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I hope everybody had a good weekend or at least a better weekend that the inmates horses at HiCaliber likely had.  I tried to take a little down time myself this weekend, but the fuckery at HiCaliber is just too real lately and it’s coming fast and hard.  Then you have to factor in this new thing where there seems to be some bizarre race to `break the scoop’ between blogs and basically my inbox shit its pants.  Not that I’m complaining about that at all.  By and large, the readers of this blog are awesome and I deeply appreciate all the stuff being sent.  I do read everything I get and then I double-check because it serves nobody if what I’m posting isn’t accurate and in context.  That makes things look like a witch hunt rather than what it actually is and, in my opinion, any relief we seek for these horses needs to come from a place of credibility.  So, I guess what I’m saying is that if I have responded to you, which I nearly always do, please be patient as I work things in.  The whole sending horses back to Misner and hoping they ship thing has been in my inbox for a while and as titillating as is, it loses a lot of punch without context and I just hadn’t been able to work my way back that far in the past to fill in the blanks for everybody. It’s almost a year old.   So, now it’s out there and that’s cool too.  I can back burner that a bit more as I get to the more immediate things for now.  The fact that it just got thrown out like spaghetti on the wall renders it virtually useless as far as legal action goes anyhow.  So, with that being said, let’s get into what most of us have already seen on this fine Sunday.



I’m sure that pretty much any of you that have followed this debacle with HiCaliber are aware of Sully.  He was one of the original group of horses bought in Louisiana and had the pleasure of being hauled back to California in the heat stuffed into Cheech’s 4 horse stock trailer with 5 other horses.  Yes, I wrote that correctly.  They stuffed 6 horses in a 4 horse trailer and hauled them straight through the entire 1700 miles from Louisiana without a layover and in the heat of the day. Obviously, as shown above, Sully wasn’t in great shape when he arrived.  He then got to endure the 30% vet’s 4 hour intake ordeal where he was poked, prodded and otherwise had to stand around while she played doctor on him without ever actually seeing a real vet.  Sully was one of the ones she tried to drown with multiple fluid bags and who Bang Bang Becky was highly amused that he was shitting pure liquid the next day.  From there he basically languished in one of the stalls in the barn, being fed an inadequate mash twice a day that in no way followed the UC Davis refeeding protocol that they claim to use.  Instead of several small meals of only alfalfa (even soaked pellets), he was just given two a day of a mix of alfalfa pellets, rice bran, and some other supplements with some hay thrown in his rack.  The bottom line was not enough, not spaced out and no clean feed tubs.  Sully lost even MORE weight over the next 30 days and for the past week or more has got to stand out in beating sun with no shelter because the barn is full of other horses that are mangled or sick, some in even worse shape than Sully.  A picture of Sully in his outside pen is included above. The dates on the pictures above show how much condition he lost even between June 7th and today.  Finally, and maybe due to the increased scrutiny, Charles Manson Michelle either had a momentary flash of compassion or she knew that if she shot him matters would be worse, but Sully got transferred to Sale Ranch Sanctuary.




I’m sure it’s not hard to guess that as soon as Sully’s pictures hit the Sale Ranch page, people started to get pretty pissed. They’ve been asking for updates on him for a while and they were always put off with one of them saying `he’s doing great’.  So now you know.  This is what `great’ looks like to HiCaliber.  Enter Dr. Moss who not only is HiCaliber’s vet but also Sale Ranch’s apparently.  Now, I can’t know what is going on between the ranches and Moss, but I’m thinking if a horse that was allegedly under his care arrived at my ranch looking like Sully did, I’d be seeking out an outside opinion.  I’m not even a 30% vet but what he’s saying in his statement doesn’t work for me.  There is no way in hell, if they were following proper refeeding protocol that horse wouldn’t have looked at least a little better after 30 days.  In fact he wasn’t even on the reccomended soaked pellet only diet as there are a few videos of him during his time at HiCal that clearly show hay in his rack.  They talk about him being sick and having an infection that set him down upon arrival and then they mention he wasn’t stable enough to do his teeth before last week?  Maybe, just maybe, drugging him to his knees and hitting him with dewormer within an hour of stepping off the trailer might have something to do with him getting set back from the beginning.  Maybe.  I just know, from my own experience that this horse should have shown some improvement and, at the very least, should not have lost even more weight.  This horse should have been in the clinic after the first week if he was regressing.  They certainly raised enough money for these animals and the villagers will always dig deep for a save.  Sadly, some of the more indoctrinated were over on the Sale page commenting on how much better he is looking.  I can’t make this shit up.  I guess none of this should surprise anybody. They couldn’t even be bothered to cut the lot tags off this horse after all this time.



Here are three more Louisiana horses that were updated over the weekend.  As you can see, none of them were really in that bad of shape to begin with, but there is something strange going on with them just the same.  You know what those malnourished kids in Africa look like that you always see in National Geographic?  Yes, well these horses kinda remind me of that.  In Wiley’s case, he almost looked better in his before picture.  They are marketing him as a super quiet kid’s horse but that may not be the case when he gets some proper nutrition into him.   I’m not sure if these horses have big wormy bellies, hay bellies or exactly wth is going on here, but it’s not looking right.  Maybe that’s what happens when they only have hay to eat and no room to actually move. I’ve never actually conducted that experiment on my horses because I like them.  It’s not like anybody has time to give them consistent attention or anything.  These three are currently kept in the Price Arena along with 12 or 13 other horses.  They are likely near the top of the pecking order.


The horse above is Savannah.  She was also on the original load out of Louisiana and was one of the ones in the toughest shape coming off that trailer.  Her story arc is a bit different from the others because she actually was improving in the barn for the first week.  A clear difference can be seen between her intake on May 22nd and the update pic on May 29th.  It was the kind of improvement that Sully should have shown after a month actually.  Sadly, in all their infinite wisdom, HiCaliber took on even mroe horses that were in even worse shape than Savannah so she was promptly evicted out of the barn and back into the herd.  As you can see by her latest update on June 22nd, she has lost all the weight she gained and is now all scuffed up like Lazaraus was because she is obviously the bottom of the pecking order.  Manson and company are quite proud of her 70lb weight gain they claim their magic tape told them she made.  Gonna have to call BS on that too.  What kind of rescue allows this to happen and obviously not just once.



The above horses is the one they call Torrey.  Despite their claims of having a tattoo identifying team and wanting to give these horses their names back and tell their stories, nobody has really bothered.  Or, I should say other than Manson walking around with a brown paper bag full of hair, nobody has really tried.  We still don’t really know what she intends to do with the hair, but she does have some in a bag.  As you can see by the picture, tattoos on lips don’t get much clearer than Torrey’s and it also isn’t burned off.  Remember when they had the news say they all had burned lips etc?   Torrey was swiftly and accurately identified as `Ide Like Orthodox’ and being  a 4 year old Louisiana bred.  That kinda shoots a hole in Satan Tara’s whole lie about these horses being from Pennsylvania.  Torrey only ever ran at The Fairgrounds in New Orleans and she hadn’t raced for over a year.  Naturally, the village idiots engaged in the only exercise most of them ever get, leaping to conclusions and jumping innocent people’s shit.  They insulted everything from the horse’s actual name to the name of the stable that owned her.  Not one of them bothered to ask why her hind leg was now wrapped and improperly at that.  That was until the actual person that owned that horse and thought he had rehomed her, showed up and tried to clear things up.  I’m not sure if he was alerted by a concerned party about his horse being at rescue or the fact that Manson was threatening to clamber aboard the poor little thing at some point, but I have total respect for him doing that and I enjoyed it even more because it called Satan to swoop in and treat us to a little tantrum.



The gist of the above screen caps is that the previous owner explains that the filly had some chips in her knee and he didn’t want to hurt her so he gave her to a guy for breeding.  Before you all spazz out, she’s well-bred.  Her mother is a full sister to an extremely nice and durable horse, so her bloodline may be worth something in Louisiana.  That’s not for me to judge.  The fact is they could have tapped her joints and kept running her while putting her at risk for a catastrophic breakdown and they chose not to.  You’d be surprised how many people don’t make that right choice, Satan being one of them.  Just for reference sake, Satan’s illustrious training career that she constantly reminds us of resulted in a grand total of 5 wins between QHs and TBs and not enough purse money to keep the lights on or keep Doughboy in hamburgers.  Apparently the old adage of `Be good to the horses and they’ll be good to you’ is lost on her.  Satan came charging into the conversation because somebody made the suggestion that they contact a local rescue for rehoming their horses in the future and the whole thing got ugly from there with Charles Manson Michelle, basically bowing and scraping to stay in her good graces.  I laughed as Manson asked why she would do a xray on a sound horse because I’m sure we’ve all seen the multiple videos of them riding very lame horses.  Satan’s issue, besides the fact she hates most rescues, was that she felt the owner being honest was ruining the horse’s chance at having a good home.  Apparently lying about their soundness and problems sets them up for success in Satan’s world.



So, the next horse in trouble at HiCaliber seems to be Engineer.  The top left pic is from this past Sunday and he’s clearly losing weight and condition.  People have been bugging for an update on him so Manson hastily threw her spawn aboard him and parked him in low light so the hip bones didn’t show to give a brief update.  She proudly told us how he’s so mellow that they use him for riding evaluations.  That’s probably because he’s HUNGRY.  The riding picture above is illustrating what I’m forever more going to refer to as the HiCaliber Frame.  That is when the horse is  scuttling around with an elevated head and hollowed out back looking distinctly uncomfortable while some gunsel happily thumps around in an ill-fitting saddle.  It’s a wonder that more don’t buck.  Remember that this horse is only 15 years old and they’ve had him just over a year.  I’m sure we’ll hear a line about how he’s missing his other half, Strategist.  HiCaliber likes to sell the concept that horses are like lovebirds and come in bonded pairs.  The fact is Engineer and Strategist have been separated since Jelly tried to eat Strategist’s face off a few months ago and both horses were fine.  Whatever is going on lately it’s obviously not agreeing with Engineer and he’s on his way to being the next skeleton.



The above pictures are not new.  They are here to remind people that despite repeated requests, there has yet to be updates on Firetyme and Saban when the last we saw of them they were emaciated.  Firetyme was one of the original group of Louisiana horses and seems to be wasting away worse than Sully.  We all know what Saban’s issue is and as of the last official word from HiCaliber, they are patching him up to go back for round 2 with Fice.  I merely posted this so people don’t forget about these horses and don’t forget to demand some transparency and accountability.


One of the readers kindly sent me a copy of the HiCaliber adoption contract.  It’s in regards to something else we’ll be dealing with in coming days, but I thought I’d share a few of the fun parts.  Going by the HiCaliber contract, I’m not so sure Charles Manson Michelle and Bang Bang Becky’s adoption contracts should be approved.  They are in breach of several of the standards of care.  The size of the pens, the cleanliness, the lack of shelter, not getting the services of a LICENSED veterinarian in many instances.  There is no mention of being able to use a 30% vet in lieu.  The good news for people that have adopted from HiCaliber is that it’s virtually impossible to have a horse any skinnier than the ones we’ve seen leave recently unless they are actually dead, so there is that.  I particularly enjoyed the part about that if they decide to trump something up and come take your horse away, you get to pay them $1500 for the privilege.  Going by the entire contract,  they should be removing horses from their own care.


