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What a great week it’s been!  We’ve had lots of good news and our PSA buddies have continued their trajectory of stupidity to keep us all entertained.  Thanks to our PSAs we even got to learn some stuff through disproving their misguided notions and outright lies.  To say it’s been a busy week would be an understatement.  Because we have so much ground to cover, it’s best to jump right in to this week’s edition of Point and Laugh Friday…..brought to you by the letter `F’ for fuckery.

Slaughterhouse Sue dipped a tentative gnarly toenail into the waters this week to see if it was time to make a triumphant return from her self-imposed exile after getting run out of New Mexico.  She pretty much stuck to her tried and tested schtick of posting a link  in hopes of rallying her few remaining supporters. This week it was the `Action Alert’ from the New Jersey Farm Bureau asking for people to support the veto on the transportation ban on horses for slaughter.  No comments from her peanut gallery followed and only one `liked’ it, so  I guess the other three supporters couldn’t put down the Doritos long enough to click `like’. Next up, Suey got pissed when one of the UHers posted up this link : (http://www.cattlenetwork.com/e-newsletters/drovers-daily/Callicrate-rails-against-NCBA-praises-HSUS-166326766.html)  It has nothing to do with horses other than some beef producers working with the HSUS.  We all know how Suey hates anything to do with the HSUS so she kept things classy with this comment: “Those idiots, with Callicrate leading the charge, just lost whatever small amount of credibility they ever had. Talk about prostituting yourself…this about takes the cake!”  Not sure about you, but I think somebody like Slaughterhouse Sue talking about credibility is about like seeing a hooker talking about celibacy.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I wish I could say Suey was done with that statement but she had one last shot to fire before scuttling back under her bridge.  That was this comment she made after linking an article about the HSUS not drawing a lot of support in Indiana : “Now…this is FUNNY! Eleven million supporters, my ass…”  Of all the vile and offensive statements this creature has made, this one made me die a little inside.  Does anyone need the image of her large, cottage cheesey, hairy ass burned onto their mind’s eye?  I’ve pretty much been off my feed ever since 😦

Speaking of Suey’s ass, Douchebag Duquette made good use of his off-leash time this week.  Apparently, he lost his remote control and was stuck actually watching the News  that came on after his kids were done with Sesame Street.  Something must have sparked in his tainted horse meat addled brain and inspired him to post this little gem: “I saw something very interesting on the news last night, they were talking about the NFL and how it was a 9.8 billion dollar a year business……Hmmmm?? How is it that the #1 recreational industry in the US (The Horse Industry) that was a $102 billion dollar a year business, over ten times the impact of the NFL gets so little play in the media or congress????? You would think that the amount of jobs lost directly and indirectly because of what our government let happen would be front and center.. Shouldn’t it be??”  I guess it’s difficult for D-bag to fathom that the six people that show up for the kiddies’ 4H show are considerably less and spend less than the people that show up for NFL games.  Besides, the big money in the horse industry is NOT the bottom feeding UH crowd that base the value on their stock on the meat market.  I’m not even sure what his point is about the media.  Does he want to televise slaughter and make a reality show out of it?  Does he want more media coverage of him getting verbally spanked by people?  I’m not following…..The good news is he returned to his dungeon to play lap-dog to Mama Suey for the remainder of the week.  The other good news is we hardly had to hear from Holy Theresa as she was allegedly busy doing penance for being such a sanctimonious piece of poop.

Moving on down the ladder to the bottom feeders even of the horse eating crowed, it’s time to check in with good ole Mendy Tobiano.  Seems Mendy is back to hoarding horses under the guise of fostering them for the `sheriff”.  Maybe that’s her new euphemism for Craigslist.  The problem with her little `story’ is that if the horse was a legal seizure, it would have had to been held for at least 30 days and then two notices of public auction would need to be made in the local papers which the sheriff department would handle.  It certainly wouldn’t have been handed to her and flipped within days as she claims.  Chances are she’s just horse trading as usual because once again, Mendy Tobiano’s story does not add up with what the actual laws are.   At any rate, here is a picture of the poor thing which may or may not have a new home. Why can’t these PSA people every actually GROOM an animal before riding it and WTF is up with the ill-fitting tack all the time?

This brings us to the nice little watermark on the picture and the dramedy that caused it.  The PSAs are operating under the misguided notion that putting their name and date on a picture makes it copyright.  It does not.  It just makes sure they get credit for it and I have no problem with that at all.  The actual fact of copyright is you have to PAY and register copyright for each and every picture and it can take up to 8mths for that to happen. Or at least that’s what you have to do if you want to actually enforce a copyright, which still wouldn’t work here because even if it was a real copyright….“• Fair use exceptions are allowable for such purposes of teaching, research, news reports, parodies, and critiques provided that the value of the copyrighted material is protected. “  So, it would appear to be business as usual for this blog.  What kicked all of this off?  Well, the PSA’s meltdown over being featured here last week went on and on.  Mendy Tobiano led the charge to try to make me feel bad by posting up a series of blogs designed to play our sympathies for the abusive asstards that were featured.  I guess if you have kids, health issues, or suck at life, that gives you a free pass to slaughter and abuse animals in NT’s world.  In my world there is never an excuse and I will continue to feature morons that wave their freak flag in my face.  Call it `news’, `parody’, or `critique’, it’s all fair use.  Produce proof of registered copyright and I’ll happily take the above picture down.

I wish I could say we were done with the antics of the petulant pony woman, but we are not. Because she is still unemployed, that means her and her personalities appear to have endless amounts of time to be all over the net.  She continues to sell off clothes and tack so that she can postpone actually going out and working, but maybe she can get some pointers from Montana’s former owner how to work the system and get the taxpayers to pay for her hoarding habit.  That new dog of hers won’t feed itself unless her pig’s days are numbered as well.  She rounded out the week by climbing up on the cross and being a martyr claiming `they’ are not going to do things the way they have been and, instead, extend a hand of friendship to `their’ fellow human beings and attempt to be a positive force….Then she ran off and participated in writing me poetry with her PSA buddies and calling me a hoe etc. Oh and let’s not forget about flirting with herself as NT.  I suspect somebody either had a med adjustment or was off them all together this week.  This is what NT left us with….barf with me…

BTW…you also can’t copyright images you snatched off google….


Daffy had a relatively quiet week in the vast tundra of Facebook.  Sadly, I can’t say the same about here.  She continues to post with regularity and I continue to hold her posts for moderation to try to calm down her hysteria.  So far so good.  She hasn’t grown a brain, but she has managed to have a few simple exchanges and be only minimally offensive.  Her crazyass mother seems to have given up registering new accounts to post bomb us all and I continue to put her in time-out.  I can only deal with one functional illiterate at once.  Hopefully, I haven’t just beatlejuiced her.  They are both great for comic relief for all of about five posts and then enough is enough.

Daffy and family

So, that pretty much covers the lowlights of the PSA antics this week.  It certainly doesn’t cover all of them and it is very challenging pick out their greatest hits at times.  They devote a lot of time to me and this blog which is awesome.  It means it’s working .  While they are preoccupied with me and who I am, the rest of you are doing the real work.  We had awesome news this week with Sugarcreek getting suspended for at least three weeks and Andio getting busted falsifying his EID paperwork.  It would seem the PSAs haven’t even registered how serious that one was.  Especially a certain PSA that just shipped a horse she claimed to have buted, then recanted when the EID was mentioned.  As always, once we’re done pointing and laughing, there is something you can do to make a real difference to end slaughter.  Please take the time to sign this position and share it out as much as possible: (http://www.change.org/petitions/overturn-the-legalization-of-horse-slaughter-for-human-consumption).  Hopefully, the PSAs will take a day off this weekend so I can finish up our Sunday PSA for this week.  I think you’ll really enjoy this one.  Keep up the good work everybody….we’re getting there!



