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If you recall, on Monday we talked about the 34 horses seized in Nevada that belonged to a PSA. I promised I would update as it became available and we seem to have a lot of ground to cover today.  First off, I want people to take a look at this YouTube video that was taken by Dorothy Robertson a year ago at her old farm.  These are her mares and I want to point out that while they all appear to be in good weight, the feet are starting to get a little long and there is at least one horse in the video with severe blistering sunburn and the hide falling off it about 25 seconds in.  Again, this video was from LAST year.  They are also eating out of the sand and there does not appear to be any shelter from the sun or elements for them.  At the 1:20 mark, you will note a horse in the background that appears to have some paralysis on the right side of her face.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHIydGccvyM)

Mare “19” at rescue

The rescue is beginning to post some pictures of the horses as they are triaged and the one thing I do notice is that there hasn’t been anything horrifically skinny shown yet.  However, the condition of their feet and other injuries are really bad.  The mare pictured above can be seen on the video as well and she has lost some condition.  Please note her back feet in the picture….there will be other closer views of them in a bit.  For now, let’s hear from Dorothy herself, as she has managed to get back online tonight.


“Finally on-line. The house I am in has no power hooked up due to damage to wiring done by previous people….using generator to run well for water. Had to buy new computer and just getting the hang of it.”

– Did you catch that?  This is the woman who could not afford to have her emaciated older stallion euthanized, has no power, yet she can afford to go out and buy a brand new computer.  Judging by how many message boards she is a member of, it would seem the majority of her life is spent online.  Priorities…..


“Yes…financial issues for the last year plus. Had renters in second house who didn’t pay rent/electric (one meter for entire place) for 7 months, did approx $5K in damages and hay prices went sky high….fed horses and lost the ranch eventually this last spring. NO mares bred for this year or next (unless they got preg with stalllion/yearling colts running with mares….posting photo of them in a minute). Offered horses for sale lots of places including local radio classifieds (for as low as $250 for registerable…all paperwork completed….4 year old with all ground work done, saddled, bridled, ground driven, trailers, ties, bathes, clips etc……so please don’t tell me I didn’t have reasonable prices…chihauhau pups sell for more than that!), craigslist, Dreamhorse etc. Do you really think it smart to just give away horses to anyone who walks up and wants them? Aren’t we told that this is dangerous for the horses? Besides, I could always negotiate down if it seemed like a good home….and did in a couple of cases…not sure I’m required to post any horse I sell and what I sold it for out there for the general public to discuss.”

– By several accounts, when people came out to buy horses from Dorothy, she would raise the price or back out of the deals.  Now she is all concerned about what would have been best for the horses.  She says no mares have been bred and I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks whether or not that statement is true, although she had this to say in April: “I’ve had the mares listed for on-site leases and got three looking like that will work…which will help…they will at least be bringing in enough to cover their costs. The youngsters will likely go to the NRCHA Snaffle Bit sales in the fall as well as possibly a couple of the mares (will be bred for 2 in 1 packages….one possible three in one….with foals by HZ son of res world champion/double bred Delta O’Lena/Nu Bar for guaranteed tobi foals)….”

Yearling colt getting his elf boots trimmed off


“Old stallion had health issues off/on for almost a year….strangles in late summer, pigeon fever in late fall with last abscesses draining in Jan. Move here in late May was tough on him….had to pen and separate from bachelor herd…..paced and hollered for almost 2 weeks. Then sand colic and possible founder. On bute, SMZ, omeprazole (for possible ulcers),epsom salt soaks, 30 lbs alfalfa a day plus sr feed, calf manna….just kept loosing wt…eating eagerly and interested in everything. Blew out two foot abscesses during the summer. Drinking 30-35 gallons a day and peeing the same.”

– Founder, excessive drinking and peeing, advanced age?  Sounds to me like this horse went metabolic on her and was in kidney failure.  If that was the case, a high protein diet like alfalfa was probably adding to his issues.  At any rate, if he was the downed horse in the news link posted on Monday, he was allowed to suffer far beyond what would have been considered humane.


“Was on new place less than 5 weeks when deputy came saying there was anonymous complaint…..only person who could see pens/mare field is neighbor to the south (wife works dispatch for sheriffs office and he openly told me he wanted the runoff/excess water from the irrigation system that feeds the pond on my back field….neither piece of land has irrigation rights so this would not be a legal move on his part). Sheriff’s deputy at that visit said “no evidence of neglect…several issues, not serious, being addressed with plans and treatment”…he did two more drive by checks and testified last week that he didn’t think anything had changed for the worse.”

– I’m wondering how he did two drive by checks on her horses when she clearly states nobody could see her pens or field from the road.


“Told him that if the old horse didn’t show improvement by Aug 1 I would be making decision to put him down. Several mares that had sand colicked (place is 10 acres and at least 12 feet deep in fine sand) were pulled from the field, treated, put in separate pens and given more feed to help gain back what they had lost. Vet testified last week that they could dramatically loose wt with sand and it could take a long time to regain…stated gain rate of 1 to 1.5 lbs a day so even a 75 lb wt loss could take more than 2 months to gain back.  He also testified that if that was the case with these horses it was not an indication of neglect.”

– Again, go back to the video posted at the beginning of this entry.  Why would you allow your horses to grub around in the sand for their feed?  You’re asking for trouble!  Also, 1 to 1.5lbs of grain a day is supposed to help them gain weight?  My at rest horse gets more than that for his LUNCH.  She states her place was only 10 acres and we know for a fact that 34 horses were on that property.  Think about that for a minute….


“Regarding foals (long yearlings)….they boarded out for winter/early spring in exchange for two breedings to perlino stud to a couple mustang mares…gal had river bottom land. Got the mares covered early spring and then the boyfriend of the gal called to say they had had a big fight and split and she’d left, leaving horses. Got them back late April (don’t remember exact date) with pot bellies, bad feet, no handling, no worming, thick, matted coats with burrs etc. Moved here immediately after that bringing foals with. Spent some time getting them haltered and treated for worms and feeding. Used Safeguard first..not much effect. Then used a generic Ivermectin and two had really nasty photosensitive sunburns within a couple days…progressed to peeling, cracking, bleeding on legs. Since they weren’t broke to stand tied yet and handling caused severe pain reactions I elected to let legs heal before grabbing and holding feet for trims.  Treated legs with sprayed on diluted aloe vera and they were gradually healing.”
– She clearly states she got her horses back in April.  It is now nearly October and they still have infected cuts on their legs, blistered skin and elf boots.


Infected laceration on mare’s leg taken at rescue


Meanwhile, sand colicked horses were doing better (and all horses were on feeders….got a few from some nice people by way of local radio classified ads….to keep them from eating on sand). Old stallion continued to go downhill and I called vet regarding putting him down….was told price and that it would be required to be paid in full at the time including disposal fee if done at the clinic. I had just put almost $1500 into getting a new pump, pressure tank, generator to get water on the place (other than pond for the mares)….was hauling about 1000 gallons a day for the penned horses for the first two months I was there.”

– I do not know of a single vet that wouldn’t put the horse down if it was suffering.  I’m wondering if there was an issue with outstanding bills  Even so, why not call a neighbor, animal control, or rescue for assistance doing the right thing for this horse?


“Should have had $ for putting him down early Aug….and then my sister died….colon cancer and went downhill much more rapidly than anticipated. Put horses, tack, harnessing, carts, blankets, etc for sale, begged for work, had fliers around town, even put them on Craigslist. I had $ for feed (buying 40 or more bales of 105-115 lbs each every week) but not for additional things that all came at one time.”

– I really have no comment on this.  I don’t live anywhere near Nevada so not sure if any of this was done.  All I do know is that the people that came forward since this happened, have said she wanted to put her prices up on the horses as soon as anybody showed interest.


“Lots of things very wrong with this whole thing. Nevada brand inspectors actually taking part in seizure (head inspector said this was not to be done) and one (Deveny Nelson) posted within an hour of leaving my place to the “rescue” that she had a big bunch (can’t remember exact wording…have a screen shot saved) for the rescue…using her position as brand inspector to hustle for a rescue? She belongs to several animal rights groups.”

– Yup, it’s always the fault of AR people.  Nevermind the neglect and abuse, it’s a conspiracy by the AR people…


“She’s also posted that the place was a dump, that there were a lot of feral cats (not one seen in any sheriffs dept photos and unlikely to live well with the high coyote population around here)….yes….weedy and lots of trash…had been vacant/abandoned for almost 2 years with racoons, a single cat (one was all I saw) and some birds living in the open house when I took the place. Perimeter fence good but cross fencing/pens a joke…..I’ve raked and burned almost 4 acres, put up my pens (smallest 12 x 12…”too small”….with others ranging from 12 x 16 to 18 x24 for single horses and 32 x 46 for a couple of mares penned together).”

– I just want to remind everybody that there were THIRTY FOUR horses on this small place.  Now she says that the house was open and had no electricity.  I’m wondering why social services haven’t intervened on her behalf?  This clearly does not sound like a place fit to live for any living creature.  She also does have a lot of cats.  She breeds and sells rag doll cats.  She even has a Facebook page for that operation.


“Deputies approached with “concern about old stallion”….had my permission, request that he be put down as they told me they had resources to help out owners. Took him and kept him from Friday to at least Tues and possibly to Wed of the next week (I’ve not been told when he was put down and vet testified that he didn’t know when or which of the vets in his clinic did the deed). Dr David Faught of Lahontan Valley Vet Clinic (which which I had a client relationship and an earlier billing dispute this last spring) “assessed” the horses…..did not put a hand on a single one, was there maybe 20-25 minutes, testified a week ago that he didn’t need to touch to do a BCS, that visual was enough and that there were no horses above a 3 on the place. When asked about specific horses he said he couldn’t remember without a photo (which I had been prevented from taking once they were off the place).”

– Admits to the billing dispute with vet here.  The following is a picture she took of the horses after they were seized from a distance.  They don’t appear to be skeletal, but you also can’t see their feet or legs from the distance either. She has since taken her website down, but the pictures always cut the feet off the horses.


“Mares/fillies were hauled together with stallion(s) and brand inspector said they were separated at the sales yard…..not true as there are photos of 3.5 year old stallion and 1.5 year old colts with the mares and fillies in one pen.  Horses were immediately free fed high quality alfalfa (sales yard feeds mostly cattle so much of the hay is probably dairy quality)….if the horses were truly in a starvation condition this would likely have killed at least several of them.”

– I would appear that starvation was not the primary reason for seizure, although that does not mean they weren’t headed that way.  Should the authorities waited until they were actually dropping dead?


“NV law says clearly that a horse sold to cover a board bill must go through a board lien foreclosure process…..bill to the owner with 30 days to pay it, certified letter to notify of intent to foreclose, publication in three places in the county for 10 days plus one publication in local paper and sale to be held not less than 10 days nor more than 15 days after publication. No more horses can be sold than to cover the board bill…any oversale money goes to the owner (for example…10 horses, board bill of $450, 5 horses selling for $100 would be the max allowed to be sold with remainder of horses and $50 oversale to go to the owner).  Owner also has option of having independent appraisal and the lien holder to take horses based on that appraisal to cover the bill with remaining horses to go back to the owner.  “

– I’m not exactly sure what Nevada law is as far as horses that have been confiscated or seized.  Although, there is board and vet bills accumulating on these horses daily so it’s probably digging a hole she’s never going to get out of.


“Now add in the legal obligation of the DA’s office and the sheriffs office to maintain “evidence” and to make the evidence available to the defence in a criminal matter to be examined directly…..and the horses are no longer available.”

– Which may also explain why the rescue is unable to field any adoption offers for these horses right now?


