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This post is going to be long and it’s going to jump around.  It may induce rage and I have zero fucks to give about delicate sensibilities getting offended at this point.  That includes some of the more staunch village idiots that seem to be immune to facts yet still can’t stop themselves from reading here every day.  I had another post I was working on and it was going to flow and just kinda stay on topic.  That one is on ice along with a few others because the fuckery is too real right now to even begin to entertain throwback kinda posts. Who knew that with Charles Manson Michelle down for the count that not only would the schemes and scams continue but actually escalate?  Romney Faye Baker is back with a vengeance and both her and Charles Manson Michelle abused the shit out of the live feed function today.  There was also far too much use of the `f’ word that is dead to me.  Fluid.  Gross.   Settle in and let’s wade into this mountain of BS that was slung in the name of `rescue’ today.

Very hostile post from Romney Faye Baker to open the day!  I’m also not really surprised given the amount of blowback they’re starting to get over their decision to be blatant about their support of kill buyers and the slaughter pipeline.  Besides the lies, I think what is important to take away from this post is that Romney Faye Baker tells us that rescuers, notice she’s not counting herself as one, say that minis don’t ship, but kill buyers say that is wrong. She also told us about this secret Japanese mini boot making craze or something along those lines to explain where all the minis go.   My question is what would any legitimate rescue, anti-slaughter advocate or just plain decent human being wish to accomplish by lying about minis not shipping to slaughter?  Does she feel there is a secret mini hating society?  Is there some conspiracy to rid the country of all minis and the easiest way to accomplish this is to lie and let them all go to slaughter? By all means take the word out of a bottom feeding convicted felon and his pathological liar of a bunk muffin over the USDA and advocates that have literally dedicated their lives to tracking and monitoring the slaughter pipeline if that floats your boat.  The fact will remain that they don’t ship and the longer knuckle draggers like Satan Tara and Doughboy convicted felon Jacob can keep convincing people that the cute little buggers do, the more money for their pockets and the more of these little horses get produced.  It’s a supply and demand issue and what is cuter than a little mini orphan?  Stop the madness, let’s play chicken!



Oops!  Another plot twist and story edit just when I was beginning to wrap my mind around yesterday’s shit fest.  Now, these were bought by Doughboy aka convicted felon, Jacob because a rescue asked him to and not because Satan Tara overheard Gary, sire of Doughboy on the phone and had a momentary lapse in her evil which lead her to want to save the mares and foals.  No mention of another rescue, no mention of Doughboy already owning them,  just these poor mares and foals that were about to be separated as the mamas shipped to slaughter.  What are the odds that Satan and Doughboy fronted for a rescue when they have repeated over and over how they refuse to work with rescues other than HiCaliber?  At that time they were still just ranch horses from an estate and you can refer back to the screen shots from the previous blog to confirm all this.  As we know, the ranch horses turned into extremely well-bred AQHA cutting horses and somehow minis got added to the mix.  I’m still trying to figure out that happened but either Satan or Romney Faye made some mention of yet another dead patriarch and an estate from them too.  That was either before or after they stated that Doughboy Jacob just bought up all those minis to ship with the foals to slaughter to this mysterious location that mass slaughters minis and foals and mini foalsfor the Japenes boot market and filet of foal.  I’m not certain, but I heard a rumor it is run by munchkins. The other major hole in this post was the threat of Doughboy Jacob, convicted felon,  just sending the mares over the border if he doesn’t get his ransom money.  The fact that he has no contract would make that highly unlikely.  No kill pens will accept any horses he owns nor will they pay his jacked up price.  Also, yesterday they claimed these horse already had their USDA tags on them and not a single one has a visible USDA tag in the video they posted, so that’s lie number eleventybillion and six for this situation alone.


Charles Manson Michelle was first up on the live feed extravaganza today.  She’s still camped out in her private suite in the hospital enjoying her magic carpet ride courtesy of mondo opiates, Ativan, room service and your tax dollars. She rattled off a list of her meds, any one of which would be enough to knock a normal person on their ass, but tolerance is a real thing.  Without her own med cabinet to raid, it is what it is.  If she took a day’s worth and hit the streets with them she could probably fund the #Thompson53 on street value alone.  I am still pondering the reason for the live feed aside from boredom, attention seeking and sympathy.  Charles Michelle recapped her accident a few times, stuffed food in her mouth and talked with her mouth full and scratched her nose a whole bunch.  One of her minions had wiped Barrett’s ass with a cloth and brought it to her so she wouldn’t miss him too much before she returns to the ranch and feels well enough to shoot him in the face.  In between all of that she compared herself to Jennifer Aniston and Brittney Spears and made several references to this blog.  The short version is y’all are a bunch of meanie heads in the comment section.  Oh, and she likes to shoot horses and turn people onto that when ever she gets a chance.  Next…


Because it wasn’t bad enough to have to sit through watching Charles Manson Michelle shovel food in her mouth and talk with it full, Romney Faye Baker decided to do her live feed rolling around in bed, fully clothed and covered in dog hair all the while fondling her pendants in hopes somebody would ask about them so she can once again play the grief card.  I really don’t understand why one needs to be rolling around in bed in the middle of the day and certainly I don’t get why she feels the need to conduct `rescue’ business like this, but I feel a bit violated because I have a sickening feeling she might have just had a little phone sex with her fiance Darrell the Dumbass and we were witnessing the aftermath.  I am thankful, however, that she did not treat us to slurping her wine this time around although I could have done without the view up her nostrils and I swear that mole thing was staring at me.  Anyhow, Romney got on to lecture us about the 53 horses they are trying to buy save and answer any questions people might have as long as they were questions they wanted to actually answer rather than the ones that make them have to admit to shit they don’t want to.  Once again the truth was ever-changing.  What was originally going to be $3000 taken from the general fund to feed the horses in Louisiana for a week, became needing to raise the $3000 for shipping and, this is the best part, all the horses, all 53, are going to ship on ONE TRUCK.  Romney Faye Baker explained how they minis would go up in the top at the front and then the rest down in the main part.  That doesn’t sound exactly legal and, again, this is coming from a place that purports to be a rescue basically collecting funds  to ship these animals in a slaughter load.  It hasn’t occurred to them that the slaughter pipeline involves more than just the end game of getting dead and HiCaliber has become a willing participant in it lately. There is also some confusion about why Doughboy Jacob the convicted felon needs $3000 to haul his own horses in his own truck, but questions that may lead to them owning their own evil are no longer welcome on the HiCaliber pages.   By the time Romney Faye signed off, I believe they were still fundraising for the shipping so the horses would be brought back to this mystery acreage for quarantine and then they would have a week to network and get them sold aka make bank on the kickbacks without ever actually having to deal with any of them.  Romney Faye Baker very casually reminded people that the nature of this rescue effort meant that some were probably going to die but `it is what it is’.  She didn’t seem too broken up by the prospect, but that’s hardly surprising when she views horses as product to move and this is just the latest publicity stunt.


As if there was ever any doubt, the village idiots coughed up their lunch money yet again and the $3000 was promptly sent to Doughboy in Louisiana.  Somewhere between begging and collecting, the magical quarantine acreage vaporized and the horses will be doing their hard time right there on Thompson’s shit and carcass filled lot (pictured above).  The hilarity is this is a sight unseen rescue so the village idiots likely just paid to ship horses that are already standing on that lot with foals at side.  It’s not like that will matter to them as they’ll be all moist and frothing because today is Tuesday, so these Louisiana horses will be forgotten in favor of auction until the `TRUCKS ARE COMING’ posts start being made in about 5 days from now.  Another interesting twist to this tale hit my inbox in the past few days.  I have gone back and forth about posting screen shots (names blacked out), but I can just as easily pass the info on and people can make of it what they will.  I will say this source has been correct about a few other things they have passed to this blog.  The claim is that Doughboy Jacob, the convicted felon, wrote a check for these horses and had a deadline to make this check good. Now, we all know that Doughboy is serving 10 years probation for writing bad checks, stealing livestock and a few other things model citizens don’t do. What this was supposed to mean is that he had to be cash and carry at auction and most people don’t want to do business with him.  Whether or not he wrote a check in Texas for these horses, I can’t confirm at this time but it seems plausible that he was allowed to as long as he came correct by the deadline.  It would certainly explain all the drama and double dip fundraising between Satan Tara’s tribe and Romney Faye Baker’s village idiots.  I will share whatever else I happen across, but this particular `rescue’ effort is ever-changing, so don’t get too tied into any one scenario for now.


