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As we are all well aware, the biggest reason for slaughter given by the PSA brain trust is that it is a way to deal with `unwanted horses’.  According to them, slaughter keeps all these mystical beings from wandering the streets and becoming a menace to society and a drain on our tax dollars.  Of course PSAs like Naughty Tobiano want us all to believe that kill buyers are just super nice guys trying to earn a living.  They would never send good horse that had a use to slaughter.  Instead, they just hang out at sales and pick up all these unwanted horses and `recycle’ them for a new purpose.  Doesn’t that just make you all warm and tingly inside?


Do you see the horse above?  He was slaughtered at Les Viandes de la Petite Nation January 8, 2013.  He was anything but unwanted.  His name was Backstreet Bully and he was originally bred and owned by Adena Springs and raced under Stronach Stables.  As many of you are aware, Adena Springs is owned by Frank Stronach and they have been leaders in the movement in finding new careers for retired racehorses.  They have an entire division devoted to retired racehorses and have taken this commitment very seriously.  Backstreet Bully wasn’t a great racehorse but he was graduate of their program.  Here is the write up about him from the Adena Springs Retirement Program prior to him being sold:

“Backstreet Bully is a kind 4 yr old, 16hh OTTB chestnut gelding. He was retired from racing September 2008. He is a solid loving horse with tons of puppy dog personality. He’s got a great sound mind, willing attitude and is very well mannered; he just loves to be loved. He has been ridden both english and western walk, trot, canter and hacks out quietly both alone and with company. We have started basic Parelli training with him. Backstreet bully will make an excellent pleasure horse. He has no vices or bad habits. He trailers, cross ties, clips and is never a problem for the vet or blacksmith.”

Somewhere along the line, something went badly wrong for Backstreet Bully and he ended up in a kill auction.  Details about what happened are still coming out, but every effort was made by Transitions Thoroughbreds and Adena Springs to save this horse.  This is a quote from Transitions  on their Facebook page about what happened at the sale:

“He was pointed out to me at the auction by an employee thereof as she knew I was there to buy tbs – I tried to buy him – my bid was not taken, perhaps not seen – I tried to buy him after from the kill buyer and was told no – he was meat only. He was not eligible for slaughter and it begs the question of why the very person who does the paperwork on every horse running through that auction would specifically point him out to me and describe him so that I could bid on him at that sale to buy him would do that if he was meat only as that would be something she would need to put on that kill sheet. He was NOT announced as meat only either in the sale ring. I tried to stop it again, I got no response, I contacted his connections who ARE on my list of people who most definitely do NOT want their horses going to slaughter and they took immediate action. His faxed drug records clearly proved he was not eligible. Everybody knows that all tbs have most definitely had at least bute amongst other drugs if they have raced – he was not eligible and he was killed for nothing!!”

I’m still trying to patch together all the details from various postings I have seen, but I do know this much….this was not an unwanted horse and this was not a horse that should have been slaughtered for meat or any other reason.  This horse was still alive when his drug records were faxed to the slaughter-house.  The slaughter-house was well aware they were in possession of a horse not suitable for slaughter for human consumption and that there were people wanting to bail him out.  Remember, PSAs tell you it’s all about not wasting the unwanted horse’s meat.  Well this horse was far from unwanted and he was most certainly not suitable for human consumption, but Les Viandes de la Petite Nation went ahead and slaughtered him anyhow just because they could.  What purpose did that serve?  The response of the CFIA vet in attendance at the slaughter-house, after she was informed of this horse’s drug status was “We (LPN) would have a lot of horses here and what would we do with them all?”  I gather that statement was in reference to how many horses they have that are not suitable for human consumption.  What DO they do with them all?


I have no personal connection with any of the people involved with Backstreet Bully and his sad end.  If they choose to come forward and fill in some details, that’s great but I will leave it up to them.  They are heartbroken over this and I don’t know what more they could have done.  I haven’t seen the name of the person who adopted Backstreet Bully nor do I know if it is the same person that dumped him at this auction.  What is important is that despite the fact that this horse should have never been at that sale in the first place, he seems to have been slaughtered out of spite.  People tried hard to rescue this horse.  They tried to buy him in the ring, they tried to buy him before he went on the truck.  They informed the slaughter-house, backed up with vet records, that this horse should not be in a slaughter pen and they still went ahead and did it just because they could.  Yeah, kill buyers are great guys and slaughter is just for horses that nobody wants.  Rest in peace, Backstreet Bully.  We won’t let them forget you any time soon……


Word has it that Dorothy Robertson took a plea bargain today.  She plead guilty to 5 counts and will get community service for each count and do 30 days in jail total.  That’s not even close to enough punishment for a third time offender, but at least it’s something.  I’m away for a few days but will update more details when I get back.  Have a great weekend, everybody!

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Everybody mark your calendars!  Good ole Slaughterhouse Sue is back to saving the equine industry despite the fact she doesn’t own or even particularly like horses.  She’s about to host a super secret, members only meeting in Kansas City area for her IEBA people.  This is “If you are or plan to be directly involved in the horse processing business as management, or employees, or in supplying plants with livestock, or transportation of livestock, “.  Of course she doesn’t actually want to give out the actual location of this meeting incase somebody that doesn’t hate horses shows up and dares to tell the truth.  I’ve gotta say that from what I’ve seen from Missouri, it seems like a pretty good place to host a horse eater meeting.  Apologies to the very few of you from there that aren’t assholes, but when you are home state to NT and Puppymill Patterson, along with Sheila Short I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s not exactly a horse friendly state for the most part.



So, what’s going to be discussed at this super secret meeting?  Basically, everything you need to know about opening up your own horse torture chamber emporium!  Awesome!

