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Thanks to everybody who has been trying to figure out who the monster in the abuse video is.  I wish I could tell you we have it figured out, but we don’t.  (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/11/18/who-is-this/)  However, many of you have come up with some solid leads and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before somebody recognizes something.  One of our readers has managed to isolate a few images and I’m going to leave them with you.  The video was very poor quality so the images aren’t as sharp as we’d like, but maybe it will help somebody identify the barn or something.  Thank you so much to the reader that took the time to do this.


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Last week, we picked apart the favorite PSA excuse for slaughter; setting base prices for horses.  Most of you saw it as a load of crap, but most of you are also sane and can see that meat prices have nothing to do with the value of a healthy, sound and well-trained animal.  Of course we got the information from the petulant pony, Naughty Tobiano.  She’s currently doing a whole series on good reasons to slaughter horses and kindly supplied us with 24 vices that would be good reasons to send your horse to slaughter.  I thought we would take a look at them since they seem somewhat related to these mythical `bad horses’ the PSA people keep ending up owning.

#1 – Cribbing

Cribbing is a super annoying habit some horses come up with.  It can lead to various management/health problems like colic and dedicated cribbers often wear their front teeth down to nothing.  Any of the sales I go to will list if the horse is a cribber or not in the catalogue as it’s not usually curable.  It is, however, manageable.  There are various straps and collars that you can use to minimize or even wipe out the behavior all together.  Cribbing is also something that seems to be lifelong for most horses.  I have yet to see a horse take up cribbing as a mature horse.  I guess the bottom line with cribbers is that if you really can’t stand the behavior, don’t buy a horse that cribs.  There are plenty of other people willing to put up with this particular `vice’.

#2 – Wood Chewing

Not the same thing as cribbing.  Most horses get into wood chewing out of boredom.  Sometimes they do it because they are missing something in their diet.  It’s fixable.  You can turn your horse out, you can give them something else to do (various stall toys) and you can paint wood surfaces and make that not so inviting for them.  I’ve had a lot of young horses that were stabled or kept in paddocks think it was a good idea to embrace their inner beaver.  Most will eventually grow out of it once they lose their baby teeth. I have rarely seen a pastured horse with adequate roughage provided and company take up wood chewing.  I took a spin around in the golf cart to look at our paddocks/pastures tonight and the only one that has chewed boards is the small paddock we use to isolate a horse that may be injured.  Other than that, not a single chewed board on the property.  Imagine that!

#3 – Teeth Grinding

Huh?  Our painted pony thinks that a horse that grinds its teeth should be slaughtered?  I’m confused.  I’ve had the odd horse grind its teeth when I’m riding. It’s never really bothered me and I’ve never given it much thought.  If a horse seems particularily uncomfortable with a bit in its mouth there are countless options to fix that too.

#4 – Weaving

Coming from a racetrack background, I’ve had my fair share of weavers.  You can’t really fix them as long as they’re stabled.  It also isn’t `contagious’.  I had one horse that weaved all day long and none of our other horses that we had at the time ever did.  Our `weaver’ wasn’t stressed out as he did that from the very first day he ever was in a stall and we owned him from the time he was a baby.  It was just his `thing’.  Do you know what we did about it?  We put a rubber mat under him so he didn’t wear a hole in the ground and we kept standing bandages on him so he didn’t accidentally bump his legs.  We also hung a radio outside his stall door and he would always weave in time to the music.  If he had to be annoying, at least we could make him cute about it.  I also owned this horse after he retired and for the rest of his life.  Guess what?  Once he was `let down’ from racing and lived in a nice big paddock with his buddies, he didn’t weave anymore.  The odd time if he got left in his paddock alone, you might catch him standing in a corner weaving, but those occasions got fewer and further between the older he got.  I guess my point is that he wasn’t hurting anybody or anything.  He was also a really cool horse to own and ride.  Hardly a reason to execute the poor guy because he was into self soothing.
#5 – Head Shaking

Head shaking is something that is a bit more controversial.  Some think it’s strictly behavioral and others think there is a neurological reason for it.  I lean towards behavioral in most cases.  I haven’t ever had a personal horse that was a dedicated head shaker.  I’ve had horses that had nose flies and done it the odd time, but never a dedicated head shaker.  I’ve also had racehorses that would sling their head when they got keyed up.  It hurts to get a head-butt from a horse.  I’ve always attributed head shaking to being a human caused problem.  Maybe that’s why PSAs have head shakers that need to be slaughtered and most of the rest of us never have?
#6 Extreme Ear-shyness

Really?  This is a good reason to slaughter a horse?  Ear shyness is %100 man-made and/or fixable.  If they have mites or plaque in their ears, treat them.  If you have an ear shy horse ,WORK with it and get it over it.  My 17.2h horse came to me very ear shy.  His former owner had twisted and twitched his ears to try to get him to bring his head down to work on. As a result, he didn’t want anybody touching them.  I couldn’t really blame him.  However, with a lot of patience and kindness, he will now drop his head to my knees so I can bridle him and I can use my electric clippers on his ears.  He just had to learn that I wasn’t going to twist them and hurt him.

#7 – Stall Walking

Yet another `vice’ that is man-made.  Stall walkers are bored.  They also aren’t really doing anything other than making a huge mess of their stall and more work for the person that cleans it.  If you are too lazy to deal with that, don’t keep your horse in a stall.  If you don’t have any other choice but to stable your horse, get off your ass and make sure he’s properly exercised and stimulated or maybe he’s not the right horse for YOU.

