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As you all realize, it’s been a fairly serious week in the slaughter wars.  It’s also been a fairly hectic time for me since about Christmas and I have gotten away from some of our regular features that are mostly just for fun.  I know that some of you miss Point and Laugh Friday and Sunday’s PSA because you’ve commented or sent emails.  Do you know who else misses those features?  The PSAs.  While this blog is always quite busy with the views on any given day, those two days spike drastically on any given week.  Believe it or not, those particular posts can be a bit more time-consuming than most, so I haven’t had a lot of time to do them justice at this time of year.  However, I do think we need to laugh and honor our PSA buddies.  They may not be brave enough to comment here much, but they do love their features, so today marks the beginning of a new semi-regular feature for this blog.  In honor of reaching our one hundred thousandth unique viewer this past week,  I bring to you, `Dear Aunt Anti’.  This is where we will answer those burning questions we know our PSAs have and give them a chance to participate by proxy.  Let’s see if you can guess the PSA behind the letters.



Dear Aunt Anti,


I am conflicted about horses.  For years I have swindled my living by identifying myself as a trainer and expert.  Because I live in an area that isn’t exactly the hotbed of the horse industry, I have been able to pass myself off as knowledgeable for quite some time even if it meant having to move my hoard on a regular basis to stay one step ahead of the people that I piss off and don’t approve of the condition I keep them in.  Still, because I am bestest buddies with kill buyers and we trade horses back and forth, I have always managed to keep way too many of them on my feed bill, making me a one stop shop, for anybody that had a kid with a horse fantasy that didn’t know better than to go to a real professional.  I managed to get them ribbons by organizing my own horse shows with rules and dress codes that don’t fly anywhere else in the free world.  You could say I created my own private Idaho even. 


However, starting a few years ago, people seemed to get wise to my ways and my business dried up.  While I would like to have people believe it was due to the economy, I can admit to you in confidence that it is because I actually spend the majority of my life online looking for validation and reasons to be offended rather than actually learning my craft. How much can you really learn when you already know everything anyhow?  I also  have to admit that I don’t actually like horses very much other than the image I imagine they give me.  Having horses makes me badass and cool in a way I never could be on my own.  So in order to cash in on them,  I decided to become what I could never be in the real world.  An armchair horse expert.  I have spent countless hours reading Wikipedia and The Black Stallion series.  I have taken all I have learned and made those stories my own.  I started my own blog to show how much I know about horses and the industry that so soundly rejected me.  That’s where it all fell apart.  Apparently, there are real horse people that sometimes come online and it was like they could see right through me.  To combat this, I created alter egos to agree with myself and give me compliments.  I even flirted a little with myself because I may as well be sexy online too.  Still, these `horse people’ seemed wise to my ways.  I’m convinced they are parked in that van across the street and they have bugs in my house.  They don’t seem to like me very much, so I found acceptance among the pro slaughter crowd.  They don’t seem to realize I’m a fraud.  All three of them even read my blog and I’m going to cash in on that success by selling them lots of logo crap from Cafe Press.  I’m told I could make up to $20 a month and that’s at least two super sized Big Mac meals!!!!!  My real question is, how can I gain acceptance from real horse people and get them to understand that horses don’t have feelings and are durn good eating?


Enviously yours,

Paranoid in the Midwest




Dear Paranoid,

Bless your heart!  You are a whole bunch of issues all wrapped up in a shroud of insecurities!  The short answer to your question is that you will never be accepted by real horse people and neither will  your buddies.  The problem with trying to pass yourself off as an expert is that there will always be people that can see right through you just like the threadbare nylon granny panties you wear every day.  Those are not healthy for your vagina btw.  But I digress…My suggestion would be to pick something more obscure to pretend to know all about.  The problem with attempting to be a horse expert is that at least 80% of  the population really do like them and know more than you and they really take offense when people seek to torture and abuse these wonderful creatures.  You see, they respect the animals as sentient beings and realize that they are no more meant to be on American dinner plates than puppies and kittens.  Sure, we have some immigrant communities that see no problem in eating such things, but we also have immigrant communities that see no problem with arranged marriages and female circumcision.  If you want to do that crap, take it on back to your own country because that doesn’t fly over here.  I can promise you that the horse people do not have you under any kind of surveillance as they are all quite busy looking after their animals on any given day.


Because I care about you, I have taken the time to do a little research of my own.  I have found that stamp collecting is probably a great pursuit for you.  Stamps don’t have feelings and they don’t tend to get skinny and sick when you blow all your money tacky manicures and fast food rather than taking care of them.  They don’t eat a thing!  Also, the majority of the American population are not emotionally invested in stamps so they won’t mind when you get angry at your stamps and decide to run them through a paper shredder.  Since stamps are not living things, they don’t have anatomy or even a lot of terminology attached to them so you should be able to pass yourself off as a lifelong expert in no time flat with very few challenges from the online stamp community.  Another bonus is you can never have too many stamps and nobody will call you a hoarder.  You will be known by the much more respectable term of `collector’ and that should help your self-esteem issues as well.  You may even find somebody to flirt with you so you don’t have to do that with yourself.  That kind of thing will make you go crazy and grow hair on your hands!  Please pass this advice onto all your horse eating friends as I think they may be far less angry in the long run.  Nobody likes to wake up and look at a failure in the mirror every day. 



Aunt Anti

PS. Thank you for enclosing a picture of you in your former profession.  I guess I won’t bother to tell you why a side pull over a halter and ill-fitting breast collar is a recipe for disaster since you’ve probably already suffered the consequences or at least the poor horse has…




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It seems I was premature in covering D-bag Duquette’s magical media tour.  My bad.  After months of not having much to say, he’s having an all out media blitz.  Since we are aware that D-bag is likely not capable of independent thought, this latest round of interviews and press releases have Slaughterhouse Sue’s greasy finger prints all over them.  However, we should cut them some slack as they have cordially invited us to join them for a free lunch in Oklahoma!  Don’t believe me?  Let’s take a look at the latest press release from the United Horsemen.


The latest press release from the UH is basically an invitation to join them in Oklahoma to show your support for horse slaughter.  For once, it’s a relatively short document, so we can actually pick the entire thing apart for our own amusement.  You can see it in it’s original form here: (http://www.icontact-archive.com/sRszqmyZGmERhv5PQPZvnXGro84UyKRz?w=4#).

A bill (H.B. 1999) to allow horse processing in Oklahoma recently passed both the state House and Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support. This is one of the most significant public policy moves in this critical issue facing the equine industry.


The passage of this measure provides an excellent public relations opportunity. In light of the recent worldwide press about horse meat, we are ideally positioned to demonstrate to other policymakers across the U.S. and worldwide that the majority of reasonable Americans support humane horse processing.”