HiCaliber Posh


I thought I’d close off with at least acknowledging the passing of some HiCaliber horses that didn’t warrant a mention on their main page.  I know that Posh, pictured above, has been mentioned unofficially in the HiCaliber comment sections and they did acknowledge that she was gotten rid of within a couple of days of being purchased at auction a few weeks ago.  The video above (Posh comes off the trailer at 3:15) was the last we ever saw of her alive.  She does appear a little tender footed, but overnight she somehow became so catastrophically lame that they figured the best course of action was to shoot her in the face.  They never mentioned it until people started asking after her a few days later and then an unmarked set of xrays were hastily posted.  My problem with that is that some horses that have had past founder issues won’t have clean xrays.  They may show some degree of rotation or changes, but that doesn’t mean they are in active founder or that they can’t be made comfortable.  I kinda hesitate to press the issue because knowing Charles Manson, she likely chopped off her legs and will make a point of posting pictures of them to prove some sort of point.  RIP Pretty Girl, sorry you didn’t land softly.


HiCaliber Adagio


Adagio was bought by HiCaliber in the early part of May.  Her intake video is interesting on a couple of levels.  You’ll notice that Manson says this horse is grouchy and bit somebody earlier.  From what I’ve noticed, horses that Manson deems aggressive or pushy don’t last long at HiCaliber or even on the planet in most cases.  The other thing on this video is the 30% vet trying to explain an internal blister which is nothing like acupuncture but whatever peanut butters her jelly… The next time we heard about Adagio she had mysteriously gone neurological and that’s the last we heard of her.  Keep in mind that Manson diagnoses neuro cases herself by doing the tail test.  I question the accuracy when you have somebody Manson’s size swinging off the ass end of an emaciated little horse.  Adagio kinda vanished off the ranch soon after and they have pointedly ignored any request for updates on her.  Of course the village idiots don’t really think about any of those horses after the thrill of the save subsides. RIP Adagio.


Last but not least was Sedona.  Actually, that wasn’t really her name and they damn well knew it.  Her name was Sparkles and she was an owner relinquishment.  Aside from this intake video, she was never really mentioned and she certainly didn’t blip on most village idiots’ radar.  Again, Charles Manson Michelle, goes out of her way to point out the horse is pushy and states she has behavioral problems.  I really don’t know how much they looked into her lameness issues or what they did with her other than warehouse her on the feed lot for awhile.  I do know she vanished off that ranch within the last few weeks and it’s highly doubtful we’ll hear from her again.  I can’t say with 100% accuracy she got shot in the face, but it’s likely.  There’s another scenario that isn’t as far-fetched as people want to think…




As you can see, HiCaliber has discussed feeding their horses to wild animals more than once.  Before people screech that they have caught me in some hypocrisy let’s think about these scenarios and remember this is a horse rescue doing this.  It’s true that it won’t matter to the horse what happens to its body after death.  That is not my issue.  My issue is that in order to donate a horse to one of these places there are certain `rules’.  One of the first is that you have to bring a live animal.  Another is that animal must be free of medications of any kind for a length of time.  Now, keeping in mind this is a horse rescue we’re talking about, if they actually have animal healthy enough to be that drug free and ride in a trailer all the way to one of these places, why on earth does it need to be shot in the head and killed?  Manson likes to paint this peaceful picture of these horses being lovingly released from their pain and suffering while being fed their treats and hugged by the `compassion team’.  The reality is actually said horse is tied to the trailer with the others that are scheduled to be shot in the face that day and likely drugged to the point of staggering so she doesn’t actually have to look it in they eye before she snuffs it out.  Even severely crippled horses are expected to take the death march to her execution spot no matter how sore they are.  While we’re at it, why is it that so many horses she encounters are needle paranoid?  Is she that freakin rough or does she just use the largest gauge she can find?  I don’t get it.  At any rate, I can’t say that any of the above three horses ended up feeding cats or wolves, but I can say with absolute certainty that she has attempted to take at least one rescue to a place like that but didn’t get there in time so had to haul the horse all the way back to HiCaliber.  Go ahead and ask her about.  Watch her dance!


Well, with all the doom and gloom of this post let’s leave off on a bit of a happier note.  It appears that Margaret the donkey was liberated from the HiCaliber feed lot this weekend and has taken up residence with Ashford (featured on the last post).  Hopefully it’s a permanent move and she can live out her days happy and healthy.  So many horses never get the chance.  So many forgotten ones.  HiCaliber appears to still be in heavy damage control mode.  Manson has declared that she is not going to be putting her personal stuff out there as much (there IS a God), but that comes on the heels of her telling us she planned to overshare even more just a few weeks ago.  There were a flurry of selective updates but they didn’t really show any of the horses that people have been concerned about and you think they might have mentioned that Margaret had moved on to a new home.  It has been gratifying to see people asking more questions and demanding answers.  That is a start.  If it causes them to straighten up and fly right, so much the better.  It’s not for me to say if people can still trust them or learn to again.  Manson thinks she’s smarter than everybody else and likes to anticipate what somebody’s next move is.  She was convinced I was going to post the December financials so she started making excuses for some or the weird expenses on there before it posted.  Kinda like she likes to trash people that dare to walk away from her before they have a chance to say anything.  Well, she can sweat that a bit more.  Sooner or later those 990’s are going to have to be filed and then she’s going to have to answer a lot of questions around Romney Faye Baker’s pay and she knows it.  We’ve got more important things to discuss for now.  So until next time, keep asking those great questions and keep demanding that accountability.  It’s working.  Horses first, always…

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Here it is the weekend already.  It seems I just get started with one post and then the Manson family shits their pants and I have to change directions.  My draft file is a mess right now.  There has been a lot of doings at the feed lot ranch this week and I’m pretty sure most of it is going to piss people off. Some of this stuff is going to seem like old news, but sometimes one thing gets mentioned or posted and, all of a sudden, it jogs some memories and pieces get put together.  That’s a lot of what today’s post is going to be about. I strongly suggest a cocktail to wade through this mess with me.  It’s a bit of a mixed bag as far as posts go.  I would like to warn some people that at least one of the pictures that will be further down this post may be upsetting, but it kinda has to be done.  If you have delicate sensibilities, cover the pics with your hands as you scroll until you figure if you can deal or not.  I’ll warn you before you get to it.  So, without further ado let’s get this thing started.

The screen shots above might explain to our newer readers why I refer to Dana as `Cheech’.  That would be the same Dana that owns and operates Equine Connections LLC Horse Transportation.  Apparently she’s doing well enough that she just got a new 5 horse slant with living quarters to go with her 4 horse stock.   Note that the dates on this little text conversation are from two years ago.  That means at least two full years that Cheech has been hauling HiCaliber and other people’s horses with Charles Manson Michelle being fully aware she was basically a bong on wheels.  Two full years that Manson recommended her to other people to haul their horses knowing she was hopped up when she drove.  How many trips back and forth to Louisiana?  How many fosters, adoptions and auction horses has she hauled?  We know she only recently got her DOT#, so besides the fact she was buzzed off her ass, she wasn’t even legal until recently.  Awesome! I understand loyalty and I understand wanting to help out a friend if that’s what they are, but to put those animals and other people’s animals at risk with an altered driver behind the wheel is totally messed up.  The official reaction to this will either be to throw Cheech under the bus, maybe a defiant post or they’ll ignore it and cover Cheech’s ass like they have before.  It certainly  explains some of the mysterious hauling injuries they have glossed over in the past.

I’m sure most of you have seen this post where Manson threatens to kill some horses.  Once again, she owns no part in any of their issues or tells the entire story.  That’s why I posted the screen shot from Chi’s previous adoptive family as well.  I think it shows that not only is it not the fault of the horses that they are becoming problematic but, at least in Chi’s case, they were set up to fail.  Adopting out a horse and telling somebody she will grow is kinda shitty when you know what their expectations are.  Was it deliberate?  I can’t say.  It was either a deliberate lie banking on the kid falling in love, which she did, or Manson’s ability to age a horse via their teeth is about on par with her vet skills.  Take your pick.  It might be a bit of both.  As of this writing people are scrambling around offering up suggestions, including  sending them to Fice, and offering to take these horses.  I’m sure that was the goal all along.  If we know one thing about Manson, it’s that she doesn’t usually tell people before she’s going to shoot one in the face.  In fact,  she often never mentions it at all to the village.  She straight up threatened these two knowing it would motivate people to get them out of there.  Hopefully, it works.  I’m always happy see a horse rescued out of that particular situation.


Sereen is a mare that HiCaliber purchased last June.  They never really did much for updates on her before this February when they announced she was pregnant.  Now, if you do the math, she was either just pregnant when they bought her or she got knocked up on the property, which wouldn’t surprise me either.  The point of this is that here we are a year later and finally somebody remembers this mare enough to ask after the foal.  I’m not sure they were doing foal checks to help her deliver that premature foal nor do I know why she went from being up for adoption as a riding horse to a pasture puff.  What has happened to this horse between February and now that she is no longer considered suitable for riding?  This case of the missing foal is by no means unique and the next bit may be somewhat upsetting, so cover the pics and scroll on by if you’re not into it.  We have to jump in our time machine and go back a few years to when there were a pair of horses called Salma and Kat, aka Kasatka, at HiCaliber.




Ok, this part is going to maybe be a bit confusing as it all went down at the old ranch almost 4 years ago.  Both these mares showed up around the same time at HiCaliber and shared a pen.  The age of Kat was reported as 3, then as 5 and maybe 18mths.  We already know that Manson Michelle isn’t all that great at aging horses and her story on Kat changed, so let’s just say she was a young mare.  Notice that the write-up about Kat on their website talks about her losing a foal and how sad the horse was and how sad the people were.  It’s a very touching story.  What actually happened was that Manson had the vet attempt to abort the foal because they thought she was too young to carry one.  They usually do this with an injection which was apparently the case with Kat but, as you can see in the text above, it didn’t take.  Reportedly, Manson had the vet come out and try again to abort the mare and the result was that Manson told everybody that she found the fetus in the pen with the mares after the second attempt and considered it a successful abortion.  Flash forward a few months and Kat is in a pen by herself.  This is when somebody other than Manson came across the fetus pictured above in her pen.  It could have belonged to no other horse.  That means a few different things.  It means that a few months prior, when Kat was thought to have aborted her fetus on demand, that there was never any follow-up veterinary care nor was she flushed as should have been done.  It also means the fetus that Michelle claims to have found was likely Salma’s and she obviously didn’t get any veterinary care either.  I’ve been told that Salma’s miscarriage was around a time that there were several miscarriages going on with a certain batch of mares.  Manson has told a few different stories about Kat’s fetus and since it’s a few years after the fact, we’ll probably never get a straight story from her now.  What we know without a doubt is there was at least one fetus and that at least one of the stories that was told to people was a lie.  The happy news is that Kat has since found a home and Salma now belongs to Cheech.  I’m sure a little contact THC goes a long ways towards keeping her happy.


