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As promised, I am finally getting a chance to deal with some other things that have been kicking around on the back burner for a while.  If you’re here for HiCaliber fuckery, this isn’t the post for you.  If you’re here for drama, this probably won’t be the post for you either.  You see, once upon a time, this blog was about no one thing and certainly not even a little bit about HiCaliber.  What it was about was a lot about slaughter and other issues in equine welfare that I felt like posting about at any given time.  Those were the good old days and aside from the odd troll here and there, things were relatively peaceful and slower paced back then.  I do realize that you can’t put a genie back in the bottle, but after almost 2 years of pretty much all HiCaliber, all the time and all the drama and histrionics that entails, it’s time to focus elsewhere for now.  Believe it or not there is a great big horse community beyond Southern California and not every horse in trouble is easily found at an auction or with a `notorious’ flipper.  Sometimes the threat comes from within and sometimes they walk among us.  So, with that in mind, let’s talk about an issue that is troubling to many advocates right now.  Let’s talk about The Right Horse Initiative.



I wanna say it was about a year or so ago that I first heard of The Right Horse Initiative.  Even from the get go, I looked at it with a very jaundiced eye.  You know the old saying about if something sounds too good to be true?  It would seem to apply here.

The Right Horse Initiative has the primary goal of increasing the number of horses adopted annually nationwide and a secondary goal of providing more resources in communities to horse owners….will focus on training transition horses for placement in equine-assisted therapy, beginner horsemanship programs or other placement opportunities. The goal of this project is to create an infrastructure in which transition horses receive the care and training required for them to prime candidates for non-traditional adoption or placement opportunities in therapy and/or beginner riding programs.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?  Increasing adoptions and community resources is something we should all be able to get on board with.  Well, get ready for red flag #1 of many.  RHI is piloting a program that sees rescues which they now refer to as `adoption groups’, bringing their `horses in transition’ to regional training hubs.  They claim they will make these horses `better trained and more desirable’ which will allow them to be cycled through quicker.  The exact verbiage they use is “this increases movement in all the adoption centers and decreases their length of stay while increasing their ability to take on additional horses in transition.”  Movement. Interesting phrasing.  It’s almost like they are talking about product rather than sentient beings.  Still, if this was the only issue, it would be down to semantics.  Sadly, it’s not the only issue.


For those readers that have been with me since BHC (Before HiCaliber), you might remember the shit show that was United Horsemen under Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette.  Their main mission was to make horse meat happen in America under the guise of giving a shit about the welfare of animals.  One of the ways they tried to ram this down the throats of the horse community was the Equine Rescue & Rejuvenation Program.  I talked about it all the way back in 2012 on this post. Basically, what they were telling people they wanted to do was have a central hub where people surrendered horses.  There, they would be assessed for health, soundness and trainability and then horses they deemed suitable would enter their program.  The rest would go straight to a proposed slaughter plant on the very same property.  Make no mistake, the mission for Dave and Suey was to get slaughter up and running and the whole rescue facet of this program was basically the bread of the shit sandwich they were serving.

“To rehabilitate horses from an unwanted and at-risk status to a healthy and functional status. We will identify horses with potential, teach them skills, and then offer them to the public. Horses that can be trained, or re-trained for new purposes, will be sold. Horses that demonstrate suitability for purposes such as non-profit therapeutic riding or youth programs will be made available to those groups at little or no cost.”

Am I the only one not finding the  United Horsemen’s failed ERRP and RHI mission statements eerily similar?  To be fair, RHI is not openly advocating for slaughter.  What they are offering is `end of life services’ and on the surface that’s not a bad thing.  I am not now, nor have I ever been anti necessary euthanasia.  I think the problem with proposed programs like this is that people get euth happy and, RHI seems to place their emphasis on a horse’s ability to be ridden. Most rescues don’t have a huge issue placing good riding horses.  That hasn’t classically been the problem area in rescue. From the rescues I have spoken to and dealt with, it’s the pasture puffs and senior horses that are harder to place and I don’t really see RHI addressing this beyond euthanasia.




Another red flag, I have with RHI is the money getting thrown around.  They are funded by Watershed Animal Fund which is a division of the Arnall Family Foundation.  There seems to be no shortage of cash and they have some rather generous grants available for adoption innovations.  For 2019, there are two 25k grants and another for up to 50k.  I don’t know about you, but that kinda money tends to buy some loyalty.  Who wouldn’t put the RHI logo on their social media if it meant that kind of cash?  This is where it gets a bit gray and scary for me.  On the surface, it’s completely awesome for a rescue to get a grant of that size, but at what ultimate cost?  As far as I can tell, if you get the grant, they kinda own you for at least the next 18 months.


A quick glance at RHI’s listed partners is a major cause for concern.  A few of the orgs listed such as NRHA, Equus Film Festival have direct ties to Protect The Harvest which, as most of you know, is one of the major lobby groups working on bringing back slaughter.  PTH is also where Duquette landed after Suey fell off her perch.  Like RHI, they also like to throw a lot of money around.  Equine Sciences at Colorado State is another partner and they lean to the pro slaughter side of things as well.  Of the five vets listed on RHI’s advisory council, at least three of them are said to be pro-slaughter, Dr. Tom Lenz being notoriously so.  Noticing a pattern here?




In the interest of full disclosure, RHI categorically denies any ties to Protect the Harvest.  That could be true, but as we have come to find out, PTH’s tentacles reach far and wide and their logo shows up at all sorts of industry events that you wouldn’t expect them to *cough*EquusFilmFesitval*cough*  What I find most interesting about this little threat message is that they do not take a firm anti slaughter stance.  They don’t really take any stance at all, but rather indicate that they’ll get in bed with anybody to push their agenda.  That’s how I’m reading the highlighted portion anyhow.  BTW, this wasn’t sent to me and it’s been posted in many places so let’s not be suing another innocent person in the next attempt to unmask me.  That’s getting kinda old.


This is just scraping the surface of my concerns with RHI.  There already is a group of advocates that have laid out many of the issues on social media.  You can check them out on this Facebook page.   They go into far more detail than I have here and will happily answer any questions people may have.  I realize that all of this might seem like much ado about nothing or, at the very least, not much, but if I have learned one thing in the past couple of years it is to ask questions if things don’t feel quite right.  The response to those questions usually tell you if it’s worth a closer look.  I am deeply concerned that The Right Horse Initiative is buying support and, at best, not addressing the issues that will go a long way to improving the conditions for all horses.  By not taking an anti-slaughter stance and partnering with pro slaughter orgs and individuals, I worry about what is to come should they gain a strong foothold in the rescue community.  There as many ways to `rescue’ as there are rescues, but a common thread should be that the horse comes first and the focus should never be on quantity over quality.  Packaging it all up with feel good terms like `horses in transition’ is just lip service.  If you want to improve conditions for all horses then get behind the legislation that will CHANGE things for them once and for all.  Lean on your lawmakers to enforce existing laws and lobby for ones that have more teeth.  We need to focus on the cause rather than putting bandaids on symptoms and, as true advocates, we should always be working our way out of a `job’.  What I see with RHI is a lot of people making rescue a business and that may just be the road to ruin.


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Happy Friday!  I thought I’d better get this fired off before the weekend so I don’t get stuck playing catch up on Monday again.  It’s been a busy week already and I’m sure it’s going to roll that way right through the weekend at the rate the HiCalibrites are going.  So, as they position themselves and groom the village idiots for another big ask, I thought a post that more than illustrates some of my issues with The Manson Family would be appropriate right now.  We’ll get to the million part of in a bit, but for now let’s start with saying a few names, ask after a few others and look at some milk carton horses, because they’re a big reason why I write this blog.

Stacey is the first horse we’ll talk about today.  As with a lot of these horses, details are pretty sketchy after her initial intake.  We do know she was found by a villager along with another horse that was promptly named `Fuckboi’ by those classy ladies at HiCaliber.  The Fuckboi name didn’t last very long when they found out there was a family that had unexpectedly lost their son/father/husband and they wanted to make a donation.  Fuckboi was promptly renamed after the deceased family member, and Stacey was named after the wife.  They named a third owner relinquishment `Emmy’ because the decedent had won an Emmy award in the past.  The family was very touched and even came out to visit the horses named in their loved one’s honor about a month later.  That was the last time Stacey was mentioned and all trace of her has since been removed from the HiCaliber website and pages.  I’m not sure if we should start saying her name or asking for updates.  I fear it’s the former.


Cristina was `rescued’ off a muddy hill side back in February.  She was brought into HiCaliber along with her buddy, Jodi who was in much better shape.  I really wish I could tell you a bunch about Cristina, but I can’t.  She was said to be `pushy’ which, as we have come to know, doesn’t go over well with Manson.  She also was said to have some arthritis issues, although she didn’t look horrible in the intake video posted above.  Sadly, this video was all we ever heard about Cristina.  The village idiots didn’t really latch onto her or her story and she was quickly erased off the face of the earth.  Her buddy Jodi made out a bit better.  After hauling Becky and everybody else’s ass in various parades and trail rides, she was recently adopted into what hopefully works out to be a forever home for her.  It’s a shame her pasture mate didn’t get the same chance.  RIP Cristina.  #sayhername

Beautiful Joplin was only 6 years old.  She was purchased back in January of 2016 and was hung with the dreaded `neuro’ tag  at some point after, although none of her described issues scream `neuro’ to me and there was never a vet report shown on her.  They never showed her on moving on video that I can find either.  Warmbloods sometimes move different, especially if they are `big’ movers.  Maybe that’s what was really going on with her, maybe it wasn’t.  Sometimes those types of hind end issues need a horse put into a form of work/rehab to resolve.  It’s certainly worth a shot if the lameness is mechanical and the other option is death.  I couldn’t say what was going on with Joplin without seeing her but I do know that Manson cannot pick out a hind end lameness to save her life.  I’ve seen her misdiagnose countless ones on video and half the time she isn’t sure of the body part she’s looking at. What was the last one?  A luxating patella that was likely going to be a compassion pull, but turned out to be nothing even close?  Yeah.  At any rate, Joplin hung around on the pasture puff menu for quite a long time and disappeared at some point early this year.  Manson has not answered questions as to what happened or why and she’s been scrubbed from the website.  We all know what that means.  RIP Joplin #sayhername



