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If you’ve been following along with the slaughter stuff for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve heard all the trumped-up reasons why we absolutely MUST start slaughtering all our horses again.  I could write forever punching holes in them.  However, one of the ones that irritate me the most is the whole `slaughter sets a base price for horses’ argument.  WTF?  Seriously!  I’m not usually given to direct responses to the petulant pony aside from the weekly recaps of the lunacy she perpetuates, but some things you just can’t let slide on by.  Misinformation pisses me off.

So, if we are to believe the slaughterphiles,  horses aren’t selling well because there is no `base’ price per pound on them.  I don’t even comprehend that line of thinking.  Horses are not raised to be food animals.  Does anybody look at the steak on your plate and wonder if it was papered or how well-trained the cow was before it was slaughtered?  I didn’t think so.  Because this is the type of horse that I’m most familiar with, I decided to pull up the stats for the recently concluded Keeneland fall sale for Thoroughbreds of all ages.  This sale is 11 days and features everything from weanlings, to race stock, to breeding stock.  The prices run from in the millions all the way down to $1000, but when averaged out over 11 days, it always gives us a pretty good indication of where our market is and how we’re doing.  Do you know what the verdict was?  The market is strong.  This is especially gratifying because everybody knows those damn thoroughbreds don’t make the best meat horses.  If you believe Holy Theresa Manzella, they cost double to feed than any other horse (complete and utter bullshit btw).

In the interest of fair reporting and full disclosure,  if you look at the hard numbers from Keeneland’s fall sale this year it was down a little.  However, last year’s sale featured once in a lifetime dispersals of some fairly high-end breeding stock which they have attributed to the higher numbers.  The late Bernard Evans holdings along with Saud bin Khaled’s Palides Investments N.V., Inc   were dispersed and brought some crazy high prices.  Included in that consignment was Royal Delta who sold for $8.5 million.  With those horses factored out of the numbers from last year, the prices are actually higher this year.  So, the `real’ numbers from this year saw the gross up 5.36% , the average up 2.74% and the median up 10%.  That doesn’t mean much to most people unless you attach the actual dollar amounts though.  So, this year’s average sales price over the 11 days was $52,248 and the median was $22,000.  Not sure about you, but those are pretty good numbers to me.  I’m not alone in that opinion.  Keeneland vice president of sales, Walt Robertson stated:

“This was a very good sale, and encouraging in that the market laid down a stable foundation for the industry, Last year’s sale was enhanced by the vintage dispersals. This year we saw a truer market. And while there was general support throughout, we definitely saw a concentration on quality with regard to all types–broodmares, weanlings and horses of racing age. There is no doubt the money is out there for a good horse.”

I think the last sentence is pretty important.  People are still paying good money for good horses.  That’s the one thing slaughterphiles like NT will never be able to wrap their minds around.  No thoroughbred breeder bases the value on their stock on meat prices.  They breed for quality and performance and meat prices neither factor into their choices nor do they set their `base’ prices.  I suppose when you sell horses that are unpapered, not finished for anything and look like the ones below, you probably can’t wrap your mind around the real horse industry and real sale prices.

Sale picture courtesy of NT

Another NT sale horse

Now, I have been accused of being elitist a time or two by the slaughterphiles.  I’m actually not all that elitist when it comes to horses.  I’m a realist.  What I keep as my personal pet horses are one thing, what I deal with for a living are another.  I’m not looking to resell my personal horses, but I’m also not breeding them.  Many of my `horsey’ friends ride grade horses or show culls and they are still great horses for what they want to do with them.  They also aren’t breeding them or looking to make a living from flipping them.  The fact is there will ALWAYS be cheap horses as long as there are idiots involved with breeding them and horse trading.  EVERY single breeder has a foal that doesn’t quite come out like you had hoped.  However, if you are breeding quality stock, raising them correctly and either training them or presenting them for sale properly, it’s far easier to find a good home for the odd cull than to keep creating them.  If you are a bottom end horse trader and the lack of slaughter is putting you out of business, I don’t feel even a little bit sorry that you can’t make a living selling horses to slaughter.  Whine and cry all you want, dead horses don’t drive the industry.  They don’t need tack, feed, veterinary care or any number of other related purchases.  If Suey and the IEBA gets their way, you still wont’ be able to afford to be in the horse trading business because it’s going to cost you more to do business with her than to put a horse down.  I won’t shed one tear if all the slaughterphiles get out of the horse business and it also won’t change my lifestyle and income one bit.  If you need meat prices to value your stock, please find another business to be in because the horse industry will be better off without you.  Just give us some time to clean up the huge mess that the slaughterphile mindset has created.

Havre De Grace — recently sold for $10 million as a broodmare prospect


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Seriously, I am learning so much thanks to our PSAs.  Today I learned that people are pro slaughter because they know what they’re doing unlike the rest of us that think it’s reprehensible to slaughter a horse.  In my ongoing research into the mysterious `bad’ horses that they keep talking about I found out that the reason the rest of us have horses we enjoy is because they,the PSAs, know what they’re doing.  Don’t believe me?  Behold these pearls of wisdom:

“I was reading something on another chat last night. Someone wanted to know WHY “pro slaughter” people have a higher rate of knowing horses that have issues; mental and/or physical. I think it boils down to this: Pro slaughter folks generally do not see their horses as pets. We see them as livestock. We’ve handled MORE horses than the average “pet horse” person. We’ve probably “rescued” more horses than a “pet horse” owner and some of us have even bred (obviously) more horses than a “pet horse” owner. So, next time you’re staring at your pet horses wondering WHY our horses have an issue, think about why you chose that horse in your backyard —- because he didn’t have an issue, or was trained or fixed by someone that knows what they are doing.”

– Oh no, she did NOT just say that…..Who knew?  Who knew that one person could be THAT delusional?  Sadly, this person is not alone.  It seems this is not an uncommon stance for slaughterphiles to take.

“And don’t you think “pro slaughter” might be more knowledgable about “noticing” mental/physical issues. Not saying pet owners are less educated or dumber than the pro slaughter people, but pro industry horse people are just more knowledgible in the horse industry. But as I’m typing this, I find myself not liking grouping pet owners as anti slaughter because I would have to categorize myself more of a pet owner than a pro industry horse person, and I am pro slaughter. Feel like I’m not making any sense here!”

