Well, I’m sure none of you expected to have another post to read so soon.  I sure as hell didn’t expect to be writing one but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.  There were so many stunts pulled off on Tuesday at auction I didn’t want them to get buried with the regular other day of the week stunts.  I’m really not sure if Manson is getting careless or she thinks the  rest of us are as stupid and gullible as the village idiots. Either way busting up the bigger lies from Tuesday is about like shooting fish in a barrel, but I’m going to do it anyway because I feel a need to vent.  I’m going to try to keep this short, sweet and succinct, but it would  probably be best to pull up a chair anyhow.  Beverages are optional.

This is going to get tough to follow, so you might want to draw yourselves a map or something.  Remember the poor one-eyed stallion they bought just the other day?  The one that was in Salvador’s trailer and that they not only bought but moved to a `third party location and out of the hands of the original seller’?  Yeah, well not so much.  He was in Salvador’s trailer when they bought him a few days ago and he turned up at auction on Tuesday still in Salvador’s trailer so not too sure who the `third party’ was, but I swear that trailer is like a clown car because every time you turn around some other mangled and/or emaciated horse is either in it or tied to it. The post above had mentioned `two more skinnies’ and those showed up on Tuesday along with two bonus horses, so that’s where we’re going to start.

charro pony.PNG

This was `charro’ pony that showed up, once again tied to Salvador’s little trailer of horrors.  He didn’t arrive `late’, Salvador just can’t be arsed to go through the whole charade of running them through the ring.  The pony was only offered by HiCaliber as a private buy, but what I want people to look at is the corner of the pics, specifically the leg circled and marked with Manson’s trailer in the background.  This is important because the whopper of the lie that they posted after this was bold, even for them.


Wow, emergency with a sick child!  Way to yank on those heart-strings, Manson.  The village idiots were suitably aghast and inspired to dig deep.  As you can clearly see from the leg markings, the buckskin was the horse in the corner of the pic by Salvador’s trailer because he came off of Salvador’s trailer and I’m pretty sure his bouncing baby boy is just fine considering he’s a grown assed man and a horse thief. At least the Daniel Paniagua mentioned on this link is and he happens to share a name and is the exact same age as Salvador’s spawn and partner in crime.  Super stand up guys to be doing business with, no?  What a great family!


Since the sad tale of a poor family with a sick child was a hit, they just so happened to have another two skinny horses that the village just had to rescue too.  I am unsure why didn’t have their tails cut off for `jewelry’ if they all came from the same poor family but the end result was the story worked and three more horses were drug back to the feed lot to be forgotten about by the very donors that paid for them.  If you aren’t confused by now, just take a listen to the video above (click pic if you’re on a mobile device) and you most certainly will be after trying to follow Manson’s version.  It’s a classic grift situation with Manson talking circles and Wrinkles pretending to understand.  What I think was probably happening was Manson trying to get her story straight with Wrinkles, but it was too late by this point.  I kinda got the skeevies when Wrinkles commented `Just put an x on my forehead’, because I seem to recall some of the real Manson family members carved x’s on their foreheads after Helter Skelter. Creepy!

This may be one of my favorite clips of Manson this past week even though only her fingers are in it.  This was during the load out when Volunteer Tom came up, not realizing they were on live feed, and blabbed that Bubba Misner was hauling for them.  I just loved the frantic waving of the finger and chopping motions to shut him up and his awkward attempts to cover his ass.  Congrats, Village Idiots!  You not only stuffed Salvador’s pockets full of money you’re now paying the other kill buyer and abuser money to haul Salvador and his own horses back to HiCaliber.  Keep telling yourselves there’s a poor family that can eat now if that helps you sleep at night though. It doesn’t look like Bubba has missed many meals at all and Salvador makes makes a shitbomb of cash tripping horses and providing bulls to Mexican rodeos.

During yet another marathon live feed on the way home, Manson told us that some of her volunteers think they should kill more horses and then goes on to name a bunch that apparently make her trigger finger itch.  Cami, Nola, Gulliver, maybe Dragon…she names them all off casually like a grocery list.  We get it.  They all get off on killing animals.  I’m at a loss to even try to comprehend how messed up and evil so many people are.  Who looks at a perfectly healthy animal and says `Yup, we should kill that one because we’re not smart enough to get it adopted’?  Have any of you even seen anything of Cami, Nola or Gulliver lately?  FFS, she refuses to give updates on Dragon because a former volunteer turned `hater’ liked him and asked after him.  That was enough to make Dragon a pawn in yet another one of Manson’s sick little power plays.  She’s nobody’s bitch so she would rather that horse be shot in the face than give an update on a horse a hater likes.  How’s that for being all about the horses?

Yet another steer dragged home from auction by Manson.  I don’t really understand her newfound love for cattle other than she’s attracted to her own kind, but other than Bubbles and Bernie, they seem to have a shelf life at HiCaliber of about 2 weeks max.  I only put this clip up as another example of Manson talking out her ass and misinforming the village idiots about things she has no clue about.  No Manson, they are not `drugging’ cattle to run them through auction.  That would be illegal and also nobody would bother.  Chances are this cow, just like all the other ones she keeps just having to rescue lately, are byproducts of her good pal Misner’s cows in crates shipping overseas venture.

The two clips above are just to remind people exactly who Manson’s suppliers are.  Yes, that’s Salvador aka poor rancher aka poor family with sick child, on the dancing horse.  As much as I’d like to say it’s the same horse they just scooped up at auction, I don’t think it is.  The markings are not the same.  It does seem that the Paniagua family do have a fondness for buckskins though, so I’m sure this one will turn up with a sob story some day when he’s all used up and crippled.  The other clip is Bubba just being the drunken ass that he actually is.  If you want to see what he and his daddy are capable of, just scroll back and look at Johnny Cade and the sick minis and countless others that Manson is constantly cleaning up for him.


Pelet: chestnut auction mare
Shan: gray broodmare
Braveheart: One-eyed palomino stallion from Salvador’s trailer last week.
Kipper: Skinny buckskin from family with sick child as played by Salvador
Penelope: Red-dun yearling filly that was being ridden in parking lot
Clancy:  Skinny paint from Salvador
Nate: Skinny chestnut from Salvador
Kevin: Lame steer.
I thought I should probably name all the victims that are the newest inmates at the HiCaliber feed lot.  Again, I have to wonder why they even bother with auction considering they really just show up to deal with Salvador and Misner these days.  What legitimate rescue gets nearly every single horse from the same two known flippers and abusers.  How is that even rescue?  By my way of thinking,  Manson is just another bottom feeding horse dealer like her two buddies.  She goes on these near daily foul-mouthed rants where she tells other rescues to shut up and go get the horses just like she does, but how could they?  Salvador uses and abuses these horses and then he calls HiCaliber to come clean them up.  It’s not like they were available to anybody else because a real rescue wouldn’t be in a partnership with a piece of shit like him or Misner.  Misner now has a market for all those horses he can’t easily flip or ship to slaughter that were previously worthless to him and Salvador makes his money from using them and then from dumping them on the village.  Manson makes her money by buying them and shooting them before they have a chance to use their `responsible rescue’ fee.  Tell me exactly how much of the $650 each those two Salvador horses she bought last week used?  Neither one of them ever set foot on HiCaliber’s property or got so much as a flake of hay, so whatever the cost of however many bullets she had to use to kill them is all they used.  The lies and general cuntiness this week were off the chain and it still doesn’t matter to the village idiots and it never will.  It does matter to the rest of us though and sooner or later one of those lies will tip the balance.  Don’t think for a second this is all for naught and the complaints have fallen on deaf ears.  Many of us were kinda braced that the more heat that got turned up, the more Manson would escalate, so I’d say we’re right on schedule with that.  Sadly, the animals always pay, but do you turn a blind eye and let this carnage continue or to you brace yourself and stay the course knowing that there will be collateral damage of innocent souls?  That’s something each person needs to decide for themselves.  Whatever helps you sleep at night.   I’m going after the greater good and I don’t think I’m alone in that.  I guess time will tell…

What a complete and utter shit show this past week has been. Actually, I think we passed shit show around about Tuesday and jumped square into clusterfuck.  In fact, we need a new word for this territory beyond clusterfuck that we have found ourselves in the past few days.  I don’t even know what that would be, but it’s certainly not anything an honest person would ever aspire to. Just when you think there is no level that The Manson Family won’t stoop to, they go and outdo themselves.   Such was the case this past week, not the least of which was a fallout from Fice-gate.  Seeing as that’s on so many people’s minds since the last post, I think that’s where I’m going to kick things off today. Pull up a chair and let’s do this thing…



For those of you that have been living in a vacuum this past week, you can refresh yourself on the death of Barbara by reading the previous post either by scrolling back or clicking this link.  Normal functioning human beings were sickened, saddened and disgusted at the condition and end of that young mare.  As you can see from the screen shots above, a few village idiots even stepped over the traces and had momentary independent outrage too.  In the videos embedded in the previous post, Manson even attempted some faux outrage about Barbara’s condition and pretended she didn’t know much about her history.  All that changed when it was revealed that Andrew Fice was not only the one who had turned the horse in, but was also the one that had hurt her.  Manson has since dug in her heels and attempted some damage control.  She continues to defend him and even went so far as to say that people should just be kind and take him under their wing and teach him properly.  You know, because he’s so pleasant and all when he isn’t inviting people to give him blowjobs and talking about putting it in a horse’s ass (see previous posts).  Who wouldn’t want to take somebody like that under their wing?  It figures a malignant personality like Manson would fail to understand why normal people don’t bother wasting their time on people like she and Fice and that’s even if either one of them had the least bit of natural ability with horses, which they do not.  That’s not the only thing Fice and Manson have in common either.  It would seem they both have this thing where they fuck up and hurt animals and it somehow ends up being the fault of the animal.


