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Before y’all get excited, outraged or triggered because of a new post, just calm down. This isn’t a real posty post per se. I do have a few in various states of doneness that require me to be motivated enough to finish them.  My current sitch is a distinct lack of motivation along with several irons in the fire, but they will eventually see the light of day here if only for documentation purposes. In the meantime, I figured we were all sick of looking at our favorite attorney at the top of this page so I’d give you a new placeholder to comment under. Also, because we know the village idiots all lurk here, maybe they’d like to know what their hero is really up to while crying how broke she is and getting them to hand over their lunch money to feed her ever expanding hoard. 

Yup, it seems that the novelty of working with the animals has worn off for Manson and 3 to 4 whole stalls are just too much for her to handle as is the reality of taking care of the property and, apparently, taking her own trash to the dumpster. She can’t buy her kid a birthday present without begging but she is offering to pay for people do her chores.

So, while Manson is dropping none too subtle hints for the village idiots to buy hay for her hoard and whining that she has to use gift cards for her kid’s birthday presents, she’s still putting the oxygen mask on herself first and looking for a massage. For most of us with injuries and chronic pain, we manage it through physio therapy which is not always fun. (I swear my physio guy moonlights as a dom.) For Manson, trumped up injuries mean massage therapy and free Botox and lip fillers.

Meanwhile, Manson is still trying to pass her auction mutt off a a service dog. She has never really stated what exactly the dog is trained to actually do and, by all accounts, the dog is ill mannered and unruly when in public. Yes, Manson throws around some buzz words and terminology, but we’ve already been through where this dog came from and where Manson got the vest for her. In fact, you can refresh your memory on all that in this old post.


Even though Manson gave away her other GSD and her Pittie Betty, she has taken in a new dog as of late.  She was `fluid’ about whether or not he was going to become part of her hoard, but he was there for at least a week.  Perhaps the fact that he’s intact and her `service dog’ was recently in heat explains why he turned up on her doorstep.  Countdown to some surprise puppies and/or grifting for some deballing funds. Funny how she wants to preach responsible pet ownership as she doesn’t bother gelding horses, neutering her poor pig or spaying her own dogs.  We won’t even mention the rats she is now breeding and allowing to free range around her house. 


I get that many of you are wavering between frustration and despair that karma will ever catch up with the Manson family.  It’s not fun watching her continue to beg for money, lie, and make repeated pleas for the village to fund her blood lust.  What everybody needs to remember is that she has been cleared of nothing.  The investigation with the AG is still open and active and that’s not the only agency up her ass.  Manson knows this, I know this and many other people do too.  The very fact that it is taking this long is indicative of the scope of this investigation. They don’t throw that many resources of time and man power for frivolous complaints.  Let her con her remaining village idiots out of their lunch money.  Let her breed all the rats she wants as she destroys yet another property.  None of that is my concern and it should’t be yours either.  However, her attempts to exploit are our concern and that’s where she’s going to have big problems. While she whines to the village idiots that she still gets all these calls about horses needing help every week, remember that all the other rescues are still open for business and if she gave a shit, she would put those horses first and refer them on.  Instead lets them linger wherever they are in hopes they will become broken enough so that the village will throw some money at her. That is if they even exist at all. The attempted exploitation of more animals will not be tolerated.  Know that people are paying attention.  As for me, I’m going to try really hard to clear a few things off my desk in the coming weeks.  It’s not all HiCaliber stuff, but I think you’ll find it worth the read.  Keep the faith, people and watch this space!

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You know what?  It’s probably going to be a frosty Friday in hell before I ever get around to finishing off some of the posts I’ve been working on.  It’s not because they aren’t important, but rather The Manson Family, being the cockroaches they are, just will not stop grifting.  I knew it as soon as I saw that last post I shared that Manson was dipping her toe in to see if the idiots were ready to dig deep.  Ever since then it’s been a fucking  grift-o-rama of emotional manipulation and begging. Thankfully, our birds are out in full force so I’ll update you and then we’ll figure out how to chop the head off this snake before it gets out of control again.  I’m not even going to bother sugar-coating any of this or playing nice.  Enough is enough.  Buckle up, because if you have the smallest shred of compassion and common decency, you’re going to be pissed too.

In the last post, I showed how Manson has been testing the waters to see if she can go on another horse killing spree for dollars.  Apparently,  the few dollars offered to her over that situation emboldened her because we were quickly treated to a rather lengthy, and emotionally manipulative post about how she shot Barry Boi in the face, complete with a $2000 gofraudme campaign.  I guess cremation costs a whole bunch more than back when she was begging for dollars to memorialize Johnny Cade after she and her minions tortured and killed him.  We were all asked to suspend disbelief and logic and overlook the fact that there were no current pictures of the kid with Barry Boi, due to the fact she had long ago lost interest in him.  We were also supposed to overlook the fact that even though Manson 30% diagnosed him as having a stroke `last fall’, there was a picture of him at the Bonsall property looking very un-strokelike.  In fact, the horse was lame and they were too lazy to manage him, but why let him slip away without making some extra dollars off him? The grift was on.  I’m pretty sure the picture of his balls, probably long since consumed by the Manson family, was just her way to make sure Barry Boi didn’t pass with too much dignity.  Apparently, the village idiots had money burning holes in their pocket as they quickly ponied up the requested $2000 for a pictures (seriously wtf) and frames to go along with a box of ashes they won’t ever see.  In the midst of that mess, there was a fuckton of anthropomorphizing on Manson’s part and apparently prescience on Barry Boi’s part.  It seems that Manson felt like she under asked so she quickly used that sad situation and her daughter’s alleged grief for a more open-ended ask and the horse from our last post, was quickly manifested.  This is where it gets extremely off pissing.


