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Y’all didn’t really think we were done with the skeleton parade after that last post, did you?  We’re right back at it with yet another few skinny minnies doing time in the Pauma Valley concentration camp for horses run by Manson and her merry band of feckless twats.  Maybe these ones aren’t quite as bad as others, but we all have to start somewhere, right?  They are also clearly dropping the lbs and, unlike their captor, they are doing so without the benefit of photo edits and  flattering angles.  I’ll also lay a few screen shots on you I forgot to add in with the last post because I’m disorganized like that.  It’s a thing.  Anyhow, with all that being said, let’s get down to it short and not so sweet style…

The bay horse on the left is Brooklyn.  (the other is Hotshot who has since been liberated from Manson’s clutches).  Most people don’t know much about  Brooklyn as she was one that Manson manifested in the waning days of HiCaliber.  She is supposed to be a TB that is around 5 years old who Manson claimed for herself as a project.  Some of you may remember her as the poor horse that was trying to drink out of the trough that Manson was wallowing in for that live video a few months back when she gloated about how awesome her life was and how she felt she shouldn’t have to work 9 to 5 if she doesn’t want to along with other sound bites from the grifter handbook.  It was probably the last time Brooklyn saw a full trough and likely it hasn’t been cleaned out since. I don’t even want to think about the kind of scum that Manson’s cootch cooties caused to grow like a vaginal kombucha scoby.  We can also see from the screen shot that even last year Wrinkles felt the horse was dropping weight at one point.  It must have been bad for her to notice it in her opiate induced fog.

Here is Brooklyn now or at least within the last month or so.  Clearly she’s lost a lot of condition and is showing the scuffs and scars of a horse that has to compete for limited food resources.  Her feet don’t appear to have seen a farrier for a good long while and the dullness of her coat suggests she probably has a gut full of sand and/or a heavy parasite load.  I can see why an ACO might say she’s not bad enough for an intervention yet just seeing her on the surface, but when paired with how she looked last year and the fact that this is a young horse, this is cause for concern.

Do y’all remember Dawson?  You can run her through the search bar on this blog and lots will come up, but for those of you that can’t be arsed, she has been kicking around since 2017.  That’s when Manson spied her in one of Romney Faye’s live feeds from Satan’s kill pen in Louisiana and just had to have her.  Of course she allowed the donor dollars to pay for her shipping and all her initial vet work before she allowed her adoption papers to be approved even after she claimed that youtuber Shane Dawson had paid for her purchase.  The bottom line is the horse was never up for public adoption but always on the HiCaliber feed bill.  I’m not sure if Manson personally has ever ridden her but I do recall Amanduh riding her on a live feed where the horse looked more than a little aced up.  She’s probably been standing around doing a whole lotta nothing since that time as she’s always been too much horse for Manson.

Here is Dawson from January.  She looks far worse now than when she came out of the kill pen and shipped half way across the country in a heat wave back in 2017.


Now we come to the part where we get our petty on, or at least Manson does.  You would think that she would be filled with gratitude and indebtedness to the few remaining people who continue to support her financially and otherwise, but that’s not the case.  She continues to talk shit on each of them behind their back.  `Kim’ is Kim S who, to this day, defends Manson at all costs.  I’m guessing she doesn’t realize Manson barely tolerates her.  Oh, but that’s not all…

It would seem that even Wrinkles doesn’t escape without a few knives in her back.  There’s a few interesting things with these screen shots.  First, we have Wrinkles in some sort of trouble with the IRS and clearly owing money, yet this is who Manson hand picked to be in charge of the HiCaliber finances.  That could be for a number of reasons but I have to think it’s probably easier to skim the funds when the treasurer is clueless and irresponsible.  Then you have Manson ok with horses being without feed as some weird power play.  Really, after seeing this, is it any wonder people are turning mole with increasing regularity?  Remember folks, if they talk shit about others with you, they’ll do the same behind your back.


