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What a day!  I seriously need to learn to stop asking rhetorical questions.  How much shadier can they be?  How much worse can things get?  Even if I only think them, sure enough, some cretin at HiCaliber will pretty much say `Hold my Fireball…’ and take it as a challenge resulting in overachievement in the asshattery department.  We’ve had a lot of that going on over the last few days, which makes for a lengthy post.  So, let’s get right after it and try to make some sense out of the last few days.  Sadly, we need to say a  name while we’re at it, so I’ll start things off with the one that’s been on many people’s minds the past few days.  Thomas.


As most of the readers here know, Thomas was unlucky enough to be a parking lot purchase last Tuesday.  He had a big knee and a wobbly hind end, but was in good weight and condition.  He certainly didn’t present as really old horse like they claimed and certainly not ancient.  The HiCalibrites never offered a view of his mouth and only said he had teeth like Moose with `​extreme’ angles.  Moose, if you recall, turned out to have EOTRH despite Manson’s denials and he also wasn’t nearly as old as they said either.  Pretty much from the moment they purchased Thomas the stories started.  They claimed they snatched him from the jaws of a family that wanted to buy him as a dancing horse.  He may well have been a dancing horse at one time, but nobody was going to pay $500 for him to do that now.  Romney Faye Baker immediately floated the `compassion pull’ scenario which was picked up and built upon by Manson.  His intake video asked for One Last Good Home and she said they’d see if they could get him comfortable.  This was said as they lead him towards an absolute mountain of shit in the background.  Unfortunately for Thomas, Stilly had the misfortune of dying on Friday and since the Manson family had just returned from their Vegas adventure, they must have figured they’d save some Benjamins by making up a full load for the body removal guy and execute Thomas too.  Maybe they get a deal for multiples or something or maybe just killing a few horses put Manson in a party mood for Saturday.  If you listen to his intake video, Manson pretty carefully words that Dr. Spini was on the property but she never actually says she saw the horse.  Their lone statement about his death indicates they didn’t think he was worth doing any sort of diagnostic and then he had the unmitigated gall to stand in the hot sun and sweat in a strange and chaotic environment.  Manson says his heart rate was elevated, but maybe he was stressed.  What I do know is that horse wasn’t at HiCaliber long enough to even eat a bale of hay, so his $650 over his alleged $500 purchase price is in some pocket because once again, they began this week’s auction with 0 dollars in the kitty.  What I find horribly sad is that there was a long post about them mourning Stilly, but Thomas who died on the very same day, wasn’t worth a mention until somebody asked after him a few days later.  Rest easy, Thomas. #sayhisname



We’re going to jump back in time a bit next.  This has been talked about in the comment section and it’s actually been something in my inbox for awhile.  I’ve kinda gone back and forth in my mind about whether I should even post it because out of all the crap Manson and company post, this is offends me more than most things.  I know they want to frame themselves as `edgy’ and `rebels’ and that’s fine, even though it comes off as kinda immature and sad to most people.  What I cannot abide by is racism and this post was straight up racist and disgusting, which is a bit strange for an organization that say they are all-inclusive and everybody is welcome.  I guess that only applies to sexual orientation because their statements and actions are certainly not welcoming to people of color.  What’s worse is the horse involved.  Palomar.  He was purchased with donated funds from Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  Church, which is how the horse got his name in the first place.  It also makes the nature of his adoption post even more offensive and then factor in a member of that church voicing their concerns only to be ignored.  This post is still up in its original and racist glory.  Manson is nobody’s bitch and she won’t be told what to do.


Moving right along to some inner sanctum things…Apparently they are brainstorming ways to make things seem awesome at the feed lot with Scrappy Doo Rene leading the charge.  God help them.  Apparently, it is also not ok to approach and speak to Manson without approval and permission and she may start wearing shirts to remind you of that fact.  Even though Manson lives on the property and has had volunteers out busting their asses (this is not counting the drunken pool party people we will discuss later) to make that place presentable so she could get a few free pallets of feed in exchange for allowing some feed company to fly a drone over top of the hoard and scare the shit out of some of them.  She is too important to pick up garbage on the property she lives on.  She can’t even be bothered to say `please’.   The next screen shot would be just one of the filthy water tubs in the stalls.  Just keep putting water on top of the sludge and get a good plant culture growing in that.  All that roughage should cut down on the hay bill!  Yes, that  picture is Firetyme.  He’s gained some weight so he might be back up to a body score of 2 or 3, but still looking rough and Manson still declines any offers of a new home for him.  The gray horse was photographed around the end of June with an open sore under the jaw.  I’m not sure if that was a fly mask wound or something blew out there.  The flies were certainly enjoying it though.  Lastly we have some fuel cans left out and leaking so they can catch something on fire maybe.  A few weeks ago Manson was telling us they couldn’t drag the shit out of the pens and arena in case it threw a spark and started a fire, but apparently sloshing actual fuel around is perfectly ok.  Moving right along….



Next up is Blueberry.  By all accounts a very sweet mare and volunteer favorite at HiCaliber.  She’s been at the feedlot since last fall, but they just got around to putting up an adoption ad for her mid July of this year.  As you can hear in the video, she is not sound, but apparently that doesn’t mean she can’t be a good trail horse, because who doesn’t enjoy riding a horse in obvious pain and discomfort?  Shortly after this ad was posted,  they said they had Dr. Spini digging around in her shoulder for some reason and she needed to be up in stalls wearing a sleazy to keep her shoulder covered.  Personally, if she was mine, I’d have put some SWAT on it and left it open to heal, but Manson being a 30% vet and all, decided to see if should could do what is actually quite difficult to do above the knees and hocks and grow some proud flesh to add to poor Blueberry’s laundry list of things she has wrong with her.  The fact that the sleazy is on over top of the halter and they leave it on until it’s basically stuck to her shoulder and stinky, probably means she’s working on some good halter rubs too.  Horse husbandry at its finest right there…


The above screen shots are from their bat cave over the past week or so.  Watering the horses continue to be an ongoing issue.  While they were all drinking their faces off and partying down over the weekend, the horses in vineyard/QT area were either out of water or very low and there wasn’t exactly a stampede to rectify the situation.  In fact, I believe only one volunteer took it upon themselves to put horses first before Fireball.  It also seems that horses continue to wallow in their own filth in the barns as they stand around with no interaction or attention.  Meanwhile we now have fly mask issues beyond rubbing the holes in their faces.  Never mind that everybody tromps around the ranch and dogs and chickens wander freely in and out of pens, don’t you dare mix up fly masks.  Seriously.  This is coming from the same 30% vet that figures as long as a horse doesn’t come from auction, they probably don’t need to do the usual quarantine.  I can’t make this stuff up and I don’t blame the volunteers either.  They have zero leadership nor do they have anybody in charge working alongside them.  Many of them have significant commutes to come do chores for free while the residents go for manicures and eyelashes on the donor dollar.  Wow.



So, this past weekend featured the big volunteer appreciation piss up by the pool.  Manson went all out hiring band and having the event catered by Da Kine’s out of Santee because we all know how Manson loves herself some Hawaiian eats.  They did a brief live feed from that party which featured sugar daddy board member, Richie Price, pouring Fireball down everybody’s throats and Manson sexually harassing the underage band members who looked distinctly uncomfortable when she kept trying to get the 17 year old to take his shirt off.  After the live feed was off, the underagers in attendance got to get their drink on with a little beer pong in the pool while Lex, the other half of the Tuesday auction pair arrived from Misner’s.  Thankfully, they left the video in the bat cave for me to share with you featuring Scrappy Doo Rene so drunk she can hardly talk, let alone stand up, insisting on unloading the horse.  Of course, they can’t even remember what angle they used to loosen the donor’s purse strings so there was momentary confusion as to who the other half of Lex’s bonded pair actually was.  Naturally, Manson couldn’t be bothered to shuffle herself across the drive way to take a look at the new horse they just had to have.  She probably still hasn’t seen him. All in all, a good time seemed to be had by the few in attendance, although probably not by the Sunday volunteers that were left with extra to do because apparently drinking and partying takes precedence over doing actual chores.

This is Shawa’s adoption video that was posted last week.  The rider is Amanda the riding team leader at HiCaliber.  I think that’s important to note considering she happily rides around on the wrong lead as Scrappy Doo Rene tells us how `rad’ and amazing this horse is.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a decent enough little mare but she is LAME.  Why is it these HiCalibrites can’t pick out a hind end lameness and why do they continue to thump around on lame horses even if she they do know?  (see Blueberry above).  Judging by the lather on the horse’s sides, they’d already given her a good ride down before they turned the camera on, so who knows if she was salty with them or not?  They certainly took the wind out of her sails for some reason.  It’s pretty clear that neither Scrappy or Amanda can tell if the horse is on the correct lead or not or that she looks really uncomfortable trying to balance a rider that is not helping her at all.  Then they decide that the horse must be a reiner because she has a `whoa’ on her.  Ummm, no.  That means she was probably well broke at one point and, if anything, looks like she was a decent pattern horse when she was sound, but a reiner she is not.  That wasn’t a spin by any stretch of the imagination.  For those that think I’m nitpicking and being a bitch, you are only partially correct.  I do have a point and that is that none of these horses are set up for success or proper placements because a) they don’t have a clue how to present them and b) they have nobody there that seems to be able to evaluate one properly.  It bothers me to see these poor lame horses hauling these gunsels around.  FFS shouldn’t knowing your leads be a prerequisite for being a riding team lead?

It was easy to tell we were in for a shit show at auction today when this was the opening post from Romney Fay Baker.  I’m picking out a common theme in recent posts of them attempting to market themselves as `rebels’.  They might want to rethink that stance considering that it’s already being done up in Washington state by Sam Milbredt or whateverthefuck she calls herself these days.  The point being, is that even HiCaliber is amateur hour compared to Rebels, but if they want to somehow make people relate a feedlot scam operation to them via the `rebels’ flag, then so be it.  I’m getting deja vu!. Anyhow, when all else fails they play the sympathy card and I’m starting to resent it.  No mother should lose a child.  That’s a horrible thing, but it becomes uncomfortable when you are constantly hit in the face with somebody else using their grief to raise funds.  Let that little boy rest in peace.  This was an extremely hostile post to kick off their fundraising drive and nobody wants to actually see it in print that she doesn’t give a shit about the horses or if the ranch burns down.  Some of us have known it all along, but if she’s feeling the need to put it in writing, perhaps it is time to take a step back.

With Romney Faye Baker not `feeling it’ today, it was left to Manson to inspire people to dig deep and she got downright creative on us.  I’m not really sure what she is doing in this specific group, but in it she is and she told a sad story using key words like `littles’, `meat auction’, `slaughter’.  Never mind the fact that the horses were likely already  running through when she posted, the money wasn’t flowing so they posted up the sadder looking ones to tug at some heart strings.  This was just a warm up.  Manson was desperate.  I kinda take miniscule responsibility for what went down next only because I have used the term `manifest’ in talking about how Manson gets free stuff and I think I may have planted a seed…

Yes, this happened.  Manson joined Manifestation Babes and asked them to manifest some cash for her.  Well, maybe not directly, but she wasn’t too subtle about it and I almost couldn’t stop laughing.  However when I did finally get done laughing I got kinda pissed.  Once again she spun the `black market horse meat trade’ to people that really don’t know better and then went on about the illegal slaughter trade.  Horse slaughter is not illegal in the US.  They just aren’t funded for inspections which make it impossible for them to slaughter for human consumption right now.  People can still slaughter their own horses for their own personal use.  It is illegal to ship a horse to slaughter in California, but they seem to be willing to overlook that every single week they do deals with Misner.  If it really was her `life’s work’ to save horses from the illegal slaughter trade,  wouldn’t it be smart to start by turning in your kill buyer buddy who actually does ship illegally to slaughter?   Anyhow, the Manifestation Babes are not so loose with the purse strings and mainly wished her blessings, good vibes and I think somebody put in a good work with Archangel Ariel or something.  Finally one of the `babes’ called her out on her negativity and bad reputation and suggested she clean up her vibes. I’m paraphrasing obviously.  Not bad advice really, but it may take a team of experienced manifesters and archangels working around the clock, 365 days a year, for decades to clean up the bad vibes Manson must have deep in her pores after shooting so many animals in the face over the years and that’s not even going there with some of the other downright fucked up things she’s done to people over the years.


Romney Faye Baker did not manage to fill her quota at auction today.  It seems that people took HiCaliber at their word and showed up to do it better, since that’s what Manson keeps telling everybody to do.  So, despite Romney Faye being a complete twatwaffle and figuring she runs the show at auction, it turns out she doesn’t and they only managed to leave with a very crippled mare and a donkey as an afterthought.  Even though the little donk was only $150 from Misner, Romney Faye was asking the village idiots for $1000.  Maybe donkeys are more expensive to geld and feed in HiCaliberland.  I don’t know.  I also don’t know what the final price on the little sore mare was either.  I was too busy being disgusted.  Last week, they get a horse like Thomas who could at least stand on all 4 feet and he gets shot in the face within days, but for some reason this poor little mare who is sore as a boil gets drug all the way back to SLREH for diagnostics.  Diagnostics that they didn’t feel Thomas, who as not as sore, was worthy of.   I can’t even pretend to figure out why they shoot some without any valid reason and then one that so obviously needs to be released from her agony, gets kept alive and drug around.  Maybe there is some sort of point they are trying to prove or something.  It most certainly isn’t anything close to putting the best interests of these animals first.