The horse above was HiCaliber Wrangler.  I can’t actually find too many details of his arrival at HiCaliber.  That is often the case with HiCaliber horses that are no longer with us.  They are immediately removed from their web page and never spoken of again.  We do know that Wrangler was at HiCaliber last year and feeling sound enough to haul Charles Manson Michelle’s spandexed ass around the barn area as she begged for money.  This was the day before he had surgery to remove cancer from his manhood which took place in the beginning of September 2016.  Aside from his recheck a few weeks later and the odd casual mention, we didn’t really hear much about Wrangler again. We do know his surgery was more extensive than they originally thought and they ended up sinking a couple thousand into him.  Remember, this was a horse sound enough to be hauling Manson around the day before his surgery.  By the end of December, Wrangler was expunged from the website and never mentioned again.  What actually happened is that he was shot in the face at some point during December, probably before Manson headed off to Hawaii on the donor dollar along with fellow board member Kat Tarnowski.  What was noted by volunteers was that Wrangler was extremely lame and in a lot of pain at the end and Dr. Spini was unable to figure out why or pinpoint the source.  What finally came out with some digging, is that during the heavy rains, Wrangler was in one of those tiny pens/stalls in the training area and he slipped, fell and was unable to get up.  This was not an old or unsound horse, so I can only imagine the conditions.  From that point on, he was in a lot of pain and never improved.  Naturally, none of the village idiots ever think to ask whatever became of him, so he passed without so much as a mention.  RIP Wrangler.


I’ve noticed that ever since the Louisiana clusterfuck, HiCaliber has been very selective about which of those horses they update people on and what they show.  We’ve all seen the healthier ones eating their grain at the hitching rail for the cameras and the village idiots high five each other and then return to jonesing for the next auction or drama.  It’s pretty rare they ask after specific horses from that mess and even I couldn’t tell you who they all were since some were whisked off to other homes almost immediately.  Firetyme was on the original load out of Louisiana so he’s been at HiCaliber about a month.  He was in pretty bad need of some groceries when he arrived as evident in the intake photo above.  However, as of 2 days ago, he has lost even more weight and is basically a hide covered skeleton.  Manson likes to brag that she follows the UC Davis refeeding protocol but that fact is they don’t.  You cannot follow it when you are group feeding and also throwing feed at them twice a day is not part of the protocol.  They should have several small meals throughout the day.  They should have their feed tubs cleaned out and fresh at every feeding as soaked feed can and will go rancid in a hurry in hot weather.  None of this has been done and it’s still not being done.  Firetyme is up in the barn now getting a mush diet, but it’s likely too little, too late.  I haven’t heard whether a real vet has done any actual diagnostics on him or if he’s even had blood pulled for anything other than Manson’s stupid SAA machine.  Calling animal control in does no good because not only is board member Kat an AC officer, but HiCaliber is supposed to be a rescue so they’ll just say he came like that.  I can’t express how disgusted I am with the condition of this animal.  He is suffering.  He’s been suffering and starving to death, for whatever reason, at least since he got to California.  How do people walk by this horse every day and not see this?


From Nov/16 to Feb/17


While most of you are sitting there fuming about dead horses, missing horses and all manner of treachery out of this hell hole, I thought this was an interesting find.  Back in November Charles Manson Michelle was asking around about dental implants because it seemed she didn’t like her grill.  I’m not sure how many of the readers here have had cosmetic dental work, but I can assure you it isn’t cheap.  Even if you slip across the border to Mexico, it’s still expensive.  It would be especially expensive for somebody that claims to have no income and living off the generosity of her girlfriend.  Let’s face it, Bang Bang Becky is a fire captain not a captain of industry so I have real doubts she is funding the BMW, the eyebrows that never stop migrating around on Manson’s forehead and all the other needless shit she has done on a weekly basis along with keeping food on the table and two other vehicles and trailers running.  That’s not even to mention the herd of horses they have between the pair of them.  What does this have to do with the horses and the rescue?  EVERYTHING.  While horses are starving, dying and under threat of getting shot because they can’t afford the training, this is what is going on.  While they beg and manipulate their villagers into giving up their lunch money, they aren’t giving a single fucking dime.  Then we find out she keeps a cash donation box at the house, while whining about people bothering her, and regularly dips from it.  That’s where the $20 `suggested donation’ to tour that shit pile goes to.  Is that ever entered into their books or account for?  Probably not.  Think about it.


I have a LOT more stuff to share, but I think this probably enough to deal with for one day.  The horse above is one I couldn’t find any other information on.  He too has been erased from all things HiCaliber as far as I could find.  Just another poor soul that had his life ended standing in a shit filled pen at HiCaliber.  I’m really not sure how this qualifies as rescue.   Really, as far as the horses are concerned, it’s not a whole bunch different from slaughter.  They are hauled in to stand in tiny pens with food thrown at them, maybe their water tubs will get filled and cleaned and maybe they won’t on any given day.  After doing that for months on end, many of them get a bullet in the face that may or may not find it’s mark on the first try. Meanwhile, HiCaliber never posts a single invoice, rarely a vet report or xray and the village idiots just eat it up as the assembly line of carnage keeps turning.   It was only a few days ago we were treated to a pair of woe is me posts from Manson and Romney Faye Baker begging for kindness and reminding us, yet again, that Manson had broken her back and Romney was grieving.  In other words, stop questioning them on their shit and turn a blind eye.  Fall back into line, village idiots!  Little Margaret came home from the clinic and aside from a picture of her, no real medical update because Manson is resting up for her big drunken fundraiser with the Bonsall Rotary on Saturday. They even photo shopped a poster to make it seem that the fund raiser is all about them. It’s not, it benefits other charities too.  Meanwhile they brought in 5 new nameless horses today.  Four mares and a stud, which also meant that the three they bought on Tuesday are already out of QT and the new stud never was in QT.  Will they ever tell people about them?  Who knows?  Romney Faye already told us that they don’t always announce owner relinquished horses if that’s what these even are.  Much easier to make the disappear that way.  I’m obviously not alone in feeling like things are coming to a head.  I’m going to sign off with a screen cap of a post made back in April.  Rats off a sinking ship and all that….

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Here we go with another lengthy and exciting edition of Tissue Tuesday combined with WTF Wednesday courtesy of the nation’s largest shadiest horse rescue.  I know it’s been a few days since the last post, but I was trying really hard to take some sort of high road and not nitpick every little thing.  You know, keep the focus on the horses and not the fact that Charles Manson Michelle, not only arose from her sick-bed and learned to not only wipe her ass and walk again in record time but also go from weepy and contrite to profane and defiant in the blink of an eye.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a head for heights so I have to come down off the high road every so often if only to keep my sanity.  We have so much to cover today.  We have donkey drama, we have auction fuckery, we have general shittiness and we have updates on the latest Louisiana clusterfuck.  So let’s get going and see if I can help make some sense of the past few days.




If there is one thing I think we can all agree on it’s that these HiCaliber bitches are wordy AF.  I know that may be the pot calling the kettle black as these posts get longer and longer, but there is always just so much crap to cover so it’s not me, it’s them.  Anyhow, the screen shots posted above are a pretty good jumping off point for the past few days.  After Charles Manson Michelle’s tearful live feed from her bed at home, we were graced with this follow-up dissertation posted up on Saturday evening to remind us that she had `broken’ her back and some other happy bullshit about her rescue turning into a tabloid or something.  I’m not even sure what the point of all of it was other than she was briefly trying to seem like less of a bitch and she wanted somebody to send her a new laptop.  Those two things may or may not be unrelated.  You can read it or not, but it’s up there for posterity.   Strangely, as self-pitying as it was when she whined about being on bed rest, it was followed up 3 hours later with the minion video of her swaying around, jacking off a unicorn horn and having a grand old time while they drug the extremely lame and sore footed horse, Taj, around on the road as they begged for $1000 because apparently their vets can’t figure out that he’s got sore feet without hauling him into the clinic or something.  Surprisingly, people started to comment and question how she was able to be swaying around like she was and obviously feeling no pain, when only 3 hours earlier she was talking about being on bed rest and all the pain she was in.  The `official’ answer was that the post was actually 3 days old.  I’m not sure why she felt the need to not post it when it was actually written unless they keep a bunch of posts stockpiled to get out in a hurry when village idiots show signs of independent thought and need instant redirection.  To further prove that she `broke her back in two places’, she posted up her discharge papers  from the mental institution hospital but only parts of them because it might have been inconvenient had she posted up the part that probably said she could actually get off her ass and do something.  To be fair, the doctor probably didn’t realize that she didn’t really do that before she bruised her ass so it’s not likely to happen now.  We were all also treated to a few select updates on some of the Louisiana horses although no word on why poor Firetyme had to be moved back to the barn and why Sully, who has yet to gain a pound, was unceremoniously evicted from the barn to go stand in the hot sun with no shade from now on.  These are questions that the village idiots won’t think to ask or are afraid to, but we’ll get to the reason why in a bit.  Charles Manson Michelle capped off her weekend cavorting by the pool with some of the HiCaliber insiders while they all got drunk and discussed inappropriate topics in front of children as the village begged for updates on Margaret the Donkey.  Charles Manson Michelle was still wearing her hospital bracelet even though it had been about 6 days since she was discharged.  Maybe it’s a fashion statement or something. *cough*histrionic*cough*

Margaret is the little donkey they bought at auction last week.  She was very sick and although Romney Faye Baker aged her as `ancient’ it turned out she was actually only about six and had a belly full of sand.  You may recall that they made her endure an extremely long haul back to SLREH as they hit refresh on their paypal account to see if the village would give them enough money to actually get her treated rather than take her back to the feed lot ranch for the inept `medical team’ to have their way with her.   Thankfully, as they often do, the village idiots gave up their lunch money and Margaret got to go get proper veterinary care.  Lucky Margaret.  Seriously.  She’s had a bad week and there has been a lot of money raised in her name.  It’s all gotten somewhat confusing as posts and feeds get deleted.  She was doing better, she was doing worse, she needs a scope, no she’s pooping it’s all good so they’ll just shuffle those funds elsewhere, oops, she’s crashing again better send more money.  The last word was a vague mention that she’s not doing well again and the bill is more than they have raised.  Brace yourselves for the tearful fundraising posts soon.  I think we can all agree that Margaret is hella adorable and really tugs at the heart-strings.  She’s exactly the kind of animal people rightfully get really invested in so, it was only understandable that they village grew restless when there were no updates as the Manson family partied by the pool and talked dirty in front of children.  Some of them got upset enough to call SLREH allegedly and some just outright voiced their displeasure. The nerve!!! I personally would like to thank those people because it led to yet another meltdown from Charles Michelle, that was not only disturbing due to her being seemingly hopped up on pain meds while driving her child home, but also because of the extremely bad timing it was to curse out the village right before Tissue Tuesday.