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Almost a month ago, I wrote about Slaughterhouse Sue’s problems in Missouri.( https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/slaughterhouse-sues-shame-in-missouri/)  The gist of it was, that Ole Suey is not as ready to go into business in Rockville, MO as she would have others believe.  This has been discussed on many forums and social networking sites.  The news that was uncovered by John Holland and released by The Equine Welfare Alliance, was so damning, it caused Slaughterhouse Sue to retreat under her bridge for a few weeks.  Since she has resurfaced, her only comments on the matter have been: “Not true, folks. We are full steam ahead. Spread the word. Activists have no lower limits..” and a few other short denials.  Never once has she explained how it wasn’t true or offered up any explanation at all.  In fact, she doesn’t seem to mention Rockville anymore and seems to have switched her focus to New Mexico and Oklahoma.  Well, it would seem Ole Suey has lied to her ever dwindling halfwit supporters yet again.  Shocking, I know….

While Slaughterhouse Sue tirelessly trolls all corners of the internet looking for articles to support slaughter, eating horse meat and the abuse and torture of other animals and livestock, she is understandably selective as to which links she tosses out to her army of wannabe  horse eaters.  I wouldn’t expect her to link up anything that proves she’s just a ginormous liar, although she has recently posted up things that are damaging to her mission.  ‘I’m never sure whether I should chalk  those instances up to arrogance or just sheer ignorance.  Maybe a combination of both?  However, last week an article in the St. Louis Post -Dispatch quietly came out about Rockville, that pretty much drives another nail in Sue’s Missouri coffin.  (http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/horse-slaughter-plans-for-missouri-are-on-hold/article_ee9019c8-f312-5516-a402-45ccb7ee0d1c.html).  Despite several phone messages left for Suey and her Missouri lawyer/business partner, Dan Erdel, they have failed to return a single one or offer up any explanation for the snag in Rockville.  Remember, this town was told they would have the plant up and running by September, providing dozen of jobs to the depressed community.  While I have absolutely no sympathy for people that get thwarted in their desire to cash in off torturing horses, I think that Suey should have treated a pocket of staunch supporters a bit better than she has.  Nobody has heard from her and the plant remains abandoned and untouched, its ownership still in question.

Does this look retro-fitted and ready to open?

Horses and equine welfare advocates owe a debt of gratitude to lawyer, Cynthia MacPherson of Mountain Grove, Mo.  She has been tireless in her quest to shut Slaughterhouse Sue down in that state, even going so far as to close her practice for six weeks in order to concentrate on keeping horse slaughter out of Missouri when Mountain Grove was the original proposed location.  She has sued the current owners of the Rockville plant on behalf of a creditor and requested that any sale of the property be blocked until the mess of ownership and debt be sorted out.  This will effectively tie this plant up and make it unavailable to Slaughterhouse Sue for months, if ever.  The consensus is that Ag Appropriations Bill with the Moran Amendment attached, will pass long before this can be sorted out and the USDA is not eager to move on inspections until it does.  Slaughterhouse Sue has lead her mindless minions to believe that she owned the plant and the USDA inspections were the only roadblock to her plan of mass murdering equines.  Despite Missouri being home to a pocket of extreme horse abusers and mindless followers, there are still good people in that state and their message to Slaughterhouse Sue and her plans is unmistakeable…

None of this stuff is real news other than the fact that Slaughterhouse Sue’s last word on the subject was yet another outright lie.  While there are a few minor inaccuracies in the linked article, such as the date slaughter ended etc., it is fairly balanced in its information.  The problem I do have is that when an uniformed person seeks to write such an article, some of the people they choose to quote or see as authorities, are grossly misinformed and/or lying.  Terry Geiler, who owns the Rolla Horse Auction was interviewed for this article.  He supports reopening slaughter houses.  Of course he does!  He’s a bottom feeding horse trader and also likes to lie in order to sway public opinion. “We have no place to go with blind and crippled horses.  Take an old horse that will hurt you.  What do you do with them?”  Well, you shouldn’t be shipping blind and crippled horses to slaughter, we know that much.  Just like every PSA, he wants the public to believe that only the old, sick and week are being slaughtered and that it’s a kindness.  The fact is,  most of us know that the very horses they want for slaughter are just the ones the public would never understand the need for killing.  The young, healthy and in good flesh sorts that do have a quality of life and a use outside being eaten.  They can’t tell the truth about that because then they can’t paint slaughter has `humane euthanasia’ to the uniformed.  Geiler also stated the cost of euthanasia and burying could cost more than $600, which is another huge lie.  That national average for euthanasia and disposal is right around $300 and I can’t see a state like Missouri being on the high end of that.

We don’t need sale barns like this!


The other problem I had with the article is its facts and figures.  You can throw out many statistics to make an argument as long as they are not in context.  It cites the amount of horses being shipped to Mexico and Canada since slaughter-houses closed.  It fails to tell the readers that the last few slaughter houses were the two in Texas and the one in Illinois.  Horses were being shipped to Mexico and Canada prior to 2007 due to the close proximity for certain dealers.  Also, there were numerous cases of abuse, neglect and abandonment prior to 2007 because people are asshats and they always will be.  How many years did they have slaughter-houses open prior to 2007?  It never fixed the problem in all those years.  Yet, in less than five years, the PSAs expect that we could fix everything, despite the economic collapse that occurred within that time frame.  The oldest of the backyard bred foals, bred or born the year slaughter closed, would only be 4-5 yrs old. These are the horses that generally drive the slaughter industry.  We have seen a decrease in breeding and the number of horses being shipped to slaughter has not increased in that time frame.  Given the life expectancy of horses, we have a few more years to see the market correct itself completely.


Saratoga just wrapped up its NY bred yearling sale.  That is one of the first big sales of the year that the TB market bases its health on.  They reported strong gains with the opening night median being $50 thousand, up from $33 thousand last year.  That is very strong and there is much optimism in the industry right now, at least for legitimate breeders that do not base the value of their stock on meat prices.  Legitimate breeders recognize that the value of their stock is based on the economic climate and govern themselves accordingly.  Breeding is not unlike many businesses in that it is a matter of supply and demand.  Given the spelling and grammatical skills of most PSAs, it’s not such a huge leap to assume that they can’t grasp that concept easily.  It would seem their entire business model is based on breed anything and everything and hope that something might be worth a couple thousand dollars someday.  I’ve said it before….the only thing slaughter fixes for these people is giving them a convenient `garbage can’ for their poor horse husbandry.  It does nothing to discourage them from continuing on.  Given how we know many of them treat their animals, I’m not sure making it easier for them to keep owning horses is a good thing at all.

The article also mentioned that Slaughterhouse Sue’s focus seems to be on Oklahoma now.  That is really a puzzling move considering that Oklahoma has a ban on  slaughter for human consumption or sale.  Even if they had USDA inspectors ready to go to work tomorrow, there is not much chance that it’s going to be in Oklahoma.  We also know Suey claims to be ready to roll in New Mexico and Washington state with Washington being the most likely one to open first.  While there doesn’t seem to be much chance that the USDA will supply inspectors prior to the budget being approved, our attention is far better focused on these places rather than in Missouri.  Whether our PSA buddies in Missouri want to accept it or not, their pipe dream of mass murdering horses in their home state is a dead.