Before I wrap things up for today,  I wanted to share a few things.  The first pic is about 4 days old.  The horse is HiCaliber Moxie.  She’s about 16 years old and has been on the ranch since the end of September 2016 as an owner relinquishment.  Apparently she had a habit of `collapsing’ under saddle and her previous owners could no longer afford her care, so they gave her over to HiCaliber, no doubt thinking she’d be well cared for until she found a forever home.  I can’t really say what happened to her between then and a few days ago apart from her being kicked out in the paddock they refer to as `Loft’ with a fly mask that was clearly way too tight.  Because HiCaliber has far too many horses and not nearly enough volunteers that actually show up at the ranch to do chores, these horses are not pulled in and groomed very often if at all, and things like masks aren’t checked on as long as they remain on the horse.  As shown on poor Moxie, that isn’t working out too well and this is exactly the kind of thing that is 100% avoidable.  This didn’t happen overnight and should have been noticed long before it wore a hole in the middle of her face.  The other picture is a reminder of the kind of shit piles around the place along with a volunteer statement commenting on the conditions of some of the pens.  This is not acceptable or excusable in any way.  This is a sign of on organization coming apart and people in way over their heads.  I’m not sure how many more red flags people need to start recognizing there is a big problem brewing.

I think this is where I better leave things for today.  I’ve only really just summarized the antics of today.  I’m growing weary of the fuckery.  There are a few other posts in the pipeline I hope to get to sooner, rather than later, but Romney Faye Baker has informed us they are back at auction and they will continue to buy horses each and every week.  It is actually starting to feel almost frenzied, all this hoarding.  They can’t look after what they have,  horses are unaccounted for and they keep going for more.  After the thrill of the save, most villagers don’t think to ask whatever became of the horses purchased unless they are spectacularly mangled, so easy enough to make them disappear.  For the rest of us, in order to hold our sanity, we’ll find something to share a laugh over but we must never forget that there are horses suffering and dying in the name of `rescue’.  As much as I want to walk away from this and forget I ever got involved, I can’t.  I know I’m not alone.  Horses first….ALWAYS.


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My, my, where to start today?  Just when I think I have everything current and caught up and maybe, just maybe, the HiCaliber Shit Show will simmer down for a bit, they say `Hold my Fireball’ and sink to new levels of fuckery. Actually, I think we blew past fuckery a few days ago and we’re breaking new ground now.  I need a new word.  Between the `Freedom Walk’ for the first 12 horses to arrive, a glorious meltdown on Charles Manson Michelle’s part, we have an amazing piece of fiction posted by the Cryer in Chief, Romney.  I figured I’d just get this stuff out of the way before the next batch of horses complete their journey out of the frying pan and into the fire.


HiCaliber Savannah

So, as mentioned above, the first 12 horses from Louisiana arrived in southern California in the wee hours of Friday morning.  Because the rig couldn’t negotiate the drive way at HiCaliber, the horses had to be offloaded in a parking lot nearby and reloaded onto smaller rigs, one of which belonged to Michelle.  That’s important because she took the opportunity to bitch about her truck some more and tell us how using it for HiCaliber business has ruined it so now she needs a new one.  She needs it for the rescue, of course, but it will belong to her.   This is usually how she manifests things she wants.  Whine about something and then say it’s for the rescue and whatever it is usually becomes hers within weeks.  I’m sure the dollars involved in this latest stunt were going to go a long ways towards making that new truck appear before people started asking questions and wanting some accountability.


No Burns!

Miraculously, all horses arrived alive, despite hauling straight through from Louisiana and being onboard for 28 or more hours.  It was probably closer to 30 by the time they started to unload.  They left before the sun went down in Louisiana on Wednesday and arrived at HiCaliber between 3 and 4AM on Friday morning.  A very long trip for some pretty fragile horses.  Lucky for them, they were in good hands until reaching California.


Practicing Biosecurity HiCaliber Style

Now, I ‘m not sure how many readers here have had the occasion to ship horses long distances, but I have both as a driver and as the person that kissed them on the nose and then met them at the final destination.  Always, always, always, there was some preparation to ensure they arrived healthy and I’m talking about horses in peak condition.  Little things like electrolytes before, during and after.  Soaking their hay en route and letting them get their heads down to rest.  Feeding a bit of oil before and after to keep things moving a bit.  Usually after a long haul, we walk them out and get them drinking for a bit and then just let them settle.  I guess I should have consulted Michelle at HiCaliber, because she has recently informed us she knows 30% of what any vet knows and decided to do the intakes on these 12 horses herself. This meant that these poor horses, a few of which literally staggered off that rig, had to stand around tied up in the barn area for upwards of FOUR HOURS after they had just traveled for over 30 hours.  They were offered water, but otherwise had to stand around while Michelle played vet and appeared to do everything within her power to ensure they would end up with colic.  This included dicking around measuring them, putting a weight tape on them and fiddle farting with her stethoscope.  For some reason only some got Exceed.  Maybe that was only for the ones that coughed the loudest or something.  I dont’ know, but she was muttering something about not having enough.  Apparently it was a surprise to her that these horses were coming or something.  Then, in an astonishing display of ignorance, she blammed them all with dewormer and many, if not all with banamine.    I guess she also wanted to mask any symptom of a gut ache when those worm loads started moving, so they are in serious trouble by the time the pain killers wear off.  Just to make sure she sedated a few because they weren’t all lethargic enough.  WTF?  I know of no vet or horse person for that matter, that would deworm a horse in such fragile health immediately after such a long haul.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  That poor little cribber mare she purchased last Tuesday got the Michelle intake treatment and here are her before and after pictures.  This horse only came off Misner’s lot on Tuesday and is a skeleton by Thursday.  Obviously a very sick and dehydrated horse presumably sharing a quarantine area with a bunch of other very sick horses.   I’m not sure how you could see a horse fail that quick and not be alarmed, but business as usual for HiCaliber.

After all the hype about these 2O OTTBs that became not OTTBs and mostly not even TBs, obviously a lot of people tuned in for the live feed of their arrival.  Based on things that various members of the HiCaliber crew had said before and because they were still operating under the assumption that HiCaliber actually practice transparency rather than just pay lip service to it, there were questions as it was all unfolding.  There were questions about the length of time the horses were on the trailer and why they had not had a layover.  There were questions about biosecurity measures being taken as many of these horses had deep coughs and were leaking some pretty green snot from their eyes and noses.  Couple that with how lethargic they all were (also symptoms of shipping fever, which can occur in much less than the magic 34 hours Michelle ranted about), and that they had come off a large feed lot of disease on the other side of the country, these were valid questions.  Afterall, they were standing tied right outside the barn and two of the more fragile ones were given box stalls in the barn with other HiCaliber horses.  Michelle was overheard saying that it was ok because there was no nose to nose contact.  I guess the minimum 30 feet for proper quarantine against airborne bugs isn’t a thing in southern California, but she does have her magical blood machine that apparently predicts the future or something.  That’s not even counting her tromping around in Ugg boots that are perfect hosts for germs and nearly impossible to disinfect.    When people starting asking about the length of the haul and why no layover, Michelle lost her shit in the most glorious of meltdowns.  It was a three parter actually and it was as f-bomb, poor me, and no accountability laden as anything I’ve seen spew out of her lying lie hole to date.  Anybody that dared to ask a question was singled out as a hater and told that the HiCaliber Facebook page was her safe space and that she wasn’t having it.  So much for transparency!  The funny part is she was mostly pissed that people were asking why there were no layovers when they had been told there would be and she denied it.  Once again, the HiCaliber crew did not consult each other before lying.  Oh my!  LOL.


So, after this meltdown and the horses were finally allowed to rest, Michelle left to go hang upside down in her closet or do whatever it is that witches do in the daylight hours.  I think she mentioned something about getting her lashes done and hopefully her eyebrows drawn back on too, but I guess that’s her business.  The fun part was Romney took over the boss mare role and laid down an amazing work of fiction for the village to eat up and the rest of us to enjoy.  It’s been awhile since we had story time with Romney and I could almost imagine her slurping her wine, while breathing heavy and attempting to smise for the camera through her seven layers of mascara and kohl eyeliner.  Good times! Let’s break it down, shall we?

Well, at least it’s nice to see them embrace what this farce has been.  A scam.  It’s a start.  One of the HiCaliber go to deflections has always been to call anybody that dares question them or critique what they’re doing a `hater’.  I know Michelle has a whole decade of hanging out with horses but, believe it or not, some of us have a lifetime of being with horses and have actually paid the bills working with them without having to start gofundme accounts.  What a concept!  The first issue I have had with all of this from Jump Street, is referring to the original efforts as `OTTB20′.  They don’t even have 10 OTTBs and calling them `Argentinian’ doesn’t really count. It was always a marketting ploy.   Satan Tara, has long been known for making up breeds and back stories on horses depending on what she thinks a potential mark buyer wants to hear.  In this case, the players got played by a master.  The funny thing about these funds needed, is that they always end up as nice round numbers that end in 0 or 5 and there is rarely ever an invoice or receipt posted after the fact because it’s on to the next and they know the village idiots are easily distracted.  They also like to run everything through paypal so there is no grand total that their village can see.  It’s alway a take their word for it situation with these guys.  Calling this stunt a `rescue’ is a complete lie.  These horses, regardless of their condition. were purchased for very inflated prices from a horse trader.  They were never booked to go to slaughter.  Thompson’s lot has no contract and cannot ship to slaughter.  Their next stop out of there was not slaughter.  Period.


