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I can’t believe it’s only been a day and already the fuckery has escalated to a point I feel compelled to point and laugh again . Of course we have the mystery and drama surrounding US horses being rejected for slaughter.  We’ll get to that and update in a bit.  We also have Dorothy Robertson and her devotees over at HGS flipping the switch from being loony to full-blown, batshit crazy.  I never realized that so many people hated horses so much and that those same people bother to involve themselves with the object of their hatred.  We may point and laugh at these people, but I’m finding them less and less funny lately.

As we mentioned earlier, Dorothy is back online and showing no remorse.  I guess, understandably, she is super pissed her horses were taken away, but she seems to have slipped a gear in the rational department.  She appears to be devoting all her time in attacking the rescue that was awarded her horses and has now actually suggested they are hiding them and starving them so that she’ll look bad when she goes to court at the end of the month.  I’m not even making that part up, sadly. This is straight from Dorothy…

“Concerns have been raised by some in the community that NNER may not be feeding adequately in order to “slim down” the horses and take undated photos claiming they are “before” shots. Seems there’s not a lot of trust in this outfit among the ranchers/livestock owners here. I do have additional photos taken with long tele lens less than 2 weeks after they were taken (a time frame that the vet testified would not show marked improvement IF the horses were in starvation metabolic status)….film was torn in removal from camera and is in specialty pro photo shop in Reno for handling…should be here by the end of the week and I’ll post what I get as soon as possible. In addition, am seeking photos taken by others (WalMart photo center person said about 50 people had film developed over the time the horses were at the sales yard and that the comments were overwhelmingly along the lines of “nothing wrong with their weight…should not have been taken….why couldn’t the local farriers/vet offer some help for the few that needed more work and why hold out and not euth the one for 4-5 days after being taken?”). Hope to post requests for sharing of photos in several locations within the next couple of days. New job is odd hours….12 hour shifts from 3a to 3p or 3p to 3a…..3-4 days a week most likely so getting some things done may not be very speedy.”

– Sometimes there just are no words…..Naturally, she is being egged on, consoled and encouraged by the nest of assholes that inhabit the HGS board.  Not a single one of them can count past the number of fingers they have and seem to want to place all the blame on the rescue who had NOTHING to do with seizing these animals.  Their newest plan is to take this to the media and they all figure it will get national coverage….Ok then…


As I’m sure you all know by now, Canadian slaughter plants are not currently accepting US horses and there is some indication that Mexico has or will follow suit.  This was a decision that came from the EU and pretty much without warning.  I would have thought it would be a time to band together and help some horses that are seriously at risk right now, but once again I was wrong.  The PSAs are redoubling their efforts to get a slaughter-house open, despite there not being an actual market for the time being. I guess the taxpayers are supposed to overlook that little stumbling block.   I’ve seen some suggest that all the slaughter horses be dumped on Wayne Pacelle’s lawn, that there will be loose horses running in the street by tomorrow and all the usual doomsday predictions they subscribe to.  I have yet to see a single one of them accept what is the current reality and come up with any idea or solution to make sure that horses do not suffer.  I guess the fact that the horses in question currently have owners and those owners will remain responsible to feed and care for those horses or there will be charges laid doesn’t register with them   Nobody knows how long this will last right now.  To lighten things up, I thought it would be fun to take a look at Slaughterhouse Sue’s emergency press release on the issue.

“Yesterday, October 12, 2012, the international commerce in horses for processing from the United States to both Canada and Mexico was disrupted by an unannounced action of the European Union. Approximately 2,500 head of horses per week have been crossing the border to European Union regulated plants in Mexico per week, and an estimated 1,300 head to Canada in recent months. 


This is a higher number than usual driven by the widespread drought, devastating fires, high cost of feed, and lack of pasture forage in the United States leaving horse owners with few options except the selling of horses. There is a strong worldwide demand for cheval. Cheval is the common name for meat produced from the equine species in the same way that beef refers to meat produced from cattle, and pork refers to meat from hogs. “
– Don’t y’all just love how calling horse meat `cheval’ is suppose to make it more palatable or something?  I’m not sure how strong the `worldwide’ demand for horse meat actually is, but I’m going to guess it’s declining given the recent discoveries of adulterated horse meat and a recent death from somebody ingesting Bute.
“In the United States, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service is still finalizing the validation of science underlying their equine drug residue testing program, which they anticipate will be completed by the end of the year. Several U.S. based companies anticipate receiving the necessary grants of inspection to begin operation at that time providing a much needed humane option for the horse industry in the United States. Currently the only viable outlet is transportation outside of the U.S. to the E.U. regulated plants in Mexico or Canada. “
– I’m not sure there is anything in this paragraph that is actually the truth.  Anybody?
“Today, the leaders of the International Equine Business Association: Sue Wallis of the United States, Bill des Barres of Canada, and Olivier Kemseke representing Mexico, Argentina, and the European Union are issuing the following statement:  

“The International Equine Business Association (IEBA), including it’s partner the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC), and its members in the United States and Mexico who are businesses engaged in the provision of accurate information and education respecting the health and welfare of horses and the equine products trade, have been working to advance an industry leading Equine Identification, Tracking and Traceability system that provides a fully compliant, auditable data base that  exceeds the standards of the European Union.
– Too little, too late, Suey!
“In consideration of the immediate welfare of some 48,000 horses in the next 3 months, it is notable that our organizations have sourced, contracted and facilitated the implementation of an internationally harmonized equine traceability system that can be fully utilized within the next 90 days in the U.S. and Canada.  Major components similar to the industry driven IEBA Equine Quality Assurance Program in the United States, and the Equine Traceability Canada systems, are already in use in Mexico to assure all horses processed for food are uncontaminated, and that horses can be identified, tracked and traced in compliance with rules and regulation.”
– Really?  90 days?  Canada has already stated they won’t be ready in time for the deadline next year and Suey is going to get it all done from scratch in 90 days?  The rumored holding time on these horses is currently longer than that.  How are you going to get around the fact that Bute is banned and there is currently NO system in place that tracks a horse throughout its lifetime?  We shouldn’t be surprised, Suey has also promised she is going to test each and every horse for banned substances PRIOR to slaughtering them as well.
“To ensure the welfare of horses and avoid an international humanitarian and economic catastrophe, the International Equine Business Association joins with thousands of North American horse owners and businesses to call on all applicable government entities in North America and the European Union to work quickly to resolve this crisis as soon as possible. Times of worldwide economic and social hardship are exacerbated by regulatory actions that cause horrific, unnecessary animal suffering, destroy jobs, narrow economic opportunity, disrupt international commerce, and limit access to a sought after, affordable, high quality, and safe protein source for the world. “
– These slaughterphiles really do live in a bubble.  An international humanitarian and economic catastrophe?  Really?  Because some rich people can’t gobble down their favorite dish?  Slaughter CAUSES horrific and unnecessary animal suffering and dead horses don’t provide as many jobs as live ones do.  Those are facts.  North American horse meat is NOT safe.  That is another fact.  Many of us that are in the horse industry are not going to see the value of our horses go down even a little bit over this.  It will be business as usual at our farm tomorrow, just as always.

Puppymill Patterson busily wrote up a statement on behalf of D-bag Duquette which I posted yesterday.  She is also trying to get everybody to sign her petition to immediately kill horses, because Lord knows we need another petition out there.  I’ll be surprised if she managed 1000 individual signatures on it.  I think for comic relief, we’ll check in with what some of the UH brain trust had to say about it all.  We won’t hear from Mendy Tobiano though, because rumor has it she got her ass booted off Facebook yet again and is creeping around in one of her alternate personalities, Bunny Buckled.

“We are now in campaign mode again and need to contact Vilsack and Congress to put pressure on them push forward with U.S.D.A. inspections!”

– Good ole Puppymill Patterson never disappoints!  We shouldn’t be surprised that she feels that rather than ensure there aren’t horses stuck on trucks or dumped over this, that her time would be better spent going into `campaign mode’.  She is, after all, the person that is working double time to strike down stiffer penalties for animal cruelty and abuse.  The prospect of all the horses that could be killed right in her own back yard probably has her moist.

“……most of the people who are anti slaughter are not horse people…there for they do not understand the challenges or impacts things like shutting down slaughter bring. Horse abuse and abandonment have rose since the close of the last slaughter plant in the U.S. and now with this debacle it will get WORSE!! The rescues are over flowing, tame horses are being turned lose to fend for themselves, starved, shot and who knows what.”

– Somebody please alert The Jockey Club and all the big farms in Kentucky that they will no longer be considered `horse people’ according to the brain trust of the PSA  contingent.  Strangely, I don’t think anybody that needs slaughter to value their stock or be in this horse industry is much of a horse person either….Funny how that works..


“The next Presidental debat is going to be held in NY next week in a town hall meeting. it would be very interesting if someone would ask the candidates what their opinion and plan is for the unwanted horses and slaughter issue now that this has happened.”

– Considering this rocket scientist can’t even SPELL `presidential debate’, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that she honestly believes that they will discuss horse slaughter rather than foreign policy, health care and the current economic climate.


“I and many other draft breeders consider the meat buyers CUSTOMERS!!! Whether anyone likes it or not, the meat buyers have kept our breeds from becoming extinct.”

– Sounds like somebody needs to get out of the breeding business.  I would be mortified if one of our horses ended up at slaughter.


“We need to stay on our toes, keep up to date and push hard to get people to understand this is necessary and humane thing that can benefit the whole country not just horseman. The people that need convinced is the general public.”

– When you are constantly in the minority on a certain issue, maybe it’s time to `understand’ that you are wrong.  You are not going to convince an increasingly health conscious `general public’ that consuming adulterated meat from a companion animal that is not raised specifically for human consumption is in their best interests.


“The antis behind everything are vegans”

– This little gem came from the good vet, Kim Houlding.  The one that still maintains there is a withdrawal time for Bute and other banned drugs and has no understanding about the difference between a blood sample and a tissue sample.  I wonder if she could wrap her mind around the fact that `antis’ probably had little to do with what happened.


“Folks this is no different than all the odds and obstacles we have already overcome to get to this point. Don’t hang your head like we’re done cause this is far from over..”

– This is from D-bag Duquette.  He also said yesterday that all of this was `no big deal’.  I see a bare butt spanking from Mama Suey in his near future.


“i sold a young horse on Tuesday and lucky for me she and not gotten any shots or been wormed since June. did not get much for her. she went to Sweet Grass border cross by Thursday”

– What an asshole this person is.  I see a Sunday feature in her future….


“If all these city folk want these horses to be Fido & Fluffy so badly, how come they aren’t boarding a couple each? Maybe a crippled up mare with arthritic hocks so bad she is 3-legged lame, an insane stallion that has been let to terrporize people all his life so is a human safety hazard, oh, and finally maybe an inbred product of some retard who let a colt breed his mother and all his sisters too and this said horse is dumber than a brick and stunted. You think the ‘do-gooder, horse huggers are gonna ‘adopt’ and ‘care for’ those horses too?? Bwahahahaha! <right!!>

– I’m going to come right out and say that the `city folk’ horse owners probably contribute more to the industry than these backwoods bumblefuck ranchers that can’t get with the times.  I’ve also got a crazy suggestion for this PSA.  How about the person that created the 3-legged lame, the insane stallion with no manners, and the inbred product of `some retard’ who let a colt breed his mother and sisters take responsibility for their own mess and do the right thing?  Why should anyone else clean up your mess and why should thousands of horses suffer because a few people want to be asstards? I think it is far easier and will do far more good to cull these types of people right out of the industry.


