I was going to recap some stuff on the pending slaughter houses today, but something more important has come up.  For all the PSAs that slag off rescues and whine about adoption contracts, pay attention.  This is why you have contracts and still bad things happen to a good rescue.  These were NOT unwanted horses!!  This from Remember Me Rescue in Texas:

$1000 in Reward Money being offered


Please help us find these 2 RMR horses.   Both horses were adopted by Melissa Curtis of Bowie, Texas.    A week or so ago Melissa called me and asked to adopt another horse.   She told me they had just bought a house and she wanted something to ride in drill team.    I asked a member of Remember Me to go see the new house and  only to find out it was all lies and that the horses she had adopted months earlier were missing.  
Melissa said they were donated to a church camp but would not tell us where the horses were.   Then she text me saying they were donated to a man named Danny.   Our contacts confirm that Danny is a local horse trader and kill buyer. 
If anyone has any information please conatus Donna Keen at 817-689-1214 or Vicki Morgan at 682-647-5145 immediately.  
Melissa betrayed these horses and we will chase her to the ends of the Earth to find them.  



$500 Reward
for the return of 
no questions asked
Tattoo # K23302
Marks: Few white hairs in forehead.—                

Cowlick slightly to left at top of eye level.—                 Cowlick at crest of neck on both sides;
feathered cowlick on front of neck.***            
Norway and Trophy Case’s last known whereabouts was more than likely in the possession of Danny Reeves.   A member of our group spoke with Mr Reeves and he confirmed to them that he had both horses and got them from Melissa Curtis.
Per the conversation with Mr. Reeves, he remembers selling Norway either to an individual or through the sale ring, but Trophy Case was very lame after they rode him and to the best of his knowledge was loaded on a slaughter truck
Our hearts are breaking at this news.  Fortunately we have made contact with a man at the border who inspects the horses before they go in to Mexico.   I spoke to him on Tuesday and told me that he will personally search through the horses for him. 
We pray that it is not to late for this sweet horse.


$500 Reward
for the return of
no questios asked
Tattoo # L11396
Dark Bay Gelding, may have sun bleached.  Has skunk tail (white hairs at base of tail)
Irregular oval star; snip slightly to left between nostrils, ending on upper lip.—                
Median cowlick at bottom of eye level.—                
Left hind: pastern and part of ankle white, higher on outside and in back.—                
Cowlick high at crest of neck on both sides; cowlick on front of neck.***            


Trophy Case at RMR last spring
Anyone with any information can contact Donna or Vicki and the information provided will be kept confidential.   Any information leading to the return of one or both of these horses will be recognized with a $500 per horse reward.  
Please help us find them before it’s too late.

Donna Keen 817-689-1214
Vicki Morgan 682-647-5145

By now, you all probably know that no horses will be going to slaughter in New Mexico or Iowa  in the next few weeks.  The lawsuit in New Mexico filed by Front Range Equine, HSUS, et al has been successful in obtaining a temporary restraining order from US District Judge, Christina Armijo. (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/08/02/judge-blocks-planned-horse-slaughter-at-2-plants/2614297/) Aside from that, there has been some slight confusion as to what it all means as initial reports stated that the hearing would resume Monday, yet Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS released a brief statement saying it would be some weeks before anything was settled.  What we now know is that the hearing on Monday is to determine how much of a bond that the plaintiffs have to put up to cover potential economic losses should they be unsuccessful when the case is heard in 30 days.  Responsible Transportation in Iowa has stated they have something like a $1.5million loan and another $1.4million from investors.  I have to wonder who the brainiacs were that put up that kind of money for a business that will likely be legislated as obsolete within a few months.   Obviously, there has been a lot of reaction to today’s news and I’m sure that many of you are eagerly awaiting Slaughterhouse Sue’s take on things.  It’s always entertaining, if not factual to see what the equine industry’s #1 enemy has to say.  So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the latest press release from the Matron of Horse Haters.


I’m sure it will come as no great surprise to any of you that Suey spent the majority of her day hitting the refresh button on her computer . As she whiled away the hours dreaming of all the different ways she would eat horses and flicking her bean at the prospect of seeing  a warehouse full of carcasses, she also found time to lay down an ass pot full of links.  Mostly, they were the same links from yesterday’s press release.  For those of you that couldn’t be arsed to check it all out, I will save you the trouble and tell you that they were just a bunch of editorials she had whipped up under her IEBA hat.  No hard data or documentation, just her opinion how awesome slaughter is and how much fun it is for horses to get to spend time in a slaughter facility.  Bear in mind that Suey also considers kill buyers to be `heroes and saviors’.  (http://tuesdayshorse.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/sue-wallis-salutes-horse-slaughter-buyers-as-heroes-and-saviours/).  Anyhow, with their defeat in court today Suey took only enough time to allow her meds to kick in before issuing the following press release.  (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs133/1103685263837/archive/1114391881148.html).  I have to admit her press releases have become one of my guilty pleasures lately.  Shall we take a closer look at today’s spin?
We have just received word that Judge Christina Armijo of the 10th District Court in New Mexico has issued her decision in regards to the HSUS request for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that prevents USDA from sending inspectors to horse processing facilities.  This TRO will be in force for a short term while a decision on a Preliminary Injunction, which would be in force until the underlying lawsuit is settled, will be decided upon in about a month.

The fight goes on. While disappointing, this is really just the very first skirmish in what will inevitably be a long haul. We have proven already by our progress to this point that the horse industry will not lay down and die. We will not quit. We will continue to fight to our dying breath to preserve our way of life, to protect our horses, to protect our lands, and our freedoms.

– First skirmish?  Really?  Then why does it feel like we have been playing a non-stop game of Whack-A-Mole with the slaughterphiles for the past few years?  I believe that she will not quit, but do you know what?  I think many of us are more than willing to wait her out.  She is NOT industry and she never will be.  We, too, will fight for our horses until they threat of this barbaric industry is forever removed.  Then we will pick up the pieces and carry on cleaning up their mess.

A bond hearing will be held in the next week or two which will establish the financial loss that the plants will stand to lose if we are not allowed to operate. HSUS will be required to put up that bond. Bonds that they will forfeit if we ultimately prevail.

We will also be preparing to appeal this Judge’s decision, as her determination today was made on grounds that attorneys believe have no basis in law. It is also my understanding that there are, in fact, Supreme Court decisions to the contrary which this Judge chose to ignore today.

– As I mentioned earlier, they are asking for a cool $10million bond, so that should remove any doubt about what the real motivation for horse slaughter is if they honestly believe that is how much money they are going to lose in the next month or two.  As for her appeal, I suspect it will get tossed out of court.  If there were Supreme Court decisions to back up their position, I guess their attorney should have gotten off his ass and cited them in his motions, just as the plaintiff side did with citing precedents in theirs.

In the meantime, if there was ever a need for the horse industry, the states, the tribes, the counties, and everyone who cares about the continued existence of a horse industry in any form in this country to come together, and to support this effort with dollars and dedication…that time is now!

Do not weaken. Nobody ever said this was going to be easy. We have proved time after time that a few stalwart souls who are willing to stand up and tell the truth can make a difference. Don’t stop!

– Suey fails to realize that the horse industry, the states, the majority of tribes, counties and for sure anybody that loves the horse industry already have come together and we are speaking up.  The awesome thing is we are being heard.  Naturally, Suey would like you to send her some more money.  Her whiskey and pork rind supply is likely running low!