I find that at the very least, HiCaliber sucks hard at doing regular updates.  They move horses in and out so fast, the villagers rapidly lose interest in them once the thrill of the save is over.  They don’t get a chance to invest in their story or become attached.  Even a horse that is rehabbing, they aren’t given regular updates so they can follow the journey.  That’s why it’s so easy for horses to vanish.  The next two we’re going to talk about I honestly do not know if they are alive or dead.  I don’t know if they were adopted, rescue transferred or went to foster.  I know they are not anywhere on the website as either a success story, foster or available.  They are simply gone.  The first was Anne.  She was purchased off Misner for $200 ( plus the $650 top up) back in February.  Even though she wasn’t at auctio, naturally the village raised the funds and they picked her up along with their other purchases that day.  Anne was seen on the Freedom Walk.  She was never mentioned or shown again, not even an intake video. I find that kind of sad considering the heart wrenching fundraising post they made about her. #whereisanne




Cotton is another missing horse.  He was bought in the chutes at auction back on April 11th for $200.  We do know he made it back to the feedlot as he was very briefly mentioned as being in a pen with the ill-fated Taj during a flash update on April 15th.  They both were bought at the same auction, which was a more chaotic than usual time at HiCaliber due to what was going on with Romney.  Not to make light of a personal issue, but safe to say that many villagers weren’t all that focused on the horses after purchase at that time.  All we really know about Cotton is he was blind in one eye and those types of horses don’t seem to last long at HiCaliber.  He has since been scrubbed from the website and never mentioned again.  People donate money to purchase these animals and support them.  They deserve to be updated and told what becomes of them. Sadly they either forget to ask or afraid to ask for fear of banning or being told to eat a bag of dicks.  #whereiscotton


Meet Nicky, Nicky Boy aka Chivalrous Copy.  Nicky isn’t missing or anything.  Yet.  He has been at HiCaliber for a few weeks and he’s not on the website or even mentioned.  He’s one of those owner surrender horses that tend to vaporize without a mention.  Milk carton horses make me really sad.  Horses being erased off the face of the earth make me really angry.  That isn’t honoring them or treating them with dignity or respect, so I’m going to tattle.  Nicky is alive and Nicky is at HiCaliber.  Nicky was very loved by his owner and I won’t get into what I was told about how he came to be at HiCaliber right now, although I was told he came with some supporting funds.  I was also told that he has some soundness issues, mainly old tears in both front suspensories, that tend to flare up after hard work.  That would very much limit him from being ridden hard and I most certainly hope he doesn’t end up having to pack a heavy rider around.  It always confuses me why they whine about these owner surrender horses and not being able to raise funds for them, but how can they when they never tell people they are there?  Why is that?  You’d think they’d want to move them out ASAP while they still look good and before they cost too much in care.  Before they `go feral’ out in the bigger paddock.  Why take a horse like this in and just let him stand in a small pen?  That isn’t good for an older horse with soundness issues.  They need to move around or they get stove up and then they end up shot in the head for soundness issues.  So, let’s say `Hi’ to Nicky and not let him disappear.  Let Manson know this horse is on the radar as of now.  #HiNicky

I feel like my emotions are being toyed with again.  It seems like every other month, Romney Faye threatens to leave or step back.  Now she says she’s quit, but we’ll still see her on Tuesdays.  WTF is going to be different?  It’s not like she ever spent any time at the ranch anyhow.  She’s not a horse person and before people start clutching their pearls and spazzing out, it’s not about the loss of her son.  I’m sure most of us that read here have suffered some loss in our lives and you can’t really compare one to another because, when it’s your loss, it’s literally all you can handle at the time and the worst thing you can imagine, so yeah, I’m sorry for all of us that have had loss.  I’m a whole bunch less sorry about it given Romney Faye’s cunty behavior all week long including mocking somebody else’s tragedy and bullying somebody for daring to show up on her turf on Tuesday, because that’s really putting horses first.  I can’t help but think that this might be a case of rats and ships given the current climate at HiCaliber and then you have this little gem from 2013.


It’s like this whole weird deja vu thing going on.  Romney Faye jumping ship before it all comes apart.  The thing is she helped Starlight acquire many of those horses.  She was deep into the feedlots back then and a lot of her fundraising techniques were nearly exactly the same as the ones she brought to HiCaliber.  The cultivating of relationships with the `benevolent’ kill buyer and all the urgency posts.  She talked a lot about saving from slaughter even back then and that’s why I hope she truly has hopped on her broom and is leaving horse rescue forever.  For all they years of slaughter talk from her, she still hasn’t the first clue how the pipeline works or any of the details and challenges advocates deal with every single day.  You’d think if you cared so passionately about an issue you might take the time to find out everything you could about it.  I couldn’t find one single mention by her of the SAFE Act or really anything about getting it all to end.  Just variations of `the truck is coming’ since 2013.  So yeah, I’m not too broken up about the exit of Romney Faye Baker at all if it comes to actually pass.  Hopefully, she’ll leave horses alone and go rescue gold-fish or something.  Bye girl!


It has been released!

I think we’ll keep things short and sweet today.  These milk carton posts are a lot to digest for most of us.  Horses shouldn’t disappear from a rescue on a regular basis.  Horses shouldn’t be dying for no good reason.  That’s one of a many reasons why I write this blog.  When this resolves, and it will resolve,  I’ll focus on other things, but for now I’ll see this through until something gives.  People can screech, whine and moan all they want.  You can bully and become the very thing you say you hate and I’ll keep telling the truth and voicing my opinion.  I don’t change my values because I get threatened or rejected like some people.  I’ve always said if HiCaliber stopped hoarding, abusing, neglecting and torturing horses, I’d move on to other things.  I don’t expect Manson to go to charm school and become a nice person and I don’t really care what she does as long as animals aren’t suffering.  If she had nothing to hide, she’d answer questions no matter who asked them because one way to shut a hater up is being truly transparent.  Show those vet invoices and reports that say all those horses had to die.  Save the scrubs for Halloween and let real vets do the work on these animals.  Please, stop giving me so much to work with all the time.  Stop lying.  That would be a great start too, but for now I’ll keep on doing what I do.


This is a bit off topic  and more than a little petty, but given the tantrums and tiaras being tossed about this week, it probably is worth sharing.  Awhile ago, one of my haters thought she’d be generous or bitchy to `offer’ me a job writing for her publication but I’d need to be heavily edited and all.  I don’t think she was serious.  I sure hope she wasn’t.  I’ve always laughed at that website even back before she made it worse.   She thought it would entice me or impress me to know that they got `thousands’ of views a day.  I think that’s what she was trying to do anyhow.  I’m happy to say though, that I do ok with this `terribly written’ blog, double spaces and all.  We passed a million views this week, which is pretty decent work for about 4 months worth of posts.  To the people who read and share and even the haters that park on this page and constantly hit refresh so they can screen shot me, I just wanted to say `Thanks a million’.  Ciao for now!  Have a great weekend!

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Not going to lie, I’m kinda irritated to have had to be working on a post over the weekend.  I try to declare my weekends fuckery-free zones but damned if those hosebeasts at HiCaliber didn’t proverbially shit their pants to such a degree that it was impossible to let slide nor could I just lump it in with something else because there has been just so much of it in the last few days it was going to end up a novel if I didn’t get it dealt with.  So, once again other things I’ve had in the queue have to wait a bit longer so we can deal with the exigent matters.  Do you like how I used `exigent’?  That is one of Manson’s favorite words other than her various euphemisms for vagina.  Words like `exigent’ are impressive when you only have to impress village idiots, and yes they are idiots but we’ll get more into that in a bit.  Let’s all buckle up, fuel up and settle in for this shitfest.  Apologies for the more colorful language than normal.  Did I mention that I’m irritated?
I realize that many of the current readership of this blog are recent followers and that’s awesome.  However, if you look back in the archives to the beginning of this blog, there is a shitload of anti-slaughter information.  Factual, researched and cited information.  Slaughter has been a long term fight for me and even while on hiatus with this blog, I still had my boots on the ground and I always will have until the day it is over once and for all.  As with most hot button issues, there are a few different types of advocates.  Just because you’re `anti’ doesn’t mean you’re all cut from the same cloth.  You get your zealots who are on the absolute fight against anything and everything that doesn’t fit into their narrow world view, even people on their own side.  They are kinda like your holy roller cousin that shows up to family functions and calls the rest of the fam jam fornicators and sinners and then runs off to self flagellate.  You have your serious advocates that are in it to win it and have their heads screwed on mostly straight.  They are going to stick to the facts even if they aren’t exciting and inflammatory because they know that’s what works even if it’s going to take a long time to reach their goals.  Then you have your opportunists who glom onto an issue because it’s in fashion or provides them some sort of pay off.  They don’t really have any sort of investment in the fight beyond what it provides them, so they don’t bother to educate themselves nor do they care or want it to end because their pay off will end with it. Calling them `anti’ is more than a stretch.  That’s the category Manson and HiCaliber fits into and always has.  Their profound ignorance on the subject of slaughter has been flashed before but it was on full display the past few days and it’s time to call shenanigans on the latest crapfest that fell out of Manson’s lie hole.  Not just for the sake of pointing out a lie, because that would be a full-time job with her, but because the lie is damaging and sets the actual anti-slaughter movement back significantly.  It’s because the lies she told are so fucking outrageous and just plain stupid, that I can’t let this one slide. It’s because there are still a few die-hard village idiots that will run around regurgitating this lie and make every anti slaughter advocate look like a histrionic asshole.  I’m not having it.

We began this latest swindle last Thursday evening.  Manson must have noticed that the cash donation box was low or maybe her latest round of lip injections depleted her pocket money or something, but she manifested some foals to `rescue’.  Babies usually are enough to tug on the heart-strings all on their own, but the village idiots haven’t been as predictable with their dollars lately, so the ask needed a bit more spin.  This caused Manson to dust off the foal sushi story yet again.  Romney Faye Baker had tried this once before and was soundly called out for her lies.  Manson happens to be a better liar.  Her lies have plot lines and layers and if you dare question her, she’ll tell you to eat a dick whereas Romney Faye will just sick an idiot on you and get out the ban hammer.  Because this is a Manson sized lie,  I think it’s probably best to break it down in bite sized chunks.  realthing

I can honestly say that in all the YEARS I have been working the anti-slaughter side of things, I have never once heard of `foal sushi’.  Believe me if that was an angle we could use to raise awareness or outrage we’d have been all over it like Manson is all over Taco Tuesdays.  It’s simply not a thing and you can google it, you can ask any official source and all you will find is the one link Manson gave out which is from a blog written 5 years ago ( link ) without one cited source.  They don’t even have a screen shot of a crate of foals at the airport.  NOTHING.  Even so, the blog only mentions draft horses and the babies Manson was peddling were most certainly not drafts.  The blog also does not talk about foals beings shipped or even weanlings.  Apparently Manson either only read the title or can’t read with any comprehension.  Either one is plausible.  Both are likely.