PSAs eagerly await for the next UH press release

I have a feeling this is going to go on and on for a long time.  I’m not going to pretend that the coming days will be easy in the horse industry should this ban last longer than a week or so.  They won’t.  Depending on what news we get about this next week, some immediate action and intervention will be needed.  Hopefully, the ban will stay in place and without the looming threat of slaughter, advocates can focus on helping the horses.  Please keep checking with Equine Welfare Alliance for updates as well as Habitat for Horses.  There is already a lot of misinformation out there and sadly, there will be people trying to take advantage of the situation.  Please read the following updated press release carefully.  (http://myemail.constantcontact.com/2012-10-13-Update-on-Press-Release-.html?soid=1103281455502&aid=NWXY_HKnWpo)

Stay tuned!









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I’m sure most of you are busy watching the debate tonight.  Always nice to see master debaters doing their thing, no?  I am sure Slaughterhouse Sue et al are shocked and outraged that nobody mentioned horse slaughter.  Personally, I love it when people get pissy with each other, so I’m watching anyhow.  However, we have some things that need our attention back here in horse world today, so I’m going to let you find somewhere else to discuss the debates and talk about some things you can do as far as the slaughter issue.

You may or may not be aware that the newly opened M. Well’s Dinette, located in MoMA’s PS1 gallery has decided that it is oh so hip and trendy to add horse tartare to their menu.  I’m not going to waste  everybody’s time by rehashing all the reasons they shouldn’t be serving up horse meat, let alone raw horse meat,  because we’ve gone over and over it.  Emotions aside, it’s not safe and it’s not humane.  As far as I know, they have not said where they are actually getting their horse meat from and it may or may not even be legal for them to be serving it.  Hopefully, somebody took a head count of the NY carriage horses before this restaurant opened. ( BTW, that’s sarcasm, just so our PSA trolls are clear on that) Anyhow, Slaughterhouse Sue being the internet junkie that she is, has posted up the links and issued a call to arms for her UH zombies to get behind this establishment:

“I hope each and every one of you will take a few minutes to contact this restaurant and tell them how much you appreciate their consideration of delicious, safely and humanely produced cheval (common term for horse meat) in their restaurant. Do not let the bullying voices of HSUS and their ilk be the only people they hear from! “



Naturally, they are all stampeding over there to leave their witty remarks.  This includes everybody’s favorite backyard breeder, Dorothy Robertson, because I guess she hasn’t made herself out to be hateful enough these past few weeks……

“XXXXX, people in this country have historically eaten horse meat for all but the most recent generation…..it was served in school lunch programs, on the menu at Harvard and in any number of other places, was available in stores in Portland, OR in the 70’s (and yes, I bought and ate it)….our military are likely eating it now if they eat with any of the Afghan families in their area of service. The whole point of trying to make horse slaughter available in this country for those that choose to use it would be to be able to regulate it as well as make access much less stressful (read shorter hauling) for the animals. Making slaughter better regulated would be a much better solution than forcing owners to turn horses loose in the desert, to hide them in back fields, etc when vet care/disposal costs are either not available or are more than an owner has available in this economy.


Does anybody else have problems with Dorothy extolling the virtues of horse slaughter and not having to `hide them in back fields’, considering she, as a PSA chose not to use this outlet for her own horses, but decided to neglect them and starve them instead?  I just keep hearing my mother’s voice saying `birds of a feather…..’  with this group.  Don’t believe me?  Here is what another of our favorite horse and system abusers has to say about it all.  From Angela Marshall:

“I say go for it! Glad someone is offering something good. I think it would be awesome to have it offered here. A cheaper, and very abundant source of meat that sounds awesome to start. Especially with the numbers of cattle and pigs being so low. Beef and pork are continuing to soar and no end in sight.”

Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to eat her own horse.  Instead she sent him on a 30hr  torture ride to Canada when he could barely stand up and falsified his EID papers.  What excellent ambassadors Slaughterhouse Sue has!  Now, if you want some actual facts about this issue, I suggest you read this article (http://www.forbes.com/sites/vickeryeckhoff/2012/10/03/moma-cafe-chef-to-serve-illegal-tainted-horse-meat/)


horse tartare


Ok, now that we know what the Dunce Club is up to with this issue, let’s talk about making a real difference.  They can whip out their mad grammar skillz and dazzle everybody with their hick-speak in the comment sections on those blogs.  Let them fill their boots.  Keep your comments fact based and make them to the people that can make a difference.  Arguing with Slaughterhouse Sue and company should be strictly for entertainment only.  Fighting back and forth on the restaurant’s blog probably is just going to encourage them that any publicity is good publicity.  You can sign this petition and support the Equine Welfare Alliance in organizing whatever form of protest they decide to go with…(https://www.change.org/petitions/moma-ps1-and-m-wells-dinnette-prevent-the-restaurant-from-adding-adulterated-horse-meat-to-their-menu#).  You can educate people with the FACTS of why it is unsafe to serve or eat horse meat.  Consider what kind of person thinks it’s trendy to eat and/or serve horse meat and you’re probably going to have to appeal to their own ego and self-preservation above all.  I have to wonder if Fido Burgers aren’t next on the menu this establishment?






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Well, as predicted Slaughterhouse Sue has fully recovered from her DC field trip and has returned to Facebook to fan the flames of apathy over at The United Horsemen.  My crystal ball has been very accurate this week so far.  We have a few newsy things from Suey and she has somehow found the time to write another dissertation on how super awesome horse slaughter would be.  I’m still trying to finish my own dissertation on how super awesome it would be if asstards were not allowed internet connections, but that will have to wait for another day….

“On Saturday, October 6th, I will be speaking in Colorado at the Colorado Horsemen’s Conference on “Building a Better Future for the Horse Industry.”

My presentation will be about about how we need to rebuild the industry from the bottom up, and that the way we restore value to all horses, is to make sure that every horse, especially those that are unsuitable or unwanted for other purposes, retain their inherent dignity and value. As we all know, when horses have value, they get cared for. I will talk about the efforts of the processing industry to ensure that horses are handled humanely and safely at every stage. And what the world will hopefully look like once we have had a year or two to return things to normal…(full of healthy, well-cared for horses, and horse people with plenty of opportunity). “



Ok, I have a few problems with this.  *shocking*  For one thing, is this really the best that the Colorado Horse Council can do as far as getting an `expert’ to come in and talk about `Building a Better Future for the Horse Industry’?  Despite what my haters would like to believe, I am industry and I would want a respected member of the industry to address this topic, rather than a backwoods bumpkin whose only interest in the `industry’ is to put a horse on every dinner plate in the USA and line her own pockets with the profits.  WTF?  If that’s too tough to find, why not at least track somebody down that owns a single horse?   How is anything Slaughterhouse Sue has to say about the `industry’ even credible given the fact she has not for one single day made her living from horses nor does she own any. I don’t want to hear the whole `but her family raises horses’ BS either.  I have two siblings that are doctors and that doesn’t qualify me to give you a rectal exam.  She wants a year or two of slaughter to `return things to normal’.  Suey, you’ve had 40 years of slaughter to make it work and it never has.  You still have asstards like Dorothy Robertson (see previous blog) hoarding and neglecting her livestock and she SUPPORTS slaughter. There was nothing preventing her from shipping her horses to slaughter other than her own delusions and greed.  How are you going to fix that?  Is there anybody other than the three remaining UH supporters and her dedicated ass barnacles that even buy this crap anymore?

Guess what?  Ole Suey wasn’t finished yet.  She donned her Unified Equine Business Association hat and compiled a comprehensive report entitled, ” The Promise of Cheval” to submit to Congress and the USDA claiming to be an accurate representation of the `majority’ of the horse industry.  In Suey’s cover letter she states:

“These so-called animal rights advocates seek to demolish what is left of a beleaguered horse industry, and will only result in the increased suffering of horses. Worse, if the animal rights agenda prevails it will spell the eventual death knell to horses as a genetically diverse and viable domestic species. It is the position of the International Equine Business Association members and supporters that extremist animal rights organizations do not have a vested interest in either the welfare of horses, or the people who seek to make their livings with them, and as such, should have no standing in determining proper animal welfare, or the regulation of the horse business.”

I think that paragraph right there should fast-track the following report into the majority of circular files belonging to the people it gets sent to.  She can’t seem to wrap her mind around the fact that many, if not most, anti-slaughter advocates are not affiliated with PETA or any organized animal rights group.  We just love and respect horses and don’t want to see them tortured. As an industry person that does make my living with horses, I do have a vested interest in seeing that we do not encourage further neglect, abuse and over production by bringing back slaughter.  Suey also disqualifies herself by saying that if you don’t have a vested interest in the welfare of horses or make your living with them, you should have no standing in determining their proper welfare or regulation.  Hmmmm.  Or, how about this?  If you don’t get a say in whether there is slaughter or not, your tax dollars don’t have to go towards it!  Can’t have it both ways, Suey!  At any rate, the following report is long, boring and filled with all the skewed `facts’ and figures she always falls back on.  You can read it for yourself here: (http://ieqbassn.com/the-promise-of-cheval/)

I wish I could tell you these were the only two efforts from the Grand Dame of Slaughter this week, but I can’t.  The International Equine Business Association also sent out a newsletter with an attached survey.  It’s also available on their website : (http://ieqbassn.com/survey/).  Before I get into picking it apart, you should probably realize the survey is via Constant Contact (http://www.constantcontact.com/online-surveys/index.jsp). It’s not exactly scientific or even accurate. Anybody can get a free trial from them or get a survey for as little as $15/month.   I would guess that it’s not a bunch more accurate than a Facebook poll, but maybe they’ll get a pie chart out of the deal and we all know that pie charts are really impressive and mean that the data is super-duper important.  The preface to the survey promises….”At long last, companies are responsibly and ethically bringing products to the market. Imported and animal food products are available now. Domestically produced meat for home, restaurant, ethnic, and specialty markets will likely be available within the next few months.”  That’s pretty optimistic given the current pro vs anti climate on slaughter.  Anyhow, go take the survey if you desire. It’s carefully worded to draw you further in, so just read carefully.  The IEBA doesn’t really want us anti types to take it as evidenced by this statement:

“Feel free to forward to networks of horse industry organisations who understand the benefit of a properly managed equine meat industry, to working dog and pet animal groups, fur farmers, zoo and big cat sanctuaries. Also if you have friends who appreciate great food, are adventurous eaters, or are afficiandos of the slow food/gourmet/artisanal meat/locavore/celebrity chef scene…please include them. We will be sharing with a number of ethnic communities who have come forward already, excited about the prospect of their traditional favorites readily available right here in the United States.”

Are you ready for some good news?  Seems there is a little snag in the plan to open up the super slaughter-house, college, rescue, rehab, training centre, hair salon, micro brewery, in Oregon.  If you recall, Douchebag Duquette appropriated 234 acres near Hermiston, Oregon through a California company on which they planned to launch their flagship operation.  Seeing as that’s D-bag’s  home town, you’d think he’d have garnered some warm fuzzies and good will long ago.  Apparently not.  That land is only zoned for farm use and there is no water rights for his intended use.  Oops!  Even though it would be outside the city limits, officials are in opposition to this project and it would be up to a county commissioner to address the zoning issues.  Seems that there has been no application to change the zoning as of yet. I guess this wasn’t the `big thing’ Holy Theresa assured us D-bag was working after all.  (http://www.ktvz.com/news/Lawyer-Hermiston-horse-slaughter-plant-lacks-zoning/-/413192/16736582/-/kgh5bsz/-/index.html)

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a VERY busy and interesting week.  I’m still waiting to hear some updates on the Nevada horses beyond the fact that they have all been removed by a rescue and are currently getting the care and treatment they need.  Hopefully, there will be something solid to report by the week’s end.  There has been some word that charges may be pending, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.  Also in light of a rather epic hissy fit that went on today, I may have a big reveal towards the end of the week.  Or not…..we’ll see.  I just want to leave you with this YouTube that was sent to me.  I truly wish I could take credit for it, but I can’t.  I laughed so hard I cried….Whoever made this is brilliant!  Thanks for making my day!