Well kiddies, I think we’ll call it good for today.  I understand the frustration with AC not acting quickly on this, but now is the time to stay the course.  Spread the word, keep speaking out and reporting.  Be relentless. Give them the dates and clearly state what the issues are (lack of feed, no water and horses deteriorating).  Maybe some horses aren’t critically thin yet, but they are clearly heading that direction.  Manson may have gotten a little surge in funding to prove the haters wrong but even her remaining circle is showing serious cracks and fault lines as she continues to be mostly absent from the property and refusing to do one thing to prove the haters wrong.  Things will get worse for these animals until somebody forces Manson’s hand. Manson has clearly stated she isn’t into it anymore, so now is not the time to let up.  More to come…

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Guess what?  Just when you think you’ve seen it all or things are as bad as they can be,  it’s `hold my beer’ and we sink to new depths.   The further we get into it, the more I feel that beer probably isn’t strong enough to deal with this and my boots aren’t even the ones on the ground, under the bed or in the shadows.  My heart hurts from all this, but we’re going to keep it going until Manson finally gets the point and comes correct.  Perhaps today’s post will move a few more people into the light tip the balance.  So, let’s get down to it.  We have some more befores, afters and WTFs to share today.  All these horses are inmates at Rancho del Grifto, but not all are owned by Manson.  I guess we’ve got a birds of a feather situation to go along with the little birds that are chirping a lot lately.  Ready?



I thought maybe I’d ease us all into today’s post with a softball.  This is Chrome while he was still an inmate at Rancho del Grifto.  We already know he made it out alive, if a little thin.  Some of the village idiots claimed he lost his weight in transport, but as you can see from these photos, that clearly wasn’t the case.  At one point he had open wounds with bandages that went unchanged despite Manson claiming she was changing them.  I guess while we’re on the subject of untreated wounds…

Various and sundry other injuries at the ranch that went untreated by Manson.  I guess this is what happens when they are bored and hungry and Manson is working her latest trick.

These are from last spring.  Yet another round of strangles galloped through Manson’s herd just as it seems to every spring.  It’s worth noting especially if she does come to her senses and release these hostages.  Quarantine will be essential for anything coming off this ranch.

Christina Pagan boards her horses at Rancho del Grifto.  Some of you may recall her for being the bully bitch at auction sometimes.  More specifically,  she was the private buyer liaison who would trudge around with her German Shepherd and try to intimidate people that dared to show up at auction without their permission.  She’s also the person who adopted Betty the pitbull and lost her with that little incident ending up with Betty being road pizza.  RIP Betty.   Christina’s horses are in the same pen as Braveheart and much like their owner, a few of them are bullies.  I can only imagine how much worse that situation is when they are all fighting over half rations.  The lighter colored palomino is Christina’s horse, Lego (the other palomino is Braveheart).  He is also losing weight.  He wasn’t lame when he arrived at the ranch, but he is now.  Really lame.  I think its important for people to know that even if we get every last Manson horse off that place, there are still a few `privately owned’ horses being subjected to the exact same conditions.

This is the part of the post where things get really rough.  This is Solar, or at least it was back in December and before.  Maybe many people don’t know much about Solar because he was never really high profile or available for adoption.  It’s actually a minor miracle he never ended up with a bullet in his head, but for whatever reason he was a sanctuary horse at HiCaliber and, if I had to guess, probably the longest inmate all because Manson’s son likes him.  That’s the official reason anyhow.


Solar has had some ongoing abscess issue for a while from what I understand but at some point since December things started to go downhill with him fast.  Depending on the day, Manson would say its because he was no longer with Shasta or he had cancer.  If I had to guess, I’d say he was likely hungry as it was around about that time his grain became more miss than hit.  The last known condition of Solar will break your heart.

Coming as no surprise to anybody, Solar’s condition has rapidly deteriorated.  Manson can try to pawn it off on cancer or the vapors but the fact is he’s suffering from a lack of proper food and when he does get fed, he’s picking his nutrients out of a swamp.  Helluva a way to treat your son’s favorite horse.