Thank you to all of you who have stepped up your personal efforts to communicate with political leaders and the public. A special tip of the hat and hearty appreciation goes out to the tribal leaders who have elevated an opposing view to the animal rights rhetoric that is, finally, catching the attention of the media. Hopefully those heartfelt and common sense messages will start percolating through the national conversation surrounding this issue.

– Leaders?  I think she means paid employees of various bands.  I have yet to see a chief or leader of any tribe named in any of their court documents.  As I’ve said a million times before…a lie is still a lie no matter how many times or how loudly you repeat it.


If you would like to hear from the attorneys involved in this case and what they had to say afterwards, here is a link to a brief video clip.  I found it quite `interesting’. (http://newmexico.watchdog.org/19173/video-reaction-to-judge-blocking-horse-plant-with-temporary-restraining-order/)


As you can see, Suey didn’t really have a lot to say about the actual proceedings today.  I guess it becomes difficult to twist things when the defeat is so resounding.  Here is a link to the order that was issued today.  It’s not a long document, but I’ll pull out a few sections that you all may find interesting.  (http://www.nmcourt.fed.us/Drs-Web/view-file?unique-identifier=0005456805-0000000000)

“…To obtain a temporary restraining order “the moving party must demonstrate: (1) a likelihood of success on the merits; (2) a likelihood that the movant will suffer irreparable harm inthe absence of preliminary relief; (3) that the balance of equities tips in the movant’s favor; and (4) that the injunction is in the public interest..”.

– So that pretty much dismisses the notion that this case is merely a stall tactic.  If that were so, the restraining order would not have been granted.

” Turning to the grants of inspection, as previously stated, the grants of inspection were based, in relevant part, on the existence of the FSIS Directive to protect the public health and safety.  The Court is not persuaded that the grans of inspections would have been issued in the absence of this Directive, the express purpose of which was to protect the public health and safety from the unique chemical residues possibly present in equines. Although the Court must afford deference to the FSIS’s actions, the Court does not find credible the Federal Defendants’ assertions that the grants of inspection would have been issued in the absence of the Directive given the express purpose of the Directive to protect the public health and safety and given the fact that FSIS specifically incorporated the Directive into their grants of inspection. The Court therefore concludes that Plaintiffs have established a substantial likelihood of success on the merits of their NEPA and APA claims challenging the grants of inspection.”

– Substantial likelihood of success…..read it and weep, Suey!

“Plaintiffs have submitted evidence of environmental harm at commercial horse slaughter facilities that operated in the United States prior to the defunding of inspectors in fiscal year 2006. [See . Doc. 13] This environmental harm included blood spills, improper disposal of animal parts and carcasses, noxious odors, and the leeching of horse effluent into the local water supply and waterways. [Id.] These harms are compounded by the presence of chemical residues in equines that are not otherwise present in other amenable species subject to slaughter. Evidence has been proffered that a majority of horses subject to slaughter are administered a variety of pharmaceutical drugs not approved for use in food animals, the effects of which could adversely effect the physical environment. The Court concludes that Plaintiffs have fulfilled their burden to prove that environmental harm is likely to occur in the absence of the issuance of a temporary restraining order”

– This was probably my favorite part!  We all know how much slaughterphiles LOVE to deny what happened in Kaufmann and at other slaughter plants when they were up and running.  This is only the beginning as I highly doubt that Suey and company can get some actual research and hard data together that will dispute what many of us have been saying all along.


Suey wasn’t the only one to have a strong reaction to today’s news.  In fact, she was downright mellow compared to some slaughterphiles.  Several of them donned their ass hats and decided to vent online.  In case some of you forgot for one second about the mindset we are dealing with, here are some of the greatest hits from today:

“i am a horse owner. i use my horses to make me a living… they are utility. yes they have names but they are not pets! Make no mistake about what I’m saying. if one of them is injured from being used i will provide the best veterinary care possible with financial reason. and don’t think for a minute i wouldn’t shed a tear for one of them. i trust my life on these magnificent beasts. but if the decision had to be made to sell one to a buyer to recoup some financial loss even knowing where they will end then that is what i woukd do. and that is my business choice to make not some liberal bleeding heart!,”

– I think these people would sell their children for research if it came right down to it.  Such compassion and gratitude!

“How many of these horses do you all want? This is only until Monday! Surely they will be able to open after that…would you all rather see these horses starve..that would be a much worse death!!”

– It’s actually 30 days from now and if that is all that is standing between your horse and starvation, then you shouldn’t be owning horses.  These people can still sell their horses to kill buyers and nothing has changed.  Why is it up to everybody else to clean up their mess?

“How many of you that are against meat marketing willing to put up? Take a few head.of horses & take care of them? Or pay someone to care for them?
Oh and sorry, check your history, Oxen built the West & this country more than horses..
Horses are bring dumped on back roads, State &Federal lands . People are finding them on their yards, loaded into.an empty trailer at Horse Shows. People can’t afford the cost of feed or the cost of euthanasia. $200-600 per Animal. Feed is crazy expensive also..
I would rather.ship a horse to a plant where I KNOW the animals are treated with respect & not shipped thousands of miles .
So come on with a REAL SOLUTION”

– As always, my question is why aren’t people reporting all these stray horses?  The actual reports of abandoned horses are few and far between.  I see far more reports of stray dogs and cats and nobody has suggested we ship them to China for consumption…..YET.

” if it is your own horse or dog or cat no one should be able to tell you how to “treat” it. If my horse acts up i will “treat” it with a board to the head. If i want to burn his legs a lttle that is my perogative. If I want Caat Stew tonite, I shall make it! HSUS be damned.”

– And this is exactly why we need big organizations such as the HSUS to speak up for the voiceless.  Wow.

stupid people

Many of the comments above were actually on Wayne Pacelle’s Facebook page.  He actually spent quite a bit of time addressing people’s concerns, especially the PSAs that found their way over there.  There was one exchange I found rather interesting as somebody under a screen name decided to go on that page and regurgitate some Humanewatch propaganda.  Personally, I found it quite awesome as Pacelle set the record straight about many of the things that Suey and her butt monkeys have been spouting for quite some time.  Here are the comments and Pacelle’s response unedited.

wayne, I heard you make exorbitant amounts of money from your donors’ largesse while neglecting animals. Is it true that only 1% of your donation receipts actually go to pet shelters and protecting animals? SHAME ON YOU. I will never support your sham organization and will encourage my animal-loving friends to send their resources elsewhere as well.

– … that’s incorrect information put out there by those who don’t like our work to help animals. We spend over 79% of our funds on programs to help animals. These programs range from ending egregious forms of wildlife abuse to stopping puppy mills. The real scam is the shady network of nonprofit that Rick Berman, the man attempting to smear our name, put out there. Learn more about him at www.humanesociety.org/Berman

Wayne, on your 2011 990 tax return, roughly $6mm of your whopping $127mm (4%) in functional expenses went to grants to local and state societies to actually help animals. You spent $4mm on travel as well as $10mm on direct response costs. Not to mention salaries, wages, other benefits, etc. that consisted of over $30mm of your budget. That’s not really helping animals, Wayne. How can you say that 79% of your funds help animals? I might be a country bumpkin, but I learned math at a very young age

We help all animals Ole, and we focus on the root causes of cruelty. HSUS is rated a 4-star charity (the highest possible) by Charity Navigator, approved by the Better Business Bureau for all 20 standards for charity accountability, voted by Guidestar’s Philanthropedia experts as the #1 high-impact animal protection group, and named by Worth Magazine as one of the 10 most fiscally responsible charities. The work we do is work that local shelters often cannot – that is why we were formed to begin with. We focus on issues that land animals in shelters, but also other issues, like factory farming, the seal hunt, horse slaughter, puppy mills, just to name a few.