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Yesterday we talked about Mindy `Puppymill’ Patterson’s linking frenzy over at the UH Facebook page.  I felt this one article needed its own treatment because it actually does have something to do with horse slaughter and Douchebag Duquette has been talking again.  I’m not sure this was authorized by Slaughterhouse Sue, but D-bag has been a good little lap dog and perpetuated her lies so perhaps he won’t get a bare butt spanking over this one.  Prepare to be pissed, amused and everything in between as we pick the sweet corn out of this latest bit of news from our intrepid horse eaters.

The article we’re going to look at comes from the Ag Week blog.  Of course we all know by now that Big Ag = Big Trouble if you happen to be any sort of animal these people figure is a food source and this blog is no different.  (http://www.agweek.com/event/article/id/20055/).  Written by Mikkel Pates, it uses D-bag Duquette as the authority on the slaughter situation and updates us on where we are as far as getting plants open.  I’m not sure if Pates had a problem interpreting D-bag’s usual profanity laced gibberish or that he, himself, has a problem making sense too.  Seeing as he is writing for Ag Week it could be either or both.  I find this statement, attributed to D-bag to be somewhat confusing “70 percent of the world’s countries have too many variables to accurately predict when the industry will be able to start again.” I realize I’ve been busy and running on little sleep lately, but can somebody explain to me WTF this statement is about and whose ass they are pulling their stats out of this week?  I’m getting brain cramps….Before I concuss myself, let’s look at the updates on three known `targets’ for the UH.

The first proposed facility discussed is Hermiston, Oregon.  This also happens to be D-bag’s homeland and where UH hopes to open up its flagship, super-duper, horse rescue, rehab, college, slaughter, restaurant and hardware store.  D-bag says it will have a $4million slaughter facility that can process 100 horses a day and also a $3.5 million rescue facility all housed on the same 300 acres.  We have already talked about the UH’s proposed rescue a horse for slaughter program here : (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/uh-unveils-its-rescue-and-rejuventation-program-god-help-us/).  D-bag assures us “The majority we get in are going to be retrained and go back out” but states he’s reluctant to release details due to interference and threats.  He does allude to`private investors’ and NW tribes being involved.  Somebody really needs to let the tribal elders know what a complete shit show Loos and his swine operation brought to the Rosebud Sioux and who will be making all the money should they let this band of idiots open a slaughter facility on their lands.  I’d also like to know why there are investors out there willing to build a $3.5 million dollar `rescue’ yet these same people are the ones complaining that current rescues are overwhelmed and under funded.  If you care so much about the welfare of horses, how about shooting some of that cash to hay banks, gelding clinics, subsidizing euthanasia and making a real difference to the welfare of horses that doesn’t involve torturing and eating them?  The article neglects to mention that the Hermiston City Manager is strongly opposed to this plant opening and feels it would be detrimental for the town.  (http://www.hermistonherald.com/news/local_news/hermiston-council-talks-horse-slaughter-plant/article_84c4cdac-f194-11e1-a1ed-0019bb2963f4.html?success=1%3Fsuccess%3D2)

Next up, they discuss the Roswell, New Mexico facility.  As we know that is dead in the water but I guess D-bag neglected to mention that fact when being interviewed for this piece. The article does acknowledge that there was strong political opposition to slaughtering horses, so they get an `E’ for effort on that one although they talk of it as if it’s still in play stating that the horse meat would be exported to Mexico.  Not sure why Mexico would be a big buyer of imported horse meat considering they have their own slaughter facilities, but if you’re lying anyhow, you may as well just go all out.  It further lies saying the plant had been slaughtering cattle for the past 20 years but closed earlier this year due to the `cost of cattle’.  It neglects to mention it was actually shut down for numerous environmental and animal cruelty violations.

Perhaps the funniest slaughter plant update was the Rockville, Missouri one.  It lists Slaughterhouse Sue as the proposed facility’s CEO and states they are in partnership with Chevideco.  Of course we know that Chevideco is not prepared to front the start-up money and this facility is bogged down in lawsuits and title issues.  Apparently, Ole Suey “didn’t immediately return calls for comment” and that the plant will start slaughtering cows if they can’t open up for horses soon.  No mention of the retro-fitting the promised was made.

So there are the updates on the slaughter plants according to D-bag Duquette.  No mention was made of Bouvray Exports being ready to roll in Washington state and I’m not sure if that’s because Slaughterhouse Sue and her henchmen don’t have a financial interest there or D-bag is smart enough to keep that one close to his vest.  I suspect it is the former.  The article says there is talk of facilities in 18 different states and tribal lands, but D-bag doesn’t want to reveal too much because the anti-slaughter people would try to obstruct them.  I suppose he figures they can just sneak them open or something.  He’s never been very good with details.  In fact, I’m willing to bet D-bag has velcro shoes because of the whole complexity of tying laces.  As stupid as D-bag is, we need to pay attention because we know that they are all in on slaughtering horses and will not be giving up anytime soon.  Until the budget is passed with the Moran Amendment attached, we need to pay attention to what is going on.  Thank you to the readers that email me links and info and the ones that take the time to comment and educate people here.  While I don’t pretend to be a `team’ like Mendy Tobiano, this is a collaborative effort through all of your efforts and I appreciate it.  Stay tuned for Point and Laugh Friday….it’s going to be a good one!





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What a great week it’s been!  We’ve had lots of good news and our PSA buddies have continued their trajectory of stupidity to keep us all entertained.  Thanks to our PSAs we even got to learn some stuff through disproving their misguided notions and outright lies.  To say it’s been a busy week would be an understatement.  Because we have so much ground to cover, it’s best to jump right in to this week’s edition of Point and Laugh Friday…..brought to you by the letter `F’ for fuckery.

Slaughterhouse Sue dipped a tentative gnarly toenail into the waters this week to see if it was time to make a triumphant return from her self-imposed exile after getting run out of New Mexico.  She pretty much stuck to her tried and tested schtick of posting a link  in hopes of rallying her few remaining supporters. This week it was the `Action Alert’ from the New Jersey Farm Bureau asking for people to support the veto on the transportation ban on horses for slaughter.  No comments from her peanut gallery followed and only one `liked’ it, so  I guess the other three supporters couldn’t put down the Doritos long enough to click `like’. Next up, Suey got pissed when one of the UHers posted up this link : (http://www.cattlenetwork.com/e-newsletters/drovers-daily/Callicrate-rails-against-NCBA-praises-HSUS-166326766.html)  It has nothing to do with horses other than some beef producers working with the HSUS.  We all know how Suey hates anything to do with the HSUS so she kept things classy with this comment: “Those idiots, with Callicrate leading the charge, just lost whatever small amount of credibility they ever had. Talk about prostituting yourself…this about takes the cake!”  Not sure about you, but I think somebody like Slaughterhouse Sue talking about credibility is about like seeing a hooker talking about celibacy.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I wish I could say Suey was done with that statement but she had one last shot to fire before scuttling back under her bridge.  That was this comment she made after linking an article about the HSUS not drawing a lot of support in Indiana : “Now…this is FUNNY! Eleven million supporters, my ass…”  Of all the vile and offensive statements this creature has made, this one made me die a little inside.  Does anyone need the image of her large, cottage cheesey, hairy ass burned onto their mind’s eye?  I’ve pretty much been off my feed ever since 😦

Speaking of Suey’s ass, Douchebag Duquette made good use of his off-leash time this week.  Apparently, he lost his remote control and was stuck actually watching the News  that came on after his kids were done with Sesame Street.  Something must have sparked in his tainted horse meat addled brain and inspired him to post this little gem: “I saw something very interesting on the news last night, they were talking about the NFL and how it was a 9.8 billion dollar a year business……Hmmmm?? How is it that the #1 recreational industry in the US (The Horse Industry) that was a $102 billion dollar a year business, over ten times the impact of the NFL gets so little play in the media or congress????? You would think that the amount of jobs lost directly and indirectly because of what our government let happen would be front and center.. Shouldn’t it be??”  I guess it’s difficult for D-bag to fathom that the six people that show up for the kiddies’ 4H show are considerably less and spend less than the people that show up for NFL games.  Besides, the big money in the horse industry is NOT the bottom feeding UH crowd that base the value on their stock on the meat market.  I’m not even sure what his point is about the media.  Does he want to televise slaughter and make a reality show out of it?  Does he want more media coverage of him getting verbally spanked by people?  I’m not following…..The good news is he returned to his dungeon to play lap-dog to Mama Suey for the remainder of the week.  The other good news is we hardly had to hear from Holy Theresa as she was allegedly busy doing penance for being such a sanctimonious piece of poop.

Moving on down the ladder to the bottom feeders even of the horse eating crowed, it’s time to check in with good ole Mendy Tobiano.  Seems Mendy is back to hoarding horses under the guise of fostering them for the `sheriff”.  Maybe that’s her new euphemism for Craigslist.  The problem with her little `story’ is that if the horse was a legal seizure, it would have had to been held for at least 30 days and then two notices of public auction would need to be made in the local papers which the sheriff department would handle.  It certainly wouldn’t have been handed to her and flipped within days as she claims.  Chances are she’s just horse trading as usual because once again, Mendy Tobiano’s story does not add up with what the actual laws are.   At any rate, here is a picture of the poor thing which may or may not have a new home. Why can’t these PSA people every actually GROOM an animal before riding it and WTF is up with the ill-fitting tack all the time?

This brings us to the nice little watermark on the picture and the dramedy that caused it.  The PSAs are operating under the misguided notion that putting their name and date on a picture makes it copyright.  It does not.  It just makes sure they get credit for it and I have no problem with that at all.  The actual fact of copyright is you have to PAY and register copyright for each and every picture and it can take up to 8mths for that to happen. Or at least that’s what you have to do if you want to actually enforce a copyright, which still wouldn’t work here because even if it was a real copyright….“• Fair use exceptions are allowable for such purposes of teaching, research, news reports, parodies, and critiques provided that the value of the copyrighted material is protected. “  So, it would appear to be business as usual for this blog.  What kicked all of this off?  Well, the PSA’s meltdown over being featured here last week went on and on.  Mendy Tobiano led the charge to try to make me feel bad by posting up a series of blogs designed to play our sympathies for the abusive asstards that were featured.  I guess if you have kids, health issues, or suck at life, that gives you a free pass to slaughter and abuse animals in NT’s world.  In my world there is never an excuse and I will continue to feature morons that wave their freak flag in my face.  Call it `news’, `parody’, or `critique’, it’s all fair use.  Produce proof of registered copyright and I’ll happily take the above picture down.

