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I meant to get around to writing a blog last week, but the subject matter always leaves me a feeling a bit ill and just when I thought I could soldier on, Suey would give another interview or come up with something else.  At the rate she’s going, I may need to be medicated.  Probably the most traumatizing was having to listen to her voice during one of her radio interviews.  I would probably rather be water boarded than have to hear that voice on a regular basis.  I have a feeling that she may be the reason ball gags were invented for sexual relations as I would imagine that voice would render the most virile man impotent.  So, as promised, this will mostly be all about Suey and her antics of the past few weeks with a few other gems thrown in.  I find her media blitz a bit strange given the recent news that no slaughter plants for horses will be open prior to the end of October (http://www.abqjournal.com/258024/news/nm-news/judge-expedites-horse-slaughterhouse-case.html).  For some reason the slaughterphiles mostly think this is great news.  I guess it doesn’t occur to them that the budget should be passed by then including language to de-fund inspections once again.  Anyhow, let’s get down to business and review the antics of the loud voice of slaughter.


No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  Slaughterhouse Sue has gone and bought herself a horse so she can finally be considered part of the `industry’.  Not sure why she needed to go buy one considering her family raises what basically amounts to meat horses, but she did and she outfitted herself out with brand spanking new chinks, because you must wear the `costume’ if you want to be taken seriously.  I’m sure the fact that chinks are meant to actually serve a purpose that she will never need them for is lost on her.   Sorry, but I can’t see ole Suey doing much brush poppin or roping and if she did, white would be the most impractical color you could pick.  In fact, the picture above might be the beginning and end of her riding career.  Say a prayer for that horse as once she actually feeds him up a little, he looks like he’d be pretty meaty.  One wrong step and I’m sure the poor thing will be hanging from a meat hook in no time flat and part of her meat co-op.  Like any good slaughterphile, we can see that grooming is not high on her list of priorities.

Perhaps she is training him to work off hand singles rather than reining or leg pressure?

Perhaps she is training him to work off hand singles rather than reining or leg pressure?

As far as the most recent media blitz goes, I think I’ll get the most unpleasant part out of the way first.  That’s right, we’re going to take a look at Suey’s Kansas radio interview.  However, don’t click on by just yet as I took one for the team and listened to the whole thing so the rest of you wouldn’t have the trauma of that grating voice burned into your auditory memory like I do.  Despite having to actually listen to her, there was some good that came of this interview, mainly that Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS was also a part of it and, once again, took ole Suey to school and called her on her BS.  She’s already the worst public speaker ever, but when she gets pissed off and flustered she stammers and stutters like Porky Pig.  She helpfully, gave us all the link to the interview and I pretty much knew I was in for some entertainment when she prefaced it with this:

Here is the Kansas City NPR radio show with HSUS’ Wayne Pacelle spouting his usual lies and inflammatory vilification of farmers, ranchers, and meat processors, and me doing my damnedest to keep from completely blowing a gasket because those uncalled for attacks make me so angry. I’m just trying to stand up and tell the truth, pull back that curtain and expose these nasty S.O.B.s for the arrogant bullies they are. To shine a bright light on the completely corrupt conflict industry of a self serving fundraising machine that is their unethical bread and butter. End of rant. Sorry.”


The interview was fairly standard as far as what we are used to hearing when Suey and Wayne get together to discuss slaughter.  The host, Brian Ellison, asked some tough questions and didn’t really seem to pick sides.  He began by basically asking Suey how they can slaughter horses, to which Suey brought nothing new to the table as far as arguments (horse welfare, boost the industry, blah blah blah) other than she reached deeper into her own ass to pull out the stat that `billions’ of people around the world love and enjoy eating horses.  I’m pretty sure that eventually she will come up with the stat of `eleventy twelve kajillion’ if we continue to allow her to spout this crap unchecked.  Naturally, Suey feels that anybody that opposes slaughter is attacking farming and ranching.  Wayne Pacelle set her straight pointing out that the HSUS is not opposed to humane farming and ranching at all, but horses are not raised to be meat animals.  He also pointed out that while Suey sites shipping out of country for slaughter as one of the reasons we need to reopen the plants here, it is actually Suey and her AG buddies that block any legislation that is tabled to address the issue of shipping.  Perhaps it was at this point of the interview that Suey’s meds kicked in or maybe she was drinking prior to phoning in, but at this point things got downright bizarre and any shred of truth she normally uses to twist around to suit her own means pretty much fell by the  wayside.  She boldly informed us all that they don’t typically slaughter race horses or working horses, but then she also said that once their working lives were complete they could be slaughtered.  Huh?  She went on to talk about the type  of horse meat the `elite’ prefer which would entail breeding for slaughter, confining them and slaughtering them young, which is always where I figured she was going with this business should she manage to get even one plant open.


