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One day late is better than never.  I’m sure you’re all full as ticks from gorging yourselves on Thanksgiving dinner and probably enjoyed some festive family dysfunction for good measure.  So, even though it is a holiday weekend, stupidity never rests and we have things to discuss.  Let’s get right down to business and get on with the pointing and laughing!  This week’s edition is brought to you by the letter `I’ for ignorant.

As always, we like to start things off by checking into the head honcho of the horse hating movement, Slaughterhouse Sue.  As we are all aware, she is busy beating the bushes and getting things ready for her newest scam conference to talk about eating horses.  Despite filling her gullet to the max yesterday, Suey was back today with updates on her super secret meeting in Kansas.  She is calling it a `nuts and bolts’ meeting that will be packed with critical information for aspiring horse killers.  (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs133/1103685263837/archive/1111608885916.html) As always, and as we have discussed earlier, paranoia on who might attend abounds…

“To ensure that IEBA meeting participants are legitimate participants in the industry, as you register for the meeting and purchase your charter membership we ask for one of two things, either, 1) name and contact of an existing horse processing business in Mexico or Canada that you do business with currently, or 2) the names of three people who can vouch for the fact that you are in the horse business today, and are not associated with any animal rights organizations.”

As I have said, I can easily provided three references that will say I’m not associated with any animal rights organizations.  I pay no membership to any such organization.  It’s just not that tough and I’m certain that there will be a mole or two in attendance to listen to her spout her lies.  That is if the meeting even happens.  It’s not exactly cheap to attend considering there is still no guarantee that slaughter houses will reopen.  I’ve got to think Suey is well aware of this as well because she is a bit deceptive on how she words some other things.

“We have been assured by USDA-FSIS that they will be prepared to offer inspection to eligible equine processing plants by year’s end, and are hosting this meeting to help the industry prepare.”

The above statement caused a little concern for some anti folks.  Even though it is worded to insinuate that the USDA-FSIS are hosting the meeting, that is not what is happening.  What our literary giant is actually saying is that yes, she has pestered the USDA earlier and to shut her up and get rid of her, they told her that they wouldn’t be prepared to offer inspections until the end of the year.  That is different from saying they will be offering them for sure.  They also aren’t hosting her little summit as she would like people to believe.  IEBA is and she has just worded her statement to mislead people and get them to reach into their pockets a bit deeper.


Because IEBA membership is really only for people that want to get their hands dirty with the torture and slaughter of horses, Suey has offered the bone of UH membership for people that are just fans of torturing horses but don’t want to be directly involved.  Sadly, you don’t get to go to the meeting though.

“If you do not plan to be directly involved with the horse processing industry, but you are generally supportive of efforts to restart this industry, we suggest that you consider a membership in United Horsemen, a separate 501c3 educational and charitable organization dedicated to the dual purposes of restarting humane and regulated horse processing in the United States to improve horse welfare and restore the value and inherent dignity of all horses, and to control and responsibly manage wild and feral horses particularly on tribal, state, and private lands, as well as federal lands. Find them at http://United-Horsemen.org.”

Could somebody please explain to me how death in a slaughterhouse restores `the inherent dignity of all horses’?   I guess if she can get a few clueless souls to cough up UH membership fees they can get a few refunds back to the people that have been waiting for most of the year for them.  There is only so much that D-bag Dave’s allowance will cover.

Slaughterhouse Sue and her Pappy size up their next meal….

This week we didn’t have to decode any of Douchebag Duquette’s nonsense, but were treated to some pealrs of wisdom and asshattery from his fellow ass barnacle, Holy Theresa Manzella.  As we know, she has been on a rampage preaching intolerance for the past little while.  I’m not even joking about that, she thinks we are far too tolerant and we need to be less so.  Now, I assumed this was mostly directed towards, black people, Muslims and people with college educations, but I was wrong.  The ranges of Holy Theresa’s intolerance is much further reaching that just the usual redneck targets.  If you recall, Holy Theresa runs a rescue that supports slaughter called Willing Servants.  As part of her rescue biz, she also has a community hay bank.  I’m assuming the hay is donated or given to the `bank’ at greatly reduced prices.  I also assume that if you run into a tough time or need help, it would be reasonable to seek the assistance of the hay bank and expect some level of professionalism in dealing with them.  Well, we all know what they say about assumptions….One poor woman contacted Holy Theresa saying she had rescued a 27 yr old horse that was sound and in good shape.  She is a single mother and didn’t really have the means to feed him, but she didn’t want him to `go for dog-food’.  That was her first mistake.  Now, I do have some problems with rescuing an animal you can’t afford to keep even if your intentions are admirable, the mistake this woman made is voicing her anti-slaughter stance.  This meant that Theresa decided to ridicule her on Facebook to the rest of her blood thirsty butt monkeys.  After much bashing, Holy Theresa arrived at this conclusion:

“Here’s my plan (subject to change) at the moment. I’m going to offer her 15 bales of hay for $50. This will allow me opportunity for further discussion and time with her to better evaluate the situation and gather more information. I’ll deliver it. I’ll make sure she understands the expected expenses associated w/a geriatric horse. I’ll advise her that the Community Hay Bank was not designed for this purpose, but in the best interest of the horse, we’re making this offer to buy her a little time so she can make some decisions as to what is truly best for the horse and her family. I’ll also make her aware of the costs and logistics associated with euthanasia and carcass disposal, as well as the legalities of neglecting a horse, and I’ll encourage her to either A) give the horse back or B) begin the rehoming process w/us. I think that’s the best I can do.”

Ah yes, the `rehoming’ with Willing Servants.  That basically means they can do whatever the hell they want with the horse, which includes shipping him to slaughter.  How awesome!  This isn’t the first time Holy Theresa shown off her Christianity by using the hay bank to get custody of animals.  In fact, as we covered a few months ago, there are not a lot of people in her area that have heard of a single person she has actually helped out.  Considering her `rescue’ is intermingled with her breeding and training business, it would seem the rescue subsidizes her shortcomings as a breeder/professional.  That’s just my opinion based on what she puts out there.

This past week has also seen Mendy Tobiano return to blogging with more regularity.  After briefly slipping into her male persona and creeping us out , she once again embraced her feminine side and regaled her three followers with recycled stories on how super awesome kill buyers are.  Of course, before she launched her latest series, she made sure to tell us all it wasn’t the regular writer.  That was right before the `new’ writer went on to tell a story that NT has told before about all the bad and vicious horses the super awesome lady kill buyer tried to save, but ended up having to send to their deaths instead.  You know, because there are so many bad horses out there that deserve this fate and all.  Nevermind the fact that ANY horse that has never been handled is going to come over top of you if you block its escape route, to NT they are bad and must die.  She made sure to mention that she benevolently `allowed’ the former owner to keep a few of his favorites. Huh?


Of course NT is an avid reader of this blog and within an hour of me posting the video of that horse being abused, she was over on YouTube under yet another of her online identities (SmilingTreeFrogs) commenting on the video.  She didn’t see fit to do the right thing and help that video go viral so that moron is identified.  I’m sure after reading this we will have to hear a) yet another denial on who NT is and then b) some long-winded rant about personal property and minding our own business.  Even though, under her other identity she is seen asking for more information.  The part of this that pisses me off the most is that it isn’t a pro vs anti issue.  It’s a right vs wrong issue.  If you care about animal welfare at all, you can’t watch that video of a hobbled horse being beaten until it falls TWICE and not feel sickened.  Nobody seems to know who is responsible and it’s got nothing to do with slaughter, it’s about doing the right thing and she showed her true colors.  I guess her blog is all about seeking some sort of validation for her own shortcomings and abusive practices and not about helping out animals afterall.  I can’t say I’m really all that surprised.  Rumor also has it she has been trying to get the writing job over at the fugly blog…..there goes the neighborhood!

That pretty much wraps up most of the shenanigans of the past week.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to post a few other things I have had marinating for a bit, but from the middle of next week I’m on the road.  No, I’m not on my way to Kansas to spy on Suey.  This is purely recreational although I will try to check my emails if I get a chance.   Hopefully, the moles will have reports on Suey’s super secret meeting in Kansas by the time I get back and we’ll all have some things to laugh at.  Even though the return of slaughter would be about as unfunny as things could be, we may as well take the opportunity to point out the lunacy of Suey’s continued efforts to beat the proverbial dead horse for now.  Pun intended.  Personally, I’d rather see people that truly care for horses, beyond what they might taste like, come together and start working on viable solutions to what is coming down the pipeline by July 2013 when pretty much all slaughter in North America is going to come to a grinding halt.  I guess it’s good to have dreams.  Happy Thanksgiving weekend everybody!