That’s just a small clip as she was getting into her rant.  It was pretty glorious and profanity laced as always as she ranted on about putting the oxygen mask on her face first and referring to Margaret as a `thing’.  Still, it was amusing to see her mention being hands free when her phone was clearly visible in her hand in the reflection in her Wal-Mart shades. It’s not like Manson and the truth are even on a first name basis, so that particular lie wasn’t all that surprising.  She went on to whine about working 17 hours or something getting updates.  I’m not sure how that took so long when she likely didn’t even have to get her ass out of the golf cart to do them and that heifer hasn’t spent 17 hours outside in one stretch in her life.  Still the funniest part of all of it is her ranting that she is `not your bitch’ to the village when, oh yes, she very much is.  Those are the people who put the food on her table, pay for her $5 coffees by giving up their own.  They pay her rent and pretty much fund her lifestyle.  She is very much their bitch so when they say `hop to’, she better get off her ass and get them their updates.  I’m not sure if she got her knuckles rapped by Romney Faye Baker or if they have an agreement that Tuesday is Romney Faye’s day, but Manson Michelle laid low and allowed her to take center stage and dazzle us with her ignorance for Tissue Tuesday.


HiCaliber Posh

As everybody is aware of by now, on Tuesdays Romney Faye Baker cries for the camera and attempts to buy any and all horses that show up at the Ontario auction.  She goops on as much eyeliner and mascara as she possibly can for the off-chance she actually manages to squeeze out a tear.  Today was no different other than the fact that they are either experiencing donor fatigue or people are getting sick and tired of their crap.  As a result,  funds were lower than normal so they couldn’t buy every single horse that showed up, which meant they were going to have to triage.  For some reason the blind in one eye gelding did not make the cut in favor of a `sexy’ mare and another with `soft eyes’.  HiCaliber Posh came late to auction and I really don’t know WTF was supposed to be wrong enough with her to warrant being bought by HiCaliber, but purchased she was.  Dr. Romney Faye Baker was in rare form diagnosing a lot of stuff today and Posh got diagnosed as a foundered horse because Bubba Misner aka Voldy Jr said so.  Apparently, she had the rings on her feet, which may have meant there was an issue at some point, but she was certainly walking fairly spritely to the trailer today.  That doesn’t mean she was sound because Robyn was there with her little bag of drugs that they seem to give each and every horse they buy so who really knows what she’s going to be like come morning?  Still, I’m pretty sure Romney Faye doesn’t understand that those rings take a bit longer to show up than a bruise does and basically indicate a past problem more than a current one, but she proudly told us she is learning to recognize what founder looks like  Ok then…



The next horse rescued was Cammy.  Cammy had some marks on her face from a halter rubbing on it recently which caused Romney Faye to make a dramatic post and try to stir up some outrage.  Apparently having a little hair rubbed off is far more offensive to them than having an actual hole rubbed in their face from a fly mask like what happened to Moxie back at the ranch (HiCaliber Moxie ).  That is pretty much the only reason they gave for saving her.  She appears to be very sound and very well-built and no, her eyes weren’t bleeding.  In fact, Misner wanted her bad enough he offered to trade the two TBs he bought for just her, which Romney Faye had to refuse because she didn’t feel they could raise the additional money over and above or whatever. That was the official line  The unofficial one may be that Cammy is just the sort of horse that Charles Manson Michelle likes to scoop for herself once she is vetted and has her feet done.  When they loaded his mare onto the trailer, Dr. Romney Faye Baker showed off her vast knowledge of horses by diagnosing a `lump or hematoma’ on the mare’s chest and then excitedly pointing to an old and very minor shoe boil on her elbow.  I can’t make this stuff up.  She also further showed off her knowledge by asking somebody if it was probably too far forward to be a hernia.


The third horse they brought home today almost didn’t get brought home.  It was the gray mare pictured above who Bubba Misner had brought to auction.  He’s getting so ballsy, he doesn’t even bother running horses through the auction lately.  He just shows up and knows that HiCaliber is going to give him way more than the horses would get in the ring so he leaves them in the trailer and tells them to go fetch.  He didn’t even bother to unload this one and told Romney Faye he wanted $300 for her.  Of course that meant the cost to the village idiots was going to be $950 and they just weren’t hitting that donate button fast enough, so they decided to take us on a visual tour of her tumors.  She did have a lumpy neck, but the tail tumor looks to be a pretty easy removal.  I also learned from Romney Faye and some village idiots that her tail had recently been braided so that means somebody loved her recently.  Who knew that a naturally wavy tail means extra love?  Romney Faye Baker also attempted to age her by looking at her teeth and the verdict was `big teeth’.  Even after the tumor tour, the village still hadn’t come up with enough so they put a clock on it for a last-ditch fundraising drive.  They gave them 30 minutes and they didn’t come through due to the Sweet William drama going on at the same time, so Bubba took his horse, that he can’t ship slaughter anyhow, home knowing that would motivate the last few hundred dollars out of the village idiots.  Since his daddy’s property almost backs onto the auction property, that’s about a 5 minute trip so fairly easy for Cheech to swing by and scoop her on the way home.



For whatever reason, we were not treated to a Romney Faye Baker live feed from the chutes today.  This was odd because there were quite a number of horses there, including the one that was blind in one eye and no word really on why the others didn’t make the cut other than they didn’t have much money today.  So, before they could bring out the two they did purchase for their freedom walk, this poor little pony materialized in Cheech Dana’s trailer and some drama ensued.  To be fair, the poor little guy was in really bad shape and the pictures don’t really show how bad he was. His legs were pretty deformed and probably were that way all his life.  He was blind in one eye and could hardly see out the other, if at all.  This caused Dr. Romney Faye to diagnose him as neurological as he tried to move his head so he could figure out who all these strange people swarming him were.  I’m actually still angry about the whole situation.  Once again, the HiCaliber brain trust decided to protect the sonofabitch responsible and were extremely vague on details.  They said somebody’s `friend’ gave`this guy’ the pony and he brought it to auction to give to them.  Romney Faye made a big show of not demanding funds in advance before accepting him because they were a `real rescue’ and they couldn’t turn their back on a horse in need.  Golf claps all around.  We never found out how he got into Cheech’s trailer but we were treated to the sight of them lifting him up and transferring him into a volunteer’s trailer to be whisked away to Norco Equine to be put to sleep. That was only after Romney Faye and her resident geniuses stood around for a few minutes taking selfies with him and discussing whether or not the should wrestle him into laying down on the trailer.  Thankfully somebody had enough common sense to realize that was a really shitty idea.   I’m not sure why they couldn’t have called a vet and had him put down right there at the auction market in the trailer.  He was pretty tiny and was nothing for a few men to lift, but as is always the case with the HiCaliber crowd, human convenience trumps animal comfort.  Rest In Peace, Sweet William.


Meanwhile, as all this was going down, one of the Louisiana horses had been standing on Cheech’s trailer ALL DAY LONG in the heat.  This was not revealed until poor Sweet William was hauled off to meet his maker.  The sadness of his life and situation were immediately forgotten as Romney Faye Baker turned her attention to her freedom walk and out came Blaze from the front of Cheech’s Trailer.  No sign of a water bucket or anything and the temperature in Ontario was between 86 and 90 degrees today, so you know that had to suck for the poor thing. I’d like to see any of them go stand in a metal box in that heat with no water all day.   Blaze was private purchase from the original OTTB20 load and for some reason that means that quarantine doesn’t need to be completed since it hasn’t been 30 days since any of those horses hit town.  Whatever.  Blaze jumped off Cheech’s rig and right back onto another without even so much as a pause to drink and was taken away to spread his disease and feed lot funk to parts unknown.  Happy trails, Blaze!


So, after the drama of Sweet William was handled and Blaze was dispatched to God knows where, HiCaliber raised the last bit of money needed to go pick up the gray mare at Misner’s house.  We weren’t treated to their joyous reunion but he likely didn’t even bother to unload her from his own trailer before they arrived to collect her.   The three new purchases were then whisked 2 hours back to the feed lot ranch where they were not met by Manson and the death squad medical team.  Instead, they were marched through the barn area and pens to their own shit filled pen they will call home until they are either shot in the face or moved into even smaller pens as they are warehoused with the rest of the hoard herd  My main reason for the above pics, aside from the shit filled pen one, was to show a trailer that came up the drive during the intake photo shoot.



The likely occupant of that trailer was Saban.  As mentioned in the previous post, Saban was sold to Andrew Fice for $1 a few weeks ago after he had the audacity to show his teeth to Charles Manson Michelle.  As shown in the videos that were posted, Saban was having problems eating and has been dropping weight.  Now, as useless as I think Fice is, it turns out he is marginally less useless than the 30% vet aka Charles Manson Michelle.  At least he realized that the horse needed to be seen by an actual vet that went to school and everything rather than one that read a book once even if he did wait far too long.  What people should know about the above post is that Fice didn’t write it.  He is functionally illiterate so this had to have been pulled together by somebody else.  I’m not sure if that was a HiCaliber connection or one of his own but it really doesn’t matter other than that they blame the horse for having a `self inflicted’ wound on his head that had been present before he was sold to Fice.   Because Manson pretty much considers herself a vet, it’s not likely Saban saw an actual vet and, as it evident by the post, is a mess was the result.  Kinda like Shara’s limb perfusion for something that I hear started out as scratches and resulted in her dead with her legs chopped off for `teaching’  had started out as a mess that Manson treated herself.  I’m not even going to begin to get into all the ways Saban has been failed along the way from having a draining wound sealed off so that it bastardizes, to waiting far too long to get him any help. While we’re at it, let’s think about how a HiCaliber horse that is alleged to be only 3 years old needed his wolf teeth pulled and a float when they claim that all their intakes get dental work right away.  Did anybody think that maybe there was a reason when he suddenly turned aggressive on them weeks ago? There is no recent pic of him to show what kind of shape he is in now and I’m sure it’s not good.  The end result, as of this writing, is Saban is back at HiCaliber standing in stall D getting fed the mush mix that isn’t going to help when he can’t eat and probably getting experimented on by Manson and the death squad medical team.  I fear for the horse because having bitten Manson before, he’s already on thin ice and being an adoption fail probably makes matters worse.  I hope people ask after him a lot and hold HiCaliber accountable.



