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I have always stated that I am pretty much an equal opportunity offender and would not hesitate to out ANYBODY that was mistreating or abusing horses regardless of their slaughter stance.   You can cry `anti’ all you want, but if you are a part of the problem, you’re as big or bigger of an asshole than any pro.  Probably bigger.  So, sadly, we have an anti to spank today.  Although, I had lots of other things to cover, they will have to wait as I think this is more important.  I’m also not feeling all that much like laughing after seeing this mess, so we’ll talk about Suey’s radio show and D-bag discussing penis size another time.   Perhaps it would be a good idea to wear protective head-gear in reading this blog today.  I know I’ve been banging my head on the desk a lot after finding out about this mess.

Not the sort of before and after pics anybody wants to see

Not the sort of before and after pics anybody wants to see

The Starlight Sanctuary is a 501c3 rescue operating out of Nevada.  They regularly pull horses from the Fallon sale yard that would normally be bound for slaughter.  Starlight, is run by a woman named Laura Bell and they have a super awesome website and everything.  (http://www.thestarlightsanctuary.org/index.html).  The website features pictures of healthy, happy horses and even lists the numerous credentials of Ms. Bell.  There is lots of information on the site about the slaughter issue and if only going by the website, a person would think this is an ok rescue.  Well, you know what they say about being anything you want on the internet…The photo I posted above is of a horse that is currently at Starlight.  Sadly, the top picture is the `before’.  Apparently, Starlight Sanctuary started out ok about a year go and Ms. Bell was generally respected as a knowledgeable horse person.  In other words, she talked a good game.  I have to confess they weren’t really on my radar prior to this issue hitting my inbox, so I can’t say where it all went so horribly wrong.  What we seem to be looking at right now is a case of hoarding and animals are suffering terribly according to several eye-witness accounts and videos taken in the past few weeks.  Reports of  up to 60 horses with at least 20 emaciated, all living in filthy pens with inadequate feed and water available to are coming in by former volunteers and eye witnesses.  If all this seems more than a little reminiscent of Dorothy Robertson, it’s because it appears to be exactly the very same issue going on here even though the motivations behind it are vastly different.  Ms. Bell, checks all the boxes for hoarding. Way more horses than she can physically or financially care for and outright denials and refusal to acknowledge the animals in her care are suffering.   Now that she’s flat busted, along come the excuses and denials.  I read a series of text messages that were posted on a Facebook page by somebody from another rescue that tried to offer her help as recently as a week ago.  Here is the exchange with my own comments in red:

Laura, I sent you a message on fb.  Please let me help you.  We both know what I saw today isn’t ok.  I can help you.  Let’s figure this out together.  You’re a good person and I know you want better for your horses.

– What did you see, XXXXX?

That your heart is huge and you needs some help. 

You know that XXXX would shit if I take him there.  I am taking him to my place for now, but we gotta get you some help with feet, weight gain etc.  you bust your ass every day helping others.  Let me help you please.  You know I’m a career aco.  I can’t turn a blind eye so let’s just fix this please.  I will help you place whoever is adoptable or who you think would do best in socal so you can focus on sanctuary horses.

XXXXX?  I have receipts to prove how much hay I feed on a daily basis? and also how much I spend on dewormers, lice spray, rice bran, and sweet mix etc.  I also have to trim feet myself because it is nearly impossible to get shoers out to Silver Springs.  and I guess I thought you knew what kind of horses we take in, but apparently not.  so, before i start to get ticked of being accused of neglect? maybe you can call so we can discuss this.

I KNOW how hard you work and how much you love these animals.  I know you spend every extra dime on them.  But eyes are on you right now with all of this auction crap.  I don’t want starlight to get slandered in the mix.  We gotta dot your i’s and dot your t’s right now.  Perception is powerful.  People will talk of I send this horse to XXXX.  This is beyond colic and lice.  She will freak. 

Let me ask you do you think i wasn’t feeding him?  because i can assure you i was.  and apparently, XXXXX, you, just like me, before the past 5 horrible months have never seen a severe bot and lice infestation.  So, perhaps you should just turn me in and I will have whomever speak with my vet and they will explain the kind of nightmare I have been living through for the past 5 months trying to get this crap under control.  I have the receipts to prove what has been spent trying to get the horses well, so I don’t know what to say other than it just makes me want to put all the horses that are old, skinny, have issues etc, down rather than just let them live their lives until THEY tell me they are done.

5 months worth of lice and bot infestation?  Perhaps somebody needs to take a closer look at the dewormers they are using and maybe quarantine new arrivals? 

I understand the bot and lice issue.  I had several Shasta horses at my ranch with bot/lice.  That still doesn’t explain the babies emaciation or the grossly over grown hooves.  The extreme dreadlocks and mats in their manes and tails.  Titan, the pony, maple, guinness, raja and Sultan are all visably thinner than when at the lot.  Your herd lacked even the most basic husbandry.  They had excessive feces, little to no water, fly allergies, unkempt hair, grossly overgrown feet, weight issues, runny eyes, snotty noses, etc.  I have almost 40 head at my place.  They are all groomed, bright eyed, and alert and in clean pens with trimmed feet and fresh water.  I take in bottom of the barrel horses too.  The difference is my horses improve at my ranch.  Yours are visibly declining. 

XXXXX, i just brought sultan and raja in 4 days ago, and quite frankly, they are not thin.  Neither is atlas, izzy (that is not Maple) and she just came back from another location and I haven’t trimmed her feet yet.  And the black filly has severe issues from the bots and lice and is actually looking better than she was 3 weeks ago.  And I REFUSE to talk about dreadlocks because in your world apparentely horses with dreadlocks and tangled manes are neglected…..that is plain silliness XXXX, and i guess if you think atlas and the others are thin we are not going to agree on this…and I don’t even know what to say to you on raja and sultan seeing as Ive only had them 4 days.

Dorothy Robertson blamed her elf boots on horses on them being in another location too.  If you are responsible for those horses, you are responsible no matter where you have them stashed.  Period. 

XXXXX? we ALL LEAVE MANURE DOWN WHERE WE LIVE BECAUSE OF THE HORSES INGESTING SAND WHEN THE HAY BLOWS IT AROUND.  Sorry but the things you think are life and death are not? and we do not live in places out in the desert like I guess you are used to.  Youve crossed over to insulting when you act like a horse with a runny eye would rather be dead than have a runny eye that ONE APPLICATION of eye ointment will clear up.  Are you really this  dainty and anal, or simply passing judgement on how many people and horses live in the desert.

This is the first time I have ever heard of leaving horses to stand in filth as a means to prevent sand colic.  To think of all the money I could have saved on Sand Clear over the years!  As for the runny eye…GIVE THE DAMN HORSE THE OINTMENT IF ONLY ONE APPLICATION WILL FIX IT!!!!!  WTF?

What is insulting Laura, is that you know I am a 13 year animal control officer, a former vet tech, horse owner and a rescue who has defended you for a year and you’re going to try and convince me that the conditions of your `sanctuary’ are humane.  I’ve built cases, seized animals and sent people to jail for less than I what I found at your house. 

First, isn’t that horse chestnut?  Because I do have Peaches that came to the feedlot that way and i’m in no big hurry to brush her tail out because i simply DO NOT CARE ABOUT MATTED, TANGLED, DREADLOCKED MANES AND TAILS on any horse because it is NOT a big deal to the horse certainly and also is not a concern or big deal to me either.  this is not the pretty pony farm XXXX where horses come to be groomed every day and pampered.  they live with or next to other horses until I put them in a herd and then they hang out with other horses.  In my world, there are not much in the way of expectations for horses that went through kill sales on were on their way to slaughter because no one wanted them.  So quite frankly? I might come to your place and see horses you were driving crazy and just wanted to be spoiled a little and then put back with other horses….the difference here is that i would never insult you even if i didn’t like what you were doing.

While tangled manes and tails is probably not a basis for intervention, it would make the horses a bit more comfortable and time spent grooming does give you a chance to look over the animals for issues such as bot and lice infestations, no?  The fact that she thinks that because these horses were saved from slaughter means they don’t deserve the same standard of care as any other horse caused me to concuss myself. 

I’m going to XXXX, XXXXX and XXXXX with photos.  For the horses sake, the hearts of your followers and your team….I hope you can find a way to improve the lives of those animals.  You know as well as I do you’re in over your head. 

XXXX, I really don’t think tangled tails, dreadlocked manes and long front hooves that a 10 minute trim is going to fix, and a goober in the eye is going to impress animal control out here very much.  And when they see 6500 hundred dollars of receipts for hay alone in per month, 800 dollars worth of dewormers in 3 months, receipts for medicated shampoo, lice spray, rice bran, sweet feed, and teeth floating, they will acknowledge that I have rescue horses that I am trying to take care of, but will NOT spend a fortune on and will put them down if necessary.  I got in over my head when I realized 5 months ago that there was something really wrong with many of the horses and it is bots and lice like I have never dealt with before, we are simply never going to see eye to eye over matted manes, dreadlocks, some over grown feet that are NOT life and death and take minutes to fix when I finally get a farrier out to trim the easy horses they all like to work on and i simply cannot and will not get stressed about a runny eye on a horse and some damn flies that aren’t bad comparitively to other places around me with fewer horses.  And about the manure?  THAT is staying down because dealing with a sand impaction or a gut irritation that wears a hole through the horses intestine  or bowel is deadly.

So, here is the plan now that I am out from under the feedlot rescues….we are going to be spending all of our money on our own horses, we are getting 6 to 7 into good homes, and we are not bringing in any more…..so I do appreciate your concerns on some things XXXX, but really won’t ever worry about tangled manes and such.  thank you for caring and we will be going forward taking care of only our own.

There really is no helping somebody in such deep denial.  She seems to be mostly offended about the commentary on her lack of grooming than willing to address that her horses are in worse shape than when they were rescued.  If it will only take `minutes’ to fix up the overgrown hooves, then get off your ass and fix them rather than wasting the time online justifying why you haven’t done it yet.  FUCK.  Don’t believe me?  Have a gander at these pics of before and after of some of the horses she currently has on her property.

starlight1 starlight2 starlight3

As I mentioned, this person is 100% anti slaughter.  I hesitate to call her one of our own as I no more consider somebody that does something like this for any reason, let alone in the name of rescue, as one of our own any more than I consider the radical activists that live outside the law in the name of animal rights to represent the vast majority of antis.  This is the lunatic fringe.  From what I can gather, Ms. Bell has her `own’ horses and then there are the rescues.  It would seem the rescues do not get the same level of care because they should just be happy they didn’t go to slaughter.  I guess that’s about like having a foster child that you do the bare minimum for while spoiling your own children and they should be fine with that since they came from a bad situation.  Just because she is hoarding horses to prevent them from going to slaughter does not give her a pass.  This is a mental illness and these horses are no better off than the emaciated wrecks Dorothy Robertson hoarded because people didn’t want to pay her enough for them.  Ironically, they seem to live in close proximity to each other making Fallon, Nevada the horse neglect capitol of the U.S. right now.  It’s all sick and it’s all criminal.  HiCaliber Rescue out of California at first attempted to offer Laura Bell discreet assistance and was rebuffed.  They are now in intervention mode.  They have a Facebook page and I would suggest looking at it for the full back story and efforts to help Starlight.  There are also many pictures and videos of the current conditions at Starlight.  It’s not good.  From what I gather, it was a horse called `Guinness’ that brought the plight of the Starlight horses to HiCaliber’s attention.  It would appear that Guinness was already bought and paid for by an adopter but was held back for whatever reason.  He is now removed and being rehabbed at HiCaliber, but here are his before and afters as well.


Aside from the texts above, Laura Bell has come forward with justifications for her neglect in recent days.  She has even gone so far as to create fake Facebook accounts to `support’ herself in public.  Here it is, straight from the hoarder’s fingers (my comments in red):

Thank you to all who have been defending me behind the scenes because you’re too afraid of the witch hunt people…….at least some people realize that if there are only two choices, and one is that I take in a horse that no one else wants, not even the other rescues, I feed it plenty of hay, but no special food because I don’t have time for that, and the horse gets to hang out with other horses, they eat, they drink, they sleep, and when it’s their time to go, they are humanely euthanized by a vet, and the other choice is that the person is going to simply take their older, or horse with issues, that’s not ride-able to the Fallon kill sale where they’ll sell by the pound, or to the feedlot where they will be bought by the pound and will then ship to slaughter…..life and death, that simple, so I am not interested in tangled manes, some long hooves, a skinny old horse that has been dewormed and had their teeth done, etc…….they are hanging out like horses do, they eat and drink, they play and fight with their herd mates or over the fence, and they are put down peacefully……THAT in my book will ALWAYS be better than being trucked a 1000 miles or more to a commercial slaughterhouse where they are killed horribly.

– So she is taking in rescues but giving them `no special food’ because she doesn’t have time for that?  What the actual fuck??????  At least it explains why some horses are in satisfactory body condition while others are basically dead on their feet.  Rescue or not, you have a responsibility to keep a horse at maintenance, whatever that takes, or don’t have the horse.  Period.  As far as long feet being no big deal, let’s let this nutjob grow her toenails out until they are curling under her feet and force her to walk around on them.  You have saved them from slaughter and damned them to another kind of hell.  Congrats.

Now I am hearing some gossipy bullshit that I’m “going to put all the horses down” which is just plain ignorant……but since I’m starting to think many of you have lost your minds and are stirring the pot so hard your arms are worn out, here’s the deal:

Y’all read the texts that she, herself, sent stating that she should just put them all down.  “so I don’t know what to say other than it just makes me want to put all the horses that are old, skinny, have issues etc, down rather than just let them live their lives until THEY tell me they are done.”

I feel I only have one horse that needs to be put down soon, and that is the Wobblers Syndrome horse that I bought from the kill sale 1 1/2 years ago. His brain is almost totally disconnected from his hind end and he is dangerous to be around and is dangerous to himself if he falls into something or falls down.

– So, she has let the Wobbler stagger around for a year and a half?  If he is that bad, why isn’t he already put to sleep?

My little dwarf baby who is deformed may have to be euthanized if we have a bad freezing winter, but I would prefer to make that decision as we approach winter.

 Laura Bell does not like to post pics of horses in bad shape, so I have no idea of what the `dwarf baby’ is or what shape the poor thing is in.  I’m not sure I want to know.

Otherwise, I really DON’T WANT to euthanize any horses besides my poor Wobbler kid who has gone downhill fast in the past 3-4 weeks.

Anybody else wondering how much worse this horse needs to get before she does the right thing?  There is no cure for Wobblers.

So please ladies and gentlemen, stop with the rumor mill and gossip, stop with putting words in my mouth I never spoke, understand that whether I’ve had a horse that is like my daughter for 18 years since she was born of a captive wild horse mare, or I just got them in and am offer them comfort, food, water, companionship, kindness and love until its there time to have a dignified death, I DO NOT WANT to euthanize anyone but have to see what animal control says when they get here.

– Well speaking and texting is basically the same thing, no?  There is nothing comforting about the conditions I have seen in pictures and in video of the situation.  Horses at rescues or sanctuaries are supposed to IMPROVE over time, not deteriorate and suffer. 

Seems her house keeping skills are on par with her animal husbandry skills....

Seems her house keeping skills are on par with her animal husbandry skills….

