This post is going to be long and it’s going to jump around.  It may induce rage and I have zero fucks to give about delicate sensibilities getting offended at this point.  That includes some of the more staunch village idiots that seem to be immune to facts yet still can’t stop themselves from reading here every day.  I had another post I was working on and it was going to flow and just kinda stay on topic.  That one is on ice along with a few others because the fuckery is too real right now to even begin to entertain throwback kinda posts. Who knew that with Charles Manson Michelle down for the count that not only would the schemes and scams continue but actually escalate?  Romney Faye Baker is back with a vengeance and both her and Charles Manson Michelle abused the shit out of the live feed function today.  There was also far too much use of the `f’ word that is dead to me.  Fluid.  Gross.   Settle in and let’s wade into this mountain of BS that was slung in the name of `rescue’ today.

Very hostile post from Romney Faye Baker to open the day!  I’m also not really surprised given the amount of blowback they’re starting to get over their decision to be blatant about their support of kill buyers and the slaughter pipeline.  Besides the lies, I think what is important to take away from this post is that Romney Faye Baker tells us that rescuers, notice she’s not counting herself as one, say that minis don’t ship, but kill buyers say that is wrong. She also told us about this secret Japanese mini boot making craze or something along those lines to explain where all the minis go.   My question is what would any legitimate rescue, anti-slaughter advocate or just plain decent human being wish to accomplish by lying about minis not shipping to slaughter?  Does she feel there is a secret mini hating society?  Is there some conspiracy to rid the country of all minis and the easiest way to accomplish this is to lie and let them all go to slaughter? By all means take the word out of a bottom feeding convicted felon and his pathological liar of a bunk muffin over the USDA and advocates that have literally dedicated their lives to tracking and monitoring the slaughter pipeline if that floats your boat.  The fact will remain that they don’t ship and the longer knuckle draggers like Satan Tara and Doughboy convicted felon Jacob can keep convincing people that the cute little buggers do, the more money for their pockets and the more of these little horses get produced.  It’s a supply and demand issue and what is cuter than a little mini orphan?  Stop the madness, let’s play chicken!



Oops!  Another plot twist and story edit just when I was beginning to wrap my mind around yesterday’s shit fest.  Now, these were bought by Doughboy aka convicted felon, Jacob because a rescue asked him to and not because Satan Tara overheard Gary, sire of Doughboy on the phone and had a momentary lapse in her evil which lead her to want to save the mares and foals.  No mention of another rescue, no mention of Doughboy already owning them,  just these poor mares and foals that were about to be separated as the mamas shipped to slaughter.  What are the odds that Satan and Doughboy fronted for a rescue when they have repeated over and over how they refuse to work with rescues other than HiCaliber?  At that time they were still just ranch horses from an estate and you can refer back to the screen shots from the previous blog to confirm all this.  As we know, the ranch horses turned into extremely well-bred AQHA cutting horses and somehow minis got added to the mix.  I’m still trying to figure out that happened but either Satan or Romney Faye made some mention of yet another dead patriarch and an estate from them too.  That was either before or after they stated that Doughboy Jacob just bought up all those minis to ship with the foals to slaughter to this mysterious location that mass slaughters minis and foals and mini foalsfor the Japenes boot market and filet of foal.  I’m not certain, but I heard a rumor it is run by munchkins. The other major hole in this post was the threat of Doughboy Jacob, convicted felon,  just sending the mares over the border if he doesn’t get his ransom money.  The fact that he has no contract would make that highly unlikely.  No kill pens will accept any horses he owns nor will they pay his jacked up price.  Also, yesterday they claimed these horse already had their USDA tags on them and not a single one has a visible USDA tag in the video they posted, so that’s lie number eleventybillion and six for this situation alone.


Charles Manson Michelle was first up on the live feed extravaganza today.  She’s still camped out in her private suite in the hospital enjoying her magic carpet ride courtesy of mondo opiates, Ativan, room service and your tax dollars. She rattled off a list of her meds, any one of which would be enough to knock a normal person on their ass, but tolerance is a real thing.  Without her own med cabinet to raid, it is what it is.  If she took a day’s worth and hit the streets with them she could probably fund the #Thompson53 on street value alone.  I am still pondering the reason for the live feed aside from boredom, attention seeking and sympathy.  Charles Michelle recapped her accident a few times, stuffed food in her mouth and talked with her mouth full and scratched her nose a whole bunch.  One of her minions had wiped Barrett’s ass with a cloth and brought it to her so she wouldn’t miss him too much before she returns to the ranch and feels well enough to shoot him in the face.  In between all of that she compared herself to Jennifer Aniston and Brittney Spears and made several references to this blog.  The short version is y’all are a bunch of meanie heads in the comment section.  Oh, and she likes to shoot horses and turn people onto that when ever she gets a chance.  Next…


Because it wasn’t bad enough to have to sit through watching Charles Manson Michelle shovel food in her mouth and talk with it full, Romney Faye Baker decided to do her live feed rolling around in bed, fully clothed and covered in dog hair all the while fondling her pendants in hopes somebody would ask about them so she can once again play the grief card.  I really don’t understand why one needs to be rolling around in bed in the middle of the day and certainly I don’t get why she feels the need to conduct `rescue’ business like this, but I feel a bit violated because I have a sickening feeling she might have just had a little phone sex with her fiance Darrell the Dumbass and we were witnessing the aftermath.  I am thankful, however, that she did not treat us to slurping her wine this time around although I could have done without the view up her nostrils and I swear that mole thing was staring at me.  Anyhow, Romney got on to lecture us about the 53 horses they are trying to buy save and answer any questions people might have as long as they were questions they wanted to actually answer rather than the ones that make them have to admit to shit they don’t want to.  Once again the truth was ever-changing.  What was originally going to be $3000 taken from the general fund to feed the horses in Louisiana for a week, became needing to raise the $3000 for shipping and, this is the best part, all the horses, all 53, are going to ship on ONE TRUCK.  Romney Faye Baker explained how they minis would go up in the top at the front and then the rest down in the main part.  That doesn’t sound exactly legal and, again, this is coming from a place that purports to be a rescue basically collecting funds  to ship these animals in a slaughter load.  It hasn’t occurred to them that the slaughter pipeline involves more than just the end game of getting dead and HiCaliber has become a willing participant in it lately. There is also some confusion about why Doughboy Jacob the convicted felon needs $3000 to haul his own horses in his own truck, but questions that may lead to them owning their own evil are no longer welcome on the HiCaliber pages.   By the time Romney Faye signed off, I believe they were still fundraising for the shipping so the horses would be brought back to this mystery acreage for quarantine and then they would have a week to network and get them sold aka make bank on the kickbacks without ever actually having to deal with any of them.  Romney Faye Baker very casually reminded people that the nature of this rescue effort meant that some were probably going to die but `it is what it is’.  She didn’t seem too broken up by the prospect, but that’s hardly surprising when she views horses as product to move and this is just the latest publicity stunt.


As if there was ever any doubt, the village idiots coughed up their lunch money yet again and the $3000 was promptly sent to Doughboy in Louisiana.  Somewhere between begging and collecting, the magical quarantine acreage vaporized and the horses will be doing their hard time right there on Thompson’s shit and carcass filled lot (pictured above).  The hilarity is this is a sight unseen rescue so the village idiots likely just paid to ship horses that are already standing on that lot with foals at side.  It’s not like that will matter to them as they’ll be all moist and frothing because today is Tuesday, so these Louisiana horses will be forgotten in favor of auction until the `TRUCKS ARE COMING’ posts start being made in about 5 days from now.  Another interesting twist to this tale hit my inbox in the past few days.  I have gone back and forth about posting screen shots (names blacked out), but I can just as easily pass the info on and people can make of it what they will.  I will say this source has been correct about a few other things they have passed to this blog.  The claim is that Doughboy Jacob, the convicted felon, wrote a check for these horses and had a deadline to make this check good. Now, we all know that Doughboy is serving 10 years probation for writing bad checks, stealing livestock and a few other things model citizens don’t do. What this was supposed to mean is that he had to be cash and carry at auction and most people don’t want to do business with him.  Whether or not he wrote a check in Texas for these horses, I can’t confirm at this time but it seems plausible that he was allowed to as long as he came correct by the deadline.  It would certainly explain all the drama and double dip fundraising between Satan Tara’s tribe and Romney Faye Baker’s village idiots.  I will share whatever else I happen across, but this particular `rescue’ effort is ever-changing, so don’t get too tied into any one scenario for now.


Before I wrap things up for today,  I wanted to share a few things.  The first pic is about 4 days old.  The horse is HiCaliber Moxie.  She’s about 16 years old and has been on the ranch since the end of September 2016 as an owner relinquishment.  Apparently she had a habit of `collapsing’ under saddle and her previous owners could no longer afford her care, so they gave her over to HiCaliber, no doubt thinking she’d be well cared for until she found a forever home.  I can’t really say what happened to her between then and a few days ago apart from her being kicked out in the paddock they refer to as `Loft’ with a fly mask that was clearly way too tight.  Because HiCaliber has far too many horses and not nearly enough volunteers that actually show up at the ranch to do chores, these horses are not pulled in and groomed very often if at all, and things like masks aren’t checked on as long as they remain on the horse.  As shown on poor Moxie, that isn’t working out too well and this is exactly the kind of thing that is 100% avoidable.  This didn’t happen overnight and should have been noticed long before it wore a hole in the middle of her face.  The other picture is a reminder of the kind of shit piles around the place along with a volunteer statement commenting on the conditions of some of the pens.  This is not acceptable or excusable in any way.  This is a sign of on organization coming apart and people in way over their heads.  I’m not sure how many more red flags people need to start recognizing there is a big problem brewing.