– Oh!  That clears up a bunch.  The rest of us just don’t `notice’ our horses are bad or crippled and live in a rainbow bubble of delusion!  Maybe that’s why they are pro slaughter….they see things that are wrong with horses that escapes the rest of us.


“THIS is the time to put new slaughter plants to work with the recommendations set by Temple Grandin. The slaughter process is quite humane but she had suggestions to make some plants less stressful. The one video i’ve seen that was a US slaughter plant showed horses coming in one at a time, quietly, no stress, and shot once. It was swift and instantaneous.”

– Does anybody have a link to this video?  Because the ones I have seen have all been horrific.


“Speaking for myself, because I don’t want to assume others feel the same, I consider my horses pets, even some of our cows as pets, but also realize they are livestock. However, I would not send my own horses to slaughter but would have them put down, if necessary. But I agree for the need for slaughter, just not for my own horses. The point being I can still love my horses and be pro slaughter at same time.”
– This may be the one common statements PSAs make that pisses me off the most . If slaughter is so `humane’, then why isn’t it good enough for their horses?  Do they think that just because they don’t own the horses at slaughter they suffer any less?  Asswads!!!


“In a healthy market most of the horses who end up in slaughter houses ARE the rank ones; and the lame and the spoiled rotten pasture pets etc. In this market, anything in the bottom tier that isn’t marketable will go to slaughter even if it’s not lame or rank or spoiled.

The slaughter house is necessary to filter out those horses because let’s face it, they will ALWAYS be there. In a healthy market, the vast majority of the horses there should be there. In this market, good horses end up on a plate. If we had US slaughter houses two things would happen: the horse population would eventually stabilize and recover and there would be more jobs, even if only on a small scale.”

– I know we’ve been over this about a million times, but why can’t these people pull their head out of their asses. Good horses went to slaughter prior to 2007 and will continue to go until we shut it down completely.  Opening slaughterhouses would create MORE of a problem because it gives these morons a convenient disposal option for their messes.  If we had US slaughter, backyard breeders would go back in business in a huge way and dead horses don’t create all that many jobs….


“When those of you that oppose humane horse slaughter are able to feed, medicate, treat, and facilitate all of the unwanted, ill, and injured horses, please let those of us that support it know so we can help you begin your quest to provide them such a happy existence. Until then, please help us keep these poor animals out of the horrific and gruesome out of country slaughterhouses you have sent them to.”

– I think there are more of us anti people trying to clean up this mess than anybody else.  Do you know what I contribute to the slaughter pipeline?  ZERO.  If every self-professed horse lover did the same, there would never be an unwanted horse.  Guess what?  The slaughter houses in Canada are not one bit different from the ones that Slaughterhouse Sue wants to open and, depending on where you live, may still be a shorter haul.


“I do not support horse slaughter, I support highly regulated, inspected, and HUMANE horse slaughter. Now it’s time to try to put all differences and opinions aside and do what is ultimately best for unwanted, ill, and injured horses. Right now there is nobody with the funds or any other means that is willing to take care of all of them, especially in the current economy and drought.”

– Awesome!  I support fairies and leprechauns!  I really want to know how these people think any of this will happen with the budget cuts or why taxpayers are going to be happy to fund this disgusting practice to profit foreign businesses at the expense of their domestic food supply.


“For those anti slaughter, are you all vegetarians??? How is a horse going to slaughter any different and in humane then cattle and hogs going to slaughter to be butchered, packaged and sold in our stores?? I love my horses dearly and would probably consider them pets but still realize they are livestock. Slaughter houses are a necessary evil and if you don’t think so then why don’t you start feeding and caring for all the unwanted horses.”

– Why don’t you stop creating unwanted horses?  I wish mandatory sterilization for morons was a `neccesary evil’ too….


“The whole med issue is overblown. They use the same wormers on cattle that they do on horses. Few horses being sent to slaughter were JUST wormed, and the drugs have left their system in a short time. Same with bute, despite all the hype. Someone would have to eat MASSIVE quantities of “tainted” meat before ever becoming sick.”

– Somebody needs to alert the EU and tell them `no big deal’ on all the recent discoveries of adulterated horse meat we have sent them from North America.  This PSA says so!


I guess I’m going to have to go to the library and check out some Black Stallion books and maybe the Pony Club Manual so I can know as much as these brain surgeons.  I, for sure, should look into self medication because I am getting sick and tired of reading and seeing all these same old tired lies being tossed around as a justification for their asshattery.  Not only is it annoying, they regurgitate them with such conviction, people believe them.  I am excessively busy and cranky this week.  PSAs consider yourself  forewarned.  I’m truly done being nice.

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I figured since you were all appropriately outraged about horse tripping and those that support it, we should take a look at buckaroos.  To be honest, I grew up thinking that `buckaroo’ was just a stupid term for cowboy that city people might use.  I certainly wouldn’t have considered calling anyone that unless I was wanting to offend them in some way.  Kind of like calling somebody a `dude’ used to be a dead insult once upon a time.  Well, it turns out I was both right and wrong.  Buckaroo is a real term and is still alive and well in the Great Basin country of northern Nevada, southern Idaho, northeast California and southeast Oregon.  A buckaroo is basically an Americanized version of Vaquero and they consider themselves to be horse and cattlemen.  I still don’t think being called a `buckaroo’ is much of a compliment.  I’m sure this entry will cause a certain amount of outrage, especially amongst the PSA crowd.  There are many of them that think buckaroos are super cool and awesome.  I mostly think that many buckaroos are just great big douchebags for the way they treat animals.  At least the ones we’re going to talk about today are.

One of the first things that comes to mind with buckaroos is their look.  They all have a very specific look for both themselves and their horses.  Flat hats, chink chaps, A-fork saddles with post horns and bucking rolls.  Many of them favor a lot of silver and adornment on their tack as well.  Their finished horses usually wear spade bits and I’ve yet to see a buckaroo or picture of one where they weren’t using some fairly sharp rowelled spurs.  They wear their gear and clothing like a uniform.  Other than their choices of spurs and bits, I don’t really have much issue if they all want to dress like that.  It sure makes it easier identify them and run the other way when you encounter one. I know many attach a certain `romance’ to the buckaroo lifestyle and look.  We all know a bit or spur is only as harsh as the user, and these guys have some fancy looking bits and spurs. Although, I still cannot wrap my mind around why anybody would ever feel the need to put a spade bit in a horse’s mouth these days, I might have been ok with them  had I not dug a little further and found what a large number of them consider entertainment.