#8 – Wall Kicking

Why is your horse kicking the wall?  Maybe he needs a new neighbor?  Maybe he’s bored.  I’ve had horses get excited and kick the wall.  I’ve had a few that raised hell at feed time.  It’s annoying and expensive to have them kick their shoes off, so you find ways to work WITH the behavior or you don’t keep them in a stall.  Pretty simple.

#9 – Hard to Load

Really?  NT thinks this `vice’ could be a deal breaker.  How about working with the horse and teaching him to load properly?  A few months ago when we had to evacuate over 50 horses in a very short time frame, not all of them were experienced with trailers.  Guess what?  We got ever single one loaded and out in under 2 hours.  If you aren’t an abusive moron, you can make a hard to load horse, not hard to load.  Amazing how that works.

#10- Hard to Catch

Given how we have seen some of the PSAs treat their animals and considering what NT thinks `slaughter worthy’ is it any wonder that they have horses that are hard to catch?  I don’t have a single horse that is hard to catch.  I have some formerly hard to catch horses, but as of right now, they all come when they are called and I rarely go out to catch them with anything other than a carrot in my pocket and I don’t always even have that.  A little work in a roundpen will usually convince a horse to be a bit easier to catch.

#11 – Will Not Stand Tied

Why won’t your horse stand tied?  I’ve had exactly one horse in my life, racehorses included, that would not stand tied up.  She was a puller.  Some trauma in her past made her panic when she was tied up.  Violently so.  However, she would ground tie and stand all day long, even at horse shows, with her line on the ground.  You could literally park her somewhere and she would stay there as long as you didn’t tie her up.  I suppose, if I had been older I could have worked with her on the tying thing.  There are lots of ways to do that, it just didn’t seem important to me as a kid.

#12 – Bucking Under Saddle

Again, there about a thousand reasons horses do this.  Maybe they are getting pinched, maybe they don’t want your abusive ass on their backs.  How about looking for a reason other than `bad horse’ as to why they’re doing it?  I guess this would be tough if you are a PSA because the answer may be that YOU are the problem and we all know that PSAs don’t like that answer very much.  Far easier to slaughter them.

#13 – Rearing Under Saddle

Yet another man-made `vice’ that is worth a death sentence.  Why is your horse rearing?  I’ve seen the bits many of them use and I’ve seen pictures and videos of their ham-fisted efforts to ride.  Figure out the problem and fix it.  I guess that isn’t easy to do when you are the problem…

#14 – `Girthiness’ or Tack Shy

Huh?  Do these asstards not believe in actually TRAINING their animals?  Why is it `tack shy’?  I have never had a trained horse that was tack shy.  Never.  As for the `girthy’ business.  Deal with it.  Take your time, stretch it out, walk it around and then tighten up.  That’s what I love about riding English.  I tighten my girth once I’m on my horse.  I guess the PSA horses just get hauled out of the field and get the tack slammed on their backs, cinches done up to cut them in half immediately and they should be good to go with it.  Seriously, WTF?

#15 – Cold-backed

First off, how about seeing if your horse has a sore back?  Check the fit of your tack.  How about lunging the horse and warming it up before you heave your abusive ass on it?  I guess it’s far easier to just slaughter them…

#16 – Pasture Bully

How about moving the horse to a new pasture?  Don’t have one? Then sell or give the horse to somebody that does.  Any herd of horses will always have a boss.  Either let them work it out or find them compatible herd mates.

#17 ,18,19 – Biting, Kicking, Striking

I lumped these three together.  All `behaviors’ and all fixable or man-made.  Sometimes both.  I’ve handled a LOT of horses.  I can’t even count how many.  I’ve handled everything from new borns to 4/5yr olds that have never even been halter broke.  I’ve had horses do some pretty shitty things when you’re starting out with them.   They’ve also all gotten over it.  Not every horse is going to end up being a kid safe horse, but you can teach good manners if you’re smart enough to do so without getting yourself killed in the process.  Here’s a little video from a PSA.  THIS is why there are bad horses and this is why not everybody should be working with green horses when they have no clue what they’re doing.  Watch the video linked below and tell me if this little blow-up is actually the horse’s fault at all…

PSA Horsemanship

#20 – Bolting/running away

Sounds like a training/rider problem more than a reason to slaughter.  Perhaps the PSAs should stick to horses that eat quarters rather than the real kind?

#21Bad in Traffic

Really?  How about not riding in traffic?  If you can’t desensitize your horse to traffic (if that’s even a big deal to you) then buy one that already is.

#22 – Constant jigging or crab-stepping

Yet another man-made vice.  Back to the arena with your bad self if this is an issue.  Maybe take some riding lessons while you’re at it.  Why is your horse doing this?  Lots of times it’s because you’re gagging it half to death with your ham-fists.  Take that horse to the arena and do some long and low work and teach him to relax.  It’s not that hard.

#23 – Chronic Mane and Tail Rubbers

OMG.  If your horse is rubbing the mane and tail of itself, how about taking the time to figure out why rather than selling it to a kill buyer?  Maybe you could start off by worming the poor thing.  If that doesn’t fix it, maybe it has a skin condition.  Do you know that Listerine applied to the tail and mane will often stop the itching and clear up minor skin conditions?  A novel idea would be to have a vet come and see why the horse is doing it.  Most mane rubbers do it by reaching through the fence to get food. You could try feeding your horse! Lots of mares will `fence push’ and rub their tails out when they’re in season.  Deal with it.  I’ve yet to see a healthy horse that was on pasture do either of these things.

#24 – Extreme `Mareishness’

This is perhaps the easiest of all to fix.  Don’t buy a mare if you don’t want to deal with the hormonal issues.  Not every mare is all that hormonal.  Ones that are really bad can be put on Regumate or other therapies to minimize this.  You can have a marble placed in their uterus to stop a lot of it.  I guess  you can’t be a good PSA backyard breeder without mares though….

