have to admit I’m not as up to speed on the BLM issues as I should be.  My focus has mainly been the domestic horse population, although I’m very anti-slaughter for any equid.  My opinion on the wild horse issue is probably not a popular one, but I see most of the problems being human created.  We stepped in and took out natural selection, now we have a mess on our hands. No, natural selection is not pretty at times, but it works.  Sadly, it’s probably gone way too far for that to be viable by now so once again, humans screw up due to their own greed and the animals pay the price.  Lovely.  Naturally they blame the problem on animal rights advocates, when in fact it probably has more to do with the wild horses and other wildlife being displaced by humans and our greed.  What city doesn’t have reports about some wild creature that has wandered into a yard and caused an uproar?

They pack a lot of propaganda into a short 7 minutes, I’ll give them that.  They also do some extremely dodgy math predicting that by 2016 there will be something like one million unwanted horses.  I guess that means that nobody will or has cut back on breeding and that not a single horse will die between now and then.  Again, no source for their stats, but they sure sound impressive, do they not?  They talk about the `enormous expense’ in transporting horses to Canada or Mexico for slaughter, but they don’t mention that’s not on the taxpayer or that in some cases, it will be even further for them to ship to Oregon if D-bag gets his way and opens his plant there.  The video actually states that some unlucky horses have owners that can’t afford the cost of shipping to slaughter.  Huh?  Also kinda tired of hearing how things are so much less strict and humane in Canada.  Pretty sure they operate under what would be the same guidelines and design that US slaughter houses have and would.  Lies of omission again….They even give us this huge increase in horse abuse stat that is `verified’, but they neglect to say where it came from.  In short, it’s a load of crap, but go ahead and watch it for yourself.  Anybody with the intellect of a dull carrot will see right through their lies.

This is about how the PSAs draw their conclusions….

Ok, let’s talk about inconvenient truths.  As we are all aware, PSAs tend to minimize the whole Bute issue surrounding horse meat and the fact that horses are not generally raised for human consumption on this side of the pond.  Several of them have stepped up with stories about either consuming Bute themselves or knowing `oldtimers’ that have taken it all their lives.  Some of them have even suggested that Bute is perfectly safe but only banned because nobody has bothered to do an FDA approved study on it yet.  In fact, I believe Angela Marshall was even offering to fund such studies with her food stamps and welfare checks!  Well, recent news out of Singapore is that somebody has died from ingesting Bute.  (http://www.todayonline.com/Singapore/EDC121004-0000033/Woman-dies-after-taking-illegal-health-products).  “In August this year, the patient consumed Flutulang, which her son bought in Indonesia. The HSA said she had assumed it was safe after a relative consumed it without any problems. Unknown to her, the product was tainted with phenylbutazone, which was responsible for a similar serious adverse reaction she suffered in 2006…….This time, the woman developed a similar life-threatening skin reaction and died”  The article goes on to mention another woman falling ill after taking a product that contained dexamethasone aka azium, which is also a very common medication given to horses.  It should be very interesting to see whether or not the PSAs acknowledge this at all or how they’ll spin it if they do.  That’s the problem with their `facts’.  They are very selective on what facts they give out and how they frame them.  If you really want the truth, you’re best to seek it out yourself and do so with an open mind.

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It’s barely been two weeks since we first learned of the 34 Paint horses belonging to a very vocal PSA, that ended up seized in Fallon, Nevada. (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/sundays-psa-8/) To any sane person with a shred of compassion for animals, it seemed a fairly cut and dry case of neglect and the horses were better off being rescued.  Well, what has occurred since Dorothy Robertson aired her dirty panties in public has been a clusterfuck of monumental proportions.  I guess what surprises me the most is that there are people that vehemently defend her and think she was dealt a dirty given the condition of her horses, whether it was some or all of them.  Since the UH brain trust elected to hush Dorothy up, and nobody loves an audience more than Dorothy, she decided to run over to one of the gazillion message boards she is a member of and update her `fans’.  (http://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/showthread.php?t=368636&page=25).

Happy times for the Nevada 34

Where to start? There WAS hay at the farm…..I have purchased over 40 bales a week (each bale being 105-115 lbs of premium alfalfa)…have hay ranchers statements. The youngsters spent most of the winter on pasture board in northern part of the state with a gal that traded board/haltering/feeding/trimming/worming of the foals for a couple of mares of hers being bred to my perlino stallion for buckskin foals. In mid April her boyfriend called me and said they’d had huge blowup and she’d packed and left leaving horses behind and he had nothing to do with them, could I come get them? Arranged for that….got back babies with long, long feet, rough nasty coats, pot bellies and no handling. First priority was worming and feeding. Wormed with Safeguard without any real improvement in them in a couple weeks. Worked on handling during that time as well….

– As far as we know right now, Dorothy has been charged with neglect.   This does not necessarily mean those horses were all starved, but their CONDITION was such that control officers felt that some intervention was needed.  In earlier posts, she did not state that ALL  her young stock went to this other person, but `some’.  At any rate, why wasn’t she checking on them?  She had the horses back in April and they were seized in early September.  Plenty of time to have their feet looked after, fed up and handled.