  • Humane Handling Guidelines and Assessment
  • Horse Transportation Regulations and Compliance
  • Plant Regulations, Inspections, and Compliance
  • Equine Traceability and Testing
  • Drug Residue Withdrawal Periods and Research
  • Facility and Personnel Protection and Security
  • Media and Community Relations
  • Employee Background Checks and Hiring
  • Administrative Outsourcing Options – Payroll, Insurance, Employee Benefits Administration

Quite the agenda, no?  About their Equine Traceability and Testing system’; They seem to have a problem with the concept that as of next July, no horse over the age of six months old will be eligible for slaughter as per the EU guidelines for identification. That means that every single horse currently on the ground in the US will not be able to be slaughtered for human consumption.  Period.  I don’t see that little issue on her agenda.  Here’s another little problem with her `system:

“Only IEBA members with contracts to sell directly to plants will have the training and authority to enroll horses in the database. One positive aspect of going this route is that our private business association owns and controls the database, we can lock down security and privacy to protect ourselves, and it is NOT a government run deal. On the other hand it will provide the assurance that is being demanded by the international marketplace and regulators to guarantee horses are free of contamination when they are slaughtered.”

Apparently, Suey wants to OWN the ID system and get your money coming and going.  I’m not usually given to a lot of paranoia, but this sounds to me like she’s setting up things to have approved suppliers of horse meat.  How is this going to help the unwanted horse population she keeps crowing about?  Last time I checked, other than Dorothy Robertson types or the BLM, there isn’t just one or two suppliers of unwanted horses.  It’s a few here and there from many different sources and I really doubt they’ll be able to afford her membership fees if they are getting rid of their horses due to financial hardship.  Apparently, IEBA members are stupid and only selectively paranoid.

In one her earlier letters to announce this meeting, Suey talked about testing animals as well.  Apparently the IEBA’s pockets are so deep and they are so much smarter than anybody ever, that they are going to do live drug testing on the animals.  Remember, that the only way for them to currently test for banned drugs in the tissues is to take an actual tissue sample….like the eyeball or an organ.  I don’t even want to know how they profess to accomplish that on a live animal.  It would appear that nobody in the IEBA has any concept of drug levels in the blood stream and actual residue in the tissues.  I have officially lost hope that they will ever wrap their mind around that either.  “Information and training on optional live animal drug testing protocols will also be presented. The system includes an option for independent third party laboratory testing scientifically verifying each animal’s eligibility for processing.”



As we all know, it ain’t a real PSA situation without an over-the-top amount of paranoia thrown in for healthy measure.  You pretty much need to supply your own DNA sample to gain membership into their organization.  It’s kinda funny actually…

“Since our first notice, we have received some questions about our request for references in regards to your membership applications. To clarify, the purpose of this is to ensure that IEBA members are legitimate horse industry business people, and not animal rights activists seeking to infiltrate our organization. We know that the horse world, especially the horse processing world, is a very small and close knit community of people who are generally known to each other. So, all we are asking for here is people we can call who are in the horse business, and who can vouch for the fact that you are, too.

Remember, this is coming from Slaughterhouse Sue.  The same person that doesn’t own a horse, and doesn’t contribute a single dollar to anything in the horse industry.  Yet, she’s asking for YOUR references to prove you belong.  She is right about the horse world being a small one.  Next time you talk to somebody not particularily up to speed on the slaughter issue, ask them if they have ever heard of Suey or D-bag Duquette.  Not many people have.  However, I have lots of `industry’ references, so I’m wondering if I should apply for membership?  I would if she didn’t want $250 dollar a year to be on her propaganda list.  That’s just for individuals.  If you are anything other than a buyer or seller, you get to pay $500 a year.  We all know how well it worked out for the poor suckers that paid for UH membership and Scummit fees….Anybody else smelling another scam?  Please understand that any slaughter plant would need to be USDA inspected and have some degree of government funding.  She is now suggesting that vets, transporters etc. pay a $500 a year `membership fee’ to do business with them.  Last time I checked, cattlemen don’t need to pay a membership fee to take their livestock to auction or join an association to transport them.

While we’re on the subject of paranoia, Suey is going to devote a large portion of the meeting to `Security and Protection’.

“This segment will be led by the Animal Agriculture Alliance and will cover the protection that you can build around an operation to protect against activist threats. This will include vetting employees, background checks, management and training of employees to ensure loyalty and vigilance, community relations to build a layer of support around your facility, and some very innovative (and inexpensive) ways to physically protect your grounds from top security experts who are also very savvy about agricultural operations. This portion of the meeting will also include legal defense against litigation presented by the Cavalry Group.”

Remember that the majority of slaughter workers do it for around minimum wage and many aren’t `legal’ to work in this country.  There just isn’t a large number of people whose life long dream is to spend their days torturing animals.  In fact, I bet that not a single kid in school writes that they want to grow up and kill animals some day.  Ok, maybe Jeffrey Dahmer did, but we all know how he turned out…

I don’t have the time or desire to take her agenda apart, line by line.  I’ve provided the links, so you can read up for yourselves.  What I do want to drive home is the hypocrisy of what she proposes.  One of the main battle cries of the PSAs has been about unwanted horses and people going broke and not being able to afford to feed or care for their horses.  Angela Marshall shipped her crippled horse to slaughter because she didn’t want to go to jail for burying him on her property and there was no other way to dispose of him.  Well, if Suey gets what she wants, the ONLY people that can sell to a slaughter-house is an IEBA member.  That means you either pay your yearly dues, plus $1/head transaction fees or you sell to a kill buyer.  The kill buyers need to make a profit, so they aren’t going to give you any more than they are giving now.  Considering IEBA membership fees are $250 for a single membership, I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s cheaper to euthanize your own horse (either with a needle or a bullet) and have the rendering truck pick it up or pay the landfill charges.  The IEBA wants to `own’ the traceability system and they’re going to charge you for that too.  That means you get to pay them money to keep your horse eligible for slaughter.  They are going to be in your pockets at every single turn and the ONLY people making money will be the IEBA.  It won’t change a single thing for unwanted horses or people in financial crisis.  If anything it will make things worse and horses will continue to suffer and die horrible deaths. It’s a shit show and it’s a scam.  How are people even signing up for this crap?


