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Welcome back!  I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and still fit in your pants.  We have some things to cover today, but hopefully not quite as heavy as the past few entries.  Some stuff I have for you is actually kind of amusing depending on your sense of humor.  I should probably qualify that by admitting that I laugh at inappropriate things on a regular basis.  I figure I’m already going to hell so it’s basically go big or go home at this point.  I’ll save some seats for the rest of you.  For now, let’s do what we do best which is pulling up a chair, grabbing a cuppa whatever keeps us level and settle in for a dose of the truth.


It seems like ringbone is the diagnosis of the month.  Thank God this month is nearly over.   It seems that Serena, the bay mare purchased last week was the fourth horse in the truck, diagnosed and executed by Manson, with ringbone being one of the reasons given.  The video above shows her walking out to the trailer from auction (2nd horse shown) and she was walking good enough that Manson confused her with the gelding who she did keep alive…for now.  She was shot less than 24 hours later.  Ace was shot the same day as Serena also due to ringbone and now Daphne is diagnosed with it and looking for `one last good home’.  We all know that they basically get one half-hearted post before the bullet, so her days are numbered.  I’ve lost count of how many times Manson’s x-ray eyes have diagnosed ringbone lately, but I do know it’s not a death sentence, or at least is shouldn’t be.  Horse can be kept comfortable with ringbone and live long lives.  I’m not even sure what the point of the `one last good home’ thing is when she brings them back to the feed lot and lets them stand around for a month before being executed.  If they were so bad they had to die, then why are they healthy enough to haul and stand around?  RIP Serena #sayhername




This next part gets a bit confusing so I’m going to try to break it down as simply as possible.  Curly, is one of two horses that belongs to the owners of the property that HiCaliber leases.  The other one being Macho.  Much to Manson’s displeasure, part of the original lease agreement was that Curly and Macho were to live on the property and be cared for by HiCaliber as part of their lease agreement which has changed to month to month.  This meant the horses live there at no cost to their owners for as long as they own the property.  The owners of the property rarely go near the place.  It was always more than shady that they were on the website as `sanctuary’ horses because that wasn’t really the truth, but Manson has been known to fudge numbers quite a bit.  The whole not counting compassion pulls as regular euths being another example.   Ok, so that’s these two horses.  Now let’s talk about Woody.  He was an adoption return back in October that I wrote about on this post   To make a long story short, he was too much for his adopter, who is also a long time HiCaliber volunteer.  It wasn’t his first time being returned either.  I should also mention that Manson has a rule that if you return a horse then you have to wait a year before you can adopt again.  It turns out that rule is about as arbitrary as the reasons she shoots horses.  She enforced the rule on Taylor so she coulnd’t have Percy, yet she waves it for people like Fice and Woody’s former adopter.



It turns out that Manson has come up with a creative way to double dip.   Macho was shipped off as a foster to go hang with Percy, but Curly was  recently adopted out even though HiCaliber does not own Curly and the owners did not sign off on the adoption.  How Manson is getting around that is that Curly was approved to stay on the ranch.  That means Manson is still getting the rent break for having Curly there, but now she has somebody picking up all Curly’s expenses thinking that they own her.  Meanwhile, Macho isn’t even on the property, but because he’s technically only in a foster situation, they can whisk him back to the ranch should the owners decide to visit.  I wonder why those two, of all horses got in her crosshairs when they are a big reason she has a roof over her head.  I especially wonder why when she is currently hoarding at least 8 personal horses at the rescue’s expense and that’s not counting JonASSthan’s hoard, Robyn’s horse, Sarah’s horse and Amanduh’s horse who all live at HiCaliber.  I will say that Macho is probably better off where he is at least, but it’s just the complete shadiness of it all that really makes me shake my head.  I’m pretty sure that Curly’s real owners are not aware that there is another peson walking around thinking they own her too.


Result of one of Fice’s training sessions

Here is a video of a high AF Andrew Fice working with a mustang being cheered on be his equally fucked up friends. As most will recall, Fice is one of HiCaliber’s trainers and an approved adopter, having kept Dylan and Rojas.  He’s also the one who had Saban around the time of his head injury.  In the video above we see Fice repeatedly rewarding the mustang for striking at him by removing the pressure every time the horse does so.  I can’t say that I really blame the horse.  He’s a wild animal that has been stuck in that tiny pen for months and Fice is giving the horse absolutely no exit.  They are prey animals and to them, he’s the predator.  That’s why people use round pens, because you can allow the horse to still move forward and not feel trapped and then they aren’t likely to get on the fight.  Anyway, it seems that this mustang finally had enough of Fice’s shit.


Sadly, the horse didn’t manage to knock any sense in him and he’s actually quite proud of the situation as well as enjoying his morphine.  I know others thought it wrong to post his picture and maybe it is.  He certainly didn’t post Mercy’s picture when he blinded her in one eye before sending her back to HiCaliber.  Now Mercy sits out in the herds waiting for her turn on the death list because we all know how much Manson likes horses with vision problems.  Hopefully, this is just the first of many karma visits for Fice until changes his ways or gives up on the cowboy thing.

Remember the little red dun mare that caused so much drama last week?  She’s certainly not feeling very rescued at the moment.  Even though Manson posted the above pictures for the Monday algorithm bump, the fact was this injury happened last week.  Manson’s idea of quarantine is to throw all the horses she bought on the same day into one small pen together.  I guess she figures that since they all came from the same auction that they know each other.  As a result,  this mare was thrown in with the geldings they brought home, including the one that was trying to kick everything at auction.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this mare got kicked in the face.  That wasn’t end of her bad day though.  She got to have the 30% vet staple her up, with no opening for drainage and with this bizarre fold in the skin that will likely mean she forever has a skin taggish knot there.  It actually looked better before the staples and probably should have been sutured instead.  Manson claims a real vet checked her out, but in Mansonspeak that means she likely texted a pic to Dr. Moss and he said `Yup, that needs some sutures’, giving Manson a primo opportunity to put her scrubs on and probably drape her stethoscope around her neck too.  What she obviously didn’t bother doing is gloving up before touching the wound and given how many times we see her picking her nose and pawing at her crotch on live feeds, I’m going to go ahead and guess her hands weren’t sanitary.  WTF is the point of having an autoclave when you do crap like that?

There really isn’t anything all that earth shattering with the above screen shots other than to show how truly cunty and lazy Manson is.  The first one was from earlier in the year when rather than have a talk with somebody, she figured it best to post some of her passive aggressive bullshit.  I also found her choice of words, `kill to live here’, kinda chilling and wondered if you have to shoot a horse to get to live at the ranch now.  You know, kinda like you have to kill somebody to get to be a Crip or something.  The other screen shot is this week, which I found knee slapping funny.  As if Manson was cleaning stalls, but it sounded better than to tell people to just go do what she should be doing herself.  It must have been hella gross too for her to give up a Starbucks card and single out that one stall.


I’m sure most of you know that this Tuesday is `Giving Tuesday’ where The Gates Foundation match donations on Facebook up until 2 million dollars are given.  This meant we were treated to a drunken live feed from Manson where she told us some lies and talked way too much to bump algorithms and remind people to get up early and give a bunch.  Because JonASSthan was present, that meant Wrinkles was nowhere to be found as it’s been said that the majority of the HiCaliber crew dislikes him intensely.  Anyhow, aside from Manson doing some verbal grifting explaining how she’s going to ask for a lot of money on Facebook, but only because she won’t get it for a few weeks so even though you’ll see a lot of money coming in just ignore that and keep giving because she’s got to be hay and pay 17k, no wait 20k for the permit again.  I think we were supposed to forget that she already raised over 9k towards that and told us it was done over a month ago.  Just to be clear, they are not approved yet despite what she says.  Maybe they finally put an application in.  Maybe.  Manson also regaled us with the story of how she waxed her snatch yet again but apparently doesn’t know what a Brazilian entails because she claimed to have a landing strip.  Judging by the FUPA that Manson constantly has on display, I’m going to say it was probably more akin to the Katy Freeway aka Interstate 10 in Texas.  Look it up.   I know many of you are dry heaving now, but if I had to hear it, y’all can read about it and share the misery.


Manson’s ring from happier times with Bang Bang Becky

Besides attempting some damage control and telling everybody that she never reads this blog or any of the other anti-HiCaliber pages, Manson proceeded to dispute most of what has ever been posted and throw former friends under the bus.  She also finally admitted what most of us have known for a very long time.  Bang Bang Becky has become Bye Bye Becky, but they are still `amazing friends’ aka Manson is attempting to keep Bye Bye Becky sweet so she doesn’t turn on her.  What everybody, village idiots included, should be wondering is who is now paying for all of Manson’s extras like the Botox she finally admitted to having, the lashes, the hair extensions, the nails, the BMW, and, and and, that she always claimed her `very generous girlfriend’ paid for.  Surely Becky isn’t that stupid, especially when Manson has gone dickly and told us she was headed back to Texas in the near future presumably to get laid.  Hey Becky?  When you come to your senses,  come on over to the light.  All is forgiven and I promise I won’t tell Manson that you’ve joined the legion of others that finally had enough of her shit.  Proud of you for growing a spine!

I kinda debated about posting the pic above, but I think it speaks volumes.  The reason the head is blocked off is that it’s a picture of Manson’s 10-year-old (at the time) daughter playing with the same gun Mason uses to kill horses.  One of the things Manson told us in her live feed was that she puts a `game face’ on to kill horses so as not to upset them.  In other words, the last face they do see her hateful and cold one and it appears her young child is being trained early.  A few weeks ago she justified her killing rampage because of the weather getting colder but yesterday she informed us that  the `ambient temperatures are pretty cozy’ lately so horses don’t mind standing around with no shelter.  She kinda suggested that the horses are happy they aren’t headed to Mexico as if they could grasp a concept like that.  Horses are in the moment and the only thing the ones standing on her feed lot know is usually that they are hungry, they have no shade, they are thirsty and that they are bored while getting eaten alive by flies.  Does that sound like rescue to anybody?   It’s Tuesday again and I’m already feeling sad for the poor souls that will end up in her evil clutches, but you know what?  I can’t stop, won’t stop until this stops.  Until next time….

