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I was truly fine with sitting back and watching Manson attempt to reinvent herself as a self help guru.  I was even fine with her laying claims to being a writer and plagiarizing other people’s work.  All good in my hood.  Then, being the vile hosebeast that she is, she had to go ahead and post up a `training’ live video complete with lies about who the horse is.  This caused my tinfoil beanie to blow off my head and now you all, my dear readers and hateful lurkers, are the beneficiary of me venting my spleen rather than finishing the posts I’ve been threatening to forever.


So as most of you know, we were treated to a training live from Manson today.  I can only attribute it to her feeling emboldened by her new spate of followers that are mostly on her page for the vag talk.  To make sure her viewership was boosted, she let her inner sanctum know in advance.  You know, to get those wheels of grift extra lubricated and bump those algorithms just like in the days of yore.  Flipping in and out of her uber annoying false accent that she employs when she’s really lying hard (it’s one of her tells), Manson hefted her ever expanding bulk onto a soapbox and did a completely unsatisfactory impression of somebody that knows anything about horses.  I’ve said it a million and a half times, but she has no feel or instinct.  Zero.  Nada.  Niente.  We’ll get to the training method in a bit.  First let’s talk about the subject and recipient of her ham fisted attempts at training.


IMG_5773 (2)

That’s right folks.  Re-meet HiCaliber Spartan.  Keep in mind the screen shot from today was from selfie mode on a camera so the markings are reversed and she’s not actually leading from the wrong side. Spartan has been under Manson’s control since December 2017 when she picked him up in the parking lot at Ontario.  He was considerably less wild and abused’ acting back then although I wouldn’t put it past her to have him drugged up on that day. ​ So when she goes on about how fearful he is and how he’s so abused, just know that he was under her stewardship since December of 2017 and what you saw today is a product of her `unfucking a rescue’ horse which she claims is her area of expertise.  That’s also why Manson didn’t want to tell his name today because it’s all right there for people to look up for themselves other than the intake sheet.  That’s mole shit and I have a whole bunch more where that came from.  Chirp chirp and all that.


Now, go back and look at the video I just posted and ask yourself if that was a shaking and terrified horse.  Somewhere between that day in December 2017 and November 2018 the entire back story on this horse changed and he became part of one of Manson’s little creative writing for dollars exercises.  Today she told her audience he had put somebody in the hospital getting his feet done.  That’s about when I sprained my eyeballs from rolling them so hard.

Now that we’ve established who the unlucky recipient of Manson’s gunselness was today, let’s talk about what a fucking idiot she truly is when it comes to horses.  It’s easy to talk to a group of internet folks who really have no clue about horses and horsemanship, but this was beyond bad.  The only good part of any of this is that Manson did not attempt to ride him because she is rapidly approaching maximum density and I get that body shaming is a no- no but really, she should not be riding any horse that isn’t a draft horse right now based on her size.  She shouldn’t even be riding a draft based on her lack of skill.  She did address her expanding girth saying she was being kind to herself and all in her feelings or something but apparently she ate every last feeling and everybody else’s too.  Whatever. She can eat herself onto my 600 lb Life for all I care, but just leave the poor horses out of it.


If Spartan wasn’t a sentient being, the `training’ session would have actually been funny.  Manson is such a poseur.  She pontificated that she isn’t like other trainers and she knows what works for her horses.  Because of this, she thinks it wise to approach an agitated and cornered horse from behind.  It’s a testament to this horse’s kindness that he didn’t kick her fool head off.  The reason real horsemen use round pens is so those horses don’t feel cornered and they always can see an out.  Cornering one like she did today is why some horses will come at you hard.  She also has him dragging a shank with a nylon halter for whatever reason.  Amazing he didn’t hurt himself; pity he didn’t hurt her. How she expected to accomplish anything when he was clearly only worried about getting with his friends in the bigger paddock, is beyond me.  I will say it again and again, but Manson has no feel or ability to read a horse.  She laces her spiels with a few buzz words and flaps her arms around a bunch, but anybody that has been on a horse more than once can see right through the whole shit show.