BTW, the update she said she would post for the public page consisted of a years old picture of Tanner the horse and a post about his penis complete with her immature and rude responses when people ask why he is still not gelded.  Apparently the horse that belonged to HiCaliber is now her personal horse that she can do with what she likes.  I hope she’s got a solid paper trail on her personally supporting him while she’s at it.  Maybe Romney Faye is throwing some change towards that now that she’s back Dumbass Darrell’s dick and found another special needs child to round out her income. Life is good for the ExCalibers!

This is the mare from the previous post.  She has clearly deteriorated in body condition since Manson first knew about her.  She is now emaciated, covered in sores likely from where her poor bones created pressure laying down and her feet haven’t had any attention in some time.  Her pasterns are dropped and that situation clearly hasn’t been managed on any level.  We’ve heard this about Manson before.  She likes these horses to linger until they are pitiful enough to shake the coins loose from her village.  So, not only has she known about this horse for long enough for this animal to deteriorate significantly, she has also protected the person that is directly responsible for her current condition.  Rather than do the right thing and reach out to another rescue or animal control, she has done nothing.  Nada.  She is an accomplice to the condition of this horse and she’s still not done exploiting her for dollars.  We gotta toss in the kid for some more emotional manipulation.   Instead of telling it like it is, the horse killing grifter becomes `just a mom trying to help her family heal’.  She conveniently overlooks that the situation she finds herself in is a result of her own poor choices, greed and just pure fucking evil.  What hasn’t occurred to her yet is the fact that she has even less of a leg to stand on as far as protecting these people, diagnosing the horses and killing them than she did when she was hiding behind her rescue.  If she truly wanted her kids to continue `helping’ horses she’d take them to a real rescue to volunteer.  Maybe they’d learn what actual horse people behave like rather than opportunistic assholes like their mother is.

Here you have many of your usual morons crawling up Manson’s ass and becoming moist at the prospect of another mangled horse to kill.  Let’s not overlook the big lie from Manson.  She tells them just what they want to hear and the message to take forward. Forget that the same person had this horse when she wasn’t in such bad condition, because in Manson’s narrative, they are not the abusers and it’s merely a cultural difference and these poor people are so afraid.  MY ASS.  May I remind you all that I put the offer out to Manson that we would help this horse over a week ago.  That was sincere and that was legit.  We still have a place for this horse, but there was never a response because that was never Manson’s goal.  It didn’t serve her needs because, with Manson, the horse is never first and referring her on to people that will actually help this horse does not keep Manson in eyelashes and burritoes.

pjimage (2)

Same horse, different day. The difference between griftable and savable.



So here we are again watching Manson protect the very people who neglect and abuse horses while she wrings every last possible penny out of their broken bodies.  How long did this mare suffer before Manson figured she was far gone enough for maximum financial benefit and to parade in front of her village idiots?  What happened to the other horse she alluded to in the initial post?  While we’re at it, whatever happened to so many of the broken wraiths she dangled in front of the village near the end but never actually manifested when the interest was lackluster?  This has to stop.  Yesterday.  Speak up and speak out.  Light up the phone lines or whatever else you can think of to get action.  I’ve not often preached that to people, but now that she’s got a place to start hoarding again it behooves every advocate to nip this in the bud.  While the investigations are still active, and believe me they are, animals continue to suffer and be exploited to support  Manson and Wrinkles in their quest to never work another day in their life.  I’d say honest day but I’m not sure either one of them have the capacity for that or ever did.  As much as I hate to say it, this is the tip of the iceberg as far as what’s hit my inbox this week when it comes to The Manson Family antics.  I guess our break is over.  Much more to come…


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I have to apologize for the lack of updates recently.  It’s always difficult to figure out how to handle these things.  Do you just put it all out and drive the Manson Family deeper underground or do you sit on things?  Normally, I choose sit back a bit and hand them all plenty of rope.  I’ve always said that nobody ever gets convicted for something they might do or even thinks about doing and I truly believe that.  Is that always the right thing to do?  I just don’t know.  So, after much consideration and after talking to a few of the `team’, I figured I’d do this very brief update.  My reason for doing so is hopefully to get the word out so the eyes can stay out.  It’s one thing when Manson is just playing her regular victim card, but when she moves to openly exploit suffering animals on any level again it’s time to play whack a mole.  So, with that being said, let’s get down to it…



So here we go…Manson is dipping her gnarly toe back in the waters of grifting on the backs of broken horses.  Wanna take bets on who the suppliers are? Even though she carefully cropped the pic in an attempt to remove all evidence of where the horse is, it is clear.  All that aside, let’s look at the bill of goods she is attempting to sell to her village idiots.  She can claim she is no longer affiliated with a 501c3, but I’m reasonably sure the AG will see things differently.  She doesn’t get to just walk away and she especially doesn’t get to when she’s carting around assets of that 501c3.  Yes, they are in a delinquency status due to not filing their paperwork for the last few years, but the HiCaliber non-profit is not dissolved and she is certainly not absolved of any responsibility no matter what she says.


