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As the clock runs out on pending litigation in New Mexico that will, at least temporarily, decide the fate of countless horses, both sides of the slaughter issue are making their best plays and pulling cards out of their sleeves.  For the anti side of the issue, we have seen some high-profile and high-powered people such as the Attorney General of New Mexico, Gary King, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, as well as celebrity and noted conservationist, Robert Redford join in the fight to remove slaughter as an option.  Also stepping out of the shadows are long-time and powerful advocates Victoria McCullough and Sen. Joe Abruzzo (http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/07/18/political-savvy-a-powerful-weapon-in-horse-slaughter-fight-79868). We have also seen many native people, including tribal leaders join in on the side of anti slaughter as well.  Positive developments for sure.  As far as the pro side of the issue, well….they have Douchebag Duquette and his press releases and today’s was epic.   Because I’m a giver, I’m going to walk y’all through it in all its glory.


Yes, you all read correctly.  Douchebag Duquette has temporarily vacated Slaughterhouse Sue’s rectum long enough to issue a press release.  As we have come to expect as of late, this release appears to have been ghost written or at least heavily edited for D-bag as it is fairly easy to read and devoid of most of the grammatical and spelling errors that he is prone to.  You can read it for yourself here: (http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Round-One-Begins.html?soid=1112812195452&aid=_rjqzVMgurs).  Not surprisingly, D-bag kicks off his little memorandum by whining about Victoria McCullough.

Here is reason one of why our battle has been so difficult, read on;


“The only child of the late Rexford Davis, founder of the country’ s largest, privately held petroleum company,  McCullough says she has no idea of her net worth as Chesapeake Petroleum’s heir and reigning board chair, nor does she care.


Hers is a life of privilege, but McCullough doesn’t take it for granted. Money can make you, break you or give you some vision, she says, and for her, it’s the latter. For her, it has helped fuel a passion for saving the animals that have given her such joy, and purpose.”
So while at first reading this sounds really good, like we can get behind this. But all it takes is one more paragraph of this article  and you will see another uninformed  billionaire.
– For those of you new to this part of the slaughter wars, it is worth mentioning that according to any good PSA, if you have any money and are not sucking the government tit, you can’t possibly know anything about horses.  The article he linked is the same one I did above and clearly states that Ms. McCullough is actually an accomplished horse woman and has rescued over 1800 horses to date, including buying out an entire slaughter sale at Sugarcreek, Ohio.  She isn’t exactly new to this cause although she has done her work quietly up until now.
Let’s take for example Feral Tribal Horses, now this excludes the 9-10 million domestic horses, let’s just talk about the Tribal horses. If this billionaire really wanted to help out and put her money to good use she would be able to help much more than 1,800 horses while also helping the thousands of deer, elk, moose and antelope affected by these feral tribal horses, and lets not forget the human cost of all this. All she would have to do is give the Tribes about a half a billion a year to feed and manage the horses that they have no way to control.
– How awesome it must be to be as simple as D-bag Duquette.  The fact is that other tribes aside from the Yakama Nation are exploring other options besides slaughter to manage their herds and want no part of his disgusting plans.  If you notice, `give me/them money’ is a very common theme for the PSAs.  They get in over their heads and then it’s up to everybody, especially the taxpayer to bail them out so they can continue on the way they always have.  Everybody else must always be responsible for cleaning up their mess.
The Tribes are suffering with NO bailout money coming like the BLM has. Some Reservations have turned into wastelands with horses now starving to death. While Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana begs for Federal money to eradicate the feral hogs that are a problem in her state she is pushing for the SAFE act, which we call the Starve America’s Feral Equines act which will make it impossible for the Tribes to deal with their situation.
– D-bag likes to state that the tribal horses are not `wild’ but feral.  That would mean they were turned loose and that begs the question on why anybody other than those that did or allowed this to happen should have to `clean it up’.  How about if the Yakama Nation, and that’s who he’s really referring to, use some of their casino income to deal with their horse problem?  As far as the feral hogs go, clearly D-bag hasn’t ever had an encounter with one other than Slaughterhouse Sue.  They are a danger people among other things.  I have yet to hear of a wild or feral horse launching an unprovoked attack on anybody.  Besides, pigs and horses are kind of an apples and oranges deal, no?
The Humane Society of the US is so afraid the general public will find out what they have done to the Tribes and Tribal lands that now they have found a “Chief”, or should I say paid a tribal member to call himself a Chief to try to show support for their agenda from the Tribes. When the reality is all Land/horse based tribes support bringing domestic slaughter back.
– This may be one of the more ignorant statements that D-bag has issued in quite some time.  Wasn’t it only last week that Suey, called all antis `culturally arrogant and ethnically insensitive’?  How dare he suggest that anybody could just call themselves `Chief’ and take money to do so?  Then to blow a snot bubble out of his nose and say that any native that doesn’t see things his way is just paid by the HSUS because ALL land based tribes support slaughter????  Really?  I guess the Lakota Sioux of South Dakota, the Diné of Arizona,  and the confederated tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, to name just a few,who are all both land based and anti-slaughter don’t count in D-bag’s world.  Many of which have put programs and funding in place to deal with their herds.  I’ve linked this article before, but it will show you that D-bags natives are in the vast minority by being Pro.  (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/article/american-indians-offer-programs-for-horses-that-treat-the-sacred-animals-as-a-way-of-life-70636+)
Again I pose this question to those who oppose horse processing, what is your solution to the unwanted horse crisis? Those who oppose horse processing have had six years since the original plant closure to come up with solutions. The suffering of horses has only intensified during that time.
– Well D-bag, how is that little rescue and rehab center you promised to have opened up over a year ago coming along?  Those of you who support slaughter have had decades and decades worth of slaughter and still we had abused and neglected animals.  Forgive US if it takes more than six years, throughout which we have spent untold time and resources fighting the PSAs, to clean up YOUR mess.  In other words, the majority of us will be able to funnel all the time, money and effort, we have expended to try to stop slaughter, into helping animals in crisis once we get this issue resolved.  No, the suffering of horses has not intensified at all in the last six years, it’s about the same and will remain the same as long as assholes own horses.  Slaughter won’t fix that.  It never has.
Soon we will be like Australia and this is the wall we will be up against if we don’t come together and fight back against the uninformed. Read about their problem Here.
– I actually have a brilliant idea to help Australia, where they do have slaughter, out and us, who don’t want it.  We’ll just hook them up with the Tongans since their proximity is far closer than Sigourney, Iowa to the Kingdom of Tonga.  There!  All fixed!

