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I don’t like Tuesdays.   This seems to be a recent development, so I’m sure most of you can figure out the reason why.  I used to not really feel one way or another about them, but ever since the whole HiCaliber saga flared up some months ago, I usually wake up on Tuesdays with this sense of foreboding.  I’m guessing this Tuesday will not be much different.  If anything, after last week, my impending sense of doom has kicked in a little earlier than normal and I’m bumming out on a Monday evening too.  However, I’m hopeful after the events of last week, that maybe this Tuesday will suck a little less than last week.  Still I like to leave a little something for people to wake up to on this day.  For those of you that are animal welfare advocates, it’s nice to have some new information to put out and for our `guests’ who like to hit refresh, screenshot and make us famous, well, they need material too.  So, let’s do a short n sweet today, I have some fun things and some less than fun things to pass along today straight from the inner sanctum and my inbox.  Pull up a seat!


Most of you may have noticed that Manson was a bit more quiet than usual on social media this week.  That’s because she took an all expense trip to Dallas for the weekend.  She treated us to a live feed on Friday, which meant that she could say it was rescue business, but played coy with the reason for her trip.  Turns out there was a No Mean Girls conference and the irony of her probably attending it was not lost on most.  Perhaps she was being used as a teaching specimen or something.  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need to learn how to be a meaner girl.  I don’t know.  I don’t think I want to know either.  What is relevant is that she took the time to talk about the permit yet again and how badly they are needing the cash because they have to make their payment or whatever next week.  I think the amount they absolutely HAD to have last week was about $2k.  Strangely, the registration to the mean girls was $450, so if you factor in that, airfare, hotel, car rental, meals in addition to incidentals, you’re going to be close to 2k for this little excursion.  Just for good measure, she made sure to issue a veiled threat about having to shut down and making exit plans which may or may not include more mass executions.  Because nothing is ever Manson’s fault she made sure to remind us all about complaint based system and how this caught them off guard and the critics and blah blah blah…Speaking of being caught off guard by this permit process, I got a gift in my inbox not so long ago.


So this was from all the way back in February of 2015.  Of course we know that since getting punted out of the Homes for Horses Coalition last year, that they will not be working with the ASPCA on anything now or ever, but the funny part is they KNEW there was an issue back then.  I’m not sure if any of what this person was told was true, but we do know where they are at now and that is out of extensions as of this week.  I can’t wait to see how this gets spun!

During Manson’s little live hit from Dallas, she informed us that even though they have to get down on numbers, they will continue going to auction on Tuesdays.  How they plan to reduce the hoard is through adoptions and `placements’.  The placement part kinda bothered me knowing that she likely considers under the tarp with a bullet in the head as a placement of sorts given her little killing spree the past few weeks.  However, they have been having these adoption events which pretty much amount to fire sales.  You can come and adopt a horse right on the spot, often for $1, and as long as you have never posted on a page that questions HiCaliber or are on the friend list of anybody that has, you get a horse!  No home check needed!  Then, you get to have your horse featured over and over again on algorithm bump posts whether you give regular updates or not.  Awesome deal.  Sadly, not always such a great deal for the horses.  Camilla was one of the OTTB20 who wasn’t actually an OTTB, so because she was solid colored that must mean she was AQHA.  She was shown on what passes for a test ride  a few months ago and was one of a two horses that looked distinctly off on the video.  Just the same, they slapped her on the ass and sent her off to a new home, only to be returned within 2 weeks due to not vetting clean.  It may be worth asking after her on a regular basis because I hear her issue may not be fixable and we all know how pasture puffs make out, especially when they are in downsizing mode.

Yet another horse on his way back to HiCaliber.  Poor Woody aka Buddy has been bouncing around for quite a while starting back before he even got to HiCaliber.  He is currently on his way back as yet another adoption return due to being too much horse for his new person.  Now he’s what would be called `behavioral’ which never ends well for horses at HiCaliber.  There are some rumblings about him getting The Fice and even though we haven’t really talked much about Fice-hole lately, he’s still  engaging in fuckwittery and horse abuse on a daily basis.  Amanduh’s name has also been tossed about and while she doesn’t appear as abusive as Fice, she’s also not likely to fix anything for this poor horse either unless picking up the wrong lead and crabbing around with hollowed out back is the end goal.


O’Brian just before dying


O’Brian intake

I know the top picture got quite a bit of negative attention this past week.  For reasons known only to themselves, HiCaliber elected to post this pic as part of as series of pics designed to bump the algorithms.  Naturally, none of the village idiots saw a problem with the pic or even bothered to ask who the horse was.  It’s not really about the horses for them.  The horse in this picture was O’Brian and this was right before he was put down.  He got down in the shit and couldn’t get back up.  He was clearly much thinner than when he first got to HiCaliber and this was his `soft landing’.  Thankfully, there appeared to have been a volunteer there that gave him the kindness of a drink and the last thing O’Brian saw was NOT Manson on the other end of the gun.  Small mercies, I suppose.  I know they claimed this horse was `neuro’, but it looks to me like starvation may have been a factor too.  I’m not even a 30% vet, but this horse looks to have lost a whole bunch of condition in little more than a month.  He wasn’t in great shape when they got him, but he appears to have gotten even worse.  Of course we know from previous live feeds, that Manson doesn’t waste money on dental or much of anything besides a few flakes of hay on horses she plans to kill and she was dropping hints about poor O’Brian from the first day he got there.  RIP O’Brian #sayhisname

donating a horse

Yup, they’re talking about donating a horse.  Apparently it’s to a police department and their motivations aren’t exactly altruistic.  I’m actually not sure why The Manson Family is so hung up on getting HiCaliber horses into police work.  It’s a really shitty job for a horse; pounding around on pavement in the heat and working way harder than most horses.  I wouldn’t really want any horse to go to that kind of life even if they are well cared for.  It’s a tough life and, from what I have seen, most of their rescues aren’t suitable even if they are sound enough.  I’m pretty sure they mounted patrol doesn’t make a habit of drugging everything to its knees each and every day it’s being ridden either.  All that aside, do you know what would be even better PR?  Taking proper care of the horses they have and not acting like a bunch of vulgar yahoos every time they show up at a public function.


Manson has a new/old pet moving into the house Dana vacated.  Jonassthan has been a particularly nasty foot soldier on social media for a long time and now Manson gets to have her favorite attack dog living right on the same property at the donor’s expense or at least partial expense.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised considering Jonassthan has enjoyed a lot of benefits on the donor dollar in the past.  Round and round we go.   I’m not all that concerned about it other than the fact that Manson’s rectum must be like a clown car there are so many people wedged up her ass lately.  We’re going to have to put ankle bracelets on them since all we can see is a bunch of feet hanging out as they jostle for position.


