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Remember a few months back when Manson was crowing about how happy she was that she was surrounded by loyal friends and how glad she was to have come through the fire or whatever?  Basically stating that the ones left standing were her tribe and most trusted minions?  Well, Happy Friday everybody!  It’s the best Friday ever because we’re going to be spilling a whole lotta tea today.  This comes courtesy of some concerned parties from Manson’s own inner circle.  Which parties, you ask?  That remains to be seen, but I guarantee Manson is going to point fingers in the wrong direction which works out awesome because the more hands that feed her (and her horses) she bites, the more tea that gets spilled.  The mole (or moles) may even be incriminated in this post, because there is no better cover than flaming yourself right?  Sometimes the `dumb one’ isn’t all that dumb. Sometimes the `dumb one’ doesn’t appreciate the disrespect, but we’ll leave that for Manson to figure out.  For now, get out your popcorn and pull up a seat because the tea is piping hot and overflowing today.

I need to point out a few things with this first round of screen shots.  Obviously, it’s a conversation between Beazley and one of the other minions regarding some hungry horses.  This is from back in September. Braveheart is specifically mentioned and we’ve all seen what his condition is by now.  Beazley, clearly drunk on koolaid, half assedly (that’s a word now) defends Manson and openly admits that she’s selling off assets.  That needs to get sent directly to the AG files btw.  The more the merrier with this stuff always.  I also feel the need to say that the people talking in these screen shots aren’t necessarily the ones that sent them to me in most cases. In some cases, it might be the people being talked about.  Just sayin.


Just in case Manson tries to shift the blame, this is her clearly telling her people to cut back the hay.  As far as I’m concerned she can stick her calculations up her ass because if a horse is dropping weight and showing ribs, you need to feed it more.  WTAF.

Some more talk about skimping feed from their private bat cave. `Christina’ is Christina Pagan and she boards her horses with Manson. Some of my auction moles will remember her for being the festering twat with the GSD that attended a few times.  She was also the custodian of Betty the pitbull when she got run over and killed.  Those of you keeping track of code violations might want to forward this on to them as Manson is boarding horses and doesn’t have the right permits for that.

DunckelI’m going to break this next part down for everybody.  Here we have one of the main foot soldiers/benefactors telling Whacky Jackie (y’all know her I’m sure) not to worry and that the horses are all well fed and cared for.  Because Whacky Jackie is a village idiot, this would have been all she needed to hear.  Well….


Behind closed doors, Dunckel sings a different song.  I can’t say as I blame her.  She’s been funding much of the feed on that property and is understandably burned out.  It must be quite frustrating to give until it literally hurts and it’s never enough and the person you are `helping’ contributes nothing.  It also must suck to be known as the `dumb’ Ingrid, but we know Manson makes a habit of biting the hands that feed her and that’s kinda what brings us all here today….


More proof that `Dumb’ Ingrid knew and was concerned with the lack of feed and water despite what she is saying on public pages.  It’s almost like she’s in an abusive relationship with Manson as she pleads for forgiveness and mercy for pointing out that animals are suffering. Is Dunckel the new Wrinkles?

I’m guessing it’s JonASSthan they are talking about here considering he has his horses there and is also getting sick of being Manson’s bitch boy.  Apparently it’s all our fault that Manson doesn’t like working with horses any more and not the fact she can’t exploit them for $$$.  Well, there is a real simple solution to all of this.  RELEASE THE HOSTAGES!


I think this is a pretty good place to leap off for today.  There is much, much more to come but `we’ felt it best to break this down in digestible pieces. Rest assured that the moles have done their part in reporting things to the proper entities and that’s beyond awesome.  That is first hand, boots on the ground, eye witness testimony.  What we need is for other voices to come together and report this. Take the screen shots and make your complaints.  They are clear as day with Manson telling them to cut back on feed and being aware it was not enough.  Clear as day Beazley admitting Manson was selling off HiCaliber assets.  Be factual and connect all the dots so these non-horse people at the various agencies don’t have to think or work too hard.  Meanwhile stay tuned, we have as series of guest posts coming up that are going to bring us all full circle.  One mole, two mole, three mole four?  You never know how many people are willing to step out of the shadows when Manson routinely shits in her own nest.  Stay tuned!

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Here we go again…I mentioned last post that Shasta was a tip of the iceberg situation and I’m sure you’ve all seen that Mucho Chrome made it out finally and the condition he arrived in Iowa in.  Trust me, that wasn’t due to his journey east either, but I feel like I’m preaching to the choir here.  Well, the choir and the cheap seats because, you know, `Hi Manson and Adeline Dimond oops Becky Turner, I mean Angrid’.  I could even see how maybe one horse got sick or had some issue causing loss of condition, but that’s not the case at Rancho del Grifto we’re going feature our third hostage today.  I’m thinking this one is gonna hit a lot of you right in the feels.

