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I’m human.  I’m not saying that in the Joseph Merrick sense or anything.  (That would be The Elephant Man to you Philistines out there and yeah, his name was Joseph and not John like in the movie).  I’m saying it in the high road sucks sense and sometimes I just gotta wallow.  So, I’m going to give myself permission to do a bit of that today, but I’ll also tie it up in some context so I can continue to delude myself that I’m not being completely petty.  I’m actually not.  I do have a point with most things I post and today is no exception.  Just bear with me while I get to the actual point of things.  In the meantime, pull up a seat and grab your pumpkin spiced whatever and let’s get started!


I’m sure a lot of you know about this already, but let’s rehash.  Last week, right before the village idiots got shook down for 17k, Manson and her screeching sidekick Jonathan decided to dazzle them all by showing how a 30% vet does intakes so much better than 100% vets.  It was pretty much a bullshit job from start to finish as various lies fell out of her lying lie hole, but the weight tape thing had me snorty laughing right out loud.  Seriously.  Manson went into this great spiel about how the weight tape isn’t always accurate as far as numbers because some horses can be ribby with big bellies (kinda like MOST of theirs are), but you can still see if the number changes and just go by that.  Well, a knot in a piece of bailing twine would do that for you too, but only if you measured the right part of the horse.  Right there on camera, Manson unintentionally demonstrates how NOT to use the weight tape. The directions are usually right on the tape FFS.  How hard is that to figure out?  There is a diagram and everything about where to place the tape.  It actually explains why so may of their horses look like complete shit, because she thinks big belly = healthy weight gain.  Then she lies some more about not giving Banamine right way if horses are dehydrated or something, but most of us who aren’t high on horse drugs or opiates remember her hitting every single horses that got off those loads from Louisiana with Banamine, wormer etc. with absolutely no consideration as to whether or not they were dehydrated.  I’m not even sure she knows how to tell if a horse is dehydrated without her magical SAA machine.  (cue Manson furiously googling `dehydration in horses’)  She also generally loads up every auction horse with Banamine and Dermosedan before they even get on the trailers or she has her ass barnacle, Robyn, do it if she didn’t manage to get out of bed that morning.  So, I’m not really sure why she felt the need to come on camera and lie about intakes and amaze us with her complete ignorance and lack of knowledge, but I’m sure the village idiots were suitably impressed and primed to dig super deep for the big ask that was coming.  Maybe that was the point all along.  It actually kinda worked for a while.



I addressed the permit drama a bit on the last post.  It was yet another big ask after greasing up the village idiots.  It’s also where we get to the semantics part of this post.  I don’t think most of us ever really doubted that the village idiots would cough up the cash nor did anybody other than the village idiots think they would be getting shut down.   I’m actually a bit surprised it’s taking them this long to raise the funds as they’ve seemed to stall out around 7k (they are claiming $1500 in paypal as well), but that’s no biggie considering we still haven’t figured out what all the extra cash they’re asking is for since they refuse to post any letters or official sort of documents.  They also don’t want to answer direct questions like, why have they known about this for a whole year and are only asking now?  Since Manson has dropped the love vibe schtick lately and can’t answer anything without going on a profanity laced rant,  HiCaliber has elected to allow Angrid field most of the questions since she’s mainly just angry and snarky, but a bit better at the verbal gymnastics than Manson.  From what I can gather, Angrid is saying that they didn’t technically `know’ since last year because they’ve been in talks and going back and forth with the county.  That’s not exactly true.  They did know since last September that they were going to need some sort of permit and they even knew, given their numbers and activities, what that permit was going to be.  It’s really nobody’s fault other than their own if they were operating under the ego-bloated assumption that they could talk their way out of having to follow the same rules as every other resident of that county.  In fact, even though they weren’t entirely honest and transparent in this video (go to minute 24) it does show they were meeting with the county as far back as early May about this situation.  They also knew they were out of extensions before they came to the village for money.  To me, and most logical people, that would suggest they left things until it was at crisis point whether it was intentional or due to stupidity, that’s the fact of the matter.  However, here is where we are and they need the cash for right now.  Brace yourself for them to be needing more because they actually should be getting a Tier 4 permit since they always have over 100 horses on the property except on days they know an inspector is coming.  Given the amount of grief they have been getting lately, wouldn’t you think they’d just knuckle down and cover their asses once and for all?  Why fudge this process and risk the fines?  I don’t get it.


I was sent this spread sheet by an awesome reader.  It is a 30 day snapshot of the money HiCaliber has asked from the villagers and mostly received.  For those of you that are lazy, the grand total of asks is $42,485 including the permit money.  Think about that and look at the list.  How is spending that much money buying, that many horses in one month even remotely close to rescue?  Looks like a horse trading spreadsheet to me and then you have them even begging for water and Gatorade?  Really?  Manson was even asking on live feed for people to send duct tape.  That’s ridiculous and irresponsible.  Next month the totals will be similar with a variation on headers because they realize the village idiots won’t twig that they keep needing more and more money every single month and it’s nearly always time sensitive thing.  That’s actually a page out of the bad rescue red flag list.  Go ahead and google it up and you’ll see HiCaliber ticks a lot of red flag boxes.  Not all, but a lot.  Certainly enough to make a person pause. The other issue with this list is where is their other funding sources?  Most other rescues get grants and sponsorships so they aren’t nickel and diming their followers into the poor house.  If HiCaliber can’t manage to do the same then perhaps they need to put a real board of directors in place and get a whole bunch more professional.  While we’re looking at this list, how many of these auction purchases have they ever posted an update on?  I’m still kinda waiting for the updates on the Louisiana horses which I’m sure will come in right around the same time as the DNA results from the paper bag of hair Manson claims to have.


I’m going to preface this next bit by saying this isn’t about fat shaming.  I know lots of larger riders that are lovely riders and they are `light’ riders too. Just the same as I know smaller riders that are complete loads and ride really heavy.  Part of being a light rider is empathy and I think the pictures above show a distinct lack of that.  This past weekend, Manson and her chosen ones,  went on a poker ride.  Naturally this was cause for much vulgarity and crude humor as Manson and her merry band of gunsels proceeded to take their show to new territory and inflict themselves on a new group of people.  Besides the drunken antics and lewd and inappropriate comments to the ride organizers, Manson was extremely preoccupied with the horse she was riding, Jelly, dropping his penis.  Actually, Manson has been preoccupied with penis in general quite a bit on the live feeds lately, but in this case it was Jelly’s manhood that held her attention as she attempted to photograph it from various angles before getting somebody else to do it for her so she could paste it on the HiCaliber Facebook page with the hashtag `dickpic’.  Because nothing says `professional’ like sexualizing the horse you claimed to rescue.  What the rest of us saw as a horse that probably just really wanted to pee but she was too ignorant to get up off his kidneys so he could do just that.  Howver, let’s say he didn’t have to pee because, to be honest, a number of the HiCaliber horses looked pretty drugged.  I’m talking lip drooping and birds tweeting around their heads kinda drugged.  Let’s say Jelly was just hanging his thang out because he was stoned.  He was still stretched out like he was in pain.  Do you blame him?  The saddle on him clearly is digging into his withers with not enough or the right kind of saddle pad on him and Manson is spilling out over the saddle which doesn’t distribute her weight properly and help matters either.  I’m not even going to get into the rider weight to horse weight ratio.  You can draw your own conclusions on that.  None of this can be comfortable for him.  Poor horse!  Next thing you know he’s going to go `behavioral’ or end up with a fistula on his withers either of which could eventually land him on the dreaded `euth list’.  Poor thing has already been subjected to The Fice for a short period of time, now he’s become one of Manson’s go to mounts because she’s still too afraid to get back on her own horse since she fell off him.  #Freejelly

Not to be outdone by her new BFF and mentor, Amanduh put her horsemanship on display yet again as she rode the infamous and drugged looking Dawson on the poker ride.  Dawson is not available for adoption but is still being funded on the donar dollar because Manson has 4 other personal horses already living for free at HiCaliber.  Amanduh of the $75/hr lessons and classical training can’t seem to figure out how to tie a rope halter properly.  This didn’t stop Manson from loudly boasting to an unsuspecting and glassy-eyed ride volunteer how all their horses are bitless and use rope halters only because they don’t need them with Amanduh swigging on her beer and nodding in agreement.  This was before the bitching and moaning about not being allowed to ride on the paved bike path because Dawson was too tired to walk in sand or something and just generally being in appropriate and gross.  I’m guessing self awareness and social graces aren’t cool in the HiCaliber culture or something.  At least they impressed themselves.

Ok, this is me being a little bit petty.  It amuses me.  It seems like Amanduh is always on the wrong lead on videos lately.  It certainly isn’t an intentional counter canter she has going on there since the horse has zero collection or engagement going on, so I’m guessing she just doesn’t know any better.  What’s worse is it feels like complete shit and four flat tires to be on the wrong lead, so I’m not even completely sure how or why you would go more than about two strides without fixing that shit.  I knew my leads before I was 5 years old, but I realize not everybody is lucky enough to grow up with that opportunity.  Still, it’s a basic skill and one of the first things you learn when you learn to canter or lope at whatever age that may be.  You don’t even have to be `classically’ trained to learn that either.  It’s pretty basic.  Personally, I think if you’re going to teach other people to ride, and especially if you’re going to charge $75/hr to do so, you should be able to figure out if you’re on the correct lead or diagonal yourself.  Actually, if you’re going to teach others to ride you should not only be on the correct lead and diagonal, but you should be able to feel it without looking.  I actually feel sorry for the people who sign up for lessons that are going to be learning wrong.  Sadness.

See all those names on the screen shots above?  There are 117 names and those are all the horses and donkeys that were intakes in 2016 that are no longer alive.  One hundred and seventeen.  That’s more than an average of two a week dead.  That’s not to say that some weren’t legitimate compassion pulls and some died in foster or other places for legit reasons, but you can pick out quite a few WTF names on there.  Horses that never got the courtesy of a goodbye post or any acknowledgement at all before they were erased from the website as if they never existed.  Be careful about asking after them on Facebook as you’ll likely be met with hostility and banning.  Not all these horses died last year, but not all the horses that died last year were intakes from last year either.  How about we see how we’re doing this year so far?