HiCaliber Floyd – shipped 1700 miles like this.

We do agree that this shit show began on May 11th, but Romney kinda glosses over things.  There was originally 16 alleged OTTBs offered for sale via Thompson’s Horse Lot and there was a picture shown of a horse with sores on her lip.  This got a lot of attention on social media and despite being asked to stand down and allow the local people to handle this so the person that did this to that horse could be held accountable, HiCaliber couldn’t resist the publicity and money skimming opportunity and got involved.  Suddenly, one or two horses became `many horrifically burned’ and abandoned by other rescues and OMG the truck was coming!!!  It also turned into 20 horses and we know the rest from a previous blog post. (The $40,000 Rescue Swindle )  The village raised over 40k, thought to be closer to 50k when all was said and done.  This was just for the first round of begging.



I guess Michelle is prescient because she knew about the additional 15 OTTBs on Monday when she asked for 30k on the Channel 10 News to rescue them. She had started feeling out the village idiots about going after them a day or two before. (Channel 10 News ) Jacob and Tara claimed they came in over the weekend, but it makes HiCaliber look less shady to say they showed up on Dump Your Horse Tuesday at the Thomspon Lot, so consider history rewritten in the Gospel According to Romney.  The only issue is that if they really had only come in on Tuesday, how could their blood have been drawn on Saturday like they claimed and vet work done because some of the group ended up on the first load out.  Something isn’t passing the smell test here and it’s not just the Thompson Lot.


Thompson’s Hell Hole

Really, it’s just a shit hole feed lot and not `THE NATIONS LARGEST FEED LOT’. Maybe they are the nation’s filthiest, but they’re not even the shadiest although not through lack of effort on Tara’s part.  I guess the exaggeration is for dramatic effect though, much like the crying and heavy breathing we are constantly subjected to.  Romney may think she was being compassionate for allowing the healthy and marketable horses to stay in Louisiana so that she could save ones that needed her more, but those of us familiar with Satan Tara’s antics, know exactly what went down.  She conned Romney into leaving the horses she could make some serious coin on and talked her into taking some that were in no shape to ship anywhere and, even if they did have a slaughter contract, weren’t worth a dime because they were so emaciated and sick.  Way to horse trade, Romney!  You just cleaned up their mess and paid for the privilege.


Really, nobody but the HiCaliber contingent was all the surprised that they didn’t end up with a truckload of burned lips and really only came home with one or two horses that had mouth ulcers.  The part about Kill Pen 10 being misprint is kind of a tough sell though.  They’ve edited the original gofraudme gofund me account several times, but they couldn’t seem to figure out how to edit it to Kill Pen 8 for accuracy?  It also gets awkward when they have another board member commenting and further confusing matters.  Don’t they have secret bat cave page where they can get their stories straight or something?


The 6k hauling bit is important, because as Michelle ranted about several times on Friday, they originally had a 10k donation towards hauling when they were still trying to tell people that all these horses they were bringing home were OTTBs.  One single donor, offered up the funds for one truck, but they neglected to tell the other people giving til it hurt this had happened.  Then, because karma is a bitch, apparently the donor was not amused with the bait and switch tactics and withdrew the funds for all but 2k as she did not want to support buying out or the kill pens.  Her interest was soley in getting OTTBs out of there.  Make of that what you will, but I can envision why this is making Michelle extra cranky today and it ain’t because the remaining horses have to haul cheap.



Did you catch that?  Shame on everybody for making them bring the horse with the alleged burned lip that started this all home.  Romney is learning to spin stories nearly as fast as SatanTara, but then again, she’s not new to the feedlot game either.  Notice how the cremello Michelle wanted just got absorbed into the group expense account as far as vetting, shoeing etc.  Apparently, I undershot the amount of horses Michelle personally owns and keeps at the rescue in my previous blog post.  This mare brings the total closer to 9 from what I have been told.  So, while Romney is shaming people for bringing the mare Zeva home, remember that there is something like 9 of Michelle’s personal horses taking up space and resources on the donor dollar and she’s not the only ranch resident keeping a horse for free there.  I guess it’s no biggie considering they keep bringing more and more horses in despite their lack of room so they never say `full’.


That’s right.  They are already brokering for Satan Tara and getting their kickbacks.  Kickbacks are awesome because they don’t have to account for them.  So, they get a cut on the three private purchases.  The private buyers are paying their own way and HiCaliber can even gouge them a bit for shipping and expenses.  Even better, they still got the village idiots to donate full price  for `responsible rescue’ ​on the horses they’re bringing home which leaves some good coin for the eyelash/Fireball fund.  No Romney, you don’t have 34 `rescues’ coming home, you have 34 horses you bought off a trader coming home and I have seen nobody question the numbers in the first trailer.  I think a lot of this is blowing smoke to deflect people from asking much about the third trailer which is rumored to be close to getting there and which nobody from HiCaliber wants to talk about.  I can’t say for sure other than what Bubba Misner was boasting about at Mike’s last weekend, which also indicates he knew all along there would be a full load coming home.  If that doesn’t pan out and come to pass, Jacob is advertising that he’s bringing a load HiCaliber’s way too, so I’m sure their new BFF can stuff any or all of the remaining HiCaliber horses on there and they can act surprised and paint either Jacob or Bubba as a great guy who saved the day.  I guess they really are transparent, because they are getting easier and easier to see through!



Ok folks.  I’m going to cut things off right here for now.  There are more details about the intakes, there are six more horses on the way and there are some other things that hit my inbox that probably need to be shared too, but they need to be vetted first.  I never really wanted to write a novel and I certainly don’t want to write one this weekend, so unless something other than the run of the mill shit show occurs let’s take a day or two and let all this marinate.  Remember that none of these horses ever asked to be exploited this way and they all deserve to live.  The sooner we can stop funding these feed lots and faux rescues, the sooner this all ends for horses.  There is a better way, but you have to take away the easy way before people will listen.  Let’s do that.   I’m going to leave you with a quote from Romney before she reverted back to her old ways.


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One of the things we hear from the slaughterphiles the most is the screeching about how slaughter is going to give dignity and use to all these mysterious unwanted horses and how the rest of us, the antis, won’t step up and offer solutions.  Never mind the fact that largest contributors to the `unwanted’ horse population seems to be slaughterphiles and that they certainly are not exempt from abusing and neglecting their horses *cough*dorothyrobertson*cough*.  Other than kill and eat them, I have yet to see a single PSA offer any alternative solution or accept a shred of responsibility for the existing problems.  By and large, they hate rescues unless said rescue supports slaughter.  They think that if there will never be slaughter again, that all the unwanted, neglected, and starving horses should be dumped off on the lawns of anti-slaughter people.  Obviously, not a realistic or viable solution, but they refuse to accept the inevitable or look at alternatives.  When a viable alternative is presented, they work double-time trying to shoot it down, claiming a violation of their property rights and waving the confederate flag.  Well, guess what?  Somehow in our quest to address the problems that even PSAs agree on, we have managed to offend their delicate sensibilities once again.


News has come out recently that the HSUS if forming a “‘Responsible Horse Breeders Council”.  Yeah, I know.  If the HSUS is involved that automatically means it’s all kinds of evil and you must immediately put on your tinfoil beanie to prevent the constant bombardment of conspiracy theories from polluting your mind.  Whatever.  The goal of this council will be “to decrease the number of horses in the United States who are at risk of being neglected, abused, or slaughtered for human consumption.”   I don’t know about you, but I can’t really see this as a bad thing.  I see this as a some anti-slaughter people stepping up with solutions.  They are trying to address over breeding of horses by having breeders voluntarily be added to their list.  This means the breeder will take responsibility should that horse become homeless or at risk for being abused or sent to slaughter.  Nobody is telling any horse owner/breeder they must sign up, it’s voluntary.  You can read more about it here : http://www.thehorse.com/articles/31238/responsible-horse-breeders-council-formed.  Is it going to fix everything?  No, but it’s a start.  Many of the larger Thoroughbred breeders already have a similar policy in place.  It works.  It makes you want to do business with them.


While I’m sure many of you agree that this idea for a breeder’s council is a pretty good one, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that it has bunched some panties with the PSAs.  For your amusement and disgust, here is a selection of comments from the UH brain trust.

“If you’re a horse breeder, do you feel you should be responsible for the horses you sell from birth to death? HSUS thinks you should be. But remember…horses can live 30+ years. And how will this affect our rights to private property and animal ownership?”

– This comment is courtesy of Mindy `Puppymill’ Patterson.  I would like to know how she thinks that anybody volunteering to be added to a list will affect HER rights to private property and animal ownership.  If you don’t agree and want to carry on being an irresponsible dickhead, by all means, don’t sign up and continue contributing the problem.

“I have been a horse breeder for 30+ years. Of course we can’t be responsible for what others do with ‘our’ horses after they leave our premises!”