I think this is where I better leave things for today.  I’ve only really just summarized the antics of today.  I’m growing weary of the fuckery.  There are a few other posts in the pipeline I hope to get to sooner, rather than later, but Romney Faye Baker has informed us they are back at auction and they will continue to buy horses each and every week.  It is actually starting to feel almost frenzied, all this hoarding.  They can’t look after what they have,  horses are unaccounted for and they keep going for more.  After the thrill of the save, most villagers don’t think to ask whatever became of the horses purchased unless they are spectacularly mangled, so easy enough to make them disappear.  For the rest of us, in order to hold our sanity, we’ll find something to share a laugh over but we must never forget that there are horses suffering and dying in the name of `rescue’.  As much as I want to walk away from this and forget I ever got involved, I can’t.  I know I’m not alone.  Horses first….ALWAYS.

I’m going to stop asking how stupid, evil, greedy, whatever, people can be.  While I mostly mean it as a rhetorical question it seems that the HiCaliber contingent, along with their more zealous fans are taking it as a challenge and continue to sink to new depths of sketchiness on a near daily basis.  From them, I have learned that it’s not lying as long as you refer to your fuckery as `fluid’.  I’m tired of the word `fluid’.  In fact, the word`fluid’ is now dead to me after today and I’m putting it on a list with `moist’ which is also dead to me for different reasons.   Thankfully, I’m not going to hit you over the head with more carnage out of Valley Center today.  I still have lots of that sort of thing up my sleeve, but for now, we’ll talk current events, karma and things in between. If what I’m about to post means I’m going to hell, I’ll save some seats for most of you.  The rest of you can look away or come back tomorrow because if pointing out karma is wrong, I don’t wanna be right…


Valley Center Western Days Parade after `the incident’.

Yeah I went there.  Oh well.  I’m sure most of you know that the fearless leader and founder of HiCaliber, Charles Manson Michelle, experienced an unscheduled dismount from her $1 project, Barrett.  Barrett was the horse she snagged for her personal use for the sum of $1 about a week after they bought him at auction back in late January or so.  Of course that was after they had collected the $650 over purchase price for him, vetted him, gelded him and had his feet seen to.  Quite the bargain for $1!  She kept crowing about training him for `police work’ and how she was going to flip him for a profit and then give everything back to HiCaliber.  What that actually meant is that yes, she did fiddle fart around riding Barrett on some trail rides, but otherwise the poor horse stood in his small pen/stall and didn’t get much exercise with no hope of ever going to a proper home.  Then add ill-fitting tack and those stupid rope halters in lieu of bridles and stick him in a parade after standing around for weeks and yes, there’s probably going to be a wreck.  There have been conflicting reports on what really happened and when, but the photo above was taken during the parade in question allegedly after the big `accident’.  Not sure about the rest of you, but when I have come off bad enough to break something I was pretty roughed up looking and most certainly not smiling, but then I was never hopped up on anything at the time either.


As a bonus to all of this, we have been treated to some very stoned live feeds from the hospital room where Charles Michelle gives us her very dramatic version of events without realizing that Bang Bang Becky’s voice in the background comes through loud and clear.  So, it’s not really a broken back but fractured transverse processes which is much less serious and dramatic, but please keep sending gifts.  Charles Michelle did yet another tearful live feed after the first one about having to go to rehab for 30 days to `learn to walk again’, so please somebody take Barrett and train him for free but don’t use a bridle on him because that’s so cruel compared to the ill fitting and under padded saddle that was digging into his withers.   The inpatient rehab to learn to walk is BS.  What is more likely the case is that she has laid around in her hospital room for a week on a dilaudid drip and begging for more and more drugs.  When the doctors decide your alleged pain levels don’t reflect what is actually going on with you and they have done all they can, off to inpatient you go to figure your shit out.  The crocodile tears over missing her horses and pets was a nice little bit of acting considering she went weeks this winter without even looking at a horse closer than out her window as she `took some time to herself’.  I’m sure she’ll survive a few weeks and guess what?  The HiCaliber inmates horses actually get to live without fear of getting shot in the face until Charles Michelle makes her triumphant return unless Bang Bang Becky finds her courage and the gun between now and then.  Still, I wouldn’t want to be poor Barrett when Charles Michelle returns.  We may have to start a `Free Barrett’ gofundme or something.

We kick off this latest round of swindling with Satan Tara taking a page out of the HiCaliber book and putting out the feelers for an outrageously large fundraising drive.  With the whole additional OTTB thing not getting much action, I guess she figured if HiCaliber could bullshit the same group of people to keep sending thousands and thousands of dollars every single week without ever once demanding an invoice of any real proof on how it has been spent, she’d see if people with even looser morals would do the same for some unseen horses.  I only say this because most village idiots have somehow convinced themselves they are still saving horses from slaughter, where Tara’s group believe she is a kill buyer when she is not.  Equally stupid with different values.  Anyhow, this started out as a simple drive to save a mysterious load of mares and foals.  No pictures and no real details aside from whatever Tara pulled out of her ass and stated as fact.  To be honest, I couldn’t keep up with the live feeds and videos as they were being deleted nearly as fast as they were posted.  As near as I can figure they started out as `upwards of 20′ ranch mares with foals at side.  Then Romney Faye Baker got involved and the fuckery escalated as it always does…

Once Romney Faye Baker got involved, the post with the dramatic spacing and cost breakdown (markup included) went up for the few village idiots that are not yet cross over Double S Killpen fans and were unaware that a major situation was brewing.  Romney Faye Baker was very clear that HiCal was only networking these horses, but the post doesn’t quite reflect the crap that was spewed in her live feed and she did warn us that could all change. She also neglected to mention that HiCaliber gets a kickback on any referred sale.  The story got wilder and wilder as texts started flying back and forth between Satan and Romney Faye, resulting in these mares and foals becoming valuable cutting horses from an estate where the owner passed away.  The family just wanted them gone but couldn’t be bothered to match the papers, so no papers for anybody ever.  Romney Faye used that opportunity to suggest people write HiCaliber into their wills to protect their own horses and line their pockets.   Also, somehow, and I confess to missing this part, a whole bunch of minis got added to the situation.  It gets kinda convoluted with the minis, but there was some mention that in Satan Tara and Romney Faye Baker’s world, that like only ships with like, which means the minis are used to fill a load of foals going to slaughter because they are similar size and they all go somewhere to become filet of foal.  In the real world minis generally never ship to slaughter because a) they are too little to make any money at all on per pound b) kill floors are not set up to handle large amounts of them.  That does not mean people can’t take them in for custom kill, but no, they do not ship and neither do foals under six months of age.  Filet of Foal is a thing in places like Iceland, but they also raise their own horses for meat as a rule.  There isn’t exactly a booming foal slaughter trade in North American or there wouldn’t be such an issue with the PMU and Nurse Mare foals.  Think about it.

While all this was going down, Romney Faye Baker was getting ready to hustle off to HiCaliber for one of her bi-annual visits so she can get enough selfies with the ranch horses and, this time, to help the other red shirts stage the ranch to look like it hasn’t been rode hard and neglected for the past few years.  This is probably why she didn’t do her best work and just pulled up any old pictures to support her post.  This did not go unnoticed and people are starting to speak out or at least they are until their posts get deleted and they get banned from further comment, but that’s why we have screen caps!  The not so funny part is there were no pictures of these horses any where.  Satan Tara didn’t supply them, Doughboy Jacob, the convicted felon sure as shit didn’t have any and Romney was already busted recycling old pics, so it was time to up the ante. SatanTara informed her `tribe’, which is like the Louisiana version of village idiots with some cultural inappropriation tossed in, that these horses were already USDA tagged and chipped and there was no way to get pictures of them until they got them back to Louisiana so this was going to be a sight unseen rescue.  That’s right folks, please send thousands for invisible horses.   The prices kept climbing as well.  Originally Satan Tara mentioned $800 a pair which Gary, sire of Doughboy, quoted.   That suddenly climbed to $2400 once HiCaliber got involved.  I guess that’s understandable considering how many people have their hands out for a cut at this point.  Doughboy Jacob, the convicted felon’s, restitution won’t pay itself and the HiCaliber pockets don’t get lined by promises.

Finally, to appease the masses, some blurry photos of mares and foals were finally shown.  This became somewhat problematical because Romney Faye Baker had told everybody they were still at the owner’s ranch in Del Rio, Texas.  Satan Tara has said they were in some kill pen with USDA tags on them, and then these pictures show up showing horses with no tags on them, but are clearly on an auction lot.  That part makes the most sense because, from what I’ve been told, Doughboy convicted felon, Jacob, purchased the horses in Stephenville, Texas at the Friday night auction and rather than  well bred cutting horses, they are actually range horses off an Indian reservation which would certainly match up with the pictures that he provided.  It was a leap to think that an estate would just take meat prices for well bred horses because they were too lazy to hand over papers.  If you’re going to lie, at least make it believable.