I wish I could say we were done with the antics of the petulant pony woman, but we are not. Because she is still unemployed, that means her and her personalities appear to have endless amounts of time to be all over the net.  She continues to sell off clothes and tack so that she can postpone actually going out and working, but maybe she can get some pointers from Montana’s former owner how to work the system and get the taxpayers to pay for her hoarding habit.  That new dog of hers won’t feed itself unless her pig’s days are numbered as well.  She rounded out the week by climbing up on the cross and being a martyr claiming `they’ are not going to do things the way they have been and, instead, extend a hand of friendship to `their’ fellow human beings and attempt to be a positive force….Then she ran off and participated in writing me poetry with her PSA buddies and calling me a hoe etc. Oh and let’s not forget about flirting with herself as NT.  I suspect somebody either had a med adjustment or was off them all together this week.  This is what NT left us with….barf with me…

BTW…you also can’t copyright images you snatched off google….


Daffy had a relatively quiet week in the vast tundra of Facebook.  Sadly, I can’t say the same about here.  She continues to post with regularity and I continue to hold her posts for moderation to try to calm down her hysteria.  So far so good.  She hasn’t grown a brain, but she has managed to have a few simple exchanges and be only minimally offensive.  Her crazyass mother seems to have given up registering new accounts to post bomb us all and I continue to put her in time-out.  I can only deal with one functional illiterate at once.  Hopefully, I haven’t just beatlejuiced her.  They are both great for comic relief for all of about five posts and then enough is enough.

Daffy and family

So, that pretty much covers the lowlights of the PSA antics this week.  It certainly doesn’t cover all of them and it is very challenging pick out their greatest hits at times.  They devote a lot of time to me and this blog which is awesome.  It means it’s working .  While they are preoccupied with me and who I am, the rest of you are doing the real work.  We had awesome news this week with Sugarcreek getting suspended for at least three weeks and Andio getting busted falsifying his EID paperwork.  It would seem the PSAs haven’t even registered how serious that one was.  Especially a certain PSA that just shipped a horse she claimed to have buted, then recanted when the EID was mentioned.  As always, once we’re done pointing and laughing, there is something you can do to make a real difference to end slaughter.  Please take the time to sign this position and share it out as much as possible: (http://www.change.org/petitions/overturn-the-legalization-of-horse-slaughter-for-human-consumption).  Hopefully, the PSAs will take a day off this weekend so I can finish up our Sunday PSA for this week.  I think you’ll really enjoy this one.  Keep up the good work everybody….we’re getting there!



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Almost a month ago, I wrote about Slaughterhouse Sue’s problems in Missouri.( https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/slaughterhouse-sues-shame-in-missouri/)  The gist of it was, that Ole Suey is not as ready to go into business in Rockville, MO as she would have others believe.  This has been discussed on many forums and social networking sites.  The news that was uncovered by John Holland and released by The Equine Welfare Alliance, was so damning, it caused Slaughterhouse Sue to retreat under her bridge for a few weeks.  Since she has resurfaced, her only comments on the matter have been: “Not true, folks. We are full steam ahead. Spread the word. Activists have no lower limits..” and a few other short denials.  Never once has she explained how it wasn’t true or offered up any explanation at all.  In fact, she doesn’t seem to mention Rockville anymore and seems to have switched her focus to New Mexico and Oklahoma.  Well, it would seem Ole Suey has lied to her ever dwindling halfwit supporters yet again.  Shocking, I know….

While Slaughterhouse Sue tirelessly trolls all corners of the internet looking for articles to support slaughter, eating horse meat and the abuse and torture of other animals and livestock, she is understandably selective as to which links she tosses out to her army of wannabe  horse eaters.  I wouldn’t expect her to link up anything that proves she’s just a ginormous liar, although she has recently posted up things that are damaging to her mission.  ‘I’m never sure whether I should chalk  those instances up to arrogance or just sheer ignorance.  Maybe a combination of both?  However, last week an article in the St. Louis Post -Dispatch quietly came out about Rockville, that pretty much drives another nail in Sue’s Missouri coffin.  (http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/horse-slaughter-plans-for-missouri-are-on-hold/article_ee9019c8-f312-5516-a402-45ccb7ee0d1c.html).  Despite several phone messages left for Suey and her Missouri lawyer/business partner, Dan Erdel, they have failed to return a single one or offer up any explanation for the snag in Rockville.  Remember, this town was told they would have the plant up and running by September, providing dozen of jobs to the depressed community.  While I have absolutely no sympathy for people that get thwarted in their desire to cash in off torturing horses, I think that Suey should have treated a pocket of staunch supporters a bit better than she has.  Nobody has heard from her and the plant remains abandoned and untouched, its ownership still in question.

Does this look retro-fitted and ready to open?

Horses and equine welfare advocates owe a debt of gratitude to lawyer, Cynthia MacPherson of Mountain Grove, Mo.  She has been tireless in her quest to shut Slaughterhouse Sue down in that state, even going so far as to close her practice for six weeks in order to concentrate on keeping horse slaughter out of Missouri when Mountain Grove was the original proposed location.  She has sued the current owners of the Rockville plant on behalf of a creditor and requested that any sale of the property be blocked until the mess of ownership and debt be sorted out.  This will effectively tie this plant up and make it unavailable to Slaughterhouse Sue for months, if ever.  The consensus is that Ag Appropriations Bill with the Moran Amendment attached, will pass long before this can be sorted out and the USDA is not eager to move on inspections until it does.  Slaughterhouse Sue has lead her mindless minions to believe that she owned the plant and the USDA inspections were the only roadblock to her plan of mass murdering equines.  Despite Missouri being home to a pocket of extreme horse abusers and mindless followers, there are still good people in that state and their message to Slaughterhouse Sue and her plans is unmistakeable…

None of this stuff is real news other than the fact that Slaughterhouse Sue’s last word on the subject was yet another outright lie.  While there are a few minor inaccuracies in the linked article, such as the date slaughter ended etc., it is fairly balanced in its information.  The problem I do have is that when an uniformed person seeks to write such an article, some of the people they choose to quote or see as authorities, are grossly misinformed and/or lying.  Terry Geiler, who owns the Rolla Horse Auction was interviewed for this article.  He supports reopening slaughter houses.  Of course he does!  He’s a bottom feeding horse trader and also likes to lie in order to sway public opinion. “We have no place to go with blind and crippled horses.  Take an old horse that will hurt you.  What do you do with them?”  Well, you shouldn’t be shipping blind and crippled horses to slaughter, we know that much.  Just like every PSA, he wants the public to believe that only the old, sick and week are being slaughtered and that it’s a kindness.  The fact is,  most of us know that the very horses they want for slaughter are just the ones the public would never understand the need for killing.  The young, healthy and in good flesh sorts that do have a quality of life and a use outside being eaten.  They can’t tell the truth about that because then they can’t paint slaughter has `humane euthanasia’ to the uniformed.  Geiler also stated the cost of euthanasia and burying could cost more than $600, which is another huge lie.  That national average for euthanasia and disposal is right around $300 and I can’t see a state like Missouri being on the high end of that.

We don’t need sale barns like this!


The other problem I had with the article is its facts and figures.  You can throw out many statistics to make an argument as long as they are not in context.  It cites the amount of horses being shipped to Mexico and Canada since slaughter-houses closed.  It fails to tell the readers that the last few slaughter houses were the two in Texas and the one in Illinois.  Horses were being shipped to Mexico and Canada prior to 2007 due to the close proximity for certain dealers.  Also, there were numerous cases of abuse, neglect and abandonment prior to 2007 because people are asshats and they always will be.  How many years did they have slaughter-houses open prior to 2007?  It never fixed the problem in all those years.  Yet, in less than five years, the PSAs expect that we could fix everything, despite the economic collapse that occurred within that time frame.  The oldest of the backyard bred foals, bred or born the year slaughter closed, would only be 4-5 yrs old. These are the horses that generally drive the slaughter industry.  We have seen a decrease in breeding and the number of horses being shipped to slaughter has not increased in that time frame.  Given the life expectancy of horses, we have a few more years to see the market correct itself completely.


Saratoga just wrapped up its NY bred yearling sale.  That is one of the first big sales of the year that the TB market bases its health on.  They reported strong gains with the opening night median being $50 thousand, up from $33 thousand last year.  That is very strong and there is much optimism in the industry right now, at least for legitimate breeders that do not base the value of their stock on meat prices.  Legitimate breeders recognize that the value of their stock is based on the economic climate and govern themselves accordingly.  Breeding is not unlike many businesses in that it is a matter of supply and demand.  Given the spelling and grammatical skills of most PSAs, it’s not such a huge leap to assume that they can’t grasp that concept easily.  It would seem their entire business model is based on breed anything and everything and hope that something might be worth a couple thousand dollars someday.  I’ve said it before….the only thing slaughter fixes for these people is giving them a convenient `garbage can’ for their poor horse husbandry.  It does nothing to discourage them from continuing on.  Given how we know many of them treat their animals, I’m not sure making it easier for them to keep owning horses is a good thing at all.

The article also mentioned that Slaughterhouse Sue’s focus seems to be on Oklahoma now.  That is really a puzzling move considering that Oklahoma has a ban on  slaughter for human consumption or sale.  Even if they had USDA inspectors ready to go to work tomorrow, there is not much chance that it’s going to be in Oklahoma.  We also know Suey claims to be ready to roll in New Mexico and Washington state with Washington being the most likely one to open first.  While there doesn’t seem to be much chance that the USDA will supply inspectors prior to the budget being approved, our attention is far better focused on these places rather than in Missouri.  Whether our PSA buddies in Missouri want to accept it or not, their pipe dream of mass murdering horses in their home state is a dead.

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Seems like only yesterday, we were pointing and laughing and shaking our heads at our PSA buddies.  Oh wait…… it was!  They have had a stellar week of stupidity and I have to admit, I am impressed with their ability to keep getting knocked down with the truth and get back up again and argue.  They kinda remind me of `Weebles’ in that way.  Look it up if you aren’t old enough to remember or didn’t have a happy childhood.  We have quite a bit to cover so sharpen up your pointing fingers, settle in and get ready to laugh, because it’s Point and Laugh Friday!  Today’s edition will be brought to you by the letter `o’, for obtuse.

This past week has been a fairly quiet one for the fearless leader of the PSA’s, Slaughterhouse Suey.  She began the week with her usual schtick of trolling the internet looking for some support of her dream to mass murder our equine friends, but was only able to come up with a few articles. Naturally, she  encouraged her army of would be horse eaters to go comment and naturally, they got distracted by shiny objects and belly button lint and never quite managed to do so.  It seems that Ole Suey’s beady eyes are firmly focussed on New Mexico right now as they appear to have the facility that is closest to being ready.  Sadly for the horse eaters, Gov. Susana Martinez is not having it and remains unmoved by their `sky is falling’ shrieking.  It was interesting that Suey chose to post this article as there were a few statements made that are not great news for her mission.  This one was referring to Valley Meats Co. owner Rick de los Santos:

“He said the USDA initially told him last year that it would move quickly on his application, but he has since been told that because of the controversy over domestic slaughter, the agency won’t make a decision until after the election. His business, he said, is now sitting idle because horses cannot be slaughtered in the same facility as other animals under USDA rules.”


I don’t know about you, but that sounds more encouraging for the anti-slaughter faction, so we should thank Slaughterhouse Sue for bringing it to our attention.  Perhaps we should chip in and send her some pork rinds and a tube of Bute or something.   She has mainly gone to ground for the balance of the week, so one can only assume she is writing poetry and dreaming of a day when no horse is safe from slaughter.