– Did I mention that PSAs have a huge problem with reading comprehension?  Nobody is going to hold anybody `responsible’ for what somebody else has done.  They are asking you to step up and do the right thing by animals you have bred and put out there.  You could choose to bring them home and euthanize them humanely even.  Or, you could choose not to be responsible and go on with your bad self.  I’m beginning to sound like a broken record…

“No. The reason a breeder raises horses to sell is to fill a market niche. If you are limited on your selling, you’d not be able to do your job as a responsible breeder.

Those who’re responsible are raising the best possible horses they can, research genetic diseases, and do their best to make a positive contribution. But HSUS is determined to remove private ownership of all species, not just horses. If breeders sign up for this, they’re tilting at windmills.”

– If you truly are raising the best horses you can and are not over breeding, then you probably won’t get that many that need your help. Nowhere in this article do I see anything about it affecting private ownership of horses, let alone all species.

“With the 3 largest stock breeding paying out incentives to breeders, stallion owners and mare onwers, does the HSUS expect to wag the dog. I know they have lobby powers and cash up the ying yang, but we are talking AQHA here boys and girls. Turn them loose. Who has the moxie to tell them good ol boys who can or cant breed and how many to allow or not”

– Ahhh, yes.  The good ole AQHA.  The breed that just happens to be one of the favorites of horse eaters and the association that supports slaughter.  Way to value your product!  The same breed that allowsthe  breeding and registration of horses with HYPP, HERDA etc. Conditions that could be bred out of that breed within one generation should they just close the books on breeding stock that tests positive.  No, wouldn’t expect that association nor the APHA with their OLWS Russian breeding roulette that they allow to go on to come on board with something like this.

“I think the Jockey Club has a program called the Breeders Cup program that has the richest 2 day or horse racing in the world fed by owners, breeders and trainers that know the gamble and game better than any HSUS flunky ever dreamed of.”

– I’m not sure what the Breeders Cup has to do with any of this, but the Jockey Club has adopted an anti-slaughter stance.  As I have stated, many of the larger TB breeders already do have programs or mandates in place to deal with their former horses and keep them out of the slaughter pipeline.  Three Chimneys, for example, will go one further and assist with the rescue/rehab of a horse that is merely sired by one of their stallions whether that horse was ever on their farm or not.  Thoroughbreds also have several dedicated rescues just to deal with racehorses once their careers at the track are over.  They probably don’t have a problem with being on a list of responsible breeders at all. Nice try though.

“And then we have a great industry of purposely bred horses for consumption. These horses have been selectively bred, culled, fed and studied to meet a standard of excellence that is not different than Wagyū or Black Angus cattle. Explain to these very affluent business people that the horses that they produce and fly live to Asian markets at double digits per pound can’t do that any more because they have to provide a birth to natural death life promise. Hell Dane likely cant even extort that kind of promise from his own Family members.”

– Way to shoot yourself in the foot!  According to the IEBA and UH, slaughter is for unwanted horses, so that they don’t have to suffer and go to waste.  Now this idiot is suggesting that there is a booming business of breeding horses specifically for consumption?  Which is it?

“As a breeder I do not believe I need to be responsible for the horse, dog, goat, duck, or what ever I raise and sell until it’s death. The new owner is responsible for the animal after it leaves the property. I may on occasion make a deal with the new owner to have the option to buy the animal back, but that depends on the situtations. This is like telling someone that raises beef cattle or hogs for meat sale that they need to be aware of where the animal is at all times. That’s like telling a parent that once their child hits 18 and moves out that they are responsible for every thing their child does until they die. Hogwash!!!”

– Really?  As breeders we keep track of the horses that leave our property.  If we found one to be in a bad situation, we would absolutely do the right thing by it because we care.  Not because we are responsible for that bad situation, but we care about the animals we bring into this world.  Even if it was in such bad shape that it was suffering, we would gladly take one back to euthanize it humanely.  Lucky for us, we don’t flood the market, nor do we breed crap so those situations don’t really come up for us.

“Animals are private property. Under that premise, the new owners are responsible. This proposal by HSUS opens up a huge can of worms. I posted this on The Cavalry Group Facebook page as well, and someone brought up the important point that if something like this were to take hold, what would keep them from limiting the age of breeders to prevent them from breeding past a certain age? Scary precedent.”

– This was from Puppymill Patterson again.  She’s right about one things, the new owners ARE responsible for the animals they buy.  However, what happens when you sell one to somebody like Dorothy Robertson and it ends up in dire straits?  Are you ok, just shrugging it off  and saying it’s not your problem anymore?  Legally it’s not your problem, but many people would probably want that horse back or at least have a hand in seeing that it was not suffering.  Hell, maybe they would throw a rescue a few dollars to help with rehabilitating the animal.

“I have taken horses back after they have been gone for years. Life changes and sometimes the horse is no longer part of that life. I will take back their horse and give it a foreverhome or place it in a good home if I can. That horse was foaled here and if it needs help in life I will try to be there for it.”

– Thank you.  That is all anybody is asking.  If every single breeder did this, there would be no need for slaughter.  Think about it.

” Before this thread takes a turn for the worse….I breed to MAKE MONEY. Sorry guys, it’s a business and we have a business plan set up. I’m not going to keep something around that doesn’t have a job or potentially can make money.

– I know that this particular `breeder’ actually works at Wal-Mart.  Want to see the kind of stock she is putting out there?  I wonder how that `making money’ thing is working out for her…

One of this breeder's yearlings

One of this breeder’s yearlings

One of the above `breeder's' stallions.

One of the above `breeder’s’ stallions.

I guess I’m not surprised at the puffing out of chests and paranoid ramblings of the UH PSAs given that they have Puppymill Patterson fanning the flames.  They seem to not grasp the concept that nobody is forcing anybody to sign up on this list.  One of them suggested this list is 5yrs old and was sold to the HSUS.  I don’t know that to be true.  Given the challenges many PSAs have with the English language, I will wait for a reputable source to weigh in on that.  What I do know is that breeders on this list (allegedly over 800) should be praised for doing the right thing.  Each and every time you breed a mare, you should ask yourself who is going to want that foal and do you have the funds to raise and train it properly so that it will attract your target buyers.  If you truly are breeding for a legitimate market demand and are breeding quality stock, then you probably won’t see very many, if any, of your stock in dire straits.  I know it can happen to any horse, but those are not the usual cases.  I think the real problem PSAs have with this list is that many of them breed complete and utter junk and they dump them wherever they can.  They realize that if they ever signed onto something like this, they would be inundated with `returns’.  There is one way to prevent that.  Stop breeding anything and everything with a uterus.  My question to these people is; why do you even have and/or breed horses if you don’t care what happens to them?  Wouldn’t there be far less suffering and problems if people like the PSAs just stuck to inanimate objects?


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I know we normally point and laugh on Fridays and we’ll get back to doing that eventually.  This week I thought it was more important to give some updates on slaughterphile, Dorothy Robertson’s, seized horse and the outcome of her criminal charges.  Sadly, Ole Dottie has had several features on this blog due to the ongoing saga of her horrific neglect case and seizure last fall.  While her legal mailing address may be in Nevada, Big D most often resides in the land of denial.  You can refresh your memories here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/straight-from-the-horse-neglecters-mouth-updates-on-the-nevada-34/) We eventually came to find out this wasn’t Dottie’s first rodeo when it came to neglecting animals and having them seized.  We also came to find out that despite being a rabid supporter of slaughter, Big D still allowed her hoard to starve half to death despite living less than 5 miles from a livestock auction frequented by kill buyers.  This big mess also introduced us to a brand new nest of asswads over at the Horse Grooming Supplies message boards fearlessly led by Anne Knight, Sarah MacFarlane and Karien Jamieson aka manesntails, IIIBarsV and farmeress.  I wish I could tell you that they have all seen the light, but as we know…stupidity knows no bounds.  They’re still profoundly stupid and still dogging on the rescue that took in these horses.

Dorothy Robertson in happier times

Dorothy Robertson in happier times

Back in October, Dorothy pleaded `not guilty’ to charges of animal neglect.  We recapped the court proceedings here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/here-we-go-again-nevada-34-updates/).  She continued to post at numerous forums vowing that `new information’ was coming in daily and alluding to filing suit against all responsible for the seizure of her horses as well as the rescue that paid their bail at the livestock yards and took them in.  That rescue was Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue aka NNER.  For some reason NNER became the target of Dorothy and her supporters.  They went to any lengths to discredit them and discourage people from supporting them.  Big D went as far as to suggest NNER was `slimming down’ those horses to make her look worse.  All this was because that due to the pending criminal case, NNER was asked by the authorities not to post intake pictures of the horses.  So, NNER took the hit and continued to care for these animals without having the benefit of posting their pictures.  Guess what?  The trial is over.  Dorothy accepted a plea bargain which saw her plead guilty on 5 counts of neglect.  She will do 30 days in jail plus 48 hours community service on each count.  She also has to pay a minimal fine on each count.  Not nearly enough for the suffering her horses went through, but at least it’s over.  Or it’s over until the next time she gets busted. Now, do you want to see what these horses looked like when they were seized?