Even though all this is scandalous enough, I wanted to find out a bit more about Starlight Sanctuary prior to the scandal.  Since they haven’t been `official’ for even a full year, there isn’t a lot to go on other than their own Facebook pages and websites.  Lots of different horses’ names are being tossed around as former supporters come forward.  It would appear that rather than a rescue, Starlight was a great big scam and front for hoarding.  First off, they were proudly in cahoots with a kill buyer.  That in itself doesn’t mean you should write off a rescue as a I know of many good and legitimate rescues that maintain friendly relations with KBs, if only because it gives them access to horses they might otherwise have missed rescuing.  I’m not talking about brokering horses either.  I’m talking about a KB having a skinny old horse of a certain breed or something he knows won’t be lucrative to sell to slaughter and he will call a rescue and ask if they want it.  Often the horse will exchange hands for the same or similar price that the KB purchased it for in these cases.  So, Starlight makes mention of their `friendly’ relationship with the Fallon feedlot, but where it comes off the rails for me, is when they have a price list associated.  Rather than just bail from the feedlot, they give their supports the chance to PAY the feedlot for such services such as:

  • Rides under saddle (in the arena or outside) $20/ride
  • Halter-breaking (cost varies depending on horse)
  • Farrier $40/all-around trim and shoeing beings at $90 but will be quoted by horse
  • Pregnancy test $50

They also state you can continue to board your horse at the feedlot after purchase, because that isn’t high risk or anything.  The feedlot horses are different from the sanctuary horses apparently.  It’s mind-boggling to attempt to sift through it all and figure out exactly WTF she was doing and where the money was going.   As you all know, any money you put the hands of a kill buyer will promptly be spent sending even more horses to slaughter that will never have a chance to be rescued.  There is a reason that so many feedlot horses are underweight or sickly.  They would be rejected for slaughter anyhow.

Guinness after being rescued from Starlight Sanctuary

Guinness after being rescued from Starlight Sanctuary

Guinness's vet report showing no other reason for his condition other than lack of groceries

Guinness’s vet report showing no other reason for his condition other than lack of groceries

It would seem that Laura Bell holds herself apart from other rescues and considers herself the last stop before slaughter.  I’m not really sure what she thinks other rescues do, but she is clear to say that while she used to be a professional broker, she is no longer one.  Ok, fine, but from what I can gather, she was charging broker prices and there are tales out there of horses being misrepresented just like every other broker program we’ve heard about.  She even likes to do the emotional blackmail of horses about to get on the slaughter truck in order to motivate her donors.


I could probably post several pages about all that is wrong at Starlight Sanctuary, but I think you all get the point.  There are many dogs involved in this case as well  (http://www.youtube.com/embed/xh0GgU21h2o?autoplay=1)This is NOT rescue and it is not helping.  If anything, this is hurting every single good rescue out there and the anti-slaughter movement.  Already Douchebag Duquette has latched onto this mess.  He neglects to mention that most of us antis are every bit, if not more disgusted.  He also doesn’t realize that the spectre of slaughter and living in such close proximity to a slaughter feedlot may well have been what pushed Laura Bell over the edge into hoarding.  It doesn’t excuse it.  Clearly, Laura Bell has lost the plot.  As evidenced by the posted text conversation, she was offered real and substantial help without this going public and refused.  She is unable to see that pain and suffering she is inflicting on the animals in her care.  One only needs to look at the videos linked below to see the deplorable conditions of her entire sanctuary to know that this is a person that is in way over her head.  So, where do we go from here?  It seems the situation is being addressed.  I will leave you with the words of HiCaliber rescue who is leading the intervention at Starlight.  I will try to keep you updated as new information comes to light.

I know you’re feeling hopeless. I know you’re watching the clock. But we have to trust the authorities for now. We have no other option. I cannot give out much information, but I can tell you behind the scenes things are happening. I know you want to call the DA and the County and express your anger at a lack of action, but they ARE working on this. They are hearing us. They are accepting our help, evidence and testimony. A case this big takes time. They are watching the animals daily, making sure needs are being met. All eyes are on them. They are very aware.

I know you mean well, but please stop calling the DA for right now. Let them focus. Let them work. Let them investigate. We don’t want them to waste their time and resources assuring us that they are doing their job. I can tell you. THEY ARE. It’s better to build a solid case that takes a little longer, than a messy case that won’t fly in court. Think big picture. Think about how much information the authorities have to sift through, how many lies they have to disprove, how many horses they have to identify. We have had a year to absorb all of the details, learn the key players and find out “who’s who.” Let’s let them focus, offer help where they need it and continue to support their efforts. They are obviously taking this very seriously.

Please stop calling the vets, stop harassing Laura, and stop being bullies. She needs help as much as these horses do. Let’s stop gossiping, stop splitting hairs and stop worrying about the things that haven’t happened yet. Stay positive. Don’t let the ugliness get to you. Don’t let the ugliness become you.”






Laura Bell's personal horse she raised and celebrated her birthday every year...

Laura Bell’s personal horse she raised and celebrated her birthday every year…

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Well folks, as we head into another weekend the slovenly sow of slaughter has been at it again.  Not content to shuffle off quietly as she heads out to get her drink on and hunt up a cowboy to dance with, Slaughterhouse Sue has left us with some fodder in case any of us were weakening in our disgust and distaste for her murderous mission.  While Douchebag Duquette’s efforts in keeping us entertained over the past week or so were admirable, nothing quite beats an original Slaughterhouse Sue press release full of spin and sin and I’m happy to say we finally have one.  So, we’ll be taking a look at that and some other mind-boggling things the slaughterphiles probably wish we didn’t know about.  Please remove all beverages from the vicinity of your computers before reading on.


As I mentioned, Slaughterhouse Sue whipped up another press release today.  You might think she would take the time to address the fact that Responsible Transportation LLC in Iowa have dropped out of the horse slaughter non-business for the time being, but you would be wrong.  She didn’t even bother to try to spin it, but upon reflection there is only so much lipstick you can put on a pig and I’m pretty sure she’s using all hers to go dancing this weekend.  We shouldn’t be surprised that Suey refuses to acknowledge that which can not be spun to her advantage, but Responsible Transportation has not yet updated their website and still only talks about horse slaughter on it.  Even so, it is widely reported that they will be slaughtering cattle because they cannot afford to wait any longer (http://www.kcci.com/news/central-iowa/iowa-company-drops-horse-slaughter-plans/-/9357080/21458340/-/9jp6hs/-/index.html).  So, with all that aside, we still have today’s press release to deal with and it’s a gooder!  It’s basically a beg for money and announcing the launch of her super awesome fund-raising campaign.  (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs133/1103685263837/archive/1114511142419.html).  So, let’s stick with tradition and take a closer look.  She introduces her masterpiece as such : We just launched our fundraising campaign to fill up the IEBA Litigation War Chest so we can go fight HSUS in the courts. Please help us any way you can, especially by sharing this far and wide so as many horse people and horse industry supporters as possible get to see it. Let’s get it done and have some big fun doing it!”  

As we edge towards a return of humane and regulated horse processing here in the United States, the hysterics and abusive bullying tactics–not to mention outright domestic terrorism in the destruction of property and threats to families–of the radical animal rights groups funded and driven by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) gets worse and worse.

– I’m thinking of changing her name to Hyperbole Sue after this one.  As far as I’m aware, there has been no official announcement of the cause of the fire at Valley Meats nor has it even been officially ruled as arson.  In fact, things seem to be a little too quiet on that front given the fact they can normally tell right away if a fire was deliberate or not.

Now much of the struggle has been hauled into the courts, litigation being a favored and especially lucrative activity of HSUS wherein they are able to fund their nefarious activities with deceptively raised dollars and way too much taxpayer money.

The cost of intervening in these lawsuits on behalf of the horse industry is shooting up astronomically!

– I think a more accurate statement would be that the HSUS and other groups are forced to tap into their resources to fend off the threat of slaughter rather than putting it towards the animals directly.  At any rate, we have been over and over this and the function of the HSUS is to do just what they are doing.  Advocacy and lobbying and anybody that donates to them is likely aware of this as they don’t really hide the fact.  Now, if you want to talk about `nefarious activities’ and `deceptively raised dollars’ we might take a closer look at The United Horseturds and Humanewatch.  While we’re at it, maybe we should ask Suey exactly how much of their donated funds go towards actually caring for and rescue horses and how is that rescue/rehab that the UH were pimping out coming along…

Thank goodness, we are working with teams of dedicated attorneys who are providing more free and reduced services than most would ever expect. They have my undying respect and gratitude, and I’ll bet yours, too.

Nonetheless, we must fill up our war chest to have any hope of success. To do this the IEBA Board of Directors and I have developed a multi-pronged fundraising campaign that starts TODAY with your help.

– I thought their attorney looked `cheap’, I guess I didn’t realize just how cheap he really is.  Sometimes you get what you pay for….For the record, sometimes an attorney will take a high-profile case, they know they have little chance of winning just for the publicity and to be able to argue a case in a higher court.  While I’m sure he will try his best to win, it is basically a no lose situation for him and we all know that slaughterphiles love to get themselves into all sorts of legal tangles, so I’m sure he’ll get some kickback business from them as they continue to sue people that hurt their feelings.

Next time you sell a horse sign an IEBA Equine Voluntary Check-off slip and donate $10, or 1% to 100% (you decide), of the sale proceeds, whichever is greater. Click HERE to download a Check-off Slip.  Ask for one next time you sell a horse at a horse sale, and if your sale barn doesn’t already know about it, send them my way.

– This is a strange little gem.  Isn’t it Suey that cries that horses are worthless and some only bring $20 at auction?  If I ever attend a sale that hands me one of their slips I will be leaving and never doing business with that facility again.  I wonder if Carol Rose was signing them off at her dispersal sale today…I omitted the membership tiers and pay pal buttons because we’ve been over that before.

  • Organize an IEBA fundraising event in your community.
    This can be as simple as a dinner or a cocktail party (we’ll be happy to supply speakers and maybe even entertainment), or as fun as a Rope, Stroke, and Poke where two person teams compete in a team roping, a round of golf, and a pool game. I hear in Nebraska another version of this is popular–Rope, Choke, and Poke–instead of golf, they shoot fifty clay pigeons. Or for the non-ropers, how about a Choke ’em, Stroke ’em, and Poke ’em–Skeet, Golf, and Pool? Calcutta anyone? All sounds like big fun, and a great way to gather up some dollars for a good cause!

There are already people getting Rope Choke Stroke or Poke events organized in Iowa, Wyoming, Nevada, and Nebraska…let’s get one together in your neck of the woods!   

– Does anybody else find it ironic she wants to use horses to make money to slaughter horses?  Maybe as an added festivity, they slaughter the rope horses and eat them afterwards.  I sure hope they are clear about what they are raising funds for when they advertise  because I would be very suspicious of any red meat these slaughterphiles serve for any occasion.  I’m seriously surprised they aren’t hosting charity horse trippings.

Dollars raised through any and all activities associated with this fundraising campaign will be used to pay for the legal and political protection and promotion of the horse industry; to work for a strong, sustainable market at every level; protect the rights of equine owners; and to advocate for humane and regulated horse processing ensuring the intrinsic value of every horse.

– What is political protection?  Is that where you buy your own personal politician to creep around in back rooms and remove language from bills about to be signed?  The only part of the horse industry interests she serves to protect are the bottom feeders as the rest seem to be doing just fine.  At least the slaughterphiles did not let us down.  Not even half as many linked this press release as linked the satire article we talked about before that they were all so convinced was real.


As most of you know already, the AQHA is now compelled to register clones due to losing their lawsuit recently (http://www.bionews-tx.com/news/2013/08/16/update-american-quarter-horse-association-loses-cloned-horse-ban-lawsuit/).  I guess this means that the world shows of the future will feature classes like the Smart Little Lena Cutting, restricted to Smart Little Lena clones and things like that.  I find all of this a bit strange and I find the AQHA not wanting to clone a bit weird too.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a big fan of even shipped semen being allowed, let alone embryo transfers.  I think cloning will be the final nail in the AQHA’s coffin.  They’ve been systematically destroying their own breed for years.   If HYPP, HERDA and any other kinds of genetic mutants are not only allowed to breed, but actually regularly rewarded in the showring, what’s a few clones?  The AQHA has gone on record as supporting slaughter and guess what?  Slaughter fuels the clone industry.  Slaughtered mares provide companies such as ViaGen easy access to ovaries and oocytes that they require to build their frankenhorses (http://www.allaboutcutting.com/images/glo-images/PDFs/Cloning%20pdfs/3-Pure-Genetics-QHJrnl.pdf).  Now, to be fair, I haven’t seen a lot of slaughterphiles too excited about clones being registered, but I’ve also seen them argue that it does not fuel slaughter because those horses are too expensive to end up in the pipeline.  Oh really? Smart Little Lena was cutting’s first Triple Crown winner and all time leading sire.  Nearing the end of his life, he was cloned and 5 sons were bornin 2006.  Two of those were reported to have severe conformational defects (whatever that means) and two have proven to be sterile.  Of the 5 clones, 4 were auctioned off as a result of fighting within the syndicate.  The 5th clone had already died of cancer.  They sold for $28,000, $27,000,$3000 and $2400.  Not huge money at all on the grand scale of things and I would hazard a guess that the cheaper two are most certainly not forever safe from becoming Suey’s dinner.  Maybe they’ll see prices increase now that they can register the little freaks, but so far none of them have been shown or even trained as cutting horses.  I’m of the firm belief that it is more than genetics that determine what a horse will become and you cannot recreate the perfect storm that creates the legends.  Perhaps they should have cloned Bill Freeman so he could come back from the grave to train them all too?  If you ask me cloning has a lot to do with the slaughter industry and shows the same lack of regard for the very animals that provide a living to so many.

Smart Little Lena X 5

Smart Little Lena X 5

While we’re on the subject of Quarter Horses and their `intrinsic value’, Carol Rose held her dispersal sale on Friday.  For those that don’t know, she is the all time leading breeder of AQHA performance horses.  Considering how devalued horses are and that the slaughter option is far from settled, you would have to question the wisdom of holding such a sale right now when we hear that the industry is in trouble and there is no base market.  Located in Gainesville, Texas, surely the meat buyers would be out in droves to try to get some of these beefy beauties for slaughter.  I’m going to go ahead and guess that they all went home empty-handed if they did show up.  The low seller of the sale went for $1800 and goes by the name of Floyd.  Floyd also happens to be a steer that is broke to ride western so I’m guessing even he won’t be ending up on a dinner plate any time soon.  As for the rest of the horses, I’d say it went more than well.   Most horses sold in the five to six figure range with her main sire, A Shiner Named Sioux, selling for $850,000.  One buyer alone spent over $3million to get his hands on some of these horses.   For the record, Carol Rose was not selling out due to the state of the industry, but because she is retiring and only kept a few horses for herself, including the legendary Shining Spark.  As most of us already know, slaughter has nothing to do with the value of well-bred, quality animals and with the Thoroughbred sales showing strong returns thus far, I would say that the state of the industry is just fine and definitely in recovery.

Yurs N Mine - sold for $150,000

Yurs N Mine – sold for $150,000

As we all know, slaughterphiles never say die unless they are talking about horses and even then they prefer softer terms such as `harvest’, `process’ and `recycle’.  So, in that spirit, Douchebag Duquette decided to toss his followers a shred of hope by copy and pasting the following blurb.  He doesn’t say where he found it or much of anything other than calling it a `very interesting development’.

Kloucek & Mack ask Humane Society Leaders to Compromise on Horse Processing
For immediate Release: For more info contact Frank 605 583 4468 or email fkloucek@hotmail.com

Frank Kloucek 22 year veteran former legislator, farmer and cattle feeder from Scotland South Dakota and Bob Mack, cattle feeder and rancher from Watertown met with Humane Society of United States {HSUS} officials: President & CEO Wayne Pacelle and Vice President Joe Maxwell on Friday August 9th at the Organization of Competitive Markets annual conference at the Marriott Residence Inn hotel in Kansas City Mo.

Mack said “While I, like many family farmers and ranchers appreciate HSUS attempt to open a dialog and to support issues important to us like the proper use of beef checkoff dollars and the implementation of COOL, their opposition to humane horse slaughter concerns many of us.”