It was this point we got going on the whole shipping thing with Suey and Wayne.  Naturally, Suey is all sad for horses that have to ship thousands of miles to be slaughtered, while also stating that the horse being shipped are the ONLY livestock that are regulated.  To be honest, I don’t know if that is true or not.  She then tries to shove some words in Pacelle’s mouth by saying he told the tribes that a vet must come out and euthanize or shoot their horses in the head rather than slaughter them.  She said that slaughter is that exact same thing but under `controlled circumstances’ rather than having somebody with `teary eyes’ trying to shoot their own horse while it struggles.  Because, you know, everybody cries over livestock or meat animals being shot.  I guess it never actually occurred to Suey that if you get that emotional over putting a horse down, then you probably aren’t pro slaughter either.  This is when Pacelle called Suey disingenuous and accused her of crying crocodile tears.  It was also about when I spewed coffee on my computer screen.


The rest of the interview was the usual call ins and emails, some for slaughter and some against.  We had the typical slaughterphile that would never slaughter their own but is positively moist at the prospect of other horses being slaughtered.  Then they wound up the interview (it got rather heated at points) with Suey telling us all about the poor Indians and all the wild horses they have that they can’t manage and don’t have the luxury of calling on the US taxpayer to clean up their mess.  We all know that is a huge lie as the very tribes that are pro slaughter have had LOTS of government assistance in the form of free gelding clinics, vaccinations and coggins testing that make it even easier for them to sell and ship to slaughter than it is for the average citizen who has to pay out of pocket for those things.  Suey didn’t bother to mention that though. Pacelle reminded us that slaughter is not about the hungry horses and that Sue has no interest in horse welfare.  The same number of horses are being slaughtered every year no matter where it is happening.  We closed with Suey telling us that she is looking VERY forward to the court case where actual facts will be heard and they will prevail.  For good measure, she told us about those horse eating Tongans and called us all culturally arrogant yet again.


As per usual, Suey has been laying down the links like a woman possessed the past few weeks.  I’m not going to go through all of them in great detail, because it’s just the usual propaganda she likes to spout.  Indians love eating horses, horses are good for you, slaughtering horses will save the economy and cure the common cold, etc. etc.  You get the drift by now.    However, will take a closer look at the two-part article from Southwest Farm Press because, quite frankly, I’m sick to death of this crap from the Big Ag Assholes.  I’m especially sick of a few `deliverance’ type hill billy crapsticks with loud voices, making it seem like every rancher and cattle producer is nothing but a blood thirsty turd.  They are not and there are a lot of them that are just as anti-slaughter as the rest of us.  The problem is, they are a bit busy working for a living and walking the walk rather than running around with their skirts over their heads like Suey and her buddies, making it seem like ALL ranchers feel like the noisy minority that want to short cut at any animal’s expense so they can make money and have lots of extra time to sit on their ass and lobby for the right to torture even more animals.  Enough already.  Anyhow, the first part of the article is here: (http://southwestfarmpress.com/livestock/horse-slaughter-issue-divides-and-confuses-part-i).  They kick off telling us that when domestic slaughter ended, that the horse population basically exploded.  Of course they neglect to mention that the same number of horses still ship to slaughter, so that being the case, I’m not sure how you can draw that line.  I especially don’t understand how they can talk of over population when most breed registries have reported a reduction in foals each year.  The rest of Part 1 basically just rehashes the pending litigation and talks about the fact that there is pending legislation to defund inspections yet again.  For the record, a recent Thoroughbred yearling sale in Louisiana posted huge gains with the median up over 114% from the previous sale.  Keeneland summer sale just had a huge opening day as well.  Anybody breeding quality horses would tell you that the market is definitely in recovery and looking strong even without the availability of slaughter.  Although, the vast majority of people breeding quality horses don’t tend to depend on the slaughter market to value their stock either.


Part II of this article can be found here: ( http://southwestfarmpress.com/irrigation/horse-slaughter-issue-numbers-part-ii?page=2).  This is where we get to talk about those abandoned horses that are marauding across the country wreaking havoc upon women and children.  What they neglect to mention is that many abandoned horses are found near border crossing and Mexican rodeos.  In other words, they are slaughter rejects and often dumped by these `great guys’ that are hauling them all to their salvation in foreign slaughter plants.  The article discusses drought conditions and wild horses, as well as the whole Indian issue with some supporting and some not.  It’s actually not a typical pro article as they do try to report both sides, but it’s the same old crap excuses from the antis.  They also don’t mention that horses are not raised for human consumption and even if they started to do that, it won’t help the problems the slaughterphiles are crying about.  In fact, slaughter isn’t going to help old, crippled or starved horses because those are the very horse found wandering around loose near border crossings or feedlots.  I’m getting so tired of the propaganda. Seriously.


