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Those Pesky Grey Areas

One of the issues that keeps coming up with both pro and anti slaughter people is rescue.  I’ve noticed that a fair number of PSAs seem to have disdain for traditional rescues.  Several of them have appointed themselves unofficial internet watch dogs and have made a sport out of picking them apart for everything from how they set up their websites to the types of horses they choose to assist.  If the rescue in question takes a firm anti-slaughter stance then chances are the PSAs do not approve of how they run their operations.  Personally, I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around how any rescue could support slaughter or why anybody would choose to surrender a horse to them.  I think most of us anti types can agree that rescue and pro-slaughter should not go hand in hand, but lately I’ve gotten myself stuck in a grey area.  For want of a better term, these would be the listing services I’ve seen popping up more and more lately.


Most of the arguments surrounding rescues I have seen from the PSAs is what constitutes a true rescue of a horse.  According to them, you must never pay for the animal or it isn’t rescue.  I really don’t agree with that at all.  If I go to a sale and outbid a kill buyer or an abusive idiot then I have pretty much rescued that horse from a bad fate in my books.  The money I have paid goes into the hands of the person that sold the horse and they can go buy their beer or whatever else it is that was more important to them than their horse’s fate.  However, with the listing services it’s a bit different.  The horses have already been sold to the kill buyer and via the services (NYNE aka Need You Now Equine and Rebels being examples) you can rescue whatever horse it is by going through them. They post pictures of the horses on their pages and usually a brief description as far as level training and noticeable soundness issues.  They have deals with the KBs to go in and assess these horses and list them.  They don’t call themselves rescues, but they tend to tug on your heart-strings with reminders that the horse is going on the truck to the slaughter-house in X number of days and it needs to be bailed out ASAP.  Basically, they are brokers.  Yes, if you buy one of their listed horses, you did rescue that particular horse, but that sure doesn’t make the broker service a  rescue.

horseeeeeeI know many people have purchased animals from Rebels and NYNE and been quite happy with the animals.  They have probably even felt pretty good about themselves for saving their horses from taking that one way ride to slaughter.  What they don’t consider is what is really happening here.  Let’s say the kill buyer bought whatever horse at auction for $150 and brought it home to his holding pens.  Then the broker service comes in and decides this one is worth saving.  It will look good on their website whether it is a really nice horse or some poor old relic that will tug at people’s heart-strings.  So, the KB marks up his price to $400 and then the broker needs their cut and now the horse is worth $700 for you to bail out.  Well the broker is just making a living, but you have now given the KB enough money to go buy 2 or 3 more horses to replace that one you just saved.  Regardless of if you buy 1 or 6 horses from him, he will fill his load and it will not decrease the number of horses he sends to slaughter at all.  Technically, by saving one horse you have just sealed the fate of a few extra horses.  You have actually just contributed to the slaughter pipeline.

damnedSo what is the answer?  Those horses standing on feedlots, waiting to ship to slaughter, are just as worthy of saving as the one about to go in the auction or the one on Craigslist being offered for $50.  Obviously, I don’t want to see a single horse ever go to slaughter.  I think if you are looking for a specific horse for your personal use, you should buy the perfect horse for you no matter where it comes from.  The happier you are with your horse, the less likely that horse will end up in the pipeline.  But, if you are looking to save a horse, I’m suggesting you `save’ it before the KBs get their hands on them.  I have a problem with brokers like Rebels and NYNE lining their pockets by tugging at people’s heart-strings.  I have a problem with them playing God and deciding what horses deserve to be saved based on what will make them the most money.  It really pisses me off that one saved horse means double or more that will end up slaughtered because of these people.  Sadly, as long as there is slaughter available I don’t know what the answer is.  I hate grey areas, I really do.

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I know we normally point and laugh on Fridays and we’ll get back to doing that eventually.  This week I thought it was more important to give some updates on slaughterphile, Dorothy Robertson’s, seized horse and the outcome of her criminal charges.  Sadly, Ole Dottie has had several features on this blog due to the ongoing saga of her horrific neglect case and seizure last fall.  While her legal mailing address may be in Nevada, Big D most often resides in the land of denial.  You can refresh your memories here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/straight-from-the-horse-neglecters-mouth-updates-on-the-nevada-34/) We eventually came to find out this wasn’t Dottie’s first rodeo when it came to neglecting animals and having them seized.  We also came to find out that despite being a rabid supporter of slaughter, Big D still allowed her hoard to starve half to death despite living less than 5 miles from a livestock auction frequented by kill buyers.  This big mess also introduced us to a brand new nest of asswads over at the Horse Grooming Supplies message boards fearlessly led by Anne Knight, Sarah MacFarlane and Karien Jamieson aka manesntails, IIIBarsV and farmeress.  I wish I could tell you that they have all seen the light, but as we know…stupidity knows no bounds.  They’re still profoundly stupid and still dogging on the rescue that took in these horses.

Dorothy Robertson in happier times

Dorothy Robertson in happier times

Back in October, Dorothy pleaded `not guilty’ to charges of animal neglect.  We recapped the court proceedings here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/here-we-go-again-nevada-34-updates/).  She continued to post at numerous forums vowing that `new information’ was coming in daily and alluding to filing suit against all responsible for the seizure of her horses as well as the rescue that paid their bail at the livestock yards and took them in.  That rescue was Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue aka NNER.  For some reason NNER became the target of Dorothy and her supporters.  They went to any lengths to discredit them and discourage people from supporting them.  Big D went as far as to suggest NNER was `slimming down’ those horses to make her look worse.  All this was because that due to the pending criminal case, NNER was asked by the authorities not to post intake pictures of the horses.  So, NNER took the hit and continued to care for these animals without having the benefit of posting their pictures.  Guess what?  The trial is over.  Dorothy accepted a plea bargain which saw her plead guilty on 5 counts of neglect.  She will do 30 days in jail plus 48 hours community service on each count.  She also has to pay a minimal fine on each count.  Not nearly enough for the suffering her horses went through, but at least it’s over.  Or it’s over until the next time she gets busted. Now, do you want to see what these horses looked like when they were seized?