Here are some other numbers that may interest you:
over 100,000 animals were provided care by HSUS, including displaced pets during Hurricane Sandy.
110 Chimps were spared from research
The new ownership of wild animals was banned in OH.
The hound hunting of bears and bobcats was banned in CA.
The Pets for Life program, which provides free pet care services to low income areas, expanded to the west coast.

Those are just some of the accomplishments in 2012 made possible by supporters of HSUS.

If you’re focused on financial figures:
over 30 million to direct care and service.
over 26 million to cruelty prevention.
over 18 million to research and education.

We’d encourage you to read more herel: http://www.humanesociety.org/about/overview/annual_reports_financial_statements.html


I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that emotions are starting to run a bit high.  These slaughterphiles have been promised certain victory for a very long time.  They live in a very small world surrounded by like-minded individuals.  Rarely, do any of them bother to expand their horizons or think that just maybe there isn’t always something noble about being in the minority of a hot-button issue.  There are lots of practices and traditions we have gotten away from over the years as we, as a civilization, have realized the error of our ways.  Cruelty is not acceptable in any form.  Horses are not traditional `American’ meals and having them on the table is not a part of our culture.  IF that is something you feel strongly that you need to do, there is nobody stopping you from eating your own horse.  Go ahead and do that.  Just don’t expect the rest of us to sign on and spend our tax dollars on funding a barbaric industry that wreaks havoc on our environment, threatens our actual food supply and lines the pockets of foreign interests.  I find it ironic that it’s always the slaughterphiles that you see screeching that animals are not people and shouldn’t have the same rights.  Well, one of the things that set humans apart from animals is their ability to feel compassion.  That is one emotion I have seen sadly lacking in the pro slaughter crowd.  Funny how that works.  As for the rest of us, we will take the weekend to take a deep breath and savor this small victory and then we will get busy again on Monday.  It is not time to rest on our laurels and start a victory dance just yet and I haven’t heard Suey sing either.  We have many miles to go…


I’m going to make this short, but sweet for now.  There is a temporary restraining order to the opening of the proposed slaughter plants.  That’s the good news.  However, they are back in court on Monday over the same issue.  I’m sure we’ll have several meltdowns to report on later, but for now be thankful and keep sending those good vibes because it’s working.  More anon….



We are officially out of tomorrows as the big day in New Mexico descends upon us.  For those of you that aren’t aware, the pending litigation in New Mexico will likely not be settled tomorrow or even next week.  The main thing that will be decided is whether or not there will be an injunction that will prevent these slaughter houses from opening before the case is complete.  One one hand, you have Front Range Equine, HSUS, et al stating that until it can be decided on whether or not the USDA was in violation of NEPA, that these slaughter plants should not open due to the potential environmental damage etc. On the other you have the slaughterphiles saying they should be allowed to rape and pillage the environment in the meantime while we wait.  How it plays out is anybody’s guess.  I may be a bit biased in my thinking.  With the clock ticking down on this important date, Slaughterhouse Sue has laid down the links and press releases like a woman possessed or at least a creature under the influence of adulterated meat.  As always, I feel the need to save you all the time of going to find them and share with you here.  No need to thank me, I’m feeling magnanimous today.


Despite being busy pimping out her newest little business venture where you can `crop share’ any meat from horse to a barn cat, Suey found the time to issue another press release today whilst wearing her IEBA dunce cap.  (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs133/1103685263837/archive/1114375761005.html). I will break it down for you as she really flexed her creative writing muscle in putting this little gem together.


As the horse industry in the United States continues its dogged and tenacious struggle for a return of normalcy in the face of defamation and abuse perpetrated by extremist fundraising groups, it seems the hysterical, unsubstantiated, uncalled for campaigns of fallacious misinformation (in other words, flat out lies) just keep getting louder and more obnoxious.  When you start following the money from any of dozens of groups, all roads lead to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and their hundreds of millions of deceptively raised dollars.

– Extremist fundraising groups, huh?  That’s a new one for me, especially since lately it seems to be the UH and IEBA that are crying broke and screeching for their supporters to send money.  Of course for Suey and company, it always ends up being about the HSUS and their money.  I guess the ability to read a mandate or even understand what one is, is far beyond their learning levels. Nice to see she busted out her thesaurus to make things interesting, if not professional.


After enduring the Obama Administration slipping a last minute, unannounced, back door provision in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) budget request seeking to reinstate the disastrous defunding of inspectors for horse processing plants in the Agricultural Appropriations bill, and both houses of Congress ignoring their own Government Accountability Office (GAO) study “HORSE WELFARE: Action Needed to Address the Unintended Consequences of Domestic Slaughter Cessation,” and completely ignoring the horse industry, the agriculture industry, the scientists, the veterinarians, the tribes, the state governments, the county governments, and plain old common sense in favor of a culturally arrogant and elitist viewpoint of a Washington, D.C. beltway insulated special interest group with a radical vegan agenda it wants to impose on every American…I know I am not the only one in the horse business that was disheartened.

–  Wait a minute, wasn’t it actually the slaughterphiles that did the super secret last-minute creeping around that lead to stripping of the defunding language last time?  For Suey to say that they got back doored by having the language put back in is kinda funny to me.  At the very least it would be a prime example of them being hoisted by their own petard.  Clearly, Suey is unaware that the GAO report has been proven a complete and utter fraud. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58277209/How%20the%20GAO%20Deceived%20Congress%20v4.pdf) I think what she is actually trying to say here is that the only feelings and opinions that count in this matter are pro-slaughter ones as there are far more horse industry people, veterinarians, tribes, etc. that are very much anti and that’s not even counting the 80% of taxpayers whose money she wants to spend.

Nonetheless, sometimes truth and justice do prevail, and we have several positive developments that have come from the federal government to point to today. Earlier the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced that they had no choice but to follow the law and would finally issue grants of inspection to horse facilities that meet the requirements. (Never mind that the plants had met those requirements, or easily could have, mere weeks after the annual riders were taken off of the Ag Appropriations bill in November of 2011–a delay that caused the loss of literally millions of dollars, hundreds of unfilled jobs, and untold loss of value within the horse industry, not to mention equally untold amounts of unnecessary and totally preventable prolonged and increased suffering of thousands of horses).

– She trots this piece of information out like it is a recent development.  She also seems to forget that during the time there has been no domestic slaughter, the same number of horses have shipped to slaughter every single year.  Sometimes even more and it didn’t seem to make a difference.  The reason she keeps saying `untold’ this and `untold’ that is because she has no solid data to back up her ludicrous claims.  It’s just Suey stating her misguided opinion as fact…..AGAIN.

At least FSIS did issue at the same time a powerful response to HSUS’ “Petition for Rulemaking” that categorically denied every single one of HSUS’ bogus contentions. 


Almost immediately, and sadly predictably, HSUS wasted no time and with their affiliate Front Range Equine Rescue filed a lawsuit seeking to stop FSIS from providing inspectors based on extremely flimsy environmental grounds. They first filed this in the liberal 9th District Court in San Francisco, their favorite venue. Fortunately attorneys were able to point out the obvious forum shopping, and the case was moved to New Mexico where Valley Meats has an ongoing lawsuit against FSIS for holding them up for over a year.  Tomorrow, August 2, the New Mexican judge will rule on HSUS’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction.

