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It seems I was premature in covering D-bag Duquette’s magical media tour.  My bad.  After months of not having much to say, he’s having an all out media blitz.  Since we are aware that D-bag is likely not capable of independent thought, this latest round of interviews and press releases have Slaughterhouse Sue’s greasy finger prints all over them.  However, we should cut them some slack as they have cordially invited us to join them for a free lunch in Oklahoma!  Don’t believe me?  Let’s take a look at the latest press release from the United Horsemen.


The latest press release from the UH is basically an invitation to join them in Oklahoma to show your support for horse slaughter.  For once, it’s a relatively short document, so we can actually pick the entire thing apart for our own amusement.  You can see it in it’s original form here: (http://www.icontact-archive.com/sRszqmyZGmERhv5PQPZvnXGro84UyKRz?w=4#).

A bill (H.B. 1999) to allow horse processing in Oklahoma recently passed both the state House and Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support. This is one of the most significant public policy moves in this critical issue facing the equine industry.


The passage of this measure provides an excellent public relations opportunity. In light of the recent worldwide press about horse meat, we are ideally positioned to demonstrate to other policymakers across the U.S. and worldwide that the majority of reasonable Americans support humane horse processing.”

– Well, he is right about one thing.  This does provide an excellent public relations opportunity…for the anti-slaughter side.  Especially in light of the `recent worldwide press about horse meat’.  I really think it takes a special level of ignorance to think that the European horse meat scandal could be considered a positive for the PSAs, but if that’s the publicity vehicle they choose to attach themselves to, by all means we should let them.  Then we can supply the actual facts on this issue.

The radical anti-slaughter side staged a protest on March 4th that brought in 75- 100 protesters who were far outnumbered by members of the news media.”

Now, I wasn’t in Oklahoma on the 4th, so I can’t speak to how many people were or were not there.  However, if even close to that many protesters did show up, they far outnumbered the number of people that showed up for their awesome horse slaughter extravaganza, The Scummit of the Horse, the number of people that showed up to show their support of slaughter in Texas last year, and probably the number of actual paying members the UH still has left.  D-bag is always more than a little off in his numbers though and I’m pretty sure he will eventually tell us that `eleventy billion’ people support slaughter in this country.


“The international spotlight is on Oklahoma right now, and this is the best opportunity we have had to prove that those fringe groups do not speak for the majority of the horse-owning world – not by a long shot!

We realize that many of you, like us, are feeding cows, training horses, doing chores and facing the many other challenges that go along with livestock ownership and management. It is a hardship, if not downright impossible, to get away for a day. But please make an exception for this issue! We need everyone we can get. Send the hired man’s wife and kids – be creative, folks, because this is way bigger than just Oklahoma and we need to have a strong showing.”

– The majority of the horse owning world, huh?  I guess D-bag isn’t counting all the recreational riders that are almost overwhelmingly anti-slaughter as well as a good number of successful equine professionals that are disgusted with him and his little club of horse haters. You know, the actual people that drive the horse industry.  Considering that the slaughter movement have him, a failure of a trainer, and Slaughterhouse Sue, who doesn’t even like horses and blames them for her husband’s death, as their mouth pieces, that doesn’t give them much credibility.  Now, he’s taking a page out of Mendy Tobiano’s book and publicly begging for support.  He doesn’t even care if they are slaughter supporters, just put the bodies there.  How awesome to suggest abusing your position as an employer to force your hired hand and family, who may not be PSAs, to prop up your pitiful numbers.

“Everyone within striking distance – please show up at the Oklahoma State Capitol on the 14th of March for a 10am to 2pm event.


Sign in at 10:00 am Press Conference at 11:00 am Lunch at noon – free to rally participants.”

It was super nice of D-bag to give us the date and time to show up.  I really don’t recommend taking him up on is offer of a free lunch though.  For one thing, you have to sign up to get it and they’ll use that signature as evidence of support, but also he has been known to serve up horse burgers to people in the past.


We really should thank D-bag and his united horseturds for extending this invite and helpfully providing us with the date and time.  As many times as he wants to tell people that we are in the minority, that we are radicals, and that only fringe groups don’t want slaughter back, won’t make it true.  This is also an issue far bigger than horse owners.  Every person that pays taxes has a say in this.  Besides the brutality and cruelty of the slaughter industry, nobody seems to want to talk about the cost of providing those inspections.  The fact that it means less funding to inspect our domestic food supply.  We had horse slaughter not so long ago and most people didn’t eat horse meat then.  What makes them think they are going to want to eat it now?  My suggestion to anybody that is close enough to Oklahoma would be to attend.  Show up, and educate people.  Go armed with the truth.  You can guarantee there will be media coverage and it is our chance to get the real message out there.  Just make sure to pack your own lunch if you’re going.


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Thanks to everybody for sharing all the contact info and updates for the River Ridge Farms situation in the last post’s comment section.  I have some other things to write about, but they can wait another few days.  There are still over 40 horses at River Ridge Farms likely starving and Sheriff Jones has yet to intervene or act upon countless complaints and actual evidence that animals are suffering.  Clearly, this situation runs far deeper than any of us could know as it is pretty mind-boggling to think that given the condition of the horses that were actually surrendered (two dying from malnutrition within the first few days) to Louisiana Horse Rescue and the photographic evidence that Donna Keen from Remember Me Rescue provided of the horses still at the farm, that they still don’t think there is a basis for seizure and charges because Clay Ryder has been `cooperating’ with them.  This situation has gone on for over a year since original complaints were brought to the attention of Sheriff Jones.  There is no earthly reason for horses to still be starving and dying on that property.  Since so many people have been asking what they can do to help with this situation here is a list of contact numbers that was posted by Remember Me Rescue as they were provided to them by Jeff Dorson of the Louisiana Humane Society:

Livestock Brand Commission 225-925-3962
La State Vet 225-925-3980
La Racing Commission – Dr. Tom David 504-615-1578
Natchitoches District Attorney: 318-357-2214
Natchitoches Sheriff’s Dept: 318-352-6432
Judge Hawthorne – 318-357-2209
Attorney General: 225-326-6200
Another point of contact: John Fleming, Louisiana State Representative: 318-798-2254 or 202-225-2777. Maybe he’d like to hear about what’s going on in his district?
Sheriff’s Office
(318) 357-7801 Receptionist
(318) 357-7802 Sheriff
(318) 357-2214 DA
Call these people and ask them why nothing is being done for these horses and why nobody wants to hold Clay Ryder accountable for cruelty and neglect.  Is this what Natchitoches wants to be known for?  Jeff Dorson further suggested that everybody contact Michael Edmonson who is the superintendent of the State Police (225)925-6006 and ask” why the remaining horses are not being removed and owner not arrested”. No need to be rude or hysterical, but keep on these people.  Don’t let them sweep this under the rug. Don’t accept the SO saying they are going to meet with Ryder and his lawyer to discuss the matter this week.  Clearly their consciences are not motivating them to help these animals, so perhaps persistence and public shame will.  Until the last horse is out of that death camp, we can’t give up.

apparently this picture was taken at River Ridge Farm last year by a concerned horse person

Apparently this picture was taken at River Ridge Farm last year by a concerned horse person

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