Hind foot of Mare “19” after two inches were taken off

As of right now, all the mares and babies are at Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue in Wells.  I believe the colts and stallions will be moved by tomorrow.  I’ve read a lot of people trashing this rescue and it’s chair.  From what I understand this is a relatively new rescue.  Personally, I’ve never heard of them good or bad.  I’ve seen accusations that they’re breeding horses, they can’t handle the numbers, adoption fees are too high etc.  I guess, I’m of a wait and see attitude about it. There has certainly been enough publicity around these horses that people will be watching closely.  I can’t see that they’ve done anything wrong to this point as the horses were released to them.  I have no problem with them asking for donations.  Anybody that ends up with over 30 extra mouths to feed almost overnight would do the same.  There are virtually no rescues sitting around with the capacity to take on that many horses.  They have a huge task ahead of them given the condition of some of the horses and I certainly wish them the very best.  If people truly care about the animals involved, I would think they would either step up and donate or get out of the way and let these people try to save these horses.  Prior to NNER stepping up, they were headed nowhere good and they certainly were not being properly cared for with Dorothy Robertson.  Remember, Dorothy was a very vocal supporter of slaughter.  I’ll leave you with a quote she made back in March:

“It would be just devastating to me but I think also to the Paint performance world if these mares were to go to slaughter.”

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Well, as predicted Slaughterhouse Sue has fully recovered from her DC field trip and has returned to Facebook to fan the flames of apathy over at The United Horsemen.  My crystal ball has been very accurate this week so far.  We have a few newsy things from Suey and she has somehow found the time to write another dissertation on how super awesome horse slaughter would be.  I’m still trying to finish my own dissertation on how super awesome it would be if asstards were not allowed internet connections, but that will have to wait for another day….

“On Saturday, October 6th, I will be speaking in Colorado at the Colorado Horsemen’s Conference on “Building a Better Future for the Horse Industry.”

My presentation will be about about how we need to rebuild the industry from the bottom up, and that the way we restore value to all horses, is to make sure that every horse, especially those that are unsuitable or unwanted for other purposes, retain their inherent dignity and value. As we all know, when horses have value, they get cared for. I will talk about the efforts of the processing industry to ensure that horses are handled humanely and safely at every stage. And what the world will hopefully look like once we have had a year or two to return things to normal…(full of healthy, well-cared for horses, and horse people with plenty of opportunity). “



Ok, I have a few problems with this.  *shocking*  For one thing, is this really the best that the Colorado Horse Council can do as far as getting an `expert’ to come in and talk about `Building a Better Future for the Horse Industry’?  Despite what my haters would like to believe, I am industry and I would want a respected member of the industry to address this topic, rather than a backwoods bumpkin whose only interest in the `industry’ is to put a horse on every dinner plate in the USA and line her own pockets with the profits.  WTF?  If that’s too tough to find, why not at least track somebody down that owns a single horse?   How is anything Slaughterhouse Sue has to say about the `industry’ even credible given the fact she has not for one single day made her living from horses nor does she own any. I don’t want to hear the whole `but her family raises horses’ BS either.  I have two siblings that are doctors and that doesn’t qualify me to give you a rectal exam.  She wants a year or two of slaughter to `return things to normal’.  Suey, you’ve had 40 years of slaughter to make it work and it never has.  You still have asstards like Dorothy Robertson (see previous blog) hoarding and neglecting her livestock and she SUPPORTS slaughter. There was nothing preventing her from shipping her horses to slaughter other than her own delusions and greed.  How are you going to fix that?  Is there anybody other than the three remaining UH supporters and her dedicated ass barnacles that even buy this crap anymore?

Guess what?  Ole Suey wasn’t finished yet.  She donned her Unified Equine Business Association hat and compiled a comprehensive report entitled, ” The Promise of Cheval” to submit to Congress and the USDA claiming to be an accurate representation of the `majority’ of the horse industry.  In Suey’s cover letter she states:

“These so-called animal rights advocates seek to demolish what is left of a beleaguered horse industry, and will only result in the increased suffering of horses. Worse, if the animal rights agenda prevails it will spell the eventual death knell to horses as a genetically diverse and viable domestic species. It is the position of the International Equine Business Association members and supporters that extremist animal rights organizations do not have a vested interest in either the welfare of horses, or the people who seek to make their livings with them, and as such, should have no standing in determining proper animal welfare, or the regulation of the horse business.”

I think that paragraph right there should fast-track the following report into the majority of circular files belonging to the people it gets sent to.  She can’t seem to wrap her mind around the fact that many, if not most, anti-slaughter advocates are not affiliated with PETA or any organized animal rights group.  We just love and respect horses and don’t want to see them tortured. As an industry person that does make my living with horses, I do have a vested interest in seeing that we do not encourage further neglect, abuse and over production by bringing back slaughter.  Suey also disqualifies herself by saying that if you don’t have a vested interest in the welfare of horses or make your living with them, you should have no standing in determining their proper welfare or regulation.  Hmmmm.  Or, how about this?  If you don’t get a say in whether there is slaughter or not, your tax dollars don’t have to go towards it!  Can’t have it both ways, Suey!  At any rate, the following report is long, boring and filled with all the skewed `facts’ and figures she always falls back on.  You can read it for yourself here: (http://ieqbassn.com/the-promise-of-cheval/)

I wish I could tell you these were the only two efforts from the Grand Dame of Slaughter this week, but I can’t.  The International Equine Business Association also sent out a newsletter with an attached survey.  It’s also available on their website : (http://ieqbassn.com/survey/).  Before I get into picking it apart, you should probably realize the survey is via Constant Contact (http://www.constantcontact.com/online-surveys/index.jsp). It’s not exactly scientific or even accurate. Anybody can get a free trial from them or get a survey for as little as $15/month.   I would guess that it’s not a bunch more accurate than a Facebook poll, but maybe they’ll get a pie chart out of the deal and we all know that pie charts are really impressive and mean that the data is super-duper important.  The preface to the survey promises….”At long last, companies are responsibly and ethically bringing products to the market. Imported and animal food products are available now. Domestically produced meat for home, restaurant, ethnic, and specialty markets will likely be available within the next few months.”  That’s pretty optimistic given the current pro vs anti climate on slaughter.  Anyhow, go take the survey if you desire. It’s carefully worded to draw you further in, so just read carefully.  The IEBA doesn’t really want us anti types to take it as evidenced by this statement:

“Feel free to forward to networks of horse industry organisations who understand the benefit of a properly managed equine meat industry, to working dog and pet animal groups, fur farmers, zoo and big cat sanctuaries. Also if you have friends who appreciate great food, are adventurous eaters, or are afficiandos of the slow food/gourmet/artisanal meat/locavore/celebrity chef scene…please include them. We will be sharing with a number of ethnic communities who have come forward already, excited about the prospect of their traditional favorites readily available right here in the United States.”

Are you ready for some good news?  Seems there is a little snag in the plan to open up the super slaughter-house, college, rescue, rehab, training centre, hair salon, micro brewery, in Oregon.  If you recall, Douchebag Duquette appropriated 234 acres near Hermiston, Oregon through a California company on which they planned to launch their flagship operation.  Seeing as that’s D-bag’s  home town, you’d think he’d have garnered some warm fuzzies and good will long ago.  Apparently not.  That land is only zoned for farm use and there is no water rights for his intended use.  Oops!  Even though it would be outside the city limits, officials are in opposition to this project and it would be up to a county commissioner to address the zoning issues.  Seems that there has been no application to change the zoning as of yet. I guess this wasn’t the `big thing’ Holy Theresa assured us D-bag was working after all.  (http://www.ktvz.com/news/Lawyer-Hermiston-horse-slaughter-plant-lacks-zoning/-/413192/16736582/-/kgh5bsz/-/index.html)

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a VERY busy and interesting week.  I’m still waiting to hear some updates on the Nevada horses beyond the fact that they have all been removed by a rescue and are currently getting the care and treatment they need.  Hopefully, there will be something solid to report by the week’s end.  There has been some word that charges may be pending, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.  Also in light of a rather epic hissy fit that went on today, I may have a big reveal towards the end of the week.  Or not…..we’ll see.  I just want to leave you with this YouTube that was sent to me.  I truly wish I could take credit for it, but I can’t.  I laughed so hard I cried….Whoever made this is brilliant!  Thanks for making my day!



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If you’ve been following along on the horse slaughter issue at all I’m sure you’ve heard a common PSA stance that if we don’t want horse slaughter, then all us anti people should just take in all the unwanted horses.  Never mind the fact that many of us have our own horses and make a point of not contributing to the slaughter pipeline, nor do we hoard, breed irresponsibly, or otherwise go over the limits of personal finances or time.  The fact we think slaughter is wrong means it’s up to us to pick up the slack for all the assholes that can’t use common sense or financial responsibility as it pertains to animal husbandry.  Not sure about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of hearing that.  Once again, there has been a large seizure of horses and that’s not happy news.  Even though the horses belonged to a UH PSA, I’m finding zero amusement in this particular situation.  The PSA first reached out for help on the UH page back in March of this year.  This is a long story, so you best grab your coffee or whatever sustains you and settle in…

