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I apologize for the radio silence lately.  I’m sure there are a few conspiracy theories floating around as to why but it’s really no more complicated than a) I’m busy AF this time of year b) Not much to report that is newsworthy or relevant c) I procrastinate…a lot!  Also, I actually have been working on a few other things, but they keep getting pushed to the back burners as my attention is required elsewhere. We’ll deal with all that on another day.  For today, I’ve got a minor update which seems best to document in a post rather than lose it in the comments.  It’s short and sweet so no need to settle in.  Save that for the next one when I get around to putting it up.


One of the things that has been mentioned in prior posts it the whole permit issue and their lack of compliance that has been going on for over a year.  While the village idiots have conveniently forgotten about the 20k that was raised to cover the permit that never happened, Code Enforcement has not forgotten and has been diligent in making sure that HiCaliber is sticking to their compliance schedule.  Sadly, as with all things Manson, that hasn’t gone according to plan.  The Code Enforcement Officer did show up at the ranch for an unannounced visit some time in September.  I am told that `didn’t go well’ as they met Manson for the very first time and she kinda freaked out on them and would not allow them to count heads or do a walk through.  Wrinkles has always been the point of contact and was supposed to schedule the October compliance but has yet to do that either.  At some point, the word out of HiCaliber was that nobody was getting on that ranch without a warrant. The owner of the property has confirmed that he is in the process of evicting them and did give Code permission to inspect and do a walk through, but they are going to go by the book and obtain a warrant if HiCaliber continue to ignore requests for a compliance inspection.  This information comes from an actual conversation with Claudia as well as the above screen shot.


Another week, another $1500 fundraiser.  It’s funny how that’s the amount they ALWAYS seem to need even though they now only have 22 horses listed as available on their website  Of course, that number is fluid. Dottie and Kori are recent adoption returns and Dom and Suzy Q are either personal projects or HiCaliber horses depending on the day and situation. Still, if you do the math given their claims of how many bales a day they are feeding and how long their hay supply lasts, they are feeding a lot more than 20 horses.  Double that and you might be close to what the actual head count is.  Conspicuously absent from the website and radar is Telissa.  While Kori and Dottie were immediately added to the website upon their return, there has been no mention of Telissa since Manson prevented her from going to a permanent sanctuary.  Whether this is a case of Manson not being everybody’s bitch or Telissa being given sanctuary under the tarp so they could get that double body removal discount when Paxton died, is anybody’s guess.


I told y’all this would be short and sweet.  I don’t really feel a need to rehash a bunch of things that everybody knows about and other things need to marinate a bit before dropping.  Rest assured things are being followed up on and monitored and I will share them as I am able.   I suspect this is going to drag on for a while yet to come because aside from the regular $1500 asks, the Facebook fundraisers keep rolling in, checks keep being sent and various `assets’ are being sold off/traded.   I’m sure the released Paypal funds have been burned through long ago.  What hasn’t seemed to have happened is their 2017 financials being filed with the appropriate agencies.  You’d think with such a drastically reduced number of horses and hardly any live videos these days, there would be ample time to clean up the paperwork.  You’d also think it would leave time for Manson to get a real job, but I have long since learned that applying logic or conventional morality to this situation is an exercise in futility.  Tick tock…

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*********Edited to add******  HiCaliber decided to prevent this mare from going to a sanctuary out of spite.


I just wanted to drop a few quick updates on yesterday’s post.  I see some people are networking Telissa and that’s awesome.  I was just sent these picture that were taken of her today.  HiCaliber is not stepping up nor is the village.  I fear this is only the beginning of former HiCaliber horses we’re going to find in trouble.



Please get the word out in SoCal about this mare.  `Free’ horses never usually end up in good homes and this mare is for sure in trouble.


Meanwhile Manson doesn’t appear to GAF about this mare.  It’s all about her and the fact she is having to do what she should have been doing all along.  It has yet to occur to her that when you have horses you sometimes have to play hurt  Time to put the big girl panties on, Manson.