Kloucek said “We thank HSUS for their strong support of Country of Origin Labeling and beef checkoff issues but ask them to help forge a viable compromise on the humane horse processing issue. If they can support humane horse processing in the United States and also helping with alternatives such as funding for the cost of disposal of horses it would go a long way towards building a better image in the agriculture community. The time has come to put facts and sound science above emotion on this issue. The current policy they have on horses is not working and needs to be reexamined.”

“HSUS current position current position blocking horse processing is the US, by their own admission isn’t resulting in less horses going to slaughter. It is just seeing those horses transported longer distances to be slaughtered in less humane facilities or left to starve to death. HSUS policy is currently causing more suffering of horses instead of less. This goes directly against their goals of reducing animal suffering.,” said Mack!

“In WW2 my father and many soldiers owed their lives to the access of high protein horse meat. Currently there is a disconnect in our country. We allow humans to beat and even kill each other such as in kick boxing and we fight wars for oil killing innocent civilians , yet we can not allow for humane horse processing? It is time we step up to the plate and allow horse processing,” said Kloucek.

“I see no way for HSUS to meet their goal in regards to horses without coming up with a humane US horse slaughter policy,” concluded Mack.

“The framework is in place in Iowa and New Mexico to move humanely towards disposal of horses in the United States. I ask that HSUS remove their court injunction and allow this process to continue for the best interest of the horses,” concluded Kloucek.”

Basically, Kloucek and Mack are both Big Ag assholes.  Kloucek is a well-known and long time slaughterphile who was defeated in his senate bid last year.  We are also not sure why D-bag thinks this is `very interesting’ or even a development of any kind since Kloucek has tried for years to get slaughter happening in his home state.  I’m sure they can talk to the HSUS until they are blue in the face and it’s not going to sway them one iota.  However, since reading comprehension is a problem for D-bag and many slaughterphiles, I’m quite certain they have a completely different spin on this that I can’t even begin to guess.  Not sure about the rest of you, but I am kinda looking forward to hearing about what they think this even means.

In Memory of HFA

I’m going to spare you all the frustration of wading through Slaughterhouse Sue’s other links of interest as she has been busy trolling around for articles to support slaughter.  She must be running out of ammo as she is now recycling old links about how much Russians love their horse meat and consider it the `Tatar’s Viagra’, even though they don’t love to buy it from the EU.  What I do want to leave you with is a little good news that is hot off the press.  As many of you have mentioned, there is a lot of concern about a sale going down in Fallon, Nevada tomorrow.  Nearly 500 feral horses have been rounded up by the Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone tribe with the blessing of the U.S. Forest Service and BLM.  Now, remember the reason they wanted to do this is because they are all starving and suffering due to drought and lack of forage.  By all reports, the horses that are crowded into the pens at the sale barn are all in decent shape.  Even worse, they are largely unbranded and likely to be wild horses that were removed from federal land.  Naturally, they were to be run through the auction loose and likely to be bought up by kill buyers.  Some rescues were planning on saving what they could, with Horse Plus Humane Society stating they planned to purchase up to 28 foals.  Thankfully, that may all be on hold as a federal judge in Reno has granted a temporary restraining order to block the sale of all unbranded horses.  (http://wildhorseeducation.org/2013/08/16/judge-grants-tro-to-stop-sale-of-wild-horses-at-nv-slaughter-auctio/).  The TRO is only good until August 21st when further arguments will be heard.  It would seem there was some serious fuckery going on as to where these horses came from and the circumstances surrounding their round-up.


So, we close out another week in the slaughter wars and there is still light at the end of the tunnel which is not an oncoming train.  I see a lot of concern for various causes all having to do with slaughter, but ultimately scattering energies.  In my opinion, it is wise to prioritize.  All of these issues, the wild horses, the kill buyers, neglect, etc. are important.  However, the one thing that threatens every single horse is slaughter.  Even with Iowa supposedly out of the picture, Valley Meats in New Mexico is still fighting to open and we all know Slaughterhouse Sue is heavily invested in Missouri.  We have heard next to nothing about Tennessee, but they have applied for inspection too.  They aren’t going to give up as long as slaughter remains and option.  The priority right now is to get the defunding of inspections passed in the budget and to get the SAFE Act passed.  If the SAFE Act gets passed into law, slaughter ends.  That means no more shipping over borders or anything.  It is of paramount importance to support it.  Get out and educate people.  Comment on articles, write letters and get the word out what horse slaughter is really all about.  Make your voices heard!

The SAFE ACT will not get past the committees onto the floor for a full vote unless the chair for each committee is on board. Currently, S541 is stuck in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, and the Chairman is Thomas “Tom” Harkin [D-IA] @(202) 224-3254.

In the House HR1094 is in the hands of Frank Lucas [R OK-3] @(202) 225-5565 who is Chairman of the Agriculture Committee which oversees the Livestock, Rural Development, and Credit (LRDC) subcommittee and its Chairman is Eric “Rick” Crawford [R-AR1] @(202) 225-4076.

HR1094 has also been referred to Fred Upton [R MI-6] @(202) 225-3761 as Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee who oversees the Health subcommittee and its Chairman is Joseph Pitts [R PA-16] @(202) 225-2411.

We need to make these calls over and over and urge constituents of their districts to become very politely active and persuasive. Some of these chairs lean one way and some the other. Make no assumptions.

Push this. Pass it on. Contact anyone you know who might be, or know, a constituent in their districts, particularly in OK-3. If you know someone who might have clout with these congress people, contact them. We must end this once and for all.

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Well folks, it’s been nearly two weeks since we’ve had a press release from either the United Horseturds or the IEBA.  I’ve come to realize that those press releases are my comic relief lately and I miss them.  However, just as I was about to sink into a black hole of despair where nothing would ever seem funny again some miraculous things happened.  First off, somebody left Douchebag Duquette unsupervised with internet access for several days and then, as an added bonus, Slaughterhouse Sue put on her ass hat and did another interview.  It’s been a wild and whacky few weeks from the head PSAs and because I’m so community minded, I’m going to share with y’all.


I’m going to switch things up today and kick off with D-bag if for no other reason than I’m tired of seeing Suey’s face at the top of my blog posts.  I’m kinda tired of the chin pubes too, but some choices are harder than others.  To begin the festivities, I’m going to go all the way back a few weeks to a little video that was widely shared.  It was filmed directly after a temporary restraining order was issued in the New Mexico lawsuit. This will prevent horse slaughter plants from opening until further arguments can be heard in about a month.  It’s a short clip featuring Blair Dunn, attorney for the PSAs and Bruce Wagman who is the attorney for the slaughter opponents.  Also, at the very end, there is a short statement from Laura Bonner from Animal Protection of NM. (http://newmexico.watchdog.org/19173/video-reaction-to-judge-blocking-horse-plant-with-temporary-restraining-order/).  The entire clip is less than 3 minutes long, so clearly nobody really had much time to get into details about their positions.  Wagman, was non-committal and Dunn basically regurgitated the whole `help the poor starving horses’ argument while letting it slip that Valley Meats was approached by pro-slaughter interests to open up their plant originally.  Now, if you want my personal opinion, I think Blair Dunn looked like a cheap attorney.  He couldn’t even be arsed to take off his sun glasses for the camera presumably because he’s way too cool and sexy to do so.  Naturally D-bag thought this was a great little clip to show how awesome the PSA movement is and linked it up for his followers with this statement: Blair Dunn does a great job here and the gal from the other side looks like she is gonna Hyper ventilate…”  That’s when things went south, headed up by Puppymill Patterson.

The hyperventilating activist had no solution to offer when the reporter asked her the question of what was the alternative to horse slaughter. All EMOTION and NO FACTS. AND, she looks like a troll from Lord of the Rings.

– Yup, this was Puppymill Patterson embracing her inner hypocrite and calling the kettle black.  For the record, Bonner was quite well spoken in the brief amount of time she had and at no point did she seem over-excited unlike the cap locking, ambiguous gender looking, Patterson.

…we work hard and sometimes want to just give up, but we are somehow cursed with the determination to stay the coarse

– Here we see the first evidence of D-bag being unsupervised at the keyboard as he tells his followers he is going to stay the coarse.  I’m pretty sure he meant `course’,  or maybe he really did mean `coarse’ and is telling them he is determined to stay vulgar and indecent.  Upon reflection, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a typo…

I thought Blair Dunn was a crusty old man! No one told me he was young and good looking! #gamechanger

– The was Puppymill again.  I’m now thoroughly  convinced her baby daddy sports a mullet and rolls his cigarette packages in his sleeve.

So you want the horse slaughter to open up.. Dave.. really.. and Mindy your name calling(troll) is a clear reflection of your intelligence.

– What’s that sound?  That would be the sound of D-bag losing a supporter…

Not sure what rock you have been under XXXX but Mindy is a far greater Patriot than most I have been an active Pro-Slaughter leader for 6 years now.

– Hmmm, I was not aware that Puppymill played for the Patriots.  I’m also not sure what that has to do with anything unless D-bag meant patriot and is just randomly capitalizing things for effect?  At any rate, D-bag got all indignant and went on a roll as others voiced their distaste for horse slaughter and Puppymill tucked her tail between her legs and slunk off into the swamp from whence she came.  Here are the greatest hits from him that day:

Who’s going to pay to put down over 100k feral tribal horses that are starving and causing ecological disaster? You still didn’t answer the question above

– I can’t think why these tribes aren’t shipping to slaughter right now considering they are already receiving government support with free Coggins tests and gelding so they can do that very thing.  Has nobody told them we have things like trucks and trailers that will ship those horses?  Has nobody pointed out to the  Yakama Nation that even if New Mexico and Iowa get their plants open, that Canada is still closer?

Oh and lets not forget the toxic 100k bodies x 1000lbs= 100,000,000 lbs of toxic waste.

– Considering that less than 2% of the horse population end up at slaughter and are disposed of other ways, that means that we should be in the apocalypse now by D-bag’s estimation.  What does everybody else do with the bodies?  For that matter we plant far more humans in the ground that are plumb full of chemicals via embalming.  What about that toxic waste?

Or do you just want us to do what Wayne Pacelle of HSUS says, “I don’t care if you shoot them in the head, you just can’t eat them”

– Actually, I have yet to see an anti say you can’t eat your own horse.  The vast majority of us think that’s repugnant and akin to eating your dog, but we do recognize that you can do that if you want.  What the HSUS and every anti is saying, you aren’t going to profit from commercially slaughtering young, viable animals in barbaric conditions.

We have a history of eating horses here, you are just not educated, all the way back to Lewis and Clarke talking about eating their horses in their journal

– Ahhh,  good ole Lewis and Clarke again.  I wonder if D-bag knows about that Uruguayan rugby team that were in that plane crash back in the 70’s.  They were stuck on a mountain for more than two months and ended up eating their friends that had died in the crash.  I’m sure if you ask any of them, they wouldn’t choose to ever eat human meat again.  On second thought, I probably shouldn’t have planted that seed….Anyhow, D-bag got super pissed when somebody asked him if he raised horses for slaughter and blocked them all from his page.


Perhaps D-bag was emboldened by his off-leash time or maybe Slaughterhouse Sue has been momentarily distracted with dreaming up new ways to wipe out the horse population.  Whatever the reason, D-bag has decided to surf these `internets’ he hears so much about and lay down some links that were not provided to him by either Suey or Puppymill.  He played it safe to begin with by merely taking a few potshots at Wayne Pacelle, the HSUS, and Robert Redford. Then, I’m not sure what happened.  Maybe he was hopped up on Bute tainted horse meat or perhaps the product he grooms his chin pubes with was past its sell-by date and created noxious and mind-altering fumes that wafted upwards and affected his last remaining firing synapse.  For whatever reason, we can only assume he went out and got his Google on and found an article from a UK news source about horse meat.  I played around with Google and when I typed in `horse burger’ the article he linked up was at the top of the page.  That was only after I tried `horses is good eatin’ and `Wayne Pacelle is a terd’. (http://www.dailysquib.co.uk/health/4260-shock-as-lab-grown-burgers-contain-99-horse-meat.html).  Anybody with the reading comprehension of a third grader is going to read that and recognize that it’s satire and pretty hilarious at that.  Thanks to the readers here, I not only found screen caps of the ensuing hilarity in my inbox, but was given a link to Heather Clemenceau’s blog which probably covered this far better than I am about to (http://heatherclemenceau.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/united-horsemens-members-skewered-by-news-satire/).  D-bag introduced this little gem with this statement: After Wayne P. from HSUS hailed the “Lab Meat”…..Sorry I can’t stop laughing…. out comes the truth…”  Because we know that by and large, most slaughterphiles are like-minded, hilarity ensued with as many of 35 of them linking it up in all seriousness.  Granted a few shares were D-bag under his UH and Oregonians Against Animal Rights Extremists hats, but the rest were just your every day PSAs who really thought they had come across something awesome.  Here are the very best comments from the PSAs who all thought this was real…

So, it this thing was allegedly “grown”, then how did a horse burger just show up all of a sudden? I mean, wasn’t someone checking it each day to see how much bigger it was? Weren’t tests run on it as it grew? Did someone just plop a small chunk of horse meat down one day and then came in early each morning to add to it to make it look as if it were growing?

So how do you like that Lab Meat now???


hahahahahahaha… They don’t know how it got there!! Seriously?? Kinda like the dog ate my homework?? Too funny!

HSUS backed lab is growing meat in a laboratory. They are fighting the opening of horse processing plants here in the US. Then they find out this burger is 99% horse meat. Mmmmm What’s for dinner?

Oooopsum poopsum Wayne P. from H$U$ eat your heart out….ick

After Wayne P. from HSUS hailed the “Lab Meat”…..Sorry I can’t stop laughing…out comes the truth…You can’t make up this kinda karma up

LOL—ALWAYS KNEW THAT ANIMAL AND CLIMATE EXTREMISTS were/are from clean space where there is no oxygen for the brains.

Why not skip past all the money spent on research and simply sell “horse burgers”? They are likely more nutritious and more tasty than those from second class beef. People even eat their dogs ….in some countries.

And they all complain and wonder why we consider them to be morons.  It should be noted that many of those comments were made AFTER people told them the article was a spoof.  Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot cultivate this level of stupidity over a lifetime.  This is the kinda stupid that must be inbred for generations upon generations.  I can’t stop laughing either, but I am laughing AT them rather than with them.  My poor bladder!


Not to be outdone by her personal ass barnacle, Slaughterhouse Sue spent a little time laying down links  and trying to convince people she was a cowgirl.  Upon reflection, if one is what one eats, she may well be cowgirl and we also may have finally uncovered her reasoning behind portraying herself as horsewoman too.  Anyhow, Suey proudly announced to her acolytes that the HSUS was ordered to pay a $500k bond for the lawsuit in New Mexico.  This would be to cover the potential lost income of the slaughter plants should they manage to block the preliminary injunction at the end of the month.  What she neglected to mention is that they were originally seeking a $10million bond.  Kinda hard to think their little business is all about equine welfare and not profit when they figure that is the amount of money they will lose, no?  However ironic and funny I find her posting links from Protect The Harvest calling the HSUS `radical’ etc, I think her shining moment of the last few weeks was when she managed to get herself on yet another Ag radio show.  (http://www.whoradio.com/pages/pp_janmickelson.html)  The interview was on August 7th and it’s about 35 mins into the program if you are feeling masochistic enough to listen to it.  Sadly, I was and I am not going to bore you all with the blow-by-blow aside from letting you know that, in my opinion, it was heavily scripted and she may be the worst public speaker ever with all the stammering and ummms she peppers her speech with.  She basically spewed her version of the facts unchallenged and was sure to let everybody know she was very proud to be known as `Slaughterhouse Sue’.  This all became interesting to me when I ran across this quote a few days ago.  I assume the person that made it is anti, but I don’t know for sure.  It’s very telling anyhow.