This is the horses that have been 2017 intakes that are no longer with us.  The change to that list is that Adagio should be added and Fila should be Fili (not sure of spelling).  Again, some horses were legitimate compassion pulls but the majority of these animals died at the other end of Manson’s gun.  56 of the 2017 intakes are already dead with a few that probably won’t be with us very much longer.   That’s 173 horses dead in the last 21 months averaging 2 per week.  That’s a whole bunch of bullets.  To be clear, this is just a list of the 2017 intakes that are no longer with us.  More than that have actually died this year.  You gotta wonder what that takes to be able to shoot that many.  In contrast, two other rescues I follow lost horses in the last week.  One from natural causes and the other was put to sleep aka not shot in the face.  Both horses had nice tributes posted on their respective pages.  They were honored and, I’m sure they are mourned.  One of these things is not like the others…



I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aware of the antics that play out on Facebook.  I don’t really get it, but I’m aware of it and from time to time, I even look in on some of them.  Lately, it’s a bit difficult to tell who is who.  You have Angrid and her goons on the poop page flinging turds at the horror story girls and then we have the break off groups of the same people in some cases and in other cases exiled people or ones that need to be on their own power trip.  I’m not entirely sure of the dynamics there nor am I sure which ones post here other than the ones that are in direct email contact with me.  That’s our little secret though, so no worries there.  What I really don’t get is why y’all need so many groups and what does any of it have to do with me other than you like to grab screen shots from here, because for some reason I keep getting blamed for your fuckery.   I don’t really care one way or another because I’m all about information getting passed along, but I think we need to pump the brakes a bit with the group creation.  Now y’all have created a private group to discuss HiCaliber with Angrid and it can’t be public (saw it anyhow, thx) because Angrid needs a safe place and was getting uncomfortable with being called on her bullshit.   This is even though everything is getting screen shot and passed along anyhow from both parties, so wtf is the point?   I do not care if this costs readers here or what, but half of you `horror girls’ are becoming just as bad as the village idiots.  It’s drama, drama, drama all the time.  I’m counting the days until I can put this to rest and I’m beginning to think that some people are going to have a hole punched in their life when it is all over but the crying.  Remember those names I just posted above.  That’s why I’m here. Why are you?


Now that I’ve pissed off both sides of the equation, I want to remind you we’re headed into another Tuesday fund-raising extravaganza. tomorrow  Donations have been down and lies are going to be spun.  No, they didn’t run out of horses in Texas, New Mexico or whatever other place Manson pulls out of her ass to say a new kill buyer hails from in order to loosen some purse strings.  It’s simply not true.  Why would somebody drive 1700 miles to a sale that habitually has less than 10 horses run through each week, in a state where shipping to slaughter is illegal?  Keeping in mind they would drive across several states that have lots of horses and it is legal to ship to slaughter on the way there.  Misner does it because it’s in his own back yard practically and he collects horses from all over to get his buddy Chavez to launder them for him, but even a bottom feeder like Misner still isn’t going to ship stallions, grays, or skeletal horses because they won’t be accepted at the border.  Stop paying this loser to clean up his messes.  Please. Before you open your purse strings to buy from a kill buyer please read the screen shot below.  It was posted in an anti-slaughter group.  I’m happy to credit the person who wrote it if that is his wish.  I take it he’s a trader or trainer.  Learn it and live it and share it everywhere.  Keep a good thought for those poor horses that are going to be exploited tomorrow.  We’ll reconvene here in a few days to do a postmortem, I’m sure.  Ciao for now!



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Happy Friday!  I reckon it’s time to fire off a post even though our last blog entry was a bit of a mic drop.  Thanks again to Ann and all our past and future guest posters.  Your experiences and insights are important to hear even if the truth is inconvenient for the village idiots.  Because I certainly can’t add to or top the firsthand accounts, I’m just going to do the usual today with some updates, recaps and attempts to untangle a few lies.  I’ve also got a few inner sanctum things to share because that’s always fun to watch the fallout from those too. *cue howling and turd flinging from the village idiots*.  For now though, let’s start off where we kinda left off on my last post.  Milk carton horses…

So the last time I posted (not counting the guest post), I mentioned Anne and Cotton.  I get several emails each week asking after particular horses and these two are ones that nobody I asked seemed to have any memory of as far as their fates.  So, rather than jumping to conclusions I put it out there and guess what?  It worked!  Within one day, I had a few emails on each horse, all saying the same things.  Anne turned out to have gender ID issues.  Romney Faye Baker failed to recognize that Anne had a penis, which was super strange considering all the peen cancer diagnostics we’ve seen at auction in the past.  At any rate, Anne became `Glaze’ and Glaze turns out to be a branded mustang.  Cotton’s story was a bit stranger.  It seems a private buyer had wanted Cotton but was too late or something so, Cotton was fund raised for, purchased and brought back to HiCaliber.  The PB was still interested so, they paid the purchase fee and also for his vetting and got the horse within a few days leaving the original funds raised (purchase plus responsible rescue fees)  for the eyelash fund.  There was no adoption contract for Cotton despite what Manson is now claiming.  It seems her hard and fast rule about once horses arrive at the ranch they only leave with their contracts is actually a fluid rule depending on who you are.  I’m sure the PB that got screwed over the sushi foals will be thrilled to know that.  At least we found out the fate of `Anne’ and Cotton.  Keep asking questions.  Milk cartons work!

I’m not going to get too deep into the auction recap this week because there is so much else to cover.  As per usual, it was a major shell game by Manson made worse by the fact that she was operating under the misguided notion that she was `unsupervised’ this week.  Pinholed pupils and all, she lied every which way she could resulting in 5 poor souls being dragged back to the feed lot to face their fate, one already being on very thin ice due to a popped knee and melanomas.  Thankfully one was super skinny so they managed to wedge all 5 of them into a 4 horse trailer, thinking nobody would notice that on the live feed.  I’m not sure if it’s because Manson isn’t very likable or what was going on, but the donations weren’t flowing even though there was a number of horses at auction this week. So, when they only had enough money for one, it was time to dust off the `out of state kill buyer’ strategy and create a sense of urgency in the village idiots.  To up the ante even more, the kill buyer would only sell all his load or nothing and they just happened to be the 4 best looking horses at auction.  All this because a private buyer wanted the magical dancing horse.  Dancing horses are another sympathy strategy at auction.  Even though the PB stated after the fact that HiCaliber had been asked to bid on that horse before he went in the ring, HiCaliber went with the story that because one person wanted one horse they had to buy all of them or they were going to Mexico.  We’ll get to the Mexican vacation part in a bit.  This meant that the sorry looking horses that Misner bought couldn’t be sold to HiCaliber although Manson assured her idiots that they’d get another crack at those (and they will and they will pay large once again). The village loves urgency, or `exigency’ as Manson likes to call it, so they raised the funds and sealed the fate of the poor horses the mysterious out of state KB ended up with.  They did need a little nudge with Manson tugging at their heart-strings telling them about having to `look’ horses in the eye that were on their way to Mexico.  She was referring to Doughboy in Louisiana’s clip she used a few days prior so I’m still kinda scratching my head at how she managed to look them all in the eye all the way from Southern California, but I’m still kinda confused at how they were 3 hours into their trip to Mexico while they were still on his lot, so color me confused all the way around.  All joking aside, the fact is it was all another bunch of lies.  IF there even was a kill buyer, he would have a contract and contracts must be filled.  That means that he wouldn’t be selling horses in the parking lot after the fact because he would still have a contract to fill.  However, there was no kill buyer because kill buyers don’t pay $300 and up per horse and make any money at all. They also don’t generally have loads of only 4 horses because that isn’t even worth the gas money to take them south.  In fact, they would lose money buying horses for that much and then factor in a gray horse with visible melanomas, that wouldn’t make it across the border because they do not slaughter those for consumption.  Even Mexico has rules and standards.  It’s not a free for all across the border no matter what Manson tells people.  What the boogie man likely was, was a trader that is smart enough to know these crazy heifers from HiCaliber will buy anything and everything and everybody makes out like bandits on Tuesday at Ontario.



So this happened recently.  I guess when The Cannabis Queen’s offer of lessons failed to raise any interest, it was time for the big gun to be brought out.  Let’s just set the absolutely ridiculous price of all this aside because I can’t even with that,  and talk about what is on offer here.  We’ve all seen Amanda on various live feeds.  Only last evening she was on live feed merrily cantering around the arena on the wrong lead and not only did she not correct it, but Manson didn’t even pick up on it.  These are the people who are going to teach neophytes to ride.  I’m not exactly sure what `classically’ trained even means.  Is that the kind of muzak that was playing in the mall as she plugged quarters into her mount?  Who does one go to in order to perfect the unintentional counter-canter?  Who is the master of the elbows out, dig at the crotch hand positioning?  So many questions, but in all seriousness,  ANYBODY can take a clinic if they have the cash.  George Morris gives clinics all over the place and if you have thick enough skin, you can put your money down and take a lesson or two from him.  Hell, I bet he wouldn’t even waste his time insulting somebody like Amanda or The Cannabis Queen.  Tell me these big name trainers paid you to get on horse for them and then maybe I’ll stop squinting. Maybe.  Then we have the added issue that she’s going to be using the HiCaliber horses and facility to give lessons on and only kicking back 10% to HiCal.  Knowing Manson’s extreme greed, I’m surprised she’s not in for a cut unless the 10% goes to the eyelash fund, but it’s not even ok for them to be doing this on any level.  I posted a handy little screenshot from their own incorporation papers to clear that up.  Not ok, not cool.

Remember Percy?  Percy the poor horse that anybody and everybody licked because they all wanted him so badly when he was first purchased at auction back in January? Since then poor Percy has been through many different diagnosis and spendy treatments as the 30% vet has had her way with him.  Poor guy was lame and he got progressively more lame the longer he spent confined to the smallest stalls and pens at the feed lot.  First they decided he had suspensory issues so they had to fund raise for the world’s most expensive ultrasound, although we were never given the results or told if he even had that done.  Then he was still lame so after some diagnostics by a 100% vet, they decided to perform a heel neurectomy which required even more fundraising. Finally, after it was decided his surgery was moderately successful and his fundraising use was exhausted, they let him go to the volunteer that was always going to get him for the grand total of $1.  That’s right, the village just funded six months worth of diagnostics and procedures for a horse that got given away for $1.  I’m not sure what the 83 cents was for.  Maybe that was the paypal fees on the $1.  What say we check in on how Percy is making out now?

So this is Percy these days.  I’m not sure how far apart these video clips were or what, if any, meds were involved but jumping a heel nerved horse isn’t usually the best idea if longterm soundness is your goal.  Even if those jumps are just little cavellettis, why do it?  Then you come to Percy being ridden by the `classically trained’ Amanda.  What, the actual fuck?  Does nobody involved with HiCaliber know how to properly fit tack or own a proper saddle pad?  Why must they dangle off their withers and then flop down on their back like a load of poo?  This poor horse, even if he wasn’t already hurtingm, and he is hurting, he’d likely be body sore at the very least after that performance.  He scuttles and wobbles around that round pen like he’s walking on rusty nails.  I found it painful to watch.  I actually feel sorry for the girl who adopted him and I always have.  She’s clearly new to horses and being lead by these gunsels is just sad.  It’s even sadder when Percy seems to be the one paying the ultimate price.  Poor horse.