From July when Manson was claiming nobody else would help these horses

Let’s talk about these horses she is wanting to kill.  First off, there ARE other options for them.  There has always been other options for them.   It wasn’t all that long ago when Manson was lamenting the lack of resources for another broken horse she had drug back to the ranch to execute for dollars that she was told, right on her own page, that The Equine Welfare Society has a fund to cover just this sort of thing.  This was back in July and, of course, she ignored this information as it doesn’t fit in with her grifting and blood lust.  This isn’t even counting other rescues and animal shelters.  There isn’t much burrito money in referring these animals on to appropriate agencies and letting real horse people handle things though.


Like the good little village idiots they always have been, they pick up what Manson laid down as far as the subtle grift and start offering money.  They certainly don’t make it rain like the village of old, but it’s a much more shallow well they’re dipping from these days.   I’m not entirely sure why Wrinkles chimes in with $20 considering how far she’s already parked up Manson’s ass and the fact that any funds raised will also benefit her personally, but maybe she was attempting the `monkey see, monkey do’ strategy of fundraising.  I had to giggle at Manson blaming ICE/The Wall as the reason the owners of these horses couldn’t raise their own funds. The actual reason is more that if Salvador and his ilk did their own fundraisers, Manson wouldn’t get her blood money or be able to get off on shooting another animal in the face.  They also don’t give a shit about these animals once they have are of no use to them so making a few bucks off Manson and her merry band of idiots is just gravy. It really is that simple.


I don’t know why Manson was in FB jail because she rarely pokes her head out in the open other than to offer sexual favors to randoms in various groups, but that’s another story for another day.  What is interesting about her comments here is that she claims she’s calling vets to cover her ass as far as how much money to ask for.  She doesn’t actually state that a vet will ever see any of these horses, but with her patented read between the lines style of lying out her lie hole, she’s apparently called a few.  No word if they were actual equine vets or not or if she even discussed the horses in question.  She could have prank called them for all we know.  The villagers have been trained not to ask too many questions so when Manson says she has called the vet, they follow her down the path of deception and spread the lies of omission.


As many of you are aware, there are a few things going on in Manson’s realm at the moment.  The clock has run out on the Bonsall property so that situation is fluid.  For somebody who claims to have no affiliation with HiCaliber she is certainly hanging onto their assets with both of her hammy fists and still threatens to enforce their contracts.  We’ve always known she wouldn’t be able to stop killing animals any more than a vampire can stop drinking blood, but the way forward without her 501c3 is going to be difficult.  I will state right here for all to see that if Manson is truly concerned about these horses and sincere in her desire to get them relief, then she can refer them on to entities that can help them.  She can even have the owners contact me (as in email the blog and don’t bug JM) and I’ll network them.  Let’s see her do the right thing for once in her malignant existence.  The ball is in your court, Manson.  You going to put the horses first for once in your life?


As for me, I have three different and unrelated things that are currently on my desk.  To the people that have sent some of those `things’ to me, I’m still working on them and I apologize for not being quicker.  After spending a couple of years so deeply entrenched in all things HiCaliber,  it takes a bit more time to switch gears.  I want to make sure I give these other issues the attention they deserve or at least the best I can do with them. Rest assured I haven’t gone anywhere nor are we in mothballs.  For now though, make sure you hug your horses and other four footers and keep your eyes and ears open.  We’re a long way from over.  Have a great weekend!

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Happy Wednesday!  I’d say `Hump Day’ but chances are that would be taken and misquoted out of context and the next thing we’ll hear is that we’re all part of some bizarre sex cult.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  What we do have time for is another guest post.  I am still working on some other things that will take me back my roots with this blog, but in the meantime, the HiCaliber stuff is still `happening’.  Today’s post comes from a `contributor’ and gives a rather telling and timely update on a HiCaliber horse that was there almost until the end.  I suspect this is only the first such story we’ll be hearing about in the coming months.  We’re a long ways from done it seems…


How many of you remember Scout, the cute little baby that Michelle rode, claiming that he was 3-4 years old? That was back in September 2017. It was obvious that he was too small for Michelle to be riding, and in an ill-fitting saddle, to boot. Still, he looked like a little cutie, and many of us cringed, wondering what would happen to him. None of us were even surprised when she later declared him a crypt, which was a frequent story of hers, and money raised for a very expensive surgery that was of course never performed. Turns out the surgery was never needed, either. I hope that this post might prove educational, as well as heartwarming, knowing that Scout has arrived at a new place where he will get the care that he–as do all horses–deserve.


On a plus note, Scout hit the lottery during the HiCaliber dispersal and arrived at a reputable rescue, Strawberry Mountain Mustangs,  to get him the needed surgery and training needed to make him adoptable. Now that his gelding has been completed, he will continue the quarantine, and has a foster already willing to step up for him. His gelding was performed on January 10th, and he will be available for adoption in 60 days time. He already stands around 16 hands and just went butt high again, so chances are that he is undergoing yet another growth spurt and will be a big guy!