I keep hoping that I’m going to wake up one day and see a page full of invoices, vet reports and updates. I hope that there will be a Tuesday that they decide not to go to auction and maybe just take care of what they have.  I should probably also disclose that I hope to win a lottery some day and that’s probably far more likely to happen.  Still, it’s worth pressing on.  The very fact that rather than prove their detractors wrong,  they choose to fight dirty shows me we’re right to take up this cause.  Rather than make the changes needed to silence the critics, they spend their time on social media egged on by a bunch of bottom feeders and shut ins.  Meanwhile horses go without water and basic care while Manson and all her chosen ones live for free on the donor dollars.  She’s not worried about having to shut down.  That’s more emotional blackmail designed to get people digging deep.  I’m bracing myself for what sort of grifting is about to go down with auction today and the permit fees due this week.  You know there is going to be plot lines, new characters and a body count.  This is not rescue.  This is not horses first.  This needs to end.


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I hate drama.  I’m just going to put that right out there from the start, because I’m cranky.  I’m cranky because the bulk of what I have to say today falls under the category of drama and that really irritates me.  However, ambient conditions are such that I need to address a few things or at least go on record because the amount of asshattery and just general fuckery out there is off the chain and it ain’t all coming from the Manson family compound lately.  Don’t get me wrong, they haven’t turned over a new leaf or anything, but we’ll get to them later.  For now I have some that used to be `our own’ to put on blast and it’s going to piss some, maybe even a lot, of you off.  #sorrynotsorry



So, this happened the other day.  Yet another person getting accused of being me that isn’t me.  Way to shoot yourselves in the foot, people.  These screen shots came from the Secret Horse page.  They aren’t the only ones I have, but they kinda set the tone for the blast that I’ve seen that many worried was coming.  Oh wait, I believe the word used was `bomb’.  Shedrow was going to drop the bomb on you, right?  No bombs from here, I’m just going to lay some truth down and I’m sure it will make the Manson family moist, but it is what it is.  Karen Pawly, come on down and own your fuckery.  Bring your friends too.


From what I can tell, what started our former friend, Karen, off making a play for being the boss of all haterz was the 5 Appys at HiCaliber and a comment I made in the comment section on my own blog after somebody asked about them.  Karen lost her shit and started accusing people of things, refusing to post in certain secret groups unless her misidentified leak was removed (how did that work out for you, Karen?) and generally throwing a shit fit because she had issued an order that no information was to be passed on.  Guess what Karen?  You wouldn’t have known those horses even existed if not for me.  Guess what else?  Even though yes, I have been in touch with their family from the beginning, I have several streams of information coming in including several sets of boots on the ground.  Hell, you don’t even really know where my boots are on any given day.  You don’t own the info and you sure as fuck don’t control it.  Get used to that.  This ain’t my first rodeo.  Now, I’m sorry if the family felt there was a leak on Karen’s end because they know I’ve held their confidence to protect those animals right from the very start.  I still hold some more delicate facts regarding that entire situation in confidence.  They also wouldn’t have known there was a problem with their horses being at HiCaliber if not for this blog.  I’m not being egotistical, just telling it like it is.  I will not be telling anybody how I came to know about those horses because unlike Karen, I do hold a confidence and there are several members of her secret rescue coalition that can attest to that fact if they are honest.  Or did she blow that group up? It’s so difficult to keep track with all the tantruming going on.


So, now that you have a little background, let’s talk auction.  A few weeks ago, a group came together to attend the Ontario auction and maybe pull a few horses.  I knew about it before it happened and like a good little team player, I did not mention it on the blog so they could remain in stealth mode.  It was my understanding that people were going to stay quiet and just be low-key with this for a few weeks at least.  Sadly, that was not to be because, unbeknownst to some, Karen was becoming increasingly drunk with power and loving the spotlight a little too much.  She decided to make a big spectacle of it by holding court on the Horror Story page afterwards.  Of course this was only after Romney Faye outed her and rather than stepping back and allowing somebody else to take over, she went rogue.  Somewhere along the line, people forgot to tell her to never look directly into Manson’s eyes or she’d lose her soul and that’s exactly what happened yesterday.  Karen went to the dark side and formed an unholy alliance.  Despite her much delayed damage control post and refusal to post auction receipts this week, Karen insists this isn’t so.  Personally, I don’t care.  She stepped out on her own and set everybody back significantly.  Well, not me, but that’s another story for another day.   The fact is I saw this coming and I called it to certain insiders.  I don’t even know WTF she thought she accomplished yesterday with Manson bringing home 7 horses, at least one of which is likely already dead but that was only after she was forced to endure a 2 hour trailer ride, not counting the stop for ice cream, to meet her end.  So far we’ve only seen intakes on 2 and who knows where the rest ended up?  Well done, Karen!

ass barnacle

Robyn seems worried she’s in danger of being replaced as chief ass barnacle.

What I didn’t realize is that not everybody having an issue with HiCaliber has the same motivations.  I don’t generally engage on Facebook, which is also why it’s so funny that so many different people get accused of being me while I continue to fly under the radar.  I’m not in groups and I don’t post much and certainly not on the drama pages.  I don’t really give a shit about auction aside from the fact that new horses are being drug back to that feedlot every single week, never to be heard from again.  It’s not about `winning’ auction for me.  In fact, the only thing Karen has accomplished aside from becoming Manson’s bitch, is creating a false market at Ontario.  The rescues she’s fronting for can’t sustain the weekly buys or they’re in danger of becoming what they oppose.  However,  all these shitbags have heard there is a rescue war going on and Ontario, that will allow parking lot deals and all manner of atrocities, is the place to drag horses that they can’t dump anywhere else.  They’ll get decent coin for them and nobody will turn them into AC.  What happens three weeks from now when all the coalition rescues are tapped out and acting responsibly, meaning all these horses have no buyers and they are too jacked up to go anywhere else?  Some end up turned loose in the desert to die.  Sometimes they get left tied to something so they can’t wander out to a road and get found.  They also can’t find food or water or fend for themselves and tend to die quicker that way.  I can already hear the whining about at least they are saving some and what have I done?  I don’t need to pound my chest and get kudos for what I’ve done.  That’s between me and a select few.  Look at the bigger picture.  This is perpetuating abuse.  This is lining Misner’s pockets, Horatio’s pockets and every other bottom feeding tripper and flipper.  You will NEVER be able to stop them but you sure as shit can decide not to help them get more money to abuse even more animals.