– Well, he is right about one thing.  This does provide an excellent public relations opportunity…for the anti-slaughter side.  Especially in light of the `recent worldwide press about horse meat’.  I really think it takes a special level of ignorance to think that the European horse meat scandal could be considered a positive for the PSAs, but if that’s the publicity vehicle they choose to attach themselves to, by all means we should let them.  Then we can supply the actual facts on this issue.

The radical anti-slaughter side staged a protest on March 4th that brought in 75- 100 protesters who were far outnumbered by members of the news media.”

Now, I wasn’t in Oklahoma on the 4th, so I can’t speak to how many people were or were not there.  However, if even close to that many protesters did show up, they far outnumbered the number of people that showed up for their awesome horse slaughter extravaganza, The Scummit of the Horse, the number of people that showed up to show their support of slaughter in Texas last year, and probably the number of actual paying members the UH still has left.  D-bag is always more than a little off in his numbers though and I’m pretty sure he will eventually tell us that `eleventy billion’ people support slaughter in this country.


“The international spotlight is on Oklahoma right now, and this is the best opportunity we have had to prove that those fringe groups do not speak for the majority of the horse-owning world – not by a long shot!

We realize that many of you, like us, are feeding cows, training horses, doing chores and facing the many other challenges that go along with livestock ownership and management. It is a hardship, if not downright impossible, to get away for a day. But please make an exception for this issue! We need everyone we can get. Send the hired man’s wife and kids – be creative, folks, because this is way bigger than just Oklahoma and we need to have a strong showing.”

– The majority of the horse owning world, huh?  I guess D-bag isn’t counting all the recreational riders that are almost overwhelmingly anti-slaughter as well as a good number of successful equine professionals that are disgusted with him and his little club of horse haters. You know, the actual people that drive the horse industry.  Considering that the slaughter movement have him, a failure of a trainer, and Slaughterhouse Sue, who doesn’t even like horses and blames them for her husband’s death, as their mouth pieces, that doesn’t give them much credibility.  Now, he’s taking a page out of Mendy Tobiano’s book and publicly begging for support.  He doesn’t even care if they are slaughter supporters, just put the bodies there.  How awesome to suggest abusing your position as an employer to force your hired hand and family, who may not be PSAs, to prop up your pitiful numbers.

“Everyone within striking distance – please show up at the Oklahoma State Capitol on the 14th of March for a 10am to 2pm event.


Sign in at 10:00 am Press Conference at 11:00 am Lunch at noon – free to rally participants.”

It was super nice of D-bag to give us the date and time to show up.  I really don’t recommend taking him up on is offer of a free lunch though.  For one thing, you have to sign up to get it and they’ll use that signature as evidence of support, but also he has been known to serve up horse burgers to people in the past.


We really should thank D-bag and his united horseturds for extending this invite and helpfully providing us with the date and time.  As many times as he wants to tell people that we are in the minority, that we are radicals, and that only fringe groups don’t want slaughter back, won’t make it true.  This is also an issue far bigger than horse owners.  Every person that pays taxes has a say in this.  Besides the brutality and cruelty of the slaughter industry, nobody seems to want to talk about the cost of providing those inspections.  The fact that it means less funding to inspect our domestic food supply.  We had horse slaughter not so long ago and most people didn’t eat horse meat then.  What makes them think they are going to want to eat it now?  My suggestion to anybody that is close enough to Oklahoma would be to attend.  Show up, and educate people.  Go armed with the truth.  You can guarantee there will be media coverage and it is our chance to get the real message out there.  Just make sure to pack your own lunch if you’re going.


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I feel like it’s Christmas all over again!  While I’m as concerned as anybody about the full court press the slaughterphiles are launching to get slaughter houses open in New Mexico and Oklahoma, it has brought about a media blitz from  Dave `Douchebag’ Duquette. As most of you know, that is always an occasion for much hilarity and knee slapping.  My mind truly boggles that any organization, no matter how backwoods, would think it was a good idea to make him their voice, but we should all be very thankful that the slaughterphiles do, because every time he strokes his chin pubes and opens his mouth, it helps our cause and gives us lots to laugh about.  We haven’t heard much from D-bag since his rather sad attempt at entering the blogosphere, but his antics over the past week have more than made up for his absence.  Sadly, we can surmise from his insights that he hasn’t become any more edumacated or managed to find himself a clue.


First up, let’s take a little look at a radio hit D-bag did.  (http://www.1190kex.com/pages/whatyoumissed.html?article=11002311) Since I know that some of you won’t subject yourself to listening to him mumble on about all things slaughter, I took one for the team and will give you some highlights of this little 4 1/2 minute gem.  Basically, they introduce D-bag after talking about the horse meat found in Ikea Meatballs in Europe, which is just one of many products found to contain horse meat lately.  They introduce D-bag as the President of The UH and say they are a small organization that retrains and rehabs unwanted horses that just so happen to be slaughter advocates.  I seriously wish they would have asked him how many they have managed to retrain and rehab to date, but they didn’t. This is where the lies began.  D-bag claims that they have to import millions of pounds of horse meat from Canada for zoo diets every year.  This isn’t exactly true.  For instance, you can  get horse meat for pet food at Bravo Packing in New Jersey where they claim that people bring them horses asking it to be used for pet food. They say they probably slaughter and process 5 horses a month and most of those are donated due to being old, blind or crippled.  Triple A Brand Meat Company in Burlington, Colorado is another company that process horse meat for zoo diets.  The owner has stated they get their horse meat fresh from local rendering plants.  In addition, there are several zoos and animal sanctuaries that will take horses and process them for their big cats as well.  D-bag didn’t see fit to mention those details.  It may not be big business, but it is certainly happening right here at home and the demand is far from `millions of pounds’ a year. D-bag kinda contradicted himself when he admitted it was still legal to slaughter horses for pet food, but that plants can’t run on that small demand.  Which is it? You can read about it here: (http://content.yudu.com/A1620t/rockymtnriderapr09/resources/18.htm)


As any good liar does when not confronted, D-bag pulls some more statistics out of his butt.  According to him 70% of the world’s countries eat horse meat every single day.  While horse meat may be consumed in that many countries every day, it’s certainly not the majority of the population doing so.  He blathers on about how safe and healthy horse meat is and you can almost envision Slaughterhouse Sue’s hand up his butt making him talk at this point.  He informs us all that there is withdrawal times for drugs and they are all cleared out of the system within 30 days.  Besides, according to D-bag, it’s not big deal because dairy cattle have been given Bute for the last 30 or 40 years.  Of course most of us know this is all a bunch of lies.  There is no withdrawal time for certain banned drugs and no, dairy cattle in the human food chain are not given Bute.  In fact, the use of Bute in dairy cattle over the age of 20 months is prohibited in the US (http://vetmed.tamu.edu/common/docs/public/aavpt/phenylbutazone.pdf).  Nice try D-bag! He also tells us that Americans have had horse meat as part of their diets since `Lewis and Clark’ all the way up to the mid 80’s when it was on the menu at Harvard.  For some reason, the slaughterphiles like to bring up the fact that Harvard served horse meat all the time.  I guess that’s supposed to make it legit or something.  D-bag wraps things up by telling us that what is happening in Europe is no big deal other than a labelling issue.  He said that having horse meat show up in your food is not much worse than somebody labeling turkey as chicken.  Tell that to somebody keeping kosher!  D-bag also whines about having to go against the animal rights movement who are the `loud and wealthy minority’.  Well, it’s not just card-carrying animal rights people that are appalled at the notion of eating horse meat and 80% is most certainly not a minority.  We don’t expect D-bag to be good at math though.