– Again, old news by now.  *YAWN*

Today, we wanted to share with you the even more strongly worded and unambiguous submission to the 10th District Court by the Department of Justice on behalf of FSIS, “Federal Defendants’ Opposition to Plaintiffs’ July 2, 2013 Motion for Preliminary Injunction,”  which correctly points out that the fear and unsubstantiated speculation of a few animal rights activists is not grounds for impeding legitimate business, that the allegations of HSUS will not prevail in a court of law without clear and convincing evidence, and that HSUS has failed to provide any evidence whatsoever.  You will find reading just the introduction and the conclusion refreshing and enlightening.  


We also wanted to share with you a series of editorials that confront the “Lies” of HSUS head on from the horse industry perspective. The editorials address lies about food safety and the Safety of American Horse Meat, the Environmental Impacts of Meat Processing, Animal Welfare,  What Really Happens in a Horse Slaughter Plant, and concludes with a Point by Point Rebuttal of HSUS Lies Encapsulated in Their Litigation Attacks on Small Horse Processing Facilities.


– I don’t expect anybody to actually wade through the first link.  It’s a standard filing in opposition to the request for preliminary injunction.  We didn’t really expect them to agree with one being granted did we?  Of course not!  It’s basically their version of the situation.  What Suey fails to mention is that it was filed on July 19th.  Since then, the plaintiffs have filed a response outlining exactly why they expect to succeed and citing several precedents (http://docs.burningbird.net/horse/courtcase/document78.pdf).  As Suey advised, you WILL find reading just the introduction and conclusion refreshing and enlightening.

As for the rest of her links, well it’s just more of her outrageous opinion papers with absolutely NOTHING to back up her position aside from the GAO report.  You know, I half expect the PSAs to walk into court with a shoe box full of lined note paper all folded up, with the check yes or no boxes on it regarding horse slaughter.  That’s about how scientific as they in collecting data.

Our hope is that the documents linked to here will be useful for communicating to Congress, the media, and to the American people. Feel free to share, post, excerpt, and publish widely. As always, if you have comments or questions, please contact me at sue.wallis@ieqbassn.org.

– Thank you, Suey.  Your documents and editorials will be MOST useful for communicating to Congress, media and the general public as we can pull out science, data and facts to debunk them.  In fact, I have taken a screen shot of your footer on the press release where you can’t even be arsed to spell `European’ correctly.  Way to stay classy!


Not content just to issue a press release, Suey shared that they had found themselves some more Indians to join into the fray.  More good news. The tribes, the states, the counties, the horse industry, the ag industry…now if we can just convince the U.S. Congress that listening to a handful of arrogant, elitist “inside the beltway” animal rights activist snobs is the wrong position…”  She really is stuck on this `arrogant, elitist’ thing, isn’t she?  (http://watchdog.org/98540/navajo-nation-will-support-nm-horse-processing-plant/).  She makes no mention of her disgusting foot in the mouth incident of calling Chief David Bald Eagle a faux chief and suggesting he was paid of his opinion, she just goes ahead and digs up more native spokes people that they have managed to sway with the promise of untold riches.


Let’s move right along to the next link she smacked down in the hopes of shaking her followers out of their Bute induced stupor. Okay, great, Secretary Vilsack, now let’s see you knock yourself out to reopen the E.U. market for high quality for U.S. cheval!”  (http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USDAOC/bulletins/85b02b) I wonder if Suey realizes that Vilsack is on her side of the pending litigation in New Mexico?  At any rate, the link is more than misleading as it is all about the beef industry and makes no mention of the fact that US horse meat is banned in the EU as of July 31st due to non-compliance with their required traceability.  I guess it wouldn’t do to point that out to the horse eaters as they are all busy figuring out how many extra cases of beer they can buy with all the money they have been promised they’re going to make from selling off their cull horses.


Guess what?  She still wasn’t done.  At the 11th hour, she managed to get NM state rep. Sandra Jeff to write a little letter.  I’m not sure who the letter is to or what it is supposed to accomplish as it isn’t for the court case.  I guess Suey gets off on finding kindred spirits in horse hating or something.  (http://ieqbassn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Re-Jeff-horse-release-21.pdf).  Sandra Jeff is apparently a member of the Navajo tribe and was formerly best known for accusing the House Speaker’s chief of staff of swearing at her or something.  Anyhow, her letter says little new other than to say that the Navajo think horses are sacred but they still want to slaughter them. She says that they are not wild, but feral and somehow manages to guarantee that none of them have drugs in their systems.  Jeff goes on to admit they ship their horses to slaughter in Mexico at the current time.  I have to wonder what difference it makes whether they are getting killed in an EU sanctioned slaughter-house in Mexico or a Slaughterhouse Sue one in the US?  There is no difference to the horse other than how long they stand on a trailer and we already know most injuries in hauling happen during or right after they load.  Without realizing it, she basically says that slaughter hasn’t fixed their problem.  Seriously.


So, we end another link fest brought to you by Slaughterhouse Sue and her merry band of horse haters.  I’m sure many of them will be dreaming of horses flailing around on the bleed rail with visions of dollar signs dancing in their heads tonight.  I’m not going to throw any negative energy on things and hope for the best.  Just realize that no matter what happens, things are far from over.  There is still defunding language in the budget and the SAFE Act is out there needing your support.  Even if the absolute worst was to happen tomorrow, their days of profiting from the torture of equines are very numbered.  We keep moving forward, no matter what.  Stay positive!


As you are all aware, we are basically down to three days before the court proceedings in New Mexico.  That lawsuit is not solely about the New Mexico facility as we have discussed.  Pretty much any horse slaughter plant that hopes to open has a vested interest in how this case shakes out.  So having said that, why is it the Valley Meats plant in New Mexico seems to be the only one getting all the grief?  Breaking news today is that the plant in Roswell was set on fire on the weekend.  (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/07/30/slaughterhouse-hit-arson/2600303/).  I would seem the plant is still standing, but the refrigerator units have suffered some damage.  I’m not even going to float much of an opinion as to who is responsible as people will make up their own minds one way or another.  However, IF this was done by somebody against slaughter, this is not the way to get things done and not cool at all.  De Los Santos plays enough sympathy cards without handing him additional ones and the law is still the law.  Protest, write letters, and make your calls to your reps.  All those things actually help.  Doing batshit crazy stuff no matter if you are pro or anti is just going to get yourselves in trouble.  I do know one thing though, saying that any and all anti is capable of something like this, is about like saying any and all PSAs are running black market slaughter facilities in their garages.  Both sides have extremists and they are equally as crazy.  Ok, enough preaching for now.  We have more fun things to talk about, mainly a `Call to Action’ posted by D-bag Duquette, but is actually a letter from Charlie Stenholm.  It’s awesome!


For those of you that don’t know, Stenholm is a former Congressman from Texas who currently fills his days lobbying for slaughter and attempting to drum up support from different tribes.   Stenholm is paid of his support of the slaughter industry  Here is a link to his latest, but I’ll give you the highlights.  (http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Letter-from-Congressman-Stenholm.html?soid=1112812195452&aid=iHav0F2VgAU).  It really is a masterpiece of spin that is worth looking at.

As you know, the issue of horse slaughter has rallied the animal rights crowd together for the last several years. HSUS and its allies have gained substantial traction on the matter this year. First, the Obama Administration submitted a budget to Congress with a prohibition on funding for FSIS inspectors at horse slaughter facilities. Next, the current House and Senate Appropriations Committee versions of the FY 2014 Agriculture Appropriations bill reinstates the funding ban for FSIS inspection of horse slaughter. However, with the state of affairs in the 113th Congress, it is unlikely that the FY 2014 appropriations bill will be enacted as law by the September 30th deadline. Thus, we will likely operate on a Continuing Resolution without a ban on domestic horse slaughter inspection.