The above screen shots are a recent text conversation between Fice and a horseperson that has given him the benefit of the doubt in the past.  I’m not even sure those are the right words so much as this person was perhaps a bit more `open minded’ than some of the rest of us have been in the past aka somebody that has shown him kindness and actually could have taught him something had he bothered to listen or reach out from underneath Manson’s skirt.  I’m going to break it down into bite sized chunks for the sake of discussion. A few things stand out for me in this conversation not the least of which is Fice claiming that mare had only been in his possession for 12 hours before he knew he was in over his head?  That isn’t making a lot of sense for me considering his post about her and the two videos of him working with her and by my count he had her at least six weeks.  All that in 12 hours?  Other than being a little off, the mare certainly didn’t appear to be dangerous or anything other than forgiving.  Fice also blames the horse for costing him so much money to feed and it being her own fault for losing weight when he was giving her six whole flakes of alfalfa.  No mention of grain or anything that actually helps horses gain weight.  She got thrown some hay in the dirt and he wonders why she didn’t put on weight.  This horse was a Thoroughbred and they take a lot more fuel than your mature QH or mustang. I guess when Manson is your goto for all things horse, it’s no damn wonder Fice is such a trainwreck.   I also caught the mention that after 2 weeks, Fice still couldn’t pick up her feet, but if we are to believe his order of events he’d already ridden her by then.  Who would do that? Sounds to me like a rather large hole in the groundwork if you’re jumping on before you can do the most basic grooming and handling on a horse.


The purple writing was the person having the conversation with Fice and I thank them for their permission in posting these screen shots.  I know they were posted in a private group for a few people to see, but it was felt they deserved a wider audience.  I found it somewhat gratifying to know that the BLM is taking this whole thing with Fice seriously since the videos surfaced of his training methods on the mustangs a few months ago.  I’m not sure how they’ll feel about these latest developments with Barbara.  One thing I can assure Fice is that I won’t be forgetting his name as long as he’s abusing horses with his `methods’ and as long as he’s putting his shit out on social media I’m going to shine a light his way too.  I don’t really give a shit about the day he was born one way or another.  He needs to find a new job that has nothing to do with other living creatures right along side his mentor, Manson.



Oh, where to start on these ones?   How about the head wounds?  They are more apparent in the videos of her, but I can pretty much say that horses generally don’t lose the hide in the middle of their forehead or around their eyes from pulling back.  Funny how both Saban and Mercy came away from Fice’s with injuries around their left eyes too, both of which nearly cost them their lives had they not gotten out of HiCaliber.  Saban from nearly starving to death and having a walled off infection, Mercy from being blinded with a broken eye socket and ending up on the long list for euth.  Some of Barbara’s wounds may have been from her halter, but Fice is a super dumbass to have been tying her up in a rope halter to begin with, especially when he knew she pulled back.  Then we see the 30% diagnosis of `bone change’ with a ringbone thrown in for good measure.  BULLSHIT.  You can’t diagnose that stuff with a photograph and I don’t care if Dr. Talbot was on site the day she shot Barbara, we all know Manson wouldn’t have wasted the cash on the rads when she didn’t raise any money for the horse.  The picture proves nothing and horses her age don’t generally end up with ringbone.  This horse was BROKEN in ways we will never know and my thoughts are that Manson didn’t want to waste the money on finding out something she didn’t want to know anyhow.  What we do know is that mare was not foundered when Fice got her and that pastern was already like that when he was riding her because it was apparent in the pictures he posted of her when he first brought her back to his place (see previous post).

fice and manson

Conversation between Manson and Fice

Then after Manson has had to shoot the mare in the face and complained about her condition twice on live video, she agrees to give Fice a reference to train somebody else’s horse.  This is the same person who states over and over how she wouldn’t let him train her own horses, but she’s going to give him a reference to do this to somebody else’s horse….AGAIN.   I guess I am somewhat horrified that there is a nest of gunsels where people think it’s ok to send horses to Fice to be `broken’ and that Manson’s reference would have any value at all.  If anything I would think it would be a red flag to run in the opposite direction.

As you can see, Romney Faye and Manson think the Fice situation is hilarious and even joke about sending him another horse.  I’m not sure why it even surprised me considering Manson found the Dr. Drip situation funny enough to joke about too.  I will say that with all their cuntiness in this video aside, whichever hater is sending text messages like that, if they even are, is not helping matters.  Threats are not cool and it doesn’t really lend itself to any credibility at all.  Please don’t do shit like that.  It’s not cool and it’s not funny.  Leave that up to the village idiots and Manson, who is apparently still going by `Michelle Kinechewa’ on Romney Faye’s contact list at least.  Moving right along…

ficearrest1 This isn’t ground breaking news either since everybody knows, but I figure I’ll just park it here with the other Fice stuff so we have all the pertinent screenshots together.  While Barbara was in his possession, Fice was in taken into custody and charged with assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm likely to cause great bodily injury or something like that.  It was on Christmas night actually, because what says Merry Christmas like a little festive beating?  I’m a 0% attorney but it would seem that some jail time is a distinct possibility given the fact that Fice has beaten up women in the past and gone to jail.  We’re not sure who he punched out this time but his favorite targets in the past have generally been women  The relevance to all this is that people who are physically violent towards other humans, especially women and children, usually got their start abusing animals.  It would appear that violence is a default for Fice and that’s not anybody that has any business being around animals in my opinion.  He especially has no business being around animals that have been abused in the past.  It might be worth reminding people that he still has at least two HiCaliber horses in his possession at this time.  Dylan and Rojas.  If you need a reminder at what their lives have been like with Fice, you can revisit these video links: Dylan being bucked out  and Rojas having a great time.  Do either of these two horses look like happy horses like Manson claims?


I guess we shouldn’t be all the surprised that Manson continues to defend and support Fice.  Despite what is given lip service and shown on live feeds, rough handling is part of the culture at HiCaliber.  Only the other day we were treated to Skeletor (screen shot above) exercising her personal horse, Luis, by snapping a whip in his face.  I’m probably not even the one to ask wtf she was trying to accomplish considering I don’t even own a whip.  Most of us can pretty much move a horse around with proper body positioning which apparently not a skill that a single person at HiCaliber has.  I’ve never needed a whip to lunge a horse or `put pressure’ on one either.  That aside, I have been hearing rumblings and finally was sent confirmation that Taylor has been working her way back into the fold at HiCaliber.  This is particularly alarming to me.  As some of you may recall, she was Manson’s Minime and paid medical director up until a few months ago.  Officially, she left to pursue a job at border patrol, but it was the general consensus that most of the red shirt crew were not comfortable with her returning.  According to numerous inside sources, she was extremely cruel to all the animals at HiCaliber which also might have something to do with her attempts to adopt Percy being blocked last summer.  Specifically there were incidents of her kicking and punching horses, hitting some with boots or other equipment, skipping bandage changes and meds on horses she didn’t like and suggesting anything and everything be added to the euth list whenever possible.  She was said to have always been happy when a horse she suggested ended up on the euth list.  Horses weren’t the only target of her dislike and even the smaller animals such as resident dogs did not escape her cruelty, a fact that Manson, Angrid, Skeletor, Kat the AC officer and pretty much all the board and crew were well aware of with some even voicing disgust.  Such is the force of Manson’s personality though, that they seem to be willing to set their personal values aside now that Manson’s pet monster  and Minime seems to making a tentative comeback.  Considering some of Manson’s personal animals were said to be the target of Taylor’s cruelty, I find it quite disturbing she’s around again.  The fact that so many red shirts that were witness to her behavior are biting their tongues rather than speak up for what is right, is just sad.  There must be a lot of booze and xanax flowing on that ranch for most of them to be able to sleep at night.  Just sayin…



Even though there was no auction last week, HiCaliber’s regular suppliers still came through to keep everybody on the giving schedule.  First up was Johnny Cade, the emaciated horse from Misner’s lot.  We’ll never know the true story behind the horse because neither Manson nor Romney Faye can tell the truth and they don’t bother to even get their stories straight with each other before firing up their lie holes.  As you can see from the video above, maybe he spent a few days at Misner’s or maybe not.  It’s fluid. Romney Faye went there to pick up a puppy for Amanduh and photograph ponies (more on that in a bit) and spied a money maker as far as sympathy donations go.  Because he’s going to cost more to feed, that meant that the village idiots had to come up with some extra $$ to get him safe.  I always wonder if they actually would walk away and leave a horse like that if the donations didn’t come through but then I remember that Manson will happily shoot a horse for much less so there is that.  Obviously Johnny Cade was acquired along with a little mini donk.  The pair of them were eventually picked up by Manson and taken to the Ontario auction parking lot to meet up with Salvador and his offerings for the day.  They had to make sure he has more money to buy his tripping horses apparently.


Manson was feeling extra salty and pissy once she got to the parking lot.  It also happened to be the same day the news about Fice being the one that surrendered Barbara broke, so it might have had something to do with that.  At any rate, there were two relatively healthy horses tied to the fence and then there was Salvador and his infamous red trailer full of atrocities.  One of the horses was Mucho Chrome who was in good shape and has been widely talked about and covered everywhere.  My main concern was Watson and Sylvia who were in horrible shape. Sylvia’s injuries were, yet again, consistent with having been tripped or at least front footed at some point and Watson was just a mess all over.  Funny, how Salvador always has animals with these types of injuries, no?

As usual, Manson dragged the horses around the parking lot a few times because she claimed a `vet was watching’ although she didn’t specify if was a 100% vet or a 30% one.  Apparently that was enough to seal the fate of both Sylvia and Watson because she diagnosed bone change and then claimed that Sylvia was squirting joint fluid for good measure and added dramatics.  Even though that wouldn’t probably even be possible, nobody thought to question her or maybe they just can’t be bothered anymore.  Manson also took the time to thank God and wax poetic about how awesome it feels to be the one that gets to shoot horses in the face.  Any question that I might have had about whether or not she enjoys killing horses was pretty much answered after that little speech, especially when she mentions looking them in the eye just before shooting them.

I just want to warn anybody that clicks the embedded video above that it’s not work safe.  It’s yet another foul-mouthed rant from Manson after somebody asked about shooting the horses or something.  If you listen through right to the end, she gives out the ranch address, invites the person up and threatens to shoot her.  It’s no biggie though because Manson only jokes around according to her, but everybody else is out to get her.