“I have talked to her twice about being on the radio show .. Both times she has said no ,..unless I supply her with a very detailed and specific list of questions for her to prepare to answer … I told her that I have not done that and will never do that .. That the show is ” LIVE ” and it is a 100% ” LIVE ” interview .. She says she listens to the show, yet feels she would not come across favorably .. Also she does not want to hear the Phone calls / E-mails / Texts that could possibly come into the show during such an interview with me..”

So, I guess I have officially lost all hope that she will ever submit to a debate with any of us antis, even though she has accused us all of hiding from her in the past.   As funny as I found D-bag’s antics over the past few weeks,  the ever witty, John Holland from the Equine Welfare Alliance provided us with not only some cold hard statistics, but much guffaws at Suey’s expense.  Please take the time to read this piece if you haven’t already.  It’s totally worth it! (http://rtfitchauthor.com/2013/08/11/a-statistical-analysis-of-slaughterhouse-sue/)


One of the things I see a lot of PSAs complain about is that we call them stupid or lump them all in together.  Of course these are the very same people that would lead you to believe that anybody that is anti-slaughter is not only vegan, but also a card-carrying member of the Animal Liberation Front.  Hell, most of us aren’t even PETA supporters and while I support a lot of what the HSUS does, they also do some things I don’t agree with.  Contrary to popular belief, I’m pretty sure none of us have a poster of Wayne Pacelle in our bedrooms either.  However, when I look at the people that put the `face’ on the anti slaughter movement, whether that be Pacelle, Senator Landrieu, Congressman Moran, and even John Holland, I’m not ashamed to be associated with any of them or the numerous other people that stand on the side of the true horse industry.   In other words, when the `faces’ of your side of the equation are drooling buffoons such as D-bag Duquette, Slaughterhouse Sue, and Puppymill Patterson, to name just a few, then people are going to assume that you, too, are a moron.  Aside from guilt by association, you then have to look at the PSAs categorical refusal to look at the facts or anything that might prove their stance wrong.  I can’t count how many times I’ve seen them refuse to read a link or watch a video because it isn’t in tune with what they’ve convinced themselves the truth is.  I can only speak for myself, but I happily read the links that they put out and what I have found is they have no science or credible data to back up their positions.  You will see most of the anti slaughter people tell you they are anti because they know that slaughter only contributes to the existing problems rather than fixing them and that it is a barbaric and inhumane practice.  Yet, the PSAs will change their reasons more often than they do their underwear, if they even wear any, depending on the day, but what it clearly comes down to is making money off animals not raised to be food animals by torturing them.  They lose further credibility when so many of them are a huge part of the problem we all acknowledge exists.  Only today I saw a PSA proudly advertise one of their home-bred yearlings for sale.  The problem is that it was Impressive bred out the ass and the PSA admitted that they hadn’t bothered with testing the mother but was pretty sure she was HYPP n/h due to her having an `episode’ in the past and hadn’t bothered to test the baby either.  WTF?  Then you have another crying the blues that a bunch of extra well-bred (their opinion) bloodstock went through a sale and were bought up by a kill buyer and blamed it on the drought and no slaughter wiping the base market out.  That’s before this person admitted that most of them were only barely halter broken if at all and were run through the sale loose.  These people should be shot with a ball of their own feces for being so ignorant.  They certainly don’t deserve to own horses and I’m glad they are finding it tough to stay in business.  Good riddance!  So, as Slaughterhouse Sue has counseled all her minions to accost their reps during the August recess and tell them how badly they want to see horses slaughtered, I will leave the rest of you with something left in the comment section here that you can do to really make a difference.  Please read and do what you can do.  Every little bit helps!

The SAFE ACT will not get past the committees onto the floor for a full vote unless the chair for each committee is on board. Currently, S541 is stuck in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, and the Chairman is Thomas “Tom” Harkin [D-IA] @(202) 224-3254.

In the House HR1094 is in the hands of Frank Lucas [R OK-3] @(202) 225-5565 who is Chairman of the Agriculture Committee which oversees the Livestock, Rural Development, and Credit (LRDC) subcommittee and its Chairman is Eric “Rick” Crawford [R-AR1] @(202) 225-4076.

HR1094 has also been referred to Fred Upton [R MI-6] @(202) 225-3761 as Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee who oversees the Health subcommittee and its Chairman is Joseph Pitts [R PA-16] @(202) 225-2411.

We need to make these calls over and over and urge constituents of their districts to become very politely active and persuasive. Some of these chairs lean one way and some the other. Make no assumptions.

Push this. Pass it on. Contact anyone you know who might be, or know, a constituent in their districts, particularly in OK-3. If you know someone who might have clout with these congress people, contact them. We must end this once and for all.


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Nine days to go.  Nine days until we hopefully, get some temporary relief from the threat of mass slaughter of countless equines.  With the importance of this case, it would be reasonable to assume that the main players are busy getting their ducks in a row.  I guess I was silly to assume that Slaughterhouse Sue may tone down her inner fishwife long enough to actually prepare for the impending court case that she is a part of.  At the very least, and perhaps worse, I assumed that she would be busy touching herself in places most of us would rather not imagine while moaning `mmmm….horse meat’.  At any rate, I had prepared myself for the fact she would probably not give us much to work with until after August 2nd, after which we could either entertain ourselves with the probable meltdown or shake our heads in disgust with her crowing.  Well folks, it just goes to show you that I am sometimes wrong and I, thankfully, don’t understand how the mind of a slaughterphile really works.  Not content to allow her favorite ass barnacle, Douchebag Duquette, have all the attention this week with the release of his super awesome press release, Suey has decided to throw a little gasoline on the fire and make a few comments on the players on the anti side of the pending lawsuit.  Sadly, she hasn’t gotten around to sniping at Robert Redford yet, but we’ll make do with her gross inappropriateness anyhow.


As many of you may or may not be aware, the slaughterphiles all absolutely loathe the HSUS in particular and President and CEO, Wayne Pacelle, specifically.  I’m sure that at least part of their red zone hatred has to do with the fact that the only thing they have ever managed to get on the guy is some obscure quote he made more than 20 yrs ago about domestic animals.  The notorious statement that Suey and her knuckle dragging butt monkeys like to repeat at any given chance is, “We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. One generation and out” which was made in 1993, prior to Pacelle taking the helm of the HSUS.  Even though it was a statement made 20 yrs ago, when I can guarantee you, none of us were paying attention, Suey and company pull it out and wave it around at every opportunity like an especially green and disgusting booger a 3 yr old just mined from his nose.  Now, if you put some context around that quote, you get a much more clear picture of what Pacelle was trying to say.  The quote was made at an agricultural forum when they were discussing `heirloom’ breeds of  livestock that are no longer used commercially.  In response to whether or not we needed an endangered species act to protect these breeds, Pacelle’s full response was: ” We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding… One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.”  Whether or not you agree with what he said, putting it in context certainly gives it a different flavor, no? If you want to read what Pacelle, himself, had to say about being misquoted, you can read his own comments about it on his blog ( http://hsus.typepad.com/wayne/2007/07/desperate-disto.html). I also think you’ll find this page interesting reading the next time the PSAs try to discredit the HSUS: (http://stophumanewatch.org/blog/myths/myth-quote/).

Wayne Pacelle

Wayne Pacelle

Let’s get back to Slaughterhouse Suey.    It seems Suey and her ilk operate under the assumption that the HSUS claim to be your local shelter.  Obviously they aren’t nor have they ever made that claim.  Considering that most slaughterphiles, and Suey is no exception, have problems seeing beyond their own expansive girths, the fact is that a large part of the HSUS’s mandate is to advocate for animals through public policy, corporate reform and national and international campaigns.  They do have some shelters, but primarily they are in here to provide education and training to shelters and rescues at the local level.  I know this will be a very tough concept for your average slaughterphile to grasp as their solution to every problem is to hold their hand out and ask for money and bail outs.  What the HSUS does is train these organizations to effectively run their own shelters, etc.  All of this information is readily available on the HSUS site.  Does anybody really believe that an organization as large and high profiled as the HSUS would get away with what Suey suggests for very long?  Put it this way, it isn’t the HSUS that are pushing for Ag-Gag laws to hide their atrocities from the general public.  


Perhaps this would be a good time to take a closer look at one of Suey and D-bag’s favorite groups, Humanewatch.  They are a particularly nasty organization that is a project of  the non-profit Center for Consumer Freedom.  Both were created by wealthy corporate lobbyist Richard Berman.  Berman is a real charmer.  Among other things, under his CFF mantle, he has run campaigns against Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Center for Science in the Public Interest, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  He is largely funded by the very corporations that would benefit from seeing and end to these organizations and in 2008, CFF paid a whopping 92% of its revenue to the for profit firm of Berman and Company which is wholly owned by Richard Berman.  Hmmm.  Doesn’t that all sound a bit like what they accuse the HSUS of, but worse?  I guess none of you will be surprise that Humanewatch think Rep. Crazyass Steve King out of Iowa is a super awesome and wonderful guy.  Basically, Berman is noted for running smear campaigns against public interest groups and, as a result, several media outlets have been forced to issue retractions and apologies for repeating misinformation he has fed them.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the organization that Slaughterhouse Sue and Douchebag Duquette hold up as ethical.  Awesome! (http://stophumanewatch.org/about/about-hw/)


By now, none of you are probably all that outraged or even surprised that Suey supports Humanewatch.  It’s basically par for the course given her desire to eat her way through the entire equine population before the next decade.  Continuing in that same vein is Sue’s support of yet another anti-animal organization called Protect The Harvest.  She even posted up one of their little cartoons about the HSUS along with this comment: Less than 1/2 of 1% of their hundreds of millions of deceptively raised dollars actually goes to help a single dog or cat, let alone a horse. And yet they promote the most unspeakable lies about honest, legitimate, agriculture businesses. What a corrupt crock of crap the whole outfit is.” How’s the view from that glass house, Suey? 


I saved the best for last as far as Suey’s rants go today.  Her hypocrisy was out in full force today as after she referred to all antis as `culturally arrogant and ethnically insensitive’ in her last press release, she engaged in a spirited round of `my Indian is better than yours’ as far as the lawsuit in New Mexico goes.

Turns out the “chief” that HSUS squirrled up is a self-proclaimed chief who according to a letter written by the bona fide tribal leader is to be respected as an elder, but in no way has the authority to speak for the entire tribe (which has a real problem with excess feral horses). Contrast that with the Yakama and other land based tribes where it is the tribal government, the entity that is responsible for managing and preserving tribal lands and resources that are taking deliberative action in the support of the reopening of horse plants as the only humane and economically viable solution to the horrific horse overpopulation problems. Huge difference. This is not about who is a better Indian. This is about protecting the environment from permanent catastrophic ecological damage.”

Once again, Suey and the horse eaters seem to be quite unable to see things beyond the end of their snotty noses.  For those of you that don’t know, the native support Suey has managed to drum up in her quest to slaughter equines is the Confederated Tribes of the Yakama Nation (http://www.yakamanation-nsn.gov/).  They are based in Washington state and have a population of about 1o,000 give or take.  The native leader she has been floating around is `Jason Smith’  0f the National Tribal Horse Coalition or the Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition depending on what press release you read, but the problem with that is it seems nearly impossible to find a website for this group or any information at all other than that he wrote an opinion paper at Suey’s behest.  A document, I’m sure, will be used in the court case, but neither him nor his organization are named in the suit that I can find.  For the record, Jason Smith is from the Warm Springs nation in central Oregon and his actual title is range and ag manager.  Remember yesterday when D-bag suggested that Victoria McCullough send their tribe about half a billion a year to manage their horse population and then went on to whine they have had NO help or bailout money?  Yeah, well we’ve never accused D-bag of actually knowing WTF he is talking about.  It seems that Warm Springs actually has had considerable assistance from APHIS with managing their herds.  According to the USDA blog, they periodically hold feral horse castration clinics, coggins testing (so they can ship them off to slaughter should they choose) and vaccination clinics.  All of this is done at no cost to the tribes.  (http://blogs.usda.gov/2012/10/25/wild-horses-take-aphis-veterinarian-to-new-heights/).  Naturally Smith whined that holding gelding clinics is not an effective way to reduce herd populations, but he did allow that it would help with quality and manageability, whatever that means.  At any rate it would appear that Smith is an employee of Warm Springs and holds no leadership position whatsoever.  Whether or not he was enticed to support the United Horseturds and their pro slaughter agenda, we will never know, but he seems to have more of a vested interest in slaughter than concern over tribal lands.  Mr. Smith likes to `range raise’ rodeo stock and Quarter Horses (http://www.smithranch.1colony.com/index.html).  Make of that what you will.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

So, what about the chief that actually did sign on as a plaintiff in the lawsuit that Suey claims is self-appointed?  Well, to begin with there are two chiefs that are listed as plaintiffs, so we’re not sure which one she is referring to.  The first is Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation and he is also knows as `Sung Wakan’ – Horse Man.  He is the 19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe and is recognized as a chief and the spiritual leader of all three branches of the Sioux tribe.  He is widely respected and looked to for his spiritual teachings. There is quite a lot of information out there on him and he has seen his share of controversy so I’m going to guess that this would be the faux chief Suey is referring to. (http://arvollookinghorse.homestead.com/chief_arvol_bio_2001.html).

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

The other chief signed on as a plaintiff  is Chief David Bald Eagle of the Minikoju Band of the Cheyenne River Tribe Lakota Indians and First Chief of the United Indigenous Nations of the Americas.  For those of you that don’t know, the Lakota refer to themselves as `The Horse People’.  Chief Bald Eagle is the grandson of Chief White Bull, who fought along with Crazy Horse in the Battle of Little Bighorn.  He is 94 yrs old and a life long horseman, still running a large herd of his own horses.  On his 94th birthday, he narrated a letter to Congress, all Indigenous Nations of the Americas and the American People.  One of the statements in that letter was as follows:

“We only eat the meat of animals that are vegetarian. All except the horse. We have always held a special feeling for the horse. The horse is sacred to our people. We have never eaten the horse. In Lakota, the horse is called Sunka Wakan. Sunka means dog, Wakan means Sacred or holy, “Sacred dog.”

The horse did not abandon us in Little Big Horn. The Horse did not abandon the Cherokee and Choctaw tribes in the Trails of Tears. The horse did not abandon us in our hunting. We will not abandon the horse now.”

This kinda tells a different story than the one that Suey and D-bag are screeching from the roof tops that ALL land based tribes are pro-slaughter and have no problem with horses being used for human consumption. Chief Bald Eagle seems to be quite wise to the ways of people like Suey and Big Ag groups as he also had this to say: In these times we need the Native American people to wake up. It is easy to be misled by money, greed and false power. The Native American people are easily influenced as they have strayed from our traditional values and Way of Life…If the Native American people allow the horse slaughterhouses on Indian lands, it opens the door for Government and other special interest groups to control our lands and our way of life.”  Of course anybody from the Rosebud Sioux nation could back him up on that statement as they had their problems letting in Trent Loos and his factory hog operation.  Chief Bald Eagle’s letter is quite poignant as he goes on to describe what horses have meant to his people and their respect for `natural law’.  It’s very much worth the read. (http://www.returntofreedom.org/meeting-the-chief-david-bald-eagle/). Oh, and in case Suey decides to disrespect this man any further, he is a veteran of the 82nd Airborne, decorated for bravery, and wounded behind enemy lines on D-Day(http://www.johngawne.com/baldeagle.html).  In other words, Slaughterhouse Sue and D-bag Duquette are not worthy to shine this man’s shoes.