Now, for Scout’s REAL story:

Scout arrived in mid December at SMM, and you couldn’t ask for a bigger love bug. Always interested in what people are doing, and resembles a giant Labrador Retriever, with the way he attaches himself to the people around him. (Am I the only one who absolutely wants to cry at these horses who are simply seeking love and instead simply languished at HiCaliber, being ignored if they weren’t “favorites?”) I mean, look at this face–who couldn’t love that face?


Although he arrived in fairly good flesh, his coat was dull and shortly after arrival the worm load he was carrying began to be seen, even before worming. He was so absolutely loaded with ascrarids that he was dropping them in his manure, which could have been seen earlier if people had actually been cleaning pens at HiCaliber. That is an indicator for any horse that they are absolutely riddled with worms throughout their system–lungs, stomach, intestines, etc. The adult ascarids that he dropped after worming don’t even reflect what was in his lungs, egg loads, etc. before hand. He was treated with Safeguard and put on colic watch for a few days afterwards and he will undergo fecal egg counts, etc to tailor a worming program specific to his needs. Make note that ascarids, also known as roundworms, create a HUGE risk for impaction colic when found in large amounts in young horses and are probably a large part of the reason (among others) that Michelle had so many colics. In addition to that, ascarid eggs are tough and can live for a long time in the environment, which would soon result in the infestation of every animal in the surrounding environment. It is  important to use rotational worming and fecal egg counts, as well as proper sanitation of the environment, to stop something like that from happening.

(prior to worming)



Basically, had this horse been examined by an actual  vet, had blood drawn, been laid down etc…. They would have seen elevated phosphorus levels (see 3rd paragraph from bottom), his teeth would have shown his age, and his testicle would have appeared.
This is the vet paperwork upon discharge, with the admission information as they knew it–“cryptorchid, approx. 5 years of age.” The information within gives what the vet discovered through bloodwork, during gelding, etc. regarding his age, etc.


medical records

The best news of all is that this young horse has fallen into the best of hands, from a rescue which has always produced fantastic results with any horse in their care. You can follow Scout’s story at “Grace–the Little Horse with the Big Spirit,” on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Grace-the-little-horse-with-the-big-spirit-149993988359361/. They are a 501c3  who depend solely on donations, and work primarily with law enforcement and local horses in need, without attending auctions to raise money. As with all rescues–they are really struggling and could use additional donations to help Scout, as well as others in their care from a recent neglect case. He will be available for adoption soon in the Roseburg area!

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Although I planned to put the HiCaliber thing to rest other than pertinent updates, it appears that was more a case of wishful thinking.   I think many of us were ready to hand this story off and just wait for the various agencies to do their thing.  However, just like quicksand or the previously mentioned Hotel California, it would seem I keep getting sucked back in to the HiCaliber situation as new things come to light.  I totally get that after literally years of what was nearly round the clock drama, it’s been a big shift to the radio silence from Manson that some of us are actually enjoying.  Sadly, I think that there others  who are forgetting why most of us got involved and in lieu of actual drama, are creating some.   It feels like picking the bones of a carcass to see so much of what’s out there right now about Manson.  There seems to be very little mention of the animals she exploited and harmed as well as the ones still under her control.  With that in mind it was really nice to get this guest post in my inbox last week.  This is from somebody who I will just say has been a friend of the blog for quite some time.  This person is a former volunteer and I hope this post can redirect the focus on what this has all been about for so many of us; the horses and other animals unfortunate enough to find themselves under the control of HiCaliber. With that being said,  I’m going to hand things off to our guest poster while I contiue working on a few thins completely unrelated to HiCaliber for a change.


In my anger I sometimes forget why I’m here and why I finally made a stand.

In 2016 I first saw Michelle and Becky while I was with a group at the Valley Center AG day they put on for the kids. They had brought a mare and her foal down to promote the rescue and talk about slaughter. I remember getting a magnet and a bumper sticker for free! Lucky Me! Looking back I had a few different thoughts on Michelle as a person but I’m a judgy bitch by nature so I put those thoughts aside. I did think it was neat that she brought a rescue horse to the event, but was a little concerned over the baby. The little one was clearly not feeling too great and lying in the dirt. The mare didn’t seem all that concerned and Becky seemed to be handling the situation. Granted I thought lying in the dirt next to the poor thing and crooning to it was a little over the top, Becky, but again I gave you a pass. I listened to the spiel about being all-inclusive, family oriented and a fun place to volunteer. I’m sure they managed to put a plug in for donations too. I made a little small talk with Becky and she said to come on down sometime.


So a few weeks later I did… I came by unannounced thinking that I would make my excuses to a volunteer and start volunteering myself soon. I parked by river run and could hear kids playing in the pool. Becky drove by and gave me the stink eye but didn’t stop and say anything. I didn’t see any volunteers around so I meandered over to the nursery and played with a couple little ones and wandered around playing with horses here and there. The horses were clean happy and healthy. The pens were clean enough and everything looked like it was cared for okay. I felt pretty good about what I saw and left.

