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Well folks, as we head into another weekend the slovenly sow of slaughter has been at it again.  Not content to shuffle off quietly as she heads out to get her drink on and hunt up a cowboy to dance with, Slaughterhouse Sue has left us with some fodder in case any of us were weakening in our disgust and distaste for her murderous mission.  While Douchebag Duquette’s efforts in keeping us entertained over the past week or so were admirable, nothing quite beats an original Slaughterhouse Sue press release full of spin and sin and I’m happy to say we finally have one.  So, we’ll be taking a look at that and some other mind-boggling things the slaughterphiles probably wish we didn’t know about.  Please remove all beverages from the vicinity of your computers before reading on.


As I mentioned, Slaughterhouse Sue whipped up another press release today.  You might think she would take the time to address the fact that Responsible Transportation LLC in Iowa have dropped out of the horse slaughter non-business for the time being, but you would be wrong.  She didn’t even bother to try to spin it, but upon reflection there is only so much lipstick you can put on a pig and I’m pretty sure she’s using all hers to go dancing this weekend.  We shouldn’t be surprised that Suey refuses to acknowledge that which can not be spun to her advantage, but Responsible Transportation has not yet updated their website and still only talks about horse slaughter on it.  Even so, it is widely reported that they will be slaughtering cattle because they cannot afford to wait any longer (http://www.kcci.com/news/central-iowa/iowa-company-drops-horse-slaughter-plans/-/9357080/21458340/-/9jp6hs/-/index.html).  So, with all that aside, we still have today’s press release to deal with and it’s a gooder!  It’s basically a beg for money and announcing the launch of her super awesome fund-raising campaign.  (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs133/1103685263837/archive/1114511142419.html).  So, let’s stick with tradition and take a closer look.  She introduces her masterpiece as such : We just launched our fundraising campaign to fill up the IEBA Litigation War Chest so we can go fight HSUS in the courts. Please help us any way you can, especially by sharing this far and wide so as many horse people and horse industry supporters as possible get to see it. Let’s get it done and have some big fun doing it!”  

As we edge towards a return of humane and regulated horse processing here in the United States, the hysterics and abusive bullying tactics–not to mention outright domestic terrorism in the destruction of property and threats to families–of the radical animal rights groups funded and driven by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) gets worse and worse.

– I’m thinking of changing her name to Hyperbole Sue after this one.  As far as I’m aware, there has been no official announcement of the cause of the fire at Valley Meats nor has it even been officially ruled as arson.  In fact, things seem to be a little too quiet on that front given the fact they can normally tell right away if a fire was deliberate or not.

Now much of the struggle has been hauled into the courts, litigation being a favored and especially lucrative activity of HSUS wherein they are able to fund their nefarious activities with deceptively raised dollars and way too much taxpayer money.

The cost of intervening in these lawsuits on behalf of the horse industry is shooting up astronomically!

– I think a more accurate statement would be that the HSUS and other groups are forced to tap into their resources to fend off the threat of slaughter rather than putting it towards the animals directly.  At any rate, we have been over and over this and the function of the HSUS is to do just what they are doing.  Advocacy and lobbying and anybody that donates to them is likely aware of this as they don’t really hide the fact.  Now, if you want to talk about `nefarious activities’ and `deceptively raised dollars’ we might take a closer look at The United Horseturds and Humanewatch.  While we’re at it, maybe we should ask Suey exactly how much of their donated funds go towards actually caring for and rescue horses and how is that rescue/rehab that the UH were pimping out coming along…

Thank goodness, we are working with teams of dedicated attorneys who are providing more free and reduced services than most would ever expect. They have my undying respect and gratitude, and I’ll bet yours, too.

Nonetheless, we must fill up our war chest to have any hope of success. To do this the IEBA Board of Directors and I have developed a multi-pronged fundraising campaign that starts TODAY with your help.

– I thought their attorney looked `cheap’, I guess I didn’t realize just how cheap he really is.  Sometimes you get what you pay for….For the record, sometimes an attorney will take a high-profile case, they know they have little chance of winning just for the publicity and to be able to argue a case in a higher court.  While I’m sure he will try his best to win, it is basically a no lose situation for him and we all know that slaughterphiles love to get themselves into all sorts of legal tangles, so I’m sure he’ll get some kickback business from them as they continue to sue people that hurt their feelings.

Next time you sell a horse sign an IEBA Equine Voluntary Check-off slip and donate $10, or 1% to 100% (you decide), of the sale proceeds, whichever is greater. Click HERE to download a Check-off Slip.  Ask for one next time you sell a horse at a horse sale, and if your sale barn doesn’t already know about it, send them my way.