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Seems like only yesterday, we were pointing and laughing and shaking our heads at our PSA buddies.  Oh wait…… it was!  They have had a stellar week of stupidity and I have to admit, I am impressed with their ability to keep getting knocked down with the truth and get back up again and argue.  They kinda remind me of `Weebles’ in that way.  Look it up if you aren’t old enough to remember or didn’t have a happy childhood.  We have quite a bit to cover so sharpen up your pointing fingers, settle in and get ready to laugh, because it’s Point and Laugh Friday!  Today’s edition will be brought to you by the letter `o’, for obtuse.

This past week has been a fairly quiet one for the fearless leader of the PSA’s, Slaughterhouse Suey.  She began the week with her usual schtick of trolling the internet looking for some support of her dream to mass murder our equine friends, but was only able to come up with a few articles. Naturally, she  encouraged her army of would be horse eaters to go comment and naturally, they got distracted by shiny objects and belly button lint and never quite managed to do so.  It seems that Ole Suey’s beady eyes are firmly focussed on New Mexico right now as they appear to have the facility that is closest to being ready.  Sadly for the horse eaters, Gov. Susana Martinez is not having it and remains unmoved by their `sky is falling’ shrieking.  It was interesting that Suey chose to post this article as there were a few statements made that are not great news for her mission.  This one was referring to Valley Meats Co. owner Rick de los Santos:

“He said the USDA initially told him last year that it would move quickly on his application, but he has since been told that because of the controversy over domestic slaughter, the agency won’t make a decision until after the election. His business, he said, is now sitting idle because horses cannot be slaughtered in the same facility as other animals under USDA rules.”


I don’t know about you, but that sounds more encouraging for the anti-slaughter faction, so we should thank Slaughterhouse Sue for bringing it to our attention.  Perhaps we should chip in and send her some pork rinds and a tube of Bute or something.   She has mainly gone to ground for the balance of the week, so one can only assume she is writing poetry and dreaming of a day when no horse is safe from slaughter.

It seems that after his flurry of two whole blog posts, that Douchebag Duquette has been returned to Suey’s basement to sharpen up his crayons and bone up on his grammar skills so he can dazzle us all with a new posting soon.  He did use his off-leash time effectively by bumping up his other blog post from last week.  Like he said, he is very proud of it.  He also found the time to post an article about the HSUS before Suey snapped the leash back on him and made him shut up again.  We can only assume she keeps him pacified with promises of having a real job killing horses one day. Maybe in the meantime, she can go buy him another nice pony from a real trainer so he can take all the credit again.

This week was also Holy Mother Theresa’s turn to be unsupervised.  She actually kinda had a meltdown on us.  It would seem somebody else dared to blog about her and to show us all that she is holier than us and doesn’t care, she posted this little gem:

“Wahoooooo! I’ve earned myself TWO BLOGGER STALKERS! Not the death threats I’ve been working toward, but blogger stalkers just the same! Nameless, faceless, insignificant cowards that can do nothing but regurgitate things I’ve said and would say again in a heartbeat, but HEY! I appreciate the recognition! Can you imagine the pathetic existence they call “life?” Sitting in their dark holes they call home, stroking their pet viper, poison pen in hand, submersed in disdain and wrapped up in hate? What an ugly way to live. Can you say dis-eased? The Animal Rights Movements is mental Illness disguised as philosophy. TRUTH! But really…many of you have expressed concern for my well being due to attempts at character assassinations. I want you to know I appreciate your concern, BUT I AM OK! I am SOOOOO OK with it all, so PLEASE don’t let it worry you for a second. Mathew, Chapter 5 conveys some really good lessons about our Christian walk and faith, called the Beatitudes. Beatitude #8: Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. So…see! I’m Good! I’m on task. I’m GOLDEN! I’m doing my job and being recognized for it! Poor ‘whittle satan is scared and has to employee the assistance of his earthly zombies. Every time they blog, they expose themselves for who they are….mentally ill, haters. It’s GREAT! Come on blogger stalkers…surely you can do better! You haven’t got past tickling my funny bone! My God is sooooo much BIGGER than their pathetic little demons.”

Does anybody else picture her with her hair standing on end, wild eyes and kinda half giggling, half crying in a maniacal way as she posted this?  I really would love somebody to do a psychological study on a person that thinks that only satan and atheists don’t want to see horses tortured and slaughtered, but the holy people do.  Of course after she posted this rant, she returned to calling some of us `hoes’ and other less than christian names.  Just to make sure we all knew how little she cared, she posted this same rant in a few places.  Oh dear…..

Mendy Tobiano continues the downward spiral towards complete irrelevancy.  While making an announcement of a change in writers due to the `regular writer’ being busy or something, both she and NT resurfaced today asking for stories from their three fans and promising `exciting news to come’. Given the lack of effort into her blog lately, one can only hope it means she is giving that up.  More likely she is creating another identity and beginning yet another blog.  I can’t sleep at night from the anticipation!  The few times Mendy Tobiano decided to pop online this week, she overshared and aired her dirty granny panties for the world to see.  You gotta love that about her.  The only relation most of it has to do with the horse slaughter issue is karma and for some reason I find this Craigslist posting she is so proud of to be serious comedy.  Bless her heart! (http://columbiamo.craigslist.org/rnr/3188846793.html)
Aside from the oversharing, she mostly dropped not so subtle hints about what a wonderful horsewoman she is and when nobody paid attention, she had NT come in and do it for her.  Business as usual……

This brings us nicely to one of our favorite PSAs, Daffy.  Because I had her and her crazyass mother in time out for nearly a month, I figured I could lift the settings as it was snagging other people up in the spam filter.  Surely they had given up and gone away a long time ago.  Wrong!  Less than an hour after lifting their time-out, they were both on this blog, post bombing and pissing everybody off.  Mama Crazy registered something like 5 different accounts to try to navigate around the filter and pretended not to know herself.  Daffy proudly told us all that her sore-footed dink of a barrel horse is now bred and expecting a backyard baby.  Hopefully, it looks a bit better than one of her more recent breeding experiments…

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the ethics behind supporting slaughter while running a rescue?  Well that caused a certain amount of drama and the very public exits from the open Facebook group from the two rescues in question.  Sadly for them, they don’t quite get that nothing online is private and they continue to frolic with the horse eaters behind closed doors and on other pages.  Tsk tsk….Ladies, if you support slaughter and love your horse eating buddies, say it loud and proud.  Hiding out, while still supporting them kinda makes me think you know you’re in the wrong and the people you get donations from wouldn’t be amused if your true colors were shown.  It kinda makes me want to out people again….


I’m sure none of you can forget the PSA that is mad at the rest of us because she elected to send her too crippled to live horse on a 30 hour truck ride to a Canadian slaughter-house.  I don’t know about you, but if somebody like that ever wanted to buy one of my horses, the answer would be no, no matter how much money she had. Lucky for her, PSAs have no regard for horses and their suffering so one of the backyard breeders stepped up to the plate and sold her a baby that is soon to be weaned.  Everybody pray or send up good vibes for this poor horse, it is about to go out of the frying pan into the fire of ignorance.


One of the new hobbies for the PSAs seems to be opening up new Facebook groups so they can discuss slaughter.  Personally, I think it is baiting as they don’t ever really welcome anti-slaughter opinions or facts and just tend to swarm and insult the few people that actually do try to hold a civil discussion with them.  They are still in denial about the banned drugs in horses and they still don’t think it’s a big deal.  They are also still incapable of reading any document that does not have big print and pictures.  After being confronted with facts about the ban on certain drugs in horses and provided with link to the recent discovery of tainted meat from Canada,this is what they had to say about it all…

“So out of the thousands upon thousands of pounds of horse meat processed daily, one shipment has been recalled? I’d say that’s pretty minor but the anti slaughter sanction are sure puffing out their chests and walking around strutting like Banty roosters about it, aren’t they? LOL. That’s like saying 100,000 horses are raced in a year and 1 breaks a leg so let’s condemn the entire industry. Unscrupulous folks will be there, everywhere. It’s why there are inspectors. And a ban on certain drugs is no indicator of it being bad, just of it not being tested for. You do know Katherine M that there is a MUCH larger market than just the EU, correct? They ain’t the only ballgame in the park!”