Pasture and condition of some of the herd

Pasture and condition of some of the herd

Note the feet

Note the feet

Taken at Dorothy's `ranch'

Taken at Dorothy’s `ranch’

Some of Dorothy's mares

Some of Dorothy’s mares

More of the herd

More of the herd

One of the yearlings

One of the yearlings

The `old' stallion who turned out to be only 10 yrs old - Colonel's Diamond Chex

The `old’ stallion who turned out to be only 10 yrs old – Colonel’s Diamond Chex

`Old' 10 yr old stallion prior to being euthanized

`Old’ 10 yr old stallion prior to being euthanized – he was covered in pressure sores that were infested with maggots.

Same stallion prior to being starved and neglected

Same stallion prior to being starved and neglected


Mares...note pond in the background that was their drinking source

Mares…note pond in the background that was their drinking source

More mares

More mares




"Ladybug" yearling filly after being fed for 3 at livestock yard for 3 weeks

“Ladybug” yearling filly after being fed for 3 at livestock yard for 3 weeks

Ladybug's front feet

Ladybug’s front feet

Ladybug's hind feet

Ladybug’s hind feet

Ladybug's front legs

Ladybug’s front legs

Ladybug today

Ladybug today

So, there is a sampling of what Dorothy figured was adequate care.  New pictures will be posted as they become available.  The HGS people have redoubled their efforts in slandering this rescue and questioning their every move.  As you can clearly see, there has been a long and expensive recovery for the majority of horses involved in this seizure.  It was not NNER’s doing or fault these horses were seized.  Dorothy has been caught in numerous lies and deceptions since all of this came to light, yet people still want  to blame the rescue.  Do you know who will pay the price for this sick little game of armchair critic?  These horses will.  They should be the only thing that matters at this point.  You can help these poor animals in a number of ways.  Share these pictures and the rescue’s contact details far and wide. (https://www.facebook.com/NortheasternNevadaEquineRescueInc?ref=ts&fref=ts) NNER also has a `chip in’ for hay you can add to and/or share around on social networking sites. (http://northeasternnevadaequinerescue.chipin.com/hay-to-help-buy-more-feed-for-the-fallon-horses-through-the-winter). If you go to their Facebook page, they are raffling off a side of beef for $5 a ticket.  Anything will help and I don’t see it as wrong of them to be asking for help.  These horses were in disgusting shape and they still have a way to go before they are ready for adoption.  It won’t be easy to get them all adopted as Dorothy refuses to give up their papers or identify any of them.  I don’t know that any of them are actually broke to ride or have been anything other than breeding stock.  That makes it even tougher.  Lets help these animals return to good health and find happier homes this year.










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Does anybody remember that post I made back in November where we reviewed 24 `good’ reasons to slaughter your horse besides the good old standards of crippled, defective, and unruly?  Those reasons were helpfully provided by our buddy Naughty Tobiano and the covered everything from mane rubbing to that unspeakable crime of being a mare.  (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/11/27/24-reasons-to-slaughter-a-horse/) Of course, most of us that actually like horses didn’t agree with NT’s reasons, but they probably are reasons any good slaughterphile is on board with.  If you’re a good anti, you know these reasons were bigger load of crap than what you find piled up in the Petulant Pony’s dry lot that contains her hoard.


Given the perfection that the PSAs demand of their horses I’m going to surmise that any perceived flaw that a horse possesses is a valid reason to put it in the slaughter pipeline.  Certainly a youngish horse that has become completely blind due to Moon Blindness should be disposed of immediately.  Better to cash in on him while he’s in good flesh and you can feel good about yourself that you gave him back his dignity by squeezing the last few dollars out of him.  Horses always feel much better about themselves as they are being hogpiled into kill pens and tortured to death when they know that at least you have your beer money.  I am going to go out on a limb and estimate that 99.99999% of slaughter supporters would agree that if your 9 year old horse goes blind, you are completely justified in slaughtering him because anything else would be wasteful.  It’s all about value, right?  There is no way you should be obligated to keep this otherwise healthy animal for 15 or more years.  Horses are not pets!  Well, I’d like y’all to watch this video.  It is an application video for the 2011 Versatile Horse and Rider competition that was held at the Ohio Equine Affaire.  This is Becca and Stormy and all the footage on this video was taken AFTER Stormy became completely blind in 2005.

Becca and Stormy


I’ve been accused of being an elitist snob more than once by our PSA pals.  Stormy obviously isn’t a rail horse nor would he likely have been a world beater even before he lost his sight.  Who cares?  What you can clearly see in that video is a young girl that loves her horse and refused to toss him aside like a broken toy.  What you also see is that every horse has a `value’ beyond the almighty dollar no matter what hand fate deals them along the way.  I don’t know about you, but I think Stormy looks like a pretty happy guy and is doing something far more dignified than being tortured and ending up on Slaughterhouse Sue’s dinner plate.  Thank you Becca for being so awesome and showing everybody what value and dignity really is all about.

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Can you see the John Lyons quote on the picture above?  It’s a pretty nice sentiment and I can get on board with it.  I would guess most anti-slaughter advocates can relate to it as long as they actually believe in God.  Guess what?  I pulled it off our the Facebook page of our favorite slaughter supporting horse rescue, Willing Servants.  Apparently the insight God granted Holy Theresa of Willing Servants  is that the best way to treat and care for these `reflections’ is to torture, kill and eat them.  I know none of these delusional fuckwits actually look at slaughter that way because they have come up with softer terms for what it is they want so badly.  Harvesting, processing, and even humane euthanasia.  I realize their ignorance and hypocrisy isn’t news and it seems to get less funny over time.  What is news is that I’m so sick and tired of the whining these idiots do, I’m willing to make a compromise if they will just stfu and move on to something that I don’t care about.  Seriously.