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Happy Friday everybody!  It’s time for yet another recap of the goings on in the land of the profoundly ignorant that we have come to recognize as Point and Laugh Friday.  As always, we have a lot of fodder from our usual suspects.  I know I’m on the road again at the end of the month, but these people never take a day off.  I’m starting to get backlogged with stuff I want to cover, so I’m going to do a quickie today and we’ll get more into depth on some other stuff over the next few days.  So, settle in, get out your fingers and let’s get going with Point and Laugh Friday!  This week will be brought to you by the letter `S’ for scam.

As we discussed a few days ago, Slaughterhouse Sue has been very busy devising new ways to cash in on the horse hating population.  Because The United Horsemen is all but bankrupt and she has left her little minion D-bag Duquette to go down with that ship, she has been working the IEBA side of things like a hooker on a prime corner.  The UH was modest in its membership fees compared to what the IEBA wants and they have several new and innovative ways to pick the pockets of the horse killers too.  Of course, they can’t actually promise that there will be horse killing or anything of the sort, but they’re going to charge you a whole bunch of money to talk about it and you’ll have to submit to a body cavity search to pass their membership screening. If you get the gold membership, Suey will perform that search herself.  Don’t forget, theses are essentially the very same people that have yet to be able to refund the fees for the cancelled Scummit way earlier in the year, but they are now collecting MORE memberships and more conference fees to do the same thing under a different name.  The main difference is that they are keeping their location secret.  That’s presumably to lessen the chances that  Suey will beat up any more people that may turn up to muddy the waters with the truth and call her on her bullshit.  Hopefully, they will accept food stamps in lieu of cash so the likes of Mendy Tobiano and the rest of the trailer park gang can worship at the altar of slaughter as well.  Anybody want to guess what is on the menu for this little gathering?

I guess it’s time to check in with the minions now.  Douchebag Duquette was briefly allowed off his leash and decided to play it safe with by posting a link about Madeleine Pickens.  The PSAs really hate her because she’s super wealthy and actually likes horses.  Brainiac, Dr. Kim Houlding, thinks she won’t be able to afford to look after the wild horses she has given sanctuary to because of her impending divorce.  I guess they don’t realize that Maddy was pretty wealthy BEFORE marrying T. Boone Pickens.  She was the widow of  Allen Paulson who happened to be a billionaire.  They had race horses, including Cigar and `Maddy’ still gives generously to Thoroughbred rescue and retirement.  I wouldn’t expect D-bag or any of these other asstards to know something like that because they think the horse industry begins and ends at the uncapped t-posts fencing in their dry lots.  As for Holy Theresa; she has mainly stayed busy preaching intolerance under the guise of being a `Christian’.  Same old crap from these two….

Well, I’m glad I didn’t go ahead and paint the petulant pony on the side of my barn just yet.  Mendy Tobiano has been blogging again and she hasn’t changed her schtick a bit.  She’s still threatening to be working on some epic post that will dazzle us all, but it never quite materializes.  Perhaps there isn’t a Wikipedia entry on everything she needs yet.  She’s also still an avid reader of this blog and took extreme offense that I mocked her Hunter Under Saddle horse.  She claims that `terminology’ is different in different parts of the country.  Ummm, no.  HUS is HUS and a shaggy, ungroomed mustang  in ill-fitting western tack is not a winning HUS horse in anything other than your little weekend saddle club show that has about 3 people in a class and judged by somebody else that doesn’t understand what an HUS horse is. Also hunters and jumpers are two different things.  I don’t even expect people to know every discipline, but take extreme offense to pretense.  For instance, I’m never going to profess extensive knowledge of competitive trail riding, Arabians or many other horse related activities.  Not my interest, not my strong suit.  However, when you BS about something I do have intimate knowledge of, I’m going to bust your lying ass on it every chance I get.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this coming from that pesky pony given the fact she doesn’t know the difference between mussels and oysters and thinks that dining at Olive Garden is the height of fine dining experiences.  The only other thing of note NT did this week was forget she pretends to be a man and discuss her `husband’ in a post.  The mind boggles trying to keep up with all her fantasies….I’ll just leave you with this picture of what constitutes a H/J in NT’s book.  Mind you, the horse doesn’t have bad form, but we won’t talk about the rider, tack and obstacle….it offends my sensibilities, but you have to remember that I’m an elitist snob according to our buddy NT.

That pretty much sums up our weekly hilarity and hijinks.  The idiot duo of manesntails and farmeress aka Anne and Karien are still being big boss cows over at HGS, but their Dorothy Robertson fan club thread has been locked up.  As for Big D herself, she hasn’t really popped her head out in public much lately.  Perhaps she’s preparing her legal defense, perhaps she’s cleaning her house.  One thing we know she isn’t doing for sure is actually caring properly for any of her animals.  As far as her horses, they are still rehabbing at NNER.  For those of you that don’t know, NNER is the Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue.  You can look them up on Facebook.  They have several fundraisers starting this month.  If you aren’t into donating money directly, you can look as some nice stuff they have in their auction, they are also raffling off a side of beef if you live close enough.  It appears they have partnered with a few other vendors that will donate proceeds from sales to them as well.  There are many different ways to support any rescue if you are so inclined.  The reason I bring up NNER so often is they took a pretty unfair hit when they took in Dorothy’s abused horses and some of the asshats, including Dorothy, have spread some pretty vicious lies in attempts to block support for them.  The only ones that suffer at the end of the day are the animals.  As always, thank you for all the emails and comments.  You all still totally suck at sending hate mail, but hopefully one day I will reach that level like NT.  Happy weekend, everybody!!!

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Once again it’s Friday and time to recap, point and laugh at our PSA buddies.  Even though I’ve taken a little break, it would appear none of them thought to do the same thing, so I’ll attempt to cover as much as I can.  We may need to get out both hands to point with as there is quite a bit to cover, so let’s get right down to it.  Grab your coffee and sit right down for another fun-filled round of Point and Laugh Friday!  This week’s edition is brought to you by the letter `W’ for winning!

As we all know, the elections are finally over and we can either get on with things for the next 4 yrs or follow Slaughterhouse Sue’s lead and hole up continuing to promote hatred, paranoia and conspiracy theories.  Of course with not any one person to blame for the outcome of the election, Slaughterhouse Sue has elected to be angry at math and the abstract concept that Obama won both the electoral and popular vote is lost on her.  Clearly, this puts a huge wrench in her mission to slaughter millions of horses in order to save them from extinction.  The one bright spot for Ole Suey was that North Dakota voted `No’ on Measure 5 which means that assholes can continue to torture, abuse and mutilate animals in that state without fear of serious criminal charges.  Somewhere Puppymill Patterson wet her panties on that one…without a single doubt.  Of course for Suey and her band of ass barnacles, it was all about defeating an HSUS bill and the fact that once again innocent animals pay the price, either doesn’t cross their mind or concern them.  Yeah, I’m pretty disgusted too.  Now that the election is over, Suey can get on with planning her super secret slaughter meeting in December.  We’ll take a look at her agenda in more detail over the next couple of days.

The past few weeks have been quiet ones for Douchebag Duquette and Holy Theresa Manzella.  With the final push for the election, we can only assume Mama Suey kept D-bag locked in the basement as she did not have time to properly monitor him.  Puppymill Patterson was far too busy protecting the right to abuse animals so she didn’t have time to write up any statements for him either.  Sadly, Holy Theresa was left unsupervised to spread hate and intolerance and she assures us all that she is now done with election stuff and is going to refocus her energies on waging war on the AR movement.  I’m not sure what that really means to most of us that aren’t aligned with any specific group, but I’m expecting some great comedy in the weeks to come!