Pasture and condition of some of the herd

Pasture and condition of some of the herd

Note the feet

Note the feet

Taken at Dorothy's `ranch'

Taken at Dorothy’s `ranch’

Some of Dorothy's mares

Some of Dorothy’s mares

More of the herd

More of the herd

One of the yearlings

One of the yearlings

The `old' stallion who turned out to be only 10 yrs old - Colonel's Diamond Chex

The `old’ stallion who turned out to be only 10 yrs old – Colonel’s Diamond Chex

`Old' 10 yr old stallion prior to being euthanized

`Old’ 10 yr old stallion prior to being euthanized – he was covered in pressure sores that were infested with maggots.

Same stallion prior to being starved and neglected

Same stallion prior to being starved and neglected


Mares...note pond in the background that was their drinking source

Mares…note pond in the background that was their drinking source

More mares

More mares




"Ladybug" yearling filly after being fed for 3 at livestock yard for 3 weeks

“Ladybug” yearling filly after being fed for 3 at livestock yard for 3 weeks

Ladybug's front feet

Ladybug’s front feet

Ladybug's hind feet

Ladybug’s hind feet

Ladybug's front legs

Ladybug’s front legs

Ladybug today

Ladybug today

So, there is a sampling of what Dorothy figured was adequate care.  New pictures will be posted as they become available.  The HGS people have redoubled their efforts in slandering this rescue and questioning their every move.  As you can clearly see, there has been a long and expensive recovery for the majority of horses involved in this seizure.  It was not NNER’s doing or fault these horses were seized.  Dorothy has been caught in numerous lies and deceptions since all of this came to light, yet people still want  to blame the rescue.  Do you know who will pay the price for this sick little game of armchair critic?  These horses will.  They should be the only thing that matters at this point.  You can help these poor animals in a number of ways.  Share these pictures and the rescue’s contact details far and wide. (https://www.facebook.com/NortheasternNevadaEquineRescueInc?ref=ts&fref=ts) NNER also has a `chip in’ for hay you can add to and/or share around on social networking sites. (http://northeasternnevadaequinerescue.chipin.com/hay-to-help-buy-more-feed-for-the-fallon-horses-through-the-winter). If you go to their Facebook page, they are raffling off a side of beef for $5 a ticket.  Anything will help and I don’t see it as wrong of them to be asking for help.  These horses were in disgusting shape and they still have a way to go before they are ready for adoption.  It won’t be easy to get them all adopted as Dorothy refuses to give up their papers or identify any of them.  I don’t know that any of them are actually broke to ride or have been anything other than breeding stock.  That makes it even tougher.  Lets help these animals return to good health and find happier homes this year.










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If you’ve been following along with the slaughter stuff for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve heard all the trumped-up reasons why we absolutely MUST start slaughtering all our horses again.  I could write forever punching holes in them.  However, one of the ones that irritate me the most is the whole `slaughter sets a base price for horses’ argument.  WTF?  Seriously!  I’m not usually given to direct responses to the petulant pony aside from the weekly recaps of the lunacy she perpetuates, but some things you just can’t let slide on by.  Misinformation pisses me off.

So, if we are to believe the slaughterphiles,  horses aren’t selling well because there is no `base’ price per pound on them.  I don’t even comprehend that line of thinking.  Horses are not raised to be food animals.  Does anybody look at the steak on your plate and wonder if it was papered or how well-trained the cow was before it was slaughtered?  I didn’t think so.  Because this is the type of horse that I’m most familiar with, I decided to pull up the stats for the recently concluded Keeneland fall sale for Thoroughbreds of all ages.  This sale is 11 days and features everything from weanlings, to race stock, to breeding stock.  The prices run from in the millions all the way down to $1000, but when averaged out over 11 days, it always gives us a pretty good indication of where our market is and how we’re doing.  Do you know what the verdict was?  The market is strong.  This is especially gratifying because everybody knows those damn thoroughbreds don’t make the best meat horses.  If you believe Holy Theresa Manzella, they cost double to feed than any other horse (complete and utter bullshit btw).

In the interest of fair reporting and full disclosure,  if you look at the hard numbers from Keeneland’s fall sale this year it was down a little.  However, last year’s sale featured once in a lifetime dispersals of some fairly high-end breeding stock which they have attributed to the higher numbers.  The late Bernard Evans holdings along with Saud bin Khaled’s Palides Investments N.V., Inc   were dispersed and brought some crazy high prices.  Included in that consignment was Royal Delta who sold for $8.5 million.  With those horses factored out of the numbers from last year, the prices are actually higher this year.  So, the `real’ numbers from this year saw the gross up 5.36% , the average up 2.74% and the median up 10%.  That doesn’t mean much to most people unless you attach the actual dollar amounts though.  So, this year’s average sales price over the 11 days was $52,248 and the median was $22,000.  Not sure about you, but those are pretty good numbers to me.  I’m not alone in that opinion.  Keeneland vice president of sales, Walt Robertson stated:

“This was a very good sale, and encouraging in that the market laid down a stable foundation for the industry, Last year’s sale was enhanced by the vintage dispersals. This year we saw a truer market. And while there was general support throughout, we definitely saw a concentration on quality with regard to all types–broodmares, weanlings and horses of racing age. There is no doubt the money is out there for a good horse.”

I think the last sentence is pretty important.  People are still paying good money for good horses.  That’s the one thing slaughterphiles like NT will never be able to wrap their minds around.  No thoroughbred breeder bases the value on their stock on meat prices.  They breed for quality and performance and meat prices neither factor into their choices nor do they set their `base’ prices.  I suppose when you sell horses that are unpapered, not finished for anything and look like the ones below, you probably can’t wrap your mind around the real horse industry and real sale prices.

Sale picture courtesy of NT

Another NT sale horse

Now, I have been accused of being elitist a time or two by the slaughterphiles.  I’m actually not all that elitist when it comes to horses.  I’m a realist.  What I keep as my personal pet horses are one thing, what I deal with for a living are another.  I’m not looking to resell my personal horses, but I’m also not breeding them.  Many of my `horsey’ friends ride grade horses or show culls and they are still great horses for what they want to do with them.  They also aren’t breeding them or looking to make a living from flipping them.  The fact is there will ALWAYS be cheap horses as long as there are idiots involved with breeding them and horse trading.  EVERY single breeder has a foal that doesn’t quite come out like you had hoped.  However, if you are breeding quality stock, raising them correctly and either training them or presenting them for sale properly, it’s far easier to find a good home for the odd cull than to keep creating them.  If you are a bottom end horse trader and the lack of slaughter is putting you out of business, I don’t feel even a little bit sorry that you can’t make a living selling horses to slaughter.  Whine and cry all you want, dead horses don’t drive the industry.  They don’t need tack, feed, veterinary care or any number of other related purchases.  If Suey and the IEBA gets their way, you still wont’ be able to afford to be in the horse trading business because it’s going to cost you more to do business with her than to put a horse down.  I won’t shed one tear if all the slaughterphiles get out of the horse business and it also won’t change my lifestyle and income one bit.  If you need meat prices to value your stock, please find another business to be in because the horse industry will be better off without you.  Just give us some time to clean up the huge mess that the slaughterphile mindset has created.

Havre De Grace — recently sold for $10 million as a broodmare prospect


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I was really hoping we didn’t have to discuss the Nevada 34 until next week when their former owner/abuser goes to court, but it seems that Old Dorothy doesn’t know when to STFU.  She is currently being egged on by the morons over at HGS forum and I do apologize to the very few people over there that have attempted reason and to call Dorothy on her BS.  Most of the HGS people make the UH peeps look like geniuses; that’s how bad it is.  If you are needing to refresh your memory on this neglect case, you can review these links: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/the-nevada-34-update/)(https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/straight-from-the-horse-neglecters-mouth-updates-on-the-nevada-34/)and (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/sundays-psa-8/).  Right now,  Dorothy is busy pointing her grubby fingers every direction but at herself, but I still thought it would be fun to take a peek on her latest round of delusion and denial…As always, we’ll hear straight from Dorothy herself….

Old, picture but this is worth reposting when you see what Dorothy has to say for herself…

“Would you leave your place and go to town to do so while sheriffs deputies are on the place and no one else is there but them? My camera is a Flip video camera….recharges the battery by plugging into computer USB port…..at that point my house had no power except the generator and I didn’t even think of starting it up, plugging in computer and then plugging in camera….other things (like asking them not to load stallions/mares in the same trailer load) on my mind at that very moment.”

– I’m kinda getting confused about Dorothy’s camera situation.  She originally told us that she had pictures on her camera but her film tore when she removed it.  Now, it’s apparently a digital video camera (which wouldn’t have film).  I’m not aware of too many flip video cameras that use film anymore….especially the  ones that plug into a USB port.  So….where ARE these pictures she claims to have that would show what super awesome shape her horses were in prior to seizure? She promised to have them available to everybody a few weeks ago.

