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Happy Monday, or whatever day this ends up posting.  Probably Tuesday which isn’t such a happy day for the horses that find themselves being purchased by the High Caliberites at auction and drug back to the feedlot.  I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I start to get this sense of impending doom on Tuesdays.  I actually feel happy when a horse manages to get bought up by somebody else, even a flipper.  So, even though we have a few other things than auction to cover today, I thought that might be the best place to kick things off as we take another little peek at the Biz Desk board and the inner workings of HiCaliber.



As most of you know, Romney Faye Baker has taken a sort of leave of absence but continues to go to auction.  This post is a month old, but it’s pretty much how they approach every Tuesday.  I love the admonishment about not having enough comments and then helpful tips on how to comment appropriately.  Boy, are some of the village idiots ever going rogue because I’ve seen them post things other than `lol’, `poor babies’, and `oh my’.  They are pretty good at the emoji-gasms and I fully suspect they’ll graduate to gifs any day now.  We may be a ways off from effective meme usage though.  BTW, if you read this post you don’t have to do anything because I haven’t a freakin clue what algorithms are and why I should care anyhow.



It seems like Romney Faye isn’t the only one that rallies the troops in Biz Desk.  Angrid was getting all kinds of grief about HiCaliber on one of her Fireball Friday event postings and decided to send up the bat signal in the Biz Desk group.  Again, village idiots are summoned to do their part on Facebook for HiCaliber.  It certainly explains some of the other village idiots dogpiles I’ve seen on random pages.  Then we have Angrid explaining that people just need to come to the Fireball event, be loud and act like they are having a good time so people will think it’s a success.  Is this kinda like when a new nightclub hires people to stand in the waiting line to create a buzz?  I hear the ticket sales aren’t going so well, even though they are offering Eggo waffles and grilled cheese sandwiches for your $100 ticket.   All that and a chance to buy a date with some village idiots that you could probably date for free off of tinder, grindr or even Ashley Madison.  I’m shocked the tickets weren’t sold out immediately.



It seems that Manson getting off her ass and filling water tubs was a one-off kinda thing.  It also seems that the horses at HiCaliber are STILL going without water on a regular basis.  Combine lack of water available and the ever-changing hay supply they’re looking down the barrel of some major colics if they’re not careful.  Maybe that’s the plan so Manson can shove her hand up some more asses like she seems to enjoy doing.  You gotta wonder how thirsty those horses had to be for them all to dive in the tub like that as soon as it was filled.  There is NO excuse for this ever.  If there isn’t enough volunteers showing up, then the residents of that place need to get off their asses and fill those tubs before they do one other thing.  This is straight up neglect and cruelty.


So, this happened.  It seems Manson is not happy she was denied the endorphin rush of shooting Rogue, Moose, Chi, and a few others in the face recently.  All horses that were on the euth lists where people stepped up at the last minute to get them to safety.  I guess I’m somewhat confused, because more than once, she has told the haters to step up and adopt if we didn’t like what they were doing, so when people do just that, she responds by making her euth lists secret so there will be no hope of pulling horses before the bullets fly now.  Then there are other horses like Firetyme that continue to stand in shit filled stalls without even getting out for a walk more than once a week if that, and when legitimate rescues offer places for him, they are denied because Manson has decided they are `dicks’ aka they won’t cosign on her hoarding habit.  Damned if we do and damned if we don’t.  Meanwhile if they do agree to begin the adoption process with you, they pretty much want everything including copies of your driver’s license and film of your home in order to consider.  Things that aren’t exactly `normal’ to ask for that might suggest they are running some other type of background check that isn’t on the up and up.  The transparency is getting stronger only in that they are getting easier and easier to see right through.



Speaking of the euth lists, these exchanges happened with Dr. Moss in the past week or so.  Manson has always maintained that the vets approve all euthanasias they do and even suggested that she takes turns with Dr. Spini performing them.  You know Spini, her COLLEAGUE.  It turns out that’s just another basket of lies out of her lie hole.  At least according to Dr. Moss, who must have recovered from his Stockholm Syndrome and been deprogrammed enough to start acting like a vet and speaking some truth again.  As shown in the screen shot, Rene once again lies for the team and says that the vets sign off on all euths.  Not so and now Manson is going to try even harder to hide them.  I wonder if this means she’s going to get a new colored tarp and perhaps a new killing spot once Laurie’s 5th wheel is moved out.  Maybe drop them in the vineyard?  Throw some landscape bark on the bodies and stick a few flowers in there?  Oh wait, that’s already been done to disguise the shit piles…



Remember Rogue?  She was one of the Louisiana OTTBs that wasn’t actually a Thoroughbred.  Young and unhandled, Manson took a disliking to her and toyed with shooting her in the face.  Not because she was sick or crippled or even `behavioral’,  she was just unhandled and in Manson’s world that’s a death sentence.  As mentioned before, Rogue was bailed off the $1 menu and while it may be a questionable home, she is not immediately in danger of getting shot in the face.  As shown in the pics of her leaving they couldn’t be bothered to knock the manure from her shit filled pen off her and she hadn’t really gained any weight and condition in her 2 months at HiCaliber.  Hopefully, there are better days ahead for this little girl.  She’s basically a blank slate and could end up being any kind of horse.