Holy Theresa in happier times…

I guess that brings us around to Mendy Tobiano.  She hasn’t been all that active the past few weeks, but just when I was going to claim the `kill’ and paint a tobiano on the side of my barn she popped up with another whiny post about what we can only assume is the shitstorm surrounding the Nevada 34 and Dorothy.  As is her way, she made it all about her while claiming it wasn’t about her, but since we’ve heard these stories before….well, you get the picture.  The problem is we all got our hands slapped for gossiping about Big D’s past convictions for neglecting horses and that we all have been discussing them when they aren’t verifiable.  I guess the fact that some of us have actually posted screen shots of the 50+ CONVICTIONS she has in the past escaped her.  It ain’t gossip or assumption when there is proof.  BTW, Anne Knight aka manes n tails wants to make sure she gets full credit for posting those….Anyhow, other than that Mendy Tobiano hasn’t had a lot to say and since the only one that ever comments on her blog is her alter ego, there isn’t much else of relevance to say.  No need to thank me, I do it all for the horses 😉

The winning Hunter Under Saddle horse according to NT…..

I’m sure most of you are a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a bunch to report on our usual suspects.  Well, never fear!  While it’s good to have a few laughs in the midst of this rather ugly battle over slaughter, the main reason I highlight some of them is in hopes they STFU and stop spreading their paranoia and misinformation.  It seems to be working.  We managed to send a bunch of them deep into hiding with the whole Horse Farts implosion, but there is also seems to be an endless supply of stupid on the HGS board (Horse Grooming Supply Forum).  This little coven of assholes came to my attention when I started getting a bunch of pingbacks from them when the whole Dorothy issue blew up.  Naturally, they are by and large pro-slaughter over there and they are VERY impressed with themselves.  I am also really sad to tell y’all that they make the HFA people look sane and reasonable.  Since HGS is a message board, they operate behind screen names and they think that means that their community rules work elsewhere.  They don’t.  Since they see fit to piss all over a rescue and continue to defend Dorothy, spread complete lies about the condition of her horses, and generally be hateful, I’m going to name and shame some of the key players.  I’m sure they’ll bomb my email just like Anne `Sanctimonious Twat’ Knight did, but I also don’t care.  I’ll be printing their greatest hits in another blog entry if they keep that crap up.  The first one I’d like to introduce everybody to goes by the handle of `farmeress’.  She has threatened to come over here and teach us all a lesson and I can’t wait.  Daffy would wipe the floor with her in a spelling bee.  Since she feels that’s it’s ok to go over and raise hell on NNER’s page under her own name….we can name her here…Kairen Jamieson.  Stop being a cow, Kairen.  The other big bad wolf that likes to play cute is Sarah MacFarlane aka IIIBarsV.  Sarah, you need to stfu too.  The assshattery I have seen these people engage in, including stating their opinions as absolute fact to the detriment of  the rescue is disgusting.  Stop it.  Let the emails begin….


I feel like this was a bit of a gloss over as far as a weekly update goes.  However, the election is over and people’s attention will now switch back to other things, such as the slaughter issue.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out considering the result, but I’m hopeful that we can get the runaway freight train that is Slaughterhouse Sue stopped in its tracks.  The EU is still very serious about their deadline for documentation and identification.  That means that as of July of next year, no horse over the age of six months will be eligible for slaughter.  That’s a reality and people better start making plans for what they’re going to do with all these `unwanted’ horses.  We need gelding clinics, euthanasia clinics etc.  It’s not like any of what is to come should be a surprise to anybody.  As for this blog, I have a few things sitting on the back burners waiting for either more information or go aheads to post, I also have been working on a a spectacularly bitchy post that will likely bunch a lot of panties as well.  I just need to find the time and concentration to sit down and actually put it together.  As always, thanks for the emails and the good work.  Have a great weekend!


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Here we are again, with another edition of Point and Laugh Friday, except it’s already Saturday.  It has been a strange week.  We actually had Daffy come over here, make sense and not be offensive.  I think the end of times may be closer than we think.  Most of our usual suspects have been engaging in their regular asshattery and Slaughterhouse Sue has been at laying down the links and being inappropriate again.  Lots to do and lots to cover, so let’s get right on with Point and Laugh Friday…..brought to you by the letter `W’ for WTF?

As I mentioned, Slaughterhouse Sue has been linking up a storm over on the UH page.  She took particular offense to an obscure survey and, once again rallied the brain dead supporters to go over and raise hell.  “Please take the time to complete this very anti-horse biased survey. It is probably some kid who doesn’t know any better, but whoever it is they need to get an earful from the real horse world.”  As a result, the survey has been pulled, no doubt from the bombardment of the `real horse world’.  Funny how Suey considers herself a part of `horse world’.  Actually, it’s not all that funny, it’s downright offensive to the rest of us.  Aside from her usual anti-HSUS links, the main theme of the week has been dissention in the ranks over at the UH bat cave.  It seems people still haven’t received their refunds from the Scummit and others are starting to see the holes in her stories.  Here’s a little sampling for y’all….

“I was just wondering. The bill passed supposedly a year ago allowing horse slaughter
in the US to resume. Then supposedly we were to have plants open except USDA would not have inspectors until this fall. Everything was set for a plant to be up and running by Sept. Then we had a plant bought except we didn’t have it bought and then we heard the deal was back on and everything was set. At the same time we were to believe that there would be a plant in Hermiston and then we read that there won’t be a plant there. I don’t know about the rest of you but I would like for the membership to hear the truth as to where we really are without the rhetoric and
hype. Am I the only one that is wondering whats REALLY going on?”

– This person needs to come on over to the dark side with us and we’ll fill him in on what is REALLY going on…

“I was pondering that too, also would like to know where my 225.00 dollars went to that I had to send to attend the 2cd Summit of Horse which was canceled but have yet to receive a refund are we funding a group that can’t pay their bills that has to take money that isn’t theirs to take?”

– This wasn’t the only person that piped up and said they hadn’t still received a refund….I thought D-bag Duquette was going to pay them all out of his pocket?  Perhaps Suey cut off his allowance for the `no big deal’ comments last week?  Oh well, we had #2 ass barnacle, Puppymill Patterson attempt damage control…

“XXXXX, I owe you a phone call. Left you a message tonight, so let’s talk this weekend. I realize there is a lot at stake and everyone wants immediate answers, but there are things we cannot discuss on this page as it is wide open to the AR moles.XXXX is very accurate in her statement above. We need to sit tight… this election will determine a lot. Sue and I were in DC just 5 weeks ago, and the sentiment on The Hill was that of everything being on hold and up in the air until after the election. So as we make this final 10 day push, put your angst and efforts into helping the right people getting elected and making sure people get out to vote! United Horsemen is working hard on multiple levels. Not everything can go public. It’s a protection.”

– What Puppymill isn’t telling these idiots is that IF there had been applications for permits for slaughter plants made, there would be no secret about that as they are public.  The only thing the UH seems to be working hard at is trolling the internet for links and dodging their bills while D-bag Duquette and Holy Theresa have pajama parties.  Wise up people!

Drink up PSAs….time has almost run out on your dream!

Since D-bag was grounded we’ll take a quick check in with Holy Theresa.   She is still quite busy hating on anybody that isn’t a white redneck, but she also took some time out to engage in some extra-curricular hypocrisy this week.  As most of us know, Holy Theresa is a crazy cat lady, but not just any kitties; she likes the exotics that only eat horse meat.  Most rational people recognize that exotic cats are dangerous to be kept in captivity by the average person.  Personally, I have no issue with licensing for people that want to do this as it is far safer for the animal and the general public.  Naturally, Holy Theresa doesn’t agree as she feels it’s her God-given right as a redneck to be able to hoard and abuse animals freely.  She posted up the following picture with this statement: “This breaks my heart! The picture on the right is what is happening in Zanesville. Way to go AR ZEALOTS… better off dead huh?”  What I want to know is how it’s worse than a horse packed into a crowded trailer and then shoved into a filthy crowded feed lot to await its execution that will not be humane…

This brings us to the ramblings of Mendy Tobiano.   The human side of this personality is still in deep hiding and for that we are all grateful.  There is only so much self-importance we can stomach in a lifetime and I’m happy she’s gone to ground and given us all a break.  I’d be happier if she was out of the horse business rather than just not bragging about it, but we’ll take what we can get for now.  The petulant pony personality turned in a very poor effort this week.  The blog about eating horse meat is some people’s culture and that we should respect that is a favorite of mine.  You know what else is some people’s culture?  Female circumcision and arranged marriages.  Just because some cultures practice or eat something, does not mean that we need to adopt that practice on home soil.  She thinks it’s just great that there’s a Japanese market for our horses.  What she is too ignorant to realize is that we ship live to Japan and it’s less than humane.  You can check out a video of horses being exported from Calgary, Alberta here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji5n8siQGAw&feature=plcp).  NT also admonished us for having concern about adulterated horse meat and the fact that somebody died from ingesting drugs laced with Bute.  We should be ashamed because other people are dying of meningitis.  Yeah, I can’t draw that line either, but I guess when you brag about doing this to your nails, we aren’t exactly on the same wave-length anyhow…