– Yes, because offloading your toxic meat into the food supply is so scrupulous. Ignorance, they name is Andi Harmon aka Buckaroo Fangirl

“Ah, but a withdrawl time in horses HAS been teste. I asked a very knowleadgable vet about it. She said the time frame for complete withdrawl from bute is 48 hours, although traces have been found in some horses up to 72 hours. VERY short half-life. She gave me more info about what cells it binds to and more technical stuff that I would have to go look at to put up here.”

– Good thing I wore a helmet today, although my desk is now dented from banging my head on it.. 😦

“GOOD catch! You are correct — the drug most commonly used, and called “Bute” by horse owners *is* Phenylbutazone not the stuff found in the meat recall.”

– Actually dumbass, both Bute and Clenbuterol was found in the most recent recall.  Yes, it is very serious and yes, they will be finding more. (https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/rasff-window/portal/index.cfm?event=notificationDetail&NOTIF_REFERENCE=2012.1078)

“Canada has had feed lots set up for years in order to accomidate slaughter horses that come in with unknown medical histories. They currently are set up for a 6 month time period to meet the current requirements.”

– This is super awesome.  Somebody should point this out to Angela Marshall so she knows that her `beloved’ horse that she shipped up there to await his execution still has a few months to hobble around on his sore feet in a feedlot.  I bet she’s just happy that she didn’t waste his meat and sleeps just fine at night….Sure glad she had his best interests at heart…

So we end another edition of our Point and Laugh Fridays. While we didn’t see a lot of new things from the PSAs, I’m sure with winter coming and knowing how much they hate spending their beer money on feed for their horses, they will be redoubling their efforts to slaughter horses in the coming weeks.  The rest of us need to be mindful about upcoming deadlines and be making our voices heard by the right people.  Please take the time to read this flyer (http://equinewelfarealliance.org/uploads/Adult_Campaign.pdf) and share it everywhere.  As for me, I promise to get at my emails on a more regular basis.  Keep them coming!  Take the time to appreciate your PSAs as they really do help our position without meaning too.  It’s all well and good to bat them around and play with them, but remember to feed them carefully.  Rumor has it a few of them still have a couple of teeth……

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I am cranky.  It seems after countless articles, conversations and debates about drugs in animals intended for food consumption, we are STILL having the argument about drugs and withdrawal times.  I have seen many of the readers of this blog, make valiant attempts at educating the PSAs (pro-slaughter advocates) and nothing sinks in.  They seem to think that the whole banned drug issues is something the anti-slaughter people came up with to throw a roadblock across the path to mass murder of our equine friends.  Because I am a glutton for punishment, I’m going to attempt to tackle this another way and maybe just one of them will experience a moment of clarity.  I’m not going to hold my breath though….

banned past participle, past tense of ban(Verb)

1. Officially or legally prohibit

2. Officially exclude (someone) from a place

There’s your definition.  It would seem pretty clear to me.  However, I am not a PSA and I do not have access to the drugs they must smoke.  They are STILL operating under the misguided notion that there is a way to get around the EU ban on certain drugs in food producing animals.  Some of the little brainiacs even think that the EU ban on Bute and other drugs is just some big conspiracy to keep American horses out of their food chain so they don’t flood the market.  I guess the little statistic that pretty much the same number of US horses get slaughtered each year as did before 2007 doesn’t register with them.  The only difference is where it is happening.  I do appreciate that the whole concept is likely too abstract for most of them, so I’m going directly address some of their more recent idiocy.

“So here is a big question for all people out there. Bute. Although I’m not sure I heard it mentioned too much before the AR’s realized that the horse slaughter ban was not working and there was indeed going to be a push for horse slaughter to come back. Now as I see it Logically. I get the fact that it’s something that is not to be put in the food chain. It’s not about that. It’s about a withdrawal time. Now Anti’s will say “there is no withdrawal time for bute” And technically they are correct. There is no DOCUMENTED. And I stress the word “documented” over and over again. a withdrawal time for bute simply does not exists in horses because. It has never been tested for. And really that makes sense. Why test a drug in a animal that there is no slaughter for human consumption for in your country at the time. But it doesn’t mean it does not have a withdrawal time that can be discovered. Cattle have a withdrawal time for all the same drugs. So it’s not a the drugs that lingers in the blood stream for the life time of the animal. I also like to say re treating of the animal is needed which would also lend itself to the concept that the liver of the horse purifies itself of all the drug that is ingested. See I think once a withdrawal date is figured out it would be extremely simple to work around the problem. A simple quarantine would do the trick. 30 days in a feedlot for example. what do you think?”

– There is no withdrawal time for a drug that is BANNED.  Bute will mostly leave the blood stream within 48 hours.  That does not mean that the carcinogens have left the animal’s body.  So, while Slaughterhouse Sue has told everybody they are going to test for drugs prior to slaughter, that will do no good as you would need to be able to take a tissue sample of something like the liver in order to ensure safety for the food supply.  The same way a person can take Cocaine and give a clean blood sample within days, yet a hair sample months later will show that drug was ingested, so do banned substances linger.  No cow used in any way for food consumption is allowed to be given Bute after 6mths of age, so saying there is a withdrawal time is wrong.  Grey horses are not usually slaughtered for human consumption due to cancer markers.  Painting them another color will not change that nor will holding a horse for 3o days rid its system of carcinogens when they have been administered banned substances.  “Banned means BANNED.

“No need to worry much about what will be approved and for what withdrawal time. Markets demand issue free food sources. A quick test of the animal to show it is substance free and it gets the stamp on its butt and off it goes. First nations have 100,000 animals that are good to go till the rest of the market gets in line. Its like sports testing , what ever happened before is mute as long as the test comes out good. Export operations have other countries to deal with other then the US so why would they even consider trying to convince any of them that this or that is safe. I always wondered why the pro people just don’t give the AR’s a win on the bute issue and move on. Trying to convince anyone that any chemical will be OK come a certain point is a tough sell.”

– I’m now banging my head on my desk….

“But to get it done right now you need to figure something out you know what? What if you tested after they were hung? any part of the horse can be tested then and could you not put a horse to different uses. Say if she has bute she’s fertilizer…, kind of a deal.”

– This poor ignorant soul wants to test each and every carcass now.  He clearly has no concept of what is involved with testing or the amount of time it takes.  I find the suggestion of making `fertilizer’ out of the carcasses of animals with drugs in their tissues puzzling, when the majority of PSAs will tell you they don’t want to chemically euthanize their animals for fear of ground water contamination.  I guess they are just fine with spraying toxicity all over our crops though.  Remember that Dallas Crown in Kaufman, Texas was unable to sell it’s blood products due to the toxicity. Here is yet another reminder on how testing works for exported carcasses: (/https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/anybody-want-a-bute-burger)

“EU isn’t the only market for horses; Asiatic countries count for a great deal if the market. And since we have been giving Bute for decades and slaughter has only been banned 5-6 years for human consumption, why is this an issue now? Test the meat like they always do, always have done, always will do (just like beef, pork, poultry) and move on.”