Does anybody remember Spartan?  I did a post about him last year when he was the subject of one of Manson’s `training videos’.  She tried to pass him off as a new HiCaliber horse which wasn’t the case.  You can refresh your memories about that here, with video and intake sheets included. He is said to have some pretty severe abuse issues and takes a quiet and patient hand to handle him, so clearly not ever a horse that Manson should have been around.  I believe he had recently returned from foster at the time and he looked good.  The above pic is from around the same time.  You know what’s coming though, right? You saw a little peak of him up above in Solar’s pics.

Here is Spartan within the last month. Yet another former HiCaliber horse slowly starving to death.  At this point I don’t even know what else there is to say.  This has to end.


I think that’s probably enough for this post.  Sure, I could get a bit offtrack and talk about late night drug runs to Escondido involving a drive up bedroom window, but maybe we’ll do that kinda thing in a later post.  I know Manson and her remaining minions read here.  I know they’re freaking out (thanks little bird).  Yet, Manson is still trying to have some control over the situation.  It’s not going to work this time.  Until every last horse is out of her clutches, and the cows and pig too if they’re even still alive (I haven’t asked yet), I will be relentless. I can’t sleep at night because of this shit.  The suffering of these animals haunt me.  When I am tired I’m even more bitchy than normal and I think anybody that knows me will tell you that being a bitch is a default setting for me.  There are many offers of homes for these animals.  The only thing preventing them from the soft landing they all deserve is Manson.  There will be no money handed over to her or negotiating beyond what time can we get them picked up.  Until she gets through her big fat head, we’re going to keep on spilling tea and there is at least one guest post that’s coming up if Manson doesn’t come correct on this matter.  Want a little teaser about it? I don’t even know if I can handle what’s coming.



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Where do I even start today?  You know you’re hitting nerves when one of the staunch village idiots escape the butterfly net and comes over here to teach us all a master class in grammar and idiocy.  They seemed to have missed the memo that I don’t have a single fuck to give about their opinion, but I do enjoy a good tantrum. Today’s post covers a few things as well as  featuring another former HiCaliber inmate.  This one is even worse than the past few we’ve covered and we’re going to keep doing this until all these animals are safe. I don’t care how many idiots come over here and freak out.  I don’t care about all the behind the screens machinations and scrambling to cover tracks.  Fuck that.  #releasethehostages.  Anyhow, I’m pissed about this situation so let’s get at it…Y’all know the drill by now…

I’m going to start out by setting the tone for what is to come.  Mostly it’s to illustrate what a liar mcliar pants Manson really is.  This is a rent app she filled out when she was looking to jump ship at the old place. I mean, where do you even start with this work of fiction?  Shelley Cochran? Service dog?  No mention of HiCaliber at all and claiming to make 25 to 40k a month. Well, that part may have been close to accurate for HiCaliber but she was claiming she was working for alphamare.  Oh and Romney Faye as a CEO for 10 years?  Her illustrious career as grifter in chief barely lasted 2.  Then you have her claiming to never be evicted or have a recent bankruptcy.  Lies on both counts.  Remember, her inability to rent a place was all somehow the haters fault.  No wonder `Shelley Cochran’ didn’t get the place she was trying to rent.  Beazley to the rescue!

So this is Wrinkles being a complete and total tool and apparently stealing her mother’s meds.  Charming.