Oops! Looks like somebody has man hands despite the klazzy manicure…

While our other favorite PSAs have been up to their usual antics, I think it would be better to once again update the Nevada 34 situation.  Suffice to say, a lot of crow is being eaten today.  It turns out that getting 34 horses seized for neglect ain’t Dorothy Robertson’s first time at the rodeo.  She has 50 prior convictions for second degree animal neglect in Oregon.  Yes, you read that right FIFTY prior convictions.  If you look through the comments on the previous blog entry it’s all there to read including the little revelation that Dorothy lost her nursing license  and got run out of town for ripping off elderly patients.  Awesome! “Our lawyer at the time had her nurseing license pulled. Seems the state doesn’t like it’s nurses neglecting animals. Before Klamath Co, she was run out Deschutes Co. in Oregon and before that had questionable dealings in San Francisco caring for the elderly and with her lawyer boyfriend magicly these elders signed over estates to her. Don’t know if there was a conviction on that but they sure left SF in a hurry with boatloads of money to buy animals.” Yes, HGS asstards, this is the person you so vigorously defended while trying to ruin the reputation of a legitimate rescue and defame the chair person all because they took custody of Dorothy’s hoard.  If you still don’t believe that Dorothy is a hoarder maybe this little blog entry of hers from 2008 will help…

“I have 5 stallions, 7 mares (so far) with 6 of them due to have foals this spring, and three yearlings left from last year.  One of the boys is going to Idaho to stand at stud at a really neat stallion station.  And one of the mares is going to California to be bred to a world champion and Supreme Reined cowhorse after she has her foal this spring.  All of the foals are sired by my older Paint stallion so it should be a colorful spring.”

For the logically impaired, she increased her herd to 34 in less than 4 years.  She clearly wasn’t selling many, if any and she was accumulating breeding stock at an alarming rate.  Barely any of her horses have been trained at all.  The older paint stallion she mentions died over a year ago.  The one that had to be put to sleep after seizure was only TEN years old, yet Dorothy kept trying to tell everybody he was super old and that was part of the reason for his condition.  Prior to getting outed on her previous convictions, Dorothy posted up some short video clips to show her horses were in great shape when they were taken.  Of course, out of the 34 she only shows a couple and we never see their feet, but you can see her `evidence’  here : (http://www.youtube.com/user/coloredcowhorse).  The HGS assholes kept saying they weren’t that bad and she should be allowed to keep the ones that weren’t in such tough shape.  Excuse me?  If she can’t provide proper feed and shelter for all of them, she shouldn’t have any of them.  Having 14 bales of hay on hand to feed 34 horses is NOT sufficient.  Feet don’t get as long as some of those were unless they hadn’t been done in over a year.  Are they really thinking that it’s ok for horses to have such bad sores on their legs for that long (Dorothy’s excuse) is acceptable?  Did Dorothy just pick and choose which horses were going to be properly fed and cared for?  We know she wanted to dump the buckskin tobiano stud because she felt he was too tall to sire cowhorses, so did she just let him wither away?  Let nobody forget that Dorothy was a staunch supporter of horse slaughter, yet she has what appears to be a long trail of abuse and neglect. The height of hypocrisy is evidenced in this letter she wrote last December, while she was in the process of abusing and neglecting her own animals : (http://bellbottomfarm.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/open-letter-supporting-horse-slaughter/ )Slaughter was alive and well in 1995 when she had over 50 horses seized, yet she still neglected and starved them.  I guess it really doesn’t fix that problem at all as long as there are sickos like Dorothy hoarding animals.  I truly hope that she does jail time for this and is never allowed to own animals again.  Hopefully, local authorities will go back out to her place and check on the dog and cat breeding situation out there too.  I’m sickened, but I have a feeling this isn’t over yet.  Dorothy goes to court next week to answer to her current round of charges.  Stay tuned…

Page one of conviction reports as posted on HGS

The Happy Hoarder….

On that depressing note, I think it’s time to wrap things up for this week’s recap.  Hopefully, the upcoming election will effectively shut Slaughterhouse Sue’s murderous plans down and we can focus more on cleaning up the messes these slaughterphiles seem to make *coughdorothycough* I hope the recent revelations mean that NNER is left to care for these horses and the attacks stop.  It is patently clear why they have been limited as to what information they can put out there regarding the Nevada 34.  Dorothy did a great job of throwing shade and redirecting negative attention on them.  I hope that stops at the very least, but there are a lot of people that owe them sincere and public apologies.  For all those people that were paypal-ing money to Dorothy or setting up funds to get her horses back, I hope that you redirect your assistance to the true innocent victims in all of this….the horses.  NNER has a public Facebook page set up and anybody that wants to donate or assist, I suggest you contact them through there or the email they provide on there (https://www.facebook.com/NortheasternNevadaEquineRescueInc?ref=ts&fref=ts).  A lot of those horses will have a long road to recovery and regardless of what a few people think, placing unbroken broodmares will be a challenge, especially ones that there are no longer papers for.  As for me, I’ll try to be a bit more timely with my posts.  Advanced warning that I’m on the road for a few days at the end of November, so that Point and Laugh Friday will be a few days late or one of the regulars can step up and do the guest recap.  Send me an email if interested.  My other half will be most grateful.  As always, thank you to all the people that comment here (well done this week!) and for the emails.  I’m kinda sad I don’t get any hate mail, but there’s always hope.  People in the NE, please take `Sandy’ seriously.  These monster storms are no fun and very unpredictable.  Trust me.  Stay dry and stay safe!  Happy weekend everybody and don’t forget to hug  your horses!

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Here we are, once again, winding up another week in the seemingly never-ending slaughter wars.  This week has provided more ups and downs than most, as I’m sure y’all realize.  Never a dull moment and sometimes it’s harder than others to find something to laugh about.  Thankfully, this week is not one of those times.  We still have lots to laugh about because not a single one of our usual suspects found a clue this week and they still aren’t shy about flying their freak flags.  We also have had some new faces pop up and flaunt their ignorance.  It’s been hectic trying to keep up with everything.  Hell, it’s been hectic trying to keep up with the comment section on this blog the past few days.  I guess that means we should wade right in and get on with the festivities of Point and Laugh Friday!  This week will be brought to you by the letter `O’ for obtuse.

You’d have to be living under a rock if you missed the rollercoaster ride we all had last weekend with slaughter temporarily being shut down for US horses and then fired back up come Monday.  It took everybody off-guard and even momentarily shook Slaughterhouse Sue out of her Bute induced stupor to scramble around like a little rat trying to do damage control and madly type up press releases that don’t say a lot.  The temporary ban hadn’t even been in effect for 12 hrs and Suey and her band of dumbasses were shrieking doom and gloom from the rooftops.  If anything, it only increased their blood lust.  They seemed to think that horses would magically multiply overnight yet they would soon be extinct.  Yes, go ahead and read that again because it still won’t make any sense. Before we learned that the ban would be short-lived, Suey pushed the panic button on the UH page…

“The horse world was already in bad shape, and the events of last Friday are manifesting themselves in an even more awful loss of value everywhere in the country. At this rate there will be no horses left standing in a couple of years. Certainly no one can afford to breed in this environment, which means when the old pets die, there is nothing to replace them. Probably the most telling sentence of all in this post is “the other interesting fact is that no rescues were buying” – of course not, they are all off rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of raising millions on the strength of only they will be able to help the horses that now have nowhere to go. They have no intention of taking even the amount they were before to keep up their scam even if someone does give up and hand them over. They are too expensive and feed is too high and the liability of starving them or shooting them to waste isn’t good press. Nobody seems to understand the scale of this wreck, except a handful of people directly involved. We are talking 4,000 head PER WEEK that were going to both countries now choked off to a tiny trickle of horses they get for less than the cost of hauling them to the sale. No, the majority of those horses are not going to be dumped on charity or anywhere else. They are going to stand right where they are, and people are going to do their best to keep them in good shape, and hope that they can get some value out of them soon. In three months time that is 48,000 head or horses–which is, by the way, more horses than BLM is now spending some $75 Million dollars a year to house on long term holding and feedlots.