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Happy Thanksgiving!  I thought I should probably dispatch this post before everybody gets too busy, cooking, eating and participating in some festive family dysfunction. On the surface, it was a more quiet week at the Manson Family Feed Lot, but that wasn’t actually the case. Shocking, I know.  Not only do we have the regular auction hijinx to discuss, but also an Open House, some monumental lies and things that just kinda make you want to scream, but not in a fun way.  Because we have some more names to say and I know that weighs heavy on most of us, I thought it might be best to lob a softball and talk about the Open House to kick things off.  That means it’s time to gather round, grab some holiday cheer and pull up a chair.  I suggest moving any breakables out of arm’s reach because you’re probably going to want to throw things…


Once again, The Manson Family threw themselves another party after a killing spree.  I believe the last time, when they had the pool party, Manson had done the same.  Maybe they’re celebrating the bodies getting carted away or something or maybe they’re trying to suck up to the neighbors.  I can’t begin to understand what they’re thinking 90% of the time.  I don’t think I really want to either.   The party was also conveniently on the same day that they were doing a volunteer orientation because nothing helps you overlook mounds of shit and filth like a full belly and some booze.  Other than the fact that this is the same organization that can’t pay their bills, I don’t really care about their party habits beyond the pictures that come out of it.  In this case it was kids sticking their fingers where horses can bite them and we get to see two of the barn inmates, Eclipse and Shane.  Eclipse is allegedly in there getting her summer sores attended to, but with what passes for a bandage on her, I can’t help but wonder if they are experimenting with bowing a tendon.  Shane is sporting a tight bandage around his belly and up over his withers.  Your guess is as good as mine as to what thought process brings a person to think this is anything but a recipe for disaster.  I saw Manson did that to Vegas as well before he went off to his new home.  Maybe they are trying to create a fistula on Shane’s withers or something so they can shoot him.  I really don’t know, but I do know that I had a horse have surgery on his back to remove a cyst and there was no bandage involved because that would have made matters worse.  I guess it’s not vet-ish enough if you’re not using copious quantities of Elasticon or something.  Clearly nobody has told the 30% vet that less is more in most cases.


During the live feed for the Open House, Amanduh decided to take us all on a little tour to show off her barn blindness and so we could hear her morph into Manson with that annoying squeaky baby voice.   What was also on display was her complete and utter ignorance as she proudly showed off filthy pens, filthy horses and overcrowding. We were also treated to views of Jingle with a nylon halter on so tight it’s practically choking her.  It could be made looser and Amanduh was right there with her hands on Jingle, but she wouldn’t notice such a thing.  It was the same when she showed us poor Camilla with her super tight fly mask with flies all over her that were probably gravitating towards a raw spot to make an even bigger mess.  I guess none of them have ever seen a horse hang themselves in a nylon halter because I have yet to see even a breakaway on a single horse there.  All of them are accidents waiting to happen.  Amanduh was also quite proud to point out the brand new volunteers that were doing their best to swamp out the mounds of shit out of the pens while the ranch residents and old volunteers were up at the barn filling their faces with Manson.  Good times!


Speaking of Manson,  we did check in with her as she was dragging Astro around and giving ball cupping lessons to children, including her own.  It seems now that Manson has reverted to being strictly dickly, she is as obsessed with this horse’s testicles as she was with Mirage’s vagina back in the day.  Either way,  it is hardly treating these animals with respect and dignity and fondling this poor horse was just gross. Maybe she was chekcing for ripeness so she could serve up some horse balls for Thanksgiving dinner or something.


Another feature of the Open House seemed to be the poor little orphan foal, now named Magnum ,`After the condom!’, put on his own in the arena for the kids to torment.  It was tough to watch as they chased him around, slapped him on the ass and generally antagonized him until he jumped through the fence and took off.  Sadly, rather than do the kind thing and put him away, they herded him back into the arena as the kids continued to torment him.  I can’t wait until a few months from now when he’s bigger and has even less manners.  He’ll likely get put on the euth list for being behavorial as they are setting him up to be extremely ignorant.  Just because he’s little doesn’t mean that his own boundaries shouldn’t be respected.  If you wouldn’t do it to a full-grown horse, don’t do it to a baby.  Of course Manson has told us she doesn’t believe in correcting or halter breaking babies.  I guess she prefers roughing them up and fighting with them when they are older and bigger to increase the chance of injury to horse and human.  Sadly, her philosophy on allowing him to be a baby doesn’t extend to letting him do what comes naturally.  Nursing…


Finding something to `suck’ on 😦



No, I’m not making this shit up.  It seems the foal has taken to nursing off his own penis and in the world of HiCaliber it’s `perfectly normal’.  Ummm, no.  I can assure you it is not and `hobnobbing’ in this context is not a thing.  Manson wouldn’t allow him a bottle or nipple bucket  because she thinks it causes all sorts of problems.  Apparently, teaching him to chase people, kick and pin his ears is not problematical though.  Personally, it think it probably has more to do with a combination of ignorance and the fact that Manson was too lazy to bottle feed him.  I guess an igloo feeder which not only keeps his formula clean and clear from the guinea hen shit, but also from going off in the warmer weather is too much effort for her.


There you go, Manson.  That one is for you.  It’s just not that difficult and I’m sure I’m not the only one that is sick of watching that poor little foal trying to nurse off anything and everything, including his own penis.  He needs to learn to be a horse and not a play thing and a novelty.  While you’re at it, maybe point out to the children you have on foal watch that the stuffies are for him and not for their own personal comfort.  Way to mentor the next generation to be just as ignorant as you are, Manson.  Seriously.



I hate Tuesdays. I hate them hard.  Ever since Manson took over auction again, it’s nothing but a headache to untangle the lies.  Manson lies about everything.  She lies about things that don’t matter, she lies about things that do.  Basically, if she’s flapping her mouth, she’s lying and it is exhausting picking through it all.  To top things up, she was feeling salty on Tuesday and had temporarily reunited with Wrinkles because Jonassthan wasn’t present.  Wrinkles was so pathetically happy to be back up Manson’s ass even though she seemed to be slurring most of her words.  Manson was channelling low rent drag queen realness with her clip on purple extensions and heavy eyeliner.  Anyhow, they ended up dragging 5 more horses back to the ranch, one for Baker and another for a private buyer.  Don’t get too attached to any of them.  The one gelding, Glide, was already trying to kick Manson’s head in and she seemed to think him resting his hind foot mean something ominous.  Another, she 30% diagnosed with a fractured sesamoid `area’.  We’ll see how those play out in the next week.  What we need to talk about today is the dun mare.  There is so much confusion surrounding her, so I’m going to see if I can make some sense out of it and sift through the lies.





So, this little mare showed up in the chutes.  Manson claimed she wasn’t sore and it was just the angle, but it seemed that every time she came on camera she was parked out.  As you can see above, there was a very long and convoluted story to go along with her.  Crying kid?  Sad family?  Sounds like a winner to me!  Except it was all a lie and thankfully, Manson was stupid enough to put it all in writing.  This included showing a copy of her papers that clearly showed that the mare had only had her ownership transferred once in her life.  So let’s take note of the fact that Manson claims they couldn’t sell horses on Facebook and then we’ll look at an eyewitness account.  I do have to wonder how they knew the horse sold to a bad guy  if they were such newbies to auction.  Manson is so used to lying she busts herself for lying in the same post she told the lie!


This is an eyewitness account and it goes along with some other pictures that have been floating around that clearly show the mare spent her day tied to HiCaliber’s trailer.  Of course, Manson has an answer for everything.


Actually, HiCaliber never showed pics of her tied to the trailer or mentioned that until they were called on it.  By then one of the readers of this blog had found some other information and passed it along.



Wow, turns out the owners did know how to sell a horse after all!  Kinda inconvenient that there is a completely different back story to the mare.  If you look up the person selling her, you’ll find that she’s far from a newbie owner and, in fact, lives in Valley Center about 8 miles from Manson.  She also has a whole bunch of friends in common with Manson.  This kinda led me to wonder why a horse that they wanted $1500 for a few months ago, was basically given away this week.  I also wondered why they would haul a horse to Ontario when Mike’s auction is closer and attracts way more buyers and potential for a better home.  Well, knowing Manson and her past patterns I’m going to guess this horse was an owner relinquishment.  Manson has done this in the past.  She gets the owners to run the animal through auction so she can get some sympathy donations and that’s exactly what seemed to be the case when she claimed that a private donor wanted the horse to go to HiCaliber. The reason the horse went through twice probably had to do with her missing the orignal bid or some other shenanigans on their part.  They were clearly working with the past owner throughout.  Wherever the truth lies in all of this, I can say with absolute certainty that this horse did not land softly now that Manson has her.




After a full day of scamming and parking lot deals they were finally ready to load out but realized they had bought too many horses. Since Bang Bang Becky has taken her toys and gone home to mama, that meant Manson only had the one trailer and used the opportunity to beg for a new truck and trailer.  You’re supposed to forget that sugar daddy Richie only bought the rescue the current trailer, which she now refers to as `hers’, not even a year ago.  That’s not the important part though.  The fact is that once again Salvador shows up late with a horse to sell them and not only did Manson take the horse after not being able to find a private buyer, but she hired Salvador to haul for them.  Then she went on live feed to tell everybody what a great guy he is and how smart she is to have befriended him and Misner.  It then occurred to me that some of the readers here may not be up to speed on what an awesome guy Salvador Paniagua is.



Click on each and every picture.  These were not HiCaliber horses.  Ever.  They were some of the 7 horses that HiCaliber’s newest supplier showed up at Mike’s’ Auction with a few months ago.  He didn’t just collect these horses from other places.  HE DID THIS TO THEM.  He is the one that supplied them to the rodeos that used them for tripping and broke their bodies.  He is the one that supplied them to the people who smashed the teeth of the mare’s mouth and then he took them to auction to squeeze the last dollar he could out of them.  Except that time a legitimate rescue was there and called AC.  Salvador has a few open AC files due to his mistreatment of animals.  Five of those horses had to be euthanized much to the delight of The Manson Family.  Manson started spouting about averages etc and generally crowing that they had to put down these broken souls.  Then she became Salvador’s buddy and when he brought a trailer full of horses that he had broken, she gave him his asking price and took them off to be shot without ever once calling animal control or taking them to see a real vet.  Yeah, that Salvador is a super great guy.  What is that old saying about birds of a feather?  BTW, the papwork posted above?  That’s what it looks like when a real 100% vet checks horses over and signs off on them, price and all.  I know this isn’t something anybody that only follows HiCaliber would recognize though.