So, while all this wheeling and dealing was going on in the parking lot, Johnny Cade and the sick little mini donk were hanging out in Manson’s trailer.  The auction was closed so presumably they hadn’t had water offered to them since they had left Misner’s earlier in the day.  The temp was around 80 or a bit higher and Romney Faye had even commented on how hot it was on live feed.  Sadly, the little donkey did not survive her ordeal and died in the trailer, but at what point is not clear.  What we do know for sure is that at some point during the late afternoon, Manson took Sylvia and Watson off somewhere to be shot, leaving her with 4 horses and a donkey to try to drive over 2 hours back to HiCaliber.  Around 6pm, she was spotted back at Misner’s with at least one of the horses (Boone) tied to her trailer.  Not sure if that was to unload the donkey’s dead body or tranferJohnny Cade.  Manson also reported that he went down in the trailer and they had to find somebody else to bring him back to the ranch so he could lay down in transit.  Perhaps that was their good pal Bubba since that’s where all this horse shuffling went on.  In reality, it was just like their auction days other than they didn’t go through the charade of going into the sale ring.  The horses all came from their usual suppliers and everybody got their cut.

Once Johnny Cade was home, the donkey was disposed of and Salvador got his weekly allowance, it was time to move more horses for Bubba Misner.  Because nothing makes it rain money like a crisis situation, they created this `truck is coming’ type scenario to motivate people in cooperation with Baker Ranch who has also jumped aboard the Voldemort Express lately.  The problem is that as early as December 20th I had an email from a reader telling me that Misner’s  lot was more full than usual and many of the horses were minis.  As you can see from Bubba’s ad on December 27th he was or had recently been in Stephenville, Texas which just happens to be in the same general area as Morgan Mill where his sister and her husband, Clay Gravatt live.  Clay likes to deal horses from Bowie from what I’m told and lately that has extended to minis.  Another feature of these screen shots is the price mark up between what Bubba was asking on the 27th and what HiCaliber and Baker were asking their people to pay this past week.  The other important point is that they make mention on how sick these animals are and Manson even went so far as to mention the lot they were coming off had strangles.  Yes, that would be the same lot that Johnny Cade came from and the dead donkey.  They were both in the trailer with the horses from Salvador, including Mucho Chrome.  As was shown on live feed, Chrome was turned loose in the same arena Baby Magnum is turned out in and we actually saw Manson halter him up, and Skeletor bring her own horse in the same arena right after.  Apparently keeping a tray of bleach in the barn is going to prevent bugs from spreading and we’re all supposed to pretend we don’t hear the endless hacking in the background of their live feeds lately.

It seems like Salvador was overachieving this week because he wasn’t done dumping horses on the village yet.  This one was slower to tug at the heart-strings for some reason and HiCaliber is declaring him safe but playing coy with where he is.  I’m not entirely sure that we’ll ever hear about him again or if he even gets a name.  Now we hear there are other skinnies that need rescuing but I’m pretty sure they’ll show up at auction today.  I can’t wait to hear their back stories!  Will they be from a sad old rancher?  The teenage girl whose family is breaking up?  Maybe they’ll come up with some new stories for the new year.  I hope Manson googles up some new diagnostics other than ringbone, bone change and neuro while she’s at it.


Isn’t that a whole bunch of screen shots?  Ha!  They’re a great read though.  Think of it as a mini guest post.  This is one former HiCaliber supporter’s experience with their adoption process and a bait n switch.  It was decided to blank the names of the horses involved out to minimize threats and retaliation from the Manson family.  Not everybody is prepared or willing to allow that level of crazy into their lives and I respect that.  What is important is the complete and utter incompetence of the adoption team and `trainers’.  Even though some members of the adoption team have changed recently, I’ve since learned that Manson and Amanduh habitually interfere with adoptions and aren’t always all that motivated to allow `lesson’ or their trail horses to go easily.  In other cases, and I’ve heard this from many different sources, their horses are grossly overpriced.  It seems like for a self-proclaimed business woman, Manson kinda lets’ herself get upside down financially with these animals.  There comes a point where you’re never going to get out what you put into them from anybody, but at HiCaliber the depreciation tends to happen quicker.  Horses get hurt and lose condition at an alarming rate there, they drop dead more than is normal, and then you have the issue of them being mishandled.  I would think they would want to let horses move on as soon as possible.  I probably shouldn’t waste my time applying common sense to their situation though.


I think the screenshots above speak for themselves.  Manson’s statements about being a successful trainer and fixing horses just dropped my jaw.   I seriously know of no other successful trainer that habitually shoots horses for being `behavioral’ or even at all and her hang up about bits is knee slapping funny.  I guess I liken it to those Sunday Christians that feel that just because they spend an hour or two in church on Sunday, they can spend the rest of the week being a hateful shit weasel.  Manson thinks that not putting a bit in a horse’s mouth cancels out all the abuse and neglect horses suffer at her hands or with her blessing.  You know, because a bit in soft hands is far worse than ill fitting tack with a too large and uneducated rider and a rope halter.  Don’t even get me started on the lesson screen shot.  What passes for horsemanship at the HiCaliber feed lot offends me to my very core, but the fact that they are so delusional they feel they must `teach’ takes it to a whole other level.


Am I the only one that has sprained their eyeballs from rolling them every time Manson discusses the miracle of Barry Boi?  I knew she didn’t really know shit about horses and even less about lameness, but even this crap kinda surprises me.  A few weeks ago, she was all ready to shoot Barry Boi in the face because of his `old fracture’.  Then her spawn falls in love and, all of a sudden Barry Boi is thriving and a miracle.  Or is he?  He’s actually normal.  Older arthritic horses do better when they can move around.  Normally HiCaliber inmates stand in crowded pens and don’t get much chance to move around at all.  That was Barry Boi’s case before the kid took an interest.  Horses get depressed just like people and I’m sure standing in a tiny pen full of shit and getting eaten alive by flies with no interaction at all would be a bit depressing.  So yes, on some level, the kid saved his life by taking an interest, but Barry Boi is no different from countless other horses standing in those pens that will never get that chance.  So many of their horses get progressively worse and more stove up from lack or exercise and attention with the only way out being under the blue tarp.  How many in the last month alone?  The one thing I do worry about with Barry Boi is that Manson has no clue that masking pain completely is not always a great thing.  I cringe watching them trot him on the pavement from the golf cart.  The horse is not 100% sound and he’s going to be a very sore horse should he come off the meds or the kid loses interest and stops exercising him regularly.  However this ends, I’m sure it will bring in a lot of donations and sympathy which is probably what Manson counted on all along.


This brings us nicely into our Tuesday grift fest.  If I was a betting person, I’d put a little money that those `skinnies’ we keep hearing about will miraculously show up at auction today.  Salvador will drag in more wrecks that he created and Misner will haul in some disease off his lot, all of which will end back at HiCaliber at some point.  They are now at the point where horses are moving in and out so fast that the village idiots can’t keep up.  That mare that was tied to the fence last week still hasn’t gotten a name, nor has the one-eyed palomino stud that was last seen in Salvador’s trailer.  That horse never even made it back to the ranch nor will he probably ever.  It’s craziness and none of this is a horses first situation.  Salvador isn’t out gathering up those horses.  He’s the one that hurts them that badly and Manson is making money off their suffering.  Apparently somewhere in the neighborhood of $85k a month if she is to be believed.  Even with her hoard, that’s a lot of money considering she had to beg for body removal money last week when she went on another killing rampage and can’t seem to refund adoption fees without bouncing those payments either.  Where is it all going?  I’m telling you, if Manson were a horse and belonged to me, she would be spending some serious time in a roundpen every day until she got a grip. All joking aside though, I’m tired and I know many of you are too.  It seems like every week the lies get bigger and the cons more numerous.  I choose to look at it as a things coming to a head and this will all fall in sooner, rather than later.  Until that time, we’ll keep that light shining and try to do the next right thing.  #saytheirnames #hisnamewaswatson #hernamewassylvia #littledonk



Happy New Year, everybody.  Well, almost everybody.  It looks like my plans to take a break over the holidays and come back all refreshed and less grumpy haven’t worked out, so there will be no happy wishes for those who shat upon that for me. *cough*mansonfamily*cough*  I’m not sure what I was even thinking given the personalities involved.  As if The Manson Family would take a week off to cool down the gun barrels and kick off their grifting shoes.   Also, that last guest past on here stirred up a hornet’s next of righteous indignation spurred on by a flagrant lack of reading comprehension on top of their regular fuckery.   Partially due to that and a few other things, my inbox has been bursting and because misery loves company, that means y’all are going to have a lot of reading to do today.  We have some milk carton horses, we have some names to say and we have a lot of other things to cover along with some year-end numbers to ponder.  With that being said, it’s that time when we grab our beverages of choice and make ourselves comfortable as we dissect the most recent activities from the high kill shelter masquerading as a rescue in Valley Center. Where the hell do I even begin with this mess?


I think I’ll start with Barbara.  This poor mare.  So young to be so broken and I agree, she needed to be let go.  I don’t agree with the method and I certainly don’t agree with dragging her all the way back to HiCaliber to shoot her, but yes, she was suffering and Manson even admits that much.  So, what’s the big deal?  The big deal is Manson lying out her fucking lie hole once again.  We’re supposed to praise her because she picked the mare up without fundraising.  She tells us not to be angry with the person that turned her in because `they’ were trying to rescue and help her’.   REALLY?  What if I told you and PROVED to you the person that turned her in was the person that fucked this mare up and Manson was protecting him?