It seems our little buckaroo buddies are a bit like their charro counterparts in what they consider entertainment.  Of course, it comes at the expense of horses and of course they are all mostly slaughter advocates.  It seems that buckaroos like to host ranch rodeos when they aren’t out ripping the mouth out of their horses or punching holes in their sides. Ranch rodeos aren’t exactly what you see when you go to the Calgary Stampede or the NFR.  Sure, they have the usual events like team roping, calf roping, barrel racing, bull riding, bronc riding, etc.  Depending on how you feel about those sports, nothing out of the ordinary for a rodeo.  However, they also have an event called Big Loop Horse Roping and it is truly disgusting.

Big loop horse roping shares a lot in common with Mexican rodeo.  Probably not so surprising considering that the buckaroos evolved out of the vaquero culture.  Where big loop roping differs from horse tripping is there are two ropers on horses.  It’s a bit like an extremely barbaric version of team roping.   They do the horse the courtesy of throwing a neck loop on it and slowing it down before the second roper fore-foots it and jerks the legs out from under it.  I suppose this is how they get away from calling it tripping.  The end result for the horse isn’t a bunch different from tripping though.  Check out these videos of big loop roping:  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v7djtzbckE) The next video has some extremely graphic scenes and was shot at the Jordan Valley Rodeo this year. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmp8pkbU03I)The buckaroos call this `laying them down’ rather than tripping.  That’s supposed to make us feel better about what they’re doing.  Here are the words from a PSA who pretty much lives and breathes this stuff:

“For untouched horses like this, the *real* buckaroo’s do a neck rope, ride along with the horse a bit until it slows, then throw a front footer. It’s safer and lays the horse down easy. Plus these horses were 3 year old’s that were in their 2nd and 3rd year of roping … NOT easy ropers! LOL They won more than the ropers did. I know of ranches that do this with their young stock to brand and geld them all the time.”

– Are we clear on this?  These horses are used for nothing but roping?  Nice life they have.  Also, that’s how they handle their `young stock anyhow’.  I’m taking that to mean they hog tie them to geld them rather than do it the humane way.
“Trust me, the big loop ropers do this in real life and if you rope a back foot of an unhandled horse, you will likely kill it. Or break a leg. You have to use the appropriate type of rope as well. Most of the ones I know use soft hand made rawhide riata’s.
– Go ahead and watch the videos I posted links for.  Tell me that front-footing them is any better….It should be noted that this PSA actually eats horses from time to time.
Here’s an interesting quote I found on a message board from somebody that has first hand knowledge about Mexican rodeos and horses that get used for these sorts of events:
“When I used to go to the horse and tack auctions in S. Cali. I could easily spot all the busted and broken charro horses. When the horse meat trade was stopped and auction prices hit the dirt for good quality saddle horses, they were simply letting the really damaged ones loose in the hills to forage for theirselves. You can’t bury dead horses on your property in California. You’ll get a fine. You have to pay $80 bucks to have them hauled off to the rendering plant. Guess they can’t afford to constantly pay to have their dead animals hauled off since there are so many eh? A couple hour ride in the hills and you could usually spot one of the loosed charro horses – sometimes alive (barely) sometimes dead and partially eaten by coyotes.”
Interesting, no?  Abandoned and abused horses being turned loose in the hills.  I know this does happen because I have a good friend in California that is a rancher.  He’s found these horses on his grazing lease and has had to put them down.  The condition they are in is appalling.  I’m sure Slaughterhouse Sue and D-bag will say this is exactly why we need slaughter back.  Bringing back slaughter isn’t going to stop these assholes from doing this.  In fact, if we give them that outlet, they’ll just do it more.  Banning this practice everywhere and ENFORCING that law will fix this problem.

Notice the knee and ankle on this horse. She was found tethered to a tree in the wilderness in California….

So, how do they get away with this?  Enter Slaughterhouse Sue and D-bag Duquette.  They take credit for the Oregon Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources nixing Senate Bill 613 last February.  Known as the `horse tripping’ bill, it would have outlawed roping horses by the front legs and tripping.  Sadly, the bill became all wrapped up with other roping events and that is likely what killed it rather than anybody actually giving a single crap about Suey and D-bag had to say.
“”No rodeo event in Oregon condones, or conducts, horse tripping. Oregon has comprehensive laws in place to protect animals. This bill was totally unnecessary. It was nothing more than a first step by HSUS to ban all roping of all animals in our state.  Horses are livestock, and if this bill had become law, it would have set the precedent for making it illegal to rope a cow. After all, they’re both livestock – what’s the difference between horses’ legs and cows’ legs?”

– That quote is from D-bag Duquette. Like their idol Crazyass Steve King, they will fight any proposed legislation that may protect animals from cruel and barbaric asstards.  Considering he lives in Oregon, consorts with some of the people that do this type of thing, and the video footage is from THIS year, he’s just a big fat liar.

“The HSUS goal is to gradually pick away at owners’ rights to decide what is best for our horses and livestock,  They hide their agenda behind pretty language about protecting animals. But we are finally starting to educate the public about what is behind the curtain. Oregonians are too smart to fall for the misleading HSUS rhetoric. Those of us who love horses, livestock and the Western lifestyle need to work together to preserve our heritage and the right to decide what is best for our animals.”

– naturally D-bag made this all about his mission against the HSUS.  NOBODY that loves horses think this is cool to do and if this your way of life and heritage, you are an abusive shit.  The reason we have to put laws in place is because people that do this type of thing have zero compassion or ability to know `what is best for our animals’.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised he says things like this considering he likes to host horse barbeques for his clients.