That’s right…today’s hostage is Braveheart.  These are his before pics.  Pics of him hauling Manson’s ass around  at the old place and pics of his condition at Rancho del Grifto when they originally moved in, before the alphamare page came down and before Manson ran out of HiCaliber assets to pawn for feed.  If you recall, Braveheart was yet another `rescue’ that Manson helped herself to under the pretense of making sure they were properly placed or somesuch bullshit.  The rest of us know that the only reason that Manson helps herself to a horse is if they will put up with her gunsel ass and/or she thinks she can make some $$$ flipping them.  Of course that never really works out for her since she downgrades any animal she touches, but the delusion is strong and guess who pays the price for that?  In this case that would be Braveheart.

Here is Braveheart’s current condition.  These are recent as in 2020 recent.  Still not convinced?  Need to see a little more?

How about these?  This is a HUNGRY horse likely with a gut full of sand and worms as well.  There is no reason for this.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pissed.  Beyond pissed actually.  These horses all had people wanting to adopt them.  People that would have given them their happily ever after.  I’m sure there are still people that would step up and help these animals, but here we are over a year after the end of HiCaliber and the fuckery continues.  Enough.  Manson clearly is too dick drunk to give a shit.  How do you walk right by these animals that are clearly starving on your way to your eyelash appointment or to stuff your face full of burritos?  How do you put even one meal in front of yourself knowing they are not eating sometimes and never enough when they are fed?  The very fact that there are still moles should tell you how bad things are for the hostages at Rancho del Grifto.  So, here’s how it’s going to go down until she finally gets the point and releases the hostages: we’re going to keep exposing the situation she is creating until she either releases every last one of the hostages or AC steps up and does their job.  What can all of you do to help?  Light up those phone lines and be relentless until it is over.  ENOUGH.

PS.  JE, stop trying to make Ontario Auction happen because I sure as shit am not done with you either.

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Mic check, one two, one two…Anybody still out there?  It’s been a nice little break of sorts or at least it has been for me.  Thanks to all you for keeping things going and I apologize for not putting something up sooner if only to give a fresh comment section to banter in.  What can I say?  I’ve been busy not being a blogger and it’s been glorious.  Actually, that’s not entirely true as conversations behind the scenes are ongoing, but at this point in our journey strategy comes into play. So, without that being said, I have a little update of sorts.  Think of it as a teaser of what is to come.
nowaterComing as no surprise to anybody, the water situation continues to be dire at the most current crash pad for Manson.  I guess it’s hard to keep them topped up when you’re never there and are working your new trick who happens to have zero interest in horses.  It doesn’t help that your few remaining volunteers are getting burned out adn can’t be there 24/7 either.

This is Shasta and these pics were taken right after Manson’s eviction from the Valley Center ranch. This was at her stop over place until Beazley lost her ever lovin mind and bought the current one.  To refresh memories, Shasta was a HiCaliber horse.  She was briefly adopted out before being returned.  If memory serves she was too much horse for the person or something, but subsequent videos showed she was a little lame as well.  However that all shook out, the poor mare made the mistake of not dumping Manson’s ass when she rode her which basically sealed her fate.  She was one of those unfortunate ones that Manson helped herself to under the pretense of making sure they landed softly or whatever line of BS she was spewing at any given time. I do know it was not because nobody wanted her.  There was interest in Shasta but like Chrome, Rizzo, Braveheart and others, she was never really available for being adopted once Manson laid claim to her.

This is what Shasta looks like now.  She’s not an old horse or anything like that.  She’s HUNGRY.  This is what happens when you place otherwise healthy animals on severe feed restrictions as you try to stretch the tiny amount of feed you manage to scrounge or get your very burned out remaining volunteers to pay for.  I guess being so scuffed up and skinny is just part and package of fighting for your groceries.

I’m sure people are wondering how this little update came to be.  I don’t have a bunch to say about it at the present time other that Manson has no idea where the leaks are or how many there are.  Let’s just say that you can only abuse your inner circle (such that it is) so much and even people that maybe aren’t all that interested in horses notice ribs showing and maybe those same people have a conscience.  Maybe those people are closer to Manson than even she realizes.  Wouldn’t be the first time somebody that shared a pillow with her had enough and did the right thing.  The only side I’ve ever been on is the side of the animals she holds hostage for whatever reason and I welcome anybody to this side because I’m like that.  I’m just like that….More to come…

PS.  RFB, begging for a plane ticket to Dallas was low even for you.  Knock that shit off or you’ll be on blast soon too, just because I’m feeling salty.

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