– Don’t you just love this mindset that if we can’t offload our drug tainted meat on the EU, we’ll just pick on another country that doesn’t have the checks in place yet? Nevermind the fact that countries like Japan prefer the horses to be shipped live and they don’t really account for a large portion of the market because of the cost of that.   It is an issue now because the EU made it an issue now.  There is no way around the July 2013 deadline for having a passport system in place.  None.  Nada.  Canada being a major exporter has only been testing for Bute and other banned substances for less than two years.  Prior to that the only thing they tested horse meat for was trichinosis (roundworms).  Why?  Because we know some things now that we didn’t before.  Just like cigarette smoking wasn’t always known to be so bad for you, so they advertised on TV and everywhere else.  Now we know better.  Same thing with Bute and other banned drugs.  We know better now.  Guess what?  Coca Cola doesn’t have cocaine in it anymore either.

“Yes it is about choice…., that is what AR’s want to do take away your choice. You really haven’t understood this page at all have you? It’s simple AR’s are lying to push there agenda down every ones throat. we explain it to people why they are lies. The more I talk to you the more I understand you don’t care about folks choice to do what they deem right. Your more about controlling the slaughter issue. we discussed bute allot of good examples were given to get around Bute and you bring up Marketing…, Now is that a real reason to stop slaughter? don’t think so. Cause it is the owners of the plants choice to do it correctly If they wanna take the chance that the market may not be there later. Where does that concern you? It doesn’t. But because you are a anti you make it your decision to try to push beliefs on any body who will listen.., that’s not going to work here. If you don’t like the way the page is run don’t comment it’s not hard to understand really.”

– And here we go with the `choice’ thing.  Nobody is stopping this asshat from slaughtering and eating his own horses.  Not a single person.  He fails to recognize that taxpayers have a CHOICE whether or not to fund an industry known to be barbaric and that only profits foreign investors.  The vast majority of people do NOT want to fund this.  I hear it’s something like 80%.  Imagine that!

“EU law has bute as illegal. EU law also requires passports for all horses-both slaughter bound and those who are not. One of the passports that is recognized by the EU is the FEI passport. The FEI has just recently allowed bute in competition horses in the last few years. To me, this shows that they are open to change. that’s just a thought.”

–  I have now given myself a concussion from banging my head on the desk.  This poor ignorant soul has NO idea the expense and pain in the ass it will be to implement this system.  If you want your horse to be in the food chain, you will get the pleasure of paying for the micro-chipping and also calling a vet to administer each and every drug or treatment to that horse for the course of its life.  If you choose to ignore that rule and that horse turns up in the food chain with tainted meat, it’s coming back to bite you on the ass.  For a group of people given to paranoia and distinctly adverse to having the government all up in their business, they are about to open a great big can of whoop-ass on themselves.  It should be a point and laugh extravaganza!

I genuinely commend the anti-slaughter people that take the time to try to explain things to these people.  You have far more patience than I could ever hope to have and you have all done your research.  They do not want to hear the truth.  They do not want alternate solutions because that will mean they have to change the way they do things.  PSAs are not people that respect or appreciate animals, especially horses.  In the last few days, just look at what this blog has been about.  They find torturing and abusing horses to be entertainment.  If something can’t cry or say `ouch’, they don’t think it has feelings or emotions.  Lucky for us, these people not only don’t make up the majority of the population, they don’t make up the majority of the horse industry.  They are the bottom feeders and they hold no power at all.  I’ve come to realize that engaging any of them in a dialogue about horse slaughter is merely for entertainment purposes in the same way poking an anthill was when I was a kid.

I’m going to leave you with a couple of links that are important if you want something done.  The first is the letter writing campaign to save North American horses from slaughter.  The link will give you an overview and give you contacts depending on your country.  It is in support of passing Senate Bill 1176 and House Bill 2966 the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act and passing Canadian Bill C-322 ,an act to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act (slaughter of horses for human consumption).  Deadlines are rapidly approaching.  The second link is the response to Slaughterhouse Sue’s petition to the USDA and is from John Holland, president of the Equine Welfare Alliance.  Please take the time to read it as it is very succinct and to the point.  By all means continue to amuse yourself with the PSAs as even they need to be useful, but please take the time to read up on real and meaningful things you can do to end this fight once and for all.



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The UH has posted another blog entry.  My goodness they are a busy bunch of animal haters this week!  It would seem that somebody pointed out to D-Bag Duquette that his analogy about `Samson and Goliath’  was ridiculous and wrong, so he’s gone back and done an edit on the original posting as well.  I’m sure that Mama Suey thoroughly chastised him and is now editing for him when she is not endlessly trolling the internet for irrelevant facts and figures to toss out to her idiot supporters.  So, just before we pick this apart and have a good laugh, I want you all to know that D-bag is `very proud of this’ blog entry.  He was also probably pretty proud of himself when he learned to pee standing up too.  When you are a drooling moron, you have to celebrate the victories no matter how small they are.

“Greetings again, horsemen.  Even as we work through a few early kinks and minor editorial mishaps, we’re excited to utilize the fluid medium of blogging to bring people up to speed with what we are accomplishing.  Understandably, there have been a lot of questions about the programs we are putting in place, and we hope to be able to address them here.  

In our first blog, we offered a preview of what our Equine Rescue & Rejuvenation Program (ERRP) will look like.   While the diagram illustrates the basics, the program will also be inherently flexible and dynamic enough to meet the changes and challenges we’ll inevitably face—something we are ready, willing, and—most importantly–able to do.  It’s impossible to sufficiently emphasize our priorities as being the well-being of horses, horse-people, and the horse industry as a whole.”
– I’m guessing the whole `Samson and Goliath’ thing was the minor editorial mishap?  It’s also impossible to emphasize your priorities as the well-being of anything other than your pocket books if you’re honest.
“The well-being of horses is NOT being neglected and abandoned when owners run out of options, when the skyrocketing costs of feed and care are rivaled only by the cost of euthanasia and carcass disposal, and the struggling rescue network can’t accommodate even a fraction of the widely accepted estimate of 100,000 horses that become unwanted annually. ** See references at the end of the blog. “
– No matter what D-bag and Slaughterhouse Sue say, slaughtering horses is NOT going to fix neglect and abuse of horses.  It was happening before slaughter shut down and it will continue to happen as long as there are idiots like the PSAs owning horses.  Unless every single PSA gets out of the horse business, there will always be abused horses.  Also, the cost of euthanasia and disposal is usually around the same amount as boarding a horse for a month or less.  Here’s their references and it includes more whining about euthanized horses contaminating the water supply.  http://www.amillionhorses.com/
” The well-being of horse-people is NOT being forced to choose between paying for groceries for their families, or paying for the disposal of a horse they can no longer afford.”
– If you are operating that close to the bone on your budget you have NO business owning a horse or any other animal.  That sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight.  Why should the taxpayers underwrite some backyard breeder or hoarder’s lack of planning?  I think the money they want to spend on USDA inspections would be better put to use for bringing back mandatory sterilization for these idiots as it becomes increasingly clear that natural selection just isn’t working.
”  The well-being of the horse industry is NOT to eliminate humane end of life options, not only creating prolonged and completely unnecessary suffering of horses, but also erasing the base of the market.”
– So now we are calling slaughter `humane end of life options’?  Nobody wants to eliminate any humane option for horses, but since slaughter is not nor ever will be humane for horses this statement is ridiculous.  At least now we get to move onto their FAQ portion of the blog where things get even more ridiculous.
“How does the United Horsmen’s ERRP differ from traditional rescues?  

