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When I dusted off this blog  and decided to write about HiCaliber back in 2017, it was just me needing to offload what was on my chest.  No moles, no help.  Just me.  It seems somehow appropriate that I close the HiCaliber chapter of this blog the same way.  Just me.  I’ve seen a lot of speculation, talk, and general noise about who did what, what I thought, what my motives were and who I was for months.  Most of it was just that.  Noise.  This is the story straight from the source of how it all went down as far as my involvement and process.   Forgive me if this gets a bit long, I still have a lot to get off my chest.


Kill spot at HiCaliber


May 2017.  That’s when I dusted off this blog after a 3 1/2 year hiatus.  Little did I know, I was grabbing a tiger by the tail with that post.  There wasn’t really a mission or master plan, but it also wasn’t out of nowhere.  HiCaliber had been a rescue I’d loosely followed over the years.  I’d even given them a shout out once upon a time and featured Manson’s videos on the Starlight Sanctuary train wreck way back then.  (Manson wasn’t the one that sent them to me.  I’ve never had contact with her as far as I know).  Yes, I kinda thought Manson was rough around the edges and a little bit of a gunsel but without looking too deeply at her, I figured she was doing more good than harm and maybe that actually was the case way back when.  Then, HiCaliber started popping up on my newsfeed more and more.  I’m guessing this was due to their algorithm bumps and her paying to boost her posts, but I can’t be sure.  I’m not that tech savvy and anything computer related I still attribute to magic and try not to apply reason to it.  At any rate, the more they came across my newsfeed, the more squinty eyed I became.  Aside from the weekly cry seshes, what struck me was the constant state of crisis.  It just didn’t ring right for me and my spidey senses started tingling.


Then Snuggles happened… Nothing about the Snuggles situation rang true and it really started to stink to high heaven when they went into damage control mode spinning this tale on how that yes, they did trade this horse to a kill buyer, but always planned to get him back.  Yeah, because that’s a thing rescues do.  I could have even suspended disbelief and gone on with my life but close on the heels of Snuggles came the whole Slaughter 11 debacle.  Y’all remember the last minute fundraising effort and dramatic save culminating with the `collapsed’ and strategically placed horses on the ground heaving from what appeared to be heat exhaustion.  I always meant to write that whole mess up as a throwback post after I resurrected this blog, but those wacky horse killers at HiCaliber kept shitting their collective pants and I never got around to it.  What I did get around to was documenting everything and sorting out exactly how it all happened and adding it to the file of fraud.  Suffice to say it was a set up from jump street and the fact that it coincided with Romney Faye’s relationship with Dumbass Darrell is not a coincidence.


After these incidents, I got my dig on and found out who `Voldy’ was and started tracking things.  Initially, there wasn’t a lot out there on Facebook other than a defunct screen shot group.  I think it might still be in existence but never updated.  Apart from that, the only thing I could find was a few mutterings in advocate groups and the advocacy groups I mostly lurked at are anti-slaughter groups.  I’m not and never have been very active on Facebook or any social media as far as being an active participant.  I can’t even remember my twitter account password and haven’t updated my status in nearly 2 years.  However, I questioned and bitched about HiCaliber just enough to join forces with some other advocates.  Real ones, not armchair ones.


Despite what has been said, or you may have heard, I did not get `inspired’ to dust off this blog.  I got extremely pissed off and needed to vent.  It took me about 3 days to even figure out what my password to this account was.  (I actually forget what it is again, so please stop trying to hack it as it’s a pain in my ass to go through a gazillion random post-it notes stuck all over my house).  Remember that Snuggles and the Slaughter11 stuff went down in the summer/fall of 2016.  My first post back was in May of 2017 and the reason I was pissed off is a bunch of us had been gathering information, compiling information and NOTHING was happening with it.  If anything, it felt like The Manson Family was gaining momentum and the body count was becoming alarming.  When they pulled off the OTTB20 shit show,  I was triggered.  I’m a racetracker born and bred.  (yes, Maggot we know each other and that’s why I laugh at you) so you fuck with OTTBs and lie about them,  I’m not going to let it go.  Throw Satan and Doughboy into that mix and I am going to the mat with it.  Simple as that.


I figured I would just post a bit about the OTTB20 sitch and then put this blog back in mothballs.  I was actually shocked at the response those posts got and completely unprepared for what was to follow.  Needless to say things snowballed.  The OTTB20 became 40 and more. Pretty much everything about that mess forward is documented on this blog.  I don’t need to go over it all again.  That’s not what this post is about.  What happened behind the scenes was a literal outpouring of information almost as if I’d opened a floodgate.  All of a sudden, it became safe for people to speak out against HiCaliber without fear of reprisal from the mob mentality of the village.  I have always allowed people to post in the comments without registering here and I never turn on their IPs to look at unless I have to block them.  I tried to keep things as safe as possible to speak out and it worked.  Did I ban a few?  You bet your ever lovin ass I did and I’m proud of it.  (I see you, Stacy Kendall.  Get some diaper creme for that butthurt).  I have never cared if you’re a villager who wanted to come over here and state your side of things.  A few of them have.  Agreeing with me is not required either.  The only thing I ever insisted on is to be respectful in presenting your ideas.  Come over here with your guns blazing and I’ll take away your bullets.  During the whole course of the HiCaliber era, I think only about 4 of you got banned.  It’s an exclusive club.


Back in those very early days I was winging it.  I had no moles or even considered getting them.  Lord knows The Manson family was arrogant and sloppy enough to give all the ammo I needed back then.  I had one person that was working with me and for sure helped loads with memes, clips and ears out in all the groups.  I also joined forces with Stealth Mole very early in the game although not in a mole capacity.  One thing I want to make clear is that I never once reached out to anybody to be my mole.  I let them come to me and I’m so grateful they did.  OG Mole was the first and was very quickly followed by others. Some stayed with me longer than others.  OG rode it to the end with me along with a few others we’ll get to.  I will forever be grateful to the longtime insiders that took a chance and trusted me.  Some had tidbits of info while others stuck it out and risked a bunch.  I felt bad every time I saw people accused and vilified for being moles that weren’t.  (Leah, I’m so sorry you keep taking hits.  As far as I know, we never communicated) Other moles were hiding in plain sight and stayed that way.  I tried to make it comfortable for people to come forward and I always, always checked if what they were giving me could be posted.  Sometimes I couldn’t post what they shared and that was fine too.  There is a lot of information and `receipts’ that exchanged hands that have never seen the light of day and won’t until the AG does whatever it is he’s going to do with all of it.  Some people who came forward had been dedicated villagers that had actively hated me and my blog.  I’m in absolute awe at their dedication to the animals that they could set that aside and reach out.  Thank you.  You all made a huge difference and more than once I felt completely humbled by your advocacy and trust.  My hope is that when the dust all settles, I can meet with some of you and thank you in person.  You have my undying respect.