That’s right folks, Barbara was turned in by Manson’s favorite trainer, Andrew Fice.  He got her back in November and, as you can clearly see from the videos, she was not emaciated and crippled back then.  Her face wasn’t beat to hell either.  You can tell from her round pen videos when Fice first got her, she is a bit tenderfooted, but certainly not a `Grade 5/5 lame’ as Manson assessed her before shooting her on Wednesday.  The first video is pretty tough to watch with her saddle slid back over her loins as Fice snaps a whip and waves it in her face telling her to `turn in’.  Sadly, this wasn’t going to be the worst day she had at Fice’s.  Her first ride video is relatively uneventful and the mare seems forgiving of him, if anything.  I can’t say what happened after these videos and we’ll never know because Manson will protect Fice at all costs.  Both of them, Manson and Fice, will just blame the animal anyhow.  I have to wonder how many other horses this asshole has crunched and maimed that we don’t know about.  We know Saban returned from Fice’s with a head injury that nearly cost him his life.  We know Mercy came back blinded in one eye with her head all beat to hell too.  How many of these owner surrenders come from people she protects just like Fice? At this point, I don’t even know why Manson bothers to lie about these horses.  The truth is ALWAYS easy enough to find out.  Meanwhile, HiCaliber Dylan  and Rojas remain with Fice, their trainer and approved adopter.   Rest Easy Barbara.  #sayhername




Bellona was brought in with Barbara on Wednesday night.  Guess who lives right by Andrew Fice?  Salvador Paniagua, their flipper/tripper buddy.  I’m not even going to argue that this mare needed to be put to sleep.  I don’t know why she needed dragged all the way back to HiCaliber to get shot in the face though.  Both these mares were made to suffer even more by having to haul over an hour back to HiCaliber to meet their endings. It’s not like they hadn’t suffered enough already.  Why drag them, in pain, over winding roads to make them stand in an unfamiliar place surrounded by unfamiliar people only to get shot?  It’s also not like Salvador isn’t the fuckface that did this to Bellona.  Her injuries are consistent with having been tripped and Salvador is the guy that supplies the horses for those types of events.  Before The Manson Family decided to play footsie with him, (remember when they used to refer to him as the worst of the worst?), he had no place to get rid of these animals other than turn them loose in the desert or dump them off somewhere in the middle of the night.  Now, thanks to Manson and her village idiots, he not only has a convenient dumping spot, they pay him to clean up his mess so he can go buy even more horses to maim and abuse!  Manson goes on these long rants about why people are angry at her for putting these horses down and we’re all haters who won’t do the hard things.  That’s not it at all.  Advocates KNOW these horses are out there and we agree they need humane endings.  The real issue true rescuers and advocates have with this type of thing is not only is HiCaliber doing NOTHING to end this type of abuse, they are actively protecting and shielding the people who are doing this to these animals.  They are making the problem even worse than it already is.  Then, to top things off, they don’t go out relieve her suffering right away, they drag her home, parade her around and makes some coin off her for `responsible rescue’ fees that she’s never going to need.  I doubt this mare even had an xray and Manson can google and misuse all the terminology she wants, nobody is arguing this mare was jacked up badly.  The irony did not go unnoticed that Romney Faye names her after the goddess of war because this is the year they are going to `fight back’ and then Manson promptly shoots the horse in the face.  RIP Bellona #sayhername

Before we move on to saying some other names, this little clip of Romney Faye from auction last week brings up a huge issue I have with their brand of `rescue’.  Yes, she talks about their close working relationship with the flippers.  Blah blah blah.  We’ve heard that all before, but this was made a week ago and she’s talking about Salvador, who had Bellona.  I believe the other horses she is referring to are Crackers and Salami who we’ll deal with another day.  Romney Faye knew about Bellona a week before and let her sit and suffer until they could hit the village idiots up for money at a more advantageous time.  It’s not the first time this has happened either.  Back when they were dragging all those horses out of Louisiana, they let a horribly crippled mare wait a week because they were too busy to do the right thing.  You can see a video clip of her, along with the screen shots, where they admit they waited for a more convenient time on this post. Funny how Manson always neglects to mention things like this when she goes on her blame the hater rants.  I guess that would be a bit too close to owning her own evil or something.  Let’s get back to saying a few more names.



Dano was a 4 or 5 year old stud they bought at auction just after Christmas.  His freedom walk was  pretty much all we ever saw of him.  He was acting a bit studish, so they kinda abbreviated the festivities with him although he seemed to walk ok out to the trailer.  Sadly, the next we heard about him was Manson casually mentioning at the end of a live feed on the 1st  that he had `severe wobblers’ and was so bad the vet didnt’ want people around him so she shot him.  Just like that.  Even though he stepped up in the trailer with minimal issues, seemed in good weight, he wasn’t worth further diagnostics.  I can’t even say with complete confidence a real vet saw this horse in person.  Manson often likes to text pics or clips to vets and count that as being seen by a vet.  At any rate, this handsome young horse is no more.  RIP Dano.  #sayhisname


I know pretty much anybody that is following this shit show knows that Kadyn died last week as well.  Still, I believe in not letting their passings go unnoticed so we’ll acknowledge her all too brief life here.  She was bought at auction the week before Christmas and died of a twisted gut on December 26th.  There is no telling how long she was hurting or what actually happened.  She was just one of a few that died at SLREH in the past two weeks. RIP Kadyn, I’m sorry you didn’t land softly.  #sayhername


Nala also lost her life within the last week.  This one hurt a lot of people because there were at least two good and solid, non hater (at the time) adoption offers rejected on this mare in recent months.  Despite what she says to gain sympathy, Manson didn’t really care for this mare as she was a complicated sort and had been returned from adoptions a few times in the past.  Nala was also one of the original sick horses during the whole Del Mar drama. Even back then she was reported to have a snotty nose and swelling under her jaw, although no temperature.  As recently as Christmas Eve, Nala was still sick and not eating.  I should probably make note that the picture of her was from happier days with her foster and not representative of what she looked like in her final days at HiCaliber.  Manson wants to twist some five dollar words around to lead the village idiots to believe that Nala had a `tumor’ and that’s what has been her problem all along.  What most horse people will realize from the words from the information given is that Nala likely died from a ruptured abscess that sounds a whole bunch like bastardized strangles.  I can’t say for sure without seeing a culture report from it and I’m guessing we never will.  I’m also going to hazard a guess we haven’t heard the last of this situation.   RIP Beautiful Nala.  #sayhername


Mr. Handsome also took a bullet to the brain this past week.  He was purchased in the parking lot at auction just last week.  Likely another Salvador horse.  Romney Faye immediately diagnosed him as `neuro’ and labelled him a compassion pull.  He certainly wasn’t a sound horse, but it seems that gaited almost always = neuro in HiCaliber world.  He was drug back to the feed lot and kept alive for a few days.  No word on if he ever actually saw a real vet and we know that Manson has often stated she doesn’t waste wormers or vaccinations on horses she plans to shoot.  She also has stated she doesn’t need a vet to sign off on a horse in order to shoot it, so I guess I’m not really sure what part of any of this was rescue for Mr. Handsome.  RIP sweet boy.  #sayhisname



Major was another one Manson killed over the past week.  It’s not really groundbreaking news that she did because she’s had an itchy trigger finger when it came to Major for a long time.  I can’t say with any confidence why this horse was killed.  I’ve never seen a video of him walking nor have I ever seen them post a vet report on him.  I know they never raised a lot, if any, money to take him in early last year.  He was part of the whole Skittles the pony drama and Manson always seemed kinda pissed to be stuck with him.  His rather foul-mouthed intake video is up above here.  What really pisses me off about this situation with Major is that he was offered a few good homes recently, but because Manson branded those people as haters, she shot the horse instead.  Let that sink in.  She would rather shoot a perfectly healthy animal in the face than allow somebody she doesn’t like to help that horse.  It’s things like this that make people call her Manson.  RIP Major, we tried.  #sayhisname

I don’t know off the top of my head which horse this person is referring to.  Obviously, yet another one who died from one of these mysterious abscesses that they claim have nothing to do with strangles.  I’m a bit concerned that so much diagnostics are being over the phone and that for some reason vets can’t get to HiCaliber on an emergency call hardly ever.  What’s up with that?  As far as which horse they are talking about, I will do my best to fine out who she was and we will say her name too, if we haven’t already.

I have to admit this question has crossed my mind too.  It does seem like the more humane choice to let these horses go in familiar surroundings.  Manson likes to tell us that dead is dead but I guess that only applies when she wants to chop a body up or sell off their organs.  She flat-out lies in her answer.  You don’t have to `contract with a vet’ to get them to come euthanize a horse.  I know this for an absolute fact.  What does she think people that make their living traveling with horses do?  Does she think that they have contracts with vets in every city?  No.  If they have an emergency, they call a vet that is local and that vet will come.  A farm call doesn’t cost any more or less if you call the nearest vet.  The real reason, besides the fact she seems to actually get off on shooting horses in the face, is that perhaps a lot of the horses she kills would not be signed off on by a real vet.  Bullshit on owners not being able to handle it.  She makes more money off these horses by dragging them home and parading them around on live feed for donations than if she just quietly did the true compassionate thing for them.


Now that we’ve dealt with the known dead, it’s time to move onto the unknown.  Our milk carton horses.  I’m not reporting them as dead, I’m asking wtf they are since they seem to have dropped off the face of the earth.  Teeka is the first one we’ll talk about.  She is a young horse purchased at auction back in May.  She went to foster fairly early on and seemed to be doing well.  She was advertised for sale/adoption and, from what I’m told, she was eventually adopted.  That’s where things seemed to have gone sideways for Teeka.  She was returned after only a week or so with reported hind end lameness and ringbone.  That wasn’t all that long ago and she has since gone MIA.  So, knowing how many village idiots, volunteers and insiders read here without admitting it, I’m putting this out there because I keep getting emails asking where this horse is.  Where is she?  Go ahead and twist this to suit any agenda you would like, let’s just hear where the mare is.  Good news is always welcome.



Diane is also MIA from the ranch.  She was parking lot purchase back in November and named after the donor’s deceased family member or something.  Diane the horse was never really as mentioned much again after her intake.  This is one of the issues I have with the village idiots.  Once the thrill of the save is over, these horses are out of sight, out of mind for most of them.  Diane is a younger mare and Manson did mention she was `sassy’ and that she had `conformational defects’ in her intake video.  She has not been mentioned since that intake video and there are no reports of her being seen around the ranch since about mid to end of December.  If anybody knows where this mare is or what became of her, please let me know.  Many people are asking and since she was paid for by donated funds, people do have a right to know where she is.