The little cremello poster child struck it lucky today and ended up at a real rescue, so there is some good news.  You can follow him over at Forgotten Horse Rescue.  Three other horses went to another rescue situation near LA where they should also thrive.  That leaves us with poor Fawn’s updates.  Manson got pretty freakin official with the cut and paste on the diagnostics.  I’m not sure what her point in doing that was other than to make herself sound smarter than she is.  It kinda backfired.  Know your audience, Manson.  Tell them what is really going on here which is that the poor mare has a very jacked up left front, with the coffin joint bone on bone and out of place with a likely ruptured supporting tendon.  This means she’s offloading onto the right front causing lameness there too.  Horses in these situations are often at an increased risk for laminitis in the supporting hooves.  Think Barbaro.  It wasn’t his original injury that did him in but the supporting legs that failed.  Instead, Manson puts this: “X-rays show chronic, marked subluxation of her coffin joint secondary to likely a deep digital flexor tendon rupture on the left front in addition to contralateral right front lameness.”  She probably doesn’t even understand what it means seeing as how she still thinks a lesion can only be an open sore.  Now that I’ve explained it to her, she can be a 32% vet.  I make no pretense of being a vet, but I can read an xray enough to know that mare is in trouble and I hope they don’t make her suffer too long because Manson has developed a foot fetish all of a sudden.


HiCaliber Mirage

Speaking of fetishes, I may as well give Mirage’s update since Manson is too lazy to do so.  I only heard it through live feeds after people kept asking and Robyn finally admitted that she had her surgery and was already back at the ranch.  I’m not sure why they couldn’t have fired off a post about that.  Their village only ponied up something like $4500 for her to have that surgery after all. Maybe they didn’t update because it seems Manson has lost interest in Mirage’s vagina now that it’s back to normalish looking.  Just prior to her surgery she had to slip over to the clinic for a little moonlight photo sesh with it late at night, but seems to have no interest post op.  I hope somebody steps up for that poor mare sooner, rather than later.  She’s put up with enough already.

I’m just going to dump these few screen shots here.  They are all pretty self explanatory.  Angrid is having issues getting people exicted about her Eggo waffle and grilled cheese sandwich extravaganza, but that won’t matter because she’ll fill that room with hobos if need be so that everybody thinks it was an awesome time and want a ticket next year.  Then we come to people asking after Dragon who was a recent purchase that they raved over how awesome and bomb proof he was, which he did appear to be.  He’s also super injured or sore and apparently that’s a state secret for some reason.  Better keep saying his name just in case…The last two screen shots are of Manson keeping it classy on other FB pages by telling people to `eat a dick’ and making jokes about shooting horses.  Hmmm, I wonder why they only raised enough money to get one horse today as per Romney Faye Baker…


I don’t really care who this last meme offends today.  The longer this drags on, the crankier I get.  I’m sick of them shooting horses in the face.  I’m sick of the lies, the hoarding and the substandard care.  I’m sick of them sitting on their asses as horses choke with thirst and colic.  I’m sick of horses disappearing and their very existences erased.  Manson keeps bragging about her less than stellar career as an animal control officer and how she runs her rescue on a shelter model.  Guess what?  These aren’t dogs and even if they were, most people don’t like kill shelters.  If that’s what she is truly doing, then she needs to be upfront with her donors about it.  Stop calling it compassionate euthanasia.  It’s not.  She’s as much as admitted that if they don’t move out via adoptions, she’s not a sanctuary and if that’s not killing for space I don’t know what is.  Now, that people are onto them with their horses looking like crap, she’s calling in fat and healthy fosters and swapping them out with skinnies.  I’m sure they’ll try to lock down Biz Desk and Shenanigans even further after this post today and blame the wrong people for being me.  It won’t make a difference.  If they won’t put those horses first, I will.  Who’s with me?

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I thought I better get a post dispatched ahead of the threatened shit show that is going to be their live feed-a-thon. That’s where they basically hold their viewers hostage unless they cough up money for hay and we’ll get to that in a bit.  We also have another horse about to take the long walk to the killing field, more revelations from the inner sanctum of Biz Desk and some other fun stuff today.  I have no clue how best to present it or organize things so I’m just going to throw it all up in the air and deal with what lands first.  Turns out the worst news hit first, so let’s deal with it…



This was posted about Aviana on July 7th.  As you can see, they call her sane and sound and go on and on about how nice she is.  She’s actually in pretty decent shape for a HiCaliber horse considering she’s been there since last October. Unsurprisingly, Manson has advertised her as and OTTB because she has a tattoo.  Aviana is actually a QH that has raced which is kinda obvious by her very identifiable brand.  However, we know Manson doesn’t like blind horses so…



Not even 2 weeks later, the `sane’ mare has become unsafe to treat and is about to get shot in the face.  The `board’ voting basically means Manson told her yes men what was going down and they all said `yes, ma’am’.  This is bullshit.  This is a healthy horse with a lot of life left to live and these asswipes are going to kill her because the don’t have the skill set to deal with her.  What was that Manson said about riding with a bit the other day?  Something about too many people putting the burden on horses when they should be bringing up their own skill set?  This mare came to them with a cloudy eye.  If they know blind horses don’t do well with them, then stop fucking buying them!!!!  Simple.  Why should this mare trust Manson?  She doesn’t know who she is other than some loud person that probably gives off all sorts of bad vibes that wants to stick needles in her. It’s not like Manson actually spends any time with any of these animals that might be considered pleasant.   I’ve seriously never seen even a vet that had to sedate anything and everything they have to mess with.  How about instead of paying for all these drugs all the time, they invest in some lessons on proper handling?

Moose is the old guy they bought from Misner they other day.  Romney Faye had already declared him a compassion pull and apparently Manson agrees.  What that means is he doesn’t deserve to have his teeth done as Manson danced around the issue tangling herself up in a web of her own lies.  Basically, she feels that he’s not worth the dental work because she’ll likely be shooting him soon.  I don’t know that Dr. Spini saw him at all, but his teeth do look like EOTRH to me.  This link explains it and from what I can tell, Manson basically googled EOTR and misunderstood what they meant be lesions when she attempted to sound like she knew what she was talking about.  I guess my point is that if you’re going to purchase the horse, do right by him or leave him for somebody else.  Giving him a couple of weeks to get eaten alive by flies and lose even more weight isn’t kind or right.  This horse was worthless to Misner.  He was never going to ship him because he would have been rejected.  He was picked up specifically for HiCaliber to sell to the village idiots.


Meanwhile, behind closed doors, Manson is scrambling.  Her favorite ass barnacle seems to have jumped ship or maybe she just found some place close to home where she could pound on horses.   I know of another med team member that is gone or going and they are bleeding volunteers.  Horses are still getting these horrible rubs by their fly masks and box cutters left where they eat.  I’m not even blaming the volunteers.  There are too many horses and not enough people to properly meet their needs each and every day.  They have untrained and inexperienced people out there doing their best and it’s not enough.  This is not setting people up for success.  Then they wonder why some horses act wild when they finally decide to mess with them.


It turns out it’s not just the med team that’s falling apart.  It seems they’re having issues getting these animals fed too.  I’m not sure why any of the residents of that place can’t get off their asses and feed, but apparently it mostly falls to volunteers, although rumor has it Michelle actually lowered herself to water horses the other day.  When I heard about it,  I immediately ran out and bought a lottery ticket and several cases of bottled water and canned spaghetti.  I figured it was either the end of times or a sign that other unusual things might happen that day so I covered my bases.  I’ll let you know how it works out.  The horse in the picture is thought to be Savannah.  You may remember her from being the one usually covered up in a fly sheet.  As you can see, yet another emaciated horse failing to thrive at rescue.  Thankfully, she’s gone out to a foster that seems to do a good job getting weight on these horses.  Why did they allow them to get this bad before getting help???

So this happened tonight. Manson finally decided to show Firetyme on live feed.  She claimed it was all about the angles with those past pictures having him look bad.  Well, she provided the angles for these screen shots so you can be the judge.  I had already been sent the screen shot of her whining about having to feed him.  She referred to him as `chubby’ at one point in the video and thinks he’s doing great.  Besides the fact he still looks worse than the day he arrived and he was pretty bad then, she has no clue what she’s talking about.  This horse is showing signs of refeeding syndrome and she can’t see through her ego enough to realize.  No, the big pot belly is not normal, nor is the edema she has mentioned a few times.  He needs his proteins not oils and whatever other crap she’s trying to push.  Actually, he needs CARE.  Robyn was kind clueless enough to show us the kind of care Firetyme has been getting lately…

The above two pics were also from the live feeds tonight.  As we can see from his whiteboard, he hasn’t been out of his stall for a walk for six days and nobody has bothered to groom him for a week.  That basically means nobody is spending much time with the horse.  We probably don’t want to know what’s under that mask right now.  I’m not sure why a horse only needs water in the morning either, but this entire `program’ poor Firetyme is on is a pretty good indication of what the problem with this poor old horse is.

Remember Skittles the pony?  Skittles was the pony they got outbid  on at auction some months ago.  I think it might have even been before Christmas or maybe right around that time.  They claimed the guy that got Skittles was a dirty flipper and basically pitched a wreck over it.  Somehow, they convinced themselves and the village idiots that they were entitled to some first right of refusal on a horse they never owned just because they told the guy to call them if things didn’t work out.  Flash forward a few months and the guy is selling the pony and his other horse for whatever reason.  He offered them to HiCaliber.  I don’t know what their conversations were like apart from them trying to talk him down in price, so that when he finally does show up at HiCaliber he does not have the pony.  He says it’s been in an accident or whatever.  I don’t know the guy.  I don’t know what the deal was aside from the screen shots provided.  I just know the pony didn’t materialize and HiCaliber talked all sorts of doom and gloom about the shape he was in.  It also inspired this super professional and foul-mouthed, even for Manson, video . Clearly, but these pictures above, he was fine and continues to be fine.  Hopefully, that closes the chapter on the Skittles The Pony drama.

So, as many of you already know, we are being bombarded with a live feed-a-thon from HiCaliber.  They are `shaking up’ how they fundraise which apparently means they are begging more because they $650 responsible rescue is not keeping Manson and her assistant, Robyn in eyelashes.  Robyn even decided to show us where the donor dollars go by doing extreme close-ups of her eyelashes and crowsfeet.  Because they can’t come out and say how they spend all the money, they are blaming this on a super great deal for orchard hay this time.  That’s right, the last two hay fundraisers we’ve had in the past month were so successful, they’re doing it again and bigger.  This time they want $9600.  They swear it will last longer.  I swear they’re lying.  Thankfully, their stunt didn’t last long even though the response was luke warm.  Manson got bored and changed her own rules saying it was only until sundown but maybe they’ll be back tomorrow.  We’d already seen her stuff her face, trudge around the place, curse, fart and belch.  It was the usual from her and her barnacles.

One of the things to come out of the live feed sitch tonight was Manson inadvertently showing the terrible condition of some of the animals and how little she knows.  The little donkey, Noel, she referred to as fat and chubby.  What she actually appears to be is insulin resistant and is going to be in trouble if they don’t act on it.  Trish is in the barn with some kind of bandage job that I can only imagine means they are actually trying to fuck up her legs worse.  Does nobody on that ranch know how to run a proper wrap, and what is it with all the tape they use?  Use a fucking standing bandage with a pad on the wound!  Bunny, yet another Louisiana horse, is in rough shape with the big pot belly and all bones.  Poor Breezy still looks like shit as she completely lied her ass off about his situation saying she had become friends with his former owners and had already blown through the 10k the Appaloosas came with.  What she neglected to tell everybody is she’s getting ready to kill one of the mares and has been sucking up to the owner so she can do that.

Here’s a few other fun things from live feeds today and recently.  The horse in the tiny pen is Mercy, recently returned from Andrew Fice.  (seems like all the horses are back from the Ficehole other than poor Dylan and Rojas).  I just thought the mountain of shit behind her and her tiny little sand pen might have something to do with a horse getting mean or aggressive eventually.  The other screen shot is dumbass Rene outing her fake profile by signing her post thinking she was in the HiCaliber admin profile.   Even Manson is careful not to out hers other than that unfortunate incident when a pic of a Japanese aubergine was emailed to the object of her extreme jealousy that one time.  So professional, these HiCaliberites!

How long ago was it that Michelle was on the news saying how she needed to tell the stories of all those poor OTTBs with the burned out lips?  Except none of them had burned lips and hardly any were OTTBs?  Yeah…Remember how she initially told us that Satan had already pulled blood to DNA identify them in Louisiana?  Then us `haterz’ informed her that the Jockey Club didn’t use blood to ID horses any more and haven’t for at least 15 years, so she quickly changed her story to having this paper bag of hair that somehow meant she was on it.  Turns out that was a lie too.  The truth is she’s done nothing and I’m not really surprised because she hasn’t begged for money for the kits yet and you know she would have the second she knew how much they cost whether the fee was getting waived or not.  Likely it is not going to be waived.  This is a prime example of lying about petty shit.  The `racing commission’ has nothing to do with horse identification beyond flipping lips in the paddock during the races.  If she wants to know who these horses are, she needs to get DNA kits from the Jockey Club, pull the hair samples and send them in.  There is no other way around it.  She’s had these horses for over two months and still hasn’t done anything towards finding out who they are like she promised when she was trying to drum up money.  It is a simple fucking phone call to get this rolling and she can’t even bother to do that now that the money has been spent and no more is likely coming in for them.  The whole effort from requesting kits to horse identification would take about two weeks max.