I wish I could say we were all done for today, but we still have the Louisiana clusterfuck to get through.  I have to admit that I haven’t followed this mess as closely as most people.  Part of the reason was because I’m sick to death of the whole HiCaliber/ Thompson/Double S romance and they have all kinda morphed into one hateful entity in my mind.  However, if you recall there was 17 mares and foals plus an additional orphan foal that were bought by Doughboy Jacob in Texas about 10 days ago or so on the Friday before last.  Somehow in the midst of networking, these mares and foals became well-bred cutting horses from an estate and 16 or more minis got added into the mix.  The 17 mare/foal pairs also became 18 and as of today, 19.  I lost my scorecard of lies that were told, but the bottom line was HiCaliber raised $3000 to get them a stay of execution for a week and to bring them back to Louisiana where they were to be held until either sold or shipped to slaughter.  All this was basically sight unseen as there were never actual pictures taken of them but just stills from a grainy video that Doughboy took.  What was clear was that these horses never actually got back to the Thompson lot but instead were sent to Doughboy’s  Uncle `Ricky’, who may or may not also be his first cousin and half-brother as well as his own grandpa.   Satan Tara basically washed her hands of them and HiCaliber kept saying they were not raising funds but only `networking’ them.   Somehow nearly all of them were purchased by the deadline except for one last pair, which resulted in Romney Faye Baker violating us all with yet another live feed after the auction fuckery earlier in the day.  This one was particularly gross as she once again reclined on her sofa, while breathing heavy and stroking her dog like Dr. Evil as she spun out her lies.  That was not before she had to inform us that her creepy fiancée, Dumbass Darrell, was rubbing her legs just out of camera range.  GROSS.  I just want to say there is a reason that regular people do not make porn and that’s because nobody wants to see that.  That means we do not care to have those images burned upon our mind’s eye either.  Just yuck.  Her usual huffing and puffing and ummm, ummmm, umm, took on a new level of disturbing after that revelation.  Nasty.  Anyhow, with the auction purchases out of the way, Romney Faye turned what could have been a ten minute video into yet another hour of our lives wasted as she expounded on slaughter and that yes, mares and foals ship and other high pressure tactics that are based on lies.  She even got her no list celeb fiancee to do a video featuring a Thompson Feed Lot hat, because repping for a wannbe kill buyer when raising funds for a rescue is always appropriate.  He was actually begging Doughboy for an extension on the last pair which, of course, was granted.  At some point during one of the live feeds today, she also announced that Baker Ranch had managed to get all the minis purchased too.  Always sad to see what seemed like a decent rescue go to the dark side, but they are now dead to me.  I think that makes 50 or more horses that HiCaliber is about to get kickbacks from.  Not sure about you, but that’s a lot of eyelashes and fireball.  They still have one more pair to raise money for and according to Romney Faye, this one is actually halter broke and a running QH.  Her picture is above and she is actually on the Thompson lot because she was not part of the original Texas bunch.  I think that concludes this latest chapter in the Louisiana clusterfuck because you know there ain’t no way they’re going to leave one mare and foal behind.



I thought should share this gem of a post from SatanTara from last year for those that haven’t already seen it.  She must have had a momentary episode of honesty because she pretty much covers all the things that we know about the actual slaughter pipeline that she now disputes.  It also pretty much contradicts every single thing Romney Faye Baker and the HiCaliber contingent keep telling everybody about slaughter in order to play on their sympathies.  Read the above post and then read it again.  Commit it to memory and refer back to it every single time those asshats try to tell you that minis, foals and skinnies are on their way to slaughter.  Think of that every time they allow Misner to buy a young healthy horse because he’s going to flip it to a private buyer.  Yup, flip it all the way to Mexico knowing him.


As I get ready to wrap this thing up, there has been a new update on Margaret.  She’s still struggling along in the clinic and I think we can all be grateful that at least she is in the clinic as she’d likely be under a tarp at HiCaliber long before now otherwise. Thanks to the village for not letting her drop off the radar.  I also want to thank the people who continue to come forward and tell their stories whether in the comment section of privately.  I’ve got so much more stuff to share at the appropriate time so please don’t think that just because I haven’t used something yet, that I have ignored it.  I appreciate all the emails and messages.  Keep them coming!  As more people wise up to the situation at HiCaliber the responsibility increases and these posts take a bit more time.  I’m not here to tell anybody what to do or how to handle the situation.  You are all doing a great job of it in the comment section by sharing links and ideas.  I’m just here to pass on information and serve it up in a way that is marginally less dry than a popcorn fart.  For now we’ll just keep fighting the good fight and hopefully save some horses.  Don’t forget to take the time to hug your own if you have one while you’re at it…Until next time peeps!


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Here we go again with more antics from those wacky horse killers at HiCaliber with a brief cameo from their Louisiana counterpart.  As usual, there is a lot of ground to cover and make sense out of.  When I originally started to pull this post together, I had an extra special treat with some newish stuff to share, but then dueling live feeds happened and I am trying to keep things in bite sized chunks for everybody to digest.  Even so, today’s post is going to be more of a hungry man dinner with a whole bunch of chunks, whether you bite them or end up blowing them.  I guess we’ll kick things off with a brief update on the latest shit show and do a brief auction recap before we get into some updates and then the live feed extravaganzas..


I’m beginning to suspect that more than loading horses went on during Romney Faye Baker’s little Louisiana excursion.  I’m thinking something along the lines of some Satan, Doughboy, Romney Faye sandwich action went down such is her open admiration for all things Satan and Doughboy.  I feel unclean when she posts about them lately.  As you can see in the video, the latest round of victims horses got hauled `slaughter style’ and Romney is positively moist in her praise for Doughboy stuffing all of them into the same kind of load any slaughter bound horse endures complete with absolutely mangling at least one of them if you watch until the end of the video.  Doughboy helpfully points out the poor little thing and even goes as far to tell us that it happened during the haul.  Nobody ever accused Doughboy of being the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Don’t worry about the mini though, because apparently they somehow pawned that one off on Baker Ranch back in California and are going to haul that poor thing across country like that because Floyd’s suffering and death didn’t register with them the first time around.  It gets even worse as there are some rumblings that Cheech Dana might be the one cramming as many as possible into her tin can and doing the run.  Nobody ever accused this group of learning from past mistakes.




Romney Faye Baker was in rare form at auction this week.  With Charles Manson Michelle still down for the count, Romney Faye has grown increasingly drunk with power and stooped to new levels of hatefulness.  As you can see from the screen shot above, Margaret was in extremely rough shape at auction.  As any good scam artist knows, sympathy makes people dig deep in their pockets so Romney Faye Baker was all over this poor little soul like flies on shit. Nothing inspires people to dig deep like the cute/sick combo.  After looking at her teeth and aging her as ancient, (turns out she is around six), Romney Faye decided that dragging her to her feet and making her walk across the hot pavement to the trailers was appropriate along with the obligatory pauses for Romney Faye Baker to get her selfies along the way.  Even though her actual purchase price was only $135 and she couldn’t even stay on her feet, her health was held for ransom as village idiots were reminded that unless they dug even deeper than the usual $650 over purchase and ponied up another $500 `cushion’, they couldn’t take her to San Luis Rey Equine to get looked at.  Of course the money was raised and probably even more since they never give actual totals, but it begs the question what would have become of the poor little thing had they not raised the additional $500?  Would that have meant they just drag her home and play doctor on her?  I shudder to think but at least she did get to the vets and treated for sand impaction, so she’s apparently feeling better as of this writing.  What awaits her on the HiCaliber feed lot is anybody’s guess.





So, aside from the poor little donkey, Romney Faye managed to get enough money for a few more horses. I’m not entirely sure why she needed the paint or the little Arabian yearling, but pretty horses tend to inspire people to dig a bit deeper than the plain brown wrappers so there is that.  To be completely honest, I couldn’t sit through all the auction feeds just because you can only hear one person talk so much shit before you want to jab nails in your ear drums.  Romney Faye originally wondered, on camera no less, whether or not the warts on the colt’s nose was cancer.  For some reason, after all the time she spends at auction, she figures a horse that is stressed in that atmosphere is a rarity and means they automatically need saving.  I guess when the majority of your donors belong to the Black Stallion brigade of horsemanship, it inspires them to more than the sick horse hanging its head in the corner.  Aside from the three HiCaliber  purchases there was some mention of brokering a private buyer deal between Misner and a villager but those details, along with auction receipts are never really produced.  We were also treated to a Romney Faye Baker rant in defense of their new cozy relationship with Satan Tara, full of such blatant lies, I don’t even know where to begin. Perhaps the biggest whopper that was laugh out loud funny was when she told us that Satan and Doughboy got rid of their contract because they were placing so many horses in private homes they couldn’t meet their contract quota and were getting fined for not meeting it.  Anyhow….



Next up was a brief update on some horses by Bang Bang Becky.  She kicked things off by lying to us and telling us she wasn’t sure when Charles Manson Michelle would be home from the hospital when Charles was already home.  The horse updates began with Tara the pinto mare that Becky adopted from Louisiana. She claimed her as her own fresh off the trailer because she was BFFs with the mare that Michelle had a private donor buy for her.  Well, turns out Tara is starting to founder so Bang Bang Becky has decided she cannot adopt her at this time aka she’s going to let the donors pick up the vet bills on this one but she’ll scoop her for $1 as soon as she’s better.  Maybe.  Turns out neither Tara nor her BFF Dawson actually like people, so don’t be shocked to see HiCaliber have to buy Charles Manson Michelle’s impulse purchase so she can pocket that donation without accountability.  We also got to finally see how poor Sully was doing up in the barn.  The answer is not good.  He’s been there a couple of weeks now and hasn’t managed to gain any weight, and just kinda hangs his head in the barn.  If you recall, he was the one that the 30% vet, Michelle, was hanging endless jugs on as she drugged him to the point of staggering.  The other main update was poor that Bambi, also from Louisiana, got his eye removed. That comes as zero surprise as he was freshly mangled at the Thompson Lot.  He also had a large abscess on his neck where they microchipped him.  So glad they let the poor horse stand around this long in discomfort.  Moving right along…




As I mentioned earlier, we were treated to dueling live feeds today.  It seems like the deadly duo of Charles Manson Michelle and Romney Faye Baker are starting to feel the consequence of their actions and finding their seats on the karma bus not to their liking.  As a result, we were treated to back to back live feeds that displayed the gamut of emotions and emotional manipulations from both.  Before we get too far into it, we should pause to acknowledge the medical miracle it was that Michelle Manson was even with us at all.  It was less than two days ago she was crying in her hospital bed about having to learn to walk again and possibly go to 30 day inpatient rehab.  For her to have climbed the stairs to her bedroom and move around and recline the way she was, was nothing short of a modern day medical triumph. She even informed us she had already been over to the barn to visit the horses.  I know a few have been marked for death so maybe they let her shoot something in the face to cheer her up or something.  Michelle Manson’s main issue seemed to be people being mean to her and she claimed that she would never ever do that to anybody.  I’m guessing the calling people’s work, the late night visits to leave `gifts’ in their mailboxes and other real and in person bullying she has engaged in doesn’t count when you’re playing the victim card so heavily.  I think the thrust of the thing was that she’s crying that so many people have jumped ship and thinking that it was all about this latest big stunt.  I don’t think that’s the case at all.  I think this latest stunt was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I think that this has been coming for a long time and when your innermost circle has had enough to the point they take an active role in righting the wrongs being done, then maybe, just maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror.   Aside from that, Manson heaped some more praise and admiration on Satan Tara and her business model, further laying the groundwork to just go full on broker in the near future to keep the money rolling in.   Manson further went on to tell us that she is more inclined to take the word of a kill buyer over the words of advocates because kill buyers have nothing to gain by lying to her.  Apparently money doesn’t count?  She also told us that the Moxie with the hole in the middle of her face from the fly mask that was featured on the last post here, was actually a sign of how good they’re doing.  You know, because they discovered it when she’s kicked out in a field to be left alone shows they’re on top of things apparently.  I would think that not having a ginormous pustulous hole in the center of her face might be a better sign of good husbandry.  I guess I’m going to have do something vile to my own horses to show them how much I care in the near future.  It’s really difficult to work up sympathy when Manson is talking about being at the top and heavy is the head wearing the crown.  She also told everybody that they were going to be less big box and more home town  For once she wasn’t discussing her nether regions and I was really happy about that. At any rate, the picture Manson attempted to paint of herself is very different from the Manson that people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis and yes, there will be more things shared to support that in the coming days.