– Let’s not forget that Charlie is paid to rally the troops here.  Not sure about the rest of you, but the fact that the defunding language is in that bill with overwhelming support would suggest that the future of horse slaughter is far from certain regardless of what happens on Friday.   You can’t be a great business person to gamble that much money on a venture that may only be legal for a few months.


With their chances for a legislative victory slipping as the deadline approaches, HSUS has turned to the federal courts to block horse slaughter. On June 28th, FSIS issued a grant of inspection to Valley Meat Co., a Roswell, NM-based equine packing plant. FSIS also issued a grant of inspection to Responsible Transportation, LLC, a Sigourney, IA-based horse slaughter plant. Within five days, HSUS had filed suit in a San Francisco federal court to block FSIS from proceeding with its plans to allow horse slaughter to re-commence in the United States. The case, Front Range Equine Rescue v. Vilsack (No. 1:13-cv-00639-MCA-RHS), has since been transferred to the federal court in Albuquerque, NM.


HSUS argues that the decision to re-commence horse slaughter in the United States constitutes a major federal action and, as such, FSIS was required to conduct an environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Without question, this is a desperate attempt to delay USDA from providing inspectors to the point that the financially-strained horse slaughter plants are forced to shutter. However, HSUS has gotten traction on this argument in the past (see HSUS v. Johanns, 2007 WL 1120404 (D.D.C.)). If HSUS succeeds on this matter, then FSIS will be forced to conduct an environmental assessment (EA) and possibly put together an environmental impact statement (EIS) prior to inspecting horses for slaughter. After FSIS has delivered its EA or EIS, HSUS will have an opportunity to litigate the validity of those documents too. This can draw out the NEPA process to 2 to 5 years.

–  Ahhh, typical PSA tactic at play here.  State your misguided opinion as fact and hope people get on board.  Not sure what he bases the slipping chance of legislative victory on, but he’s not paid to paint a clear picture, he’s paid to rally the troops.

I am writing you because, no matter what stance your organization takes on the horse slaughter matter, the Front Range Equine Rescue case is important to your constituents. If HSUS is able to succeed on the NEPA argument, what is stopping them from using this same argument to target the next opening or expansion of a beef, swine, or poultry processing facility? The future growth of the animal agriculture industry could be imperiled by an unfavorable outcome in this case.


HSUS is not going to win this case without a fight. By law, DOJ is obligated to defend FSIS in this matter. Furthermore, the proposed horse slaughter plants and the Yakama Nation have intervened in this matter to ensure that they have a say in this litigation.

–  His letter was addressed to `friends’, so we’re not really sure who he is writing to and I’m guessing he wasn’t sure either.  Notice he worked in the standard scare tactic of this opening the door to all slaughter being targeted and the growth of the ag industry.  Does anybody actually believe that?  You don’t see antis running around in all seriousness saying that the slaughter of horses for consumption will lead to dogs and cats being on the menu at every restaurant.  One thing does not always lead to another.  Although that is a far more likely scenario than the ban of beef, swine and poultry from our menus.

However, USDA has issued press releases acknowledging that it would prefer to not commence horse slaughter. Secretary Vilsack has opined that he desires an alternative, such as adopting out the annual 150,000-plus supply of unwanted horses to veterans suffering from PTSD. Based on these statements, I believe USDA would hardly be disappointed if a federal court tied its hands on the horse slaughter matter. And it’s hardly out of the question that a “sweetheart settlement” is in the works in light of what we saw between the EPA and environmental groups in the 2008 CAFO Rule and the Chesapeake Bay TMDL.


Two essential things are missing from this fight: the broader animal ag industry and financial resources. Animal agriculture stands to lose much by remaining on the sidelines in this case. An unfavorable decision on the NEPA matter could mean that HSUS and its allies could burden the next slaughter plant with NEPA-borne bureaucratic red tape that could hinder the industry’s ability to promptly respond to changes in the marketplace.

– He fails to talk about why the USDA would like the ban reinstated.  The fact is that with limited budget and the EU deadline, which is today, the writing is on the wall that the horse slaughter industry has no future in this country.  Why should we pull inspection funding and resources away from our very food supply to fund this foreign industry that is questionable at best?   I never have been able to understand why certain cattle producers think any of this would be a good idea when the return of domestic horse slaughter would end up hurting their bottom line.

The current intervenors in this matter are financially strapped and without the option of sending thousands of excess horses to USDA-inspected plants, they neither have the cash flow nor the reserves necessary to carry on an extended battle with HSUS and its barrels of money. These intervenors could certainly use the credibility and resources of your organization on their side.


The next event in the Front Range Equine Rescue case is a preliminary injunction hearing on Friday, August 2nd in New Mexico. After this hearing, the judge will decide whether to enjoin FSIS from inspecting horse slaughter while the NEPA case is pending. Regardless of the outcome on Friday, this case is expected to continue well into next year.


Although the deadline to intervene for participation in this Friday’s preliminary injunction has passed, there is still an opportunity for your organization to participate as an intervener in the case in chief. If you are interested in ensuring that your organization can have a say in this matter and join in the fight against HSUS, please contact me. I would be happy to put you in touch with the folks in our litigation team here at OFW Law.

– And finally we get right down to it….SEND MONEY.  It’s always about them with their hands out.  Pay for my horse, clean up my mess, give me money, blah, blah, blah.  Besides, this is NOT a fight with the HSUS, this is a fight for horses.  Period.  Thank goodness we do have an organization as powerful as the HSUS that can advocate for them.


In other news today,  the Equine Welfare Alliance has finally released its long-awaited white paper on how the GAO Report on `horse welfare’ is basically a huge fraud. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58277209/How%20the%20GAO%20Deceived%20Congress%20v4.pdf).  Of course, many of us have known for a long time that the data collected for the GAO report was questionable at best and designed to prop up the pro-slaughter side of things, but now you have the hard copy on exactly how they did that.  There is an excellent synopsis of this paper on YouTube that you can watch also. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSxUPNgzgn4).  Of course, the PSAs have already resorted to personal attacks on John Holland as if that makes this report any less convincing.  The fact is they won’t be convinced there is any other option other than slaughter no matter what evidence you present them with.  These types of reports are for the fence sitters and the law makers that truly may not have a leaning one way or another.  The GAO report is the most often cited `proof’ that PSAs use to back up the need for slaughter and I’m quite certain it will be bandied about in court on Friday.  Thankfully, there is now irrefutable evidence as to why nothing should be based on that work of fiction.


We reach another very important deadline today; the one imposed by the EU as far as equine traceability, things are getting quite serious.  I’ve not come across any indication on what this means for Canadian slaughter plants as they still don’t have an acceptable traceability system in place either, but it basically wipes out the EU market for US produced horse meat.  The huge problem with all of it is, that horses magically become Canadian or Mexican as soon as they cross the borders and all this hinges on the honesty of kill buyers.  There is absolutely zero way to trace most horses throughout their lifespan as far as medications etc. as the only thing they have been depending on so far is the honestly of the kill buyers filling out the forms.  Because all we really have to go on as far as market, is the Canadian stats, here is a little chart on exported horse meat to show you just how heavily this industry depends on the EU market: (http://www.agr.gc.ca/redmeat-vianderouge/rpt/12tbl39_eng.htm).  We know Japan mostly prefers live horses to slaughter for themselves and Asia and Russia don’t really want out toxic meat either.  I have to wonder where it’s all going to go should they manage to reopen slaughter for horses.  I know I will no longer be consuming any form of red meat and I’m already very fussy about what the dogs and cats get fed.  As always, the only way to end this mess once and for all is to get the SAFE Act passed.  Keep a good thought and send prayers or whatever you believe in as far as the court case in New Mexico, but please continue to make those calls and get the word out on the SAFE Act.  Let’s get this done!