The United Horsemen is in it for the long haul. We thank you for supporting us, and we ask for your continued support as we continue to fight for the welfare of horses and the horse industry. We are putting together a strategic nationwide Billboard campaign and we will need the financial support of all of our friends. 

– This last part actually made my whole week.  Yes, y’all read that right.  D-bag and the United Horseturds are going to put together a nationwide billboard campaign.  The very same people that accused anti slaughter people of `wasting money on billboards instead of helping horses’ are going to make up their own billboards.  Anybody want to bet they’ll have poor skinny horses, the kind that never go for food, on them?  They can hardly show the reality of horses with their eyes poked out or gutted horses handing from bleed rails, or any other number of factual slaughter imagery.  Oh well, nobody has ever accused D-bag of having an original thought let alone an independent one.


All in all, I have to say this was a very entertaining press release from D-bag this week.  Aside from his denials, delusions and questionable math skills, the only thing new he brought to the party was his billboard campaign.  I’m sure that will go over about like a fart in church; highly inappropriate, but you won’t be able to stop from laughing.  So far, he’s received 4 whole `likes’ for his latest efforts but that is only on the public United Horseturd page as opposed to the super secret bat cave where they all get worked up over the prospect of torturing horses and give each other congratulatory reach arounds.  It’s good to know that when you pay for your membership, you’re paying for ridiculous billboards rather than actually helping horses at his non-existent rescue and rehab center.  D-bag would do well to remember that every time he takes his finger out of his nose and points, he has four fingers pointing right back at him.

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It seems that everybody is good and stirred up over the looming deadline for slaughter this upcoming week.  Good.  We certainly don’t know how it’s all going to shake out on Friday, but many of us are hopeful we’ll get a stay of execution for our equine friends.  I wish I could tell you all the ultimate good news which is a final end to this madness, but we aren’t quite there yet.  We do have some decent news though that will hopefully cheer some people up and motivate you to keep up the good fight.


As most of you are aware, Front Range Equine out of Colorado (www.frontrangequinerescue.org)have partnered with the HSUS in filing suit to stop the opening of the slaughter houses that have been granted conditional inspection permits.  That would be the case in New Mexico against the USDA over them issuing these permits without proper environmental review.  Yesterday, Front Range Equine issued the following statement on their Facebook page:

A quick update to our lawsuit against USDA:
Yesterday, the State of New Mexico asked the court to allow it to enter the case Front Range Equine Rescue filed against the USDA for authorizing the beginning of horse slaughter without engaging in proper environmental review. In support of its request to be able to join the lawsuit, the State cited the need to protect against a violation of New Mexico environmental and public health laws associated with horse slaughter, to prevent the production of adulterated horse meat, and to prevent a financial impact to the state. New Mexico now wishes to become a plaintiff in the lawsuit and defend the state from the harms of horse slaughter.

Yesterday also saw several Native Americans enter the case, tribal members and leaders who believe that horse slaughter is a violation of Native American principles and culture, and will poison the environment and produce unsafe meat.

There are a couple of things to look at here.  First, the state of New Mexico does not want this industry regardless of what Slaughterhouse Sue and her merry band of horse haters tell you.  Perhaps more importantly is the participation of `several Native Americans’ both tribal members and leaders that also don’t want any part of this barbaric industry.  This paints quite a different picture than the one Slaughterhouse Sue and D-bag Duquette have been flashing around for months and months.  Suey would have us believe that all tribes and their people are positively moist at the prospect of being able to slaughter their horses based on the fact she somehow managed to get Jason Smith, President of the National Horse Coalition, says.  Despite their lofty name and title, it would seem that the National Tribal Horse Coalition is really not speaking for the people and may be just another smokescreen for Suey’s efforts. Kinda the same way she likes to refer to herself as speaking for the entire horse industry that is widely disgusted by her.  It would seem by the both the statement released today and this article from last year (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/article/american-indians-offer-programs-for-horses-that-treat-the-sacred-animals-as-a-way-of-life-70636) that the native population that are interested in slaughter are a few minority tribes in the mid and northwest and somewhat misleading in naming themselves as the `National’ anything.  The linked article talks about what other tribes are doing to address their horse population while still respecting the animal and NOT slaughtering them.  For anybody interested, court documents can be viewed here: (http://docs.burningbird.net/sun-07212013-1007/several-new-filings-front-range-equine-rescue-et-al-vs-usda-horse-slaughter)


As I always say, when Slaughterhouse Suey shuts her yap for more than 48 hrs, she is normally up to something.  It would seem this time is no different as Front Range Equine also had this to say today:

On Friday, filings to intervene on USDA’s side of the lawsuit are proposed slaughter plants Responsible Transportation (IA) and Rains Natural Meats (MO) along with Chevaline LLC and the Confederated Tribes & Bands of the (highly misinformed and misled) Yakama Nation. Chevaline is Sue Wallis.