Without so much as a two-minute pee break for the viewers after Charles Manson Michelle signed off,  Romney Faye Baker climbed up on the cross to log on and cry for the camera.  For whatever reason, the woman cannot do a live hit sitting up straight, so once again there is Romney Faye Baker reclining on the sofa and fondling her necklace and touching her nose a lot.  I bring this up because, Romney Faye is the world’s worst liar.  Every text-book sign from the downcast eyes, inability to look direct, the constant fidgeting and touching of the face, especially the nose just screams LIES and that is true of both Manson and Romney Faye.  Romney Faye also schooled us on how a lie isn’t a lie because things change.  Yes, some things do change, but what doesn’t change is a reservation horse doesn’t change into a well-bred performance horse and convicted felons, habitual ones that have actually killed a person a long time ago, don’t all of a sudden become upstanding citizens.  Pathological liars rarely become trustworthy.  What else doesn’t change is the fact that people are assholes no matter what amount of bad luck and tragedy they are currently dealing with.  Some things are static.  She used the horse Marian as an example of the good that they do.  You may remember that Marian was an extremely crippled horse that HiCaliber refused to help because they were busy in Louisiana so this mare, who couldn’t even stand up, suffered an extra week to two before HiCaliber thought she was worth helping and then wanted everybody to praise them for their compassion.  Maybe had she been a pretty color they’d have got to her sooner.  Another super fun feature of Romney Faye’s live feed was her troglodyte boyfriend telling a long time supporter to `F U’ because he’s too slow on the uptake to understand a joke.  That, along with the new policy of instant bans if people ask negative questions should go a long way towards building their village.  Maybe I would be a trifle less jaded if Romney Faye wasn’t constantly referring to her script throughout the  nearly TWO HOUR ramble. I swear there were even direction on when to cry.  She really has to tighten up those nipple clamps or whatever she’s using to induce tears and see if she can’t actually get some waterworks going with the crying though.  I think it might help.




I’m guessing  the double pity party was designed to bring the defectors back in line or at least shame them into silence.  There were a lot of manipulative statements made like if you hate Hicaliber, you can’t be for horses.  That’s really amateur hour as far as manipulation goes kinda like when the horny young boy tries to convince his girlfriend to touch the bump in his pants to prove that she loves him.  Gross in both instances and ridiculous too.  They tried to convince people watching that it doesn’t matter where the horse originates and maybe that is true as far as that one horse is concerned, but working hand in hand with the pro-slaughter faction and providing misinformation to gain funding is not helping horses at all in the long run.  How is it helping if five more die in the place of the one you pulled?  One of the truly scary statements that was made was that they take in `lots’ of owner relinquishments that they never tell the public about and absorb those into the herd.  The reason was said to be to protect the identity of the owners, but that doesn’t really work when there are several that have been featured in the past.  Using the Pasos I mentioned a few posts ago as an example, that means horses are coming in and leaving via bullet that nobody ever knows about.  Those Pasos do not seem to be on the property and they are not on the website as adopted.  They have vanished or at least a few of them have.  How is that `responsible rescue’?  They never made any effort to place them at all.  They can both cry all they want, but the actual reason for the drama today aside from Michelle Manson losing her alimony and maybe having to get a real job,  was their house of cards is getting ready to fall and both of them are running scared.  There seems to be a shift back towards their roots in the feedlots and a laying of groundwork to do more kill pen brokering and drop the pretense of actually being a real rescue.


I want everybody to read the screen shot above.  Yes, it’s from last September but it so clearly shows the complete lack of compassion and astonishing arrogance that is really HiCaliber.  They have played the special treatment by animal services card many times before to discourage people from speaking out against them.  They continue to do so, even going so far as to exploit somebody on their board’s profession in order to discourage people from reporting them.  In the email, the Dave she was referring to she that she knows is Misner aka Voldy.  They have always been proud of their relationship with him.  The other part of this email is Romney referring to a horse that was about to get the bullet as `Lucky #57′ meaning the 57th one they had shot that year.  Sadly, this horse’s existence has since been erased and unhashtagged as are so many that may come back to haunt them.  I get that death by bullet is fast if done right, but that’s a big IF.  I’ve shared a few instances where it didn’t go right at all and it was horrific.  Those were just samples.



Lastly, I need to address this to HiCaliber because despite their denials, they are avid readers of this blog.  I can only speak for myself and this blog because I have no association with other blogs whatsoever.  I do not care enough about Michelle or Romney to hate either one of them personally.  Do I hate what they do?  More than I can ever say.  Do I make fun of their antics?  Yes I do and I will continue to do as it puts a lot of context around their actions.  They are NOT saving horses.  They are buying them and stockpiling them in feedlot conditions.  The very conditions that other rescues and anti-slaughter advocates are fighting to save horses from every single day and have been doing so for years.  They have more horses than they can properly care for and horses are getting shot in the face that didn’t need to be.  Horses living on that property are not living happy lives. Other horses are vanishing off the face of the earth even when people have begged them to let them give them a home.  Why? When so many people start voicing concerns and get written off as haters, there is going to be a blowback eventually.  When you treat your volunteers and friends like complete shit, it’s going to come back to haunt you.  Everybody has seen live feeds of Michelle shit talking volunteers, calling one of her supposed best friends ugly and worse.  That is just not a nice person and all the crying in the world just doesn’t feel genuine.  I’m sure she is sorry.  She’s sorry the jig is up.   Personally, I do not care where either Michelle or Romney go or what they do when this all crashes down as long as the horses land softly.  I would love nothing better than to put this blog back in mothballs, but I can’t do that because I need to see this through.  You see, I am for the horses.  I always have been and I always will be.

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I was going to get a post together for Throwback Thursday, but Tuesday’s post was so jam-packed with assholery and then I didn’t get to writing anything in time to be out on Thursday.  I’m also a procrastinator at the best of times and even more so when there is something unpleasant to do.  I realize that by now you’ve all watched the dramatic live feed with Charles Manson Michelle from her hospital bed where she has been since karma paid her a little visit on Saturday.  It was so touching to see her laying there with a smorgasbord of food arranged around her as she rambled on while jonesing for opiates and shoving ice cream down her gullet.  Even cross-eyed from the good drugs, she managed to lie her ass off about what happened and how it happened, but whatever gets her through the day which, going by what she was hinting around for, is wine and flowers, or at least that holds her over until she can shoot something in the face.  I’m sure the devoted disciples will dig extra deep to send some sympathy donations, so no worries.   However many of my fellow horse people have had the same injury, including myself, and they did so with far less dramatics or overnight hospital stays.  None of us were living on donations though, so make of that what you will.  All that aside, I do have some stuff to share and it’s probably going to piss people off.  I’ve been marinating it for a few days and trying to figure out how to put it in a way that wasn’t quite so harsh, but there is no gentle way to share, so I’m just going to come out with it and you can digest it just like I did.  Hope you have some Zantac or whatever.  This isn’t a feel good post.  As always, please read the screen shots for some context to get us started.

I know we already talked about the loss of Casey in another post.  He was the one that died the other day after being found cast in the pens.  Turns out, as usual, that was the HiCaliber cleaned up version and the truth is somewhat more horrific.  As most of us that have dealt much with horses know, that for a horse to `die on his own’ from being cast, there had to be a lot of pain and struggle involved and it likely wasn’t quick.  It turns out that despite what was said by Rene in the screen shots above, there was no vet called immediately.  By the time Casey was found he was tangled in the panels and it was evident there had been a lengthy and violent struggle.  We know that Michelle wasn’t around, but apparently neither was her gun which Becky said she couldn’t find.  So, instead of this serene scene Rene paints with the volunteers lovingly ministering unto him as he gently drifted away, there was an elderly horse thrashing and struggling as he fought to live.  He suffered.  Terribly.  We also know that had recently had strangles and feet bad enough that made being in the barn necessary after being returned from his adoptive home a few months ago.   Only very recently Casey been kicked out of his stall into a pen where he was being fed an inadequate mush diet.   Lots of room for error if those alfalfa pellets weren’t soaked properly and enough or if his feed tub wasn’t cleaned out between feedings and it went rancid on him.  You have to be really carefully with mush diets especially in hot climates.  Turns out that Casey did have a gastric torsion and because they couldn’t find the gun, Becky decided to just pump him with drugs until he died and not the blue juice that is meant for that sort of thing either.  However, given what I’m about to talk about, I’m not so sure that Becky couldn’t find the gun as much as shit her pants and bottled out. As for Rene, she talks out her ass a whole bunch and it’s important to remember that she lives in Nevada.  I was going to start a drinking game where I took a shot every time she inadvertently throws HiCaliber under the bus with her misinformation, but I didn’t want to drink myself into alcoholism.


The horse above was HiCaliber Grant.  Was.  I’m sure many of the villagers didn’t really get to know much about him because he didn’t last long at the ranch.  Grant was a horse they bought from Misner on or about May 10th, 2016.  Back then they referred to it as buy backs and Dr. Grove still did their intakes and not every horse needed to be drugged to its knees for that to happen.  At the time of intake, Dr. Grove did not seem overly concerned with the proud flesh on the front, saying it was old,  but rated him a 2/5 lameness behind.  For sure the horse was off at the trot, but he was in good body condition and obviously not in any distress.  Sadly, between that intake in mid May and July 11th, 2016, things either went badly enough for Grant or he didn’t warm up to Michelle enough that it was decided he needed to be `compassionately euthanized’ and this time it was Becky’s turn to do the honors.  I’m sure many of you that have followed HiCal have heard Michelle’s long rants about gun vs chemical euth and the one thing she stresses is how much easier it is on a horse, especially for those that they can’t get a needle into and she doesn’t want that to be their last moment anyhow.  She makes it all sound so awesome with them being lovingly fed treats and not feeling a thing.  Also, not really the truth as most of them are just tied up to the trailer to wait their turn to get shot in the face. In Grant’s case it was even worse than that.  He was one of a couple of horses being shot in the face that day and for whatever reason, they decided to drug him up first.  Kinda hard to figure out why, when the whole reasoning for them to shoot them is so they don’t have to drug them, but whatever.  From what I’ve seen in countless other videos, they drug everything to the point of staggering, so I imagine that was the case with Grant as his head started to droop and Becky took her shot.  Sadly, Grant jerked his head up at the last second, as drugged up horses often do, and Bang Bang Becky missed the mark, and only hurt him really bad.  Bad enough that he flipped over backwards, tumbled down a hill until he hit a tree to break his fall and then ended up tangled up in barbed wire, but still very much alive.  He was also likely very afraid and in pain, but he had to wait for Bang Bang Becky to get her shit together enough to climb down there, grab him by the halter and finish him off.  With an ending like that, I’m not exactly sure what they saved him from.  That’s exactly the kind of ending we anti-slaughter advocates fight against minus the tree, barbed wire and hysterics.  Wish that was an isolated incident, but it wasn’t.