I’m sure by now that most of you have heard about the latest `big ask’.  Once again Manson’s lack of planning has become everybody else’s emergency.  She has known about this for over a year.  Let that sink in.  Over a year, yet she only comes to the village last night with it when time is almost up.  Why?  Well that’s anybody’s guess but my guess is she knows that the village idiots get off on deadlines, so throw in the threat of doors closing (bullshit) and that they are being unfairly picked on and everybody is digging in the sofa for every spare penny they can find.  It’s textbook and it’s working.  The thing is they aren’t going to get their doors shut, they’ll incur some fines and to the village idiot that is wondering how many horses could be saved with the 17k instead?  Well first off the permit is not 17k it’s just under 9k and second off, that’s still not even close to how much donated money went into those china chompers and big lips Manson is sporting.  She lives for free at HiCaliber along with her personal herd of horses (yes, they are trickling back in again), but how much money has she actually donated lately? Don’t get me started on time.  She goes days without walking across the driveway to the barn and she never lowers herself to actually feed.  Seems to me she just takes and asks everybody else to go without.  But that’s not enough for Manson, she not only allows threats to carry on, she’s encouraging them.  I know this is probably too much reality for the village idiots, but Manson would have a notice with fees and costs in her possession.  She could totally post it and be transparent , but why bother when you can plump up the ask and make a bit of pocket-money on top?

For about the millionth time, the writer of this blog, aka me, is not who they think it is.  The person they are harassing is not me, but even if it was, is it even remotely ok to offer up her address and sick the village on her knowing how unstable some of them are?  Here’s a newsflash for the village, the permit thing is a cost of doing business.  Despite Manson’s claims of it being `complaint based’ it’s not.  Think about it.  If that was the case hardly anybody would ever bother with permits.  It’s just a responsible thing you do when you are adulting and the fact that Manson ignored her responsibilities doesn’t make anybody else evil or wrong.  She’s got a big problem with manure and vector control there and that becomes all her surrounding neighbor’s issue too.  With all the histrionics and pearl clutching the bean flickers were doing, not a single one of them noticed that the picture they chose for their campaign is of 5 babies stuffed in a tiny stud pen surrounded by manure piles.  Time for Manson to grow up, own her part in things and handle her business.  As for the rest of the village idiots, I’m not even bothering to cover up the names involved in this douchebaggery.  If you’re dumb enough to make threats on a public page, I’m going to post them.

The above screen shots are from one of their inner sanctums and are exactly the type of thing that makes people call code enforcement.  They know they have way too many horses and mountains of manure with nary a removal bin in sight.  Their answer to the situation is to edit it out of pictures so all those $5 donors that give up their lunch money every time they ask, can continue to live secure in their delusions that all is well at the feed lot.  I find it somewhat telling that the one suggesting they hide the poop  and overcrowding issue is their resident animal control officer/board member.  Rather than telling them to deal with their numbers and manure for the health of the animals, she suggest hiding it to keep the dollars flowing instead.  What else is there to say?


I think I’ll finish up with this oldie but goodie.  Don’t worry, Trently is still off having baby talk and tarp training , but I’m not sure they ever did find the needle.  I sure hope some poor horse didn’t end up shot in the face because of stepping on it or something.  You never know.  Just to be clear, it is the horses I do worry about.  Yup, Manson and her cohorts annoy the piss out of me, but they’d fall off my radar in a hurry if they got out of the horse business.  That’s where I’m different from the village idiots too.  I don’t think it is about the horses for most of them.  If it was, they would maybe show more concern for horses that were rescue transfers like Sully/Willie, Moose/Deacon, Cannon/Little Dude, Saban and so many others.  Horses that were on euth lists at HiCaliber and are now thriving but you know what I see?  I see village idiots trolling those pages only to insert praise for HiCaliber any time those horses are mentioned or pick fights if people praise the new rescues for their good work.  I see them actually try to block funding efforts for those animals and laugh they don’t raise as much as the mighty village.  It’s a foreign concept to them that other rescues have grants and other sustainable funding sources so they don’t have to beg for every roll of duct tape and cup of coffee.  The village idiots are good at picking fights too.  Anything to keep that drama going.  They certainly don’t support those animals after they leave HiCaliber so we know it’s not about the animals for them.  They’re paying to keep their drama fix going.  Period.  How do you combat that?  You really don’t.  We can keep putting the truth out there.  Despite the threats that is within our rights to comment on what a public organization puts out there and opinions are still legal too.  There is no law on the books that say you have to keep silent when somebody lies in order to raise money.  We can keep supporting the rescues doing it right, as there are many.  We’re going to need them robust and healthy when this all comes tumbling down one day.  Doing the right thing is never easy or even all that much fun, but trust me, it sure feels good when karma comes around and karma always comes around eventually.  For now, hug some horses, spread some truth and stay the course!  Have a great weekend!

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As most may have gathered, the guest poster I have for you today is Lalainia `Ann’ Kline.  Ann is the founder and president of Mea Ola’s Place , a rescue in southern California that I’m sure many of the readers here have heard of.  I couldn’t be more thankful and honored that Ann chose to share her experiences with HiCaliber with all of us here.  It takes a lot of courage at the best of times to speak out against HiCaliber and the village, but it takes a little extra as a rescue knowing the wrath of the village and their propensity to troll social media pages in order to attack anybody that dares speak the truth.  She has nothing to gain from telling any of this other than peace of mind.  I think her thoughts and words are especially important as we head into yet another auction Tuesday and fundraising drive.   Please read what she has to say very carefully and let it sink in.  With that being said, I’m going to hand off to Ann.  This is her experiences with HiCaliber in her own words.

I first heard about HiCaliber at the time Starlight Sanctuary was up and going strong…around the end of 2012. I was also paying attention when Michele showed up there and went ballistic the following year. Horses had no water…horses in worse condition than they were at intake, broken down fencing, filthy pens. I also remember some of the excuses given by the other rescue.  Any of you that were around at that time will understand that lately, the goings on at HC are eerily reminiscent of that exact scenario. It saddens me more than most because I once looked up to them. I trusted them. I had their back so to speak for many years. I defended them… Until this year when everything changed. I’m not a hater and I am certainly not jealous.  I feel as though I have been duped.



During the period from January 2016 until May of this year,  Mea Ola’s Place has taken in 10 horses/donks  via HiCaliber  from the Ontario auction.  It wasn’t until May of this year, when we took in Fila(Orphaned right after auction) and then a failed private buyer donkey, that I realized something was wrong with this picture. It was actually an email sent to me by a dual supporter (follows and donates to both rescues) that got my attention. (Paraphrasing here)  “Did Fila come with any donations because something like  $1700 was raised for her and her mother” . I answered truthfully…”No, they have never forwarded any donations”.  Once it was brought to my attention, I realized this was a big problem and I had never even thought about that!  When we brought Fila in,(and most of the others) we asked for donations too! In my defense, up until that email, I was not paying attention to what they were doing in terms of fundraising, AS I AM BUSY CARING FOR OUR HERD, managing things at MOP, keeping our supporters and followers updated, etc.,  so I wasn’t on their facebook page all that much. It wasn’t odd to be tagged on their page sometimes when donkeys came up, but other than the times I was tagged or called by them to take in something, I rarely visited their page. This was a serious ethical issue…and possibly a legal one too!

Cassini at auction

Cassini at auction

The next eye opener was with a donkey named Cassini. Many of you may remember the donkey with ropes and a ratchet strap tied all over him in early May. We had just attended the Lancaster auction the day before Cassini was at Ontario and had saved a donkey and a mule. I was being messaged and texted by dual supporters that HC needed help to get him safe. This is the ONE time I was paying attention while they were at auction. I went to the page and counted over $900 in pledged donations. So, I posted that to dual supporters who wanted us to save him. Next, I was being tagged and messaged because many were saying that even with the donations, he still needed a place to go. Once again, I visited the HC page and saw that someone had stepped up as a private buyer.  I posted that and the messages and texts stopped. That was all I heard about Cassini until a couple of weeks later. I was first contacted by Rene saying that it wasn’t working out with the PB and asking if could I take him. I said we could if someone (and I meant  HC because I knew they had received donations for this donk, in addition to the private buyer paying their share) would pay the castration fee. I even said it could be paid to our vet directly. I also gave the option of us just working with him after the castration in hopes he could return to the PB. The messages went silent after that.

Manson and Cassini at auction

Cassini with Manson

Fast forward a few more days and lo and behold…the private buyer of Cassini contacted me. This person was so desperate to get him off their place, that they agreed to cover hauling AND the castration. I felt bad for this person to have to do that, but we had taken in quite a few and needed to make sure funds were secured for his castration. This is not the first private buyer gone bad experience and since then, we have been asked to take in others, but have declined. The truth is that we are full. In Cassini’s case, someone could have been terribly injured and possibly even killed. He is an intact Jack donkey which means he is no different than a stallion. Not only did these people have no real horse experience, they had NO idea what to expect from a Jack. While here, Cassini has charged people, bit, and even knocked one person to the ground. This is all hormone related and we do believe those traits will leave after castration. But, you can bet that he will never go to someone that doesn’t  have experience, even if he becomes a puppy dog. I later found out that he acted up while being led to the trailer at auction that day…in a display of aggression and “all male” behavior.  These buyers were not even warned about him!


Our board had been informed and were in the process of making a decision after Cassini and Fila about whether we would taking any via HiCaliber again after this came into play. What exactly am I supposed to tell people that donated to HiCaliber for these that we take in? It looks like “double dipping” if we ask for “responsible rescue funds” for the same ones!   And to top it all off…We had paid HiCaliber twice for some. This year we paid $480 for two jenny donks (Laverne and Shirley) Plus $150 to haul them here via one of their team members. (Just saying, we will haul for other rescues for JUST GAS) It’s just shy of an hour from Ontario to MOP. And the best kick in the gut was when I was asked to paypal the money via friends and family, but screwed it up and was asked to send them another $5.25 for the pay pal fees!  All of us that accept donations via pay pal pay those fees.  On some fundraisers we may ask for a little extra to cover pay pal fees, but  I would never ask a rescue to do that, especially when we paid for the donkeys and they collected funds for them as well




We also paid them $225 for a jenny donk directly from Voldy’s lot that they asked us to take. She was supposedly super gentle. OMG…that was the WILDEST and most terrified donkey we have ever had here. She was more wild than the BLM wild burros!  We also paid $50 for hauling, directly to the hauler…and even gave him a small tip. It was just about the same distance here from the auction, but $100 less that time. (different person)



So, at this point…early June, I thought it best just to cut our losses and move on. No need to drum up any drama and ask for receipts and or forwarded funds at this point.  But, I started to wonder about all of the others we had taken in. Did they fundraise for those too?  I don’t have time to go back and look, but I’m fairly certain they did. All of the time leading up to this, I felt as if HiCaliber was doing us a favor by paying their auction fees and not asking us to do so. The reality is that they collected those funds, and more, while we took them all, save one, directly from auction. (meaning they didn’t spend a dime of responsible rescue funds, or hauling, or vetting, or anything but purchase…except for Jassper who was castrated at their ranch and we picked him up just days later. BTW, he came with a severe infection at the surgical site and was on pain meds and antibiotics for two weeks after we picked him up).

Next came the Louisiana mares and foals. Many of you already know how this went down, but here is a recap. Romney messaged me about taking a mare and foal pair. I honestly thought they were on Voldy’s lot.  She initially said they would cover the purchase and hauling costs. So I agreed to one pair, as I thought of Fila and how nice it would be for her to have someone her own age to play with, otherwise I would have declined. But, I soon realized (and this was my mistake, I do not think they were trying to deceive me in any way) that they were in Louisiana, at THL! I almost had a heart attack. But, it was too late to back out. I had already committed and one person had contacted me about covering the purchase of one pair.