Ditto was one of the horses HiCaliber drug back to their feedlot yesterday.  Manson spun this awesome story about this old man approaching them in the parking lot who was sick  and just wanting help to get rid of his horses.  He didn’t speak English so no other rescue could help him because apparently nobody else in SoCal knows how to speak Spanish.  What she didn’t tell people is that she pulled into auction with at least one of these horses already on the trailer.  I’m not sure if the horse was picked up before or after their donut stop.  (They have to bring donuts to the office at Ontario so they put up with the weekly HiCaliber shit show. ) I’m also not sure whether the stud with the blown out knee came with her or even from the same place.  Seems strange one was in great body condition apart from his knee and the other emaciated.  We do know that both horses got to stand around tied to the trailer most of the day without food or water while Manson worked Karen and the village idiots like a greased pole on $2 Tuesday at the strip club.


Manson had to be laughing all the way to the bank yesterday.  I’m sure this all went down much smoother than she ever imagined and it was pretty much text-book how she accomplished it.  While Karen is pretending that she outsmarted Manson, the fact is that Manson’s couldn’t have had her way with Karen any easier than if she’d have slipped a roofie in her gin and tonic.  Kill her with kindness, flatter her a bit and it was all over but the salad tossing.  In fact, it wasn’t just Karen that got played.  All the drama queens on Facebook played right into Manson’s hand when she put up the post about she and Karen working together.  Friends started turning on friends, blocking, deletions and all manner of insults flew.  The best part is they did it all with their asses hanging out for all to enjoy as other actual advocates looked on with one hand over their eyes, they were so embarrassed, myself included.  The HiCaliber contingent flicked their collective bean in glee watching the implosion, I’m sure.



While all this infighting and jostling for position has been happening, the HiCaliber promo team has been in overdrive.  Since their rebranding themselves as the rebels of rescue hasn’t exactly caught fire,  Manson decided to do a 180 be all about the love or at least as far as social media is concerned.  I’m sure she remains hateful and repugnant in her personal life.   We’re supposed to forget all the truly shitty things she’s said and done and believe she’s reducing her herd numbers because she’s finally seen the light.  Ummm, no.  The actual motivation here is that she’s been jerking the county’s chain for nearly a year and has a September 15th deadline looming where she won’t really be able to hide behind Angrid if she doesn’t ‘put her house in order.  Right, Manson?



These pics are all recent.  As shown, water continues to be an issue and the horses continue to stew in their own filth as the manure piles up even higher.  This is NOT rescue.  One horse, seven horses, no horse should have to live like this.  Just because they are providing the bare minimum of care as required by law, this does not make these conditions ok.  You see Manson talk about horses hitting euth lists for `behavioral’ reasons.  Do you blame them?  They aren’t meant to live like this.  Tossing a jolly ball into their shit filled pen does not make up for room to move, socialization, proper shelter, feed and clean water.  While some people are out trying to win the auction wars, this is a big part of what the rest of us are seeking to end.  The horses at Misner’s lot live in better conditions and for many of them, the ending isn’t much different.  I think we’re up to at least 40 so far this year that didn’t make it out alive.


Can nobody sit up for live feeds?

I’m not proud of this post and wish I didn’t feel the need to make it.  It’s an interesting dynamic that almost any time you get a group together, somebody always wants to grab the power and the glory.  They need the credit and that’s fine until it gets in the way of important things.  This is what seems to have happened the past few weeks.  I’ve watched Karen and a few others struggling to be the one in the know.  Hell, even Rhiannon has more than enjoyed the spotlight since she made her statement on here.  She didn’t even really want to do it on here, but only agreed because she knew it would gain her a bigger audience.  (BTW Rhi, the person you think writes this blog, the one you called an asshole,  is a middle person.  Do you really think people are that obvious?  Shame on you for turning on a friend like that)  I still think Rhiannon was brave to come forward and I still appreciate her post.  Her experiences were important to hear about. However,  they were no more or less important than Riley and Lynn’s experiences.  It is ALL part of the puzzle and there’s a big spotlight.  Plenty room for everybody without all this drama and histrionics.  Hell, take my place in the spotlight.  It was never my desire to have it.  I know this post will piss off some people and alienate others.  I’m ok with it.  I’m tired.  This isn’t the HiCaliber blog even though it has been all HiCal, all the time for the past few months.  My work behind the scenes will continue regardless of how many posts I make.  Hopefully, we have a few guest posts coming up that will keep people motivated and focused in the right direction. Thanks to this blog, a remarkable team of advocates exist that are quite happy to work together behind the scenes for a common goal.  Talented people who realize that the ultimate goal is more important than any one individual.  People I am proud to collaborate with and I hope to be able to celebrate with one day.  My suggestion to Karen and her ilk is to pull your skirts back down and either take a seat or learn to be team player.  We can all paint the HiCal logo on the side of our barns with a slash through it if you just dial down the crazy.  Miles to go before we sleep…talk to you soon.

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A couple of months ago, when I dusted off this blog, I honestly thought it would be at one-off or maybe a weekly update situation at best.  I had been tracking the fuckery at HiCaliber  for several months with my feelings running the gamut from mildly irritated to full-blown disgust.  When my personal meter hit outrage, I decided to vent on here mainly because it was a way of putting it out there and not having to carry it around with me all the time.  Or so I thought…It turns out things at HiCaliber are so much worse than I imagined and it seems like every day pulls back a new layer and a new player.  I haven’t even gotten to everything that was sticking in my craw enough to bring this back initially and I’m still not going to get to it today because these people can’t seem to straighten up and fly right.  Let’s get down to it…