It is expected that Oregon lawmakers will be bringing this issue to the table in the next session and work towards a ban on this brutal `sport’.  The PRCA has long outlawed it from their rodeos.  Other than the underground charro circuit, it seems we have a small pockets of asstard hold-outs in the buckaroo community that need to find a better way of entertaining themselves.  Keep checking in with the Animal Law Coalition for updates.  (http://www.animallawcoalition.com/animal-cruelty/article/2042)


I grew up on a ranch and I do understand how ranch life works. I’ve participated in more brandings than I care to count.  I can half-assed throw a loop if I’m pressed too.   I come from a long line of horsemen, none of whom have ever been pro-slaughter.  In fact, my great-grandfather could have been considered a buckaroo at least by the equipment he used, not by mentality.  Don’t believe me?  Meet Gramps…(pssst….his horse isn’t skinny either as NT would have you believe all the old-time ones were)

That picture was taken in the late 1800’s.  He was actually a pretty well-known guy and is in many books. The bit and spurs are still in the family, but haven’t been used in my lifetime.  They are probably too valuable to use for one thing, plus we don’t do things the old way anymore even though that particular bit does not have a cathedral port in it.  That’s my point.  My great-grandfather was a working cowboy if there ever was one.  He was also a well-known horseman.  Whatever it was he passed down through our family, it was to respect your animals, especially your horses.  I sure don’t recall anybody ever throwing a rope at a horse, let alone tripping one.  Before I was able to do so on my own, I saw countless horses started and never once did I see one thrown or laid down.  I guess not all buckaroos would consider big loop roping part of their heritage.  Times have changed and so has the way we handle our livestock.  There is no reason to stress and traumatize any animal anymore.  We have the means to be kinder.  Here’s another `family’ picture of mine.  My grandmother and her father engaging in something we don’t do anymore either.  While I appreciate my heritage, I know that some things are better left in the past.  Thankfully, most sane people do as well.




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This has certainly been a busy week in the land of the profoundly ignorant and stupid.  With the return to the internet of Slaughterhouse Sue and Douchebag Duquette becoming the latest PSA blogger, it’s been tough to keep up with all the doings of the PSAs.  They have been bringing the crazy like never before and it has provided endless entertainment and frustration for the rest of us. This week even saw the brief return of some old favorites and our usual suspects were in great form too.  We have a lot to cover this week, so let’s get rolling with `Point and Laugh Friday’, brought to you by the letter `S’ for STFU.


I guess we’ll kick off the proceedings by checking in with the moronic matriarch of the PSAs, Slaughterhouse Sue.  Still offering no rebuttal or explanation for the Missouri lies, she returned to the loving embrace of her fellow online horse haters.  Ole Suey has been burning up her keyboard looking for articles and linking them to the UH like a woman possessed.  Maybe she is just going through Bute withdrawals.  Unfortunately for Suey, the articles came from largely obscure and questionable sources and were met with apathy from her supporters.  I’m still having some trouble with why an online tech magazine would run an editorial about horse slaughter.  It’s not a big deal since it has become apparent that the majority of the PSAs are quite unable to put down their Doritos and get off Facebook long enough to make any comments or support their stance.  No worries, there were plenty of anti-slaughter people willing to step up and set the record straight with *gasp* facts.  Way to go, guys!

As we covered earlier, Suey’s next mission was to pull out all the stops and begin a petition to the USDA demanding they begin inspections RIGHT NOW.  She joined forces with the other IEBA buttholes, Bill `Maggot’ desBarres and Olivier `Moneybags’ Kemseke, to voice their `concern’ about the suffering of American horses among other things.  She further went on to mention how much worse these horses suffered when they were shipped out of country.  Not sure why Maggot desBarres, being from Canada,  felt the need to shoot himself in the foot like that, but maybe Moneybags is lining his pockets too.  You would think it had already been a busy week for Ole Suey, but she wasn’t done yet.  She next applauded and drooled all over Crazyass Steve King from Iowa, who basically hates all animals as much as he hates Wayne Pacelle.  Just to recap, Crazyass King is in support of dog fighting, puppy mills and the cruel and inhumane treatment of food production animals.  Don’t worry, he hates gays and people who use birth control too,so he’s basically an equal opportunity hater.  He’s actually a pretty good fit with the PSAs.  I bet most of them have his picture on their bed side table, right next to their bible, beer and shotgun.

D-bag Dave sizes up his next meal…

Because this week was Holy Theresa’s turn to have her head parked the furthest up Ole Suey’s ass, that basically left Douchebag Duquette unsupervised yet again.  Apparently he got tired of cultivating his Amish style goatee and decided to take up blogging.  I surmise he is being poorly assisted with this spelling and grammar as his two posts have not been as peppered with profanities and gibberish like we have come to expect from him.  Still, he kicked things off D-bag style by comparing the UH to `Samson and Goliath’ and giving himself a virtual reach around for a job well done.  His next blog entry was the one that truly pissed off anybody that cares about the welfare of horses and is in possession of a  firing synapse.  It laid out the plans for the UH’s Equine Rescue and Rejuvenation Program and how amazingly wonderful it’s going to be for horses to participate.  Because of all the poor and starving people who have to give their horses up to slaughter, D-bag and company are going to allow people donate the to the UH and `maybe’ give them a tax receipt.  Maybe they’ll sell the horses and keep the cash or maybe they’ll slaughter them.  Either way, the original owner of the horses do not get any money.  Naturally, the UH brain-dead think this is incredibly awesome….

“Personally, I love how the program will realistically assess horses for ability. It’s no wonder so many traditional rescues go under when they throw money and effort after foolishness, i.e. horses that are a lost cause, when they could be