The SAFE ACT will ban horse slaughter of American horses any where forever. I start calling tomorrow and will repeat weekly. Call the committee members-see attached:

Ask them to support the SAFE ACT which is H.R.1094 in the House and S.541 in the Senate.

To make it easier to call, here is a list of the Senators on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee that must approve S.541 (202) 224-3121

Tom Harkin, D, Chairman
Lamar Alexander, R, Ranking Member
Bob Casey, D
Kay Hagan, D
Bernie Sanders, I
Tammy Baldwin, D
Michael Bennet, D
Richard Burr, R
Michael Enzi, R
Al Franken, D
Orrin Hatch, R
JohnnyIsakson, R
Mark Kirk, R
Barbara Mikulski, D
Lisa Murkowski, R
Christopher Murphy, D
Patty Murray, D
Rand Paul, R
Pat Roberts, R
Tim Scott, R
Elizabeth Warren, D
Sheldon Whitehouse, D

Here is the list of the Representatives on the Agriculture Committee who are responsible for sending H.R.1094 to the House Floor for a vote.

Rick Crawford, R, Chairman
Jim Costa, D, Ranking Member
Cheri Bustos, D
Michael Conaway, R
Joe Courtney, D
Jeff Denham, R
Scott Desjarlais, R
William Enyart, D
Pete Gallego, D
Christopher Gibson, R
Bob Goodlatte, R
Richard Hudson, R
Steve King, R
Michelle Lujan Grisham, D
Mike McIntyre, D
Randy Neugebauer, R
Richard Nolan, D
Reid Ribble, R
Mike Rogers, R
Kurt Schrader, D
David Scott, D
Glenn Thompson, R
Filemon Vila, D
Ted Yoho, R

Nine days to go.  Nine days until we hopefully, get some temporary relief from the threat of mass slaughter of countless equines.  With the importance of this case, it would be reasonable to assume that the main players are busy getting their ducks in a row.  I guess I was silly to assume that Slaughterhouse Sue may tone down her inner fishwife long enough to actually prepare for the impending court case that she is a part of.  At the very least, and perhaps worse, I assumed that she would be busy touching herself in places most of us would rather not imagine while moaning `mmmm….horse meat’.  At any rate, I had prepared myself for the fact she would probably not give us much to work with until after August 2nd, after which we could either entertain ourselves with the probable meltdown or shake our heads in disgust with her crowing.  Well folks, it just goes to show you that I am sometimes wrong and I, thankfully, don’t understand how the mind of a slaughterphile really works.  Not content to allow her favorite ass barnacle, Douchebag Duquette, have all the attention this week with the release of his super awesome press release, Suey has decided to throw a little gasoline on the fire and make a few comments on the players on the anti side of the pending lawsuit.  Sadly, she hasn’t gotten around to sniping at Robert Redford yet, but we’ll make do with her gross inappropriateness anyhow.


As many of you may or may not be aware, the slaughterphiles all absolutely loathe the HSUS in particular and President and CEO, Wayne Pacelle, specifically.  I’m sure that at least part of their red zone hatred has to do with the fact that the only thing they have ever managed to get on the guy is some obscure quote he made more than 20 yrs ago about domestic animals.  The notorious statement that Suey and her knuckle dragging butt monkeys like to repeat at any given chance is, “We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. One generation and out” which was made in 1993, prior to Pacelle taking the helm of the HSUS.  Even though it was a statement made 20 yrs ago, when I can guarantee you, none of us were paying attention, Suey and company pull it out and wave it around at every opportunity like an especially green and disgusting booger a 3 yr old just mined from his nose.  Now, if you put some context around that quote, you get a much more clear picture of what Pacelle was trying to say.  The quote was made at an agricultural forum when they were discussing `heirloom’ breeds of  livestock that are no longer used commercially.  In response to whether or not we needed an endangered species act to protect these breeds, Pacelle’s full response was: ” We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding… One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.”  Whether or not you agree with what he said, putting it in context certainly gives it a different flavor, no? If you want to read what Pacelle, himself, had to say about being misquoted, you can read his own comments about it on his blog ( http://hsus.typepad.com/wayne/2007/07/desperate-disto.html). I also think you’ll find this page interesting reading the next time the PSAs try to discredit the HSUS: (http://stophumanewatch.org/blog/myths/myth-quote/).

Wayne Pacelle

Wayne Pacelle

Let’s get back to Slaughterhouse Suey.    It seems Suey and her ilk operate under the assumption that the HSUS claim to be your local shelter.  Obviously they aren’t nor have they ever made that claim.  Considering that most slaughterphiles, and Suey is no exception, have problems seeing beyond their own expansive girths, the fact is that a large part of the HSUS’s mandate is to advocate for animals through public policy, corporate reform and national and international campaigns.  They do have some shelters, but primarily they are in here to provide education and training to shelters and rescues at the local level.  I know this will be a very tough concept for your average slaughterphile to grasp as their solution to every problem is to hold their hand out and ask for money and bail outs.  What the HSUS does is train these organizations to effectively run their own shelters, etc.  All of this information is readily available on the HSUS site.  Does anybody really believe that an organization as large and high profiled as the HSUS would get away with what Suey suggests for very long?  Put it this way, it isn’t the HSUS that are pushing for Ag-Gag laws to hide their atrocities from the general public.  


Perhaps this would be a good time to take a closer look at one of Suey and D-bag’s favorite groups, Humanewatch.  They are a particularly nasty organization that is a project of  the non-profit Center for Consumer Freedom.  Both were created by wealthy corporate lobbyist Richard Berman.  Berman is a real charmer.  Among other things, under his CFF mantle, he has run campaigns against Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Center for Science in the Public Interest, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  He is largely funded by the very corporations that would benefit from seeing and end to these organizations and in 2008, CFF paid a whopping 92% of its revenue to the for profit firm of Berman and Company which is wholly owned by Richard Berman.  Hmmm.  Doesn’t that all sound a bit like what they accuse the HSUS of, but worse?  I guess none of you will be surprise that Humanewatch think Rep. Crazyass Steve King out of Iowa is a super awesome and wonderful guy.  Basically, Berman is noted for running smear campaigns against public interest groups and, as a result, several media outlets have been forced to issue retractions and apologies for repeating misinformation he has fed them.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the organization that Slaughterhouse Sue and Douchebag Duquette hold up as ethical.  Awesome! (http://stophumanewatch.org/about/about-hw/)


By now, none of you are probably all that outraged or even surprised that Suey supports Humanewatch.  It’s basically par for the course given her desire to eat her way through the entire equine population before the next decade.  Continuing in that same vein is Sue’s support of yet another anti-animal organization called Protect The Harvest.  She even posted up one of their little cartoons about the HSUS along with this comment: Less than 1/2 of 1% of their hundreds of millions of deceptively raised dollars actually goes to help a single dog or cat, let alone a horse. And yet they promote the most unspeakable lies about honest, legitimate, agriculture businesses. What a corrupt crock of crap the whole outfit is.” How’s the view from that glass house, Suey? 