“In less than a month my little ranch is going to be in a foreclosure sale if I can’t find a way to bail it out. That means selling some/most of my horses which I’ve been trying to do for about 6 months now…with one sold. If the sale takes place the horses, dogs, cats and I will all be homeless. I’ve worked long and hard and put a lot of money into building a herd with the kind of bloodlines that would make the kind of foals I think/hope will sell to competitive people wanting to show horses. Yes, I’m one of the dreaded breeders…..who has had very few foals over the last several years and realized with the market that they would likely have to be held until they were two or older and started under saddle. I was good with that. Then one disaster after another came along including some health issues that have gotten worse over the last couple years and will require surgery to fix. I can still do the ground work but am not riding. Job loss and lousy renters that took 7 months to get out of the extra house meant no money to send horses out to a trainer. I’m not asking an arm and a leg for the young stock. And I’m working hard to find a way to keep the mare herd intact for the most part….a few are for sale while the rest are available for on-site leasing for breeders who don’t want to buy, ship and then breed and then perhaps decide to not use the mare and have to sell her. The leases cover her costs which would have to be done if she was bought so there is some savings. I’m asking for help from the horse community….if you know of someone who wants a nicely bred young horse for a project or would love to get a foal from a well bred mare and can’t find one or doesn’t want to buy and keep one forever have them contact me. Things are getting scarey and I do not want to send daughters, sisters, granddaughters of world champions to slaughter in a couple more weeks.”
This is the first instance of this person reaching out to the United Horsemen for help.  The same group that mobilized a work party to bail Nancy Skakel’s sorry ass out of trouble when her horses were seized and she was charged with neglect and cruelty.  Anyhow, our current PSA in trouble has some suggestions made to her by fellow PSAs, but she wanted to maintain some control over the situation I guess.
“.I know this sounds really bad…..but giving away horses is a really bad idea around here. I just can’t see giving daughters and sisters of world champions to someone to breed mules with. Or try to make into a barrel horse at the age of 15 when she’s been a broodie for her entire life. I truly would rather see them go to slaughter than some of the things that happen to free horses….at least it would be quick.”
–  Keep this statement in mind.  It’s going to be quite chilling when we get to current events.
“I suggest if you get to that point of sending quality stock to slaughter, you turn to your UH group and ask for assistance in finding them REPUTABLE homes. We may be able to ask for rescue transport assistance. There are fates worse than death, BUT you have a group of people around you who would likely work with you to take these horses on. Trust those in your circle and offer these guys free to people you KNOW.”
– Ok there’s a vague offer of help.  I’m not sure of the sincerity of it, but it’s there.
“I’ve been asking for help for several months now (and working at selling horses for over a year since the job disappeared) and a few people have made suggestions that have been helpful but what I hear most is that I should just give them away. That sounds almost like the anti-slaughter folks rhetoric to me (give us your free horses). And frankly, giving them away doesn’t do much except take them off the feed bill…I need to SELL some in order to keep the ranch from going into sale and myself going homeless. I am feeding them….and if I loose my home I’ll find a way to continue to feed them if I have to find a bare patch of desert and throw a hot wire around it and haul hay and water….and live in my truck to do it…summers coming and it won’t be cold again until late October.”
– Remember this was back in March.  She’s going to do what it takes to feed these animals and she doesn’t want to give any away.
“…if it comes down to it I can keep some for you, no charge. I have acrage and hay. I just can’t keep the studs, I have more than I need of my own. When you get back on your feet you can come get them.I dont know if that will help and I have no problem signing any legal document stating they are yours so you don’t think they would go down the road.””
– There’s a firm offer of assistance.  I have no idea whether or not it was accepted.  This same person expressed interest in working a deal for one of the young horses as well.  Again, I have no clue whether or not she was taken up on her offers.
After a few other offers were thrown out, some of the PSAs actually attempted to talk some sense into this person.  No, they weren’t our usual suspects, but PSAs just the same…
“At a $1000 that’s a tuff sale in this market with their breeding. You can buy REALLY nice horses threw sales at $800-5000 and they don’t even come close to the stud fee. I would list them on Craigslist in surrounding states but realistically you will get like $200-500 maybe $750 for them. I would do dream horse, Craigslist, fb sale pages and just mark them low So they will go”
– Sounds reasonable enough?
“I don’t know why you think these are such poorly bred horses. I don’t want to get into it but damn….world champion, NRHA Open and limited open, NRHA Bronze, for sires….there are a lot of QH’s out there without that good of a sire that are selling. Or PCCHA fut. finalist, John Wayne Derby finalist, NRCHA COA….these aren’t good enough? Do you have any idea how few Paints have anything like this on their papers? Do you have Docs Hickory on papers on your Paints….or Doc Bar? I am willing to sell for lowered prices but am NOT giving away these bloodlines. In many of them a grandson or granddaughter is as close as you can get to the big QH names in the Paint world…many of those horses were NEVER bred to Paint mares at all. There are maybe a half dozen Paint grandsons of Doc Bar in the world today.”
– Your horses are worth exactly what somebody else is willing to pay for them.  Nothing less, nothing more.
“I’m not saying their not nice any horse can be nice but 1 paints don’t bring much money 2 they are bred decent but not high dollar bred. if you really want to get of your pickle then they need realistic price tags.”
– Again, this is sound advice.  This woman is about to lose her ranch and ability to feed them.  She needs to get some horses off her feed bill somehow.
“.Paints have traditionally brought less $ as they have also traditionally had less in the way of breeding. Some of us are working at changing that by incorporating the best QH lines we can find and afford with the top of the Paint performance lines. I don’t expect top QH prices but I do expect to be above meat price when the pedigree for working is there. There probably aren’t a lot of Paints out there from daughters of Boon Bar…and in foal to $ earning son of Lenas Sugarman out of a SCO daughter. The young stallion here….is a homozygous tobiano whose pedigree is entirely QH with the exception of one line to color both top and bottom…and that goes through Delta, the first Paint in the NCHA Hall of Fame and dam of a Superstakes winner. That may not count for much in your world but in the Paint world….that’s decent. And since he’s HZ it means I can find the very well bred QH mares and get colored foals with good breeding….such as the Docs Stylish Oak/Nu Cash granddaughter I have (both sire and dam are $ earners) or the double Docs Hickory (and her daughter by Slamin Doors, a Haida’s Little Pep out of a SLL daughter). I think those pedigrees will stand up to even some of the most critical of QH breeders.”
– None of this PSA’s horses are broke to ride.  While her dream is admirable, there comes a time to cut bait and face up to the reality of the current situation.
Ok, remember this all went on back in March of this year.  She has clearly stated she would rather see her horses go to slaughter rather than give them away, yet has shown resistance to lowering her prices or having just anybody buying these horses.  She also stated that she was prepared to live in her truck in order to keep these animals fed if it came to that.  In May she posted that she had found an acreage to rent for herself and her animals but was still looking to sell or lease a few out.  She did mention that water would need to be hauled, but there was a `pond’ for the horses to drink out of.   Late in June, I posted another quote from this PSA from the HFA page.
Ranch in foreclosure and I’m moving….can’t take them all with me.  Priced from $1 to $750. Some registered, some not, some can be and have paperwork ready.  Yearlings to 5 year old.  Some have been saddled/bridled but I can no longer ride and can’t afford trainer.  Well bred for cattle work….bloodlines include Doc Quixote, Doc O’Lena, Docss Hickory, QT Poco Streke, Ris Key Business, Smoke N Cotton, Broadway Doc, Docs Muchacho and others….on papers or three generation pedigrees for the couple not registerable.

Out of time, money, hay….keeping only the very core of the breeding program
– Seems she had finally decided to lower her prices, but it turns out that `some’ aren’t even registered and can’t be.  Yet, this PSA still wants to keep her breeding program up and running.  She has lost her farm, she does not have a job and she has `health issues’, but intends to keep right on breeding.  She has mares in foal for next year.  There is no mention that she has shipped any to slaughter or sold many, if any.  I would suspect the situation is getting quite dire at this point.  Last week this was posted all across the net…
“Long long story…..end result…..34 horses taken without search warrant, without seizure warrant, no show cause that I can clearly see. Deputies came in with statement that they would help in getting an old, ill horse put down….local vet refused care unless I had full amou

nt in hand (his office staff…he didn’t talk with me directly…”busy, he can’t take call” from staff). Horse was ill last winter, got better, got sick again, got better, moved, did not tolerate being confined in pen (used to 20 acres and running in bachelor herd with buddies), got sick again, mild colic (treated for possible sand..new place is a sand pile), got better, sore front foot, blew abscess out of coronet, got better, got sore again, treated with epsom salt soaks, antibiotics, bute, omeprazole for possible ulcers, lots of feed (eating approx 30 lbs alfalfa a day in hay plus sr feed, calf manna, oil)….began loosing wt seriously about mid July. Decision made early Aug to put him down as soon as I had money to do so….on radio classifieds trying to sell stuff, find extra work etc, horses on there as well and on Dreamhorse, Craigslist etc….no buyers anywhere. Deputy out July 1 on anonymous complaint and found no neglect….one or two slightly thin (including sick older horse and two that had strangles prior to moving down here and two that had sand colicked almost on arrival here) and some yearlings with needed hoof trims….needed help in doing them as they arent yet trained to stand tied and nothing here really strong enough to risk them pulling back against). Said he did followups a couple times and saw no changes that looked like neglect but did not come on property to see pens (not visible from road) could only see pasture with binoculars. Sister died in Aug. and that took some time/attention/money. Buying 40 bales (105-110 lbs each or slightly more) a week……around 4200-4400 lbs of hay a week…nice alfalfa. Feeding 34 head an average of about 640 lbs a day (some are yearlings and most adults are 14.2 sized so not 1100-1200 lb animals). On 9/6 I got home to a note from deputy (placed on house door….had to climb over fence….gate locked) that they had an anonymous complaint regarding horses and please call. I did so. Told that they would be out to see in the a.m. When they got here they said they understood that there was a sick animal…I said yes, that I was trying to gather the $ to put him down, that $ resources were somewhat depleted by having to buy generator, pump and pressure tank for well and for sisters final expenses and they said they had resources and could help me. Came in, looked at all horses (still a few thin ones…..had been sand treated, pulled out of herd and were being fed extra to regain lost wt….and 3 that needed feet done…helper on vacation and would help upon return in several more days at end of the weekend). Said they would have vet out to help with putting old stud down. I agreed and gave verbal permission. Vet called….same one whose office refused services more than a month earlier (only one full time large animal vet clinic here….one other that comes in occasionally and I wasn’t aware of him at that time). Vet did NOT put the horse down, did not do hands on assessement of horses, said entire herd malnourished and recommended impounding all. I got as many photos as I could but ran out of battery power. Loaded them (including sick guy) into stock trailer and hauled them about 5 miles away to sales yard. Took until about 10pm and they hauled mares with stallions, long yearling colts/fillies together, were going to haul adult breeding stallions together as well. No receipt, no charges of neglect, no arrest. Sunday a deputy came by and gave me a notice of seizure listing the horses with very brief descriptions (some so vague as to not be able to ID the horse and including the description of a gelding….there was no gelding here…..and a roan mare…no roans here…..descriptions via NV Dept of Ag brand inspectors. Notice included info that the horses were at the sales yard where a $5/head/day board fee was being charged under a “limited lien” (only thing I can find says they can only charge board for up to 14 days). Notice said a hearing scheduled on Wed, 9/12 to determine if the horses were to be sold, put to sleep or turned over to an officer to do with as he saw fit. Says the cause of seizure was the horses were malnourished and in poor environment. Notice was not dated or timed regarding service….I insisted the officer do so and he reluctantly did it (and signed) when I pointed out that without date/time of service I could claim I didn’t get it at all….or just hours before the hearing. On Tuesday, 9/11, a deputy again climbed over my fence to present me (I was in the house which sits about 300 feet back from the road/gate, reading a book and cooling off after doing some outdoor work…scared the bejesus out of me when he banged on the door) with a form requesting my permission to have the old stallion put down. I told him I couldn’t give permission as it was not clear if I still owned the horses or not since the brand inspectors were on site on Friday when they were taken….brand inspection is used for a change in ownership here. Told him they had my permission, in fact, had my request that the horse be put down on Friday and the vets statement it was needed immediately….that they had held off doing this for 4 days in order to accomplish it on the day the sale yard is open to the public and doing so on Tues would garner them a lot of publicity….that they needed to go to the court for a court order to put him down. Wed. 9/12 was the hearing….at this they claimed that the horses were starved and in poor condition, that the pond on the property was not adequate for watering the field horses (never mind that horses have lived there and drank from that pond for over 20 years), that the 2 12×12 pens with single horses in them were too small, that the other pens (ranging from 12×16, 12×22, 12x 24 and 18×24) were also too small and that having three yearlings (remember that these are horses that mature to 14.2 or 14.3) in a 12 x 24 was far too crowded. They claimed no hay (there were photos of 14 bales ), no feed (two 33 gallon garbage cans with sr feed in one, alfalfa pellets in the other) and that the chewed on 20+ year old fence posts were evidence that the horses were eating wood due to starvation. I was still not charged with anything. I asked for more time to find legal assistance. Was accidently given a copy of photos that they took….they took no photos of any of the hroses in good condition..none, not a single one. Got a one week extension to today. Taking a short break….back in a few minutes.
OK….today……hearing to determine if horses should be sold, put down, handed to an officer to do as he sees fit. Still no charges against me. Threw them a slight curve last week with info that two of the horses they took were leased by me. During the week I found a number of things. One is that the ONLY neighbor who can see my back field and pens is also one who has tried to divert water from the ditch that feeds the pond (it is run off/tail water from irrigation system) to water his back 5 acres and raise a herd of meat goats (he has no irrigation rights….what you need to have..ie…pay for…to irrigate more than maybe a yard sized patch)….and his wife works for sheriff’s dispatch. He CLAIMS he nor wife are behind this and that in fact his wife just accidently heard a discussion at a restaurant in Reno (60 miles away) from a woman at a table behind her saying she had been to Fallon to see some horses for sale and they were all starving to death…..wife reportedly turned and asked “where in Fallon” and was given my location. Interesting….I’ve had no women from Reno and only one woman at all out to see horses in the last 2 months. There is a religious group here whose members hold many if not most e positions of authority including high positions in sheriffs office, many other spots, justice of the peace, judges etc. My neighbor is also a member. Don’t know if that’s significant or not. During the week I tried to get an attorney….was told that since I had no charges filed against me there really wasn’t a case for them to take on. Also told my one that this sort of thing would never happen to him “because my family has been here for over 100 years and the law is not equally enforced here”…..that’s a quote. Got some photos of the horses yesterday….and they are running a 3 1/2 year stallion and 3 long yearling stallions with the mares and long yearling fillies. Deputies today couldn’t remember a lot of stuff, had only their opinion (and no training) regarding whether or not horses were neglected. Was told by Justice of the Peace and assistant DA that since I had no attorney and was acting in my own defence (for what? no charges filed!) I would have immunity for anything I said. I took this as an offer to become meek and mild and apologetic and cry some and maybe get some of my animals back. Not happening. So….it got interesting with lots of stuff….vet couldn’t remember any of the horses that were above a 3 unless I could refresh his memory with a photo (they didn’t take any and I ran out of battery early on in this and the ones taken yesterday at the sales yard were “too far away, I can’t tell what condition they are in”). Vet admitted that a horse that sand colicked could loose dramatic amounts of wt and that after treatment and refeeding it could take several months for them to regain and that that situation was not neglect. He didn’t know when the old horse was put down or which vet in the clinic did so but admitted that something like cancer, internal abscesses from strangles or pigeon fever (both of which the stud had within the last 8-9 months), ulcers (possibly from confinement), foot abscesses etc could cause wt loss. Also claimed the horse was badly foundered in both front feet with rotation but no photos, no x-rays to prove it. Lots more stuff but upshot is that they are offering the horses to NE Horse Rescue (Elko, NV area I think) and those that don’t go there will be sold at the next available sale (could be later this afternoon or next Tues). When I was asked for a “final statement from the defence” I again pointed out I had not been charged with anything but that this hearing had apparently been a trial in front of a justice of the peace over whether or not my horses were neglected. This JP by the way, was previously a sheriffs dept employee…..in charge of the jail. And is running for office. When I asked the jp if the lien holder was going to follow the NRS regarding foreclosure of a board lien (has some notification and time line requirements) he slammed his gavel down and said that court was adjourned. Feel free to cross post this anywhere possible. This occured in Churchill County, NV, under sheriff Trotter and JP Mike Richards. The vet involved was Dr David Faught (trained at Washington State) of Lahontan Valley Vet Clinic. He testified that he didn’t have to do a hands on assessment of animals to determine body condition score, could not give the name of the developer of the BCS and said that “eyes on” is sufficient.”