Chief David Bald Eagle

Chief David Bald Eagle

If there is one thing I have noticed about the PSA side of things, it’s that all their `experts’ hold very lofty titles.  Lots of presidents of various coalitions etc.  The problem with it all is that nobody has ever heard of any of these organizations and nine times out of ten, Suey is behind it all in some form or another.  We can’t just have employee and rancher, Jason Smith give an opinion on something, we need to create an organization and make him important!  Then he doesn’t even sign on to the lawsuit because he probably doesn’t have permission from his band to do so.  Or who knows? Maybe he’s just tardy for the party and will get around to it at the 11th hour.  Just like the PSAs have attempted to lay claim to the label of `animal welfare’ and appoint themselves as `industry’, saying it doesn’t really make it so.  Then, if all that wasn’t bad enough, Suey in an astonishing lack of self-awareness, shows her gigantic,  pimpled ass to be about the most`culturally arrogant and ethnically insensitive’ of them all.  Surely, this isn’t the best she can do in making her case?  I have a feeling that we’re in for much more hilarity and hijinks from the maven of horse hating in the coming days.




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As the clock runs out on pending litigation in New Mexico that will, at least temporarily, decide the fate of countless horses, both sides of the slaughter issue are making their best plays and pulling cards out of their sleeves.  For the anti side of the issue, we have seen some high-profile and high-powered people such as the Attorney General of New Mexico, Gary King, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, as well as celebrity and noted conservationist, Robert Redford join in the fight to remove slaughter as an option.  Also stepping out of the shadows are long-time and powerful advocates Victoria McCullough and Sen. Joe Abruzzo (http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/07/18/political-savvy-a-powerful-weapon-in-horse-slaughter-fight-79868). We have also seen many native people, including tribal leaders join in on the side of anti slaughter as well.  Positive developments for sure.  As far as the pro side of the issue, well….they have Douchebag Duquette and his press releases and today’s was epic.   Because I’m a giver, I’m going to walk y’all through it in all its glory.


Yes, you all read correctly.  Douchebag Duquette has temporarily vacated Slaughterhouse Sue’s rectum long enough to issue a press release.  As we have come to expect as of late, this release appears to have been ghost written or at least heavily edited for D-bag as it is fairly easy to read and devoid of most of the grammatical and spelling errors that he is prone to.  You can read it for yourself here: (http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Round-One-Begins.html?soid=1112812195452&aid=_rjqzVMgurs).  Not surprisingly, D-bag kicks off his little memorandum by whining about Victoria McCullough.

Here is reason one of why our battle has been so difficult, read on;


“The only child of the late Rexford Davis, founder of the country’ s largest, privately held petroleum company,  McCullough says she has no idea of her net worth as Chesapeake Petroleum’s heir and reigning board chair, nor does she care.


Hers is a life of privilege, but McCullough doesn’t take it for granted. Money can make you, break you or give you some vision, she says, and for her, it’s the latter. For her, it has helped fuel a passion for saving the animals that have given her such joy, and purpose.”
So while at first reading this sounds really good, like we can get behind this. But all it takes is one more paragraph of this article  and you will see another uninformed  billionaire.
– For those of you new to this part of the slaughter wars, it is worth mentioning that according to any good PSA, if you have any money and are not sucking the government tit, you can’t possibly know anything about horses.  The article he linked is the same one I did above and clearly states that Ms. McCullough is actually an accomplished horse woman and has rescued over 1800 horses to date, including buying out an entire slaughter sale at Sugarcreek, Ohio.  She isn’t exactly new to this cause although she has done her work quietly up until now.
Let’s take for example Feral Tribal Horses, now this excludes the 9-10 million domestic horses, let’s just talk about the Tribal horses. If this billionaire really wanted to help out and put her money to good use she would be able to help much more than 1,800 horses while also helping the thousands of deer, elk, moose and antelope affected by these feral tribal horses, and lets not forget the human cost of all this. All she would have to do is give the Tribes about a half a billion a year to feed and manage the horses that they have no way to control.
– How awesome it must be to be as simple as D-bag Duquette.  The fact is that other tribes aside from the Yakama Nation are exploring other options besides slaughter to manage their herds and want no part of his disgusting plans.  If you notice, `give me/them money’ is a very common theme for the PSAs.  They get in over their heads and then it’s up to everybody, especially the taxpayer to bail them out so they can continue on the way they always have.  Everybody else must always be responsible for cleaning up their mess.
The Tribes are suffering with NO bailout money coming like the BLM has. Some Reservations have turned into wastelands with horses now starving to death. While Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana begs for Federal money to eradicate the feral hogs that are a problem in her state she is pushing for the SAFE act, which we call the Starve America’s Feral Equines act which will make it impossible for the Tribes to deal with their situation.
– D-bag likes to state that the tribal horses are not `wild’ but feral.  That would mean they were turned loose and that begs the question on why anybody other than those that did or allowed this to happen should have to `clean it up’.  How about if the Yakama Nation, and that’s who he’s really referring to, use some of their casino income to deal with their horse problem?  As far as the feral hogs go, clearly D-bag hasn’t ever had an encounter with one other than Slaughterhouse Sue.  They are a danger people among other things.  I have yet to hear of a wild or feral horse launching an unprovoked attack on anybody.  Besides, pigs and horses are kind of an apples and oranges deal, no?
The Humane Society of the US is so afraid the general public will find out what they have done to the Tribes and Tribal lands that now they have found a “Chief”, or should I say paid a tribal member to call himself a Chief to try to show support for their agenda from the Tribes. When the reality is all Land/horse based tribes support bringing domestic slaughter back.
– This may be one of the more ignorant statements that D-bag has issued in quite some time.  Wasn’t it only last week that Suey, called all antis `culturally arrogant and ethnically insensitive’?  How dare he suggest that anybody could just call themselves `Chief’ and take money to do so?  Then to blow a snot bubble out of his nose and say that any native that doesn’t see things his way is just paid by the HSUS because ALL land based tribes support slaughter????  Really?  I guess the Lakota Sioux of South Dakota, the Diné of Arizona,  and the confederated tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, to name just a few,who are all both land based and anti-slaughter don’t count in D-bag’s world.  Many of which have put programs and funding in place to deal with their herds.  I’ve linked this article before, but it will show you that D-bags natives are in the vast minority by being Pro.  (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/article/american-indians-offer-programs-for-horses-that-treat-the-sacred-animals-as-a-way-of-life-70636+)
Again I pose this question to those who oppose horse processing, what is your solution to the unwanted horse crisis? Those who oppose horse processing have had six years since the original plant closure to come up with solutions. The suffering of horses has only intensified during that time.
– Well D-bag, how is that little rescue and rehab center you promised to have opened up over a year ago coming along?  Those of you who support slaughter have had decades and decades worth of slaughter and still we had abused and neglected animals.  Forgive US if it takes more than six years, throughout which we have spent untold time and resources fighting the PSAs, to clean up YOUR mess.  In other words, the majority of us will be able to funnel all the time, money and effort, we have expended to try to stop slaughter, into helping animals in crisis once we get this issue resolved.  No, the suffering of horses has not intensified at all in the last six years, it’s about the same and will remain the same as long as assholes own horses.  Slaughter won’t fix that.  It never has.
Soon we will be like Australia and this is the wall we will be up against if we don’t come together and fight back against the uninformed. Read about their problem Here.
– I actually have a brilliant idea to help Australia, where they do have slaughter, out and us, who don’t want it.  We’ll just hook them up with the Tongans since their proximity is far closer than Sigourney, Iowa to the Kingdom of Tonga.  There!  All fixed!

The United Horsemen is in it for the long haul. We thank you for supporting us, and we ask for your continued support as we continue to fight for the welfare of horses and the horse industry. We are putting together a strategic nationwide Billboard campaign and we will need the financial support of all of our friends. 

– This last part actually made my whole week.  Yes, y’all read that right.  D-bag and the United Horseturds are going to put together a nationwide billboard campaign.  The very same people that accused anti slaughter people of `wasting money on billboards instead of helping horses’ are going to make up their own billboards.  Anybody want to bet they’ll have poor skinny horses, the kind that never go for food, on them?  They can hardly show the reality of horses with their eyes poked out or gutted horses handing from bleed rails, or any other number of factual slaughter imagery.  Oh well, nobody has ever accused D-bag of having an original thought let alone an independent one.


All in all, I have to say this was a very entertaining press release from D-bag this week.  Aside from his denials, delusions and questionable math skills, the only thing new he brought to the party was his billboard campaign.  I’m sure that will go over about like a fart in church; highly inappropriate, but you won’t be able to stop from laughing.  So far, he’s received 4 whole `likes’ for his latest efforts but that is only on the public United Horseturd page as opposed to the super secret bat cave where they all get worked up over the prospect of torturing horses and give each other congratulatory reach arounds.  It’s good to know that when you pay for your membership, you’re paying for ridiculous billboards rather than actually helping horses at his non-existent rescue and rehab center.  D-bag would do well to remember that every time he takes his finger out of his nose and points, he has four fingers pointing right back at him.

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It seems that everybody is good and stirred up over the looming deadline for slaughter this upcoming week.  Good.  We certainly don’t know how it’s all going to shake out on Friday, but many of us are hopeful we’ll get a stay of execution for our equine friends.  I wish I could tell you all the ultimate good news which is a final end to this madness, but we aren’t quite there yet.  We do have some decent news though that will hopefully cheer some people up and motivate you to keep up the good fight.


As most of you are aware, Front Range Equine out of Colorado (www.frontrangequinerescue.org)have partnered with the HSUS in filing suit to stop the opening of the slaughter houses that have been granted conditional inspection permits.  That would be the case in New Mexico against the USDA over them issuing these permits without proper environmental review.  Yesterday, Front Range Equine issued the following statement on their Facebook page:

A quick update to our lawsuit against USDA:
Yesterday, the State of New Mexico asked the court to allow it to enter the case Front Range Equine Rescue filed against the USDA for authorizing the beginning of horse slaughter without engaging in proper environmental review. In support of its request to be able to join the lawsuit, the State cited the need to protect against a violation of New Mexico environmental and public health laws associated with horse slaughter, to prevent the production of adulterated horse meat, and to prevent a financial impact to the state. New Mexico now wishes to become a plaintiff in the lawsuit and defend the state from the harms of horse slaughter.

Yesterday also saw several Native Americans enter the case, tribal members and leaders who believe that horse slaughter is a violation of Native American principles and culture, and will poison the environment and produce unsafe meat.

There are a couple of things to look at here.  First, the state of New Mexico does not want this industry regardless of what Slaughterhouse Sue and her merry band of horse haters tell you.  Perhaps more importantly is the participation of `several Native Americans’ both tribal members and leaders that also don’t want any part of this barbaric industry.  This paints quite a different picture than the one Slaughterhouse Sue and D-bag Duquette have been flashing around for months and months.  Suey would have us believe that all tribes and their people are positively moist at the prospect of being able to slaughter their horses based on the fact she somehow managed to get Jason Smith, President of the National Horse Coalition, says.  Despite their lofty name and title, it would seem that the National Tribal Horse Coalition is really not speaking for the people and may be just another smokescreen for Suey’s efforts. Kinda the same way she likes to refer to herself as speaking for the entire horse industry that is widely disgusted by her.  It would seem by the both the statement released today and this article from last year (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/article/american-indians-offer-programs-for-horses-that-treat-the-sacred-animals-as-a-way-of-life-70636) that the native population that are interested in slaughter are a few minority tribes in the mid and northwest and somewhat misleading in naming themselves as the `National’ anything.  The linked article talks about what other tribes are doing to address their horse population while still respecting the animal and NOT slaughtering them.  For anybody interested, court documents can be viewed here: (http://docs.burningbird.net/sun-07212013-1007/several-new-filings-front-range-equine-rescue-et-al-vs-usda-horse-slaughter)


As I always say, when Slaughterhouse Suey shuts her yap for more than 48 hrs, she is normally up to something.  It would seem this time is no different as Front Range Equine also had this to say today:

On Friday, filings to intervene on USDA’s side of the lawsuit are proposed slaughter plants Responsible Transportation (IA) and Rains Natural Meats (MO) along with Chevaline LLC and the Confederated Tribes & Bands of the (highly misinformed and misled) Yakama Nation. Chevaline is Sue Wallis.

That’s right, yet another `company’ that Suey is behind.  Chevaline has been in existence for about 3 years and is listed as an LLC that supplies wholesale frozen foods (http://www.manta.com/c/mx3dzmr/chevaline-llc).  It would seem this will be the company Suey runs with as she has registered `Humane Equine Products’ as a trademark or is at least attempting to.  It is currently published for opposition on this site: (http://www.trademarkia.com/chevaline-humane-equine-products-85779889.html).  Even more questionable is that if you do a company search on Chevaline LLC, it had an estimated annual revenue of $170,00 (http://companies.findthecompany.com/l/30872364/Chevaline-Llc-in-Recluse-WY).  I’m not sure of the accuracy of that number or what it is based on, but it seems rather high considering she hasn’t been able to legally slaughter a horse for consumption in this country yet.  Given the fact that Chevaline is joining in on the lawsuit and that isn’t free, I have to wonder if she isn’t getting backed by foreign interests and filtering it through this company.  We already know she has several companies and organizations so it gets a bit tough to keep up with.  If you want to take a look at the company website, complete with pictures of Suey cavorting with the Tongans in Utah, while they all eat horse meat (legal?), it’s right here : (http://chevaline.us/).  It would seem between Chevaline and Wyoming Meats, Suey is going to be killing a LOT of horses if she gets her way.  As per her own sworn statement to intervene in the present litigation, Chevaline has been in the business of marketing equines for slaughter for consumption since January 2012.  She also states that she contracts with both the Missouri and Iowa slaughter plants.  (http://docs.burningbird.net/horse/courtcase/document51.pdf).  Please let this finally be all of Suey’s hairy ass exposed for us to deal with as I’m just not I’m prepared to see any more crack from this cretin.


So there you have it.  It’s not the absolute best news ever, but it’s all good today.  They have a battle on their hands, which we already knew.  They don’t have quite all the support that they would have people believe and it’s not over.  I know many of you are getting frustrated.  It is tiring to keep fighting these asswads on every front.  I know several of you are mostly concerned with the wild herds.  I’m concerned with all horses and for me, the priority is to get the threat of slaughter removed first and then go after what is going on with the BLM.  The good part is you each get to make your own choice, so don’t give up quite yet.  It’s going to be a very long and busy week.  Keep a good thought!



Today, Robert Redford and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, joined in on the pending lawsuit on the side of the horses.  They have formed The Foundation to Protect New Mexico’s Wildlife and their first act was to join in on the federal lawsuit filed by the HSUS to block the opening of slaughter houses for horses.  Also, on Friday New Mexico Attorney General Gary King filed a motion to intervene on behalf of slaughter opponents.  Rumor has it that somewhere in Wyoming, steam was seen to be pouring out of Slaughter House Suey’s ears as she added Robert Redford to her hit list of celebrities she hates which also includes long deceased Bea Arthur.  (http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/redford-richardson-form-foundation-that-wants-to-join-lawsuit-against-horse-slaughter/2013/07/22/beca2778-f2f0-11e2-8464-57e57af86290_story.html)

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If anything, this whole pro and anti slaughter business has been a fascinating look into human nature.  Sometimes fascinating is a good thing, like a double rainbow  after a violent storm, and then there are the times fascinating is like a really horrific train wreck.  I’m sorry to say, but lately it’s been all train wreck and some of our antis are have been on that train.  None of us were thrilled to see the news come out that the slaughter-house in Iowa was poised to open its doors in a few short weeks.  Not a single one of us on the anti side.  However, the panic and histrionics that have erupted have been nothing short of astonishing. I did expect a lot of upset at the news earlier this week.  That isn’t surprising.  However, the defeatist attitude I’ve seen is a bit surprising.