It appears we have dueling riding instruction going on for the village idiots.  Wow!  How does a person even decide between disciplines?  Do you want to violate a football or look your own horse in the eye while still on his back?  So many choices!!!  Of course it’s old news and never really took off, but still fun to imagine the possibilities and hilarity if not for the poor horses being subjected to all this `horsemanship’.  Good times…



Remember Heather Ratlips Ratliff?  She’s the village idiot that thought it would be funny to buy the Shedrow Confessions domain and then got busted complimenting herself in this post. It seems that the whole HiCaliber brain trust cosigned this little mission with Manson, Angrid and Rene totally being down for the fuckery.  Angrid may or may not have submitted some articles.  I don’t know because I don’t have time to look at that stuff beyond my initial glance.  I’m glad they’re amusing themselves and I’m glad I’m under their skin so deep.  I’m not really all that concerned about them `wiping me off the map’ or stealing any thunder.  We’re just under half a million hits in only a little over 2 months.  I think we’re doing ok with getting the truth out there.  It’s just a real shame that some of this energy the village idiots have can’t be used to …I don’t know…clean a stall or fill some water tubs or something.  You know, actually look after their horses?  The surest way to shut me up is to stop fucking up.  It really is that simple, but I know they don’t read over here or care what I write.  They don’t care so much…


I think that about takes care of things for now.  It’s certainly not the bottom of my inbox, but for today it’s a good leave off point.  I’m sure the Hicalibrites are all nestled snug in their beds or hanging upside down so they can comment the shit out of their algorithm posts and spread the fuckery far and wide as Romney Faye goops on the mascara to cry for the cameras.  I keep hoping one of these weeks the horses will win and somebody else will get them.  Literally, almost anybody else.  Few places could be as bad right now.  I also know how frustrating that this seems to go on and on.  I’ve always said it’s a marathon and not a sprint.  I know everybody wants to pull out the ace or put the last piece of the puzzle into the place.  That’s human nature.  Believe me, I wish I could just do a massive inbox dump on this page and say `there, sort it all out yourselves’ and not have to think about this stuff all the time, but that’s not how things get done.  Threatening people is also not how things get done.  Telling Manson or any of them what you’re about to do or that you’re going to get them just sets everybody back.  It’s not about Manson beyond pointing and laughing at her.  It’s about those animals that are standing in the sun with no shade, shit for hay and not even the relief of water.  It’s about every single horse that gets led to the killing field too sore to walk or perfectly fine and healthy, but the last thing they see is Manson’s face and feeling her shitty vibe.  At least that’s what it’s about for me.  I’ll keep trying to share stuff as I can and making sure there is a factual accounting of things as they unfold, but I gotta admit,  I want to slap some of you on Facebook.  Simmer down.  As for now, we have at least three horses are on very thin ice over at HiCaliber.  Mention them if you can.  Aviana, RJ, Tallie and Firetyme are all in trouble.  Manson will not let Firetyme go and now maybe the other three are doomed.  Let’s just pray that the last face they see isn’t hers or Bang Bang Becky’s.  Let’s not let them get erased like so many others.  Keep saying those names.  Poor babies, oh my…


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Well, here we are with another auction extravaganza in the books.  Today was typical in some ways, funny in others.  We’ll get to that right away.  First, however, we have a village idiot that wants to be famous.  I’ve mostly left the village idiots out of things aside from mentioning them as a group.  I thought that was the kind thing to do.  Apparently not.  It seems that at least one of them wants to be famous, so I thought I’d start out by obliging her.  I’m feeling generous today.

Everybody say `hello’ to Heather.  Since Heather doesn’t know where I live in order to come jump up and down and throw her skirt over her head to get my attention, she decided to buy the shedrowconfession.com domain and start up her very own spoof site.  She also opened a Facebook page under this blog’s name so she could try to snag some of my traffic or something.  Unfortunately, Heather isn’t as smart as she thinks she is and it took all of 45 seconds to find out who owned the domain and look her up.  She’s quite the little HiCaliber foot soldier.  It also didn’t take long to find Heather complimenting herself on her own mad writing skillz.  I almost felt sad for her, but then I remembered that I’m a bit of a bitch and gave my head a shake.