I’m going to group two incidents together for the next bit because the information, while accurate and backed up from multiple sources, doesn’t include the horses’  names sadly.  The first involved yet another horse being shot at HiCaliber, this time a gray one and, for some reason they were doing it close to the road, but had vehicles attempting to block the view from people passing by.  That didn’t work out so well because this time a passer-by did see what appeared to be a male vet from Temecula Creek with the gun in his hand and he wasn’t any better at finding his mark than Bang Bang Becky.  In fact, it was so bad that there was blood EVERYWHERE as it poured out of the horse and was also all over the vet.  To the passer-by it looked like a crime scene or an abattoir floor after a full run.  I have no idea WTF a vet was doing shooting a horse, but I’m sure Charles Manson  Michelle was positively moist over the ordeal.  Just like she was in her glory when a visitor to the property had the misfortune to stumble in right after one of their killing sprees.  This particular one ended up with Michelle and company chopping the horse into pieces so that by the time the visitor arrived, there were severed legs hanging out of the golf cart that hauls the HiCal elite around. I don’t even want to know what it takes to be able to do that.  I also don’t want to imagine the mess from chopping a horse up or even what equipment one must have on hand.  I can’t even debone a chicken without mangling it, so this is well beyond the scope of my imagination.   Appare ntly the 30% vet uses body parts for teaching or at least that’s the official story about why she chops up horses.  The deeper reason is likely just that she gets off on it.


I had yet another horse that took a bullet in the face to talk about today, but I think I’ll save her for another day.  We’ve heard enough sad stories for one day and more will continue to crop up as people start to wake up and come forward. There as still been no intake video or even details on the load of horses Cheech Dana brought in from Louisiana nearly a week ago, so half could be dead and nobody will be the wiser.  As their horse population continues to explode because they will not stop buying horses, they have now been reduced to paying people to `adopt’ some of  their horses.  That’s right, they’ll throw in a $100 amazon certificate with the adoption of one of their pasture puffs. That’s an awesome deal because it’s not like they’ll ever check up on the horse either. In fact Romney Faye Baker has taken to all but refer to horses as some sort of product rather than sentient beings.  She doesn’t talk about placing or rehoming them, but instead refers to `moving’ them like you would move inventory.  Romney Faye Baker and Charles Manson  Michelle also keep telling us that they need to acquire whatever horse so they can tell its `story’.  What they don’t mention is that story will be fictional.  I want to tell their truths.  I don’t think a `rescue’ or any other horse should have a death as horrific as it would have had in a slaughter-house nor should they die nameless and be chopped up so some psycho can play out their medical fantasies and get their jollies.  That is NOT rescue.  That is not restoring their dignity.  I refuse to let them die in vain if I can help it.  I don’t think I’m alone in this.  I hope not anyhow…


This is what a visit from the karma bus looks like

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I was hoping to take a few days off from writing this thing, so I could sort and organize a mountain of information for a post I have been working on.  Contrary to what the village idiots claim, I actually do quite a bit of research and fact checking to pull these posts together.  It can be time-consuming, but this something I took on because I felt it was important to shed some light on an escalating situation.  However, as more and more people speak out and come forward, HiCaliber seems to up their level of fuckery and give us even more to work with.  I guess that’s what happens when you’ve left your proverbial asses hanging out everywhere and people are starting to talk among themselves. There is a lot of ground to cover today, so this is gonna get long again.  I gotta warn you that I’m beyond irritated by this confederacy of dumbasses, so I’m likely going to offend people more than usual.  I’m also pretty sure I don’t give a singular crap if I do.  To put a little context on this first part, you might want to read this post HiCaliber made on Monday and then re watch this video from Satan Tara that I had put up last time.  Pay special attention to what she says about HiCaliber in it.  Ready?  Let’s get into it…

It seems to me that it was pretty cut and dried that HiCaliber were going to be the safety net for those TBs.  Many of us recall the live feed where Romney allowed Satan Tara to swap out those horses and even the hostile post about the `haters’ kicking up a fuss and making her bring one of the horses with a burned out lip home rather than something else she found `sexy’ which usually just means it didn’t cringe away from her like most horses do.  At any rate, the horses were all relisted with an `HC’ after their number on the tags.  The village idiots rested easy knowing that they weren’t going to have a date with slaughter any time soon and looked for their endorphin rush elsewhere for the time being.  Even as the last big load from Louisiana was arriving with a large number of private buyer horses and not a lot of obvious TBs, the village idiots were absolutely beside themselves with excitement and had forgotten all about the ones left behind.  Remember all those allegedly pregnant mares that they just had to save?  Neither do the villagers despite the fact that only one pregnant mare made it to California according to their intake team. That was until Satan Tara decided to stir the pot and say that all those private buyers she had refunded deposits to, were no longer interested in the TBs due to the drama surrounding them (see previous post for those screen shots).  Because the village idiots will like anybody that HiCaliber tells them to like, many of them were over on Tara’s page and actually briefly had independent and logical thought causing them to ask questions, which is why Romney wrote the hostile missive above.  When people started asking questions and it became apparent that it was actually Satan Tara that was the source of the information,  Romney hastily edited out the blaming people spreading rumors as the reason these horses are about to be slaughtered.  They aren’t about to be slaughtered btw, but that’s another issue for another day.  What followed was a whole slew of contradictory statements in the comment section as they scrambled to cover their asses and bring the villagers back into line.  Even though Romney lies all the time, she’s not very good at it, so she brought the expert,  Satan Tara, to further confuse the situation.  How this eventually plays out is anybody’s guess.  One of the comments I had seen was where the Louisiana rescues that had asked HiCaliber to stand down were?  Well, HiCaliber ran them off so they are off not buying horses from wannabe kill buyers and intercepting them before bottom feeding swamp donkeys like Satan Tara and her convicted felon dough fuck boy get their mitts on them.  You know, like real rescues tend to do.

Ok, moving on to Tissue Tuesday, Romney was back in action at auction today with extra layers of mascar on and ready to breathe heavy and weep for the camera. It was a total shit show from beginning to end.  You would think after their post on Monday saying that they had no more room to save the Louisiana horses that maybe, just maybe they’d give the auction a miss for a change.  Sadly, no.  The same old posts with the same old manipulations were rolled out and the begging ensued.  If you have rage issues, you should probably stop reading here.  Consider yourself warned.


You read that correctly.  They fucking KNEW about this horse for at least a week and probably more and decided that she wasn’t as important as driving across the country to buy a bunch of horses from a convicted felon and his swamp donkey.   Of course people donated to get this poor soul `safe’ even though it was obvious to everybody that she needed to be released from her pain yesterday.  What would have been the appropriate thing to do would have been to call a vet to come out and euthanize her right there on the spot.  Instead, they decide they need an additional $650 over and above the $200 ransom they just paid.  You can’t skim if you don’t have the extra there.  After having to trailer in to the nearest clinic, of course, this horse was put down and we should all be happy that at least a vet did it and she didn’t get hauled two hours to get shot in the face like they have done to others.  Still, I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing that their own greed and self promotion caused even more suffering for this horse.


Next up is this poor mare and her 3 month old foal.  She couldn’t walk either and rather than get her help right there or, hey, maybe call Animal Control on these sons of bitches that are allowing horses to be in this much pain, let’s ask the village to pay $1700 for the pair.  I actually even saw somebody comment they were waiting for their social security check so they could donate.  I don’t have an issue with putting this poor mare down.  I do have an issue for paying somebody for the privilege to do what is right by her and then asking for so much over and above when the poor thing isn’t going to even have so much as a carrot from them.  The volunteer that went with them to the clinic even said that the vet only took one x-ray of the worst foot, so that couldn’t have been a big bill.  Then, they have Mea Ola’s come to pick up the baby, so she’s off the feed bill too.  Not that they handed Mea Ola’s any of their $650 over.  No, please send more money to them.  Again, you’ll likely never see a single invoice for any of this.

Because, God forbid they go home with an empty trailer, they managed to scrape up two horses to buy.  There were more than a few there but they had to allow Misner to buy the ones he wanted first and then got outbid on a horse that they were attempting to whip up some drama about.  The horse had a dent in its head, likely from getting kicked as a baby, but suddenly became a horse with head trauma and more!  No joy this time though.  The village did not rally enough funds and the horse went with a private buyer so there is some hope that it won’t end up standing around in a small pen and getting used for unneccessary vet procedure practice.  I’m not sure why the bay horse needed to be `rescued’ nor am I sure why they felt a need to buy the pinto mare from Misner after the auction other than Romney said she was pretty and cried for the camera.  At least they have two to bring home to the ranch where they stated the day before that they had no more room until they `move’ some horses.  Well, it turns out they did `move’ at least one prior to auction…


They casually slipped the fact that Casey had died in their initial auction post.  Casey was one of the slaughter11 horses which was the big miracle save and publicity stunt that was a precursor to the Louisiana Shit Show.  A warm up shit show, if you will.  You may remember him for being the horse that was collapsed on the drive way after being drug out there from the trailer he had been stuffed in.  At some point in late November/early December he was adopted out to the same family that also adopted HiCaliber Pandy.  HiCaliber posted a feel good video clip of the little kids being all excited to get both horses.  Flash forward to around March and the two horses are back at HiCaliber.  Pandy is promptly put back up for adoption and goes home with a known horse flipper, while Casey is said to have come back to Hicaliber with his mane and tail all braided up, but no frogs left in his feet and he had strangles.  Obviously he was not put back up for adoption nor did they make much mention of him being an adoption fail.  He was up in the barn around May 10th, but was kicked out into pen #12, being fed a straight mush diet. soon after.  Not enough of it, but still straight mush.  By today, he’s a dead horse and what is truly disturbing is the admitted circumstances surrounding that death.  In the screen shots above, they mention he died on his own and before the vet could get there.  Do you have any idea how much suffering had to go on for that to happen?  I’ve had cast horses and it’s not a big deal to pull them out if you know what you’re doing.  It takes a helluva struggle or a long time being stuck upside down to kill one.  If he was colicing and cast, he was already in distress.  If he coliced after he cast due to the weight of his bowels causing necrosis, then he was suffering a very long time. Either way, another needless and horrific death at HiCaliber.  I’m sure people will say `shit happens’ and `fail forward’ but that’s a cop-out.  They have TOO MANY HORSES to adequately take care of and very few, if any of the residents on that property are even motivated enough to get off their ever expanding asses and do night checks or even help with feed.  How many more have to die like this before the village idiots wake the fuck up?