It seems that after his flurry of two whole blog posts, that Douchebag Duquette has been returned to Suey’s basement to sharpen up his crayons and bone up on his grammar skills so he can dazzle us all with a new posting soon.  He did use his off-leash time effectively by bumping up his other blog post from last week.  Like he said, he is very proud of it.  He also found the time to post an article about the HSUS before Suey snapped the leash back on him and made him shut up again.  We can only assume she keeps him pacified with promises of having a real job killing horses one day. Maybe in the meantime, she can go buy him another nice pony from a real trainer so he can take all the credit again.

This week was also Holy Mother Theresa’s turn to be unsupervised.  She actually kinda had a meltdown on us.  It would seem somebody else dared to blog about her and to show us all that she is holier than us and doesn’t care, she posted this little gem:

“Wahoooooo! I’ve earned myself TWO BLOGGER STALKERS! Not the death threats I’ve been working toward, but blogger stalkers just the same! Nameless, faceless, insignificant cowards that can do nothing but regurgitate things I’ve said and would say again in a heartbeat, but HEY! I appreciate the recognition! Can you imagine the pathetic existence they call “life?” Sitting in their dark holes they call home, stroking their pet viper, poison pen in hand, submersed in disdain and wrapped up in hate? What an ugly way to live. Can you say dis-eased? The Animal Rights Movements is mental Illness disguised as philosophy. TRUTH! But really…many of you have expressed concern for my well being due to attempts at character assassinations. I want you to know I appreciate your concern, BUT I AM OK! I am SOOOOO OK with it all, so PLEASE don’t let it worry you for a second. Mathew, Chapter 5 conveys some really good lessons about our Christian walk and faith, called the Beatitudes. Beatitude #8: Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. So…see! I’m Good! I’m on task. I’m GOLDEN! I’m doing my job and being recognized for it! Poor ‘whittle satan is scared and has to employee the assistance of his earthly zombies. Every time they blog, they expose themselves for who they are….mentally ill, haters. It’s GREAT! Come on blogger stalkers…surely you can do better! You haven’t got past tickling my funny bone! My God is sooooo much BIGGER than their pathetic little demons.”

Does anybody else picture her with her hair standing on end, wild eyes and kinda half giggling, half crying in a maniacal way as she posted this?  I really would love somebody to do a psychological study on a person that thinks that only satan and atheists don’t want to see horses tortured and slaughtered, but the holy people do.  Of course after she posted this rant, she returned to calling some of us `hoes’ and other less than christian names.  Just to make sure we all knew how little she cared, she posted this same rant in a few places.  Oh dear…..

Mendy Tobiano continues the downward spiral towards complete irrelevancy.  While making an announcement of a change in writers due to the `regular writer’ being busy or something, both she and NT resurfaced today asking for stories from their three fans and promising `exciting news to come’. Given the lack of effort into her blog lately, one can only hope it means she is giving that up.  More likely she is creating another identity and beginning yet another blog.  I can’t sleep at night from the anticipation!  The few times Mendy Tobiano decided to pop online this week, she overshared and aired her dirty granny panties for the world to see.  You gotta love that about her.  The only relation most of it has to do with the horse slaughter issue is karma and for some reason I find this Craigslist posting she is so proud of to be serious comedy.  Bless her heart! (http://columbiamo.craigslist.org/rnr/3188846793.html)
Aside from the oversharing, she mostly dropped not so subtle hints about what a wonderful horsewoman she is and when nobody paid attention, she had NT come in and do it for her.  Business as usual……

This brings us nicely to one of our favorite PSAs, Daffy.  Because I had her and her crazyass mother in time out for nearly a month, I figured I could lift the settings as it was snagging other people up in the spam filter.  Surely they had given up and gone away a long time ago.  Wrong!  Less than an hour after lifting their time-out, they were both on this blog, post bombing and pissing everybody off.  Mama Crazy registered something like 5 different accounts to try to navigate around the filter and pretended not to know herself.  Daffy proudly told us all that her sore-footed dink of a barrel horse is now bred and expecting a backyard baby.  Hopefully, it looks a bit better than one of her more recent breeding experiments…

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the ethics behind supporting slaughter while running a rescue?  Well that caused a certain amount of drama and the very public exits from the open Facebook group from the two rescues in question.  Sadly for them, they don’t quite get that nothing online is private and they continue to frolic with the horse eaters behind closed doors and on other pages.  Tsk tsk….Ladies, if you support slaughter and love your horse eating buddies, say it loud and proud.  Hiding out, while still supporting them kinda makes me think you know you’re in the wrong and the people you get donations from wouldn’t be amused if your true colors were shown.  It kinda makes me want to out people again….


I’m sure none of you can forget the PSA that is mad at the rest of us because she elected to send her too crippled to live horse on a 30 hour truck ride to a Canadian slaughter-house.  I don’t know about you, but if somebody like that ever wanted to buy one of my horses, the answer would be no, no matter how much money she had. Lucky for her, PSAs have no regard for horses and their suffering so one of the backyard breeders stepped up to the plate and sold her a baby that is soon to be weaned.  Everybody pray or send up good vibes for this poor horse, it is about to go out of the frying pan into the fire of ignorance.


One of the new hobbies for the PSAs seems to be opening up new Facebook groups so they can discuss slaughter.  Personally, I think it is baiting as they don’t ever really welcome anti-slaughter opinions or facts and just tend to swarm and insult the few people that actually do try to hold a civil discussion with them.  They are still in denial about the banned drugs in horses and they still don’t think it’s a big deal.  They are also still incapable of reading any document that does not have big print and pictures.  After being confronted with facts about the ban on certain drugs in horses and provided with link to the recent discovery of tainted meat from Canada,this is what they had to say about it all…

“So out of the thousands upon thousands of pounds of horse meat processed daily, one shipment has been recalled? I’d say that’s pretty minor but the anti slaughter sanction are sure puffing out their chests and walking around strutting like Banty roosters about it, aren’t they? LOL. That’s like saying 100,000 horses are raced in a year and 1 breaks a leg so let’s condemn the entire industry. Unscrupulous folks will be there, everywhere. It’s why there are inspectors. And a ban on certain drugs is no indicator of it being bad, just of it not being tested for. You do know Katherine M that there is a MUCH larger market than just the EU, correct? They ain’t the only ballgame in the park!”

– Yes, because offloading your toxic meat into the food supply is so scrupulous. Ignorance, they name is Andi Harmon aka Buckaroo Fangirl

“Ah, but a withdrawl time in horses HAS been teste. I asked a very knowleadgable vet about it. She said the time frame for complete withdrawl from bute is 48 hours, although traces have been found in some horses up to 72 hours. VERY short half-life. She gave me more info about what cells it binds to and more technical stuff that I would have to go look at to put up here.”

– Good thing I wore a helmet today, although my desk is now dented from banging my head on it.. 😦

“GOOD catch! You are correct — the drug most commonly used, and called “Bute” by horse owners *is* Phenylbutazone not the stuff found in the meat recall.”

– Actually dumbass, both Bute and Clenbuterol was found in the most recent recall.  Yes, it is very serious and yes, they will be finding more. (https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/rasff-window/portal/index.cfm?event=notificationDetail&NOTIF_REFERENCE=2012.1078)

“Canada has had feed lots set up for years in order to accomidate slaughter horses that come in with unknown medical histories. They currently are set up for a 6 month time period to meet the current requirements.”

– This is super awesome.  Somebody should point this out to Angela Marshall so she knows that her `beloved’ horse that she shipped up there to await his execution still has a few months to hobble around on his sore feet in a feedlot.  I bet she’s just happy that she didn’t waste his meat and sleeps just fine at night….Sure glad she had his best interests at heart…

So we end another edition of our Point and Laugh Fridays. While we didn’t see a lot of new things from the PSAs, I’m sure with winter coming and knowing how much they hate spending their beer money on feed for their horses, they will be redoubling their efforts to slaughter horses in the coming weeks.  The rest of us need to be mindful about upcoming deadlines and be making our voices heard by the right people.  Please take the time to read this flyer (http://equinewelfarealliance.org/uploads/Adult_Campaign.pdf) and share it everywhere.  As for me, I promise to get at my emails on a more regular basis.  Keep them coming!  Take the time to appreciate your PSAs as they really do help our position without meaning too.  It’s all well and good to bat them around and play with them, but remember to feed them carefully.  Rumor has it a few of them still have a couple of teeth……

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I figured since you were all appropriately outraged about horse tripping and those that support it, we should take a look at buckaroos.  To be honest, I grew up thinking that `buckaroo’ was just a stupid term for cowboy that city people might use.  I certainly wouldn’t have considered calling anyone that unless I was wanting to offend them in some way.  Kind of like calling somebody a `dude’ used to be a dead insult once upon a time.  Well, it turns out I was both right and wrong.  Buckaroo is a real term and is still alive and well in the Great Basin country of northern Nevada, southern Idaho, northeast California and southeast Oregon.  A buckaroo is basically an Americanized version of Vaquero and they consider themselves to be horse and cattlemen.  I still don’t think being called a `buckaroo’ is much of a compliment.  I’m sure this entry will cause a certain amount of outrage, especially amongst the PSA crowd.  There are many of them that think buckaroos are super cool and awesome.  I mostly think that many buckaroos are just great big douchebags for the way they treat animals.  At least the ones we’re going to talk about today are.

One of the first things that comes to mind with buckaroos is their look.  They all have a very specific look for both themselves and their horses.  Flat hats, chink chaps, A-fork saddles with post horns and bucking rolls.  Many of them favor a lot of silver and adornment on their tack as well.  Their finished horses usually wear spade bits and I’ve yet to see a buckaroo or picture of one where they weren’t using some fairly sharp rowelled spurs.  They wear their gear and clothing like a uniform.  Other than their choices of spurs and bits, I don’t really have much issue if they all want to dress like that.  It sure makes it easier identify them and run the other way when you encounter one. I know many attach a certain `romance’ to the buckaroo lifestyle and look.  We all know a bit or spur is only as harsh as the user, and these guys have some fancy looking bits and spurs. Although, I still cannot wrap my mind around why anybody would ever feel the need to put a spade bit in a horse’s mouth these days, I might have been ok with them  had I not dug a little further and found what a large number of them consider entertainment.

It seems our little buckaroo buddies are a bit like their charro counterparts in what they consider entertainment.  Of course, it comes at the expense of horses and of course they are all mostly slaughter advocates.  It seems that buckaroos like to host ranch rodeos when they aren’t out ripping the mouth out of their horses or punching holes in their sides. Ranch rodeos aren’t exactly what you see when you go to the Calgary Stampede or the NFR.  Sure, they have the usual events like team roping, calf roping, barrel racing, bull riding, bronc riding, etc.  Depending on how you feel about those sports, nothing out of the ordinary for a rodeo.  However, they also have an event called Big Loop Horse Roping and it is truly disgusting.

Big loop horse roping shares a lot in common with Mexican rodeo.  Probably not so surprising considering that the buckaroos evolved out of the vaquero culture.  Where big loop roping differs from horse tripping is there are two ropers on horses.  It’s a bit like an extremely barbaric version of team roping.   They do the horse the courtesy of throwing a neck loop on it and slowing it down before the second roper fore-foots it and jerks the legs out from under it.  I suppose this is how they get away from calling it tripping.  The end result for the horse isn’t a bunch different from tripping though.  Check out these videos of big loop roping:  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v7djtzbckE) The next video has some extremely graphic scenes and was shot at the Jordan Valley Rodeo this year. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmp8pkbU03I)The buckaroos call this `laying them down’ rather than tripping.  That’s supposed to make us feel better about what they’re doing.  Here are the words from a PSA who pretty much lives and breathes this stuff:

“For untouched horses like this, the *real* buckaroo’s do a neck rope, ride along with the horse a bit until it slows, then throw a front footer. It’s safer and lays the horse down easy. Plus these horses were 3 year old’s that were in their 2nd and 3rd year of roping … NOT easy ropers! LOL They won more than the ropers did. I know of ranches that do this with their young stock to brand and geld them all the time.”