Let’s start off with what’s on nearly everybody’s mind.  Firetyme.  One of many of the original Louisiana OTTB20 that wasn’t actually an OTTB.  It seems that somebody who was at the farm to volunteer last week posted a picture of Firetyme in the comments on HiCaliber’s Facebook page at some point on Friday.  I don’t know exactly when, because I spent the day out of pocket doing shit with my own animals.  What I do know is that the picture found its way to my mailbox many times over.  Thank you to the people who sent it.  Obviously the original post was removed immediately and I guess that other pic of a horse alleged to be Firetyme was posted.  We don’t know that either horse picture was Firetyme or that they were even of the same horse.  I know skinny horses can look not so skinny if you pose them just right, kinda like the selfie enthusiasts that take eleventy billion pics to find the one that doesn’t show their quadruple chins.  The pic HiCaliber posted as `proof’ is just a chestnut horse that doesn’t even show the head in such a way we could identify it as Firetyme’s.  The stall pic doesn’t show a head at all.  What I also know for sure is that the scrapes and bites on the chestnut horse in the stall match up with the undisputed Firetyme pics posted earlier.  The horse in HiCaliber’s pic does not appear to have scuff marks and most of us know from experience that those take more than a few weeks to grow the hair back even on a healthy horse.  We also know from the intake pic, that he wasn’t as emaciated as he became, or apparently is now, and he didn’t arrive all scraped up like that.  However, let’s just suppose that horse in the stall is not Firetyme and Manson wasn’t lying when she kinda waved the camera in his general direction on live feed and said he was over there getting fat but she was conducting a social experiment and not doing updates.  That still means there is an additional emaciated and beat up horse standing in their barn which kinda makes things worse.  So which is it?  Is Firetyme still failing to thrive, despite being free fed Thrive and hay, or is there more than one chestnut horse in rough shape in that barn?  It’s one or the other and a simple video update would certainly exonerate HiCaliber unless they enjoy scaring off even more donors and volunteers.  It’s actually all academic because I have had more than one source, not connected to the original picture, confirm that as him and that he is in that emaciated condition as of this past week.  Hope Manson’s little power play is worth it for her, it’s certainly not working out well for at least one horse there.


Here’s a fun little video.  Anybody that followed along with the Saban situation knows about Manson’s constant defense of Andrew Fice and her intent to return Saban to Fice after he was fixed up.  Even though she openly stated that she would never send her own horse to him,  she keeps telling the village idiots that he is unfairly maligned.  Ok, she didn’t use those exact words because `maligned’ hasn’t come up on her word of the day toilet paper yet, but she totally would have if it had.  Anyhow, the horse in the above video is Rojas who is currently being advertised for sale  for $1000.  I think he’s for sale.  Fice is advertising him but HiCaliber is handling it.  I’m sure Manson will spin it by saying how far he’s come and how Fice has a `good heart’.  What I see is a drunken yahoo flopping around on an obviously stressed horse in a shit filled round pen.  Not something I would ever subject a horse to nor would I pay for somebody to treat a horse like that.  If Fice isn’t good enough for Manson’s own horses, why is he good enough for these rescues she claims have had such bad pasts?  How much are you going to trust a horse that was trained through fear and intimidation?  This horse has not been set up for success, but he most certainly deserves an upgrade.

Mirage and Cannon.  Two horses out of  ten or so that came into HiCaliber last week.  Mirage was an owner relinquishment that has a rectal/vaginal fistula.   Strangely, that fistula may be her golden ticket to dodge the bullet as Manson is absolutely obsessed with it.  Aside from the attention she’s given it on live feed, she’s photographed it at various angles and states for our viewing enjoyment.  I can almost see her with her lighting umbrella crawling around saying `Work with me.  A little to the left.  There’s the money shot’.  It’s sick.  It also gives her a chance to put her scrubs on and play vet on her, so there is value in poor Mirage to Manson.  She has asked the village to raise $4000 so the mare can have surgery to fix her plumbing and to allow Manson more time to photograph it and make jokes.  Poor Cannon isn’t so lucky.  He was bought from Misner during the week there was no auction probably because they were jonesing from not having any horses to buy and Manson’s eyelash fund needed topping up.  I’m not sure why they had to buy him that very day considering they didn’t even pick him up until last Tuesday when they bought more even horses from Misner and also some at auction.  The purchase price for Cannon was only $150, but the village idiots raised $1000  to cover the normal $650 mark up and an additional $200 for gelding him even though they never used to charge extra for horses needing to be gelded.  Joke’s on them.  He’s not getting gelded.  Manson said on her live video the other day that he’s a cryptorchid and has a lot of other issues so he was on the euth listed unless another rescue wanted to take him.  I know of a few rescues that wanted to take Saban and she wouldn’t let him go because her nose was out of joint.


So, this happened…Manson put on her scrubs and hoops  for vet day and to share her vast knowledge with the masses and to put Dr. Spini on the spot.  I know I’m not the only one who noticed that something was more `off’ than normal with Manson.  The pinhole pupils, the eyebrows that continue their northward migration and for some reason, her eyes weren’t tracking.  They were pointing every which way but straight ahead and never in the same direction at the same time.  Maybe I just didn’t notice that her eyes blow east and west before and I’m going to hell.  Apart from that, it was exactly the sort of live feed we have come to expect from Manson lately.  She stomps around in her scrubs because it’s vet day and finally corners Dr. Spini (who was not wearing scrubs) as she is packing up to leave.  She had Dr. Spini say she chemically euthed Willow and they had to use a lot of extra tranq to get it done before she got the euthasol.  Manson said she wished she had been there or available that day to shoot the horse instead.  I guess in her mind having to give extra sedation to get them low is far worse than a misplaced shot causing a situation like what happened with Grant. Manson also went on to reminisce about all the animals that she has killed over the years starting from her time as an animal control officer, which judging from as many times as she inserts that into conversations was likely the highlight of her life.   It was just as disturbing as every other time she’s brought it up.  It’s simply not normal to kill that many healthy animals and not have it change you for the worse.  I’ve written about this before in the context of slaughter house workers, but the fact is you just can’t continually kill that many animals without having some sort of disconnect.  She talks about having a euth list for the volunteers so they have a chance to say their goodbyes as if that is the most normal thing in the world.  That’s completely messed up.  Fili and Willow were on that list for nearly a month.  Fili didn’t get adequate wound care because of being on that list.  I don’t even want to talk about Willow at this point as that horse was a revenge kill no matter what she says.  Which brings that to the other theme of her little spiel the other day…



While trying to justify the execution euthanization of such a high percentage of horses, Manson hit on another of her favorite themes.  She talked about inventory and `moving’ horses.  She told us that the mistake other rescues make, (I’m assuming she’s referring to legitimate ones), is that they have the same 10 or so horses to offer up for adoption and end up getting stuck with them.  She’s smarter than everybody else because if the horses aren’t moving, she gets rid of them and brings in new inventory to entice people. That actually was the gist of what she was saying.  That sounds more like a horse trader talking than a rescue.  No, buying a horse on the other side of the country or even two hours away, dragging it home to stand in a tiny pen with no shade and hit and miss water and feed for a few months before shooting it in the face is NOT rescue by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m not even sure what the proper term for that would be beyond `fucked up’.  I should add that Manson’s math on the number of horses she’s killed in the last year or so are about as accurate as her hay math.  Somehow, in her messed up world view, we cannot be anti slaughter if we’re not on board with her methodology.  She thinks her detractors are anti euthanasia.  I can only speak for myself, but I’m not anti euthanasia at all.  I am, however, anti unneccesary killing of healthy animals to line your pockets.