Also packing ranch to move as ranch was in foreclosure and moving was necessary….spent a lot of time looking for new place to land. Found a place first week of May and began moving as I had to be out by 5/15. Moved (about 75 miles) one trailer load at a time and with only two days of help from anyone….had to move horses, then pens, set up pens, more horses, more pens….usually one load a day. While moving had a case of heat exhaustion and was down for two days getting electrolytes and fluids balanced…this was after horses and dogs, pens and kennels were done but none of furniture, books, photos, appliances etc was done. Went back to get them and place was padlocked…lost all personal belongings. Wormed babies with generic ivermectin gel after getting moved….three had almost immediate photosensitive sunburns including badly swollen legs. Those without sunburns were trimmed (photos taken by sheriff show this). Those with sunburns eventually began peeling, cracking, bleeding after swelling went down and were very painful and sensitive. I chose to allow legs to heal rather than fight with barely halter broke foals with painful legs…and to work on halter work until legs were healing and could be handled without causing pain….figured that was safer for the horse (and me and future handlers) in the long run…did not want foot/leg handling associated with pain.”

– There are a few problems with the `sunburn’ due to worming story.  There is a video from 2011 that clearly shows a mature mare with the hide literally blistering off her from sunburn and several horses with slipper feet, including one that was photographed after the seizure nearly a year later that had clearly had no intervention in the mean time (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHIydGccvyM) She states she couldn’t handle these horses or their legs, so I’m guessing she didn’t do anything to treat their `painful legs’ between April and September.  Need a reminder of what these horse’s legs looked after the rescue became involved (nearly two weeks after they were seized?

“Meanwhile, new place is a sandlot…..over 12 feet deep in fine sand, weeds shoulder height over entire place…sat vacant for at least 2 years. Either previous occupants or possibly vandals had taken much of wiring from outbuildings, some from in house, pump and pressure tank from the well and woodstove from house. Deal with owner was cleanup/repair for rent. Pond in backfield for mares and hauled around 1000 gallons a day for two months for penned horses….have neighbors that will testify to that. Saved money for pump, generator and pressure tank and labor to install. Got that done in early July (6 weeks more or less from move in date). Old stallion was doing reasonably well at that point…had long history of health issues and had had strangles in fall and then pigeon fever in late fall/early to mid winter with last abscesses healing in Jan. Had colicked earlier and blown out one abscess in one front foot in June. Visit from sheriff on anonymous complaint in early July found no neglect, problems being addressed. Two followup checks found the same…things were not neglectful and work being done to address what issues came up (sand colic biggest one). By early to mid July several horses had shown sand colic symptoms, had been removed from pasture (approx 5 acres, saltgrass and weeds, were getting hay 2 x/day at approx 20 lbs/horse/day….keep in mind these are smaller cutting bred horses with most not going 15 hands and one or two in the 13.3 – 14 hand range), placed in existing old pens, treated with sand clear and fed extra to regain what was lost with the sand issues.

– Keep in mind that she had earlier stated this place was only 10 acres and she had 34 horses on it and now we hear it was a sand pit. Throwing alfalfa in the sand for them to eat is kinda asking for sand colic, no?  At any rate, I’ve had a horse sand colic on me and he did NOT turn into a skeleton and any condition he lost was very quickly regained.  Also, keep in mind metabolism has more to do with what you’re feeding than size.  You need to take a critical look at your animals each and every day to assess how your feeding program is working.  I have a 17.2HH horse that stays fat on about half of what one of our 15.2HH horses eat….just sayin…

“Old stallion began sliding downhill and decision was made if not improved by Aug 1 to put him down. Sister in California with colon cancer also began going downhill quickly and trip to see her for last time, death, funeral, house cleaning took time/$ I had set aside for putting stallion down. Vet would not take payments…cash up front, more than $300. Horse was on antibiotics, bute for pain, epsom salt soaks for feet, omeprezole for possible ulcers, approx 30 lbs alfalfa hay a day, 10 lbs alfalfa pellets, sr feed, calf manna and continued to go downhill. Had horses for sale, misc stuff from ranch for sale, on local radio classifieds looking for work etc…nothing was working. Sold one filly for $250 in July. On retirement with checks coming only once a month so had to wait until next check to do anything. The amount of money was sufficient to feed horses and to put the old one down but just not there until 9/12.”

– Vet would not take payments because she has earlier admitted to having a dispute over a bill with him.  Must have been one helluva dispute for this vet to not want to help this horse.  At any rate, why not call a neighbor with a gun or a rescue to come and do the right thing for this suffering horse?  Also, if you estimate low and say it costs $3/day to feed a horse at maintenance (and that is a LOW estimate), times that out by 34 and that is over $3000/month just on feed.  That is not counting farrier bills, vet bills and medications and it hasn’t taken into account feeding herself or her many cats and dogs.  Dorothy has admitted she has been unemployed since at least last year and was living on social security.  I’m assuming since her other farm was repossessed by the bank, she wasn’t sitting on a huge nest egg either.  The math does not work out for these horses to be properly fed and cared for by this one elderly lady.