That’s right, yet another `company’ that Suey is behind.  Chevaline has been in existence for about 3 years and is listed as an LLC that supplies wholesale frozen foods (http://www.manta.com/c/mx3dzmr/chevaline-llc).  It would seem this will be the company Suey runs with as she has registered `Humane Equine Products’ as a trademark or is at least attempting to.  It is currently published for opposition on this site: (http://www.trademarkia.com/chevaline-humane-equine-products-85779889.html).  Even more questionable is that if you do a company search on Chevaline LLC, it had an estimated annual revenue of $170,00 (http://companies.findthecompany.com/l/30872364/Chevaline-Llc-in-Recluse-WY).  I’m not sure of the accuracy of that number or what it is based on, but it seems rather high considering she hasn’t been able to legally slaughter a horse for consumption in this country yet.  Given the fact that Chevaline is joining in on the lawsuit and that isn’t free, I have to wonder if she isn’t getting backed by foreign interests and filtering it through this company.  We already know she has several companies and organizations so it gets a bit tough to keep up with.  If you want to take a look at the company website, complete with pictures of Suey cavorting with the Tongans in Utah, while they all eat horse meat (legal?), it’s right here : (http://chevaline.us/).  It would seem between Chevaline and Wyoming Meats, Suey is going to be killing a LOT of horses if she gets her way.  As per her own sworn statement to intervene in the present litigation, Chevaline has been in the business of marketing equines for slaughter for consumption since January 2012.  She also states that she contracts with both the Missouri and Iowa slaughter plants.  (http://docs.burningbird.net/horse/courtcase/document51.pdf).  Please let this finally be all of Suey’s hairy ass exposed for us to deal with as I’m just not I’m prepared to see any more crack from this cretin.


So there you have it.  It’s not the absolute best news ever, but it’s all good today.  They have a battle on their hands, which we already knew.  They don’t have quite all the support that they would have people believe and it’s not over.  I know many of you are getting frustrated.  It is tiring to keep fighting these asswads on every front.  I know several of you are mostly concerned with the wild herds.  I’m concerned with all horses and for me, the priority is to get the threat of slaughter removed first and then go after what is going on with the BLM.  The good part is you each get to make your own choice, so don’t give up quite yet.  It’s going to be a very long and busy week.  Keep a good thought!



Today, Robert Redford and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, joined in on the pending lawsuit on the side of the horses.  They have formed The Foundation to Protect New Mexico’s Wildlife and their first act was to join in on the federal lawsuit filed by the HSUS to block the opening of slaughter houses for horses.  Also, on Friday New Mexico Attorney General Gary King filed a motion to intervene on behalf of slaughter opponents.  Rumor has it that somewhere in Wyoming, steam was seen to be pouring out of Slaughter House Suey’s ears as she added Robert Redford to her hit list of celebrities she hates which also includes long deceased Bea Arthur.  (http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/redford-richardson-form-foundation-that-wants-to-join-lawsuit-against-horse-slaughter/2013/07/22/beca2778-f2f0-11e2-8464-57e57af86290_story.html)

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If anything, this whole pro and anti slaughter business has been a fascinating look into human nature.  Sometimes fascinating is a good thing, like a double rainbow  after a violent storm, and then there are the times fascinating is like a really horrific train wreck.  I’m sorry to say, but lately it’s been all train wreck and some of our antis are have been on that train.  None of us were thrilled to see the news come out that the slaughter-house in Iowa was poised to open its doors in a few short weeks.  Not a single one of us on the anti side.  However, the panic and histrionics that have erupted have been nothing short of astonishing. I did expect a lot of upset at the news earlier this week.  That isn’t surprising.  However, the defeatist attitude I’ve seen is a bit surprising.


The biggest thing that irritates me lately is when I see people say `Well, I’m anti, but I don’t see any other way’.  Oh really?   Has anybody considered the amount of dollars and man hours that it has and continues to take to stop this horse slaughter thing once and for all?  All money and time that could be spent working towards the welfare of all horses.  Anybody that owns a horse is responsible for caring for that animal adequately.  That has never changed and it’s not going to change.  However, we’ve had a problem enforcing existing neglect and abuse laws.  When animal welfare people attempt to put stricter laws in place, the slaughterphiles work to strike them down.  It doesn’t serve them to see a reduction in abuse and neglect.  They would have you believe that abuse and neglect has become rampant since the cessation of domestic slaughter.  That is a complete and utter falsehood (http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/uploads/Study_of_Equine_Abuse.pdf).  To say that lack of slaughter is the sole cause of neglect and abuse is to assume that every single person that neglects and abuses an animal only does so because they don’t have a friendly neighborhood slaughter-house.  Slaughter has ALWAYS been an option and I suggest that if you’re the type of person that neglects and abuses animals, then you probably aren’t overly concerned with how long they may or may not have to stand in a trailer to get there.  Besides, how many of the more vocal PSAs have we seen with skinny or even emaciated horses?  Why didn’t they ship them before it got so bad?  Dorothy Robertson, owner of the two mares pictured below, was busted for neglect and abuse BEFORE slaughter ended in this country as well as after.  Nothing changed.