So, as is always the case with HiCaliber and Romney Faye Baker, the numbers changed.  They 17 mares and 1 orphan became 18 and one and even though the numbers still don’t add up, they got their hashtag as #Thompson53, because nothing says full court press for the begging like a good hashtag.  Then there was some talk about two more off the lot and some other acreage near Pitkin, La secured for quarantine.  Not that Satan Tara has ever bothered to quarantine anything before, but they keep dropping the `f’ word (fluid) meaning that they take into consideration what people are calling them out on and adjust their lies accordingly.  Romney Faye Baker made some mention of HiCaliber being able to quarantine a few mare/foals for $500 a month because that meant they could send horses to training for the money and to open up space.  You know, because what any mare and foal needs is a cross country ship in the heat to go stand in a small pen for God knows how long.  She even mentioned that CheechDana could likely fit three mare/foal pairs in her 4 horse trailer to haul home.   At the end of the day, and as near as I can figure, HiCaliber secured enough funding to hold the horses for a week on this mysterious quarantine place of Satan Tara’s so they can `network’  all these Louisiana horses for the next week.  Stay tuned as this story is ever-changing, but past experience says they won’t be content to just sit back and `facilitate’ if there is money to be made by getting a few.


Is it just me or are all these people starting to morph into one another?  It’s like they are all melding into one giant mass of horse killing pus.  I have to admit I’m starting to feel like we’re all getting punk’d or something.  At the rate we’re going, I fully expect the next big fundraising collaboration extravaganza between HiCaliber and Double S Kill Pen to be to finally save those 52 Thoroughbreds that seemed to constantly be in need of rescue.  At the very least, they’ll get them all bailed at 2k a pop and once Charles Manson Michelle is sprung from detox rehab, she can shoot them all in the face so we never have to hear about them again.  Like Romney Faye Baker informed us on live feed, `It takes teamwork to make the dream work’.  Speaking of which, thank you to the team that works behind the scenes on this blog.  There wouldn’t be enough hours in my week to pull together what they supply on a daily basis, not to mention being there to bounce ideas off and fact check me.  As more and more people speak out and stand up for what is right, I know we’re making a difference.  I know that there are still so many of you out there that truly do put horses first, so we carry on.


I was going to get a post together for Throwback Thursday, but Tuesday’s post was so jam-packed with assholery and then I didn’t get to writing anything in time to be out on Thursday.  I’m also a procrastinator at the best of times and even more so when there is something unpleasant to do.  I realize that by now you’ve all watched the dramatic live feed with Charles Manson Michelle from her hospital bed where she has been since karma paid her a little visit on Saturday.  It was so touching to see her laying there with a smorgasbord of food arranged around her as she rambled on while jonesing for opiates and shoving ice cream down her gullet.  Even cross-eyed from the good drugs, she managed to lie her ass off about what happened and how it happened, but whatever gets her through the day which, going by what she was hinting around for, is wine and flowers, or at least that holds her over until she can shoot something in the face.  I’m sure the devoted disciples will dig extra deep to send some sympathy donations, so no worries.   However many of my fellow horse people have had the same injury, including myself, and they did so with far less dramatics or overnight hospital stays.  None of us were living on donations though, so make of that what you will.  All that aside, I do have some stuff to share and it’s probably going to piss people off.  I’ve been marinating it for a few days and trying to figure out how to put it in a way that wasn’t quite so harsh, but there is no gentle way to share, so I’m just going to come out with it and you can digest it just like I did.  Hope you have some Zantac or whatever.  This isn’t a feel good post.  As always, please read the screen shots for some context to get us started.

I know we already talked about the loss of Casey in another post.  He was the one that died the other day after being found cast in the pens.  Turns out, as usual, that was the HiCaliber cleaned up version and the truth is somewhat more horrific.  As most of us that have dealt much with horses know, that for a horse to `die on his own’ from being cast, there had to be a lot of pain and struggle involved and it likely wasn’t quick.  It turns out that despite what was said by Rene in the screen shots above, there was no vet called immediately.  By the time Casey was found he was tangled in the panels and it was evident there had been a lengthy and violent struggle.  We know that Michelle wasn’t around, but apparently neither was her gun which Becky said she couldn’t find.  So, instead of this serene scene Rene paints with the volunteers lovingly ministering unto him as he gently drifted away, there was an elderly horse thrashing and struggling as he fought to live.  He suffered.  Terribly.  We also know that had recently had strangles and feet bad enough that made being in the barn necessary after being returned from his adoptive home a few months ago.   Only very recently Casey been kicked out of his stall into a pen where he was being fed an inadequate mush diet.   Lots of room for error if those alfalfa pellets weren’t soaked properly and enough or if his feed tub wasn’t cleaned out between feedings and it went rancid on him.  You have to be really carefully with mush diets especially in hot climates.  Turns out that Casey did have a gastric torsion and because they couldn’t find the gun, Becky decided to just pump him with drugs until he died and not the blue juice that is meant for that sort of thing either.  However, given what I’m about to talk about, I’m not so sure that Becky couldn’t find the gun as much as shit her pants and bottled out. As for Rene, she talks out her ass a whole bunch and it’s important to remember that she lives in Nevada.  I was going to start a drinking game where I took a shot every time she inadvertently throws HiCaliber under the bus with her misinformation, but I didn’t want to drink myself into alcoholism.


The horse above was HiCaliber Grant.  Was.  I’m sure many of the villagers didn’t really get to know much about him because he didn’t last long at the ranch.  Grant was a horse they bought from Misner on or about May 10th, 2016.  Back then they referred to it as buy backs and Dr. Grove still did their intakes and not every horse needed to be drugged to its knees for that to happen.  At the time of intake, Dr. Grove did not seem overly concerned with the proud flesh on the front, saying it was old,  but rated him a 2/5 lameness behind.  For sure the horse was off at the trot, but he was in good body condition and obviously not in any distress.  Sadly, between that intake in mid May and July 11th, 2016, things either went badly enough for Grant or he didn’t warm up to Michelle enough that it was decided he needed to be `compassionately euthanized’ and this time it was Becky’s turn to do the honors.  I’m sure many of you that have followed HiCal have heard Michelle’s long rants about gun vs chemical euth and the one thing she stresses is how much easier it is on a horse, especially for those that they can’t get a needle into and she doesn’t want that to be their last moment anyhow.  She makes it all sound so awesome with them being lovingly fed treats and not feeling a thing.  Also, not really the truth as most of them are just tied up to the trailer to wait their turn to get shot in the face. In Grant’s case it was even worse than that.  He was one of a couple of horses being shot in the face that day and for whatever reason, they decided to drug him up first.  Kinda hard to figure out why, when the whole reasoning for them to shoot them is so they don’t have to drug them, but whatever.  From what I’ve seen in countless other videos, they drug everything to the point of staggering, so I imagine that was the case with Grant as his head started to droop and Becky took her shot.  Sadly, Grant jerked his head up at the last second, as drugged up horses often do, and Bang Bang Becky missed the mark, and only hurt him really bad.  Bad enough that he flipped over backwards, tumbled down a hill until he hit a tree to break his fall and then ended up tangled up in barbed wire, but still very much alive.  He was also likely very afraid and in pain, but he had to wait for Bang Bang Becky to get her shit together enough to climb down there, grab him by the halter and finish him off.  With an ending like that, I’m not exactly sure what they saved him from.  That’s exactly the kind of ending we anti-slaughter advocates fight against minus the tree, barbed wire and hysterics.  Wish that was an isolated incident, but it wasn’t.


I’m going to group two incidents together for the next bit because the information, while accurate and backed up from multiple sources, doesn’t include the horses’  names sadly.  The first involved yet another horse being shot at HiCaliber, this time a gray one and, for some reason they were doing it close to the road, but had vehicles attempting to block the view from people passing by.  That didn’t work out so well because this time a passer-by did see what appeared to be a male vet from Temecula Creek with the gun in his hand and he wasn’t any better at finding his mark than Bang Bang Becky.  In fact, it was so bad that there was blood EVERYWHERE as it poured out of the horse and was also all over the vet.  To the passer-by it looked like a crime scene or an abattoir floor after a full run.  I have no idea WTF a vet was doing shooting a horse, but I’m sure Charles Manson  Michelle was positively moist over the ordeal.  Just like she was in her glory when a visitor to the property had the misfortune to stumble in right after one of their killing sprees.  This particular one ended up with Michelle and company chopping the horse into pieces so that by the time the visitor arrived, there were severed legs hanging out of the golf cart that hauls the HiCal elite around. I don’t even want to know what it takes to be able to do that.  I also don’t want to imagine the mess from chopping a horse up or even what equipment one must have on hand.  I can’t even debone a chicken without mangling it, so this is well beyond the scope of my imagination.   Appare ntly the 30% vet uses body parts for teaching or at least that’s the official story about why she chops up horses.  The deeper reason is likely just that she gets off on it.