How awesome!  You are all cordially invited to go clean up the mountains of shit on the ranch while Manson sleeps in and has a spa day.  I’m sure this is so she can attempt to schmooze some goodwill and maybe cover that large lump sum payment on the ranch that is supposed to be due in a few months.  There’s nothing in it for the volunteers other than Manson may wave at you as she drives by in her golf cart, but you can feel good that you did your part in prolonging the inevitable by covering her ass once again.  Hopefully the honored guest doesn’t know anything about horses or they’re basically screwed anyhow.  The pool party sounds like fun though.  Count me in with a guest!

These screen shots are a little #TBT gift for you on a Friday.  A few of you have been asking about the mysterious HiCaliber University in the comment section and my moles and insiders are nothing if not givers.  I hope they consider the behind closed doors shit fit/meltdown/tantrum over the leaks, my thank you gift to them.  This is for sure one of my top five favorite Biz Desk posts maybe ever.  For the bargain price of only $50 per class,  you can learn horse psychology from Manson!  This coming from the person who is so afraid of horses she can’t change a wrap without sedating them to the point of staggering, but she’s going to tell you all about how to `understand and unfuck’ horses.  I guess with the number of horses she has a hand in fucking up, she’s creating her own client base.  Test riding and groundbreaking with Manson and Bang Bang Becky had to be a laugh a minute.   I’m sure they taught how misuse pressure and release techniques and keep your horse guessing at all times.  I would totally sign up for the online version of that.  Then they even had a trailer class with Bang Bang Becky.  If her auction loading techniques were what she was teaching, what a treat that class must have been.  How to stand in front of your horse and expect them to move forward.  How to reward your horse for not doing what you want.  So much to learn I’m surprised they didn’t break it down to beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions.  Then we have the piece de resistance, with Manson teaching riding lessons at $45/hr.  I wonder if she taught the star fish or the monkey fucking a football seats?  Maybe both?  What about the one leg hop up to the wither dangle mounting technique?  How many lessons until you, too, can get your horse scuttling around the arena with a hollowed out back and its head thrown back showing its extreme discomfort?  Mostly I just wonder who was stupid enough to pay these gunsels for this stuff and if they did, where is the money because it sure didn’t show up in the medical fund since they start every `ask’ at $0.


I think we’ve probably had enough fun for one day again.  I’m kinda hoping they calm their tits over at HiCaliber so we can have a quiet weekend for a change.  One of the little rants Manson got on today was about slaughter.  Slaughter is the big funding source for her because she likes to use the threat of it to inspire people to dig deeper.  She admitted that she used to be pro slaughter and even tonight, she couldn’t come out and say she was anti.  It wouldn’t suit her business model if slaughter was no longer a threat, which explains why she doesn’t bother to educate herself on it or stay up to speed.  Sadly, I’m sure most of you know that the return of domestic horse slaughter is a very real threat right now, so there are a few things you can do to speak up if you are so inclined.  You can contact you representatives and ask them to pass the SAFE Act because we do not raise horses for food in this country and as such we medicate them differently than animals raised for food. Thank them if they are already a co-sponsor.  Then we need to educate people.  The worst lie I see is that bringing slaughter back is somehow going to change the numbers of horses shipping to other countries etc.  It really won’t.  Horses closer to the Mexican border are still going to go there and the ones closer to Canada will still go there.  No more and no less horses will be slaughtered because slaughter is a supply and demand business.  They will only slaughter what there is a market for and the availability of slaughter in the US does not affect the demand for horse meat in a foreign country.  It’s kinda disgusting that a horse rescue as large as HiCaliber, that claims to save horses from slaughter every week is so very ignorant on the subject.  Educate yourselves!  There are links in the side bar here of some excellent resources on the issue.  Go back through the archives on this blog if you’re bored enough.  The information is out there.  I hope everybody has a happy weekend!  Hug a horse in person or by speaking out for them.  Most importantly, don’t let Manson make any more disappear.

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Here we are back with another auction recap and fuckery round-up.  I’m not happy.  I feel like my emotions have been toyed with.  Manson said that Romney Faye Baker was on a leave.  I was happy.  Giddy almost.  I was sure we were going to be spared the dramatic, one sentence posts.  Just. This. Once.  The huffing and puffing.  The slurping of beverages and leaking mascara.  I thought we wouldn’t have to listen to her call every animal with a vagina `mamas’ and maybe we wouldn’t have to be aurally assaulted with her shrieking at these horses and expecting them to know their names already.  Not only did Manson lie *shocker* but Romney Faye amped up the stupid like we haven’t seen in a long time and the lies…oh my lanta, the lies.  Just wow.  I guess that’s as good of a place as anywhere else to kick things off…

Romney Faye Baker set the tone of the day by lying about shit that doesn’t matter.  Nobody really cares if she was in Havasu last week, last year or this morning.  Why mention it?  Her errant fiancée has been posting about moving out all week, presumably due to getting busted for extra curricular dinky dunking and that doesn’t matter either if not for the fact that she’s lying about it.  I know it’s difficult for these HiCaliberated types  to grasp, but just keep your personal life and your business life separate and spare us the details. Build some cred by telling one less lie.  The second you hang your laundry out in public, people are going to comment good, bad, or indifferent and I’m people so connect the dots.

I guess since the boogie man mysterious kill buyer from Texas never actually materialized last week, they needed to find a new angle to scare some money out of the village idiots.  Slaughter is always an awesome fall back and it especially works on village idiots who only know what Manson and Romney Faye tell them about slaughter which is mostly not true.  I suppose as an advocate, that makes me ignorant because I point out that shipping to slaughter in California is still illegal.  Using Romney Faye’s example of drunk driving and that the laws don’t stop people from doing it, I’d ask her if she would allow somebody to get drunk at her house and then get behind the wheel?  Because that’s exactly what they’re doing with Misner every week.  They know he ships, even though they lie to the village about that and they figure since you can’t stop them all, they may as well get in bed and play footsie with him and his useless tool of a son.  Which brings us to maybe the whopper of the day.  This statement:
“We have a great relationship with Voldy and have successfully purchased every horse he would have otherwise shipped this last year. “

Good thing I was smart enough to put my helmet on BEFORE I started in with their BS today.  I’d have had a brain bleed from banging my head against the desk at that one.  Misner hasn’t slowed down his shipping one iota; he’s just found an additional income stream thanks to HiCaliber and the village idiots.  The correct statement should have been: “We have purchased every horse he wouldn’t have been able to ship this past year’, which may be true and which they did today.  We’ll get to that in a bit.  The next statement made me realize that self-awareness was not going to be part of the auction team today.
“…we are doing all we can to save horses from the torturous ride through the Arizona desert and down through Texas and into Mexico where they are destined to meet an end even more cruel than the haul there.”

I’m guessing this is somehow a worse fate than being one of six horses stuffed in a 4 horse stock trailer being hauled in record heat from Louisiana to California without a break only to stand in a shit filled pen starving to death and awaiting a bullet in their face?  Ok then….

Romney Faye Baker zeroed in on this pair of Arabian yearlings right away today.  They had fresh scuffs on their face which meant she could get busy spinning up a story of them being `beat to hell’ and speculating on all they’d been through.  They were clearly young and unhandled, but that doesn’t resonate when you’re trying to shake down the village idiots for some fun money, so unhandled became feral and when they weren’t acting wild enough, Romney Faye hoisted herself up on the rails to stand above them and freak them out for the camera.  All the better if they could trounce on each other and get some more scrapes for sympathy.  To be fair, Romney knows about as much about horses as I do quantum physics, so the fact that horses are flight animals and that many predators drop from above on a horse meaning they don’t particularly like it when a strange and loud person stands over top of them, might not be something she’s aware of.  I doubt she would even care if she did know.  `Terrified’, `Scared to death’, Beat to hell’, all sound more dramatic, than `I don’t know bugger all about horses and just make up whatever sounds good at the time’.


The funds weren’t rolling in today.  I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’m constantly confused how they start at zero each week and only raise exactly enough, to the penny on any given week.  We’re never given a running total of donations, but again, everything is a nice round number and there is never a few dollars carry over for the next week.  It’s kind of amazing when you think about it.  What are the odds?  Anyhow, as you can see in the screen shots above, Romney Faye had to turn up the heat today.  Because they have recently decided that the $650 over purchase price no longer includes gelding, teeth or really anything, they now tack on extras so the Arabs got threatened with the meat hook.  Then Romney decided to play expert and diagnose an old running QH as an OTTB that was lame on his right front.  Turns out he was actually stifled on his back right, but it didn’t matter anyhow.  That lucky guy managed to escape the clutches of HiCaliber hell and went to a private buyer.  I like his chances better somehow.

Ok, it’s been a long day and I’m confused.  The above post seems to be the handiwork of Romney Faye.  She of the one word sentences and dramatic pauses.  She also references being at auction and Robyn `working’ with the Arabians.  Robyn has never struck me as knowing much about horses so not sure what `working’ entails considering it’s highly doubtful she was able to get near enough one of them to hop up with some of her happy stash she usually carries around at auction.  I also wonder when Romney Faye was able to find a lap top to sit down and bang out the post.  Maybe she has some pre-loaded or something and just fills in the blanks.  Since the money situation didn’t go so well today they had to start threatening to kill horses again.  It always works.  Even though the two colts were only $25 each from Misner, by the time they had their little freedom walk, the gray’s price was listed as $100 even though Romney Faye said he was the more `volatile’ of the two.   That isn’t enough to keep the HiCal gals in eyelashes and mascara, so they had to get creative and threaten to kill them unless they got $1500 on top of everything else.  They offered the gray colt (No, Romney Faye he is not `roany’) to another rescue but they should really qualify that to say only rescues they like, which are fewer every day.  A very reputable did rescue did step up and offer to take the gray only to be rejected.  This is a $25 horse we’re talking about, but they’d rather soak the village for training and `responsible rescue’ fees than let one of Manson’s sworn enemies show them up.  Both colts ended up going to the same place where HiCaliber Gemma died a few weeks ago.

Somehow, they managed to scrape together funds for a different bay Arabian that is at least halter broke and they also had to keep Misner happy and give him money to clean up his mess yet again by paying him to take a horse he couldn’t ship to slaughter.  This is only for them bring the poor horse home to shoot it him the face.  That horse was $350 and was the most expensive buy of the day.  He likely wouldn’t have drawn a bid had Misner taken him through the ring.  They say he’s probably a compassion pull, which normally means for sure he is and, for some reason, they named him after Ingrid’s dead dog.  Apparently every grieving pet owner is comforted when you name an animal after their beloved pet and then take it home and shoot in the face.  Going by an earlier post it would seem fundraising in the name of Ingrid’s dead dog is the new grief play and I’m expecting Manson to set up her own gofundme so she can not only make this all about her, but cash in on it too.

I’m not really sure how one of the Arab colts ended up costing $100, especially since it was the gray which is the one Romney Faye was ok with killing.  Where they are headed and how it all shook down is somewhat unclear as she originally said they had the money for the bay, including training, gelding and responsible rescue fees.  Romney Faye never really told us who offered what for the gray but the end result was both heading off to where Gemma met her fate a few weeks ago.  What got confusing is that Romney Faye made some mention that they fees they had collected for the colts with their castrations included, were going to be donated back to HiCaliber so they didn’t have to send funds with them (weren’t they both going to die if training funds weren’t raised?).  The funds, however, wouldn’t be staying in the auction fund for next week but going to general fund aka Manson’s weekly allowance.   I wish they’d have done a live feed of the unloading because they stuffed both Arabs in a single stall in the trailer, loose with empty hay nets hanging down so there is potential for a real rodeo when they get where they’re going.  They are also in the back stall so as soon as the trailer door is opened, they are going to leave there like they were shot out of a cannon. What is it with HiCaliber and overstuffing trailers?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch we were treated to a HiCaliber test ride complete with Manson herself narrating and sharing some of her training philosophies.  I believe the horse was Katrina and she had clearly either already been ridden or had the pants lunged off her as she was already dripping sweat before they even began.  She tolerated her ill-fitting saddle and rope halter better than most as the crash test dummy test rider did the one leg hop around the arena, clearly having no clue how to make a horse stand for mounting.  I don’t know why these people insist on ground mounts and dangling off their withers, especially when there was a mounting block right there, but perhaps that has more to do with the not standing than the fact the horses were from auction as Manson suggested.  As we watched this rider overpost and ride around in the shit filled pen, Manson the wonder trainer told us about voluntary compliance and organic something or other because bits are over used and `grossly unnecessary’.   She told us that too many people put the burden on the horse via the bit when they should be bringing up their own skill level.  Yes, Manson of the starfish school of equitation actually said that.  Manson with the alternating piano hands and puppy paws actually went there.  I wouldn’t be so dumbfounded if she knew how to actually ride bitless.  Bad hands are bad hands no matter what you hang on a horse’s head.  I have no issue with bitless if people know WTF they are doing.  Many of my saddle horses were transitioned from snaffle to curb via bosal.  I like bosals.  Side pulls and legit bitless rigs have their place too.  There is likely a reason you don’t really see anybody else riding around in an ill fitting, improperly tied rope halter.  I don’t really even have the words for how fucking stupid the whole spiel was.   Wow.