“Crowding me, in my face, yelling. I had panic attack…haven’t had one for maybe 15 or more years…stems from ugly experience with uniformed men about 35 years in past. About an hour later NV Dept of Ag brand inspectors show up with dept truck/trailer. Began loading horses including old stallion who loaded on his own. Loaded mares/stallions in same loads (stock type trailer) despite requests that not be done. Was told they sorted them out at the sales yard (later photos show this not to be true….stallion clearly visible in large corral with mares/fillies). Finished removing horses about 10p. No search warrant. No seizure warrant. No receipt for removed property. No “sellers” copy of brand inspection showing change of ownership to sheriffs office. NOTHING.”

– At this point there are so many inconsistencies, I honestly don’t know what to believe. It will be very interesting when this goes to court at the end of the month and pictures are revealed and the other side of the story.

Not exactly in great condition and this is two weeks after being seized….

I was not served with any charges until AFTER the horses were sold for the board bill by the sheriffs office to the rescue. The sales yard operator was under the impression that he could sell these horses on Tuesday after they were removed on Friday….only 4-5 days (depending on if you count the day they arrived at the sales yard) and ended up holding them for 2 weeks…..says he’s done dealing with the county on horse seizures. There were two hearings so far….both to determine placement of the horses. The first I knew of this was on Sunday after the seizure….was served a paper called “notice of seizure” on Sunday morning…not date or timed or signed by officer serving it…most upset that I demanded he do this. Son was on phone with me during conversation with deputy. Hearing scheduled for Wed. Paragraph near bottom stated vet found all horses malnourished (did not do hands on on any of them) and one in need of immediate euth (the one I had called about in Aug and been refused) which was not done. On Tues. another deputy climbed over my fence (had phone number and could have honked horn) to ask me to sign permit to have old horse put down (I thought it had been done asap at the sales yard on arrival there midday on Friday). Since brand inspector had signed over ownership to the sheriffs office at the time they were taken I was no longer in the position to legally sign for euth and suggested they get a court order or the sheriff to sign for it”

– So for the nest of assholes on the horse grooming board (http://www.horsegroomingsupplies.com/horse-forums/vet-had-sheriff-seize-one-our-members-485192-143.html) can see for themselves….she has been CHARGED.  This is straight from Dorothy herself.  The horses have been sold.  That means NNER OWNS these horses and they are well within their right to geld them as they see fit. Any dispute she may have about the sale of these horses is between her and the sheriff’s office, NOT the rescue.   This stubborn old woman also prolonged the suffering of that old horse by refusing to sign for his euthanasia just to prove her point.  Seems to me she had little concern about that horse suffering or she’d have signed the paper without question.  She was whining that nobody would help her put the horse down earlier, wasn’t she?

“Tuesday, just incidently, is sale day at that sale yard with lots of people walking around. I question why this old sick horse who needed immediate euth was held for 4-5 additional days until there was a sale with publicity opportunities. At the hearing on Wed I pointed out to the JP (former job, jail deputy for sheriffs office) that I had had only two days notice (three if you count Sunday when one cannot get an attorney) and had no legal representation. Deputy stated that I knew of hearing on Friday at time of seizure until I held up paper with other deputy signature/time/date. Hearing postponed until the following Wed at 9a. During the week I tried to find an attorney….since no charges were filed I was not a defendant and could not find an defense attorney to take the case. Not entitled to ask for public defender until charged and arraignment (at which one pleads guilty or not). Unknown to me, the JP signed and DA filed charges (misdemeanor) at 8:19a the morning of the continued hearing…so I was officially charged (although not served at that point) and was a defendant. At the hearing which got to me at about 10a (did some others first) the DA offered me immunity for anything said in the hearing saying no charges would be filed based on hearing statements. That somehow stunk like three day old bait in the summer and I refused. The hearing then turned into “were the horses neglected” hearing at which I was NOT allowed to testify. The deputies developed amnesia about what they saw, stated they had no training in horse care/evaluations etc. The vet testified that he didn’t need to do a hands on eval to do a BCS and that there were no horses above a 3 and most were 2 with a few 1’s. The vet did state that if horses had lost wt due to sand colic it could be dramatic and quick and regaining would take 1-3 weeks to start and would be at a rate of 1-1.5 lbs per day max and that if that were the case then the horses would not be considered neglected. The JP then turned the horses over to the “rescue” for the board bill. This is in direct violation of NV law regarding board liens. NV law also allows a one year redemption period for the owner to repurchase such horses at the price paid by the buyer….until that year is up the buyer does not have clear title to them. In addition, those horses were/are the evidence that a defendant is allowed to examine directly….I have not been allowed to do so. I could not even get photos of them at the sales yard but rather from outside the property. The JP in essence sold the evidence upon which my defense would rest. The photos I do have (see previous posting by Epona I think it was) were taken 9 days after the seizure and also clearly show one of my stallions in the large corral with the mares and fillies. I have additional photos taken with a much better camera and tele lense on the day three horses (leased) were returned to owners…all three of them had sanded and were in pens away from the herd in order to feed extra feed and have gone back to their owners….one of which the brand inspector has made claims of being very upset…and the owner denied making those statements…someone I’ve known for 11 years or so and trust.”