– 34 horses were seized and in poor condition.  One horse in such bad condition it had to be put down right away and allegedly none of the horses above a 3 in body score.  At this point I’m not even sure where to place my outrage at this situation.  For sure I’m pissed at this PSA for letting things go this far by being completely stubborn and barn blind.  I’m pissed that the UH who claim to be all about helping each other didn’t step up and do anything meaningful when they claim that’s what they’re all about.  Rest assured, these assholes have plenty to say about this situation now….
“i read that and am not really sure on the whole deal… there is always two sides to a story, but anyway i look at this its not a good deal.. you cant just snatch peoples property and sell it… this is america, i would love to see pictures of the horses, i know dorothy has been over her head for awhile, she has some very well bred paints i studyied the pedigree’s when she was trying to sell them.. she was firm on her prices and was to high the market right now.. as you know brood mares are a dime a dozen.”
– I actually agree with this person.  There are two sides and I haven’t seen many current pictures of these horses either.  There is no way they could have just taken her horses without warning or proper investigation.
“I have been an expert witness on several unjustified seizures, now. Win or lose the owner is on the hook for huge bills! Even if innocent! So far they have all been older single women with 20-100 horses….”
– Unless you are wealthy enough to afford the staff, no SINGLE person should ever have 20-100 horses, especially an older single woman.  WTF?
“i feel very sorry for her-she mentions it in passing but can you imagine having your sister pass away in the middle of this? where is the compassion from the authorities?”
– Where was your compassion for this person before things got away from her?  Where is your compassion for the animals that were starving and neglected?
“She has done nothing wrong! Where is the outrage from the world?
– Oh trust me, I’m very outraged right now.  I’m outraged on several levels….
“NOBODY has the right to come in and take your property just because they “think” you aren’t handling it/them correctly. This is outrageous.”
– Turns out they can.  I’ve said it a million times before, horses are not inanimate objects that you can do whatever the hell you want with.  There are laws to protect them from neglect and cruelty…property or not.
“There is more to this than overzealous law enforcement. Horses wouldn’t have been taken like this. Almost impossible to get them to do anything, in any state, even when horses are laying down and dying of starvation right in front of them, so if they seized them? It was bad.If you aren’t caring for your animals, or your family, someone needs to step in. If you don’t have the money to care for them, feed them, or vet them, you don’t need them.

And she has been in trouble a while now too, and kept breeding horses, when it was clear the economy was going down in the horse market. If you can’t sell the ones already on the ground, QUIT BREEDING.”

– I feel like I have just found a living unicorn or the lost city of Atlantis!  An actual PSA with common sense and clarity!  WOW!
“But who are you, XXXX – or anyone else for that matter- to tell her how to live her life? It’s nobody’s business but her own. It’s no different than me trying to tell you, “Well you already have 5 horses, you don’t need to breed another one, so I’m going to call law enforcement and tell them to come take all your horses away because you have a problem.” Whether or not you and I agree with how she’s handling her herd, it is her own business.”
– I bet this PSA has posters of Crazyass Steve King AND Michael Vick on her bedroom walls.
“She didn’t have any bred until sheriff put studs with mares…”
– Yup, she did have bred mares prior to seizure unless all the ones she bred this spring slipped their foals due to malnutrition.
“deputies climbed her fence to inspect the property the gate was locked and she was away. Deputies know nothing about horses or animal abuse cases by their teestimony in court.….

Took no pictures of the horses seized, no descriptions of ALL seized naimals. Said one was foundered-no pictures (proof). Said there wer maggots-no proof….. They pick on easy targets-single women-Robyn Vess, Parkinson, several other women…..”
– What was she hiding behind locked gates?  Our gates are open nearly all the time except when I remember to go up and close them at night.

One of the rescued horses with skin blistering off it

One of the rescued babies…

Feet of the above filly…



As of right now, there is a Paypal account set up to send Dorothy Robertson, the accused,  money and a few UH people are allegedly trying to help her out.  The county sheriff involved in the seizure of these horses said that some had feet grown out so far they were having trouble walking and all were malnourished, some severely so.  I’ll leave some news links at the bottom for you to look at.  There is a rescue currently involved called Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue and they are already taking some heat from the PSAs on Facebook.  While I find this to be a very sad situation, I’m extremely pissed off.  PSAs, including the one involved in this mess all tell us slaughter beats starvation.  Dorothy vowed to ship her horses to slaughter within a few weeks all the way back in spring.  Yet, here we are near the end of September and they are starving and dying with elf boots for feet.  I guess her promise to live in her truck in order to keep them fed was just playing for the crowd?  We are supposed to feel bad because she lost her sister during all this upheaval.  Well, I’ve lost people near and dear to me over the years and had my own share of trials and tribulations as well and do you know what?  Not once did my animals ever go hungry or suffer neglect during those times.  She also had 34 head of horses on 10 acres with no running water.  WTF??????

While Dorothy says the horse that was euthanized was an older stallion who had sand colic early and she had asked for somebody to euthanize him, Monte Bruck from the Livestock Exchange, where the animals are currently being held,  stated “It was starved to death. It was the worse case I’ve ever seen.” None of this should have come as any surprise to her since she was given a warning from sheriff deputies on July 1st of this year about the condition of some of her horses and their feet and one was taken and euthanized at that point.  News report here if you watch the linked video: (http://www.kolotv.com/home/headlines/More-Starving–Neglected-Horses-169555346.html).  She refused to give any away or lower her prices beyond what she felt was her due and now we have a glut of horses likely heading to either a kill buyer or rescue.  Somehow this is going to be spun into a reason we need slaughter, but this PSA ,who supports slaughter, did not avail herself of that option.  This is classic hoarding and abuse and a slaughter-house in every state is never going to prevent this crap from happening.  This is the manifestation of a mental illness and now a bunch of innocent horses are going to pay the price.  Dorothy Robertson and all her little champions over on the United Horsemen page should be ashamed of themselves.

One of the seized horse’s feet





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Sorry for the spotty post schedule lately.  It’s certainly not because the PSAs have dialed down the crazy or become any more enlightened.  It’s just a hellishly busy time of year here in the real world and Mother Nature has been a huge bitch the past little while.   Anyhow, I thought we would take a quick peak in with our PSA buddies to tide y’all over til Friday’s festivities.

Slaughterhouse Suey has made her triumphant return from her Washington DC field trip with Mindy`Puppymill’ Patterson just in time to fan the flames of paranoia and conspiracy amongst the ever dwindling UH loyalists.  They were hanging with Crazyass Steve King and Annette Sweeney from Iowa.  Just a reminder, both the Iowa peeps are all about the puppymills and Big Ag asshattery.  Quite the little clutch of animal haters for sure.  The PSAs are really fortunate to have such awesome individuals leading their charge.  Suey took the time to throw a few biscuits out at the UH upon her return.

“We are wrapping up a great week in D.C. this morning. Mindy Patterson just headed to the airport, Annette Sweeney is spending the weekend with friends before she heads back, I’ve got a couple more visits on the Hill and will be on the plane this afternoon. Last night we had dinner with Congressman Steve King, Iowa…what an outstanding champion for agriculture and common sense! He is in a tough race with the wife of the former Governor of Iowa, now Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack’s wife Christy. She moved into his district and rented an apartment–that’s right, she isn’t even bothering to invest in the community she seeks to represent. Speaks loads about her committment, I would say. If you are in Iowa, or you have resources to help Rep. King, it would be an excellent place to focus your efforts! Rep. Cynthia Lummis took time out of her evening to stop by and visit with us, as well. She is another great champion of animal owners and agriculture”

– Yes, Crazyass King is all kinds of awesome.  Just to refresh your memory on him, you can read this entry (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/slaughterhouse-sue-finds-her-soulmate/)All you really need to know about Crazyass, is pretty much an equal opportunity hater.  He hates animals, gays, and people that use birth control because he thinks that’s the same thing as abortion.  I also find it funny how Suey is all pissed about Christy Vilsack’s community commitment due to her lack of investment, when Suey is basically all about her own pockets.  I guess Suey can afford to stump for Crazyass King since her constituency is basically made up of her own clan that don’t seem to have a lot of forks in the family tree.


“Yesterday morning we had a good meeting at USDA, and I am happy to report that we have what I believe are strong commitments from the agency for a clear path forward in the horse business in the next couple of months. Nothing will happen in Washington D.C. until after the election. That is just the nature of the beast.

It has been a good and productive week! Now I need a couple of days to unwind and process everything that we have learned and accomplished.”

– So, basically tax payers paid for their little field trip and Crazyass King love fest and they didn’t really learn anything new?  Somebody elect me because my travel bills lately are atrocious!  Apparently, I need to be a little less `high maintenance’.

Now let’s move onto the righteous indignation portion of today’s discussion.  One of the UH PSAs decided to do his part and write his representative, Martin Heinrich imploring him to vote in opposition of the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.  He posted a portion of his letter… “I request that you vote in opposition to the the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 1176/H.R. 2966). Horse slaughter needs to be regulated in the U.S. and it is a very necessary method to help us control the horse overpopulation problem, caused by sick, infirmed, or just unwanted horses. …” So far, so good, right?  The hilarity comes in when this PSA received a form letter response that not only indicated that Heinrich had never actually read the letter, but he was pretty much anti-slaughter in his leanings.

“Thank you for contacting me regarding H.R. 2966, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011. Horses are an iconic part of the Western landscape, and I appreciate knowing your thoughts on this legislation.

Representative Dan Burton (IN-5) introduced H.R. 2966, which prohibit the shipping, transporting, moving, delivering, receiving, possessing, purchasing, selling, or donation of horses and other equines to be slaughtered for human consumption.

You will be pleased to know that I am a cosponsor of this legislation. H.R. 2966 was referred to the House Committees on Energy and Commerce and Agriculture. While I am not a member of this committee, I look forward to supporting legislation that will prevent the transport or sale of horses for human consumption.

Again, thank you for contacting me. For more information and additional details about legislation, please visit my website, http://heinrich.house.gov/. While you are there, you can also sign up to receive periodic updates on my work in Congress.