Bella with Dalls peeking underneath

Bella with Dallas

What ensued after that first day was nothing less than total panic on my part as I started to see where this was going. Romney herself told me that Thompson’s could ship (at least to Arizona) Oh no they weren’t  hauling ours! MOP was going to have NO PART of that! I was being attacked from HiCaliber haters, Hi Caliber supporters and Thompson supporters at the same time because I stood up and said we would have no dealings in which Thompson’s was going to make money on the backs of our donors. Haters didn’t believe that I had thought these horses were in Ontario to begin with. By the end of the second day, we were working on our own transportation and another person had contacted us about taking in a second pair.



There was a lot of back and forth messaging between Rene, Romney and myself. At one point Romney told me to have the donors pay to HiCaliber paypal.  None of us were comfortable with that at all by this point and I recommended the donors  pay Thompson’s directly. Which they did, along with another $150 for supposed coggins, health certs and microchipping. Prices kept changing, and I asked hard questions like..”Um, why are we paying for a second coggins (good for 6 months) and another health cert (good for 30 days) when they were just transported from Texas to Louisiana? I wasn’t satisfied with the answers I was getting from Romney at all. The whole thing was really starting to smell. I wanted to run as fast and as far away from the drama as I could. That’s when we decided to just take over our own fundraising for what we needed covered to get them here safely.

Ruby and Marilyn.PNG

Ruby and Marilyn

I was against out of state saves, I was against lining the pockets of the likes of the Thompsons, and was starting to question why HC would be working with them in the first place. I had seen bits and pieces of stories from the previous Louisiana rescues they did,  but it was right then that I started to do my own research. This was making no sense to me at all. Why would HC align themselves with THL? Why were they sticking up for AND promoting this place?


That is when I stumbled across this blog.  I had also made many phone calls to others in rescue and rescues that are well known, respected, ethical and transparent. The one statement I heard over and over, was..”Don’t just walk, run as fast as you can”. I heard “guilt by association”, “You don’t want your name involved here’.  So, I kept doing research and talking to others and made the decision to just lay low and move forward.

Porky and Captain leaving auction

Porky and Captain leaving auction

Then the Saban issue came up. I was going to relent one last time, because, after all, it’s about the horses here. But, Michelle quickly nixed that because I had read this blog and posted  about MOP’s dealings with Tara and Thompson’s here during the Louisiana mare/foals.

To our dual supporters: I have no problem if you continue to support HiCaliber’s efforts as well as MOP’s. But, please understand that we can’t continue to jeopardize our reputation and our rescue. I sincerely wish HiCaliber success, but there have been some very shady things that have gone on. At this point, I am not comfortable with the ethical standards shown by HiCaliber to MOP, as well as other rescues. I certainly can never agree that working with the Thompsons and actually sticking up for them is a good idea. Funny, when the drama unleashed on MOP during the Louisiana mare and foal debacle, not one person from HiCaliber had our back, But, they sure went to bat for Tara. That spoke volumes to me. Mea Ola’s Place will not risk our hard earned trust and reputation. There are horses to save all over the place right here in Southern Ca. We have no business, IMO, dealing with the likes of the Thompsons and Tara.

tess shortly after intake

Tess after intake

Do you know that we had a gentleman here in late May that was looking to give MOP a grant and our association with HiCaliber came up as a question?  “To what extent is MOP involved with HiCaliber? Is it true that they are in cahoots with kill buyers?”  I’m not kidding here… It’s a bigger deal than many of you realize. Who we choose to associate with can mean life or death for our organization. I don’t despise HiCaliber and I am thankful for the many that landed at MOP because of their efforts.  But, sadly, it looks as if the days of us “working together”  have ended unless some serious regrouping, accountability and ethics were to come into play on their part. There is no shortage of horses out there needing help. Just this past week, I had to turn down many in need.

nani after intake

Nani after intake

I don’t believe in continuing to take on horse and donkey  after horse and donkey if we don’t have the funding, the boots on the ground to properly care for them, etc. etc. We have ceased all intakes until we can get the ones trained that need to be trained, find homes for some more, afford to hire some more part time help, and acquire more sponsors for the ones we already have.

tess and nani last summer

Tess and Nani at MOP

At MOP, we do one life at a time. We have several that will remain here as sanctuary horses or donkeys for reasons related to age or lameness.  We don’t euthanize for anything other than a medical necessity. We have done heroics on some that others would have never given a chance. But, our philosophy is that once we rescue them, we are committed to them for life, whether they are “adoptable” or not.  

Cassini with his family at MOP

Cassini with Ann and Chris at Mea Ola’s Place

In the future, we would like to get together with other rescues that share our philosophies and ethics so that we can do more for horses in need as a group. But for now, MOP is regrouping,  reorganizing and taking a much needed break from a whole lot of drama that ensued because of our association with HiCaliber.

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Happy Friday!  I thought I’d better get this fired off before the weekend so I don’t get stuck playing catch up on Monday again.  It’s been a busy week already and I’m sure it’s going to roll that way right through the weekend at the rate the HiCalibrites are going.  So, as they position themselves and groom the village idiots for another big ask, I thought a post that more than illustrates some of my issues with The Manson Family would be appropriate right now.  We’ll get to the million part of in a bit, but for now let’s start with saying a few names, ask after a few others and look at some milk carton horses, because they’re a big reason why I write this blog.

Stacey is the first horse we’ll talk about today.  As with a lot of these horses, details are pretty sketchy after her initial intake.  We do know she was found by a villager along with another horse that was promptly named `Fuckboi’ by those classy ladies at HiCaliber.  The Fuckboi name didn’t last very long when they found out there was a family that had unexpectedly lost their son/father/husband and they wanted to make a donation.  Fuckboi was promptly renamed after the deceased family member, and Stacey was named after the wife.  They named a third owner relinquishment `Emmy’ because the decedent had won an Emmy award in the past.  The family was very touched and even came out to visit the horses named in their loved one’s honor about a month later.  That was the last time Stacey was mentioned and all trace of her has since been removed from the HiCaliber website and pages.  I’m not sure if we should start saying her name or asking for updates.  I fear it’s the former.


Cristina was `rescued’ off a muddy hill side back in February.  She was brought into HiCaliber along with her buddy, Jodi who was in much better shape.  I really wish I could tell you a bunch about Cristina, but I can’t.  She was said to be `pushy’ which, as we have come to know, doesn’t go over well with Manson.  She also was said to have some arthritis issues, although she didn’t look horrible in the intake video posted above.  Sadly, this video was all we ever heard about Cristina.  The village idiots didn’t really latch onto her or her story and she was quickly erased off the face of the earth.  Her buddy Jodi made out a bit better.  After hauling Becky and everybody else’s ass in various parades and trail rides, she was recently adopted into what hopefully works out to be a forever home for her.  It’s a shame her pasture mate didn’t get the same chance.  RIP Cristina.  #sayhername

Beautiful Joplin was only 6 years old.  She was purchased back in January of 2016 and was hung with the dreaded `neuro’ tag  at some point after, although none of her described issues scream `neuro’ to me and there was never a vet report shown on her.  They never showed her on moving on video that I can find either.  Warmbloods sometimes move different, especially if they are `big’ movers.  Maybe that’s what was really going on with her, maybe it wasn’t.  Sometimes those types of hind end issues need a horse put into a form of work/rehab to resolve.  It’s certainly worth a shot if the lameness is mechanical and the other option is death.  I couldn’t say what was going on with Joplin without seeing her but I do know that Manson cannot pick out a hind end lameness to save her life.  I’ve seen her misdiagnose countless ones on video and half the time she isn’t sure of the body part she’s looking at. What was the last one?  A luxating patella that was likely going to be a compassion pull, but turned out to be nothing even close?  Yeah.  At any rate, Joplin hung around on the pasture puff menu for quite a long time and disappeared at some point early this year.  Manson has not answered questions as to what happened or why and she’s been scrubbed from the website.  We all know what that means.  RIP Joplin #sayhername



I find that at the very least, HiCaliber sucks hard at doing regular updates.  They move horses in and out so fast, the villagers rapidly lose interest in them once the thrill of the save is over.  They don’t get a chance to invest in their story or become attached.  Even a horse that is rehabbing, they aren’t given regular updates so they can follow the journey.  That’s why it’s so easy for horses to vanish.  The next two we’re going to talk about I honestly do not know if they are alive or dead.  I don’t know if they were adopted, rescue transferred or went to foster.  I know they are not anywhere on the website as either a success story, foster or available.  They are simply gone.  The first was Anne.  She was purchased off Misner for $200 ( plus the $650 top up) back in February.  Even though she wasn’t at auctio, naturally the village raised the funds and they picked her up along with their other purchases that day.  Anne was seen on the Freedom Walk.  She was never mentioned or shown again, not even an intake video. I find that kind of sad considering the heart wrenching fundraising post they made about her. #whereisanne




Cotton is another missing horse.  He was bought in the chutes at auction back on April 11th for $200.  We do know he made it back to the feedlot as he was very briefly mentioned as being in a pen with the ill-fated Taj during a flash update on April 15th.  They both were bought at the same auction, which was a more chaotic than usual time at HiCaliber due to what was going on with Romney.  Not to make light of a personal issue, but safe to say that many villagers weren’t all that focused on the horses after purchase at that time.  All we really know about Cotton is he was blind in one eye and those types of horses don’t seem to last long at HiCaliber.  He has since been scrubbed from the website and never mentioned again.  People donate money to purchase these animals and support them.  They deserve to be updated and told what becomes of them. Sadly they either forget to ask or afraid to ask for fear of banning or being told to eat a bag of dicks.  #whereiscotton


Meet Nicky, Nicky Boy aka Chivalrous Copy.  Nicky isn’t missing or anything.  Yet.  He has been at HiCaliber for a few weeks and he’s not on the website or even mentioned.  He’s one of those owner surrender horses that tend to vaporize without a mention.  Milk carton horses make me really sad.  Horses being erased off the face of the earth make me really angry.  That isn’t honoring them or treating them with dignity or respect, so I’m going to tattle.  Nicky is alive and Nicky is at HiCaliber.  Nicky was very loved by his owner and I won’t get into what I was told about how he came to be at HiCaliber right now, although I was told he came with some supporting funds.  I was also told that he has some soundness issues, mainly old tears in both front suspensories, that tend to flare up after hard work.  That would very much limit him from being ridden hard and I most certainly hope he doesn’t end up having to pack a heavy rider around.  It always confuses me why they whine about these owner surrender horses and not being able to raise funds for them, but how can they when they never tell people they are there?  Why is that?  You’d think they’d want to move them out ASAP while they still look good and before they cost too much in care.  Before they `go feral’ out in the bigger paddock.  Why take a horse like this in and just let him stand in a small pen?  That isn’t good for an older horse with soundness issues.  They need to move around or they get stove up and then they end up shot in the head for soundness issues.  So, let’s say `Hi’ to Nicky and not let him disappear.  Let Manson know this horse is on the radar as of now.  #HiNicky

I feel like my emotions are being toyed with again.  It seems like every other month, Romney Faye threatens to leave or step back.  Now she says she’s quit, but we’ll still see her on Tuesdays.  WTF is going to be different?  It’s not like she ever spent any time at the ranch anyhow.  She’s not a horse person and before people start clutching their pearls and spazzing out, it’s not about the loss of her son.  I’m sure most of us that read here have suffered some loss in our lives and you can’t really compare one to another because, when it’s your loss, it’s literally all you can handle at the time and the worst thing you can imagine, so yeah, I’m sorry for all of us that have had loss.  I’m a whole bunch less sorry about it given Romney Faye’s cunty behavior all week long including mocking somebody else’s tragedy and bullying somebody for daring to show up on her turf on Tuesday, because that’s really putting horses first.  I can’t help but think that this might be a case of rats and ships given the current climate at HiCaliber and then you have this little gem from 2013.