–  I guess when there are stick necks, ribs and hip bones in clear sight, they didn’t need to put their hands on the horses to see that they are skinny?  As far as NV state law, somebody else is going to have to chime in here.  The only thing I have ever had to do with that state is the odd weekend in Vegas, and that’s probably how it will stay.

“The land in Lovelock, where I moved from this spring, was clay, not sand and there were no sand colic issues there. The strangles case was almost a year ago and the pigeon fever cases were late last fall with the last abscess on the older stallion draining in Jan and healed by Feb, long before moving here. Both can leave internal abscesses (which the vet said was true of only strangles and not pigeon fever….Merck begs to differ as far back as 1991…the oldest Merck I have). No autopsy was done on the stallion so the cause of his weight loss is not known…could have been cancer or any of a number of other things (assuming it would act as it does in humans where my sister went from almost 240 to 88 pounds when she died).”
– Dorothy is a straight up liar with this statement about no sand at her old property.  The above linked video is from her old property and they appear to be rummaging around in sand.

2011 foal on old property…appears to be SAND

“Regarding the rescue….in business for a bit over a year claiming since last August that she’s non-profit…no business license in the county, no listing/registration as a business with the Secretary of states office until 9/13 of this year, no 501c3 with IRS as of Friday of this last week. Had about 50 “rescue” horses plus her own breeding animals as of first of Sept. Was posting “desparate” pleas for donations of money or hay in June and July (have screenshots). Was notified by animal rights activist brand inspector (who has since made her listings of organizations private) in about an hour after the animals were taken that she had a big bunch of horses for the rescue….at that time no determination of neglect or charges had been filed. Rescue claims to be dependent on donations. Last summer/about Aug. she told someone that she was having her hay shipped in from Montana, didn’t know how much she was getting or the cost. Some questions exist about whether or not she’s in compliance with zoning/special use of her land as she applied in ’09 for 30 acres to be divided off of her 160 for a residential site claiming no increase in environmental impact, traffic etc. That was granted. She now has roughly 100 horses.”

– Any non-profit is dependent on donations whether monetary or in kind.  That’s how they operate.  She wants to attack the rescue who paid the bail on her horses (so they didn’t get sold to slaughter) and have absorbed all the vet and farrier costs which were huge from what I understand.

“I had a possible buyer for the half of the property that the rental house was on….would have paid back amount and cut mortgage in half….bailed on me two weeks before foreclosure date when he found there had been historically some well issues on the well on that half of the property. Sorry if I don’t post all my financial details for your edification.”

– She maintains she was able to feed 34 head of horses and yet she can’t make her mortgage…

“I never said there weren’t problems…there were and I admitted it and had plans in place to deal with them and was dealing with them which the deputy responding to the first complaint (July 1) testified as to being the case….and he saw no problems on the two followups he did…also testified to that. The repairs on this place cost more than originally thought, my sister’s increasingly serious issues and then death from cancer and the costs related to that frankly come before other things. I HAD horses for sale (and got one sold after moving here), was job hunting.”

– Refer to previous posts about this situation where she rejected all help and suggestions.  It has also been widely reported that when people turned up to buy horses, she jacked the prices or refused to sell.

“Yes the yearlings had long feet the end of April when they came home, had NOT been handled as agreed upon (were handled before leaving to winter pasture but not during the 6 months they were there). Those without photosensitive sunburns (skin cracked, peeling, bleeding) were trimmed and there are photos by the sheriffs office showing that. There is also a buyer who bought one of the foals and her foals feet were trimmed…is willing to testify to this. “

– What was the excuse for the infected and untreated cuts on a mare’s leg and the elf boots on some of the mares?  These were clearly in a state of neglect back in the video from 2011.  I would think April to September was ample time to treat the sunburns and get some feet trimmed.  These horses were given NO shelter from the sun.

“Regarding breeding….historically most of the “down” markets in the horse world have lasted at most 4-5 years. With a year of gestation and 2-3 years to market age I chose to breed a few mares in ’10 (planning for sales either in ’11 or more likely in ’12 or ’13….following comments in a number of horse publications that there was coming a time soon when well bred young stock would become hard to find due to breeder cutbacks), bred none in ’11 and bred none this year. The rescue however has bred for foals all of those years. “

– The `rescue’ is not breeding any horses.  The chair of the rescue may have some personal horses that she breeds, but then again, so does Theresa Manzella.  Why is Dorothy attacking the rescue?

Untreated sunburn, NOT on the legs….