Since Manson is lecturing us all on the finer points of equitation, let’s take a look at the horse husbandry that is being practiced at HiCaliber.  The skeleton in the fly sheet was Savannah, one of the Louisiana horses.  This was taken shortly before she got sent to foster not so long ago.  She was in just as much trouble as Sully, Firetyme, Saban etc before she went, but at least now she has a chance.  Then we see a horse with an infected and sore on his jaw.  Yup, they are still leaving fly masks on too long and wearing holes in heads  and waiting for them to get infected before doing anything.  Looks like the shit is piling up at an alarming rate and some of these horses haven’t seen a brush or mane comb maybe ever.  Remember when Manson called out Laura Bell for the wind knots in her horses’ manes a few years ago?  Good times…

I’m going to close out the day with Firetyme yet again.  Until Manson shows that horse on a live feed or with something that proves the date, I’ll just keep asking.  I hope he really has gained weight by now, but I’m pretty sure that Manson used old pics of him as current ones.  The screen shot from the volunteer was hastily removed, but thankfully sent to me by several people (thank you!).  That appears to be one person associated with HiCaliber that told the truth, although I’m sure she’ll be excommunicated for that outburst now.  As for the auction stuff, it’s just more of the same.  People giving up their last $50 when Manson won’t even give up the $5 coffees she buys with donated money.  She was sporting a new manicure today too.  Four more horses were absorbed into the HiCaliber feed lot which we may never hear from again.  When was the last time they did intake videos?  So many of these horses never seen or heard from again after auction and they just keep bringing in more and more because Manson has to have her inventory.  The beat goes on…


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Dear Manson,

I thought I’d drop the pretense.  I know you read here.  You pretty much can’t make a live feed without talking about something that has been on this blog or in the comments, so I thought I’d make your day and just drop that 4th wall.  Let’s do this on the direct.  This all for you!

First off,  please stop lying out of your lying lie hole.  I actually wonder if even you believe what you say.  That pictures you posted of Firetyme are shit and you know it.  If you truly want to discredit what is out there about him, then post a video.  Put him on live feed.  It might be a nice break from having to watch you scratch your nose as your eyes roll around.  One of your own volunteers was on a FB page confirming that he is still emaciated.  She saw him this weekend.  You say to call the vets but they can’t tell people your business and that’s not their job.  It is your job to give updates on the horses that you bought with donated money.  Maybe he did gain weight in the last week.  I hope he did.  The fact is he never should have been allowed to get that emaciated in the first place and he wasn’t an isolated case.   I don’t understand why you won’t let him go to the one of the very good and legitimate homes that have expressed an interest in him.  If you were truly all about putting the horse first, you’d let him go.  He clearly isn’t thriving with you.

Your statement that people are using your misfortune, bad luck or whatever it was you call it, to `live off you’ or gain something is almost as ridiculous as your eyebrows.   Trust me, none of us are getting rich off trying to save the horses you are neglecting and killing for no good reason.  I guess if I wanted fame or notoriety I’d use my own name.  Lord knows I have had some interesting and potentially beneficial offers come through my inbox as a result of covering your shit show.  I’ve had them before and I’m not about that.  I’m about the horses.  As far as your assumption about people from your past seeking revenge, that’s a load of BS too.  I’ve taken on many other causes others than yours in the past and I will again some day too.  I’m not part of your past, thank God.  Your self-importance is astonishing.


You know, as I forced myself to sit through the live feed listening to Dawson basically hack up a lung as she stood there covered head to toe (what are you hiding?), I remembered that you still haven’t adopted her.  That $1000 purchase that you hit up Shane Dawson for but the horse still belongs to HiCaliber, so does that mean his money is in your pocket?  You say you have to go through the adoptions process like everybody else, but you and I both know that isn’t true.  You snatched Rizzo up immediately when you found out he was papered and young.  You did the same with Barrett after he was gelded.  Both horses would have been snapped up via adoptions but you helped yourself to them for $1 each after allowing the village idiots to pay for them and their `responsible rescue’ fees.  Just like the village continues to support and pay for Dawson and Tara until they are healthy enough for you to snatch up for $1.  Does Bang Bang Becky’s mom know she’s going to have two more dumped on her?  I guess it’s all good as long as you keep bringing her HiCaliber feed to feed your personal horses.


I’m glad to know that Mirage is going to have her surgery.  Isn’t it funny how all your bills are such round numbers?  You googled a surgery like hers the day you brought her back to the ranch and *shocker* it turned out to be exactly what you estimated.  I think that must make you at least a 32% vet, although you know and I know you’re never going to show an invoice.  You don’t show the actual cost of most things and that slides right by your village idiots.  It’s a real shame you didn’t express the same joy and gratitude when Pam S stepped up to save Saban.  Instead you jerked her around for days while Saban lost even more weight and suffered in pain.  Of course, you never really asked anybody to save him.  You were terrified of that horse and you wanted him dead.  He’s doing great now though, no thanks to you.  It’s amazing how much weight he gained before his surgery and how much the staff at SLREH seem to like him.  They even posted an update on Golden Carrot’s page.  They never do that for you.  Why would they when you drag in mud caked horses like Boyer and Praline that they should have seen literally days before?  It’s probably clear to them how little you care about these animals that provide your lifestyle.  I’m sure they have a good giggle at the scrubs, hoops and delusions though, so there is that.


You went on this little riff about having dentals done on the horses.  You have told so many stories about dental work on that feed lot, I’m not sure what to believe. Perhaps your dental protocol is fluid. (btw, fuck you for ruining the word `fluid’ for me).  Engineer has been with you what?  Close to a year now and you’re just getting around to doing his dental and he had to lose a bunch of weight to get that done?  First we’re told that dentals are part of your intake process and the $650 responsible rescue fee, then last week you said that you don’t do dentals all the time, so which is it?  Why did Engineer go so long?  How do you explain so many horses that leave your property needing their teeth done so badly?  Maybe start writing down the stories you tell so you can keep them straight.


It amused me watching you try to be vulnerable today.  I especially liked the subtle  and manipulative things you peppered your live feed with to keep those village idiots in line and stop the bleeding.  Telling them to `believe in what’s right’, to be good people, be inspiring and all those kinds of inclusive statements designed to lift them up and make them feel a part of something bigger than themselves and like they belong.  That’s just basic psychology you can google up online.  The problem is some of us have an education and went far beyond psych 101 so you, my dear, are strictly amateur hour with that stuff.  We’re not buying what you’re selling.  Too late for tears.


You asked some questions today.  I felt they deserved real answers.  Honest ones.  You wondered why, when you’re down, people don’t rally behind you and support you.  Sponsor horses etc.  You said that was the time that people should get behind and offer more and do more.  Perhaps you need to look at why you’re down in order to understand why not.  Why would people send you even more money as you sit there on live feed with your veneers, you obviously freshly micro-bladed eyebrows that look suspiciously lifted, the fake eyelashes and your enhanced lips to the point your top lip can’t even move.  People aren’t stupid.  They know how much shit that all costs and you constantly tell people you have no income.  So as you sit there showing off all your recent cosmetic work refusing to do a legitimate update on a horse that is starving in your care along with at least 4 others recently, are you really surprised people won’t give you any money?  You photoshopped your hay invoice last week so nobody could see the actual amount.  You never post a receipt or an invoice.  You never give a donation total for all the money you collect at auction every week but it always seems to be exactly enough and you always start over at zero the following week.  People outside the village aren’t stupid.  Now, you’re low because your hands are in the cookie jar and people know it.  I’m glad Richie ponied up a new to you truck for you to drive.  Maybe ask him for a monthly allowance, but you better pray he stays off social media.


Speaking of finances…you seem to think people have short memories.  Maybe Romney Faye Baker hasn’t cashed a check for awhile, but we know you two raked in no less than $15,000 between all the gofraudmes set up after she lost her son and it turns out she never had to pay his end of life expenses anyhow.  That’s not even taking into account that she was still living with Dumbass Darrell at the time.  We won’t even get into the whole check under another name she used to pull before `officially’ going on payroll.  You girls have been fiddling numbers all along.  I guess that will come out when and if you ever get your 990’s up to date, right?  When can we expect those by the way? Time is running out…tick tock.


I’m not going to rehash all the issues with your lack of horse husbandry and the filthy and deplorable conditions those animals are living in.  You know it.  You know your detractors know it, but you still have your village idiots to back you up. How is it if you have `hundreds’ of volunteers, you can’t manage to get horses fed on time and keep their water full? Even though you climbed up on the cross when you whined about how even though you have distaste for other organizations, you can still admit they take good care of their horses but nobody ever gives you credit.  You’re correct.  That’s probably because you don’t take good care of horses and you’re a hoarder.  I think horses at Misner’s lot are probably living a better life.  Come on down off that cross now.  Somebody else needs the wood.


As you got more holier than thou today, you talked about how you let people do their own thing.  How you aren’t about tearing people down.  It all sounds so very inspirational.  Sadly, that doesn’t line up with your actions.  You know, testicles left in mailboxes, Fireball left in mail boxes and where kids can find it,  mailing vulgar links to people you know would be deeply offended, and then there is naming a pile of shit after people who dared to leave you and call you out on your shit.  Time to start pulling up those big girl panties and practicing what you preach.  You get what you give…


I think I’ll close out with a little advice for you.  It’s time to own your evil.  Get your hands out of the cookie jar.  Get your ass out of bed and actually put in the time you ask of your volunteers.  You whine about not getting paid, but free rent for you and several horses, free vehicles and meals, probably adds up to far more of a salary than many people make.  Don’t believe me?  Go get a job and try to support your lifestyle with that income.  The state you find yourself in isn’t because people hate you.  It’s not because anybody is jealous (of WHAT?) and it isn’t because you had a fucked up upbringing.  It’s because YOU, and you alone, make bad choices and there are animals paying the price.  I’m almost 100% certainly you could jump on your broom and jet away from rescue forever and not a single one of us will care to follow up with you as long as you’re leaving animals alone.  Think about it.  Just remember, as long as animals are getting shot in the face, starving and hoarded by you, people are going to continue coming forward and trying to put an end to the suffering.  The jig is up.  Don’t go away mad, just go away.


As ever…








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A couple of months ago, when I dusted off this blog, I honestly thought it would be at one-off or maybe a weekly update situation at best.  I had been tracking the fuckery at HiCaliber  for several months with my feelings running the gamut from mildly irritated to full-blown disgust.  When my personal meter hit outrage, I decided to vent on here mainly because it was a way of putting it out there and not having to carry it around with me all the time.  Or so I thought…It turns out things at HiCaliber are so much worse than I imagined and it seems like every day pulls back a new layer and a new player.  I haven’t even gotten to everything that was sticking in my craw enough to bring this back initially and I’m still not going to get to it today because these people can’t seem to straighten up and fly right.  Let’s get down to it…

Let’s start off with what’s on nearly everybody’s mind.  Firetyme.  One of many of the original Louisiana OTTB20 that wasn’t actually an OTTB.  It seems that somebody who was at the farm to volunteer last week posted a picture of Firetyme in the comments on HiCaliber’s Facebook page at some point on Friday.  I don’t know exactly when, because I spent the day out of pocket doing shit with my own animals.  What I do know is that the picture found its way to my mailbox many times over.  Thank you to the people who sent it.  Obviously the original post was removed immediately and I guess that other pic of a horse alleged to be Firetyme was posted.  We don’t know that either horse picture was Firetyme or that they were even of the same horse.  I know skinny horses can look not so skinny if you pose them just right, kinda like the selfie enthusiasts that take eleventy billion pics to find the one that doesn’t show their quadruple chins.  The pic HiCaliber posted as `proof’ is just a chestnut horse that doesn’t even show the head in such a way we could identify it as Firetyme’s.  The stall pic doesn’t show a head at all.  What I also know for sure is that the scrapes and bites on the chestnut horse in the stall match up with the undisputed Firetyme pics posted earlier.  The horse in HiCaliber’s pic does not appear to have scuff marks and most of us know from experience that those take more than a few weeks to grow the hair back even on a healthy horse.  We also know from the intake pic, that he wasn’t as emaciated as he became, or apparently is now, and he didn’t arrive all scraped up like that.  However, let’s just suppose that horse in the stall is not Firetyme and Manson wasn’t lying when she kinda waved the camera in his general direction on live feed and said he was over there getting fat but she was conducting a social experiment and not doing updates.  That still means there is an additional emaciated and beat up horse standing in their barn which kinda makes things worse.  So which is it?  Is Firetyme still failing to thrive, despite being free fed Thrive and hay, or is there more than one chestnut horse in rough shape in that barn?  It’s one or the other and a simple video update would certainly exonerate HiCaliber unless they enjoy scaring off even more donors and volunteers.  It’s actually all academic because I have had more than one source, not connected to the original picture, confirm that as him and that he is in that emaciated condition as of this past week.  Hope Manson’s little power play is worth it for her, it’s certainly not working out well for at least one horse there.