I had yet another horse that took a bullet in the face to talk about today, but I think I’ll save her for another day.  We’ve heard enough sad stories for one day and more will continue to crop up as people start to wake up and come forward. There as still been no intake video or even details on the load of horses Cheech Dana brought in from Louisiana nearly a week ago, so half could be dead and nobody will be the wiser.  As their horse population continues to explode because they will not stop buying horses, they have now been reduced to paying people to `adopt’ some of  their horses.  That’s right, they’ll throw in a $100 amazon certificate with the adoption of one of their pasture puffs. That’s an awesome deal because it’s not like they’ll ever check up on the horse either. In fact Romney Faye Baker has taken to all but refer to horses as some sort of product rather than sentient beings.  She doesn’t talk about placing or rehoming them, but instead refers to `moving’ them like you would move inventory.  Romney Faye Baker and Charles Manson  Michelle also keep telling us that they need to acquire whatever horse so they can tell its `story’.  What they don’t mention is that story will be fictional.  I want to tell their truths.  I don’t think a `rescue’ or any other horse should have a death as horrific as it would have had in a slaughter-house nor should they die nameless and be chopped up so some psycho can play out their medical fantasies and get their jollies.  That is NOT rescue.  That is not restoring their dignity.  I refuse to let them die in vain if I can help it.  I don’t think I’m alone in this.  I hope not anyhow…


This is what a visit from the karma bus looks like

I was hoping to take a few days off from writing this thing, so I could sort and organize a mountain of information for a post I have been working on.  Contrary to what the village idiots claim, I actually do quite a bit of research and fact checking to pull these posts together.  It can be time-consuming, but this something I took on because I felt it was important to shed some light on an escalating situation.  However, as more and more people speak out and come forward, HiCaliber seems to up their level of fuckery and give us even more to work with.  I guess that’s what happens when you’ve left your proverbial asses hanging out everywhere and people are starting to talk among themselves. There is a lot of ground to cover today, so this is gonna get long again.  I gotta warn you that I’m beyond irritated by this confederacy of dumbasses, so I’m likely going to offend people more than usual.  I’m also pretty sure I don’t give a singular crap if I do.  To put a little context on this first part, you might want to read this post HiCaliber made on Monday and then re watch this video from Satan Tara that I had put up last time.  Pay special attention to what she says about HiCaliber in it.  Ready?  Let’s get into it…

It seems to me that it was pretty cut and dried that HiCaliber were going to be the safety net for those TBs.  Many of us recall the live feed where Romney allowed Satan Tara to swap out those horses and even the hostile post about the `haters’ kicking up a fuss and making her bring one of the horses with a burned out lip home rather than something else she found `sexy’ which usually just means it didn’t cringe away from her like most horses do.  At any rate, the horses were all relisted with an `HC’ after their number on the tags.  The village idiots rested easy knowing that they weren’t going to have a date with slaughter any time soon and looked for their endorphin rush elsewhere for the time being.  Even as the last big load from Louisiana was arriving with a large number of private buyer horses and not a lot of obvious TBs, the village idiots were absolutely beside themselves with excitement and had forgotten all about the ones left behind.  Remember all those allegedly pregnant mares that they just had to save?  Neither do the villagers despite the fact that only one pregnant mare made it to California according to their intake team. That was until Satan Tara decided to stir the pot and say that all those private buyers she had refunded deposits to, were no longer interested in the TBs due to the drama surrounding them (see previous post for those screen shots).  Because the village idiots will like anybody that HiCaliber tells them to like, many of them were over on Tara’s page and actually briefly had independent and logical thought causing them to ask questions, which is why Romney wrote the hostile missive above.  When people started asking questions and it became apparent that it was actually Satan Tara that was the source of the information,  Romney hastily edited out the blaming people spreading rumors as the reason these horses are about to be slaughtered.  They aren’t about to be slaughtered btw, but that’s another issue for another day.  What followed was a whole slew of contradictory statements in the comment section as they scrambled to cover their asses and bring the villagers back into line.  Even though Romney lies all the time, she’s not very good at it, so she brought the expert,  Satan Tara, to further confuse the situation.  How this eventually plays out is anybody’s guess.  One of the comments I had seen was where the Louisiana rescues that had asked HiCaliber to stand down were?  Well, HiCaliber ran them off so they are off not buying horses from wannabe kill buyers and intercepting them before bottom feeding swamp donkeys like Satan Tara and her convicted felon dough fuck boy get their mitts on them.  You know, like real rescues tend to do.

Ok, moving on to Tissue Tuesday, Romney was back in action at auction today with extra layers of mascar on and ready to breathe heavy and weep for the camera. It was a total shit show from beginning to end.  You would think after their post on Monday saying that they had no more room to save the Louisiana horses that maybe, just maybe they’d give the auction a miss for a change.  Sadly, no.  The same old posts with the same old manipulations were rolled out and the begging ensued.  If you have rage issues, you should probably stop reading here.  Consider yourself warned.


You read that correctly.  They fucking KNEW about this horse for at least a week and probably more and decided that she wasn’t as important as driving across the country to buy a bunch of horses from a convicted felon and his swamp donkey.   Of course people donated to get this poor soul `safe’ even though it was obvious to everybody that she needed to be released from her pain yesterday.  What would have been the appropriate thing to do would have been to call a vet to come out and euthanize her right there on the spot.  Instead, they decide they need an additional $650 over and above the $200 ransom they just paid.  You can’t skim if you don’t have the extra there.  After having to trailer in to the nearest clinic, of course, this horse was put down and we should all be happy that at least a vet did it and she didn’t get hauled two hours to get shot in the face like they have done to others.  Still, I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing that their own greed and self promotion caused even more suffering for this horse.


Next up is this poor mare and her 3 month old foal.  She couldn’t walk either and rather than get her help right there or, hey, maybe call Animal Control on these sons of bitches that are allowing horses to be in this much pain, let’s ask the village to pay $1700 for the pair.  I actually even saw somebody comment they were waiting for their social security check so they could donate.  I don’t have an issue with putting this poor mare down.  I do have an issue for paying somebody for the privilege to do what is right by her and then asking for so much over and above when the poor thing isn’t going to even have so much as a carrot from them.  The volunteer that went with them to the clinic even said that the vet only took one x-ray of the worst foot, so that couldn’t have been a big bill.  Then, they have Mea Ola’s come to pick up the baby, so she’s off the feed bill too.  Not that they handed Mea Ola’s any of their $650 over.  No, please send more money to them.  Again, you’ll likely never see a single invoice for any of this.

Because, God forbid they go home with an empty trailer, they managed to scrape up two horses to buy.  There were more than a few there but they had to allow Misner to buy the ones he wanted first and then got outbid on a horse that they were attempting to whip up some drama about.  The horse had a dent in its head, likely from getting kicked as a baby, but suddenly became a horse with head trauma and more!  No joy this time though.  The village did not rally enough funds and the horse went with a private buyer so there is some hope that it won’t end up standing around in a small pen and getting used for unneccessary vet procedure practice.  I’m not sure why the bay horse needed to be `rescued’ nor am I sure why they felt a need to buy the pinto mare from Misner after the auction other than Romney said she was pretty and cried for the camera.  At least they have two to bring home to the ranch where they stated the day before that they had no more room until they `move’ some horses.  Well, it turns out they did `move’ at least one prior to auction…


They casually slipped the fact that Casey had died in their initial auction post.  Casey was one of the slaughter11 horses which was the big miracle save and publicity stunt that was a precursor to the Louisiana Shit Show.  A warm up shit show, if you will.  You may remember him for being the horse that was collapsed on the drive way after being drug out there from the trailer he had been stuffed in.  At some point in late November/early December he was adopted out to the same family that also adopted HiCaliber Pandy.  HiCaliber posted a feel good video clip of the little kids being all excited to get both horses.  Flash forward to around March and the two horses are back at HiCaliber.  Pandy is promptly put back up for adoption and goes home with a known horse flipper, while Casey is said to have come back to Hicaliber with his mane and tail all braided up, but no frogs left in his feet and he had strangles.  Obviously he was not put back up for adoption nor did they make much mention of him being an adoption fail.  He was up in the barn around May 10th, but was kicked out into pen #12, being fed a straight mush diet. soon after.  Not enough of it, but still straight mush.  By today, he’s a dead horse and what is truly disturbing is the admitted circumstances surrounding that death.  In the screen shots above, they mention he died on his own and before the vet could get there.  Do you have any idea how much suffering had to go on for that to happen?  I’ve had cast horses and it’s not a big deal to pull them out if you know what you’re doing.  It takes a helluva struggle or a long time being stuck upside down to kill one.  If he was colicing and cast, he was already in distress.  If he coliced after he cast due to the weight of his bowels causing necrosis, then he was suffering a very long time. Either way, another needless and horrific death at HiCaliber.  I’m sure people will say `shit happens’ and `fail forward’ but that’s a cop-out.  They have TOO MANY HORSES to adequately take care of and very few, if any of the residents on that property are even motivated enough to get off their ever expanding asses and do night checks or even help with feed.  How many more have to die like this before the village idiots wake the fuck up?