Several Months later…

I’m finally going to HiCaliber to volunteer! I went the first time on a Wednesday, the day after auction and the day the farrier came. There were quite a few people and stuff seemed to be getting done. I’m not much on large groups so after that I picked a day that I hoped to be quieter. After a couple of weeks I was watering close to 100 horses, probably more, with very little company. Okay sure, North and south herds were on auto waters, but maybe there were about six people, give or take that came in at various times in the mornings. Certainly nothing like the day after auction. It didn’t take me long to realize that things had changed quite a bit and not for the better.


I still thought that maybe I was being too hard on the situation and was trying to give the benefit of a doubt. It was pouring rain, the horses were sick, I knew animals passed things around in kennel environments and with some care they got well. This was a little different. The horses were very sick. Lots of horses were sick coughing, oozing and snot everywhere. There wasn’t much on quarantine protocol, people would grab buckets or strainers to bale and clean troughs. There was a muddy foot tray, bucket, spray bottle of verkon and usually an empty bottle of bleach outside of Price Arena that was supposed to be used after Price so you didn’t carry it to other parts of the ranch. The poor little Arabs that supposedly brought the strangles in were in a pen together. They weren’t exactly sequestered away from other horses either. Those poor little ones, they had snot noses, coughs, sitting in the pouring rain for days, no shelter, no rain sheets. I began to worry that I would come in to dead little ones but they lived and they also got adopted. Others didn’t make it though. Did I mention the sucking mud and the scratches? There was sucking mud and scratches. Lots of it.

And still I watered…

Here I’m going to interject that I didn’t spend a long time at HiCaliber. I did spend enough time there to wonder where the fuck my coffee card is. It wasn’t long before I found myself doing other things on top of watering all those horses. I got the privilege of feeding once or twice, picking up random items and the added bonus of mucking the barn after watering. I found though that mucking the barn, even poorly, was a much coveted job at HiCaliber. Ladies 10-15 years my junior would jump on being in the barn, whereas I’d find women 10 years my senior pulling out that nasty, stinky, heavy shit in the pens.

At some point things got easier. The weather got nicer and I could spend a little time getting to know some of these horses…

So after all the background story on the how I got to HiCaliber I want you to understand the who I don’t forget and why I’m so angry…

It’s all the faces, the hearts, and the souls that I left at HiCaliber. I guess angry is the wrong word, probably broken-hearted is better. I’m broken hearted.



Who I remember…

Rey Rey or was it Ray Ray? Either way it was the stupidest name ever. She was a little black filly that used the hose like water pick. HiCaliber said her dam was Desi and she went to S&S. I guess she was adopted and returned. She was oh, so sweet and oh, so willing. I remember a volunteer just popping on her bareback and bit less.

The one-eyed intact mini whose empty eye oozed and was never treated like it should. You were a little bugger but to the right person you could have been a prince. If I remember right he was housed with Jonathan.

Puck, I guess you were kind of Puckish… He was a little grey Arab who had eye liner like a punk rocker who was withdrawn and didn’t trust. I think he died, I don’t know when or how but he didn’t get his forever home.

I remember Saint, sitting in the barn, in his saturated shavings. That guy could pee a river and there he sat canker and all, waiting for his forever home. I read that he was adopted into a home. He’s one of the lucky ones.

Sweet Calypso, for the right person I think she would have come out of her shell and been wonderful. She just needed a little reassurance and love.

Frisky Calliope, I love me a little spotted appy. She was young, fresh and I hope made it the fuck out.


Mac you lippy thing, if I ever wanted a Thoroughbred you would be my man. Instead you went to one of the heavy-handed gunsels.

Finn with all the other bay and brown geldings that loved to splash and make me refill your buckets. You guys made me laugh.

Little Pandy dear, you sad, headstrong little pony. People let you down and I’m glad you spent your last days outside of HiCaliber. Michelle sold her to a woman who flips horses. I hope you got a little love. Pandy was in the barn when I first met her. She had a chest wound of unknown origin and was so depressed being under quarantine she sat with her head in the corner.

Then there was Rosie who was impressive to me. I saw her at feeding time once rearing and making her opinion known to all the other horses. I think I saw she was adopted. I sure hope it stuck.

The one eye grey gelding, Aurora, Reba, Sarah with lungs coming out of her nose, Blueberry, Gertie the grey mare that died in the mud at Price, Jonathan, Chris, Stacey, Percy, Saban the list is long.

These are some of my reasons. It’s probably not as long of a list as others and even though some of the names haven’t stuck, I remember them. They are the why and they haven’t been forgotten.

I’ll leave you with pictures of Sully/ Willie before he went to Sale Ranch.


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Seems it’s a busy time for little birds.  I have a few more pics of some of the Manson hostages.  I’m sure you’ll recognize a few.  I only ask that if people do recognize the location, to please not post about it in the open.  We are aware where the rest of the hoard is and that is being monitored.  I totally understand that emotions are running high and we all hope this is over the animals in the near future.  For now though, here are some familiar faces for you all to see. I’ve captioned the I recognize.  So nice to see them all swaddled in donations if not living in clean stalls.  The more things change, right?


Just some vehicle updates.



Just some more donations and assets scattered around…



Here are the barn inmates and their stalls are getting a bit dirty.  For somebody that claimed that she couldn’t allow the pig to go because he loved her, she doesn’t spend a lot of time with him and he’s mostly in isolation.  Remember, that the pig was paid for with donations as were the rest of these animals, yet Manson has been clear these are all her personal animals.  Hmmm…




Some more of the outside inmates.