The biggest thing that irritates me lately is when I see people say `Well, I’m anti, but I don’t see any other way’.  Oh really?   Has anybody considered the amount of dollars and man hours that it has and continues to take to stop this horse slaughter thing once and for all?  All money and time that could be spent working towards the welfare of all horses.  Anybody that owns a horse is responsible for caring for that animal adequately.  That has never changed and it’s not going to change.  However, we’ve had a problem enforcing existing neglect and abuse laws.  When animal welfare people attempt to put stricter laws in place, the slaughterphiles work to strike them down.  It doesn’t serve them to see a reduction in abuse and neglect.  They would have you believe that abuse and neglect has become rampant since the cessation of domestic slaughter.  That is a complete and utter falsehood (http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/uploads/Study_of_Equine_Abuse.pdf).  To say that lack of slaughter is the sole cause of neglect and abuse is to assume that every single person that neglects and abuses an animal only does so because they don’t have a friendly neighborhood slaughter-house.  Slaughter has ALWAYS been an option and I suggest that if you’re the type of person that neglects and abuses animals, then you probably aren’t overly concerned with how long they may or may not have to stand in a trailer to get there.  Besides, how many of the more vocal PSAs have we seen with skinny or even emaciated horses?  Why didn’t they ship them before it got so bad?  Dorothy Robertson, owner of the two mares pictured below, was busted for neglect and abuse BEFORE slaughter ended in this country as well as after.  Nothing changed.

Mares...note pond in the background that was their drinking source

In another display of defeatism, I’ve seen some antis say `Well, at least they won’t have to ship so far to slaughter’.  I guess that means that y’all think that all those horses maimed and injured during transport only get hurt during the last hundred miles of a long journey.  Actually, most horses are injured during loading and in the initial stages of the journey when they are unsettled.  The rowdy stud colt will likely have his eye poked out before or right after he gets on that trailer and most of the kicking and scrambling, aside from when a horse falls, occurs while they are jostling for position upon loading.  They are still going to have horrible transport conditions and they are still going to be horribly  injured whether they are shipping 100 miles or 500 miles.  Think about it!


Maybe not so many antis, but I see a lot of remarks about the horse market recovering with slaughter coming back.  I guess those 100 or so jobs are really going to boost the economy.  Otherwise, I don’t see the prices changing a whole bunch immediately, especially given the fact that kill buyers have continued to haunt overnight sales without interruption during the past six years.  What you absolutely will see more of is theft and deception.  We’ve all seen those Craigslist Ads where a horse owner says that if they don’t get their price by such and such date, the animal will be shipped.  Well, get ready to see a whole bunch more and get ready for more kill buyers trolling ads and lying their ass off to get free or dirt cheap horses.  The good news is that the prices of quality horses have alreadyrecovered slightly along with the economy (http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/79438/average-up-at-fasig-tipton-kentucky-july).  I guess the next thing we can expect to hear them all whining about is the lack of backyard breeding means the poor 4H kids have no horses to ride.  Although, I saw one of the PSA brainiacs suggest that 4H kids slaughter their horses at the end of the year too, so we all know how far removed from reality they actually are.

horse for sale

I guess the main thing I want to take my anti brothers and sisters to task for is giving up all together.  It’s NOT over.  The announcement of the August 5th opening of Responsible Transportation LLC, is not written in stone.  They still have a rather hard fought battle in court on August 2nd and their victory dance may be premature as always.  The EU deadline of July 31st is very real and that will shut the doors to the export of horse meat to the European Union.  Period.  There is no possible way they can be in compliance despite Olivier Kemseke’s efforts to get `excluded’ animals allowed into the food system.  Also, both the House and Senate committees have voted to defund inspections for horse slaughter (http://animallawcoalition.com/will-congress-reinstate-the-defunding-of-horse-inspections/), as well as the USDA has renewed their request for a ban.  This is in addition to introduction of the SAFE Act (https://www.popvox.com/bills/us/113/s541).  All of these things need all the support we can give them.  I don’t know about you, but I think those are some fairly big hurdles in the way of them getting the plants open.  However, that isn’t to say that Slaughterhouse Sue and her minions don’t have tricks up their own voluminous sleeves.  With the way things have shaken out, it would appear that Iowa was always the `target’ for their flagship slaughter operation.  After all,  Iowa is home to Crazyass Steve King, who basically hates all things animal, female or living for that matter.  You can read all about his hatefulness right here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/slaughterhouse-sue-finds-her-soulmate/).  Iowa also has fairly strict Ag Gag laws so that any monitoring or attempt to expose abuse and mishandling in that slaughter plant will be difficult.  I guess even though the slaughterphiles love to throw Temple Grandin’s name around, they won’t be acting on her recommendation to have third-party video monitoring of the slaughter process to ensure compliance with humane standards.  Dead horses don’t talk anyhow; especially not the ones that have been butchered.


I’m sorry for bitching at `my own’ today.  I’m also sorry I sound like a broken record, but things are very serious.  There isn’t a lot of point spending hours and hours arguing online with die-hard PSAs.  They aren’t going to change their minds.  What you can do is educate those people that haven’t ever considered horse slaughter or what it means.  Educate them with the truth and realities of horse slaughter.  How about writing a letter to your local paper?  More importantly, continue to call your state reps and the president’s office.  Here is a link to the ASPCA’s page where you just have to plug in your zip code to get your emails to the right people: (http://stage.capwiz.com/aspca/issues/alert/?alertid=62752306&type=CO) Even if you’ve done it before, do it again.  Make your voice heard and make it count.  Today is not the 5th of August and neither is tomorrow.  Hell, it’s not even next week.  The only thing that has changed is there is an identified date that we have all known was coming.  Guess what?   It’s not over yet.


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Ughh, I hate writing blogs on the weekend as a rule. Not that my weekend days are a whole bunch different from any other day depending on the time of the year, but there is something magical about a Saturday for some reason.  However, there is a LOT of stuff going on and if I didn’t get this dispatched, I’d be backed up worse than Suey’s colon after consuming the family horse in one sitting.  I mentioned in Point and Laugh Friday, that Slaughterhouse Suey had been a bit too quiet lately and her `no comment’ on slaughter was ominous.  However, I did cover myself by saying that it probably meant she was up to something.  Well, she was.  Among other things that we’ll get to, she was giving a radio interview regarding the newest wannabe Horsey Auschwitz in Iowa.  While I’m not sure exactly what she expected or hoped to accomplish with this interview, it is quite entertaining and somewhat interesting.   We actually had a host that just might have done some research and asked some tough questions.  The best part is that Wayne Pacelle from HSUS was also in on the interview along with Keaton Walker from Responsible Transportation and some woman called Marion Nestle who is a Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health (the department she chaired from 1988-2003) and Professor of Sociology at New York University.  Marion actually didn’t appear to have a dog in this fight.  So, because I love y’all so much, I’m going to give you a little recap on how it all went down.  You can listen for yourself here: (http://iowapublicradio.org/post/horse-slaughter-iowa).  The program aired last week on Iowa Public Radio and was hosted by Ben Kieffer.  This is entry is a  long one, but please read the end part if nothing else.  Some very important updates and information is linked.

Responsible Transportation LLC

Responsible Transportation LLC

For those of you that don’t know, the new plant in Sigourney, Iowa is owned by Responsible Transportation LLC.  They even have this nice little website up and running already with the usual propaganda and a quick send form you can fill out if you would like to give them your horse! (http://www.responsible-transportation.com/).  The CEO of this place is Keaton Walker and he was the first guest on the talk show.  Keaton is rather well spoken and I can see that he may even have a great future in politics as he says a lot without saying much and is completely awesome at not directly answering tough questions.  Although, in this interview I was not sure if he was being deliberately obtuse or he just hasn’t memorized all sections on the `Make People Feel Good About Slaughter’ handbook.  One of the things that Keaton wanted everybody to know is that they vow to humanely euthanize horses.  He then went on to say this would be done via captive bolt by `skilled professionals’.  When pressed exactly what sort of horses he planned on slaughtering, Keaton kinda danced around the issue saying he planned on getting them from the same channels as Canada and Mexico were getting them.  When Ben Kieffer directly asked him if these were going to be old and sick animals, he said that yes they would be along with animals that have no value and met USDA guidelines on being `fit to be processed’.  Last time I checked, sick animals were not fit to be processed, but whatever…Keaton also said that they had been given a conditional grant of inspection but they would not be up and running until the USDA had trained their inspectors and he was very vague as to when that would be.  He hopes to get up to slaughtering ten thousand horses a year in his little shop of horrors and employ up to 25 people.  What a huge boost to the economy 25 whole new jobs will be!  According to his LinkedIn profile page, Responsible Transportation LLC has been around since 2010 but he stated on this show that they had only been doing renovations for the past six months, including a custom `knock box’ in which they will use the captive bolt.  He swears this plant will be more humane and different from the ones in Mexico or Canada, but was very vague on how that would be other than geographically.  Keaton dutifully regurgitated the tired stories of people finding strange horses in their trailers at sales and wanting to provide a `sustainable alternative’ for horse owners.  Huh?  It should be noted that Keaton is young and he wrote this business plan at University and won some competitions for it.  He said he planned to sell his horse product to zoos, sanctuaries and has been `exploring other opportunities’.   Again, he was very vague when directly asked where he was getting his funding from other than to say some local investors had chipped in.  He did admit that if Congress stops horse slaughter in the coming months, his business will have to `evolve’.  Your guess is as good as mine as to what that means.  According to Keaton, it’s really only been people from California who are in opposition to his slaughter-house.  Ok then….

Keaton Walker

Keaton Walker

Next up on the program was Marion Nestle.  As mentioned, she is a very well-educated woman and she has also written several books on food issues. Apparently, she really digs food.   She really didn’t seem like she leaned one way or another, but was there to provide some background to the European horse meat scandal.  According to Ms. Nestle, it began in Ireland and they came to find that up to 1/3 of packaged super market meals that was labelled as beef was tainted with horse meat.  She said that she was unsure why whatever group it was decided to suddenly test for it, but that it was only recently DNA technology was good enough to find this out and it has been found everywhere in Europe.  Gross. She also suspects it has been going on for a very long time.  She mainly blames it on the slaughter system in Europe and the fact that the supply chains are very complex so it is easier to pass horse meat off as beef.  As a result, she says everybody is testing now.  I’m not sure how true that is or isn’t, but I’m glad I’m not planning on going to Europe this year.


The other thing Nestle discussed was the background on the slaughter ban.  According to her, pet food was originally `invented’ to deal with the remains of slaughtered horses.  What????  Does this mean that, historically, Americans weren’t gobbling up horses at the rate Suey suggests????  This was eventually phased out as beef, chicken and other products have become cheaper to use.  She talked about the end of slaughter causing all the horses to go to Canada and Mexico and that isn’t humane either.  Seriously?  Does not a single one of these people realize those slaughter plants are run EXACTLY how the new ones will be?  Anyhow, she theorizes that America’s strong animal welfare tradition is what has led to the reopening of slaughter; so that we could control the conditions under which our horses are killed or something.  She also says that the whole issue rests on who has the most political power and that the HSUS are very well-organized politically.  For somebody who is professor in food studies and public health, she didn’t seem overly concerned one way or another if people ate horses nor did she ever mention the drug issue or the fact they are not raised and traced as food animals.  I’m gonna give Marion a C on her performance.

Marion Nestle

Marion Nestle


Next we get to the part of the interview I was totally looking forward to.  It’s the Wayne and Suey show!  Wayne Pacelle got to go first.  I guess in this instance since it was  a case of brains AND beauty before…well, whatever you want to call Suey.  Wayne got to say his piece first.  He talked a bit about the pending lawsuit against the USDA.  It is part of a larger effort to block slaughter and is based on them violating administrative procedure and the federal environmental act or something.  He discussed the huge environmental impact of a community hosting a slaughter facility and cited Kaufman, Texas, which we all know the PSAs don’t believe in despite irrefutable evidence and documentation.  Pacelle also said that the SAFE Act was designed to stop ALL slaughter, meaning domestic and shipping to other countries.  Despite what the PSAs think, he said that the burden needs to be placed on all horse owners to properly handle their animals and nobody is telling them they have to provide lifetime care if that animal is of no use to them and can’t be rehomed, but that they can humanely euthanize via chemical or bullet. They aren’t even asking people to take `heroic action’ to keep their horses alive for years after their useful years.  Now if you truly love and care about horses, doesn’t that make sense to you?  He also said that they weren’t suggesting horses be treated as cats and dogs and that they can be used for work, performance or as pets, but that they deserve to be treated humanely.  According to his stats 91% of horses sent to slaughter are perfectly healthy, which sounds about right.  He also touched on the commercial incentive to slaughter and how some horses are unethically obtained for that pipeline, which we also know is true.  We’ll hear a bit more from him in a bit, but now we get to hear from Slaughterhouse Suey.

Wayne Pacelle

Wayne Pacelle

Suey is introduced as a Wyoming State Rep, Rancher an co-chair of the IEBA.  I guess since it was only an hour-long show, they didn’t have time to tick off all the other little ventures she has her pudgy fingers in.  I wonder if D-bag is out of favor this week as no mention was ever made of the United Horseturds either.  Anyhow, Suey kicks off her talk as telling us all she comes from an `agriculture background’ and is 5th or 6th generation.  We need to cut her some slack on not being sure what generation she is in as she’s likely her own first cousin as well as aunt, the way they roll where she is from.  It gets confusing, I’m sure.  Anyhow, she makes sure she tells us all that slaughter is great because horse meat is `humane, safe, nutritious, and delicious’.  She always has to put that `delicious’ boot in whenever she talks of horse meat and I can almost picture her with a piece of gristle stuck between her front teeth and grease from the fat dripping from her chin.  She also blathers on about the rights of horse owners and creating jobs and opportunity.  You know, because if each of six slaughter houses create an average of 20 jobs each, those 120 jobs are really going to fix the economy and offset the lost income of not shoeing, feeding, caring for and outfitting tens and thousands of animals a year.  Ben Kieffer actually asks her why not do the same with all the unwanted cats and dogs (I’m paraphrasing obviously) and she says because they are not traditionally food animals.  Oh, kinda like horses then?  Pay attention to that part because it’s important in a bit.  She then brings out the fact that Harvard had horse meat on the menu up until the 90’s.  How many times have we heard this now?   Then she talks about all the ethnic communities that LOVE horse meat like the Tongans.  It’s always about the Tongans for her.  I don’t know a single thing about them nor have I ever met a Tongan.  I just know that they all eat horses apparently.  According to Suey, everybody but the US is chowing down on horses all the time and cites Canada, Mexico, China and Japan.  I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico and I spend part of my year in Canada and I have yet to see horse meat on the menu anywhere.  In fact, I have only ever seen it in a store ONCE and that was in a very filthy and obscure market in Chinatown in a certain city.  Just saying, that she may be exaggerating slightly.  Between the stammering, stuttering and ummming, Suey manages to call anybody against slaughter elitist and arrogant and saying we sensationalize the issue.  Note that she is the ONLY person interviewed that has felt the need to hurl insults.  Suey also informs us that 75% of the horses processed in Canada are from the US.  That seems a bit inflated to me, but I’m sure one of the readers here can speak to that?