Wow, it seems the haters aren’t the only ones concerned about the quarantine protocols or what passes for them at HiCaliber.  The fact is that proper quarantine is impossible there and there are no protocols.  The same people who were taking ball cupping lessons on the recently arrived Astro, were also playing with the orphan foal and hand feeding Ria and other horses.  I think the question about it was legit, but since Sarah is one of the newest ranch residents, she seems to think that means she can be a bitch to other volunteers now.  Maybe she always was, but her little `we know what we’re doing’ kinda made me laugh.  The next time a new horse comes onto my place I’ll just take the temperature and kick them in with the rest because HiCaliber knows what they’re doing.

auction team.jpg

Wow, what a great opportunity!  You can sign up to wait around the ranch as Manson completes her parking lot deals, drives around filling her face with fast food and then be there to unload the horses and put them away for her as she trudges off to the house.  Don’t worry though, this is HiCaliber we’re talking about so you won’t have to worry about walking the horses out or watering them off.  Just throw them in their pens and you’re done.  No need for clean pens or clean water either.  They may as well get used to things being what they are right from the beginning.


See what I mean?  Manson doesn’t lower herself to clean the trailer.  It seems that job belongs to Wrinkles and she’s too busy to do it this week.  Sign up or Manson is going to send Wrinkles into time out again!  #freewrinkles



Notice how it never falls on Manson, Wrinkles or any of the other residents to feed or water.  No, they want orther people to give of their time and energy to come do their chores so they can continue to live for free.  I guess I have always done things wrong.  Whenever I had somebody that came to the barn who wanted to help out for the day, I gave them the easy jobs because I figured they didn’t come to do my grunt work.  Don’t go by me though, I never mind cleaning my own stalls.  You can tell a lot about what’s going on with a horse from doing their stall every day if you know what to look for.  For instance, you might notice if they are bunging up before it’s too late and you have full blown colic.  Imagine that! You can also tell if a horse is body or foot sore by how they keep their stall as long as you know their `normal’.   I really wouldn’t expect their green volunteers to be that keyed in, especially when they aren’t doing it every day, but I do think that proper management practices would be to have some consistency with who is doing chores.



So here we are on Wednesday (as I write this) and I was just getting ready to format this post when a reader who is local to HiCaliber told me that they had to call ALAR to come pick up an animal they had put to sleep.  It just so happens that when the above company showed up to pick up the body,  there were 4 horses already in the truck and they all had bullets in their heads.  I guess we can all guess where those came from and it wasn’t long before my hunch was confirmed.  Amanduh had put a post up confirming three of the departed and it lasted for all of about half an hour before Manson pulled it down.  Too late Manson, I may not have the announcement screen shot, but I do have the three names and we will be saying them.



We’ve been worried about Ace for a while now.  As recently as last week, I had mentioned that Manson was warning people to say goodbye to Ace.  It seems like today was the day and Ace was executed for having ringbone and to make room for even more horses.  Rest easy sweet boy. #sayhisname



Cozetta was also killed today.  She had long fallen off the village idiot radar, but she was originally part of the `bonded pair’ with Lex.  The village idiots think horses are like lovebirds so the bonded pair angle usually inspires them to dig deep and because of this, Cozetta’s great buddy was purchased a few days after she arrived at the ranch.  Not rescued, but purchased.  The truth is they weren’t that bonded and other than the first week or so, were never really together again.  Cozetta is said to have foundered and for whatever reason, wasn’t worth making comfortable or maybe she gave Manson the stink eye.  She ended up under the tarp next to Ace today.  RIP Sweet girl.  #sayhername



Cheeto is the other confirmed kill.  As you can see from one of the pictures above, he was perfectly fine to haul Manson’s ass around at one point but then, because she couldn’t handle him, he was declared either neuro or having a weak stifle.   He was still good enough to go be ridden though.  Cheeto was even shown on live feed this past Saturday during Amanduh’s little tour around the pens.  My little bird told me he had foundered recently.  It seems a lot of horses are foundering at HiCaliber as they struggle to pay bills and have an inconsistent feed supply and schedule. Not very responsible of them and not really rescue, no matter what Manson says.  RIP Cheeto.  #sayhisname


I think that about wraps things up for now.  I could have picked apart the whopper of a lie Manson told about Snuggles as she drove around eating salad with her bare hands and talking with her mouth full, but that’s another story, for another time.  FYI Manson, the horse you traded Snuggles for was Erick.  Why is it I can remember that and you can’t?  Are these animals so insignificant to you that they are out of sight, out of mind?  A means to an end?  I’ve had enough.  I know for a fact I don’t stand alone either.  Every single week, more and more people see the truth.  I’m thankful for that.  I’m thankful for the people who email me with information, updates and even questions.   I appreciate everybody that is standing up to bring this horror to an end.  I am deeply thankful for my wing people who take so many hits on my behalf and still soldier on.  I’m sickened every time I get news of another horse getting shot in the face and each one feels like a profound loss.  That isn’t rescue.  Most of these horses didn’t need to die.  Having so many horses warehoused that you can’t even remember their names or any details at all isn’t rescue either and neither is dragging home animals that you don’t have the skill or desire to deal with.  How arrogant to think that unless you drag them home, they are going to a bad place. HiCaliber is the bad place now and for whatever reason Manson is on a killing spree lately.  We’re in the double digits this month alone.  I haven’t forgotten about horse #4 in the meat truck.  I have a hunch it’s Serena from auction on Tuesday, but waiting for confirmation.  I refuse to let Manson erase these animals off the earth.  I’m thankful so many of you feel the same.  I believe this time next year, things will have changed for the better.  Happy Thanksgiving…

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Aaandddd we’re back.  I realize I was going to post on Wednesday but my inbox flared up with some pressing matters and then there’s that whole procrastination issue I have.  Also, to be quite frank, sometimes writing these things feels like a homework assignment.  I realize it’s one I signed on for, so I’m not really complaining; just a little bit of whining.  They payoff has been worth it so far.  It has especially been worth it as the village idiots file take down notices because they don’t like the content and not only do those notices get denied, but then I get their full names, contact details and a copy of them perjuring themselves in their sworn statements.  Good times! Anyhow, let’s get down to doing what we do best on this blog and bring some stuff into the light.  Sadly, we have way too many names to say again this week, but we’ll get to those in a bit.  For now, let’s grab our drinks and pull up a chair while we deal untangling the latest doings of the Manson Family.


I’m sure most of you noticed that Wrinkles has been MIA this past week or so since  Jonassthan has moved onto the property.   While the official party line is that Wrinkles has not been feeling well, it did not go unnoticed that the previous week, Manson made her drive the truck with no radio or air conditioning all by herself to auction, while Manson rolled up in her BMW and left early to put the oxygen mask herself.  Wrinkles was also left to deal with Nacho The Flipper while Manson’s new pet, Jonassthan remained glued to her side when he wasn’t driving his own vehicle with creature comforts.  It really wasn’t a huge surprise that Wrinkles gave auction a miss this week, but that didn’t stop her from working social media to earn her rent.


As you can see, people are starting to wise up to HiCaliber and their ways and Wrinkles efforts at raising money were not successful.  To be fair, her arguments were weak and half-hearted.   None of this is really any news but what stood out for me, and has for a while, is the term `humane euthanasia’.  I thought that must be a HiCaliber term, but apparently not.  There appears to be a lot of confusion about what the  word `euthanasia’ actually means.


As you can see, everybody’s favorite self-congratulatory journalist that hardly anybody has heard of, has some trouble with what euthanasia actually means too.  How shocking.  Because I don’t expect my detractors to take my word for it, I’ll let Merrium-Webster clarify things for us.


Are we all clear?  The killing or permitting the death of a hopelessly sick or injured being.  Anything that falls outside this definition is neither humane or euthanasia.  Period.  Also, just for clarity, they call it `chemical’ euthanasia because they use a chemical solution as opposed to a bullet which would be bullet euthanasia or gunshot euthanasia.  It has nothing to do with what is humane or not.  I’ll even extrapolate on that and point out the difference between a chemical euthanasia and a bullet euthanasia when it goes bad.  I’ve seen chemical euths not go well .  However, that is why you sedate the animal first.  That way if they aren’t taking the sedation, then you don’t push the euthasol until they are sedated down.  Pretty simple.  However, when a bullet euth goes bad, it goes really bad.  Just ask Bang Bang Becky all about that.  I don’t know about all y’all, but I’d much rather have a horse that took a long time to get down (I’ve been there), than see one with a bullet hole in his face, blowing blood out the nose and flipping over backwards while struggling to get away from their assassin.  I sure as shit don’t need to see them `run to heaven’ either.  Maybe that’s just me though.  Let’s move on, but please keep the actual definition of euthanasia in mind.


I know we mentioned these mares on the euth list last week and it seems that was enough to motivate Manson to NOT give them the chance of one last good home and execute them immediately.  Both mares were shot in the face last week. Loree’s offense was being old.   Siri was only 10 years old and her only crime was they couldn’t figure her out and ride her.  She was not lame, she wasn’t sick.  She reared and given their penchant for riding with ill fitting tack and lack of riding skills,  I can’t blame her.  Manson claimed she was reactive on the ground and again, I can’t blame her.  They live in feed lot conditions with no shelter and often no water or feed.  They go weeks and months without any human interaction at all.  It’s a wonder more aren’t acting out on a regular basis.  In case anybody is keeping track, Siri was an owner surrender.  They never do that well at HiCaliber.  Neither of these mares were given a courtesy one last post to see if maybe somebody, including another rescue wanted to grant them another chance.  Tell me again that Manson doesn’t enjoy shooting animals.  Rest in peace, sweet girls.  #SayTheirNames


It seems Joan and Belen are the next ones to take a nap under the blue tarp.  No vet signing off on them and no reprieves.  We talked about both mares in the last post.  While Belen’s friend Tiara manged to make it off the feed lot to another rescue, poor Belen has not been seen around the ranch since and neither has Joan.  Their deaths have since been confirmed.   Poor Belen was a purchase from Misner and it seems the village idiots forgot her as soon as she was loaded in the trailer.  Joan never had a chance.  Rest in Peace Ladies.  #SayTheirNames




I’m sure it is no surprise that Manson executed Marek this past week.  The very fact that she named the horse Marek pretty much sealed his fate.  `Marek’ is the name of one of the people who have been wrongfully accused of writing this blog.  That alone should make it clear that she enjoys killing these animals.  Manson rattled off her 30% opinion on why Marek had to die, not the least of which is she feels being over at the knee means they have `had the shit ridden out of them’ and that a horse pointing his hind toe means his hip is fractured rather than a stifle injury which is actually what it usually means.  The brief little sharp turn she showed on the video clip (click on it above if you’re viewing from a phone), doesn’t show him rotating or swinging a leg out like most horses hip/pelvic injuries do, but it was good enough to satisfy the village idiots.  Not a single one of them questioned why she only showed an xray that belonged to Joan and nothing of his to back up why he needed to die.  So, despite a few protests and requests for a vet diagnosis, along with somebody offering him sanctuary, Manson drug him over to the killing field and promptly shot him in the face.  I’m guessing she touched herself aggressively immediately afterwards.  Rest easy, Marek.  I’m so sorry you landed in that hell hole. #SayHisName