As always, I value your input and hope you will continue to keep me informed of the issues important to you.”


Now, I believe that this sort of thing happens all the time. That’s not to say we should stop writing letters and making our voices heard, but we also need to realize that there are people that handle the mail and depending on volume, the response isn’t going to be all that personal.  The hilarious part was the indignant comments that followed.

“He didin’t even read my email to see I was opposed to this regulation. Representative Heinrich is our enemy

– I’m actually kinda liking Heinrich right about now….


“Mr. Heinrich, one of your constituents, XXXXX, recently contacted you, urging you to vote against this irresponsible and completely out of touch with reality legislation, only to receive a generic response assuring him of how wonderful it is that you are actually a co sponsor of it. That, Sir, makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution. As a member of the horse industry, you know, the ones who actually do care for and about the horses, as well as spending a LOT OF MONEY providing for them so that they, in turn, contribute a LOT OF REVENUES into the economy…THAT HORSE INDUSTRY, I am PART OF THE SOLUTION. Another part of the solution will be to vote clueless legislators, such as yourself OUT OF OFFICE.”

– Yup, when all else fails threaten and insult the person you are trying to sway.  Works every time!


“It’s a canned response to add insult to injury. I got the same letter……..BTW, he is also a co-sponsor of the PUPS legislation. He’s AR all the way which is why HSUS had given him $3< towards his campaign and an approval rating of 80%”

– I bet he likes Bob Barker and Betty White too.  That bastard!


“There has been SEVERAL replies from legislators that have stated they are opposite of what we stand for-I am not sure if the staff are anti-slaughter and purposely change your e-mails or if they just dont read them. I try to phone and VERY EXPLICITLY make sure that they know I am PRO-slaughter and I also point out that it is a violation of my rights to tell me what I can/cant do with MY property, and I give the very simple solution-if people dont like slaughter, dont sell their horse to anyone who may take it to slaughter, and if they dont like me selling MY horse to slaughter, they can offer me more for my horse than the meat buyer…”

– Don’t these politicians realize how important these hillbilly PSAs are????  Why aren’t they taking eleventy billion calls a day?


“CALL EVERY SINGLE LOCAL OFFICE HE HAS AND TALK TO THE STAFFERS! I have had this happen to me too and that is what I do – they are damn sure where I stand when I get done chewing their ears. Guy told me that they get over a million emails A WEEK. No one is reading those.”

– All aboard the Crazy Train!  Next stop the Land of Entitlement!


“We are too quiet. There is not a doubt in my mind, of and kind, that we are the majority.

– I beg to differ….


“If the hacking into even the most highly secure military servers and accounts can be achieved by private sector geeks, who’s to say that the anti’s can’t hack congressional accts and intercept these emails? It’s “out there” but feasible. Also, all they need is for the staffers and interns of congress members to be antis, not the congress people, themselves. The staffers are the ones who send out the replies.”

– Seriously, coffee all over my laptop when I first read this.  I’m still laughing so hard I’m crying.  They found us out!  None of us own horses….we’re all computer hackers!


“we need to get organized and kill these bills. What other organizations and blogs can we contact to start a phone and letter writing campaign? I know of N’Tee Tobiano but that is about all. We also need to be known as something besides Pro-Slaughter, something like Caring Owners, Responsible Equines, or something else that doesn’t make us sound like blood thiristy rednecks.”

– I’m having trouble breathing at this point…..Yes, they should have NT lead the charge to get heard.  That will show all those Washington types and make them pay attention!  Now they don’t want to be known as Pros?  They want to disguise themselves as `Caring Owners’ and `Responsible Equines’?  I can’t make this stuff up!


This is just a teaser from our PSAs this week.  I have a feeling Friday will be epic if I can do it justice.   Keep up the good work everybody!

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Well, Slaughterhouse Sue popped out from under her bridge today to lay down another link and take a pot-shot at the HSUS.  Of course, she had NO comment on her recent set of lies.  I’m not sure if that’s because she thinks nobody notices or is just trying to brazen out.  I think somebody should tell all the journalists that have had to write that she was `unavailable for comment’ or not returning calls or emails to just slide on over to Facebook and ask their questions there.  Suey still won’t answer them but it may be amusing to watch the other bumblers try to cover for her…

Today’s article is from The Tennessean and they are still pissing and moaning about the testing going on at The Celebration. (http://www.tennessean.com/article/20120831/OPINION03/308310037/Humane-Society-business-itself-not-help-horses?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s&nclick_check=1)  As we are all aware, PSAs do not appreciate people making them treat their animals in humane fashion, so obviously this is one of the bigger frenzies they have whipped themselves into in weeks.  Their bitch with the HSUS is that they conduct lengthy investigations and don’t do anything to stop the abuse immediately.  Here’s a shocker…..I can almost see the point they are trying to make, but clearly they have no clue about what it takes to build a solid case.  You can go for the immediate arrest or sanction against one small player, or you can build a case and clean house.  They do it in undercover police work and`Kudo’ does it with ARM.  It’s not pleasant and I can’t imagine what these people see, but I suppose it’s for the greater good.  It’s an ethical grey area, but then again so is the filming of those National Geographic shows where you watch a pack of wolves take down their prey.  The photographer never interferes there either.   They need a lot of evidence to make a case and shut these types of activities down otherwise the associations will cry `isolated incident’ and continue on with their abusive ways.  Lord knows we’ve seen that happen in slaughter houses enough times even with the extensive and meticulous footage and documentation that has been gathered.


Getting back to Slaughterhouse Sue….Naturally she couldn’t post up a link without commentary.  I thought it would be fun to take a look at what she had to say about the article.

“The Humane Society of the United States is blowing into Tennessee to claim it is here to protect horses, but Tennesseans beware: This group is here to cause a ruckus and generate sensational headlines.

According to its website, the Humane Society exists to protect animals. But if that’s the case, then why is the organization’s favorite tactic to go undercover into establishments, watch the abuse of animals for months on end, and then release a fancy videotape and claim, “Look what we found? Abuse is really bad; please send money to the HSUS.”

– Apparently Suey thinks it would be better for them to burst into establishments with trumpets blaring to announce their arrival so that the abusers will have a chance to hide their activities.  It’s called case building.  It’s done all the time.  I guess asking for money to support the humane treatment of animals is bad and wrong when you should be giving all your disposable income to The UH so that they can slaughter and EAT these same animals.  So many choices to make these days….


“How can these people justify not stopping the abuse when they see it? For one reason: They don’t get any media attention or raise any money if they do. In other words, if the Humane Society doesn’t benefit from the abuse, it isn’t all that important…”

– Nice little spin she puts on things here.  Let’s see if I can frame this in terms that may penetrate her egocentric view of things.  If a USDA inspector walks onto a kill floor without warning and sees an employee abusing an animal, chances are that one employee will get fired even if it is the way the company handles all livestock.  There will be a low-level fall guy, the inspector can puff his chest out and say he did his job and the company can carry on torturing and abusing animals as they always have.  You can read this older entry on what actual slaughter workers had to say about this exact situation if you don’t believe me: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/death-dying-and-the-hand-that-delivers/)  Now, if you are sincere about your mission to stop the abuse and want to really make a difference, you may conduct an undercover investigation.  That will require you to establish a pattern of behavior.  That is done over time.  Remember that Suey promised that there would be intensive screening of all employees that were hired into her kill plants.  She didn’t say this because she was concerned about criminals or illegal immigrants taking up the jobs and being a detriment to the community, she was concerned that there would be animal rights people trying to get a job undercover and raising hell.  She KNOWS abuse goes on and she KNOWS it’s not acceptable to the general public.

In what alternate reality is this ever acceptable to do to a horse????


I realize the linked article is specifically about the HSUS involvement in this years Celebration, but I think that’s just a bunch of propaganda.  The bottom line is these horses are being horribly abused and something had to be done.  Clearly the TWHA was not effective in cleaning its own house, so other groups had to step up and make this public.  What I don’t understand is why all these PSAs that label themselves as `Animal Welfare’ people and horse lovers, would defend this abuse at all.  Notice I said I don’t understand, I am certainly not surprised.  Here’s another comment from a PSA on a different article on the Celebration and the inspections:

“What I see is one segment of our industry being attacked and the rest is either uninformed or standing by and allowing it to happen. As an industry, horseman need to stand up to abuse in the barns first and then the show ring. It must be self regulated because if they can go after one breed, who is to say they wont slip a regulation under the radar and start inspections at every show from 4-H to world shows. I for one would NOT show up to a show where someone with a less than stellar knowledge of the animal they are suppose to be inspecting is choosing whether or not my money is wasted! I for one never knew that the walking horse industry was being regulated as heavily as it is, up until all of the discussions on these pages.”

– Clearly self-regulation has never worked for these Big Lick Tennessee Walkers or they wouldn’t be in the mess they are in.  I’m glad this PSA feels she should run and hide from testing in other disciplines.  As I’ve mentioned, my industry has the strictest testing on both the horses and the horsemen of any.  If you have nothing to hide, it’s not really a big deal.  When you sign for your racetrack license you are finger printed and you sign a release that allows the  commission to search your vehicles, premises and whatever else they feel they need to if you’re under suspicion. I’ve seen it happen to other horsemen many times.  We used to refer to them as `shake-downs’ .   With no warning, they can come in and search your tackroom and every inch of your barn.  If they really want to be jerks, they can technically take it further.  The person that made this comment stated that she never really knew about the regulations prior to this uproar.  This is why the HSUS taking this to the media is a good thing.  The public needs to know and put pressure on these idiots so it will STOP.

Here’s another newsflash for the PSA crowd.  Not every anti-slaughter advocate is a blind follower of the HSUS.  Personally, I’m fairly neutral about them.  They do a lot of good and they say and do some things I kinda scratch my head over.  What they are good for is shining a spotlight on things and they have the money and power to fight big associations and companies that perpetuate the abuse on animals.  I see their involvement at The Celebration as a good thing.  The USDA does not have the money or mandate to do extensive undercover work for these types of things.  They can’t even keep up on the bare minimum of all they should be doing and are operating under budget cuts.  Shouldn’t we be in support of them doing whatever they have to in order to protect these animals?  Who else is going to step up and do it?

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What a week!  It just keeps getting better and better as far as finding things to point and laugh at.  I’ve actually had some concerns about getting it all covered in one blog entry, things have been so busy.  This is a really long entry this week, so grab some supplies and settle in because it’s time to get on with the festivities.  Once again, it’s Point and Laugh Friday…..brought to you by the letter `V’ for victory!

As usual we’re going to kick things off by checking in with the Matron of Morons, Slaughterhouse Sue.  It was another fairly quiet week for Suey.  One can only assume she is busy writing of her special brand of poetry that reads like Rainman wrote it or she’s still in a weakened state due to lack of carcinogen tainted meat in her diet.  Nevertheless, she did manage to lay down some links early in the week to inspire the three remaining UH followers and repulse the rest of us.  The first was a `fun facebook page’ from France all about eating horse meat.  I almost think Ole Suey goes out of her way to be gross, but then I realize it probably comes naturally for her.  At least she didn’t talk about her ass again this week.  I’m still in therapy over that assault on my mind’s eye.  The next article she linked  is not just funny, its effin hilarious.  I’m not even being sarcastic at this point.  Slaughterhouse Sue linked an article about Rockville on the 25th.  It was full of the usual misinformation, lies and quotes from Suey.  The hilarity comes in when somebody contacted the writer and brought them up to speed about what is really going down in Rockville, so they added an editorial comment in bold at the top on the 26th apologizing for the omissions and stating that Suey was `unavailable for comments’ when they tried to clear things up.  Rockville Mayor, David Moore also stated that nobody has heard from Slaughterhouse Sue since May.  Not only funny, but knee slapping funny as the link remains on the UH page with Suey’s endorsement of `Good article!’.  You can check it out yourself :
(http://www.latitudenews.com/story/words-appetite-horse-meat-creates-jobs-american-heartland/).  I do have to commend Latitude News for doing the right thing and adding this comment to the top of the article.  Naturally, this sent Slaughterhouse Sue scurrying back into hiding and she has been `unavailable for comment’ for the remainder of the week.