While I know the prices of euthanasia and burial/disposal that the slaughterphiles frequently quote are grossly exaggerated, I do appreciate that doing the right thing isn’t always cheap.  Believe me, I know more about that than I want to, but I also consider that a part of owning a horse.  Personally, we choose to bury or cremate our horses because it’s what we can live with.  I don’t really judge anybody for how they choose to dispose of an animal after the fact.  It really doesn’t make a difference to the animal and even after cremation, there is a significant amount of cremains to deal with.  Since nearly all the players on both sides of this issue claim to be horse lovers and only wanting what is best for the animals while they are living, then why not compromise?  Let’s bring back knacker trucks!


Back in the day, that’s how it was done if you didn’t process your own animals.  You paid a nominal fee and a guy would come out and shoot your animal and either haul it away or process it for you.  Since nobody wants to admit that they are into slaughter just because they like killing horses and watching them suffer, I think this would be a great compromise.  Old Dobbin can live his days out in familiar surroundings and when his time comes, you call in the knacker and allow him the dignity of dying without fear and torture.  Even though it’s not an option I would ever choose, I could get on board with it if it meant no slaughter houses and no shipping across state lines or international boarders for slaughter.  Surely if you can’t afford a couple hundred bucks to make sure your beloved horse dies peacefully, you need to stick to gold-fish.  Maybe that’s unfair to gold-fish too.  Get a stuffed toy or something.


I realize my compromise is never going to be considered.  As we all know, it’s all about the money and enabling backyard breeders and bottom feeding horse traders.  God forbid we see little shops of horrors like Sugarcreek, Shipshewana and New Holland go out of business. How do we know this?  Because slaughter is legal in most states.  You can send a horse to slaughter right here on home soil.  The problem is you can’t do it for human consumption and sale without a USDA inspection, so nobody is going to make money off it and open up a slaughter-house.   This minority pocket of assholes, lead by the ever greedy and inappropriate Slaughterhouse Sue, want to mass slaughter horses at the expense of our beef, pork and poultry producers and the safety of the food on your dinner table.  I guess the fact that this just isn’t an industry that is ever going to profit the majority of citizens doesn’t matter as long as Suey gets to see her `dream’ come to fruition and line her own pockets.  There isn’t a shred of love for horses that factor into the equation.


Remember how the slaughterphiles keep telling us that slaughter is to save horses and stop the cruelty and neglect?  It allegedly provides a way of dealing with unwanted and unsuitable horses.  Horses that have no other value left in them but to end up on a dinner plate.  Well, I’m sure most of you have read about Cactus Cafe and Canuki over the past year.  They are two Thoroughbreds that raced at Beulah Park in Ohio, that were sold under shady circumstances and shipped to slaughter in Canada.  (http://www.drf.com/news/canadian-slaughterhouse-firm-no-longer-accepting-thoroughbreds) The uproar over this resulted in at least one Canadian slaughter plant refusing to accept known Thoroughbreds any longer.  Cactus Cafe and Canuki were both located at Viande Richelieu near St. Hyacinthe, Quebec in the kill pens ready to head to a dinner plate despite having been given banned drugs throughout their racing careers.  Thanks to the hard work of several people, these two horses, in an unprecedented move, were recovered from the slaughter plant and sent to a rescue.  Remember, that according to the IEBA, slaughter is a `humane’ way of dealing with unwanted and flawed horses.  Seems that Cactus Cafe and Canuki were anything but unwanted as people went to great lengths to save  them.  Are they unsound and untrainable?  Look at their recent pictures and decide for yourself if these were two horses that needed a dinner plate to give them value….

Canuki today....


Cactus Cafe

Cactus Cafe




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Last week, we picked apart the favorite PSA excuse for slaughter; setting base prices for horses.  Most of you saw it as a load of crap, but most of you are also sane and can see that meat prices have nothing to do with the value of a healthy, sound and well-trained animal.  Of course we got the information from the petulant pony, Naughty Tobiano.  She’s currently doing a whole series on good reasons to slaughter horses and kindly supplied us with 24 vices that would be good reasons to send your horse to slaughter.  I thought we would take a look at them since they seem somewhat related to these mythical `bad horses’ the PSA people keep ending up owning.

#1 – Cribbing

Cribbing is a super annoying habit some horses come up with.  It can lead to various management/health problems like colic and dedicated cribbers often wear their front teeth down to nothing.  Any of the sales I go to will list if the horse is a cribber or not in the catalogue as it’s not usually curable.  It is, however, manageable.  There are various straps and collars that you can use to minimize or even wipe out the behavior all together.  Cribbing is also something that seems to be lifelong for most horses.  I have yet to see a horse take up cribbing as a mature horse.  I guess the bottom line with cribbers is that if you really can’t stand the behavior, don’t buy a horse that cribs.  There are plenty of other people willing to put up with this particular `vice’.

#2 – Wood Chewing

Not the same thing as cribbing.  Most horses get into wood chewing out of boredom.  Sometimes they do it because they are missing something in their diet.  It’s fixable.  You can turn your horse out, you can give them something else to do (various stall toys) and you can paint wood surfaces and make that not so inviting for them.  I’ve had a lot of young horses that were stabled or kept in paddocks think it was a good idea to embrace their inner beaver.  Most will eventually grow out of it once they lose their baby teeth. I have rarely seen a pastured horse with adequate roughage provided and company take up wood chewing.  I took a spin around in the golf cart to look at our paddocks/pastures tonight and the only one that has chewed boards is the small paddock we use to isolate a horse that may be injured.  Other than that, not a single chewed board on the property.  Imagine that!