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I’m sure you have all heard by now that US horses are being accepted for slaughter once again.  (http://www.examiner.com/article/business-as-usual-for-slaughtering-american-horses-canada-begins-again) There is still much confusion surrounding the reasons for the temporary shutdown and why it was handled the way it was.  Of course, Slaughterhouse Sue is minimizing the entire deal, even after throwing her skirt over her head and running around screeching about a global economic crisis over the weekend.  Make no mistake, it was a bold and swift move by the EU and a sign of things to come.  It also showed the true colors of the would-be horse eaters in a way I never could.  The blood lust was astonishing. The good news is that it also showed us how swiftly equine welfare advocates are prepared to mobilize in the future.  If there is still anybody out there that doesn’t think the EU is serious about enforcing their deadline for documentation and identification on ALL horses presented for slaughter, they may be more stupid than we gave them credit for.  As sad as we are that horses are still suffering in slaughter houses, don’t lose heart; the end is in sight and nobody is ready to give up yet.  If anything, it steels our resolve to see this through.  Much more to cover and recap on Friday on all fronts….keep the faith people!


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Today is a day that should be marked on everybody’s calendar as a victory for the welfare of all horses.  As of this morning, US horses are no longer being accepted in Canadian slaughter plants for the time being.  Mexico is expected to follow suit.  Right now seems to be mass confusion but the fallout has already begun.  The following is a press release from the Equine Welfare Alliance (http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/).  Please read it carefully.



Chicago (EWA) – US horses are no longer being accepted by Canadian horse slaughter plants, according to multiple sources. The Shipshewana auction in Indiana confirmed reports that they have discontinued loose (slaughter) horse sales for an indefinite period of time.


A spokesperson for the Sugar Creek Ohio auction also confirmed that the kill buyers were no longer taking slaughter horses because “the plants are shut down”. This was further confirmed by a Richelieu slaughter house official. An unconfirmed report from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) indicated it was the result of a European Union (EU) directive.


Canadian customs officials, however, knew nothing of the action. To add to the confusion, at least one driver stated that he did deliver horses to an undisclosed plant Friday afternoon.


The move came so suddenly that many trucks were already on the way when they learned of it. According to Lambright the issue is that the EU has banned American horse meat from being shipped for consumption in Europe. EWA has yet to receive confirmation from the EU.


Following the closure of US based horse slaughter plants in 2007, the export of horses to slaughter in Canada and Mexico increased dramatically. In 2011 the US exported over 64,000 horses to Canada and 68,000 to Mexico.


Documents showing horse meat contaminated with phenylbutazone (a carcinogen) and clenbuterol (a steroid) surfaced recently, indicating that the CFIA and the EU were accelerating their residue testing programs. These reports were followed by claims from some kill buyers that blood was being drawn from as many as half their horses (an unprecedented percentage) before they were being accepted.


Since most of the meat from both the Canadian and Mexican plants is being consumed by the EU, it is reported but not confirmed that Mexico too will curtail imports of US horses.


In 2008, the EU announced that it would require third countries to come into compliance with their standards which require horses to be micro-chipped and all their medications tracked, but few observers expected any action would come before the expiration of a July, 2013 deadline.


The most likely explanation for the sudden move is that the expanded residue testing program has yielded worse than anticipated results. 

Clearly, this is a huge victory towards ending horse slaughter, but now is not the time for complacency.  There hasn’t been word on how long this ban will be.  The United Horsemen are, of course, claiming this as `no big deal’.  D-bag Duquette claims to have spoken with a sale barn and his Canadian contacts and said “Not a big deal, it’s about EID’s and will re-open. Just a bad time for that sale so they cancelled it”.  He can go right on thinking that.  I’m sure the trucks that were turned around and refused at the border today may disagree with him.  Of course they are also waiting for word from the USDA who had nothing to do with what happened today.  Stockland Livestock Sales in Davenport, WA has cancelled their fall horse sale that was due to be held tomorrow.

“UPCOMING SPECIAL SALES:Saturday, October 13th: HORSE SALE CANCELED!!Due to unforeseen circumstances all exports of horses to Canada and Mexico have been suspended. We just became aware of this situation the morning 10/12/12. We have reached out to numerous experts and traders in the business and as a result and due to the uncertainty with the market we have decided to cancel the horse sale. We will reschedule later this fall or early in 2013. As it stands we would have no buyers and no place for the horses and would be unable to provide a service to you or your animals. We understand that this is both a frustration and inconvenience to you. We will keep you posted as more details about the exports and a future sale become available Stockland Livestock Sales, Davenport WA”

Even with that announcement, the UH loyalists remain in denial and have already begun hatching conspiracy theories….
“A play on words with no proof or actual facts.Folks this is a scare tactic,dont believe a word of it. Seriously,look who wrote it,lol.”

– Regarding the above press release…

“These horses will still need to die. These people are truly delusional if they believe they are saving any.”

– Not sure who `these people’ are, but I wonder if this person would like a mug of blood to quench her thirst until they can get the border open again?

“Its not unusual just befor a weekend to hold off on taking some across the boarders,specially if the plants are working full shifts all weekend,and get holding pens as empty as possible befor resuming across the boarder, sales resume a few days later. Chicken plants,hog,beef,they all do it once in awhile,its not permanent.”

– Then why hasn’t it happened before?

“We will have to wait to see how it plays out, I could see where all exports for any reason would be stopped for a period to prevent dealers from reassigning the load once in the other country. I could see where this move would force the usda to ban bute totally so that they will start accepting young stock again and then gradually increase the age to match how long the ban was in effet, so if you use bute you might want to get stocked up now.

– Less than 1% of the horse population goes to slaughter.  There will not be a ban on a useful therapeutic medication so that small number can be sent for human consumption.  Period.

So, as of tonight there really are a lot of horses in limbo and needing help.  I’m sure the kill buyers will hang onto what they have for a little while until some clarity is given on this shut down.  However, with sales cancelling and effectively no dumping ground for these horses, now is the time for people to step up.  Support a rescue, donate to a hay bank, and euthanasia clinics will be needed.  I don’t even care what side of the slaughter issue you are on; if you care about horses now is the time to step up and help them.  The reality today, right now, is that there is currently NO slaughter for American horses.  Now is the time to work together for the welfare of all horses.