The above horses were taken in about a month ago after their owner passed away.  All are elderly, but in excellent body condition.  These pictures are the last we ever heard about them. There was never an official intake nor were their names announced other than what the daughter of the former owner provided in comments.  As a result, it is difficult to locate them on the feeding charts if they are even there at all.  Because they were relinquished, there was no big fund raising drive for them which would automatically put them on thin ice.  Where are they?  Why no intakes? So many other horses unaccounted for.  For instance, do we know if Drama and Breen are still alive?  Are they being cared for or are they suffering out in the sun and eating off the dirt.  Speaking of unaccountability, Cheech Dana rolled in on Sunday with another overstuffed load from Louisiana.  No video of the arrivals, no pictures or mentions of what she brought other than one is so sick with an upper respiratory issue that it had to be moved into the barn.  Did the gray horse with cancer that Satan Tara gave them, make it back or did they leave him behind to die knee deep in shit in on that lot?  If you dare ask after the wrong horse, you’ll be invited to dine on male genitalia and they will sick the village idiots on you.  So transparent!


One of the shit mountains

Once again, I’ve only scraped the surface of a whole lotta fuckery that went down the past few days.  It’s difficult watching this all unfold and the answer is not looking away.  There are horses disappearing, there are horses suffering and foolish people are enabling all of this.  Charles Manson Michelle is missing in action with the excuse she isn’t feeling well.  That’s likely not the whole truth and it doesn’t matter.  As much as she would like it to be, this isn’t all about her.  This is about the organization and how far off track they have gotten.  They seem to believe that only they can save horses and they must take in every one they possibly can.  They pay great lip service to `responsible rescue’ as far as fund-raising goes.  Sadly, they don’t practice it.  A huge part of responsible rescue is knowing your limits.  I’ve seen both Romney and Charles Michelle mock other rescues in the past for only buying one or two horses at auction and not taking others home.  I can guarantee you those other rescues didn’t buy off a kill buyer and they only took home what they had room to properly care for, not to stockpile in shit filled pens.  I know I get branded a hater along with anybody else that dares to ask questions.  I’m good with that.  If that’s what it takes to get some accountability, then color me hateful.  With me it will always be about horses first.  I know many of the readers here feel the same.  So, back to what I was working on until the next drama flare up.  Keep the faith, people.  Change is on the horizon…


I was hoping for the weekend off from this blog, but apparently there is no rest for the wicked and even less for those of us that feel compelled to call the wicked out on their crap.  Before we get started, I just want to thank most of the people who have provided such excellent discussion in the comment section.  We are starting to get the odd village idiot find their way over here and they are welcome too as long as they are polite.  A few have not been and, as a result, they are in time out. That’s not because I can’t take criticism, but rather they seem to have nothing to say and their intent is to just spam the comment section and deflect from the fuckery that we highlight here.  Still, I take the trolling and complaining as a good sign.  It means we’re getting to them.  It means that they’ve got something to be concerned about.   It means the sooner they knock off their crap, the sooner I can go back on hiatus because I’m going to need a break before I tackle the next `issue’ that I have planned.  I wonder who I’ll be accused of being when that happens…


Nothing says `rescue’ like representin’ for your kill buyer buddy.

So, 14 more horses trickled in from Louisiana on Saturday night.  Even though she’d spent the earlier part of the day riding in a parade, Charles Manson Michelle did not deem this arrival as important enough to waltz her ass across the drive way to help unload.  Instead, we were left with Romney and some other board members grating on our nerves on the live feeds.  Sadly, Romney did most of the talking for the initial part of the live feed and we were treated to her loud yapping about how these horses were `saved from slaughter’ while she wore a hat from the Thompson Feed Lot.  One of the more idiotic statements made by a red shirt was that these horses were all going to slaughter because they were `ribby’.  Go ahead and just think about that statement for a minute. I’ll wait… HiCaliber likes to say that Thompsons are kill buyers so you gotta wonder how wearing their gear is in any way appropriate.  The rest of us know that Thompsons are just bottom feeding horse abusers, but it’s still wildly inappropriate and just straight up ignorant for the CEO of a rescue to be wearing Thompson swag without any sense of irony whatsoever.  The only good thing about any of this is that after the complete shit show the first few loads out of Louisiana were and word of Bubba Misner being sent to get a load for them was leaked out by him,  they hired KC Transport to go get this next batch so the horses won that small victory, or at least this batch did.  The unloading went much like the first shit show with exhausted horses standing around for literally hours on end while the HiCaliber `medical team’, minus the 30% vet, went about their poking, prodding and doing their level best to make sure at least one of these animals gets sicker than it already is.

Yup, they saved Dawson’s buddy as mentioned above and promptly named her `Tara’ after everybody’s favorite feedlot shitpickle.  Who is Dawson?  Dawson is the cremello mare that Charles Michelle just had to have.  Somehow she ended up on the big truck as a HiCaliber horse and not a PB, aka private buyer horse, as four others were, so you can probably guess who is picking up the tab on the shipping, vetting etc.  We already know somebody paid $1000 for her.  Tara is a big recip mare that was in the same pen as her, who HiCaliber decided to anthropomorphize and say was `BFFs’ with Dawson.  That’s an angle that HiCaliber likes to use on the village idiots because most of them don’t realize that horses are herd animals and they will usually attach themselves to other horses in stressful situations.  Any other horse.  If they hadn’t bought Tara, Dawson would have become BFFs with whoever shipped in the stall beside her and Tara would have found another object of her affection.  What actually turned out to be the case was that Becky wanted her so congrats village idiots, you just bought the horse hoarders yet another horse for way too much money. Who pays $900 for what appears to be an unbroken recip mare?   I think the happy couple has more than 10 or 12 horses between them currently living at the ranch on the donor dollar after all this.  It’s hard to keep track with all the comings and goings and $1 purchases.  I’m sure glad that volunteers are giving up their time and efforts to take care of Michelle and Becky’s personal horses while they cook up testicles and drive around the neighborhood delivering Fireball to unsuspecting people.

I need to backtrack a little to the loading shenanigans.  Satan Tara and the felon were nowhere to be found.  Apparently, convicted felon Jacob got permission from his parole officer to take a little vacay and the deadly duo took off to gamble away some of their HiCaliber windfall and have disgusting celebratory relations while rolling around in pork rinds and sticking Thrive patches on their unmentionables.  This left Cheech Dana to organize the load out and decide which horses went where.  Not only did she have to constantly ask the haulers which horse was which (even though they had never seen these horses before) she thought she had sent 13 on the trailer when there were 14 and nobody picked up on that error until after they were unloaded in California.  Kinda makes you wonder about the paperwork on them all, but so did the last minute purchase of Tara and the off camera mutterings about her not being vetted yet. That also explains why horses had to be loaded and unloaded, rearranged and left behind all the while Romney or whichever HiCal red shirt is the cap lock abuser chimed in with their vast knowledge.  The screen shot above is a prime example.  Yes, do stuff a few minis in the aisles of a commercial transport because you didn’t learn a thing when you damn near killed the last load of overstuffed horses you decided to haul straight through in the heat.  Awesome.  Thankfully, KC Transport refused and the minis were left to either get on Cheech Dana’s trailer or another.  Who knows?  They are being super vague about Dana’s movements other than she’s got at least 5 randoms in her 4 horse trailer and still has no DOT#.  They mentioned several times that Dana would be laying these mystery horses over in El Paso, Texas for 12 hours on the way home.  This is an important piece of the puzzle because El Paso is home to Joe Rios.  Joe Rios is a kill buyer that David Misner aka Voldy regularly sells to and he has an auction house/feed lot in El Paso.  Seems to me that would likely be the one place that would allow a bunch of sick horses to unload and hang out for a day or so.  (Animal Angels Report on Misner, Chavez and Rios ).  Since they are not showing Dana loading out or even saying who she has onboard, any amount of swapping and fuckery could go on in El Paso and nobody will be the wiser.  Nothing will really surprise me at this point as very little of what HiCaliber does resembles anything remotely close to rescue lately.

So, with Cheech Dana on the way home, this should be the close of the Louisiana chapter.  Sadly, that’s not likely.  Beside the mutual admiration and the morphing into one another that seems to be going on with Double S Kill Pen and HiCaliber, there is the little matter of those TBs that they left behind from the original load.  If you recall, Satan Tara fast talked Romney out of the ones that were in good weight and she felt she could make some money on.   Romney agreed to allow Tara to rip her off by practically bending over and spreading her ass cheeks while committing to the horses left behind should they not find buyers on the Double S page.  They are all  listed with a `HC’ after their number which means HiCaliber is on the hook for those too.  The story from Satan Tara has changed quite a bit, but the video above pretty clearly outlines the initial agreement with HiCaliber.  I guess this means we can all expect a desperate fundraising drive with a shipping date, tears and emotional manipulation within the next week or so.  Good times!  My closest estimation is that should they go after these remaining horses, it will put the swindle into the 100k ballpark and still not a single invoice, receipt or even donation tally has been posted beyond the initial 2k down payment to convicted felon, Jacob.  That’s not even counting the kickbacks they are getting for referring private buyers or accounting for that.  There were 4 PB horses on the KC Truck not counting Michelle and Becky’s because they won’t be privately theirs until their vet work and feet are done and they find out if they are broke or not.