The other lie here is that they were sitting in NorCal waiting to be shipped to Japan.  No.  No, they weren’t.  Japan does get most of their horses shipped live and that happens out of Canada via Bouvry for the most part.  It is still illegal to transport horses for the purposes of slaughter in California so not likely they are flying them out of California. They also wouldn’t ship any foal under the age of six months to slaughter because they would not be accepted.  Canada isn’t the wild frontier with no rules.  They have food inspectors and all sorts of red tape too.   Again, the ones that they do ship are mature draft horses and it’s been widely documented and protested.  They cram them in crates and they often don’t all arrive alive.  There is no way these tiny foals would ever make that long journey alive, nor would it be economical to ship them that way.  The hanging weight on them would make it cost prohibitive alone.  I think I saw one village idiot suggest there were pens behind restaurants where they kept them until they were ready to eat.  Seriously????  Do they even believe the shit they make up?


Let’s talk about the new boogie man in town and all that is wrong with that statement.  First off, why must HiCaliber `nurture’ any relationship with kill buyers?  Why don’t they try to not to be such assholes and maybe nurture a few relationships with other rescues rather than burning bridges?  As to there being a `new’ kill buyer in town, likely not.  There are few `suspects’ it could be, but they are far from `new’.   There is Ole Olson who works with Zena Quillan out of Fallon, Nevada.  Zena, besides having spawned  a convicted child pornographer currently serving consecutive life sentences, sells to Bouvry and has also done business with Manson in the past.  Hell, they might be dealing with her.  Actually, I believe that filly Manson convinced the village idiots to pay $2000 for off the feedlot in Nevada right after she got back from yet another Hawaiian vacation was from Zena.  Remember her?  The one she named Rula Nalu which means `rule breaker’ in Hawaiian? Zena and Ole both like to buy up rez foals which this lot appears to be.  Yes, their mothers have likely gone to slaughter and the babies are bi-products.  If they were able to be slaughtered, they’d have shipped with their mamas. There is also a connection to Misner through them as Ole also works with Chavez in New Mexico.  Need a score card yet?


Ahhh, now we get to the dollars and sense.  Is it just me or does anybody else notice that every month or so Manson seems to come up with some time sensitive scam need to raise between $6500 to $9500?  Don’t worry, I have screen shots if Manson goes on another scrub mission.  Lately, that’s the case, but she’s gone as far to blur out an invoice in one picture so we don’t really know that money isn’t going for rent or whatever.  We just know that the village idiots dig deep and if they don’t, they put the pressure and the guilt on them to motivate.  So, getting back to the foals.  7 to 10 foals at $850/each is between $5950 and $8500.  Not a bad profit margin at all.  At least we can safely assume it’s not a bad profit margin because right before these 7 to 10 foals materialized was the weekly Fallon sale where horses run through.  Fallon being where Ole and Zena like to hang, if you recall.  I pulled the market report for last week and horses under 1100lbs aka foals, averaged $26/head, which sounds about right.  $200 is quite the mark up from that.  I love the part of where she says no emotional blackmail or price gouging.  I hope her pants burst into flame as she wrote that up.  What is `foal sushi’ if not emotional blackmail?  Anyhow, even the potential buyers from up north were not allowed to make arrangements to pick their horses up closer to home, instead Manson said they all had to come back to HiC, because that doesn’t throw up any red flags or anything.  This kinda brings us back to Bubba Misner who isn’t new, but he’s played the part of `kindly old gentleman’, `notorious flipper’, `good guy’ and whatever else happened to fit in with the weekly parking lot fables as long as they could convince the village idiots they weren’t dealing exclusively with the Misner family.  Why would this time be any different?

I’m not sure if how or if this relates to the foals at HiCaliber, but Manson made mention of some `bigger foals’ being part of this load and that the kill buyer was going to `hold them back’ to sell on the open market.  You know, because there is such a hot market for rez foals and all.  Enter Bubba…He shows up at Mike’s Auction with three babies that are obviously bigger and older than the HiCaliber bunch.  What they are sporting is the SJ brand on their left hips, which traces back to Jacksons in Weed, CA.  That is `up north’ for those of you that don’t know.  Misner’s shit hole of a feed lot is also technically `up north’ of Valley Center where HiCaliber is as well.  Misner ran the bid up on all three of these babies and still only got $200, $200 and $170.  Could be a coincidence, might not be.   It’s not like any of the players are known for being honest so we’ll likely never know for sure.  What I do know for sure is that the Paint baby in the original picture never showed up anywhere and that group of babies  in that picture may or may not be the ones that ended up at HiCaliber.  Helluva shell game going on…


Manson may not know shit about horses but she sure knows how to work a crowd and apply just the right amount of pressure with a dash of urgency or, as she would say it, exigency.  She also seemed to channel Tara Sanders Satan when she reminds people there will be no guarantees and that they must arrange their own vetting. That part is important because, apparently her rules are fluid.  Later, she will insist that they are all vetted by their own vet, Dr. Brian Talbot from Palomar Equine.  I don’t know much about the guy but maybe she gets a kick back or something.  She made up a lie about the kill buyer not wanting to drop the horses off in NorCal where he allegedly was and then decided to just ignore all the other questions that she didn’t have an answer for.  When she didn’t get a fast enough monetary response, she said the wittle babies were looking for milk.  They are weanlings.  They don’t need milk.  Trust me that her lazy ass isn’t out there tonight bottle feeding them nor did that thought ever cross her fucking mind. She mentioned them and milk to make everybody sad enough to loosen up the purse strings.

As if there was ever any doubt, the village idiots came through once again and sealed the fate of 10 foals.  Of course there was 10, you didn’t think Manson would actually leave any money on the table and settle for 7, did you?  I’m sure we’ll never hear but I’d be interested to know how the person that thought they adopted a blue roan is going to feel when they realize the horse is gray.  Probably no less surprised when whomever gets the `buckskin’ figures out it’s not really a buckskin, although that should be quite obvious by the pictures.  Colors aside, Manson and her ass barnacle, Robyn, charged off into the night to pick up their foals.  Because they are lazy and don’t really give a shit about the horses, they hogpiled them all into Bang Bang Becky’s trailer which would explain he lumps, bumps and scrapes they all showed up with.  Naturally, once the babies were secured, drama broke out.

Looks like we better put the coffee on and get out the  donuts because we may have another incoming former villager.  Or course any time Rene wedges her head into anything it automatically becomes a shit show as she has a real gift for speaking out of turn, leaping to conclusions and generally saying too much.  Still, she did manage to do some decent damage control and smooth the ruffled feathers until Manson got her back up.

Manson doesn’t like people that don’t bow down to her.  She really doesn’t like being caught in lies or scams so she felt the need to put a generous donor in her place, complete with calling her a `twat’.  That was before she mentioned she was on her way to church.  The irony wasn’t lost on most of us, nor was multiple use of the words ethics and ethical .  Obviously that’s a new seed she’s trying to plant in everybody’s minds like she once did with transparent.  Once again, Manson trips over her own ego.

There is really not much I can add to this rather well worded and perfect response.  Sooner or later these villagers see the light and it is usually painful for them.  The don’t all make their way over here, but be nice to them.  Reality is harsh once you leave a cult. Sadly, there are still many cult members to carry on the stupidity and spread the lies.

I know the PDF is probably too small to read.  What is important is the logo in the upper left hand.  The `Canadian non-profit’ in question is The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition.  These are the ones that have tracked and protested the shipment of live horses to Japan.  Their Facebook banner is of the crates of draft horses shipping out of Calgary, Alberta.  If anybody knows what is getting shipped to Japan, it would be this organization considering they follow the trucks in and out of Bouvry’s feed lot, which is an entirely different location than the slaughter house.  I love that this particular village idiot cited them as the source to support the `sushi foal’ lie.  As suggested, people did contact the CHDC to ask them WTF about foal sushi and they did so right out in the open so everybody could see the answer.  In fact they did so under a post about live shipments to Japan and the feedlot conditions over there, complete with a link to footage, pictures and actual documentation.  If you truly care about the issue of horse slaughter you will go to this link ( CHDC  ) and educate yourself.  At the very least check out their Facebook page.

Back to sushigate…here is the answer from CHDC.  There is no proof.  Awkward.  I guess one picture of a foal with a sales tag on its ass does not a sushi foal make.  Not that it really matters.  The village idiots tend to avoid facts and reality when it doesn’t back up Manson’s lies, just like all good cult members do.  They’ll even extrapolate on her lies to try to make sense out of them.

These are just samplings of how stupid some of the village idiots truly are.  Jilly has posted this same link all over the place.  Clearly, Jilly can’t read because that article only talks about shipping adult draft horses and mentions buying foals to raise in order to ship, but nothing about foal sushi.  Basically by posting it all over, she has proven that Manson is lying.  Thanks Jilly.  I hope Manson doesn’t shoot the horse she named after you in the face as punishment.  The other screen shots pretty much speaks for itself.  How do you educate people like this? Why even bother?


Again, apologies in advance for the language, but sometimes only one word applies to a situation.  Because Manson is a cunt and laughing all the way to the bank as she gets away with yet another major lie, she decides to rub everybody’s face in it by naming the remaining foals after sushi rolls.  That’s about like naming rescued slaughter horses `steak sandwich’ `rump roast’ and other degrading shit.  It shows such a blatant disrespect for the very animals she exploits to live well above her means it’s almost criminal.  As you can see, she is no longer all about the love or gratitude and back to her old ways.  Karma is real and it always comes around.  She’d do well to remember that. Let’s move on to some other scams of the past few days.


