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Here we are again…another edition of Point and Laugh Friday!  I’m not even going to pretend to be surprised at how busy our PSA pals have been spreading their version of the truth and ignoring facts and science.  They’ve stayed the course and not a single one of them have gotten any smarter since last week.  As usual, they have given us a lot to work with this week, so let’s get our fingers out and ready because it’s Point and Laugh Friday!  This week is brought to you by the letter `I’ for imbecile.

First stop this week, as always, will be with the fearless leader of the slaughterphiles, Slaughterhouse Sue.  She’s been a busy little beaver this week for sure and gotten her Facebook on in a big way.  As we were told earlier, she shuffled off to Denver to address the Colorado Horse Council about how she is going to save all equines from becoming extinct by slaughtering them.  Ok, I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist of her mission.  According to Suey, it was a success…“I spoke to a full room of supportive horse people yesterday at the Colorado Horsemens Conference at the National Western in Denver. Thanks to all who attended! We are all working hard, hoping, and praying for a better future for horses and horse people. Glad a could share a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.”  In the UH’s case that `glimmer of light’ may just be an oncoming train, but whatever works for her.  Amazingly, she persists in lying through her tooth about the status of horse slaughter and had this to say as well “FSIS has committed that they will have finished validating the science underlying their drug residue testing system, and will be in a position to grant inspection in November or December to plants that meet the requirements. Rockville will be in that fiest bunch. As for what horses are bringing, depends on where they are and how much trucking cost is involved. You can maybe get that price if you are real close to the border.”  The last I heard, Rockville is still bogged down in lawsuits and nobody in that town has seen or heard from Suey since way earlier in the year.  It certainly hasn’t been retro-fitted nor is it in the process of being retro-fitted.  She seems pretty confident about the outcome of the upcoming election  as well.

I wish I could tell you that was all Suey had to say, but it wasn’t.  As we discussed yesterday, she was endorsing the video from Lt. Col. Dennis J. Foster, Executive Director for the Masters of Foxhounds Association.  As one of our dear readers here likened it to, it was basically a modern-day version of Reefer Madness for all the `facts’ it contained and sheer comedic value.  However, we know that the PSAs are easily impressed with graphs and British accents so they all dutifully linked it across the internet.  Unfortunately for them, the asshat that put this video clip together used Secretariat in their opening sequences and it has now been hastily removed from YouTube.  I’m guessing Penny Chennery, Claiborne Farm and Tony Leonard’s estate did not appreciate them using this horse as a poster child for unwanted horses and slaughter.  All those people are staunchly anti slaughter.  We really should thank Suey for linking that up for us so we could right that wrong.

Not sure where this picture was taken as it was sent to me, but if you look on the table in the background….it speaks VOLUMES.

Next, it’s time to check in with the dastardly duo of Holy Theresa and Douchebag Duquette.  Their little meet and greet and mutual admiration visit concluded this week and Holy Theresa is back home and trying to sell off many of her horses.  Her rescue website is rarely updated nor does it seem to advertise anything new up for adoption so perhaps there are no unwanted horses where she lives or maybe people don’t want to surrender horses to a slaughter supporting rescue.  I only bring this up due to the fact so many PSAs have their panties in a wad over the Dorothy Robertson horses going to a rescue that does NOT support slaughter and that has a chair that has bred horses in the past.  That good ole double standard at play again….D-bag has been fairly quiet this week.  Although he is still insisting his hometown slaughter emporium will be up and running by next fall, despite the city council and most other normally functioning human beings in that city being in opposition. (http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2012/10/hermiston_doesnt_want_horse_sl.html).  I often wish I could have a little of what these people are smoking…..