The latest load from Louisiana ended up all jammed together in the Price arena after being subjected to the triage situation. Well, at least the ones that are still at HiCaliber.  Because they have a magical SAA machine, apparently they don’t need to quarantine horses like normal barns so HiCaliber Grace, in the pic above, got whisked away to her new home the very next day and, by the comments and looks of things, gets to spend her quarantine standing on bare concrete.  I can’t even make this stuff up.  Yet another mare from the first load has already been sent off or is on her way to foster and who knows what others are coming and going.  HiCaliber Sully, seems to be still trying to die up in the barn along side other non quarantined horses that are being experimented on .   The original three or four mares `so pregnant they were about to pop’ turned into only one mare that was pregnant and she’s the one they already pawned on a foster home.  It’s anybody’s guess where they are going to stash the rest that are coming.  I have a feeling that the body removal guy might be extra busy this week as more room is needed.

I think that should bring us up to date on the Louisiana deal.  Not surprisingly the numbers aren’t adding up and Satan Tara and HiCaliber don’t quite have their stories straight.  It looks like there are two other horses floating around with HiCaliber’s name on them unless the extra two are the minis that they somehow convinced Baker Ranch they needed to buy because Tara was so `matter of fact’ when she lied about minis shipping to slaughter.  It’s really disappointing to see a place like Baker Ranch get sucked in like this.  Meanwhile the rest of us are still waiting to see these `several’ burned out tattoos, when so far there have been none.  There was one or two horses that had what appeared to be foxtail ulcers, not burns, which is a good thing for the horses but not such a great thing for HiCaliber who cried `wolf’ in spectacular fashion to kick off this fundraising drive.  I guess it’s not surprising considering that out of the 20 OTTBs that they originally got all the attention over, most turned out to be not OTTBs at all.  While their egos will never allow them to admit it, I’m thinking this latest stunt has backfired in more ways than people realize.  Too much attention isn’t a good thing when you only pay lip service to transparency, rather than actually practice it.  It really isn’t a good thing when you have pissed off so many people that know where the bones are buried so to speak.  Speaking of bones, there are a lot rattling in the closet and are getting really close to spilling out.  Until next time….

I thought for today’s post, I’d branch out a little from the clusterfuck that has become #OTTB20 and maybe touch on a big part of the reason I felt the need to speak out about what was going on with HiCaliber.  There are many people who have been quietly tracking what has been going on with this organization as they become more and more brazen with their brand of `rescue’ for a lot of different reasons.  Personally,  I really don’t care if Charles Manson Michelle wants to be a vulgar piece of trash every time she comes on live feed. I get it.  That’s her`thing’ and part of the brand she has created for herself.  I actually kind of feel sorry for her that she’s so classless that she can’t suck it up and be appropriate when needed, but whatever.  Everybody needs a rallying cry and `Eat a dick!’ seems to be hers.  Again, not really my issue with HiCaliber.  Where my issue comes in is the horse husbandry or lack thereof.  The Munchausen by proxy syndrome these voiceless souls are being subjected to and the suffering going on in the name of rescue.  So, with that in mind let’s get things started.


Say goodbye to Flloyd.  He was just shipped 1700 miles from Louisiana on 3 legs to end up with a bullet in his head a week later.  All because Satan Tara, told HiCaliber that a simple $300 check ligament surgery would fix him right up, they thought it prudent to subject him to that long truck ride on 3 legs.  That’s what happens when you send in two morons to triage a load of horses.  I’m not saying he deserved to die of starvation and/or disease on Thompson’s lot, but the kind and compassionate thing to do for him would have been to take him to a local rescue to have him assessed and ultimately put down.  They didn’t even know enough to put support bandages on him for the ride.  Of course Michelle’s ego is such that she frames it as their vet agreeing with her that he was too far gone to keep alive; like she has some sort of special knowledge and insight to be able to see what anybody else with at least one functioning eyeball couldn’t have seen for themselves.    You don’t even need to be a horse person to see the clips of this poor horse trying to walk to know that he was crippled.  Nice call from the 30% vet .  She claimed she just had to buy `rescue’ these horses to so she could `tell their stories’.  She neglected to mention that they would be horror stories and mostly made up. RIP Flloyd, you sure deserved better.


The horse above was Phelps.  He is one of the latest to get a bullet in the brain.  At least he got a nice goodbye post from a volunteer that cared about him unlike so many more at HiCaliber that just get shot without a mention.  The tribute post is a bit vague, only making reference to sore knees, but as concerned horse people predicted would happen, there have been quite a few horses getting shot since the Louisiana clusterfuck came to fruition.  Any fool could see they had no place to stash an additional 30 plus animals and HiCaliber isn’t big on regular updates once the thrill of the save has passed.  This makes it easy enough to get rid of a few on the sly and claim they went to a great home if anybody does think to ask.  Despite being `Romney’s boyfriend’ and one she claimed to love, Phelps was on shaky ground by virtue of being a pasture ornament.  I didn’t see the horse in person, but I don’t find it a big leap that he was getting more and more stove up with no place to move around properly.  Arthritic horses generally do better when not confined.  RIP Phelps


HiCaliber Stanley was bought at auction on May 2nd.  Despite his wonky legs and sweet personality, he didn’t generate enough interest aka cash flow from the village idiots to justify keeping him alive.  He got the bullet at some point during the past few weeks along with another horse I can’t seem to recall the name of.  That makes me sad too, because I recall the poor thing, along with HiCaliber Stanley was only mentioned in passing.  No tribute post for them, they were just part of the frequent flyer pick-up from the body removal man.  RIP Stanley and RIP to your friend.

HiCaliber bought Othello from their favorite kill buyer, David Misner, on Tuesday the 23rd for $300.  They said that he had him for a bit and had even put some corrective shoes on him, but the horse was still lame so he wanted him off his lot.  That is code for Misner can’t move him or make any money off him, so he gets HiCaliber and the village idiots to pay for the privilege of cleaning up his mess. Win/win for Misner since he saves on the cost of body removal AND he still makes money.  Sadly,  this poor horse could hardly walk but still got to endure a two-hour plus trailer ride back to the ranch so they could shoot him.  That’s not before Robyn, hit him with Banamine at the auction yard and then wondered why he was fussing and getting hives.  Seriously, what is it with HiCaliber and drugs, specifically Banamine?  It’s like they think it’s some sort of magic potion or something.  Maybe they own stock in the company that sells that and Rompun because they sure go through a lot of both. They drug the crap out horses and then fail to take that into account when it wears off that they had just masked much of the issue for the past several hours so of course things are going to look worse.  At any rate, as seems to be the norm lately, poor Othello was made to suffer more than normal before finally getting shot in the face by Charles Michelle.  RIP Othello.  You certainly deserved more respect.


HiCaliber Boyer


By no means was the above list complete as far as which horses had a date with the body removal man the past few weeks, but I think the point is made.  There are a few that seem to be on pretty shaky ground which will likely vanish over the next week.  This brings us back to the Munchausen by proxy issue.  I think most horse people can give shots and do a bit of first aid and maintenance work on their own.  I don’t really have a big issue with that either.  I do it myself.  Vets are expensive, I get that.  Where I have to draw the line is when somebody can’t accept their own limitations and lack of knowledge.  It is no secret that Michelle fancies herself a vet tech even though she has never actually produced any certification, just like she has never shown the euth cert she claims to have either.   She has stated she knows 30% of what any vet knows and has taken to performing some procedures on the rescue horses herself whether they need them or not.  The above clip was actually taken after the one below.  The horse in it was Boyer and he had only been bought at auction the week before.  In it Dr. Michelle informs us that you can’t brush or clean up horses that aren’t feeling well among other pearls of wisdom that nobody has ever heard of before.  The video clip I’m going to post below is even more disturbing. Boyer was made to stand in the aisle for days while Charles Michelle played doctor until it was too late to save his life.  The video is painful to watch as the horse continues to try to make himself comfortable and Michelle continues to think he’s straining to pee and not giving much weight to the colic that was playing out right in front of her.  For somebody that gets off on strutting around with a stethoscope draped around her neck, I’ve never actually seen her listen for gut sounds or even reference that.  (watch her to start doing just that in the near future as she is an avid reader of this blog).  This went on for literally days until the horse was hauled into the clinic where he died a few days later. He was only brought to the clinic because they were bringing in another colicing horse that ultimately died too. (#HiCaliberPraline) Necropsy results were never shared as promised but this all came about during a time when they lost a handful of horses to colic over a few weeks and they also had a strangles outbreak at the ranch.  As you can see in the video, no quarantine measures or biosecurity measures were being practiced with these horses being fresh in from auction.

The horse featured in the  second part of the above video, Shara, also died soon after that was filmed.  Unlike Boyer, she did not get to go to the clinic but ended up under the blue tarp with a bullet in her head instead.  She had been at HiCaliber since the previous July but somehow ended up with her foot sloughing off while Dr. Michelle practiced doing a regional limb perfusion on her rather than let a vet handle things.  Note the heavy sedation and IV bags at the ready.  Dr. Michelle loves to hang those jugs.  There never really was an explanation as to how she got this way or how long she’d been like this.  The only logical explanation is that nobody noticed until things became glaringly obvious.  Michelle, herself, is not known to lower herself to do chores or look at horses that she can’t play doctor with or heave herself up on.  I don’t even blame the volunteers that do the feeding as many of them only know what they have been taught by the HiCaliber red shirts and we haven’t seen a lot of evidence of horsemanship from any of them.