Slaughterhouse Sue

Slaughterhouse Sue

Now we get to the fun part of the interview.  Suey and Wayne get to do a little back and forth.  Pacelle responds to Suey’s sweeping generalizations and skewed stats by addressing global consumption of horse meat and indicates that probably a fraction of 1% of people globally actually consume horse meat.  While Suey indicated China as a big consumer of horse meat, they actually kill something like 4 million dogs a year for consumption.  So much for her `not traditional food animal’ statement as we do have a lot of Chinese people over here. I sure hope he didn’t give her any ideas or that nobody in her family died as a result of a dog bit or they’ll be next on her hit list, I’m sure.  He also said that horse slaughter is not about raw economics but American values and that there is no and has never been a major history of commercial consumption of horse meat.  He even mentioned states such as Texas and Oklahoma having bans on horse meat for human consumption.  Clearly, this pisses Suey off as she is chomping at the bit to rebut and she does by saying that the only reason those states banned horse meat was due to World War II and the cattle and hog population being decimated in the 30’s, making horses a market threat to the cattle industry. BTW, I called up my parents tonight and asked if they ate horse meat as kids (which would have been around that time) and they asked if I had been drinking…. According to Suey, the banning of horse meat was a knee jerk reaction to boost up the cattle industry.  Way to throw one of your biggest supporters under the bus Suey!  She also said the ban had nothing to do with food safety or quality but rather that horse meat could be passed off as beef.  Thanks for helping out our argument Suey!  Awesome!  Suey and Wayne then start talking over each other with Suey getting obviously pissed and Wayne kinda chuckling when he tells her there is no prohibition on horse meat in this country, but that people just don’t really want it.  They can still import it from Canada or whatever but the demand is such that it’s not worth it.  We close with two callers that are Suey lovers that support her and both use hick speak like the good little horse haters they are.  Oops, one said she loves her horses and would sell her house to take care of them but would love to see all others slaughtered.  You know the drill.  The last part is from a FB post about shipping horses and Wayne is asked to speak to that.  It’s a slam dunk because he says the only thing standing in the way of them stopping the horrific shipping to other countries is Sue.  Suey is naturally enraged and quotes her native buddies and talks about poisoning ground water and spending millions to euthanize them or letting them rot after shooting them in the head.  That opens the door for the final spanking from Wayne where he talks about the banned substances given to horses and then it’s all over.

mendyyyyNow, I’ve tried to recap this as best as I can.  I hate listening to much of Suey’s voice and I suck at writing notes while listening to stuff as I haven’t had to do that since college and I didn’t like it then either.  Even though I am very anti, I still tried to cover what was said despite my sarcastic asides.  Suey never really comes out with anything new and I was a bit disappointed the drug thing wasn’t addressed more.  However, I think the host did a pretty good job and asked some tough questions to all concerned.  I couldn’t really tell where he stood on the issue at all, although he did give Pacelle the last word.  The only person that showed a crack in their composure was Suey and that’s pretty standard for her.  Suey was obviously unhappy with how it all went down as she posted this about it:

Some of you might be interested in listening to this Iowa public radio show I was on a couple days ago, which also included the plant in Iowa, and Wayne Pacelle of HSUS. If you take the time to listen, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. For those of you who don’t want to, or don’t have the time, I’ll give you the Cliff Notes–Whiny Wayne thinks it is perfectly acceptable to kill horses with lethal drugs, or even to “shoot them in the head” — he just doesn’t think anybody should be able to make a little money on a horse they don’t want or need, or heaven forbid, that anyone would actually enjoy eating good meat. As usual, zero solution to the horrific environmental problems, the steep decline in horse welfare because he and his ilk just stole all of their value, or any other aspect of the devastation that lands squarely in his lap.”

Not sure why she drew quotes around the `shoot them in the head’ bit.  She wants to shoot them all repeatedly in the face.  Maybe she thinks that will be more fun for the horses or something.  The more she reflected on yet another interview going badly for her, the more pissed she got: In fact, I have come to understand that the entire purpose of their outrageous and totally false accusations that yahoos like Pacelle make is solely for the purpose of spinning up the emotional drama so they can bilk dollars out of good hearted people. The animal rights big orgs and the big enviro orgs are pretty much one and the same, and nothing but gigantic blood sucking fundraising machines that really don’t give a damn for either animals or the environment. It’s all about money and power for the snobby elite. Pathetic that they have so many Americans fooled…” I’m just going to go ahead and assume that it’s the consumption of adulterated horse meat and raw titty milk that is making her so paranoid and angry…I also find it funny that she spoke about the horrific environmental problems when we all know the environmental issues with horse slaughter and earlier she was denying global warming.The whole climate change travesty is nothing but a collusion between Big Government and Big (so-called) Environmental Nonprofits, who are really lobbying for profit and who are foisting the largest wholesale crime on the whole society ever in history”  Way to be consistent, Suey!  


Sadly, she wasn’t finished with her murderous agenda today.  She also put on her IEBA kaftan and issued another statement.  Actually, I don’t even know if she issued this release as it is both to and from Sue Wallis.  It’s a mess to link, so I’ll give you a rundown.  Basically, she covers the pending lawsuit surrounding the slaughter houses.  Now sadly, I’m neither am attorney nor a hairdresser from Kentucky, so I may be off in understanding what this is all about, (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103685263837-163/7.9.13+Update+re+HSUS+litigation-1.pdf), but the gist is that they are asking for all the pending litigation with slaughter to be consolidated to New Mexico where the Valley Meats mess is still going on and that the IEBA is broke.  They’re also really worried about this case setting an `adverse precedent’.  It says a lot more than that, but that’s the bones.  The IEBA release also contains a statement from Keaton Walker, so at least we know for sure who is backing him even if they have spent all their money.

“We are very pleased with the Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals decision to deny the petition. We are extremely blessed to have the support of horse owners and our local community. Our team at Responsible Transportation would like to thank everyone that has supported us throughout the process.”

Suey also gives us a link to a letter that Jason Smith, President of the National Tribal Horse Coalition, sent to Congress (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103685263837-158/Jason+Smith+Op+Ed+CUJ+Opinion+-+Bend+Article.pdf) It has nothing really that we haven’t heard before, but you should all read it because I’m sure these poor people had to sit in a sweat lodge with a naked Suey and pretend they like her in order to get her help on the matter or something.  No, I’m not being racist, I just think they’re being sold a load of goods similar to when they got convinced having a factory hog operation managed by Trent Loos on Rosebud Sioux lands was a great idea and such was the negative environmental impact, that they had to file suit to get him gone.  You have to wonder who is speaking for whom on this issue as only Suey seems to have the hotline to the PSA native population.  At any rate, Suey is more than misleading when she says the natives are just gagging for horse slaughter.  More like most of them are gagging at the prospect.  Please read this article from last year: (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/article/american-indians-offer-programs-for-horses-that-treat-the-sacred-animals-as-a-way-of-life-70636)  It paints a VERY different picture than the one Suey likes show people.


*sigh* Still not done. 😦  Remember how Suey likes to use the fact that domestic slaughter will be oh so much more humane for all horses?  She even mentioned that in her radio interview.  It’s one of her very few talking points.  Well, she came out with this statement today: “You all know that we work very closely with our counterparts in Canada, and that we have, for instance, adopted the Humane Handling  and Assessment Tool developed by our neighbors to the North as our U.S. standard for IEBA member companies.”  So, I’m going to ask for the thousandth time, HOW IS THIS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT?????   She has also joined forces with Olivier Kemseke of Belgium as he whines about wasting so many horses that are being excluded from the food chain for various reasons and now he thinks they will have a crisis of too many horses as a result.  WTF? (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103685263837-161/horse+welfare+Belgium.pdf).  Yup, they are not happy with the EU regulations and now they want to be able to slaughter and eat previously excluded horses.  He cites the reasons for exclusions as: Old horses that were NOT registered before 31/12/2009, animals not registered as a foal, choice by owner, and medical treatment.  I guess that means he wants no restrictions on slaughter and Suey is backing this along with Maggot des Barres in Canada because that means if the EU lifts that, once again they are off the hook as far as traceability.   He goes on to whine about environmental impact and all the tired crap we are so sick of hearing from horse eaters.

Moneybags Kemseke

Moneybags Kemseke

Suey also wants her supporters to know they did a marketing survey and she found a whole 350 people across the nation that wanted to eat horses too.  She doesn’t give us the name of the marketing firm that conducted this research, but I suspect it was that freebie one she was linking around awhile back that is normally used by teenage girls for their games.  She says we’re all lying when we say Americans don’t eat horse meat because of this survey and that: “ethnic cultures from the Italians, to the Tongans, to the Mongolians, to Asians of all sorts, and lots of Hispanics who consider horse meat an important traditional cultural food…not to mention just good old ranch families that have traditionally butchered a filly or two a year for their own use, that flies in the face of this claim“.  Yup a whole 350 people nationwide means we should start slaughtering tens of thousands of horses.  I guess if they all desire her physique, that number might be enough to sustain them.  I wonder if she is so ethnically sensitive to Muslims and Afro-Americans?  At any rate, she wants people to sign and swear affidavits regarding their lust for horse meat and send it to her.  Yuck.

horse tartare

horse tartare

She also wants everybody to keep their eyes on Washington DC and fight the good fight.  She keeps things very classy with the following statement:

“Make sure you are communicating with your Senators and Representatives and that they hear loud and clear that the Humane Society of the United States, or the ASPCA, or PETA, or any of their myriad offshoots and associates do not have the best interests of either horses or people, or the environment at heart, and that their actions will result in the most horrendous suffering and devastation imaginable, not to mention a total waste of perfectly good meat, and the economic destruction of an entire sector of animal agriculture just to cater to the elitist, culturally arrogant,  ethnically insensitive whims of big nonprofits clustered around the beltway. These snobs are insulated from reality by their six figure salaries that they deceptively bilk out of unsuspecting animal lovers.

Oh well, I’m pretty used to being called elitist by the PSAs by now and the other part doesn’t really fit considering how many PSAs I saw go orgasmic over the Zimmerman verdict yesterday.  Finally, she closes off with this statement:

“The goal here is, of course, to generate as much positive press for the horse industry as we possibly can given our limited resources. Since the very beginning, this effort has been the grassiest of grassroots struggles. We are a totally volunteer association. Every dime we get goes straight to our mission. We take “bare bones” to a high art form. That is our strength. And the reason we have been able to come so far against outfits like ASPCA and HSUS that pay their executives and their stable of attorneys in the six figures with lots and lots of cushy benefits.  


We all need to stand up and tell our own story and not let a bunch of elitist, culturally arrogant, and ethnically insensitive animal rights activists tell a false story about us. When it is our livelihood, our ability to make a living with horses, to raise our kids and grandkids with the joy of horses in their lives on the line, and just because, damn it, it is the right thing to do for horses and people…we are the kind of people who won’t back down, and won’t give up!


Finally, the need for your financial and moral support has never been greater.  Quite frankly our coffers are empty, and if it was not for the dedication and determination of those who continue to work on our behalf on just the hope that we can restore this much needed industry…we would already be defeated.  You know who you are, thank you for everything that you do.  


Please write checks to IEBA, and send them to our legal fund”


Not surprisingly, the address she wants you to send your money to is her home address.  Don’t send your hard-earned money to a rescue or use it to feed your livestock, send it to Suey so she can continue to jet around the country and not work a real job, whilst dreaming of eating horses for every meal.  For the rest of you, you know what to do.  Call your reps and tell them where you stand.  Support the SAFE Act and let’s remove this pustulous boil from the ass of the horse industry once and for all!


Here is the IEBA link for those that want it: (http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=6oijm7dab&v=001OlZyvMDk6biAapo9c8bMU8t5aFnDjRpyzSBFxzyJF7H3k405YNXwEkewSBS_u2QXp8THCgpbqGEaFomVYMl3hG1KDGt3TbQR4-GCBiE1IYFQfZIu-jnaqKA0NPz6ju-vEtg_KtvNaJ-OdutA1jrUWcEdW68eNFVnP1BuTKSunfdLeO9iwtrUF-uUD-r_C6QyZQQKITv24uzyVvODI3K2vyl9BSV4Zq0NhEynbRgUJrlVI5laHdfbZ6-OtWduriZRaJSDBsZleYK2t7_ZqikOS1AGVJWH3GJ0ptzhXburOOue2CXiD2PwB9DVjOvnmjnAdut2ljR0npYyiSwZ_bj7OGRuWlogUc366usdBqIvUVk%3D)

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Obviously, I have gotten away from some of our regular features lately.  It’s not due to lack of response from readers, but rather my own up and down schedule.  I guess I have commitment issues or something as it’s been nice to not be tied to writing about specific things on specific days and just let things roll as they come up.  However, I’m feeling nostalgic today and I thought it might be fun to dust off one of your favorite features and roll out another edition of Point and Laugh Friday!  Some of our regulars have been ominously quiet this week, while others have been in rare form.  I guess that’s what keeps things interesting for the rest of us though and it’s always nice to take a little break from the seriousness of the issue and have a few giggles.  This week will be brought to you by the letter `I’ for `ignoramus’.


I always like to kick things off with the spokesmodel for healthy eating and horse hating, Slaughterhouse Sue.   I’m sorry to report that ole Suey has been eerily quiet on the slaughter front this week.  At first I thought she was merely confused at which organization she is using to push her own agenda.  I mean, it HAS to be confusing for her Bute and animal fat laden brain to remember them all.  Unified Equine?  Wyoming Meats?  United Horseturds?  International Equine Business ASSociation?  Those are just the recent ones.  Sadly, as is usually the case when she goes to ground, I fear ole Suey is up to something besides her usual buffoonery.  According to an article that came out over the past few days, Suey is `connected’ to the proposed slaughter-house in Missouri that is expected to receive their grant of inspection any day now (http://www.thehorse.com/articles/32166/iowa-plant-to-start-horse-processing?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=welfare-industry&utm_campaign=07-11-2013). Even stranger, is the fact she has `declined to comment’ on these new slaughter plants.  Slaughterhouse Suey passing up an opportunity to expound on the health benefits and prestige of gobbling up companion animals is almost unthinkable.  The only thing she loves more than saturated fats is talking about eating her way through the equine population.  She did tip her hand a bit when she implored her brain-dead minions to harass Missouri Gov. Nixon into supporting the new facility in that state. (http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/urge-missouri-governor-nixon-to-support-the-us-horse-industry.html?fb_action_ids=10200799676586981&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582). So far only 208 horse haters have managed to figure out how to click on the right button.  It’s likely difficult for them when they need one forefinger to type and the other to pick their noses, so hopefully mama Suey will cut them some slack.  Stay tuned, I have a feeling we are soon to hear a whole bunch from the head slaughterphile in the coming days…


Moving right along to the pair of ankles that are normally dangling out of Slaughterhouse Suey’s expansive ass; let’s touch base with Douchebag Duquette.  He hasn’t had a lot to say for himself this week either.  I suspect it’s because Puppymill Patterson has been too busy to ghost write for him, so he has mostly stuck to posting up action alerts and links.  The one he is pimping the hardest actually links through to Puppymill’s Cavalry Group and it is a form letter urging the President and Congress to push the slaughter thing through (http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Action-Needed-.html?soid=1112812195452&aid=zKWnXhFrbxE).  D-bag is very proud that they have over 4600 letters sent so far.  I’m kind of amused.  If you click the link and end up at a propaganda page featuring a picture of a sad and skinny horse.  Exactly the kind of horse that won’t be slaughtered for food and is easier found turned loose near a border crossing where he was likely rejected for slaughter.  Anyhow, plug in your zip code and you end up with a form letter that will be auto-sent to the president and your state reps.  The awesome part is that you can edit the letter and make it be about supporting the ban on slaughter.  That’s what I did and a few other of my anti friends.  It’s very kind of them to make that so easy for us, so don’t hesitate to use it.  Sorry D-bag, your numbers might be just a little bit `off’ as far as supporting your murderous mission.