Here’s a fun little video.  Anybody that followed along with the Saban situation knows about Manson’s constant defense of Andrew Fice and her intent to return Saban to Fice after he was fixed up.  Even though she openly stated that she would never send her own horse to him,  she keeps telling the village idiots that he is unfairly maligned.  Ok, she didn’t use those exact words because `maligned’ hasn’t come up on her word of the day toilet paper yet, but she totally would have if it had.  Anyhow, the horse in the above video is Rojas who is currently being advertised for sale  for $1000.  I think he’s for sale.  Fice is advertising him but HiCaliber is handling it.  I’m sure Manson will spin it by saying how far he’s come and how Fice has a `good heart’.  What I see is a drunken yahoo flopping around on an obviously stressed horse in a shit filled round pen.  Not something I would ever subject a horse to nor would I pay for somebody to treat a horse like that.  If Fice isn’t good enough for Manson’s own horses, why is he good enough for these rescues she claims have had such bad pasts?  How much are you going to trust a horse that was trained through fear and intimidation?  This horse has not been set up for success, but he most certainly deserves an upgrade.

Mirage and Cannon.  Two horses out of  ten or so that came into HiCaliber last week.  Mirage was an owner relinquishment that has a rectal/vaginal fistula.   Strangely, that fistula may be her golden ticket to dodge the bullet as Manson is absolutely obsessed with it.  Aside from the attention she’s given it on live feed, she’s photographed it at various angles and states for our viewing enjoyment.  I can almost see her with her lighting umbrella crawling around saying `Work with me.  A little to the left.  There’s the money shot’.  It’s sick.  It also gives her a chance to put her scrubs on and play vet on her, so there is value in poor Mirage to Manson.  She has asked the village to raise $4000 so the mare can have surgery to fix her plumbing and to allow Manson more time to photograph it and make jokes.  Poor Cannon isn’t so lucky.  He was bought from Misner during the week there was no auction probably because they were jonesing from not having any horses to buy and Manson’s eyelash fund needed topping up.  I’m not sure why they had to buy him that very day considering they didn’t even pick him up until last Tuesday when they bought more even horses from Misner and also some at auction.  The purchase price for Cannon was only $150, but the village idiots raised $1000  to cover the normal $650 mark up and an additional $200 for gelding him even though they never used to charge extra for horses needing to be gelded.  Joke’s on them.  He’s not getting gelded.  Manson said on her live video the other day that he’s a cryptorchid and has a lot of other issues so he was on the euth listed unless another rescue wanted to take him.  I know of a few rescues that wanted to take Saban and she wouldn’t let him go because her nose was out of joint.


So, this happened…Manson put on her scrubs and hoops  for vet day and to share her vast knowledge with the masses and to put Dr. Spini on the spot.  I know I’m not the only one who noticed that something was more `off’ than normal with Manson.  The pinhole pupils, the eyebrows that continue their northward migration and for some reason, her eyes weren’t tracking.  They were pointing every which way but straight ahead and never in the same direction at the same time.  Maybe I just didn’t notice that her eyes blow east and west before and I’m going to hell.  Apart from that, it was exactly the sort of live feed we have come to expect from Manson lately.  She stomps around in her scrubs because it’s vet day and finally corners Dr. Spini (who was not wearing scrubs) as she is packing up to leave.  She had Dr. Spini say she chemically euthed Willow and they had to use a lot of extra tranq to get it done before she got the euthasol.  Manson said she wished she had been there or available that day to shoot the horse instead.  I guess in her mind having to give extra sedation to get them low is far worse than a misplaced shot causing a situation like what happened with Grant. Manson also went on to reminisce about all the animals that she has killed over the years starting from her time as an animal control officer, which judging from as many times as she inserts that into conversations was likely the highlight of her life.   It was just as disturbing as every other time she’s brought it up.  It’s simply not normal to kill that many healthy animals and not have it change you for the worse.  I’ve written about this before in the context of slaughter house workers, but the fact is you just can’t continually kill that many animals without having some sort of disconnect.  She talks about having a euth list for the volunteers so they have a chance to say their goodbyes as if that is the most normal thing in the world.  That’s completely messed up.  Fili and Willow were on that list for nearly a month.  Fili didn’t get adequate wound care because of being on that list.  I don’t even want to talk about Willow at this point as that horse was a revenge kill no matter what she says.  Which brings that to the other theme of her little spiel the other day…



While trying to justify the execution euthanization of such a high percentage of horses, Manson hit on another of her favorite themes.  She talked about inventory and `moving’ horses.  She told us that the mistake other rescues make, (I’m assuming she’s referring to legitimate ones), is that they have the same 10 or so horses to offer up for adoption and end up getting stuck with them.  She’s smarter than everybody else because if the horses aren’t moving, she gets rid of them and brings in new inventory to entice people. That actually was the gist of what she was saying.  That sounds more like a horse trader talking than a rescue.  No, buying a horse on the other side of the country or even two hours away, dragging it home to stand in a tiny pen with no shade and hit and miss water and feed for a few months before shooting it in the face is NOT rescue by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m not even sure what the proper term for that would be beyond `fucked up’.  I should add that Manson’s math on the number of horses she’s killed in the last year or so are about as accurate as her hay math.  Somehow, in her messed up world view, we cannot be anti slaughter if we’re not on board with her methodology.  She thinks her detractors are anti euthanasia.  I can only speak for myself, but I’m not anti euthanasia at all.  I am, however, anti unneccesary killing of healthy animals to line your pockets.

The pictures above aren’t new to most of you.  These are the before and afters of some recent HiCaliber refugees, as in before they left HiCaliber and after they got some food into them.  The video was dated July 6th and that’s Savannah.  Yet another of the Louisiana horses failing to thrive.  I find her `talking’ for food to be a bit heartbreaking given her condition.  From what I’m told, Manson kept her covered up to hide the bones at the ranch even though they are clearly visible through her fly sheet.  Thankfully, she’s at foster from what I hear, but too early to tell if she’ll regain some condition like the others have.  I have a real problem with a rescue that has horses that constantly need to be rescued.  Manson’s excuse is that her ranch is too busy, which for anybody that has boarded a horse or worked in big barn knows is such a load.  It’s quite easy to keep horses in good condition and weight and even rehab them in all sorts of settings if you know WTF you are doing.  There is no excuse for this.  Despite her claims that they follow the U C Davis refeeding protocol I know that isn’t true.  They still aren’t using it on Firetyme.  How is this rescue?


Another thing I felt I need to address today that fits in nicely with our them of `both ways’ is our great mole hunter and detective, Ingrid, who is apparently a senior attorney for DHS.  I’m kinda fond of Ingrid because every other week or so, she states with absolute certainty that she knows exactly who I am and then pulls a name out of her ass, usually somebody that isn’t even in my time zone.  So far Ingrid hasn’t managed to sniff out a single `mole’  and she hasn’t gotten remotely close to me.  Such is HiCaliber’s arrogance that they fail to realize this blog has been around since 2012 and had many posts that had nothing to do with HiCaliber apart from a mention of their part in the Starlight shit show and to say they seemed decent at the time.  Yes, I have just been laying the groundwork for all these years, even before HiCaliber had its 501c3 status just to take them down at my leisure.   Ingridbitch, please.  Give your empty head a shake.  What truly sucks is her involving anybody and everybody that disagrees with HiCaliber.  That’s shitty.  That’s something I don’t even do and I make no claims of being a professional.  Each time she comes out with a new name, she says it with conviction like she has some sort of inside information maybe accessible to her due to her job.  So, which way is it?  Is she making shit up or abusing her position?  It’s one or the other.  Personally, I know she’s pulling it out of her ass and if not for the innocent parties involved, her stupidity is somewhat funny.  What is sad about it all is it still really doesn’t matter who I am.  It still doesn’t make the truth any less true.  If I was lying, then wouldn’t their energies be better spent proving me wrong and discrediting me?  They can’t.  I would suggest to Ingrid that she rein in the alpha mare over there and redirect their energies on actual rescue and good husbandry rather than finding out who somebody blowing the whistle on you actually is.  Or continue your guessing game.  It won’t matter to me either way.  I’m going to keep doing what I do. hardest

I know a lot of HiCaliber insiders read this blog. Despite their protestations that they don’t care about it and it’s all lies, the story behind closed doors is very different.  They keep a close eye on us over here.  I know some of those insiders must be wavering.  It’s hard to feel torn between the animals you care for and self-preservation.  I get it.  I’ve been there.  I got you and so does the rest of this `community’ or whatever it is in the comment sections.  This is a place where truth is welcome and so is respectful discussion.  You can vent your spleen, but don’t do it all over somebody else.  I can only imagine what it must be like to come into the light after leaving HiCaliber.  Everything you thought was real wasn’t and to have all those little nagging doubts confirmed and amplified has to be upsetting to say the very least. Those of you that wish to remain in the safety of my inbox, I got you too.  Let’s save some horses and truly put them first.  The rest of us are going to just keep trying to do the next right thing and shine some light. #IAMSHEDROW


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The past few days have been rough ones as far as taking in the information here.  Trust me, I get that.  It’s tough to read about and even tougher to think about how many horses are still at that place with the only difference between them and a slaughter bound horse is what happens to the body after they die and they don’t care so much about that.  With that in mind, I’m going to keep this very short and sweet today and stick to good news.


HiCaliber Saban intake Jan/17

I’m sure most of you know, if you read the comments section, that Saban’s ownership has been transferred to The Golden Carrot (Website).  He is still at San Luis Rey Equine Hospital and will be undergoing surgery to clean up his infection.  Thank you to Pam S for setting an example of what putting a horse first truly looks like and for not giving up on him regardless of personal feelings.  Pam will stay very involved with Saban and his future.  He has some recovery and rehab ahead of him and a lot of things to learn, but he is a young horse with a future ahead of him.  He will never be going back to Andrew Fice or HiCaliber.  Some of you have asked where you can donate to contribute to his medical expenses and Pam has indicated to me that it would be best to send those straight to The Golden Carrot (links above).  This is a brand new day and lines of communication are open.  I really look forward to be able to watch Saban’s recovery at Golden Carrot and to have some new and healthier pics to share here with you in the near future!  Thank you to Pam S for being a horse warrior.

I know many of you heard about the new kill buyer from Texas that allegedly drove all the way across country with an empty trailer to buy up horses in a state that shipping to slaughter is illegal in aka California. He was going to do all this at the Ontario auction where there are usually about 6 horses that run through any given week.  (This week being the exception due to the holiday last week)  Shockingly, the boogie man new kill buyer never materialized.  What we weren’t told was about the new rescue in town.  Please watch the footage above, live from the chutes.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to have a laugh, hug a horse or send one good vibes.  We’re back to the tough stuff soon enough.  There has been some concern that with Rhiannon’s decision to step forward the the insider stuff was done.  She never was directly my mole.  I’m just a huge fan of her work.  #sorrynotsorry  #businessasusual

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I have a guest writer today.  Her words and experiences are something every person who has been following the HiCaliber situation needs to read.  These are 100% her words.  The bravery and honesty you’re about to read is the real deal and I am honored to share it here.  Without further ado…

You call it HATE. Venom. Anger. Hostility. Slander. Liable. Or whatever vindictive venture you’d like to spin on it… that’s fine.


You WILL twist my words, and warp them into some sort of evil vendetta that I’ve had all along and I will sit back and laugh and tell you that you’re fucking Nuts and I’m sure in the end you will Only make me look like a Villan or someone who needs mental stability -but, the truth is – I don’t give a flying fuck anymore. IM DONE.


I’m done lying. I’m done covering YOUR ass, my ass and everyone else’s involved. I’m done playing nicey nice- kissy poo with someone who’s two sheets to the wind 24/7. Nope… sorry, I value my sanity and peace of mind far more than this type of quiet-agony.

So here I am – This is it. I draw the line and admittedly; I’m the first to step over it.


I don’t know what is “RIGHT” anymore but i can definitely tell you that every ounce in my body, gut and bones says that – THIS IS NOT IT.


So, here we go.