channeling funds toward something productive. And I think it’s wrong how so many rescues beg and plead for money (to the tune of thousands of dollars) to extend the life of animals when the kindest thing would be to put them down.
– It still escapes these people that if they don’t agree with what a rescue is doing or like the clothes they wear, they don’t have to donate money to them.  Any 501c3 will ask for donations, even fake ones like the UH. That’s what non-profits do.
” I love the fact that it will be run by HORSEMEN, who KNOW horses. And the opportunities for learning and teaching through assessment and evaluation are endless.”
– Holy Mother Theresa gets her pom-poms out and chimes in……
“Really, what an incredible resource for college equine programs. It’s really sad how common it is for people to “rescue” horses and then not have a clue what else to do with them, other than beg for money to keep them fed”.
– Yes, running equine husbandry classes at a slaughterhouse is really going to be a super thing for colleges and their community profiles….
“Very True. I see it ALL the time. “They” seem to find the time to attack and attempt to discredit those of us who do actually know the difference between a horse sound for work, vs. one for light riding vs. a lawn ornament. I have nothing against lawn ornaments so long as the “adopter” understands the responsibilities of their choices. I recently had a lady get in touch with me after visiting the rescue of one of my loudest critics. She said she felt that every horse at that rescue was in pain and should be put down. I really don’t think you qualify as a rescue if your are simply prolonging their pain, with managment. WTH?…i have an old guy here for the summer. HE WAS SOMEBODY until he got hurt….and then neglected. He’s really two legged, but we manage his pain for him…for the summer. Give him some good green grass in his belly and sun on his back. But when winter sets in and his pain gets severe, it’ll be time for him to go. It’s the humane thing to do. I’ve had people offer to adopt him as a lawn ornament but when we discuss the cost and RESPONSIBILITY associated with helping him manage his pain, they shy away, which is good, because I won’t let them adopt him anyway. He’s so darned honest and full of try, I can just see him trying to pack their butts around on two legs and them not having a clue he’s lame. (face-palm)
– No St. Theresa, `we’ have issues with rescues that support and send horses to slaughter. You don’t run a rescue, you run a horse killing program.  As far as taking good care of her animals, I heard a rumor that St. Theresa forgot to close the door of her horse trailer and splatted one of her horses all over the highway awhile back.  There’s some great `care’ right there!  Anybody want to guess how her old horse is going to meet his end should Suey get a slaughter-house open?

Everybody’s favorite multiple personality, Mendy Tobiano had a strange week indeed.  Apparently, somebody called her horses skinny again which kicked off a series of rants and bizarre blog postings.  She is now using make-believe horses and paintings to demonstrate why her horses aren’t starving to death. While none of the Hollywood horses she used as examples were actually skinny, she continued on with her ranting and hoof stomping and failed to see the difference in her poor beasts.  She also got super pissed about somebody calling her trailer trash and, true to form, decided to counter that by a round of over-sharing, including pictures of her `not a trailer’ abode.  The sad part about that is we are supposed to be impressed that it is an 1800’s house and forget that she has posted many times about not having a working stove, sharing the home with a burn-out handyman and other white trash problems.  At the end of the day, who cares?  We all know that trailer trash is an attitude above all else, so if the hooker shoes fit…..With her increasingly bizarre behavior and hostility, the NT blog is becoming less relevant by the day.  She is currently trying to dump one of her one-eyed Mustangs that she is unable to train and I have to wonder if it has anything to do with this old blog entry:  http://ballengertraining.blogspot.ca/2012/01/again-it-has-been-quite-some-time-since.html

A few weeks ago, this blog and a few other Facebook pages posted about a PSA that had a horse with ring bone.  She was upset about having to Bute him and waste his meat and entertained the romantic notion of taking him to slaughter personally.  She didn’t want him to go to waste and contaminate the ground water by chemically euthanizing him.

“am incredibly depressed… after my chat with the farrier I know my horse wont have much time left. Depending on the amount of ringbone the horse has he will have a better idea of how long I will have with him before hes too uncomfortable and we will have to put him down. Now I dont believe in euth drugs, especially not on a horse, and I prefer him to go to good use. Since I am so close to canada I wonder if there is a way I can contact them and bring him up myself to avoid extra stress and pain. Even be there at the moment he dies if they would allow it. I have to make a trip this fall to Canada anyways… anyone have ideas on who I can talk to?”

Anyhow, it seems that the poor horse has made that trip to Canada after all but she didn’t actually go with him or make sure he was processed right away and hugged and kissed.  I wonder if she realizes that the poor horse is likely not even dead yet and standing in a feedlot getting beat up by other horses while he awaits his date in the death chamber.  This may be one of the more cruel acts a PSA has ever bragged about.  Sure hope she didn’t fudge on his EID papers and say he hadn’t been Buted….I am sickened…

“I reposted with my thoughts. It made me very, very angry. My horse made a 30 hour long drive to canada because of where feedlots are located. If they were open in the u.s. it wouldnt be like that! Our horses suffer longer because of these morons. Like to know how they can say every horse gets bute someday. BULLSHIT! Only used it once ever on a horse and owned them since I was 12. Everything has a withdrawl period, even the worst medications that are the most dangerous!”


Daffy has made a tentative return to public posting and is as illiterate and nuts as always.  She seems to be trying to gain favor from her UH buddies so she can regain admittance into their inner sanctum once again.  I guess talking to herself and her mother on a private page is not nearly stimulating enough for her.  Daffy kept busy being the resident `expert’ at the UH Facebook page and expounding on her vast knowledge of Bute, breeding and anything else anybody cared to comment on.  She’s still an avid reader of this blog.  Perhaps I will let her do a guest posting here so she can teach us all to ride really well liker her….

As we know, the PSAs love nothing better than to swarm rescues and unsuspecting strangers online.  This week was no different.  They have been amusing themselves with some pretty hilarious videos from self-proclaimed `horse expert’ Sarah Stetner.  To be fair, this person is a moron for sure.  When you get past the cringing at the things she says and does , you kind of sit there in disbelief that anybody could be so stupid. I almost can’t believe these videos are meant to be serious.  Check them out. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD8023BK0cA&feature=relmfu)  The problem is, that the PSAs became obsessed and found her Facebook page and where she worked.  The girl is a vet tech at a small animal clinic.  They then decided it would be funny to leave trolling messages on her work’s guest book.

“I double dog dare some one to sign the Vet Clinic’s guestbook and ask about their horse riding expert….”


“I will triple dog dare anyone and with a cherry on top!”


Of course, a few volunteered to go over and bomb the guest book, including last week’s poster PSA, Doris Kelsey.  What is NOT cool about any of this is:

a) this is a place of business they are harassing and has nothing to do with the YouTube vidoes Stetner has put up.

b) the guest book appears to be largely used by clients who have had sick pets and pets that were put down. 

Really not cool or funny for innocent people that may be grieving the loss of a pet to have to see this asshattery and maliciousness.  Thankfully, it appears the comments are held for moderation, so their fuckery was thwarted.  The hypocrisy is they are the first ones to screech `foul!’ when they get outed for what the post online.


This week saw some new developments on the slaughter issue.  Probably the most damaging one to the PSA mission was the notice that Clenbuterol and Bute was found in sample testings of horse meat that originated in Canada.  (https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/rasff-window/portal/index.cfm?event=notificationDetail&NOTIF_REFERENCE=2012.1078)  You would think this would be very worrisome to a bunch of people that want to open up slaughter houses…..Nope, they are STILL in denial about it and they STILL don’t know the difference between drug withdrawal times and carcinogens left behind.  The concept of `Banned’  escapes them and they have started to sprout their usual conspiracy theories about it all.