As I write this, Manson is drunk on live feed with her trusty sidekick Wrinkles. They seem drunk and salty anyhow and are talking about Romney Faye banging Dumbass Darrell, bitching about Tara aka Satan and telling the village how they can support their sorry asses.  As I have said many times before, she can do whatever the fuck she wants as long as she’s leaving horses alone.  Apparently it’s time to roll up my newspaper and smack her nose for the umpteenth time after what I saw today.  I will do it as many times as it takes, but I gotta admit I’m busy AF lately with adulting and life.  Still, I feel there is quite a bit to talk about and cover, so me and one of my `collaborators’ are thinking of coming to you live.  Don’t get moist, nobody would recognize me even if I did go full face frontal, but that’s not going to happen. You’re probably going to look at my boots or something. What will happen is we’ll let you know once we have the logistics worked out and give you a when and where and you can ask all the questions you want within reason.  I can promise you that I will not discuss my vagina, there will be no flatulence or burping and my personal life isn’t fodder for hits.  We do want to talk to you about where we’re at with the HiCaliber stuff and also set some truths straight on the slaughter issue.  I am a reluctant participant in this, but my latent lazy tendencies cause me to think this might kill a lot of birds with one stone.  Of course I’m not talking about MY little birds.  No worries there.  I’m talking about things that are easier explained `in person’ than just written about.  I may also change my mind, but I will keep y’all posted.  If anything, it will be bean flick fodder for the fecal matter people even though they’ll have to admit I’m not JM.  Perhaps I’ll have a plate of crow ready for them. Served ice cold, of course! Watch this space…

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Before y’all get excited, outraged or triggered because of a new post, just calm down. This isn’t a real posty post per se. I do have a few in various states of doneness that require me to be motivated enough to finish them.  My current sitch is a distinct lack of motivation along with several irons in the fire, but they will eventually see the light of day here if only for documentation purposes. In the meantime, I figured we were all sick of looking at our favorite attorney at the top of this page so I’d give you a new placeholder to comment under. Also, because we know the village idiots all lurk here, maybe they’d like to know what their hero is really up to while crying how broke she is and getting them to hand over their lunch money to feed her ever expanding hoard. 

Yup, it seems that the novelty of working with the animals has worn off for Manson and 3 to 4 whole stalls are just too much for her to handle as is the reality of taking care of the property and, apparently, taking her own trash to the dumpster. She can’t buy her kid a birthday present without begging but she is offering to pay for people do her chores.

So, while Manson is dropping none too subtle hints for the village idiots to buy hay for her hoard and whining that she has to use gift cards for her kid’s birthday presents, she’s still putting the oxygen mask on herself first and looking for a massage. For most of us with injuries and chronic pain, we manage it through physio therapy which is not always fun. (I swear my physio guy moonlights as a dom.) For Manson, trumped up injuries mean massage therapy and free Botox and lip fillers.

Meanwhile, Manson is still trying to pass her auction mutt off a a service dog. She has never really stated what exactly the dog is trained to actually do and, by all accounts, the dog is ill mannered and unruly when in public. Yes, Manson throws around some buzz words and terminology, but we’ve already been through where this dog came from and where Manson got the vest for her. In fact, you can refresh your memory on all that in this old post.


Even though Manson gave away her other GSD and her Pittie Betty, she has taken in a new dog as of late.  She was `fluid’ about whether or not he was going to become part of her hoard, but he was there for at least a week.  Perhaps the fact that he’s intact and her `service dog’ was recently in heat explains why he turned up on her doorstep.  Countdown to some surprise puppies and/or grifting for some deballing funds. Funny how she wants to preach responsible pet ownership as she doesn’t bother gelding horses, neutering her poor pig or spaying her own dogs.  We won’t even mention the rats she is now breeding and allowing to free range around her house. 


I get that many of you are wavering between frustration and despair that karma will ever catch up with the Manson family.  It’s not fun watching her continue to beg for money, lie, and make repeated pleas for the village to fund her blood lust.  What everybody needs to remember is that she has been cleared of nothing.  The investigation with the AG is still open and active and that’s not the only agency up her ass.  Manson knows this, I know this and many other people do too.  The very fact that it is taking this long is indicative of the scope of this investigation. They don’t throw that many resources of time and man power for frivolous complaints.  Let her con her remaining village idiots out of their lunch money.  Let her breed all the rats she wants as she destroys yet another property.  None of that is my concern and it should’t be yours either.  However, her attempts to exploit are our concern and that’s where she’s going to have big problems. While she whines to the village idiots that she still gets all these calls about horses needing help every week, remember that all the other rescues are still open for business and if she gave a shit, she would put those horses first and refer them on.  Instead lets them linger wherever they are in hopes they will become broken enough so that the village will throw some money at her. That is if they even exist at all. The attempted exploitation of more animals will not be tolerated.  Know that people are paying attention.  As for me, I’m going to try really hard to clear a few things off my desk in the coming weeks.  It’s not all HiCaliber stuff, but I think you’ll find it worth the read.  Keep the faith, people and watch this space!

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