As you can see, there isn’t a single `vice’ on the list that should mean a horse needs to be slaughtered. In fact, they are all basically man-made and fixable or at least manageable.  Apparently, PSAs expect each and every horse to be 100% perfect all of the time despite the abuse and generally shitty horsemanship they are subjected to.  Well, horses are thinking, breathing animals and they even have feelings.  If you want a recreational vehicle that doesn’t require training or maintenance, I suggest you buy an ATV or a dirt bike.  The other thing PSAs want is to buy their horses for under $1000 and then turn around and sell them for several thousand dollars after they have messed them up.  It doesn’t work like that.  If you want a bomb-proof, healthy, sound horse that is actually trained to do something  you’re still going to have to a decent price for it.  Slaughter or no slaughter isn’t going to change that.  The only thing slaughter is going to do is give you a dumping spot for all the horses you mess up and I don’t think that’s the answer.  I think the answer is that any person that thinks any reason on this list is worth slaughtering an animal over gets out of horses all together.  You’re not a horseman and we don’t want you in OUR industry.

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One day late is better than never.  I’m sure you’re all full as ticks from gorging yourselves on Thanksgiving dinner and probably enjoyed some festive family dysfunction for good measure.  So, even though it is a holiday weekend, stupidity never rests and we have things to discuss.  Let’s get right down to business and get on with the pointing and laughing!  This week’s edition is brought to you by the letter `I’ for ignorant.

As always, we like to start things off by checking into the head honcho of the horse hating movement, Slaughterhouse Sue.  As we are all aware, she is busy beating the bushes and getting things ready for her newest scam conference to talk about eating horses.  Despite filling her gullet to the max yesterday, Suey was back today with updates on her super secret meeting in Kansas.  She is calling it a `nuts and bolts’ meeting that will be packed with critical information for aspiring horse killers.  (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs133/1103685263837/archive/1111608885916.html) As always, and as we have discussed earlier, paranoia on who might attend abounds…

“To ensure that IEBA meeting participants are legitimate participants in the industry, as you register for the meeting and purchase your charter membership we ask for one of two things, either, 1) name and contact of an existing horse processing business in Mexico or Canada that you do business with currently, or 2) the names of three people who can vouch for the fact that you are in the horse business today, and are not associated with any animal rights organizations.”

As I have said, I can easily provided three references that will say I’m not associated with any animal rights organizations.  I pay no membership to any such organization.  It’s just not that tough and I’m certain that there will be a mole or two in attendance to listen to her spout her lies.  That is if the meeting even happens.  It’s not exactly cheap to attend considering there is still no guarantee that slaughter houses will reopen.  I’ve got to think Suey is well aware of this as well because she is a bit deceptive on how she words some other things.

“We have been assured by USDA-FSIS that they will be prepared to offer inspection to eligible equine processing plants by year’s end, and are hosting this meeting to help the industry prepare.”

The above statement caused a little concern for some anti folks.  Even though it is worded to insinuate that the USDA-FSIS are hosting the meeting, that is not what is happening.  What our literary giant is actually saying is that yes, she has pestered the USDA earlier and to shut her up and get rid of her, they told her that they wouldn’t be prepared to offer inspections until the end of the year.  That is different from saying they will be offering them for sure.  They also aren’t hosting her little summit as she would like people to believe.  IEBA is and she has just worded her statement to mislead people and get them to reach into their pockets a bit deeper.


Because IEBA membership is really only for people that want to get their hands dirty with the torture and slaughter of horses, Suey has offered the bone of UH membership for people that are just fans of torturing horses but don’t want to be directly involved.  Sadly, you don’t get to go to the meeting though.

“If you do not plan to be directly involved with the horse processing industry, but you are generally supportive of efforts to restart this industry, we suggest that you consider a membership in United Horsemen, a separate 501c3 educational and charitable organization dedicated to the dual purposes of restarting humane and regulated horse processing in the United States to improve horse welfare and restore the value and inherent dignity of all horses, and to control and responsibly manage wild and feral horses particularly on tribal, state, and private lands, as well as federal lands. Find them at http://United-Horsemen.org.”

Could somebody please explain to me how death in a slaughterhouse restores `the inherent dignity of all horses’?   I guess if she can get a few clueless souls to cough up UH membership fees they can get a few refunds back to the people that have been waiting for most of the year for them.  There is only so much that D-bag Dave’s allowance will cover.

Slaughterhouse Sue and her Pappy size up their next meal….

This week we didn’t have to decode any of Douchebag Duquette’s nonsense, but were treated to some pealrs of wisdom and asshattery from his fellow ass barnacle, Holy Theresa Manzella.  As we know, she has been on a rampage preaching intolerance for the past little while.  I’m not even joking about that, she thinks we are far too tolerant and we need to be less so.  Now, I assumed this was mostly directed towards, black people, Muslims and people with college educations, but I was wrong.  The ranges of Holy Theresa’s intolerance is much further reaching that just the usual redneck targets.  If you recall, Holy Theresa runs a rescue that supports slaughter called Willing Servants.  As part of her rescue biz, she also has a community hay bank.  I’m assuming the hay is donated or given to the `bank’ at greatly reduced prices.  I also assume that if you run into a tough time or need help, it would be reasonable to seek the assistance of the hay bank and expect some level of professionalism in dealing with them.  Well, we all know what they say about assumptions….One poor woman contacted Holy Theresa saying she had rescued a 27 yr old horse that was sound and in good shape.  She is a single mother and didn’t really have the means to feed him, but she didn’t want him to `go for dog-food’.  That was her first mistake.  Now, I do have some problems with rescuing an animal you can’t afford to keep even if your intentions are admirable, the mistake this woman made is voicing her anti-slaughter stance.  This meant that Theresa decided to ridicule her on Facebook to the rest of her blood thirsty butt monkeys.  After much bashing, Holy Theresa arrived at this conclusion:

“Here’s my plan (subject to change) at the moment. I’m going to offer her 15 bales of hay for $50. This will allow me opportunity for further discussion and time with her to better evaluate the situation and gather more information. I’ll deliver it. I’ll make sure she understands the expected expenses associated w/a geriatric horse. I’ll advise her that the Community Hay Bank was not designed for this purpose, but in the best interest of the horse, we’re making this offer to buy her a little time so she can make some decisions as to what is truly best for the horse and her family. I’ll also make her aware of the costs and logistics associated with euthanasia and carcass disposal, as well as the legalities of neglecting a horse, and I’ll encourage her to either A) give the horse back or B) begin the rehoming process w/us. I think that’s the best I can do.”

Ah yes, the `rehoming’ with Willing Servants.  That basically means they can do whatever the hell they want with the horse, which includes shipping him to slaughter.  How awesome!  This isn’t the first time Holy Theresa shown off her Christianity by using the hay bank to get custody of animals.  In fact, as we covered a few months ago, there are not a lot of people in her area that have heard of a single person she has actually helped out.  Considering her `rescue’ is intermingled with her breeding and training business, it would seem the rescue subsidizes her shortcomings as a breeder/professional.  That’s just my opinion based on what she puts out there.

This past week has also seen Mendy Tobiano return to blogging with more regularity.  After briefly slipping into her male persona and creeping us out , she once again embraced her feminine side and regaled her three followers with recycled stories on how super awesome kill buyers are.  Of course, before she launched her latest series, she made sure to tell us all it wasn’t the regular writer.  That was right before the `new’ writer went on to tell a story that NT has told before about all the bad and vicious horses the super awesome lady kill buyer tried to save, but ended up having to send to their deaths instead.  You know, because there are so many bad horses out there that deserve this fate and all.  Nevermind the fact that ANY horse that has never been handled is going to come over top of you if you block its escape route, to NT they are bad and must die.  She made sure to mention that she benevolently `allowed’ the former owner to keep a few of his favorites. Huh?


Of course NT is an avid reader of this blog and within an hour of me posting the video of that horse being abused, she was over on YouTube under yet another of her online identities (SmilingTreeFrogs) commenting on the video.  She didn’t see fit to do the right thing and help that video go viral so that moron is identified.  I’m sure after reading this we will have to hear a) yet another denial on who NT is and then b) some long-winded rant about personal property and minding our own business.  Even though, under her other identity she is seen asking for more information.  The part of this that pisses me off the most is that it isn’t a pro vs anti issue.  It’s a right vs wrong issue.  If you care about animal welfare at all, you can’t watch that video of a hobbled horse being beaten until it falls TWICE and not feel sickened.  Nobody seems to know who is responsible and it’s got nothing to do with slaughter, it’s about doing the right thing and she showed her true colors.  I guess her blog is all about seeking some sort of validation for her own shortcomings and abusive practices and not about helping out animals afterall.  I can’t say I’m really all that surprised.  Rumor also has it she has been trying to get the writing job over at the fugly blog…..there goes the neighborhood!

That pretty much wraps up most of the shenanigans of the past week.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to post a few other things I have had marinating for a bit, but from the middle of next week I’m on the road.  No, I’m not on my way to Kansas to spy on Suey.  This is purely recreational although I will try to check my emails if I get a chance.   Hopefully, the moles will have reports on Suey’s super secret meeting in Kansas by the time I get back and we’ll all have some things to laugh at.  Even though the return of slaughter would be about as unfunny as things could be, we may as well take the opportunity to point out the lunacy of Suey’s continued efforts to beat the proverbial dead horse for now.  Pun intended.  Personally, I’d rather see people that truly care for horses, beyond what they might taste like, come together and start working on viable solutions to what is coming down the pipeline by July 2013 when pretty much all slaughter in North America is going to come to a grinding halt.  I guess it’s good to have dreams.  Happy Thanksgiving weekend everybody!

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If you’ve been following along with the slaughter stuff for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve heard all the trumped-up reasons why we absolutely MUST start slaughtering all our horses again.  I could write forever punching holes in them.  However, one of the ones that irritate me the most is the whole `slaughter sets a base price for horses’ argument.  WTF?  Seriously!  I’m not usually given to direct responses to the petulant pony aside from the weekly recaps of the lunacy she perpetuates, but some things you just can’t let slide on by.  Misinformation pisses me off.

So, if we are to believe the slaughterphiles,  horses aren’t selling well because there is no `base’ price per pound on them.  I don’t even comprehend that line of thinking.  Horses are not raised to be food animals.  Does anybody look at the steak on your plate and wonder if it was papered or how well-trained the cow was before it was slaughtered?  I didn’t think so.  Because this is the type of horse that I’m most familiar with, I decided to pull up the stats for the recently concluded Keeneland fall sale for Thoroughbreds of all ages.  This sale is 11 days and features everything from weanlings, to race stock, to breeding stock.  The prices run from in the millions all the way down to $1000, but when averaged out over 11 days, it always gives us a pretty good indication of where our market is and how we’re doing.  Do you know what the verdict was?  The market is strong.  This is especially gratifying because everybody knows those damn thoroughbreds don’t make the best meat horses.  If you believe Holy Theresa Manzella, they cost double to feed than any other horse (complete and utter bullshit btw).