Bubble and Bernie.  I realize Holsteins are a `bony’ kinda breed, but Bubs is looking pretty rough.  Perhaps having him gallop down the road at high speeds while you drive the mule isn’t helpful?


Chrome and Rizzo are also sporting the latest in `donation horse couture’.  What I find really sad about this is both horses should have flown out the door but neither were ever available to be adopted.  Both of them are young and papered, although Chrome isn’t really sound.  Manson paid $1 each for both of them but only after the village paid their purchase price plus the `responsible rescue’ fees many times over.


Poor Shasta is also still there.  I knew this horse was so fucked as soon as Manson started riding her and claiming she just `got’ her.  She’s also not the soundest horse, but that never stopped Manson fro riding them in the past.  Sad.



Lastly, we have poor Tanner and a cheeky cameo from a little birdie.  Tanner is still a stud apparently and I’m going to hazard a guess that the money they raised for his castration (more than once!) is probably long gone.  This horse’s only crime is having the misfortune of being named after Romney Faye’s son.  She hasn’t visited him and never really did take much interest in him beyond the fact that, because of his name, he could never have a clear shot at a good life.  Meanwhile RFB cavorts in Havasu with Dumbass Darrell leaving her good pal Manson to hold the bag.  Awesome!  That’s all for now!

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Today’s post is brought to you by Dixie.  I think it’s important information for everybody to have as we settle into a holding pattern.  She explains things much better than I can.  Any questions, please just drop them in the comments and she’ll get to them as she can.  This is really important information, so please take the time to read it carefully and spread the word if you choose.  Thank you to Dixie for putting this together!

I’ve promised many times to try to do a walk through of previous cases of charitable organization rescue fraud in order to better explain what the offices, etc. are looking for in regards to making an organization accountable for their actions.

I apologize for the delay in doing so—many of you are in touch with me on a personal basis, some aren’t, but suffice it to say that I haven’t been able to be online much at all these last few months for personal health reasons. I can’t say that it is going to change anytime soon, but what I DO promise is that not one of us have ever stopped what we are continuing to do in regards to making Michelle Knuttila, as well as her accomplices (better referred to as her BOD) known and accountable to the Attorney General, as well as many others. Please note that I am not a lawyer, merely someone who has a passing acquaintance with 501c3 laws. I can’t answer all questions, nor do I claim to, but I was fortunate enough to consult with a wonderful lawyer who specializes in 501c3 charities and a deep love of horses.

This recent case, as reported by Horse Authority at https://horseauthority.co/8-million-verdict-gregory-horse-rescue-scam-charities-california-ag/ came to a close on November 16, 2018, but let’s explore it a little deeper to get an idea of the time that it took for the AG to begin prosecuting this case after a lengthy investigation, which took probably about 4-5 years, if not a little longer due to the fact that they claimed to be a 501c3 in the beginning when they were, in fact, not. The AG has now filed suit against this sham charity in the amount of 8 million dollars. It is my hope that by dissecting some of these charges, it can help people recognize exactly what the authorities look for, how it is charged, and possibly a time line to help explain why exactly it is taking so long.

On April 17, 2017, the AG first filed an order for what is called an “involuntary dissolution,” because they were being disbanded for fraudulent activities. That is the very tail end of the entire case, investigations, etc, meaning that by this time the AG office had gathered enough evidence to force the organization to shut down, which took approximately 2-3 years. After doing so, the AG appointed a receiver to dissolve the charity, oversee the disbursement of assets, etc. because as we all know the law states that assets must be disbursed to other 501(c)3 charities, as well as other items. Their charges contain only a few of what we have proven that Michelle, as well as her Board of Directors, have done:

A) Breach of fiduciary duty
B ) Deceptive and misleading solicitations for funds
C) Breach of fiduciary relationship, meaning that they were failing to act in the best interests of the charity or its donors
D) Self dealing—meaning that a trustee (Michelle, Romney, and other members of the BOD, who were obligated in fiduciary matters to act in the best interest of the charity ) taking action in their OWN best interests in transactions instead of the charity, with one such example being the fact that they were living on a multimillion dollar property and donors were paying for it when in fact they could have rented a smaller property at less than half that price and made it viable.
E) Unjust enrichment, which is be self-explanatory

Those are just some of the charges which the officers mentioned in the lawsuit were facing.
From the article above, I was intrigued to note that this AG office, unlike a few others that we have seen in various states, really took it down to individual instances, as can be evidenced by the press release:
“The jury found the Gregory defendants acted illegally 3,430 times .” That gives me a chuckle right there, because that tells me that they didn’t simply take one instance and go for prosecution based on an “overall instance.” It means that the Attorney General explored every inch of their finances and identified every single instance of these people not acting in the best interest of the charitable organization which they founded.

Also note that the charitable Mission statement, which Shed and I have long mentioned as being pivotal to any case, is written out in its entirety. A charity MUST abide by its mission statement, period—in all previous cases resulting in convictions such as HMER, AC4H, FPF, etc—a mission statement is quoted in the charges as being at the crux of any formal case.