Seems that somebody told D-bag that his `no big deal’ was not an appropriate response…Puppymill has just posted this on his behalf (pretty sure she wrote it as well)

A statement from Dave Duquette, President of United Horsemen:

As many of you are already aware, there has been a major disruption today in the international trade of U.S. horses going to Canada and Mexico. This is the result of an unexpected and unannounced European Union action. Little official and accurate information is available on a Friday evening, nonetheless, United Horsemen, a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is devoted to the well being of horses and horse people, and its executive team is working through our international networks, as well as governmental and industry contacts, to get to the bottom of this situation. We will provide continual updates and information as it comes available, and work with all of you to make sure that our network has accurate and reliable information.

Bear in mind that reestablishing humane horse processing in America is a viable solution needed more than ever with the news of this situation. As always, United Horsemen continues its work to restore much needed balance in the horse markets and horse industry, while profoundly improving the state of horse welfare.

We call upon all of you, as members of United Horsemen, for your much needed support in our efforts on your behalf and on behalf of the U.S. horse industry.

Warm regards,

Dave Duquette
United Horsemen

Notice their only concern is to get to killing as soon as possible and no mention of HELPING those horses that are stranded and displaced as a result of this…..Seems that the UH’s information source is not as timely or accurate as the EWA.

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I’m sure most of you are busy watching the debate tonight.  Always nice to see master debaters doing their thing, no?  I am sure Slaughterhouse Sue et al are shocked and outraged that nobody mentioned horse slaughter.  Personally, I love it when people get pissy with each other, so I’m watching anyhow.  However, we have some things that need our attention back here in horse world today, so I’m going to let you find somewhere else to discuss the debates and talk about some things you can do as far as the slaughter issue.

You may or may not be aware that the newly opened M. Well’s Dinette, located in MoMA’s PS1 gallery has decided that it is oh so hip and trendy to add horse tartare to their menu.  I’m not going to waste  everybody’s time by rehashing all the reasons they shouldn’t be serving up horse meat, let alone raw horse meat,  because we’ve gone over and over it.  Emotions aside, it’s not safe and it’s not humane.  As far as I know, they have not said where they are actually getting their horse meat from and it may or may not even be legal for them to be serving it.  Hopefully, somebody took a head count of the NY carriage horses before this restaurant opened. ( BTW, that’s sarcasm, just so our PSA trolls are clear on that) Anyhow, Slaughterhouse Sue being the internet junkie that she is, has posted up the links and issued a call to arms for her UH zombies to get behind this establishment:

“I hope each and every one of you will take a few minutes to contact this restaurant and tell them how much you appreciate their consideration of delicious, safely and humanely produced cheval (common term for horse meat) in their restaurant. Do not let the bullying voices of HSUS and their ilk be the only people they hear from! “



Naturally, they are all stampeding over there to leave their witty remarks.  This includes everybody’s favorite backyard breeder, Dorothy Robertson, because I guess she hasn’t made herself out to be hateful enough these past few weeks……

“XXXXX, people in this country have historically eaten horse meat for all but the most recent generation…..it was served in school lunch programs, on the menu at Harvard and in any number of other places, was available in stores in Portland, OR in the 70’s (and yes, I bought and ate it)….our military are likely eating it now if they eat with any of the Afghan families in their area of service. The whole point of trying to make horse slaughter available in this country for those that choose to use it would be to be able to regulate it as well as make access much less stressful (read shorter hauling) for the animals. Making slaughter better regulated would be a much better solution than forcing owners to turn horses loose in the desert, to hide them in back fields, etc when vet care/disposal costs are either not available or are more than an owner has available in this economy.


Does anybody else have problems with Dorothy extolling the virtues of horse slaughter and not having to `hide them in back fields’, considering she, as a PSA chose not to use this outlet for her own horses, but decided to neglect them and starve them instead?  I just keep hearing my mother’s voice saying `birds of a feather…..’  with this group.  Don’t believe me?  Here is what another of our favorite horse and system abusers has to say about it all.  From Angela Marshall:

“I say go for it! Glad someone is offering something good. I think it would be awesome to have it offered here. A cheaper, and very abundant source of meat that sounds awesome to start. Especially with the numbers of cattle and pigs being so low. Beef and pork are continuing to soar and no end in sight.”

Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to eat her own horse.  Instead she sent him on a 30hr  torture ride to Canada when he could barely stand up and falsified his EID papers.  What excellent ambassadors Slaughterhouse Sue has!  Now, if you want some actual facts about this issue, I suggest you read this article (http://www.forbes.com/sites/vickeryeckhoff/2012/10/03/moma-cafe-chef-to-serve-illegal-tainted-horse-meat/)


horse tartare


Ok, now that we know what the Dunce Club is up to with this issue, let’s talk about making a real difference.  They can whip out their mad grammar skillz and dazzle everybody with their hick-speak in the comment sections on those blogs.  Let them fill their boots.  Keep your comments fact based and make them to the people that can make a difference.  Arguing with Slaughterhouse Sue and company should be strictly for entertainment only.  Fighting back and forth on the restaurant’s blog probably is just going to encourage them that any publicity is good publicity.  You can sign this petition and support the Equine Welfare Alliance in organizing whatever form of protest they decide to go with…(https://www.change.org/petitions/moma-ps1-and-m-wells-dinnette-prevent-the-restaurant-from-adding-adulterated-horse-meat-to-their-menu#).  You can educate people with the FACTS of why it is unsafe to serve or eat horse meat.  Consider what kind of person thinks it’s trendy to eat and/or serve horse meat and you’re probably going to have to appeal to their own ego and self-preservation above all.  I have to wonder if Fido Burgers aren’t next on the menu this establishment?