It’s like this whole weird deja vu thing going on.  Romney Faye jumping ship before it all comes apart.  The thing is she helped Starlight acquire many of those horses.  She was deep into the feedlots back then and a lot of her fundraising techniques were nearly exactly the same as the ones she brought to HiCaliber.  The cultivating of relationships with the `benevolent’ kill buyer and all the urgency posts.  She talked a lot about saving from slaughter even back then and that’s why I hope she truly has hopped on her broom and is leaving horse rescue forever.  For all they years of slaughter talk from her, she still hasn’t the first clue how the pipeline works or any of the details and challenges advocates deal with every single day.  You’d think if you cared so passionately about an issue you might take the time to find out everything you could about it.  I couldn’t find one single mention by her of the SAFE Act or really anything about getting it all to end.  Just variations of `the truck is coming’ since 2013.  So yeah, I’m not too broken up about the exit of Romney Faye Baker at all if it comes to actually pass.  Hopefully, she’ll leave horses alone and go rescue gold-fish or something.  Bye girl!


It has been released!

I think we’ll keep things short and sweet today.  These milk carton posts are a lot to digest for most of us.  Horses shouldn’t disappear from a rescue on a regular basis.  Horses shouldn’t be dying for no good reason.  That’s one of a many reasons why I write this blog.  When this resolves, and it will resolve,  I’ll focus on other things, but for now I’ll see this through until something gives.  People can screech, whine and moan all they want.  You can bully and become the very thing you say you hate and I’ll keep telling the truth and voicing my opinion.  I don’t change my values because I get threatened or rejected like some people.  I’ve always said if HiCaliber stopped hoarding, abusing, neglecting and torturing horses, I’d move on to other things.  I don’t expect Manson to go to charm school and become a nice person and I don’t really care what she does as long as animals aren’t suffering.  If she had nothing to hide, she’d answer questions no matter who asked them because one way to shut a hater up is being truly transparent.  Show those vet invoices and reports that say all those horses had to die.  Save the scrubs for Halloween and let real vets do the work on these animals.  Please, stop giving me so much to work with all the time.  Stop lying.  That would be a great start too, but for now I’ll keep on doing what I do.


This is a bit off topic  and more than a little petty, but given the tantrums and tiaras being tossed about this week, it probably is worth sharing.  Awhile ago, one of my haters thought she’d be generous or bitchy to `offer’ me a job writing for her publication but I’d need to be heavily edited and all.  I don’t think she was serious.  I sure hope she wasn’t.  I’ve always laughed at that website even back before she made it worse.   She thought it would entice me or impress me to know that they got `thousands’ of views a day.  I think that’s what she was trying to do anyhow.  I’m happy to say though, that I do ok with this `terribly written’ blog, double spaces and all.  We passed a million views this week, which is pretty decent work for about 4 months worth of posts.  To the people who read and share and even the haters that park on this page and constantly hit refresh so they can screen shot me, I just wanted to say `Thanks a million’.  Ciao for now!  Have a great weekend!

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Well, another auction Tuesday is in the books and it was confusing to say the least.  There were some new faces at auction on both sides of the rescue fence, and I’m not just talking about Manson’s latest round of back alley Botox. There was also some new strategies at play, but the one thing that remained the same was the grifting.  Oh my!  The grifting!  With Romney Faye Baker MIA, presumably out searching for a new mark aka sugar daddy, Manson pretty much gave us all a master class on running a multi-layered con on the fly.  However, we do have a few other things to cover, so before I get into the fuckery that was auction this week.  Let’s back up a bit and start with yet another Fireball party.


I’m sure most of you know that last weekend, the HiCalibrites threw themselves yet another party under the pretense of hosting a fundraiser.  If they were serious about this being a fundraiser, they need to fire the person that dreams this shit up.  It was sadness in a dive bar going by the video clip I was sent.  What were there, about eight people there?  Rock on.  Between the cocktails flowing and, I’m sure, appetizers being shoved down gullets, I doubt they made enough to cover Manson’s Shirley Temple updo. I actually wouldn’t normally care about this sort of thing if I wasn’t fairly sure there were horses back at the feedlot going without water and basic care.  Seriously though, these people are literally the worst fundraisers ever and yet they think hiring an event coordinator is more important than a fundraiser.  Couldn’t they maybe just get off Facebook for an hour or so and google how to host a fundraiser that actually makes money”?  I guess they don’t really bother because they make enough money shaking down the village idiots at auction every week.

I think before we get into the auction shit we better talk about Texas.  I’m sure everybody knows what a mess Harvey left behind and that Irma and Jose are hot on his heels although it looks like they may head up the coast and give Texas a miss this time around.  Still, it is one of the more active hurricane seasons we’ve had in years and more to come.  When Harvey hit, some SoCal rescues and individuals decided to head out to offer aid and bring supplies.  I freely admit my original thoughts on it were that it would be best to stand down until the actual weather had passed.  I’ve ridden out my share of hurricanes and I know what chaos it can be during and immediately after.  I also said, very clearly, that I believe that the people going had the very best intentions and their hearts were in absolutely the right place.  I still believe that to be true.  Now, with more information, I realized they were more organized in their efforts than it initially appeared.  My opinion has since changed.  They’re doing a lot of good over there and that’s awesome.  Sadly, Manson and Romney Faye could not set their petty jealousy and hatred aside long enough to STFU this past week.  Seriously, that’s all they had to do.  Say nothing.  They didn’t need to praise or acknowledge shit, just STFU.  So, rather than being outside watering horses in the midst of the punishing heat, they decided to take some potshots on their own hate page.  I know, I know, they claim it’s not theirs but they’re the ones posting on it so they can own their evil there.  Manson even went so far to joke about shooting one of the people helping in Texas because that’s always funny.  Romney Faye, on the other hand, just cunted out and took to lying and whining. (seriously girl, update your linkedin if you’re going to overstate your qualifications and experience and at least make the lies believable)  I actually apologize for the `c’ word, because I hate it a lot, but it totally applies to these two.  Romney Faye has been on a bit of a roll on the hate pages lately which I chalked up to her true colors finally bleeding through but these were low blows even for these two.  However, never let it be said that Manson is not aware of the bottom line.  She knew that they had pissed people off with this and it was likely to hurt the eyelash fund so…

So yeah, there’s Romney’s unimpressive credentials and there is Manson trying to distance herself from her own cuntiness.  Apparently, even though they are Founder and CEO of HiCaliber, what they say on social media is not a reflection on HiCaliber’s official stance.  Clearly I wasted far too much time getting actual degrees when I could have become a captain of industry with a community college certificate like Romney Faye Baker or a 30% vet via Google like Manson.
lie hole

All this brings us nicely up to auction yesterday.  What a day they had!  With the Pawly Girls otherwise engaged in Texas, Manson took this as her cue to run amok with her own set of lies while banking on the notion that nobody was there to call her out.  Aside from her usual barnacle, Robyn, she brought along super trainer and cannabis queen, Maloree, which was actually somewhat of a shock.  Maloree has been busy rebranding herself as a motivational speaker and maven of positivity.  Remarkably, she still manages to find time to post on the bully pages along with everybody’s favorite God warrior, Denise Tracy because nothing says `good Christian’ like parking yourself on Facebook all day and contributing to hate and bullying pages and nothing reflects positivity better than calling people `twat waffles’.


A lack of funds in previous weeks called for some drastic measures on Manson’s behalf so  she attempted to be humble and grateful towards her village idiots.  I didn’t even see her tell anybody to eat a dick once at auction.  I’m not sure whether we can attribute that to the fact that motivational speaker and wonder trainer Maloree was along for the ride or that Denise Tracy recently graced her with her presence, but it was kinda disturbing. It was like the world shifted on its axis and  nothing seemed right.  Personally, I think she may have had a brief moment of clarity and realized how badly she stepped in it over the Texas thing and this was her trying to do damage control.   Whatever it was, it wasn’t quite enough to inspire the village idiots at the outset, so they had to get creative.  This is where it all gets a bit convoluted so maybe it’s best to grab a pen and paper to follow along.   I found flow charts worked really well when I was trying to sort through this mess.

Manson rolled into auction with her favorite and most dedicated ass barnacle, Robyn.  We were not treated to a live feed on the drive where we get watch her wolf down her breakfast burritos and make a donut run, but I’m sure there was some strategizing going on. When they did finally turn the live feed on, Manson was showing off some freshly plumped lips and the fact that she had her velociraptor talons shod in flip-flops indicated she had no intention of actually breaking a nail or helping with anything beyond shaking the village idiots down for some coin.  I think the best way to go about things is give the HiCaliber version of events and then the actual version of events, so we’ll start with the 4 horses that just had to be saved.

So, four horses `needing’ to be saved even though the stud (who was not a crypt, nor was his penis swollen) and black mare were in relatively good shape aside from some sort of rash/soring on the mare’s muzzle.  The pony was saddled and had come in with the stud according to other sources.  The black mare, who Manson was saying must be special or something because she had her mane pulled,  actually was brought in by a trader who had told my source that she has had 4 foals with the most recent one being weaned within the last month or so.  I guess Manson didn’t think to run her patented titty check/diagnosis on her due to the pulled mane or something.  Anyhow, they go into the auction and HiCaliber comes out owning the Arabian stud and the bay Arab gelding for a grand total of $135  for the pair of them.  Obviously the $650 over was raised, but since there were some testicles to remove, that was going to dent the fun fund, so this is where Manson got pretty damn creative.


With the first round of horse buying done, Manson just happened to take a stroll out to the parking lot even though Bang Bang Becky was not there with the trailer yet.  She claims to have encountered these puppies which she promptly snatched up to flip and further enable a backyard breeder under the pretense the money will go towards neutering the parents or something.  According to Manson, they only collected $40 when all was said and done, which was a far cry from the $450 she was going for, but they did leave with at least two of the little guys.  No word on where they ended up as of yet.  This is also where the first of the shells in their little game came in.  What was actually going on in the parking lot, and maybe the reason for the stroll back there, was some horse trading.