While we’re on the subject of moles, I’ve seen a lot of blather from the village idiots about how could they stand by and watch these atrocities being committed and say and do nothing.   Of course these are also the same brainiacs that have suggested that the condition that property was left in was `normal’ and one of them even suggested that HiCaliber had increased the property value.  (I’m not even kidding about that one.  I have the screen shot).  Clearly these people have no concept on how cases are made.  Do they think an undercover cop makes a bust the first time he sees the law broken? Nobody goes down for what they might do.  Sometimes you have to hand people the rope and sit back.   You have to bite your tongue and look at the greater good and it sucks.  It’s heart wrenching and it’s horrible and every single mole and ex HiCaliber person that spoke out deserves respect.  I can only imagine what witnessing some of those things first hand must have been like.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Dixie.  She was another one that reached out to me very early on offering her help to  in doing more than just getting information out there, but actually doing something with that information.  Dixie is a really well-known and respected advocate and she gets things done.  This was not her first rodeo exposing a fraudulent rescue.  She was the one that took care of the reams of evidence and organized it.  She’s the one that knew exactly how to package and present it and she got the result.  Did other people unrelated to the blog report stuff?  I’m sure they did.  I hope they did.  I’m strictly talking about the information that came across my desk and that was handed to us.  It was no small task, but despite a whole bunch personally going on for her, Dixie put the animals first and I firmly believe the CVMB and AG cases wouldn’t be as far along without her.  I miss having Dixie here to bounce stuff off of every day, but she’s here in spirit and she’s still working for the horses as she can.


I bet you’re wondering about the auction team and the birth of stealth mole.  The core team at auction was Stealth Mole, Hollywood Mole and Crash Mole.  Sometimes they were joined by moles who will not be named and Rogue Mole.  Every single one of them did their part, but I gotta bow down to the big three here.  They knocked it out of the park each and every time and it wasn’t fun at all.  There is so much footage and pics that may not make titillating blog fodder but they most certainly made the case.  Auction days were extremely stressful between people sweating it out in the backs of vehicles and others risking confrontations with the Manson Family.  All of us trying to coordinate over messenger and via text and trying really hard to get that money shot as the Manson family scattered to the wind in an effort to hide their dealings.  They had Manson call them `cuntfaces’ right in front of everybody at auction among other things.  One of those times was because one of them dared to bid on a horse they wanted to help out.  Apparently it interfered with the HiCaliber grift or something.  The auction moles did most of their work out of their own pocket and for no glory other than they were trying to help animals and do the right thing.  They didn’t just go in one or two times but many, many times.  The big three will forever be in my circle of trust.  If I had to pinpoint the one thing that `broke’ HiCaliber it was what the auction team got done.  They completely took HiCaliber out of the game at Ontario and by doing so, they severed off their major source of fundraising.  They also keep going back randomly to document the conditions for the unfortunate souls that are being run through there.


While we’re on the subject of the circle of trust I feel I need to have my say about some other things that are playing out social media.  The whole Jennifer Marek as a sacrificial lamb drama.  The fact is that Jen is not associated with this blog and hasn’t been for the better part of a year.  I’ve never met Jen and she doesn’t know me. We’ve discussed her lawsuit only as far as to say that it’s a slam dunk for her because she is not me and never even moderated this blog or holds any responsibility here.  Why should anybody give in to the likes of Maggot filing a frivolous suit because she wants to the honor of unmasking the blogger?  It’s not going to change the truth of what I wrote and the last time I checked there is no law against telling the truth and having opinions.  If finding out an anonymous source’s identity was that easy, don’t you think we’d all know who leaked that stuff about the White House by now?  The fact is that I have been supportive of Jen in this situation and supporters of this blog have contributed to her legal fund to the tune of around $2000 as well as in other ways.  Nobody has hung her out to dry.  We just don’t all hang our dirty laundry out for public commentary.  What is grist for the rumor and gossip mill is no concern of mine, but know that I can ALWAYS back my shit up.  I just don’t play those cards unless I have to.  Maggot doesn’t just get to pick a random target and get her own way.  That’s not how it works and I have every confidence that Jen will not only win that lawsuit but likely will win a countersuit for harassment should she go that route because she isn’t me and never has been.  It really is that simple  The other suit really doesn’t have anything to do with this blog so I can’t really comment on that.  I guess if I was Jen, I might have done things a bit differently as far as poking the bear, but that’s her stuff, not mine.  I will be supportive of her seeing this through as I always have been and she knows it, so miss us with your drama and speculation while shit gets handled.


I also want to talk about the Horror Page.  I don’t think it’s any secret I haven’t always been a fan of the antics on Facebook.  I bet it would surprise y’all to know that I’ve worked with them a number of times.  While I don’t like drama and all that goes with it, I know their aim was true and we ultimately wanted the same outcomes.  There just happens to be more than one way to skin a cat and leaving it in a freezer ain’t one of them.  (see what I did there?) Rogue Mole helped us out immensely on a few occasions and I am grateful.  My gratitude extends to other members of that group who I know stepped up in ways they never will talk about and are still doing so.  My hope is that they handle all the details the next time a SoCal rescue shits its pants and needs intervention so I can sit out! I’m not going anywhere but I will be returning to more hit and run posts and advocacy.  I’m going to leave the years long projects to others for now and the gals over at Horror are more than capable of taking that on should they choose to.