Even though I usually black them out,  I figured I’d leave the other village idiot names on the screen caps since they seem to be gagging for attention too.  These didn’t come from the HiCaliber page.  Because they don’t spend enough time following HiCaliber, some village idiots have started a little group for `Friends Who Love HiCaliber’ so they can sit around flicking their beans and discussing how much they love HiCaliber as well as compiling `hater lists’ and calling for every single person that likes certain rescues to be banned.  As soon as Heather got called out for her fuckery  on own page, she tried to act like it was no big deal that she got busted.  That was strange since she went on a flurry of locking down her internet by deleting her Etsy, her wedding registry page (whatever DID happen to Royce btw?) and anything else she could think of other than her Midway Wholesale Imports LLC which appears to be a one man show, or woman in this case.


In othe words…`I can’t get any attention on my own so I thought I’d ride the coat tails of the very blog I claim to hate’.



As you can see Heather is shitting her pants.  Don’t worry darling, I wouldn’t cross the street to spit on you, although I do know your home address now.  The problem is, you steal the name of my blog, you get my attention and that’s not always fun when you’re a fuckwitted shitgibbon.  I have more pictures than I posted too but since Heather is a heavy filter enthusiast with her profile pics it would probably be jarring for her to see her actual visage up here on the site.  I’ll save those for another time. These things happen when you do stupid shit and leave your ass hanging out.  Despite her little flurry of deletions there is those little green triangles on Google that will show cached pages and if that doesn’t work there is the wayback machine.  I’m flattered that I’ve got the village idiots so stirred up that they are now paying money they could send to HiCaliber to try to redirect traffic from this site.  The very best thing about it all was I didn’t have to lift a finger or spend any time getting this information.  Before I had my first cup of coffee today, it was all sitting in my inbox so it took no time at all to fill in the blanks.   I also found out that since this blog has been well established for a number of years and falls into the high traffic category, what Heather is doing is called domain squatting in bad faith and she could get in big trouble for that.  People knocking on the door and serving papers kinda trouble.  It wouldn’t cost a dime to put those wheels in motion either.  Silly rabbit…


So, moving right along, let’s get down recapping the auction shenanigans.  As most of you are aware, HiCaliber has been in heavy damage control mode for at least a week.  In preparation for auction today, they cleansed the FB page by posting stale updates on horses and featuring other horses that were either at foster or had only recently returned to the ranch.  I guess that’s the only way they could dig up healthy looking animals to show.  It was pretty much a shit show from the word go today.  Because Cheech is doing another Louisiana run, we were treated to Bang Bang Becky driving the trailer and sharing her vast knowledge of horses.  She took us on a visual tour of the bay that happened to have dapples and attempted to paint a picture that he was abused because he had recently pulled mane, some hair rubbed off his face, which Romney Faye Baker immediately referred to as deep gashes, and then surmised that he had spur marks which must have meant people with really long legs have been riding him because they were under his belly.  You could almost hear the dramatic soundtrack playing in the background as she said  `Pulled mane and a bridle path!’ She also informed us he had `a lot of wind puffs’ which makes him really special because a horse usually only has two hind legs, so to have a lot of wind puffs would be unique.   A couple, yes.  A lot, wow! The horse was in good shape.  He certainly didn’t need to be saved over the `skinny’ older TB, but they prioritized him over all the others and purchased him in the ring.  If you notice, the above posts indicates that Misner `got’ the gray mare.  Actually he is the one that brought her there in the first place.  Not sure if it’s the same horse, because Romney Faye had a fantastical story to tell about them getting her near Oregon, but he bought a gray Arabian mare at Mike’s for $125 a week ago.  Today the village idiots paid $1000 for her between her purchase price and the piggy bank fund responsible rescue.  I know what I’m writing doesn’t really jibe with the post from HiCaliber, but it will.