In the interest of fair reporting and full disclosure,  if you look at the hard numbers from Keeneland’s fall sale this year it was down a little.  However, last year’s sale featured once in a lifetime dispersals of some fairly high-end breeding stock which they have attributed to the higher numbers.  The late Bernard Evans holdings along with Saud bin Khaled’s Palides Investments N.V., Inc   were dispersed and brought some crazy high prices.  Included in that consignment was Royal Delta who sold for $8.5 million.  With those horses factored out of the numbers from last year, the prices are actually higher this year.  So, the `real’ numbers from this year saw the gross up 5.36% , the average up 2.74% and the median up 10%.  That doesn’t mean much to most people unless you attach the actual dollar amounts though.  So, this year’s average sales price over the 11 days was $52,248 and the median was $22,000.  Not sure about you, but those are pretty good numbers to me.  I’m not alone in that opinion.  Keeneland vice president of sales, Walt Robertson stated:

“This was a very good sale, and encouraging in that the market laid down a stable foundation for the industry, Last year’s sale was enhanced by the vintage dispersals. This year we saw a truer market. And while there was general support throughout, we definitely saw a concentration on quality with regard to all types–broodmares, weanlings and horses of racing age. There is no doubt the money is out there for a good horse.”

I think the last sentence is pretty important.  People are still paying good money for good horses.  That’s the one thing slaughterphiles like NT will never be able to wrap their minds around.  No thoroughbred breeder bases the value on their stock on meat prices.  They breed for quality and performance and meat prices neither factor into their choices nor do they set their `base’ prices.  I suppose when you sell horses that are unpapered, not finished for anything and look like the ones below, you probably can’t wrap your mind around the real horse industry and real sale prices.

Sale picture courtesy of NT

Another NT sale horse

Now, I have been accused of being elitist a time or two by the slaughterphiles.  I’m actually not all that elitist when it comes to horses.  I’m a realist.  What I keep as my personal pet horses are one thing, what I deal with for a living are another.  I’m not looking to resell my personal horses, but I’m also not breeding them.  Many of my `horsey’ friends ride grade horses or show culls and they are still great horses for what they want to do with them.  They also aren’t breeding them or looking to make a living from flipping them.  The fact is there will ALWAYS be cheap horses as long as there are idiots involved with breeding them and horse trading.  EVERY single breeder has a foal that doesn’t quite come out like you had hoped.  However, if you are breeding quality stock, raising them correctly and either training them or presenting them for sale properly, it’s far easier to find a good home for the odd cull than to keep creating them.  If you are a bottom end horse trader and the lack of slaughter is putting you out of business, I don’t feel even a little bit sorry that you can’t make a living selling horses to slaughter.  Whine and cry all you want, dead horses don’t drive the industry.  They don’t need tack, feed, veterinary care or any number of other related purchases.  If Suey and the IEBA gets their way, you still wont’ be able to afford to be in the horse trading business because it’s going to cost you more to do business with her than to put a horse down.  I won’t shed one tear if all the slaughterphiles get out of the horse business and it also won’t change my lifestyle and income one bit.  If you need meat prices to value your stock, please find another business to be in because the horse industry will be better off without you.  Just give us some time to clean up the huge mess that the slaughterphile mindset has created.

Havre De Grace — recently sold for $10 million as a broodmare prospect


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Who Is This???

I don’t really care what side of the fence you come down on as far as slaughter, I need EVERYBODY to take a look at this YouTube video (it’s only 16 seconds) and see if you can identify who is in it.  This is straight up abuse and torture.  I’m not asking for anybody to go all vigilante or anything, but these horses need help.  No living creature deserves to be treated like this.


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Happy Friday everybody!  It’s time for yet another recap of the goings on in the land of the profoundly ignorant that we have come to recognize as Point and Laugh Friday.  As always, we have a lot of fodder from our usual suspects.  I know I’m on the road again at the end of the month, but these people never take a day off.  I’m starting to get backlogged with stuff I want to cover, so I’m going to do a quickie today and we’ll get more into depth on some other stuff over the next few days.  So, settle in, get out your fingers and let’s get going with Point and Laugh Friday!  This week will be brought to you by the letter `S’ for scam.

As we discussed a few days ago, Slaughterhouse Sue has been very busy devising new ways to cash in on the horse hating population.  Because The United Horsemen is all but bankrupt and she has left her little minion D-bag Duquette to go down with that ship, she has been working the IEBA side of things like a hooker on a prime corner.  The UH was modest in its membership fees compared to what the IEBA wants and they have several new and innovative ways to pick the pockets of the horse killers too.  Of course, they can’t actually promise that there will be horse killing or anything of the sort, but they’re going to charge you a whole bunch of money to talk about it and you’ll have to submit to a body cavity search to pass their membership screening. If you get the gold membership, Suey will perform that search herself.  Don’t forget, theses are essentially the very same people that have yet to be able to refund the fees for the cancelled Scummit way earlier in the year, but they are now collecting MORE memberships and more conference fees to do the same thing under a different name.  The main difference is that they are keeping their location secret.  That’s presumably to lessen the chances that  Suey will beat up any more people that may turn up to muddy the waters with the truth and call her on her bullshit.  Hopefully, they will accept food stamps in lieu of cash so the likes of Mendy Tobiano and the rest of the trailer park gang can worship at the altar of slaughter as well.  Anybody want to guess what is on the menu for this little gathering?