From my perspective, nobody was speaking out about this shit show back when I wrote that first blog.  I don’t know why that is or what changed, but the tide did turn and no one person did that.  Many voices did that. I always tried to keep drama off this blog even though yes, I did slip sometimes.  You can only take so much provocation without striking back.  I had a lot of people emailing me and wanting things.  Some wanted info, some wanted to share info.  I quickly learned to keep my circle really small and I did that intentionally.  In the interest of credibility, I refused to work with certain people who claimed to have the goods or would get them.  Some of those people that couldn’t get what they wanted from me ran straight to the dark side and bitched.  Some are still bitching because I didn’t do things how they thought I should.  None of them can ever say I didn’t keep their confidence.  I always did that no matter how done I got with some parties.


I’ve been accused of hating the media.  Not true at all.  Almost from the beginning I’ve had offers from a few news outlets to talk and it’s just not my thing.  Everything I’m willing to share is here on this blog.  There is a big difference between a blogger and a reporter.  A reporter’s job to report things that have already happened and try to remain unbiased.  As a blogger, I’m not bound by those shackles.  My `job’ was to make things happen and the team I worked with did that.  Without them the reporters would have had nothing to report.  Reporters didn’t file the case with the AG, Dixie and others did that.  They didn’t file with the CVMB, again, that was Dixie and various other people.  Reporters cover stories that bring them ratings and what brings ratings?  You all bring the ratings. We, all of us on the `hater’ side of things, made this story worth covering and continue to do so.  Now it’s time to let the media take this out to the mainstream public beyond the horse community.  The more viral it becomes, the flashier this case gets for the AG to slam dunk.


I mentioned this blog has been around since 2012.  It’s true.  Just go back through the archives because there is a lot of really good information on it.  It always had a loyal following even on hiatus, but it exploded with the HiCaliber stuff.  In the last 1 1/2 years there has been nearly 3 million hits on this blog.  In the early days of the HiCaliber saga I toyed with the idea of monetizing it and the plan was to give at least 50% of whatever it brought in to different rescue each month.  I even had one person tell me that I absolutely should and not feel bad about pocketing it because I earned it.  I quickly abandoned that idea because I never wanted anybody to think I did this for any personal gain.  I left a lot of money on the table by not doing so, but I’m ok with that.  It was the right thing to do.  I knew that no matter what I did, the defenders of HiCaliber, the cockblockers and turd flingers, would turn it into something ugly and gross.  It seems that I’m right since Pasterfuck was still yipping about me monetizing it not so long ago because he sees ads on the page when visits one of his 89 times a day to take screen shots for his binder.  (BTW, I think that binder qualifies me as a published author, so thanks PF please send the royalties to MOP and TGC). The ads belong to WordPress and the money goes to them as far as I know.


Another thing I’ve seen bitched about is why none of us haters ever stepped up and helped any horses.  Boy howdy! If they only knew!  I personally networked horses into the double digits and I know other haters that did too.  I’m guessing more horses went to haters in this past six months than anywhere else.  Trust me, the haters stepped up in spades for the HiCaliber horses and it wasn’t easy task, but you know it was done for the right reasons because you don’t see a single one of them being fund raised for or gloated about.  They are being loved and cared for just as they always deserved.  Don’t bother emailing me about them because I’ll never tell.  In fact I’ve already forgotten.


Why the anonymity?  Because this blog has never been about me.  You all see the complete and absolute fuckery that goes on back and forth over on Facebook and all that does is detract from the issues and take the focus away from what is important.  The animals.  As I’ve said, who I am won’t change the truth of what I wrote about.  I don’t have any skeletons rattling around in my closet and I don’t much care what people I don’t even respect think about me.  My anonymity has allowed me access to information I otherwise wouldn’t have and my anonymity allowed others to feel safe in coming forward to me, hence the `confessional’ suggestion of this blog name.  If people don’t agree with how I did things or my choices, they can start a blog, take on more than two years of investigative work and present and do it the way they think it should be done  Fill your boots.  My delivery or `style’ may not be for everybody, but that’s the luxury of being a blogger.  I get to be authentically me and do it how I feel it should be done.  In this case it worked.  Love me or hate me, I got shit done and I did it for the animals.  I don’t care about glory or pats on the back.  That’s never been my style.  I just don’t appreciate when others take credit that isn’t their due.


I want to close this off by bringing it back to what this has all been about.  The animals.  The exploitation, the suffering, neglect and outright torture some of them endured will forever haunt me.  If there is any take away from all of this it is to speak up and speak out before things get so far out of control.  There were whispers about HiCaliber for years before the final curtain and hundreds of animals were executed in that time.  Some months ago, I posted a pic of this very spot where there were some tarps, manure and way too much blood for the death to have been painless.  It seems only fitting that we placed a small symbol of our love in that same spot to let them know they will never be forgotten and their deaths were not in vain.  Thank you to the Markstein/Fox family for allowing us to do so and thank you to Stealth for making it happen.  This was from all of us on the shedrow team including readers and supporters.  I’m not done with my advocacy and I’m not going anywhere, but for now I’m closing the chapter on  HiCaliber because we accomplished what we set out to do.  #IAMSHEDROW #SAYTHEIRNAMES







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I can’t even describe how happy and honored I am to have this post for you today.  I wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen.  As most people know, none of what has come about for The Manson Family would have been possible without the dedication of our moles.  I’ve given some nicknames to some of them only to distinguish that there were separate moles involved at various points in the journey.  There was Stealth Mole, Rogue Mole, Accidental Mole, and Unwitting Moles (they still don’t know they were MY moles).  I’ll talk a bit about them and how it came to be in a post next week.  Today though,  we get to hear from the OG mole.  This amazing person went above and beyond and flew well under the radar almost from the very beginning.  (No Manson, the person you accused on live feed the other day was never a mole for me).  She is a true advocate and horsewoman.  I can never thank her enough for trusting me and putting it on the line to get us so much of what we needed to `make the case’.  If any good came out of this mess for me personally, it was that I got to `meet’ people like OG Mole and call them friends.  They are all that is good in the horse industry.  They are why I never lost my faith in the true horse community and will always seek to defend and protect it from the likes of Manson.  I can go on and on about OG mole, but she also happens to be a much better writer than me.  Who better to tell this story than the OG herself?  Without further ado, gather round for the last HiCaliber guest post.  In her own words…



I followed HiCaliber Horse Rescue since at least 2015/2016. I had donated goods and cash – not a big donor, but a supporter. Around Spring 2017 a few things didn’t add up and then I stumbled upon the Shedrow Confessions blog. It had the unmistakable ring of truth so I followed along. Not long after, there was a lot of concern for Firetyme, one of the Louisiana horses. He was very thin and HiCaliber was refusing to show photos or give updates. In July, I emailed Shedrow and asked if it would help for me to go to the ranch and try to snap a pic. She said yes, please. And so my life as a spy began.