I have a confession to make.  I’m kinda getting bored with Holy Mother Theresa’s hypocrisy.  It never ceases to amaze me that she manages to walk around spouting her hate speech without getting her ass kicked on a regular basis.  It seriously goes far beyond your run of the mill ignorance that our `normal’ PSAs display.  Now, even though I’ve been accused of being an `Obama lover’ I’ve never really discussed my political leanings at any length on this blog.  The slaughter issue is pretty much a bipartisan issue at this point which I personally find encouraging.  I also don’t usually like talking about other hot button issues mainly because it never leads to warm fuzzies no matter how you slice it.  However, this is where the hypocrisy of Holy Theresa comes in.  It would seem that Holy Theresa will shriek, wail and moan about people taking away her right to torture and slaughter horses, but she would like to tell y’all what to do with your wombs.  She does seem to be fine with the concept of aborting fetuses with `abnormalities’ though. I’m going to restrain myself from going for the obvious zinger here and just say that it’s really ok not to spout off all your hateful beliefs so publically all the time.  Other than that, the holy one is busy trying to peddle her dink homebreds at inflated prices and hosting constitutional studies.  I, for one, am looking very forward to her election campaign next year as I’m always all about the comedy.


One slaughterphile that almost never disappoints us is none other than Puppymill Patterson.  She barely takes time off from her animal hating to rinse out her granny panties lately.  I guess with the general population finally being sick and tired of being confronted with the cruelty and abuse of  all creatures great and small for no other reason than entertainment and money, it keeps her hopping.  I think it’s a sad state of affairs that we have to legislate common decency, but then again I look on the straightening iron for my hair and it says `not for internal use’ on it.  People really are that stupid apparently…..Anyhow, as I have stated ad nauseam, Puppymill represents a small pocket of assholes that fight for their right to abuse and mistreat animals at all costs.  She actually makes a living doing this and she doesn’t confine herself to her home state.  Her biggest outrage this week is getting Senate Bill 6 in Oregon stopped (http://gov.oregonlive.com/bill/2013/SB6/).  Essentially, Senate Bill 6 seeks to: ” Increase punishment for the animal neglect in first degree to maximum of five years’ imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both, for the repeat animal neglect offenders, neglect that occurs in the presence of a minor child or animal neglect offenses involving 10 or more animals”.  The very fact that people like Puppymill oppose these sorts of laws is exactly the problem we have on the slaughter front right now.  They accuse of us of having done nothing in the last six years to make things better, yet they fight us at every turn when attempts are made to address abuse and neglect.  Really, aside from slaughter, what would they have us do?  Obviously, telling people it’s a bad idea to mistreat and neglect animals isn’t working.  I honestly don’t see how slaughtering the evidence will prevent it from happening either.  Make no mistake that Puppymill is still hot on the case of protecting your rights to sore horses, run puppy mills, and otherwise mistreat animals for your own personal profit and pleasure, but this has been her biggest hissy fit this week.  Or at least it has aside from sniping at Wayne Pacelle because he had the unmitigated gall to wear a plaid shirt or something like that.  The good news is that Senate Bill 6 has passed the House and should be signed into law fairly soon.  Way to go Oregon!

Nothing says `animal welfare' like straddling  your next meal...

Nothing says `animal welfare’ like straddling your next meal…

I have to share that I spent a lovely afternoon painting a pudgy painted pony on the side of my barn this week.  It happens to have a red slash through it and it’s right next to the symbol for Horse Farts and the original United Horseturd logo.  Yes folks,  our angry, pudgy pony has pulled up stakes and axed the blog on her website.  At least for the time being we no longer have to worry about anybody stumbling across her non-sensical ramblings and moral outrage.  Yes, the message board still exists, but you have to register and quite frankly, I don’t care enough to do that and apparently not many other people do either.  I do support her right to talk to her alternate personalities and be ignorant in the privacy of her own bat cave, so I don’t feel the need to address anything she says as long as she isn’t spewing propaganda in public.  She is still a very dedicated reader of this blog, but for the time being, we can slap her on the ass and kick her out to pasture while we move on to more important matters.  Ta-ta for now, Mendy Tobiano, it’s been real, but it hasn’t been real nice….


I’m going to have to apologize in advance to the regular readers of this blog, because I have a feeling this next section is going to cause some outrage and comment bombs.  At least it will, if the individual in question manages to circumnavigate her ban again.  She and her dipshit mother are the only two people that have ever been banned from commenting because there is only so much idiocy I’m prepared to address and they seem to have endless amounts of time to comment bomb.  Yes dear readers, I’m talking about Daffy.  I usually loathe to even acknowledge Dippy Daffy, but she’s found a new platform and let’s face it, she’s so dumb it’s funny at times.  When we last heard from her, she was struggling through some college course on medical transcription despite admitting to dyslexia.  Since that time she has revised her resume to include being a vet tech, equine massage therapist,  and horse husbandry expert.  She gets a LOT done for somebody that is also breeder, barrel racer, and slaughter expert.  She can actually plump up her resume all she wants as far as I’m concerned, but what I do take exception to is when she outright lies about this blog.  Seems Daffy is a bit pissed and has been reading up a storm over here.  She truly hates it when other people post links to this blog and does her level best to discourage people from reading.  She hates it so much she made up this whopper today:

“THE TRUTH!!!!!! oh ok how is this truth.. OH LOOK its daffy and her lame horse.. YEP lets pry on a CHILD riding a horse.. OH yea she did just that.. posted my video that showed NOTHING BUT MY 2 YR OLD DAUGHTER…actually she was sent an email to remove it and she did in a hurry. She has bashed more then one pro.. Like andi harmon about her mustang rescue that is more then ligit,, their comments are saying she is rescueing them to slaughter them.. which is a big fat lie”


Actually, I did no such thing.  Daffy, herself, posted a video of her three-legged lame horse on a public site and I merely provided a link to it.  The blog in question is right here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/its-point-and-laugh-friday-again/).  If you scroll down about half way, you’ll see the commentary on the video, with quotes from Daffy saying how proud she was of it, along with her own PSA buddies telling her how lame that poor horse was.  The only person that removed anything was Daffy removing the video from YouTube.  I removed nothing.  Several months after the fact I did receive a whiny email from her saying she was being harassed or something and asking for me to take down any pictures of her children.  I told her I had never posted any pictures of her spawn, which I have not.  That was basically all there was ever said about this aside from her lunatic mother post bombing this blog and advising me to look up Daffy under her maiden name to see her `many’ accomplishments as a horse person.  I attempted to do so and the only thing that ever came up under any name Daffy has used is her arrest records for passing bad checks.  Oops!  I have yet to see Daffy add anything worthwhile to conversations nor have I seen anybody other than the dumbest of PSAs take her very seriously.  For awhile there, even PSAs were banning her off their boards and carving her up behind closed doors.  Hopefully, this will straighten out the latest of her fables and she will learn not to poke the bear.


I think that about covers our major PSA highlights this week.  I know of a few new faces that are spoiling for attention on here, but we normally have better things to discuss.  They continue to be outraged and threaten to call the FBI on people they think are me.  Again, I do apologize to the antis that are accused of being me.  They haven’t gotten it right yet and I don’t suppose they ever will.  This blog isn’t about me and it never has been.  I merely comment on what they put out there in public and will continue to do so as long as it amuses me;  just the same way I endorse their right to an opinion on this blog.  Make no mistake that I will set the record straight when their whoppers get too far out of line *cough*daffy*cough* There is no such thing as bad publicity after all 😉  After the rest of you are done with pointing, laughing, tearing your hair out, or whatever recapping the antics of these asstards inspires you to do, I hope you take the time to continue to make calls and get the word out to support the SAFE Act.  Have a great weekend!


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With things coming down to the wire as far as horse slaughter, I’ve taken some time to do a bit more reading on the issue over the past few weeks.  I have to admit, I don’t really like reading endless articles saying the same thing over and over, mostly because I find it all quite depressing.  I don’t need to be beat over the head about how horrible slaughter is or what really happens during transport, because I get it.  I have my favorite sources I look to for information and I mostly stick to those and what ends up in my emails.  If I’m writing a blog, I become a bit more masochistic and actually dig a bit deeper to see what our PSA buddies are saying.  Mostly I find it amusing, but lately it’s just kinda annoying.  Ok, it’s a whole bunch annoying, but what I find sadly funny is what they pull out as their `expert’ proof and how many of them proclaim themselves authorities, but leave their asses hung out in public. Endless fodder.  Because they have beat the GAO Report to death and nobody other than the PSAs really give it any credibility, I thought we’d look at some of their other `irrefutable proof’ today.  They truly are grasping at straws lately…..


While not new to the slaughter issue, I’ve seen the name of Baxter Black getting kicked around a lot lately.  The PSAs just love this poseur.  After all, he wears the cowboy hat and the rest of the asstard uniform that counts for a lot in the PSA’s eyes.  If you want to be seen as an authority, jam a cowboy hat on your head and talk with an `aww shucks’ drawl and make sure to use bad grammar.  Seriously, WHAT the actual fuck makes this idiot an expert on horses and their welfare?  Oh, I can already hear the PSAs stomping their hooves and shrieking, `but he’s an actual veterinarian!’.  Actually, no he is not an actual veterinarian.  He WAS one many, many years ago, but he was never an equine vet.  He was a large animal vet mostly dealing with cattle and, I’m sure, a few PSA type horses thrown in the mix, but we all know that the majority of those types hardly provide a lot of veterinarian care for their equines.  The fact is, he ceased being a vet of any type way back in the 80’s after being `let go’ from his last job which was, according to his own bio, a `tech’ position.    He quit being a vet in 1982, which for our mathematically challenged PSAs,  means he hasn’t practiced in over 30 years.  Even then his veterinarian career lasted less than 13 yrs.  Not even half as long as many of us have actually been in the horse industry and making a good living btw.  Hardly a stellar career in horse husbandry and certainly posing his ass on a few horses and writing lame poetry does not make him any more of an expert than the city guy that paid to go on a trail ride a few times in his life.  Naturally, Black is a slaughterphile and he has never spent a single week of his lifetime making his living from working with horses exclusively.  He bases a lot of his opinions on the widely ridiculed GAO report. (http://www.tsln.com/article/20110818/TSLN04/110819970).


Now, admittedly, Black isn’t new to the `slaughter em all’ bandwagon, but for whatever reason, he’s getting linked around a lot lately.  I guess it’s been a slow few days for their regular mouth pieces or something so it was time to dust off some of his ramblings on the subject.  Black’s actual claim to fame, such that it is, is that he’s a cowboy poet.  Unlike Slaughterhouse Sue, he can actually pen a sensible verse or two.  Because of this, he comes up with some rather interesting euphemisms for slaughter.  Now, maybe it has been used a bit before, but I had not heard of CHEER until I read one of his articles (http://amarillo.com/news/local-news/2011-02-19/horse-owners-lovers-mull-over-cheer).  CHEER, is an acronym for Centers for Humane Euthanasia and Equine Recycling.  Doesn’t that sound so incredibly brilliant and amazing? I get visions of fat happy ponies romping in sweet clover and drinking out of crystal clear streams. It almost sounds like the Rainbow Bridge right here on earth!  I bet every single horse gets a kiss on the nose and a hug before they are sent over that bridge too!  While this all sounds a lot like the United Horseturd’s concept of having a rescue, college, slaughter emporium on one property, as near as I can find, CHEER seemed to be the original brain fart of Black’s.  He wanted us to think of CHEER as a `boutique abattoir’ and if you were uncomfortable eating your own horse, you could swap with a buddy.  So much awesome to contemplate!  If you don’t want to eat the toxic waste at all, you could even donate it to another country like Africa or North Korea.  Quite the humanitarian, Mr. Black is!  It lead me to extrapolate on that and wonder why not save ourselves a lot of grief and ship all this tainted meat over to countries that have a lot of oil or other things we need.  It would save us starting all these wars once they are all suffering and dying from strange maladies brought on by eating our companion animals.  Black goes on to say the tired old line of nobody should have a say in what somebody else eats.  He’s actually right.  I don’t really care what anybody else eats.  What I do care about is how you treat that animal, be it a pig, chicken or horse, while it is still living.  Perhaps Black realized at some point that his stumping for slaughter was going to hurt his bottom line as far as audio sales and tickets to his little talks as he seems to have not had a lot to say in print on the issue for a while.  That’s a real shame as he is fun to pick apart.


As most of you are aware, PSAs pretty much refuse to listen to anybody that they identify as anti-slaughter.  They don’t like being confronted with truth and fact and often find themselves at a distinct advantage in a battle of wits.  However, while I was looking around I found some interesting YouTube videos linked on a social networking page that perhaps they will address (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfzX4Fx5xuE).  I’ve linked the first video in a series of three that feature an actual kill buyer talking about his profession as well as transporting horses. This KB is ashamed enough of himself, that his face has been blurred out of the video, but he otherwise lays it all out and is admittedly not too proud of his chosen profession.  There is no graphic footage in any of the videos, but they are worth watching if you feel a need to hear it straight from the source.  He talks about poking eyes out of horses to calm them down, wiring their mouths shut to transport, horrific injuries, and the scams they ran to buy up horses cheap, telling people whatever they need to hear to get those horses.  He even chuckles at the one lady who mistakenly sold her horse to a KB and when she tried to get him back at a profit to the KB, because she SAW him in their pens, they lied to her and ran her off.  It was her horse and his buddies thought it quite funny even though she left in tears.  They show some notes that owners had attached to their horse’s papers upon selling because they thought they were going to real homes.  These weren’t exactly the mythical unwanted horses we hear that KBs rescue and return to dignity all the time.  These were naive people that got scammed and never imagined that this nice man buying a horse for his kid was actually a kill buyer.  He mentions about filling loads at all costs, including one KB that even pulled the saddle off his favorite horse to make up a full load.  Pretty much any horror story you’ve ever heard about kill buyers and transport for slaughter is confirmed by this guy.  Admittedly, the video is a few years old, but as we know from organizations such as Animal Angels (http://www.animalsangels.org/) it is still happening every day.  It is also interesting to note that this interview took place during a time when domestic slaughter was still available and horses were shipping in country.  The simple fact that this KB doesn’t know the difference between a hock, ankle or knee pretty much tells you about the `horsemanship’ of people that choose his profession and this guy claims he started out as a farrier.  I’m sure none of you will be surprised to hear that hardly a single PSA made a comment on these videos other than they were `old’.  You know, the same PSAs that like to trot out a 23 yr old quote our of context that Wayne Pacelle makes as undeniable proof that the real agenda behind the antis is to wipe out all domestic pet ownership.


The fact is that the PSAs tend to look to people like Slaughterhouse Sue, who doesn’t even own horses or like them, and Douchebag Duquette, failed trainer and industry joke, as their leaders.  They allow these people to represent them and speak for them.  That, alone, should be enough to disregard anything they have to say about the `industry’ or horse welfare.  I mean, it’s not like they have actual successful people with international reputations like George Morris or Beezie Madden out there stumping for slaughter.  You know, the people that actually make a really good living with horses.  You don’t get any Nick Zitos or Graham Motion type people out there telling you to slaughter horses either.  I have even noticed a few PSAs that claim to be involved in racing, but a quick Equibase search on their animals and credentials will soon reveal that they too, are bottom feeders in their chosen fields.  Do you see a common thread? Which comes first, the respect of the animal or the success?  I guess the answer depends on whether or not you believe in karma.  Nobody that truly loves horses would fight so hard for such a horrible death and refuse to look at any other option than slaughter as a solution to current problems.  Perhaps if they would take a seat and let the rest of us get on with things, the majority of our time and money could go towards addressing neglect and abuse rather than this never-ending battle to take the path of least resistance.  If they cared as much as they claim, they would choose to be part of the solution rather than the biggest part of the problem.  IF…….

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