#3 – Teeth Grinding

Huh?  Our painted pony thinks that a horse that grinds its teeth should be slaughtered?  I’m confused.  I’ve had the odd horse grind its teeth when I’m riding. It’s never really bothered me and I’ve never given it much thought.  If a horse seems particularily uncomfortable with a bit in its mouth there are countless options to fix that too.

#4 – Weaving

Coming from a racetrack background, I’ve had my fair share of weavers.  You can’t really fix them as long as they’re stabled.  It also isn’t `contagious’.  I had one horse that weaved all day long and none of our other horses that we had at the time ever did.  Our `weaver’ wasn’t stressed out as he did that from the very first day he ever was in a stall and we owned him from the time he was a baby.  It was just his `thing’.  Do you know what we did about it?  We put a rubber mat under him so he didn’t wear a hole in the ground and we kept standing bandages on him so he didn’t accidentally bump his legs.  We also hung a radio outside his stall door and he would always weave in time to the music.  If he had to be annoying, at least we could make him cute about it.  I also owned this horse after he retired and for the rest of his life.  Guess what?  Once he was `let down’ from racing and lived in a nice big paddock with his buddies, he didn’t weave anymore.  The odd time if he got left in his paddock alone, you might catch him standing in a corner weaving, but those occasions got fewer and further between the older he got.  I guess my point is that he wasn’t hurting anybody or anything.  He was also a really cool horse to own and ride.  Hardly a reason to execute the poor guy because he was into self soothing.
#5 – Head Shaking

Head shaking is something that is a bit more controversial.  Some think it’s strictly behavioral and others think there is a neurological reason for it.  I lean towards behavioral in most cases.  I haven’t ever had a personal horse that was a dedicated head shaker.  I’ve had horses that had nose flies and done it the odd time, but never a dedicated head shaker.  I’ve also had racehorses that would sling their head when they got keyed up.  It hurts to get a head-butt from a horse.  I’ve always attributed head shaking to being a human caused problem.  Maybe that’s why PSAs have head shakers that need to be slaughtered and most of the rest of us never have?
#6 Extreme Ear-shyness

Really?  This is a good reason to slaughter a horse?  Ear shyness is %100 man-made and/or fixable.  If they have mites or plaque in their ears, treat them.  If you have an ear shy horse ,WORK with it and get it over it.  My 17.2h horse came to me very ear shy.  His former owner had twisted and twitched his ears to try to get him to bring his head down to work on. As a result, he didn’t want anybody touching them.  I couldn’t really blame him.  However, with a lot of patience and kindness, he will now drop his head to my knees so I can bridle him and I can use my electric clippers on his ears.  He just had to learn that I wasn’t going to twist them and hurt him.

#7 – Stall Walking

Yet another `vice’ that is man-made.  Stall walkers are bored.  They also aren’t really doing anything other than making a huge mess of their stall and more work for the person that cleans it.  If you are too lazy to deal with that, don’t keep your horse in a stall.  If you don’t have any other choice but to stable your horse, get off your ass and make sure he’s properly exercised and stimulated or maybe he’s not the right horse for YOU.

#8 – Wall Kicking

Why is your horse kicking the wall?  Maybe he needs a new neighbor?  Maybe he’s bored.  I’ve had horses get excited and kick the wall.  I’ve had a few that raised hell at feed time.  It’s annoying and expensive to have them kick their shoes off, so you find ways to work WITH the behavior or you don’t keep them in a stall.  Pretty simple.

#9 – Hard to Load

Really?  NT thinks this `vice’ could be a deal breaker.  How about working with the horse and teaching him to load properly?  A few months ago when we had to evacuate over 50 horses in a very short time frame, not all of them were experienced with trailers.  Guess what?  We got ever single one loaded and out in under 2 hours.  If you aren’t an abusive moron, you can make a hard to load horse, not hard to load.  Amazing how that works.

#10- Hard to Catch

Given how we have seen some of the PSAs treat their animals and considering what NT thinks `slaughter worthy’ is it any wonder that they have horses that are hard to catch?  I don’t have a single horse that is hard to catch.  I have some formerly hard to catch horses, but as of right now, they all come when they are called and I rarely go out to catch them with anything other than a carrot in my pocket and I don’t always even have that.  A little work in a roundpen will usually convince a horse to be a bit easier to catch.

#11 – Will Not Stand Tied

Why won’t your horse stand tied?  I’ve had exactly one horse in my life, racehorses included, that would not stand tied up.  She was a puller.  Some trauma in her past made her panic when she was tied up.  Violently so.  However, she would ground tie and stand all day long, even at horse shows, with her line on the ground.  You could literally park her somewhere and she would stay there as long as you didn’t tie her up.  I suppose, if I had been older I could have worked with her on the tying thing.  There are lots of ways to do that, it just didn’t seem important to me as a kid.

#12 – Bucking Under Saddle

Again, there about a thousand reasons horses do this.  Maybe they are getting pinched, maybe they don’t want your abusive ass on their backs.  How about looking for a reason other than `bad horse’ as to why they’re doing it?  I guess this would be tough if you are a PSA because the answer may be that YOU are the problem and we all know that PSAs don’t like that answer very much.  Far easier to slaughter them.

#13 – Rearing Under Saddle

Yet another man-made `vice’ that is worth a death sentence.  Why is your horse rearing?  I’ve seen the bits many of them use and I’ve seen pictures and videos of their ham-fisted efforts to ride.  Figure out the problem and fix it.  I guess that isn’t easy to do when you are the problem…

#14 – `Girthiness’ or Tack Shy

Huh?  Do these asstards not believe in actually TRAINING their animals?  Why is it `tack shy’?  I have never had a trained horse that was tack shy.  Never.  As for the `girthy’ business.  Deal with it.  Take your time, stretch it out, walk it around and then tighten up.  That’s what I love about riding English.  I tighten my girth once I’m on my horse.  I guess the PSA horses just get hauled out of the field and get the tack slammed on their backs, cinches done up to cut them in half immediately and they should be good to go with it.  Seriously, WTF?