I filled out the volunteer form and attended orientation. While our group toured the ranch, Michelle drove by in her BMW and barely waved at us. Why not roll down the window to thank us for coming? We were allowed to take photos and wander all over, which surprised me. I saw Firetyme, with his scraped up skin, his jutting ribs and bones, and took photos through the stall bars. The ranch was huge and the house and cottages were storybook adorable. During our tour, there were about a dozen horses in a herd with an empty water tub; they started drinking as soon as we filled it. I saw too much manure and way too many horses. The slimy green water leading away from Bubble’s Lair and across the driveway caused one new volunteer to slip and fall. Little did I know this was a good day. That night, as a new volunteer, I was given access to the Facebook groups Biz Desk, where they discuss the operation of the ranch, and Shenanigans, for fun and everything else.
I debated what to do with my pic of Firetyme. Shedrow had doubts about my choice, but I shared it as a visitor post on the HiCaliber Horse Rescue Facebook page. I wrote that I finally visited the ranch and everyone was very nice and this was a horse getting extra care in the barn. The shit hit the fan. My post was deleted and I was kicked out of the private groups but I played innocent. I even responded angrily to a “hater” who messaged me that I was a hero for posting the pic. For all I knew it was a trap anyway. Trust no one! I apologized profusely to April, the very nice woman who’d done the orientation, claiming I had no clue I’d done something wrong. That photo got a lot of traction and I hope changed some minds. My fake sincerity worked and I was added back in the groups. The original poop page even deleted a pissy post about me. Very soon after, they posted carefully posed and probably edited photos of Firetyme showing him looking better and claiming my photo had just been taken at a bad angle. Yeah, 100% no. He was very skinny. They just hated being called out on it.



Amazed that this wasn’t a one-off adventure, I scheduled volunteer time. I mucked the barn, I filled waters; so many low and filthy waters, it was disheartening. During one of my first visits, I saw Becky tack up Dragon for a ride. When she returned, Dr. Spini was ready to do radiographs of him. Upon seeing the images, Michelle said, “There’s a reason these horses end up at auction”. Clearly, something bad. They never updated on Dragon although they had a vet diagnosis of what was wrong with him. Another horse, a sweet grey named Blueberry, was sedated at the tie rail. The vet had explored a wound on the horse’s shoulder, it was open and fairly bloody. Becky asked the vet if she could cover it with a sleazy, which she did. She put it over the horse’s nylon webbed halter. Over a week later – possibly two weeks – I went to the ranch again. Blueberry was in a stall with green water, still wearing the dirty sleazy over the halter. I peeked under it and saw a mound of proud flesh. The photo I took was published on the Shedrow blog. Sure enough, the horse got vet care to remove the proud flesh. It healed and the horse was ultimately adopted.
Yes, I took screen shots, I told Shedrow which horses were in which pens, the horses that were injured, new arrivals, etc. I relayed photos, videos, conversations, whatever might be useful to expose the lies. Of course I betrayed their trust. Sorry not sorry. They betrayed the trust of countless horses on that property and anyone who ever supported them.



The first time I met Michelle she was sitting in a golf cart and seemed out of it. She talked slowly, struggling to come up with a word (I’ve talked with her other times when she was fine). I mentioned that I was good at grooming horses and cleaning tack, I owned a horse & showed, etc. She said she could get anyone to clean tack, what she really needed was riders. She told me to contact Amanda and join the riding team. I messaged Amanda, in case Michelle checked, but said I was uncomfortable riding horses that I knew nothing about while they’re only in a rope halter. I’m too old to be a crash test dummy. My own trainer was appalled at the prospect and basically forbade it.
Amanda never responded. She was generally unfriendly and gave off a know-it-all vibe. I witnessed one of her lessons, a novice rider in the round pen on one of their lesson horses, I think it was Strategist. The rider was not balanced, the horse was in a rope halter, and Amanda tells her to canter. She cues a bit too much and the OTTB starts a vigorous canter, the rider squeezes her legs to hold on, and the canter gets bigger. She falls rather hard into the gate, hitting her head, thankfully wearing a helmet. I could see the bruises in photos posted later that week on Shenanigans. I would never allow Amanda to teach my kids or touch my horses. I’ve seen her ride. I’ve seen her pulling a horse behind the golf cart for exercise and when it balked, she got off and smacked it with the lead rope several times. It wasn’t the action as much as the underlying meanness, her lack of control that bothered me.



The sheer number of horses was astounding and it was impossible to care for that many. Few, aside from their super broke favorites, received enough interaction and exercise. They got hay. They mostly had water, though there were many instances of empty waters or slimy waters. One day as I scrubbed a huge water trough I saw Michelle making her “medical” rounds. I asked if I should leave the low, filthy waters so that they could be scrubbed before refilling or just top off. I was at the end of my 2 hr shift and had to get to work. Michelle replied, “That is a pet peeve of mine with the volunteers. They fill up the waters without cleaning the tubs. I always say, if I wouldn’t drink it, the horses won’t drink it. Don’t worry, I go around at night and check all the waters and clean the ones that need it.” I damn near laughed out loud. First, because that was obviously not true. Second, the comment about water being clean enough for a person to drink was the exact comment that Forgotten Horses rescue had recently posted on their Facebook page. I also got to witness the amusing weight tape around the belly measurement. I was warned that Michelle does not like to be corrected so I said nothing.