I’m sure nobody recognizes these horses.  They were never mentioned or posted about, but they were right there in the parking lot at auction and Manson walked right past them to play with the puppies.  They were in decent shape by outward appearances and not quite what HiCaliber needed to rake in that dough, so after some parking lot discussions between various traders, including Bubba Misner, the horses were loaded up and taken away.  They never went near the ring and Manson never told her followers they were there; not even the private buyers that may have been interested.  That’s not to say they won’t show back up in a few weeks or so.

To recap thus far, the village has purchased two horses from the actual auction, Manson is running around with 3 puppies she’s trying to peddle at a mark up and now they want to buy this pony from Misner.  This would be the pony that came in with the Arab stud HiCaliber already owns at this point.  Because Misner is such an awesome guy, he only wants a $50 mark up on a pony he’s never even laid hands on and has owned for less than 2 hours at that point.  The village was slow in responding but donations were trickling in.  Time for the real hard sell…

Bang Bang Becky finally arrives at auction with her truck and trailer and before you know it, this emaciated gray mare magically appears tied up to it.  No, I’m not suggesting Bang Bang Becky brought the mare.  She didn’t.  The official HiCaliber story was a kindly gentleman had bought her for $50 to save her only the day before and he doesn’t deserve to get in trouble.  He only wanted $100 for her and can’t the village rally even though they had given so much already?  Of course they could!  How can you say `no’ to a horse that looks like that?  Which is exactly what the con was.  This mare showing up was no surprise at all.  In fact, let’s jump back to the morning when Bubba Misner aka `Voldy jr.’ is overheard on his phone when he first arrived at auction around 10:30 AM saying `This is bullshit, I’ve been working on this since 7:30 this morning, fuck!’ and then proceeded to walk back to the chutes to talk to the Manson Family.  He left quite soon after the sale ended in his little black truck and then was seen driving back towards auction around 2:30pm in his other truck and pulling the smaller red stock trailer with a flea-bitten gray horse inside.  The same horse that ended up tied to Bang Bang Becky’s trailer and was likely standing in a trailer at his house most of the day since Misner doesn’t like to have horses that look like that visible on his property.  Again, they knew she was coming and Misner was the person they were protecting.  It’s often been said that HiCaliber has been known to put out feelers for emaciated and bad footed horses because they tend to bring in the most donations.  Jackpot on this little mare then.

After giving the village idiots a chance to dig deep and look under their sofa cushions for extra coin, it was time for the freedom walk.  Manson is a bit more casual about it than Romney Faye and it’s more like a freedom wander where they just kinda amble on out to the parking lot.  I have to say as little as I care for Manson and her tactics, I was glad to have a reprieve from having to hear Romney Faye call everything that had a vagina`mamas’ and screech their new names at them.  Manson doesn’t give enough of a shit about these horses to call them much of anything and kept reminding us that she was in bare feet so she wasn’t going to be getting too close anyhow.  Sadly, because going for lunch and beating the bushes for more sympathy purchases was a priority over actually tending to the horses they bought,  Noodle the pony was left in a pen with Houston the stallion and ended up getting savaged by him.  Manson also showed us where he fell down and split his lip open and mentioned he was pretty beat up.  I bet Noodle is feeling super rescued right about now.  That is if he’s even still alive.  For some reason, he’s the only one of their purchases that didn’t get an intake video posted on Wednesday and that hasn’t quite registered with the village idiots yet.


Because Manson is a get an inch and go for the mile kinda gal, she wasn’t done yet.  Even though auction was long over and they had been loaded for awhile, they were still hanging around the parking lot after 5PM.  What a coincidence that another flipper just happened to pull in with two OTTBs that were being used as match racing horses.  What are the odds?   However did he know that a horse rescue would just happen to be hanging around with cash in their pockets?  Enter two more horses to the mix and one was suggested to be a compassion pull right away.  The village idiots, were over the top excited and promptly stole their kids lunch money to pay $275 each for these two horses.  The chestnut one might have a `luxated patella’ according to Manson and even though none of them, not even Manson really know WTF that means, it sounded serious so they dig deep.  Most of us that aren’t trying to impress anybody would probably say `locked stifle’, but in this case we wouldn’t even say that because while they were showing the horse and how bad he was,  they kept backing him up a few steps.  A horse with a locked stifle wouldn’t be able to do that.  No doubt there was an issue with the stifle as there was an external wound.  If I had to guess, the horse hit the side of stall or starting gate and has some soft tissue damage.  All that aside, there are a few other interesting things about these two horses.  First, if you look at the picture of the bay mare, you’ll see Bubba Misner’s trailer parked nice and cozy beside Bang Bang Becky’s.  That’s where it had been since he brought them the gray mare.  The next thing is a bit of a connect the dots situation.  Remember the black mare with the sores on her face they didn’t get?  Yes, well she was bought by a trader when Manson missed the bid even though she claimed a private buyer wanted her.  The same trader spoke with my source at auction and mentioned he had some TBs to sell too and that they weren’t so far away.  He said he hadn’t been at this auction for a few years.   I believe he was with another guy.  Anyhow, a few hours later Manson has bought that same black mare off this guy at a mark up, although she won’t say how much or where the mare is going and then…voila, mysterious horse trader just happens to pull into the parking lot late in the day and the entire HiCaliber crew just happened to still be hanging around the parking lot some six hours after the auction ended.  Again, what are the odds?  It’s like synchronicity or something!  Coming as no surprise, Manson grabbed the two TBs even though she claimed she didn’t quite have enough cashola for the bay filly, but she had faith in the village idiots.  Finally, with two trailers full, they left auction and decided to make the chestnut, who they claimed was so crippled, suffer through a few hour trailer ride before getting dropped off at SLREH for diagnostics.


After keeping the village idiots in suspense until late Wednesday, it turns out that they still don’t know what is wrong with him.  This gave Manson an opportunity to beg for even more cash because after all the shell games at auction, it was nearly impossible to keep track of how much money was donated and in support of which horse.  Almost.  It seems the people that donated specifically to Dagus’s x-rays remembered and Manson had to do an edit  to her original post, in order to keep up the schtick of being all gracious and humble.


This poor little mare.  Bad enough she’s been half starved to death, but to find herself on the HiCaliber feed lot is double bad luck.  Manson went on and on about how emaciated she was at auction and filmed all her bony angles to show everybody.  She’s even already managed to squeeze in a little photo sesh with her sunken vagina.  I found her faux upset over the mare’s condition somewhat puzzling considering horses like Sully and Firetyme lost so much condition under her care they were even more emaciated than this mare is.  Sully, now known as Willie, is doing great at Sale Ranch Sanctuary now that he’s being properly cared for and nobody really knows how poor Firetyme is making out because they still rarely update him and ever since he gained a little weight nobody thinks to ask after him.  Anyhow, back to Radar, I’m hoping that Manson gets off her ass and actually follows the UC Davis protocol rather than just pay lip service to it like she has in the past.


I never had a doubt Manson was coming home with both horses.  I’m pretty sure their purchase was arranged before they arrived in the parking lot.  I don’t know why they are always so insistent of stripping these horses of their names.  Her name is Layla Forever and they knew this before she ever loaded on their trailer.  I get a chuckle listening to Manson tell everybody about her `impeccable lineage‘ because she has Secretariat and Seattle Slew on her top side.  That’s not so unusual for modern day racehorses considering both Seattle Slew and Secretariat are named chef de races and are found in many pedigrees if you look back far enough.  None of it should matter, because rescues shouldn’t be promoting horses as breeding animals; it’s just interesting to see what Manson pulls out of her ass and how the village idiots just accept it as gospel. Hopefully, this little filly doesn’t have to stay at the feed lot long and somebody will give her her name back as well as a soft landing.  #sayherrealname #laylaforever

I got a serious chuckle out of this intake with Ricky.  Do any of you guys remember Moose, now known as Deacon at TIER?  He was the old gray horse that Manson wanted to shoot in the face without even allowing him to be vetted.  Even though it was suggested to her that he had EOTRH, she denied it saying `they’ had looked at that but it wasn’t the case.  Then she showed her ass by misinterpreting what `lesions’ mean which actually meant no vet looked at the horse and she had no clue what EOTRH was.  Because I was feeling magnanimous the day I did an update on him, I provided a link as to what EOTRH really is, which obviously Manson was all over like it was 2 for 1 day at Chick Fil A.  In fact, she is so excited to have a new term to throw around to make her sound like maybe a 33% vet, she has immediately diagnosed Ricky with EOTRH and provided the same link I gave.  Of course EOTRH isn’t really vetty sounding enough, so she’s going with hypercementosis.  I’m guessing she feels that word goes better with her scrubs although just calling it hypercementosis isn’t entirely accurate.  Boring details.



One of many poo mountains at HiCaliber

I think this is probably a good place to leave things for this post.  I did have a few other things on my desk, but I know the auction stuff was super confusing this week.  It was confusing enough to try to make some order of it for here,  so I get it.  What I don’t get is the drama fest that has been going on lately.  How many Facebook pages do people need to bitch and bully each other?  None of it is productive.  The anti HiCal people have a page to vent, so HiCaliber creates one to try to intimidate them into not speaking out but they do theirs under the cover of anonymity because that’s all the rage these days.  Then, because HiCaliber has a hate page, then the other side needs a seperate page to point out HiCaliber’s hate and on it goes.  It’s like the same six feckless twats posting on the HiCaliber page anyhow and who cares what they think?  It’s funny as hell because the more nerves you hit, the louder they howl and the more outrageous their threats are.  It becomes not quite so funny when they target people they think are me or are connected to me and they are wrong.  That’s where it crosses the line into bullying.  If drama is your thing, then by all means, carry on, but don’t drag innocent parties into it.  Meanwhile, while all this social media warring is happening, horses are still suffering and being experimented on by somebody that seems to have the equine version of Munchausen by proxy.  That’s what I care about.  I care about the horses that were brought in last week and the week before that we’ve never heard about again.  I care about all those poor souls dragged to California from Louisiana that were never updated or identified as promised.  I care about the at least 3 horses that will likely be dead within the next few days because Manson won’t let anybody take them.  I don’t want to rescue just one horse, I want them all to be free of that situation.  I don’t know of another way to get the word out, so this is what I do.  I don’t do it for fun because this is not fun.  This is what I will continue to do regardless of threats and drama.  I will be more than happy to move on to other topics if they prove me wrong and stop shooting horses in the face.  Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.  Far too much fun to play around on social media and try to win a war of insults.  Carry on.  I’ll be over here trying to get some justice for these animals.





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Happy Friday!   I have to apologize for the sporadic posts lately.  It is certainly not due to lack of info but, rather a lack of time thing.  I’m one of those annoying people who go out-of-pocket when I’m busy at the barn or even with friends.  Other days my ADD flares up and I go to look something up and end up watching movies on Netflix.  Passengers was a bit disappointing btw.  However, good things come to those who wait and  I have some nuggets to share today.  Hopefully I can set some things straight and cause a little cognitive dissonance for the HiCalibrites along the way. .  We’re back to business as usual so let’s get to it!