“Added some photos to my ranch album…..taken from outside the sales yard property (posted with no cameras/videos allowed) only a few days after the horses were taken. According to the vet this herd had an average body condition score of 2 with only a few 3s and none a 4 or higher. Same vet testified that horses in starvation situation would take 1-3 weeks to turn around metabolism and begin to gain and at most would gain 1-1.5 lbs per day once they began gaining. Waiting for more photos taken a few days later with longer tele lens….. being processed in Reno at specialty photo business due to film damage in unloading camera (borrowed from a friend in case anyone needs to know….friend is also the owner of one of the leased mares and was NOT….as reported by the brand inspector…..upset about the condition of the mare but was upset about brand inspectors charging time and milage on top of brand inspection fee when brand inspection was done at BI’s usual place of business….sales yard….and by sales yard manager charging $7/day board on the mare since NNER had supposedly already paid the board…..and the board fee is limited by statute to $5/day…..did the same thing to the owner of the other two leased mares who was there at the same time picking up hers…..mare owner had a brand inspection in her name as well as mare’s papers in hand in her name…real question arises regarding brand inspection…..there was never a brand inspection showing ownership change from the mare owner to sheriffs dept or to NNER yet owner was forced to get a new inspection form showing her as owner when she had one already in hand.)”

– Ok, yet another camera story. Is anybody keeping track of the camera excuses?  The horses have been in custody since early September.  I would think the film would be developed by now?  Now it’s the brand inspector’s fault and how dare NNER not pay the bail for the leased horses they weren’t taking into their care!  I’m still not sure what any of this has to do with the condition her horses were in…

“Let’s get something straight…..I could afford the horses at the time they were taken…..there was hay on the property, hay was purchased twice a week or more, the old sick horse was getting medications for pain, ulcers, antibiotics and all the feed he would eat. The only issues were that I had spent down my reserves in dealing with move, getting pump/pressure tank and generator to get water accessible on the property other than the pond for the mares (which by the way, is over an acre in size most of the time and several feet deep at its deepest) so I didn’t have to haul it daily, and dealing with sister’s death that came faster and more expensively than anticipated (docs had given her to about Christmas, she died the end of July with funeral first week of August). I didn’t have the full amount of the money the vet wanted at the time the horse needed to be put down and was working on obtaining more as quickly as possible……retired so checks only come once a month…and he wouldn’t accept payments…..retirement check arrived on Wed after the horses were taken on Fri (and one day after the horse was put down or possibly the same day he was put down at the sales yard after being kept there without medications he was getting here) and would have paid for vet in full. Help for getting foot care done was also coming the next week….legs on those with photosensitive reaction were healing and they had been getting halter/tying work done with them so that help could hold them while they were trimmed…that help was on long vacation and due back the weekend the horses were taken. Those yearlings without leg issues due to photosensitivity had been trimmed within the previous month to 6 weeks and work was being done on the mare herd gradually. The funds shortage was short term. Moving here was a financial improvement over the situation where I was previously living.

– Dorothy could not afford a bullet to put down an emaciated and suffering horse at the time they were taken.  She was in arrears to the vet and many of those horses hadn’t had their feet trimmed for probably at least a year. Did the picture I posted above look like a horse that had been trimmed within six weeks?  These horses had no shelter from the sun and those babies had been returned to her in April.  She had several months to treat their sores and get them trimmed.  Strangely, NNER managed to get the worst cases done immediately by tranquilizing them and laying them down.  If money was `not a problem’ why didn’t Dorothy do the same?  Again, I keep coming back to the severely emaciated and suffering stallion.  If you couldn’t afford to end his suffering, you shouldn’t have animals.  Period.  That’s not even going into the fact Dorothy has no electricity nor running water at her place.  Yet, she has enough money to care for 34 horses….Ok then….

“Yep. And this is not the only behavior from that BI that should be reviewed. Her job is to accurately describe animals and to do recorded transfer of ownership for state records. She somehow missed listing brands on two of the three mares that carried them, described one horse as a gelding when there were no geldings here, described more black/white Paints than were here, described one horse as a roan Paint (no roan Paint here) and offered such vague descriptions of almost all the horses that someone not familiar with them would probably not be able to ID any of them while I, as the owner, can only positively ID about 1/3 of them from her descriptions. That’s just one small group of animals with that many errors…..one has to ask how accurate her work is in larger groups (such as on sale day at the sales yard where maybe 1000 head or more of animals will be changing ownership). Then there’s the issues of her notifying the rescue within an hour of the last horse leaving here that the rescue would be getting these horses….who contacts someone they don’t know well at after 11 at night to tell them they are getting a big bunch of horses….the claim from DT that she and the BI didn’t know each other prior to this seizure is BS. And then add in the kind of posted remarks such as this place being overrun with hundreds of feral cats….really?….because there isn’t a single cat in any of the SO photos (yes, I have them but printed and don’t have a scanner to upload to a disk) and none of the neighbors have seen all these feral cats either. Add in her breaches of security on her other job on the Naval Air Station (posted photos of military aircraft inside their hangars…..huge security issue as NO photos are to be taken on base of any military craft or facilities).”

– Dorothy is running out of fingers to point!  I’m just going to float a theory on the rescue/BI issue.  If the county knew they were likely going to have to take custody of over 3o head of horses, it would make sense they had their ducks in a row and gave a rescue a heads up.  It would be irresponsible to take that many horses that were in reportedly fragile health without a plan in place.  I don’t know that as a fact, but I could see it going down like that.  As to the cat issue, we know Dorothy breeds ragdoll cats and I don’t have a hard time believing her house was full of them.  Hoarders don’t have great perspective on what is `too many’.  Maybe they weren’t running around her yard, but that doesn’t mean her house wasn’t full of them.  She also apparently breeds dogs.

Ok, now that we have a sampling of some recent inconsistencies from Dorothy, let’s look at some other whoppers she has told.  Remember how she kept telling everybody she had not bred any mares this year?  *update* The picture of the mare’s ass is current but the HGS people are still morons*  The above mare recently slipped a foal.  A foal that was estimated to be at least six months old.  NNER had the fetus DNA tested so there would be no question what mare it came from.  Of course they are now getting mobbed up by the HGS shitheads who think that was a waste of money.  Damned if they do, damned if they don’t….Had they not gotten this evidence, the same people would be saying it wasn’t this mare’s foal or wasn’t as old as they claimed or something.  The fact is, this is Dorothy’s former mare and she aborted a six month old fetus. Maybe it was an immaculate conception. Here are the DNA results…

Another outright lie Dorothy told was to do with the `old’ stallion who she had no money to put down.  She claimed he was very old and very sick.  Thankfully, Dorothy has an internet trail that even a blind man could follow and we now know that the horse that was in super tough shape likely wasn’t all that old.  It turns out that Dorothy advertised 4 stallions at stud.  One of them was 20 yrs old, Muchacho Pintero, but he passed away at least a year ago according to Dorothy.  “Muchacho Pintero, sorrel tobiano, only Paint son of Docs Muchacho (Doc Quixote x Maguey Girl by Les Glo), out of stakes placing daughter of All American Futurity winner Three Ohs. Lost him last winter and miss him terribly.”  Ok, so we know the only `older’ stallion she has listed on several sites, including her own website (thank you internet archives ;)) died long before this drama ensued.  The emaciated, downed horse in the news footage showed a buckskin tobiano.  Guess what?  Dorothy had a buckskin tobiano stallion at stud.  His name was Colonels Diamond Chex and he was NOT one of the horses that ended up at NNER.  He would have only been 10years old this year and  you can see him here : (http://www.horsebreederdirect.com/horses/coloredcowhorseranch/colonelsdiamondchex) He is likely the `old’ horse that she couldn’t afford to put down nor would she sign a release to let the sheriff do it, prolonging his suffering by a few more days.  Since Dorothy lies like a sidewalk, we may never know where Colonels Diamond Chex ended up or if he was, in fact, the `old’ stallion that suffered so badly.


Let’s go back to how Dorothy told us all how she wasn’t going to breed anything this year.  Even though we now have an aborted fetus that suggests that wasn’t true, I think I’ll let Dorothy speak for herself again.  This is what she had to say last November…

“Likely using Ima Streakin Doc (bay tobiano APHA, Doc Bar grandson) on several mares as I like what he’s done with them in the past…and one maiden because I think he’d make a great cross with her.

Smoken Boo Jac (black tobiano by QT Poco Streke out of daughter of Mr Barbie Cody Jac by Hollywood Jac 86)…previous foal a big bay tobiano born doing rollbacks and sliding stops

Diaman H RisKey Beau….black tobiano, possibly HZ for both (not tested yet) daughter of Ris Key Business out of daughter of QT Poco Streke…previous foal bay HZ tobiano colt

Hickery’s Lil Crimson (chestnut HZ tobiano granddaughter of Smart Little Pistol out of Lenas Diamond Chex/Doc Doll/Mr Gunsmoke/King Fritz mare)…maiden, guaranteed tobi with 50% chance of HZ, probably bay or black

Other stallion that will be used is Double Down Delta (APHA pending) liver chestnut HZ tobiano, son of res world ch Delta Promise (Delta O’Lena x Peppy San Badger daughter out of Nu Bar daughter) out of daughter of Dots Nu King (reining points, died before finishing, full brother to 2 x world ch reiner Gay Bar O’Lena….Delta O’Lena x Nu Bar daughter o/o daughter of Gay Bar King)…will be bred to…..