“Regarding “unbroke” horses….there were three mares that came to me hard to catch and were gradually improving. Two of them had been roped and choked unconcious by their previous owner when he wanted to do something with them…and he bragged about it. ALL of the other mares were easy to catch and several had been started but not ridden for years so were considered “green” at best and I had them for sale as unridden or barely ridden. ALL of the colts by my breeding that were old enough had been saddled, bridled, ground driven and would bathe, load, tie, lead and had their feet done….they were ready to be mounted and ridden but at 64 and being sole support for them and living out in a relatively isolated area I chose not to take the risk of injury. ALL of the horses had their shots and all were wormed this spring before moving so that the worm exposure on the new place would be minimal. There are some mighty big assumptions being made regarding my income and my animals and their training and about my breeding. I bred several mares in ’10 with an eye toward marketing those foals either as weanlings or holding them until this fall or next spring as training prospects. I did purchase several mares in the spring of ’11 when I had renters that paid their rent and utilities and some inherited income in a chunk (you don’t really need to know how much now do you?). At that point there were some horses for sale as well….that’s how breeders improve their lines….selling what doesn’t fit or isn’t as good as what they can buy to replace. While some have made remarks that my horses may not have been what was marketing….others have shown interest but the transport cost has precluded the purchase (much higher than the cost of the horse itself). A few of the horses were granddaughters, true, but most were daughters or sisters of multiple time world chs (top and bottom) and one was a proven producer. In the Paint world, Paint own daughters or sons of top QH bloodlines generally don’t exist…and grandget are often as close as one can get. Perhaps some familiarity with the bloodlines would allow for a more educated comment.”

-Doc Bar and Peppy San both sired culls.  Every single big name horse has sired less than stellar individuals.  If she didn’t have the money to train and promote at least her sires and mares, she had NO business breeding on this scale as the horses were basically worthless.  Which is what has been proven considering nobody beat down her door to buy them and the `paint performance world’ elected to not bail her out…

“Regarding asking for help….I did on several postings say that I needed to cut back, had horses for sale. I did get inquiries but most were from longer distances than people were willing to ship…..and most of the posters here on CoTH are not into western events or stock horses so posting horses here was not likely to be productive to begin with. Horses were on CL, on the local “trading post” (a radio classifieds), on Dreamhorse and several other on-line sites. With moving to a house without power (not safe to hook to the power company since wiring so damaged…need to have electrician check out and rewire) I was off-line for several months….still using a generator for power but have some circuits wired and usable.”

– No library or internet cafe anywhere in the state of Nevada either?  If she couldn’t even afford to have power or be online for several months, I’m going to go ahead and assume she couldn’t afford to care for these horses.

“Regarding attorney availability….if arrested I would have been arraigned within 72 hours and had a public defender possibly appointed (likely since private attorneys quotes have been $5-10K for retainers and I know no one with that cash sitting around). BUT I was not arrested….I was served a summons (after the majority of horses were at the rescue) which means the arraignment date can be whenever the court decided….in this case the 29th of this month…more than 7 weeks after the horses were taken. UNTIL THAT DATE I have no access to evidence (which has been sold and hauled more than 250 miles away and altered) or legal counsel. “

– Dorothy has access to her own truth and documentation.  IF there was nothing wrong with these horses, there would be no proof.  I guess we’ll find out on the 29th.  I have seen some mention of people collecting donations for her.  Hopefully, they will use them to upgrade this woman’s personal living conditions rather than waste it fighting to get back these horses.

“For those interested in my finances….I have a social security retirement check as well as an oil company royalty check each month….my rent is worked off in cleaning, repairing, improving this property and would be $250/month if paid in cash. My hay is $10/bale for 105 to 115 lb prime alfalfa and I bought more than 40 bales a week…..that’s 4,200 to 4,600 lbs a week and made two buying trips a week, sometimes an extra. I had grain and alfalfa pellets as well in storage cans which the sheriffs deputies failed to note or to look at when I told them about it.”

– If her income was sufficient why was/is she living in these horrific conditions and why were vet bills unpaid to the point she couldn’t get help for a suffering animal?

NOT a foal’s foot, but a mare’s foot…

Dorothy goes on to slam the rescue even more, the weather conditions where the rescue is and the personal living arrangements of the rescue’s chair.  I’m sick to death of everybody blaming the rescue.  What a thankless task they have in caring for these animals with everybody trying to block them and raise hell.  Would they have preferred them sold through to slaughter?  That is exactly where they were going given the fact the sale yard was selling them that very week and their condition.  I’m really having a difficult time believing anything Dorothy Robertson is saying given her inconsistencies and complete lack of remorse.  That isn’t even addressing her delusions about the value of her stock.  The market may be down but it’s sure not down for quality stock.  A stallion for the Rita Crundwell dispersal just sold for $775,000 and the rest of her stock brought in the neighborhood of $6 million.  Quality stock that was properly managed and promoted. Despite the fact that Rita is a ginormous crook and should spend the rest of her life in jail, her breeding program was sound, unlike Dorothy’s.  Hopefully, the court case at the end of the month will shed some light on the TRUTH about what happened.

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I cannot believe it’s already Friday again.  Where does the time go?  It has been a hellaciously busy week on all fronts and freak flags have been flying everywhere in the world of the PSAs.  So many asstards, so little time to do it all justice.  This week was quiet for some of our feature players, yet marked the return of some former Sunday PSAs.  That’s the one good thing about these guys; when one of them takes a break there are always about three more ready to step up and dazzle us with their ignorance.  So, let’s get right down to business and get our fingers out for another round of Point and Laugh Friday!  This week is brought to you by the letter “C’ for clodpate.