O’Brian had the misfortune of being purchased by HiCaliber a few weeks ago.  Obviously a grand old man, but also not exactly `product’ that moves or fits in with Manson’s shelter model.  He wasn’t on the property 24 hours when she started positioning herself to shoot him.  She generally requests `One Last Good Home’ and drops it.  If one doesn’t magically  materialize, horses tend to vanish.  Obviously, this hasn’t quite happened with O’Brian yet, but he’s what I would consider `at risk’.  She goes on in her intake video about him being `neuro’ and he wiggles around showing that he likely isn’t neuro at all.  Then, Manson gets deeper into the lies.  She talks about how it’s a liability for insurance and how they can’t keep neuro horses around.  For those of us with at least one firing synapse, that didn’t ring true.  So, because the village idiots are always screeching `prove it’, I dug up HiCaliber’s old insurance policy which would be the same as the current as it’s a renewal.  Not one single mention of neurological conditions or really any specific issues at all.  Not even wild or rank horses.  However, her knowingly misrepresenting the horses  she adopts out could become a problem for her if somebody gets hurt.  I didn’t feel like uploading all 20 some pages of the policy, so I just put up the pertinent bits, but I have the rest and I’ll certainly share if they persist with this lie.  The other `tell’ is that she talks about him having been `diagnosed’ with neuro but then goes on to wonder if maybe he has PSSM etc.  In other words, Dr. Manson did the diagnosing and it may cost this horse his life.  It looks like she’s setting a few others up for the same end so it might be useful to keep asking after them and asking for updates so they don’t fall off the face of the earth.




I’m sure most of you know that there has been a full court press to get horses moved out of  HiCaliber before their September deadline.  We are often regaled with stories of all these successful adoptions, especially on days they need to bump algorithms and bring in some cash.  Sometimes, adoptions aren’t even announced right away so they can be saved up to be announced at a more advantageous time.  Expect the big Breezy, Lupe, Buju moving on posts soon enough.  Almost always adoption returns are kept pretty quiet.  Often these horses come back because they aren’t great fits with their new owners.  This isn’t surprising when you see the riding team leader and realize that none of them seem to realize what a trainwreck Manson is on the back of a horse either.  That’s not even considering the gunsels they use for outside trainers *cough*fice*cough*maloree*cough.  I’ve always wondered if they still count the adoption in their stats when the horse is returned and if it counts again if the horse gets re-adopted.  Given the fact I know of at least one Private Buyer horse on the `successful adoption’ page, I’m guessing the stats are fluid and play to HiC’s advantage.  That’s not really what concerns me though.  My main concern with the returns is that many of them end up at risk because nobody knows they’re there.  We already know that the village idiots have short attention spans, so it’s really easy for these poor animals to fall victim to a vanishing.   I thought maybe it would be useful to shine a spotlight on a few recent returned horses considering at least one of them has already been erased off the website.

Even though he was adopted over a year ago, Ace finds himself back at HiCaliber recently.  He was diagnosed as having ringbone when he initially came into HiCaliber and that was back in the day that actual vets did most of the intakes, so it’s likely an accurate diagnosis.  I don’t know the exact circumstances that find him back at HiCaliber, but I do know ringbone is progressive.  Couple that with the fact that he’s not listed anywhere on their website and I would say Ace is in trouble.  Horses with ringbone can be kept comfortable and live out their lives.  This should not be a death sentence to this poor horse.  He certainly seems to be standing square enough in the above picture and that’s within the past week.

Probably a lot of people remember Howard.  He came in last October with a hole in his sinus that had to be surgically repaired.  He’s only listed as 9/10 years old, so it was probably worth the investment.  After he healed up, they rode him around a bit and in at least one parade (word has it he was a bit of a dick) before he was finally adopted.  Our last update was in July with his new owner ponying him around.  As of at least a week ago, he’s back at HiCaliber. He’s at least listed in `Rehab &/or Training’ on the website so it appears he may get another chance.

Palomar.  I swear this poor horse has been catalyst for more drama than most.  Starting back when they first acquired him, Manson, in all her wisdom, decided to make a rather racist adoption ad for him.  This ended up deeply offending the very organization that donated the money to rescue him and after which he was named (Palomar post ).  In fact, the racist post remains on their website right under the part that lists him as adopted.  Palomar has been adopted a few times apparently.  I’m not sure if the first two `announcements’ were both to Cristina.  HiCaliber likes to recycle news so that they can pretend they are kicking ass and taking numbers rather than them just being a large number of asses.  From what I can piece together, Palomar arrived with a bowed tendon and because none of the HiCaliber `med team’ seem to have the first clue about soundness issues or even how to run a proper bandage, it flared up on him again after they `test rode’ him, necessitating further rehab.  It seems from there he went to Cristina’s and was considered adopted.  Jump forward to the middle of July of this year and he’s being offered up for rehoming with the caveat that he has no ground manners.  After nearly a year of rehab, he seems to have not learned any manners which completely boggles my mind.  How do you work on a leg and do rehab without a horse learning any manners?  Usually horses in these situation end up being awesome to handle and mess with on the ground.   Even though the post stated that only people experienced with Thoroughbreds would be considered,  within 10 days he is placed with a `retired cowboy’ for 90 days.  Barely a month later, he’s at the Cannabis Queen’s as her newest project.  This would be the same `trainer’ that can’t even run a proper polo wrap and now she’s going to take on a green horse that has been locked up in a stall for a year recovering from a significant aka visible bowed tendon.  I think poor Palomar needs some good vibes, prayers or whatever positive energy you believe in sent his way.


Sometimes ​successful’ adoptions only get mentioned in passing.  Such was the case with Tara.  She was originally bought by the village idiots because she was `bonded’ to Michelle’s Louisiana impulse purchase, Dawson.  We all know how the village loves their bonded pairs.  Romance was added to the fairytale when Bang Bang Becky immediately claimed Tara as her own presumably so that she and Manson could ride off into the sunset on their Louisiana purchases who were also said to be in love with each other.  Actually, due to the fact that horses are not materialistic or opportunistic, Tara and Dawson’s love affair is infinitely more believable,  but that’s neither here nor there.  What is important is that even though healthy, broke horses seem to get snapped up by Manson within 24 hours (Rizzo, Barrett), the adoption process for Dawson and Tara has been lengthy.  I’m sure the fact that Tara is an unbroke recip mare who ended up having laminitis and needing corrective shoeing had nothing to do with the lengthy adoption process.  I’m sure it’s merely coincidental that Bang Bang Becky was finally approved to adopt her for $1 after all her issues and vet bills were taken care of by the village idiots.  We already know it cost them $2050 to even get the mare to California, but no invoices or receipts for her shoeing and vet work were ever shown as is the norm for HiCaliber.  No word on what the official status of Dawson is yet.

On rare occasions HiCaliber manages to place a horse in an appropriate situation.  Often that happens when horses from HiCaliber get transferred/adopted out to other rescues.  Maynard got that luck recently and found himself at Blue Feather Horse Sanctuary in Apple Valley.  Maynard had been at HiCaliber for almost a year and given his `pasture puff’ status, he was likely on fairly thin ice with Manson.  Manson operates HiCaliber on a kill shelter model so her trigger finger was likely getting pretty itchy when it came to Maynard even if he is a young and otherwise healthy guy.  It turns out Maynard, now known as Major, may not be the cripple that Manson thought.  The screen shots above clearly show that the horse’s feet and mouth were a mess.  Too small shoes, contracted heels and an old blown out abscess were just a few of the things wrong with this feet.  How did they not notice a horse with an abscess bad enough to blow out the coronet band?  My experience with those is that a horse will usually look like it has broken a leg until it blows.  Then you can factor in his mouth which was also a mess and probably hadn’t ever seen a full dental.  The only responsible rescue that has ever happened for Maynard/Major is the day Blue Feather stepped up and got him.  It turns out the horse may be sound after he gets used to proper angles on his feet and knocks some weight off.  Be sure to follow his progress here.


I’m not sure how many people noticed Manson proudly showing off that they had preg checked Ella and found her to be in foal recently.  Nobody seemed to wonder why it took her 3 months after buying Ella to actually preg check her, but I guess we should be thankful she finally did. The timing of it is what stood out for me.  Remember the drama surrounding Victoria and her foal Secret last year?  Victoria was the mare that very nearly took a bullet to the head for not warming up to Manson quick enough, but her life was saved when they realized she was very pregnant.  After that, Manson vowed that every mare HiCaliber acquired would be preg checked no matter what.  They were failing forward and learning from their mistakes.  It turns out that either that situation was fluid or she is the one doing the preg checks because once again, we had another `oops’ happen.  While most of the HiCaliber red shirts were busy at the big Fireball Friday money sink that Angrid arranged in Los Angeles, volunteers were left to do the heavy lifting back at the ranch as per usual.  It seems whomever it was that was handling the horses in Pyramid found a sad surprise which was a dead and premature foal, courtesy of Ria.  Manson is claiming the mare was checked and rechecked, but we also know Manson lies.  Sadly, just like with Sareen’s baby, we don’t have a name to say. RIP Little One


Water continues to be an issue at HiCaliber.  I’m not sure what it’s going to take to get Manson and the other residents off their asses to make sure these animals have water at all times.  That means before the lashes, nails, massages and whatever self indulgences they engage in, those horses need to be watered. It should be their #1 priority.  Notice that not one of them has their name on the schedule and I was told nobody was at the ranch that day either.  WTF?  All of this, picture included, are from the past week.  I feel like a broken record, but it can’t be said enough.  How hard is it to water these fucking animals??????  I’m sure they’ll be standing around choking for water again this evening as they all rush off to throw themselves another yet party under the guise of fundraising.

I think I’m going to leave things off here for today.  I had some screenshots of some extreme cuntiness on behalf of Romney Faye, Angrid and some village idiots but I think I’ll leave those for another time, if at all.  The deeper we get into this situation the more drama it seems to attract.  HiCaliber thrives on drama so it’s not surprising that it attracts that element.  I don’t really like participating in drama beyond being an observer so poking the anthill is about as close as I like to come.  I think I’ll  wait for such an occasion to bust out drama for drama sake.  Lord knows there is enough of that going on between Facebook pages lately and, to be honest, bad behavior is not exclusive to HiCaliber although they tend to lead the pack and attract a more delusional bunch.  (Hi Denise Tracy!).  I do, however, have one request and that is for those of you that haven’t managed to get banned yet to ask after Dragon any chance you get.  He may be on thin ice as he’s been lame for quite some time and Manson has taken to ignoring any questions about him and refusing to do updates.  Maybe this post will shame her into it or maybe she’ll hide him better like she did with Firetyme and the Appys.  All we can do is say his name before he becomes a #sayhisname.  I’m sure denials will follow but if Manson sees the pics above, she knows that I know and that’s all I have to say about that.  Have a great long weekend everybody!  Hug your horses!

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Happy Saturday!  I have to apologize for being a bit behind on posts lately.  With Manson seemingly on the manic side of her mood swing cycle, I took it to mean she’s been feeling rather bullet proof these days so I’ve been out looking for horcruxes.  Based on the body count for this year alone, I figure there are at least 40 if not more out there.  However, even though I’ve been otherwise engaged, my inbox overfloweth so I’ve got a bit of a mixed bag again today and, sadly, a few milk carton horses to cover.  It never really ends, so buckle up and I’ll try to recap or make some sense out of the past week or so.