Ok, from what I could gather, they started out their freedom walk feed owning the bay and the gray, but I think only the gray was bought off Misner along with one of the chestnut TBs that they bought later.  Maybe both were.  I’m still not sure why they felt those two were needing to be `saved’ other than Romney Faye likely thought they were sexy.  She did kinda spazz out over the dapples thinking she had discovered a brand new color of horse.  She also speculated that two of the OTTBs had probably been together a long time because both of them had tattoos that started with the letter `Y’.  What I found the most funny, but not funny, was her going on and on about how skinny two of the horses were.  Given the condition of Sully, Firetyme, Saban, and Engineer that all happened on their watch, she never gets to point a finger at anybody else for having a skinny horse.  They also looked better than most of the horses they have in pens on the ranch and were mainly sucked up in the flanks and probably needed a good drink of water.  These people never think to give them water for some reason.  Romney Faye also diagnosed a white spot on a belly as spur scars and she and Bang Bang Becky decided a parrot mouth was buck teeth.  At some point, Bang Bang Becky slunk off somewhere leaving us with Romney Faye Baker’s loud mouth and constant flipping the phone around to pose selfie style, with a sad face beside various horses.  Finally, when the funds were just not coming in she pulled out the grief card and played it.  As a result, three private buyers stepped up to buy the bay (which they had already bought and raised funds for), the other chestnut and the little half Arab looking guy.  Romney Faye made a big show of offering to return the money they had raised for the bay along with sounding like she was reading from a script when talking about after care and quarantine.  I kinda tuned out.  Between having to hear about her `baby’ and her loud mouth in general and the need to never shut up, I had to turn the sound down for awhile.  I know I’ve mentioned it before but there is only so many times I can sit through listening to her call these horses by their new names like they should respond and baby talking them when it’s kinda clear most of them don’t like her at all, especially the ones she calls `mamas’.



Becky was right!

The best part of today was being treated to a master class of how not to load a horse courtesy of Bang Bang Becky.  I’ve never really been an Arab person myself, but I half wanted to phone in and buy this mare today.  Not only is she kinda nice looking, she appears to be smart.  She no how, no way, wanted any part of going back to HiCaliber to waste away in a small pen.  She never really got down and dirty, although they gave her every reason to, but she categorically refused to get on that trailer for an hour and a half.  She initially put her front feet up in the trailer but when nobody rewarded her by releasing some pressure, she basically said `fuck that’ and backed out and stayed out.  She didn’t want to move forward with all the mixed signals she was getting and I didn’t really blame her.  I’m not sure why twirling the shank in her face is supposed to encourage foward movement or why lunging her and getting her even more worked up was supposed to help.  The body position for lunging, if that even was what they were trying to do, was bizarre.  They contemplated attempting to back her onto the trailer and then, they parked one of the PB horses directly behind her so she couldn’t fly backwards.  I’d have been so pissed had that have been my horse.  Finally, as a last resort, they decided to use the chutes to run her into the trailer.  It seemed to me that the twirling shank began to make contact and it really is a testament to that mare’s intelligence. that she didn’t climb that half gate and really hurt herself.  They gave her every reason to.  Between Romney Faye’s incessant yapping, Bang Bang Becky’s clear frustration and we’re not really sure WTF Robyn was doing other than getting in the way, I’d have tried to escape the fate they had in store for sure.  Poor mare.  She fought the good fight.


So that was basically it for auction today other than yet another little cry sesh in the car with Romney Faye Baker.  Some of the village idiots have sent her some more baubles to hang around her neck and fondle, so that meant we needed to have some tears and be reminded that she is grieving.  She was antsy to get out of there today.  I’m not sure if that is because it’s been rumored that her fiance, Dumbass Darrell, has a bit of a habit of falling into the nearest vagina when he’s not being closely supervised or what. They crowed about`sweeping’ the auction and getting all the horses but, in reality, only two have the misfortune of going back to the feed lot.  The others were private purchases and I’m not sure why they consider that so awesome considering those are impulse buys and often quick flips.  They even have a donkey that was a private buy a few weeks ago already listed for sale.  Maybe they’re taking a cut from purchase prices or something.  We certainly never see an auction slip and the other thing that disturbs me is that that are paying cash for these horses  There is always a run for the bank after loading and that’s just weird.  Any other organization would have a check and write one for purchase.  I’ve heard of them jacking prices so there’s a little for the pocket and maybe this is how they are doing it.  $25 here, $50 there, who’s going to notice?  Not very transparent by any stretch of the imagination.  I just find myself feeling really sad for those horses that end up getting drug back to that feed lot.


I’m going to keep this on the shorter side today.  I have more of our milk carton horses, aka the missing, to feature, but the past few entries have been pretty heavy with that sort of thing.  My hope is that we can eventually get as many as possible remembered and acknowledged.  I find it especially disturbing that a rescue wipes their existence off the website and pages like they never existed. The very same rescue that raked in nearly $100k by telling their donors they wanted to tell the stories of OTTBs that turned out to be almost every breed but.  I’ve been encouraged to see so many people speaking out and gathering strength in numbers.  It’s amusing to be called haters when the reason for this blog and its following is for the love of horses.  Much of what Romney Faye Baker said today was in direct response to this blog and, rightly or wrongly, I’m taking total credit for Michelle not abusing the public live feeds with her personal issues lately.  I probably jinxed that by mentioning it though.  The point being is we are making a difference.  The big difference that everybody is wanting will take time, but it’s worth pursuing.  With that being said, I will sign off for now.  Keep fighting the good fight!

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