The pictures above aren’t new to most of you.  These are the before and afters of some recent HiCaliber refugees, as in before they left HiCaliber and after they got some food into them.  The video was dated July 6th and that’s Savannah.  Yet another of the Louisiana horses failing to thrive.  I find her `talking’ for food to be a bit heartbreaking given her condition.  From what I’m told, Manson kept her covered up to hide the bones at the ranch even though they are clearly visible through her fly sheet.  Thankfully, she’s at foster from what I hear, but too early to tell if she’ll regain some condition like the others have.  I have a real problem with a rescue that has horses that constantly need to be rescued.  Manson’s excuse is that her ranch is too busy, which for anybody that has boarded a horse or worked in big barn knows is such a load.  It’s quite easy to keep horses in good condition and weight and even rehab them in all sorts of settings if you know WTF you are doing.  There is no excuse for this.  Despite her claims that they follow the U C Davis refeeding protocol I know that isn’t true.  They still aren’t using it on Firetyme.  How is this rescue?


Another thing I felt I need to address today that fits in nicely with our them of `both ways’ is our great mole hunter and detective, Ingrid, who is apparently a senior attorney for DHS.  I’m kinda fond of Ingrid because every other week or so, she states with absolute certainty that she knows exactly who I am and then pulls a name out of her ass, usually somebody that isn’t even in my time zone.  So far Ingrid hasn’t managed to sniff out a single `mole’  and she hasn’t gotten remotely close to me.  Such is HiCaliber’s arrogance that they fail to realize this blog has been around since 2012 and had many posts that had nothing to do with HiCaliber apart from a mention of their part in the Starlight shit show and to say they seemed decent at the time.  Yes, I have just been laying the groundwork for all these years, even before HiCaliber had its 501c3 status just to take them down at my leisure.   Ingridbitch, please.  Give your empty head a shake.  What truly sucks is her involving anybody and everybody that disagrees with HiCaliber.  That’s shitty.  That’s something I don’t even do and I make no claims of being a professional.  Each time she comes out with a new name, she says it with conviction like she has some sort of inside information maybe accessible to her due to her job.  So, which way is it?  Is she making shit up or abusing her position?  It’s one or the other.  Personally, I know she’s pulling it out of her ass and if not for the innocent parties involved, her stupidity is somewhat funny.  What is sad about it all is it still really doesn’t matter who I am.  It still doesn’t make the truth any less true.  If I was lying, then wouldn’t their energies be better spent proving me wrong and discrediting me?  They can’t.  I would suggest to Ingrid that she rein in the alpha mare over there and redirect their energies on actual rescue and good husbandry rather than finding out who somebody blowing the whistle on you actually is.  Or continue your guessing game.  It won’t matter to me either way.  I’m going to keep doing what I do. hardest

I know a lot of HiCaliber insiders read this blog. Despite their protestations that they don’t care about it and it’s all lies, the story behind closed doors is very different.  They keep a close eye on us over here.  I know some of those insiders must be wavering.  It’s hard to feel torn between the animals you care for and self-preservation.  I get it.  I’ve been there.  I got you and so does the rest of this `community’ or whatever it is in the comment sections.  This is a place where truth is welcome and so is respectful discussion.  You can vent your spleen, but don’t do it all over somebody else.  I can only imagine what it must be like to come into the light after leaving HiCaliber.  Everything you thought was real wasn’t and to have all those little nagging doubts confirmed and amplified has to be upsetting to say the very least. Those of you that wish to remain in the safety of my inbox, I got you too.  Let’s save some horses and truly put them first.  The rest of us are going to just keep trying to do the next right thing and shine some light. #IAMSHEDROW


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Back again with another installment of the HiCaliber Shit Show.  With all the drama and behind the scenes whining going on, it’s feeling like we might be in for another live feed bombardment as Charles Manson Michelle heaves herself up on the cross and plays the martyr card.  I’m over it in advance.   I’m starting to think her acolytes are like those people that follow WWE wrestling thinking it’s real and not scripted.  There’s nothing you can do or say to change their mind and any presentation of facts is apt to cause cognitive dissonance.  However, I feel the need to put the truth out there and rather than a spoon full of sugar,  I serve it with a healthy dose of sarcasm.  Not everybody likes the taste but the facts are still facts.  No matter what Manson says, they are not fluid so I suggest everybody put on either your big girl panties or your big boy shorts and let’s get down to some more `truth’ because that’s why we’re here.

We’re going to kick things off today with the curious case of Squeaky the horse.  Squeaky was purchased, along with her mother Terri, at Escalon Livestock Auction last February.  She had yet to be weaned and since Manson has this thing about `soft weaning’ aka self weaning, she remained that way for a while.  They soon found out the Terri was in foal and the when and wheres of that are a bit hazy since the resultant foal didn’t drop until mid January of this year.  You can do the math on that one for yourselves.  Squeaky had been weaned for awhile by then and was spending time in the `nursery’ at HiCaliber with some other young ones.  One of Manson’s chief butt barnacles and proteges is Taylor who we’ll just call Lil Manson.  Before everybody starts squealing that’s she’s only 18 years old and how horrible I am, just simmer down and read on. When Lil Manson finished school (I’m presuming she did anyhow) and turned 18 yrs old, Bang Bang Becky and Manson made a big show of gifting her Squeaky.   Never mind that even though they’re cute together, kids and foals aren’t usually a good idea and kids and yearlings a terrible idea.  However, Lil Manson was going to get a smokin good deal on keeping Squeaky at HiCaliber while she was apprenticing under Big Manson to be her second in command on the `medical team’.  She even got her own set of scrubs.  I haven’t gotten word if she got her own stethoscope or her and Big Manson are sharing ear wax.

Lil Manson was all set with her very own horse and a brand new job on the medical team.  I’m actually not 100% when she went on the payroll as part of the medical team.  She didn’t even know how to give a needle or pull blood up until a few months ago.  I’m not even blaming the kid.   She is 100% Manson broke and from several different and credible sources, I’ve been told she is exceptionally rough on the horses, frequently talks about how much she hates some of them and has been known to `celebrate’ certain executions euthanasias.  Learning that pretty much meant she was fair game to own her own evil.  I was that age too and it would never have occurred to me to rough handle a horse or any animal.  I was also working my way through college riding horses for a well-known trainer and not every horse I dealt with was a peach.  Anyhow, nobody cares about that, I was just using it as an example that age is never an excuse for cruelty.  It’s not too late for Lil Manson to find a better way and I truly hope she does, but the mean streak towards animals is concerning.