I was sent a message about this horse on Saturday.  Bubba Misner bought him at Mike’s for $135.  He’s a stud that had been allegedly used for match racing.  Contrary to Manson and Bubba’s claim, he is not OTTB.  He has no tattoo.  Manson first mentioned him on live feed with the foals saying that `Voldy’ had bought him not realizing he was a stallion.  Complete and utter bullshit.  The stallions were all off in separate pens at Mike’s and this boy was extremely studish by all accounts.  He was also announced as a stallion in the ring.  They cleared the way to take him back to the pens and he was a lot to handle.  There was no doubt he had all his boy parts.  Anyhow, as part of her lie, Manson said that he `needed’ to come to HiCaliber.  He is not and never was going to be run through the auction.  He was always earmarked for HiCaliber.  So, right on schedule, here comes the big ask with the big mark up.  The $135 OTTB that is not actually an OTTB is now going to cost the village idiots $950 and they haven’t even asked them for the gelding costs yet.  Maybe Manson is being generous and going to use some of the responsible rescue funds she collected for the babies that didn’t even spend 24 hours in her care.  From what I’m told, some people that aren’t fans of HiCaliber phoned Misner and made an effort to buy this horse and save him from going to stand on a shit filled feed lot.  Manson won that bidding war and took the opportunity to gloat.

It is a wonder that people don’t like to work with HiCaliber.  Manson is such a pleasant and gracious individual and all.

Manson had a busy day.  It is Algorithm Bump Monday, so they basically spam their own page with anything and everything.  They even exploited 9/11 for some page views although they couldn’t be bothered to actually write a new post, instead copy and pasting Angrid’s long winded account of her experience, complete with bad dialogue, from last year.  Let’s just say it hasn’t aged as well as a cheap bottle of wine.  Back to the post above though…for some reason, they decided to post a clip of one of Doughboy’s trucks on its way to dump some horses at a sale barn.  That’s right,  a sale barn.  Despite what Manson says, they are not on their way directly to slaughter because not do they not have export tags, but Doughboy has no contract.  He’s probably just clearing his lot off before he goes back to jail soon.  I don’t know if this is a hint that we’re about to re-engage in the Louisiana fuckery or they think people are that stupid.  Well, we know the village idiots are, but the rest of us know what’s going on and it’s not hard to read between the lines.  This was a calculated move to put some feelers out.  Don’t forget that Manson has a lot of rather large bills coming due in the near future.


She already knows how much they cost.  You best believe if these village idiots make much more noise we’re going to have yet another Louisiana shit show happening.  Cheech is already on that side of the country begging for money to come home, so not a huge leap to get her to fill a trailer to earn her gas money.  Here we go again…


Take a good hard look at each of the pictures I posted above.  These are the true conditions those little foals they just drug back to the feed lot are living in.  Nevermind her carefully framed live feed, this is their pen with the ever growing shit mountain backdrop.  This is them being manhandled by a bunch of strangers at once who don’t even know how to put a halter on one apparently.  Anybody else wonder why they felt the need to duct tape over their sales tags? Lie upon lie upon lie and this sushi lie isn’t funny or smart.  It makes every anti-slaughter person look stupid because it is so absurd.  Manson has no clue about slaughter, how it works or even the legislation and she doesn’t fucking care. If she did care she’d educate herself.  If she did care you’d think she’d want it to end.  These foals were never headed to slaughter.  They are too young, but even if they weren’t, if that was a real kill buyer with a contract and not some bottom feeding pustule like Bubba Misner,  those babies would not have been able to be offloaded and resold.  Contracts must be filled and Manson doesn’t understand that because she’s so unethical herself, and she can say it a million times and she still won’t be ethical or anything close to it.  Fake it, til you make it, right Manson?  This has to stop.  I actually don’t really care if idiots want to blow the mortgage keeping Manson in Botox and eyelashes.  Fools and their money and all that.  However, I care passionately that horses are suffering and that this deceitful twat attempts to set the anti slaughter movement back with her bullshit.  That is not ok.  Many of us have been at this far too long to let that go by.  If she thinks she stepped in it with the Louisiana lies and didn’t like the backlash, she has seen nothing yet.  Keep spreading that slaughter misinformation Manson and the only circle that is about to expand is your haters.  As for the rest of you, this will likely be a busy blog week.  There is a mountain to get to along with a very special guest post, so stay tuned and please, keep speaking the truth.  It will always win out.  Trust.

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I’ve been procrastinating today.   Tuesdays are always such shit shows and today was no exception. Plus you can add the other stuff I need to cover that I probably should have a few days ago and it makes for a long assed post.  I certainly notice a shift in the wind the past week or so not only with the HiCaliber antics, but even the detractors are all kinda getting restless.  It would be fascinating to watch and analyze if there weren’t still so many horses suffering and taking their last walks to the tarp behind the shed.  Mostly, I just give my head a shake and carry on.  I think what we’ll do is start with auction and then work our way backwards.  Sadly, we have some milk carton horses to honor too, but we’ll get to that in a bit.  So, grab a coffee or whatever your morning beverage of choice is and I strongly suggest you make it Irish.  The fuckery of the last few days has been way too real.


So, this week’s auction was fun.  I wish I was there.  Apparently Romney Faye threw a pretty huge bitch fit in the chutes when she found out she isn’t actually queen of the chutes and other people can go back there too.  I think that was the first blow to the HiCaliber gravy train today.  Another, was several other entities were there to check things out.  This meant no more lying about when horses were running through, although Romney Faye did claim they were `early’ this week.  There would also be an actual record of the prices they dropped the hammer at.  I think the highlighted wording in the screen shot I posted above pretty much tells the story.  Romney Faye appreciating the help and allowing other people to buy horses or `step up’.  What really confuses me is why she thinks she is entitled to know who anybody at auction is whether they be a private citizen or rescue.  It’s not like anybody needs HiCaliber’s permission to purchase a horse or anything.  In fact, I don’t blame them for not giving names and rescue info out, since Romney Faye and her buddy Bubba Misner tried to run the bid up  on them last week.  In fact, Bubba got in trouble for being a dick again today by trying to jump a bid $300.  He also did his best to run bids up which only ended up costing Baker Ranch a lot of money for the mini mare and foal at the end of the day when Bubba got caught out with the high bid.  Oops.  HiCaliber was pretty much shut out and didn’t actually bid on anything themselves although many of the horses noted as sold to Bubba on the sheet above ended up with HiCaliber or their private buyers.  Since their weekly quota and eyelash fund wasn’t even close to being filled,  Romney Faye stomped out of auction about 15 mins after the horses ran through and went and found two horses on Misner’s lot to drag home for Manson to shoot.  Both have cancer issues and one only has one eye.  We all know how well one-eyed horses make out at the HiCaliber feed lot.  The great news is that at least 7 horses were truly saved and that means they were bought by other parties/rescues, that have no links to HiCaliber.  You would think that most people who care about animals would just be happy they weren’t sold to flipper or Misner, but no,  the village idiots think that all horses should go to HiCaliber and so the shade started…

queen of the chutes

I usually blank the village idiots’ names out of screen shots, but I really can’t be bothered today.  They are being over-the-top hateful and ignorant so they can just go ahead and own their cuntiness.  I’m over it.  My best guess is that denied their weekly fix of the last minute save, they are starting to get testy on us or something.  Driving over to Misner’s to fill the weekly quota just doesn’t provide the same thrill.  It’s clear that most of them will believe whatever line of BS HiCaliber feeds them including that vets do intakes.  That hasn’t happened since last year.  Manson and the med team do the intakes and IF they think they need a 100% vet then maybe they’ll get to see one.  Have none of these knuckle draggers realized that they don’t even do regular intake videos any longer?  Hell, Thomas never got to see a vet.  Go back and watch his video.  Manson says that the vet was at the ranch doing dentals and not that she was actually doing intakes.  Most of Manson’s lies are very carefully worded like that and are actually lies of omission.  It was the same thing with Moose, now known as Deacon; the vet never saw the horse, but Manson played it off like they had even though that was proven wrong as far as the EOTRH situation.

Not content to keep the drama in her own house, Manson decided to branch out and strike out at The Golden Carrot Sanctuary this past week. I think the post started out as more of a venting about donors withdrawing support of a horse, but Manson took it personal and assembled her crew to come create some drama.  They did not disappoint.  I think Manson may be have been high because she actually threw herself under the bus.  It was revealed that she figured Golden Carrot would fail with Saban, which further proves how much she hated that horse.  What rescue will send a horse off to a place they think they will fail?  Then she reveals that Saban came in with the head wound (which is likely a lie), which would mean he sat there without it being treated for 5 months and she sent him off to Fice knowing he was hurt.  Whichever way she attempts to point the finger only adds up to her failing that horse.  My favorite part was Manson posting her own intake sheets and those need a closer look…


This is the intake sheet Manson posted as evidence that they did not harm Saban.  There’s just so much going on with it!  First off, it may be on a Temecula Creek letter head, but I know of no vet or tech that would write `furry’ as a coat condition.  They may write `coarse’ or more probably they would write `hypertrichosis’ which is the actual term, but for sure a professional wouldn’t write `furry’ unless they were a 13-year-old girl or a pretentious wannabe. Furriness aside, what is important about this sheet are the horses on it.  Roe and Saban.  They did not come into HiCaliber at the same time.  They didn’t even come from the same place.  Saban was bought at auction on January 10th and Roe, came along the following weekend as an owner relinquishment.  If you look above at all the village idiots and Manson insisting that all horses see a vet within 24 hours, wouldn’t it be impossible for Roe and Saban to be on the same intake sheet considering Saban came in from auction with 5 other horses.  How did Roe manage to get ahead of him on the intake sheet and why are there no dates on those sheets.  There is at least one lie being told, but it’s up to you to decide what that is.  Do all horses get to see a vet within 24 hours?  Did a vet do this intake?  Was Saban wounded prior to purchase?  I’m guessing the answer to all these questions are fluid.  What we do know is that after this little clusterfuck, HiCaliber scrubbed any posts mentioning the donation amounts that had to do with Saban.  So transparent!

Here’s some pictures taken around the feed lot this week.  It seems the glam team needs to step up their game when horses are starting to grow fungus and poor RJ is not thriving since his return from foster.  Aussie’s surgical site appears to have not seen any care and the bandage is only going to cut off her ciruclation and potentially damage her tail the way it has scrunched down.  The overcrowding and general disrepair continues, but at least Manson’s horse has water  even if all the others do not.