Not sure who these drugs belonged to but Manson apparently diagnoses herself with lupus and prescribes her own meds for real and imagined issues.  Whatever…


Here is Manson talking shit on Kim Said.  Kim is still an insider or at least plays the part of one.  She’s probably woefully unaware that Manson talks shit on everybody behind their back.  EVERYBODY.  Kim might want to think about that before she goes ham in defending her much more.  This is the kinda thing that brings people over here to the light.  Just sayin…

I’m just going to park these here for posterity.  They clearly show ongoing feeding issues and Beazley’s involvement.  It’s going to segue us into the meat of this post quite nicely.  The part I teased a bit of in the last post…

Today we’re going to talk about Rizzo.  We’ve mentioned him a few times on the blog and you can just run his name in the search bar here and it will all come up. He had the misfortune of being acquired by HiCaliber all the way back in 2017 when he was only 2 years old.  Manson rode him around and, after finding out he was broke and papered, helped herself to him for $1 under the pretense of protecting him from being snapped up by somebody that would ride him too young.  Keep in mind that Manson herself was reaching maximum density at the time.  It’s the same old story that a horse that put up with her sealed his own fate and even more so because Rizzo is decently bred and was really good looking.  The bottom line is that he was never available to the public and, from what I’m told, people have tried to purchase him from Manson and she’s always held out for more money.  Rizzo is now 5 years old and not quite the same horse.

Here is Rizzo last year at Rancho del Grifto.  If you recall, Rizzo was one of the horses that was horrifically injured that Manson attempted to grift for money for at the old place. He had a big hole in his chest.  He has long since healed up from that and while not fat, was in decent weight at one point last year.

A lot to unpack with these screen shots.  You have Manson clearly aware that Rizzo is not well and unable to get a vet.  Because nothing is EVERY her fault, she neglects to mention the fact that she owes a fuckton of money to her last vet coupled with the fact she’s repeatedly thrown her vets under the bus when she got busted playing 30% vet herself.  So, rather than pay those bills, Manson reverts to her default setting of lying and scamming.  Fake names, attempts to sign the horse over to somebody else to take the heat and then just saying `fuck it’ and randomly dispensing leftover meds she had hoarded from the HiCaliber days.  I don’t know of any vets that will just randomly do blood work for you without having laid eyes on an animal, but I do know Manson still has her precious blood machine she spent so much HiCaliber funds on.  Anyhow, the take away was that as recently as January Rizzo was very sick  and without a firm diagnosis.  I guess this is the part where I should probably just SHOW you what has become of poor Rizzo.


Here is Rizzo within the last month.  He’s only 5 years old and failing fast. This beautiful young horse that had multiple offers from good homes is now a skeleton stashed on the back of Manson’s property.  Oh and for those remaining idiots that think we photo shop and alter these pics?  How about a little live action?

Video taken at the same time. This horse is in trouble and NOT under a vet’s care.  I dunno about the rest of you but his body score looks to be much lower than a 3 to me.  I feel like a broken record, but how do you lift a fork to your mouth knowing this is going on right outside your window?  Before she pulled her page down, we saw Manson with her shrimp salads, fake nails and other creature comforts all while this was going on right outside.  I can’t even comprehend that much and then to know that she prevented these animals from having proper homes because of her greed and pettiness just adds a whole other level of assholedom to this situation.


It’s all well and good to read all this stuff and be outraged.  What normal person wouldn’t be?  However, my motive for all this is action.  That’s where the rest of you come in.  It is time for a bunch of wheels to start squeaking loudly.  I know many of you have been. Keep up the good work.  For the rest of you, pop on over to HiCaliber Horror Facebook and they have helpfully done up some graphics showing the before and afters of these animals.  They also have some threads and discussion on how and who to report to.  That’s in the comments here as well.  Make it clear that these horses are in a rapid decline. All of these horses have been in Manson’s possession for years and all look far worse than the day they were `rescued’.  As infuriating as this all is, try to keep emotion or personal feelings out of it beyond a concern for the welfare of these animals.  We know Manson is an evil twat.  That’s neither here nor there as far as these agencies are concerned.  Karma can deal with her in due course, but these animals are running out of time.  Her inner circle has literally collapsed and continues to do so as she stabs them in the back and leaves them holding the bag.  They are emotionally and financially drained.  She has no idea who and how many of them are now talking.  The cheese stands alone.  I think it’s time to cut cheese, don’t you?  More to come…



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