I’m sure to the volunteers or anybody that really hasn’t spent a lot of time around horses and vets, that Charles Manson Michelle seems really knowledgeable.  She likes to spew a lot of jargon and jargon can be impressive to a neophyte.  Where it gets funny is that she never quite gets things right.  I know she attended a one or two day info course at UC Davis and won a vet book, so that should qualify her to do all sorts of procedures, but she must have been sleeping when they came to the part about how to pronounce words so you don’t sound like an asshole.  It actually took me a bit to understand wtf she was talking about the first few times I heard her say `knee crawpsee’ or who the hell `Annie B Otic’ was.  Turns out she meant necropsy and antibiotic.  It’s not really all that big of a deal if you don’t mind sounding ignorant though.  I totally got confused when she kept talking about the horse Saint getting `chiro’ on his feet.  I know a chiropractor can work an entire body, but it didn’t really make sense considering that #HiCaliberSaint is known to have a form of canker in his feet.  That’s when it finally dawned on me that she meant cryo as in cryotherapy, which has nothing to do with chiro, although I suppose you could have both if you were so inclined.  I shouldn’t be surprised about that either because more than once I’ve seen them spot a horse at auction that had cryo marks on it, only for them to proclaim it had been pinfired and raise the alarm.   What this is a prime example of is a little knowledge being a dangerous thing; especially when there is a never-ending supply of banged up horses to live out your fantasy of being a vet and a captivated village just itching to hand over their social security checks.  HiCaliber is rapidly becoming a shop of horrors and not the fun kind.  There has been rumblings that Dr. Michelle performs rectal exams on horses as well as her own necropsies.  They have recently admitted to harvesting reproductive organs to sell for some studies and there was some allusion to selling bodies to big cat sanctuaries or zoos as long they knew the history horse for a length of time.  What horse at a rescue should die of a bullet that hasn’t been on meds of some kind?  What legitimate rescue would shoot a perfectly healthy animal?


I figured I should briefly touch base on the survivors of the Louisiana debacle as they are providing Dr. Michelle endless opportunities to wear her special scrubs top and to experiment with things she has googled or read in a book.  Because taking a cross country trip stuffed in a tin can in 111 degree heat wasn’t enough to put a horse through for one week, they figured now would be as good a time as any to geld the colt that just got in from Louisiana a few days ago.  They mentioned on live feed that they were going to let the mares settle a bit before preg checking, presumably because an ultrasound is more traumatic than getting your nuts cut off.  I don’t have nuts myself, so I really can’t say.  Maybe they were hungry and needed the balls for dinner again or something.  While this was going on, HiCaliber Sully seems to spend the majority of his days drugged to the point of staggering while the 30% vet hangs endless jugs on him and hits him with Banamine.  Presumably, this will make up for the non-existent refeeding program that is going on.  They like to claim that they follow the UC Davis refeeding protocol, but given the fact that the horses are in large groups in pens, it’s pretty much a fight it out situation for their feed and impossible to monitor what any one horse is getting or that he is eating enough and as often as need be. Don’t be surprised to see horses continue to crash in the next week or so and look for Dr. Michelle to blame it on shipping fever and blow it off as a `fail forward’ situation.


It looks like my prediction about the third and future loads being not exactly transparent was correct.  Becky and Robyn tried to make it sound like Dana was not on her way to Louisiana, but it was mentioned on a later feed that more horses were loading out from Louisiana on Friday. Bubba Misner is still unaccounted for and we know Thompson has a truck headed this was  too, so look for the next bunch to show up any time between now and Monday and expect them to not be in great shape.  Sadly,  despite already sending a few from the first truck out to foster, they don’t have nearly enough room for the 14 plus horses that are headed this way, so more ranch residents will likely be getting the bullet soon.  Maybe the removal man gives them frequent flyer perks or has a twofer Tuesday program for HiCaliber.  After all, he is a great guy and practices humane removal according to one of their resident parrots whose main function is to live on the live feeds and regurgitate everything that falls out of Michelle’s gaping maw.  I’m completely curious as to what `humane’ removal looks like vs. inhumane removal.  I wish they were as concerned about humane treatment of their living animals as they appear to be about their dead.


I could probably write several thousand words more about the chicanery going on at HiCaliber these days, but I think most people get the point.  It’s actually hard to believe that people are this evil and/or dumb.  How do you experiment with medical procedures on another living creature and how does somebody that purports to care about horses, shoot so many right in the face on a regular basis?  I swear Charles Michelle is actually pretty upbeat after she gets to shoot something.  Despite showing some random pictures of xrays without names on them, there still isn’t really any transparency getting practiced at HiCaliber.  No receipts or invoices are ever posted, so the cost breakdowns are just whatever numbers Charles Michelle pulls out of her ass.  I’ve paid a lot of vet and feed bills and I can assure you that they very rarely ever end up being a nice round number like she constantly claims.  I realize that HiCaliber has adopted the policy of deleting any comment or question that they deem to be negative aka anything that sheds a light onto their dubious horse husbandry and financial practices.  That isn’t transparency any more than buying from a kill buyer is rescue.  Because of all this and more, I just can’t sit on my hands and allow this to pass without comment.  Hopefully, other people feel the same and will begin to feel safe enough to speak out.  It’s time to speak up!


Well, here we go again…  I had hoped that things in California would have simmered down over the weekend or, at the very least, they had maxed out on bad decisions and maybe run out of bullets, but no joy.  Sadly, Charles Manson Michelle has actually topped her own past record of assholery and poor choices and once again, horses are paying a heavy price.  As a result, I feel compelled to at least recap the fuckery that passes for horsemanship at HiCaliber.  You may want to grab something a bit stronger than a coffee to wade through this mess.


We last left off with HiCaliber resident Dana, who puts the `high’ in HiCaliber,  headed to Louisiana, with her 4 horse stock trailer, to pick up some of the remaining horses from Satan Tara.  The village idiots were promised a `freedom walk’ and live feed of the load out and that’s where the latest round of lies began.  Unsurprisingly to everybody BUT the village idiots, the load out was not shown, not even on a hastily deleted live feed.  The official reason was that there was nobody there to help Dana and her accomplice 2nd driver, but once again, they forgot to get everybody on board with the official line of bullshit, so Satan Tara basically discredited the whole thing with one post.  I don’t think anybody really believed that Satan Tara, would allow them to wander around and load horses on their own anyhow.  There was no more video of the lot probably because the hay that had been set out for the Romney videos was no longer in situ.


So yeah, the lies started early on in this adventure and so did the fuckery because you’ll notice the mention of the animals already foaming at the seams with sweat after loading mentioned in the video posted above.  That’s kind of important because for reasons I can’t fathom, they decided to cram six horses into a four horse bumper pull.  I probably shouldn’t be all that surprised because it’s not the first time they’ve pulled that stunt.  I believe the claimed that weak horses need support when they did it with nearly disastrous results last year for the infamous `slaughter 11′.  One of the loose horses in this latest load was a stud colt and they couldn’t even get a halter on him prior to loading.  We probably don’t want to know the chaos that ensued getting him loaded in after all the others in that heat and humidity.   I think he’s the same one that Romney informed us all was `chill’ because he was in a pen with a bunch of mares and not acting studish. It probably hasn’t dawned on any of the HiCaliber brain trust that was likely because he had already settled them.  At any rate he was crammed in the trailer too tight to do much more damage and Dana informed us that the Palomino mare was `super dehydrated’ BEFORE they stuffed her in the trailer.  That’s ok though, because the 30% Vet, Michelle informed us on another live feed that they give the horses Gatorade or whatever is cheap and on sale as electrolytes.  I know some people think that’s a thing but Gatorade really doesn’t have enough electrolytes in it for a horse.  Show horse people only use it to flavor the water so horses will drink away from home and since it’s highly doubtful that Tara even fed them after Romney left, I’m willing to bet she wasn’t flavoring their water with Gatorade so that they’d drink on the way home.

I’m not really sure who all to blame this hellish trip that these poor animals were subjected to.  We already know that Dana isn’t really a professional hauler and it has been said before that she learned nearly everything she knows from Michelle.  She doesn’t even have a DOT# and is technically an illegal hauler.  I’m only guessing here, but I’m pretty certain she took all her marching orders on this trip from the alpha mare back home.  Regardless, somebody made the absolutely moronic choice to not lay these animals over and, instead,  keep them on a trailer for at least 50hrs.  We don’t have an exact time stamp because there was no loading video and there was, as expected, no unloading video.  We just know that the horses left the Thompson lot at some point before the sun went down in Louisiana on Friday, May 19th and didn’t get to HiCaliber until just before dark on Sunday, May 21st.  The reasons given were that they were stopping every hour for water along the way.  Personally, I’d have run at night with them and kept moving to get some air circulating rather than overstuffing them in a tin can and letting them bake in the sun, but that’s just me.  What is not in dispute is that those six horses suffered a ride every bit, if not more, miserable as any horse being shipped to slaughter endures courtesy of HiCaliber.  Don’t believe me?  It just so happens a concerned party encountered them along the way.

I know, I know, the village idiots will say that this is all a set up with the temperature reading etc.  Still pictures and all.  Way ahead of them though… Enjoy!