Do you think the American taxpayer is in the mood to quadruple that $75 Million tax bill this next year to take care of all of these horses? I don’t think so… Better get the international bureaucrats and activists backed off fast, is all I have to say…”

– Oh my goodness!  Did Suey just refer to horses as `pets’???????  At any rate, I’m sick and tired of this creature that does not own a horse, and by many accounts is afraid of them, speaking for MY industry.  No, Suey, the rescues weren’t buying up horses because with no slaughter, there was nothing to save them from.  How dare they expect the douchebag kill buyers to take responsibility and care for the animals they own!  I find it strange that Suey is so concerned about the American taxpayer when she is perfectly fine with them funding USDA inspections on horse meat so she and her foreign investors can make lots of money.  Since there has been cuts to USDA funding, that would take funding away for inspecting and ensuring the safety of our own domestic food supply as well as hurt our beef, pork and poultry producer’s pockets.  I wonder what the American Taxpayer feels about that….Anyhow, when the dust settled and horses were once again being sent to their deaths, Suey gleefully wrote up another press release…

16 Oct 2012 … Last Friday the Equine Welfare Alliance distributed a media release claiming “US horses are no longer being accepted by Canadian horse slaughter plants.” Since then HWAC has been working with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to clarify the issue.


Today we received an email from AAFC confirming that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has not changed its policies and directives regarding the entry of US horses intended for slaughter, nor were any instructions provided to CFIA operational staff or industry to refuse the entry of US horses intended for slaughter into Canada.


The AAFC resprentative stated, “While I cannot speak for decisions made by the industry, I understand that the information you learned of may have been prompted by a shipment of Canadian meat derived from US horses which was temporarily held at a port of entry in France. With the support of the Canadian Missions in France and the European Union, the CFIA contacted its regulatory counterpart, the European Union Directorate General for Health and Consumers (SANCO) to request the release of the shipment based on the existing arrangements agreed by both sides that allow Canadian horsemeat into the EU. Consequently, French authorities have revisited their actions and once again permit access for these products.”


We understand there may be a requirement to amend the current export certificate, but at this time, CFIA officials have not been formally notified.

HWAC continues to work with AAFC and CFIA and will provide additional information as it becomes available. “


Read that last bit very carefully.  If Suey and her minions do not think that what happened last week is merely a preview of what is about to happen to the slaughter industry, they may be even dumber than we all imagine.  Nobody wants our toxic meat.  For a bunch of people that whine about putting the rights of animals above humans, they sure are eager to serve up death on a plate to anybody and everybody.

Douchebag Duquette had little to say this week and neither did his counterpart Holy Theresa.  D-bag is likely muzzled after his `no big deal’ comments last week and Holy Theresa is busy declaring jihad on all Muslims and basically anybody else that isn’t a white conservative.  What she isn’t busy doing is rescuing horses or trimming their feet if the pictures somebody sent me is any indication.  Instead, we were once again treated to Puppymill Patterson’s special brand of crazy and animal hatred.  Not only was she outraged that there was actually a day or two where no US horses were tortured at slaughterhouses, she is now on the warpath about H.R. 6388 (http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/hr6388/text)which would basically put an end to the torture that Big Lick horses and other gaited breeds have been subjected to for far too long.   As you know, Puppymill is dead set against any law that would infringe on a person’s right to abuse and torture animals and basically makes her living making sure her home state of Missouri is the animal cruelty capital of the US.

Mendy Tobiano continued her special brand of fiction and misinformation this week as well.  She somehow managed to draw a line between a border guard getting shot in Arizona and the suspension of slaughter of US horses.  One thing had nothing to do with the other, but she nevertheless decided it was an example of how antis don’t care about humans.  She also informed her three readers that horse slaughter in the US ended in 2008, when we all know that it was actually 2007 that the last plant closed.  I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised when she gets most of her information from Wikipedia or straight out of her own ass, but you would think if you were a staunch advocate on this issue, you would actually know the basic facts surrounding it.  After reinventing history, she went on to tell us how super awesome being a kill buyer is (more bad horses and heroics *yawn*) and that all antis lie when we say horse meat has never been a staple of the American diet.  Her proof is that it used to be on the menu at Harvard and we should all be super impressed with that because it’s Harvard.  Actually, there are a lot of things that are on lots of menus that aren’t `staples’ of the American diet.  Just a few weeks ago me and the other half had a disagreement about whether or not frogs legs are gross when we went out for dinner.  Many people eat them and they really do taste like chicken, but I don’t like them.  He does.  However, I don’t think you would consider them `staples’ of the American diet.  I guess I shouldn’t expect to educate the petulant pony about the subtleties between eating a novelty food and something being a staple of our diets when she can’t read with basic comprehension.  I certainly have given up on her or any PSA fathoming that the general population are far more health conscious about what we put in our bodies these days and eating the adulterated meat of a companion animal is not something most of us would even consider.  That isn’t even touching on the moral and ethical issues of thinking that it’s perfectly fine to sell that same toxic stew to unsuspecting countries, or even worse, giving it to the poor people to eat.   Seriously, WTF?

I thought it might be fun to check in with a former Sunday PSA this week as well.  Once again, Jes `The Chin’ Sothern has shown us that hypocrisy is alive and well in the land of the PSAs.  The following is a little rant she had about pet overpopulation…

“This concept is so very important for people to understand. The math and myth of “pet overpopulation” doesn’t add up. Because people are unwilling to see that we have enough homes for, it’s easier for Shelters to just euthanize and not haveto be accountable for finding those animals homes. Overpopulation=justifiable shelter euthanasia.

Wouldn’t it be better to see that we have more ample homes?! That is the GREAT news! The hard part is accepting the fact that it takes work to make these animals available to good homes. Readily accessible, easy to find and easy to adopt.

The old demand that only the “very best” of people can adopt who meet the “most stringent of rules” is what is keeping dogs and cats languishing in shelters or foster homes because to some, there is no home good enough. Sadly, we see this time after time after time… reasons to REFUSE an adoption rather than finding reasons and ways to make it WORK!

I am not always a Winograd fan, but his facts are indisputable. The question is are YOU all willing to accept that the myths just might not be true and actually look at the facts. Hard core facts in terms of indisputable numbers as well as the successes by no kill shelters who apply some basic principles.”

Interesting stance for somebody that goes on about all the unwanted horses and the need to kill them all, no?  I wonder why she and her buddies can’t see that applying these same principles to horses is a better solution than slaughtering them?  Let’s not forget that the PSAs in general make a sport out of harassing horse rescues and interfering with their fund-raising efforts.  I guess maybe she likes puppies and kitties more than horses or something….

Not really a new player, but one that has been too boring to mention until now is Sheila Short.  She’s another one of those Missouri assholes that wants to slaughter everything.  I’ve seen a lot of her ignorance posted here and there and she appears to be vying for a place up Slaughterhouse Sue’s ass most days as well.  Well, she may not have achieved favored status with her idol, but she is vice president of the Missouri Equine Council, which makes her Puppymill Patterson’s ass barnacle.  We all have to start somewhere….Since Madam Short has such an inflated opinion of herself and thinks she knows everything about antis, I thought it would be for the rest of y’all to take a look at what she has to say about recent events.

“Has anyone else ever noticed that as we, the pros try to work through our issues, ie. stabilize our industry and to get slaughter back here & how we will have to adapt in order to meet both the regulations here and abroad, that we focus on what we as an industry & the individuals involved with it will have to do.”

– Mostly I have noticed `pros’ refusing to accept that slaughter is on its way out and refuse to accept responsibility for their messes.

“One the other hand, when the antis try to come up with a solution that does not involve slaughter and then try to get us to buy into their plan, that the plan always involves our resources. Our time to rehabilitate, our money to feed & condition, our land for operations and our knowlege, all the while they want to be the leaders of the effort.”

– Pretty sure I have yet to see any anti slaughter person look to Slaughterhouse Sue and followers for their `knowledge’.  The most I have seen antis do is ask people to take responsibility for their animals and get out of the way of people that are trying to help save horses.
“And even if an anti does agree that some of the horses just will not be placeable, the only other options are either to live out their lives on welfare or to pump them full of death juice & then shove 1000# of meat into a hole. They resent us for our “disposable” attitude & we resent them for their “entitlement” & “wasteful” attitude.”

– How dare we not want to feed toxic meat to the masses!  The shame….