I guess it’s time to check in with the minions now.  Douchebag Duquette was briefly allowed off his leash and decided to play it safe with by posting a link about Madeleine Pickens.  The PSAs really hate her because she’s super wealthy and actually likes horses.  Brainiac, Dr. Kim Houlding, thinks she won’t be able to afford to look after the wild horses she has given sanctuary to because of her impending divorce.  I guess they don’t realize that Maddy was pretty wealthy BEFORE marrying T. Boone Pickens.  She was the widow of  Allen Paulson who happened to be a billionaire.  They had race horses, including Cigar and `Maddy’ still gives generously to Thoroughbred rescue and retirement.  I wouldn’t expect D-bag or any of these other asstards to know something like that because they think the horse industry begins and ends at the uncapped t-posts fencing in their dry lots.  As for Holy Theresa; she has mainly stayed busy preaching intolerance under the guise of being a `Christian’.  Same old crap from these two….

Well, I’m glad I didn’t go ahead and paint the petulant pony on the side of my barn just yet.  Mendy Tobiano has been blogging again and she hasn’t changed her schtick a bit.  She’s still threatening to be working on some epic post that will dazzle us all, but it never quite materializes.  Perhaps there isn’t a Wikipedia entry on everything she needs yet.  She’s also still an avid reader of this blog and took extreme offense that I mocked her Hunter Under Saddle horse.  She claims that `terminology’ is different in different parts of the country.  Ummm, no.  HUS is HUS and a shaggy, ungroomed mustang  in ill-fitting western tack is not a winning HUS horse in anything other than your little weekend saddle club show that has about 3 people in a class and judged by somebody else that doesn’t understand what an HUS horse is. Also hunters and jumpers are two different things.  I don’t even expect people to know every discipline, but take extreme offense to pretense.  For instance, I’m never going to profess extensive knowledge of competitive trail riding, Arabians or many other horse related activities.  Not my interest, not my strong suit.  However, when you BS about something I do have intimate knowledge of, I’m going to bust your lying ass on it every chance I get.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this coming from that pesky pony given the fact she doesn’t know the difference between mussels and oysters and thinks that dining at Olive Garden is the height of fine dining experiences.  The only other thing of note NT did this week was forget she pretends to be a man and discuss her `husband’ in a post.  The mind boggles trying to keep up with all her fantasies….I’ll just leave you with this picture of what constitutes a H/J in NT’s book.  Mind you, the horse doesn’t have bad form, but we won’t talk about the rider, tack and obstacle….it offends my sensibilities, but you have to remember that I’m an elitist snob according to our buddy NT.

That pretty much sums up our weekly hilarity and hijinks.  The idiot duo of manesntails and farmeress aka Anne and Karien are still being big boss cows over at HGS, but their Dorothy Robertson fan club thread has been locked up.  As for Big D herself, she hasn’t really popped her head out in public much lately.  Perhaps she’s preparing her legal defense, perhaps she’s cleaning her house.  One thing we know she isn’t doing for sure is actually caring properly for any of her animals.  As far as her horses, they are still rehabbing at NNER.  For those of you that don’t know, NNER is the Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue.  You can look them up on Facebook.  They have several fundraisers starting this month.  If you aren’t into donating money directly, you can look as some nice stuff they have in their auction, they are also raffling off a side of beef if you live close enough.  It appears they have partnered with a few other vendors that will donate proceeds from sales to them as well.  There are many different ways to support any rescue if you are so inclined.  The reason I bring up NNER so often is they took a pretty unfair hit when they took in Dorothy’s abused horses and some of the asshats, including Dorothy, have spread some pretty vicious lies in attempts to block support for them.  The only ones that suffer at the end of the day are the animals.  As always, thank you for all the emails and comments.  You all still totally suck at sending hate mail, but hopefully one day I will reach that level like NT.  Happy weekend, everybody!!!

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Everybody mark your calendars!  Good ole Slaughterhouse Sue is back to saving the equine industry despite the fact she doesn’t own or even particularly like horses.  She’s about to host a super secret, members only meeting in Kansas City area for her IEBA people.  This is “If you are or plan to be directly involved in the horse processing business as management, or employees, or in supplying plants with livestock, or transportation of livestock, “.  Of course she doesn’t actually want to give out the actual location of this meeting incase somebody that doesn’t hate horses shows up and dares to tell the truth.  I’ve gotta say that from what I’ve seen from Missouri, it seems like a pretty good place to host a horse eater meeting.  Apologies to the very few of you from there that aren’t assholes, but when you are home state to NT and Puppymill Patterson, along with Sheila Short I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s not exactly a horse friendly state for the most part.



So, what’s going to be discussed at this super secret meeting?  Basically, everything you need to know about opening up your own horse torture chamber emporium!  Awesome!

  • Humane Handling Guidelines and Assessment
  • Horse Transportation Regulations and Compliance
  • Plant Regulations, Inspections, and Compliance
  • Equine Traceability and Testing
  • Drug Residue Withdrawal Periods and Research
  • Facility and Personnel Protection and Security
  • Media and Community Relations
  • Employee Background Checks and Hiring
  • Administrative Outsourcing Options – Payroll, Insurance, Employee Benefits Administration

Quite the agenda, no?  About their Equine Traceability and Testing system’; They seem to have a problem with the concept that as of next July, no horse over the age of six months old will be eligible for slaughter as per the EU guidelines for identification. That means that every single horse currently on the ground in the US will not be able to be slaughtered for human consumption.  Period.  I don’t see that little issue on her agenda.  Here’s another little problem with her `system:

“Only IEBA members with contracts to sell directly to plants will have the training and authority to enroll horses in the database. One positive aspect of going this route is that our private business association owns and controls the database, we can lock down security and privacy to protect ourselves, and it is NOT a government run deal. On the other hand it will provide the assurance that is being demanded by the international marketplace and regulators to guarantee horses are free of contamination when they are slaughtered.”