Who knew Captain Douchebag was Amish?

Ok, let’s move onto the next stop on D-bag’s magical media tour, which will be the ABC news (http://abcnews.go.com/Business/find-horse-meat-us/story?id=18598602#.UTEnQ18bhp8.email). There are a few minor inaccuracies in this article, but where it really gets bizarre is when they check in with D-bag.  He informs us that the cost to euthanize a horse is between $600 and $2500.  I don’t know what vet he’s using but he needs to find a new one.  I have never had a horse euthanized that cost even $300 to get the job done.  Now, that’s not counting disposal, but D-bag specifies that was just for euthanization.  A bullet is far less and he sure doesn’t mention that.  What he does tell the reporter is “The problem has gotten worse with horses that are abandoned, neglected, abused and starving to death and the direct cause is this and the economy”.  Yes, because horses were never neglected, abused or starved prior to slaughter shutdown in 2007.  He fails to mention that the majority of the abandoned horses are found near borders and are largely believed to be slaughter rejects.  Nobody knows why the rest are abandoned or if their owners maybe did that because they didn’t want their horses to go to auction where a kill buyer may get them, as misguided as that is.  D-bag also proudly tells us that he’s never had anything to do with horse slaughter and he doesn’t `think’ he has ever sent a horse to slaughter in his life.  I would think you would know whether or not you sent a horse to slaughter, no?  Also, interesting that while he claims to have never had anything to do with slaughter, he is now the `expert’ on it and how humane it is.  Considering he has openly admitted to eating horse meat and serving it up to guests in the past, I would say he’s had a little to do with slaughter.  He neglects to mention that minor detail though.


Guess what? D-bag still wasn’t finished talking to the media.  He also talked to the NY Times, who refer to him as a `horse trader’.  (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/26/business/us-exposure-to-horse-meat-answers-to-common-questions.html?_r=1&) D-bag tells us “We’re real close to getting some processing plants up and running, but there are no inspectors because the U.S.D.A. is working on protocols” .  He also said that he believes that the USDA is going to bring inspectors `online directly’.  I’m not entirely sure what that means.  Is that opposed bringing them online indirectly?  Are they going to take some detours?  So many questions!  D-bag also assures everybody that horse meat is safe and oh so healthy.  He also says it is in demand by growing demographic groups in the US such as Tongans, Mongolians and Hispanics.  Does that mean we should start processing dogs and cats that some ethnic groups like as well?  Would this be one of those slippery slopes they all keep telling us to beware of?  I’m beginning to think that Slaughterhouse Suey and Puppymill Patterson wrote a script for D-bag as he basically says the same thing in every interview with only the lies getting bigger when he ad libs.  He really is a special kinda stupid.


It seems D-bag was a busy boy this week because he also spoke with RIA Novosti (http://en.ria.ru/world/20130228/179725679/US-Horsemeat-Producers-Await-Giddyup——–.html).  This time D-bag changes things up and tells us that he has all these calls from `upper-end’ restaurants all across the country that can’t wait to put horse meat on the menu.  Of course to D-bag, upper-end is likely Olive Garden and there is no chance in hell they are going to start serving up Mr. Ed Penne any time soon.  He also doesn’t mention that even though horse meat is available for human consumption in Canada, you have to look pretty hard to find it in a restaurant.  He also tells us that horse meat is the most nutritious red meat there is and that consumption of horse meat rises during economic crisis because it’s 50% less cost-wise.  He leaves out the part that it would be cheaper because horses are not raised to be food animals so what you would be eating is somebody’s former saddle horse that has been given banned substances and may or may not be diseased. D-bag never really mentions where he gets his stats from.


Slaughterhouse Sue and her band of slaughterphiles are all in absolute raptures about D-bag’s media blitz and there is more for us all to look forward to.  He says he has already spoken to Time Magazine and that Russell Brand has asked him to be on his late night FX show.  Personally, I would pay cash to be a fly on the wall for that one.  For those of you that don’t know, Russell Brand is a vegan and his sense of humor would be considered irreverent at best.  I’m very excited at the prospect of this one happening and I’m hoping they ring up Slaughterhouse Sue for good measure.  You just can’t write comedy this good!  Let’s hope that Brand’s people bring him up to speed at what the real facts of horse slaughter are and he can have some fun at D-bag’s expense.  It may not be as good as getting Suey to storm out of a meeting, but it will come awfully close.


As funny as it is to see it in print just how stupid D-bag really is, it is frustrating too.  These reporters who probably never have given a thought to horse slaughter or the horse industry aren’t educating themselves and researching prior to speaking to people like D-bag.  They are giving him a forum to spread the UH propaganda and that’s a bit concerning.  Suey is vowing to give the horse slaughter business her undivided attention now and that means we’ll have her running around shooting off her mouth too.  We need reasonable people to call them on their lies and present the facts.  The truth and research are on our side.  It’s not a time for complacency.  Here is a link for an action alert for Valley Meats’ application for a grant of inspection to slaughter horses.  Please take the time to make the calls and fill out the forms.  Let your voice be heard.  Horses can’t speak for themselves, so it’s time to step up as an advocate and do our parts.  It doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. (https://secure.humanesociety.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=5935&s_src=hpbb20130301)


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By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that the horse slaughter movement in Oklahoma is gaining steam.  My apologies in advance to the decent people in Oklahoma whose voices are not being heard, but it appears ignorance is thriving in The Sooner State.  This past week The Sequoyah Times released an article by staff writer, Diana F. Dandridge, that can only be considered an exercise in creative writing.  (http://www.sequoyahcountytimes.com/news/article_95b1aa8a-7d13-11e2-8654-001a4bcf6878.html) It would seem that fact checking is not a requirement for publishing in that rag.  However, Slaughterhouse Sue is posting the link while flicking her bean at the mere idea of being one step closer to the equine version of Auschwitz, so I guess we better take a closer look at it.  Quite honestly, I am getting more than a little frustrated reading the same lies and fables repeated over and over without it ever occurring to any of these people to provide actual proof and documentation.  I’ve nearly concussed myself from banging my head on the desk after wading through Suey’s affidavit for the New Mexico lawsuit and now this shows up on the radar.  So, join me in donning some protective head-gear and let’s take a look at what passes for news in Oklahoma.