Besides our regular PSAs behaving badly, we have had a few bit players showing off why these people need to find a new `industry’ to insert themselves into.  First up is the woman who our pal Daffy has been endorsing for the past week.  When you have Daffy as your number one cheerleader and supporter, you know things are bad.  Well, it seems this PSA is one of those color breeders and she `leased’ or lent her stallion out to a `trainer’ to make him into a versatility horse or something like that.  First problem with this scenario, is you get what you pay for.  Nobody wants to train and show your horse for free, so that should have been her first red flag.  It turns out, the person elected not to feed the horse and the SPCA seized the stallion.  The problem now is that they want to geld the horse before the owner gets him back and all the UH PSAs are up in arms about how wrong this is.  You know, personal property and all….Well, normally I would be neutral on this subject if it wasn’t for one little problem.  This woman is an irresponsible breeder.  She likes to breed those HYPP N/H horses and doesn’t see a problem with that.  The stallion himself, isn’t HYPP positive, but the mares are and that alone tells me this person shouldn’t be in the breeding business.  If that wasn’t enough, she openly admitted that the horse is `worthless’ to her without his nuts as she is strictly a breeder, so I have to wonder if he wouldn’t be better off getting his brain surgery and going to a new home where somebody may actually care about him.  Clearly, the only thing his owner cares about is breeding more genetic mutations and Lord knows we don’t need more of those. Anyway, she’s in court to fight for her stallion’s manhood next week and let’s just hope for the sake of the unwanted horse population that she loses.  Here is one of this breeder’s lovely little HYPP N/H mutants she is so proud of…a weanling..

“Took me 17 years of breeding to get AQHA/APHA cremello overo, N/H, OLW negative filly, only thing better would have been a colt but just fine with a filly maybe I’ll get a colt next year. So my stallion is 100% color producer and is OLW negative!!!!”

I wish I could say this was the only PSA breeder behaving badly, but I can’t.  Next up is another crazy color breeder from Kentucky.  She popped up offering free breedings to her stallions in exchange for round pen panels.

“I am looking for some decent panels to make a round pen in exchange for a breeding to one of my stallions. 
1. True Golden Jack – APHA Smokey Grullo hz Tobiano Stallion. 
2. SWF Champagne Thirst – AQHA Champagne stallion.
Located in Western Kentucky.”

Notice the only accomplishments either stallion has is being an awesome color and the ability to get erections.  Then you may take notice she doesn’t care what kind of mare you have or even what breed you have.  She’ll let you make a baby because what the horse world needs right now is more super awesome colored grade horses. It’s people like this that are creating the problems for the horse world.  Still think I’m being a harsh and maybe these stallions are decent?  Behold!

True Golden Jack

SWF Champagne Thirst

Even though there was plenty of more fuckery from the PSAs over the past week, I think it’s time to draw a line under it and look at some good stuff.  Do y’all remember Declan Gregg?

“Declan started his own blog, Children 4 Horses, to spread the word about horse advocacy issues and worked diligently with the Million Horse March campaign to collect letters from children to inspire lawmakers to end the slaughter of American horses. Declan’s dedication to horse advocacy brought him to the nation’s capital twice in recent months, where he represented over 1,000 children from the United States and abroad by presenting the letters to legislators in Congress. In addition to his Washington visits, Declan testified at a hearing for a bill opposing horse slaughter at the New Hampshire State House in January. Declan’s blog, read by individuals in more than 80 countries, provides commentary on horse advocacy issues and also includes horse poetry, horse news, photos, Declan’s artwork and stories about other kids who have made a difference helping horses.”(http://www.aspca.org/Pressroom/press-releases/101812)

As a result, Declan has been awarded the 2012 ASPCA “Tommy P. Monahan” Kid of the Year Award.  Well done, Declan!  Having kids like him in the world proves that hope is alive and well.

As we know, it’s been a wild in the slaughter trenches.  If we have learned anything, we have learned that yes, we can handle the inevitable shutdown of horse slaughter whether it’s happening in this country or our neighboring countries.  We can consider last weekend as a practice run for next year.  Despite what Slaughterhouse Suey would have us believe, as of next July at the latest, no American horse over the age of six months will be eligible for slaughter for human consumption.  Sadly, the majority of the PSAs prefer to poke their head in the sand and think that the EU aren’t serious about their deadline, but saner people know different.  Not only are they serious, they will no longer tolerate our adulterated meat on their dinner tables.  Advocates are working hard to educate the other consumers of North American cheval on the consequences of eating animals that were never raised for human consumption as well.  So, while the PSAs sit around congratulating each other on what fine horsemen they all are and waiting for the next crisis, we choose to be proactive and keep working towards our ultimate goal.  This may not be our mess, but we will clean it up one way or another.  As always, thanks for all the emails and comments.  Despite the ups and downs of last week, the laughs have been many and that makes it easier to soldier on.  Don’t forget to hug your horses every chance you get…..Have a great weekend!


One hundred years from now, it will not matter what sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of the animals & creatures on this earth

~ Author Unknown


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I can’t believe it’s only been a day and already the fuckery has escalated to a point I feel compelled to point and laugh again . Of course we have the mystery and drama surrounding US horses being rejected for slaughter.  We’ll get to that and update in a bit.  We also have Dorothy Robertson and her devotees over at HGS flipping the switch from being loony to full-blown, batshit crazy.  I never realized that so many people hated horses so much and that those same people bother to involve themselves with the object of their hatred.  We may point and laugh at these people, but I’m finding them less and less funny lately.

As we mentioned earlier, Dorothy is back online and showing no remorse.  I guess, understandably, she is super pissed her horses were taken away, but she seems to have slipped a gear in the rational department.  She appears to be devoting all her time in attacking the rescue that was awarded her horses and has now actually suggested they are hiding them and starving them so that she’ll look bad when she goes to court at the end of the month.  I’m not even making that part up, sadly. This is straight from Dorothy…

“Concerns have been raised by some in the community that NNER may not be feeding adequately in order to “slim down” the horses and take undated photos claiming they are “before” shots. Seems there’s not a lot of trust in this outfit among the ranchers/livestock owners here. I do have additional photos taken with long tele lens less than 2 weeks after they were taken (a time frame that the vet testified would not show marked improvement IF the horses were in starvation metabolic status)….film was torn in removal from camera and is in specialty pro photo shop in Reno for handling…should be here by the end of the week and I’ll post what I get as soon as possible. In addition, am seeking photos taken by others (WalMart photo center person said about 50 people had film developed over the time the horses were at the sales yard and that the comments were overwhelmingly along the lines of “nothing wrong with their weight…should not have been taken….why couldn’t the local farriers/vet offer some help for the few that needed more work and why hold out and not euth the one for 4-5 days after being taken?”). Hope to post requests for sharing of photos in several locations within the next couple of days. New job is odd hours….12 hour shifts from 3a to 3p or 3p to 3a…..3-4 days a week most likely so getting some things done may not be very speedy.”

– Sometimes there just are no words…..Naturally, she is being egged on, consoled and encouraged by the nest of assholes that inhabit the HGS board.  Not a single one of them can count past the number of fingers they have and seem to want to place all the blame on the rescue who had NOTHING to do with seizing these animals.  Their newest plan is to take this to the media and they all figure it will get national coverage….Ok then…


As I’m sure you all know by now, Canadian slaughter plants are not currently accepting US horses and there is some indication that Mexico has or will follow suit.  This was a decision that came from the EU and pretty much without warning.  I would have thought it would be a time to band together and help some horses that are seriously at risk right now, but once again I was wrong.  The PSAs are redoubling their efforts to get a slaughter-house open, despite there not being an actual market for the time being. I guess the taxpayers are supposed to overlook that little stumbling block.   I’ve seen some suggest that all the slaughter horses be dumped on Wayne Pacelle’s lawn, that there will be loose horses running in the street by tomorrow and all the usual doomsday predictions they subscribe to.  I have yet to see a single one of them accept what is the current reality and come up with any idea or solution to make sure that horses do not suffer.  I guess the fact that the horses in question currently have owners and those owners will remain responsible to feed and care for those horses or there will be charges laid doesn’t register with them   Nobody knows how long this will last right now.  To lighten things up, I thought it would be fun to take a look at Slaughterhouse Sue’s emergency press release on the issue.

“Yesterday, October 12, 2012, the international commerce in horses for processing from the United States to both Canada and Mexico was disrupted by an unannounced action of the European Union. Approximately 2,500 head of horses per week have been crossing the border to European Union regulated plants in Mexico per week, and an estimated 1,300 head to Canada in recent months. 