As we get closer to the big Fireball Friday extravaganza, which I hear tickets are hard to even give away for, Angrid and company continue to jump at shadows and look at each other with squinty eyes.  I have a suggestion for them that I’ve made before; take care of those animals, practice true transparency and start posting invoices and I’ll go away.  Seriously.  I’m tired.  Straighten up and fly right and you don’t have to worry about your private bat cave or who finds out you’re going to go make drunken asses of yourselves at Fiesta Island again.  If horses weren’t being neglected and left to suffer in feed lot conditions, I wouldn’t really care what you get up to.  It really is that simple.  I don’t want to see any more crap like we saw with Mirage last week.  Speaking of which…



Still having issues with low water/no water


Seriously, WTF is up with orange shirt guy?

Where to even start with this mess?  This poor horse.  Ever since the day she arrived at HiCaliber a few weeks ago, it’s been disturbing.  From Manson’s obsession with her vagina including the endless photo sessions with it and finally to her horrific ending.  I don’t even think that’s an exaggeration either.  Even though Manson was apparently off lunching with her feeders when the colic was first noticed, it wouldn’t have changed much. The mare had been brought home from the clinic immediately after a fairly major surgery not even a week prior and didn’t appear to receive the proper care.  From the screen shots above, feed and water continued to be an issue and we even had a village idiot helpfully come over to the comment section here and inform us she had been having problems passing her poop.  The horse, not the villager, although going by her behavior she’s probably a big bunged up too.  I’m not sure if it is because they truly don’t know anything about colic and how to assess or that nobody noticed until things were too late, but once again another HiCaliber horse suffered needlessly.  From what I’ve seen from other colics they have filmed, they don’t know.  Apparently that stethoscope that Manson likes to drape around her neck for live feeds is merely decoration and she doesn’t know how to listen to their gut, check gums, or tap a belly.  Any single one of those things would have probably told her that horse needed to be released right then and there.  For once she could have even been justified in shooting one if the vet couldn’t get there soon enough.  Instead, they load an unstable horse in the trailer while she’s thrashing around and, of course, she goes down and hurts herself worse.  I gathered from Bang Bang Becky’s live feed, the horse was found in distress, they medicated and turned her in the arena for some reason and then things got worse.  From what I know of colic,  I’m guessing they hit the mare with banamine and masked her pain enough for the horse to be in real and serious trouble by the time it started wear off.  None of this was likely going to change the ultimate outcome, but it certainly prolonged the agony and suffering.  I’m not really surprised given that we saw them put Boyer and Clint through basically the same thing by trying to play vet themselves.  Part of being a good horseman is knowing when you’re in over your head and when to get a vet out.  What is with these people not getting the vet out on an emergency when they need one?  I’m talking the real 100% vet and not Manson and Google.  Anyhow, the mare apparently died `on her own’ shortly after they got to the clinic which is really horrible when you think how long she suffered and how bad it was for her to just lay down and die.  Despite raising $4500 for two surgeries to fix her fistula, when she only had one, the begging for money started before the horse had passed. Manson sat in her car and cried for the camera telling us all that she was too upset to go in and be with the horse.  The actual reason was she probably didn’t want to case conference with her colleagues when she didn’t have her scrubs on.   I’m not entirely sure what the money was needed for considering the mare passed on her own before she had much more than a catheter ran, meaning there should have been in excess of $2000 in her personal surgery fund that people had already donated to.  That wasn’t even the worst part of the day.  For some reason, the Manson family and friends decided to gather for a photo shoot with Mirage’s dead body.  This poor mare was robbed of her dignity even in death.   Her name was Causingacheckmate, she was eleven years old and she deserved much more dignity in life and in death.  #sayherrealname

I get a lot of questions about the Appy mares and Breezy in my inbox.  I’m sorry to say that Charity met her end at HiCaliber.  I’m not sure if Manson did the honors, but while they were crying and posing for pictures with Causingacheckmate aka Mirage, they allowed Charity to pass without so much as a mention.  Even if it was warranted and the previous owners agreed, she deserved to be mentioned.  Breezy and Lupe remain at HiCaliber, with reports of Breezy finally doing better.  The other two mares, Pat and Tillie are apparently off to one last good home, so there is at least that good news.  I find Manson’s response to the inquiries about the horses to be laughable considering she’s the one that brought the fire down on their former home with her lies and continues to do that to the Peruvian mares’ former owners as her village idiots regularly attack them.  Don’t forget that both these families are grieving the loss of loved ones that were connected to all these horses.  I guess grief only counts if it is used to raise money for Manson and friends. RIP Charity #sayhername

Josie also took the tarp nap recently.  No tears or mourning for her either.  The poor mare was basically ghost on that feed lot anyhow.  Purchased in May, not much beyond intake was ever mentioned about her.  Manson has  recently become more secretive about her `gone to heaven’ horses and their deets so I can’t really say what Josie’s transgression was that caused Manson to erase her, but she’s gone according to my sources.  They bought her the very end of May at auction, she was given a clean bill of health and then kicked out in one of the larger herds.  That’s pretty much the last we heard of Josie.  RIP Josie #sayhername

I saw the above screen shot on a FB page the other day.  For me, this is pretty much what my issue with the HiCaliber situation is.  Yes, the grifting and money sleight of hand is beyond the pale,  but I’m most concerned with the horses.  Those five freedoms that they all deserve are not being met at a place that purports to be a rescue.  The HiCaliber horses are not always free from hunger and thirst.  That’s been proven over and over recently.   Freedom from discomfort including a shelter and resting area is hard to come by for most horses at HiCaliber and then you have the screen shot of Manson pointing out that shelter is not required.  Way to do the bare minimum!  Freedom from pain, injury and disease by providing rapid diagnosis and treatment.  Again, not happening at HiCaliber unless you count the 30% vet experimenting on these poor souls.  Freedom to express normal behavior?  Nope, not even a little bit.  Besides being cooped up in stalls or tiny pens, if a horse so much as looks at Manson the wrong way, they get branded as `behavioral’ and marked for death.  Look at how Saban has turned around now that he has room to move and just be a normal horse.  Freedom from fear and distress.  That’s not consistently happening at HiCaliber either.  The fact most of their horses aren’t regularly handled and need sedation to have anything done with them pretty much says it all.  Rescue should be about more than just keeping them alive with the bare minimum legal standard.  It should be giving them a life worth living and keeping them with these 5 freedoms in mind until a forever home can be found to provide them.


I want to close off today with a few things that need to be mentioned.  My function as far as this blog goes is to pass on information.  That’s it.  I understand I often serve it with a healthy dose of snark and I go `there’, when most people wouldn’t.  I make no claims to any sort of moral high ground in most cases.  Yes, I make fun of Manson, Romney Faye and the more prominent members of the Manson family.  Absolutely!  If they put it out there, I’m going to comment, but where I will draw a line is calling somebody `It’.  I am nobody’s moral compass or keeper, but I do ask that if you’re going to say things like that, please don’t do it and wave your shedrow flag and for sure don’t do it and come over here to spread that sort of hate.  There are many of us that want to see an end to the hoarding, neglect and suffering at HiCaliber, but that’s where our commonalities end in many cases.  The amount of chest pounding and me, me, me I’ve seen in the past few days alone is gobsmacking.  Keep it in your pants, people!  We only have to join forces long enough to accomplish this one goal and then we can all separate ways and I can go back to having free time and not having nightmares about horses suffering and starving to death.  As for me, I’m going to take a few days to regroup and sort out the monster that is my inbox.  Until next time…

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Here we are back with another auction recap and fuckery round-up.  I’m not happy.  I feel like my emotions have been toyed with.  Manson said that Romney Faye Baker was on a leave.  I was happy.  Giddy almost.  I was sure we were going to be spared the dramatic, one sentence posts.  Just. This. Once.  The huffing and puffing.  The slurping of beverages and leaking mascara.  I thought we wouldn’t have to listen to her call every animal with a vagina `mamas’ and maybe we wouldn’t have to be aurally assaulted with her shrieking at these horses and expecting them to know their names already.  Not only did Manson lie *shocker* but Romney Faye amped up the stupid like we haven’t seen in a long time and the lies…oh my lanta, the lies.  Just wow.  I guess that’s as good of a place as anywhere else to kick things off…

Romney Faye Baker set the tone of the day by lying about shit that doesn’t matter.  Nobody really cares if she was in Havasu last week, last year or this morning.  Why mention it?  Her errant fiancée has been posting about moving out all week, presumably due to getting busted for extra curricular dinky dunking and that doesn’t matter either if not for the fact that she’s lying about it.  I know it’s difficult for these HiCaliberated types  to grasp, but just keep your personal life and your business life separate and spare us the details. Build some cred by telling one less lie.  The second you hang your laundry out in public, people are going to comment good, bad, or indifferent and I’m people so connect the dots.

I guess since the boogie man mysterious kill buyer from Texas never actually materialized last week, they needed to find a new angle to scare some money out of the village idiots.  Slaughter is always an awesome fall back and it especially works on village idiots who only know what Manson and Romney Faye tell them about slaughter which is mostly not true.  I suppose as an advocate, that makes me ignorant because I point out that shipping to slaughter in California is still illegal.  Using Romney Faye’s example of drunk driving and that the laws don’t stop people from doing it, I’d ask her if she would allow somebody to get drunk at her house and then get behind the wheel?  Because that’s exactly what they’re doing with Misner every week.  They know he ships, even though they lie to the village about that and they figure since you can’t stop them all, they may as well get in bed and play footsie with him and his useless tool of a son.  Which brings us to maybe the whopper of the day.  This statement:
“We have a great relationship with Voldy and have successfully purchased every horse he would have otherwise shipped this last year. “

Good thing I was smart enough to put my helmet on BEFORE I started in with their BS today.  I’d have had a brain bleed from banging my head against the desk at that one.  Misner hasn’t slowed down his shipping one iota; he’s just found an additional income stream thanks to HiCaliber and the village idiots.  The correct statement should have been: “We have purchased every horse he wouldn’t have been able to ship this past year’, which may be true and which they did today.  We’ll get to that in a bit.  The next statement made me realize that self-awareness was not going to be part of the auction team today.
“…we are doing all we can to save horses from the torturous ride through the Arizona desert and down through Texas and into Mexico where they are destined to meet an end even more cruel than the haul there.”