Mares...note pond in the background that was their drinking source

In another display of defeatism, I’ve seen some antis say `Well, at least they won’t have to ship so far to slaughter’.  I guess that means that y’all think that all those horses maimed and injured during transport only get hurt during the last hundred miles of a long journey.  Actually, most horses are injured during loading and in the initial stages of the journey when they are unsettled.  The rowdy stud colt will likely have his eye poked out before or right after he gets on that trailer and most of the kicking and scrambling, aside from when a horse falls, occurs while they are jostling for position upon loading.  They are still going to have horrible transport conditions and they are still going to be horribly  injured whether they are shipping 100 miles or 500 miles.  Think about it!


Maybe not so many antis, but I see a lot of remarks about the horse market recovering with slaughter coming back.  I guess those 100 or so jobs are really going to boost the economy.  Otherwise, I don’t see the prices changing a whole bunch immediately, especially given the fact that kill buyers have continued to haunt overnight sales without interruption during the past six years.  What you absolutely will see more of is theft and deception.  We’ve all seen those Craigslist Ads where a horse owner says that if they don’t get their price by such and such date, the animal will be shipped.  Well, get ready to see a whole bunch more and get ready for more kill buyers trolling ads and lying their ass off to get free or dirt cheap horses.  The good news is that the prices of quality horses have alreadyrecovered slightly along with the economy (http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/79438/average-up-at-fasig-tipton-kentucky-july).  I guess the next thing we can expect to hear them all whining about is the lack of backyard breeding means the poor 4H kids have no horses to ride.  Although, I saw one of the PSA brainiacs suggest that 4H kids slaughter their horses at the end of the year too, so we all know how far removed from reality they actually are.

horse for sale

I guess the main thing I want to take my anti brothers and sisters to task for is giving up all together.  It’s NOT over.  The announcement of the August 5th opening of Responsible Transportation LLC, is not written in stone.  They still have a rather hard fought battle in court on August 2nd and their victory dance may be premature as always.  The EU deadline of July 31st is very real and that will shut the doors to the export of horse meat to the European Union.  Period.  There is no possible way they can be in compliance despite Olivier Kemseke’s efforts to get `excluded’ animals allowed into the food system.  Also, both the House and Senate committees have voted to defund inspections for horse slaughter (http://animallawcoalition.com/will-congress-reinstate-the-defunding-of-horse-inspections/), as well as the USDA has renewed their request for a ban.  This is in addition to introduction of the SAFE Act (https://www.popvox.com/bills/us/113/s541).  All of these things need all the support we can give them.  I don’t know about you, but I think those are some fairly big hurdles in the way of them getting the plants open.  However, that isn’t to say that Slaughterhouse Sue and her minions don’t have tricks up their own voluminous sleeves.  With the way things have shaken out, it would appear that Iowa was always the `target’ for their flagship slaughter operation.  After all,  Iowa is home to Crazyass Steve King, who basically hates all things animal, female or living for that matter.  You can read all about his hatefulness right here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/slaughterhouse-sue-finds-her-soulmate/).  Iowa also has fairly strict Ag Gag laws so that any monitoring or attempt to expose abuse and mishandling in that slaughter plant will be difficult.  I guess even though the slaughterphiles love to throw Temple Grandin’s name around, they won’t be acting on her recommendation to have third-party video monitoring of the slaughter process to ensure compliance with humane standards.  Dead horses don’t talk anyhow; especially not the ones that have been butchered.


I’m sorry for bitching at `my own’ today.  I’m also sorry I sound like a broken record, but things are very serious.  There isn’t a lot of point spending hours and hours arguing online with die-hard PSAs.  They aren’t going to change their minds.  What you can do is educate those people that haven’t ever considered horse slaughter or what it means.  Educate them with the truth and realities of horse slaughter.  How about writing a letter to your local paper?  More importantly, continue to call your state reps and the president’s office.  Here is a link to the ASPCA’s page where you just have to plug in your zip code to get your emails to the right people: (http://stage.capwiz.com/aspca/issues/alert/?alertid=62752306&type=CO) Even if you’ve done it before, do it again.  Make your voice heard and make it count.  Today is not the 5th of August and neither is tomorrow.  Hell, it’s not even next week.  The only thing that has changed is there is an identified date that we have all known was coming.  Guess what?   It’s not over yet.


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Ughh, I hate writing blogs on the weekend as a rule. Not that my weekend days are a whole bunch different from any other day depending on the time of the year, but there is something magical about a Saturday for some reason.  However, there is a LOT of stuff going on and if I didn’t get this dispatched, I’d be backed up worse than Suey’s colon after consuming the family horse in one sitting.  I mentioned in Point and Laugh Friday, that Slaughterhouse Suey had been a bit too quiet lately and her `no comment’ on slaughter was ominous.  However, I did cover myself by saying that it probably meant she was up to something.  Well, she was.  Among other things that we’ll get to, she was giving a radio interview regarding the newest wannabe Horsey Auschwitz in Iowa.  While I’m not sure exactly what she expected or hoped to accomplish with this interview, it is quite entertaining and somewhat interesting.   We actually had a host that just might have done some research and asked some tough questions.  The best part is that Wayne Pacelle from HSUS was also in on the interview along with Keaton Walker from Responsible Transportation and some woman called Marion Nestle who is a Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health (the department she chaired from 1988-2003) and Professor of Sociology at New York University.  Marion actually didn’t appear to have a dog in this fight.  So, because I love y’all so much, I’m going to give you a little recap on how it all went down.  You can listen for yourself here: (http://iowapublicradio.org/post/horse-slaughter-iowa).  The program aired last week on Iowa Public Radio and was hosted by Ben Kieffer.  This is entry is a  long one, but please read the end part if nothing else.  Some very important updates and information is linked.