HR Smiles Doll, solid bay Paint, producing daughter of Doc Doll out of daughter of Freckles Playboy, second dam full sister to Travelena and placed 8th at NCHA fut…….guaranteed tobiano foal with great pedigree

Stylish Sugar Mama, med liver chestnut QH mare, daughter of Nitas Stylish Oak ($ and fut winner, Docs Stylish Oak x Royal Silver King daughter o/o Peponita daughter) out of daughter of Nu Cash (Peppy San Badger/Doc O’Lena on bottom)…chestnut tobiano foal

BBR Uvaldelena, bay HZ tobiano mare by Dos Munecos, double grandson of Uvalde Doll (dam of Doc Doll) with grandsires being Gay Bar King and Jose Uno…out of daughter of ’92 APHA world ch reiner, Retrospect…..HZ tobiano foal

Docs Lady Is Smoken, bay minimal splash white registered as solid, granddaughter of Smoke N Cotton (5th in lifetime working cowhorse pts when he died young, sire of multiple world chs including 4 x world ch Smoke N Blackhawk) and of Docs Gabilan (top 10 finalist Snaffle Bit, Doc Bar son) with Broadway Doc and Bueno Chex on bottom. Tobiano, possible tovero foal.

Strait Miss Boon, brown solid Paint daughter of 8 time world ch Strait From Texas (RisKey Business x daughter of Hollywood Smoke by Mr Gunsmoke) out of own daughter of Boon Bar (sire of multiple winners incl Royal Blue Boon, dam of Peptoboonsmal)….tobiano foal

Munez Queen Phoebe….QH mare, bay, daughter of Docs Phoebe (by Docs Hickory) out of daughter of Brinks Leo Hickory (by Docs Hickory)….tobiano foal

There are several other mares here I’d love to breed but am unsure of what the economy is going to do so am not sure whether I’ll breed them or not…hate to have them just sit but don’t want to produce non-selling foals either…only got three coming in ’12 so they’ve mostly sat for a year this coming spring as it is. Will see how things look in the spring….feed prices etc all factor in. Thinking of maybe breeding half the herd one year and the other half the alternate years…until they are old enough that this risks future breedings at all.”

Kinda tells a different story,no?  At least maybe NNER can use this list to identify some of the mares that Dorothy refuses to give up the paperwork for.  For sure they can use it to ID the aborted fetus. You only need to run a search on any of Dorothy’s stud’s names and you pretty much get endless pages of her talking about her breeding plans for them.  Wanna see the baby daddy?

As of last November, Dorothy admitted to having 9 stallions running together at her place.  She also, helpfully posted pictures of some of them.  They were not in bad weight, but you can see the beginnings of slipper feet on at least one of them.  Strangely, he doesn’t appear to have sores on his legs either and she claims that her recent financial woes were temporary in nature.  Remember how she was outraged that the county had put stallions together in pens when her horses were seized?  “I have 9 uncut male horses here right now (not counting the weanlings)….they run together in a bachelor herd, seldom even have sparring matches among themselves and not a one of them has ever attempted a bite at me and one tried a kick one time. I safely walk among them at feeding time, can take any one of them out of the herd whenever I want, have them in a field that sometimes has mares as close as 30 feet away (most of the mares are across the road… a two lane road with fences on both sides so mares and stallions are about maybe 100 feet apart most of the time)…and I don’t have problems with them.”

I think by now, most reasonable people can see for themselves that Dorothy has a big problem with keeping her stories straight.  She seems to spend a LOT of time on message boards and likes to give advice about anything and everything.  I guess while she was busy on the net, her horses were withering away from photosensitivity and neglect.  What we do know for a fact is that the issue of the horses being seized has been settled.  NNER has the horses and that’s the way it will remain until they put them up for adoption.  NNER had NOTHING to do with the seizure of the horses, yet Dorothy and her idiot followers continue to demonize them at every opportunity. We also know that Dorothy is in court next week to answer to the neglect charges.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see that gong show as I’m certain that Dorothy will be blaming anybody and everybody for the condition of those poor animals.  Remember, that Dorothy is a staunch slaughter supporter and has, in the past, attacked many anti slaughter people over their views.  I guess the biggest question I have in all of this is, how is bringing slaughter back going to eliminate cases like this one?  She could have sold her horses to kill buyer at any point, instead she chose to neglect them and let them suffer.  Does anybody really think this would have gone down any differently had there been a slaughter-house in the US?

Dorothy `training’ one of her young horses…

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If you recall, on Monday we talked about the 34 horses seized in Nevada that belonged to a PSA. I promised I would update as it became available and we seem to have a lot of ground to cover today.  First off, I want people to take a look at this YouTube video that was taken by Dorothy Robertson a year ago at her old farm.  These are her mares and I want to point out that while they all appear to be in good weight, the feet are starting to get a little long and there is at least one horse in the video with severe blistering sunburn and the hide falling off it about 25 seconds in.  Again, this video was from LAST year.  They are also eating out of the sand and there does not appear to be any shelter from the sun or elements for them.  At the 1:20 mark, you will note a horse in the background that appears to have some paralysis on the right side of her face.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHIydGccvyM)

Mare “19” at rescue

The rescue is beginning to post some pictures of the horses as they are triaged and the one thing I do notice is that there hasn’t been anything horrifically skinny shown yet.  However, the condition of their feet and other injuries are really bad.  The mare pictured above can be seen on the video as well and she has lost some condition.  Please note her back feet in the picture….there will be other closer views of them in a bit.  For now, let’s hear from Dorothy herself, as she has managed to get back online tonight.


“Finally on-line. The house I am in has no power hooked up due to damage to wiring done by previous people….using generator to run well for water. Had to buy new computer and just getting the hang of it.”

– Did you catch that?  This is the woman who could not afford to have her emaciated older stallion euthanized, has no power, yet she can afford to go out and buy a brand new computer.  Judging by how many message boards she is a member of, it would seem the majority of her life is spent online.  Priorities…..


“Yes…financial issues for the last year plus. Had renters in second house who didn’t pay rent/electric (one meter for entire place) for 7 months, did approx $5K in damages and hay prices went sky high….fed horses and lost the ranch eventually this last spring. NO mares bred for this year or next (unless they got preg with stalllion/yearling colts running with mares….posting photo of them in a minute). Offered horses for sale lots of places including local radio classifieds (for as low as $250 for registerable…all paperwork completed….4 year old with all ground work done, saddled, bridled, ground driven, trailers, ties, bathes, clips etc……so please don’t tell me I didn’t have reasonable prices…chihauhau pups sell for more than that!), craigslist, Dreamhorse etc. Do you really think it smart to just give away horses to anyone who walks up and wants them? Aren’t we told that this is dangerous for the horses? Besides, I could always negotiate down if it seemed like a good home….and did in a couple of cases…not sure I’m required to post any horse I sell and what I sold it for out there for the general public to discuss.”

– By several accounts, when people came out to buy horses from Dorothy, she would raise the price or back out of the deals.  Now she is all concerned about what would have been best for the horses.  She says no mares have been bred and I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks whether or not that statement is true, although she had this to say in April: “I’ve had the mares listed for on-site leases and got three looking like that will work…which will help…they will at least be bringing in enough to cover their costs. The youngsters will likely go to the NRCHA Snaffle Bit sales in the fall as well as possibly a couple of the mares (will be bred for 2 in 1 packages….one possible three in one….with foals by HZ son of res world champion/double bred Delta O’Lena/Nu Bar for guaranteed tobi foals)….”

Yearling colt getting his elf boots trimmed off


“Old stallion had health issues off/on for almost a year….strangles in late summer, pigeon fever in late fall with last abscesses draining in Jan. Move here in late May was tough on him….had to pen and separate from bachelor herd…..paced and hollered for almost 2 weeks. Then sand colic and possible founder. On bute, SMZ, omeprazole (for possible ulcers),epsom salt soaks, 30 lbs alfalfa a day plus sr feed, calf manna….just kept loosing wt…eating eagerly and interested in everything. Blew out two foot abscesses during the summer. Drinking 30-35 gallons a day and peeing the same.”

– Founder, excessive drinking and peeing, advanced age?  Sounds to me like this horse went metabolic on her and was in kidney failure.  If that was the case, a high protein diet like alfalfa was probably adding to his issues.  At any rate, if he was the downed horse in the news link posted on Monday, he was allowed to suffer far beyond what would have been considered humane.