– Are we clear on this?  These horses are used for nothing but roping?  Nice life they have.  Also, that’s how they handle their `young stock anyhow’.  I’m taking that to mean they hog tie them to geld them rather than do it the humane way.
“Trust me, the big loop ropers do this in real life and if you rope a back foot of an unhandled horse, you will likely kill it. Or break a leg. You have to use the appropriate type of rope as well. Most of the ones I know use soft hand made rawhide riata’s.
– Go ahead and watch the videos I posted links for.  Tell me that front-footing them is any better….It should be noted that this PSA actually eats horses from time to time.
Here’s an interesting quote I found on a message board from somebody that has first hand knowledge about Mexican rodeos and horses that get used for these sorts of events:
“When I used to go to the horse and tack auctions in S. Cali. I could easily spot all the busted and broken charro horses. When the horse meat trade was stopped and auction prices hit the dirt for good quality saddle horses, they were simply letting the really damaged ones loose in the hills to forage for theirselves. You can’t bury dead horses on your property in California. You’ll get a fine. You have to pay $80 bucks to have them hauled off to the rendering plant. Guess they can’t afford to constantly pay to have their dead animals hauled off since there are so many eh? A couple hour ride in the hills and you could usually spot one of the loosed charro horses – sometimes alive (barely) sometimes dead and partially eaten by coyotes.”
Interesting, no?  Abandoned and abused horses being turned loose in the hills.  I know this does happen because I have a good friend in California that is a rancher.  He’s found these horses on his grazing lease and has had to put them down.  The condition they are in is appalling.  I’m sure Slaughterhouse Sue and D-bag will say this is exactly why we need slaughter back.  Bringing back slaughter isn’t going to stop these assholes from doing this.  In fact, if we give them that outlet, they’ll just do it more.  Banning this practice everywhere and ENFORCING that law will fix this problem.

Notice the knee and ankle on this horse. She was found tethered to a tree in the wilderness in California….

So, how do they get away with this?  Enter Slaughterhouse Sue and D-bag Duquette.  They take credit for the Oregon Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources nixing Senate Bill 613 last February.  Known as the `horse tripping’ bill, it would have outlawed roping horses by the front legs and tripping.  Sadly, the bill became all wrapped up with other roping events and that is likely what killed it rather than anybody actually giving a single crap about Suey and D-bag had to say.
“”No rodeo event in Oregon condones, or conducts, horse tripping. Oregon has comprehensive laws in place to protect animals. This bill was totally unnecessary. It was nothing more than a first step by HSUS to ban all roping of all animals in our state.  Horses are livestock, and if this bill had become law, it would have set the precedent for making it illegal to rope a cow. After all, they’re both livestock – what’s the difference between horses’ legs and cows’ legs?”

– That quote is from D-bag Duquette. Like their idol Crazyass Steve King, they will fight any proposed legislation that may protect animals from cruel and barbaric asstards.  Considering he lives in Oregon, consorts with some of the people that do this type of thing, and the video footage is from THIS year, he’s just a big fat liar.

“The HSUS goal is to gradually pick away at owners’ rights to decide what is best for our horses and livestock,  They hide their agenda behind pretty language about protecting animals. But we are finally starting to educate the public about what is behind the curtain. Oregonians are too smart to fall for the misleading HSUS rhetoric. Those of us who love horses, livestock and the Western lifestyle need to work together to preserve our heritage and the right to decide what is best for our animals.”

– naturally D-bag made this all about his mission against the HSUS.  NOBODY that loves horses think this is cool to do and if this your way of life and heritage, you are an abusive shit.  The reason we have to put laws in place is because people that do this type of thing have zero compassion or ability to know `what is best for our animals’.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised he says things like this considering he likes to host horse barbeques for his clients.

It is expected that Oregon lawmakers will be bringing this issue to the table in the next session and work towards a ban on this brutal `sport’.  The PRCA has long outlawed it from their rodeos.  Other than the underground charro circuit, it seems we have a small pockets of asstard hold-outs in the buckaroo community that need to find a better way of entertaining themselves.  Keep checking in with the Animal Law Coalition for updates.  (http://www.animallawcoalition.com/animal-cruelty/article/2042)


I grew up on a ranch and I do understand how ranch life works. I’ve participated in more brandings than I care to count.  I can half-assed throw a loop if I’m pressed too.   I come from a long line of horsemen, none of whom have ever been pro-slaughter.  In fact, my great-grandfather could have been considered a buckaroo at least by the equipment he used, not by mentality.  Don’t believe me?  Meet Gramps…(pssst….his horse isn’t skinny either as NT would have you believe all the old-time ones were)

That picture was taken in the late 1800’s.  He was actually a pretty well-known guy and is in many books. The bit and spurs are still in the family, but haven’t been used in my lifetime.  They are probably too valuable to use for one thing, plus we don’t do things the old way anymore even though that particular bit does not have a cathedral port in it.  That’s my point.  My great-grandfather was a working cowboy if there ever was one.  He was also a well-known horseman.  Whatever it was he passed down through our family, it was to respect your animals, especially your horses.  I sure don’t recall anybody ever throwing a rope at a horse, let alone tripping one.  Before I was able to do so on my own, I saw countless horses started and never once did I see one thrown or laid down.  I guess not all buckaroos would consider big loop roping part of their heritage.  Times have changed and so has the way we handle our livestock.  There is no reason to stress and traumatize any animal anymore.  We have the means to be kinder.  Here’s another `family’ picture of mine.  My grandmother and her father engaging in something we don’t do anymore either.  While I appreciate my heritage, I know that some things are better left in the past.  Thankfully, most sane people do as well.




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This has certainly been a busy week in the land of the profoundly ignorant and stupid.  With the return to the internet of Slaughterhouse Sue and Douchebag Duquette becoming the latest PSA blogger, it’s been tough to keep up with all the doings of the PSAs.  They have been bringing the crazy like never before and it has provided endless entertainment and frustration for the rest of us. This week even saw the brief return of some old favorites and our usual suspects were in great form too.  We have a lot to cover this week, so let’s get rolling with `Point and Laugh Friday’, brought to you by the letter `S’ for STFU.


I guess we’ll kick off the proceedings by checking in with the moronic matriarch of the PSAs, Slaughterhouse Sue.  Still offering no rebuttal or explanation for the Missouri lies, she returned to the loving embrace of her fellow online horse haters.  Ole Suey has been burning up her keyboard looking for articles and linking them to the UH like a woman possessed.  Maybe she is just going through Bute withdrawals.  Unfortunately for Suey, the articles came from largely obscure and questionable sources and were met with apathy from her supporters.  I’m still having some trouble with why an online tech magazine would run an editorial about horse slaughter.  It’s not a big deal since it has become apparent that the majority of the PSAs are quite unable to put down their Doritos and get off Facebook long enough to make any comments or support their stance.  No worries, there were plenty of anti-slaughter people willing to step up and set the record straight with *gasp* facts.  Way to go, guys!

As we covered earlier, Suey’s next mission was to pull out all the stops and begin a petition to the USDA demanding they begin inspections RIGHT NOW.  She joined forces with the other IEBA buttholes, Bill `Maggot’ desBarres and Olivier `Moneybags’ Kemseke, to voice their `concern’ about the suffering of American horses among other things.  She further went on to mention how much worse these horses suffered when they were shipped out of country.  Not sure why Maggot desBarres, being from Canada,  felt the need to shoot himself in the foot like that, but maybe Moneybags is lining his pockets too.  You would think it had already been a busy week for Ole Suey, but she wasn’t done yet.  She next applauded and drooled all over Crazyass Steve King from Iowa, who basically hates all animals as much as he hates Wayne Pacelle.  Just to recap, Crazyass King is in support of dog fighting, puppy mills and the cruel and inhumane treatment of food production animals.  Don’t worry, he hates gays and people who use birth control too,so he’s basically an equal opportunity hater.  He’s actually a pretty good fit with the PSAs.  I bet most of them have his picture on their bed side table, right next to their bible, beer and shotgun.

D-bag Dave sizes up his next meal…

Because this week was Holy Theresa’s turn to have her head parked the furthest up Ole Suey’s ass, that basically left Douchebag Duquette unsupervised yet again.  Apparently he got tired of cultivating his Amish style goatee and decided to take up blogging.  I surmise he is being poorly assisted with this spelling and grammar as his two posts have not been as peppered with profanities and gibberish like we have come to expect from him.  Still, he kicked things off D-bag style by comparing the UH to `Samson and Goliath’ and giving himself a virtual reach around for a job well done.  His next blog entry was the one that truly pissed off anybody that cares about the welfare of horses and is in possession of a  firing synapse.  It laid out the plans for the UH’s Equine Rescue and Rejuvenation Program and how amazingly wonderful it’s going to be for horses to participate.  Because of all the poor and starving people who have to give their horses up to slaughter, D-bag and company are going to allow people donate the to the UH and `maybe’ give them a tax receipt.  Maybe they’ll sell the horses and keep the cash or maybe they’ll slaughter them.  Either way, the original owner of the horses do not get any money.  Naturally, the UH brain-dead think this is incredibly awesome….

“Personally, I love how the program will realistically assess horses for ability. It’s no wonder so many traditional rescues go under when they throw money and effort after foolishness, i.e. horses that are a lost cause, when they could be

channeling funds toward something productive. And I think it’s wrong how so many rescues beg and plead for money (to the tune of thousands of dollars) to extend the life of animals when the kindest thing would be to put them down.
– It still escapes these people that if they don’t agree with what a rescue is doing or like the clothes they wear, they don’t have to donate money to them.  Any 501c3 will ask for donations, even fake ones like the UH. That’s what non-profits do.
” I love the fact that it will be run by HORSEMEN, who KNOW horses. And the opportunities for learning and teaching through assessment and evaluation are endless.”
– Holy Mother Theresa gets her pom-poms out and chimes in……
“Really, what an incredible resource for college equine programs. It’s really sad how common it is for people to “rescue” horses and then not have a clue what else to do with them, other than beg for money to keep them fed”.
– Yes, running equine husbandry classes at a slaughterhouse is really going to be a super thing for colleges and their community profiles….
“Very True. I see it ALL the time. “They” seem to find the time to attack and attempt to discredit those of us who do actually know the difference between a horse sound for work, vs. one for light riding vs. a lawn ornament. I have nothing against lawn ornaments so long as the “adopter” understands the responsibilities of their choices. I recently had a lady get in touch with me after visiting the rescue of one of my loudest critics. She said she felt that every horse at that rescue was in pain and should be put down. I really don’t think you qualify as a rescue if your are simply prolonging their pain, with managment. WTH?…i have an old guy here for the summer. HE WAS SOMEBODY until he got hurt….and then neglected. He’s really two legged, but we manage his pain for him…for the summer. Give him some good green grass in his belly and sun on his back. But when winter sets in and his pain gets severe, it’ll be time for him to go. It’s the humane thing to do. I’ve had people offer to adopt him as a lawn ornament but when we discuss the cost and RESPONSIBILITY associated with helping him manage his pain, they shy away, which is good, because I won’t let them adopt him anyway. He’s so darned honest and full of try, I can just see him trying to pack their butts around on two legs and them not having a clue he’s lame. (face-palm)
– No St. Theresa, `we’ have issues with rescues that support and send horses to slaughter. You don’t run a rescue, you run a horse killing program.  As far as taking good care of her animals, I heard a rumor that St. Theresa forgot to close the door of her horse trailer and splatted one of her horses all over the highway awhile back.  There’s some great `care’ right there!  Anybody want to guess how her old horse is going to meet his end should Suey get a slaughter-house open?