This is a higher number than usual driven by the widespread drought, devastating fires, high cost of feed, and lack of pasture forage in the United States leaving horse owners with few options except the selling of horses. There is a strong worldwide demand for cheval. Cheval is the common name for meat produced from the equine species in the same way that beef refers to meat produced from cattle, and pork refers to meat from hogs. “
– Don’t y’all just love how calling horse meat `cheval’ is suppose to make it more palatable or something?  I’m not sure how strong the `worldwide’ demand for horse meat actually is, but I’m going to guess it’s declining given the recent discoveries of adulterated horse meat and a recent death from somebody ingesting Bute.
“In the United States, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service is still finalizing the validation of science underlying their equine drug residue testing program, which they anticipate will be completed by the end of the year. Several U.S. based companies anticipate receiving the necessary grants of inspection to begin operation at that time providing a much needed humane option for the horse industry in the United States. Currently the only viable outlet is transportation outside of the U.S. to the E.U. regulated plants in Mexico or Canada. “
– I’m not sure there is anything in this paragraph that is actually the truth.  Anybody?
“Today, the leaders of the International Equine Business Association: Sue Wallis of the United States, Bill des Barres of Canada, and Olivier Kemseke representing Mexico, Argentina, and the European Union are issuing the following statement:  

“The International Equine Business Association (IEBA), including it’s partner the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC), and its members in the United States and Mexico who are businesses engaged in the provision of accurate information and education respecting the health and welfare of horses and the equine products trade, have been working to advance an industry leading Equine Identification, Tracking and Traceability system that provides a fully compliant, auditable data base that  exceeds the standards of the European Union.
– Too little, too late, Suey!
“In consideration of the immediate welfare of some 48,000 horses in the next 3 months, it is notable that our organizations have sourced, contracted and facilitated the implementation of an internationally harmonized equine traceability system that can be fully utilized within the next 90 days in the U.S. and Canada.  Major components similar to the industry driven IEBA Equine Quality Assurance Program in the United States, and the Equine Traceability Canada systems, are already in use in Mexico to assure all horses processed for food are uncontaminated, and that horses can be identified, tracked and traced in compliance with rules and regulation.”
– Really?  90 days?  Canada has already stated they won’t be ready in time for the deadline next year and Suey is going to get it all done from scratch in 90 days?  The rumored holding time on these horses is currently longer than that.  How are you going to get around the fact that Bute is banned and there is currently NO system in place that tracks a horse throughout its lifetime?  We shouldn’t be surprised, Suey has also promised she is going to test each and every horse for banned substances PRIOR to slaughtering them as well.
“To ensure the welfare of horses and avoid an international humanitarian and economic catastrophe, the International Equine Business Association joins with thousands of North American horse owners and businesses to call on all applicable government entities in North America and the European Union to work quickly to resolve this crisis as soon as possible. Times of worldwide economic and social hardship are exacerbated by regulatory actions that cause horrific, unnecessary animal suffering, destroy jobs, narrow economic opportunity, disrupt international commerce, and limit access to a sought after, affordable, high quality, and safe protein source for the world. “
– These slaughterphiles really do live in a bubble.  An international humanitarian and economic catastrophe?  Really?  Because some rich people can’t gobble down their favorite dish?  Slaughter CAUSES horrific and unnecessary animal suffering and dead horses don’t provide as many jobs as live ones do.  Those are facts.  North American horse meat is NOT safe.  That is another fact.  Many of us that are in the horse industry are not going to see the value of our horses go down even a little bit over this.  It will be business as usual at our farm tomorrow, just as always.

Puppymill Patterson busily wrote up a statement on behalf of D-bag Duquette which I posted yesterday.  She is also trying to get everybody to sign her petition to immediately kill horses, because Lord knows we need another petition out there.  I’ll be surprised if she managed 1000 individual signatures on it.  I think for comic relief, we’ll check in with what some of the UH brain trust had to say about it all.  We won’t hear from Mendy Tobiano though, because rumor has it she got her ass booted off Facebook yet again and is creeping around in one of her alternate personalities, Bunny Buckled.

“We are now in campaign mode again and need to contact Vilsack and Congress to put pressure on them push forward with U.S.D.A. inspections!”

– Good ole Puppymill Patterson never disappoints!  We shouldn’t be surprised that she feels that rather than ensure there aren’t horses stuck on trucks or dumped over this, that her time would be better spent going into `campaign mode’.  She is, after all, the person that is working double time to strike down stiffer penalties for animal cruelty and abuse.  The prospect of all the horses that could be killed right in her own back yard probably has her moist.

“……most of the people who are anti slaughter are not horse people…there for they do not understand the challenges or impacts things like shutting down slaughter bring. Horse abuse and abandonment have rose since the close of the last slaughter plant in the U.S. and now with this debacle it will get WORSE!! The rescues are over flowing, tame horses are being turned lose to fend for themselves, starved, shot and who knows what.”

– Somebody please alert The Jockey Club and all the big farms in Kentucky that they will no longer be considered `horse people’ according to the brain trust of the PSA  contingent.  Strangely, I don’t think anybody that needs slaughter to value their stock or be in this horse industry is much of a horse person either….Funny how that works..


“The next Presidental debat is going to be held in NY next week in a town hall meeting. it would be very interesting if someone would ask the candidates what their opinion and plan is for the unwanted horses and slaughter issue now that this has happened.”

– Considering this rocket scientist can’t even SPELL `presidential debate’, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that she honestly believes that they will discuss horse slaughter rather than foreign policy, health care and the current economic climate.


“I and many other draft breeders consider the meat buyers CUSTOMERS!!! Whether anyone likes it or not, the meat buyers have kept our breeds from becoming extinct.”

– Sounds like somebody needs to get out of the breeding business.  I would be mortified if one of our horses ended up at slaughter.


“We need to stay on our toes, keep up to date and push hard to get people to understand this is necessary and humane thing that can benefit the whole country not just horseman. The people that need convinced is the general public.”

– When you are constantly in the minority on a certain issue, maybe it’s time to `understand’ that you are wrong.  You are not going to convince an increasingly health conscious `general public’ that consuming adulterated meat from a companion animal that is not raised specifically for human consumption is in their best interests.


“The antis behind everything are vegans”

– This little gem came from the good vet, Kim Houlding.  The one that still maintains there is a withdrawal time for Bute and other banned drugs and has no understanding about the difference between a blood sample and a tissue sample.  I wonder if she could wrap her mind around the fact that `antis’ probably had little to do with what happened.


“Folks this is no different than all the odds and obstacles we have already overcome to get to this point. Don’t hang your head like we’re done cause this is far from over..”

– This is from D-bag Duquette.  He also said yesterday that all of this was `no big deal’.  I see a bare butt spanking from Mama Suey in his near future.


“i sold a young horse on Tuesday and lucky for me she and not gotten any shots or been wormed since June. did not get much for her. she went to Sweet Grass border cross by Thursday”

– What an asshole this person is.  I see a Sunday feature in her future….


“If all these city folk want these horses to be Fido & Fluffy so badly, how come they aren’t boarding a couple each? Maybe a crippled up mare with arthritic hocks so bad she is 3-legged lame, an insane stallion that has been let to terrporize people all his life so is a human safety hazard, oh, and finally maybe an inbred product of some retard who let a colt breed his mother and all his sisters too and this said horse is dumber than a brick and stunted. You think the ‘do-gooder, horse huggers are gonna ‘adopt’ and ‘care for’ those horses too?? Bwahahahaha! <right!!>

– I’m going to come right out and say that the `city folk’ horse owners probably contribute more to the industry than these backwoods bumblefuck ranchers that can’t get with the times.  I’ve also got a crazy suggestion for this PSA.  How about the person that created the 3-legged lame, the insane stallion with no manners, and the inbred product of `some retard’ who let a colt breed his mother and sisters take responsibility for their own mess and do the right thing?  Why should anyone else clean up your mess and why should thousands of horses suffer because a few people want to be asstards? I think it is far easier and will do far more good to cull these types of people right out of the industry.