Crystal has been dead for a while.  She didn’t last very long at HiCaliber and I’m not sure a single village idiot even noticed she was gone.  This mare was bought at auction only a month ago and she was likely septic.  If you listen to the intake video, Amanduh remarks that at least she had finally gotten something to eat because she had been too sore to walk over to her food the night before.  I guess it never occurred to any of them to bring the food and water to her if that was the case.  These people have zero empathy for these animals and their ignorance is almost criminal.  She was clearly ganted up from lack of water and Amanduh just thinks that’s her being skinny.  Who knows if a vet even saw her or signed off on her.  Rumor has it that Manson is back to doing most of the intakes and only showing Dr. Talbot a few horses that she needs a second opinion on or x-rays.  She has said many times that she doesn’t bother wasting money on horses she believes to be compassion pulls which means they do not get vaccinations, dental or to see the vet.  Manson acts as judge, jury and executioner for horses like Crystal and so many others.   RIP Crystal, you certainly deserved better.  #SayHerName


Curtis also went over the rainbow bridge recently.  He was bought by HiCal last June and, at the time, said to be around 20 years old, dead broke and sound.  He was sound enough to put up with what passes for test rides at HiCaliber, but at some point was shipped off to what was considered to be his `one last good home’.  I don’t have a lot of details other than he is no longer with us because he `was like 105 years old’ and is teeth were said to be falling out.  I guess feeding him mush and letting him enjoy retirement was too much effort.  Please refer back to the definition of euthanasia, I left above.  No word on how he left this earth and I’m guessing I don’t want to know.  RIP Curtis  #SayHisName


Manson is always in a good mood after she gets to shoot something in the face and this week was no exception.  Along with her new best ass barnacle, Jonathan, she loaded up some horses to deliver (they finally caught Luya after weeks of trying) to their new and temporary homes and to go on a trail ride.  Manson likes to say she’s making adoption videos so she can justify hauling out to ride on trails and have the village idiots buy her gas and whatever food she shoves down her gullet while she’s out.  The fact is, most actual horse people want to see more than a video of a horse’s ears and raggedy mane while listening to her spout vulgarities.  Also, to prove just how little she cares about horses and that oxygen must go on her first, the horses got to stand in the horse trailer while she made a pit stop to get her snatch waxed.  Why she felt the need to share that with the masses is beyond me but I couldn’t help but recall how often she reminds us she hasn’t showered for days and that some things have a shelf life.   If I had to hear it come out of her mouth, y’all can share the horror and read about it here.  Pray for the poor person that had to get all up in that nastiness.


Poor Trish is the latest adoption return.  She was adopted out during the Show n Go event in September.  I believe that was the one where people got to name their price or whatever.  It turns out that Trish was adopted as a lesson horse.  She was recently returned because she stumbles and falls down at the trot.  Yet another adoption fail and I’m really not sure why that wouldn’t have been evident with test rides.  I just know a lot of their recent adoptees have bounced back and then we really don’t hear much about them.  If they bounce back more than once, they are at high risk for hitting the euth list. I hope lots of people keep asking after her so Manson doesn’t make her disappear like so many others.


Speaking of adoptions returns, poor Camilla, who was a recent return, was immediately slotted into Amanduh’s lesson program.  Camilla was returned due to lameness and while it is thought to be mechanical in nature (diagnosed by real vet), HiCaliber has not done anything about fixing the issue, which is fixable via a standing surgery.  Manson has not even requested that from the village idiots.  I know she doesn’t have a great track record of picking out hind end lameness in horses, but once a real vet says it’s there, it’s likely there.  Most people do not want to ride a lame horse.  As for the rest of Amanduh’s lessons, apparently a lot of people are falling off horses including at least one getting a concussion.  Strange how Amanduh giving lessons on rescue owned horses is no biggie for their insurance but Manson tried to tell everybody that the insurance wouldn’t allow her to keep neuro horses on the property due to liability.  Even stranger that there hasn’t been many neuro cases diagnosed since the actual insurance policy was posted.



Bento, still at HiCaliber

Since the orphan baby at HiCaliber is still enough of a novelty that there are plenty of updates, I thought it would be interesting to check in with some sushi foals that were adopted out.  If you recall, Crunchy and Ahi (now knows as Maverick and Mavis)are the ones living with novice owners in the tiny pen.  As is evident in the above pictures, they are failing to thrive and have adopted that malnutrition belly that all the HiCaliber foals seem to sport.  I’m sure the people mean well, but foals need proper nutrition and exercise, which is something that Manson seems unaware of or too lazy to implement.  If these are new horse owners and HiCaliber is as good as they have for mentors, I’m worried for these babies.  The do not look ok although marginally better than the remaining sushi foals back at the feed lot.  Those are all losing hair which Manson has now diagnosed as a fungal issue.  I dunno know about that, but I do know malnutrition can cause them to lose all their hair too.  Just sayin…


Auction was a shit show as per usual this week.  The same old lines and cons with four new inmates drug back to the feed lot including a perlino stud that Manson has been obsessing over for the past month or so.  Because Manson was unsupervised and Jonassthan doesn’t come up for air out of her rectum long enough to draw a deep breath let alone have an independent thought,  there was basically no brakes on her.  This left her free to rant for the camera as she trudged around Ontario bitching about how she doesn’t like to do auction and how she would rather be out with the `herds’ back at the ranch.  I found that strange considering she goes days where she never goes near a horse and she never lowers herself to even throw feed or water when there are no volunteers around.  I also was amused to see her walking past pens and pens of pig, goats and cows without shedding a single tear or feeling `connected’ to any of them as she has in past weeks.  I guess she forgot about that.  She also took the time to cry for Tanner, but only after bitching that she felt like she got left holding the bag with Romney Faye jumping ship.  I’m sure I don’t need to recap the entire day’s events or remind people that, once again, not every horse they drug home from auction got an intake video and they did seem to leave the bay TB in the parking lot when the village idiots didn’t rally.  They have seemed slow to rally lately so I fully expect Manson to actually take out her gun and start waving it around in coming weeks.  Either that, or she’s going to have to dust off Romney Faye to make it rain.  A little birdie told me that they are so behind in bills that up until this week the horses were mostly being fed rat infested teff that had been sitting on the driveway for months because she has no credit with the hay company.


Manson was positively moist that she got her blue-eyed wonder horse. I’m sure she had visions of little freaky eyed foals dancing in her head as she bid him up as `high as she had to in order to get him’.  She even proudly informed us that she was willing to leave him at the auction for a day so she could come home and sell everything she owned to come up with enough money to buy him.   Thankfully he went cheap so she only had to dip the rescue paypal like usual. Already referring to him as `my boy’, she claimed he had a story to tell and left us all hanging for the algorithm bump.  I’m sure a good part of that was also due to her having writer’s block and needing the right combination of alcohol and recreational pharmaceuticals to actually come up with the story she claimed the blue-eyed wonder was telling her by sending psychic messages to her FUPA or something. Thankfully, the village idiots have long since forgotten that the rest of us are still waiting for her to do something with her paper bag of hair and tell the stories of the Louisiana horses.  Anyhow, after a few days wait, we were finally treated to Astro aka Wyatt’s `story’.


Never one to pass up an opportunity to go live, Manson treated us to a live hit with her Astro/Wyatt in the dark.  She claimed it was because she was busy all day with a flat tire or something, but she had likely just gotten out of bed.  With the blood still running down his neck from a banamine shot, Astro hobbled out of his pen while Manson tearfully told us that he had PSSM and made up this fantastical tale of how he had been passed around to breed eleventy billion mares to make PSSM foals in the past couple of months.  Because his original owner appears to be a village idiot, it was not her fault that she gave him away with his testicles attached knowing he had PSSM because she assumed the person would geld him.  You know, because that always happens when you give a unique colored horse away to a backyard home.  It’s also clear that Manson has absolutely no clue about PSSM and how to manage it other than what she read from the link we provided in the comment sections on here the other day when one of the readers rightfully guessed he was likely to have PSSM given his pedigree.  Unfortunately for the horse, Manson doesn’t really fully understand the difference between regular exercise to prevent an episode and absolutely not forcing a horse to move any further than necessary when they are actively tying up.  I’m also hoping her idea of exercise is a bit more than what she showed on live feed because wandering around and eating out of the communal hay bin (Nice quarantine measure there) and visiting his neighbors who aren’t quarantine horses, isn’t going to cut it.   Perhaps she’ll drag him around from the golf cart.  At any rate, despite the meds, the poor horse was sore as a boil with a lot more going on with his front end than PSSM.


Anybody that is a masochist like me and sat through her entire live feed, probably noticed that she went on a little rant directed at another SoCal breeder and indicated that she was breeding PSSM horses.  The thing with Manson is that type of thing is never random.  If Manson openly targets or trashes somebody, you can usually guess that is probably a person Manson has screwed over and didn’t put up with it.  Such was the case this time.  It turns out the breeder that Manson called out is the owner of the stallion that Manson bred her mare RyRy to, with Daisy (3 years old) being the result.  Both horses still live at HiCaliber for free.  It seems that Manson didn’t pay her bills *shocking* and for some reason that adds up to the person being owed the money being the bad guy.  So, I did a bit of digging and it seems that Manson’s mare had an injury that she refused to do anything about, so she left the breeder with over $1000 owing between vet and mare care/board bills.  The stallion she was bitching about is not the one she bred her mare to, but he also doesn’t have PSSM.  He is a HERDA carrier which means that if you breed him to a clean mare, there is zero chance your foal will have HERDA.  This is why they do the 5 panel testing and this breeder posts the results.  She is not hiding a thing.   Most people breeding horses with Poco Bueno in their bloodline are stupid if they do not have a five panel test done on them.  Similar to anybody breeding a frame overo APHA without testing for OLWS is asking for trouble.  While Manson bragged about Astro/Wyatt being Two Eyed Jack bred top and bottom, many QH people cringed knowing that PSSM was likely with that inbreeding.  What we saw during her rant was Manson being a vindictive bitch and nothing more.  The people that she owes money to have beautiful horses and Manson certainly never had an issue with them until she couldn’t pay her bills.