Oops!  What’s this?  Squeaky the horse got adopted again this spring. The `news’ was only recently posted but the most recent adoption went down around March 20th.  The reason I have no problem with posting this video is that the adopters have shared it to media outlets and it has already been linked all over.  They also did nothing wrong.  This yearling is clearly too much for this little girl and sometimes, as an adult that is supposed to know wtf you’re doing *cough*adoptionteam*cough*, you need to make a tough call and redirect somebody to a more suitable horse that isn’t going to hurt them.   What happened to them so carefully screening potential adopters?  It seems some applications take weeks if they get acknowledged at all and other people just get whatever they want immediately because they like you regardless of skill set or suitability.  I found it strange that it took all of about 5 minutes for Big Manson to snap up Barrett and Rizzo for $1 each because they actually had value, or at least they did before they got Mansonized, but this Dawson application is taking forever because she’s not really worth much and has issues.  Funny how that works.  Back to Squeaky… I’m not just being over-cautious, there is already problems with that horse in her new home.  Nice work adopting out a yearling that can’t even have her feet handled to a little girl as her first horse.


Ok, so how did Squeaky come to be adopted twice in a year without ever having to leave HiCaliber? (she is in a new location now)  It seems that Lil Manson found her too much to handle and didn’t have time for her because Big Manson was working her too hard on the med team, so she relinquished the horse.  She did so in hopes of adopting Percy.  That was back before they screwed him up so bad that he’s perilously close to making the execution list and everybody was licking his face and pissing on his legs to claim him.  Lil Manson really wanted him.  In fact, she gave up Squeaky the same week Percy was bought at auction and I’m sure that’s not a coincidence.  What follows is an interesting conversation about certain `rules’ the have about returning a horse.   Rules that apparently don’t apply to Andrew Fice or weren’t going to anyhow.  I guess those same rules weren’t `fluid’ when it came to Lil Manson


I hope I don’t have those out of order.  I’m sure it’s easy enough to piece the conversation together even if I did and Lil Manson had a point.  They gave her the Squeaky and the horse was too much for her.  Clearly she didn’t handle her much or have any help with her, so what is Big Manson’s next brain wave?  Give her to an even more inexperienced and younger kid.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is reason #2456 that nice horses end up in the slaughter pipeline.  Bad enough it happens at all, but extremely disturbing that a rescue is pulling this crap.  I wonder if they count Squeaky as two saves and two adoptions for their stats?  I see at least one PB horse on their rescue page, so it’s not a huge leap to think that maybe their rescue math is as dodgy as their hay math.  Moving right along…

Fili was a purchase they made the end of March.  This is where I have a hard time following the logic.  The mare is clearly got a blown out knee that isn’t ever going to be fixable.  Manson wants to shoot an otherwise healthy young horse like Saban in the face, but she kept this horse around so they could practice doctoring on her.  She goes on to say that she may be ok for light riding.  Anybody that attempts to ride a horse with a leg like that deserves to be shot with a ball of their own poop.  WTH???  Fili was another of those horses that Manson diagnosed as having had foals before by looking at her titties.  I’m totally asking for money back for all the ultra sounds I’ve had done on mares over they years when all I ever needed was a titty whisperer like Manson to tell me what was what.  All joking aside, things have taken a bad turn for Fili.  She’s been marked for death since the middle of June and may already be gone over the past few days.  She’s still on the website but wasn’t on the latest hoof and hay fundraiser.  Because Manson has had her marked for death for a while, when she re-injured herself a few weeks ago, she didn’t rate any treatment or relief and was left out in Loft paddock to suffer.



I guess she eventually got some wound spray on there but not before it festered and leaked for a while.  One of the things I constantly see Manson whining about is how none of the `haters’ ever give her credit for doing a good job with the horses they do get or something along those lines.  Umm, she’s right.  I’m never going to pet her on the head for shit like this and I have yet to see her actually do a good job.  This is not ok and if you have too many horses that you don’t have time, don’t notice, don’t care enough to see this shit, then stop buying fucking horses every week.  I’m not even going to blame it on the volunteers, feed team or whatever.  They only know as much as she teaches them because anybody that is an actual horseman or bothers to speak up promptly gets run out of there.  This kind of thing should have been seen and treated right away and if she’s supposed to be put down, then do it and don’t make her suffer any more than she will when you blast her in the face a few times.  This is inexcusable and unforgivable and it’s just one that we know about.  Who knows what horrors a walk through the hoard herd would reveal.


The horse above was HiCaliber Gemma, a five year old mare.  She was adopted out under the $1 menu last year because she wasn’t doing well at HiCaliber.  This week she died with a bullet in her head.  Or course there are no details on the HiCaliber page other than she’s dead and they are all too `devastated’ to post about it just yet.  Kinda like they were too devastated to post about Lindell when they killed him, or too devastated to ever actually tell anybody what Boyer’s necropsy results were, or have the vet tell the village why Sara ended up dying with `brain matter leaking out her nose’.  What is out there on social media about Gemma is that she had been in really poor condition and quite thin and other borders at the stable she was at frequently had to throw her feed because she had none.  It’s clear from her recent pictures that she was in poor condition and rather than being shipped back to HiCaliber to face the firing squad, the word is that Michelle and her gun paid a special visit to Gemma.  Disturbing on many levels and highly problematical too.  After all the drama surrounding Saban and their insistence that they don’t just sign horses over with no follow up, it appears that is exactly what happened with Gemma.  Well, I guess the visit to shoot her was a follow up of some sort, but probably not what most people had in mind when they hear `follow up’.  Rest in peace, Gemma.



I’m sure many of you will remember RJ.  He was an emaciated old gelding they bought back in March.  He had a wound up near his ear they immediately decided must have been a gunshot wound even though they never actually found a bullet and they never raised the funds for a CT to find out.  Despite the dramatic story, he got shuffled off to foster fairly quick as he just wasn’t bringing in the sympathy donations they thought he would.  I posted this mainly to show you the difference between what is said to the villagers and behind closed doors.  He was brought back from foster so they could dump another horse on them.  The horse he was replaced with was Blazing Idle who, from the pictures above, lost quite a bit of weight and condition in her 3 months at HiCaliber. This is likely the last we’ll see of RJ as from the way he’s mouthing that hay, I’m pretty sure he’s going to start losing weight rapidly again and get branded as failure to thrive​.  It is also worth listening to the end of this video as Manson refers to the horses at HiCaliber as `inventory’ and explains that they have to keep bringing in new inventory because these old horses don’t move like new and sounder ones do.   Sometimes I wonder if she even believes what falls out of her pie hole.