By my 3rd or 4th visit I was feeling sassy. Shedrow suggested I leave a note, a calling card, at the ranch, just to poke the bear. My daughter and I cut out letters from several magazines and catalogs to spell “I Am Shedrow”, ransom note style. We used latex gloves throughout the process so there were no fingerprints for Ingrid to run through Homeland Security, lol. I took a photo of the note, which Shedrow published. We brought the note to the ranch, still handling it with gloves, and ended up putting it with boxes of latex gloves on a shelf (next to the fridge with questionable packages inside). When I checked later, it was gone so I know they found it. By the way, do you know who isn’t Shedrow? Jennifer Marek or Teresa Cook.



The excessive manure created a horrendous fly problem. So. Many. Flies. The horses were never at rest. The mountains of manure were overwhelming and by the end trailed around large sections of the stall areas. Early on, I had mucked the barn and at least one stall clearly hadn’t been done in days. Absolutely filthy, layers of manure, soaked shavings with a powerful stench of ammonia. This was Firetyme’s stall. I posted in the private group about my concern for stall conditions and another mole screen shot it before an admin deleted it. I think they tried harder to keep up the stalls after that. One of the other moles felt sorry for me because she thought I was just a nice volunteer doing my best to help. The lack of repairs on the ranch was appalling. During the Pasture Puff adoption event, a horse tied to the arena fence pulled back so hard he tore down a big chunk of fencing. They rigged up a metal panel with baling twine. Everything seemed to be held together with baling twine. Once the ranch manager, Jesus, left it rapidly went to hell.



I volunteered to groom several horses for a Pasture Puff adoption event, hopefully facilitating their escape from the ranch. I brushed, detangled, sprayed glitter on them, and added a couple cute braids to manes. While brushing the first horse I heard a voice I recognized from the videos. It’s Romney in shorts, cowboy boots, and more makeup than I own, slowly heading my way, chatting loudly with everyone as she went. She melodramatically cried out, “There’s a piece of hay in this water bucket! Oh my God, call Animal Control!” As if HiCaliber is being unfairly singled out for filthy water for their horses. Hilarious, Romney. She introduced herself to me then proceeded to pick at the horse’s snarled mane with her fingernails. I commented “you’re dressed smart for such a hot day” and she replied “that’s what I’m here for” or “that’s what my job is” or something similar, as if I’d told her she was sexy.
Just then, a horse tied to a rail spooked and pulled back, which spooked Romney pretty good. Easy, girl. Another time I told a group of volunteers that I had to leave an event because my mom had fractured her neck recently and I needed to check on her. Romney’s response was “Wow, dramatic much?” I know it was meant to be funny, a broken neck is dramatic, but it was just off kilter. Romney gave me the heebie jeebies.



At least 6 months into this venture I was aware of one other mole at the ranch. HiCaliber was now using the “seen by” feature on their private group posts and keeping a list of who saw private info that made its way onto the blog. Ingrid conducted purges and truly earned the moniker Angrid. I devised a way for us moles to clear each other. One of us would stay off Biz Desk & Shenanigans until some tidbit was posted that could be shared on the blog. Once it was public, we knew HiCaliber would immediately check the list of people who saw the private post. The mole who stayed away from the private groups would not have seen the post so they would be in the clear. We waited a day to be sure. Then, the other mole had their turn to get cleared. By necessity we had to learn each other’s identity and trust each other. I’m sure there were those who suspected I was a mole and maybe at some point they didn’t care. They did stop posting medical info, adoptions, and stall assignments. After awhile I assumed there was an insider Facebook group where they discussed anything important or controversial.



I did a night shift babysitting Magnum and that one just tore up my heart. The poor foal was desperate to nurse and the stupid bucket of formula was an insult to his needs. Another volunteer told me she witnessed him sucking his own penis. The guinea hens made constant noise, pooping in water buckets and feed, being nuisances. Across from Magnum were the “sushi foals” and they looked horrible and sickly with huge bellies and rough dull coats. During the time I volunteered I saw plenty of wounds, ratty manes, and dirty coats. But the hardest thing to see was the neediness of horses that used to have owners. I’ll never forget spending at least 45 minutes brushing Sahara in her stall. I tried to stop so I could groom another horse and she nudged her way in between us, insisting I brush her some more. A total love. If I could’ve gotten out one horse, it would’ve been her. A few months later I found out they shot her. I don’t know why. I cried over her.



February 2018
One day I showed up while Michelle was doing a live video by the barn, overlooking the property. I parked in the lot next to Michelle’s house. My car was beside the slope leading down to a dirt drive. Something down there caught my eye. It took a moment to process what I saw. It was a black tarp and a blue tarp with pools of blood, a thick trail of blood, and a pile of manure on top of the blood. I managed to snap a few photos. I was shocked and sick to my stomach but I went up to the barn anyway. There were lots of volunteers there. There was one woman who was clearly upset; I found out later she was especially shaken about the death of JacksonMax. I can’t remember what was going on that day, but there were way more people than usual. A kid was trying a pony out in the arena. The next day they were going to host a girl scout troop. And I’m wondering what would their parents think if they saw the tarps and the blood?



I tried to “support” HiCaliber and not let my friends, real horse people, think I actually supported them. On the day I found the bloody tarps, if you watch Michelle’s video you can see my car driving up the driveway. On one of their last videos, you can see me bathing Legacy while the dog licks his belly. I avoided the parties because of the videos they made. I didn’t comment on public threads, but did engage in conversation on the private threads, including some surreal ones where we railed against the mole. I locked down my Facebook page. I ignored Ingrid’s friend request.

One especially funny incident was when a volunteer contacted a local magazine to propose an article about how to judge a “good” horse rescue. My daughter is the editor of that magazine. She told me that the subject quickly turned into a pro-HiCaliber volunteer profile request and the woman said she’d write the article for free. In the private groups, this woman asked other volunteers to pretend they lived in the magazine’s zip code so they could be in the article. Yeah, there was never going to be an article.

At the start I told my boss what I was doing, just in case it went sideways and they got nasty calls about me. He backed me up completely. I knew several people, including co-workers, who had previous ties to HiCaliber and were disgusted with them. Former fosters, volunteers, donors, etc. I let some of them in on the secret, usually to get more info. Laurie McGee is a friend and accomplished rider and trainer; she helped rehab my injured horse at the same time she was fostering HiCaliber Juliette, which she wrote about in her blog. It was at Lindsey Crouse’s barn, small world. When Laurie’s blog was published I thought I would have to come clean because our friendship is no secret. But nope, I kept on.