I mistakenly assumed that with her upcoming speaking engagement in Colorado, that Slaughterhouse Sue would be busy gathering propaganda and composing her speech on how she’s going to save the horse industry, which she is not a part of.  Once again, she proved me wrong and came with the links to inspire her followers and disgust the rest of us.  The woman is a linking machine!  Her two standout efforts were the link on M. Wells Dinette adding horse meat to their already disgusting and Fear Factor inspired menu that we discussed yesterday, and a link to a stored file to educate her minions on Bute and horse meat.  You know, because we haven’t already gone over this eleventy billion times before, may as well whip a red herring out of your butt and toss that out there too.  What transpired was that the inevitable subject of Bute and horse meat came up when Suey linked the article on M. Wells.  While there was actually a PSA or two that appreciated the dangers of ingesting adulterated horse meat, we were treated to the usual rounds of denial and anecdotes of all of the PSAs that snort up Bute like nose candy and are just fine thankyouverymuch.  The whole concept of carcinogens and not all side effects being immediate just can’t penetrate their thick skulls at all.  Suey loves that about her followers because when she links up a study from Dr. Henneke as evidence to back up her claims of `harmless’, they just accept that as gospel.  Nevermind the fact that Henneke’s is not a toxicologist or even considered to be an expert in much beyond body scoring horses.  The three UH followers were duly impressed with the report because Henneke’s name was on it.  That’s a bit like lending credence to his opinion on gynecological issues because he has a `Dr.’ ahead of his name…..some people are easily placated…I just know that I am sure looking forward to the reports out from Sue’s big speech in Colorado next week…

I am really excited to report that this has been a HUGE week for Douchebag Duquette.  Finally, he has been let out of Suey’s basement without his muzzle and ball-gag!  Yes folks, D-bag combed up his chin hair and gave an interview!  It was like Christmas came early this year!  (http://quarterhorsenews.com/index.php/news/industry-news/6491-united-horsemens-front.html)It’s full of the usual happy BS about slaughter being a necessary evil and how it is a way to humanely euthanize unwanted horses and he’s even got his equally moronic spouse in on the act as well.  D-bag also informed everybody that the methods of slaughter in Canada are not subjected to humane protocols.  I’m sure this is big news to the Canadians who advocate keeping slaughter up and running.  It’s a fairly brief interview and D-bag neglects to mention that he has hosted a horse meat BBQ for his prospective clients in the recent past.  Lies of omission?  Go read it and decide for yourself.  D-bag also popped up on the UH Facebook page and besides bumping up `important’ things for everybody he made this statement: “Soon you will all be seeing what we are doing to change the industry and welfare back in favor for horses. We still have some I’s to dot and t’s to cross. Bare with us folks. we are like ducks on the pond right now…I know I seem a bit distant, but we are making tremendous strides.”  I’m not really sure what he even means or is alluding to but it may just be that he’s passed his Grade one spelling test or that his potty training is nearly complete.

I bet y’all thought I forgot about Holy Theresa this week, haven’t you?  Sadly, I have not.  She spent a significant amount of time declaring jihad on all Muslims this week, because I guess her interpretation of the bible says it’s ok to hate a large group of people based on the actions of a few.   She also decided to leave house, home and rescue to take a little jaunt out to hang with D-bag Duquette at his head quarters.  Apparently they are giving each other riding lessons and back slaps or something.  She has also been very busy on the UH page tooting her own horn and pushing her view on `horse harvesting’.  Oh and I’m still a whore apparently….

This week also saw the return of Mindy Puppymill Patterson.  I’m here to tell you that Puppymill is outraged and has issued a call to arms for her fellow animal haters.  What is the subject of her wrath this time?  That would be Measure 5 which will be on the ballot in North Dakota in the upcoming election.

“ALL HANDS ON DECK, UNITED HORSEMEN! Our friends in North Dakota need our help! HSUS is pushing their ballot initiative, Measure 5 to “Stop Animal Cruelty.” This measure would do NOTHING to prevent animal cruelty! Instead, Measure 5 is another DECEPTIVE measure by HSUS and I believe it is an attempt to 1) reclassify horses as companion animals (They have grouped dogs, cats AND horses together in the language of the initiative!) and 2) Measure 5 is another back door, sneaky way to obstruct U.S. horse processing! Since horses transported to slaughter are regulated by USDA/APHIS under the Horse Protection Act, a hauler could get a non-compliance in North Dakota for something insignificant, and under Measure 5 be charged as a FELON!!!