Most obviously, the ERRP includes humane processing as a final option for horses that cannot be rehabilitated and made useful otherwise.  This will ensure that funds are used in the most productive and efficient manner possible.
Another unique aspect of ERRP will be the extensive involvement of professionals—trainers, veterinarians, and educational program leaders.”
– Does anybody care to hazard a guess on how many of the young, fat and healthy horses are going to get branded not suitable for rehab when they have kill quotas to meet?  As far as their `professional’ trainers, vets and educational program leaders, I guess that D-bag Duquette, Holy Theresa Manzella, and Puppymill Patterson will finally have regular jobs.
“How will horses enter ERRP?

Horses may enter the Rescue and Rejuvenation Program in several ways. Owners who are unwilling or unable to care for their animals may donate them to the 501c3 non-profit program, and possibly receive a tax deduction. The Program also will accept horses from other over-burdened rescue organizations or from law enforcement/livestock agencies in possession of stray, abandoned or neglected horses. “
– Do these idiots honestly believe that any legitimate rescue is going to turn over a horse to them??  How about the can of worms that would open should a law enforcement agency seize a horse and put it in the slaughter pipeline?  As for owners `donating’ them, what an ingenious way to further line your pockets!  Not sure exactly how it’s going to help out these poor people who you claim can’t afford to feed their families due to no slaughter, to DONATE you the horse so you can make money from killing it.  Newsflash for D-bag, if you are in that bad of shape financially, those tax deductions don’t mean a thing.  That’s for rich people.
“What is the primary goal of the program?
To rehabilitate horses from an unwanted and at-risk status to a healthy and functional status. We will identify horses with potential, teach them skills, and then offer them to the public. Horses that can be trained, or re-trained for new purposes, will be sold. Horses that demonstrate suitability for purposes such as non-profit therapeutic riding or youth programs will be made available to those groups at little or no cost. Any profit on the re-homing of horses will go back into the Program in order to help more horses in need.”
–  Ok, let me get this straight.  Poor people are going to give them all these horses and they are going to sell them and keep the money, either as meat or riding horses?  They get to keep all the profits to buy more horses to kill?  Is there anybody actually stupid enough not to see through this scam?
“How will this be accomplished?
 All horses entering the Program will be evaluated for health, soundness, behavior, disposition and level of training. These evaluations will be performed by qualified veterinarians and professional horse trainers. Horses will go in one of three directions:  into training, into rehabilitation, or to humane processing/euthanasia. Healthy horses will continue their training as appropriate. Professional trainers, students from college and university equine science programs, and apprentice trainers from tribal education programs will work with the horses in a safe and supervised setting.  Rideable horses will continue their training as appropriate, under the guidance of professionals and supervised student trainers from college and university equine programs.  Horses will be developed in the areas where they demonstrate talent – roping, jumping, cow work, reining, pleasure, trails, ranch work, therapeutic riding, etc. Untrained horses that are sound and healthy will be started under saddle and evaluated for various disciplines.”

– Do you wanna bet that every horse that finds it way into their program has a clock ticking the second it gets off the trailer?  It wouldn’t be economical to keep them around long enough to actually teach them anything useful or put a solid foundation on them.  I’m also guessing their `rehabilitation’ program consists of fattening them up and holding them without drugs for the appropriate withdrawal times that are in effect right now. There is just so much wrong with what he is saying here, it’s hard to know what to address.

“How will the Program help horses?
By giving horses every possible chance to live a healthy, productive life. The Rescue and Rejuvenation Program offers sanctuary to horses that are starving, neglected or otherwise suffering. Horses who are ill, injured, thin or otherwise in need of rehabilitation will receive medical care and nutrition. If a horse in the program is unsuitable for any other purpose, the Program provides quality care and a quick, painless death.  The rejuvenation phase of the program is designed for horses that cannot enter the training program due to their age or condition. Mares with foals at their sides, and horses too young to enter training, will go on pasture.  These horses will stay in the rejuvenation program until their status changes, and then they will be re-evaluated.”
– Bullshit they will get medical care!  If they give them Bute, Clenbuterol, or apply Furacin, to them they can’t be eaten and that just won’t happen.  Nor will the `quick, painless death’ be happening either.  The `rejuvenation’ program is their finishing program in preparation for slaughter.
“How will the Program help horse owners?

Part of the Rescue and Rejuvenation Program’s mission is to help horses and horse owners in need. Numerous “unwanted” horses enter the slaughter pipeline primarily due to their lack of training. This problem becomes cyclical for owners who need to sell their horses, cannot afford to have them trained, and then discover their horses have little or no re-sale value due to their lack of training. 
The Rescue & Rejuvenation Program is a place for horses to receive training, thus transforming them from potentially slaughter-bound animals into valuable horses with skills and a purpose. In addition to training, the Program offers a safe haven for ill, injured, malnourished or abandoned animals. Horses in need of a feeding program or medical care will go on pasture or into treatment until they are healthy enough for a training and temperament evaluation. Critically sick or injured horses will be euthanized through humane processing.
Horses adopted/purchased from the Rescue & Rejuvenation Program will be eligible for a special show incentive. Events organized by the Program will offer classes in various disciplines for those horses, in which competitors can win money.

– D-bag, giving their horses to you IS putting them in the slaughter pipeline and you want them for free.  How is this helping somebody that can’t afford to feed their family like you keep crying about?  Bringing back slaughter is going to give backyard breeders an outlet and create a bigger problem.  Now you want to have a slaughter horse show circuit?  Are you efffing kidding me with that?  Will there be a class for the most creative use for your horse’s hide and hooves?  The only thing D-bag Duquette is trying to create here is his own personal industry where he isn’t a bottom feeding joke like he is in the reined cowhorse circles.

What happens to horses that can’t be trained or rehomed?
For horses who have lived past their useful life, are unsound, untrainable, or otherwise not suited for re-homing, a humane system of processing will be utilized. Equipment and management practices approved by industry experts will ensure a minimum of stress and pain. Horses will be handled with kindness and respect, employees will undergo proper training, and the facility will be monitored to prevent mishandling and abuse. The processing plant will be near enough to the the Rescue and Rejuvenation Program to spare horses the stress of trailering and travel.”

– Awww, does that mean you’re going to kiss them all on the nose before you shoot them in the face too?  Where are you going to find all these caring and compassionate people to give out all these warm fuzzies in the death chamber?  The one that is, apparently, going to be adjacent to where all the rehab and rejuvenation horses are housed….That sounds like such a happy place, they should also think of running a summer camp for poor kids there!

“How does ERRP set the base of the market?