– This is a strange little gem.  Isn’t it Suey that cries that horses are worthless and some only bring $20 at auction?  If I ever attend a sale that hands me one of their slips I will be leaving and never doing business with that facility again.  I wonder if Carol Rose was signing them off at her dispersal sale today…I omitted the membership tiers and pay pal buttons because we’ve been over that before.

  • Organize an IEBA fundraising event in your community.
    This can be as simple as a dinner or a cocktail party (we’ll be happy to supply speakers and maybe even entertainment), or as fun as a Rope, Stroke, and Poke where two person teams compete in a team roping, a round of golf, and a pool game. I hear in Nebraska another version of this is popular–Rope, Choke, and Poke–instead of golf, they shoot fifty clay pigeons. Or for the non-ropers, how about a Choke ’em, Stroke ’em, and Poke ’em–Skeet, Golf, and Pool? Calcutta anyone? All sounds like big fun, and a great way to gather up some dollars for a good cause!

There are already people getting Rope Choke Stroke or Poke events organized in Iowa, Wyoming, Nevada, and Nebraska…let’s get one together in your neck of the woods!   

– Does anybody else find it ironic she wants to use horses to make money to slaughter horses?  Maybe as an added festivity, they slaughter the rope horses and eat them afterwards.  I sure hope they are clear about what they are raising funds for when they advertise  because I would be very suspicious of any red meat these slaughterphiles serve for any occasion.  I’m seriously surprised they aren’t hosting charity horse trippings.

Dollars raised through any and all activities associated with this fundraising campaign will be used to pay for the legal and political protection and promotion of the horse industry; to work for a strong, sustainable market at every level; protect the rights of equine owners; and to advocate for humane and regulated horse processing ensuring the intrinsic value of every horse.

– What is political protection?  Is that where you buy your own personal politician to creep around in back rooms and remove language from bills about to be signed?  The only part of the horse industry interests she serves to protect are the bottom feeders as the rest seem to be doing just fine.  At least the slaughterphiles did not let us down.  Not even half as many linked this press release as linked the satire article we talked about before that they were all so convinced was real.


As most of you know already, the AQHA is now compelled to register clones due to losing their lawsuit recently (http://www.bionews-tx.com/news/2013/08/16/update-american-quarter-horse-association-loses-cloned-horse-ban-lawsuit/).  I guess this means that the world shows of the future will feature classes like the Smart Little Lena Cutting, restricted to Smart Little Lena clones and things like that.  I find all of this a bit strange and I find the AQHA not wanting to clone a bit weird too.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a big fan of even shipped semen being allowed, let alone embryo transfers.  I think cloning will be the final nail in the AQHA’s coffin.  They’ve been systematically destroying their own breed for years.   If HYPP, HERDA and any other kinds of genetic mutants are not only allowed to breed, but actually regularly rewarded in the showring, what’s a few clones?  The AQHA has gone on record as supporting slaughter and guess what?  Slaughter fuels the clone industry.  Slaughtered mares provide companies such as ViaGen easy access to ovaries and oocytes that they require to build their frankenhorses (http://www.allaboutcutting.com/images/glo-images/PDFs/Cloning%20pdfs/3-Pure-Genetics-QHJrnl.pdf).  Now, to be fair, I haven’t seen a lot of slaughterphiles too excited about clones being registered, but I’ve also seen them argue that it does not fuel slaughter because those horses are too expensive to end up in the pipeline.  Oh really? Smart Little Lena was cutting’s first Triple Crown winner and all time leading sire.  Nearing the end of his life, he was cloned and 5 sons were bornin 2006.  Two of those were reported to have severe conformational defects (whatever that means) and two have proven to be sterile.  Of the 5 clones, 4 were auctioned off as a result of fighting within the syndicate.  The 5th clone had already died of cancer.  They sold for $28,000, $27,000,$3000 and $2400.  Not huge money at all on the grand scale of things and I would hazard a guess that the cheaper two are most certainly not forever safe from becoming Suey’s dinner.  Maybe they’ll see prices increase now that they can register the little freaks, but so far none of them have been shown or even trained as cutting horses.  I’m of the firm belief that it is more than genetics that determine what a horse will become and you cannot recreate the perfect storm that creates the legends.  Perhaps they should have cloned Bill Freeman so he could come back from the grave to train them all too?  If you ask me cloning has a lot to do with the slaughter industry and shows the same lack of regard for the very animals that provide a living to so many.