There were some truly good volunteers at HiCaliber. Head and shoulders above everyone I met was April Zimmerman. She is genuinely delightful. To this day I have no idea why she was involved with someone like Michelle. She is the only one I felt bad deceiving. April is smart, funny, and genuine and any organization would be lucky to have her.

After a full year of mole duty I wondered if there was an end in sight. Shedrow assured me things were still in the works and there were many things she didn’t divulge on the blog so that they could play out. I respected her ability to manage the information she gathered. Not everything needed to be published. Every time I went to HiCaliber I left thinking this is it, this is the last time I’m coming here. And then I’d steel myself to do it again eventually.



November 2018.
I showed up at the ranch unannounced, which was easy to explain because Biz Desk and the schedule were long gone. I was mildly disconcerted to find Michelle, Sarah, and several others sitting around eating Rubio’s. They were making fun of people who wondered where the “stallion from the fires” had come from. I offered to groom a horse for the upcoming adoption day and Michelle said it was cancelled due to lack of interest. I said I could still groom or water or muck. The ladies said everything had been done but I could groom if I wanted. I opted to bathe Legacy. There was a helicopter flying over and they joked it was code enforcement. Michelle then said maybe it was actually Teresa Cook; I asked if she was with code enforcement (now that’s funny stuff!) Michelle said it was a woman who followed her around town and followed her & her kids to school and she had to file a restraining order or something. Huh, that’s not how I hear the story told. Michelle was so chatty and said she was happy to finally be outside at the ranch again instead of indoors doing administrative work. She said I was welcome to come out to the ranch anytime and that “it’s so much better here now that all the fuckheads are gone”. Oops, you missed one! Michelle told whoever brought the Rubio’s that they should reimburse themselves, so there was at least some cash available. The volunteer graciously said no, she couldn’t do that.



December 2018
The last visit was depressing. A few volunteers were there. I checked waters; several were low, most were dirty. Pens were filthy and muddy after the rain. There were drier pens available but they didn’t move anyone to them. The pig’s pen was so gross. The absolute ruination of the property seemed to stand out even more now that there were so few horses. Tanner and a cow were in the arena. Tanner looked off in the right hind and was pacing frantically at one end for an hour. Surprisingly, the barn looked good with fresh shavings. I saw Braveheart in there, Barry Boi, and a horse named Liri, which was possibly the stallion “from the fires”. Hard to tell with fly mask & blanket on, behind stall bars, with its hooves in shavings. I counted 40 horses. This would include however many Michelle claims as her own. The worst part of this visit was the horses did not seem engaged anymore, they were less interested in interacting with me. Depressed is a word I would use. They needed out of there badly. Shedrow told me the eviction notice and lawsuit was coming, which gave me hope this would be over soon.

DECEMBER 12, 2018
And now the end, at least for the debacle at that ranch. It is a huge relief, no more pretending to support this farce of a rescue. I feel like there should be a party somewhere. No Fireball allowed, champagne for me, merci. Thank you to the friends who kept my secret and my family who listened to me vent and supported what I was doing. Huge thanks to Shedrow for initiating the beginning of the end for HiCaliber, protecting my identity on multiple occasions, and everyone who did so much more than me. My last thank you is to my beautiful horse, Einstein. He let me cry in his mane and hug him too tight and kept me busy and sane through all the drama. Three months ago I had to humanely euthanize him due to severe neck arthritis and ataxia. He was only 13. I will miss him forever. I hope that everyone who followed this rollercoaster for nearly two years will keep paying attention to horses that need help and support the rescues and sanctuaries that do things right. #IAmShedrow

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Today was National Day of The Horse.  It seems somehow fitting that this day was the day that The Manson Family finally got sent packing.  It was live tweeted on inewsource’s Twitter page and there were several advocates there as well.  In short, there have been and will continue to be pics, footage and talk about this being dropped for days.  Thankfully, we had somebody there too that could get some things more specific to what has been discussed on this blog over the past 20 months or so and answer a few questions we’ve all had.  This post is obviously going to be pic and clip heavy.  Make sure you click on the videos on this post as they add quite a bit of context to everything.  If you have any questions about any of the pics or footage in particular, please just ask and don’t speculate.  There really isn’t much commentary needed as the pics will speak for themselves.  I gotta warn people that some stuff towards the end of this post is going to be really upsetting.  Maybe read on an empty stomach.  Are you ready?  Let’s do this for one of the last times…

Initially, advocates and the owners had to wait outside the property while HiCaliber moved the horses out.  The majority of horses being moved appeared to be the personally owned ones.  This clip seems to be of a very lame Barry Boi being unloaded from a stock trailer only to be lead up and tied to a tree on the neighbor’s property.

Next we have Manson leading horses out, one of which appeared to be Foreskin.  As you can see Manson wasn’t in a great mood and was more concerned with yelling at people.

More horses.  Hard to tell exactly who some are with their masks on but this one could be Chrome.

Shasta may or may not have joined Manson’s personal hoard.  She’s still there even though she’s listed as adopted on their website.

Wrinkles’ horse Kennedy being brought out by a volunteer

Some of the volunteers got a bit aggressive with some of the people there with the family.  In this video, the volunteer kicks the gate into inewsource reporter Megan Wood.  There was really no excuse for this.


I’m not 100% sure which gray horse this is (he is gray under all that mud) but I’m guessing it’s Solar.  Yet another horse that hasn’t ever really been available for adoption

Yup, Tanner the horse was brought next door to be tied to a tree as well.  I’m kinda wondering how she’s going to grift for his castration for the third or fourth time now that they are claiming to be closed.  Romney Faye was present today, but was not seen anywhere near any of the horses.  She left with a crate of cats or something.

Above are pictures of various of Manson’s personal horses being brought next door.  yes, that is Amanduh tying one of them up.  Manson appeared to be leading Foreskin and the cremello with the pulled mane is likely Dawson.  Kinda strange one of Manson’s personal horses would have been groomed at all recently but maybe she’s trying to sell her or something.  Who knows? I’m sure now that there is no more HiCaliber (or so she says), she won’t feel the need to donate their adoption fees back to the rescue like she claimed she would.