Put forth by Senator Mark Allen, Senate Bill 375 would make it legal to process horse meat for export in Oklahoma.  It still won’t be legal to sell it for consumption in Oklahoma, but they can get busy slaughtering for export if it passes.  Allen is either as profoundly stupid as your garden variety PSA or he comes from the Sue Wallis School of Sleaze when it comes to pulling statements out of his ass and presenting them as fact.  “All trainers and horse people are for this bill.  The Farm Bureau and Sheriff Lockhart support it”.  All horse people?  Really?  Or maybe just the three kill buyers he managed to track down lead him to make this laughable sweeping generalization.  Then you have the Farm Bureau on board who are also OK with gestation crates for swine, battery cages for poultry and basically any other cruel practice that means more money at the cost of more suffering for animals.  I have no clue who Sheriff Lockhart is or what qualifies him to be the expert, but we know from the River Ridge Farm situation in Louisiana that sheriff departments aren’t exactly on the side of animal welfare either when there are dollars involved.  Still don’t believe me about Lockhart?  He actually thinks that passing this bill would mean that people will take better care of their animals and increase the price of horses.  I guess he knows something the rest of us don’t and that means Canada and any other country that has horses slaughter have no cases of abuse or neglect ever.


Lockhart goes onto talk about the old PSA fallback position – abandoned horses roaming all over the place.  I’m not saying this never happens, but you would think the sheriff that is oh so worried about the situation because he says they have been `bombarded’ by abandoned horses would have some actual hard numbers to quote.  Nope.  He just says they have dealt with “maybe” 50 in the last four years.  Ok, that breaks down to “maybe” 12 horses a year or an average of about one loose horse a month.  He thinks that one loose horse a month constitutes a bombardment and warrants a slaughter business that would see in excess of 100 horses a day processed.  Naturally, Big Ag asshole, Charles Sloan, of the Sequoyah County Farm Bureau thinks opening a slaughter-house is an awesome idea too and backs up Sheriff Lockhart by talking about all these horses turned out to die horrible deaths of starvation.  Strangely, I have driven through Oklahoma and never seen a single loose horse yet this pair of good ole boys would have you believe they have an infestation going on.  Again, not a single statistic or documented fact is offered up.  Of course not!


To further illustrate what a compassionate guy he is, Sloan goes onto talk about how humane the death would be at the hands of professionals because horse owners would see to it that it is being done humanely.  Nevermind that in the decades and decades that slaughter was available in this country, it was never done humanely before, this time will be different because they will be similar to cattle and hog facilities.  That’s great to know because horses are JUST like cattle and hogs in both their anatomy and flight responses.  *sarcasm*  Local vet, Crystal Sampson, thinks it’s great too because she sees all theses horses standing out in fields left to breed and go hungry.  I guess it never occurred to her that perhaps stiffer penalties for neglect and abuse would go much further towards addressing that problem. As anybody that followed Dorothy Robertson’s story knows, being pro-slaughter and having it available to you doesn’t mean you won’t still let your horses starve in a field and breed like rabbits.


In an impressive display of slanted reporting, the next `expert’ we get to hear from that is pro-slaughter is Ward Stutz.  Ward is the Senior Director for Breed Integrity for the AQHA.  That title alone should tell you that he’s about the last person anybody should consult on the issue as I don’t know of another breed association that has less integrity than the AQHA.  They’re the ones that have a serious and often fatal genetic disease that they not only allow, but frequently award world championships to the horses that have it and carry it.  Who cares if they eventually end up flopping around on the ground like a fish out of water and dying horrible deaths as long as you get your nice belt buckle to show off your crotch separating jeans.  Naturally, Ward is all for regulated slaughter, although we’re not sure if it’s because he’s so concerned about horses suffering or if it’s because those meat buyers really like Quarter Horses.  Maybe both?


I have to give the writer of this article credit because she truly hit all the pro-slaughter markers in compiling her information.  Like so many half wits before her, she pulls the GAO report out of her butt like some prize.  I’m not even going to rehash why this is a ridiculous document as we’ve been over and over it, with the last time being in the previous blog entry.  Despite it being generally recognized as a joke, the GAO report is the only thing PSAs have to wave around because it’ almost as big of a joke as they are.  At least after you have to read all the pro slaughter fables we finally get to hear from one anti who just happens to be a horse trainer and his wife.  I guess that little opening statement made by Senator Allen about `all’ horse trainers wanting slaughter wasn’t exactly true after all.  How shocking that a politician would tell a lie!


It seems that Senator Allen has taken a page of out Slaughterhouse Sue’s propaganda handbook,  because he proceeds to tell us all that there is a drug withdrawal time for banned drugs. “The longest any toxin stays in the body is 21 days. That’s for Bute (Butenafine hydrochloride). There’s no sign of morphine in the system after seven days,”  He knows this because he has contacted `top authorities’ that he neglects to name.  I’m going to go ahead and guess those authorities are Slaughterhouse Sue and Dave Douchebag Duquette.  Allen also says that horses can’t just be dropped off at the slaughter houses, but must go through an auction and broker first.  I’m still trying to figure out how that makes it any less barbaric if not more so.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting so tired of the same old lies and `experts’ that don’t even know one end of a horse from another, let alone actually like them.  What is bothersome about this article is that a reporter that clearly has not followed this issue,  takes the word of these people as gospel and puts it out there for the general public to read.  Think about it; if you didn’t know a thing about horses or what commercial slaughter really entails, you’d probably wonder what the big stink was about and you probably wouldn’t waste much time digging for the real truth and facts that are left out.  That’s dangerous.  That’s the kinda apathy that gets these bills passed.  This is where we can’t give up.  We have documented facts and science on our side and we need to keep educating people what the realities of slaughter are.  The person that wrote this piece needs to be taken to school about it.  Even if they can’t grasp the idea of certain drugs being banned and tissue residue vs. blood withdrawals maybe they need to hear the one undeniable truth that none of these PSAs ever talk about.  The option of slaughter for horses has never gone away.  There are kill buyers in every continental state and if that is what you want to do with your horse, nobody is stopping you.  There were neglected and starving horses when domestic slaughter was available and there always will be as long as assholes own horses.  Just as kill shelters have done nothing to reduce animal cruelty for dogs and cats, horse slaughter will not make somebody suddenly respect their horses and care for them. The only things that will even come close to reducing the suffering and abuse of horses are stiffer penalties and your bottom feeders to get out of the business.  If anything, slaughter is just going to make matters worse.  Spread the word.  Don’t give up.