An Indian legend says:

” When a human dies there is a bridge they must cross to enter into Heaven.  At the head of this bridge waits every animal that human encountered during their lifetime.  The animals, based on what they know of that person, decide which humans may cross the bridge…and which ones are turned away”


I had a hard time with this post this week.  First it was just my usual irritation with the same old antics and cons, but as news trickled in of the absolute shooting spree Manson went on over the past week, it became a different kind of difficult.  She has that perlino stud that is in clear and obvious pain and she’s going to spend untold donor dollars on him because she `has a thing for blue eyes’, yet Marek wasn’t even worth an x-ray to her because he was just a sorrel even though he was in no way as uncomfortable as Astro/Wyatt.  PSSM is not something you can fix, but only manage, but perhaps Marek could have been fixed.  Her reasons for shooting these animals are so arbitrary that it can’t accurately even be called euthanasia.  It most certainly can’t be called compassionate.  Then, by some fucked up reasoning, she doesn’t count compassion pulls as regular euthanasias.  That, to me, says right there she knows she’s killing horses that don’t need to be and that is not rescue.  That’s just running a high kill shelter and that’s not ok.  The fact that she names one of the horses after a person she hates and then refuses all offers of sanctuary homes or money for diagnostics shows me she enjoys killing them.  It reminded me all too well of that sick bastard, Tim Sappington.  You can read all about him at this link . I don’t even want to think of the horror for those horses that spent their last moments on earth standing next to another dead body and having Manson’s evil mug the last one they saw.  That haunts me.  It also motivates me to stay the course.  I don’t ever ask for people to do much other than read, but I’m asking that people read the comments and take note of the links in the comment sections.  Please use them.  As for me, I will try to get it together to get a post done up earlier next week.  #saytheirnames


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I guess we’re going to do things a bit differently this week.  Nobody likes getting stuck in a rut anyhow.  It seems that those wacky HiCalibrites really went above and beyond in the fuckery department on Tuesday and the schemes and scams they cooked up are still going on.  Because of this and by request, I’m going to try to sort recent events out and depending if they can keep things in their pants over the weekend, we’ll do a Wednesday post rather than the usual Tuesday thing.  Maybe.  Best laid plans and all that. For now though, we’ve got some pretty tough stuff to talk about.  Y’all know the drill.  Beverage, seat, focus and I strongly suggest making that beverage an adult one.  Just when you think they can’t sink any lower…

***ETA**** I keep forgetting to remind people to click on the stills for videos in some cases, including the new HiCaliber Theme Song down below.  If you’re reading from mobile they will appear just as an image, but will play if you click on them.

I don’t even know where to begin with this poor little mare.  She was one of the victims they drug home from auction on Tuesday and Manson truly sunk to new depths with this one.  The poor little mare has a rectovaginal fistula so you know that pretty much sealed her fate with Manson right there.  She even had a brief photo sesh with it in the pens at auction before loading her up to take her home.  You know, Manson doesn’t have time to water or feed horses, but show her a messed up vag and she’s all over it to the point of obsession.  That’s neither her nor there though.  It was with the fund-raising tactics they used with this horse and they lies that got told that are the issue.  The story has changed several times but there is always a `Wounded Warrior’ tie in.  Maybe the fact that Veterans Day is this weekend inspired her, but she latched onto this story and stuck with it.  Of course, the villagers rallied and the mare, now named Joan, and her messed up vagina were on their way back to the feed lot.

While they were on their `Freedom Walk’ a man and his son showed up to help.  The kid was leading a pony for them and the dad was really chatty.  It turns out they were the sources of the `wounded warrior’ horse and it seems Manson may have found a kindred spirit if not another dumping ground.  The Barber ranch has pony parties and petting zoo animals.  I think I heard him mumble something about buying all the pigs other than the two that HiCaliber scooped that nobody will ever hear from again. It does not appear that Barber was the original source of the wounded warrior lie.  He’s been trying to sell the Appy mare since September and had no real back story on her.  However, it seems he’s not one to throw his new BFF under the bus so he kinda go on board with the con.

In September there were no mention of veterans or Wounded Warriors. The mare was in better shape back then too, so he may be partially to blame for her condition.

So, over the course of a few months she went from having a rather generic back story to a heart tugging one.  It didn’t sit right with many people.  How could an organization like Wounded Warriors be neglecting animals and discarding  them with flippers and kill buyers?  It turns out they don’t and not only are they in no way involved with this mare, they are actually beyond pissed about Manson’s lying about them.


Well, as of Friday, Manson is saying the mare came from the Wounded Warrior Project and is standing firm that the mare has some association with them so looks like her lie hole may be getting her into some real trouble this time.  Sadly, she’s also threatening to kill Joan, but not before soaking the village for another $400 in diagnostics for her.  Apparently, that’s what x-rays cost when you’re a village idiot.  For the rest of us they’re only about $60 per view and you’d need exactly one view to diagnose laminitis in a foot.  However, Manson doesn’t have a clear idea what laminitis actually is.  Active laminitis is a veterinary emergency.  It’s not a wait until tomorrow thing.  You get a vet out immediately and get some antihistamines into that horse and pedal support duct taped on if you must.  IF this mare has foundered she is past the acute/active phase.  It’s over and what you’re dealing with is the aftermath, which is still pretty horrible but it seems Manson doesn’t really get how things work.  Bone changes don’t mean an automatic death warrant and horses can be made comfortable.  Don’t take my word for it though, I’m not even a 20% vet ( laminitis article)


As you can see, Manson is bound and determined this mare is not fixable despite her lip service to one last good home.  I’ve dealt with severe cases of laminitis, where hooves are trying to slough off.  It is not for the faint of heart or something I’d wish on anybody, but horses can often be made comfortable. This mare isn’t remotely close to that from what they have shown of her.  I’m sure her feet are tender and I’m sure they are even more tender with how short they were trimmed and the drastic angle change.  Any horse would be.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen this with the HiCaliber horses as well.  This mare was walking around the parking lot on Tuesday with no issues at all.  It was after posting this video that even more drama regarding her continued use of the Wounded Warrior moniker was whipped up complete with attempted village idiot intervention,

Oops, there goes another major donor for HiCaliber.  Sadly, the other horse they picked up on Tuesday has a target on him too.


I fear Ollie is as good as dead.  Manson as much as said so on a live feed earlier today.  Again, he’s had his feet trimmed super short and they always seem to want to show these sore horses off on this incline to make them look even worse. I think the important thing is to note her use of navicular and laminitis because that’s going to be important later in this post. Likely, Ollie has been thrown in a pen with Joan to await their walk out to the killing field in a few days.


A lot of the outrage this week, aside from auction, started with Tiara.  Tiara was bought off Misner back in August along with her friend, Belen.  The only thing really wrong with her seemed to be a summer sore near her eye.  After it was cleared up, we never really heard much about her until this past week when Manson announced Tiara was out of time.  Her crime?  She’s not `happy’ and after being tossed out in a herd and virtually ignored for months. She’s not appreciating that the only human interaction she’s getting is people picking at yet another summer sore, but this time on her mouth.  She’s not lame.  She doesn’t have melanomas.  She’s just not happy and for that she must die according to Manson.  If that wasn’t offensive enough, Manson heaves herself up on the proverbial soapbox to inform the village idiots that it’s still rescue because the saved her from slaughter.  The village idiots don’t realize that they don’t slaughter gray horses for consumption and they have been well schooled to never seek out the truth either.  That’s why they got her from Misner in the first place.  She had zero value to him and now Manson is threatening her life saying they were the only rescue that stepped up.  Perhaps that’s because they were the only ones Misner called?  At any rate, her little game of internet roulette worked and another rescue did step up for the poor mare.  Sadly, this won’t be the last of the lives threatened and lost in the immediate future.

Another part of the reason that Manson was threatening Tiara’s life is because she is getting ready to shoot her pal, Belen, in the face and she thinks that Tiara can’t handle it.  You know, because horses are like lovebirds and mate for life or something in Manson’s world.  Belen was picked up from Misner the same day Tiara was and somehow has magically become laminitic or at least that’s one of the reasons Manson is giving for her impending death. It wasn’t anything they every mentioned as being a problem before, but Manson has been on a bit of a laminitis kick as of late.  I’m sure the fact that Belen is blind in one eye has a lot to do with things as they never did bother getting anything done with her deflated eye.  Sadly, Belen isn’t the only one on the soon to be dead list.

Siri is also on the latest euth list.  She’s only 10 years old and she was an owner surrender last November.  That’s an automatic strike against a horse because Manson can’t milk them for funds from the outset.  The `official’ reason for getting marked for death is Manson claims she is dropping in her pasterns and is now `reactive’ on the ground and rears under saddle.  In other words, they can’t handle her and for that she must die.  Considering they were riding or attempting to not that long ago, I’m not really buying the dropped pasterns or at least not so severe that she needs to be shot in the face.  Do none of these people know how to do any meaningful leg work?  That was a rhetorical question.  We still have more that are marked for death…

Loree was bought at auction this past January.  She was pretty skinny and didn’t exactly thrive at HiCaliber.  Yet another one that went bald on them, so she was promptly shipped off to foster where she clearly did quite well.  Sadly, she’s back at the feed lot and the 30% vet has now declared her a 4/5 grade lameness and having zero joint space left.  I’m not exactly sure how Manson came to that conclusion unless she’s developed x-ray vision because I certainly don’t recall her begging for cash for diagnostics and we know there is no way she’d have dipped into her eyelash fund to cover that.  Maybe Loree looked at her wrong or something.  I was told that the breaking point for Sareen getting shot in the face is that she bit somebody that shouldn’t have been in her pen in the first place.

Ace is also on the death list.  He’s likely near the top since he was returned from foster a few months ago and the plan always was to kill him due to his ringbone.  Manson has said he is having a hard time `more often than not’ so he’s gotta go.  No word on a vet signing off or anything of the sort, but that shouldn’t really surprise anybody.  When is the last time we have ever seen a vet sign off on a euth at HiCaliber?

bullet list

None of the horses listed above are dead yet, as far as we know.  That could change in a day or a week. It all depends on how itchy Manson’s trigger finger gets.  She has some blanket reasoning for adding these to her death list which is mainly that she feels they are `top heavy’ with navicular, ringbone and chronically lame horses and that this group has been showcased long enough.  I’m not sure what she considers `showcasing’ since most of them haven’t  been mentioned in monhts other than maybe in passing. She also said something about it getting cold, you know, because SoCal is famous for its frigid temperatures. There will probably be one last post for some them and then they all get lined up and executed basically because they will be considered not adoptable if people don’t step up and takethem.  Nothing like a little extortion to motivate people, right?  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a real big problem with this.  Like a HUGE one.  What is rescue about any of this?  Isn’t rescue supposed to be about rehabilitating horses?  Am I missing something here?  I’m furious and all this wasn’t helped much by the other bullshit she’s pulled this week.

