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Thanks to everybody for sharing all the contact info and updates for the River Ridge Farms situation in the last post’s comment section.  I have some other things to write about, but they can wait another few days.  There are still over 40 horses at River Ridge Farms likely starving and Sheriff Jones has yet to intervene or act upon countless complaints and actual evidence that animals are suffering.  Clearly, this situation runs far deeper than any of us could know as it is pretty mind-boggling to think that given the condition of the horses that were actually surrendered (two dying from malnutrition within the first few days) to Louisiana Horse Rescue and the photographic evidence that Donna Keen from Remember Me Rescue provided of the horses still at the farm, that they still don’t think there is a basis for seizure and charges because Clay Ryder has been `cooperating’ with them.  This situation has gone on for over a year since original complaints were brought to the attention of Sheriff Jones.  There is no earthly reason for horses to still be starving and dying on that property.  Since so many people have been asking what they can do to help with this situation here is a list of contact numbers that was posted by Remember Me Rescue as they were provided to them by Jeff Dorson of the Louisiana Humane Society:

Livestock Brand Commission 225-925-3962
La State Vet 225-925-3980
La Racing Commission – Dr. Tom David 504-615-1578
Natchitoches District Attorney: 318-357-2214
Natchitoches Sheriff’s Dept: 318-352-6432
Judge Hawthorne – 318-357-2209
Attorney General: 225-326-6200
Another point of contact: John Fleming, Louisiana State Representative: 318-798-2254 or 202-225-2777. Maybe he’d like to hear about what’s going on in his district?
Sheriff’s Office
(318) 357-7801 Receptionist
(318) 357-7802 Sheriff
(318) 357-2214 DA
Call these people and ask them why nothing is being done for these horses and why nobody wants to hold Clay Ryder accountable for cruelty and neglect.  Is this what Natchitoches wants to be known for?  Jeff Dorson further suggested that everybody contact Michael Edmonson who is the superintendent of the State Police (225)925-6006 and ask” why the remaining horses are not being removed and owner not arrested”. No need to be rude or hysterical, but keep on these people.  Don’t let them sweep this under the rug. Don’t accept the SO saying they are going to meet with Ryder and his lawyer to discuss the matter this week.  Clearly their consciences are not motivating them to help these animals, so perhaps persistence and public shame will.  Until the last horse is out of that death camp, we can’t give up.

apparently this picture was taken at River Ridge Farm last year by a concerned horse person

Apparently this picture was taken at River Ridge Farm last year by a concerned horse person

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