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If you’ve been following along on the horse slaughter issue at all I’m sure you’ve heard a common PSA stance that if we don’t want horse slaughter, then all us anti people should just take in all the unwanted horses.  Never mind the fact that many of us have our own horses and make a point of not contributing to the slaughter pipeline, nor do we hoard, breed irresponsibly, or otherwise go over the limits of personal finances or time.  The fact we think slaughter is wrong means it’s up to us to pick up the slack for all the assholes that can’t use common sense or financial responsibility as it pertains to animal husbandry.  Not sure about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of hearing that.  Once again, there has been a large seizure of horses and that’s not happy news.  Even though the horses belonged to a UH PSA, I’m finding zero amusement in this particular situation.  The PSA first reached out for help on the UH page back in March of this year.  This is a long story, so you best grab your coffee or whatever sustains you and settle in…

“In less than a month my little ranch is going to be in a foreclosure sale if I can’t find a way to bail it out. That means selling some/most of my horses which I’ve been trying to do for about 6 months now…with one sold. If the sale takes place the horses, dogs, cats and I will all be homeless. I’ve worked long and hard and put a lot of money into building a herd with the kind of bloodlines that would make the kind of foals I think/hope will sell to competitive people wanting to show horses. Yes, I’m one of the dreaded breeders…..who has had very few foals over the last several years and realized with the market that they would likely have to be held until they were two or older and started under saddle. I was good with that. Then one disaster after another came along including some health issues that have gotten worse over the last couple years and will require surgery to fix. I can still do the ground work but am not riding. Job loss and lousy renters that took 7 months to get out of the extra house meant no money to send horses out to a trainer. I’m not asking an arm and a leg for the young stock. And I’m working hard to find a way to keep the mare herd intact for the most part….a few are for sale while the rest are available for on-site leasing for breeders who don’t want to buy, ship and then breed and then perhaps decide to not use the mare and have to sell her. The leases cover her costs which would have to be done if she was bought so there is some savings. I’m asking for help from the horse community….if you know of someone who wants a nicely bred young horse for a project or would love to get a foal from a well bred mare and can’t find one or doesn’t want to buy and keep one forever have them contact me. Things are getting scarey and I do not want to send daughters, sisters, granddaughters of world champions to slaughter in a couple more weeks.”
This is the first instance of this person reaching out to the United Horsemen for help.  The same group that mobilized a work party to bail Nancy Skakel’s sorry ass out of trouble when her horses were seized and she was charged with neglect and cruelty.  Anyhow, our current PSA in trouble has some suggestions made to her by fellow PSAs, but she wanted to maintain some control over the situation I guess.
“.I know this sounds really bad…..but giving away horses is a really bad idea around here. I just can’t see giving daughters and sisters of world champions to someone to breed mules with. Or try to make into a barrel horse at the age of 15 when she’s been a broodie for her entire life. I truly would rather see them go to slaughter than some of the things that happen to free horses….at least it would be quick.”
–  Keep this statement in mind.  It’s going to be quite chilling when we get to current events.
“I suggest if you get to that point of sending quality stock to slaughter, you turn to your UH group and ask for assistance in finding them REPUTABLE homes. We may be able to ask for rescue transport assistance. There are fates worse than death, BUT you have a group of people around you who would likely work with you to take these horses on. Trust those in your circle and offer these guys free to people you KNOW.”
– Ok there’s a vague offer of help.  I’m not sure of the sincerity of it, but it’s there.
“I’ve been asking for help for several months now (and working at selling horses for over a year since the job disappeared) and a few people have made suggestions that have been helpful but what I hear most is that I should just give them away. That sounds almost like the anti-slaughter folks rhetoric to me (give us your free horses). And frankly, giving them away doesn’t do much except take them off the feed bill…I need to SELL some in order to keep the ranch from going into sale and myself going homeless. I am feeding them….and if I loose my home I’ll find a way to continue to feed them if I have to find a bare patch of desert and throw a hot wire around it and haul hay and water….and live in my truck to do it…summers coming and it won’t be cold again until late October.”
– Remember this was back in March.  She’s going to do what it takes to feed these animals and she doesn’t want to give any away.
“…if it comes down to it I can keep some for you, no charge. I have acrage and hay. I just can’t keep the studs, I have more than I need of my own. When you get back on your feet you can come get them.I dont know if that will help and I have no problem signing any legal document stating they are yours so you don’t think they would go down the road.””
– There’s a firm offer of assistance.  I have no idea whether or not it was accepted.  This same person expressed interest in working a deal for one of the young horses as well.  Again, I have no clue whether or not she was taken up on her offers.
After a few other offers were thrown out, some of the PSAs actually attempted to talk some sense into this person.  No, they weren’t our usual suspects, but PSAs just the same…
“At a $1000 that’s a tuff sale in this market with their breeding. You can buy REALLY nice horses threw sales at $800-5000 and they don’t even come close to the stud fee. I would list them on Craigslist in surrounding states but realistically you will get like $200-500 maybe $750 for them. I would do dream horse, Craigslist, fb sale pages and just mark them low So they will go”
– Sounds reasonable enough?
“I don’t know why you think these are such poorly bred horses. I don’t want to get into it but damn….world champion, NRHA Open and limited open, NRHA Bronze, for sires….there are a lot of QH’s out there without that good of a sire that are selling. Or PCCHA fut. finalist, John Wayne Derby finalist, NRCHA COA….these aren’t good enough? Do you have any idea how few Paints have anything like this on their papers? Do you have Docs Hickory on papers on your Paints….or Doc Bar? I am willing to sell for lowered prices but am NOT giving away these bloodlines. In many of them a grandson or granddaughter is as close as you can get to the big QH names in the Paint world…many of those horses were NEVER bred to Paint mares at all. There are maybe a half dozen Paint grandsons of Doc Bar in the world today.”
– Your horses are worth exactly what somebody else is willing to pay for them.  Nothing less, nothing more.
“I’m not saying their not nice any horse can be nice but 1 paints don’t bring much money 2 they are bred decent but not high dollar bred. if you really want to get of your pickle then they need realistic price tags.”
– Again, this is sound advice.  This woman is about to lose her ranch and ability to feed them.  She needs to get some horses off her feed bill somehow.
“.Paints have traditionally brought less $ as they have also traditionally had less in the way of breeding. Some of us are working at changing that by incorporating the best QH lines we can find and afford with the top of the Paint performance lines. I don’t expect top QH prices but I do expect to be above meat price when the pedigree for working is there. There probably aren’t a lot of Paints out there from daughters of Boon Bar…and in foal to $ earning son of Lenas Sugarman out of a SCO daughter. The young stallion here….is a homozygous tobiano whose pedigree is entirely QH with the exception of one line to color both top and bottom…and that goes through Delta, the first Paint in the NCHA Hall of Fame and dam of a Superstakes winner. That may not count for much in your world but in the Paint world….that’s decent. And since he’s HZ it means I can find the very well bred QH mares and get colored foals with good breeding….such as the Docs Stylish Oak/Nu Cash granddaughter I have (both sire and dam are $ earners) or the double Docs Hickory (and her daughter by Slamin Doors, a Haida’s Little Pep out of a SLL daughter). I think those pedigrees will stand up to even some of the most critical of QH breeders.”
– None of this PSA’s horses are broke to ride.  While her dream is admirable, there comes a time to cut bait and face up to the reality of the current situation.
Ok, remember this all went on back in March of this year.  She has clearly stated she would rather see her horses go to slaughter rather than give them away, yet has shown resistance to lowering her prices or having just anybody buying these horses.  She also stated that she was prepared to live in her truck in order to keep these animals fed if it came to that.  In May she posted that she had found an acreage to rent for herself and her animals but was still looking to sell or lease a few out.  She did mention that water would need to be hauled, but there was a `pond’ for the horses to drink out of.   Late in June, I posted another quote from this PSA from the HFA page.
Ranch in foreclosure and I’m moving….can’t take them all with me.  Priced from $1 to $750. Some registered, some not, some can be and have paperwork ready.  Yearlings to 5 year old.  Some have been saddled/bridled but I can no longer ride and can’t afford trainer.  Well bred for cattle work….bloodlines include Doc Quixote, Doc O’Lena, Docss Hickory, QT Poco Streke, Ris Key Business, Smoke N Cotton, Broadway Doc, Docs Muchacho and others….on papers or three generation pedigrees for the couple not registerable.