Just to lighten things up before we wade into the rest of the mess this week, I thought I’d mention their volunteer appreciation posts.  When this one was put up, I have to admit I kinda felt bad for a split second because I saw Josie was featured in the pics.  I had mentioned in a previous post that Josie was dead.  I felt like an asshole and I was getting ready to kick some serious mole ass for the bad info.  Then it was brought to my attention that his was a complete copy and past of a post they had made in August right down to the pictures.  Josie, sadly, is still dead and even sadder, she was likely dead when they made the original post back in August.  It’s things like this that I am thinking of when I talk about Manson lying about shit that doesn’t matter.  Why make the post at all?  I don’t know about everybody but else but I question the sincerity of the appreciation when it’s a recycled post.  Poor effort!

The village idiots are now buying horses that are basically sight unseen.  After all the auction grifting, this gelding was somehow left behind or bought by somebody else, depending on who is telling the story, and they just had to go back for him midweek.  Naturally, the village idiots came up with the $1000 and he was declared `safe’.  We haven’t really heard anything about him since then or even if he has a name and the village idiots have already forgotten about him so your guess is as good as mine as to whether he ever actually materializes at the feed lot.  He might magically show up on Tuesday as well.  That’s happened before.  Nothing about Manson’s story strikes me as true.  That’s what happens when you constantly lie though. Moving right along…

I guess we should talk about the foal.  He was purchased for $200 at auction on Tuesday from Nacho the flipper.  Even though Nacho is a horse trader just like Salvador and Misner, Manson does not like Nacho because he won’t lower his prices for her.  Really that’s the only difference even though she’s trying to package Salvador and Misner as good guys.  Anyhow, he produced this orphan foal who was nursing off a goat.  Manson wouldn’t buy the goat.  We all know Manson is far too lazy to get her ass out of bed and feed him and that was proven when a sign up sheet for his feedings circulated and not a single resident of the ranch managed to sign up.  However, the first night, when he was still a novelty they all crowded in his stall and tormented him until he was charging them (including Manson’s bare footed child) and trying to kick and bite them all.  This was all happening while Manson was telling us she refused to bottle feed him or use a nipple bucket because it creates `all kinds of problems’ and makes them bad mannered.  This would be the same person that doesn’t believe in weaning babies until they are 2 yrs old.   Manson also took the opportunity to inform us that she knew all about orphans because they adopted a `truck load’ from Last Chance Corral in Ohio.  I did some digging around and that was determined to be yet another lie.  Manson adopted one foal and a former board member adopted another when LCC broke down in their area and needed some assistance.  From all the digging I did, that’s the `truck load’ she is referring to and she didn’t do the work on raising those foals either.  I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m worried for the little guy.  He as not landed softly at all.  I don’t think he’s seen daylight since he got to HiCaliber.

Manson really outdid herself on this one.   A midweek `rescue’ under the cover of darkness and she didn’t have time to explain but please send money.  Oh, and did y’all notice the part that she claims to have gotten a call to go shoot some horses?  If you can pick out the truth in there between the `dealing with AC’ to the vet being out a month and then making the leap that after all that only she can shoot the horses, please tell me how because none of this makes sense.  What is likely is that due to her getting busted with her parking lot deals from AC and that their offsite locations have all been identified, she’s now making her deals with Salvador under the cover of darkness to try to get around being honest and transparent.


The morning after the midnight run we were treated to a tearful video from Manson.  I wasn’t buying what she was selling, but the village idiots sure were.  She was pretending to be upset about putting these ponies through pain and how shooting them in the face would be harder because she wasn’t used to shooting ponies or something.  She also showed us the other three horses she drug home and mentioned one had new shoes on and wasn’t that strange when the ponies came from the same place and had elf boots.  It’s really not so weird when you realize she picked them all up from one of her regular flippers so they likely all came from different places a few days ago.  Oh wait!  Their owner died so that’s why the ponies were neglected yet he still managed to put new shoes on one of the horses from beyond the grave.  What are the odds?


I don’t know about the rest of you, but it kinda seems like Manson is getting worse.  Without Angrid and Romney Faye around to keep her in check, she’s really gotten brazen in her lying. She wants to make money by playing the Wounded Warrior card, yet another veteran that she thinks posts on this blog (she doesn’t), is fair game for Manson to trash and spill intimate secrets about just because that person dared to leave HiCaliber.   If anybody dares question her practices, they are told it isn’t her first rodeo or to eat a dick.  Sometimes both.  I’m tired of the carnage at that rescue and somehow speaking up and saying `Hey, this isn’t right’ makes you a hater.  I don’t know what a `hater’ really is but I sure hate whats going with those horses, so maybe I am one.  I don’t really care what the village idiots think at this point.  I’m not out to change their mind and if they want to eat Ramen noodles and hand over their pensions, that’s on them.  I’m here to preach to the choir so that the advocates can get the information they need and we can make a real difference for these animals.  That is all.  I believe we are gaining some ground, so now is not the time to turtle on this.  This ain’t my first rodeo either…

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We are back on our Tuesday flow.  I was kinda toying with the idea of holding off with this post so I could add the auction recrap as well, but then I remembered that I’m not all that ambitious.  Don’t worry, I’ll recrap anything noteworthy on the next post.  I’ve got quite a few other fun morsels for everybody to peruse today.  They will likely cause mass paranoia and infighting behind the scenes but hopefully some clarity for the rest of us.  That means it’s time to grab your java or whatever it is that gets your system going and follow along as I try to shed a little light in the darkest corners of what passes for rescue at HiCaliber.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Frau Manson has been extremely low profile this past week.  I’ve seen several theories tossed around ranging from more cosmetic procedures to the more likely scenario of her being out of town again.  My thoughts on it are that it really doesn’t matter where she is as long as she’s not torturing animals.  It’s pretty much a given that wherever the truth lies, it is being funded by donations.   It also just so happens we have a bit of insider info in the form of Biz Desk screen shots…


So yeah, Manson wasn’t around last week and, because she is bleeding volunteers, she decided to do a damage control message.  I’m guessing this might herald the advent of a kinder and gentler version of Manson again since the ranting, foul-mouthed version doesn’t tend to make it rain as far as donations go.  We also know from the past that this type of thing doesn’t usually last all that long before she defaults to factory settings. I am thinking of setting up a betting pool for the date she reverts back to telling everybody to eat a bag of dicks and calling her donors twats.  That’s neither here nor there though.  Let’s talk about that permit stuff that has everybody so confused.


Last week, the glorious announcement that the permit drama was basically sorted and they were going to be approved was made.  In keeping with the HiCaliber modus operandi of never owning their own evil, it came with the caveat that it was only because of haters that they were going through this process and that the county went and changed their code ordinances on them.  They forgot to mention the fact that those changes were made in 2013 which was before The Manson family infested their current location.  Good thing village idiots aren’t that concerned with facts.  The rest of us are though and nobody seems to be able to find any evidence that they have been approved or word of a public hearing scheduled, which would have to happen before they got their approval.  Because of this, for somebody from code to say that they are about to be approved is extremely shady.  That would be like a judge telling you that you would be winning your trial before he heard the case.  Then you need to consider that they aren’t even applying for the right permit because with the permit they are working on they would have to have under 100 horses.  As of today, they are close to having 170 on that property.  Unless Manson is planning a mass execution, I’m not sure of the wisdom behind going through all this expense to still be in violation and open themselves up for serious fines.

These screen shots are from the inner sanctum.  I was momentarily kinda happy to see that maybe some of the inhabitants of Manson’s rectum may have come up for air long enough to ask  the same questions that have been on most people’s minds about this permit drama.  I took it as a pretty positive sign despite Manson’s efforts to pass the buck onto Angrid and Wrinkles.  Sadly, my happy was shat upon as Angrid posted up the same old tired screen shots from the county website and the idiots dutifully accepted them as proof and thanked her for lying to them.  We were told Angrid had stepped back, but apparently that is only for public appearances and she’s in elbow deep as per usual.  I’m actually not even sure she’s lying so much as maybe she’s that stupid as well.  If they have `professionals’ working on the permits for them, then they have these things called retainers and quotes.  As a donation dependent non-profit, it would be perfectly reasonable to ask for something in writing that they could show their donors.  That’s what you do when you are being truly transparent.  They are asking for big chunks of change rather than this nickel and dime stuff they usually engage in so they should expect most people ponying up that sort of donation are going to ask for proof and receipts.

It’s nice to know that somebody showed up to clean water tubs on Monday.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but it takes more than a day for my water troughs to get scummy, so I’m wondering when certain volunteers are going to be sick of being the one always to do the unpleasant tasks.  As you can see from the other screen shot, while the horses are contending with filthy water if they have any at all, the human (using that term loosely) residents seem to be well stocked with crystal clear water for themselves and make sure that is delivered on time.  Horses first, right?  Speaking of which, let’s check in with some of the inmates…


We’ll start off easy with some horses that aren’t in horrible shape yet.  The gray in the picture is April who was a recent owner relinquishment.  I’m not sure why they have a tight bandage above her hock, but look for April to end up a pasture puff when they end up rupturing her superficial flexor with that wrap.  My eyes are bleeding.  Better to have no bandage at than that mess.  Does nobody there know how to do a spider wrap?  Whoever the horse on the left side of the pic is seems to be having an issue with the right front as well.  The chestnut up front looks great though.  Must be a newcomer or recent foster return.


Remember the private buyer donks?  For whatever reason they stand in a stall with too large nylon halters on waiting to catch a leg in one and break a neck or at least really hurt each other.  Word is they aren’t too tame, but hopefully they have moved on by now.  You never know with these impulse purchases.

How about Houston?  Remember him?  They purchased him over 2 months ago and as you can see by the pic on the right, which was taken within the last week, they only thing that has changed for him is he’s lost a bit of weight (likely from being gelded) and his mane is even more tangled.  He was gelded right after arriving and looks like nobody has looked at him since.  I bet he’s sure happy to have been `rescued’.