#15 – Cold-backed

First off, how about seeing if your horse has a sore back?  Check the fit of your tack.  How about lunging the horse and warming it up before you heave your abusive ass on it?  I guess it’s far easier to just slaughter them…

#16 – Pasture Bully

How about moving the horse to a new pasture?  Don’t have one? Then sell or give the horse to somebody that does.  Any herd of horses will always have a boss.  Either let them work it out or find them compatible herd mates.

#17 ,18,19 – Biting, Kicking, Striking

I lumped these three together.  All `behaviors’ and all fixable or man-made.  Sometimes both.  I’ve handled a LOT of horses.  I can’t even count how many.  I’ve handled everything from new borns to 4/5yr olds that have never even been halter broke.  I’ve had horses do some pretty shitty things when you’re starting out with them.   They’ve also all gotten over it.  Not every horse is going to end up being a kid safe horse, but you can teach good manners if you’re smart enough to do so without getting yourself killed in the process.  Here’s a little video from a PSA.  THIS is why there are bad horses and this is why not everybody should be working with green horses when they have no clue what they’re doing.  Watch the video linked below and tell me if this little blow-up is actually the horse’s fault at all…

PSA Horsemanship

#20 – Bolting/running away

Sounds like a training/rider problem more than a reason to slaughter.  Perhaps the PSAs should stick to horses that eat quarters rather than the real kind?

#21Bad in Traffic

Really?  How about not riding in traffic?  If you can’t desensitize your horse to traffic (if that’s even a big deal to you) then buy one that already is.

#22 – Constant jigging or crab-stepping

Yet another man-made vice.  Back to the arena with your bad self if this is an issue.  Maybe take some riding lessons while you’re at it.  Why is your horse doing this?  Lots of times it’s because you’re gagging it half to death with your ham-fists.  Take that horse to the arena and do some long and low work and teach him to relax.  It’s not that hard.

#23 – Chronic Mane and Tail Rubbers

OMG.  If your horse is rubbing the mane and tail of itself, how about taking the time to figure out why rather than selling it to a kill buyer?  Maybe you could start off by worming the poor thing.  If that doesn’t fix it, maybe it has a skin condition.  Do you know that Listerine applied to the tail and mane will often stop the itching and clear up minor skin conditions?  A novel idea would be to have a vet come and see why the horse is doing it.  Most mane rubbers do it by reaching through the fence to get food. You could try feeding your horse! Lots of mares will `fence push’ and rub their tails out when they’re in season.  Deal with it.  I’ve yet to see a healthy horse that was on pasture do either of these things.

#24 – Extreme `Mareishness’

This is perhaps the easiest of all to fix.  Don’t buy a mare if you don’t want to deal with the hormonal issues.  Not every mare is all that hormonal.  Ones that are really bad can be put on Regumate or other therapies to minimize this.  You can have a marble placed in their uterus to stop a lot of it.  I guess  you can’t be a good PSA backyard breeder without mares though….

As you can see, there isn’t a single `vice’ on the list that should mean a horse needs to be slaughtered. In fact, they are all basically man-made and fixable or at least manageable.  Apparently, PSAs expect each and every horse to be 100% perfect all of the time despite the abuse and generally shitty horsemanship they are subjected to.  Well, horses are thinking, breathing animals and they even have feelings.  If you want a recreational vehicle that doesn’t require training or maintenance, I suggest you buy an ATV or a dirt bike.  The other thing PSAs want is to buy their horses for under $1000 and then turn around and sell them for several thousand dollars after they have messed them up.  It doesn’t work like that.  If you want a bomb-proof, healthy, sound horse that is actually trained to do something  you’re still going to have to a decent price for it.  Slaughter or no slaughter isn’t going to change that.  The only thing slaughter is going to do is give you a dumping spot for all the horses you mess up and I don’t think that’s the answer.  I think the answer is that any person that thinks any reason on this list is worth slaughtering an animal over gets out of horses all together.  You’re not a horseman and we don’t want you in OUR industry.

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I can’t believe it’s only been a day and already the fuckery has escalated to a point I feel compelled to point and laugh again . Of course we have the mystery and drama surrounding US horses being rejected for slaughter.  We’ll get to that and update in a bit.  We also have Dorothy Robertson and her devotees over at HGS flipping the switch from being loony to full-blown, batshit crazy.  I never realized that so many people hated horses so much and that those same people bother to involve themselves with the object of their hatred.  We may point and laugh at these people, but I’m finding them less and less funny lately.

As we mentioned earlier, Dorothy is back online and showing no remorse.  I guess, understandably, she is super pissed her horses were taken away, but she seems to have slipped a gear in the rational department.  She appears to be devoting all her time in attacking the rescue that was awarded her horses and has now actually suggested they are hiding them and starving them so that she’ll look bad when she goes to court at the end of the month.  I’m not even making that part up, sadly. This is straight from Dorothy…

“Concerns have been raised by some in the community that NNER may not be feeding adequately in order to “slim down” the horses and take undated photos claiming they are “before” shots. Seems there’s not a lot of trust in this outfit among the ranchers/livestock owners here. I do have additional photos taken with long tele lens less than 2 weeks after they were taken (a time frame that the vet testified would not show marked improvement IF the horses were in starvation metabolic status)….film was torn in removal from camera and is in specialty pro photo shop in Reno for handling…should be here by the end of the week and I’ll post what I get as soon as possible. In addition, am seeking photos taken by others (WalMart photo center person said about 50 people had film developed over the time the horses were at the sales yard and that the comments were overwhelmingly along the lines of “nothing wrong with their weight…should not have been taken….why couldn’t the local farriers/vet offer some help for the few that needed more work and why hold out and not euth the one for 4-5 days after being taken?”). Hope to post requests for sharing of photos in several locations within the next couple of days. New job is odd hours….12 hour shifts from 3a to 3p or 3p to 3a…..3-4 days a week most likely so getting some things done may not be very speedy.”

