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Ok, Slaughterhouse Sue needs to slowly back away from Facebook.  Either that or she needs a brain filter transplant in the worst way.  Just like when she encouraged her sycophants to get reach out to the girl who slaughtered her old horse, stripped naked and climbed inside the carcass for some `good, clean,  American fun’, she is now rallying the troops to applaud and support Rep. Steve King from Iowa.  If not for poor judgement, Ole Suey would have none at all.  This is disgusting, even for her.

Since her rise from the ashes of her latest shame, Slaughterhouse Sue has been back online with a vengeance.  She is linking articles and writing letter as fast as her fat little fingers can type.  I’m almost positive she has even broken a sweat in the past few days she’s been so busy and I can just imagine pork fat and Dorito dust seeping out of her pores.  On Monday, she wet her granny panties and posted this:

Rep Steve King of Iowa needs to be APPLAUDED; let’s help him expose the HSUS for what it is, by emailing each and every one of our elected officials, and simply say:

‘PLEASE SUPPORT THE KING LANGUAGE IN THE FARM BILL; Background info:http://tinyurl.com/coj2l5u .’
Then CALL or fax your reps’ offices saying the same. If you don’t know who they are, GOOGLE IT or email me.

If we can urge passage of this bill with the King wording, it will SIGNIFICANTLY alter the success of the HSUS against us.
Bear in mind that HSUS will be pulling out all the stops to REMOVE the King language from the bill.
The only way they can be stopped is if WE all get together and tell our reps that we want that wording in there!
PLEASE ACT – its SOOO easy!”

Yes, Rep.  Steve King is awesome indeed.  He’s a great one to hitch your little wagon of lies and treachery to.  He’s a staunch supporter of dog fighting.  I am not even joking a little bit about this either.  This evil asswad  was quoted during a telephone town-hall meeting last week as saying this:  “When the legislation that passed in the farm bill that says that it’s a federal crime to watch animals fight or to induce someone else to watch an animal fight but it’s not a federal crime to induce somebody to watch people fighting, there’s something wrong with the priorities of people that think like that.”  The fact is that  humans have the choice to be boxers, wrestlers or whatever, but the dogs and other animals involved in fighting do not have a choice at all.  I guess for the PSA types, that’s perfectly fine as animals are merely ego enhancements and food to them.  King is also in support of cockfighting and other forms of animal torture.  He has even fought against legislation that would make bringing children to animal fighting illegal.  Where else are our future domestic violence perpetrators and serial killers going to learn their craft if they can’t cut their teeth on the torture of innocent animals for sport while they make a few bucks gambling on it?  He’s got such a boner on for Wayne Pacelle and The HSUS that he will fight against any legislation they support no matter what the cost to innocent animals.  This link has a short video clip of that above quote coming out of his slimy mouth:  (http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2012/07/31/615951/steve-king-dogfighting/?mobile=nc)  Not such a big surprise he found an ally in Slaughterhouse Sue at all.  It gets worse……

Some more `good, clean American fun’?

Rep Steve King is the sponsor of  a recent amendment to the Farm Bill which basically prevents individual states from developing their own health, safety and cruelty standards even if that is what their voters want. True to form for this type of thing,  it was introduced after midnight following a marathon session and was debated for a grand total of 20 minutes. It’s now on its way to the Senate and will be voted on before the end of September when the current bill expires.   This amendment opens the door for cruel and horrific farming practices that some states have already chosen to outlaw.  Things such as, but not limited to:

  • Having pigs confined to gestation crates which prevents them from moving or even being able to turn around.  They live their entire lives like this. (Currently banned in 9 states)
  • Veal crates where calves are confined so that muscle atrophy improves their taste once they are slaughtered at 4-5 months of age ( Currently banned in 7 states)
  • Tail docking of cattle even though the AVMA has called it unneccessary and highly painful (Currently banned in 3 states)
  • Adding arsenic to chicken feed which apparently makes their flesh more appealing and may or may not ok for human consumption as arsenic is known to cause cancer.   (Banned in Maryland)
  • Lifting the ban on foie gras in California so that once again,  male geese and ducks can be kept in extreme confinement while being force-fed high fat diets to enlarge their livers prior to slaughter.  Most female hatchlings are thrown away….literally.

Slaughterhouse Sue has truly found a kindred spirit in this piece of human excrement. He is well aware of the consequences of this legislation to our food safety and animal welfare too.  He gloated that his bill “wipes out everything they’ve [animal rights advocates] done with pork and veal.”  Just like Ole Suey, King doesn’t care what agony and torture animals go through as long as their dinner is on the plate and he gets to stick it to Wayne Pacelle and The HSUS. He is in support of puppy mills and in opposition of the Egg Products Inspection Act which would end the extreme and inhumane confinement of laying hens. His amendment will also nullify various state bans on horse slaughter.  I’m going to leave a few links at the end of this entry, but to put it in the simplest of terms; If it is harmful and cruel to animals, King is in support of it. If it means a better quality of life for an animal, King is opposed.  This guy is crazy and evil.

There are a lot of other things that the King amendment would bring about that are not cool at all.  I suggest you take the time to read up on what his bill is all about.  He’s all about mass production of agriculture at any cost to humans, animals or  the environment.  Do you know what I find really scary about all this?  That there are people who actually think that torturing animals is ok.  King supports a number of other things I have seen the PSAs screech and pound their chests about such as:
  • He tried to reinstate the `Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy for active military personnel and veterans
  •  He recently introduced an amendment to the Defense Appropriation Bill that would outlaw gay marriage on military bases.
  • He supports state bans on birth control and says that contraceptives are the same thing as abortion.

This guy isn’t just crazy, he’s hateful.  This is the person that Slaughterhouse Sue wants her followers to applaud, and some of them do.  (“This is awesome!! Proud to be an Iowa girl,lol!“) I don’t know about you, but I can’t live with what this crazy asswad is trying to push through. It’s wrong and it hurts my soul to even think about the sorts of things he is in support of.  It’s time to act up.  Write letters, make calls, and educate people.  There is no time to waste as September will be here all too soon.




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