PSAs eagerly await for the next UH press release

I have a feeling this is going to go on and on for a long time.  I’m not going to pretend that the coming days will be easy in the horse industry should this ban last longer than a week or so.  They won’t.  Depending on what news we get about this next week, some immediate action and intervention will be needed.  Hopefully, the ban will stay in place and without the looming threat of slaughter, advocates can focus on helping the horses.  Please keep checking with Equine Welfare Alliance for updates as well as Habitat for Horses.  There is already a lot of misinformation out there and sadly, there will be people trying to take advantage of the situation.  Please read the following updated press release carefully.  (http://myemail.constantcontact.com/2012-10-13-Update-on-Press-Release-.html?soid=1103281455502&aid=NWXY_HKnWpo)

Stay tuned!









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Here we are again…another edition of Point and Laugh Friday!  I’m not even going to pretend to be surprised at how busy our PSA pals have been spreading their version of the truth and ignoring facts and science.  They’ve stayed the course and not a single one of them have gotten any smarter since last week.  As usual, they have given us a lot to work with this week, so let’s get our fingers out and ready because it’s Point and Laugh Friday!  This week is brought to you by the letter `I’ for imbecile.

First stop this week, as always, will be with the fearless leader of the slaughterphiles, Slaughterhouse Sue.  She’s been a busy little beaver this week for sure and gotten her Facebook on in a big way.  As we were told earlier, she shuffled off to Denver to address the Colorado Horse Council about how she is going to save all equines from becoming extinct by slaughtering them.  Ok, I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist of her mission.  According to Suey, it was a success…“I spoke to a full room of supportive horse people yesterday at the Colorado Horsemens Conference at the National Western in Denver. Thanks to all who attended! We are all working hard, hoping, and praying for a better future for horses and horse people. Glad a could share a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.”  In the UH’s case that `glimmer of light’ may just be an oncoming train, but whatever works for her.  Amazingly, she persists in lying through her tooth about the status of horse slaughter and had this to say as well “FSIS has committed that they will have finished validating the science underlying their drug residue testing system, and will be in a position to grant inspection in November or December to plants that meet the requirements. Rockville will be in that fiest bunch. As for what horses are bringing, depends on where they are and how much trucking cost is involved. You can maybe get that price if you are real close to the border.”  The last I heard, Rockville is still bogged down in lawsuits and nobody in that town has seen or heard from Suey since way earlier in the year.  It certainly hasn’t been retro-fitted nor is it in the process of being retro-fitted.  She seems pretty confident about the outcome of the upcoming election  as well.

I wish I could tell you that was all Suey had to say, but it wasn’t.  As we discussed yesterday, she was endorsing the video from Lt. Col. Dennis J. Foster, Executive Director for the Masters of Foxhounds Association.  As one of our dear readers here likened it to, it was basically a modern-day version of Reefer Madness for all the `facts’ it contained and sheer comedic value.  However, we know that the PSAs are easily impressed with graphs and British accents so they all dutifully linked it across the internet.  Unfortunately for them, the asshat that put this video clip together used Secretariat in their opening sequences and it has now been hastily removed from YouTube.  I’m guessing Penny Chennery, Claiborne Farm and Tony Leonard’s estate did not appreciate them using this horse as a poster child for unwanted horses and slaughter.  All those people are staunchly anti slaughter.  We really should thank Suey for linking that up for us so we could right that wrong.

Not sure where this picture was taken as it was sent to me, but if you look on the table in the background….it speaks VOLUMES.

Next, it’s time to check in with the dastardly duo of Holy Theresa and Douchebag Duquette.  Their little meet and greet and mutual admiration visit concluded this week and Holy Theresa is back home and trying to sell off many of her horses.  Her rescue website is rarely updated nor does it seem to advertise anything new up for adoption so perhaps there are no unwanted horses where she lives or maybe people don’t want to surrender horses to a slaughter supporting rescue.  I only bring this up due to the fact so many PSAs have their panties in a wad over the Dorothy Robertson horses going to a rescue that does NOT support slaughter and that has a chair that has bred horses in the past.  That good ole double standard at play again….D-bag has been fairly quiet this week.  Although he is still insisting his hometown slaughter emporium will be up and running by next fall, despite the city council and most other normally functioning human beings in that city being in opposition. (http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2012/10/hermiston_doesnt_want_horse_sl.html).  I often wish I could have a little of what these people are smoking…..

Mendy Tobiano has been blogging her brain cell out this week.  Sadly, she is no closer to telling the truth as she is to being even a little bit as sexy as she would like to be.  Apparently, when Wikipedia isn’t a good enough source for your facts, you just go back to telling stories that you pull out of your ass.  The only problem with that is when you outright lie about stuff.  Actually, she outright lies about most things other than the fact she is finally admitting to selling horses to kill buyers on more than one occasion.  One of the more blatant lies told over the past week was her working with all these ex-racehorses, including a son of Bernardini.  The problem with the story is she mentions that the horse would be 5yrs old this year.  He must be some sort of miracle horse because Bernardini’s OLDEST offspring are only 4yrs old this year and her story doesn’t work at all if the horse was any younger than she claimed.  I guess this is kinda like the original NT being the son of a `Lethal White’….those pesky facts always get in the way.   Perhaps if she posted up a graph or pie chart, things would seem more believable?  At any rate, she becomes more bizarre in her posts and seemed to suggest that it was ok for humans to eat each other at one point.  I find her prose a bit tough to read in its entirety so I’m hoping I got that part wrong.  Thankfully, the human side of the NT personality has remained in hiding (I’m claiming the win on that one) and claims to be writing a book.  All I really have to say about that is I truly hope she finds a good editor and self publishing is within her price range.  My 7 year old nephew writes better than Mendy Tobiano and his `stories’ are much more believable…At least I am very relieved we no longer have to witness her flirt with herself and pretend to be sexy.  It was beginning to have an adverse affect on my personal life…

I’m going to heap a lot of our former Sunday PSA types into one section here.  Thankfully, this blog does some good in that it gets them to either overshare to the point of comedy or just STFU all together which is always preferable.  Buckaroo Harmon and The Chin have been relatively quiet this week, although Buckaroo is on several message boards and did take the time to link up that awesome video we talked about earlier.  The NT and PSA approved Wild Ones magazine, that was supposed to be all about wild horses, seems to never have gotten off the ground, although they happily collected subscription fees from several people.  You may recall the editor of that magazine was Tony Ullrich who loved nothing better than to pick fights with anti-slaughter people.  He seems to be off the grid for the time being though.  Basically, business as usual for many of them…

We’ve already updated the Nevada 34 and the delusions of their former owner, Dorothy Robertson.  I have to say, having watched the online bitching about this situation, I don’t know why anybody rescues horses.  It must be one of the most thankless vocations in the horse industry.  The PSAs are out in full force and doing their best to deflect from the issue that Dorothy has now been charged with neglect and is going to court soon.  For some reason, they want to blame the rescue that is rehabbing those horses for the entire mess and have now taken to attacking NNER’s chair personally.  I always thought that the HFA/UH people were the biggest asshats in the slaughter wars; now I know they are strictly amateur hour compared to the Horse Grooming Supply People.  Never have I seen such a gathering of ignorance on one message board, let alone one topic.  If you feel like having eye burn, go check it out for yourself…(http://www.horsegroomingsupplies.com/horse-forums/vet-had-sheriff-seize-one-our-members-485192-177.html) Dorothy, herself, is posting over there and COTH, so you can get your updates straight from the source that way.  Personally, I’d rather wait to hear directly from NNER or the courts about the condition of the horses, and hopefully that will be soon.

So, we’ve come to the end of another week in the land of the moronic.  It’s been nothing if not entertaining.  To be honest, I would love nothing more than for this entire issue to be laid to rest with the election and move onto other things, but I have a feeling that it’s never going to end.  As long as there are PSAs owning horses, we’re going to have problems.  It’s really easy to get discouraged if you don’t take a lighter view on some of their antics.  I certainly have a difficult time taking many of them seriously lately.  As always, I have to thank the people that take the time to email me.  I also always appreciate the comments and information so many of you take the time to share on here.  That’s the one thing I do notice about anti-slaughter people, they do take the time to educate themselves on the issues and don’t just blindly follow some backwoods politician.  Remember, the PSAs are the ones that felt that `Buddy’ from Safe Haven was the very poster child of why we needed slaughter and why it beat starvation.  He’s now been with Safe Haven for little more than two months and I think he proved them all wrong; including the ones that insisted that there was no way his organs couldn’t be in failure and that the vets who did the diagnostics on him didn’t know what they were talking about.  I’ll leave you with his latest update from Safe Haven.  Have a good weekend everybody!

Before and After….yes, this IS the same horse

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