I’m guessing this is somehow a worse fate than being one of six horses stuffed in a 4 horse stock trailer being hauled in record heat from Louisiana to California without a break only to stand in a shit filled pen starving to death and awaiting a bullet in their face?  Ok then….

Romney Faye Baker zeroed in on this pair of Arabian yearlings right away today.  They had fresh scuffs on their face which meant she could get busy spinning up a story of them being `beat to hell’ and speculating on all they’d been through.  They were clearly young and unhandled, but that doesn’t resonate when you’re trying to shake down the village idiots for some fun money, so unhandled became feral and when they weren’t acting wild enough, Romney Faye hoisted herself up on the rails to stand above them and freak them out for the camera.  All the better if they could trounce on each other and get some more scrapes for sympathy.  To be fair, Romney knows about as much about horses as I do quantum physics, so the fact that horses are flight animals and that many predators drop from above on a horse meaning they don’t particularly like it when a strange and loud person stands over top of them, might not be something she’s aware of.  I doubt she would even care if she did know.  `Terrified’, `Scared to death’, Beat to hell’, all sound more dramatic, than `I don’t know bugger all about horses and just make up whatever sounds good at the time’.


The funds weren’t rolling in today.  I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’m constantly confused how they start at zero each week and only raise exactly enough, to the penny on any given week.  We’re never given a running total of donations, but again, everything is a nice round number and there is never a few dollars carry over for the next week.  It’s kind of amazing when you think about it.  What are the odds?  Anyhow, as you can see in the screen shots above, Romney Faye had to turn up the heat today.  Because they have recently decided that the $650 over purchase price no longer includes gelding, teeth or really anything, they now tack on extras so the Arabs got threatened with the meat hook.  Then Romney decided to play expert and diagnose an old running QH as an OTTB that was lame on his right front.  Turns out he was actually stifled on his back right, but it didn’t matter anyhow.  That lucky guy managed to escape the clutches of HiCaliber hell and went to a private buyer.  I like his chances better somehow.

Ok, it’s been a long day and I’m confused.  The above post seems to be the handiwork of Romney Faye.  She of the one word sentences and dramatic pauses.  She also references being at auction and Robyn `working’ with the Arabians.  Robyn has never struck me as knowing much about horses so not sure what `working’ entails considering it’s highly doubtful she was able to get near enough one of them to hop up with some of her happy stash she usually carries around at auction.  I also wonder when Romney Faye was able to find a lap top to sit down and bang out the post.  Maybe she has some pre-loaded or something and just fills in the blanks.  Since the money situation didn’t go so well today they had to start threatening to kill horses again.  It always works.  Even though the two colts were only $25 each from Misner, by the time they had their little freedom walk, the gray’s price was listed as $100 even though Romney Faye said he was the more `volatile’ of the two.   That isn’t enough to keep the HiCal gals in eyelashes and mascara, so they had to get creative and threaten to kill them unless they got $1500 on top of everything else.  They offered the gray colt (No, Romney Faye he is not `roany’) to another rescue but they should really qualify that to say only rescues they like, which are fewer every day.  A very reputable did rescue did step up and offer to take the gray only to be rejected.  This is a $25 horse we’re talking about, but they’d rather soak the village for training and `responsible rescue’ fees than let one of Manson’s sworn enemies show them up.  Both colts ended up going to the same place where HiCaliber Gemma died a few weeks ago.

Somehow, they managed to scrape together funds for a different bay Arabian that is at least halter broke and they also had to keep Misner happy and give him money to clean up his mess yet again by paying him to take a horse he couldn’t ship to slaughter.  This is only for them bring the poor horse home to shoot it him the face.  That horse was $350 and was the most expensive buy of the day.  He likely wouldn’t have drawn a bid had Misner taken him through the ring.  They say he’s probably a compassion pull, which normally means for sure he is and, for some reason, they named him after Ingrid’s dead dog.  Apparently every grieving pet owner is comforted when you name an animal after their beloved pet and then take it home and shoot in the face.  Going by an earlier post it would seem fundraising in the name of Ingrid’s dead dog is the new grief play and I’m expecting Manson to set up her own gofundme so she can not only make this all about her, but cash in on it too.

I’m not really sure how one of the Arab colts ended up costing $100, especially since it was the gray which is the one Romney Faye was ok with killing.  Where they are headed and how it all shook down is somewhat unclear as she originally said they had the money for the bay, including training, gelding and responsible rescue fees.  Romney Faye never really told us who offered what for the gray but the end result was both heading off to where Gemma met her fate a few weeks ago.  What got confusing is that Romney Faye made some mention that they fees they had collected for the colts with their castrations included, were going to be donated back to HiCaliber so they didn’t have to send funds with them (weren’t they both going to die if training funds weren’t raised?).  The funds, however, wouldn’t be staying in the auction fund for next week but going to general fund aka Manson’s weekly allowance.   I wish they’d have done a live feed of the unloading because they stuffed both Arabs in a single stall in the trailer, loose with empty hay nets hanging down so there is potential for a real rodeo when they get where they’re going.  They are also in the back stall so as soon as the trailer door is opened, they are going to leave there like they were shot out of a cannon. What is it with HiCaliber and overstuffing trailers?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch we were treated to a HiCaliber test ride complete with Manson herself narrating and sharing some of her training philosophies.  I believe the horse was Katrina and she had clearly either already been ridden or had the pants lunged off her as she was already dripping sweat before they even began.  She tolerated her ill-fitting saddle and rope halter better than most as the crash test dummy test rider did the one leg hop around the arena, clearly having no clue how to make a horse stand for mounting.  I don’t know why these people insist on ground mounts and dangling off their withers, especially when there was a mounting block right there, but perhaps that has more to do with the not standing than the fact the horses were from auction as Manson suggested.  As we watched this rider overpost and ride around in the shit filled pen, Manson the wonder trainer told us about voluntary compliance and organic something or other because bits are over used and `grossly unnecessary’.   She told us that too many people put the burden on the horse via the bit when they should be bringing up their own skill level.  Yes, Manson of the starfish school of equitation actually said that.  Manson with the alternating piano hands and puppy paws actually went there.  I wouldn’t be so dumbfounded if she knew how to actually ride bitless.  Bad hands are bad hands no matter what you hang on a horse’s head.  I have no issue with bitless if people know WTF they are doing.  Many of my saddle horses were transitioned from snaffle to curb via bosal.  I like bosals.  Side pulls and legit bitless rigs have their place too.  There is likely a reason you don’t really see anybody else riding around in an ill fitting, improperly tied rope halter.  I don’t really even have the words for how fucking stupid the whole spiel was.   Wow.


Since Manson is lecturing us all on the finer points of equitation, let’s take a look at the horse husbandry that is being practiced at HiCaliber.  The skeleton in the fly sheet was Savannah, one of the Louisiana horses.  This was taken shortly before she got sent to foster not so long ago.  She was in just as much trouble as Sully, Firetyme, Saban etc before she went, but at least now she has a chance.  Then we see a horse with an infected and sore on his jaw.  Yup, they are still leaving fly masks on too long and wearing holes in heads  and waiting for them to get infected before doing anything.  Looks like the shit is piling up at an alarming rate and some of these horses haven’t seen a brush or mane comb maybe ever.  Remember when Manson called out Laura Bell for the wind knots in her horses’ manes a few years ago?  Good times…

I’m going to close out the day with Firetyme yet again.  Until Manson shows that horse on a live feed or with something that proves the date, I’ll just keep asking.  I hope he really has gained weight by now, but I’m pretty sure that Manson used old pics of him as current ones.  The screen shot from the volunteer was hastily removed, but thankfully sent to me by several people (thank you!).  That appears to be one person associated with HiCaliber that told the truth, although I’m sure she’ll be excommunicated for that outburst now.  As for the auction stuff, it’s just more of the same.  People giving up their last $50 when Manson won’t even give up the $5 coffees she buys with donated money.  She was sporting a new manicure today too.  Four more horses were absorbed into the HiCaliber feed lot which we may never hear from again.  When was the last time they did intake videos?  So many of these horses never seen or heard from again after auction and they just keep bringing in more and more because Manson has to have her inventory.  The beat goes on…


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I was hoping for the weekend off from this blog, but apparently there is no rest for the wicked and even less for those of us that feel compelled to call the wicked out on their crap.  Before we get started, I just want to thank most of the people who have provided such excellent discussion in the comment section.  We are starting to get the odd village idiot find their way over here and they are welcome too as long as they are polite.  A few have not been and, as a result, they are in time out. That’s not because I can’t take criticism, but rather they seem to have nothing to say and their intent is to just spam the comment section and deflect from the fuckery that we highlight here.  Still, I take the trolling and complaining as a good sign.  It means we’re getting to them.  It means that they’ve got something to be concerned about.   It means the sooner they knock off their crap, the sooner I can go back on hiatus because I’m going to need a break before I tackle the next `issue’ that I have planned.  I wonder who I’ll be accused of being when that happens…


Nothing says `rescue’ like representin’ for your kill buyer buddy.

So, 14 more horses trickled in from Louisiana on Saturday night.  Even though she’d spent the earlier part of the day riding in a parade, Charles Manson Michelle did not deem this arrival as important enough to waltz her ass across the drive way to help unload.  Instead, we were left with Romney and some other board members grating on our nerves on the live feeds.  Sadly, Romney did most of the talking for the initial part of the live feed and we were treated to her loud yapping about how these horses were `saved from slaughter’ while she wore a hat from the Thompson Feed Lot.  One of the more idiotic statements made by a red shirt was that these horses were all going to slaughter because they were `ribby’.  Go ahead and just think about that statement for a minute. I’ll wait… HiCaliber likes to say that Thompsons are kill buyers so you gotta wonder how wearing their gear is in any way appropriate.  The rest of us know that Thompsons are just bottom feeding horse abusers, but it’s still wildly inappropriate and just straight up ignorant for the CEO of a rescue to be wearing Thompson swag without any sense of irony whatsoever.  The only good thing about any of this is that after the complete shit show the first few loads out of Louisiana were and word of Bubba Misner being sent to get a load for them was leaked out by him,  they hired KC Transport to go get this next batch so the horses won that small victory, or at least this batch did.  The unloading went much like the first shit show with exhausted horses standing around for literally hours on end while the HiCaliber `medical team’, minus the 30% vet, went about their poking, prodding and doing their level best to make sure at least one of these animals gets sicker than it already is.