Warp, Pickle, Otis, Tricky, Kira, Kirek, Bastille, Piper, Payton, Gabana, Essie, Neva and Grace deserve their stories to be told… and in my opinion so does Grant, Gerdi, Wrangler, Saraha, Willow and Casey



Hello, some may know me as an avid horse/ animal person. Some may know me as a loud- outspoken, BLUNT to the point- woman who can be pretty annoying and pretty scary at times (trust me I recognize this trait 😉)


But this started in mid 2015 when I decided to FOSTER for Hicaliber Horse Rescue.  I have fostered, adopted, transported, drank with, volunteered, slaved countless hours/days/ months of manual labor at their facility, bent over backwards for, bled, sweat their red white and blue , bought every merchandise from their store humanly possible and I believed strongly and passionately in Hicaliber Horse Rescue and even at one point was a glorified “Trainer Director/liaison “  up until this current calendar Year of 2017…

My falling out was admittedly a series of events but it really began in December 2016 when I suggested HC make a complaint or suggestion box somewhere and that they needed to hire a barn manager- someone who can actually manage things on the ranch- but I was quickly shot down.  I also mentioned their Human Resource lady was difficult to approach and could be at times abrasive – which if that was difficult for me, I wasn’t sure how others could do it.. so that’s why I asked how we could do get complaints and suggested presented to her without going to her directly… well- that went over like a lead balloon. Things hit the fan and I was told to praise publicly and coach privately- which I got. I stepped back and realized I probably should have kept my mouth shut.     ***************


So the stories I am about to tell you are the only ones that I can factually back up, provide witness statements, screen shots, phone call logs, text messages, actual photographs, bank statements, along with veterinarian and farrier records for.  These stories do not account for my many other heart wrenching encounters or firsthand experiences, but these are the only ones I can prove without a doubt not only transpired, but happened just the way I describe and do not compromise the identities of those who wish to be kept secret… and let me say, is there’s a lot of you who wish to keep things secret…


Which is fine, at one point – I-too believed “ITS ABOUT THE HORSES” and that I needed to be there “Be there for the horses” then one day someone asked me ‘who’s horses are they’ and I thought… because well, I felt defensive- they’re like mine cause I’ve donated and done so much, I care about them… then that person said to me, ‘No, someone there writes the checks for feed, electricity, vet and farrier- who is it? And where are they when you show up?’ And I thought to myself…. well, technically that would be Michelle and her Board of Directors and I’ve only ever seen them out a small handful of times and on the weekends. Hmmm…. so that got me thinking..


Who is responsible for the care for these horses?  When everyone is gone, who is the one that is supposed to get out of bed and feed them in the mornings, or put water in the their buckets on a hot day? Who is supposed to be making sure Cali Girl stayed on her feet and when she coliced all the time? Or give her banamine?  Who is supposed to muck their pen and make sure they know they’re safe and loved- if it’s not me as a volunteer then who?


I thought hard about this, and I battled HARD with myself as I knew the logistical answer is supposed to be the founder, the residents and the board of directors whether in the state of California or not these are the people who generally are held accountable for things in court… but I knew in my gut of guts that If I didn’t show,  Saint wouldn’t get his wraps changed on his hooves, or his ankle deep piss filled stall wouldn’t get cleaned, or the horse in vineyard wouldn’t get caught cause she was difficult to manage and not many people bothered to catch her, flush the fly eggs out of her eye and put a fly mask back on her. I knew in my heart that if I didn’t go help catch the mare from North herd, & fish her maggot filled wound in her butt cheek, no one else would- I mean she sat there for over a week and was “being monitored”. I knew that if I didn’t show up – things wouldn’t get done….

so I KEPT SHOWING. and I kept swallowing my pride and I kept being there for the horses. That’s what any good volunteer has done and is STILL doing.


So this is simply just some of my experiences I can prove:


Warp: I fostered Warp from mid 2015- July 11th 2016. 


She came to me with problems with canker in her rear hooves and the label of being “difficult to manage” (which was definitely true). I originally have had great success with a combination of purple mush and an antibiotic called drycow, when I explained how I’ve previously had success with canker on another horse… HiCaliber told me at that time, purple mush was out of the question and they felt that I should try a product called “White Lighting” as they felt that was more economical, and affordable than purple mush… so, I did as they asked… baring in mind, this was all coming out of my pocket. I believe HiCaliber paid for a bottle of white lightning one month, but that was literally “it”. Sigh. Well, Warp seems to have been improving up until about April/May time frame when all of a sudden her canker was back, and she was beginning to distressed, where she was double cycling and coming into heat, she also started dropping weight considerably. Of course during this time, you start with the basics, attack the infection, up the feed, change/add feed, consult farrier, consult chiropractor, call vet. Vet came, pulled blood the end of June, and by the beginning of July (2016) her results were back and her blood cell count was through the roof and a bunch of other things weren’t adding up, basically all pointing to she had cancer of some sort…  So, The Board of Directors consulted, and determined given all the not so great things going on for her, it was best to euthanize her within the near future… so, I made plans… I decided that we’d give her a week or more, make her comfortable as can be, I really wanted to take her to the beach to see the ocean and have a photo shoot… and then, we’d do it. 

ok. I started making plans. This was a farewell, see you later type of thing… she was doing just fine in the mean time… just make her comfortable. HA! 


On July 8th, on one of my routine hoof soak/wrap days… I had taken Warp out to bathe her, and tend to her rear canker-ridden hooves… and in typical Warp fashion, she went to kick at me, missed, and instead hit the top of a spiket/corner of tack shed….. and INSTANTLY could not stand/walk and there was MASS amounts of blood…. We are talking- so much blood it looked like someone had just cut a pigs throat… (I freeeeeeked). Called Michelle (founder) called Romney (CEO) and tried like heck to let them know I needed to call the vet… ok, I called. Well, WCEM’s head vet was on vacation and his associate at that time was on call and answered and when I described what was going on…. That there was mass amounts of blood everywhere- coming from the hoof, she couldn’t stand, she couldn’t walk and wouldn’t let me look at it to even see what was going on…. His response was : she’s bleeding from a hoof that you know has canker, and you plan on putting her down in the near future is that correct? ((Yes)) I don’t see this as an emergency. I’m not coming out there. Click.  

Insert my deer in the headlights look- I have never been so mortified in my life… what the heck are you supposed to say/do in a time like this? ((Granted, NOW-a year later-I know EXACTLY what I should have done and said)). Soooo, not my horse- what do I do? I call Michelle back and tell her the vet wasn’t coming and im mortified. I understand that canker bleeds (a lot) but this was an insane amount of blood. I couldn’t even walk her to her stall… what was I going to do? 


So, I asked what now? Michelle advised that I just make her comfortable, and dose her up high on pain meds until that Monday – when I would have to trailer her back to their ranch to be euthanized due to “Insurance reasons” and we could not do it at my home under any circumstances.


SIGH. That was just going to have to be what would happen. I didn’t know what kind of repercussions there would had been if I called a different vet to come out in an emergency… so, I just over dosed her on pain meds. She was going to die in less than 36hr anyways. 

Monday morning rolled around…. I was supposed to be at the ranch by 8am for Michelle to euthanize her… upon arrival.. Michelle ended up strolling out of the house around 8:30/8:40 and had advised me to put Warp in the upper arena as she didn’t feel like she could euthanize her that day and she was going to have Dr.Grove do it later that day  (Insert my deer in headlights look-I knew Dr.Grove was out of the office until that following Wednesday- why was this woman lying to me?). Once Warp was put into the upper arena, Emily.C (a feeder Lead) had walked up to us and asked us who the new horse was that was in with IceCream and what to feed her (as they were currently feeding horses)… again, Michelle baldfaced lied and said “oh that’s Serena, she can eat teff” –uhhhhh what? (ok, im really confused at this point). So, Michelle felt insistent on putting new fosters onto my horse trailer…. So away we went in to golf cart to go shopping… 


I picked out the horses, loaded them onto my trailer and numbingly left Warp in that arena and drove home… but something didn’t sit right with me. Something was wrong. Why so many lies in one morning? Did Michelle just rename Warp as “Serena” and is she going to just shove her into another pen somewhere and not euth her? What was going on? 


I went home, did what I needed and then felt SICK all afternoon. It wasn’t until around 3pm  when I got a message from another volunteer saying that she was with Warp and that they were getting to euthanize her so they were asking for people to leave…..oh hell-no.  In my comfy pants and flip flops, I drove my ass over there as fast as humanly possible to find Warp was out by the barn eating out of one of the gators. With the volunteer holding her (she was not a horse who could be tied, even a little bit). 


The arena was being used for lessons, and I ended up taking over-holding Warp and people started to leave the ranch slowly… one by one. 


When things got interesting was when I sat there from 4pm- around 8pm….Robyn would come up to me and say she wouldn’t know where Michelle was, and then forget two seconds later that she just told me that Michelle was at her dad’s in San Marcos… Then Becky was there, said Michelle was on her way home, but they may not euthanize because the guy who hauls bodies away- his trailer broke… then Michelle said she would be home shortly… she was stuck on the 78. (insert eye rolls)… I was starting to get pissed.. I was texting back and forth with Michelle telling how upset I was, and that if this was a matter of funds, I’d happily call a vet to come PTS her, or if it was a matter of being hauled off; that I knew someone who could do it.. otherwise wthell. Finally by 8pm…. 

Everyone had left except a small number of us and Becky asked me if I was going to leave ? (ha! After all the lies that day?) I looked Becky in the eyes and said “you better call the fucking cops if you expect me to leave”


So, Becky took that as a ‘f-off’ and started out and grabbed Grant and gave orders to Brittany (Michelle’s daughter) and a boy named Turtle to grab tarps while she grabbed the gun. 


She came back out, grabbed meds and I started walking Warp down to the gravel road by Michelle’s home. Becky explained to me about how when hey shoot the horses via .22 that they usually fall and their bodies twitch and do what they call “running to heaven”.  (Insert my poker face- I’ve been around a number of euthanasia’s via gun shot in Texas when I assisted an Equine Vet and there, it was shoot behind the ear-aimed to the opposite eye-pull trigger-one and done, body drops no twitching-dead –soooo sure thing lady). 

Sure enough… she sedated Warp, aimed for above-and middle of the eyes and shot her…. Her body “Ran to heaven”.   When I examined her rear Right hoof once she was down, it was obvious, her coffin bone had punctured through the sole of her foot on Friday and that’s most likely why she was in so much pain and there was so much blood… her canker had completely deteriorated the entire hoof…



Next was Grant. 


Im not sure why there is so many stories, and why people have said such vicious things… but I can definitely say that you just have no idea what you’re talking about.


We walked Grant from the trailer to the gravel road, next to Warp. There was a lot of tears, and sad sobs.. Becky told me how she loved Grant and this was extra hard on her, as she had taken him on as her own project and when it came time to saddling him for a ride and his intense reaction that when they had the chiropractor out, it was confirmed he has shattered a wither bone. He was in pain. And she had felt horrible for not recognizing it before hand, and how she felt that she let him down. This was hard for her. That’s when she sedated him, and held the gun up and shot him. When she went to shoot him, he raised his head at the last second, and her shot was not a kill shot. He backed up, stunned, and fell down the hill into the barbwire and a large over grown bush/tree and was twitching and moaning and coughing blood… Becky reloaded as quickly as possible, she jumped down before any of us could and shot him again. A couple of times. 


Yes. It happened. Becky missed. I’m still not entirely sure why HiCaliber euthanizes this way, but they do. 


I was there, I’ve seen when it doesn’t work. 

…and yes, trust me… My first real experience with HiCaliber goes out with a bang- I was emotionally robbed and asked Becky for some damn Fireball as I’d never tried it and needed some. Stat.So we sat and cried, and drank. 


I ended up leaving and driving home before too long, it was late and I had a family at home… on my way leaving the ranch I saw Michelle come driving in-as I passed.


Michelle texted me a couple of times that night telling me how much she was shocked that had never happened and she needed to switch out the ammunition and how –angry she was was and I just simply told her, it wasn’t Becky’s fault and to please tell her that she did everything she could have- given the certain circumstances.


That day…. SUCKED.



Tricky: He was return from Maloree Hanks, who did training on him, for soundness issues and went to the ranch and then into my care… The day I picked him up – he would not load and Dana and her bf Cory at the time were there at the Ranch and spent hours trying to load him in front of volunteers who watched and eventually I found out once I got him home-  It was obvious that when Dana took him up to the barn he was drugged without my knowledge and that’s how she got him loaded (oh joy) he was so drunk once I got him home that day that he fell out of my trailer and could hardly stand (I had taken video of that as well) I was flabbergasted. Who does that? And doesn’t say “oh take it easy driving home on your washed out dirt road cause he can’t stand or lift his head” ugh. Well, I eventually started him under saddle & it was obvious he was not sound and very laminitic even with shoes and pads and drugs, he still could not remain sound for even light riding or turn out time.. so Michelle eventually started talking about euthing him to save on funds because the farrier could not get him sound and that was when Dr Grove mentioned Denerving at around $400…. And with me trying to consult people figuring out what options this horse had before being euthed that was when Maloree put forth the funds and ended up adopting him in a record time.


OTIS: Good lord, this poor horse. He came to me the same day Warp died. He was one of the horses I took home, and came to me with long feet and hair for days. I brought him home and started to figure out that what his issues were… he was barn-sour… and not even in the ok-we-can-manage type of way.. someone, somewhere let him get away with murder… so, we began training. And we went to so many different places like you wouldn’t believe… the mountains, the rivers, and bushes, and worked cattle… we had several people come to meet him, and several people all said they wanted him and then dropped the ball, either didn’t send a payment or didn’t finish the paperwork… so, my work continued. Finally 3mos in… I decided to ask Michelle if he was ever tested for Cushings (PPID)- her exact words were “Yes, I believe so and he doesn’t have it” –uhm…. I didn’t believe her. So, the next time I had WCEM out, I just had them pull blood and tell me the results and bill HC directly…. (I was playing games). So they did. And usually results take a couple of days, and I had his within HOURS…. He was positive.. and his numbers were EXTEREMLY HIGH. So we started him on pergolide immediately. (I was mad-why lie?) Now…. I’m pretty uneducated when it comes to cushings (PPID).. and while I thought I had done all the research there was on it… it wasn’t until much later- that I discovered we did a sincere injustice to him and his potential adopter. Yes, good ole Otis found his forever person in one of my students… and she fell ass over elbows for him and has done all the research humanly possible… what Hicaliber once boasted about Cushings medicine being only around $60 a month…. Was now going to cost his new adopter around $170 …. And not only that, but something I hadn’t learned while fostering Otis, was that once they’re put onto pergolide- that the horse needs to be retested 30days later to see if the dosage is correct and again 30 days AFTER that to ensure the new dosage is correct and then again once every year. These tests are about $140 each. While that is something every Potential new owner should consider… these aren’t exactly things hicaliber disclosed nor was it something that you can readily read online somewhere.