This little conversation was sent to me last week.  It came from a person who messaged the HiCaliber page to ask after Firetyme since Michelle hasn’t come through on any of her promised updates for him.  As you can see, she got the ole Ingrid/Rene special.  For people that claim to have been professionals, they sure aren’t very bright.  Perhaps they should remember conversations like this when they are begging for money and having to get their knees dirty on a Tuesday crying that even $5 makes a difference.   I kinda keep waiting for one of them to grow up or clue in enough to realize that even if they think somebody is a hater, they get handed several opportunities a day to prove them wrong and they keep blowing it.  Manson’s latest little shit fit/social experiment is going to backfire right in her botoxed, china chompered face.  She has declared, yet again *yawn* that she is nobody’s bitch and she will not be doing updates on Firetyme just on principle.  Somewhere along the line, she and the rest of her bumbling crew forget that those horses don’t belong to them.  They belong to the donors that paid for them and she OWES them updates on each and every one, including Firetyme.  However, I’m sure once she manages to get some weight on him, she’ll relent and take some low light pics for a proof of life. If not, we’ll likely be treated to another video from Dr. Moss reading from the cue cards they hold off camera for him explaining why he’s under the blue tarp by the road.  I genuinely feel badly for the guy.



I think that’s probably enough HiCaliber recaps for today.  There is quite a bit to digest as usual.  I find it ironic that one of the buzz lines for the great Louisiana kill pen dip was that Manson wanted to tell these horses’ stories.  Horses that haven’t even all had intake videos a month after the fact or even updates.  Horses that some of which are dying on their feet and doing even worse since their `rescue’ and we only find out about that as leaked information.  Remember the `burned’ tattoos that weren’t actually burned and her vow to identify them and work with Louisiana advocates to bring justice to these horses?  Yeah, *crickets*, but that’s not surprising considering there were zero burned tats despite what they told the media.  I’m sure she’s probably still walking around with her paper bag of hair thinking it will some how magically send up a smoke signal and tell her who these horses all were. Meanwhile she cries and plays the victim card and the remaining village idiots continue to kiss her crusty ass and wonder how people can be so mean?  I gave you a few glimpses behind the scenes as at how they really behaves and I will leave you all with this video of the `real’ Manson.  I’m sure many of you remember the Skittles the pony saga where they demanded a first right of refusal on a horse that they never owned in the first place and then had a complete meltdown when the owner sold him to a private home that would pay more than HiCaliber.  He still gave them the horse named Major.  I know things get a bit salty on this blog, but I seriously have to warn you about the language on this video if you’re at work or kids are around.  Until next time…

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Well, here we are with another auction extravaganza in the books.  Today was typical in some ways, funny in others.  We’ll get to that right away.  First, however, we have a village idiot that wants to be famous.  I’ve mostly left the village idiots out of things aside from mentioning them as a group.  I thought that was the kind thing to do.  Apparently not.  It seems that at least one of them wants to be famous, so I thought I’d start out by obliging her.  I’m feeling generous today.

Everybody say `hello’ to Heather.  Since Heather doesn’t know where I live in order to come jump up and down and throw her skirt over her head to get my attention, she decided to buy the shedrowconfession.com domain and start up her very own spoof site.  She also opened a Facebook page under this blog’s name so she could try to snag some of my traffic or something.  Unfortunately, Heather isn’t as smart as she thinks she is and it took all of 45 seconds to find out who owned the domain and look her up.  She’s quite the little HiCaliber foot soldier.  It also didn’t take long to find Heather complimenting herself on her own mad writing skillz.  I almost felt sad for her, but then I remembered that I’m a bit of a bitch and gave my head a shake.

Even though I usually black them out,  I figured I’d leave the other village idiot names on the screen caps since they seem to be gagging for attention too.  These didn’t come from the HiCaliber page.  Because they don’t spend enough time following HiCaliber, some village idiots have started a little group for `Friends Who Love HiCaliber’ so they can sit around flicking their beans and discussing how much they love HiCaliber as well as compiling `hater lists’ and calling for every single person that likes certain rescues to be banned.  As soon as Heather got called out for her fuckery  on own page, she tried to act like it was no big deal that she got busted.  That was strange since she went on a flurry of locking down her internet by deleting her Etsy, her wedding registry page (whatever DID happen to Royce btw?) and anything else she could think of other than her Midway Wholesale Imports LLC which appears to be a one man show, or woman in this case.


In othe words…`I can’t get any attention on my own so I thought I’d ride the coat tails of the very blog I claim to hate’.



As you can see Heather is shitting her pants.  Don’t worry darling, I wouldn’t cross the street to spit on you, although I do know your home address now.  The problem is, you steal the name of my blog, you get my attention and that’s not always fun when you’re a fuckwitted shitgibbon.  I have more pictures than I posted too but since Heather is a heavy filter enthusiast with her profile pics it would probably be jarring for her to see her actual visage up here on the site.  I’ll save those for another time. These things happen when you do stupid shit and leave your ass hanging out.  Despite her little flurry of deletions there is those little green triangles on Google that will show cached pages and if that doesn’t work there is the wayback machine.  I’m flattered that I’ve got the village idiots so stirred up that they are now paying money they could send to HiCaliber to try to redirect traffic from this site.  The very best thing about it all was I didn’t have to lift a finger or spend any time getting this information.  Before I had my first cup of coffee today, it was all sitting in my inbox so it took no time at all to fill in the blanks.   I also found out that since this blog has been well established for a number of years and falls into the high traffic category, what Heather is doing is called domain squatting in bad faith and she could get in big trouble for that.  People knocking on the door and serving papers kinda trouble.  It wouldn’t cost a dime to put those wheels in motion either.  Silly rabbit…