– Sometimes there just are no words…..Naturally, she is being egged on, consoled and encouraged by the nest of assholes that inhabit the HGS board.  Not a single one of them can count past the number of fingers they have and seem to want to place all the blame on the rescue who had NOTHING to do with seizing these animals.  Their newest plan is to take this to the media and they all figure it will get national coverage….Ok then…


As I’m sure you all know by now, Canadian slaughter plants are not currently accepting US horses and there is some indication that Mexico has or will follow suit.  This was a decision that came from the EU and pretty much without warning.  I would have thought it would be a time to band together and help some horses that are seriously at risk right now, but once again I was wrong.  The PSAs are redoubling their efforts to get a slaughter-house open, despite there not being an actual market for the time being. I guess the taxpayers are supposed to overlook that little stumbling block.   I’ve seen some suggest that all the slaughter horses be dumped on Wayne Pacelle’s lawn, that there will be loose horses running in the street by tomorrow and all the usual doomsday predictions they subscribe to.  I have yet to see a single one of them accept what is the current reality and come up with any idea or solution to make sure that horses do not suffer.  I guess the fact that the horses in question currently have owners and those owners will remain responsible to feed and care for those horses or there will be charges laid doesn’t register with them   Nobody knows how long this will last right now.  To lighten things up, I thought it would be fun to take a look at Slaughterhouse Sue’s emergency press release on the issue.

“Yesterday, October 12, 2012, the international commerce in horses for processing from the United States to both Canada and Mexico was disrupted by an unannounced action of the European Union. Approximately 2,500 head of horses per week have been crossing the border to European Union regulated plants in Mexico per week, and an estimated 1,300 head to Canada in recent months. 


This is a higher number than usual driven by the widespread drought, devastating fires, high cost of feed, and lack of pasture forage in the United States leaving horse owners with few options except the selling of horses. There is a strong worldwide demand for cheval. Cheval is the common name for meat produced from the equine species in the same way that beef refers to meat produced from cattle, and pork refers to meat from hogs. “
– Don’t y’all just love how calling horse meat `cheval’ is suppose to make it more palatable or something?  I’m not sure how strong the `worldwide’ demand for horse meat actually is, but I’m going to guess it’s declining given the recent discoveries of adulterated horse meat and a recent death from somebody ingesting Bute.
“In the United States, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service is still finalizing the validation of science underlying their equine drug residue testing program, which they anticipate will be completed by the end of the year. Several U.S. based companies anticipate receiving the necessary grants of inspection to begin operation at that time providing a much needed humane option for the horse industry in the United States. Currently the only viable outlet is transportation outside of the U.S. to the E.U. regulated plants in Mexico or Canada. “
– I’m not sure there is anything in this paragraph that is actually the truth.  Anybody?
“Today, the leaders of the International Equine Business Association: Sue Wallis of the United States, Bill des Barres of Canada, and Olivier Kemseke representing Mexico, Argentina, and the European Union are issuing the following statement:  

“The International Equine Business Association (IEBA), including it’s partner the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC), and its members in the United States and Mexico who are businesses engaged in the provision of accurate information and education respecting the health and welfare of horses and the equine products trade, have been working to advance an industry leading Equine Identification, Tracking and Traceability system that provides a fully compliant, auditable data base that  exceeds the standards of the European Union.
– Too little, too late, Suey!
“In consideration of the immediate welfare of some 48,000 horses in the next 3 months, it is notable that our organizations have sourced, contracted and facilitated the implementation of an internationally harmonized equine traceability system that can be fully utilized within the next 90 days in the U.S. and Canada.  Major components similar to the industry driven IEBA Equine Quality Assurance Program in the United States, and the Equine Traceability Canada systems, are already in use in Mexico to assure all horses processed for food are uncontaminated, and that horses can be identified, tracked and traced in compliance with rules and regulation.”
– Really?  90 days?  Canada has already stated they won’t be ready in time for the deadline next year and Suey is going to get it all done from scratch in 90 days?  The rumored holding time on these horses is currently longer than that.  How are you going to get around the fact that Bute is banned and there is currently NO system in place that tracks a horse throughout its lifetime?  We shouldn’t be surprised, Suey has also promised she is going to test each and every horse for banned substances PRIOR to slaughtering them as well.
“To ensure the welfare of horses and avoid an international humanitarian and economic catastrophe, the International Equine Business Association joins with thousands of North American horse owners and businesses to call on all applicable government entities in North America and the European Union to work quickly to resolve this crisis as soon as possible. Times of worldwide economic and social hardship are exacerbated by regulatory actions that cause horrific, unnecessary animal suffering, destroy jobs, narrow economic opportunity, disrupt international commerce, and limit access to a sought after, affordable, high quality, and safe protein source for the world. “
– These slaughterphiles really do live in a bubble.  An international humanitarian and economic catastrophe?  Really?  Because some rich people can’t gobble down their favorite dish?  Slaughter CAUSES horrific and unnecessary animal suffering and dead horses don’t provide as many jobs as live ones do.  Those are facts.  North American horse meat is NOT safe.  That is another fact.  Many of us that are in the horse industry are not going to see the value of our horses go down even a little bit over this.  It will be business as usual at our farm tomorrow, just as always.