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Ok, I know I’ve deviated from our regular pattern of posts since I got back after Christmas.  Like I said, it’s a busy time of year for me and I needed a break from the daily ignorance of our slaughterphile buddies.  We’ve also had more important things to discuss and pay attention to and I just haven’t bothered to take the time to recap everything they have been up to.  For those of you that were worried, I have not mellowed in the least. However, as you are all aware, ignorance never sleeps and slaugherphiles  are no exception to that rule.  So,  even though it’s not Friday and we haven’t done it for a while, for old time’s sake, let’s get out our fingers for a very special Wednesday edition of Point and Laugh Friday.  This edition is brought to you by the letter “S’ for STFU.


As tradition dictates, I think we’ll kick things off with the ever annoying and deceptive, Slaughterhouse Sue.  As most of you are aware, Suey has had some personal tragedy in her life over the past few months.  Out of common human decency, a concept that is foreign to our usual suspects, I elected to cut her some slack.  However, nobody ever accused Suey of being dignified and she certainly hasn’t allowed her troubles to slow her quest to save all equines by slaughtering them.  It also has not brought about an epiphany and inspired her to tell the truth.  I know most of you thought I probably wouldn’t go `there’, but guess what?  I am.  Let’s look at a little article of lies that Suey is quite proud of. (http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming-legislator-returns-to-work-because-she-believes-her-late/article_0884c043-8939-562d-82b8-5a5942d1221e.html) Ok, I’m going to set aside the obvious tragic element to this story and cut straight to the lies about slaughter this article contains; no doubt supplied by Slaughterhouse Sue, herself.

But Wallis and McQueary thought that slaughtering horses for meat was humane treatment for old horses whose owners otherwise sometimes abused them or turned them out to starve. The possibility of selling old horses to slaughterhouses could mean they are valuable and are treated better. She is an executive of a company that’s looking to build slaughterhouses.”

That paints a warm fuzzy picture if you are completely oblivious to the meat industry, doesn’t it? Since when do meat buyers prefer `old’ horses?  Last time I checked, it’s the young and healthy animals that are preferred for slaughter for human consumption. I guess none of those meaty Haflinger and Belgian horses her brother breeds would have anything to do with her salivating at the mouth to bring back slaughter either.  Go to any overnight auction and see how many of both those breeds are currently being run through as slaughter only horses if you have any doubts.  I can also show you pictures of a feedlot in Canada full of nothing but sorrel horses with blonde manes and tails if you still have doubts.  Coincidence?  I wish I could tell you that was the only lie Suey put out lately, but it wasn’t. She resurrected some of her departed husband’s writings on the issue and his recap of their failure of a `Summit’ a few years ago.  (http://rodmcqueary.blogspot.ca/)

What HSUS/PETA did when they closed the horse slaughter plants was to take one fairly responsible and workable solution, and turn it into a plethora of nasty, unsolvable, expensive problems. For the sake of the tribes, their horses, their homelands, and their long-term futures we need to restore the markets for horse meat, and allow them to return to their traditional methods of management. We need to help fix the broken spoke in Arlen Washines’ wobbly wheel.”

So, in the first article it was about helping all the poor starving and old horses have a value and a humane end, but this article says it’s all about helping the tribes and their traditions.  I guess like any good comedian, you change up your act depending on your audience, no?


Let’s move onto Suey’s favorite ass barnacles next.  For those of you new to the blog, that would be Dave `Douchebag’ Duquette and Holy Theresa Manzella.  The holy one is up to her usual schtick of displaying a blatant lack of self-awareness and promoting hatred at any given chance.  She is still quoting the bible and bastardizing it to suit her agenda and talking about humanity and compassion as she continues to support horse slaughter, wolf slaughter and whatever else she perceives to be a threat for her to be a redneck ignoramus.  The other barnacle, Douchebag Duquette took a little trip to Florida and was seen asking his Facebook buddies if they knew of any good horse farms to visit.  I sincerely hope he managed a visit to a few of the bigger ones down there and got an education on how little the lack of slaughter has affected people that are actually successful in the industry.  He also found time to make a post on the UH website.  Actually, I don’t think he was the writer of the post as it is not laced with profanity and grammatical errors like we have come to expect from him.  Likely Puppymill Patterson is ghostwriting for him as she has done in the past.  So, what is the latest butthurt for D-bag and his band of morons?  It should come as no surprise that they are super pissed off that under the new Horse Protection Act that is being introduced, lawmakers seek to regulate the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, particularly soring and other inhumane practices that have outraged most people with a shred of compassion.  (http://www.icontact-archive.com/sRszqmyZGmERhv5PQPZvndHQ__Dir4-I?w=4#.URmvP_eUZ8M) Douchebag Dave refers to it as a `crushing blow to what remains of the US Horse Industry’.  Yes, D-bag, however will we go on if we are not allowed to abuse and torture our animals?  Pull your dress down and stop being such a drama queen.  Remember, PSAs are all about being allowed to do whatever the hell they want with their `property’ even if it flies in the face of basic kindness.  Cue banjo music…


Now it’s time to check in with our favorite multiple personality, Mendy Tobiano.  Because she bases most of her blog on whatever it is that I write about, she hasn’t had a lot to say lately.  I know the fact that my life interferes with my blogging hobby must be frustrating for her, but she has assured us that she is `swamped in research’ and about to pull the penultimate blog entry out of her expansive ass at any time.  What that really means is she is waiting for Wikipedia to update on whatever it is that is sticking in her craw lately, because that, to her, is the best place to get facts from.  I guess she hopes that mining this blog for ideas might actually get people actually comment and participate over there besides herself and her alternate online personae.  Most of what she writes about is splitting hairs and leaping to conclusions that no reasonable person ever would, but her latest shows such an astonishing level of ignorance and lack of reading comprehension, I felt it was finally time to directly address her rambling even though I loathe to.  The regular readers here are well aware of the ongoing saga of 3 time convicted animal hoarder and abuser, Dorothy Robertson and the 34 horses she most recently had seized due to neglect.  The rescue that ended up taking the horses, NNER (Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue) has taken a lot of hits and public attacks as a result, despite the fact they were the ONLY ones that showed up in court to make application for those horses.  In the past week, they have posted a pleas for donations due to an extremely harsh winter and the high cost of rehabbing the appalling condition Big D’s horses were in when they took possession of them.  They estimate that they have spent close to $35,000 bringing these horses back to health and have had very little donations to cover expenses, leaving the head of the rescue to pay out-of-pocket.  Nowhere have they stated they are in the hole for that much money or that they can’t feed their horses.  hey stated they need more funds to move forward. Apparently, the head of the rescue has run into a health crisis at this time as well.  It happens.  What they have done right is ask for help BEFORE things have gone downhill.  I’m sure it wasn’t an easy request to make, but an entirely legitimate one.  They have run a few raffles and fundraisers in an effort to make up some of the cost and that’s legitimate too.  That’s what rescues do, they ask for donations.  But, since Mendy Tobiano can’t resist taking a shot at any rescue and this one happened to have the unmitigated gall to rescue her good buddy, Dorothy Robertson’s hoard, she has decided to carve them up publically.  Nevermind the fact that the only ones that pay the price will be the horses, what PSA have you ever met really ever takes something like that into consideration?  Now the self-important heifer is telling people to call the Nevada Attorney General and have the horses removed from the rescue and auctioned off.  I can’t even make this crap up.  The same person that whines and cries about personal property and that anybody dares to look at her horses or call her on her neglect, now wants to have that done to another person that there is NO evidence that there has ever been neglect.  Right on cue, Big D, who must be freshly out of jail, chimes in with this:

“Pointing out that the rescue involved claims she’s taken not one dime (so what were the donations and chip-in and paypal account payments used for? as well as the reportedly donated vet and farrier services?) but has spent $35,000 to “rehab” these horses…..photos showing horses in some cases to have been in better condition when taken than in the “after” shots taken by NNER and others in unchanged condition. There is a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes in this case…some of which may involve federal agencies.”  

Lord, give me strength!  By now, anybody that cares to have seen the pictures of the wretched condition those horses were in when they were seized.  We have all seen Big D’s past convictions of doing this very thing two other times in the past.  She truly needs to STFU and go collect carpet fleas or something.  Apparently Mendy Tobiano and Big D do not get the difference between asking for help BEFORE things get bad and just flat-out neglecting your animals while you continue to park your ass online 24/7 and fill your gullets with burgers and Doritos.  For the rest of you that are genuine and concerned, you can check in with NNER on their Facebook page as they are running an online auction with several very nice items as well as having some really nice horses up for adoption.  My suggestion to the PSA assholes is to either step up or shut up.  You especially have no business commenting on the condition of anybody’s animals when yours look like this:


One of NT's Horses

One of NT’s Horses

Now that we have recapped the asshattery from the usual suspects, I thought it would be useful to reiterate the `why’s of this blog.  I don’t pretend to be the voice for anybody but myself.  There are lots of anti-slaughter blogs out there and many of them go into far more detail than I do on any given issue.  What bothers me is that people like Slaughterhouse Sue, Mendy Tobiano and all the other band of idiots are not shy about twisting what people have said and spreading their lies far and wide.  Anybody that is on the fence on the slaughter issue can stumble across their ramblings and it would really be a shame for somebody to make up their mind based on propaganda and flat-out lies.  Since I’ve started naming and shaming the loudest ones, many of them have taken their nonsensical ramblings private where there is no danger of an `innocent’ party being swayed by their crap.  Horse Farts imploded and went secret, Mendy Tobiano rarely pokes her nose out in public other than her ridiculous blog that very few people read anyhow.  Now, we have finally driven the United Horsemen to close their doors to onlookers and they won’t have to stumble across their crap either. If we can have a few laughs along the way while most of us really are working hard to end the threat of slaughter, I think that’s great too.  Occasionally, we have the opportunity to make a real difference by getting the word out on an important issue and that’s a bonus.  My inbox is full of things that need to be addressed in the coming weeks.  I will get to all of it as time allows and hopefully we’ll have some updates on the River Ridge Farm situation this week too.  If this language I choose to use or the topics I decide to discuss offends anybody, they always have the option of not coming here and reading.  I suggest that the PSAs that love to follow this blog and whine about how I portray them grow thicker skin in the coming weeks because there are no changes planned as to what I write and how I choose to express myself.  Happy Hump Day People!



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As long as I can remember, being in the horse industry meant you made your living having something to do with horses.  For sure it meant you owned horses. I know with my work `industry’ means `insider’ or directly connected.  You don’t get to just get to declare yourself as `industry’ to gain admittance or enjoy privileges.  You actually have to have a license and credentials.  It’s one of the things that always bothered me back in the show horse days; that anybody can hang a shingle and call themselves a trainer.  Not so with racehorses.  While not a perfect system, you actually have to know a thing or two to call yourself that and you need to *gasp* pass a test and have references.  FYI part of those tests mean you have to learn a drug schedule inside and out, know how to run various bandages, and a lot more things to do with horse health and management.  You do not get to walk in off the street and ask to write a test, they make you put your time in first. I sure wish other breed associations did this.



Part of this slaughter war has a bunch of people presuming to speak as `industry’.  One of the biggest blowhards is Slaughterhouse Sue herself.  From what I can gather, she doesn’t even own a horse.  So, she is neither a consumer nor is she industry.  She contributes zero dollars to tack stores, horse feed, farriers, or equine vets.  Yet, she has managed to snow a bunch of people into believing she, who has no credentials or experience, knows what the horse industry needs to solve their current problems.  She has the support of the AQHA and various state QH associations because they, as the breed that registers the most foals a year, support slaughter.  Let’s not forget this is the same breed that has all but self destructed over their overbreeding and money grubbing ways.  When the president of the AQHA is breeding HYPP N/H horses and promoting them, is there any surprise they’re perfectly fine with slaughter?  Somebody has to clean up the mess they’ve made for themselves….


One breed that does not support Slaughterhouse Sue and her death march is Thoroughbreds.  The Jockey Club has taken a firm stance against slaughter and several tracks have now put sanctions in place for any trainer or owner caught with a horse in a kill pen. These sanctions are not always easy to impose as the chain of custody on a racehorse can be difficult, but at least they are making a real effort to clean up this mess.  Of any breed, Thoroughbreds have more dedicated rescue and rehabilitation programs in place with the majority of them being very much supported by the industry.  As a result of anti-slaughter advocacy on behalf of thoroughbreds, two Canadian slaughter houses will no longer accept Thoroughbreds.  It’s a start and the industry has stepped up to see these horses are looked after and carefully placed.  If the Thoroughbreds can do this, then why can’t other breeds? 


Slaughterhouse Sue and Douchebag Dave Duquette keep telling their minions that slaughter is going to fix this mysterious industry.  I wonder if has occurred to either of them that what they are proposing will wipe out a very important facet of the horse industry.  The hobbyists.  While all horse people need, feed, vet care and tack, it’s the hobbyists that are huge spenders for horse related items and offshoot businesses.  My pleasure riding friends have more color coordinated accessories for their horses, than I have clothes in my closet.   They love changing their helmet covers, polos and saddle pads every time they ride and while I may go to the tack store once or twice a year, these guys go a couple of times a month and never come home empty handed. They spend a huge part of their disposable income on their horses.  I guess if the value of horses goes back up, then less people will be able to afford them.  That means less business for boarding stables, trainers and coaches, etc. etc..