ERRP doesn’t set the base of the market; the existence of domestic humane processing does.  The ERRP is an option for horse owners, and because of the network of professionals involved, it’s a unique opportunity for otherwise unusable horses to become useful.”
– So horse slaughter is going to fix the economy.  Good to know…..  The only people who are going to make a single dime off these horses are going to be Duquette and the UH.  The horse owners that `donate’ them into his program won’t see a red cent.
Will the ERRP benefits reach beyond horses, horse owners, and the industry?
Absolutely.  Numerous educational opportunities will be available in all aspects of the Program.   Dialogue is currently underway with colleges and universities to establish internships and credit-earning opportunities in the following areas:
At the Rescue & Rehabilitation Facility:
·        Horse Training
·        Equine Sales Promotion and Marketing
·        Reproductive Management of Horses
·        Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiologie
·        Farrier Science/Basics of Equine Dentistry
·        Therapeutic Riding
·        Pasture Management
At the processing plant:
·        Collection of Organs and Fluids (e.g. synovial fluids) for Therapeutic Purposes
·        Meat Processing
– You are going to be teaching `Reproductive Management of Horses’ out of your feedlot?  Does that mean you are going to be breeding specifically for slaughter?  What `rescue’ would ever do that?  And other than the inbred spawn of the PSA’,s what horse loving kid wants to go to college and `intern’ at a slaughter facility?  I want some of the drugs these people are smoking!
“With the program’s holistic, multifaceted approach, issues that have been central to the ARM’s misguided battle against humane horse processing will be addressed and effectively curtailed.  For example:”
– As far as `holistic’ you can read that as no horse will be given any banned substances ever.  That means that if it has an injury, they are going to probably burn sweet grass and smudge him rather than give him a little Bute and do him up in Furacin or whatever he may need to be made comfortable.  If that animal requires anything other than getting kicked out in a pen or pasture, he will be considered `unfixable’ and be marked for death.  As far as ARM goes, Kudo is more than busy out there trying to uncover the illegal slaughter operations that are stealing and torturing animals than to be bothered with D-bag’s dumb ass.  Does D-bag even know what ARM is?
““Horse slaughter can’t be done humanely.”  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) deem the captive bolt gun used in processing plants to be humane end of life option for equines.  All food animals are processed under the same USDA guidelines for humane treatment.  It is interesting to note that USDA reports for humane handling standards from late 2011 demonstrate less than 1%–that’s ONE percent—non-compliance.***  There is no logical, science-based reason to believe that the processing of horses will be any more problematic, or less humane, than is the processing of literally millions of other livestock.”
 – How about the reason that it has NEVER been done humanely at a mass production facility before? Horses are NOT raised to be food animals nor are the considered as such right now.  Do you want science based explanations?  Check out these old blog entries and make sure you check out the links: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/death-dying-and-the-hand-that-delivers/)(https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/things-will-be-different-this-time-around/)  The `source’ that D-bag provides is from the period of September 2010 to September of 2011, so it did NOT involve slaughtering horses. ( http://www.fsis.usda.gov/regulations/HHER_Q4_FY2011/index.asp)
   “Perfectly sound, usable horses go to slaughter.” Horses entering the program will be evaluated for any existing potential, and given a chance that is uniquely afforded by actual equine professionals. “
– How are they going to keep so many `professionals’ from every conceivable discipline on retainer and living in close proximity to this death chamber?  Any true equine professional I know, wants NOTHING to do with this group or its plans.  I have a feeling that Slaughterhouse Sue will be saying a lot of the horses involved will have great potential to be steaks.
“Horses are forced to endure long hours in trucks to their eventual fate across our borders.”  The proximity of the ERRP to humane processing plants will eliminate this issue entirely.”
– So how are the horses going to get the ERRP facility?  Is Scotty going to beam them up?  Unless you have one of these facilities in every state, most horses are still going to have a very long ride.   Since the flagship operation is likely going to be on the west coast, that is most inconvenient for many.  It will still be cheaper and shorter to ship them to Canada or Mexico.
“ERRP is just one of the expansive efforts by United Horsemen to answer concerns related to horse processing.   Stay tuned for upcoming blogs—we will soon be outlining the Equine Owners’ Assurance Program (EOAP), better known as the “do not slaughter registry.”
– I don’t know about you guys, but I, for one, am very excited about this.  This is the program where you get to pay yearly ransom money to make sure your horses don’t  end up slaughtered, but you only have 72 hrs to answer the phone if they do show up at a facility.  How awesome!
I know I should think this is all very funny, but I’m  actually getting kinda pissed about it all.  I’m pissed that like the existing rescues that support slaughter, some poor soul is going to hand over their animal, thinking they are giving them a chance and that animal is going to end up in a freezer.  I’m pissed that these horse eaters presume to speak for the true horse industry and the people who have dedicated their lives to the well-being of horses.  A fourth grader can put together a better and more believable business plan than the one they are rolling out.  If these people get so much as a toe-hold in the slaughter industry, it truly will be a holocaust for horses.  I’m sickened.

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Ok, Slaughterhouse Sue needs to slowly back away from Facebook.  Either that or she needs a brain filter transplant in the worst way.  Just like when she encouraged her sycophants to get reach out to the girl who slaughtered her old horse, stripped naked and climbed inside the carcass for some `good, clean,  American fun’, she is now rallying the troops to applaud and support Rep. Steve King from Iowa.  If not for poor judgement, Ole Suey would have none at all.  This is disgusting, even for her.

Since her rise from the ashes of her latest shame, Slaughterhouse Sue has been back online with a vengeance.  She is linking articles and writing letter as fast as her fat little fingers can type.  I’m almost positive she has even broken a sweat in the past few days she’s been so busy and I can just imagine pork fat and Dorito dust seeping out of her pores.  On Monday, she wet her granny panties and posted this:

Rep Steve King of Iowa needs to be APPLAUDED; let’s help him expose the HSUS for what it is, by emailing each and every one of our elected officials, and simply say:

‘PLEASE SUPPORT THE KING LANGUAGE IN THE FARM BILL; Background info:http://tinyurl.com/coj2l5u .’
Then CALL or fax your reps’ offices saying the same. If you don’t know who they are, GOOGLE IT or email me.

If we can urge passage of this bill with the King wording, it will SIGNIFICANTLY alter the success of the HSUS against us.
Bear in mind that HSUS will be pulling out all the stops to REMOVE the King language from the bill.
The only way they can be stopped is if WE all get together and tell our reps that we want that wording in there!
PLEASE ACT – its SOOO easy!”

Yes, Rep.  Steve King is awesome indeed.  He’s a great one to hitch your little wagon of lies and treachery to.  He’s a staunch supporter of dog fighting.  I am not even joking a little bit about this either.  This evil asswad  was quoted during a telephone town-hall meeting last week as saying this:  “When the legislation that passed in the farm bill that says that it’s a federal crime to watch animals fight or to induce someone else to watch an animal fight but it’s not a federal crime to induce somebody to watch people fighting, there’s something wrong with the priorities of people that think like that.”  The fact is that  humans have the choice to be boxers, wrestlers or whatever, but the dogs and other animals involved in fighting do not have a choice at all.  I guess for the PSA types, that’s perfectly fine as animals are merely ego enhancements and food to them.  King is also in support of cockfighting and other forms of animal torture.  He has even fought against legislation that would make bringing children to animal fighting illegal.  Where else are our future domestic violence perpetrators and serial killers going to learn their craft if they can’t cut their teeth on the torture of innocent animals for sport while they make a few bucks gambling on it?  He’s got such a boner on for Wayne Pacelle and The HSUS that he will fight against any legislation they support no matter what the cost to innocent animals.  This link has a short video clip of that above quote coming out of his slimy mouth:  (http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2012/07/31/615951/steve-king-dogfighting/?mobile=nc)  Not such a big surprise he found an ally in Slaughterhouse Sue at all.  It gets worse……

Some more `good, clean American fun’?

Rep Steve King is the sponsor of  a recent amendment to the Farm Bill which basically prevents individual states from developing their own health, safety and cruelty standards even if that is what their voters want. True to form for this type of thing,  it was introduced after midnight following a marathon session and was debated for a grand total of 20 minutes. It’s now on its way to the Senate and will be voted on before the end of September when the current bill expires.   This amendment opens the door for cruel and horrific farming practices that some states have already chosen to outlaw.  Things such as, but not limited to:

  • Having pigs confined to gestation crates which prevents them from moving or even being able to turn around.  They live their entire lives like this. (Currently banned in 9 states)
  • Veal crates where calves are confined so that muscle atrophy improves their taste once they are slaughtered at 4-5 months of age ( Currently banned in 7 states)
  • Tail docking of cattle even though the AVMA has called it unneccessary and highly painful (Currently banned in 3 states)
  • Adding arsenic to chicken feed which apparently makes their flesh more appealing and may or may not ok for human consumption as arsenic is known to cause cancer.   (Banned in Maryland)
  • Lifting the ban on foie gras in California so that once again,  male geese and ducks can be kept in extreme confinement while being force-fed high fat diets to enlarge their livers prior to slaughter.  Most female hatchlings are thrown away….literally.