Out of time, money, hay….keeping only the very core of the breeding program
– Seems she had finally decided to lower her prices, but it turns out that `some’ aren’t even registered and can’t be.  Yet, this PSA still wants to keep her breeding program up and running.  She has lost her farm, she does not have a job and she has `health issues’, but intends to keep right on breeding.  She has mares in foal for next year.  There is no mention that she has shipped any to slaughter or sold many, if any.  I would suspect the situation is getting quite dire at this point.  Last week this was posted all across the net…
“Long long story…..end result…..34 horses taken without search warrant, without seizure warrant, no show cause that I can clearly see. Deputies came in with statement that they would help in getting an old, ill horse put down….local vet refused care unless I had full amou

nt in hand (his office staff…he didn’t talk with me directly…”busy, he can’t take call” from staff). Horse was ill last winter, got better, got sick again, got better, moved, did not tolerate being confined in pen (used to 20 acres and running in bachelor herd with buddies), got sick again, mild colic (treated for possible sand..new place is a sand pile), got better, sore front foot, blew abscess out of coronet, got better, got sore again, treated with epsom salt soaks, antibiotics, bute, omeprazole for possible ulcers, lots of feed (eating approx 30 lbs alfalfa a day in hay plus sr feed, calf manna, oil)….began loosing wt seriously about mid July. Decision made early Aug to put him down as soon as I had money to do so….on radio classifieds trying to sell stuff, find extra work etc, horses on there as well and on Dreamhorse, Craigslist etc….no buyers anywhere. Deputy out July 1 on anonymous complaint and found no neglect….one or two slightly thin (including sick older horse and two that had strangles prior to moving down here and two that had sand colicked almost on arrival here) and some yearlings with needed hoof trims….needed help in doing them as they arent yet trained to stand tied and nothing here really strong enough to risk them pulling back against). Said he did followups a couple times and saw no changes that looked like neglect but did not come on property to see pens (not visible from road) could only see pasture with binoculars. Sister died in Aug. and that took some time/attention/money. Buying 40 bales (105-110 lbs each or slightly more) a week……around 4200-4400 lbs of hay a week…nice alfalfa. Feeding 34 head an average of about 640 lbs a day (some are yearlings and most adults are 14.2 sized so not 1100-1200 lb animals). On 9/6 I got home to a note from deputy (placed on house door….had to climb over fence….gate locked) that they had an anonymous complaint regarding horses and please call. I did so. Told that they would be out to see in the a.m. When they got here they said they understood that there was a sick animal…I said yes, that I was trying to gather the $ to put him down, that $ resources were somewhat depleted by having to buy generator, pump and pressure tank for well and for sisters final expenses and they said they had resources and could help me. Came in, looked at all horses (still a few thin ones…..had been sand treated, pulled out of herd and were being fed extra to regain lost wt….and 3 that needed feet done…helper on vacation and would help upon return in several more days at end of the weekend). Said they would have vet out to help with putting old stud down. I agreed and gave verbal permission. Vet called….same one whose office refused services more than a month earlier (only one full time large animal vet clinic here….one other that comes in occasionally and I wasn’t aware of him at that time). Vet did NOT put the horse down, did not do hands on assessement of horses, said entire herd malnourished and recommended impounding all. I got as many photos as I could but ran out of battery power. Loaded them (including sick guy) into stock trailer and hauled them about 5 miles away to sales yard. Took until about 10pm and they hauled mares with stallions, long yearling colts/fillies together, were going to haul adult breeding stallions together as well. No receipt, no charges of neglect, no arrest. Sunday a deputy came by and gave me a notice of seizure listing the horses with very brief descriptions (some so vague as to not be able to ID the horse and including the description of a gelding….there was no gelding here…..and a roan mare…no roans here…..descriptions via NV Dept of Ag brand inspectors. Notice included info that the horses were at the sales yard where a $5/head/day board fee was being charged under a “limited lien” (only thing I can find says they can only charge board for up to 14 days). Notice said a hearing scheduled on Wed, 9/12 to determine if the horses were to be sold, put to sleep or turned over to an officer to do with as he saw fit. Says the cause of seizure was the horses were malnourished and in poor environment. Notice was not dated or timed regarding service….I insisted the officer do so and he reluctantly did it (and signed) when I pointed out that without date/time of service I could claim I didn’t get it at all….or just hours before the hearing. On Tuesday, 9/11, a deputy again climbed over my fence to present me (I was in the house which sits about 300 feet back from the road/gate, reading a book and cooling off after doing some outdoor work…scared the bejesus out of me when he banged on the door) with a form requesting my permission to have the old stallion put down. I told him I couldn’t give permission as it was not clear if I still owned the horses or not since the brand inspectors were on site on Friday when they were taken….brand inspection is used for a change in ownership here. Told him they had my permission, in fact, had my request that the horse be put down on