I saved the best for last as far as Suey’s rants go today.  Her hypocrisy was out in full force today as after she referred to all antis as `culturally arrogant and ethnically insensitive’ in her last press release, she engaged in a spirited round of `my Indian is better than yours’ as far as the lawsuit in New Mexico goes.

Turns out the “chief” that HSUS squirrled up is a self-proclaimed chief who according to a letter written by the bona fide tribal leader is to be respected as an elder, but in no way has the authority to speak for the entire tribe (which has a real problem with excess feral horses). Contrast that with the Yakama and other land based tribes where it is the tribal government, the entity that is responsible for managing and preserving tribal lands and resources that are taking deliberative action in the support of the reopening of horse plants as the only humane and economically viable solution to the horrific horse overpopulation problems. Huge difference. This is not about who is a better Indian. This is about protecting the environment from permanent catastrophic ecological damage.”

Once again, Suey and the horse eaters seem to be quite unable to see things beyond the end of their snotty noses.  For those of you that don’t know, the native support Suey has managed to drum up in her quest to slaughter equines is the Confederated Tribes of the Yakama Nation (http://www.yakamanation-nsn.gov/).  They are based in Washington state and have a population of about 1o,000 give or take.  The native leader she has been floating around is `Jason Smith’  0f the National Tribal Horse Coalition or the Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition depending on what press release you read, but the problem with that is it seems nearly impossible to find a website for this group or any information at all other than that he wrote an opinion paper at Suey’s behest.  A document, I’m sure, will be used in the court case, but neither him nor his organization are named in the suit that I can find.  For the record, Jason Smith is from the Warm Springs nation in central Oregon and his actual title is range and ag manager.  Remember yesterday when D-bag suggested that Victoria McCullough send their tribe about half a billion a year to manage their horse population and then went on to whine they have had NO help or bailout money?  Yeah, well we’ve never accused D-bag of actually knowing WTF he is talking about.  It seems that Warm Springs actually has had considerable assistance from APHIS with managing their herds.  According to the USDA blog, they periodically hold feral horse castration clinics, coggins testing (so they can ship them off to slaughter should they choose) and vaccination clinics.  All of this is done at no cost to the tribes.  (http://blogs.usda.gov/2012/10/25/wild-horses-take-aphis-veterinarian-to-new-heights/).  Naturally Smith whined that holding gelding clinics is not an effective way to reduce herd populations, but he did allow that it would help with quality and manageability, whatever that means.  At any rate it would appear that Smith is an employee of Warm Springs and holds no leadership position whatsoever.  Whether or not he was enticed to support the United Horseturds and their pro slaughter agenda, we will never know, but he seems to have more of a vested interest in slaughter than concern over tribal lands.  Mr. Smith likes to `range raise’ rodeo stock and Quarter Horses (http://www.smithranch.1colony.com/index.html).  Make of that what you will.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

So, what about the chief that actually did sign on as a plaintiff in the lawsuit that Suey claims is self-appointed?  Well, to begin with there are two chiefs that are listed as plaintiffs, so we’re not sure which one she is referring to.  The first is Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation and he is also knows as `Sung Wakan’ – Horse Man.  He is the 19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe and is recognized as a chief and the spiritual leader of all three branches of the Sioux tribe.  He is widely respected and looked to for his spiritual teachings. There is quite a lot of information out there on him and he has seen his share of controversy so I’m going to guess that this would be the faux chief Suey is referring to. (http://arvollookinghorse.homestead.com/chief_arvol_bio_2001.html).

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

The other chief signed on as a plaintiff  is Chief David Bald Eagle of the Minikoju Band of the Cheyenne River Tribe Lakota Indians and First Chief of the United Indigenous Nations of the Americas.  For those of you that don’t know, the Lakota refer to themselves as `The Horse People’.  Chief Bald Eagle is the grandson of Chief White Bull, who fought along with Crazy Horse in the Battle of Little Bighorn.  He is 94 yrs old and a life long horseman, still running a large herd of his own horses.  On his 94th birthday, he narrated a letter to Congress, all Indigenous Nations of the Americas and the American People.  One of the statements in that letter was as follows:

“We only eat the meat of animals that are vegetarian. All except the horse. We have always held a special feeling for the horse. The horse is sacred to our people. We have never eaten the horse. In Lakota, the horse is called Sunka Wakan. Sunka means dog, Wakan means Sacred or holy, “Sacred dog.”

The horse did not abandon us in Little Big Horn. The Horse did not abandon the Cherokee and Choctaw tribes in the Trails of Tears. The horse did not abandon us in our hunting. We will not abandon the horse now.”

This kinda tells a different story than the one that Suey and D-bag are screeching from the roof tops that ALL land based tribes are pro-slaughter and have no problem with horses being used for human consumption. Chief Bald Eagle seems to be quite wise to the ways of people like Suey and Big Ag groups as he also had this to say: In these times we need the Native American people to wake up. It is easy to be misled by money, greed and false power. The Native American people are easily influenced as they have strayed from our traditional values and Way of Life…If the Native American people allow the horse slaughterhouses on Indian lands, it opens the door for Government and other special interest groups to control our lands and our way of life.”  Of course anybody from the Rosebud Sioux nation could back him up on that statement as they had their problems letting in Trent Loos and his factory hog operation.  Chief Bald Eagle’s letter is quite poignant as he goes on to describe what horses have meant to his people and their respect for `natural law’.  It’s very much worth the read. (http://www.returntofreedom.org/meeting-the-chief-david-bald-eagle/). Oh, and in case Suey decides to disrespect this man any further, he is a veteran of the 82nd Airborne, decorated for bravery, and wounded behind enemy lines on D-Day(http://www.johngawne.com/baldeagle.html).  In other words, Slaughterhouse Sue and D-bag Duquette are not worthy to shine this man’s shoes.

Chief David Bald Eagle

Chief David Bald Eagle

If there is one thing I have noticed about the PSA side of things, it’s that all their `experts’ hold very lofty titles.  Lots of presidents of various coalitions etc.  The problem with it all is that nobody has ever heard of any of these organizations and nine times out of ten, Suey is behind it all in some form or another.  We can’t just have employee and rancher, Jason Smith give an opinion on something, we need to create an organization and make him important!  Then he doesn’t even sign on to the lawsuit because he probably doesn’t have permission from his band to do so.  Or who knows? Maybe he’s just tardy for the party and will get around to it at the 11th hour.  Just like the PSAs have attempted to lay claim to the label of `animal welfare’ and appoint themselves as `industry’, saying it doesn’t really make it so.  Then, if all that wasn’t bad enough, Suey in an astonishing lack of self-awareness, shows her gigantic,  pimpled ass to be about the most`culturally arrogant and ethnically insensitive’ of them all.  Surely, this isn’t the best she can do in making her case?  I have a feeling that we’re in for much more hilarity and hijinks from the maven of horse hating in the coming days.




As the clock runs out on pending litigation in New Mexico that will, at least temporarily, decide the fate of countless horses, both sides of the slaughter issue are making their best plays and pulling cards out of their sleeves.  For the anti side of the issue, we have seen some high-profile and high-powered people such as the Attorney General of New Mexico, Gary King, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, as well as celebrity and noted conservationist, Robert Redford join in the fight to remove slaughter as an option.  Also stepping out of the shadows are long-time and powerful advocates Victoria McCullough and Sen. Joe Abruzzo (http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/07/18/political-savvy-a-powerful-weapon-in-horse-slaughter-fight-79868). We have also seen many native people, including tribal leaders join in on the side of anti slaughter as well.  Positive developments for sure.  As far as the pro side of the issue, well….they have Douchebag Duquette and his press releases and today’s was epic.   Because I’m a giver, I’m going to walk y’all through it in all its glory.