Mendy Tobiano has been blogging her brain cell out this week.  Sadly, she is no closer to telling the truth as she is to being even a little bit as sexy as she would like to be.  Apparently, when Wikipedia isn’t a good enough source for your facts, you just go back to telling stories that you pull out of your ass.  The only problem with that is when you outright lie about stuff.  Actually, she outright lies about most things other than the fact she is finally admitting to selling horses to kill buyers on more than one occasion.  One of the more blatant lies told over the past week was her working with all these ex-racehorses, including a son of Bernardini.  The problem with the story is she mentions that the horse would be 5yrs old this year.  He must be some sort of miracle horse because Bernardini’s OLDEST offspring are only 4yrs old this year and her story doesn’t work at all if the horse was any younger than she claimed.  I guess this is kinda like the original NT being the son of a `Lethal White’….those pesky facts always get in the way.   Perhaps if she posted up a graph or pie chart, things would seem more believable?  At any rate, she becomes more bizarre in her posts and seemed to suggest that it was ok for humans to eat each other at one point.  I find her prose a bit tough to read in its entirety so I’m hoping I got that part wrong.  Thankfully, the human side of the NT personality has remained in hiding (I’m claiming the win on that one) and claims to be writing a book.  All I really have to say about that is I truly hope she finds a good editor and self publishing is within her price range.  My 7 year old nephew writes better than Mendy Tobiano and his `stories’ are much more believable…At least I am very relieved we no longer have to witness her flirt with herself and pretend to be sexy.  It was beginning to have an adverse affect on my personal life…

I’m going to heap a lot of our former Sunday PSA types into one section here.  Thankfully, this blog does some good in that it gets them to either overshare to the point of comedy or just STFU all together which is always preferable.  Buckaroo Harmon and The Chin have been relatively quiet this week, although Buckaroo is on several message boards and did take the time to link up that awesome video we talked about earlier.  The NT and PSA approved Wild Ones magazine, that was supposed to be all about wild horses, seems to never have gotten off the ground, although they happily collected subscription fees from several people.  You may recall the editor of that magazine was Tony Ullrich who loved nothing better than to pick fights with anti-slaughter people.  He seems to be off the grid for the time being though.  Basically, business as usual for many of them…

We’ve already updated the Nevada 34 and the delusions of their former owner, Dorothy Robertson.  I have to say, having watched the online bitching about this situation, I don’t know why anybody rescues horses.  It must be one of the most thankless vocations in the horse industry.  The PSAs are out in full force and doing their best to deflect from the issue that Dorothy has now been charged with neglect and is going to court soon.  For some reason, they want to blame the rescue that is rehabbing those horses for the entire mess and have now taken to attacking NNER’s chair personally.  I always thought that the HFA/UH people were the biggest asshats in the slaughter wars; now I know they are strictly amateur hour compared to the Horse Grooming Supply People.  Never have I seen such a gathering of ignorance on one message board, let alone one topic.  If you feel like having eye burn, go check it out for yourself…(http://www.horsegroomingsupplies.com/horse-forums/vet-had-sheriff-seize-one-our-members-485192-177.html) Dorothy, herself, is posting over there and COTH, so you can get your updates straight from the source that way.  Personally, I’d rather wait to hear directly from NNER or the courts about the condition of the horses, and hopefully that will be soon.

So, we’ve come to the end of another week in the land of the moronic.  It’s been nothing if not entertaining.  To be honest, I would love nothing more than for this entire issue to be laid to rest with the election and move onto other things, but I have a feeling that it’s never going to end.  As long as there are PSAs owning horses, we’re going to have problems.  It’s really easy to get discouraged if you don’t take a lighter view on some of their antics.  I certainly have a difficult time taking many of them seriously lately.  As always, I have to thank the people that take the time to email me.  I also always appreciate the comments and information so many of you take the time to share on here.  That’s the one thing I do notice about anti-slaughter people, they do take the time to educate themselves on the issues and don’t just blindly follow some backwoods politician.  Remember, the PSAs are the ones that felt that `Buddy’ from Safe Haven was the very poster child of why we needed slaughter and why it beat starvation.  He’s now been with Safe Haven for little more than two months and I think he proved them all wrong; including the ones that insisted that there was no way his organs couldn’t be in failure and that the vets who did the diagnostics on him didn’t know what they were talking about.  I’ll leave you with his latest update from Safe Haven.  Have a good weekend everybody!

Before and After….yes, this IS the same horse

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With all the drama we’ve had to put up with lately, I thought it would be a good time to do an update on a blog entry from about a month ago.  Some of you will remember the horse `Buddy’, that got the PSA crowd all up in arms and calling for his immediate euthanization.  We talked about it  here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/to-save-or-not-to-save/)  If you recall, Buddy was an owner surrender to Safe Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary in California on July 19th.  From his pictures, he was probably the most emaciated horse I have ever seen that was still functioning.  Although he was given a full work-up by a veterinarian, the PSAs howled that he was being used to grab donations and was being made to suffer in the name of publicity.  Here are a few pictures of Buddy to refresh your memories….