Number 5 is pretty much self-explanatory, and something of which we are all aware: Charities MUST file taxes, and in Michelle’s case, 2017 taxes still remain unfiled but reads current due to a slight glitch in the AG computer system. Because they filed their 2016 taxes in 2018, the computer recognizes that as filing in 2018, so reads as current but needs to be updated manually. Attempts have been made to notify them of the issue but not with any exigency (see what I did there, Michelle?) because she claims to now being soliciting for donations only for herself and not on behalf of the charity. However, as noted in the final write-up of charges in the above case with the Wounded Warriors Support Program and Central Coast Equine Rescue and Retirement, a court order was issued that none of the founders, members of the BOD, etc could serve on the board of any charity, nor can they solicit donations for personal use or otherwise. That is important, and what will happen to Michelle as well as anyone associated with her. I can attest to the fact that AG offices do tend to be very interested in this after the fact, and when people see anyone of her cronies or BOD members attempting to solicit donations under their names for her, it will continue to need to be reported. I have every faith that the people in her area will be keeping a close eye on her.

Reading through the charges, you will note that even though the people listed in the above case are family, they are all charged with profiting off of the rescue, for anyone wondering why we have made it a point to continue to name Romney, Amanda, Robyn, as well as others for the fact that they profited off of the charity. Amanda for using the charitable assets (horses) to start her own ahem “riding lessons” business, as well as the people who received horses through so-called adoptions, etc. In each of those cases, they profited off of the charity for their own personal enrichment. Donor funds were used to purchase the horses at X amount of dollars, and these people “adopted” the horses for themselves, for the sum of 1.00. Each person in the above case were charged in amounts ranging from 140k to over 2 million dollars, depending on just how much they gained by doing so. All of the officers of the charity were charged, and some who were not officers but whom benefitted were also named (including their lawyer, I found that interesting!)

Various charges, that I won’t cover much of, had to do with money not being used for the purpose in which it was solicited. In this case it will potentially be applied to Michelle’s car payments, spyware, fast food, personal pets, credit cards, bills, and so much more.

I will also skip over most of the charges relating to the fact that they did not keep sufficient records regarding donations, etc as that is pretty much self-explanatory. (I guess someone must have stolen their receipts, too!) The charges state that the AG is going by bank records and estimates that the fraudulent charity in reality owes a lot more than that for which they are being charged. In essence, that details precisely what they either are or will be doing in regards to Michelle’s instance but lets people know that they can indeed proceed with only bank records, which they subpoena as part of their investigation.
In 2016 the AG ordered a cease and desist of their raffles, which is not what they did to Michelle, because they only needed to update—however, that adds yet another year to the timeline.
The Attorney General Office did have to file for an order for involuntary dissolution of the charitable corporation, and appoint a receiver to protect and oversee the remaining assets. This is slightly different case than Michelle, who claims that she “dissolved,” HiCaliber herself, which is not going to be recognized by the State and still leaves her open to being charged for failing to do so. There is a possibility that it could leave her open to even MORE charges, because at this point it could be claimed that she absconded with the charitable assets, money, etc and is selling them for personal use, a point which some of us are attempting to make with the San Diego DA.

Going to skip a lot, but if you take a look at 41 (A), the charges of misuse of restricted donations. In that case, it mentions that solicitation of donations would be used to help a therapeutic riding center, and injured veterans. Instead, funds were used to pay personal expenses, etc.
In Michelle’s case, certain items like the tanning bed, concert tickets, tack, blankets, etc. which were donated to be used to raise funds for the horses, instead were used by Michelle and her cohorts for themselves and did not benefit the purpose for which it was intended. (There are many more instances, but those are the ones off the top of my head.) Charge 43, in this case, can be used when one thinks of the 10k donation received for the care of certain horses, at least one of which was then shot, and the other horses were soon taken from the rescue and sent elsewhere, with no funding from the original 10k ever provided to their previous owners, meaning it did not get used for the purpose for which it was intended.

There are obvious and other charges throughout this that I am skipping, such as the failure to keep meeting minutes, books, receipts, etc. but this post is lengthy enough and those are pretty much self-explanatory. This includes the presentation of false information to the IRS, the State of California, as well as disseminating false information to the public.

Charge 61(G) Operating with the intent to deceive or defraud
Again, self-explanatory and we saw it every week. An obvious explanation was the changing price of auction horses, as well as the claims all funds raised were going to purchase the horses from auction but not mentioning the Starbucks, eating out, and everything else we watched occur every Tuesday.

The Third Cause of Action is interesting:
“…has used the funds to fund her lifestyle, and used charitable funds to maintain her personal horses and other equestrian related props.” We can all see how that relates to Michelle and the fact that she was keeping 20-25 horses of her own on donations which were intended for the charity. Horse Authority quoted the Attorney General, Xavier Becerra’s own words when he stated “the charity used donor funds to board and care for the Gregory family’s personal horses.” (Gina Gregory is a lawyer, personal relation, and also named in the charges.)


The Fifth Cause of Action is too long to get into, but what is important is this:
“…imposes a charitable trust on funds collected for charitable purposes, and a ‘fiduciary relationship between a charity and any person soliciting on behalf of a charity’…”

That part is important, because it leaves open each and every person who continued to solicit funds for Michelle including Romney, Robyn, et al, especially as they were aware that the money was NOT going towards its intended purpose. Some, yes—but not all, nor was it ever divulged to the public that not all funds were going to the horses but instead to support their lifestyles.