Smart Little Lena X 5

Smart Little Lena X 5

While we’re on the subject of Quarter Horses and their `intrinsic value’, Carol Rose held her dispersal sale on Friday.  For those that don’t know, she is the all time leading breeder of AQHA performance horses.  Considering how devalued horses are and that the slaughter option is far from settled, you would have to question the wisdom of holding such a sale right now when we hear that the industry is in trouble and there is no base market.  Located in Gainesville, Texas, surely the meat buyers would be out in droves to try to get some of these beefy beauties for slaughter.  I’m going to go ahead and guess that they all went home empty-handed if they did show up.  The low seller of the sale went for $1800 and goes by the name of Floyd.  Floyd also happens to be a steer that is broke to ride western so I’m guessing even he won’t be ending up on a dinner plate any time soon.  As for the rest of the horses, I’d say it went more than well.   Most horses sold in the five to six figure range with her main sire, A Shiner Named Sioux, selling for $850,000.  One buyer alone spent over $3million to get his hands on some of these horses.   For the record, Carol Rose was not selling out due to the state of the industry, but because she is retiring and only kept a few horses for herself, including the legendary Shining Spark.  As most of us already know, slaughter has nothing to do with the value of well-bred, quality animals and with the Thoroughbred sales showing strong returns thus far, I would say that the state of the industry is just fine and definitely in recovery.

Yurs N Mine - sold for $150,000

Yurs N Mine – sold for $150,000

As we all know, slaughterphiles never say die unless they are talking about horses and even then they prefer softer terms such as `harvest’, `process’ and `recycle’.  So, in that spirit, Douchebag Duquette decided to toss his followers a shred of hope by copy and pasting the following blurb.  He doesn’t say where he found it or much of anything other than calling it a `very interesting development’.

Kloucek & Mack ask Humane Society Leaders to Compromise on Horse Processing
For immediate Release: For more info contact Frank 605 583 4468 or email fkloucek@hotmail.com

Frank Kloucek 22 year veteran former legislator, farmer and cattle feeder from Scotland South Dakota and Bob Mack, cattle feeder and rancher from Watertown met with Humane Society of United States {HSUS} officials: President & CEO Wayne Pacelle and Vice President Joe Maxwell on Friday August 9th at the Organization of Competitive Markets annual conference at the Marriott Residence Inn hotel in Kansas City Mo.

Mack said “While I, like many family farmers and ranchers appreciate HSUS attempt to open a dialog and to support issues important to us like the proper use of beef checkoff dollars and the implementation of COOL, their opposition to humane horse slaughter concerns many of us.”

Kloucek said “We thank HSUS for their strong support of Country of Origin Labeling and beef checkoff issues but ask them to help forge a viable compromise on the humane horse processing issue. If they can support humane horse processing in the United States and also helping with alternatives such as funding for the cost of disposal of horses it would go a long way towards building a better image in the agriculture community. The time has come to put facts and sound science above emotion on this issue. The current policy they have on horses is not working and needs to be reexamined.”

“HSUS current position current position blocking horse processing is the US, by their own admission isn’t resulting in less horses going to slaughter. It is just seeing those horses transported longer distances to be slaughtered in less humane facilities or left to starve to death. HSUS policy is currently causing more suffering of horses instead of less. This goes directly against their goals of reducing animal suffering.,” said Mack!

“In WW2 my father and many soldiers owed their lives to the access of high protein horse meat. Currently there is a disconnect in our country. We allow humans to beat and even kill each other such as in kick boxing and we fight wars for oil killing innocent civilians , yet we can not allow for humane horse processing? It is time we step up to the plate and allow horse processing,” said Kloucek.

“I see no way for HSUS to meet their goal in regards to horses without coming up with a humane US horse slaughter policy,” concluded Mack.

“The framework is in place in Iowa and New Mexico to move humanely towards disposal of horses in the United States. I ask that HSUS remove their court injunction and allow this process to continue for the best interest of the horses,” concluded Kloucek.”

Basically, Kloucek and Mack are both Big Ag assholes.  Kloucek is a well-known and long time slaughterphile who was defeated in his senate bid last year.  We are also not sure why D-bag thinks this is `very interesting’ or even a development of any kind since Kloucek has tried for years to get slaughter happening in his home state.  I’m sure they can talk to the HSUS until they are blue in the face and it’s not going to sway them one iota.  However, since reading comprehension is a problem for D-bag and many slaughterphiles, I’m quite certain they have a completely different spin on this that I can’t even begin to guess.  Not sure about the rest of you, but I am kinda looking forward to hearing about what they think this even means.