When the time was finally up, Manson and her crew were escorted off the property by the sheriff.  A normal person would be embarrassed but she was defiant until the bitter end. What she didn’t manage to bring with her was Bubbles, Bernie, Corky, two chickens and all the guinea fowl.  Strangely, none of these animals seemed to be missing Manson like she claimed they would.  In fact, it was business as usual as they continued to wallow in their filth.  Manson claims she is going back in for the pig and cows, but that remains to be seen. I feel like they are much better off already.  Corky is having a hard time moving around apparently so having him stuffed in a trailer for God knows how long wouldn’t be in his best interest although putting an animal first isn’t exactly a HiCaliber thing.

With Manson finally gone for good, we were finally allowed our first unfettered look at the utter destruction of this once beautiful property.  The level of filth cannot be adequately described.  Remember that Manson claimed that a `big cat’ injured her two horses and that the fences were all fine. I believe it was Amberloser that claimed she walked `every inch of that property’ and didn’t see an issue.  Ok then…

The amount of debris and trash left behind was off the charts.  What I noticed was how much donated tack and equipment is just left lying around, obviously never having been taken care of or maintained.



Even Manson’s beloved drug den  med room was left in a complete shambles.  Again, it’s sure nice to so many of the supplies she continually begged for, right up until the bitter end, just lying around and wasted.  I didn’t ask if the autoclave or SAA machine were left behind, but I’m guessing not.  There didn’t seem to be any drugs left behind either.  Shocking.

This next part is what I need to warn people about.  While I have posted about the severed legs in the freezer before, what they found today was a bit more disturbing than that.  Don’t get me wrong, the severed leg was still there, but that was the least of the issues and, of course, there was food and Fireball stuffed in there with the medical waste.


That’s right folks, Manson had a dead bobcat in the freezer.  I posted some months ago about her inquiring about somebody skinning a roadkill bobcat and she claimed it was for a friend.  Unless that `friend’ was Wrinkles, Manson was referring to one of her personalities.  I’m not even sure if this is legal but hopefully the family will contact Fish and Wild Life so this animal can be disposed of properly.  Aren’t you glad you never had a meal at HiCaliber?

So here is the house.  Manson went to great lengths on live telling us all this was because she only had 36 hours to get out.  Hmm.  Even if that was so, she was sitting in her car eating Chik Fil A doing live feeds for part of it.  We’re also supposed to forget that she hadn’t paid her rent since last June.  I’m guessing she would have had to guess she gonna get the boot if she didn’t fix that up  At any rate, this is way more than 36 hours worth of filth and cat shit in that littler box.  Remember how she’s had her followers posting pics and making fun of other people and rescues for the conditions of their place and none of them had dead fucking animals stuffed in the freezer with their food. Just saying…


This is probably enough to digest for one day.  There will be several other pics and videos coming out (if they haven’t already) from news sources and other advocates.  I will get back with y’all in a couple of days.  I have the guest post to end all guest posts sitting in the queue, so watch this space.

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Finally, I have a moment to sit down and write a proper post.  I know it’s been a minute since that happened, but there’s a good reason.  As I’ve said a few times before, I’ve got a few posts sitting around in various states of doneness and even an order in my mind that I want them to drop barring any sort of pants shitting on HiCaliber’s part as has been the case the past few weeks.  The thing is, that as we are winding down the HiCaliber situation, there have been some loose ends to tie up and these things take time.  It’s not the actual writing that is the issue, it’s all the work that happens before and I think readers will get a clearer picture of that today.  It’s time to pull up a chair, top up your beverages and settle in.  We’ve been a bit busy behind the scenes.



This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a village idiot wonder about the poor horses on Tuesdays.  I shouldn’t really blame her when the only voice on the subject she hears belongs to Manson, critical thinking wouldn’t really enter into the picture.  The rest of us have heard the many accounts from various insiders and former crew members of how Tuesdays were all carefully choreographed and orchestrated to bring in maximum funds.  Tuesdays were the days that Hicaliber made the bulk of their money and we’ve all heard about Manson putting the word out that she wanted the skinny and mangled to get those sympathy donations and to create a sense of exigency.  We knew this all along, but how to prove it when you had the HiCaliber mafia cockblocking any attempts to assess the situation at Ontario Livestock Auction? Obviously there were several moles there off and on advocating for the horses and documenting the gross exploitation that went on week after week as the money rained down.  But still, HiCaliber strutted around like they owned the place as they plied the auction employees with donuts and God knows what else in an attempt reign supreme.  Then, just like that,  it was over and after allowing the dust to settle, it was time to go back in and see what really was going on at Ontario.  As a result, the advocates have gone in a number of times to get a clear and real picture of what auction is like without HiCaliber.  Different advocates have gone at different times.  Some days they just did a quick sweep through and others they got right in there.  What we found  pretty much confirmed what we’ve been saying all along.  Things at Ontario Livestock Auction aren’t quite how they used to be.


Nacho’s truck and trailer at Ontario November/18

In November, when we decided to look a little closer than a cursory drive through and one of the first things we noticed is that the main players were all there.  Misner, Salvador, Nacho and various other bottom feeders were all in their regular spots although they did show up later than they did back in the HiCaliber days when they had to play musical trailers for the live feeds . The auction staff also didn’t give a singular shit whether people walked back into the chutes to see what was what. No hand jobs or donuts required or requested.  In fact, they had their own donuts without the help of HiCaliber.  Go figure!


On this particular day in late November, much like in the past weeks since HiCaliber stopped going, there were only two horses.  As you can see they were in good weight and shape and even their feet were ok.  (Don’t worry, Wrinkles, nobody had shoes on.) They sold for something like $150 and $125 with both going to Misner.  I can’t really say where they ended up from there.  Basically, this has been the norm since the Tuesday Griftathons ended.