Remember Yogi and Jingle?  They were bought at auction way back in August.  The village had to dig really deep because there was the threat of leaving one behind and having it go feral.  Yogi’s (the smaller one) arrival was complete with a trailer wreck causing a big gash in his leg that meant he had to be knocked out to treat.  Jingle is wearing probably the same halter since she arrived at the feed lot.  It does not appear to be a break away halter, so yet another accident waiting to happen.  I know at one point they were trying to raise money send them to be `gentled’, but I’m not sure if that ever came to pass.  Besides their poor condition, it appears they are both sitting in a small pen waiting to `go feral’ or be declared behavioral so Manson can make room for more.

Do you remember Edie?  I can’t blame people if they don’t.  Edie was the poor horse that arrived in Salvador’s trailer, got transferred into Becky’s trailer to spend the day and then `showed’ up after auction.  Manson didn’t care much for him because he appears to be pretty green.  She was pretty much threatening to shoot him before they `officially’ loaded him to take him back to their feed lot at the end of the day.  Manson’s logic is that it’s still rescue even if she shoots them in the face for no other reason than not warming up to her fast enough or at all.  Well, the pic on the right is Edie’s life right now and you can decide for yourself if that looks like rescue or if he doesn’t look like he’s lost condition in a few short weeks.  He lives in a rope halter dragging a shank around.  All the easier to catch him to shoot him I guess.  If he steps on the shank and rips half his face off,  like those halters tend to do in situations like that, it gives them an easy out.  Even better if he manages to hang himself on a corral panel and snap his neck.  That saves the bullet.  What kills me is this is a nice looking little horse with a kind eye that likely just needs somebody’s time who knows what they’re doing.  He’s never going to get that where he is.


This horse is thought to be Camilla.  She was a recent foster return allegedly due to soundness issues.  She went right back on the website as suitable for adoption and here she waits in a tiny pen with no shade and that same shit stain on her neck will likely be there month from now unless the rain takes it away.  Joe Average Volunteer is not allowed to touch or groom a horse unless they take special lessons so they can learn how to do it the HiCaliber way.  Any potential new adopters will be told Camilla is sound and ready to go with no mention that she was returned.  Hey, at least she has water, right?

As they bleed volunteers, they continue to overburden the ones they have left.  Common sense would say if your wash bay is not draining properly, then perhaps it takes more than a plastic pipe and maybe washing horses right outside the barn door isn’t a great idea.  Once again, it never occurs to one of the residents to pick up a shovel or call in a professional to get things done.  Better to just dump it on the village.  I’m also going to guess that perhaps that the payoff for many volunteers is that they want to interact with horses rather than do grunt work.  Trust me, I’ve run volunteer dependent programs and you gotta learn to kiss some serious ass and keep them happy.  I guess it doesn’t matter one way or another to me if they have a mud hole in front of their barn other than all this takes away from man hours that could be spent caring for some of these poor animals and seeing that their days are more than just standing in a pen with no interaction.



This email came into my possession a few days ago.  It was sent by Manson to Dan DeSousa who is the Director for  San Diego Department of Animal Services.  Although this email was from a year ago, I think it speaks volumes as to why it has been so difficult to get any action from Animal Services and various other agencies.  The horses she is referring to are the notorious `Slaughter11′ which was the precursor to the Louisiana clusterfuck of this year.  (We’ll talk about that little escapade at another time.)  There are a few take aways from this email aside from the casual, almost over familiar tone to it.  She is making it seem that anybody that complains is Rick and Laura Bell or linked to them.  Make no mistake that there were issues between Manson and The Bells and some of it played out on this blog some years ago.  One wrong doesn’t cancel out the other, but in the same vein, just because The Bells have maybe personal motivations here, that doesn’t mean their concerns are not valid.  Manson is also deliberately misleading in describing what happened with The Bells (she did not bust anything open and they still have their horses) and her part in things along with her involvement with them. Then to make sure that she sounds legit, Manson throws Angrid’s job in the mix as well as Dr. Grove and his profession.  One year later, none of those people are willing to be named as board members or take the fall for her lies.  It is my understanding that she has pulled a similar stunt with the code enforcement people even though it backfired badly.  I’m still scratching my head at what Angrid’s job has to do with any of this considering she has not passed the California Bar and cannot practice law outside her job from what I understand. Perhaps we’re all supposed to be impressed or intimidated? I guess I’m not surprised DeSousa seemed to buy this as it has recently been come to light that his own house may not be too clean when it comes to euthanasia practices and paperwork ( Animal Shelter Faulted For Undocumented Euthanasia, Lack of Training).  Perhaps complaints need to go a bit higher up the ladder?

seller permit

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed that more and more, the Tuesday deals happen in the parking lot and not at the actual auction house.  For the past two weeks, there has been a lot of sneaking around going on and I wondered why they were going to such lengths when pretty much everybody knows that Voldy is Dave or Bubba Misner and that Salvador Paniagua is their other regular supplier.  I was recently provided with the above information that came from this link: California State Board of Equalization It seems that Misner and Salvador are dodging taxes and the need for a permit with all these covert cash deals.  That means not only are The Manson Family lining the pockets of horse trippers and kill buyers, but they are now helping them evade paying taxes or getting the proper permits to be selling their animals in parking lots. It kinda makes me wonder where the paper trail for any of these animals starts or ends and what an auditor would make of  any of this.


So here we are on Tuesday again.  I’ve long since stopped hoping that HiCaliber would come to their senses and sit one out here and there while they got their numbers under control.  It’s not going to happen.  The only questions are what cons they will run and what parking lot will they sneak off to make the exchange with Salvador. Misner doesn’t even bother brining his tributes to Ontario much any more since his place is less than 5 minutes away.  I’m sure the horses that will be presented to the village idiots are already selected and their back stories are being created as you read this.  Will they be from the notorious flipper?  Maybe the sick old man who can no longer care for them?  Perhaps an honest man just trying to feed his family or maybe they will need to be snatched from the jaws of the out-of-state kill buyer that drove all the way across the country to pick up one or two emaciated horses at the Ontario auction.  Maybe this week he’ll be looking for lactating ponies to use in the underground lactating mare match racing pipeline.  We do know that they will start the con with `barely enough for one’ or, depending on their mood, maybe they’ll have `not even enough for one’.  They use those interchangeably.  Horses will be `terrified’.  Horses will be sad and mares will need their yearling babies to stay with them because otherwise they’ll be sad and because weaning is evil in the Manson handbook of all things gunsel.  If we’re super lucky well get some chute diagnostics and maybe even get to see some peen cancer.  All this to keep the village idiots entertained and digging deep and even though there are fewer and fewer of them, they will dig even deeper to seal the fate of even more animals. The quota will be filled with no less than 3 horses getting drug back to the feed lot never to be heard from again as they are forgotten by the village idiots almost as soon as the trailer door closes.  All the easier to make them disappear.  Am I the only one that has had enough?  Keep speaking up and keep that light shining on the truth.




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Ok, I lied.  Obviously this isn’t up on Tuesday.  I had a busy weekend and then I have this thing were my animals actually come first in my household, so there just wasn’t enough time and energy to get a post out on Tuesday this week. The bonus is that means we can talk about the auction shit show along with all the other antics that have gone down lately.  Thanks to the readers that comment here, I even ventured to the dark side and remembered why I don’t usually bother with that.  In fact I think that’s where I’m going to start things off.  I don’t normally like to give the shitheads a lot of attention, but I’m feeling magnanimous today, so I’ll toss the bone.  Let’s gather round for this week’s examples rescuing irresponsibly.


I posted this meme yesterday in lieu of the usual post.  Most of you were amused by it.  The shitheads were not. Mission accomplished.  Still,  I know better than to look over there but after the recent comments on a previous post, I had a momentary lapse in self-control.  They did not disappoint.  Here are some of their comments about us daring to laugh at what a shitty rider Amanduh is.

Actually, when I’m riding a green and unfamiliar horse is when I look my very best because I’m actually paying attention.  If I get loose and careless, it’s usually going to be on one I regularly ride and know. However, Manson’s argument doesn’t hold any water anyhow because the horse in the picture is Strategist and he’s been kicking around their feed lot for quite a while, which means he’s been subjected to those ridiculous knotty halters for ages as well as what passes for horsemanship on the feedlot.  I swear Manson can’t tell the truth if she tries.  As far as `big balls’, that may explain the funny riding position Amanduh employs, but it most certainly does not explain the star fishing Manson engages in.  I would think starfishing would be very painful if one had testicles.  Manson the horses she gets on that I won’t and she’s partially right because I won’t ride a lame horse or one too small for me and they obviously have no issues with those things.  Manson is also afraid to even ride her own horses so there’s that too.  However, let’s just suspend reason and facts for a moment and say Amanduh was doing a test ride and the camera caught her in a brief moment of looking like a shit sack.  How would that explain this next pic?


This is Amanduh riding her very own horse, Rhys.  I suppose I should give some credit that she actually appears to be on the proper lead for once, but that is likely due to accident rather than design. While we’re at it, can somebody break her ankles so she can finally get her heels down?  My bleeding eyes! Then, we have the village idiots, including some usual suspects, chiming in with their expertise.

You pretty much know you’re on shaky equitational (yes, I made that word up) ground when the best you can do for a defense, aside from Manson, is having Maloree, the Cannabis Queen and Denise, God Warrior, Tracy chiming in.  Yikes!


While we’re on riding and all things gunsel, Manson posted this pic of herself the past week.  Yet again she is riding a horse that is far too small for her and that’s not helped by her riding a saddle that fits neither the horse or her ass.  I will give credit where it is due and say this horse was emaciated a month or two ago when they bought her and Manson is only using a semi-starfish position rather than the extreme one she normally favors.  It’s not fat shaming to say that she’s too large for this horse though. It’s a fact.  She does these animals no favors with this sort of thing or using those ridiculous knotted halters.  I do have a point in all this aside from just bitching.

I can’t even grant an `E’ for effort here with Rene aka Scrappy Doo’s version of bitless here on her foster horse, Danny.  Last week we got to see her do a test ride on Terney with an ill-fitting saddle that digging into his shoulder and withers, and this week we get to see what Danny has to put up with from her.  Danny, who doesn’t have enough `go’ to be worthy of adopting but still puts up with her BS.  I’m not sure what this rig on him is aside from ill fitting.  The knot isn’t tied right and I’m not sure wth is the deal with the brownbandy thing she’s got going on there and tangled up in his mane.  Seriously, does nobody connected with HiCaliber know how to tack a horse up?  Somebody should snatch Danny up and upgrade him though.  He’s clearly a saint for putting up with what he does.