As we are well aware, when Suey goes to ground, it is up to her henchmen to step up to the plate to perpetuate the lies and propaganda that are so necessary to her mission to profit from the torture of horses.  Because Holy Theresa was busy getting ready for her fund-raising extravaganza for her slaughter supporting rescue this weekend, we were left with D-bag Duquette once again.  Actually, I shouldn’t complain.  I get a huge kick out of D-bag when he gets all authoritarian on our asses and busts out his word of the day toilet paper for quotes.  His big polysyllabic word this week was `variable’.  Rumor has it he was pretty damn proud of using it in a sentence and he high fived himself in the forehead in celebration.  We went into detail about his big media push yesterday, but this quote from him is worth repeating : ““70 percent of the world’s countries have too many variables to accurately predict when the industry will be able to start again.”“.  Despite me begging, nobody has been able to tell me WTF it even means yet.  Perhaps the writer’s gibberish to English translator did not know what to make of D-bag’s profanity laced ramblings and this is what it came up with……kinda like those funny auto-corrects we keep seeing posted around.  At any rate, the article was full of misinformation and whining and, of course, Suey was unavailable for comment again, basically leaving poor D-bag holding the poo bag.  Mindy`Puppymill’ Patterson was dusted off and forced to take over linking duties on the UH page as well…Business as usual.

Let’s move on to Mendy Tobiano.  I have to admit I’ve been withholding information from the readers here.  Mendy has been most unhappy with this blog and has taken to writing WordPress to whine about it.  The bestest part of it all is they love me because they host my blog and they also send me her letters when I ask for them.  Perjury is a bad thing….just sayin.  Mendy Tobiano got her knickers in a twist because we made fun of her grooming and tack fitting practices last week.  She had a hissy fit over on Horse Farts about how trimming a bridle path is a `choice’ and she chooses not to.  Well, let’s not forget that she also claims to win all these classes and titles with her super awesome training skills.  I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but any show I have ever participated in, grooming and presentation was a huge part of winning; even the 4H shows.   Also, trimming a bridle path for your horse is a kindness.  It doesn’t have to be more than an inch or two, but it will let the bridle lay where it’s supposed to and not tangle their mane up and cause discomfort.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Mendy doesn’t care about stuff like that when she considers this picture an example of a well-groomed horse with properly fitted tack.  It is the same horse that claims she wins all these classes on, including Hunter Under Saddle.  Maybe there is a Backwoods Big Game Hunter Under Saddle class I’m not aware of though……

Ok, we aren’t quite done with Mendy Tobiano yet, but the rest of her news is all tied up with some other Horse Farters.  Yes, NT is still blogging and still nobody is paying attention other than maybe NT’s family members and people she coerces into commenting, so we won’t worry too much about it.  Other than paranoid and nonsensical ramblings and aping this blog, there isn’t a lot of content there.  The two times I took a look this week, I thoroughly enjoyed her new platform that shows how few views she actually does get.  She’d probably crap her Depends if she saw the stats over here.  Where the hilarity and hijinks comes in is with her favorite Facebook bat cave and the drama they had this week.  It seems that my selection of Sunday’s PSA did NOT go down well with the HFA club.  Our poster gal Jes, made several comments on how little she cared and how she wasn’t going to read it, but y’all know she did.  Mendy Tobiano would love to have people believe this blog is devoted to her, so it bothered her that she wasn’t featured before her buddy.  As a result, they booted out the majority of horse farters and went undercover.  Presumably this is to give them some peace and quiet while Jes looks for her missing chin and Mendy Tobiano tries to locate her dignity.  We probably shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for either of those things to ever happen.  It’s sure a good thing they showed us all how little they cared!  I’m going to put this one in the victory column that due to this blog, they have gone underground where nobody seeking actual truth and information will ever have to stumble upon their idiocy.  At least they can now sit around and congratulate each other about what great little horse abusers they are and Mendy Tobiano can flirt with herself in relative privacy.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you this would be a long one, because we still have stuff to discuss.  Remember Angela Marshall?  The woman who sent her crippled horse on a 30 hour trip to torture?  Yeah, she is now going to fund the studies to find out the withdrawal time for Bute apparently.  She also would like to provide horse meat to her family. ” I would be happy to have horse meat available to my family. Why export a perfectly good source of meat?? I think the UK knows something we dont, like how awesome horse meat really is.”  If she truly feels this way, why the fuckity fuck didn’t she just eat her own horse rather than sending him on a death ride to Canada?????  I’m sure there were are farmers, butchers and hunters in her area that would have been more than happy to come shoot her horse and dress him out at home; which would have been far less cruel and traumatizing to the horse.  Maybe she didn’t want to feed her kids Bute?  Say it ain’t so!  I guess the fact that the UK people are actually not big consumers of horses at all hasn’t occurred to her.  Most of them are as disgusted about it as 80% of our population is.  Maybe when you’re a welfare wife with a clown-car vagina, all countries `over there’ are pretty much the same and she confuses the UK with the EU…And before NT pops up to say how mean I am for talking about the poor little chillrun, remember that it was NT that brought up the fact that she has all these snotty kids, twins on the way and nobody in her household has a job in order to make us feel bad for her.  If you throw the card on the table, you don’t get to choose how it gets played.

Guess what?  We still aren’t finished!  You’d think with them slithering under their rock we wouldn’t have much to talk about, but we seem to have even more.  Of course, being the attention whores they all are, we shouldn’t be surprised that they can’t stay buried forever.  Not all of them have alter egos to do the public talking for them like Mendy Tobiano, although she certainly isn’t the only one that does that these days.  It seems that Daffy found refuge with Tony Wildhorse Ullrich and his pages.  For those of you that don’t know, The Tonester loves nothing more than to pick a fight on Facebook and crow about it.  He’s the editor of The Wild Ones magazine, but it seems that even after collecting subscription fees, there is an issue getting the magazine out in a timely fashion.  That is all playing out very publically on the magazine’s Facebook page.  Hurry on over before he deletes the evidence! It also seems that he had his page devoted to mocking and making fun of a few wild horse advocates (I’m assuming that’s what they are) taken down as well.  I forgot to mention that this is also a PSA favorite pastime….reporting each other to Facebook and trying to get accounts suspended.  Perhaps The Tonester will stagger back over here and dazzle us all with his ignorance in the comment section like he did last week, but don’t hold your breath on that either.  They are currently closing ranks and showing us all how much they don’t care about this blog.  That’s what they think the benefit to being `secret’ is, but sadly for them, there is still a mole…

Last up for this week is the link extravaganza that went on over at the UH Facebook page.  They are all outraged at the strict testing going on at the TWHA Celebration show and naturally have convinced themselves that this is all a conspiracy by they HSUS and USDA to take away their personal rights.  They feel that it is their right to abuse and torture any animal as long as it makes them beer money and gives them something to brag about.  They are also very upset that they aren’t seeing very many foals with their mammas in the fields as they drive around the back roads looking for some roadkill to make a nice pot of stew with.  For one thing, many breeders have already weaned their babies this time of year considering it’s almost September.  Another thing, is I’m not sure why less foals is so horrible considering they are all concerned with all these unwanted horses that need to be slaughtered and eaten immediately.  We have also learned this week that vegetarians and vegans are evil and are to be feared and burned at the stake.  I guess you don’t get to have choices unless they fall into line with the horse eating agenda.  I wonder if they realize that many anti-slaughter advocates are not even a little bit vegetarian.  The concept of anti-cruelty is as foreign to them as having all your own teeth and having more than two forks in your family tree.   They just assume that it means it’s going to take away their rights and we’ll all be forced into vegetarianism soon.  In other news, the sky is, in fact, falling and if we could just slaughter some horses global warming would end.

As much ground as we have covered this week, it feels like we have just scraped the surface.  I keep getting asked by the few PSAs that venture over here why I make fun of everybody.  Well, what would you have me do?  Take these ridiculous creatures seriously?  The fact is that the issue that finds us all at odds is a very serious one.  People that have advocated for an end to horse slaughter have been bullied and maligned forever by the PSA (pro-slaughter advocate) side.  We’ve been wrongfully labelled as animal rights activists or zealots and otherwise dismissed as `emotional’.  Slaughter IS an emotional subject for many of us.  That’s what makes us human.  However, I have tried to stick to facts and science to back up my stance as have most of the people I have seen out there working towards ending the threat of horse slaughter.  At the end of the day, call me what you want because it won’t change a thing.  I will continue to write about things that come up and I will continue to poke the anthill of PSAs as long as it amuses me.  Hate me or this blog all you want, but it’s WORKING and it’s doing that with a lot of help from the readers here.  The more PSA asstards that shut up and run for cover, the more we can get done.  Without their misinformation and paranoid ramblings out in the open, the people that are legitimately trying to make an informed decision will have a clear path to actual facts.  Have a great long weekend everybody and don’t forget to hug your horses!

In Memory of HFA

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Yesterday we talked about Mindy `Puppymill’ Patterson’s linking frenzy over at the UH Facebook page.  I felt this one article needed its own treatment because it actually does have something to do with horse slaughter and Douchebag Duquette has been talking again.  I’m not sure this was authorized by Slaughterhouse Sue, but D-bag has been a good little lap dog and perpetuated her lies so perhaps he won’t get a bare butt spanking over this one.  Prepare to be pissed, amused and everything in between as we pick the sweet corn out of this latest bit of news from our intrepid horse eaters.

The article we’re going to look at comes from the Ag Week blog.  Of course we all know by now that Big Ag = Big Trouble if you happen to be any sort of animal these people figure is a food source and this blog is no different.  (http://www.agweek.com/event/article/id/20055/).  Written by Mikkel Pates, it uses D-bag Duquette as the authority on the slaughter situation and updates us on where we are as far as getting plants open.  I’m not sure if Pates had a problem interpreting D-bag’s usual profanity laced gibberish or that he, himself, has a problem making sense too.  Seeing as he is writing for Ag Week it could be either or both.  I find this statement, attributed to D-bag to be somewhat confusing “70 percent of the world’s countries have too many variables to accurately predict when the industry will be able to start again.” I realize I’ve been busy and running on little sleep lately, but can somebody explain to me WTF this statement is about and whose ass they are pulling their stats out of this week?  I’m getting brain cramps….Before I concuss myself, let’s look at the updates on three known `targets’ for the UH.

The first proposed facility discussed is Hermiston, Oregon.  This also happens to be D-bag’s homeland and where UH hopes to open up its flagship, super-duper, horse rescue, rehab, college, slaughter, restaurant and hardware store.  D-bag says it will have a $4million slaughter facility that can process 100 horses a day and also a $3.5 million rescue facility all housed on the same 300 acres.  We have already talked about the UH’s proposed rescue a horse for slaughter program here : (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/uh-unveils-its-rescue-and-rejuventation-program-god-help-us/).  D-bag assures us “The majority we get in are going to be retrained and go back out” but states he’s reluctant to release details due to interference and threats.  He does allude to`private investors’ and NW tribes being involved.  Somebody really needs to let the tribal elders know what a complete shit show Loos and his swine operation brought to the Rosebud Sioux and who will be making all the money should they let this band of idiots open a slaughter facility on their lands.  I’d also like to know why there are investors out there willing to build a $3.5 million dollar `rescue’ yet these same people are the ones complaining that current rescues are overwhelmed and under funded.  If you care so much about the welfare of horses, how about shooting some of that cash to hay banks, gelding clinics, subsidizing euthanasia and making a real difference to the welfare of horses that doesn’t involve torturing and eating them?  The article neglects to mention that the Hermiston City Manager is strongly opposed to this plant opening and feels it would be detrimental for the town.  (http://www.hermistonherald.com/news/local_news/hermiston-council-talks-horse-slaughter-plant/article_84c4cdac-f194-11e1-a1ed-0019bb2963f4.html?success=1%3Fsuccess%3D2)

Next up, they discuss the Roswell, New Mexico facility.  As we know that is dead in the water but I guess D-bag neglected to mention that fact when being interviewed for this piece. The article does acknowledge that there was strong political opposition to slaughtering horses, so they get an `E’ for effort on that one although they talk of it as if it’s still in play stating that the horse meat would be exported to Mexico.  Not sure why Mexico would be a big buyer of imported horse meat considering they have their own slaughter facilities, but if you’re lying anyhow, you may as well just go all out.  It further lies saying the plant had been slaughtering cattle for the past 20 years but closed earlier this year due to the `cost of cattle’.  It neglects to mention it was actually shut down for numerous environmental and animal cruelty violations.