“I just want to point something out. EVERY other meat possible is permitted in the EU countries from the US except horse….is it possible, I mean just in the realm of way out there, might be the reason is NOT about BUTE but not wanting to flood the EU countries with the plethora of horses that would. If we blame bute instead of bitching about worrying about US tanking the meat market then no one gets suspicious. After all, the EU is not so stupid as to not notice all the horses being exported into Mexico and Canada which ARE permitted to send horse meat over. Just something for everyone to ponder since I actually sat down and read the EU documents.”

I guess this rocket scientist doesn’t realize that Mexico and Canada are likely going to be in trouble too.  The EU will hold everybody’s feet to the fire on their deadline of July 2013 to have a passport system implemented. Now that they have found banned substances in a sample test, they will be increasing the frequency of testing.  If you need a reminder on how all that works you can review it here:  (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/anybody-want-a-bute-burger/)


I feel like I haven’t recapped this week properly with all that has gone on.  With Slaughterhouse Suey returning, Douchebag Duquette blogging and all the general fuckery we are used to, it was almost overwhelming to keep up with it all.  Have no fear, we have much to look forward to in the coming days, including our Sunday PSA feature where we get to name and shame the horse eaters.  Mostly, I think I’m still so pissed off about the UH’s proposed Rescue and Rejuvenation Program, I find very little they do all that funny right now.  Several important deadlines are looming and we cannot afford complacency.  There is a lot to work to do and a lot of people to educate.  I’m going to leave you with a comment that was left on the previous posting here.  Please do what you are comfortable with. As always, leave me a message in the comments or send an email if you have news or issues you want to see addressed.  Keep up the good work, everybody!

“There are lots of things you can do the save horses from slaughter without even leaving your house! Here are three of them:
Join the Adult letter writing campaign. Send letters to be presented to congress and the president. Find details here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/477262352286586/

Get prestamped, addressed post cards from here & hand get them signed at shows, fairs, family dinners- wherever people who are opposed to horse slaughter may be. Find the post cards here: http://nhequinewelfarecouncil.org/Advocacy.html

Pick up the phone and call your congress people. Let them know that you do not want your hard earned tax dollars spent on inspections for a food that will be shipped abroad. Remind them that these inspections will divert funds from food safety programs that have already been slashed. Tell them that the real solution is to support S1176 and HR2966. Here is how to find your congress people.: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/





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Well, it seems I was somewhat premature in reporting on the trainwreck over the Kansas City Star article.  I had mistakenly assumed that the PSA crowd had used up all their stupid on the matter and would move on.  I was so very, very wrong.  It’s STILL going on and the PSA crowd is making less sense than usual.   I’ll give you some highlights here, but if you want to catch the live show, go here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151100260841648&set=a.346008596647.197164.318696121647&type=3&theater.

The one thing I noticed about PSA’s, other than travelling in packs, is that the more opposition, the more outlandish their statements become.  I’m not sure if they really believe what they are saying or they’re just flinging crap against the wall to see what sticks.  Maybe a bit of both?

“I have a better idea than watching a video. Go to a meat locker, and SEE with your own eyes how a responsible rancher and a responsible butcher dispatch an animal. Watch this with your own eyes instead of the propaganda videos which have been proven time and time again to be bootlegged from other countries, and edited to make them seem even harsher than they are. Get off your couch, put down your laptop, and GO SEE. Then perhaps you can come back and make a *gasp* educated decision.”

– Ok, I’m not sure what going to a `meat locker’ is going to teach anybody about slaughter since all you will basically see is the end product.  There won’t be any sign on the carcass that says `This one took five shots in the face to drop’ or `Woke up on the bleed rail’.  You’ll see….well, you’ll see meat in a meat locker.   Now, she also suggests that all the slaughter-house footage is `edited’ to make it seem worse.  Hmmm, the footage I have seen was not edited in the least.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t bring in PIXAR or any other company to doctor up that footage and make dead horses revive or appear conscious and aware as they were hung upside down.  Another thing she mentions is to watch a butcher dispatch and animal.  Those are called custom jobs and are nowhere near what happens in a commercial slaughter plant.  I wish we could move on from this `expert’ but she wasn’t done yet.  She was so worked up, she was responding to herself…

“And as for the young beautiful horses, it’s not hard to buy them back from a slaughterhouse. All of the KB’s I’ve ever met at auction will not bid on a good horse-unless no one else does. They will not bid against anyone. And if you change your mind, follow them to their trailer and offer what they paid. Guess what-they will all take it. All you are seeing is the horror side of the pretty my little ponies that you think you are saving. Put down your fork, don’t eat or drink for a week. Then tell me starvation is better than slaughter, and come back with a rational solution. Because if you can’t come up with a viable solution, you are aiding in the problem. Congratulations for aiding and abetting in the abuse and neglect of countless animals. Pat yourself on the back, and I hope you are proud of yourself.”

Ummm, once they have their USDA stickers on, it’s virtually impossible to buy horses back from the `slaughter-house’.  In fact, when they were up and running,  the general public was not allowed to just waltz into a slaughter-house and check out all the horses.  Now, if she really means buying them out of a kill pen at auction, sometimes that is possible and those kill buyers do a booming business preying on people who want to save horses.  Not to mention stolen horses and people who patrol Craigslist to swindle somebody’s horse off them and yes, that does happen.  Also, I will tell you starvation is better than slaughter, not that I want to see that happen either.  Horses can be rescued from starvation and given a new life.  Slaughtered horses meet a terrible end of which there is no chance at coming back from.  Many viable solutions have been put on the table, but the PSAs are all so blinded by blood lust, they refuse to listen. Once slaughter is shut down for good, they can all move to Canada or get out of business.  Either way win/win!

I wish I could say that above PSA was a solo act today.  She wasn’t.  Today’s designated wingman got a little long-winded, so I’m going to have to break her post down into sections….

“You can anthropomorphize all you want, animals are not humans! You can say “if I had all the money and bought all the pretty horses” all you want, you don’t have money and that thought process simply proves your utter lack of understanding in regards to herd health, range management, disposal and by-products.