Yes, you all read correctly.  Douchebag Duquette has temporarily vacated Slaughterhouse Sue’s rectum long enough to issue a press release.  As we have come to expect as of late, this release appears to have been ghost written or at least heavily edited for D-bag as it is fairly easy to read and devoid of most of the grammatical and spelling errors that he is prone to.  You can read it for yourself here: (http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Round-One-Begins.html?soid=1112812195452&aid=_rjqzVMgurs).  Not surprisingly, D-bag kicks off his little memorandum by whining about Victoria McCullough.

Here is reason one of why our battle has been so difficult, read on;


“The only child of the late Rexford Davis, founder of the country’ s largest, privately held petroleum company,  McCullough says she has no idea of her net worth as Chesapeake Petroleum’s heir and reigning board chair, nor does she care.


Hers is a life of privilege, but McCullough doesn’t take it for granted. Money can make you, break you or give you some vision, she says, and for her, it’s the latter. For her, it has helped fuel a passion for saving the animals that have given her such joy, and purpose.”
So while at first reading this sounds really good, like we can get behind this. But all it takes is one more paragraph of this article  and you will see another uninformed  billionaire.
– For those of you new to this part of the slaughter wars, it is worth mentioning that according to any good PSA, if you have any money and are not sucking the government tit, you can’t possibly know anything about horses.  The article he linked is the same one I did above and clearly states that Ms. McCullough is actually an accomplished horse woman and has rescued over 1800 horses to date, including buying out an entire slaughter sale at Sugarcreek, Ohio.  She isn’t exactly new to this cause although she has done her work quietly up until now.
Let’s take for example Feral Tribal Horses, now this excludes the 9-10 million domestic horses, let’s just talk about the Tribal horses. If this billionaire really wanted to help out and put her money to good use she would be able to help much more than 1,800 horses while also helping the thousands of deer, elk, moose and antelope affected by these feral tribal horses, and lets not forget the human cost of all this. All she would have to do is give the Tribes about a half a billion a year to feed and manage the horses that they have no way to control.
– How awesome it must be to be as simple as D-bag Duquette.  The fact is that other tribes aside from the Yakama Nation are exploring other options besides slaughter to manage their herds and want no part of his disgusting plans.  If you notice, `give me/them money’ is a very common theme for the PSAs.  They get in over their heads and then it’s up to everybody, especially the taxpayer to bail them out so they can continue on the way they always have.  Everybody else must always be responsible for cleaning up their mess.
The Tribes are suffering with NO bailout money coming like the BLM has. Some Reservations have turned into wastelands with horses now starving to death. While Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana begs for Federal money to eradicate the feral hogs that are a problem in her state she is pushing for the SAFE act, which we call the Starve America’s Feral Equines act which will make it impossible for the Tribes to deal with their situation.
– D-bag likes to state that the tribal horses are not `wild’ but feral.  That would mean they were turned loose and that begs the question on why anybody other than those that did or allowed this to happen should have to `clean it up’.  How about if the Yakama Nation, and that’s who he’s really referring to, use some of their casino income to deal with their horse problem?  As far as the feral hogs go, clearly D-bag hasn’t ever had an encounter with one other than Slaughterhouse Sue.  They are a danger people among other things.  I have yet to hear of a wild or feral horse launching an unprovoked attack on anybody.  Besides, pigs and horses are kind of an apples and oranges deal, no?
The Humane Society of the US is so afraid the general public will find out what they have done to the Tribes and Tribal lands that now they have found a “Chief”, or should I say paid a tribal member to call himself a Chief to try to show support for their agenda from the Tribes. When the reality is all Land/horse based tribes support bringing domestic slaughter back.
– This may be one of the more ignorant statements that D-bag has issued in quite some time.  Wasn’t it only last week that Suey, called all antis `culturally arrogant and ethnically insensitive’?  How dare he suggest that anybody could just call themselves `Chief’ and take money to do so?  Then to blow a snot bubble out of his nose and say that any native that doesn’t see things his way is just paid by the HSUS because ALL land based tribes support slaughter????  Really?  I guess the Lakota Sioux of South Dakota, the Diné of Arizona,  and the confederated tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, to name just a few,who are all both land based and anti-slaughter don’t count in D-bag’s world.  Many of which have put programs and funding in place to deal with their herds.  I’ve linked this article before, but it will show you that D-bags natives are in the vast minority by being Pro.  (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/article/american-indians-offer-programs-for-horses-that-treat-the-sacred-animals-as-a-way-of-life-70636+)
Again I pose this question to those who oppose horse processing, what is your solution to the unwanted horse crisis? Those who oppose horse processing have had six years since the original plant closure to come up with solutions. The suffering of horses has only intensified during that time.
– Well D-bag, how is that little rescue and rehab center you promised to have opened up over a year ago coming along?  Those of you who support slaughter have had decades and decades worth of slaughter and still we had abused and neglected animals.  Forgive US if it takes more than six years, throughout which we have spent untold time and resources fighting the PSAs, to clean up YOUR mess.  In other words, the majority of us will be able to funnel all the time, money and effort, we have expended to try to stop slaughter, into helping animals in crisis once we get this issue resolved.  No, the suffering of horses has not intensified at all in the last six years, it’s about the same and will remain the same as long as assholes own horses.  Slaughter won’t fix that.  It never has.
Soon we will be like Australia and this is the wall we will be up against if we don’t come together and fight back against the uninformed. Read about their problem Here.
– I actually have a brilliant idea to help Australia, where they do have slaughter, out and us, who don’t want it.  We’ll just hook them up with the Tongans since their proximity is far closer than Sigourney, Iowa to the Kingdom of Tonga.  There!  All fixed!

The United Horsemen is in it for the long haul. We thank you for supporting us, and we ask for your continued support as we continue to fight for the welfare of horses and the horse industry. We are putting together a strategic nationwide Billboard campaign and we will need the financial support of all of our friends. 

– This last part actually made my whole week.  Yes, y’all read that right.  D-bag and the United Horseturds are going to put together a nationwide billboard campaign.  The very same people that accused anti slaughter people of `wasting money on billboards instead of helping horses’ are going to make up their own billboards.  Anybody want to bet they’ll have poor skinny horses, the kind that never go for food, on them?  They can hardly show the reality of horses with their eyes poked out or gutted horses handing from bleed rails, or any other number of factual slaughter imagery.  Oh well, nobody has ever accused D-bag of having an original thought let alone an independent one.


All in all, I have to say this was a very entertaining press release from D-bag this week.  Aside from his denials, delusions and questionable math skills, the only thing new he brought to the party was his billboard campaign.  I’m sure that will go over about like a fart in church; highly inappropriate, but you won’t be able to stop from laughing.  So far, he’s received 4 whole `likes’ for his latest efforts but that is only on the public United Horseturd page as opposed to the super secret bat cave where they all get worked up over the prospect of torturing horses and give each other congratulatory reach arounds.  It’s good to know that when you pay for your membership, you’re paying for ridiculous billboards rather than actually helping horses at his non-existent rescue and rehab center.  D-bag would do well to remember that every time he takes his finger out of his nose and points, he has four fingers pointing right back at him.