Responsible Transportation LLC

Responsible Transportation LLC

For those of you that don’t know, the new plant in Sigourney, Iowa is owned by Responsible Transportation LLC.  They even have this nice little website up and running already with the usual propaganda and a quick send form you can fill out if you would like to give them your horse! (http://www.responsible-transportation.com/).  The CEO of this place is Keaton Walker and he was the first guest on the talk show.  Keaton is rather well spoken and I can see that he may even have a great future in politics as he says a lot without saying much and is completely awesome at not directly answering tough questions.  Although, in this interview I was not sure if he was being deliberately obtuse or he just hasn’t memorized all sections on the `Make People Feel Good About Slaughter’ handbook.  One of the things that Keaton wanted everybody to know is that they vow to humanely euthanize horses.  He then went on to say this would be done via captive bolt by `skilled professionals’.  When pressed exactly what sort of horses he planned on slaughtering, Keaton kinda danced around the issue saying he planned on getting them from the same channels as Canada and Mexico were getting them.  When Ben Kieffer directly asked him if these were going to be old and sick animals, he said that yes they would be along with animals that have no value and met USDA guidelines on being `fit to be processed’.  Last time I checked, sick animals were not fit to be processed, but whatever…Keaton also said that they had been given a conditional grant of inspection but they would not be up and running until the USDA had trained their inspectors and he was very vague as to when that would be.  He hopes to get up to slaughtering ten thousand horses a year in his little shop of horrors and employ up to 25 people.  What a huge boost to the economy 25 whole new jobs will be!  According to his LinkedIn profile page, Responsible Transportation LLC has been around since 2010 but he stated on this show that they had only been doing renovations for the past six months, including a custom `knock box’ in which they will use the captive bolt.  He swears this plant will be more humane and different from the ones in Mexico or Canada, but was very vague on how that would be other than geographically.  Keaton dutifully regurgitated the tired stories of people finding strange horses in their trailers at sales and wanting to provide a `sustainable alternative’ for horse owners.  Huh?  It should be noted that Keaton is young and he wrote this business plan at University and won some competitions for it.  He said he planned to sell his horse product to zoos, sanctuaries and has been `exploring other opportunities’.   Again, he was very vague when directly asked where he was getting his funding from other than to say some local investors had chipped in.  He did admit that if Congress stops horse slaughter in the coming months, his business will have to `evolve’.  Your guess is as good as mine as to what that means.  According to Keaton, it’s really only been people from California who are in opposition to his slaughter-house.  Ok then….

Keaton Walker

Keaton Walker

Next up on the program was Marion Nestle.  As mentioned, she is a very well-educated woman and she has also written several books on food issues. Apparently, she really digs food.   She really didn’t seem like she leaned one way or another, but was there to provide some background to the European horse meat scandal.  According to Ms. Nestle, it began in Ireland and they came to find that up to 1/3 of packaged super market meals that was labelled as beef was tainted with horse meat.  She said that she was unsure why whatever group it was decided to suddenly test for it, but that it was only recently DNA technology was good enough to find this out and it has been found everywhere in Europe.  Gross. She also suspects it has been going on for a very long time.  She mainly blames it on the slaughter system in Europe and the fact that the supply chains are very complex so it is easier to pass horse meat off as beef.  As a result, she says everybody is testing now.  I’m not sure how true that is or isn’t, but I’m glad I’m not planning on going to Europe this year.


The other thing Nestle discussed was the background on the slaughter ban.  According to her, pet food was originally `invented’ to deal with the remains of slaughtered horses.  What????  Does this mean that, historically, Americans weren’t gobbling up horses at the rate Suey suggests????  This was eventually phased out as beef, chicken and other products have become cheaper to use.  She talked about the end of slaughter causing all the horses to go to Canada and Mexico and that isn’t humane either.  Seriously?  Does not a single one of these people realize those slaughter plants are run EXACTLY how the new ones will be?  Anyhow, she theorizes that America’s strong animal welfare tradition is what has led to the reopening of slaughter; so that we could control the conditions under which our horses are killed or something.  She also says that the whole issue rests on who has the most political power and that the HSUS are very well-organized politically.  For somebody who is professor in food studies and public health, she didn’t seem overly concerned one way or another if people ate horses nor did she ever mention the drug issue or the fact they are not raised and traced as food animals.  I’m gonna give Marion a C on her performance.