Everybody’s favorite multiple personality, Mendy Tobiano had a strange week indeed.  Apparently, somebody called her horses skinny again which kicked off a series of rants and bizarre blog postings.  She is now using make-believe horses and paintings to demonstrate why her horses aren’t starving to death. While none of the Hollywood horses she used as examples were actually skinny, she continued on with her ranting and hoof stomping and failed to see the difference in her poor beasts.  She also got super pissed about somebody calling her trailer trash and, true to form, decided to counter that by a round of over-sharing, including pictures of her `not a trailer’ abode.  The sad part about that is we are supposed to be impressed that it is an 1800’s house and forget that she has posted many times about not having a working stove, sharing the home with a burn-out handyman and other white trash problems.  At the end of the day, who cares?  We all know that trailer trash is an attitude above all else, so if the hooker shoes fit…..With her increasingly bizarre behavior and hostility, the NT blog is becoming less relevant by the day.  She is currently trying to dump one of her one-eyed Mustangs that she is unable to train and I have to wonder if it has anything to do with this old blog entry:  http://ballengertraining.blogspot.ca/2012/01/again-it-has-been-quite-some-time-since.html

A few weeks ago, this blog and a few other Facebook pages posted about a PSA that had a horse with ring bone.  She was upset about having to Bute him and waste his meat and entertained the romantic notion of taking him to slaughter personally.  She didn’t want him to go to waste and contaminate the ground water by chemically euthanizing him.

“am incredibly depressed… after my chat with the farrier I know my horse wont have much time left. Depending on the amount of ringbone the horse has he will have a better idea of how long I will have with him before hes too uncomfortable and we will have to put him down. Now I dont believe in euth drugs, especially not on a horse, and I prefer him to go to good use. Since I am so close to canada I wonder if there is a way I can contact them and bring him up myself to avoid extra stress and pain. Even be there at the moment he dies if they would allow it. I have to make a trip this fall to Canada anyways… anyone have ideas on who I can talk to?”

Anyhow, it seems that the poor horse has made that trip to Canada after all but she didn’t actually go with him or make sure he was processed right away and hugged and kissed.  I wonder if she realizes that the poor horse is likely not even dead yet and standing in a feedlot getting beat up by other horses while he awaits his date in the death chamber.  This may be one of the more cruel acts a PSA has ever bragged about.  Sure hope she didn’t fudge on his EID papers and say he hadn’t been Buted….I am sickened…

“I reposted with my thoughts. It made me very, very angry. My horse made a 30 hour long drive to canada because of where feedlots are located. If they were open in the u.s. it wouldnt be like that! Our horses suffer longer because of these morons. Like to know how they can say every horse gets bute someday. BULLSHIT! Only used it once ever on a horse and owned them since I was 12. Everything has a withdrawl period, even the worst medications that are the most dangerous!”


Daffy has made a tentative return to public posting and is as illiterate and nuts as always.  She seems to be trying to gain favor from her UH buddies so she can regain admittance into their inner sanctum once again.  I guess talking to herself and her mother on a private page is not nearly stimulating enough for her.  Daffy kept busy being the resident `expert’ at the UH Facebook page and expounding on her vast knowledge of Bute, breeding and anything else anybody cared to comment on.  She’s still an avid reader of this blog.  Perhaps I will let her do a guest posting here so she can teach us all to ride really well liker her….

As we know, the PSAs love nothing better than to swarm rescues and unsuspecting strangers online.  This week was no different.  They have been amusing themselves with some pretty hilarious videos from self-proclaimed `horse expert’ Sarah Stetner.  To be fair, this person is a moron for sure.  When you get past the cringing at the things she says and does , you kind of sit there in disbelief that anybody could be so stupid. I almost can’t believe these videos are meant to be serious.  Check them out. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD8023BK0cA&feature=relmfu)  The problem is, that the PSAs became obsessed and found her Facebook page and where she worked.  The girl is a vet tech at a small animal clinic.  They then decided it would be funny to leave trolling messages on her work’s guest book.

“I double dog dare some one to sign the Vet Clinic’s guestbook and ask about their horse riding expert….”


“I will triple dog dare anyone and with a cherry on top!”


Of course, a few volunteered to go over and bomb the guest book, including last week’s poster PSA, Doris Kelsey.  What is NOT cool about any of this is:

a) this is a place of business they are harassing and has nothing to do with the YouTube vidoes Stetner has put up.

b) the guest book appears to be largely used by clients who have had sick pets and pets that were put down. 

Really not cool or funny for innocent people that may be grieving the loss of a pet to have to see this asshattery and maliciousness.  Thankfully, it appears the comments are held for moderation, so their fuckery was thwarted.  The hypocrisy is they are the first ones to screech `foul!’ when they get outed for what the post online.


This week saw some new developments on the slaughter issue.  Probably the most damaging one to the PSA mission was the notice that Clenbuterol and Bute was found in sample testings of horse meat that originated in Canada.  (https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/rasff-window/portal/index.cfm?event=notificationDetail&NOTIF_REFERENCE=2012.1078)  You would think this would be very worrisome to a bunch of people that want to open up slaughter houses…..Nope, they are STILL in denial about it and they STILL don’t know the difference between drug withdrawal times and carcinogens left behind.  The concept of `Banned’  escapes them and they have started to sprout their usual conspiracy theories about it all.

“I just want to point something out. EVERY other meat possible is permitted in the EU countries from the US except horse….is it possible, I mean just in the realm of way out there, might be the reason is NOT about BUTE but not wanting to flood the EU countries with the plethora of horses that would. If we blame bute instead of bitching about worrying about US tanking the meat market then no one gets suspicious. After all, the EU is not so stupid as to not notice all the horses being exported into Mexico and Canada which ARE permitted to send horse meat over. Just something for everyone to ponder since I actually sat down and read the EU documents.”

I guess this rocket scientist doesn’t realize that Mexico and Canada are likely going to be in trouble too.  The EU will hold everybody’s feet to the fire on their deadline of July 2013 to have a passport system implemented. Now that they have found banned substances in a sample test, they will be increasing the frequency of testing.  If you need a reminder on how all that works you can review it here:  (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/anybody-want-a-bute-burger/)


I feel like I haven’t recapped this week properly with all that has gone on.  With Slaughterhouse Suey returning, Douchebag Duquette blogging and all the general fuckery we are used to, it was almost overwhelming to keep up with it all.  Have no fear, we have much to look forward to in the coming days, including our Sunday PSA feature where we get to name and shame the horse eaters.  Mostly, I think I’m still so pissed off about the UH’s proposed Rescue and Rejuvenation Program, I find very little they do all that funny right now.  Several important deadlines are looming and we cannot afford complacency.  There is a lot to work to do and a lot of people to educate.  I’m going to leave you with a comment that was left on the previous posting here.  Please do what you are comfortable with. As always, leave me a message in the comments or send an email if you have news or issues you want to see addressed.  Keep up the good work, everybody!

“There are lots of things you can do the save horses from slaughter without even leaving your house! Here are three of them:
Join the Adult letter writing campaign. Send letters to be presented to congress and the president. Find details here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/477262352286586/

Get prestamped, addressed post cards from here & hand get them signed at shows, fairs, family dinners- wherever people who are opposed to horse slaughter may be. Find the post cards here: http://nhequinewelfarecouncil.org/Advocacy.html

Pick up the phone and call your congress people. Let them know that you do not want your hard earned tax dollars spent on inspections for a food that will be shipped abroad. Remind them that these inspections will divert funds from food safety programs that have already been slashed. Tell them that the real solution is to support S1176 and HR2966. Here is how to find your congress people.: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/





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The UH has posted another blog entry.  My goodness they are a busy bunch of animal haters this week!  It would seem that somebody pointed out to D-Bag Duquette that his analogy about `Samson and Goliath’  was ridiculous and wrong, so he’s gone back and done an edit on the original posting as well.  I’m sure that Mama Suey thoroughly chastised him and is now editing for him when she is not endlessly trolling the internet for irrelevant facts and figures to toss out to her idiot supporters.  So, just before we pick this apart and have a good laugh, I want you all to know that D-bag is `very proud of this’ blog entry.  He was also probably pretty proud of himself when he learned to pee standing up too.  When you are a drooling moron, you have to celebrate the victories no matter how small they are.

“Greetings again, horsemen.  Even as we work through a few early kinks and minor editorial mishaps, we’re excited to utilize the fluid medium of blogging to bring people up to speed with what we are accomplishing.  Understandably, there have been a lot of questions about the programs we are putting in place, and we hope to be able to address them here.  

In our first blog, we offered a preview of what our Equine Rescue & Rejuvenation Program (ERRP) will look like.   While the diagram illustrates the basics, the program will also be inherently flexible and dynamic enough to meet the changes and challenges we’ll inevitably face—something we are ready, willing, and—most importantly–able to do.  It’s impossible to sufficiently emphasize our priorities as being the well-being of horses, horse-people, and the horse industry as a whole.”
– I’m guessing the whole `Samson and Goliath’ thing was the minor editorial mishap?  It’s also impossible to emphasize your priorities as the well-being of anything other than your pocket books if you’re honest.
“The well-being of horses is NOT being neglected and abandoned when owners run out of options, when the skyrocketing costs of feed and care are rivaled only by the cost of euthanasia and carcass disposal, and the struggling rescue network can’t accommodate even a fraction of the widely accepted estimate of 100,000 horses that become unwanted annually. ** See references at the end of the blog. “
– No matter what D-bag and Slaughterhouse Sue say, slaughtering horses is NOT going to fix neglect and abuse of horses.  It was happening before slaughter shut down and it will continue to happen as long as there are idiots like the PSAs owning horses.  Unless every single PSA gets out of the horse business, there will always be abused horses.  Also, the cost of euthanasia and disposal is usually around the same amount as boarding a horse for a month or less.  Here’s their references and it includes more whining about euthanized horses contaminating the water supply.  http://www.amillionhorses.com/
” The well-being of horse-people is NOT being forced to choose between paying for groceries for their families, or paying for the disposal of a horse they can no longer afford.”
– If you are operating that close to the bone on your budget you have NO business owning a horse or any other animal.  That sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight.  Why should the taxpayers underwrite some backyard breeder or hoarder’s lack of planning?  I think the money they want to spend on USDA inspections would be better put to use for bringing back mandatory sterilization for these idiots as it becomes increasingly clear that natural selection just isn’t working.
”  The well-being of the horse industry is NOT to eliminate humane end of life options, not only creating prolonged and completely unnecessary suffering of horses, but also erasing the base of the market.”
– So now we are calling slaughter `humane end of life options’?  Nobody wants to eliminate any humane option for horses, but since slaughter is not nor ever will be humane for horses this statement is ridiculous.  At least now we get to move onto their FAQ portion of the blog where things get even more ridiculous.
“How does the United Horsmen’s ERRP differ from traditional rescues?  