In Memory of HFA

I’m going to spare you all the frustration of wading through Slaughterhouse Sue’s other links of interest as she has been busy trolling around for articles to support slaughter.  She must be running out of ammo as she is now recycling old links about how much Russians love their horse meat and consider it the `Tatar’s Viagra’, even though they don’t love to buy it from the EU.  What I do want to leave you with is a little good news that is hot off the press.  As many of you have mentioned, there is a lot of concern about a sale going down in Fallon, Nevada tomorrow.  Nearly 500 feral horses have been rounded up by the Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone tribe with the blessing of the U.S. Forest Service and BLM.  Now, remember the reason they wanted to do this is because they are all starving and suffering due to drought and lack of forage.  By all reports, the horses that are crowded into the pens at the sale barn are all in decent shape.  Even worse, they are largely unbranded and likely to be wild horses that were removed from federal land.  Naturally, they were to be run through the auction loose and likely to be bought up by kill buyers.  Some rescues were planning on saving what they could, with Horse Plus Humane Society stating they planned to purchase up to 28 foals.  Thankfully, that may all be on hold as a federal judge in Reno has granted a temporary restraining order to block the sale of all unbranded horses.  (http://wildhorseeducation.org/2013/08/16/judge-grants-tro-to-stop-sale-of-wild-horses-at-nv-slaughter-auctio/).  The TRO is only good until August 21st when further arguments will be heard.  It would seem there was some serious fuckery going on as to where these horses came from and the circumstances surrounding their round-up.


So, we close out another week in the slaughter wars and there is still light at the end of the tunnel which is not an oncoming train.  I see a lot of concern for various causes all having to do with slaughter, but ultimately scattering energies.  In my opinion, it is wise to prioritize.  All of these issues, the wild horses, the kill buyers, neglect, etc. are important.  However, the one thing that threatens every single horse is slaughter.  Even with Iowa supposedly out of the picture, Valley Meats in New Mexico is still fighting to open and we all know Slaughterhouse Sue is heavily invested in Missouri.  We have heard next to nothing about Tennessee, but they have applied for inspection too.  They aren’t going to give up as long as slaughter remains and option.  The priority right now is to get the defunding of inspections passed in the budget and to get the SAFE Act passed.  If the SAFE Act gets passed into law, slaughter ends.  That means no more shipping over borders or anything.  It is of paramount importance to support it.  Get out and educate people.  Comment on articles, write letters and get the word out what horse slaughter is really all about.  Make your voices heard!

The SAFE ACT will not get past the committees onto the floor for a full vote unless the chair for each committee is on board. Currently, S541 is stuck in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, and the Chairman is Thomas “Tom” Harkin [D-IA] @(202) 224-3254.

In the House HR1094 is in the hands of Frank Lucas [R OK-3] @(202) 225-5565 who is Chairman of the Agriculture Committee which oversees the Livestock, Rural Development, and Credit (LRDC) subcommittee and its Chairman is Eric “Rick” Crawford [R-AR1] @(202) 225-4076.

HR1094 has also been referred to Fred Upton [R MI-6] @(202) 225-3761 as Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee who oversees the Health subcommittee and its Chairman is Joseph Pitts [R PA-16] @(202) 225-2411.

We need to make these calls over and over and urge constituents of their districts to become very politely active and persuasive. Some of these chairs lean one way and some the other. Make no assumptions.

Push this. Pass it on. Contact anyone you know who might be, or know, a constituent in their districts, particularly in OK-3. If you know someone who might have clout with these congress people, contact them. We must end this once and for all.

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If anything, this whole pro and anti slaughter business has been a fascinating look into human nature.  Sometimes fascinating is a good thing, like a double rainbow  after a violent storm, and then there are the times fascinating is like a really horrific train wreck.  I’m sorry to say, but lately it’s been all train wreck and some of our antis are have been on that train.  None of us were thrilled to see the news come out that the slaughter-house in Iowa was poised to open its doors in a few short weeks.  Not a single one of us on the anti side.  However, the panic and histrionics that have erupted have been nothing short of astonishing. I did expect a lot of upset at the news earlier this week.  That isn’t surprising.  However, the defeatist attitude I’ve seen is a bit surprising.


The biggest thing that irritates me lately is when I see people say `Well, I’m anti, but I don’t see any other way’.  Oh really?   Has anybody considered the amount of dollars and man hours that it has and continues to take to stop this horse slaughter thing once and for all?  All money and time that could be spent working towards the welfare of all horses.  Anybody that owns a horse is responsible for caring for that animal adequately.  That has never changed and it’s not going to change.  However, we’ve had a problem enforcing existing neglect and abuse laws.  When animal welfare people attempt to put stricter laws in place, the slaughterphiles work to strike them down.  It doesn’t serve them to see a reduction in abuse and neglect.  They would have you believe that abuse and neglect has become rampant since the cessation of domestic slaughter.  That is a complete and utter falsehood (http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/uploads/Study_of_Equine_Abuse.pdf).  To say that lack of slaughter is the sole cause of neglect and abuse is to assume that every single person that neglects and abuses an animal only does so because they don’t have a friendly neighborhood slaughter-house.  Slaughter has ALWAYS been an option and I suggest that if you’re the type of person that neglects and abuses animals, then you probably aren’t overly concerned with how long they may or may not have to stand in a trailer to get there.  Besides, how many of the more vocal PSAs have we seen with skinny or even emaciated horses?  Why didn’t they ship them before it got so bad?  Dorothy Robertson, owner of the two mares pictured below, was busted for neglect and abuse BEFORE slaughter ended in this country as well as after.  Nothing changed.