This has been a whole bunch to digest so far, no?  I actually considered cutting this post off right here and just let this all marinate with people, but at the rate things pile up, it’s probably not the best idea.  Sadly, we have a few other things to deal with as far as what passes for horse husbandry at the HiCaliber feed lot.  It’s probably more accurate to call it anti-husbandry really.  It’s all related to why animals are not doing well and I also think it’s worthwhile for people to know the current conditions at the `ranch’.  With Romney Faye threatening to lay the smack down on all the haters, `HiCaliber Style’, I figured I’ll lay the truth on everybody `Shedrow Style’. How ’bout ‘dat?  If anything, it might add some context as to why horses are dropping like flies and going missing back at HiCaliber.

Bambi was recently adopted from HiCaliber.  That’s awesome news.  He has also been renamed Jack, which should clear up the gender identity issues for him as well.  Bambi was one of the Louisiana horses and arrived with a severely damaged eye which needed to be removed.  It seems that the wound care for that wasn’t the best as he’s still having issues and packing an infection.  The other interesting news is that Bambi has a microchip.  Does anybody else remembering somebody from HiCaliber claiming they had a scanner and checked all their horses?  Yeah…

Remember Astro?  Astro, the perlino PSSM stud that Manson used for ball cupping demonstrations at their last open house?  He was gelded shortly after that open house and recently he’s been adopted.  I’m told he showed up at his new home with overgrown hooves and still in need of some wound care from his recent gelding.  The pictures above were from Del Mar and I do recall them mentioning on one of their live feeds that his wound was `not happy’.  I think that means they couldn’t be arsed to take proper care of it in HiCaliberspeak.  Thankfully, Astro is in good hands now and hopefully the next updates we get on him will be happier ones.


Another longtime HiCaliber resident turns up with a snotty nose.  This time he took his snotty nose to a new home where quarantine isn’t possible.  Awesome!  I do wish his new home well and hopefully he isn’t carrying something nasty.  Kinda irresponsible of HiCaliber to let him go like that though.

We have another update from the sushi foals that made it off the feed lot.  I realize that their new family seem to be new to horse ownership, but it seems they are really trying to do right by these babies.  What does stand out for me, besides the ongoing wormy bellies (remember what the sushi foals still at HiCaliber look like?) is their issue with ongoing snotty noses and Manson advising them to go through her to acquire meds rather than their own vet.  Besides the fact this is flat-out illegal, this is probably a big part of why she’s got horses dropping dead of things they shouldn’t be back at the ranch.  Antibiotics are not one size fits all and they also aren’t always something you should even be giving an animal.  She just about killed Breezy by giving him the wrong drugs when she misdiagnosed what was wrong with him, we have Nala dying from what appears to be bastardized strangles, Clare having a pneumonia when she was put down (that’s what Breezy had after his misdiagnosis) and now she’s trying to talk these first time horse owners into just getting more drugs from her rather than perhaps looking into the reason why they can’t get the snots cleared up with these foals.


Remember when Renee was trying out Terney ?  One of the things we talked about, besides her flopping around, was the ill fitting tack she was using on him.  You can refresh your memory here.  Well, it seems despite being indignant that haters pointed out that situation, she went ahead and kept riding him with shitty fitting tack and a dirty girth and sored him up that he’s on the shelf while he heals.  That’s only the 2nd worst thing she’s done to him since adopting as she’s also changed his name to `Vinur’ (Icelandic for `buddy’) which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  As a result, she’s back to riding Danny.  Now that Danny is adopted by her mother and out from under Manson’s rules,  Rene seems to have abandoned riding with a rope halter and completed the ill fitting tack daily double with an ill fitting bridle.  At least she’s consistent.


These pictures have all been taken around the feed lot in the past week.  I decided to put them up so people will understand when they eventually have a run on bowed tendons and have to start shooting horses.  One of the horses  shown is already on thin ice.  That would be Bev still sporting that back wrap.  You do NOT use vetwrap, coflex or whatever it is she’s using on these horses like this. It’s not meant to be used like this and without cottons, and for these assholes I strongly suggest no bows, you are running a huge risk of tendon damage.  That’s even if you were wrapping properly which they are not.  You don’t just cut off mid tendon or above the ankle.  The bottom pick you can clearly see the swelling above and below the filthy wrap.  This kinda thing usually ends up doing far more harm than good.

scraped back, hock

Brady’s Cat January 2018

Brady was one of the surviving horses from Salvador’s trailer back in early October.  He was wedged in there with 3 others and at least two of those were hauled off and shot immediately.  Brady got lucky to dodge the bullet that day but certainly hasn’t been too lucky since.  The top pic was from back in October and the bottom one is from this week.  Besides all the scrapes from obviously fighting for food, he’s starting to drop weight and clearly has an untreated wound on his hock, or back knee in HiCaliberspeak.  I have a feeling that people should start making a habit of asking after Brady or he’ll be joining Horton, Daphne and Baldwin on the about to be shot list.


I think we’ll wrap up today with some year end numbers.  The `pending’ part are horses awaiting adoption, euthanasia or whatever.  That includes horses at foster.  Basically all horses still under the HiCaliber banner are `pending’.  Manson likes to throw a lot of numbers out there but these are the actual numbers according to what they, themselves, have put out there.  They killed more horses than they adopted out last year.  Period.  They killed at a better than 20% rate.  4 days into this year and she’s already killed more horses than there have been days.  I understand that some horses needed to be put down.  I wish they’d have had a softer end than having Manson’s mug as the last one they saw.  There’s no empathy or compassion there. Then there are the Avianas and the Willows.  Horses that were shot because they had the misfortune of ending up with people that didn’t have the skill set to deal with them.  When you have a horse that is hard to handle, you work with it.  You don’t shoot it in the face as punishment for your own shortcomings.  There will never be a shortage of horses needing rescue so if you can’t deal with high-strung horses, don’t rescue high strung horses.  Don’t like bays?  Don’t rescue them.  I’d suggest that Manson sticks to what she’s good at, but Blankround has already kinda cornered the market on stick horse and Breyer rescues so I’ll suggest she find another industry to infest.  I sense a change in the air this past week or so though.  Horse people, the real ones, are angrier than usual about his situation at HiCaliber.  I think people are finally getting it.  Perhaps that’s the upside to all this downside.  Maybe things have finally gotten bad enough that people are ready to stand up and speak out.  Maybe we have finally reached critical mass.

Annnd we’re back.  Kinda.  I hope everybody had a most excellent Christmas, Kwanzaa or whatever it is you celebrate or observe.  Sadly, that was not the case for the horses at HiCaliber as the deaths and executions continued without hardly a pause.  However, we’re going to deal with all that at another time aka next time-ish.  I need to pull a few more things together and you know…holidays and all.  What I  do have for you today is a guest post and I think it’s going to carry some punch as the horses and situations mentioned are going to be familiar to many of you.  As always, I have much respect, gratitude and admiration for those that choose to come forward with their personal accounts.  I know with the current climate surrounding this issue, the blowback isn’t always fun to deal with.  Still the more people and organizations that step forward, the less the impact of the bullying and targeting done by HiCaliber Village Idiots.  Please take the time to check out these organizations that come forward and see the very important work they do without the dramatics and grandstanding.  Rescue as it is meant to be.  As always, I’m going to turn things over and let our guest poster tell things in their own words.  I’ll be back with y’all in a few days for a year-end wrap up and business as usual.  Happy New Year!

I am from S&S Finally Loved Horse Rescue, in Calimesa, CA and this is my account of interactions with HiCaliber.  We did a few little rescue things in conjunction with HiCaliber, a couple yearling ponies from Misner that we picked up at Ontario Auction.  At the Ontario Auction, the co-founder of S&S went to meet Romney to pick up a couple of ponies, HiCaliber was getting the others. I believe there were six in all.  We got a cute little POA with a congenital sway back and a little bay charro branded “gelding” who turned out to be an ungelded colt sometime later.  These were purchased directly from Misner.  The day we got them was the same day the gelding was put in the pen with mares and broke his humerus (leg).  Romney went on video stating “the vet is on the way, meds have been given, etc.” The problem is Sandy was there and well, that never happened.  No meds had been given and that horse was shot, twice.  Sandy cannot say by whom as she didn’t see it, but Romney did.  Sandy heard the first shot, turned to Romney and said “What the F&*% was that?”, no answer and then a second shot rang out, Sandy asked again or yelled rather, “What the F%$# was that?!”  She loaded our two ponies and got out of there and relayed the information back to me.  That was when we knew something was going on and this is before they publicly announced they were shooting horses.

Next, one of my volunteers, myself and my daughter went down to pick up a pregnant Arabian mare named Moira.  Michelle admittedly doesn’t like babies or ponies.  They stated that this mare was preg checked when she came in, several months before but that it must have been missed because she was just bred and they said she had just started showing.  She had not just started showing but Michelle was advertising that she was still rideable for several months yet and it would not hurt her to be ridden as it was early in her pregnancy.  She foaled less than 2 months after we got her, which puts her at about 9 months pregnant, which means she was at least 4-5 months pregnant when they got her.  Any vet preg checking her would have been able to palpate and feel a foal, leading us to believe the “every mare gets preg checked” to be a lie. Among other things.  Anyway, we get there to pick up Moira and they had mentioned a little pony named Carly as well as a possible “rescue transfer”.  Well, we get there and there is no Michelle in sight but we were impressed by the large stately house and the fact that the road there is long, narrow (one lane at one point) very steep hills and tight turns.  Not easy for unstable horses at all to travel.  We get there and a group of volunteers approach us, never asked who we were but when we mentioned we were supposed to pick up the pregnant Arabian mare they happily said, are you going to take more?  I have a decent size three-horse gooseneck and we replied “If you have some in need, we could take one more and that Carly had been mentioned to us too.” They grabbed Carly (super underweight as well, about 100 pounds and she is very small framed, about 11 hands and a Hackney pony) and Moira and tied them to the trailer.  Okay, we have two, cool.  Well then they tell us, Michelle hates ponies and there are two down in the far pasture, would you take them too? Okay, let’s take a look, well one was about 150 or more pounds underweight, about 14 hand Arabian and the other a pretty little white mare that looked like someone had cut her mane into a shorter English look-alike.  It took them awhile to catch both as there were probably 35 horses in the pasture running as a herd but eventually they did and we knew we couldn’t leave them with volunteers begging us to take them.  They asked if we could take more but 4 horses (3 pony size yes) in a 4 horse was pushing it.  We loaded up and headed out.  Once we got in the truck and on our way down the road it occurred to us that no one had asked who we were, no one verified our identity and Michelle was no where in sight when volunteers were throwing horses into our trailer and we did not even know all the names of our horses that we got from them.