I can see why the woman who proudly spearheaded the legalization of puppy mills in her home state would feel that Measure 5 needs to be struck down.  Measure 5 seeks to make it a class C felony to “maliciously and intentionally burn, poison, crush, suffocate, impale, drown, blind, beat to death, drag to death, exsanguinate, disembowel or dismember any living dog, cat or horse.’  Most people think this is a good thing, but not Puppymill and the UH.   Hell, D-bag even gave her call to arms a `bump’ because he thinks `this is very important’ that they strike it down.  Despite the paranoia of horse eaters and animal haters, there is language in Measure 5 that makes exceptions for hunters, agricultural workers, and veterinarians among other things.  Really, it won’t change a thing for anybody other than the few sickos that like to abuse and torture animals.  They will get a stiffer fine and/or jail time as well as be mandated to go for psychological or psychiatric  assessment and counseling and prohibited from owning a dog, cat or horse for a period for up to five years.  I think it’s a VERY good thing and it actually has quite a bit of support.  However, as you can see by the above quote, Puppymill is convinced that this an attempt to reclassify horses as companion animals and outlaw slaughter.  Clearly she’s off her meds and not reading with any sort of comprehension as none of those things are actually in the language of Measure 5 (https://vip.sos.nd.gov/pdfs/Portals/FullTextofMeasure5-AnimalCruelty-Nov6,2012.pdf). Puppmill has also stated that she believes Measure 5 is an `attack on the horse industry’.   I have news for our paranoid princess and her little ass monkeys.  The reason horses are in the language of Measure 5 along with dogs and cats is because  of the overwhelming number of dogs, cats, and horses that are involved in abuse and neglect cases compared to other species.  Not too many people get called up on the carpet or reported for abusing gophers and seagulls.  Those are the `big three’ as far as animal abuse charges go and yes, they do need protection.  Most people with a firing synapse are also aware of the direct correlation between people that torture animals and domestic abuse and violence, let alone most serial killers began their careers torturing animals.  Sometimes these people truly scare me…

Moving right along…..it’s time to check in with Mendy Tobiano.  Now, rumor has it that despite the loud announcements of getting out of business that NT is still engaging in a little horse trading on the quiet.  It probably explains the support of slaughter, because when you play on the low-end like that, you’re never going to get rich and rarely will you turn a profit.  Repeat business is not likely either.  So on that note, NT continues to tell us how super awesome horse traders are and how they are all such upstanding citizens.  Of course this was complete with wildly exaggerated tales of heroism by an anon person, although I don’t know of a lot of other `nearly six feet tall big gals’ that may or may not be NT.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the content considering NT considers Wikipedia to be THE go to source for everything.  Personally, I give Wikipedia about as much credibility as The National Enquirer, but that’s just me.  NT also made a point of telling us all that we shouldn’t call her or anybody else fat or ugly.  Duly noted.  I’m wondering if `bovine’ is still acceptable.  I have had a few cows protest but they don’t have human rights so until I hear from the petulant pony, I’m going to go ahead and use that!


Guess who else popped up on the radar this week?  None other than Devorah The Even Holier Than Theresa!  You may recall Devorah from this former feature: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/12/sundays-psa-3/).  Devorah has taken a break from harassing celebrities and gay people on the internet long enough to share her views on saving the horse industry.  How fortunate for horses everywhere!  Like every good horse abuser that has been charged and has had her animals seized, Devorah is still refusing to accept any responsibility, instead blaming it all on anybody else..“calling the authorities is the worst possible thing a person can do. In my case, a dog and cat animal control officer lied to a municipal judge in order to obtain a siezure warrant on some of my horses, in my absense, and subsequently put 6 high dollar stallions in an undivided stock trailer and allowed them to fight for the next 36 to 48 hours without feeding them then photographed the injured horses and falsely reported to the local paper in order to cover up their own stupidity. Not stopping there, they then trumped up bogus cruelty charges against me to divert attention away from what they did and have stonewalled me ever since having entangled me in the legal system. I had to remove them from the jurisdiction of that county inn order to protect them FROM the local humane idiot who took possession of horses he had absolutely no clue how to care for. He didnt know a mare from a stud….To make matters worse, God is telling me to forgive them and love then anyway. Hilarious.”  She then proceeds to go on the stereo-typical rant of any good PSA…

“Can we make a bullet point list of the exact issues that have the animal rights folks shorts in a wad, i.e. I dont believe a horse should be slaughtered ever. Then I can say, shall we place the unwanted horses in your front yard? In other words there needs to e some money behind the mouth. You will find that many who bust their butts day and night to care for their horses are truly those who love them as opposed to the big mouthed bleeding hearts who dont support any personally or one to two in their ackyard if any at all.”

I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but I AM an industry professional and I deal with many of them all the time.  More of us don’t support slaughter than do. Devorah went on to voice her support of `humane processing’ and blessing everybody and telling them she loves them.  She’s entertaining, I’ll give her that much….