Mares...note pond in the background that was their drinking source

In another display of defeatism, I’ve seen some antis say `Well, at least they won’t have to ship so far to slaughter’.  I guess that means that y’all think that all those horses maimed and injured during transport only get hurt during the last hundred miles of a long journey.  Actually, most horses are injured during loading and in the initial stages of the journey when they are unsettled.  The rowdy stud colt will likely have his eye poked out before or right after he gets on that trailer and most of the kicking and scrambling, aside from when a horse falls, occurs while they are jostling for position upon loading.  They are still going to have horrible transport conditions and they are still going to be horribly  injured whether they are shipping 100 miles or 500 miles.  Think about it!


Maybe not so many antis, but I see a lot of remarks about the horse market recovering with slaughter coming back.  I guess those 100 or so jobs are really going to boost the economy.  Otherwise, I don’t see the prices changing a whole bunch immediately, especially given the fact that kill buyers have continued to haunt overnight sales without interruption during the past six years.  What you absolutely will see more of is theft and deception.  We’ve all seen those Craigslist Ads where a horse owner says that if they don’t get their price by such and such date, the animal will be shipped.  Well, get ready to see a whole bunch more and get ready for more kill buyers trolling ads and lying their ass off to get free or dirt cheap horses.  The good news is that the prices of quality horses have alreadyrecovered slightly along with the economy (http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/79438/average-up-at-fasig-tipton-kentucky-july).  I guess the next thing we can expect to hear them all whining about is the lack of backyard breeding means the poor 4H kids have no horses to ride.  Although, I saw one of the PSA brainiacs suggest that 4H kids slaughter their horses at the end of the year too, so we all know how far removed from reality they actually are.

horse for sale

I guess the main thing I want to take my anti brothers and sisters to task for is giving up all together.  It’s NOT over.  The announcement of the August 5th opening of Responsible Transportation LLC, is not written in stone.  They still have a rather hard fought battle in court on August 2nd and their victory dance may be premature as always.  The EU deadline of July 31st is very real and that will shut the doors to the export of horse meat to the European Union.  Period.  There is no possible way they can be in compliance despite Olivier Kemseke’s efforts to get `excluded’ animals allowed into the food system.  Also, both the House and Senate committees have voted to defund inspections for horse slaughter (http://animallawcoalition.com/will-congress-reinstate-the-defunding-of-horse-inspections/), as well as the USDA has renewed their request for a ban.  This is in addition to introduction of the SAFE Act (https://www.popvox.com/bills/us/113/s541).  All of these things need all the support we can give them.  I don’t know about you, but I think those are some fairly big hurdles in the way of them getting the plants open.  However, that isn’t to say that Slaughterhouse Sue and her minions don’t have tricks up their own voluminous sleeves.  With the way things have shaken out, it would appear that Iowa was always the `target’ for their flagship slaughter operation.  After all,  Iowa is home to Crazyass Steve King, who basically hates all things animal, female or living for that matter.  You can read all about his hatefulness right here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/slaughterhouse-sue-finds-her-soulmate/).  Iowa also has fairly strict Ag Gag laws so that any monitoring or attempt to expose abuse and mishandling in that slaughter plant will be difficult.  I guess even though the slaughterphiles love to throw Temple Grandin’s name around, they won’t be acting on her recommendation to have third-party video monitoring of the slaughter process to ensure compliance with humane standards.  Dead horses don’t talk anyhow; especially not the ones that have been butchered.


I’m sorry for bitching at `my own’ today.  I’m also sorry I sound like a broken record, but things are very serious.  There isn’t a lot of point spending hours and hours arguing online with die-hard PSAs.  They aren’t going to change their minds.  What you can do is educate those people that haven’t ever considered horse slaughter or what it means.  Educate them with the truth and realities of horse slaughter.  How about writing a letter to your local paper?  More importantly, continue to call your state reps and the president’s office.  Here is a link to the ASPCA’s page where you just have to plug in your zip code to get your emails to the right people: (http://stage.capwiz.com/aspca/issues/alert/?alertid=62752306&type=CO) Even if you’ve done it before, do it again.  Make your voice heard and make it count.  Today is not the 5th of August and neither is tomorrow.  Hell, it’s not even next week.  The only thing that has changed is there is an identified date that we have all known was coming.  Guess what?   It’s not over yet.