Most obviously, the ERRP includes humane processing as a final option for horses that cannot be rehabilitated and made useful otherwise.  This will ensure that funds are used in the most productive and efficient manner possible.
Another unique aspect of ERRP will be the extensive involvement of professionals—trainers, veterinarians, and educational program leaders.”
– Does anybody care to hazard a guess on how many of the young, fat and healthy horses are going to get branded not suitable for rehab when they have kill quotas to meet?  As far as their `professional’ trainers, vets and educational program leaders, I guess that D-bag Duquette, Holy Theresa Manzella, and Puppymill Patterson will finally have regular jobs.
“How will horses enter ERRP?

Horses may enter the Rescue and Rejuvenation Program in several ways. Owners who are unwilling or unable to care for their animals may donate them to the 501c3 non-profit program, and possibly receive a tax deduction. The Program also will accept horses from other over-burdened rescue organizations or from law enforcement/livestock agencies in possession of stray, abandoned or neglected horses. “
– Do these idiots honestly believe that any legitimate rescue is going to turn over a horse to them??  How about the can of worms that would open should a law enforcement agency seize a horse and put it in the slaughter pipeline?  As for owners `donating’ them, what an ingenious way to further line your pockets!  Not sure exactly how it’s going to help out these poor people who you claim can’t afford to feed their families due to no slaughter, to DONATE you the horse so you can make money from killing it.  Newsflash for D-bag, if you are in that bad of shape financially, those tax deductions don’t mean a thing.  That’s for rich people.
“What is the primary goal of the program?
To rehabilitate horses from an unwanted and at-risk status to a healthy and functional status. We will identify horses with potential, teach them skills, and then offer them to the public. Horses that can be trained, or re-trained for new purposes, will be sold. Horses that demonstrate suitability for purposes such as non-profit therapeutic riding or youth programs will be made available to those groups at little or no cost. Any profit on the re-homing of horses will go back into the Program in order to help more horses in need.”
–  Ok, let me get this straight.  Poor people are going to give them all these horses and they are going to sell them and keep the money, either as meat or riding horses?  They get to keep all the profits to buy more horses to kill?  Is there anybody actually stupid enough not to see through this scam?
“How will this be accomplished?
 All horses entering the Program will be evaluated for health, soundness, behavior, disposition and level of training. These evaluations will be performed by qualified veterinarians and professional horse trainers. Horses will go in one of three directions:  into training, into rehabilitation, or to humane processing/euthanasia. Healthy horses will continue their training as appropriate. Professional trainers, students from college and university equine science programs, and apprentice trainers from tribal education programs will work with the horses in a safe and supervised setting.  Rideable horses will continue their training as appropriate, under the guidance of professionals and supervised student trainers from college and university equine programs.  Horses will be developed in the areas where they demonstrate talent – roping, jumping, cow work, reining, pleasure, trails, ranch work, therapeutic riding, etc. Untrained horses that are sound and healthy will be started under saddle and evaluated for various disciplines.”

– Do you wanna bet that every horse that finds it way into their program has a clock ticking the second it gets off the trailer?  It wouldn’t be economical to keep them around long enough to actually teach them anything useful or put a solid foundation on them.  I’m also guessing their `rehabilitation’ program consists of fattening them up and holding them without drugs for the appropriate withdrawal times that are in effect right now. There is just so much wrong with what he is saying here, it’s hard to know what to address.

“How will the Program help horses?
By giving horses every possible chance to live a healthy, productive life. The Rescue and Rejuvenation Program offers sanctuary to horses that are starving, neglected or otherwise suffering. Horses who are ill, injured, thin or otherwise in need of rehabilitation will receive medical care and nutrition. If a horse in the program is unsuitable for any other purpose, the Program provides quality care and a quick, painless death.  The rejuvenation phase of the program is designed for horses that cannot enter the training program due to their age or condition. Mares with foals at their sides, and horses too young to enter training, will go on pasture.  These horses will stay in the rejuvenation program until their status changes, and then they will be re-evaluated.”
– Bullshit they will get medical care!  If they give them Bute, Clenbuterol, or apply Furacin, to them they can’t be eaten and that just won’t happen.  Nor will the `quick, painless death’ be happening either.  The `rejuvenation’ program is their finishing program in preparation for slaughter.
“How will the Program help horse owners?

Part of the Rescue and Rejuvenation Program’s mission is to help horses and horse owners in need. Numerous “unwanted” horses enter the slaughter pipeline primarily due to their lack of training. This problem becomes cyclical for owners who need to sell their horses, cannot afford to have them trained, and then discover their horses have little or no re-sale value due to their lack of training. 
The Rescue & Rejuvenation Program is a place for horses to receive training, thus transforming them from potentially slaughter-bound animals into valuable horses with skills and a purpose. In addition to training, the Program offers a safe haven for ill, injured, malnourished or abandoned animals. Horses in need of a feeding program or medical care will go on pasture or into treatment until they are healthy enough for a training and temperament evaluation. Critically sick or injured horses will be euthanized through humane processing.
Horses adopted/purchased from the Rescue & Rejuvenation Program will be eligible for a special show incentive. Events organized by the Program will offer classes in various disciplines for those horses, in which competitors can win money.

– D-bag, giving their horses to you IS putting them in the slaughter pipeline and you want them for free.  How is this helping somebody that can’t afford to feed their family like you keep crying about?  Bringing back slaughter is going to give backyard breeders an outlet and create a bigger problem.  Now you want to have a slaughter horse show circuit?  Are you efffing kidding me with that?  Will there be a class for the most creative use for your horse’s hide and hooves?  The only thing D-bag Duquette is trying to create here is his own personal industry where he isn’t a bottom feeding joke like he is in the reined cowhorse circles.

What happens to horses that can’t be trained or rehomed?
For horses who have lived past their useful life, are unsound, untrainable, or otherwise not suited for re-homing, a humane system of processing will be utilized. Equipment and management practices approved by industry experts will ensure a minimum of stress and pain. Horses will be handled with kindness and respect, employees will undergo proper training, and the facility will be monitored to prevent mishandling and abuse. The processing plant will be near enough to the the Rescue and Rejuvenation Program to spare horses the stress of trailering and travel.”

– Awww, does that mean you’re going to kiss them all on the nose before you shoot them in the face too?  Where are you going to find all these caring and compassionate people to give out all these warm fuzzies in the death chamber?  The one that is, apparently, going to be adjacent to where all the rehab and rejuvenation horses are housed….That sounds like such a happy place, they should also think of running a summer camp for poor kids there!

“How does ERRP set the base of the market?

ERRP doesn’t set the base of the market; the existence of domestic humane processing does.  The ERRP is an option for horse owners, and because of the network of professionals involved, it’s a unique opportunity for otherwise unusable horses to become useful.”
– So horse slaughter is going to fix the economy.  Good to know…..  The only people who are going to make a single dime off these horses are going to be Duquette and the UH.  The horse owners that `donate’ them into his program won’t see a red cent.
Will the ERRP benefits reach beyond horses, horse owners, and the industry?
Absolutely.  Numerous educational opportunities will be available in all aspects of the Program.   Dialogue is currently underway with colleges and universities to establish internships and credit-earning opportunities in the following areas:
At the Rescue & Rehabilitation Facility:
·        Horse Training
·        Equine Sales Promotion and Marketing
·        Reproductive Management of Horses
·        Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiologie
·        Farrier Science/Basics of Equine Dentistry
·        Therapeutic Riding
·        Pasture Management
At the processing plant:
·        Collection of Organs and Fluids (e.g. synovial fluids) for Therapeutic Purposes
·        Meat Processing
– You are going to be teaching `Reproductive Management of Horses’ out of your feedlot?  Does that mean you are going to be breeding specifically for slaughter?  What `rescue’ would ever do that?  And other than the inbred spawn of the PSA’,s what horse loving kid wants to go to college and `intern’ at a slaughter facility?  I want some of the drugs these people are smoking!
“With the program’s holistic, multifaceted approach, issues that have been central to the ARM’s misguided battle against humane horse processing will be addressed and effectively curtailed.  For example:”
– As far as `holistic’ you can read that as no horse will be given any banned substances ever.  That means that if it has an injury, they are going to probably burn sweet grass and smudge him rather than give him a little Bute and do him up in Furacin or whatever he may need to be made comfortable.  If that animal requires anything other than getting kicked out in a pen or pasture, he will be considered `unfixable’ and be marked for death.  As far as ARM goes, Kudo is more than busy out there trying to uncover the illegal slaughter operations that are stealing and torturing animals than to be bothered with D-bag’s dumb ass.  Does D-bag even know what ARM is?
““Horse slaughter can’t be done humanely.”  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) deem the captive bolt gun used in processing plants to be humane end of life option for equines.  All food animals are processed under the same USDA guidelines for humane treatment.  It is interesting to note that USDA reports for humane handling standards from late 2011 demonstrate less than 1%–that’s ONE percent—non-compliance.***  There is no logical, science-based reason to believe that the processing of horses will be any more problematic, or less humane, than is the processing of literally millions of other livestock.”
 – How about the reason that it has NEVER been done humanely at a mass production facility before? Horses are NOT raised to be food animals nor are the considered as such right now.  Do you want science based explanations?  Check out these old blog entries and make sure you check out the links: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/death-dying-and-the-hand-that-delivers/)(https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/things-will-be-different-this-time-around/)  The `source’ that D-bag provides is from the period of September 2010 to September of 2011, so it did NOT involve slaughtering horses. ( http://www.fsis.usda.gov/regulations/HHER_Q4_FY2011/index.asp)
   “Perfectly sound, usable horses go to slaughter.” Horses entering the program will be evaluated for any existing potential, and given a chance that is uniquely afforded by actual equine professionals. “
– How are they going to keep so many `professionals’ from every conceivable discipline on retainer and living in close proximity to this death chamber?  Any true equine professional I know, wants NOTHING to do with this group or its plans.  I have a feeling that Slaughterhouse Sue will be saying a lot of the horses involved will have great potential to be steaks.
“Horses are forced to endure long hours in trucks to their eventual fate across our borders.”  The proximity of the ERRP to humane processing plants will eliminate this issue entirely.”
– So how are the horses going to get the ERRP facility?  Is Scotty going to beam them up?  Unless you have one of these facilities in every state, most horses are still going to have a very long ride.   Since the flagship operation is likely going to be on the west coast, that is most inconvenient for many.  It will still be cheaper and shorter to ship them to Canada or Mexico.
“ERRP is just one of the expansive efforts by United Horsemen to answer concerns related to horse processing.   Stay tuned for upcoming blogs—we will soon be outlining the Equine Owners’ Assurance Program (EOAP), better known as the “do not slaughter registry.”
– I don’t know about you guys, but I, for one, am very excited about this.  This is the program where you get to pay yearly ransom money to make sure your horses don’t  end up slaughtered, but you only have 72 hrs to answer the phone if they do show up at a facility.  How awesome!
I know I should think this is all very funny, but I’m  actually getting kinda pissed about it all.  I’m pissed that like the existing rescues that support slaughter, some poor soul is going to hand over their animal, thinking they are giving them a chance and that animal is going to end up in a freezer.  I’m pissed that these horse eaters presume to speak for the true horse industry and the people who have dedicated their lives to the well-being of horses.  A fourth grader can put together a better and more believable business plan than the one they are rolling out.  If these people get so much as a toe-hold in the slaughter industry, it truly will be a holocaust for horses.  I’m sickened.

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