Perhaps the funniest slaughter plant update was the Rockville, Missouri one.  It lists Slaughterhouse Sue as the proposed facility’s CEO and states they are in partnership with Chevideco.  Of course we know that Chevideco is not prepared to front the start-up money and this facility is bogged down in lawsuits and title issues.  Apparently, Ole Suey “didn’t immediately return calls for comment” and that the plant will start slaughtering cows if they can’t open up for horses soon.  No mention of the retro-fitting the promised was made.

So there are the updates on the slaughter plants according to D-bag Duquette.  No mention was made of Bouvray Exports being ready to roll in Washington state and I’m not sure if that’s because Slaughterhouse Sue and her henchmen don’t have a financial interest there or D-bag is smart enough to keep that one close to his vest.  I suspect it is the former.  The article says there is talk of facilities in 18 different states and tribal lands, but D-bag doesn’t want to reveal too much because the anti-slaughter people would try to obstruct them.  I suppose he figures they can just sneak them open or something.  He’s never been very good with details.  In fact, I’m willing to bet D-bag has velcro shoes because of the whole complexity of tying laces.  As stupid as D-bag is, we need to pay attention because we know that they are all in on slaughtering horses and will not be giving up anytime soon.  Until the budget is passed with the Moran Amendment attached, we need to pay attention to what is going on.  Thank you to the readers that email me links and info and the ones that take the time to comment and educate people here.  While I don’t pretend to be a `team’ like Mendy Tobiano, this is a collaborative effort through all of your efforts and I appreciate it.  Stay tuned for Point and Laugh Friday….it’s going to be a good one!





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Wow!  It’s only Tuesday and we’ve already had a bounty of drama!  Seems we have the asstards of the PSA contingent on the run as they have now gone to ground and hid.  Have no worries though, we have endless fodder stored up and my tentacles continue to reach far and wide.  We are business as usual and can devote more time to the real issues now that the HFA buffoonery has been silenced.  Not sure about y’all but I’m putting this one in the victory column and directly attributing it to them not liking the view in the mirror we keep holding up for them.  I’ve been busier than anybody should ever have to be lately, and my connection is a bit dicey for the next few days, so please bear with me.  Sadly, the PSAs never take a break and I may have to write several chapters to Point and Laugh Friday if the first few days of this week are any indication.  Today, I want to talk about some articles they use to prop up their stance on slaughter.  I’m sure you’ll be as confused as I am as to how they think they help them out, but we’ll discuss them anyhow, because that’s what we do best!

Mindy `Puppymill’ Patterson

Today’s lunacy is brought to you mostly by Slaughterhouse Sue’s favorite foot soldier.  The one and only, Mindy `Puppymill’ Patterson, clueless leader of the Cavalry Group and tireless advocate for animal cruelty in Missouri and beyond.  She has taken a page out of Ole Suey’s `Rallying Your Dwindling Supporters’  handbook and gone into a frenzy of linking up articles to inspire and motivate the three remaining members of the United Horsemen.  The first article we are going to look at today is about the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration being held in Shelbyville this week.  It is the biggest event of the year for the TWHA and I’m going to tell you right now that Puppymill is `shocked and horrified’.  It appears that after irrefutable evidence of soaring and other brutality used on the Big Lick horses, that the TWHA has finally decided to become pro-active and have implemented their toughest testing in the 74 year history of this event.  They are also practicing transparency by posting the results of their testing online within 24 hrs.  (http://www.tennessean.com/article/20120822/NEWS01/120822011?fb_action_ids=3608637094717&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=246965925417366) I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I don’t see a lot negative in this link.  It looks to me that this breed is finally trying to clean up its act and do right by the horses they identify themselves with.  Not so fast……according to Puppymill, it’s all a great big conspiracy by the HSUS and USDA….

The Tennessee Walking Horse industry has been wrongfully vilified by HSUS and USDA because of the bad actors.  I attended the opening day of The Celebration in Shelbyville, TN last week and was shocked and horrified as I witnessed first hand how HSUS and USDA have successfully diminished this national annual event.  I’m saddened by the low participation and low attendance because the participants are simply afraid to show up.  HSUS has gone after the TWHA because they are considered to be the “easy target” or, in my opinion, the gateway to destroy other horse events!  We all had better be prepared to defend the TWHA because they will be coming for all other horse events next!”
– Where to start?  If you read the linked article, it clearly states they are expecting 200,000 spectators by the end of this week.  That sounds pretty strong to me, but I suppose the fact that most people will show up for the championship and big classes held at the end of the week is lost on Puppymill.  I guess she couldn’t scream `diminished’ had she bothered to show up later in the week.  Also, I belong to an industry that has come under heavy scrutiny due to some public asshattery by the minority.  As a result we have detention barns and very strict testing procedures.  You know what?  If you aren’t a cheater, you embrace that sort of thing because it doesn’t change how you do business and it might weed out the bad apples. It tends to level the playing field and the real horsemen will rise to the top.  If you aren’t cheating, you have no worries and you aren’t afraid to show up.  The TWHA is an `easy target’ because of their inability or refusal to police itself.  The atrocities committed against the Big Lick horses disgust the general public and are completely barbaric.  It’s been the worst kept secret in the horse industry for years, but with the internet, social media and people being more conscious of these things, it is not acceptable on any level any longer. I guess if you’re a PSA the answer to all this is to just slaughter horses and shut up about the abuse.  Just to reiterate, Puppymill is `shocked and horrified’ and blaming the HSUS and USDA for all of this.

Ok, let’s move onto another concern that Puppymill Patterson has.  She linked this article about how we all may be forced to be vegetarians by the year 2050.  (http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/vegetarian-2050-190426669.html).  I’m not sure about the rest of y’all, but I think by the year 2050 I’ll mostly be eating soft food if I’m even kicking around at all so I probably won’t care.  At any rate, the article talks about drought conditions and the estimated water shortage not being able to support the estimated 9 billion people’s eating habits by that year and that raising animals for food will take up 5 to 10 times more water than raising the crops for a vegetarian based diet.  Nowhere in this article does it mention horses.  However, Puppymill’s comment upon linking this article was: “Doom & gloom. And more proof we need U.S. horse slaughter now.”  Go ahead and read what she said three more times and it still won’t make one lick of sense.  Of course, the UH half wits are on the same wavelength, so they get it….

“The article is a good point to start several discussions. 1. Is it really inevitable that the world population will reach 9 billion? i’m happy with 7. In fact, I thought we had enough at 6 billion. Maybe we need to start figuring out what it takes to stabilize the increase in population instead of killing time worrying about how to feed all. 2. I think there is currently enough food production to feed everyone. The problem is the food and people are not in workable proximity to met nutrional needs. The same goes for water. Maybe we should devote efforts to proper distribution of humanity rather than throwing resources at feeding people in food scarce locales. 3. The artilce doesn’t seem to consider that water is a naturally reused resource. 4. The article makes no mention of increaseing water use efficiency.”

– I sincerely hope this person is not serious in what they are suggesting…..

“the article also doesn’t cover the fact that hsus and peta are doing all they can to ensure that this is the case by doing away with farming”

– HUH????

Guess what?  She wasn’t finished yet!  There was an article about the slaughter plants they are trying to open which I’ll cover in more detail in the next few days.  It pretty much deserves its own treatment.  There was also this little petition Puppymill wants everybody to sign because she is going to Washington DC in a couple of weeks and wants to present it.  (http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/investigate-usda-aphis-and-stop-proposed-rule-to-regula.html)  It has an entire 2600 signatures on it so I’m sure the boys in Washington will take it very seriously.  Hell, Mendy Tobiano and her multiple personalities may account for a third of them for all we know.  Basically it’s a move to halt the proposed rule to regulate pet sellers and that shouldn’t surprise any of us that know that Mindy is a huge puppymill supporter and one of the PSAs that think any sort of regulation or law in place to make sure animals are handled humanely infringe on her God-given right to be an asstard.  I sure wish I could be a fly on the wall when this little band of animal abusers take their cause to DC.  I always enjoy comedy.

The UH’s Tour Van

So that’s a little sampling about what is going on in the PSA world this week.  It’s been active for sure!  That’s the good thing about silencing pockets of these people…..there are always more that are willing to step up to the plate.  Still, we will methodically keep countering their propaganda with the truth and eventually more will just go away.  You know, we have had a few venture over here with some questions.  I don’t even mind that if it’s civil. Please look upon that as an opportunity to educate and maybe sway some opinions.  While nobody likes to poke fun and tweak noses more than me, we are all here for a reason and can’t afford to lose focus just yet. Stay dry everybody!

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Why is it every time I wrap up our week with an edition of Point and Laugh Friday, the PSAs ramp up the stupid for the next 48 hrs?  At some point you would think it wasn’t even possible to get any more stupid or misinformed, but we haven’t even come close to it yet.  So, we are about to rehash a few tired arguments for the millionth time because we can and because I’m irritated again.  Apologies in advance and I suggest you wear protective head-gear for this blog; whether that be a tinfoil beanie, helmet or both.

Ok, it seems my Point and Laugh Friday hit a few nerves behind close doors and panties are not only in a bunch, they are chafing some butts in a big way.  In an effort to make me stop pointing out the idiocy, the PSAs are going to attempt business as usual, which means that they are going to pontificate about slaughter.  Yay!  I love it when they remove all doubt as to how ignorant they all are.  So let’s kick things off with the petulant pony, Mendy Tobiano hefting herself up on the podium to edumacate us all….

“Three years later we are still bitching about the issues in this article.
Will this ever end? Horses are livestock. As long as that’s the legal definition, slaughter of them is no different than a cow or hog. Now why is it the USDA cannot seem to get off their asses and send the inspectors in for the horses. Gosh, election years suck don’t they”

– This is what happens when you have tunnel vision and are completely ignorant to how things work.  While horses may be considered to be `livestock’ by many and for legal terms, they are considered to be companion animals by the FDA.  That means that horses are not raised for food consumption like a cow or hog.  Stomp your feet all you want, that’s just they way it is right now.  Also, as has been discussed in numerous media forums, the USDA had their budget cut by $9 million this year.  To fund inspections for horses, which are not raised for human consumption and the majority of the population oppose, that would mean it would come at the expense of inspecting hogs, cattle or poultry.  Since horses are also not considered to be a staple in the American diet as the other animals are, you are asking them to redirect funding that comes directly from the US taxpayer for inspections on something that will largely be for overseas consumption and profit.  As Slaughterhouse Sue likes to say; It’s simple economics.  Now, you can factor in the Moran Amendment that is on the table that would effectively wipe out slaughter again and  NOBODY is going to put USDA inspectors in horse slaughter facilities until that is resolved.  Get over it.

” Not only do they need to get up and get the slaughter houses going, they need to get the withdrawl times set for bute and other drugs which they are refusing to do because of the politics involved in horse slaughter. I would be willing to donate $ when I have it to gety this done!”

– This little gem comes from Montana’s former owner.  She wants to donate money to get slaughter happening!  Awesome!  I wonder if that’s the best use of her welfare checks?  Given how evil and stupid we know her to be, it’s not surprising she is still trying to make `Bute’ happen. It’s never going to.