Clearly, Buddy was not long for this world on the day these pictures were taken.  However, there was nothing systemically wrong with him and apparently the attending vet felt he was a candidate for rehabilitation.  Naturally, the PSA crowd raised holy hell and bombarded this rescue’s Facebook page with their usual asshattery.  NT stomped her hooves and screamed that Safe Haven should `grow a pair and put the animal down’.  Is it just me or does NT seem to be very preoccupied with male genitalia?  Anyhow, all of these rants and tantrums did not take into account one simple thing.  `Buddy’ as an individual.  Most horses in his condition probably wouldn’t make it.  I’m sure Safe Haven realized this too and that is why they had a vet assess him immediately.  With this expert advice, they decided to give this horse a chance.  I’m sure that the horse’s attitude and demeanor factored in almost as heavily as his lab work.  This was a horse that wanted to live.  Before I give you an update on Buddy, let’s talk about the hypocrisy of the PSAs raising hell with this rescue.  Look at the following picture and think about the uproar they would raise if a rescue posted about trying to rehab this horse…

Yes, this horse is still alive…Meet `Able’

Just like they did with Buddy, I’m going to guess that the PSAs would be accusing the rescue of making this horse suffer so it could be a `poster child’ and play on people’s sympathies for money.  They would scream and holler to put him down immediately.  Well, this picture is a few years old and this horse actually did become a poster child.  He was one of four horses that were part of a pretty well-known abuse case in Montana.  (http://www.inhumane.org/data/C&CHeydon.htm)  This horse became a poster child for a rescue that the PSAs love and support.  That would be Holy Theresa’s Willing Servants.  No, she did not rescue the horse or even rehabilitate him.  She did raise funds for him and try to adopt him though and as a result of what happened to Able and the other three horses involved, she began Willing Servants.  That is outlined on the linked page and Holy Theresa had this to say:“This was THE horse and THE story that inspired me to start Willing Servants. Able.”  Her motivation for trying to adopt him (she was not successful) was “I asked to be considered for his adoption so I could use him in my Cowkids For Christ program wher his story could be told over and over to teach and inspire children”  How is that not wanting to use this horse for poster child and her own benefit?  If you read the bottom of the linked page, you’ll find about the entire clusterfuck that ensued with these horses and probably one of the biggest reasons why Holy Theresa hates her local Humane Society. If you would like to make up your own mind about Holy Theresa’s motivations you can read this article (http://www.ravallirepublic.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/article_824cf1b4-379f-11df-b8a0-001cc4c03286.html) As for Able…..he turned out just fine.

Let’s get back to Buddy.  It’s only been a little over a month since he was rescued, so he’s still got a long way to go.  The good news is, he’s getting there.  Buddy arrived at Safe Haven weighing only 515lbs.  As of this weekend, Buddy is up to 615lbs and looking much better.  He continues to be monitored closely by a veterinarian, with regular blood work and check ups.  Safe Haven is working hard to bring Buddy back to health.  Here are Buddy’s most recent pics:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but these pictures of Buddy make me happy.  He’s made a lot of progress in a very short time and there is no reason to believe he won’t make it all the way back.  So what if this rescue gets publicity for his rehab?  I truly hope they do because they deserve it.  They’re doing a wonderful job.   Part of running a non-profit organization is getting donations and one of the ways you do that is through publicity.  I have no problem with them sharing Buddy’s story. It also brings awareness about why we need stiffer penalties and better enforcement for animal cruelty laws.  I guess the PSAs all think that rescues should only show healthy, fit horses that are ready to go into the show ring.  That isn’t the reality of rescue.  Another fact is that the availability of slaughter wasn’t going to change Buddy’s situation prior to his rescue.  Just because there is no slaughter does not mean there are no kill buyers.  Even when slaughter was available, people abused and neglected horses.  It’s not a new phenomenon.  The only differences between Buddy and Able’s story are that it doesn’t have the stamp of approval from a rescue that supports slaughter and he isn’t splashed all over the media.  I should thank the PSAs though, because their hissy fit is what brought Buddy and his saviors to my attention and I love hearing about happy endings for neglected horses.

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