Yup, they saved Dawson’s buddy as mentioned above and promptly named her `Tara’ after everybody’s favorite feedlot shitpickle.  Who is Dawson?  Dawson is the cremello mare that Charles Michelle just had to have.  Somehow she ended up on the big truck as a HiCaliber horse and not a PB, aka private buyer horse, as four others were, so you can probably guess who is picking up the tab on the shipping, vetting etc.  We already know somebody paid $1000 for her.  Tara is a big recip mare that was in the same pen as her, who HiCaliber decided to anthropomorphize and say was `BFFs’ with Dawson.  That’s an angle that HiCaliber likes to use on the village idiots because most of them don’t realize that horses are herd animals and they will usually attach themselves to other horses in stressful situations.  Any other horse.  If they hadn’t bought Tara, Dawson would have become BFFs with whoever shipped in the stall beside her and Tara would have found another object of her affection.  What actually turned out to be the case was that Becky wanted her so congrats village idiots, you just bought the horse hoarders yet another horse for way too much money. Who pays $900 for what appears to be an unbroken recip mare?   I think the happy couple has more than 10 or 12 horses between them currently living at the ranch on the donor dollar after all this.  It’s hard to keep track with all the comings and goings and $1 purchases.  I’m sure glad that volunteers are giving up their time and efforts to take care of Michelle and Becky’s personal horses while they cook up testicles and drive around the neighborhood delivering Fireball to unsuspecting people.

I need to backtrack a little to the loading shenanigans.  Satan Tara and the felon were nowhere to be found.  Apparently, convicted felon Jacob got permission from his parole officer to take a little vacay and the deadly duo took off to gamble away some of their HiCaliber windfall and have disgusting celebratory relations while rolling around in pork rinds and sticking Thrive patches on their unmentionables.  This left Cheech Dana to organize the load out and decide which horses went where.  Not only did she have to constantly ask the haulers which horse was which (even though they had never seen these horses before) she thought she had sent 13 on the trailer when there were 14 and nobody picked up on that error until after they were unloaded in California.  Kinda makes you wonder about the paperwork on them all, but so did the last minute purchase of Tara and the off camera mutterings about her not being vetted yet. That also explains why horses had to be loaded and unloaded, rearranged and left behind all the while Romney or whichever HiCal red shirt is the cap lock abuser chimed in with their vast knowledge.  The screen shot above is a prime example.  Yes, do stuff a few minis in the aisles of a commercial transport because you didn’t learn a thing when you damn near killed the last load of overstuffed horses you decided to haul straight through in the heat.  Awesome.  Thankfully, KC Transport refused and the minis were left to either get on Cheech Dana’s trailer or another.  Who knows?  They are being super vague about Dana’s movements other than she’s got at least 5 randoms in her 4 horse trailer and still has no DOT#.  They mentioned several times that Dana would be laying these mystery horses over in El Paso, Texas for 12 hours on the way home.  This is an important piece of the puzzle because El Paso is home to Joe Rios.  Joe Rios is a kill buyer that David Misner aka Voldy regularly sells to and he has an auction house/feed lot in El Paso.  Seems to me that would likely be the one place that would allow a bunch of sick horses to unload and hang out for a day or so.  (Animal Angels Report on Misner, Chavez and Rios ).  Since they are not showing Dana loading out or even saying who she has onboard, any amount of swapping and fuckery could go on in El Paso and nobody will be the wiser.  Nothing will really surprise me at this point as very little of what HiCaliber does resembles anything remotely close to rescue lately.

So, with Cheech Dana on the way home, this should be the close of the Louisiana chapter.  Sadly, that’s not likely.  Beside the mutual admiration and the morphing into one another that seems to be going on with Double S Kill Pen and HiCaliber, there is the little matter of those TBs that they left behind from the original load.  If you recall, Satan Tara fast talked Romney out of the ones that were in good weight and she felt she could make some money on.   Romney agreed to allow Tara to rip her off by practically bending over and spreading her ass cheeks while committing to the horses left behind should they not find buyers on the Double S page.  They are all  listed with a `HC’ after their number which means HiCaliber is on the hook for those too.  The story from Satan Tara has changed quite a bit, but the video above pretty clearly outlines the initial agreement with HiCaliber.  I guess this means we can all expect a desperate fundraising drive with a shipping date, tears and emotional manipulation within the next week or so.  Good times!  My closest estimation is that should they go after these remaining horses, it will put the swindle into the 100k ballpark and still not a single invoice, receipt or even donation tally has been posted beyond the initial 2k down payment to convicted felon, Jacob.  That’s not even counting the kickbacks they are getting for referring private buyers or accounting for that.  There were 4 PB horses on the KC Truck not counting Michelle and Becky’s because they won’t be privately theirs until their vet work and feet are done and they find out if they are broke or not.



The latest load from Louisiana ended up all jammed together in the Price arena after being subjected to the triage situation. Well, at least the ones that are still at HiCaliber.  Because they have a magical SAA machine, apparently they don’t need to quarantine horses like normal barns so HiCaliber Grace, in the pic above, got whisked away to her new home the very next day and, by the comments and looks of things, gets to spend her quarantine standing on bare concrete.  I can’t even make this stuff up.  Yet another mare from the first load has already been sent off or is on her way to foster and who knows what others are coming and going.  HiCaliber Sully, seems to be still trying to die up in the barn along side other non quarantined horses that are being experimented on .   The original three or four mares `so pregnant they were about to pop’ turned into only one mare that was pregnant and she’s the one they already pawned on a foster home.  It’s anybody’s guess where they are going to stash the rest that are coming.  I have a feeling that the body removal guy might be extra busy this week as more room is needed.

I think that should bring us up to date on the Louisiana deal.  Not surprisingly the numbers aren’t adding up and Satan Tara and HiCaliber don’t quite have their stories straight.  It looks like there are two other horses floating around with HiCaliber’s name on them unless the extra two are the minis that they somehow convinced Baker Ranch they needed to buy because Tara was so `matter of fact’ when she lied about minis shipping to slaughter.  It’s really disappointing to see a place like Baker Ranch get sucked in like this.  Meanwhile the rest of us are still waiting to see these `several’ burned out tattoos, when so far there have been none.  There was one or two horses that had what appeared to be foxtail ulcers, not burns, which is a good thing for the horses but not such a great thing for HiCaliber who cried `wolf’ in spectacular fashion to kick off this fundraising drive.  I guess it’s not surprising considering that out of the 20 OTTBs that they originally got all the attention over, most turned out to be not OTTBs at all.  While their egos will never allow them to admit it, I’m thinking this latest stunt has backfired in more ways than people realize.  Too much attention isn’t a good thing when you only pay lip service to transparency, rather than actually practice it.  It really isn’t a good thing when you have pissed off so many people that know where the bones are buried so to speak.  Speaking of bones, there are a lot rattling in the closet and are getting really close to spilling out.  Until next time….

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Well, here we go again…  I had hoped that things in California would have simmered down over the weekend or, at the very least, they had maxed out on bad decisions and maybe run out of bullets, but no joy.  Sadly, Charles Manson Michelle has actually topped her own past record of assholery and poor choices and once again, horses are paying a heavy price.  As a result, I feel compelled to at least recap the fuckery that passes for horsemanship at HiCaliber.  You may want to grab something a bit stronger than a coffee to wade through this mess.


We last left off with HiCaliber resident Dana, who puts the `high’ in HiCaliber,  headed to Louisiana, with her 4 horse stock trailer, to pick up some of the remaining horses from Satan Tara.  The village idiots were promised a `freedom walk’ and live feed of the load out and that’s where the latest round of lies began.  Unsurprisingly to everybody BUT the village idiots, the load out was not shown, not even on a hastily deleted live feed.  The official reason was that there was nobody there to help Dana and her accomplice 2nd driver, but once again, they forgot to get everybody on board with the official line of bullshit, so Satan Tara basically discredited the whole thing with one post.  I don’t think anybody really believed that Satan Tara, would allow them to wander around and load horses on their own anyhow.  There was no more video of the lot probably because the hay that had been set out for the Romney videos was no longer in situ.


So yeah, the lies started early on in this adventure and so did the fuckery because you’ll notice the mention of the animals already foaming at the seams with sweat after loading mentioned in the video posted above.  That’s kind of important because for reasons I can’t fathom, they decided to cram six horses into a four horse bumper pull.  I probably shouldn’t be all that surprised because it’s not the first time they’ve pulled that stunt.  I believe the claimed that weak horses need support when they did it with nearly disastrous results last year for the infamous `slaughter 11′.  One of the loose horses in this latest load was a stud colt and they couldn’t even get a halter on him prior to loading.  We probably don’t want to know the chaos that ensued getting him loaded in after all the others in that heat and humidity.   I think he’s the same one that Romney informed us all was `chill’ because he was in a pen with a bunch of mares and not acting studish. It probably hasn’t dawned on any of the HiCaliber brain trust that was likely because he had already settled them.  At any rate he was crammed in the trailer too tight to do much more damage and Dana informed us that the Palomino mare was `super dehydrated’ BEFORE they stuffed her in the trailer.  That’s ok though, because the 30% Vet, Michelle informed us on another live feed that they give the horses Gatorade or whatever is cheap and on sale as electrolytes.  I know some people think that’s a thing but Gatorade really doesn’t have enough electrolytes in it for a horse.  Show horse people only use it to flavor the water so horses will drink away from home and since it’s highly doubtful that Tara even fed them after Romney left, I’m willing to bet she wasn’t flavoring their water with Gatorade so that they’d drink on the way home.