“I agree that testing for withdrawal periods on meat products from horses known to have been buted needs to be done. The only thing we have is the results of sick people who were TREATED with bute not those who ate it…..There is a hugomongo difference between direct ingestion of something and eating something that had the substance given to it.”

– Maybe ole NT would like to step up and be the guinea pig for this testing?  Or maybe she can volunteer some of her family?  I guess the concept of second-hand smoke is over her flat head too?

“The funny thing is people actually use bute themselves. All medications have adverse effects, sometimes it bothers one person and not another. All medications have withdrawls. They need to get it done!”

– Yes and people also smoke meth and don’t die right away either, but that doesn’t mean it’s advisable to do it yourself.  But this is coming from Montana’s Mommy again so we shouldn’t be surprised about the level of ignorance.  Maybe she’ll sell some of her kids for those kinds of lab experiments when they age out of the WIC program and do her bit to make slaughter happen so those mini horses she adopted have a place to go when she inevitably screws them up.

“Yep—I had a friend who died from an aspirin allergy. But we don’t pull aspirin off the market…….I wonder if anyone would like to do some research for me on drugs that COMMONLY kill people or have horrendous side effects (like the Cialis mythical 4 hour erection) but are still on the market. Like kids who die from benadryl”

– Actually I think `somebody’s’ time would be better spent teaching NT to read with comprehension.  Then maybe she can learn the difference between side effects and carcinogens.  Maybe she can also learn the difference between testing for a performance level threshold and tissue residue.  Or maybe we can just not bother and let keep handing her more rope to hang herself with because as annoying as this gets, it’s pretty damn funny too.

“Vets can give cattle bute extra label and there IS a withdrawal time for MEAT ( not milk) there cant be very much difference in elimination time for cattle vs. horses. However, I have tried to get info. from the USDA and FDA-both are extremely aggravating as they give run-around conversation and avoid straight answers, saying it is a very controversial subject.”

– No it is not approved for use in food producing animals.  Period.  No elimination time because it is BANNED.  Why is this such a hard concept to grasp for these asstards?  Seriously.  It’s just not that hard.  BANNED means BANNED.


“this is somethin most people don’t know , thier hasn’t been any complaints on horse meat since the early to mid 80’s , and happend twice is all , and the deal on the drug issue is that when kill the horses , every part is stamped , like the lungs , heart , liver , kidneys , these are hung racks , and checked in a time period in case thier is a type of drug that shows up , if so the meat was tanked , and not sold for human’s , at least that is how it used to be , and that is somethin that the anti’s don’t want anbody to know or they didn’t know that , that is what they did at Beltex”

– No asstard, not every carcass is tested.  Yes, they are identified, but the testing is random to a degree.  The on site CFIA or USDA inspector is supposed to identify likely candidates to test ie. horses with noticeable lameness, illness or anything that may suggest they had been medicated, but we all know that’s very hit and miss at best.  Back when Beltex was operating they were only testing for Trichinosis.  Canada has only been testing for banned meds for less than two years, so it’s pretty safe to say the US slaughter houses never tested for that stuff.

Given how profoundly stupid these people are, is it any wonder the USDA and FDA have made it so difficult for them to get through on the phone?  I suggest that both agencies hire very cranky people (No, not me because I already have a job) to answer these calls.  I probably shouldn’t even say anything and let these idiots continue to make fools of themselves as they  charge around on their own being nuisances and never being taken seriously.  How can you take somebody seriously that either cannot or will not grasp a simple concept like `Banned’?  Now we have NT saying that maybe it’s banned for humans to use, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to eat something that has taken it.  If this were true, I guess the whole contaminating the ground water with euthanized horses thing shouldn’t worry them either or killing rats with poison shouldn’t harm an animal that eats the rat?  It seems there is nothing else to say, so I’m going to leave y’all with a little limerick that NT wrote.  It pretty much says it all…

There once was a man who ate horse

His own mount for steak was his source

He did bute his pony

Since tainted meat is phony

And his liver is just fine, of course!

Last minute edit here:  Looks like we have yet another horse carcass showing up in the food supply with Bute in it…Oops.  


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What a great week it’s been!  We’ve had lots of good news and our PSA buddies have continued their trajectory of stupidity to keep us all entertained.  Thanks to our PSAs we even got to learn some stuff through disproving their misguided notions and outright lies.  To say it’s been a busy week would be an understatement.  Because we have so much ground to cover, it’s best to jump right in to this week’s edition of Point and Laugh Friday…..brought to you by the letter `F’ for fuckery.

Slaughterhouse Sue dipped a tentative gnarly toenail into the waters this week to see if it was time to make a triumphant return from her self-imposed exile after getting run out of New Mexico.  She pretty much stuck to her tried and tested schtick of posting a link  in hopes of rallying her few remaining supporters. This week it was the `Action Alert’ from the New Jersey Farm Bureau asking for people to support the veto on the transportation ban on horses for slaughter.  No comments from her peanut gallery followed and only one `liked’ it, so  I guess the other three supporters couldn’t put down the Doritos long enough to click `like’. Next up, Suey got pissed when one of the UHers posted up this link : (http://www.cattlenetwork.com/e-newsletters/drovers-daily/Callicrate-rails-against-NCBA-praises-HSUS-166326766.html)  It has nothing to do with horses other than some beef producers working with the HSUS.  We all know how Suey hates anything to do with the HSUS so she kept things classy with this comment: “Those idiots, with Callicrate leading the charge, just lost whatever small amount of credibility they ever had. Talk about prostituting yourself…this about takes the cake!”  Not sure about you, but I think somebody like Slaughterhouse Sue talking about credibility is about like seeing a hooker talking about celibacy.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I wish I could say Suey was done with that statement but she had one last shot to fire before scuttling back under her bridge.  That was this comment she made after linking an article about the HSUS not drawing a lot of support in Indiana : “Now…this is FUNNY! Eleven million supporters, my ass…”  Of all the vile and offensive statements this creature has made, this one made me die a little inside.  Does anyone need the image of her large, cottage cheesey, hairy ass burned onto their mind’s eye?  I’ve pretty much been off my feed ever since 😦

Speaking of Suey’s ass, Douchebag Duquette made good use of his off-leash time this week.  Apparently, he lost his remote control and was stuck actually watching the News  that came on after his kids were done with Sesame Street.  Something must have sparked in his tainted horse meat addled brain and inspired him to post this little gem: “I saw something very interesting on the news last night, they were talking about the NFL and how it was a 9.8 billion dollar a year business……Hmmmm?? How is it that the #1 recreational industry in the US (The Horse Industry) that was a $102 billion dollar a year business, over ten times the impact of the NFL gets so little play in the media or congress????? You would think that the amount of jobs lost directly and indirectly because of what our government let happen would be front and center.. Shouldn’t it be??”  I guess it’s difficult for D-bag to fathom that the six people that show up for the kiddies’ 4H show are considerably less and spend less than the people that show up for NFL games.  Besides, the big money in the horse industry is NOT the bottom feeding UH crowd that base the value on their stock on the meat market.  I’m not even sure what his point is about the media.  Does he want to televise slaughter and make a reality show out of it?  Does he want more media coverage of him getting verbally spanked by people?  I’m not following…..The good news is he returned to his dungeon to play lap-dog to Mama Suey for the remainder of the week.  The other good news is we hardly had to hear from Holy Theresa as she was allegedly busy doing penance for being such a sanctimonious piece of poop.

Moving on down the ladder to the bottom feeders even of the horse eating crowed, it’s time to check in with good ole Mendy Tobiano.  Seems Mendy is back to hoarding horses under the guise of fostering them for the `sheriff”.  Maybe that’s her new euphemism for Craigslist.  The problem with her little `story’ is that if the horse was a legal seizure, it would have had to been held for at least 30 days and then two notices of public auction would need to be made in the local papers which the sheriff department would handle.  It certainly wouldn’t have been handed to her and flipped within days as she claims.  Chances are she’s just horse trading as usual because once again, Mendy Tobiano’s story does not add up with what the actual laws are.   At any rate, here is a picture of the poor thing which may or may not have a new home. Why can’t these PSA people every actually GROOM an animal before riding it and WTF is up with the ill-fitting tack all the time?

This brings us to the nice little watermark on the picture and the dramedy that caused it.  The PSAs are operating under the misguided notion that putting their name and date on a picture makes it copyright.  It does not.  It just makes sure they get credit for it and I have no problem with that at all.  The actual fact of copyright is you have to PAY and register copyright for each and every picture and it can take up to 8mths for that to happen. Or at least that’s what you have to do if you want to actually enforce a copyright, which still wouldn’t work here because even if it was a real copyright….“• Fair use exceptions are allowable for such purposes of teaching, research, news reports, parodies, and critiques provided that the value of the copyrighted material is protected. “  So, it would appear to be business as usual for this blog.  What kicked all of this off?  Well, the PSA’s meltdown over being featured here last week went on and on.  Mendy Tobiano led the charge to try to make me feel bad by posting up a series of blogs designed to play our sympathies for the abusive asstards that were featured.  I guess if you have kids, health issues, or suck at life, that gives you a free pass to slaughter and abuse animals in NT’s world.  In my world there is never an excuse and I will continue to feature morons that wave their freak flag in my face.  Call it `news’, `parody’, or `critique’, it’s all fair use.  Produce proof of registered copyright and I’ll happily take the above picture down.

I wish I could say we were done with the antics of the petulant pony woman, but we are not. Because she is still unemployed, that means her and her personalities appear to have endless amounts of time to be all over the net.  She continues to sell off clothes and tack so that she can postpone actually going out and working, but maybe she can get some pointers from Montana’s former owner how to work the system and get the taxpayers to pay for her hoarding habit.  That new dog of hers won’t feed itself unless her pig’s days are numbered as well.  She rounded out the week by climbing up on the cross and being a martyr claiming `they’ are not going to do things the way they have been and, instead, extend a hand of friendship to `their’ fellow human beings and attempt to be a positive force….Then she ran off and participated in writing me poetry with her PSA buddies and calling me a hoe etc. Oh and let’s not forget about flirting with herself as NT.  I suspect somebody either had a med adjustment or was off them all together this week.  This is what NT left us with….barf with me…

BTW…you also can’t copyright images you snatched off google….


Daffy had a relatively quiet week in the vast tundra of Facebook.  Sadly, I can’t say the same about here.  She continues to post with regularity and I continue to hold her posts for moderation to try to calm down her hysteria.  So far so good.  She hasn’t grown a brain, but she has managed to have a few simple exchanges and be only minimally offensive.  Her crazyass mother seems to have given up registering new accounts to post bomb us all and I continue to put her in time-out.  I can only deal with one functional illiterate at once.  Hopefully, I haven’t just beatlejuiced her.  They are both great for comic relief for all of about five posts and then enough is enough.

Daffy and family

So, that pretty much covers the lowlights of the PSA antics this week.  It certainly doesn’t cover all of them and it is very challenging pick out their greatest hits at times.  They devote a lot of time to me and this blog which is awesome.  It means it’s working .  While they are preoccupied with me and who I am, the rest of you are doing the real work.  We had awesome news this week with Sugarcreek getting suspended for at least three weeks and Andio getting busted falsifying his EID paperwork.  It would seem the PSAs haven’t even registered how serious that one was.  Especially a certain PSA that just shipped a horse she claimed to have buted, then recanted when the EID was mentioned.  As always, once we’re done pointing and laughing, there is something you can do to make a real difference to end slaughter.  Please take the time to sign this position and share it out as much as possible: (http://www.change.org/petitions/overturn-the-legalization-of-horse-slaughter-for-human-consumption).  Hopefully, the PSAs will take a day off this weekend so I can finish up our Sunday PSA for this week.  I think you’ll really enjoy this one.  Keep up the good work everybody….we’re getting there!



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