They cover the unjust enrichment part and explain it pretty well, so seeing the parallels between their actions and the HiCaliber team are pretty obvious when you read the charges. It’s 5 am here and this post is pretty damned long, so I think I have bored you enough for tonight—but hope that it will give you guys a better look at what exactly the AG looks for when dealing with fraudulent charities, and how we—and anyone dealing with a case like this in the future, because it WILL happen, it is human nature— aimed at noting Michelle’s actions in particular to gain the interest of the officials by having an idea of what exactly the officials are looking for in regards to starting an investigation and seeing it through. Throughout the US, almost every single OAG office overseeing charities is looking for items such as this, and remains true from state to state.

As you can see, the OAG won the lawsuit against them for over 8 million dollars. It is interesting to note that the Wounded Warriors Support Group’s page here on the Registry verification database shows that at no time did they ever succeed in bringing in over a million dollars a year; as a matter of fact, their highest yearly claims were $648,891.00 . Of course I didn’t look up the other businesses that benefitted, but it also brings to mind her new “Alphamare, LLC” and how they can work that into her charges, when they are filed. Most importantly, to me: “The court issued a judgment for the involuntary dissolution of the charities. A court order permanently prohibits the defendants from operating or serving on the board of any California charity. They are also prohibited from soliciting any type of donation. “ This means them, personally, as an individual, which will put paid to Michelle’s hopes of living the rest of her life on other people’s money. It is also something that will have to be continually monitored, for several years, and evidence provided to the AG, especially if it is one of her friends, or her alter egos—but trust me, that is one thing that they WILL enforce, with evidence.
Timeline to have this all done took almost 5 years, as best as I can tell from the paperwork because of course it doesn’t mention the dates that the investigation actually began. Frustrating, but something that Shed and I knew when we began attempting to get this to the attention of the authorities. The last time I looked, and I cannot remember where I found it, sadly enough but it is on the AG site somewhere—was that there were 250 cases on the AG’s log, and I believe that at that time 36 cases were currently being prosecuted. I am going off of memory but I think there are 4-6 Deputy Attorney Generals, who are responsible for prosecuting the cases. That means all four of them are responsible for the current prosecutions of the 35 cases at that time (again, going by memory which I freely admit is not functioning at 100% right now) which means that they are tremendously busy at any given time, hence the reason why getting an investigation started, and to the court room, takes so much time. Frustrating for us, absolutely—but I do have faith that it will happen, as we have always stated, just not in the timeline that we wish it would happen.
For some amusement value, especially as it pertains to Shed—be sure to read to the bottom of the Horse Authority article, in the link provided above. Apparently the family members involved attempted to sue media outlets for reporting on the case after the investigation was announced. However, a digital media lawyer proclaimed to the court that he would file a motion under the California Anti SLAPP (actually, it is available anywhere) law, which protects free speech, to strike the motion down. One might do well to study the SLAPP law, which is interesting in itself but an easy definition provided by Horse Authority is that “A SLAPP suit, or a strategic lawsuit against public participation, is a civil claim filed to ‘silence and harass’ by forcing a defendant to spend money and time defending a baseless suit, according to The Public Participation Project. “ It might behoove others to be aware of this statute and use it to their advantage.

In closing I want to say this.

One of the first things to be aware when something might not be all it is purported to be is us types of people, AKA ‘haters.”Trust me, even the best rescues have detractors, maybe because they are disgruntled people turned down for adoption, or even some other reason known only to them. You might expect to see 5 or 10, depending on how many alter egos they make up. But when a rescue begins to have 20, 30 and more people beginning to raise questions, it is a good idea to remember that old adage, “Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.”
Be informed. Be aware. It is ok to simply study the laws in your state, as did I and countless others to learn this stuff.. It doesn’t mean you are the rescue police, it simply means that you are a well-informed consumer who knows when a rescue is “doing it right,” and can place your trust in supporting someone. Even more importantly, as we saw with Michelle, and others—many times people start out with the best of intentions and then go bad once the lure of easy money starts coming in. I absolutely believed in one of the above rescues charged by their state and supported them, but at the end, I realized when others presented their evidence that all was no longer on the up and up and then assisted in bringing it to the State’s attention. It doesn’t mean you are stupid, or a fool—unless you refuse to believe what the evidence shows. It has happened to many, many of us, trust me. The only idiots are those who continue to not believe when the evidence is right in front of them. Hell I trusted HiCaliber at first, too—just not enough to give them my money, unlike the other.
Let’s work together—and make no mistake, it is going to be you, and the other people you educate from what you’ve learned in this situation to carry this burden, because I won’t be around and no guarantees for Shed—to make certain that situations like this are not allowed to grow to the size of this fiasco in the future before someone takes action. A reputable rescue has absolutely no problems answering questions with transparency and accountability, if asked with respect. They have no problem with accounting for money, assets, purchases, etc. We have the power to prevent this from happening again. Let’s make certain it doesn’t by being well-informed, and aware of the responsibilities of a charitable organization has to its donors, as well as the public.

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