Friday and the vets statement it was needed immediately….that they had held off doing this for 4 days in order to accomplish it on the day the sale yard is open to the public and doing so on Tues would garner them a lot of publicity….that they needed to go to the court for a court order to put him down. Wed. 9/12 was the hearing….at this they claimed that the horses were starved and in poor condition, that the pond on the property was not adequate for watering the field horses (never mind that horses have lived there and drank from that pond for over 20 years), that the 2 12×12 pens with single horses in them were too small, that the other pens (ranging from 12×16, 12×22, 12x 24 and 18×24) were also too small and that having three yearlings (remember that these are horses that mature to 14.2 or 14.3) in a 12 x 24 was far too crowded. They claimed no hay (there were photos of 14 bales ), no feed (two 33 gallon garbage cans with sr feed in one, alfalfa pellets in the other) and that the chewed on 20+ year old fence posts were evidence that the horses were eating wood due to starvation. I was still not charged with anything. I asked for more time to find legal assistance. Was accidently given a copy of photos that they took….they took no photos of any of the hroses in good condition..none, not a single one. Got a one week extension to today. Taking a short break….back in a few minutes.
OK….today……hearing to determine if horses should be sold, put down, handed to an officer to do as he sees fit. Still no charges against me. Threw them a slight curve last week with info that two of the horses they took were leased by me. During the week I found a number of things. One is that the ONLY neighbor who can see my back field and pens is also one who has tried to divert water from the ditch that feeds the pond (it is run off/tail water from irrigation system) to water his back 5 acres and raise a herd of meat goats (he has no irrigation rights….what you need to have..ie…pay for…to irrigate more than maybe a yard sized patch)….and his wife works for sheriff’s dispatch. He CLAIMS he nor wife are behind this and that in fact his wife just accidently heard a discussion at a restaurant in Reno (60 miles away) from a woman at a table behind her saying she had been to Fallon to see some horses for sale and they were all starving to death…..wife reportedly turned and asked “where in Fallon” and was given my location. Interesting….I’ve had no women from Reno and only one woman at all out to see horses in the last 2 months. There is a religious group here whose members hold many if not most e positions of authority including high positions in sheriffs office, many other spots, justice of the peace, judges etc. My neighbor is also a member. Don’t know if that’s significant or not. During the week I tried to get an attorney….was told that since I had no charges filed against me there really wasn’t a case for them to take on. Also told my one that this sort of thing would never happen to him “because my family has been here for over 100 years and the law is not equally enforced here”…..that’s a quote. Got some photos of the horses yesterday….and they are running a 3 1/2 year stallion and 3 long yearling stallions with the mares and long yearling fillies. Deputies today couldn’t remember a lot of stuff, had only their opinion (and no training) regarding whether or not horses were neglected. Was told by Justice of the Peace and assistant DA that since I had no attorney and was acting in my own defence (for what? no charges filed!) I would have immunity for anything I said. I took this as an offer to become meek and mild and apologetic and cry some and maybe get some of my animals back. Not happening. So….it got interesting with lots of stuff….vet couldn’t remember any of the horses that were above a 3 unless I could refresh his memory with a photo (they didn’t take any and I ran out of battery early on in this and the ones taken yesterday at the sales yard were “too far away, I can’t tell what condition they are in”). Vet admitted that a horse that sand colicked could loose dramatic amounts of wt and that after treatment and refeeding it could take several months for them to regain and that that situation was not neglect. He didn’t know when the old horse was put down or which vet in the clinic did so but admitted that something like cancer, internal abscesses from strangles or pigeon fever (both of which the stud had within the last 8-9 months), ulcers (possibly from confinement), foot abscesses etc could cause wt loss. Also claimed the horse was badly foundered in both front feet with rotation but no photos, no x-rays to prove it. Lots more stuff but upshot is that they are offering the horses to NE Horse Rescue (Elko, NV area I think) and those that don’t go there will be sold at the next available sale (could be later this afternoon or next Tues). When I was asked for a “final statement from the defence” I again pointed out I had not been charged with anything but that this hearing had apparently been a trial in front of a justice of the peace over whether or not my horses were neglected. This JP by the way, was previously a sheriffs dept employee…..in charge of the jail. And is running for office. When I asked the jp if the lien holder was going to follow the NRS regarding foreclosure of a board lien (has some notification and time line requirements) he slammed his gavel down and said that court was adjourned. Feel free to cross post this anywhere possible. This occured in Churchill County, NV, under sheriff Trotter and JP Mike Richards. The vet involved was Dr David Faught (trained at Washington State) of Lahontan Valley Vet Clinic. He testified that he didn’t have to do a hands on assessment of animals to determine body condition score, could not give the name of the developer of the BCS and said that “eyes on” is sufficient.”