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Ok, I know I’ve deviated from our regular pattern of posts since I got back after Christmas.  Like I said, it’s a busy time of year for me and I needed a break from the daily ignorance of our slaughterphile buddies.  We’ve also had more important things to discuss and pay attention to and I just haven’t bothered to take the time to recap everything they have been up to.  For those of you that were worried, I have not mellowed in the least. However, as you are all aware, ignorance never sleeps and slaugherphiles  are no exception to that rule.  So,  even though it’s not Friday and we haven’t done it for a while, for old time’s sake, let’s get out our fingers for a very special Wednesday edition of Point and Laugh Friday.  This edition is brought to you by the letter “S’ for STFU.


As tradition dictates, I think we’ll kick things off with the ever annoying and deceptive, Slaughterhouse Sue.  As most of you are aware, Suey has had some personal tragedy in her life over the past few months.  Out of common human decency, a concept that is foreign to our usual suspects, I elected to cut her some slack.  However, nobody ever accused Suey of being dignified and she certainly hasn’t allowed her troubles to slow her quest to save all equines by slaughtering them.  It also has not brought about an epiphany and inspired her to tell the truth.  I know most of you thought I probably wouldn’t go `there’, but guess what?  I am.  Let’s look at a little article of lies that Suey is quite proud of. (http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming-legislator-returns-to-work-because-she-believes-her-late/article_0884c043-8939-562d-82b8-5a5942d1221e.html) Ok, I’m going to set aside the obvious tragic element to this story and cut straight to the lies about slaughter this article contains; no doubt supplied by Slaughterhouse Sue, herself.

But Wallis and McQueary thought that slaughtering horses for meat was humane treatment for old horses whose owners otherwise sometimes abused them or turned them out to starve. The possibility of selling old horses to slaughterhouses could mean they are valuable and are treated better. She is an executive of a company that’s looking to build slaughterhouses.”

That paints a warm fuzzy picture if you are completely oblivious to the meat industry, doesn’t it? Since when do meat buyers prefer `old’ horses?  Last time I checked, it’s the young and healthy animals that are preferred for slaughter for human consumption. I guess none of those meaty Haflinger and Belgian horses her brother breeds would have anything to do with her salivating at the mouth to bring back slaughter either.  Go to any overnight auction and see how many of both those breeds are currently being run through as slaughter only horses if you have any doubts.  I can also show you pictures of a feedlot in Canada full of nothing but sorrel horses with blonde manes and tails if you still have doubts.  Coincidence?  I wish I could tell you that was the only lie Suey put out lately, but it wasn’t. She resurrected some of her departed husband’s writings on the issue and his recap of their failure of a `Summit’ a few years ago.  (http://rodmcqueary.blogspot.ca/)

What HSUS/PETA did when they closed the horse slaughter plants was to take one fairly responsible and workable solution, and turn it into a plethora of nasty, unsolvable, expensive problems. For the sake of the tribes, their horses, their homelands, and their long-term futures we need to restore the markets for horse meat, and allow them to return to their traditional methods of management. We need to help fix the broken spoke in Arlen Washines’ wobbly wheel.”

So, in the first article it was about helping all the poor starving and old horses have a value and a humane end, but this article says it’s all about helping the tribes and their traditions.  I guess like any good comedian, you change up your act depending on your audience, no?


Let’s move onto Suey’s favorite ass barnacles next.  For those of you new to the blog, that would be Dave `Douchebag’ Duquette and Holy Theresa Manzella.  The holy one is up to her usual schtick of displaying a blatant lack of self-awareness and promoting hatred at any given chance.  She is still quoting the bible and bastardizing it to suit her agenda and talking about humanity and compassion as she continues to support horse slaughter, wolf slaughter and whatever else she perceives to be a threat for her to be a redneck ignoramus.  The other barnacle, Douchebag Duquette took a little trip to Florida and was seen asking his Facebook buddies if they knew of any good horse farms to visit.  I sincerely hope he managed a visit to a few of the bigger ones down there and got an education on how little the lack of slaughter has affected people that are actually successful in the industry.  He also found time to make a post on the UH website.  Actually, I don’t think he was the writer of the post as it is not laced with profanity and grammatical errors like we have come to expect from him.  Likely Puppymill Patterson is ghostwriting for him as she has done in the past.  So, what is the latest butthurt for D-bag and his band of morons?  It should come as no surprise that they are super pissed off that under the new Horse Protection Act that is being introduced, lawmakers seek to regulate the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, particularly soring and other inhumane practices that have outraged most people with a shred of compassion.  (http://www.icontact-archive.com/sRszqmyZGmERhv5PQPZvndHQ__Dir4-I?w=4#.URmvP_eUZ8M) Douchebag Dave refers to it as a `crushing blow to what remains of the US Horse Industry’.  Yes, D-bag, however will we go on if we are not allowed to abuse and torture our animals?  Pull your dress down and stop being such a drama queen.  Remember, PSAs are all about being allowed to do whatever the hell they want with their `property’ even if it flies in the face of basic kindness.  Cue banjo music…