That’s about all we know about the trip home because there were only the two live updates and then the candid ones.  The next time we see the six victims is back at the ranch where they all appear drugged to their knees and Michelle is playing doctor with them again.  I guess calling in a real vet to assess and treat them would eat into her personal slush fund too much so she got to hang IVs on two horses that were threatening to drop even though her magical SAA machine assured her that their blood was `beautiful’.  I guess we shouldn’t be worried that they were parked in the middle of the barn aisle with other ranch horses because Michelle was wearing surgical gloves so that meant that all biosecurity issues were taken care of.  Apparently the wearing of the gloves also meant the horses standing right close by in the arena were safe from all the airborne bugs flying around from the new arrivals too and the dogs wandering all over wouldn’t ever spread disease either. We had to sit through basically all the same drawn out crap the last group of horses were subjected to.  Hitting them with enough Rompun that they couldn’t keep their heads up, blamming with dewormer and a bunch of other procedures that could wait until they were rested and stable both satisfied Michelle’s equine version of Munchausen by proxy and ensured she wouldn’t have to bother with them again until the next load comes in unless one needs to be shot in the head.  Inside information says that Michelle is adverse to lowering herself to actually doing chores regardless of how shorthanded the feed team gets, but I digress.

I really have learned some interesting things over the course of the past week or so.  For instance, thanks to Michelle, I now know that you can tell if a mare has ever had a foal just by looking at her titties!  I also never knew, until more than one HiCaliber gunsel proclaimed, that every horse with a bridle path is broke and has recently been ridden.  This came as a huge shock to my  own hay burners who always have their bridle paths trimmed and mane pulled because I prefer that they don’t wander around looking like they just got drug in off the range.  From the time they are halter broke until the time they leave this earth they are groomed and a bridle path is no indication of their training level or if the fat buggers are currently being ridden.  It didn’t dawn on any of the village idiots  that many of these horses likely weren’t emaciated until they got to stand around the Thompson shit pile for weeks with nothing to eat.   Of course it didn’t considering that Thompsons carefully staged any pens that would be shown on video strictly for the  HiCaliber cameras.  I guess all the advocates that have been tracking and gathering evidence for years, are just imagining things too.  With each new day the unholy alliance of Satan Tara and Charles Manson Michelle deepens and even more horses are at risk under the guise of saving them.

one feedlot

Other pearls of wisdom I picked up during the live feeds was that one does not have to worry about strangles or EHV-1, but it’s worth risking an animal’s life to make sure that no parasites are on the property.  (The recent outbreak of EHV-1 in Louisiana was traced to Thompson’s feed lot btw.)  Also don’t you know that Michelle has a VERY close relationship with the vets she uses and she’s even allowed to call them after hours and text them, which is why we don’t see much of them lately on live feeds.   Until today, I wasn’t even aware that having contact details for your vet was out of the ordinary, so thanks to Michelle I now realize how close me and my vet really are and I’ll be eagerly awaiting my invitation to Sunday dinners from now on.  I also learned that horses in Louisiana must have different teeth because they are all worn down apparently and that Banamine makes horses sleepy.  That last one was shared by a villager who must think Banamine is the horsey version of Diluadid or something.  These live feeds are really so educational AND entertaining.



All this having to do stuff seems to be really wearing on Michelle and it is becoming customary to get live rants after intakes.  While not as glorious as the meltdown of a few days ago, it was still fairly interesting to hear Charles Michelle rant about how unfair it is that people are disgusted with what has been going down lately (I’m paraphrasing here) and then listen to her lay the groundwork into morphing into doing what Satan Tara does instead as long as she could keep her non-profit status. When she wasn’t dropping f-bombs and trying to project everything onto her volunteers, she took the time to praise Tara  and then tells us that she is becoming `anti-rescue’ because the kill buyers are nicer and more respectful than other rescues. Hmmm, why do you think that is, Michelle?  She claims to be embarassed to be called a rescue and doesn’t want to be called that anymore.  Personally, I think I can get on board with not calling her a rescue.  To be honest, one rant tends to bleed into another and I kinda fell asleep with this last one, but she feels that somebody has infiltrated her volunteers, but that doesn’t matter because she has nothing to hide apparently.  Hmmm….


One of the things that was said during the rant was that Michelle hopes that with as much money as they bring in every month she hopes that somebody is making sure that it is being spent right and wisely.  Ok then…let’s talk about lying some more.  Let’s talk about an earlier rant that touched on how much everything cost including the meds these horses needed and that Michelle begged for money saying that a 250ml bottle of gentamicin costs $250.  That’s the problem here.  The lies have gotten so big they are laughable and tiresome.  How are people suppose to keep overlooking this crap?

Speaking of Floyd, let’s get back to these poor animals from Louisiana.  Floyd is the one with the wrecked leg that they made ship across the country to probably end up with a bullet between the eyes all because Tara told Romney that he just needed a minor little check ligament surgery for a few hundred dollars and then he’d be good as new.  Romney, who is still learning what the different colors of horses are, just ate it right up and put this poor horse through what amounts to torture.  I don’t think you have to be too smart to realize that he was in pain and continues to be.  Then you have Hazel, another one of the first load who is emaciated.  That didn’t stop Tara from getting her ridden for the sale videos and now the poor thing is being subjected to whatever the hell this bandage job is that appears that somebody is actually trying to give her a bandage bow or worse.  The scary part is, is that the 30% vet thinks she knows so much she’s the one training her `medical team’ to do this sort of shit to horses.  It is borderline cruelty.

While we’re on the subject of the horses, and really that’s why we’re all here hopefully, let’s get back to quarantine discussion.  We already know that the horses that shipped together were all put in a pen together.  Michelle is strying to ship out a pregnant mare to spread her germs elsewhere already and the truth is, there really isn’t a proper quarantine area at HiCaliber anyhow.  At the beginning of her most recent ranty video, she tells a volunteer to put the  newly arrived stud in pen #20 and the rest in 39.   Here is a map of the pen layout at HiCaliber and pen #20 is on stud row right in with a bunch of other horses that are not in quarantine.  They are so over stuffed horses are living in round pens at the moment.

Also, because there are still something like 16 horses coming, the body count is rising with Breen, Phelps, Stanley and a couple of others getting the bullet in the head in last week or so.  HiCaliber have often stated they don’t announce all the deaths.  How is that transparent???  They also fudge some of the adoption announcements because Rhys, was adopted by a HiCaliber resident and remains on the property living in pen #17 getting fed the good stuff on the donor dollar.

The other day Michelle mentioned that a horse called Saban had gotten aggressive and started biting and that poor bastard got The Fice.  Andrew Fice was a trainer they sent their `fuckheads’ to until people started freaking out about his methods.  He has zero riding skill to the point that he was excused from the Norco Colt Breaking Challenge for being too rough on his horse.  Even so, Michelle had zero fucks to give what people thought about the Fice until he decided to make fun of autistic children and it was revealed he had done prison time for beating the shit out of his ex girlfriend.  Then, in the interest of public relations, HiCaliber appeared to withdraw their support of him and brought one of the horses home.  Novalee.  The gelding Rojas seems to be missing in action as he doesn’t appear to be at Fice’s and they never mention him although he is on their adoption list.  Hopefully, he’s alive somewhere and has found a softer landing.  My main question is why hide that Fice bought these horses for $2 for the pair if he’s so super awesome and you don’t care what peope think?kp61

So much for `failing forward’, which is one of Michelle’s favorite catch phrases when she gets caught with her proverbial ass hanging out.  I guess it wasn’t enough to subject six poor souls to baking in a tin box for 1700 miles, it looks like the Cheech n Chongmobile is going back for more.  This is despite Michelle claiming on a live feed they were sending an air-conditioned rig for the rest.  Perhaps the good ride is just for the horse she bought for herself or maybe she meant poverty A/C though, where you roll the windows down and drive really fast.  I’m sure the horses will totally appreciate that along with their frequent Gatorade stops in the boiling sun.   Given the total shit show this entire endeavor has become, don’t hold your breath for any live feeds or much information at all.  One thing is almost certain though; we aren’t likely to see any invoices or vet bills posted for any of this.  What truly sucks about this is that they know damn well this is an illegal haul, Dana knows it (confirmed by calling her dumb ass and asking her) and still they go ahead and do it.




I think this is as good a place as any to wind things up for today. I apologize for bouncing around so many different issues, but there are hardly enough hours in the day to stay on top of all the grifting going on and these bitches seem to want to live on live feed.  Despite the massive overcrowding and having no quarantine pens left with more horses still to come from Louisiana, the HiCaliber team is headed off to auction today to buy more horses from their favorite kill buyer, Misner.  Once again the village will be asked to dig deep and cough up their lunch money, college funds and rent money without ever once seeing an auction slip or invoice.  Once again, more horses will likely die to make room or get shuffled off to people like Fice for $1, never to be heard from again.  The village idiots tend to lose interest once the purchase is made.  I think the above screen grab pretty much says exactly the mentality that we’re dealing with.  I’m not sure anybody that has seen this blog, whether you hate it or not, could ever think it’s a front for the slaughter movement.  However, I guess when you’re convinced that what HiCaliber is doing is rescue and that Satan Tara Sanders is one of the good guys, it’s not so hard to get pretty upside down about which side is which.  No hunty, I’m distinctly anti and that is a big reason why this blog has put HiCaliber on blast.  The blurred lines and misinformation they spew is making the job of legitimate rescues and anti-slaughter advocates extremely difficult and enough is enough.  Until next time, folks…