Puppymill Patterson busily wrote up a statement on behalf of D-bag Duquette which I posted yesterday.  She is also trying to get everybody to sign her petition to immediately kill horses, because Lord knows we need another petition out there.  I’ll be surprised if she managed 1000 individual signatures on it.  I think for comic relief, we’ll check in with what some of the UH brain trust had to say about it all.  We won’t hear from Mendy Tobiano though, because rumor has it she got her ass booted off Facebook yet again and is creeping around in one of her alternate personalities, Bunny Buckled.

“We are now in campaign mode again and need to contact Vilsack and Congress to put pressure on them push forward with U.S.D.A. inspections!”

– Good ole Puppymill Patterson never disappoints!  We shouldn’t be surprised that she feels that rather than ensure there aren’t horses stuck on trucks or dumped over this, that her time would be better spent going into `campaign mode’.  She is, after all, the person that is working double time to strike down stiffer penalties for animal cruelty and abuse.  The prospect of all the horses that could be killed right in her own back yard probably has her moist.

“……most of the people who are anti slaughter are not horse people…there for they do not understand the challenges or impacts things like shutting down slaughter bring. Horse abuse and abandonment have rose since the close of the last slaughter plant in the U.S. and now with this debacle it will get WORSE!! The rescues are over flowing, tame horses are being turned lose to fend for themselves, starved, shot and who knows what.”

– Somebody please alert The Jockey Club and all the big farms in Kentucky that they will no longer be considered `horse people’ according to the brain trust of the PSA  contingent.  Strangely, I don’t think anybody that needs slaughter to value their stock or be in this horse industry is much of a horse person either….Funny how that works..


“The next Presidental debat is going to be held in NY next week in a town hall meeting. it would be very interesting if someone would ask the candidates what their opinion and plan is for the unwanted horses and slaughter issue now that this has happened.”

– Considering this rocket scientist can’t even SPELL `presidential debate’, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that she honestly believes that they will discuss horse slaughter rather than foreign policy, health care and the current economic climate.


“I and many other draft breeders consider the meat buyers CUSTOMERS!!! Whether anyone likes it or not, the meat buyers have kept our breeds from becoming extinct.”

– Sounds like somebody needs to get out of the breeding business.  I would be mortified if one of our horses ended up at slaughter.


“We need to stay on our toes, keep up to date and push hard to get people to understand this is necessary and humane thing that can benefit the whole country not just horseman. The people that need convinced is the general public.”

– When you are constantly in the minority on a certain issue, maybe it’s time to `understand’ that you are wrong.  You are not going to convince an increasingly health conscious `general public’ that consuming adulterated meat from a companion animal that is not raised specifically for human consumption is in their best interests.


“The antis behind everything are vegans”

– This little gem came from the good vet, Kim Houlding.  The one that still maintains there is a withdrawal time for Bute and other banned drugs and has no understanding about the difference between a blood sample and a tissue sample.  I wonder if she could wrap her mind around the fact that `antis’ probably had little to do with what happened.


“Folks this is no different than all the odds and obstacles we have already overcome to get to this point. Don’t hang your head like we’re done cause this is far from over..”

– This is from D-bag Duquette.  He also said yesterday that all of this was `no big deal’.  I see a bare butt spanking from Mama Suey in his near future.


“i sold a young horse on Tuesday and lucky for me she and not gotten any shots or been wormed since June. did not get much for her. she went to Sweet Grass border cross by Thursday”

– What an asshole this person is.  I see a Sunday feature in her future….


“If all these city folk want these horses to be Fido & Fluffy so badly, how come they aren’t boarding a couple each? Maybe a crippled up mare with arthritic hocks so bad she is 3-legged lame, an insane stallion that has been let to terrporize people all his life so is a human safety hazard, oh, and finally maybe an inbred product of some retard who let a colt breed his mother and all his sisters too and this said horse is dumber than a brick and stunted. You think the ‘do-gooder, horse huggers are gonna ‘adopt’ and ‘care for’ those horses too?? Bwahahahaha! <right!!>

– I’m going to come right out and say that the `city folk’ horse owners probably contribute more to the industry than these backwoods bumblefuck ranchers that can’t get with the times.  I’ve also got a crazy suggestion for this PSA.  How about the person that created the 3-legged lame, the insane stallion with no manners, and the inbred product of `some retard’ who let a colt breed his mother and sisters take responsibility for their own mess and do the right thing?  Why should anyone else clean up your mess and why should thousands of horses suffer because a few people want to be asstards? I think it is far easier and will do far more good to cull these types of people right out of the industry.


PSAs eagerly await for the next UH press release

I have a feeling this is going to go on and on for a long time.  I’m not going to pretend that the coming days will be easy in the horse industry should this ban last longer than a week or so.  They won’t.  Depending on what news we get about this next week, some immediate action and intervention will be needed.  Hopefully, the ban will stay in place and without the looming threat of slaughter, advocates can focus on helping the horses.  Please keep checking with Equine Welfare Alliance for updates as well as Habitat for Horses.  There is already a lot of misinformation out there and sadly, there will be people trying to take advantage of the situation.  Please read the following updated press release carefully.  (http://myemail.constantcontact.com/2012-10-13-Update-on-Press-Release-.html?soid=1103281455502&aid=NWXY_HKnWpo)

Stay tuned!









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Today is a day that should be marked on everybody’s calendar as a victory for the welfare of all horses.  As of this morning, US horses are no longer being accepted in Canadian slaughter plants for the time being.  Mexico is expected to follow suit.  Right now seems to be mass confusion but the fallout has already begun.  The following is a press release from the Equine Welfare Alliance (http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/).  Please read it carefully.



Chicago (EWA) – US horses are no longer being accepted by Canadian horse slaughter plants, according to multiple sources. The Shipshewana auction in Indiana confirmed reports that they have discontinued loose (slaughter) horse sales for an indefinite period of time.