Pickle : A beautiful Horse came to me for fostering, out of North Herd barefoot and lame. This was the first time foster people tried to get me to sign a foster agreement of any kind – and when I read it over I laughed out loud. They first said he was sound when I had video of him walking up the hill to my trailer at HC lame… and then there were silly things like they’d only cover up to $60 worth of feed per month and I was supposed to cover everything else -ha. Nope. I refused to sign, asked for changes or a different written agreement and never got them.  (I never once had a foster agreement contract on any of my horses). So I immediately requested Pickle see the farrier and have shoes and pads put on-on HC’s tab as he was known to have laminitic issues and couldn’t be sound – no one ever got back to me so I trailered him on a Wednesday to their ranch and had a farrier do it anyways. That’s when I learned he also had returned from a previous Foster needing a hock flushed and be put on previcox from the vet who was there – so sure enough, on shoes and the right medication I got him sound and going good under saddle and into a home faster than I could blink an eye.


Kira: one of my faves. Came to me scared and uncertain but such a sweet sweet horse. I saw her out in south herd and said “mine” lol. I just needed to get her out of there and into a home. I brought her home and found that she was green as a green bean. I put hours upon hours into her both on the ground and in the saddle and threw my entire heart into that horse so that we could get her into a home… other than general hoof attention I felt she was pretty well off. I was able to find her a home with a friend of a friend… it was a perfect match! I was stoked on life… up until I realized that Hicaliber dropped the ball in listing adoption fee’s on their website (June 2016) and she was still listed as $500 (supposedly that’s the rate that all horses start at when they come in from auction). And well, there was her fee. False advertising? I (as a trainer for HiCaliber, we do not make ANYTHING from the adoption of a horse while HC covers hard costs- this is strictly 100% donated-time/work spent, nothing-Not a penny from their adoption goes to the Trainers). SO, its no surprise that I was mad as hell that I did all of this work for HiCaliber – to be able to adopt this horse out for a reasonable fee, and HELP THEM and have THEM benefit it- and instead they dropped the ball, and gifted my hard work away so absolutely no one benefited except the horse….which, in the grand scheme of things-should be whats important right? (RIGHT)… I was just mad that I did this for them to put coin in their piggy bank -to feel that they spit in my face… Oh well – SHES IN A MORE THAN INCREDIBLE HOME. Mark this off as a lesson learned. 


Essie- wow. This horse. Talk about a whirl wind. I’ll never forget when I went to the ranch one time and saw her in one of the runs down in “Quarantine” and Michelle asked me if I thought she was “neurological”.. I looked at her and went… uhhh no. she’s just gaited. So, that day, Michelle wanted her to have a fly mask put on and I went into the shit filled run, and attempted to approach her. We were out there for a while, and she kept dodging me and hiding behind another horse… so I basically said – f-this, it isn’t my horse… not my problem. So then Michelle stepped in, and chased her around and never was able to catch her and we moved on…. Later on, she asked if she could send Essie to me and have me work with her… Of course I would! So Dana ended up hauling her to my house one day and put her in a stall while I was gone… and I came home and was shocked. So. This is what she looks like when she isn’t in a “herd”. She acted feral. So, I gave her space. I waited about 8-10days before even stepping into the stall and messing with her.. when I did, I was horrified. I recognized instantly – she was BLIND in one eye. (This changes things). I sent Michelle a text saying gee thanks for the heads up… and she replied that she had no clue…shocker. WELL, the eye was draining a lot, and I ended up having WCEM out and examined her.. It was clear it was due to trauma, as we pulled out chunks of white wood shavings from her eye. (same white wood she was enclosed by at HC). It was the vet’s theory that there were so many flies, that when the horses don’t have masks and rub their eyes and faces on the fences (much like Essie must have)-that pieces of the wood got in the eye and obviously the general rubbing/pressure of rubbing injured her eye). So I immediately went back online and started looking up photos of Essie at Intake and again when they sent out a plea for foster… sure enough, in a matter of a month or so… she CLEARLY went blind and her eye was injured. What a devastation… and then, she was chased around and hooted-and-hollared at by idiots who were trying to put a fly mask on her and all they basically did was scare her. How could she even bother to trust anyone ever again? While this was horrifying news to me, I continued on. Not my first rodeo with blind horses… I got her under saddle, and ponying out on trail through rivers and the ocean.. but no luck in finding her a home. Wasn’t until I reached out to Denise of Tracy Acres and explained the entire situation and that I was willing to help sponsor her feed and any medical bills and then she explained to me she was at max with her number of horses and she just took on Donovan and Milo and they wont be able to help me because they just cant financially do it. Then of course, out of no where Michelle was asking me about returning Essie to their ranch due to their lack of funds or if I was going to adopt her or what…. Well fudge. I don’t charge HiCaliber hardly shit. I asked for $260 a month for FEED and basic care, and then I work with their horses for FREE  2-3x a week…. So, the fact that $260 to cover just feed was too much for them, was frightening to me. So what does one do? Did I want her in the beginning of winter- to return to the knee deep mud being thrown back into a herd and chased by ropes and non-horse-knowledgeable people? Oh hell no. 

I adopted her. And swore to myself id find her a home.  She is still in search of a sanctuary. ((side note, since my interaction with Denise Tracy I was not so surprised to hear she has adopted not only one, but 3 more blind horses who needed help through HiCaliber, who HiCaliber raised major funds for… while again this is no surprise to me.. this is a devastating blow to me, how could HiCaliber snobb their own horse, ESSIE out of a potential home? Is it because I was already doing the hard work? And paying for a lot of stuff already? why?)) It was also a shocker to me that 4 mos later, during routine dentals at my own ranch that we would discover she was not in her early teens but late 20s… Sigh. Well this should be interesting to find her a home now.



Gabana: slaughter truck 11 mare. Or as I call her, WORLDS OLDEST HORSE lol. My heart tugged when I saw her. She was depressed and declining at the ranch… I had to take her home… so I did. I put in an app, and brought her home… turns out, on the her vet intake-her teeth were noted “WRL” (Within Reasonable Limits) HA!!! I think I laughed so hard, I threw out a rib. That poor horse has no back teeth. They are freaking gone. Lol. So yes, WITHIN REASONABLE LIMITS because of her age.. she needed to be on a moosh diet and not hay. So we have obviously put her on said diet and she is THRIVING!!


Payton: Said to bolt when they test rode her, and had magically came up on their dollar menu. Welp. I was actually going to take her on as their new $1 holla program and try it out… SURPRISE, she was green but definitely broke to ride and an awesome little trail horse. I loved her and am still debating whether or not to find her a home. – probably the only horse I haven’t had any issues or SURPRISES arise from. I’ve known at least from day number one to expect the worse, and from day number one I’ve gotten nothing but pleasant surprises. Maybe that should have been my plan all along? Just assume NOTHING is ever done when said… and expect the worse.



Kirek: Oh man, this mare!! Talk about HELL ON WHEELS. She came into our ranch like a freight train. She was happy one moment and the next she was rearing, bucking, kicking, striking, teeth baring, charging at fences or at you while you cleaned her pen (lol). This horse was rotten as rotten could be. And I quickly determined whatever the heck happened at that ranch meant she needed to decompress here. So we let her just be. And handled her accordingly and had one or two come to Jesus meetings. Mama-don’t play! And while her tantrums minimized… it was clear she needed a job and a purpose. It was also clear, that the farrier was a TRIGGER for her… wow, have I never seen a horse loose their shiz when seeing the sight of someone –wow! What a jaw dropping experience… something, I felt horrible about… she needed a change. She needed something different. And boy was I surprised as hell when her adopters put in an app for this girl. They basically said they wanted her as a PROJECT and to use for Clinton Anderson’s training camp… HELLS yes!! BOOTCAMP!! Well, to my shock and dismay- the potential adopters arrived to think they were looking at a quarter horse…. Little did they know she was gaited, and that was pretty much almost a deal breaker. Next, SURPRISE! Kirek was mistakenly labeled as $1 on their website and her real adoption fee was $800…. Ha! Sure enough, don’t you dare ask me how or why this was pulled off- because I call this a miracle… but the adoption for this family took something along the lines of 30days! And there was a TON of back and forethness and A LOT of lying and beating around the bush. One person in adoptions would say that they were checking references and needed to do a home check, and another email would say “please bare with us, we are all volunteers with full time jobs and families thanks for the patience” and then there was Michelle emailing the family and then beating around the bush again.. this poor family texted me on an almost every other day basis… WOW. Just wow. What on earth would take THIS LONG… finally, the 4th week… the family texted me saying they were giving up… obviously HC didn’t want them to have her.. well, let me tell you – 8pm at night I was on the phone in my car on my way to dinner – BEGGING – literally crying… telling this family to not give up… and that I’ll try my hardest to get HC to respond and get the paperwork back to them… and that if needed, they could come back and pick her up and I’d send her off with my own paperwork and one HC’s blank adoption contract for her to sign and she could take her… ((why you ask? Hello! It only takes $9.99 a month to do a criminal background check on ANYONE, it takes less than 24hr to find their family members, friends, associates, their work and it’s address, where they live, how long it takes for them to get to work or their general grocery stores -google map their address, cyber stalk them and get any info humanly possible on a person and if HC hadn’t done it by now- shame on them! I of course already had! And it didn’t take me 4weeks to do it & their DocuSign is an easy template- plug in the horse’s info and go- not to mention send someone to do a home check… )) ugh. I ended up going off on adoptions AGAIN…. AND AGAIN IT DOES NOT TAKE A MONTH TO DO THIS KIND OF WORK- while they clearly had plenty of time to do umpteen live videos on the weekends but couldn’t answer one of this families emails or fill in a contract)) sure- shit enough….after my blow up on Adoptions… Adoptions magically had a contract done and signed off to the adopters and they were at my door step the next day… WOW – and when they arrived they explained the only reason why they stuck it out, was because they felt I was the only honest person throughout the entire transaction (wow). What does someone say to that? Here I am supposed to be representing an organization and I was dumbfounded… how could I defend them and act professional? I blew it off…said thank you, stayed humbled and presented them with MY commitment documents-to my fosters. If HiCaliber fails, I will always offer a buy back policy for the lifetime of the horse, >> I << microchip my fosters and register them to me and I offer a 60-day continual training contract incase they ever decide they need vice fixed or just need to horse to be worked while they are away or injured… they can sent the horse back to me for 60days for FREE…. Yes, I DO CARE and I do want the best for these horses.



Piper: another horse, another victim of neglect. Poor Piper. She had been with HC since 2013, a part of the famous Granny Wrinkles save… and has been adopted, returned, adopted, returned, fostered and then returned… and then I got her. And she was originally sent to me as a foster, I had her for maybe 20days and during that time I had found all kinds of issues… she was deathly scared of being tacked up and saddled  (like the sight of a saddle sent her into a fit, she had tried to throw herself down several times when we would just take one out and set it down infront of her- it was bad) and she was super cautious about certain issues and just bad! Well, I saw hope. And put in for app and got her for the dollar menu… thinking… ok this will be easy… ha, wasn’t until I got my contract I was told that she had put her previous trainer from Ramona in the hospital and it was a serious injury with brain bleeds… well, ok then. Thanks for sending her to me to TRAIN and didn’t bother saying anything until NOW-when I put in an application… fun. Great. Thanks. Signed it… and carried on… Did I mention Piper is looking for a new home now??? LOL!! All joking aside, we worked through her issues and she AMAZING… but what the hell!!