Do you know who else is an important part of the horse industry?  Rescues are.  PSAs seem to dislike most rescues and think that offering sanctuary for unplaceable horses is wrong.  It doesn’t occur to them that people CHOOSE to support rescues.  PSAs are supposed to be all about choice, so I’m not sure why it bothers them so much, but it seems to.  Rescues need a lot of supplies to keep going, so no matter where their funds are coming from. The horses they keep alive are huge contributors to equine based business and services.  If Ole Sue and Dave get their way, the only rescues that would be viable would be their model of slaughtering the `unsuitables’ and never giving sanctuary to a horse.  I guess the vet care, feed, bedding and other care costs will be down to nothing since their proposal is to also house them on a lot right next to the slaughter facility.  No extreme measures would ever be taken to save a horse’s life or make it comfortable. In their perfect plan, no horse will be without a job, so I guess those wild horses are in trouble too.


So, after all this I am very confused at what the PSA definition of horse industry is and how slaughtering a bunch of horses and jacking the prices on the rest is going to help a single thing.  I’ve long thought I was in the industry, or at least that’s what my license says I am. This makes me even more confused as to why Slaughterhouse Sue and Douchebag Dave Duquette presume to speak for me or  the majority of the true industry people that vehemently disagree with their mission. Kinda presumptuous of them, wouldn’t you agree? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  One of the `credentials’ that Slaughterhouse Sue does lay claim to is that she is a creative writer.  Having read her press releases and the spin she puts on things, I’ll give her that one.



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There seems to be some controversy with the PSAs on exactly what a backyard breeder is.  From what I can gather from their incoherent ramblings, they are operating under the misguided assumption that it means anybody breeding on a small scale.  WRONG!  A backyard breeder is somebody who breeds poor quality horses that produce even worse quality foals. They can breed two horses a year or 200.  You know you’re a backyard breeder when you have a field full of mares that were the second cousin twice removed of a horse that was sixth at The Congress in the 70’s,but have no redeeming qualities themselves other than being in possession of a functioning uterus.  The mares in question will often be unbroke or crippled.   Many color breeders, no matter what the breed, will fall into this category. Please note I said `many’ and not `all’.  Many backyard breeders will call their horses by breed names that don’t actually have a registry. Most backyard breeders will have their own `herd sire’ and he may or may not be broke and/or registered.  Backyard breeders will almost always pasture breed and rarely have any idea if the mares in question are actually in foal or not.  They don’t believe in preg checks, ultrasounds or any of that other stuff that would mean proper breeding management.  As a result some backyard foals are dropped out in fields at odd times of the year.  Many backyard foals will eventually end up in the slaughter pipeline.

A boutique breeder is always a smaller breeder, usually keeping no more than 3 or 4 mares that won’t always be bred every single year.  This will be somebody that will always breed quality over quantity.  They will carefully select their mares based on qualities that meet a strict criteria.  The stallions they select will be carefully matched to each mare and the best quality they can get.  A boutique breeder will very rarely ever stand their own stallion.  They always seek out horses that possess traits and bloodlines that are both fashionable and sought after.  Their stock will be from high quality and accomplished ancestors beginning in the first generation.   Boutique breeders rarely have trouble getting high dollars for their stock.  Their horses are all papered through a recognized registry.  They are horses that are normally bred for a purpose, whether that be cutting, racing, dressage etc.  Backyard breeders will preg check and ultra sound a mare as well as give the appropriate shots and vaccinations throughout the gestation.  They will know the approximate due date of the foal and generally be in attendance when it is born or have it foaled out at a nursery.  They will never leave things to chance. Boutique foals almost never end up in the slaughter pipeline.

These aren’t the only two types of breeders there are, they just seem to be the ones that get confused the most.  I wouldn’t consider somebody who has a mare they love and want a single foal out of her to be a backyard breeder, unless they want a whole bunch of foals out of the mare and have no intention on keeping any of them.  I guess my  point is that if you must breed horses, know what it is you’re breeding for.  Ask yourself honestly if there is a market for the resulting foal and is it likely to advance or uphold a breed standard.  What will this foal’s job be when it grows up and does it have the genetic tools to excel at it?  Every breeder will at some point end up with a foal that doesn’t live up to expectations or comes out defective.  For a boutique breeder that will be few and far between.  For a backyard breeder it will be more often than not.

I have to think that the warmblood breeds kinda have the right idea in that they put their breeding stock through rigorous testing and they need to be approved in order to have their offspring accepted into a registry.  One of the battle cries on the PSA front is that there are all these unwanted horses.  They become very indignant when they are told to quit breeding poor quality stock because none of them ever think that applies to them.  What is the harm in breeding only quality horses?  Re-opening slaughter houses is only going to increase the problem of backyard breeding as they will have an easy out again.  I don’t know why that is such a hard concept for them to grasp.

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I have great respect for most horse rescues.  I support a rescues right to chose whatever breed they want to focus on.  What I will never support is a rescue that is affiliated with getting slaughter houses opened again.  I am particularly disgusted with a rescue that will do this under the guise of being a `Christian’ rescue. 

Allow me to introduce you to Willing Servants Rescue in Hamilton, Montana.  http://willingservants.org/index.php  Willing Servants say they were ” born out of the need to preserve the welfare of horses while assisting owners with temporary or permanent placement as an alternative to criminal neglect”.  What they don’t say is that the `permanent’ placement of which they speak will be a dinner plate if President and founder, Theresa Manzella gets her way.  Don’t believe me?  Here is some recent commentary from Theresa on the issue: http://www.ravallirepublic.com/news/opinion/viewpoint/article_01d77e3c-b7f9-11e1-8c6d-0019bb2963f4.html  

Theresa is so effective in playing both ends of the field that Slaughter House Sue, herself, endorses her rescue:

“Very nicely stated. Good job, Theresa! For those of you who don’t know her, Theresa is an amazing horsewoman in Hamilton, MT, with a world champion reining stud, who runs a real horse rescue operation that actually helps people (and their horses) who have fallen on hard times…instead of stealing their livestock, vilifying them in the press, and trying to raise funds off of them. She is one of the real heroes in this effort!”

I guess we can surmise that horse rescues that don’t support slaughter are stealing your horses.  Who knew??

Horses aren’t the only thing that Theresa `rescues’.  Theresa also is into exotic cats.  She breeds them for private sale and is outraged on the proposed law that will regulate the ownership and breeding of them.  Do you know what they mostly feed exotic cats in captivity?  Horse meat. For bigger cats, they put the live horse in so they can kill and have fresh meat.  I wonder if this is part of Theresa’s `permanent placement’ plan for surrendered horses.