Some of you folks sitting there making inane comments need to grasp that it simply doesn’t matter what you SAY, if you want to buy a horse, go do it! Don’t expect everyone else to carry the affects of your lack of knowledge. And boy oh boy, in these comments lack of knowledge is rampant.”

– Kinda like all you junk breeders want to use up federal tax funding, at the expense of the existing meat industry, to clean up your mess and put all the profit in foreign pockets?  BTW it’s `effects’ not `affects’.

“So who cares, sit on your rear end. BUT, until you have a working knowledge of the industry as a whole, you damn straight aren’t going to be allowed to further damage an entire industry simply because you read Black Beauty once.

For the ill educated, you’ll automatically think “industry” meaning slaughter only. It isn’t and doesn’t mean that. An “industry” means so very, very much more. It includes veterinarians, shoers, leather products such as saddles, equine saddle pad and protective boot manufacturers, horse trailer companies and dealerships, pick-up sales, farmers or ranchers who raise and sell hay, clothing apparel, shows, associations, and when events happen it means the local stores such as gas stations, restaurants, and motels. All those businesses employ people, supply a product, and directly contribute to local and state economies. THAT is an industry. All those things that many of you never think about.”

– Now call me crazy, but I just don’t see dead horses needing vets, shoers, saddles, protective boots, horse trailers or hay.  I am also not aware of many shows for dead horses…

“So, it is vital to make the INDUSTRY healthy and strong again. And stopping slaughter absolutely does not help horses, if fails in every aspect. C’mon – look at the facts! Forget the glitter farting fairy stories so many of you repeat, pull your head out of the clouds and get a real life experience. Look beyond your own personal agenda!”

– I will say it again…Killing off horses isn’t helping the industry considering it is the young, healthy and strong that go to slaughter.  Bringing back slaughter does not mean that every abusive and neglectful hoarder is all of a sudden going to start taking care of their animals either.  It means that backyard breeders have a convenient dumping ground for the dinks they produce and we sure as hell don’t need more BYBs.  BTW, I AM `industry’, so I am more than qualified to tell you that if you need slaughter to put a value on your product, you are a failure and need a new job.

That FB thread goes on and on and the PSA’s are all wordy as hell today.  It’s the same old tired denials and ignorance, over and over again. For some reason, they think that only people who live on ranches own horses.  I would bet if anybody did a study, many urban horse owners, contribute far more to the `industry’ through boarding, training, lessons etc.  Almost everybody that works on the racetrack in an urban dweller at least during race season and they sure as hell qualify as `industry’.   You know what I noticed the most about PSAs?  They are all very, very angry people!  Maybe we could make things better if all of us would just make an effort to seek them out and hug them.  Any volunteers?  Didn’t think so……



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One of the main things I hear from the PSAs is that horses are property.  To them, that means that they have a right to do as they wish with their property.  While I agree that we technically `own’ horses, or at least that’s what their registration papers say, I dispute that they are property.  Property implies something inanimate.  I hope we can all agree that horses are most definitely not inanimate nor are they `things’.  Things are defined as material objects without life or consciousness; an inanimate object.


1. a thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively

2. a building or buildings and the land belonging to it or them

Now, I realize that our PSA pals have some problems with comprehension at the best of times so this is probably boggling their minds  and causing outrage.  In fact, I bet Ole NT is frothing at the mouth and pounding on her computer keys already.  You have certain rights as they pertain to the animals you own.  You have a right to train them or not train them as you wish, even if you suck as a trainer.  You have a right to set your own feed program and you have a right to stable them or not.  But, all these rights have limits.  You do not have a right to abuse another living being because that is against the law.   Don’t believe me?  Go ask Michael Vick how doing what he wanted with the dogs he owned worked out for him.

Because Slaughterhouse Sue is still in hiding, the PSA crowd is once again unsupervised and have resorted to cruising the internet to find things to be outraged over.  Today, it was an article by Donald Bradley of The Kansas City Star, which basically called Slaughterhouse Sue out on some of her more recent lies.  (http://www.kansascity.com/2012/07/06/3718025/no-progress-yet-on-proposed-rockville.html#disqus_thread) You would think they would get used to the daily dose of disappointments that is life as a PSA, but they don’t.  Once again, they coordinated their efforts in the bat cave and swarmed the FB page that posted this article.  Then they got their stupid on and let it all hang out for the rest of us to witness.

“…….. Boy, they sure banty that “PhD title around with this Patrick Fazio character. Too bad he isn’t as smart as his “title” deludes. Horses do NOT move their head around any more than any other livestock animal in the same situation, as he stated in one blow hard interview. This is a matter of training, supervising, and enforcing that training to make certain that it is done correctly and humanely. And could you possibly get any more long winded and full of FECES as you have in this emotionally driven, irrational spiel? Honestly, if I were a supporter of opposition to slaughter, I’d distance myself as far as I could get from you people just for the purpose of maintaining credibility. I’M embarrassed for you, and I’m against you.”

I actually cut off the first part of this diatribe as it was just basically ranting. I just want to  point out it is actually PATRICIA Fazio and not Patrick.  Too bad this person can’t tell the difference between an innie and an outie as it does not bode well for the rest of this discussion. Let’s look at what this anatomy expert is telling us. She thinks horses do NOT move their head around more than any other livestock and slaughtering them is no different.  I don’t know what kind of horses she is breeding or riding, but I think even a blind man could see there is a pretty big difference between the necks of horses, cows, and pigs.

Do you see the difference?  Now add to the fact that horses’ heads are not placed in squeeze chutes and all of a sudden you have a moving target with a much larger range of motion than cows, pigs or chickens.  I know our PSA buddies aren’t very bright, but surely they can understand the difference between hitting a moving target and one that is in a head restraint?  Maybe not….Here’s another definition to chew on…



1.lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2.lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3.uninformed; unaware.
4.due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.


Speaking of ignorant, here is one of the PSA supporters backing her anatomical expert buddy up…

“I have yet to hear a reasonable alternative to horse slaughter. Until one is presented, I cannot oppose the horrible act. I would never eat an American horse due to unregulated drugs, but I have no problem with those who do. I would actually like to try the meat one day. That doesn’t make me evil or an abuser or even a horse hater. I love my horses and would never subject them to that fate. I do not love every horse.”