“Was on new place less than 5 weeks when deputy came saying there was anonymous complaint…..only person who could see pens/mare field is neighbor to the south (wife works dispatch for sheriffs office and he openly told me he wanted the runoff/excess water from the irrigation system that feeds the pond on my back field….neither piece of land has irrigation rights so this would not be a legal move on his part). Sheriff’s deputy at that visit said “no evidence of neglect…several issues, not serious, being addressed with plans and treatment”…he did two more drive by checks and testified last week that he didn’t think anything had changed for the worse.”

– I’m wondering how he did two drive by checks on her horses when she clearly states nobody could see her pens or field from the road.


“Told him that if the old horse didn’t show improvement by Aug 1 I would be making decision to put him down. Several mares that had sand colicked (place is 10 acres and at least 12 feet deep in fine sand) were pulled from the field, treated, put in separate pens and given more feed to help gain back what they had lost. Vet testified last week that they could dramatically loose wt with sand and it could take a long time to regain…stated gain rate of 1 to 1.5 lbs a day so even a 75 lb wt loss could take more than 2 months to gain back.  He also testified that if that was the case with these horses it was not an indication of neglect.”

– Again, go back to the video posted at the beginning of this entry.  Why would you allow your horses to grub around in the sand for their feed?  You’re asking for trouble!  Also, 1 to 1.5lbs of grain a day is supposed to help them gain weight?  My at rest horse gets more than that for his LUNCH.  She states her place was only 10 acres and we know for a fact that 34 horses were on that property.  Think about that for a minute….


“Regarding foals (long yearlings)….they boarded out for winter/early spring in exchange for two breedings to perlino stud to a couple mustang mares…gal had river bottom land. Got the mares covered early spring and then the boyfriend of the gal called to say they had had a big fight and split and she’d left, leaving horses. Got them back late April (don’t remember exact date) with pot bellies, bad feet, no handling, no worming, thick, matted coats with burrs etc. Moved here immediately after that bringing foals with. Spent some time getting them haltered and treated for worms and feeding. Used Safeguard first..not much effect. Then used a generic Ivermectin and two had really nasty photosensitive sunburns within a couple days…progressed to peeling, cracking, bleeding on legs. Since they weren’t broke to stand tied yet and handling caused severe pain reactions I elected to let legs heal before grabbing and holding feet for trims.  Treated legs with sprayed on diluted aloe vera and they were gradually healing.”
– She clearly states she got her horses back in April.  It is now nearly October and they still have infected cuts on their legs, blistered skin and elf boots.


Infected laceration on mare’s leg taken at rescue


Meanwhile, sand colicked horses were doing better (and all horses were on feeders….got a few from some nice people by way of local radio classified ads….to keep them from eating on sand). Old stallion continued to go downhill and I called vet regarding putting him down….was told price and that it would be required to be paid in full at the time including disposal fee if done at the clinic. I had just put almost $1500 into getting a new pump, pressure tank, generator to get water on the place (other than pond for the mares)….was hauling about 1000 gallons a day for the penned horses for the first two months I was there.”

– I do not know of a single vet that wouldn’t put the horse down if it was suffering.  I’m wondering if there was an issue with outstanding bills  Even so, why not call a neighbor, animal control, or rescue for assistance doing the right thing for this horse?


“Should have had $ for putting him down early Aug….and then my sister died….colon cancer and went downhill much more rapidly than anticipated. Put horses, tack, harnessing, carts, blankets, etc for sale, begged for work, had fliers around town, even put them on Craigslist. I had $ for feed (buying 40 or more bales of 105-115 lbs each every week) but not for additional things that all came at one time.”

– I really have no comment on this.  I don’t live anywhere near Nevada so not sure if any of this was done.  All I do know is that the people that came forward since this happened, have said she wanted to put her prices up on the horses as soon as anybody showed interest.


“Lots of things very wrong with this whole thing. Nevada brand inspectors actually taking part in seizure (head inspector said this was not to be done) and one (Deveny Nelson) posted within an hour of leaving my place to the “rescue” that she had a big bunch (can’t remember exact wording…have a screen shot saved) for the rescue…using her position as brand inspector to hustle for a rescue? She belongs to several animal rights groups.”

– Yup, it’s always the fault of AR people.  Nevermind the neglect and abuse, it’s a conspiracy by the AR people…


“She’s also posted that the place was a dump, that there were a lot of feral cats (not one seen in any sheriffs dept photos and unlikely to live well with the high coyote population around here)….yes….weedy and lots of trash…had been vacant/abandoned for almost 2 years with racoons, a single cat (one was all I saw) and some birds living in the open house when I took the place. Perimeter fence good but cross fencing/pens a joke…..I’ve raked and burned almost 4 acres, put up my pens (smallest 12 x 12…”too small”….with others ranging from 12 x 16 to 18 x24 for single horses and 32 x 46 for a couple of mares penned together).”

– I just want to remind everybody that there were THIRTY FOUR horses on this small place.  Now she says that the house was open and had no electricity.  I’m wondering why social services haven’t intervened on her behalf?  This clearly does not sound like a place fit to live for any living creature.  She also does have a lot of cats.  She breeds and sells rag doll cats.  She even has a Facebook page for that operation.


“Deputies approached with “concern about old stallion”….had my permission, request that he be put down as they told me they had resources to help out owners. Took him and kept him from Friday to at least Tues and possibly to Wed of the next week (I’ve not been told when he was put down and vet testified that he didn’t know when or which of the vets in his clinic did the deed). Dr David Faught of Lahontan Valley Vet Clinic (which which I had a client relationship and an earlier billing dispute this last spring) “assessed” the horses…..did not put a hand on a single one, was there maybe 20-25 minutes, testified a week ago that he didn’t need to touch to do a BCS, that visual was enough and that there were no horses above a 3 on the place. When asked about specific horses he said he couldn’t remember without a photo (which I had been prevented from taking once they were off the place).”

– Admits to the billing dispute with vet here.  The following is a picture she took of the horses after they were seized from a distance.  They don’t appear to be skeletal, but you also can’t see their feet or legs from the distance either. She has since taken her website down, but the pictures always cut the feet off the horses.


“Mares/fillies were hauled together with stallion(s) and brand inspector said they were separated at the sales yard…..not true as there are photos of 3.5 year old stallion and 1.5 year old colts with the mares and fillies in one pen.  Horses were immediately free fed high quality alfalfa (sales yard feeds mostly cattle so much of the hay is probably dairy quality)….if the horses were truly in a starvation condition this would likely have killed at least several of them.”

– I would appear that starvation was not the primary reason for seizure, although that does not mean they weren’t headed that way.  Should the authorities waited until they were actually dropping dead?


“NV law says clearly that a horse sold to cover a board bill must go through a board lien foreclosure process…..bill to the owner with 30 days to pay it, certified letter to notify of intent to foreclose, publication in three places in the county for 10 days plus one publication in local paper and sale to be held not less than 10 days nor more than 15 days after publication. No more horses can be sold than to cover the board bill…any oversale money goes to the owner (for example…10 horses, board bill of $450, 5 horses selling for $100 would be the max allowed to be sold with remainder of horses and $50 oversale to go to the owner).  Owner also has option of having independent appraisal and the lien holder to take horses based on that appraisal to cover the bill with remaining horses to go back to the owner.  “

– I’m not exactly sure what Nevada law is as far as horses that have been confiscated or seized.  Although, there is board and vet bills accumulating on these horses daily so it’s probably digging a hole she’s never going to get out of.


“Now add in the legal obligation of the DA’s office and the sheriffs office to maintain “evidence” and to make the evidence available to the defence in a criminal matter to be examined directly…..and the horses are no longer available.”

– Which may also explain why the rescue is unable to field any adoption offers for these horses right now?


Hind foot of Mare “19” after two inches were taken off

As of right now, all the mares and babies are at Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue in Wells.  I believe the colts and stallions will be moved by tomorrow.  I’ve read a lot of people trashing this rescue and it’s chair.  From what I understand this is a relatively new rescue.  Personally, I’ve never heard of them good or bad.  I’ve seen accusations that they’re breeding horses, they can’t handle the numbers, adoption fees are too high etc.  I guess, I’m of a wait and see attitude about it. There has certainly been enough publicity around these horses that people will be watching closely.  I can’t see that they’ve done anything wrong to this point as the horses were released to them.  I have no problem with them asking for donations.  Anybody that ends up with over 30 extra mouths to feed almost overnight would do the same.  There are virtually no rescues sitting around with the capacity to take on that many horses.  They have a huge task ahead of them given the condition of some of the horses and I certainly wish them the very best.  If people truly care about the animals involved, I would think they would either step up and donate or get out of the way and let these people try to save these horses.  Prior to NNER stepping up, they were headed nowhere good and they certainly were not being properly cared for with Dorothy Robertson.  Remember, Dorothy was a very vocal supporter of slaughter.  I’ll leave you with a quote she made back in March:

“It would be just devastating to me but I think also to the Paint performance world if these mares were to go to slaughter.”

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