The above horses were taken in about a month ago after their owner passed away.  All are elderly, but in excellent body condition.  These pictures are the last we ever heard about them. There was never an official intake nor were their names announced other than what the daughter of the former owner provided in comments.  As a result, it is difficult to locate them on the feeding charts if they are even there at all.  Because they were relinquished, there was no big fund raising drive for them which would automatically put them on thin ice.  Where are they?  Why no intakes? So many other horses unaccounted for.  For instance, do we know if Drama and Breen are still alive?  Are they being cared for or are they suffering out in the sun and eating off the dirt.  Speaking of unaccountability, Cheech Dana rolled in on Sunday with another overstuffed load from Louisiana.  No video of the arrivals, no pictures or mentions of what she brought other than one is so sick with an upper respiratory issue that it had to be moved into the barn.  Did the gray horse with cancer that Satan Tara gave them, make it back or did they leave him behind to die knee deep in shit in on that lot?  If you dare ask after the wrong horse, you’ll be invited to dine on male genitalia and they will sick the village idiots on you.  So transparent!


One of the shit mountains

Once again, I’ve only scraped the surface of a whole lotta fuckery that went down the past few days.  It’s difficult watching this all unfold and the answer is not looking away.  There are horses disappearing, there are horses suffering and foolish people are enabling all of this.  Charles Manson Michelle is missing in action with the excuse she isn’t feeling well.  That’s likely not the whole truth and it doesn’t matter.  As much as she would like it to be, this isn’t all about her.  This is about the organization and how far off track they have gotten.  They seem to believe that only they can save horses and they must take in every one they possibly can.  They pay great lip service to `responsible rescue’ as far as fund-raising goes.  Sadly, they don’t practice it.  A huge part of responsible rescue is knowing your limits.  I’ve seen both Romney and Charles Michelle mock other rescues in the past for only buying one or two horses at auction and not taking others home.  I can guarantee you those other rescues didn’t buy off a kill buyer and they only took home what they had room to properly care for, not to stockpile in shit filled pens.  I know I get branded a hater along with anybody else that dares to ask questions.  I’m good with that.  If that’s what it takes to get some accountability, then color me hateful.  With me it will always be about horses first.  I know many of the readers here feel the same.  So, back to what I was working on until the next drama flare up.  Keep the faith, people.  Change is on the horizon…


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I was hoping for the weekend off from this blog, but apparently there is no rest for the wicked and even less for those of us that feel compelled to call the wicked out on their crap.  Before we get started, I just want to thank most of the people who have provided such excellent discussion in the comment section.  We are starting to get the odd village idiot find their way over here and they are welcome too as long as they are polite.  A few have not been and, as a result, they are in time out. That’s not because I can’t take criticism, but rather they seem to have nothing to say and their intent is to just spam the comment section and deflect from the fuckery that we highlight here.  Still, I take the trolling and complaining as a good sign.  It means we’re getting to them.  It means that they’ve got something to be concerned about.   It means the sooner they knock off their crap, the sooner I can go back on hiatus because I’m going to need a break before I tackle the next `issue’ that I have planned.  I wonder who I’ll be accused of being when that happens…


Nothing says `rescue’ like representin’ for your kill buyer buddy.

So, 14 more horses trickled in from Louisiana on Saturday night.  Even though she’d spent the earlier part of the day riding in a parade, Charles Manson Michelle did not deem this arrival as important enough to waltz her ass across the drive way to help unload.  Instead, we were left with Romney and some other board members grating on our nerves on the live feeds.  Sadly, Romney did most of the talking for the initial part of the live feed and we were treated to her loud yapping about how these horses were `saved from slaughter’ while she wore a hat from the Thompson Feed Lot.  One of the more idiotic statements made by a red shirt was that these horses were all going to slaughter because they were `ribby’.  Go ahead and just think about that statement for a minute. I’ll wait… HiCaliber likes to say that Thompsons are kill buyers so you gotta wonder how wearing their gear is in any way appropriate.  The rest of us know that Thompsons are just bottom feeding horse abusers, but it’s still wildly inappropriate and just straight up ignorant for the CEO of a rescue to be wearing Thompson swag without any sense of irony whatsoever.  The only good thing about any of this is that after the complete shit show the first few loads out of Louisiana were and word of Bubba Misner being sent to get a load for them was leaked out by him,  they hired KC Transport to go get this next batch so the horses won that small victory, or at least this batch did.  The unloading went much like the first shit show with exhausted horses standing around for literally hours on end while the HiCaliber `medical team’, minus the 30% vet, went about their poking, prodding and doing their level best to make sure at least one of these animals gets sicker than it already is.

Yup, they saved Dawson’s buddy as mentioned above and promptly named her `Tara’ after everybody’s favorite feedlot shitpickle.  Who is Dawson?  Dawson is the cremello mare that Charles Michelle just had to have.  Somehow she ended up on the big truck as a HiCaliber horse and not a PB, aka private buyer horse, as four others were, so you can probably guess who is picking up the tab on the shipping, vetting etc.  We already know somebody paid $1000 for her.  Tara is a big recip mare that was in the same pen as her, who HiCaliber decided to anthropomorphize and say was `BFFs’ with Dawson.  That’s an angle that HiCaliber likes to use on the village idiots because most of them don’t realize that horses are herd animals and they will usually attach themselves to other horses in stressful situations.  Any other horse.  If they hadn’t bought Tara, Dawson would have become BFFs with whoever shipped in the stall beside her and Tara would have found another object of her affection.  What actually turned out to be the case was that Becky wanted her so congrats village idiots, you just bought the horse hoarders yet another horse for way too much money. Who pays $900 for what appears to be an unbroken recip mare?   I think the happy couple has more than 10 or 12 horses between them currently living at the ranch on the donor dollar after all this.  It’s hard to keep track with all the comings and goings and $1 purchases.  I’m sure glad that volunteers are giving up their time and efforts to take care of Michelle and Becky’s personal horses while they cook up testicles and drive around the neighborhood delivering Fireball to unsuspecting people.

I need to backtrack a little to the loading shenanigans.  Satan Tara and the felon were nowhere to be found.  Apparently, convicted felon Jacob got permission from his parole officer to take a little vacay and the deadly duo took off to gamble away some of their HiCaliber windfall and have disgusting celebratory relations while rolling around in pork rinds and sticking Thrive patches on their unmentionables.  This left Cheech Dana to organize the load out and decide which horses went where.  Not only did she have to constantly ask the haulers which horse was which (even though they had never seen these horses before) she thought she had sent 13 on the trailer when there were 14 and nobody picked up on that error until after they were unloaded in California.  Kinda makes you wonder about the paperwork on them all, but so did the last minute purchase of Tara and the off camera mutterings about her not being vetted yet. That also explains why horses had to be loaded and unloaded, rearranged and left behind all the while Romney or whichever HiCal red shirt is the cap lock abuser chimed in with their vast knowledge.  The screen shot above is a prime example.  Yes, do stuff a few minis in the aisles of a commercial transport because you didn’t learn a thing when you damn near killed the last load of overstuffed horses you decided to haul straight through in the heat.  Awesome.  Thankfully, KC Transport refused and the minis were left to either get on Cheech Dana’s trailer or another.  Who knows?  They are being super vague about Dana’s movements other than she’s got at least 5 randoms in her 4 horse trailer and still has no DOT#.  They mentioned several times that Dana would be laying these mystery horses over in El Paso, Texas for 12 hours on the way home.  This is an important piece of the puzzle because El Paso is home to Joe Rios.  Joe Rios is a kill buyer that David Misner aka Voldy regularly sells to and he has an auction house/feed lot in El Paso.  Seems to me that would likely be the one place that would allow a bunch of sick horses to unload and hang out for a day or so.  (Animal Angels Report on Misner, Chavez and Rios ).  Since they are not showing Dana loading out or even saying who she has onboard, any amount of swapping and fuckery could go on in El Paso and nobody will be the wiser.  Nothing will really surprise me at this point as very little of what HiCaliber does resembles anything remotely close to rescue lately.

So, with Cheech Dana on the way home, this should be the close of the Louisiana chapter.  Sadly, that’s not likely.  Beside the mutual admiration and the morphing into one another that seems to be going on with Double S Kill Pen and HiCaliber, there is the little matter of those TBs that they left behind from the original load.  If you recall, Satan Tara fast talked Romney out of the ones that were in good weight and she felt she could make some money on.   Romney agreed to allow Tara to rip her off by practically bending over and spreading her ass cheeks while committing to the horses left behind should they not find buyers on the Double S page.  They are all  listed with a `HC’ after their number which means HiCaliber is on the hook for those too.  The story from Satan Tara has changed quite a bit, but the video above pretty clearly outlines the initial agreement with HiCaliber.  I guess this means we can all expect a desperate fundraising drive with a shipping date, tears and emotional manipulation within the next week or so.  Good times!  My closest estimation is that should they go after these remaining horses, it will put the swindle into the 100k ballpark and still not a single invoice, receipt or even donation tally has been posted beyond the initial 2k down payment to convicted felon, Jacob.  That’s not even counting the kickbacks they are getting for referring private buyers or accounting for that.  There were 4 PB horses on the KC Truck not counting Michelle and Becky’s because they won’t be privately theirs until their vet work and feet are done and they find out if they are broke or not.



The latest load from Louisiana ended up all jammed together in the Price arena after being subjected to the triage situation. Well, at least the ones that are still at HiCaliber.  Because they have a magical SAA machine, apparently they don’t need to quarantine horses like normal barns so HiCaliber Grace, in the pic above, got whisked away to her new home the very next day and, by the comments and looks of things, gets to spend her quarantine standing on bare concrete.  I can’t even make this stuff up.  Yet another mare from the first load has already been sent off or is on her way to foster and who knows what others are coming and going.  HiCaliber Sully, seems to be still trying to die up in the barn along side other non quarantined horses that are being experimented on .   The original three or four mares `so pregnant they were about to pop’ turned into only one mare that was pregnant and she’s the one they already pawned on a foster home.  It’s anybody’s guess where they are going to stash the rest that are coming.  I have a feeling that the body removal guy might be extra busy this week as more room is needed.

I think that should bring us up to date on the Louisiana deal.  Not surprisingly the numbers aren’t adding up and Satan Tara and HiCaliber don’t quite have their stories straight.  It looks like there are two other horses floating around with HiCaliber’s name on them unless the extra two are the minis that they somehow convinced Baker Ranch they needed to buy because Tara was so `matter of fact’ when she lied about minis shipping to slaughter.  It’s really disappointing to see a place like Baker Ranch get sucked in like this.  Meanwhile the rest of us are still waiting to see these `several’ burned out tattoos, when so far there have been none.  There was one or two horses that had what appeared to be foxtail ulcers, not burns, which is a good thing for the horses but not such a great thing for HiCaliber who cried `wolf’ in spectacular fashion to kick off this fundraising drive.  I guess it’s not surprising considering that out of the 20 OTTBs that they originally got all the attention over, most turned out to be not OTTBs at all.  While their egos will never allow them to admit it, I’m thinking this latest stunt has backfired in more ways than people realize.  Too much attention isn’t a good thing when you only pay lip service to transparency, rather than actually practice it.  It really isn’t a good thing when you have pissed off so many people that know where the bones are buried so to speak.  Speaking of bones, there are a lot rattling in the closet and are getting really close to spilling out.  Until next time….

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