Here is another interesting tidbit on our favorite multi-tasking christian:  Her `rescue’ happens to also be the home base for her training and breeding business.  That’s right, she’s running her for profit training and breeding business out of the same location as her 501 (c)(3) rescue.  The rescue website conveniently has a paypal option so you can send Theresa some money. Her other website features Cowkids for Christ camps where you too can learn `praise and encourage your subordinate(horse) and appropriately discipline them”…… Is it just me or does this kinda feel like sending your kid to summer camp at Auschwitz? 

I could probably write a lot more about Theresa, but I think this and all the resulting comments will give a pretty good idea of what Theresa is all about.  She may hide behind her bible, but this woman is no saint.


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Since this blog has been in operation all of one whole day, Naughty Tobiano has harvested both post topics.  Clearly she wants attention.  I was going to feature some of the more prominent players on the United Horsemen front, but since she screams the loudest, we’ll give her attention first.

The first thing NT will tell you is that she is not just one person, but several.  I’m sure she talks to several people and maybe even some of those are real life ones and not imaginary friends or internet contacts.  However, the blog posts are mostly written in the same voice and that voice would belong to one self important, delusional heifer in Missouri. She considers herself a life long horsewoman, but what she really is a self important, delusional turd that was outed for selling horses to kill buyers when she was calling herself a rescue.  After getting busted and the resulting uproar, she withdrew her non-profit application and became a rescue hater.  Her latest line is that rescues buy up all the cheap horses and now poor little 4-H kids can’t afford a nice cheap mount.  Of course this is complete and utter BS, because what her real problem is that rescues HATE people like her. Besides, I was a 4-H kid and I wasn’t showing  $100 horses from backwoods auctions and neither was anybody else in my club.  In fact, some of us went on to show nationally and at the world level and make our career in the horse industry.  That means it was a sole source of income, not that we had a bunch of culls hoarded on a dry lot where we hoodwinked some local kids into taking lessons from us.  We did it without having to slaughter a single horse too.

The MO Heifer accumulates an ungodly amount of horses on her dry lot. They regularly drop dead too. She uses them for her `lessons’ and drill team.  She claims to train them. I could go on and on, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I give you one of her `students’ and one of her training jobs…and this was a picture published in a newspaper, so I can only imagine how bad the rest of this performance was.   Because I believe the kid is likely innocent, her face has been `altered’.


Most of the examples that NT will use in her blog are actually stories the MO Heifer has told all across the net.  Of course all these stories are very dramatic and extreme and they all end with NT saving the day.  Usually at least one animal will be dead or horrifically maimed by the end of the story too.  She lacks the self awareness to realize that if she knew WTF she was doing, the crisis could be averted all together.

Originally, I wasn’t going to name and shame her, but she’s pissed me off today.  We are talking of one Mendy Mcewen.  A quick google of her name or Jackknife Hollow, or Show Me Thunder drill team, will turn up a wealth of information.  You will find several nuggets like these:


These are samples….I could post an entire blog with comments about her and her equine practices.  I think the ones I have posted will give a general idea on what we’re dealing with now.

Today’s hilarity from NT is that having the `choice’ to slaughter is no different than the abortion issue.  I can’t make this stuff up.  The PSAs mostly will tell you they wouldn’t choose to slaughter their own horses, but they want people to have the choice.  First they want to tell us that horses are not pets, but now they say they are like an unborn child????  Huh?  Let’s be clear on this, I do not care what you choose to do with your horse, dog or cat’s body after they pass away.  That is up to you.  What I do care about, and what there are still laws about is how you treat it while it is still living.  The slaughter process is inhumane and cruel to horses.  Period.  Just like it is not your `choice’ to abuse your children, it should not be your `choice’ to abuse horses.

So there you have it.  Naughty Tobiano has had her attention from me.  This is NOT a blog about her nor is it going to be devoted to addressing her illogical and moronic arguments for slaughter.  I may summarize some of her dumber shit once a week or so, but there are other things to discuss.  Speculating on who I am, what I do will be a waste of your time.  Never underestimate my ability to find shit out.

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The latest fuckery from Sue Wallis and her merry band of douchebags is the snow job in Rockville, Missouri.  They have convinced this small town that opening up a slaughter plant for horses is going to save their economy because it’s going to bring money in and create a whopping 70 jobs.  Oh and the local bar is going to thrive again, because I guess after a long day of slaughtering animals, drinking up your disposable income and rent money is a company pass time too.  Mayor Jim Brock is on board and singing the praises of this group that is coming in to save his town even though they were run out of Mountain Grove, Mo and other locations around the country.  Seems that old Jim and his town folk aren’t firing on all synapses or something. Apparently Rockville has a population of somewhere around 150 people.  I would suspect that most of them have to be  related to one another in about five different ways to be buying this load of crap being served up by Slaughterhouse Sue.

The real deal is that for the 50 or so jobs this plant MIGHT create, you are going to lose more money in almost every other way.  Your real estate prices will plummet.  This is a fact.  It has happened in other areas  slaughter plants have operated.  Not only do most normal people find it distasteful to live in close proximity to a death camp for horses, the smell that comes from places like this is ungodly.  I know this from experience as I had the misfortune of showing horses in a town that hosted a slaughter plant when I was a youth.  People passing through probably won’t want to stop in your town, instead choosing to get further down the road and not support the kill town.  More importantly is these `jobs’ Sue is promising to create.  Jobs for who?  Maybe a few locals will manage to get some key positions, but chances are, it will be staffed with immigrant workers, legal or not.  I’m all about equality, but this will bring its own set of issues.

We can already surmise the good people of Rockville are probably a fairly close-knit community.  When you grow up in a town that small, everybody knows your business and everything else about you.  While this can be annoying at times, it also provides a different kind of safety and security.  You know everything about the family your kids are hanging out with and you know who the bad people are.  Well, when you add foreign workers to that mix, with a different set of cultural values, you won’t have that same community anymore.  These also won’t be people looking to invest in your community.  These will be people looking to send money home or save money and move on.  These workers won’t feel any tie to your town nor should they.  They are there for the jobs and they will do it cheaper than the locals will.  Again, no bigotry here, this is a simple fact when you get a large influx of people to a community this small whether they be from New York City or Mexico City.  They didn’t grow up with you, they don’t feel the same sense of community that the rest of you grew up with.  A large city can absorb this and even blossom with this, a town of 150 people cannot.

Slaughterhouse Sue’s agenda has never been about saving the horses or equine industry.  It’s been about making MONEY.  She isn’t even a part of the equine industry.  She wants to export horse meat to other countries and do it as cheaply as possible to increase her own bottom line.  She doesn’t care what happens to Rockville as a community nor does she care of the C-Store across the street from the plant thrives or goes under.  She isn’t trying to build this facility in her own back yard even if her state would let her.  You’re going to let a state rep from Wyoming dump her little experiment and financial venture in your backyard and YOU are going to suffer the consequences.  Well done Rockville, MO!  You’re going to eat this and she isn’t even going to lose a vote over it.  *golf claps*

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