Gertie /NEVA : while this isn’t my horse, (or as I feel conflicted)this shouldn’t be my story to tell, but I feel like if it isn’t told… No one of real importance will ever know. January 16th 2017 – Neva was adopted by a long time volunteer who had dedicated her body, heart and soul to the rescue. She was their religiously stripping stalls, doing meds, helping farrier and vets, moving and doing all the grunt work. This woman? She gave her all to that ranch and decided Neva was the horse for her… January, she scheduled with me to adopt Neva and send her to me for 30days for an easy tune up…. Easy peezy right? HA!! At 4pm in the afternoon, I arrived truck and trailer ready to haul and little did Neva’s owner know… she’d find beloved Gertie in Price arena, DEAD. Stuck in mud, (price arena’s mud was knee deep) and according to biz desk (HC’s secret group for volunteers) Gertie’s body was discovered at morning feeding, and sat out in the sun all day (not covered) in front of the gate and because the mud was so deep, and a guy who hauls bodies off couldn’t get into the arena… they had to wait on Becky to arrive home later on that night to use her tractor to dig and pull Gertie’s body out for the body-removal dude.. WOW. We ended up having to make poor Neva go over Gertie’s body to get out of the arena. Well, after a quick rinse- onto the trailer she went. And homeward bound she went. She was barefoot and unsound. Well fudge. I was obviously not going to be able to school her anytime soon.  Within the first couple of weeks we had the vet do her teeth (they needed to be done and hadn’tbeen) she was scoped to check for after effects from Strangles (as she was one of the victims who got strangles from the ranch)… her rear legs swelled up like balloons and skin started sloffing off. She had Mud-fever or also known in the east as “Scratches”. It’s common in horses who are kept in poor conditions, deep mud and bacteria fungi –shit hole essentially… (please, read up- and educate yourself… its 110% avoidable) we fought hard to help her heal. She also had xrays, multiple vet appointments with different vets, farrier appointments left and right – shoes, pads, shoes with different pads, shoes with gel pads, shoes with acrylic pads and finally that was the golden ticket..  it was conclusive as the farrier was starting to see a pattern with the HC horses becoming lame… that they were all in deep mud and walking on their heels. So their heels were worn down and their toes long… Neva ended up making a full recovery and is full of piss and vinegar again and is finally home with her owner. But not before her owner spent THOUSANDS on top of THOUSANDS to SAVE her after the initial “rescue” did. 



Grace- well in December 2016, as HC’s Trainer director it was my duty to go check on Grace while she was at Buzz’s and after she dumped Robin on her back weeks before. Well, I went and saw and conquered. I was impressed and shocked with how well trained she was and seemed… we did everything and went everywhere and she was great. I was half heartedily wondering what she was doing still in training but whatever… Buzz was doing his job, she was a nice horse. So OF COURSE I bragged about Grace. By March, something had happened and between December and March, Grace had returned to the ranch and had “Thrown” and/or “thrown and bolted” with three riders. Hunnnn….. well that’s interesting. What on earth happened? Well, her behavior landed her on the euth list and caused a HUGE uproar within HiCaliber. Robyn was quick to bat and defend Grace but Michelle wanted no part of it. So naturally, Neva’s Adopter stepped to the plate because by March she was deeming Neva as a lost cause, and forever companion/pet. Neva’s owner stepped up and put in an app, and was approved and was ready to be picked up. So, having just had the vet out the day prior to remove a shoe to do xrays again, we took Neva with us on a Wednesday (knowing the farrier would be there to have the shoe put back on) and we’d pick up Grace in one go –ha! Funny story… or not so funny. Upon pulling into the ranch, I was on my phone driving (I know shame on me-but it dinged and I looked) and there is little Taylor (18yr old) in her golf cart driving over to Michelle’s house with a rear hind horse leg is in the back. (annnnnnd click. Photo-click-save) and I glance over and viola there is Michelle on her front porch with another leg playing doctor. (Because this is for human-knowledge and understanding). What makes that – any different than that From David Aguilar where she got HiCaliber Americana from? Shoot, David lives down the road from me… He’s out there chopping up cows, pigs, chickens, horses on the weekly…. How is she ANY different than him? He was obviously never convicted of any crimes from that “rescue effort” when Michelle as an ACO took animals from him- did she learn this from him? Is there a secret “scape goat” that I need to know about? I mean, what kind of person goes and kills a horse, chop off it’s limbs and then proceeds to play with them on her front porch  (these are all thoughts that raced across my mind as I continued to drive through HiCaliber’s property and around and parked by Pyramid, well enough of that- There’s the farrier, jump out, take Neva out- lets make this quick… he tacks on the shoe and pad again… and Neva’s owner goes and grabs Grace… of course Grace is up the hill in Training-area, and SHIN deep in mud again… and can barley get out… (THIS IS MARCH NOW)… She finally gets out, and gets down, load the horses- brings them home. 



Put Grace in a secluded pen and treat her as if she is sick… ya know… to just be safe…. WELL SURE GOOD THING I DID…


In 48hrs, She had a 102+ fever and was symptomatic of Pigeon fever (Strangles). FUUUUUUUUDGE! And surprise….. Joplin in North Herd was also symptomatic (per Biz Desk-fb volunteer page)… when I confronted Michelle and advised her and let her know we were going to have Grace’s snot cultured and had be monitored for Strangles…Michelle claimed there have been no actual cases, and no one had any of the same symptoms… (those Joplin was just pulled from North herd, and Grace was in Training area) well OK THEN…. More horses continued to pop up sick at their ranch btw and she never once told a soul about Grace and bothered to mention to keep an eye- nope. Nothing. Two weeks later Joplin was euthanized for supposed “soundness issues” and we continued to quarantine Grace. Grace ended up staying with me for quarantine and to do that 30day training Neva’s owner paid for back in January… so I did, and WOE. Complete different horse. Grace was nervous, uncertain, distrusting, spookish, and over all a completely different horse from back in December. Which leads me to two theories… 1) HC fucked her up from her return from Buzz’s (4mos prior) and made her regress into this violent little bombshell so bad that I could hardly recognize her OR Buzz drugged her in December. While I know Buzz, and his association on The Arab circuit, I find the drugging theory unlikely. So, what on earth happened to her?  Sigh. We still have Grace, and of course will continue to do right by her and helping her find her forever home. Putting a bullet in-between her eyes, in my opinion is not the answer. We also learned around the annual dental check ups around here  that on her paperwork stating she was 8yr old was not only wrong but she was actually in her mid-20’s.




We then come to 

Bastille: I went and picked up Bastille some time in January and originally thought he was the bees knees in horses.. although a yearling, I originally thought that he had a good mind and was going to be easy to find a home for. HA! I should know by now, people don’t just send me horses because they’re “nice”. Other than feet, he seemed in reasonable shape, probably happy to no longer be standing in mud… in a couple weeks time, he put on a decent amount of weight, and started GROWING- like sprouting like a weed… dang horse had hit a growth spurt, luckily I had only been doing ground work with him and working on manners as he was older and appeared that he had never been handled. Wasn’t until the farrier visit that I discovered, he had been in a foster prior where they hadn’t handled him hardly any –if at all. Well FML. Lol. His attitude had begun to blossom and he was gaining weight and growing rapidly, and as I kept saying… If he was mine, I’d be waiting a year or better to ride and give him a work load, but I felt that it was imperative that he get a good start now and slowly be brought into working.. well, thank goodness I followed my gut! Wasn’t until a couple months later I noticed his weight was fluctuating and something was amiss… called the vet and sure enough… his teeth were bad and needed to be done, and caps that were in the back were ulcerating his cheeks and basically I felt that I was neglectful in not checking his teeth right away! Ugh.  WHY hadn’t I gone with my gut in the beginning ? Why didn’t I fully check his mouth beforehand? Maybe I just thought he had baby teeth and didn’t need a dental yet? I don’t know… shame on me for not checking and shame on me for not being on top of it…


In May, he ended up injuring himself and striking a railing the wrong way tore open his leg above his hoof.. I asked to call the vet, and was turned down. Michelle claimed it would be a waste of time based on photos… suggested I use drugs and staple it myself… which meant I had to do drive to HC, go into the med room myself, grab drugs, return home, sedate, clean it, return to the ranch to grab staple gun because after I cleaned it and sent pics, she THEN suggested I staple it… well f-it… I drove right back over and grabbed stapler and came back and ended up having to treat it again and deal with him again… poor dude. All of MY headache could have been avoided and probably they could had saved money if they just let me call the vet. I was mad as hell. 


Admittedly, by the end of May dealing with Bastille’s less than pleasant- young-colt-attitude with doctoring and removing staples etc, I had it my mind… I was hanging in there for the sake of Bastille… with his less than pleasant attitude – if he returned to HC’s ranch… he’d be listed as a fuckhead-Friday horse, regress in handability, and most likely be shot for behavioral issues… all I needed to do was try like hell to find him a home so he didn’t have to go back. I NEEDED to hang in there – for the sake of his life. 


Welp. The day finally came. Last day in June, and Michelle was done with me… (and I her, trust me when I say the feelings were mutual) They wanted to bring Bastille back to the ranch to save on funds… because obviously- paying for hard expenses such as feed was too hard at my place, so they needed to think logistically… well, kootos to them…I needed to think about what was best for Bastille… sigh. Insert the meme of the woman who adopts 32 dogs while her husband sleeps and she greets him with a good morning smile- I offered to adopt him for a reasonable fee and rehome him myself provided they agreed. And viola. His contract was magically done in less than 24hrs. Greaaaattt!!! ANYONE WANT ANOTHER HORSE? Lol.


If you are still with me and wondering where I am going with this – it’s simple.


Again, these are events that have happened, that I CAN PROOVE and they are heavy on my heart. This is not to discourage anyone from adopting from any particular rescue and this is NOT to bad mouth anyone.


These are facts. This happened. And these are my emotions behind it.


I stepped up and got involved because I believed in the GREATER PICTURE. “For the horses” – I believed in someone and I believed in a cause and threw my heart, body and soul passionately into it like a blundering idiot without a brain. Because, lets face it – that’s what we all have done!


Yes, absolutely they have had my back 80% of the time and the other 20% with Michelle shit talking me behind my back to others… which, cool if it makes her sleep better at night- whatever tickles your panties.


I have just reached a point in my life where I am done. I have no business being involved in rescue. Maybe I should have learned my lesson from Debra Hawk and Fallon livestock yard, or Sharla Sanders and Second Chance race horses, or how about Rebecca Cook and her shit show in Nuevo or  how about Linda or Liz in Anza, CA.


All good people and organizations that’s started with Good intentions that Just went to shit.


Maybe I should have taken a long hard look at myself and realized that any time I’ve ever gotten involved in SOMETHING that I thought was good- it has turned to shit. Maybe I’ve screwed up somewhere in my own moral compass.


But what I can tell you, is that THIS is not right.


There comes a time where you, as a person who owns animals (any species) will have to ask yourself at least once in your pet’s lifetime the question “what is humane” (what is the right thing to do or what is the right way to care for this animal). And you will have to answer yourself.



You can go off what the ASPCA recommends by some handbook, what the federal government deems, and then you’ll have your passionate preachers and your non chalant pet owners… but, what ever you come up with – at the end of the day, you will have to ask yourself it.


to me, for horses… it’s to be kept on flat ground, provided with feed, water and shade and free of manure and pests such as flies and rodents etc. horses should not have to live with ongoing medical conditions/ailments or unkept feet. They should receive exercise (at least once a week) they should be checked on & at least physically examined more than once a week. They should be cared for and loved and properly groomed. It’s not hard. Or at least not rocket science.


If an animal isn’t taken care of, usually someone calls the humane society… heck, if you lived in Norco, CA your neighbors would be calling your ass into the humane society for not picking up the pile of poop your horse just dumped 20min ago….. no joke.


I believe in Quality not quantity. I believe in thriving and not just surviving. I believe in actual rescue and not feed lot conditions… but everyone is different- what may mean “rescue” to me, may not to you or someone else.


If you support HiCaliber- then I give you mad props. And suggest that you stick with it… if you love them, then throw yourself into it fully – and I mean full- body, heart and soul and be there for those horses- they sure as hell need you. So, be there for them. Be their voice and be passionate about what you represent. And that is probably the best advice I can give -It has done nothing but open my eyes, and I encourage it!


As for the others, I encourage you to come forward and speak- we have SELF- HELP GROUPS 😉lol. That part is a joke. Ok maybe a lame one.. but it’s true. There are those who were once heavily and intimately involved (FOR YEARS) who know shit that no one else does and like you, have a screen shot on your old phone (like I do) and you have witness accounts that feel something that is just heavy on your heart. I welcome you, I love you and urge you to speak. Michelle’s not going to do anything, Ingrid maybe Romney or Rene may be quick to BS everyone but, the most they would do is try to blame ME or their “haters” for getting to you like some rabid disease.  We can call it #truthitis


(Unless you signed a NDA – then you’re a fucking idiot- I still love you but you’re an idiot) & I’ll call you my personal #villageidiot lol… but if u need a beer or cup of wine to just vent – you can do that. “If it’s not in writing- it never happened”


So, just keep in your mind though – As I’ve been told countless times, “small trickles lead to bigger streams”


It does count. It does matter.


Your experiences won’t be deflected or ignored. Post it on your own page. Make it public, or to your friends..  hell, YELP and the BBB are looking better and better each and every day. One thing HiCaliber has refused to acknowledge is one simple and key Life Rule in the Equine Business :



“The Horse world is small. So small, that you might want to be careful; who you shit on”


I hope I have brought some more insight to your eyes, this was not written in vain or with any ill wishing.. “if” they fall, it will be a devastation on everyone’s behalf.. I just simply wish them the best, but I sincerely hope they get their shit together. I clearly could not make a difference within their village, so maybe you (the one reading this) can? I wish you best- who ever you are- I just needed to vent my troubles and my painstakingly passion to “Help”. Obviously, I could not help HiCaliber from the inside out… maybe I can encourage them to look at the bigger picture-and-fail-forward from the outside. There are still villagers and village idiots that I love, and i will never judge you because I know exactly what you’re going through and I know why you’re there. I just wish there was more I could do to help make a difference.



Signed, I’m sure… (my new label)



Rhiannon Huppert

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