Do you get that?  She won’t eat US horse meat because of the drugs, but she’s just fine with feeding it to other people.  Awesome!  She is also another PSA hypocrite that wouldn’t put her horse to slaughter because she loves him, but it’s just fine for horses she doesn’t love.  I wonder if she think they suffer less or something.  That’s like saying it’s ok for other people to get raped and murdered as long as it doesn’t happen to your loved ones.  WTF?  Seriously….

Not to be deterred, the original brainiac pulled out the favorite defense of PSAs everywhere and over shared liberally peppered with bullshit….

“I was raised with horses. I was getting paid to start range bred remuda yearlings when I was twelve years old and up. I’ve delivered them, I’ve shoed them, sales prepped them, galloped them for race trainers. I’ve been a broodmare assistant, a race barn groom. I’ve raised them on bottles and buckets. I’ve watched the bootlegged slaughter house tapes from Canada and I’ve seen the photos of the conditions horses are subjected to in Mexico. And that’s YOUR fault, since you want to place blame and judge people you know nothing about, business as usual for a bunch of half wit clowns that profess to be experts when they are in fact living room recliner jockeys perched balancing a lap top professing to save all the poor little ponies from the nasty horse “murderers” and not knowing their rectal orifice from a snake hole. People like me save horses all of the time. Because we know how to, because we are the best at what we do, and we know what’s worth saving and what isn’t, because we treat all of our livestock responsibly and humanely, because it’s the right thing to do, NOT because a bunch of know nothing NUTS had to enlighten us in the errors of our ways.

This is the same asshat that thinks horses wring their tail when they are racing because they are in the process of stocking up. Even if she has done half of what she claims, she’s likely been  a miserable failure at most. You know, you can spend your lifetime around horses and that doesn’t make you a `horseman’.  Some things can’t be taught especially when you think you already know it all and are the `best at what you do’.  BTW, seen pics of this person’s breeding efforts and she is definitely part of the problem.


I think at some point we may need to consider an awards system to add to Point and Laugh Fridays.  These people work so hard at being ignorant, I feel like we should give the dumbest statement/story of the week an award.  Should I let ads on this blog, I’m thinking along the lines of donating a portion of advertising dollars to either a rescue or anti-slaughter cause in the winner’s name each month.  Thanks to y’all we have more than enough traffic to do that, but I also think ads are annoying.  Nothing is going to happen overnight, but let me know your thoughts.  I’m neutral at this point.

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The more I learn about the proposed slaughter industry, the more I think about my own horses.  I’ve mentioned a few times that one of mine was rescued from that fate.  I’ve had him for quite a few years now and I still think about it every day. He’s pretty much a one person horse now and I often think about what would happen to him if anything happened to me.  Because he’s big and `fancy’, I’m sure people would want him, Lord knows I’ve turned down serious money for him in the past, but I don’t know how he would do with anybody else.  Not because I think I’m soooo much better than anybody else, but because he’s a problem child due to past abuse.  I’m not sure if somebody else didn’t know his history, that they would do OK with him or have the patience he needs. I’m really not sure that somebody that didn’t have the emotional investment I have in him would take the time to learn to work with him.  He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, but because he is so big and athletic, he could be dangerous in the wrong hands. So, what to do?

We were actually talking about this at the barn the other day.  My one friend has actually written her horse into her will.  No, she didn’t leave him her worldly wealth, but she has three people designated that she would want to have her horse and made a provision for him.  She knows that the designated people are all anti-slaughter as her concern is to keep her animal out of that pipeline. I have another friend that has written me into the will to disperse their horses in the event of their death.  They knew I would place them in homes and see that they were cared for.  I have made contingency plans for my own horses with a provision from my estate as well.  I know that the fat bastards would be more than happy to be retired and they are perfectly happy where I keep them.  They would continue living right where they are and being spoiled rotten by the BO.  It’s sure never fun to think about stuff like that and you can’t exactly rule from the grave, so you make your best plans and hope it works out.

Not as easy to plan for is what happens if you lose your ability to care for your animals.  Not everybody boards their horse and not everybody keeps them at home.  There are almost as many situations as there are owners.  I know when I injured my knee and had surgery a few years back, I was the only person that was available to care for my horses on a daily basis.  I had surgery in the morning and was feeding that same night.  It was not easy doing it all on crutches by myself, but we made it through.  I actually had to ASK for some help from family to come help me get things set up, which included moving feed supplies to a place I could easily distribute their meals hopping on one foot.  I wasn’t overly worried about getting down to water them as my horses are pretty respectful of my personal space, so the crutches weren’t ever an issue.  Everything took far longer to do, but you do what you have to.  They continued to be a priority. The whole situation to get me thinking though.  I didn’t really know my neighbors and if I hadn’t had family in town and was unable to get out to them, what would I do?  Thankfully, I did know other horse people and had helped others out before.  I was pretty sure I could call in a favor if it came right down to it.  Now, I make a point of trading favors with horsey friends. It is important to network as you never know what will happen.

I’ve had horses all my life and have been lucky enough to make my living with them for most of my adult life.  Still, I have always carried at least two of my own horses in addition to work and they haven’t always lived where I work.  When I was younger, there were many times I went hungry, but I have never had a skinny horse.  They didn’t know I was poor, because I always made sure they ate before I did and I lived on what was left over.  One of the readers of this blog mentioned `human responsibility’ in the comments and I think that applies here.  Whether you lost your job or some other disaster strikes, you have a responsibility to your animals. We took their ability to care for themselves away when we domesticated them so many years ago. I have a horse on a special diet and I always make sure I’m at least a month or more ahead with his feed I buy.  I’ve always stockpiled hay well in advance too.  It’s just always been a part to my budget. Before the manicures and pedicures, before the hair salon, the animals are provided for.

Most of the plans I make for my horses, involve keeping them out of the slaughter pipeline.  I am not really an `in-your-face’ with my beliefs type in person, but I make sure that the people I have horse dealings with, know where I stand on that issue. There is not a single person in my family that supports slaughter.  I wouldn’t use a vet that supported slaughter only because I know we are coming from two different places when it comes time to make hard decisions.  Time and again, I see people who have lost their jobs or had some other personal crisis end up either starving their horse or putting them in the slaughter pipeline.  Life throws us all curve-balls and we can’t always plan for them, but we can be prepared.  What plans have the rest of you made if the unthinkable happens?

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