I guess that pretty much wraps up our weekly PSA recap.  We all owe them a debt of gratitude for being so whacky and entertaining on such a consistent basis.  There is plenty more ignorance and bizarre logic I could touch on, but it would likely take me about a week to do it justice.  Just realize that there are some of them that think they are in the majority, that true professionals understand and support slaughter, and that if you are anti slaughter, you are a card-carrying PETA, ARM, ALF member and probably don’t shave your legs either.  We’ve heard it all before and we’ll keep on hearing it long after this election is over.  Hopefully we’ll have an update from NNER about the Nevada 34 in the coming days, but as of now we know that charges have been filed against Dorothy Robertson and she will be in court over them towards the end of the month.  Dorothy continues to have no shame at all about the condition of her horses and has been very actively talking up how super awesome slaughter is over on the UH page.  Kinda hard to feel sorry for somebody like her….I’ll leave you with Buddy who still doing awesome and still gaining weight.  His pictures always make me happy and remind me why it’s worth fighting this fight.  Have a great weekend, everybody!


I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: `O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it ~ Voltaire



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I’m sure most of you are busy watching the debate tonight.  Always nice to see master debaters doing their thing, no?  I am sure Slaughterhouse Sue et al are shocked and outraged that nobody mentioned horse slaughter.  Personally, I love it when people get pissy with each other, so I’m watching anyhow.  However, we have some things that need our attention back here in horse world today, so I’m going to let you find somewhere else to discuss the debates and talk about some things you can do as far as the slaughter issue.

You may or may not be aware that the newly opened M. Well’s Dinette, located in MoMA’s PS1 gallery has decided that it is oh so hip and trendy to add horse tartare to their menu.  I’m not going to waste  everybody’s time by rehashing all the reasons they shouldn’t be serving up horse meat, let alone raw horse meat,  because we’ve gone over and over it.  Emotions aside, it’s not safe and it’s not humane.  As far as I know, they have not said where they are actually getting their horse meat from and it may or may not even be legal for them to be serving it.  Hopefully, somebody took a head count of the NY carriage horses before this restaurant opened. ( BTW, that’s sarcasm, just so our PSA trolls are clear on that) Anyhow, Slaughterhouse Sue being the internet junkie that she is, has posted up the links and issued a call to arms for her UH zombies to get behind this establishment:

“I hope each and every one of you will take a few minutes to contact this restaurant and tell them how much you appreciate their consideration of delicious, safely and humanely produced cheval (common term for horse meat) in their restaurant. Do not let the bullying voices of HSUS and their ilk be the only people they hear from! “



Naturally, they are all stampeding over there to leave their witty remarks.  This includes everybody’s favorite backyard breeder, Dorothy Robertson, because I guess she hasn’t made herself out to be hateful enough these past few weeks……

“XXXXX, people in this country have historically eaten horse meat for all but the most recent generation…..it was served in school lunch programs, on the menu at Harvard and in any number of other places, was available in stores in Portland, OR in the 70’s (and yes, I bought and ate it)….our military are likely eating it now if they eat with any of the Afghan families in their area of service. The whole point of trying to make horse slaughter available in this country for those that choose to use it would be to be able to regulate it as well as make access much less stressful (read shorter hauling) for the animals. Making slaughter better regulated would be a much better solution than forcing owners to turn horses loose in the desert, to hide them in back fields, etc when vet care/disposal costs are either not available or are more than an owner has available in this economy.


Does anybody else have problems with Dorothy extolling the virtues of horse slaughter and not having to `hide them in back fields’, considering she, as a PSA chose not to use this outlet for her own horses, but decided to neglect them and starve them instead?  I just keep hearing my mother’s voice saying `birds of a feather…..’  with this group.  Don’t believe me?  Here is what another of our favorite horse and system abusers has to say about it all.  From Angela Marshall:

“I say go for it! Glad someone is offering something good. I think it would be awesome to have it offered here. A cheaper, and very abundant source of meat that sounds awesome to start. Especially with the numbers of cattle and pigs being so low. Beef and pork are continuing to soar and no end in sight.”

Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to eat her own horse.  Instead she sent him on a 30hr  torture ride to Canada when he could barely stand up and falsified his EID papers.  What excellent ambassadors Slaughterhouse Sue has!  Now, if you want some actual facts about this issue, I suggest you read this article (http://www.forbes.com/sites/vickeryeckhoff/2012/10/03/moma-cafe-chef-to-serve-illegal-tainted-horse-meat/)


horse tartare


Ok, now that we know what the Dunce Club is up to with this issue, let’s talk about making a real difference.  They can whip out their mad grammar skillz and dazzle everybody with their hick-speak in the comment sections on those blogs.  Let them fill their boots.  Keep your comments fact based and make them to the people that can make a difference.  Arguing with Slaughterhouse Sue and company should be strictly for entertainment only.  Fighting back and forth on the restaurant’s blog probably is just going to encourage them that any publicity is good publicity.  You can sign this petition and support the Equine Welfare Alliance in organizing whatever form of protest they decide to go with…(https://www.change.org/petitions/moma-ps1-and-m-wells-dinnette-prevent-the-restaurant-from-adding-adulterated-horse-meat-to-their-menu#).  You can educate people with the FACTS of why it is unsafe to serve or eat horse meat.  Consider what kind of person thinks it’s trendy to eat and/or serve horse meat and you’re probably going to have to appeal to their own ego and self-preservation above all.  I have to wonder if Fido Burgers aren’t next on the menu this establishment?






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