Marion Nestle

Marion Nestle


Next we get to the part of the interview I was totally looking forward to.  It’s the Wayne and Suey show!  Wayne Pacelle got to go first.  I guess in this instance since it was  a case of brains AND beauty before…well, whatever you want to call Suey.  Wayne got to say his piece first.  He talked a bit about the pending lawsuit against the USDA.  It is part of a larger effort to block slaughter and is based on them violating administrative procedure and the federal environmental act or something.  He discussed the huge environmental impact of a community hosting a slaughter facility and cited Kaufman, Texas, which we all know the PSAs don’t believe in despite irrefutable evidence and documentation.  Pacelle also said that the SAFE Act was designed to stop ALL slaughter, meaning domestic and shipping to other countries.  Despite what the PSAs think, he said that the burden needs to be placed on all horse owners to properly handle their animals and nobody is telling them they have to provide lifetime care if that animal is of no use to them and can’t be rehomed, but that they can humanely euthanize via chemical or bullet. They aren’t even asking people to take `heroic action’ to keep their horses alive for years after their useful years.  Now if you truly love and care about horses, doesn’t that make sense to you?  He also said that they weren’t suggesting horses be treated as cats and dogs and that they can be used for work, performance or as pets, but that they deserve to be treated humanely.  According to his stats 91% of horses sent to slaughter are perfectly healthy, which sounds about right.  He also touched on the commercial incentive to slaughter and how some horses are unethically obtained for that pipeline, which we also know is true.  We’ll hear a bit more from him in a bit, but now we get to hear from Slaughterhouse Suey.

Wayne Pacelle

Wayne Pacelle

Suey is introduced as a Wyoming State Rep, Rancher an co-chair of the IEBA.  I guess since it was only an hour-long show, they didn’t have time to tick off all the other little ventures she has her pudgy fingers in.  I wonder if D-bag is out of favor this week as no mention was ever made of the United Horseturds either.  Anyhow, Suey kicks off her talk as telling us all she comes from an `agriculture background’ and is 5th or 6th generation.  We need to cut her some slack on not being sure what generation she is in as she’s likely her own first cousin as well as aunt, the way they roll where she is from.  It gets confusing, I’m sure.  Anyhow, she makes sure she tells us all that slaughter is great because horse meat is `humane, safe, nutritious, and delicious’.  She always has to put that `delicious’ boot in whenever she talks of horse meat and I can almost picture her with a piece of gristle stuck between her front teeth and grease from the fat dripping from her chin.  She also blathers on about the rights of horse owners and creating jobs and opportunity.  You know, because if each of six slaughter houses create an average of 20 jobs each, those 120 jobs are really going to fix the economy and offset the lost income of not shoeing, feeding, caring for and outfitting tens and thousands of animals a year.  Ben Kieffer actually asks her why not do the same with all the unwanted cats and dogs (I’m paraphrasing obviously) and she says because they are not traditionally food animals.  Oh, kinda like horses then?  Pay attention to that part because it’s important in a bit.  She then brings out the fact that Harvard had horse meat on the menu up until the 90’s.  How many times have we heard this now?   Then she talks about all the ethnic communities that LOVE horse meat like the Tongans.  It’s always about the Tongans for her.  I don’t know a single thing about them nor have I ever met a Tongan.  I just know that they all eat horses apparently.  According to Suey, everybody but the US is chowing down on horses all the time and cites Canada, Mexico, China and Japan.  I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico and I spend part of my year in Canada and I have yet to see horse meat on the menu anywhere.  In fact, I have only ever seen it in a store ONCE and that was in a very filthy and obscure market in Chinatown in a certain city.  Just saying, that she may be exaggerating slightly.  Between the stammering, stuttering and ummming, Suey manages to call anybody against slaughter elitist and arrogant and saying we sensationalize the issue.  Note that she is the ONLY person interviewed that has felt the need to hurl insults.  Suey also informs us that 75% of the horses processed in Canada are from the US.  That seems a bit inflated to me, but I’m sure one of the readers here can speak to that?

Slaughterhouse Sue

Slaughterhouse Sue

Now we get to the fun part of the interview.  Suey and Wayne get to do a little back and forth.  Pacelle responds to Suey’s sweeping generalizations and skewed stats by addressing global consumption of horse meat and indicates that probably a fraction of 1% of people globally actually consume horse meat.  While Suey indicated China as a big consumer of horse meat, they actually kill something like 4 million dogs a year for consumption.  So much for her `not traditional food animal’ statement as we do have a lot of Chinese people over here. I sure hope he didn’t give her any ideas or that nobody in her family died as a result of a dog bit or they’ll be next on her hit list, I’m sure.  He also said that horse slaughter is not about raw economics but American values and that there is no and has never been a major history of commercial consumption of horse meat.  He even mentioned states such as Texas and Oklahoma having bans on horse meat for human consumption.  Clearly, this pisses Suey off as she is chomping at the bit to rebut and she does by saying that the only reason those states banned horse meat was due to World War II and the cattle and hog population being decimated in the 30’s, making horses a market threat to the cattle industry. BTW, I called up my parents tonight and asked if they ate horse meat as kids (which would have been around that time) and they asked if I had been drinking…. According to Suey, the banning of horse meat was a knee jerk reaction to boost up the cattle industry.  Way to throw one of your biggest supporters under the bus Suey!  She also said the ban had nothing to do with food safety or quality but rather that horse meat could be passed off as beef.  Thanks for helping out our argument Suey!  Awesome!  Suey and Wayne then start talking over each other with Suey getting obviously pissed and Wayne kinda chuckling when he tells her there is no prohibition on horse meat in this country, but that people just don’t really want it.  They can still import it from Canada or whatever but the demand is such that it’s not worth it.  We close with two callers that are Suey lovers that support her and both use hick speak like the good little horse haters they are.  Oops, one said she loves her horses and would sell her house to take care of them but would love to see all others slaughtered.  You know the drill.  The last part is from a FB post about shipping horses and Wayne is asked to speak to that.  It’s a slam dunk because he says the only thing standing in the way of them stopping the horrific shipping to other countries is Sue.  Suey is naturally enraged and quotes her native buddies and talks about poisoning ground water and spending millions to euthanize them or letting them rot after shooting them in the head.  That opens the door for the final spanking from Wayne where he talks about the banned substances given to horses and then it’s all over.