A spokesperson for the Sugar Creek Ohio auction also confirmed that the kill buyers were no longer taking slaughter horses because “the plants are shut down”. This was further confirmed by a Richelieu slaughter house official. An unconfirmed report from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) indicated it was the result of a European Union (EU) directive.


Canadian customs officials, however, knew nothing of the action. To add to the confusion, at least one driver stated that he did deliver horses to an undisclosed plant Friday afternoon.


The move came so suddenly that many trucks were already on the way when they learned of it. According to Lambright the issue is that the EU has banned American horse meat from being shipped for consumption in Europe. EWA has yet to receive confirmation from the EU.


Following the closure of US based horse slaughter plants in 2007, the export of horses to slaughter in Canada and Mexico increased dramatically. In 2011 the US exported over 64,000 horses to Canada and 68,000 to Mexico.


Documents showing horse meat contaminated with phenylbutazone (a carcinogen) and clenbuterol (a steroid) surfaced recently, indicating that the CFIA and the EU were accelerating their residue testing programs. These reports were followed by claims from some kill buyers that blood was being drawn from as many as half their horses (an unprecedented percentage) before they were being accepted.


Since most of the meat from both the Canadian and Mexican plants is being consumed by the EU, it is reported but not confirmed that Mexico too will curtail imports of US horses.


In 2008, the EU announced that it would require third countries to come into compliance with their standards which require horses to be micro-chipped and all their medications tracked, but few observers expected any action would come before the expiration of a July, 2013 deadline.


The most likely explanation for the sudden move is that the expanded residue testing program has yielded worse than anticipated results. 

Clearly, this is a huge victory towards ending horse slaughter, but now is not the time for complacency.  There hasn’t been word on how long this ban will be.  The United Horsemen are, of course, claiming this as `no big deal’.  D-bag Duquette claims to have spoken with a sale barn and his Canadian contacts and said “Not a big deal, it’s about EID’s and will re-open. Just a bad time for that sale so they cancelled it”.  He can go right on thinking that.  I’m sure the trucks that were turned around and refused at the border today may disagree with him.  Of course they are also waiting for word from the USDA who had nothing to do with what happened today.  Stockland Livestock Sales in Davenport, WA has cancelled their fall horse sale that was due to be held tomorrow.

“UPCOMING SPECIAL SALES:Saturday, October 13th: HORSE SALE CANCELED!!Due to unforeseen circumstances all exports of horses to Canada and Mexico have been suspended. We just became aware of this situation the morning 10/12/12. We have reached out to numerous experts and traders in the business and as a result and due to the uncertainty with the market we have decided to cancel the horse sale. We will reschedule later this fall or early in 2013. As it stands we would have no buyers and no place for the horses and would be unable to provide a service to you or your animals. We understand that this is both a frustration and inconvenience to you. We will keep you posted as more details about the exports and a future sale become available Stockland Livestock Sales, Davenport WA”

Even with that announcement, the UH loyalists remain in denial and have already begun hatching conspiracy theories….
“A play on words with no proof or actual facts.Folks this is a scare tactic,dont believe a word of it. Seriously,look who wrote it,lol.”

– Regarding the above press release…

“These horses will still need to die. These people are truly delusional if they believe they are saving any.”

– Not sure who `these people’ are, but I wonder if this person would like a mug of blood to quench her thirst until they can get the border open again?

“Its not unusual just befor a weekend to hold off on taking some across the boarders,specially if the plants are working full shifts all weekend,and get holding pens as empty as possible befor resuming across the boarder, sales resume a few days later. Chicken plants,hog,beef,they all do it once in awhile,its not permanent.”

– Then why hasn’t it happened before?

“We will have to wait to see how it plays out, I could see where all exports for any reason would be stopped for a period to prevent dealers from reassigning the load once in the other country. I could see where this move would force the usda to ban bute totally so that they will start accepting young stock again and then gradually increase the age to match how long the ban was in effet, so if you use bute you might want to get stocked up now.

– Less than 1% of the horse population goes to slaughter.  There will not be a ban on a useful therapeutic medication so that small number can be sent for human consumption.  Period.

So, as of tonight there really are a lot of horses in limbo and needing help.  I’m sure the kill buyers will hang onto what they have for a little while until some clarity is given on this shut down.  However, with sales cancelling and effectively no dumping ground for these horses, now is the time for people to step up.  Support a rescue, donate to a hay bank, and euthanasia clinics will be needed.  I don’t even care what side of the slaughter issue you are on; if you care about horses now is the time to step up and help them.  The reality today, right now, is that there is currently NO slaughter for American horses.  Now is the time to work together for the welfare of all horses.


Seems that somebody told D-bag that his `no big deal’ was not an appropriate response…Puppymill has just posted this on his behalf (pretty sure she wrote it as well)

A statement from Dave Duquette, President of United Horsemen:

As many of you are already aware, there has been a major disruption today in the international trade of U.S. horses going to Canada and Mexico. This is the result of an unexpected and unannounced European Union action. Little official and accurate information is available on a Friday evening, nonetheless, United Horsemen, a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is devoted to the well being of horses and horse people, and its executive team is working through our international networks, as well as governmental and industry contacts, to get to the bottom of this situation. We will provide continual updates and information as it comes available, and work with all of you to make sure that our network has accurate and reliable information.

Bear in mind that reestablishing humane horse processing in America is a viable solution needed more than ever with the news of this situation. As always, United Horsemen continues its work to restore much needed balance in the horse markets and horse industry, while profoundly improving the state of horse welfare.

We call upon all of you, as members of United Horsemen, for your much needed support in our efforts on your behalf and on behalf of the U.S. horse industry.

Warm regards,

Dave Duquette
United Horsemen

Notice their only concern is to get to killing as soon as possible and no mention of HELPING those horses that are stranded and displaced as a result of this…..Seems that the UH’s information source is not as timely or accurate as the EWA.

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