Slaughterhouse Sue has truly found a kindred spirit in this piece of human excrement. He is well aware of the consequences of this legislation to our food safety and animal welfare too.  He gloated that his bill “wipes out everything they’ve [animal rights advocates] done with pork and veal.”  Just like Ole Suey, King doesn’t care what agony and torture animals go through as long as their dinner is on the plate and he gets to stick it to Wayne Pacelle and The HSUS. He is in support of puppy mills and in opposition of the Egg Products Inspection Act which would end the extreme and inhumane confinement of laying hens. His amendment will also nullify various state bans on horse slaughter.  I’m going to leave a few links at the end of this entry, but to put it in the simplest of terms; If it is harmful and cruel to animals, King is in support of it. If it means a better quality of life for an animal, King is opposed.  This guy is crazy and evil.

There are a lot of other things that the King amendment would bring about that are not cool at all.  I suggest you take the time to read up on what his bill is all about.  He’s all about mass production of agriculture at any cost to humans, animals or  the environment.  Do you know what I find really scary about all this?  That there are people who actually think that torturing animals is ok.  King supports a number of other things I have seen the PSAs screech and pound their chests about such as:
  • He tried to reinstate the `Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy for active military personnel and veterans
  •  He recently introduced an amendment to the Defense Appropriation Bill that would outlaw gay marriage on military bases.
  • He supports state bans on birth control and says that contraceptives are the same thing as abortion.

This guy isn’t just crazy, he’s hateful.  This is the person that Slaughterhouse Sue wants her followers to applaud, and some of them do.  (“This is awesome!! Proud to be an Iowa girl,lol!“) I don’t know about you, but I can’t live with what this crazy asswad is trying to push through. It’s wrong and it hurts my soul to even think about the sorts of things he is in support of.  It’s time to act up.  Write letters, make calls, and educate people.  There is no time to waste as September will be here all too soon.




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I guess I shouldn’t be surprised it has come to this.  While I rarely read the Petulant Pony blog, I must have had some masochistic tendencies today, because I did.  Apparently, we are now using make-believe animals to back up our arguments?  It would seem Mendy Tobiano has had a nerve pinched about having skinny horses because she is on another rant and this one makes even less sense than most of them.   Good ole NT doesn’t use just any movie horses,  she uses ones from over 50 years ago and paintings of other horses that have been dead for over 200 years.  Once again, I feel obligated to pick apart her idiocy and set the record straight.  God help me, this is getting tiresome.  I better not find out which one of you hurt her feelings this time, because I”m having to clean up the mess again 😦

“By all accounts, this may be the most famous Hollywood horse and he has triggered many a namesake (sorry, had to make the pun!!)  Take a look at this still from Trigger.  I am particularly looking at the loins and the thigh.  Now, look carefully at this animal’s barrel (go look at the diagram if you are confused).  I would damn near lay money down that if you were to have taken the saddle off that horse the minute after the pic was snapped, you would find rib”

Ok, so I used a picture without a rider on to show NT how stupid she is.  Trigger was half  THOROUGHBRED  for those that don’t know.  It is commonly thought he was a Tennessee Walker, but it was actually Trigger Jr. that was.  Trigger Sr.  was a stallion but he was NEVER bred.  My point with this is that due to the fact he is not a QH, he isn’t going to have the ass end or haunches of one either.  NT, may have to look up the term `haunches’ to understand what I’m saying because I think that’s what she calls thighs.  As far as his `loins’ go, those are covered up by his tack, so maybe she means his hip?  Who knows?  Clearly her mother never played `where’s your nose? where’s your toes?’ with her because she doesn’t know her body parts.  This is a perfectly healthy looking horse with all the bone coverage you would expect to see in one in good shape.  His coat has `bloom’ and he is nicely filled out and muscled.  She follows up with pictures of Silver, Scout and other movie favorites that have all been dead for over 5o years.  I’m still not really clear what the point of it all is when your horses look like this and you can’t see the difference….

The next thing NT uses in her pointless diatribe is a picture of a great big fat QH halter horse as what people think the `standard’ currently is.  Nobody I know thinks one of those HYPP monstrosities is what a horse should look like unless you are one of the horse eating douchebags on the AQHA executive.  To further drive home her point, she posts the following pictures calling them the finest horses in the US.

Ok, first I want to point out that the picture of Figure is a PAINTING.  It proves nothing because there are no photographs of the founding sire of the Morgan breed. Who knows what he really looked like or what shape he was in?  Maybe NT thinks all those old Currier and Ives paintings are what horses really looked like back then too?  Another picture is of Flicka and I’m not sure NT realizes Flicka was make-believe and probably played by at least four different horses in the movie.  She uses a painting of Ruffian, and I have no idea what that proves considering she DIED when she was barely three years old and never was anything other than race fit. God knows there are enough actual pictures of her floating around that she could have used.    All of these pictures are not the same as the dull coated, pencil neck waifs that NT calls `fit’.  NONE of these horses look like hers.

See the above two horses?  They both show about the same amount of rib but one is fit and one is thin.  NT won’t know the difference because she thinks ribs are ribs.  It seems to escape her that a horse in fitness maintains his muscle mass and won’t demonstrate a razor back.  They have muscle definition!  She also probably has no clue that you don’t just take a fit horse like the one above, and kick him out in a pasture when you are giving him time off.  You have to `let them down’ or they fall apart and look like skeletons in a very short time frame.  In fact, I bet she would crap her pants if she ever actually saw what a racehorse eats in a day. The likely get more grain in a single day than her entire hoard herd gets in a week.  You can’t have a horse as fit as the one above without pouring the coals to them and I don’t care what breed you are talking about.

Let’s try something different.  Since it’s not very likely that NT has ever had her hands on a race fit horse, let’s look at a couple of horses that are out of fitness and in full winter coat.   Of the above two horses, which one do you think is toothless and 31 years old?  I bet some of you thought the yellow horse, right?  It’s actually the top horse.  The top horse’s picture was taken in January of this year and he is a every day of 31 yrs old with the papers to prove it.  The bottom horse is 11 and this picture was allegedly taken in March.  That means there is 20 yrs difference in age between the two.  The black horse has a shiny coat and despite his extremely advanced age  and having NO teeth, still has a neck.  I’d like to see a bit more weight on him, but he’s looking pretty good for his age.  The yellow horse is dull coated and appears to have a stick neck.  No, he’s not emaciated yet, but he certainly looks older than his years.  There is a huge difference between a horse having a hay belly and a properly nourished horse .  You know what is particularly bad?  When the horse used to look like this not so long ago…

Notice that he used to have a neck and was the very picture of good health.  How does a young horse end up looking like that unless he isn’t being fed properly?  Eleven is not an old horse at all and winter is no excuse for horses to drop weight.  If you are going to do a blog entry on fit vs trim at least learn the difference between the two things.  At the very least learn the different parts of a horse and proper terminology.  I think next time one of the PSAs get a wild hair and want to educate their followers, I’ll just hand them a shovel and let them keep on digging themselves deeper into their pit of stupidity. It’s not like any of this is ever going to sink in anyhow…

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