Last week we learned both Nala and Eliza were returned from being adopted.  It seems that Nala’s adopter is having extreme difficulty getting her money back and that Eliza’s owner has had second thoughts and will be giving the mare one more try.  Sadly, Bikini, Shawa and Aussie were all returned this past week though.  The same person had all three horses and while details aren’t clear, she is only entitled to get her adoption fee back on Aussie as she had the other two for more than 30 days.  Not much more but enough so that Manson gets to pocket that money and still have the horses.  This is the problem with their adoption events.  They let these horses go to anybody that kisses enough ass and often it is somebody that gets caught up on a whim and hasn’t really thought the logistics through.  Then, the horse that arrives home with them may not be as advertised as far as how broke it is or even healthy and sound.  The reason for this is that there doesn’t appear to be anybody at HiCaliber that knows WTF they are doing or could properly assess a horse on any level.  They are set up to fail and the horses pay the price.  I know there are a fair number of people that try to adopt only to be rejected or outright ignored and maybe that’s a blessing for them.  I shudder to think which poor souls are due for a return trip to the feed lot next.


I’m not sure if anybody else has noticed all the volunteer  themed posts on the HiCaliber Facebook page lately.  Everything from how much they appreciate them to the `day in the life’ posts.  I believe we’re supposed to overlook that they are really stale posts given the horses involved.  Percy has been gone for a long time and so has Hot Shot.  Then there are the pics I’ve posted on this blog a few months ago that they post like they happened the last week.  What does it matter?  Well a little `birdie’ told me they are bleeding volunteers.  They have been for quite a while.  First there was the summer holiday excuse and now I’m not sure what the issue is other than Manson is somewhat ignorant to the plebs she considers to be beneath her.  Apparently bending over and picking up garbage is beneath her too.  Far better to be petty and further alienate people that are there out of the goodness of their heart and make a cunty post.  Then sit back, wonder and whine that there is nobody to feed horses.


Speaking about the lack of volunteers, water continues to be an issue at HiCaliber.  I’m not sure how many horses need to colic and die before these assholes get it through their head that before they do anything else, they need to water those animals.  Before Manson sits down to eat, before she flicks her bean or whatever the fuck else it is that keeps her inside and not helping out with caring for the 160 plus horses that are on that property as of today.  Yes, I got that right.  She has over 160 horses warehoused on about 11 useable acres and she is not providing the most basic of care for them.  Any questions on why I continue writing this blog and put this sort of thing on blast?  No?  Good let’s carry on to some more douchebaggery.




Every so often, HiCaliber features a horse like Captain America.  Courtesy posts.  I’m not against courtesy posts, I just don’t get it.  We’ve talked about this in the comment section and Captain America is EXACTLY the kind of horse that needs to be rescued.  He’s at risk of falling through the cracks.  He’s a stallion, his owner has medical issues, and he’s going to end up breeding a bunch more grade horses and/or falling through the cracks.  This is exactly where a rescue needs to intervene BEFORE he heads down the road of flippers and bad backyards.  I guess it’s not exciting enough and they can’t grift enough or maybe they’ve all lost the plot so badly, they forgot what real rescue is like.  I’m having a hard time recalling when the last time they acquired horses that didn’t come from Misner or Salvador or auction. Oops wait, there are the relinquished that they never talk about or do much about trying to find new homes.  How long has Nicky been there now?  Not so much of a mention from The Manson Family.  Poor Emmy got her first mention since she was surrendered in March and that’s only because she was drugged up and getting some wounds on her hind leg cleaned up.  Where has she been all this time?  I guess if they’re not mentioned and kept off the village idiot radar, it’s all the easier to make them disappear.

I don’t even know where to start with auction this week.  I supposed I could start by saying how nice it was that Manson and Romney Faye took the week off, but that’s only part of the story.  Instead we were treated to what appeared to be a heavily medicated Wrinkles with Amanduh copiloting along with a few other hangers-on.  Wrinkles isn’t a very good liar and she kinda alternates between whining and going off topic.  She must have forgotten her heart string handbook at home, because she dusted off one of their favorite chute diagnosis and declared a gray gelding to have peen cancer.  I don’t think we have had a good case of faux peen cancer for months, so it was pretty awesome.  Sadly, it did not motivate the village idiots so Wrinkles then had to point out that he had a bump on his nose and surmised that it must mean he had a halter left on too long.  That still wasn’t sad enough for the village idiots so the lucku horse was purchased by somebody else with Wrinkles floating one last-ditch effort to the idiots  and claiming the new owner probably didn’t know he had *gasp* melanomas under his tail so they could still buy him back.  You know, because a gray horse with some lumps under the tail would be a real rarity and all.  It was a tough crowd today though and the lucky gelding did not have to go back to HiCaliber despite them saying he was their #1 priority.


Euclid Auction

Because they got basically skunked aside from one pinto mare at auction, it was time to move onto the parking lot portion of the day.  Even though Manson talked a big game when AC showed up a few weeks ago, the fact is they haven’t done a parking lot sale at Ontario since and today they got even more sneaky.  They met Salvador at the Euclid auction parking lot.  Robyn thought she was being all secretive, even going so far as to mention she had to careful to not show the background, but the dumbass kept flipping the phone around and it was pretty easy to see, along with Salvador’s trailer they were parked right beside them.  What I have trouble understanding is why the secrecy?  If what they are doing isn’t shady and they are truly `saving’ horses, why are they sneaking around all over the place to meet up with the `guy that called’.  It’s always the same `guy’.  It’s Salvador Paniagua, the same guy that brought all those tripping horses to Mike’s Auction and got turned away and then busted by Animal Control.  Instead of doing what real advocates do, HiCaliber decides to protect him and line his pockets by getting their village idiots to buy horses for far more than they would bring at auction.  Today they got a private buyer to buy a mare and fillyoff him to `keep them together’.  Nevermind the fact the filly is almost as big as the mare and long past weaning age, Robyn and HiCaliber declares weaning cruel and prefer to let them self wean.  You know, so you the babies can continue to suck the life out of their mothers and become large, spoiled and herd bound.  Just ask Manson how that worked out for her with Jazz and Liv.

With Amanduh, who claims to be classically trained in multiple disciplines, along, we were treated to her special brand of horsemanship out of the saddle.  Sadly, she’s not much better on on the ground.  After telling us all that she was 5’6 1/2, she proceeded to stand next to a horse that she was clearly taller than and declare her to be at least 17HH. I’d say that horse was closer to 15.2, but that’s just me.  I’m the same height as her btw.  Then we had both Amanduh and Wrinkles puzzling over what was up with the same horse’s back.  The horse is clearly a roach back and despite Wrinkles’s promise to the village idiots, she can bring in all the chiropractors she wants, that back is not going to change.  I’m worried about this mare though, because they were already about mumbling compassion pull and there is no way this mare needs that.  They are born this way and manage just fine.  She didn’t appear to be in any pain at all.  Then this chestnut OTTB showed up (I still haven’t figured out where she materialized from) and Wrinkles promptly declared her an appy due to her ben d’or spots.  Amanduh seemed to agree and even after they read her tattoo (the mare’s name is Definite Maybe) they continued to refer to her as an Appy.  Wrinkles was pretty hit and miss on genders today.  Take a good look at their pictures, it may be the last you ever see or hear of them if past weeks are anything to go by.



Even though Manson wasn’t at auction this week, she did treat us to a short video clip of her draining a hematoma and creating a bigger mess on a young colt a few days ago.  I’m not 100% sure which one of their hoard it was, but clearly there was no vet present and this was something  that Manson had taken upon herself to do.  I don’t really understand the logic of only gloving up just one hand or even lancing a hematoma at the top of the pocket rather than the bottom.  I just know that draining these things isn’t usually something you want to do, but for sure when you do one this big where the drainage hole isn’t at the bottom, you’d probably need a drain put in.  Oh well, another day, another experimental procedure from the 30% vet.  Maybe the standard treatment of cold hosing and maybe a little DMSO isn’t vet-ish enough for her or something.  I was forwarded the above letter which gives me some hope these may be coming to an end at some point.  It would appear there is a case file with the veterinary board and finally, somebody may be looking into what these animals are being put through and where she is getting her hands on so many medications without scrips.  Stay tuned…

I believe this conversation was about the little pinto mare that Manson shot in the face last Tuesday.  I think most of us have heard her claims being `certified’ many times before.  Because there are records of such things, somebody decided to look it up and it turns out that the only thing Manson has beencertified for in the state of California is to carry a baton.  This means unless she is bludgeoning these animals to death, she is no more qualified or certified than anybody else and she probably shouldn’t be packing a loaded gun around with her either.   I have long since come to the conclusion that she shoots horses because she enjoys it.  I know her village would gladly donate the costs of euthanasia should she ask, but she doesn’t.  Considering she begs for even a roll of duct tape, why else wouldn’t she ask for euth costs other than she digs it?



Don’t like it? Don’t care…

These posts get more and more difficult to do up not due to lack of material but because it’s the same shit week after week.  Nothing is ever their fault and we’re just haters.  I do hate what they’re doing to these animals.  I hate that they protect known abusers like Salvador in order to line their own pockets.  .I hate that they have turned a bottom feeder like Misner into some kind of hero when the fact is that he still ships horses to Chavez.  I hate that they create more problems in these horses and then either lie and dump them on an unsuspecting adopter or they trump up an excuse to shoot them.  This is NOT rescue.    They are now bouncing e-checks to people and still, they go out and buy more horses every single week even though they don’t have enough manpower to take care of the ones they have.  The village idiots are every bit as guilty because they completely lose interest once they have made the last minute save.  I guess the freedom walk is their post-coital smoke and they wash their hands of them after that.  Has a single one of them asked after that sick Paint mare they got mid week from Misner?  What about the mare with the tumor on her face?  Did we ever hear if the three mare/foal pairs they got the village to buy from Thompsons in Louisiana made it to California?  I know they never updated on them.  What about Edie from last week? Yet another Salvador horse and Manson was threatening to shoot him before he ever set foot on the trailer for the second time that day.  Why is he the only one that didn’t get an intake last week?  Whatever happened to Houston?  I could fill a post with nothing but questions about horses they have recently purchased.  Don’t dare ask on their Facebook page though.  You’ll either be ignored or accused of being a stalker.  You know, because it’s abnormal to ask after horses they have asked the public to pay for.  All of this has to stop.  With people speaking up, I believe it will stop.  I just hope it’s sooner, rather than later.  Don’t give up!

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