Apparently, Suey wants to OWN the ID system and get your money coming and going.  I’m not usually given to a lot of paranoia, but this sounds to me like she’s setting up things to have approved suppliers of horse meat.  How is this going to help the unwanted horse population she keeps crowing about?  Last time I checked, other than Dorothy Robertson types or the BLM, there isn’t just one or two suppliers of unwanted horses.  It’s a few here and there from many different sources and I really doubt they’ll be able to afford her membership fees if they are getting rid of their horses due to financial hardship.  Apparently, IEBA members are stupid and only selectively paranoid.

In one her earlier letters to announce this meeting, Suey talked about testing animals as well.  Apparently the IEBA’s pockets are so deep and they are so much smarter than anybody ever, that they are going to do live drug testing on the animals.  Remember, that the only way for them to currently test for banned drugs in the tissues is to take an actual tissue sample….like the eyeball or an organ.  I don’t even want to know how they profess to accomplish that on a live animal.  It would appear that nobody in the IEBA has any concept of drug levels in the blood stream and actual residue in the tissues.  I have officially lost hope that they will ever wrap their mind around that either.  “Information and training on optional live animal drug testing protocols will also be presented. The system includes an option for independent third party laboratory testing scientifically verifying each animal’s eligibility for processing.”



As we all know, it ain’t a real PSA situation without an over-the-top amount of paranoia thrown in for healthy measure.  You pretty much need to supply your own DNA sample to gain membership into their organization.  It’s kinda funny actually…

“Since our first notice, we have received some questions about our request for references in regards to your membership applications. To clarify, the purpose of this is to ensure that IEBA members are legitimate horse industry business people, and not animal rights activists seeking to infiltrate our organization. We know that the horse world, especially the horse processing world, is a very small and close knit community of people who are generally known to each other. So, all we are asking for here is people we can call who are in the horse business, and who can vouch for the fact that you are, too.

Remember, this is coming from Slaughterhouse Sue.  The same person that doesn’t own a horse, and doesn’t contribute a single dollar to anything in the horse industry.  Yet, she’s asking for YOUR references to prove you belong.  She is right about the horse world being a small one.  Next time you talk to somebody not particularily up to speed on the slaughter issue, ask them if they have ever heard of Suey or D-bag Duquette.  Not many people have.  However, I have lots of `industry’ references, so I’m wondering if I should apply for membership?  I would if she didn’t want $250 dollar a year to be on her propaganda list.  That’s just for individuals.  If you are anything other than a buyer or seller, you get to pay $500 a year.  We all know how well it worked out for the poor suckers that paid for UH membership and Scummit fees….Anybody else smelling another scam?  Please understand that any slaughter plant would need to be USDA inspected and have some degree of government funding.  She is now suggesting that vets, transporters etc. pay a $500 a year `membership fee’ to do business with them.  Last time I checked, cattlemen don’t need to pay a membership fee to take their livestock to auction or join an association to transport them.

While we’re on the subject of paranoia, Suey is going to devote a large portion of the meeting to `Security and Protection’.

“This segment will be led by the Animal Agriculture Alliance and will cover the protection that you can build around an operation to protect against activist threats. This will include vetting employees, background checks, management and training of employees to ensure loyalty and vigilance, community relations to build a layer of support around your facility, and some very innovative (and inexpensive) ways to physically protect your grounds from top security experts who are also very savvy about agricultural operations. This portion of the meeting will also include legal defense against litigation presented by the Cavalry Group.”

Remember that the majority of slaughter workers do it for around minimum wage and many aren’t `legal’ to work in this country.  There just isn’t a large number of people whose life long dream is to spend their days torturing animals.  In fact, I bet that not a single kid in school writes that they want to grow up and kill animals some day.  Ok, maybe Jeffrey Dahmer did, but we all know how he turned out…

I don’t have the time or desire to take her agenda apart, line by line.  I’ve provided the links, so you can read up for yourselves.  What I do want to drive home is the hypocrisy of what she proposes.  One of the main battle cries of the PSAs has been about unwanted horses and people going broke and not being able to afford to feed or care for their horses.  Angela Marshall shipped her crippled horse to slaughter because she didn’t want to go to jail for burying him on her property and there was no other way to dispose of him.  Well, if Suey gets what she wants, the ONLY people that can sell to a slaughter-house is an IEBA member.  That means you either pay your yearly dues, plus $1/head transaction fees or you sell to a kill buyer.  The kill buyers need to make a profit, so they aren’t going to give you any more than they are giving now.  Considering IEBA membership fees are $250 for a single membership, I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s cheaper to euthanize your own horse (either with a needle or a bullet) and have the rendering truck pick it up or pay the landfill charges.  The IEBA wants to `own’ the traceability system and they’re going to charge you for that too.  That means you get to pay them money to keep your horse eligible for slaughter.  They are going to be in your pockets at every single turn and the ONLY people making money will be the IEBA.  It won’t change a single thing for unwanted horses or people in financial crisis.  If anything it will make things worse and horses will continue to suffer and die horrible deaths. It’s a shit show and it’s a scam.  How are people even signing up for this crap?


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Once again it’s Friday and time to recap, point and laugh at our PSA buddies.  Even though I’ve taken a little break, it would appear none of them thought to do the same thing, so I’ll attempt to cover as much as I can.  We may need to get out both hands to point with as there is quite a bit to cover, so let’s get right down to it.  Grab your coffee and sit right down for another fun-filled round of Point and Laugh Friday!  This week’s edition is brought to you by the letter `W’ for winning!