When we were getting onto the road Sherri yelled for me to stop. It is too hard to stop on the hill and get started with no momentum so I could not risk it. What she had seen was a tarp (blue) with multiple horses underneath.  We had heard rumors they were shooting horses but never confirmed it, but this left us both with a chill down our spine and a new-found need to save as many as possible from the bullet.

Fast forward to getting home uneventfully to actually get them out and look them over, all were thin, two very underweight. All of their feet needed done and one of the grey mare’s (Now named Roo) had a gash in her cheek that opened in the trailer that was pretty deep.  We called the vet and she said she would come first thing in the morning to look them over.  Roo’s face wound was pretty old, our vet said it should have been sutured when it happened but since it had not been it was too late.  The others were noted as needing weight, feet too long and teeth all needing done. In fact the little mare Roo, who they had over a year, our vet believed had never had her teeth done which is sad seeing as she aged around 12 years old.  We get them all taken care, get a feed plan in place and our vet also said our pregnant mare Moira was in her third trimester and to get ready for a baby.  We did and set her up in a foaling stall.  We also repeatedly asked for vet records for the four we got with no response. Now we know why, vet paperwork does not exist.


Pippin intake at HiCaliber


Pippin after about six weeks at HiCaliber


Pippin first day at S&S

The following weekend we get a call, “Dana is on her way with two more for you, the ones you agreed to take last weekend”. Well Sherri nor I remember that conversation but at the same time after seeing the condition of the horses they had the longest there is no doubt, get them out.  Dana arrives with her trailer, in the front is a little paint pony mare and in the back is a feral approximately yearling that is matted up and has a nylon halter tied on.  We ask her again if she can get us the vet records for the four we got the previous weekend and these two.  She states the volunteers are afraid of the yearling as she is aggressive.  She was fearful but let me unload her and get her in the stall with no issues, then a wonderful 70-year-old volunteer of ours had her halter broke in a week, proving again that they did not know what they were talking about.  Next, we ask about the paint pony mare as it looks like she has a skin condition, Rene says she does not know but will ask Michelle.  We never heard back but searched their page and found out the were washing her with chlorhexadine wash.  Problem is, that was scar tissue.  This particular mare, Valentina, has a horrendous fly allergy and was being eaten alive and itching herself on every available surface.  She was suffering so badly but a fly allergy injection, fly sheet and mask and we had a pretty happy girl. Our other little girl, Pippin, grew into an amazing beautiful red roan filly who is to die for, from matted mess with the same nasty auction halter tied on her face for 45 days to a blossoming beauty.  It is what it is all about.
I wish I was done, but sadly I am not.  There is something every horse we have received from them have in common.  They are all food aggressive, all of them.  We can only imagine that is because they were never fed consistently or there was just never enough.  I can happily report that they are all now at a good weight, have shiny coats. Moira and the little white pony mare we named Lily were adopted in the same home with Moira’s bouncing baby boy Tony (named affectionately after our amazing farrier who goes above and beyond for our horses).  Roo, Carly, Pippin, Valentina, Sissy (swayback POA pony) and Charlie (Bay pony gelding) remain with us available for adoption.  They will never have to fight for a meal, go without or know that they are disposable in a kill model shelter style “rescue”. All have thrived and are just waiting for their people.

Pippin today

We also received three LA mares and their foals from that fiasco. We couldn’t say no again.  The only funds that followed were 500 dollars for the three mares and three foals I just mentioned.  No other money followed the horses we received, even though they were fund raised for and our vet and farrier could not see where a penny of the “responsible rescue” money had gone given their deplorable state that we received them all in.  We did not want to speak out, did not want to be associated “hating” or giving ourselves a bad name but in all honesty it is time for the silence to be broken.  No lies have come out of our rescue, only truth and it is a sad truth with the horses suffering at the hand of a “rescue”.

Merry Christmas


Courtesy of `toservehorse’


Ho! Ho! Ho! @$%#!  I thought I had wished you good people a Merry Christmas and we agreed to reconvene here at some point after Christmas. Apparently Manson did not get that memo because here we are again and I, for one, am not amused.  I should have known better than to think they could back away from the drama bar for a few days over the holidays.  So, because I don’t feel like carrying this forward for a week or so and because I’m so sick of the drama, let’s talk about Clare before we say her name, because oh my, my, this situation is convoluted even for Manson. Buckle up!


For those of you that haven’t already guessed, we’re going to talk about Clare and her untimely demise today.  As you can see from her listing, she’d been at HiCaliber for nearly two years and despite being diagnosed with `dropped pasterns’ by the 30% vet and conformation expert, they claimed she was 100% sound.  I’m not going to go for the obvious burn about her weight restrictions and the fact that Manson had been riding her.  I’ll leave that up to imaginations.  For most people who have been following the trainwreck that has become HiCaliber, Clare hasn’t really been on the radar.  You would be hard pressed to find anybody that asked after her much and other than a brief video in June where they advertised her as a pasture puff, she wasn’t part of regular updates or one of the `chosen’ who got used in parades or trail rides.  It was probably because of her `dropped pasterns’ and the fact that it doesn’t appear there is a single person on that ranch that knows how to run a polo or tracer bandage to support them while you ride or even put on an SMB properly or at all.  Anyhow, that’s the background on Clare as we know it.



Flash forward to yesterday and Clare was about to be euthanized and it’s all the `hater’s’ fault.  Manson spun this story of catastrophic chest trauma while she was turned out in the arena when they evacuated some of their horses to Del Mar two weeks ago.  Remember that everything is always somebody else’s fault in the world of HiCaliber.  Because of a `hater’ Clare `crashed’ two weeks after her night in the arena.  What has followed since that post was made has been a massive clusterfuck of deception and deletions.  Before I get into all that, I think it’s appropriate to look at a few video clips I have featured before.  For those of you watching on a mobile device, just click the image and they should play.

In this clip she talks about the permit and that because haters have made her get one,  she’s going to  have to reduce her numbers aka `clean out the herd they have’, to get down to the number she’s permitted to have.  This include horses that they deem `minimally adoptable’ and refers to those horses as hayburners.  I wonder if that included a horse like Clare, who had sat there for two years without being adopted and was consider a pasture puff?

The three clips above is some footage of the HiCaliber horses in the arena at Del Mar taken by a volunteer.  These are the people who gave of their time to get those horses out with no questions asked.  It wasn’t their responsibility to stay there all night with those horses.  I would think the head of the rescue or one of the team leaders, anybody in charge, would be the ones that would stay with the horses to make sure they settle and nobody gets hurt.



It seems while Clare was being `fatally injured’ all the HiCaliber honchos were snuggled up back at the ranch working that live feed like the rent was due.  Actually, it probably was but that’s another story for another time.  Amanduh and Romney Faye came at you live from their backs.  Romney Faye was doing her trademark huffing, puffing and guzzling water, while Amanduh was sucking back a beer apparently.  Oops, I mean her IPA, please send some.  How else are you going to kick it after a hard day’s grifting?  Meanwhile Manson was looking remarkably unscathed for somebody that allegedly just evacuated 97 horses from imminent faux danger.  I comment on this because I have had to evacuate horses from fires twice before and both times I was not sitting there with my hair done and my make-up and nails in tact after the fact.  I was cleaning soot out everywhere for days and looked like I was drug through a hedge backwards, not to mention coughing up junk and I don’t even smoke.  At any rate, it would seem that none of them were sufficiently concerned about the safety and health of the horses at Del Mar to feel the need to be there in person to supervise them.  In fact, from many reports there was some chaos with the paperwork as the haulers showed up with the animals.

I’m not going to rehash everything that was in the previous post.  To make a long story very short,  it is said that somebody, a `hater’, phoned Delmar to tell them HiCal had a strangles outbreak.  It could have been more than one person, I really don’t know.  What we do know is that Manson called Del Mar and told them she needed an isolation situation for their horses.  So, let me paint the broad strokes for the village idiots that I know read here religiously.  You’ve got a major disaster on your hands and you’re the stable man on duty.  Horses are coming in from all over, some severely injured and burned, and the fire is spreading.  Imagine the number of calls that guy was dealing with.  One or two calls out of how many about maybe strangles was probably just a blip on his radar until the head of the rescue herself phones and says she needs an isolation barn.  All of a sudden, you might realize there is an issue that needs more attention, so, because you don’t want to turn anybody away, you compromise and put them in a massive arena until it can be sorted out or somebody in charge from the rescue shows up in person.  Nobody told them to turn all the horses loose together. They could have easily tied those horses up and stayed with them until it was all sorted but they, alone, chose not to.  I’m guessing this was all done by phone considering the people in charge were all home and tucked in for the night already.  That’s not even taking into account that they were never under evacuation order at all.  Anyhow, the above clip is the morning after when the horses were all in their stalls and Amanduh takes people around the barn area and repeatedly says how they are all fine and doing great.

If you watch no other clip on this post, please watch the one above.  This is Liz introducing Clare three days after the alleged fatal kicking incident.  As you can see, Clare appears just fine and there is no mention made of her being injured.  This was part of a video where they went around and introduced all their adoptable horses at Del Mar.  To make this crystal clear for the village idiots who seem to have reading comprehension issues, they evacuated the night of December 7th.  The video from Amanduh stating that everybody was `fine’ was from the following morning as they were settling into their stalls.  The clip of Clare was from December 10th.  Now, I’m not even a 30% vet but I would think that if there was enough `chest trauma’ that she ended up dying from it, she might have been showing some signs of discomfort or swelling by then?


Clare in her stall at Del Mar

Remember how Manson mentioned that she had some animal communicators working on their horses when they were at Del Mar and one of them said that Barry Boi had told her he wanted to stay at HiCaliber and belong to her daughter?  Manson put so much credence in that info that she made a post and raised some funds so that her kid could have Barry Boi for Christmas even though she still plans to shoot him in the face in a few months.  It seems like that same communicator `spoke’ with Clare a few times both at Del Mar and back at HiCaliber when the horses returned to the ranch.