Also on this day our advocates watched the cows and calves run through.  They actually went through before the horses.  What struck them was the rough handling they all got. One little calf went down on the way into the ring and was kicked and forced to its feet even though it was clearly sick.  There was also another, shown in the above video, all knuckled over and hardly able to walk in its own.  Business at usual in the underbelly of auctions

What trip to Ontario would be complete without a swing by Misner’s shit hole?  Even though Manson has hinted around that Misner has resumed shipping horses to `Mexico’, the fact is that he never stopped, but that’s another story for another day.  What we saw at his house is what we’ve always seen.  Goats out front, horses in decent shape and lots of them.  Misner never liked having those skinny and broken horses in view on his lot and would hold them in the trailer or out back until HiCaliber showed up to collect them. That is no longer the case.


We wanted to hit up random weeks for our closer looka just in case one week was a fluke.  The best way to get an overview is a sampling over time.  So far, after several drive through checks and a closer look, the numbers had been steady.  Never more than a couple of horses, if any,  and mostly always in decent shape.  This past week things were different.  At first we thought it was because Bubba Misner had decided to grace Ontario with his malignant presence, but that was only part of it.  We’ll get to that in a bit though.  For now we’ll talk about the horses.  Two were already in the back, a wet pony with a wobbly hind end was being led around and a bay mare was still in a trailer.  As usual, Nacho was there but he was mainly interested in goats.  Salvador did not make an appearance but his son was there instead.


We weren’t sure who brought the little pony, but he was clearly having some hind end problems and had trouble walking.  The bay mare was the one from the trailer.  Apparently, she was being sold due to unpaid board and said to be about 5 years old and broke, but hadn’t been handled for awhile.  Other than her feet being a bit long, she was in good shape and quite pretty.  She sold to Misner for $250 while the pony went to bidder 927 for $225.


This guy was fairly antsy back in the chutes.  It was mainly a lot of fussing which isn’t that abnormal for a horse in a strange and chaotic environment.  As a result nobody got his lip flipped.  Of course, back in the HiCaliber days we’d have been told how terrified he was, how sexy he was and how he just melted into them and wanted to exhale.  Or maybe he was destined for match racing or for ritual sacrifice.  Whatever loosens the purse strings.  At any rate, he went for $325 to bidder 341 without HiCaliber’s intervention.


This little mini mule was brought there by Bubba.  There is some thought that he might have run through Mike’s recently but we’re not 100% sure on that.  He was very afraid and very cute.  He sold for $170 but appeared to be a buy back.  I guess we’ll see if he shows back up at Mike’s this weekend.


The last horse there was a HiCaliber kinda horse.  A very thin Andalusian stud with a fairly clear freeze brand on him.  After a bit of digging, the brand appears to belong to Luis Gonzalez although we are unsure who brought this horse to auction.  This kind of horse hasn’t been the norm lately at Ontario.  He sold for $260 to number 929


I apologize that these pics are upsetting.  It needs to be mentioned that the one thing that absolutely has not changed at Ontario is the conditions for other livestock.  This mama pig had just given birth and one of the piglets didn’t make it.  She was just laying there with her placenta hanging out as the other piglets were kinda scrambling around with one even getting out of the pen.  Nobody moved the dead one as flies started collecting.  Pigs there are kicked, hit with paddles and generally rough handled.  Worse than the horses that HiCaliber basically laundered there, Ontario Livestock Auction has long been notorious for its abuse of animals.  These are sights that Romney Faye, Manson and their auction team turned blind eyes to each and every single week, even going so far as to obstruct AC and the DA’s investigations into what was going on there this past spring.



Remember how I said that this past week wasn’t quite like the others we had observed?  Yeah, about that….Turns out this past week was a HiCaliber week kinda.  Early in the day we found out that Manson was on her way to auction.  She was driving a Suburban that was loaded up with goats she had allegedly `picked up’ and brought to Ontario to trade for pellets.  Of course her bitch boy, Bubba, had tipped her off that certain advocates were in attendance so she got all paranoid and was basically skulking around the parking lot and doing her business via text.  Lucky for us the person she was texting knows her all too well and plays on `Team Hater’.  It turns out there was a very sick cow that went through the ring.  Even the auctioneer mentioned the cow probably was going to die.  Manson got wind of this and wanted the cow so she was furiously texting her connection to get it for her.  I am really amused that she wanted to be so stealth in acquiring it.  BTW, no clue who the blonde at Misner’s was.  Bubba’s woman is blonde.  Maybe it was her?


We don’t know if Manson got her cow or not.  Nobody took her picture or even attempted to despite what Manson wants to believe.  She was acting really paranoid and, at this point, she’s probably quite close to the edge. We’re there for the animals and to observe.  For sure nobody was there for a confrontation.  I just thought these conversation snippets, including the `drugged up’ bit were somewhat amusing and certainly not the first time we’ve heard such things about Manson.


So, what does all this mean?  I can draw a few conclusions here.  It certainly confirms that yes, HiCaliber was running horses through Ontario to manipulate their donors.  Some of those horses were owner surrenders and others were brokered.  The numbers were what they were at Ontario solely because of HiCaliber.  For the record, none of these horses we talked about on this post went for slaughter prices.  To be profitable in shipping out of state for slaughter, they’d have to go for under $100 and not one of them did.  The problem is those mangled souls they exploited and paraded around for donations each week are no longer a commodity even though they still exist. Because HiCaliber covered for their abusers, it’s back to square one to fight for these horses.  There is no poor family trying to put feed on the table and there is no old rancher that just lost his ranch or whatever other story the concocted.  There never was and we always knew that.  We’re also not done at Ontario, because advocacy is never done.  The pictures of the pigs and calf, along with others not posted, will be forwarded on to the appropriate parties and agencies.  As far as boots on the ground at Ontario, Manson would do well to remember that it’s a really small world and not every advocate is obvious or has a preference for blue water bottles nor is every friendly person a friend. Long after she is run out of the SoCal horse and rescue community, the work will go on until places like Ontario no longer exist and this time, nobody will be covering up for the abusers.

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I’ve been a little busy these past few weeks and yes, I still have a few posts marinating.  I expect to get one to you by the weekendish.  However, as promised, I said I’d get pertinent updates up immediately and today is one of those times.  Not much more I can add to this and will let the documents speak for themselves.  As ever, thank you to my contributors for keeping me organized and up to date.  Me love you long time 😉 Here are the recent court filings from HiCaliber’s landlord.  I can’t wait to hear how `haters’ are responsible for damaging the property.  Enjoy!



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