mendyyyyNow, I’ve tried to recap this as best as I can.  I hate listening to much of Suey’s voice and I suck at writing notes while listening to stuff as I haven’t had to do that since college and I didn’t like it then either.  Even though I am very anti, I still tried to cover what was said despite my sarcastic asides.  Suey never really comes out with anything new and I was a bit disappointed the drug thing wasn’t addressed more.  However, I think the host did a pretty good job and asked some tough questions to all concerned.  I couldn’t really tell where he stood on the issue at all, although he did give Pacelle the last word.  The only person that showed a crack in their composure was Suey and that’s pretty standard for her.  Suey was obviously unhappy with how it all went down as she posted this about it:

Some of you might be interested in listening to this Iowa public radio show I was on a couple days ago, which also included the plant in Iowa, and Wayne Pacelle of HSUS. If you take the time to listen, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. For those of you who don’t want to, or don’t have the time, I’ll give you the Cliff Notes–Whiny Wayne thinks it is perfectly acceptable to kill horses with lethal drugs, or even to “shoot them in the head” — he just doesn’t think anybody should be able to make a little money on a horse they don’t want or need, or heaven forbid, that anyone would actually enjoy eating good meat. As usual, zero solution to the horrific environmental problems, the steep decline in horse welfare because he and his ilk just stole all of their value, or any other aspect of the devastation that lands squarely in his lap.”

Not sure why she drew quotes around the `shoot them in the head’ bit.  She wants to shoot them all repeatedly in the face.  Maybe she thinks that will be more fun for the horses or something.  The more she reflected on yet another interview going badly for her, the more pissed she got: In fact, I have come to understand that the entire purpose of their outrageous and totally false accusations that yahoos like Pacelle make is solely for the purpose of spinning up the emotional drama so they can bilk dollars out of good hearted people. The animal rights big orgs and the big enviro orgs are pretty much one and the same, and nothing but gigantic blood sucking fundraising machines that really don’t give a damn for either animals or the environment. It’s all about money and power for the snobby elite. Pathetic that they have so many Americans fooled…” I’m just going to go ahead and assume that it’s the consumption of adulterated horse meat and raw titty milk that is making her so paranoid and angry…I also find it funny that she spoke about the horrific environmental problems when we all know the environmental issues with horse slaughter and earlier she was denying global warming.The whole climate change travesty is nothing but a collusion between Big Government and Big (so-called) Environmental Nonprofits, who are really lobbying for profit and who are foisting the largest wholesale crime on the whole society ever in history”  Way to be consistent, Suey!  


Sadly, she wasn’t finished with her murderous agenda today.  She also put on her IEBA kaftan and issued another statement.  Actually, I don’t even know if she issued this release as it is both to and from Sue Wallis.  It’s a mess to link, so I’ll give you a rundown.  Basically, she covers the pending lawsuit surrounding the slaughter houses.  Now sadly, I’m neither am attorney nor a hairdresser from Kentucky, so I may be off in understanding what this is all about, (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103685263837-163/7.9.13+Update+re+HSUS+litigation-1.pdf), but the gist is that they are asking for all the pending litigation with slaughter to be consolidated to New Mexico where the Valley Meats mess is still going on and that the IEBA is broke.  They’re also really worried about this case setting an `adverse precedent’.  It says a lot more than that, but that’s the bones.  The IEBA release also contains a statement from Keaton Walker, so at least we know for sure who is backing him even if they have spent all their money.

“We are very pleased with the Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals decision to deny the petition. We are extremely blessed to have the support of horse owners and our local community. Our team at Responsible Transportation would like to thank everyone that has supported us throughout the process.”

Suey also gives us a link to a letter that Jason Smith, President of the National Tribal Horse Coalition, sent to Congress (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103685263837-158/Jason+Smith+Op+Ed+CUJ+Opinion+-+Bend+Article.pdf) It has nothing really that we haven’t heard before, but you should all read it because I’m sure these poor people had to sit in a sweat lodge with a naked Suey and pretend they like her in order to get her help on the matter or something.  No, I’m not being racist, I just think they’re being sold a load of goods similar to when they got convinced having a factory hog operation managed by Trent Loos on Rosebud Sioux lands was a great idea and such was the negative environmental impact, that they had to file suit to get him gone.  You have to wonder who is speaking for whom on this issue as only Suey seems to have the hotline to the PSA native population.  At any rate, Suey is more than misleading when she says the natives are just gagging for horse slaughter.  More like most of them are gagging at the prospect.  Please read this article from last year: (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/article/american-indians-offer-programs-for-horses-that-treat-the-sacred-animals-as-a-way-of-life-70636)  It paints a VERY different picture than the one Suey likes show people.