Clare at HiCaliber after the trailer accident

Poor Virginia.  I think she really did mean well, but without knowing better tossed The Manson Family right under the bus.  She did attempt some damage control and even made a donation after her posts were deleted but `​haters’ are quick draws on the screen shots if nothing else.  Let me break things down for everybody.  She states that she worked on the mare Monday because she was off her feed.  No mention of any chest trauma or injuries that might cause her to be off her feed were made by Virginia despite spending hours with her and `communicating’ with her enough for Clare to tell her she didn’t want to be ridden and wanted to be an animal communication teacher instead.  Clare never told her chest hurt, but Barry Boi mentioned his neck was sore.  I realize many people don’t believe in this kind of thing and I’m not sure I even do,  but Manson does when it’s convenient for her and that’s the important thing to remember here.  There is even a picture of Clare’s altered anatomy back at HiCaliber after the accident  in which you can see the swelling over her withers that wasn’t apparent at Del Mar.


I’m really not sure why they want a written statement of this.  I kinda read it like there was nobody in charge and nobody there from HiCaliber to give direction or oversee the arrival of these horses. I would think that would be fairly important given the dueling live feeds howling about the risk their horses were at and asking for money to sue the haters.


These might be my favorite screen shots from the village idiots in this little drama and they are only a sampling from this person.  She has been working overtime between all different HiCaliber dedicated Facebook groups and she’s never all that informed.  I think she works on the gazillion rule or something.  The best part of all of this is when HiCaliber has to admit she’s lying.  It’s pretty illustrative of how the village idiots just run with their own version of events because they must deflect blame from their cult leader at all costs.


These are a little sampling of the village outrage.  I find it funny that vet students under supervision offended our 30% vet so much.  What exactly were they hiding?  If I had a horse that was severely injured, I’m thinking I would have taken the help.  However, we know Manson likes to do the vet work herself kinda like when she diagnosed Breezy with salmonella when he actually had a pneumonia and told his owners that’s what his blood work showed when it actually takes a culture to diagnose salmonella.  I gotta wonder if Clare hasn’t spent the last two weeks in extreme discomfort while Manson played doctor on her.



This wasn’t the only pushback that this whole mess has created either.  HiCaliber has trouble filling the feeding and watering schedule but they do manage to have admins parked online 24/7 ready to ban and delete anything that might cause cognitive dissonance within the cult or create an outburst of independent thought.  God forbid.



Does anybody have the over/under on if we’ll ever see that necropsy report?  I have a feeling Manson is furiously googling so she can make this sound official.  Protip for Manson: you’d know by now why she died if it was due to blunt force trauma.  My question is, if you knew the mare had been kicked in the chest two weeks ago, why did it take her two weeks to crash?  What treatment has she had in the meantime?  May as well show the receipts now, because that will be the first thing they ask for if it goes to court.


Yes, Manson is devastated.  So devastated that she was spotted in Old Town on a date yesterday snuggling up to some old guy.  Normally I don’t care what she does in her personal time, but don’t hammer that sympathy button  and let people think she’s crying in her shower over this horse because it’s simply not true.  The same day she posted that the mare had crashed and was going to be put down, she did a disturbing and vulgar live feed with her kid without so much as a hint of upset.  I hate bringing kids into things but anybody that has seen Manson’s daughter on live feed knows that kid has no filter at all and would likely have spilled something.  Manson posted that Clare was so loved by her son, but if you watch the video of them from back in June, the kid asks which horse he is sitting on.  Why the manipulation?


I’m sure this drama will continue to unfold over the coming days.  While the village throws money at Manson to `sue the haters’ they conveniently forget that all that money from Giving Tuesday has hit their bank account by now.  What exactly is she going to sue for?  I am deeply saddened and sorry that mare died, but she had been there for two years and was relegated to `puff’ status which pretty much put her at risk for a bullet to the head going by what Manson herself has said recently.  What was her value?  Then you have the burden of proof which is heavy.  If that horse died from a kick to the chest, and that’s a bit of a stretch, NOBODY told them to evacuate and while many of us have said it was her call to make, the courts may see things differently.  Also, you have Manson on video (yes, it’s saved) stating more than once that she called Del Mar to ask for an isolation situation for their horses, the admission of `sniffles’ aka sick horses on the ranch, and the inconvenient fact that nobody told them they had to turn those horses loose together.  Perhaps those horses would have gone straight into stall if Manson had gotten off her ass and gone down there herself  to deal with their paperwork and talk to people.  She had a bunch of volunteers that had no direction from anybody.  The other thing that completely boggles my mind about any of this is the village idiots all in faux mourning over this horse that was never even on their radar.  Where was the outrage and sadness for Aviana who was perfectly healthy or over 90 others that have died this year?  Gertie who died down there in the mud and they had to break her legs to drag her out of the arena.  Why no mourning for her?  Which one was it that had brain matter leaking out her nose? Sarah?  No outrage there or ask for follow-up?  For God’s sake if Manson endorses the kill on one they pretty much touch themselves aggressively and then have a smoke. The rest of us will continue to document these lies because she’s cried hater several times too many at this point.  It means nothing anymore. Rest easy, Clare.  #sayhername  Merry Fucking Christmas.

Happy Holidays?

Happy Holidays!  It’s been some kind of a week dealing with the aftermath of the great recreational evacuation and donation drive that came about after the Lilac fire.  So many threats and accusations  are still getting tossed around.  It’s a wonder Manson’s arms aren’t tired from all the time she spent up on the cross drumming up sympathy, and when that didn’t work, she searched around for our guilt buttons and pressed those relentlessly.  Thankfully for me, I grew up in a Catholic family so my guilt button has been worn out for years due to overuse.  Even though I’m a bit busy trying to pull my festive act together, I thought I’d drop a post so we can do a little holiday fact checking and keep on top of the latest ones that ran to heaven this week.  I’m not big on egg nog, but by all means pour yourself some or whatever passes for holiday cheer in your household while we get down to business.



HiCaliber Finn at Del Mar with a snotty nose



Ok, let’s clear up the Del Mar drama and lies.  Yes, as evidenced by the picture above, there were sick horses brought into Del Mar.  The horse in the top picture is Finn, a long time resident of HiCaliber who lives out with a group of others.  Apparently there was a paint mare also leaking snot all over the place.  They did have a few horses that were said to have coliced on them, one being Manson’s personal horse, Daisy.  The vets on hand at Del Mar apparently treated or looked at some of the HiCaliber horses but were promptly told not to and then this signage went up on all their stalls.  That kinda makes me wonder why anybody would turn down a 100% vet offering to help out a horse. You’d especially think they’d have taken the offer of a free vet check considering how many horses they claimed were wounded due to the `haters’.  Or were they?  I’m sure no horse was hurt being doubled up in stalls or anything especially not when you put two one-eyed horses in the same stall in a strange place.   Other horses were completely shut in their stalls so nobody could see them.  Maybe there were hiding something?  We do know Manson requested a shitload of medical supplies for herself.  She actually asked for a lot of stuff and that lead to some head scratching.



As always, good Samaritans stepped up and brought truck loads of donations for all the horses evacuated from the fire and, some brought donations just for HiCaliber.  What I think caused the drama is a lot of people didn’t understand HiCaliber’s need for feed and supplies given the fact that they lost nothing in the fires and were never stopped from returning to their ranch to pick up more supplies as needed.  These were all horses that they would have had to have fed anyhow.  Well, not all their personal horses.  Seems like while Manson’s personal horses were at Del Mar, other residents of the feed lot evacuated their personal horses several hours prior to a different location.  I’m not even sure what to make of that.  Anyhow, back to donationgate, I think another part of the problem was how long HiCaliber kinda hung around Del Mar after the fact.  There were people in serious need and yet there they were front and center snatching up donations and asking for more.  Then, Manson tells us they were `cleared’ to go back to the ranch.  Huh?  Who clears people to go home that were never evacuated in the first place?  It’s just all those little manipulations that add up to a con.  To top things off, Manson rather than leave what they didn’t use or pay it forward, packed up every single thing, including cases of bottled water and took it home. When questioned on that, she chose to lie and throw another rescue under the bus that actually helped to evacuate horse for the training center.  It’s just more of a display of character than anything else.


Speaking of donations… I know we have all seen a lot of not so subtle hints dropped by Manson.  Poor thing only has $400 to spend on presents for 2 children.  One kid needs a new saddle, the other adopted Barry Boi even though Manson still plans on shooting him in the face in a couple of months (when the kid loses interest), so villagers have offered to pay for cremation.  It. Never. Ends.  However, I do believe in fools having a right to throw their money at whatever they choose.  I just thought this bitchy little post from Manson complaining about too many donations and too many parcels to open might be worth putting out there for anybody that might be sitting on the fence.



No wonder they’re bleeding volunteers lately.  From what I’m told, when Manson is around at all, she rarely lowers herself to talk to random volunteers and this is the type of thing we see in the closed forums.  Pick up her garbage, you screwed up doing her this favor, how dare you dump the mail on her doorstep…blah.blah.blah.



One of the parts I hate about writing this blog is having to list the dead.  It feels like a loss every single time and since they rarely go one at a time, it haunts me to think of the second and beyond horses that are killed standing next to their dead buddies.  The LAST thing I would do is make up more dead than there is.  If these village idiots believe that Ace, Adagio and Treat are still alive, by all means ask on the HiCaliber page for an update on them.  As far as Cotton goes, never once did I `announce’ that pony as dead.  Nobody really knew WTF happened to him, so I put him on a milk carton to find out.  You can read the post here.  I’m glad I did because I received several emails telling me exactly what happened with the horse, which I wrote about here.  Spoiler alert:  Cotton appears to have been part of a scam.  One of the readers here mixed up horses and erroneously wrote that Daphne had departed by Manson’s hand, but guess what?  That wasn’t me and given how many horses are shot in a year at that place, it’s actually surprising more people don’t get mixed up.