I figured we’d get the auction stuff out of the way to begin with.  This week saw the return of Romney Faye Baker sans engagement ring.  It’s Facebook official so you know it must be serious and it also probably means we’ll be graced with her presence from here on out.  I certainly don’t need to give a blow by blow  of the auction fuckery now that we have actual dedicated FB pages to at least keep the prices and time of day honest.  The usual schtick of starting with $0 and magically getting the exact amount donated with not a penny over continues.  What isn’t working so well right now is the threat to leave one behind unless the village rallies.  The village has been a bit apathetic about that lately unless, of course, we’re talking bonded pairs.  They love bonded pairs. Total bummer there weren’t really any they could pass off as bonded pairs this week though. However, leave it to HiCaliber to find a work around and a spin so they could continue to fill their weekly quota of getting that money and keeping the body count up.  Apparently parking lot deals are the way forward for the Hicaliberites.   Still, even with this new strategy, money wasn’t flowing like the good old days and Romney Faye had to shake that money-maker like it was for sale and the rent was due, which isn’t far from the actual situation any given week.  Sadly, I don’t have diagrams of the actual seating arrangement in the ring so I can’t say if anybody was humping Bubba’s leg, but he did make sure HiCaliber got their horses, including poor `Connor’ who got to go back home with him to stand in the trailer in the heat for hours on end until Cheech returned from dropping off yet another parking lot purchase in Malibu.  That was only after dropping off Charlie at the nearest clinic to be euthanized, which I don’t actually have a problem with other than the fact they say the guy that brought him is a `notorious’ flipper and yet they won’t name and shame him because he brings them business.  Instead of doing the right thing and turning that SOB in, they continue to make nice and pay him to clean up his messes while horses continue to suffer.  It wouldn’t suit them to cut off their source of shootable horses because the healthy ones tend to eat up all that `responsible rescue’ money and leave little for the eyelash and nail fund.




Connor was the late in the day save on Tuesday.  I’m not sure if he was no saled by Misner or they bought him off Misner after the fact.  It all blurs together after awhile.  However, it turns out that Connor is `somebody’ and those details may save his life since they were already positioning for him to be a `compassion’ mostly due to the fact that, like most gray horses, he has a few melanomas which aren’t really the same thing in horses as they are in humans.  In fact, we were treated to a lovely shot of his anus which I elected to not share on here but I’m sure Manson saved for her personal spank bank.  It turns out Connor’s real name is `Bleu Intense’ and he was one of Gary Tanaka’s horses.  Tanaka raced horses all over the world and shuffled them around depending on where they would best fit.  Connor started his career in France earning a group 3 placing at Longchamp before being brought over to race at Del Mar, where it appears he was hurt or something happened causing them to give him the next 10 months off before bringing him back in cheaper company.  This was all right before his owner, Tanaka, went to jail for fraud and about a year before Bobby Frankel passed away.  Knowing Bobby Frankel and his love for the horses in his care, Connor was likely placed in a decent home initially.   It’s anybody’s guess where he went after that and how the hell the poor horse ended up standing at HiCaliber in real danger of becoming a lab rat.  Manson has already suggested he may be neuro and that he needs a rectal .  Apparently he `needs’ the rectal to make sure he’s pooping ok.  I’m not sure why they need to go shoulder deep up the poor horse’s ass to find out if he’s pooping ok.  Most people can eyeball that kinda thing and don’t feel the need to go spelunking in their rectum unless a problem is evident.  Manson also seems overly impressed that he came from France.  She and several of the village idiots are referring  to him as a `French import’ and that may be why she doesn’t shoot him in the face right away.   It seems odd that this beat up horse is one she deems worthy of keeping alive when she has shot horses in the past for sweating too much (RIP Thomas), blind in one eye (RIP Willow, Anastasia and countless others), and just generally looking at her wrong.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely think he deserves a chance just as the other ones did, but it all just seems so arbitrary.  I can only pray another rescue steps up for this horse and gives him the soft landing he deserves.  Bobby Frankel is probably spinning in his grave right now.



I don’t really have a bunch to say about this as the screen shots are fairly self-explanatory.  It would seem that what the `responsible rescue’ fee actually covers is the `f’ word.  Fluid.  Sometimes it’s for vet intakes that never actually happen unless Manson is now billing the rescue for her expertise.  We’ve all seen her med cabinet so charging $15 to $20 for one dose of Banamine is a head scratcher too.  Remember that Manson is the one doing the intake and the vets, currently Dr. Talbot from Palomar Equine, only see the horses she feels she needs help with, which are very few.  I have heard that Dr. Moss’s clinic hasn’t done any intakes since June and haven’t done any other vet work for them for over a month.  Manson herself has stated dentals don’t always happen.  How often have their horses arrived at their new homes with horrible teeth?  Considering most of their inmates horses only get hay thrown at them, that $650 should be carrying them a long way, yet they all seem to hit the Hay and Hoof fundraiser list immediately, so maybe they aren’t eating up that extra money either.  I guess eyelashes, nails and fillers are more costly than I imagined.  The one thing I did surmise with all this was that Manson sending another rescue,  that she has habitually denigrated for years, $50 to help them out with vet costs was a complete dick move on her part.  It was especially dickish when she accused them of not vetting their horses only the week before.  She was obviously experiencing a lapse in being all about the love.  I wonder if she was all about the love when the money was returned with a `thanks, but no thanks’.  It’s too bad she doesn’t make a habit of forwarding funds to the rescues that actually take horses off her hands.



I’m sure everybody knows by now that those fun-loving HiCaliberites are throwing themselves yet another party this Sunday.  This one is fun for the entire family with food trucks, horse painting, live music and Manson promising to limit her sexual innuendos and vulgarity to only people who are old enough to grow hair on their armpits.  I still haven’t heard if they will be serving up testicles in various forms off the food trucks but they did geld one recently so there’s always hope.  Speaking of gelding, we still haven’t heard that Techie ever was and considering there is still an active gofraudme for his cryptorchid surgery he probably still has a hidden Easter egg up in there somewhere.  Perhaps the families will get to see him get jiggy with his paddock mates.  That always makes for interesting conversation with the kids on the car ride home. If that doesn’t excite them they can always view another cryptorchid, HiCaliber Holmes, as he fights over the fence with his neighbor as they navigate through piles of their own shit.  Extra bonus if one hangs a leg through the pipe and you get to see the 30% vet in action.   If all that wasn’t enough, I heard that Manson will be peddling her faux cannabis oil/snake oil multi level marketing crap too!  I noticed they are asking for bouncers to make sure their adoring public don’t wander off and see things they aren’t supposed to see which I’m assuming are the mountains of horse shit and less than thriving horses that are likely going to be stashed in a remote area.  It certainly explains the recent gathering up of some of the fosters so they can sprinkle healthy, shiny horses  around the place in order to keep up appearances.   Don’t forget  to bring a little somethin’ somethin’ for the cash box, folks!  Fireball doesn’t pay for itself!


When I saw this post the other day, I became convinced that they’re trolling.  I just can’t put my mind around anybody being that delusional of full of unfounded self-esteem.  I’m pretty sure Angrid was the fan girl who wrote this up and I can’t believe she believes it.  I mean, even if she was the dumbest attorney in existence she still has to have a baseline of intelligence to pass the bar, doesn’t she? Her pants must have spontaneously combusted she lied so hard.  Horse psychology.  Really?  Do the horses tell Manson they enjoy living in feed lot conditions?  FFS she couldn’t figure out Saban was acting out in pain and damn near shot the horse, but not before starving him half to death.  I’m not sure about anybody else, but that doesn’t scream being able to understand an animal or what they are communicating to me.  While we’re on the subject of starving, perhaps she could teach a class on how not to miss a meal yourself while turning a blind eye to the weight falling off the horses just outside your window.  Maybe she could get the entire team involved and Amanda can show us all how to canter around on the wrong lead and get your horse’s back nice and hollowed out as it lifts its head in pain.  Bang Bang Becky can show off her mad trailer loading skills and then the favorite HiCal trainers, Fice and Maloree, could show us how they fuck up horses.  Romney Faye Baker can show us how to get away with anything as long as people feel sorry for you and if we’re super lucky, Denise from Tracey Acres will come down and teach a master class on how to be a good Christian while contributing to all the hate pages.  The possibilities are endless.  Where do I sign up?

Sadly, we have to wrap up with yet another few milk carton horses.  I don’t know why Manson feels it’s ok to erase these animals off the face of the earth and I will never understand how the village idiots can forget them so fast.  The first that we’ll mention is Angus.  Angus was a parking lot purchase the week before last along with the ill-fated Ditto.  Aside from his knee, Angus was in great body condition and didn’t garner as much sympathy from the village idiots; not that sympathy helped Ditto out at all.  These poor animals don’t even get a bath or cleaned up before they get drug down to the killing field to `run to heaven’ under the blue tarp.  As per usual, no vet report or even mention of Angus again once he arrived at the feed lot.  The last we did see of him was being loaded onto Bang Bang Becky’s trailer after he was sedated to the point of staggering.  RIP Angus #sayhisname

The next milk carton horse, most people won’t remember.  I don’t know that the poor little guy ever actually set foot on the ground at HiCaliber.  His name was Treat and he and his mama, Sunday, had the misfortune to join the HiCaliber hoard in the middle of May when the Louisiana clusterfuck was at its height.  They were presented along with another mare and two foals as ferals or wilds that Misner picked up somewhere.  The other mare and foals went to private buyers while Sunday and Treat were bought by HiCaliber and promptly shipped off to foster never to be heard from again until Sunday shows back up at HiCaliber without Treat and promptly placed on the discount menu.  It has been reported that Treat didn’t make it, but no other details available.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised given the fact that there were supposed to be 3 mare/foal pairs that HiCaliber bought from Satan that we never heard another thing about after funds were raised and, while we’re at it, several of the original Louisiana horses were never updated other than poor Gideon who is already dead along with Flloyd.  Rip Treat, sorry we never got a chance to know you.  #sayhisname

As Manson continues to try to rebrand herself as  a serene goddess of love, I thought I’d leave you with a little reminder of what the real Manson is all about.  It’s not work or child safe, but it is a pretty accurate depiction of the Manson we’ve all come to know based on her social media presence.  I’ve never known leopards to change their spots and a new leaf is usually from the same tree.  Summer is basically over and despite The Manson Family grasping at any straw to bump algorithms, including using a catastrophic event like Hurricane Harvey, it seems the likes and comments continue to drop along with the donations.  Maybe people are waking up or maybe they have family members that realize they are handing over their rent money to HiCaliber each month.  Either way, look for Manson and her board of feckless cohorts to get downright creative as certain deadlines loom and bills become due.  Keep asking after those horses, especially the ones that may not seem so popular.  HiCaliber may censor their page and filter out truth but that doesn’t mean every other place does.  They’re not the only ones that can build an audience either.  Trust me on that one.  Meanwhile, I need to get back to doing my part and hunt horcruxes, so I’ll be back with y’all in a few days.  Keep saying names and keep telling the truth!

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