Aside from the joyous announcement that she will now be riding her meals before consuming them, Suey told us all that she has spent the past week in Missouri.  As most of you are aware, Suey has recently admitted to having a financial interest in at least one of the proposed horse slaughter facilities in that state and it is home to Puppymill Patterson and various other animal hating slaughterphiles.  Other than a few exceptions, Missouri is a veritable nest of assholes when it comes any form of animal welfare and I truly hope most of these people are reincarnated as `livestock’ that live in Missouri one day.  One of the things Suey was obviously doing, was getting her yap in the media yet again.  Here is link to an article on High Plains Public Radio website.  (http://hppr.org/post/horse-slaughter-divides-horse-lovers).  If you prefer, there is a link on that page to listen to the piece, but be warned, it features sound bites from Suey.   There is basically nothing new in this piece from the usual players other than David Rains of Rains Natural Meats talks about how humane slaughter is and mentions that his knock box is homemade.  God only knows what that means for the animals.  We should also feel really bad for him because he has had to resort to driving a school bus while he waits for the day when he can torture horses for a living.  At the rate Suey lies her ass off, it’s a wonder she has anything to sit on, but she tells everybody that slaughter is part of the old ways of turning animals to meat once their useful days are over.  Not sure about the rest of y’all, but I know of nobody in my family tree that was a horse eater and I come from a very long line of ranchers and horsemen, so I’m not sure what old ways she is referring to unless she longs for the dirty 30’s and would like us all to live like that again.  Personally, neither myself nor my parents were even around for that, but from everything I learned in school and from my grandparents, we probably don’t want to revisit those `old ways’.  Anyhow, the one interesting thing about this piece is they brought a new mouthpiece for slaughter in.  That would be none other than Amish Elmer Beechy.  I guess because he’s Amish we’re supposed to have some respect and take what he says to heart.  He even goes so far as to tell us how much he loves horses, but that it’s best to slaughter them rather than letting them waste away in a field.  In fact he even adds that he REALLY loves horses just so we believe him.  I suspect he `really’ loves horses the same way I really love seafood.  What they don’t mention is that good ole Elmer is actually a big ole kill buyer and that there is apparently a horse milk plant in Missouri that is doing a booming business (http://www.oohlaleche.net/about).  You know, because PMU farms and the nurse mare industry aren’t abusive and ethically repulsive enough, we can now add milk mares to the list.  Does anybody want to take a wild guess what happens to the foals?  Wasn’t Suey talking about young, confined and fattened foals for the elite not so long ago?  How interesting that  this mare milk emporium is right near where she wants to open a slaughter-house.  They claim to have four mare dairies with a total of 119 mares.  By my count that makes 119brand new foals pulled off their mamas every year.  Where are they and what happens to them?  The website doesn’t say but it had this to say about Elmer:

For over 20 years, I had met and become friends with an Amish man in Jamesport, Missouri.  This man, Elmer Beechy, probably buys and sells more horses than any other man in the U.S.A.  Every two weeks, he sends a trailer load to California, maybe the next week to Pennsylvania, and all states in between.  I asked Elmer about taking blood and serum from horses.  He said there was a friend of his, Virgil Buffington, who used to take serum from draft horses in the Amish Community in Jamesport.  Elmer said Virgil was a very good and honest person and he would like to see me and Virgil get together.  There are several different products that you can make from serum, but licensing was to be a long drawn out affair.

You only have to run Elmer though google to find out his horse trading practices are less than ethical as well.  It also seems he enjoys getting rides in cars and his buddy, Virgil, got to fly over to Europe to tour other mare farms and is a partner in the Missouri venture.  Not every Amish of them, no?


So, that pretty much wraps up the latest in the slaughter wars.  For some reason, I’m very disturbed by the mare milk business and have all sorts of red flags about its ties to the slaughter industry.  None of their products are a necessity nor are they helping the alleged over population of horses when they are breeding for milk.  It stinks.  I want to leave you with a recent article I found, that Suey obviously isn’t linking around.  A man by the name of Robert Deleon Decker, was arrested in San Joaquin, California for illegally dumping  dead horses (http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130907/A_NEWS/309070321/-1/a_news02).  This is awesome on a few levels.  Mostly because they caught the jerk and he is being prosecuted for dumping, which anybody should be, but also because San Joaquin is a less than a day’s drive to the US/Mexico border and I’m sure you can all connect those dots.  I’m not sure if this particular asstard has firm ties to the slaughter pipeline, but I’m thinking he doesn’t exactly look like a cowboy in his mugshot.  He is being charged with dumping two dead horses only, but apparently there has been a rash of dead horses dumped in that area recently.  Some have been emaciated and others found with their lips cut off, which likely means those were racehorses nobody wanted identified.  While Decker’s horses weren’t emaciated, at least one was found with its back legs tied.  Hopefully, the coming days will shed some more light on the subject and these poor animals won’t have died in vain.  The fact that they used DNA testing to link Decker to the crime shows me that at least in that area, they are serious about addressing this issue.  It’s a start.


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