Now it’s time to check in with our favorite multiple personality, Mendy Tobiano.  Because she bases most of her blog on whatever it is that I write about, she hasn’t had a lot to say lately.  I know the fact that my life interferes with my blogging hobby must be frustrating for her, but she has assured us that she is `swamped in research’ and about to pull the penultimate blog entry out of her expansive ass at any time.  What that really means is she is waiting for Wikipedia to update on whatever it is that is sticking in her craw lately, because that, to her, is the best place to get facts from.  I guess she hopes that mining this blog for ideas might actually get people actually comment and participate over there besides herself and her alternate online personae.  Most of what she writes about is splitting hairs and leaping to conclusions that no reasonable person ever would, but her latest shows such an astonishing level of ignorance and lack of reading comprehension, I felt it was finally time to directly address her rambling even though I loathe to.  The regular readers here are well aware of the ongoing saga of 3 time convicted animal hoarder and abuser, Dorothy Robertson and the 34 horses she most recently had seized due to neglect.  The rescue that ended up taking the horses, NNER (Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue) has taken a lot of hits and public attacks as a result, despite the fact they were the ONLY ones that showed up in court to make application for those horses.  In the past week, they have posted a pleas for donations due to an extremely harsh winter and the high cost of rehabbing the appalling condition Big D’s horses were in when they took possession of them.  They estimate that they have spent close to $35,000 bringing these horses back to health and have had very little donations to cover expenses, leaving the head of the rescue to pay out-of-pocket.  Nowhere have they stated they are in the hole for that much money or that they can’t feed their horses.  hey stated they need more funds to move forward. Apparently, the head of the rescue has run into a health crisis at this time as well.  It happens.  What they have done right is ask for help BEFORE things have gone downhill.  I’m sure it wasn’t an easy request to make, but an entirely legitimate one.  They have run a few raffles and fundraisers in an effort to make up some of the cost and that’s legitimate too.  That’s what rescues do, they ask for donations.  But, since Mendy Tobiano can’t resist taking a shot at any rescue and this one happened to have the unmitigated gall to rescue her good buddy, Dorothy Robertson’s hoard, she has decided to carve them up publically.  Nevermind the fact that the only ones that pay the price will be the horses, what PSA have you ever met really ever takes something like that into consideration?  Now the self-important heifer is telling people to call the Nevada Attorney General and have the horses removed from the rescue and auctioned off.  I can’t even make this crap up.  The same person that whines and cries about personal property and that anybody dares to look at her horses or call her on her neglect, now wants to have that done to another person that there is NO evidence that there has ever been neglect.  Right on cue, Big D, who must be freshly out of jail, chimes in with this:

“Pointing out that the rescue involved claims she’s taken not one dime (so what were the donations and chip-in and paypal account payments used for? as well as the reportedly donated vet and farrier services?) but has spent $35,000 to “rehab” these horses…..photos showing horses in some cases to have been in better condition when taken than in the “after” shots taken by NNER and others in unchanged condition. There is a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes in this case…some of which may involve federal agencies.”  

Lord, give me strength!  By now, anybody that cares to have seen the pictures of the wretched condition those horses were in when they were seized.  We have all seen Big D’s past convictions of doing this very thing two other times in the past.  She truly needs to STFU and go collect carpet fleas or something.  Apparently Mendy Tobiano and Big D do not get the difference between asking for help BEFORE things get bad and just flat-out neglecting your animals while you continue to park your ass online 24/7 and fill your gullets with burgers and Doritos.  For the rest of you that are genuine and concerned, you can check in with NNER on their Facebook page as they are running an online auction with several very nice items as well as having some really nice horses up for adoption.  My suggestion to the PSA assholes is to either step up or shut up.  You especially have no business commenting on the condition of anybody’s animals when yours look like this:


One of NT's Horses

One of NT’s Horses

Now that we have recapped the asshattery from the usual suspects, I thought it would be useful to reiterate the `why’s of this blog.  I don’t pretend to be the voice for anybody but myself.  There are lots of anti-slaughter blogs out there and many of them go into far more detail than I do on any given issue.  What bothers me is that people like Slaughterhouse Sue, Mendy Tobiano and all the other band of idiots are not shy about twisting what people have said and spreading their lies far and wide.  Anybody that is on the fence on the slaughter issue can stumble across their ramblings and it would really be a shame for somebody to make up their mind based on propaganda and flat-out lies.  Since I’ve started naming and shaming the loudest ones, many of them have taken their nonsensical ramblings private where there is no danger of an `innocent’ party being swayed by their crap.  Horse Farts imploded and went secret, Mendy Tobiano rarely pokes her nose out in public other than her ridiculous blog that very few people read anyhow.  Now, we have finally driven the United Horsemen to close their doors to onlookers and they won’t have to stumble across their crap either. If we can have a few laughs along the way while most of us really are working hard to end the threat of slaughter, I think that’s great too.  Occasionally, we have the opportunity to make a real difference by getting the word out on an important issue and that’s a bonus.  My inbox is full of things that need to be addressed in the coming weeks.  I will get to all of it as time allows and hopefully we’ll have some updates on the River Ridge Farm situation this week too.  If this language I choose to use or the topics I decide to discuss offends anybody, they always have the option of not coming here and reading.  I suggest that the PSAs that love to follow this blog and whine about how I portray them grow thicker skin in the coming weeks because there are no changes planned as to what I write and how I choose to express myself.  Happy Hump Day People!



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There seems to be some controversy with the PSAs on exactly what a backyard breeder is.  From what I can gather from their incoherent ramblings, they are operating under the misguided assumption that it means anybody breeding on a small scale.  WRONG!  A backyard breeder is somebody who breeds poor quality horses that produce even worse quality foals. They can breed two horses a year or 200.  You know you’re a backyard breeder when you have a field full of mares that were the second cousin twice removed of a horse that was sixth at The Congress in the 70’s,but have no redeeming qualities themselves other than being in possession of a functioning uterus.  The mares in question will often be unbroke or crippled.   Many color breeders, no matter what the breed, will fall into this category. Please note I said `many’ and not `all’.  Many backyard breeders will call their horses by breed names that don’t actually have a registry. Most backyard breeders will have their own `herd sire’ and he may or may not be broke and/or registered.  Backyard breeders will almost always pasture breed and rarely have any idea if the mares in question are actually in foal or not.  They don’t believe in preg checks, ultrasounds or any of that other stuff that would mean proper breeding management.  As a result some backyard foals are dropped out in fields at odd times of the year.  Many backyard foals will eventually end up in the slaughter pipeline.

A boutique breeder is always a smaller breeder, usually keeping no more than 3 or 4 mares that won’t always be bred every single year.  This will be somebody that will always breed quality over quantity.  They will carefully select their mares based on qualities that meet a strict criteria.  The stallions they select will be carefully matched to each mare and the best quality they can get.  A boutique breeder will very rarely ever stand their own stallion.  They always seek out horses that possess traits and bloodlines that are both fashionable and sought after.  Their stock will be from high quality and accomplished ancestors beginning in the first generation.   Boutique breeders rarely have trouble getting high dollars for their stock.  Their horses are all papered through a recognized registry.  They are horses that are normally bred for a purpose, whether that be cutting, racing, dressage etc.  Backyard breeders will preg check and ultra sound a mare as well as give the appropriate shots and vaccinations throughout the gestation.  They will know the approximate due date of the foal and generally be in attendance when it is born or have it foaled out at a nursery.  They will never leave things to chance. Boutique foals almost never end up in the slaughter pipeline.

These aren’t the only two types of breeders there are, they just seem to be the ones that get confused the most.  I wouldn’t consider somebody who has a mare they love and want a single foal out of her to be a backyard breeder, unless they want a whole bunch of foals out of the mare and have no intention on keeping any of them.  I guess my  point is that if you must breed horses, know what it is you’re breeding for.  Ask yourself honestly if there is a market for the resulting foal and is it likely to advance or uphold a breed standard.  What will this foal’s job be when it grows up and does it have the genetic tools to excel at it?  Every breeder will at some point end up with a foal that doesn’t live up to expectations or comes out defective.  For a boutique breeder that will be few and far between.  For a backyard breeder it will be more often than not.

I have to think that the warmblood breeds kinda have the right idea in that they put their breeding stock through rigorous testing and they need to be approved in order to have their offspring accepted into a registry.  One of the battle cries on the PSA front is that there are all these unwanted horses.  They become very indignant when they are told to quit breeding poor quality stock because none of them ever think that applies to them.  What is the harm in breeding only quality horses?  Re-opening slaughter houses is only going to increase the problem of backyard breeding as they will have an easy out again.  I don’t know why that is such a hard concept for them to grasp.

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