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Getting Grifty With It

My apologies for doing another flyby post today.  It’s certainly not due to a lack of fuckery on HiCaliber’s part.   I’ve just been working on some other things that have eaten up more of my time than I originally anticipated.  Hopefully, I can get the post with all that up within the next week or so.  For now, I just want to avoid a backlog that will result in a ridiculously long post in the future.  I also think at least one of these things I have need immediate attention.


I don’t know about the rest of you but I feel like Manson isn’t even putting much effort into her lies lately.  The above video clip is just a few of the ones she told the other day on her live, `feel sorry for me and send money and gifts’ feed.  I’m not sure who the `they’ she is referring to are that think a big cat did this to Rizzo.  Certainly not anybody in an official capacity given the fact that NOBODY ever came out to look at the wounds from CDFW and they never even reported the injuries until days after the fact.  We already addressed what other experts had to say about those wounds.  I don’t even think `they’ refers to the village idiots considering some of them thought an angry rodent did this to the horse.  Give me strength…


The next lie in that clip is about Rizzo.  Manson states she just had to adopt him because people were inquiring about him and wanting to ride him.  Gee, I wonder why that was?  The only person riding him as a 2 year old was Manson and the `friend’ she sent him to was Bang Bang Becky when she stashed some of her personal horses at her place for a while.  The fact is Manson saw that he had papers and was already broke so she snatched him up for herself  for $1 within the first 2 weeks.  He wasn’t actually a horse that needed rescue even a little bit.  He does now though.


Just to refresh everybody’s memory, Manson did not, in fact, directly ask for the vet bills to cover the injuries to her personal horses.  I’ve mentioned several times that you need to read between the lines with Manson to find the lies.  In this case, she posted pics of the wounds while asking for money for her vet bill in general.  Of course she knew that people would see those pics and pony up the funds and where that money went is anybody’s guess.  It was deliberately misleading for sure.  I guess if you can find any of this funny, it’s the fact that she stands there talking about not fundraising for these two injured horses while they are munching on hay that the donors paid for.  She then claims that because she lives there she can have her horses there.  Maybe that is so, but she’s got a deadline from the county looming which may change that for her as well.


Telissa was bought at auction last fall.  The mare appeared to be very sweet, but also quite lame. She had a really big knee but despite that, Manson decided to do a test ride on her, complete with short turns onto that knee.  Manson claimed she was totally sound at a trot though.  You know, because horses that are dead lame at a walk always come sound at a trot. Even so, the mare was basically given away for $1 shortly after that video.

Here Telissa is today.  Clearly underweight and being offered for free.   To point out the obvious, HiCaliber clearly didn’t follow-up on her welfare after shuffling her out the door, nor did they vet her home very well.  They also don’t seem to be offering to take her back, not that that would be a good thing either.  This mare needs help and for those reasons, I left the contact details in the screen shots.  I’m not exactly sure how she is suddenly sound even though her knee is still as big as my head, but she most likely pasture sound or able to carry a small child on a leadline type of thing. Manson has stated she’s keeping her 501c3 so that she can be a safety net for horses they have adopted out.  The only safety net Manson is going to offer this mare is a bullet in the face.  It would appear that her keeping the 501c3 has less to do with offering a safety net than it is a way for her to hang onto all her donated gains as long as possible.


Well, I told you it would be short and sweet today.  I don’t really have a bunch to add on Manson’s dramatic injury.  We all know that drill.  As soon as Manson gets in a hole she can’t grift her way out of, she manifests a dramatic injury complete with pics of her hospital bracelets.  Just like the `broken’ back of OTTB20 fame and, of course, her `TBI’.  Given that the fact that the investigations into her are still very much active (confirmed btw), I’m thinking she’s going to have to come up with something a little more catastrophic than a soft brace that anybody can buy in a drugstore.  The more things change…

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