I’m not really sure who all to blame this hellish trip that these poor animals were subjected to.  We already know that Dana isn’t really a professional hauler and it has been said before that she learned nearly everything she knows from Michelle.  She doesn’t even have a DOT# and is technically an illegal hauler.  I’m only guessing here, but I’m pretty certain she took all her marching orders on this trip from the alpha mare back home.  Regardless, somebody made the absolutely moronic choice to not lay these animals over and, instead,  keep them on a trailer for at least 50hrs.  We don’t have an exact time stamp because there was no loading video and there was, as expected, no unloading video.  We just know that the horses left the Thompson lot at some point before the sun went down in Louisiana on Friday, May 19th and didn’t get to HiCaliber until just before dark on Sunday, May 21st.  The reasons given were that they were stopping every hour for water along the way.  Personally, I’d have run at night with them and kept moving to get some air circulating rather than overstuffing them in a tin can and letting them bake in the sun, but that’s just me.  What is not in dispute is that those six horses suffered a ride every bit, if not more, miserable as any horse being shipped to slaughter endures courtesy of HiCaliber.  Don’t believe me?  It just so happens a concerned party encountered them along the way.

I know, I know, the village idiots will say that this is all a set up with the temperature reading etc.  Still pictures and all.  Way ahead of them though… Enjoy!

That’s about all we know about the trip home because there were only the two live updates and then the candid ones.  The next time we see the six victims is back at the ranch where they all appear drugged to their knees and Michelle is playing doctor with them again.  I guess calling in a real vet to assess and treat them would eat into her personal slush fund too much so she got to hang IVs on two horses that were threatening to drop even though her magical SAA machine assured her that their blood was `beautiful’.  I guess we shouldn’t be worried that they were parked in the middle of the barn aisle with other ranch horses because Michelle was wearing surgical gloves so that meant that all biosecurity issues were taken care of.  Apparently the wearing of the gloves also meant the horses standing right close by in the arena were safe from all the airborne bugs flying around from the new arrivals too and the dogs wandering all over wouldn’t ever spread disease either. We had to sit through basically all the same drawn out crap the last group of horses were subjected to.  Hitting them with enough Rompun that they couldn’t keep their heads up, blamming with dewormer and a bunch of other procedures that could wait until they were rested and stable both satisfied Michelle’s equine version of Munchausen by proxy and ensured she wouldn’t have to bother with them again until the next load comes in unless one needs to be shot in the head.  Inside information says that Michelle is adverse to lowering herself to actually doing chores regardless of how shorthanded the feed team gets, but I digress.

I really have learned some interesting things over the course of the past week or so.  For instance, thanks to Michelle, I now know that you can tell if a mare has ever had a foal just by looking at her titties!  I also never knew, until more than one HiCaliber gunsel proclaimed, that every horse with a bridle path is broke and has recently been ridden.  This came as a huge shock to my  own hay burners who always have their bridle paths trimmed and mane pulled because I prefer that they don’t wander around looking like they just got drug in off the range.  From the time they are halter broke until the time they leave this earth they are groomed and a bridle path is no indication of their training level or if the fat buggers are currently being ridden.  It didn’t dawn on any of the village idiots  that many of these horses likely weren’t emaciated until they got to stand around the Thompson shit pile for weeks with nothing to eat.   Of course it didn’t considering that Thompsons carefully staged any pens that would be shown on video strictly for the  HiCaliber cameras.  I guess all the advocates that have been tracking and gathering evidence for years, are just imagining things too.  With each new day the unholy alliance of Satan Tara and Charles Manson Michelle deepens and even more horses are at risk under the guise of saving them.

one feedlot

Other pearls of wisdom I picked up during the live feeds was that one does not have to worry about strangles or EHV-1, but it’s worth risking an animal’s life to make sure that no parasites are on the property.  (The recent outbreak of EHV-1 in Louisiana was traced to Thompson’s feed lot btw.)  Also don’t you know that Michelle has a VERY close relationship with the vets she uses and she’s even allowed to call them after hours and text them, which is why we don’t see much of them lately on live feeds.   Until today, I wasn’t even aware that having contact details for your vet was out of the ordinary, so thanks to Michelle I now realize how close me and my vet really are and I’ll be eagerly awaiting my invitation to Sunday dinners from now on.  I also learned that horses in Louisiana must have different teeth because they are all worn down apparently and that Banamine makes horses sleepy.  That last one was shared by a villager who must think Banamine is the horsey version of Diluadid or something.  These live feeds are really so educational AND entertaining.



All this having to do stuff seems to be really wearing on Michelle and it is becoming customary to get live rants after intakes.  While not as glorious as the meltdown of a few days ago, it was still fairly interesting to hear Charles Michelle rant about how unfair it is that people are disgusted with what has been going down lately (I’m paraphrasing here) and then listen to her lay the groundwork into morphing into doing what Satan Tara does instead as long as she could keep her non-profit status. When she wasn’t dropping f-bombs and trying to project everything onto her volunteers, she took the time to praise Tara  and then tells us that she is becoming `anti-rescue’ because the kill buyers are nicer and more respectful than other rescues. Hmmm, why do you think that is, Michelle?  She claims to be embarassed to be called a rescue and doesn’t want to be called that anymore.  Personally, I think I can get on board with not calling her a rescue.  To be honest, one rant tends to bleed into another and I kinda fell asleep with this last one, but she feels that somebody has infiltrated her volunteers, but that doesn’t matter because she has nothing to hide apparently.  Hmmm….


One of the things that was said during the rant was that Michelle hopes that with as much money as they bring in every month she hopes that somebody is making sure that it is being spent right and wisely.  Ok then…let’s talk about lying some more.  Let’s talk about an earlier rant that touched on how much everything cost including the meds these horses needed and that Michelle begged for money saying that a 250ml bottle of gentamicin costs $250.  That’s the problem here.  The lies have gotten so big they are laughable and tiresome.  How are people suppose to keep overlooking this crap?

Speaking of Floyd, let’s get back to these poor animals from Louisiana.  Floyd is the one with the wrecked leg that they made ship across the country to probably end up with a bullet between the eyes all because Tara told Romney that he just needed a minor little check ligament surgery for a few hundred dollars and then he’d be good as new.  Romney, who is still learning what the different colors of horses are, just ate it right up and put this poor horse through what amounts to torture.  I don’t think you have to be too smart to realize that he was in pain and continues to be.  Then you have Hazel, another one of the first load who is emaciated.  That didn’t stop Tara from getting her ridden for the sale videos and now the poor thing is being subjected to whatever the hell this bandage job is that appears that somebody is actually trying to give her a bandage bow or worse.  The scary part is, is that the 30% vet thinks she knows so much she’s the one training her `medical team’ to do this sort of shit to horses.  It is borderline cruelty.

While we’re on the subject of the horses, and really that’s why we’re all here hopefully, let’s get back to quarantine discussion.  We already know that the horses that shipped together were all put in a pen together.  Michelle is strying to ship out a pregnant mare to spread her germs elsewhere already and the truth is, there really isn’t a proper quarantine area at HiCaliber anyhow.  At the beginning of her most recent ranty video, she tells a volunteer to put the  newly arrived stud in pen #20 and the rest in 39.   Here is a map of the pen layout at HiCaliber and pen #20 is on stud row right in with a bunch of other horses that are not in quarantine.  They are so over stuffed horses are living in round pens at the moment.

Also, because there are still something like 16 horses coming, the body count is rising with Breen, Phelps, Stanley and a couple of others getting the bullet in the head in last week or so.  HiCaliber have often stated they don’t announce all the deaths.  How is that transparent???  They also fudge some of the adoption announcements because Rhys, was adopted by a HiCaliber resident and remains on the property living in pen #17 getting fed the good stuff on the donor dollar.

The other day Michelle mentioned that a horse called Saban had gotten aggressive and started biting and that poor bastard got The Fice.  Andrew Fice was a trainer they sent their `fuckheads’ to until people started freaking out about his methods.  He has zero riding skill to the point that he was excused from the Norco Colt Breaking Challenge for being too rough on his horse.  Even so, Michelle had zero fucks to give what people thought about the Fice until he decided to make fun of autistic children and it was revealed he had done prison time for beating the shit out of his ex girlfriend.  Then, in the interest of public relations, HiCaliber appeared to withdraw their support of him and brought one of the horses home.  Novalee.  The gelding Rojas seems to be missing in action as he doesn’t appear to be at Fice’s and they never mention him although he is on their adoption list.  Hopefully, he’s alive somewhere and has found a softer landing.  My main question is why hide that Fice bought these horses for $2 for the pair if he’s so super awesome and you don’t care what peope think?kp61

So much for `failing forward’, which is one of Michelle’s favorite catch phrases when she gets caught with her proverbial ass hanging out.  I guess it wasn’t enough to subject six poor souls to baking in a tin box for 1700 miles, it looks like the Cheech n Chongmobile is going back for more.  This is despite Michelle claiming on a live feed they were sending an air-conditioned rig for the rest.  Perhaps the good ride is just for the horse she bought for herself or maybe she meant poverty A/C though, where you roll the windows down and drive really fast.  I’m sure the horses will totally appreciate that along with their frequent Gatorade stops in the boiling sun.   Given the total shit show this entire endeavor has become, don’t hold your breath for any live feeds or much information at all.  One thing is almost certain though; we aren’t likely to see any invoices or vet bills posted for any of this.  What truly sucks about this is that they know damn well this is an illegal haul, Dana knows it (confirmed by calling her dumb ass and asking her) and still they go ahead and do it.




I think this is as good a place as any to wind things up for today. I apologize for bouncing around so many different issues, but there are hardly enough hours in the day to stay on top of all the grifting going on and these bitches seem to want to live on live feed.  Despite the massive overcrowding and having no quarantine pens left with more horses still to come from Louisiana, the HiCaliber team is headed off to auction today to buy more horses from their favorite kill buyer, Misner.  Once again the village will be asked to dig deep and cough up their lunch money, college funds and rent money without ever once seeing an auction slip or invoice.  Once again, more horses will likely die to make room or get shuffled off to people like Fice for $1, never to be heard from again.  The village idiots tend to lose interest once the purchase is made.  I think the above screen grab pretty much says exactly the mentality that we’re dealing with.  I’m not sure anybody that has seen this blog, whether you hate it or not, could ever think it’s a front for the slaughter movement.  However, I guess when you’re convinced that what HiCaliber is doing is rescue and that Satan Tara Sanders is one of the good guys, it’s not so hard to get pretty upside down about which side is which.  No hunty, I’m distinctly anti and that is a big reason why this blog has put HiCaliber on blast.  The blurred lines and misinformation they spew is making the job of legitimate rescues and anti-slaughter advocates extremely difficult and enough is enough.  Until next time, folks…

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