As we all know, the elections are finally over and we can either get on with things for the next 4 yrs or follow Slaughterhouse Sue’s lead and hole up continuing to promote hatred, paranoia and conspiracy theories.  Of course with not any one person to blame for the outcome of the election, Slaughterhouse Sue has elected to be angry at math and the abstract concept that Obama won both the electoral and popular vote is lost on her.  Clearly, this puts a huge wrench in her mission to slaughter millions of horses in order to save them from extinction.  The one bright spot for Ole Suey was that North Dakota voted `No’ on Measure 5 which means that assholes can continue to torture, abuse and mutilate animals in that state without fear of serious criminal charges.  Somewhere Puppymill Patterson wet her panties on that one…without a single doubt.  Of course for Suey and her band of ass barnacles, it was all about defeating an HSUS bill and the fact that once again innocent animals pay the price, either doesn’t cross their mind or concern them.  Yeah, I’m pretty disgusted too.  Now that the election is over, Suey can get on with planning her super secret slaughter meeting in December.  We’ll take a look at her agenda in more detail over the next couple of days.

The past few weeks have been quiet ones for Douchebag Duquette and Holy Theresa Manzella.  With the final push for the election, we can only assume Mama Suey kept D-bag locked in the basement as she did not have time to properly monitor him.  Puppymill Patterson was far too busy protecting the right to abuse animals so she didn’t have time to write up any statements for him either.  Sadly, Holy Theresa was left unsupervised to spread hate and intolerance and she assures us all that she is now done with election stuff and is going to refocus her energies on waging war on the AR movement.  I’m not sure what that really means to most of us that aren’t aligned with any specific group, but I’m expecting some great comedy in the weeks to come!

Holy Theresa in happier times…

I guess that brings us around to Mendy Tobiano.  She hasn’t been all that active the past few weeks, but just when I was going to claim the `kill’ and paint a tobiano on the side of my barn she popped up with another whiny post about what we can only assume is the shitstorm surrounding the Nevada 34 and Dorothy.  As is her way, she made it all about her while claiming it wasn’t about her, but since we’ve heard these stories before….well, you get the picture.  The problem is we all got our hands slapped for gossiping about Big D’s past convictions for neglecting horses and that we all have been discussing them when they aren’t verifiable.  I guess the fact that some of us have actually posted screen shots of the 50+ CONVICTIONS she has in the past escaped her.  It ain’t gossip or assumption when there is proof.  BTW, Anne Knight aka manes n tails wants to make sure she gets full credit for posting those….Anyhow, other than that Mendy Tobiano hasn’t had a lot to say and since the only one that ever comments on her blog is her alter ego, there isn’t much else of relevance to say.  No need to thank me, I do it all for the horses 😉

The winning Hunter Under Saddle horse according to NT…..

I’m sure most of you are a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a bunch to report on our usual suspects.  Well, never fear!  While it’s good to have a few laughs in the midst of this rather ugly battle over slaughter, the main reason I highlight some of them is in hopes they STFU and stop spreading their paranoia and misinformation.  It seems to be working.  We managed to send a bunch of them deep into hiding with the whole Horse Farts implosion, but there is also seems to be an endless supply of stupid on the HGS board (Horse Grooming Supply Forum).  This little coven of assholes came to my attention when I started getting a bunch of pingbacks from them when the whole Dorothy issue blew up.  Naturally, they are by and large pro-slaughter over there and they are VERY impressed with themselves.  I am also really sad to tell y’all that they make the HFA people look sane and reasonable.  Since HGS is a message board, they operate behind screen names and they think that means that their community rules work elsewhere.  They don’t.  Since they see fit to piss all over a rescue and continue to defend Dorothy, spread complete lies about the condition of her horses, and generally be hateful, I’m going to name and shame some of the key players.  I’m sure they’ll bomb my email just like Anne `Sanctimonious Twat’ Knight did, but I also don’t care.  I’ll be printing their greatest hits in another blog entry if they keep that crap up.  The first one I’d like to introduce everybody to goes by the handle of `farmeress’.  She has threatened to come over here and teach us all a lesson and I can’t wait.  Daffy would wipe the floor with her in a spelling bee.  Since she feels that’s it’s ok to go over and raise hell on NNER’s page under her own name….we can name her here…Kairen Jamieson.  Stop being a cow, Kairen.  The other big bad wolf that likes to play cute is Sarah MacFarlane aka IIIBarsV.  Sarah, you need to stfu too.  The assshattery I have seen these people engage in, including stating their opinions as absolute fact to the detriment of  the rescue is disgusting.  Stop it.  Let the emails begin….


I feel like this was a bit of a gloss over as far as a weekly update goes.  However, the election is over and people’s attention will now switch back to other things, such as the slaughter issue.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out considering the result, but I’m hopeful that we can get the runaway freight train that is Slaughterhouse Sue stopped in its tracks.  The EU is still very serious about their deadline for documentation and identification.  That means that as of July of next year, no horse over the age of six months will be eligible for slaughter.  That’s a reality and people better start making plans for what they’re going to do with all these `unwanted’ horses.  We need gelding clinics, euthanasia clinics etc.  It’s not like any of what is to come should be a surprise to anybody.  As for this blog, I have a few things sitting on the back burners waiting for either more information or go aheads to post, I also have been working on a a spectacularly bitchy post that will likely bunch a lot of panties as well.  I just need to find the time and concentration to sit down and actually put it together.  As always, thanks for the emails and the good work.  Have a great weekend!


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