– 34 horses were seized and in poor condition.  One horse in such bad condition it had to be put down right away and allegedly none of the horses above a 3 in body score.  At this point I’m not even sure where to place my outrage at this situation.  For sure I’m pissed at this PSA for letting things go this far by being completely stubborn and barn blind.  I’m pissed that the UH who claim to be all about helping each other didn’t step up and do anything meaningful when they claim that’s what they’re all about.  Rest assured, these assholes have plenty to say about this situation now….
“i read that and am not really sure on the whole deal… there is always two sides to a story, but anyway i look at this its not a good deal.. you cant just snatch peoples property and sell it… this is america, i would love to see pictures of the horses, i know dorothy has been over her head for awhile, she has some very well bred paints i studyied the pedigree’s when she was trying to sell them.. she was firm on her prices and was to high the market right now.. as you know brood mares are a dime a dozen.”
– I actually agree with this person.  There are two sides and I haven’t seen many current pictures of these horses either.  There is no way they could have just taken her horses without warning or proper investigation.
“I have been an expert witness on several unjustified seizures, now. Win or lose the owner is on the hook for huge bills! Even if innocent! So far they have all been older single women with 20-100 horses….”
– Unless you are wealthy enough to afford the staff, no SINGLE person should ever have 20-100 horses, especially an older single woman.  WTF?
“i feel very sorry for her-she mentions it in passing but can you imagine having your sister pass away in the middle of this? where is the compassion from the authorities?”
– Where was your compassion for this person before things got away from her?  Where is your compassion for the animals that were starving and neglected?
“She has done nothing wrong! Where is the outrage from the world?
– Oh trust me, I’m very outraged right now.  I’m outraged on several levels….
“NOBODY has the right to come in and take your property just because they “think” you aren’t handling it/them correctly. This is outrageous.”
– Turns out they can.  I’ve said it a million times before, horses are not inanimate objects that you can do whatever the hell you want with.  There are laws to protect them from neglect and cruelty…property or not.
“There is more to this than overzealous law enforcement. Horses wouldn’t have been taken like this. Almost impossible to get them to do anything, in any state, even when horses are laying down and dying of starvation right in front of them, so if they seized them? It was bad.If you aren’t caring for your animals, or your family, someone needs to step in. If you don’t have the money to care for them, feed them, or vet them, you don’t need them.

And she has been in trouble a while now too, and kept breeding horses, when it was clear the economy was going down in the horse market. If you can’t sell the ones already on the ground, QUIT BREEDING.”

– I feel like I have just found a living unicorn or the lost city of Atlantis!  An actual PSA with common sense and clarity!  WOW!
“But who are you, XXXX – or anyone else for that matter- to tell her how to live her life? It’s nobody’s business but her own. It’s no different than me trying to tell you, “Well you already have 5 horses, you don’t need to breed another one, so I’m going to call law enforcement and tell them to come take all your horses away because you have a problem.” Whether or not you and I agree with how she’s handling her herd, it is her own business.”
– I bet this PSA has posters of Crazyass Steve King AND Michael Vick on her bedroom walls.
“She didn’t have any bred until sheriff put studs with mares…”
– Yup, she did have bred mares prior to seizure unless all the ones she bred this spring slipped their foals due to malnutrition.
“deputies climbed her fence to inspect the property the gate was locked and she was away. Deputies know nothing about horses or animal abuse cases by their teestimony in court.….

Took no pictures of the horses seized, no descriptions of ALL seized naimals. Said one was foundered-no pictures (proof). Said there wer maggots-no proof….. They pick on easy targets-single women-Robyn Vess, Parkinson, several other women…..”
– What was she hiding behind locked gates?  Our gates are open nearly all the time except when I remember to go up and close them at night.

One of the rescued horses with skin blistering off it

One of the rescued babies…

Feet of the above filly…



As of right now, there is a Paypal account set up to send Dorothy Robertson, the accused,  money and a few UH people are allegedly trying to help her out.  The county sheriff involved in the seizure of these horses said that some had feet grown out so far they were having trouble walking and all were malnourished, some severely so.  I’ll leave some news links at the bottom for you to look at.  There is a rescue currently involved called Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue and they are already taking some heat from the PSAs on Facebook.  While I find this to be a very sad situation, I’m extremely pissed off.  PSAs, including the one involved in this mess all tell us slaughter beats starvation.  Dorothy vowed to ship her horses to slaughter within a few weeks all the way back in spring.  Yet, here we are near the end of September and they are starving and dying with elf boots for feet.  I guess her promise to live in her truck in order to keep them fed was just playing for the crowd?  We are supposed to feel bad because she lost her sister during all this upheaval.  Well, I’ve lost people near and dear to me over the years and had my own share of trials and tribulations as well and do you know what?  Not once did my animals ever go hungry or suffer neglect during those times.  She also had 34 head of horses on 10 acres with no running water.  WTF??????

While Dorothy says the horse that was euthanized was an older stallion who had sand colic early and she had asked for somebody to euthanize him, Monte Bruck from the Livestock Exchange, where the animals are currently being held,  stated “It was starved to death. It was the worse case I’ve ever seen.” None of this should have come as any surprise to her since she was given a warning from sheriff deputies on July 1st of this year about the condition of some of her horses and their feet and one was taken and euthanized at that point.  News report here if you watch the linked video: (http://www.kolotv.com/home/headlines/More-Starving–Neglected-Horses-169555346.html).  She refused to give any away or lower her prices beyond what she felt was her due and now we have a glut of horses likely heading to either a kill buyer or rescue.  Somehow this is going to be spun into a reason we need slaughter, but this PSA ,who supports slaughter, did not avail herself of that option.  This is classic hoarding and abuse and a slaughter-house in every state is never going to prevent this crap from happening.  This is the manifestation of a mental illness and now a bunch of innocent horses are going to pay the price.  Dorothy Robertson and all her little champions over on the United Horsemen page should be ashamed of themselves.

One of the seized horse’s feet





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Way to Go New Jersey!

Great news out of New Jersey today.   The slaughter of horses for human consumption, as well as the sale and transport of horse meat  or live horses for human consumption is now banned in the state of New Jersey.  Happy Friday people!  More tomorrow…..



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