*sigh* Still not done. 😦  Remember how Suey likes to use the fact that domestic slaughter will be oh so much more humane for all horses?  She even mentioned that in her radio interview.  It’s one of her very few talking points.  Well, she came out with this statement today: “You all know that we work very closely with our counterparts in Canada, and that we have, for instance, adopted the Humane Handling  and Assessment Tool developed by our neighbors to the North as our U.S. standard for IEBA member companies.”  So, I’m going to ask for the thousandth time, HOW IS THIS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT?????   She has also joined forces with Olivier Kemseke of Belgium as he whines about wasting so many horses that are being excluded from the food chain for various reasons and now he thinks they will have a crisis of too many horses as a result.  WTF? (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103685263837-161/horse+welfare+Belgium.pdf).  Yup, they are not happy with the EU regulations and now they want to be able to slaughter and eat previously excluded horses.  He cites the reasons for exclusions as: Old horses that were NOT registered before 31/12/2009, animals not registered as a foal, choice by owner, and medical treatment.  I guess that means he wants no restrictions on slaughter and Suey is backing this along with Maggot des Barres in Canada because that means if the EU lifts that, once again they are off the hook as far as traceability.   He goes on to whine about environmental impact and all the tired crap we are so sick of hearing from horse eaters.

Moneybags Kemseke

Moneybags Kemseke

Suey also wants her supporters to know they did a marketing survey and she found a whole 350 people across the nation that wanted to eat horses too.  She doesn’t give us the name of the marketing firm that conducted this research, but I suspect it was that freebie one she was linking around awhile back that is normally used by teenage girls for their games.  She says we’re all lying when we say Americans don’t eat horse meat because of this survey and that: “ethnic cultures from the Italians, to the Tongans, to the Mongolians, to Asians of all sorts, and lots of Hispanics who consider horse meat an important traditional cultural food…not to mention just good old ranch families that have traditionally butchered a filly or two a year for their own use, that flies in the face of this claim“.  Yup a whole 350 people nationwide means we should start slaughtering tens of thousands of horses.  I guess if they all desire her physique, that number might be enough to sustain them.  I wonder if she is so ethnically sensitive to Muslims and Afro-Americans?  At any rate, she wants people to sign and swear affidavits regarding their lust for horse meat and send it to her.  Yuck.

horse tartare

horse tartare

She also wants everybody to keep their eyes on Washington DC and fight the good fight.  She keeps things very classy with the following statement:

“Make sure you are communicating with your Senators and Representatives and that they hear loud and clear that the Humane Society of the United States, or the ASPCA, or PETA, or any of their myriad offshoots and associates do not have the best interests of either horses or people, or the environment at heart, and that their actions will result in the most horrendous suffering and devastation imaginable, not to mention a total waste of perfectly good meat, and the economic destruction of an entire sector of animal agriculture just to cater to the elitist, culturally arrogant,  ethnically insensitive whims of big nonprofits clustered around the beltway. These snobs are insulated from reality by their six figure salaries that they deceptively bilk out of unsuspecting animal lovers.

Oh well, I’m pretty used to being called elitist by the PSAs by now and the other part doesn’t really fit considering how many PSAs I saw go orgasmic over the Zimmerman verdict yesterday.  Finally, she closes off with this statement:

“The goal here is, of course, to generate as much positive press for the horse industry as we possibly can given our limited resources. Since the very beginning, this effort has been the grassiest of grassroots struggles. We are a totally volunteer association. Every dime we get goes straight to our mission. We take “bare bones” to a high art form. That is our strength. And the reason we have been able to come so far against outfits like ASPCA and HSUS that pay their executives and their stable of attorneys in the six figures with lots and lots of cushy benefits.  


We all need to stand up and tell our own story and not let a bunch of elitist, culturally arrogant, and ethnically insensitive animal rights activists tell a false story about us. When it is our livelihood, our ability to make a living with horses, to raise our kids and grandkids with the joy of horses in their lives on the line, and just because, damn it, it is the right thing to do for horses and people…we are the kind of people who won’t back down, and won’t give up!


Finally, the need for your financial and moral support has never been greater.  Quite frankly our coffers are empty, and if it was not for the dedication and determination of those who continue to work on our behalf on just the hope that we can restore this much needed industry…we would already be defeated.  You know who you are, thank you for everything that you do.  


Please write checks to IEBA, and send them to our legal fund”


Not surprisingly, the address she wants you to send your money to is her home address.  Don’t send your hard-earned money to a rescue or use it to feed your livestock, send it to Suey so she can continue to jet around the country and not work a real job, whilst dreaming of eating horses for every meal.  For the rest of you, you know what to do.  Call your reps and tell them where you stand.  Support the SAFE Act and let’s remove this pustulous boil from the ass of the horse industry once and for all!


Here is the IEBA link for those that want it: (http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=6oijm7dab&v=001OlZyvMDk6biAapo9c8bMU8t5aFnDjRpyzSBFxzyJF7H3k405YNXwEkewSBS_u2QXp8THCgpbqGEaFomVYMl3hG1KDGt3TbQR4-GCBiE1IYFQfZIu-jnaqKA0NPz6ju-vEtg_KtvNaJ-OdutA1jrUWcEdW68eNFVnP1BuTKSunfdLeO9iwtrUF-uUD-r_C6QyZQQKITv24uzyVvODI3K2vyl9BSV4Zq0NhEynbRgUJrlVI5laHdfbZ6-OtWduriZRaJSDBsZleYK2t7_ZqikOS1AGVJWH3GJ0ptzhXburOOue2CXiD2PwB9DVjOvnmjnAdut2ljR0npYyiSwZ_bj7OGRuWlogUc366usdBqIvUVk%3D)

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