So, moving right along, let’s get down recapping the auction shenanigans.  As most of you are aware, HiCaliber has been in heavy damage control mode for at least a week.  In preparation for auction today, they cleansed the FB page by posting stale updates on horses and featuring other horses that were either at foster or had only recently returned to the ranch.  I guess that’s the only way they could dig up healthy looking animals to show.  It was pretty much a shit show from the word go today.  Because Cheech is doing another Louisiana run, we were treated to Bang Bang Becky driving the trailer and sharing her vast knowledge of horses.  She took us on a visual tour of the bay that happened to have dapples and attempted to paint a picture that he was abused because he had recently pulled mane, some hair rubbed off his face, which Romney Faye Baker immediately referred to as deep gashes, and then surmised that he had spur marks which must have meant people with really long legs have been riding him because they were under his belly.  You could almost hear the dramatic soundtrack playing in the background as she said  `Pulled mane and a bridle path!’ She also informed us he had `a lot of wind puffs’ which makes him really special because a horse usually only has two hind legs, so to have a lot of wind puffs would be unique.   A couple, yes.  A lot, wow! The horse was in good shape.  He certainly didn’t need to be saved over the `skinny’ older TB, but they prioritized him over all the others and purchased him in the ring.  If you notice, the above posts indicates that Misner `got’ the gray mare.  Actually he is the one that brought her there in the first place.  Not sure if it’s the same horse, because Romney Faye had a fantastical story to tell about them getting her near Oregon, but he bought a gray Arabian mare at Mike’s for $125 a week ago.  Today the village idiots paid $1000 for her between her purchase price and the piggy bank fund responsible rescue.  I know what I’m writing doesn’t really jibe with the post from HiCaliber, but it will.

Ok, from what I could gather, they started out their freedom walk feed owning the bay and the gray, but I think only the gray was bought off Misner along with one of the chestnut TBs that they bought later.  Maybe both were.  I’m still not sure why they felt those two were needing to be `saved’ other than Romney Faye likely thought they were sexy.  She did kinda spazz out over the dapples thinking she had discovered a brand new color of horse.  She also speculated that two of the OTTBs had probably been together a long time because both of them had tattoos that started with the letter `Y’.  What I found the most funny, but not funny, was her going on and on about how skinny two of the horses were.  Given the condition of Sully, Firetyme, Saban, and Engineer that all happened on their watch, she never gets to point a finger at anybody else for having a skinny horse.  They also looked better than most of the horses they have in pens on the ranch and were mainly sucked up in the flanks and probably needed a good drink of water.  These people never think to give them water for some reason.  Romney Faye also diagnosed a white spot on a belly as spur scars and she and Bang Bang Becky decided a parrot mouth was buck teeth.  At some point, Bang Bang Becky slunk off somewhere leaving us with Romney Faye Baker’s loud mouth and constant flipping the phone around to pose selfie style, with a sad face beside various horses.  Finally, when the funds were just not coming in she pulled out the grief card and played it.  As a result, three private buyers stepped up to buy the bay (which they had already bought and raised funds for), the other chestnut and the little half Arab looking guy.  Romney Faye made a big show of offering to return the money they had raised for the bay along with sounding like she was reading from a script when talking about after care and quarantine.  I kinda tuned out.  Between having to hear about her `baby’ and her loud mouth in general and the need to never shut up, I had to turn the sound down for awhile.  I know I’ve mentioned it before but there is only so many times I can sit through listening to her call these horses by their new names like they should respond and baby talking them when it’s kinda clear most of them don’t like her at all, especially the ones she calls `mamas’.



Becky was right!

The best part of today was being treated to a master class of how not to load a horse courtesy of Bang Bang Becky.  I’ve never really been an Arab person myself, but I half wanted to phone in and buy this mare today.  Not only is she kinda nice looking, she appears to be smart.  She no how, no way, wanted any part of going back to HiCaliber to waste away in a small pen.  She never really got down and dirty, although they gave her every reason to, but she categorically refused to get on that trailer for an hour and a half.  She initially put her front feet up in the trailer but when nobody rewarded her by releasing some pressure, she basically said `fuck that’ and backed out and stayed out.  She didn’t want to move forward with all the mixed signals she was getting and I didn’t really blame her.  I’m not sure why twirling the shank in her face is supposed to encourage foward movement or why lunging her and getting her even more worked up was supposed to help.  The body position for lunging, if that even was what they were trying to do, was bizarre.  They contemplated attempting to back her onto the trailer and then, they parked one of the PB horses directly behind her so she couldn’t fly backwards.  I’d have been so pissed had that have been my horse.  Finally, as a last resort, they decided to use the chutes to run her into the trailer.  It seemed to me that the twirling shank began to make contact and it really is a testament to that mare’s intelligence. that she didn’t climb that half gate and really hurt herself.  They gave her every reason to.  Between Romney Faye’s incessant yapping, Bang Bang Becky’s clear frustration and we’re not really sure WTF Robyn was doing other than getting in the way, I’d have tried to escape the fate they had in store for sure.  Poor mare.  She fought the good fight.


So that was basically it for auction today other than yet another little cry sesh in the car with Romney Faye Baker.  Some of the village idiots have sent her some more baubles to hang around her neck and fondle, so that meant we needed to have some tears and be reminded that she is grieving.  She was antsy to get out of there today.  I’m not sure if that is because it’s been rumored that her fiance, Dumbass Darrell, has a bit of a habit of falling into the nearest vagina when he’s not being closely supervised or what. They crowed about`sweeping’ the auction and getting all the horses but, in reality, only two have the misfortune of going back to the feed lot.  The others were private purchases and I’m not sure why they consider that so awesome considering those are impulse buys and often quick flips.  They even have a donkey that was a private buy a few weeks ago already listed for sale.  Maybe they’re taking a cut from purchase prices or something.  We certainly never see an auction slip and the other thing that disturbs me is that that are paying cash for these horses  There is always a run for the bank after loading and that’s just weird.  Any other organization would have a check and write one for purchase.  I’ve heard of them jacking prices so there’s a little for the pocket and maybe this is how they are doing it.  $25 here, $50 there, who’s going to notice?  Not very transparent by any stretch of the imagination.  I just find myself feeling really sad for those horses that end up getting drug back to that feed lot.


I’m going to keep this on the shorter side today.  I have more of our milk carton horses, aka the missing, to feature, but the past few entries have been pretty heavy with that sort of thing.  My hope is that we can eventually get as many as possible remembered and acknowledged.  I find it especially disturbing that a rescue wipes their existence off the website and pages like they never existed. The very same rescue that raked in nearly $100k by telling their donors they wanted to tell the stories of OTTBs that turned out to be almost every breed but.  I’ve been encouraged to see so many people speaking out and gathering strength in numbers.  It’s amusing to be called haters when the reason for this blog and its following is for the love of horses.  Much of what Romney Faye Baker said today was in direct response to this blog and, rightly or wrongly, I’m taking total credit for Michelle not abusing the public live feeds with her personal issues lately.  I probably jinxed that by mentioning it though.  The point being is we are making a difference.  The big difference that everybody is wanting will take time, but it’s worth pursuing.  With that being said, I will sign off for now.  Keep fighting the good fight!

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