Niel (yes, that’s how they spelled it) was an auction purchase last week.  He didn’t have a great last few days being drug back to the ranch and executed.  I can’t say one way or another whether Dr. Talbot ever saw him or if they did any diagnostics on him.  Manson pretty much decided he was going to have to die from the outset. I find that strange given the fact that the perlino stud was much more sore and when people asked about euthanizing him she said that giving up was not in her vocabulary or something.  Apparently `trying’ is also not in her vocabulary when a horse comes in a plain brown wrapper and has brown eyes  RIP Niel, I’m sorry you didn’t land softly.  #sayhisname


As we have come to know, it is very rare that Manson wastes a body pick up call on just one horse and this past week was no exception.  Kringle was the other horse to take the tarp nap this week.  Kringle had only been at HiCaliber a week but was marked for death immediately due to having melanoma’s under his tail like nearly every other gray horse over the age of 20.  Although he appeared in decent health and weight, it was decided he didn’t have long so I’m thinking that once poor Niel arrived, that pretty much sealed Kringle’s fate.  Besides, what feels more festive before Christmas than shooting a horse named after Santa right in the face?  RIP Kringle.  #sayhisname



The above two screen shots are for anybody that still wonders why they village idiots tolerate all these senseless shootings without having a vet sign off on them.  Yup, all about the horses….


I know the Fice drama was so two weeks ago and he’s gone and hidden his posts finally, but it seems his name keeps coming up.  The more viral his training videos get, the more Manson tries to distance herself from them.  I think we’re supposed to conveniently forget he is an approved adopter and still has a HiCaliber horse with him in training according to him. I just wanted to set the record straight on why people call him a `HiCaliber trainer’.  That would be because that’s what Manson has said in the past.  She’s even gone to the village to raise money to pay him in the past.  A person would have to be profoundly stupid to think that he’s nicer off camera to those horses.  I think Mercy’s blind eye and Saban’s near death from a head wound might be proof of that.




So yeah, they’re not obsessed or anything and obviously all about the horses.  Not a single word about proving me wrong or discrediting what I post, let’s just try to silence the blog and its followers because we’re causing massive cognitive dissonance within the village.  Lately, they like to select certain posters on the comment section here and see if they can bully them into silence.  It never really works.  Ole Sheila is right though, Word press isn’t going to take the entire blog down without a court order because it falls under first amendment rights.  Cindy has tried to have things taken down from this blog before to no avail.  I don’t even usually like to acknowledge this crap, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous.  I would LOVE to not have anything to write about and no Manson, I’m not losing any cred at all, trust me.  She’s mistaking my irritation for nervousness or projecting her own issues onto me.  Now for people who are concerned about threats (I don’t make them), they sure do like to talk about putting a noose around my neck a lot and threaten to punch us all in the throat.  Not a single mention of the horses or anything, just threats and in their world I’m supposed to just allow all that to pass without commentary.  Mostly I do, but since it’s Christmas I thought I’d throw them the bone of attention they so desperately crave.  Just to make things clear, this is not me `sounding nervous’ or anything other than `meh’.


Remember when Manson was so in love with Satan she even stared morphing into her?  She openly admired her business model and was an active member of Satan’s `tribe’.  It seems that honeymoon ended with Satan’s outburst last week and now Manson is a hater.  I don’t personally give a shit about Satan other than this is a pretty good example at how Manson turns on people.  The only difference this time was that Satan also turns on people and threw her under the bus first.  It’s also worth noting the poor cow collapsed on the background of Manson’s video and her referring to it as a `goddamn thing’.  This would be the same cow that was left laying on their driveway for days and may still be there if he’s even still alive.  The village idiots lost interest in him so updates aren’t as important.

Ok, let’s talk permit.  Manson had this little rant last week once again blaming the permit issue on haters.  That right, her not taking care of business is somehow the fault of everybody else AND since she can’t afford the proper permit for the amount of horses on that property (reported to be over 180 as of today), she’s going to go ahead and get the wrong one, which will only allow 100 horses, and just euthanize her way down to the right number so she can keep bringing horses in.  Somehow we are supposed to suspend logic and believe that even though she can’t afford a one time fee to get the proper permit, she can afford to support upwards of 180 horses on less than 12 useable acres of land. How does that even begin to make sense?  One of the problems many advocates have always had it the inevitable crash they see coming since her funding model is just not sustainable.  Eventually, all these animals will have to be absorbed by other rescues and private parties and maybe that’s part of her plan.  Maybe she feels like people will just let her do whatever rather than have to deal with the absolute shit show it would be should HiCaliber implode.  Wrong, Manson.  Horses first for most of us.

The death of Aviana seems to have been a tipping point with many people.  Manson called her dangerous, unadoptable and felt completely justified in shooting a perfectly healthy horse in the head. Once again she blamed haters for not stepping up even though she had announced months prior that mare had gone to a sanctuary, meaning nobody really knew she was still there and on the death list.  What is interesting in the video clip above is that she clearly states the vet never signed off on killing this horse and she is unapologetic about that. One of the main defenses all along was how the vet or the board signed off on every single euthanization at HiCaliber.   She goes on to talk about how she doesn’t need a vet to tell her she can euthanize medical cases that are manageable but only minimally so by her standards.  Keep in mind that her `standards’ are anything with blue eyes and/or will haul her fat ass around while she’s on live feed and cows.

Yeah, I’m hammering a point home.  What Manson is forgetting is these horses don’t belong to her.  They belong to the rescue and she doesn’t own the rescue.  She may be the founder and hand picks the board, but she doesn’t own anything.  That board could theoretically revolt and oust her should they ever grow spines or pull their collective head out of her ass long enough to form an independent and rational thought. I won’t be holding my breath on that one, but stranger things have happened.


Bev isn’t dead yet.  I’m only posting her up here because she’s at risk and not just from that horrific bandage job on her, but because she’s OTTB and Manson can’t handle her.  I realize she won’t adopt out to haters, but everybody knows somebody and this mare deserves to be really rescued.  Manson lies and said she pulled DNA and then went on to say, oops, they already had her identified.  Meanwhile we’re all still waiting for the DNA results from the Louisiana horses.


I thought I’d post some recent pics of the inmates . I’m sure the village idiots all think that big bloated belly look on the sushi foals is a good thing but the rest of us can realize it’s not.  Also let’s not overlook the nylon halters to hang themselves with.  Manson has recently laughed that Bento, the one on the right, likes to sleep with his feet through the rails, but is only really cast `sometimes’.  The other horses with the knots in their mane, the too small fly masks rubbing them and standing there in piles of their own shit.  Permit issues aside, they have too many horses to properly care for.  Period.  No foals should look like that and no horses should be living in those conditions even if it meets the minimal standards.  This is NOT rescue.   I can already hear the shrieking about what difference a wind knot in a mane makes.  Well, presentation aside, it speaks of a lack of attention and handling.  Perhaps had somebody that knew WTF they were doing took the time to work with Aviana consistently, she wouldn’t have been `behavioral’.  Instead these poor animals languish in their cramped pens for days and weeks on end and then are expected to be docile and kind once somebody deigns to do the bare minimum of upkeep on them.


The above pictures are an adoptive home that was turned down by Manson.  She’s constantly bitching that the haters never step up, so when this particular `hater’ did, she was denied because she’s a hater.  I think we can all agree that living at a place like this would be a major upgrade for any HiCaliber inmate, but Manson won’t budge.  Horses first, right?



One of the readers of this blog put together this t-shirt for a little fund-raiser.  She will be donating the money to two rescues that she has already told me about.  We have chosen not to put them on blast for obvious reasons.  Of course the village idiots think it’s offensive and want to report it.  Not sure why they want to report it, but their other big idea is to buy the shirts and deface them.  Please do.  Several small streams and all.  Naturally we have Mags once again boasting about all the charities she donates to and me thinks she protests too much.  Show us the receipts Mags or STFU.  Actually, just STFU anyhow.  Nobody cares.  As for the rest of you, you can order these shirts at this link. It’s not meant to be enough to buy a horse or a new set of eyelashes, but maybe there will be enough to sponsor a trim or a bag of senior feed.  Every little bit helps.  Let them laugh all they want.


This is my bad because I was supposed to post this for everybody a few weeks ago.  I apologize to he person that sent this in and the readers. It is important information. Now  there is a case number and contact with the Veterinary Medical Board to reference for people moving forward.  This is real action that makes a real difference and I thank the person that sent this in.


As I wrap this up, HiCaliber is back at auction to bring even more horses back to their feed lot.  One is already declared a compassion pull by the 30% vet.  The parking lot deals are happening.  The village idiots have conveniently forgotten about the 10k or so they raised a few weeks ago on Giving Tuesday that should be released by now.  Remember that didn’t count that week but was going to be for another week?  Buying horses and shooting healthy ones to make room for more is not rescue.  Manson freely admits to not being able to deal with Mustangs and yet she drags them home week after week.  They clearly don’t do well with OTTBs yet they actively seek them out probably in hopes of tapping into that aftercare funding.  Again, that’s not rescue.  Pick out what you’re good at, if anything, and stay in your lane.  That’s a big step towards rescue.  Nobody can save them all ever and not every horse that they don’t buy ends up in the slaughter pipeline.  I find their whining about the pipeline extremely disingenuous  when she flat-out refuses to work towards ending it.  She says she buys horses from kill buyers but won’t turn them in or work with other advocates.  The argument is they’ll never catch them all so why bother, yet they `bother’ trying to buy them all.  It just does not compute.  I would think their time would be better spent on rehabbing and upgrading the multitude of horses they already have, but I guess that’s not sexy enough for the village idiots.  They gotta be worked up into the heightened sense of arousal that only the last minute save can provide before they dig deep.


I want to wish all the people that read and contribute to this blog a very Merry Christmas.  I can’t thank everybody enough for shining the light and caring about these animals. It’s sad that things have gotten so nasty, but that’s how you know you’re making the difference.  I’m not here to force anybody into changing their minds.  I’m here to pass along information as I get it.  I will continue to do so regardless of the threats and bullying.  My wish is that by this time next year, we have something different and infinitely more uplifting to talk about.  There will always be those that choose to sweep, but the rest of us can lock arms and keep that light shining as long as it takes.