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If you’ve been following along on the horse slaughter issue at all I’m sure you’ve heard a common PSA stance that if we don’t want horse slaughter, then all us anti people should just take in all the unwanted horses.  Never mind the fact that many of us have our own horses and make a point of not contributing to the slaughter pipeline, nor do we hoard, breed irresponsibly, or otherwise go over the limits of personal finances or time.  The fact we think slaughter is wrong means it’s up to us to pick up the slack for all the assholes that can’t use common sense or financial responsibility as it pertains to animal husbandry.  Not sure about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of hearing that.  Once again, there has been a large seizure of horses and that’s not happy news.  Even though the horses belonged to a UH PSA, I’m finding zero amusement in this particular situation.  The PSA first reached out for help on the UH page back in March of this year.  This is a long story, so you best grab your coffee or whatever sustains you and settle in…

“In less than a month my little ranch is going to be in a foreclosure sale if I can’t find a way to bail it out. That means selling some/most of my horses which I’ve been trying to do for about 6 months now…with one sold. If the sale takes place the horses, dogs, cats and I will all be homeless. I’ve worked long and hard and put a lot of money into building a herd with the kind of bloodlines that would make the kind of foals I think/hope will sell to competitive people wanting to show horses. Yes, I’m one of the dreaded breeders…..who has had very few foals over the last several years and realized with the market that they would likely have to be held until they were two or older and started under saddle. I was good with that. Then one disaster after another came along including some health issues that have gotten worse over the last couple years and will require surgery to fix. I can still do the ground work but am not riding. Job loss and lousy renters that took 7 months to get out of the extra house meant no money to send horses out to a trainer. I’m not asking an arm and a leg for the young stock. And I’m working hard to find a way to keep the mare herd intact for the most part….a few are for sale while the rest are available for on-site leasing for breeders who don’t want to buy, ship and then breed and then perhaps decide to not use the mare and have to sell her. The leases cover her costs which would have to be done if she was bought so there is some savings. I’m asking for help from the horse community….if you know of someone who wants a nicely bred young horse for a project or would love to get a foal from a well bred mare and can’t find one or doesn’t want to buy and keep one forever have them contact me. Things are getting scarey and I do not want to send daughters, sisters, granddaughters of world champions to slaughter in a couple more weeks.”
This is the first instance of this person reaching out to the United Horsemen for help.  The same group that mobilized a work party to bail Nancy Skakel’s sorry ass out of trouble when her horses were seized and she was charged with neglect and cruelty.  Anyhow, our current PSA in trouble has some suggestions made to her by fellow PSAs, but she wanted to maintain some control over the situation I guess.
“.I know this sounds really bad…..but giving away horses is a really bad idea around here. I just can’t see giving daughters and sisters of world champions to someone to breed mules with. Or try to make into a barrel horse at the age of 15 when she’s been a broodie for her entire life. I truly would rather see them go to slaughter than some of the things that happen to free horses….at least it would be quick.”
–  Keep this statement in mind.  It’s going to be quite chilling when we get to current events.
“I suggest if you get to that point of sending quality stock to slaughter, you turn to your UH group and ask for assistance in finding them REPUTABLE homes. We may be able to ask for rescue transport assistance. There are fates worse than death, BUT you have a group of people around you who would likely work with you to take these horses on. Trust those in your circle and offer these guys free to people you KNOW.”
– Ok there’s a vague offer of help.  I’m not sure of the sincerity of it, but it’s there.
“I’ve been asking for help for several months now (and working at selling horses for over a year since the job disappeared) and a few people have made suggestions that have been helpful but what I hear most is that I should just give them away. That sounds almost like the anti-slaughter folks rhetoric to me (give us your free horses). And frankly, giving them away doesn’t do much except take them off the feed bill…I need to SELL some in order to keep the ranch from going into sale and myself going homeless. I am feeding them….and if I loose my home I’ll find a way to continue to feed them if I have to find a bare patch of desert and throw a hot wire around it and haul hay and water….and live in my truck to do it…summers coming and it won’t be cold again until late October.”
– Remember this was back in March.  She’s going to do what it takes to feed these animals and she doesn’t want to give any away.
“…if it comes down to it I can keep some for you, no charge. I have acrage and hay. I just can’t keep the studs, I have more than I need of my own. When you get back on your feet you can come get them.I dont know if that will help and I have no problem signing any legal document stating they are yours so you don’t think they would go down the road.””
– There’s a firm offer of assistance.  I have no idea whether or not it was accepted.  This same person expressed interest in working a deal for one of the young horses as well.  Again, I have no clue whether or not she was taken up on her offers.
After a few other offers were thrown out, some of the PSAs actually attempted to talk some sense into this person.  No, they weren’t our usual suspects, but PSAs just the same…
“At a $1000 that’s a tuff sale in this market with their breeding. You can buy REALLY nice horses threw sales at $800-5000 and they don’t even come close to the stud fee. I would list them on Craigslist in surrounding states but realistically you will get like $200-500 maybe $750 for them. I would do dream horse, Craigslist, fb sale pages and just mark them low So they will go”
– Sounds reasonable enough?
“I don’t know why you think these are such poorly bred horses. I don’t want to get into it but damn….world champion, NRHA Open and limited open, NRHA Bronze, for sires….there are a lot of QH’s out there without that good of a sire that are selling. Or PCCHA fut. finalist, John Wayne Derby finalist, NRCHA COA….these aren’t good enough? Do you have any idea how few Paints have anything like this on their papers? Do you have Docs Hickory on papers on your Paints….or Doc Bar? I am willing to sell for lowered prices but am NOT giving away these bloodlines. In many of them a grandson or granddaughter is as close as you can get to the big QH names in the Paint world…many of those horses were NEVER bred to Paint mares at all. There are maybe a half dozen Paint grandsons of Doc Bar in the world today.”
– Your horses are worth exactly what somebody else is willing to pay for them.  Nothing less, nothing more.
“I’m not saying their not nice any horse can be nice but 1 paints don’t bring much money 2 they are bred decent but not high dollar bred. if you really want to get of your pickle then they need realistic price tags.”
– Again, this is sound advice.  This woman is about to lose her ranch and ability to feed them.  She needs to get some horses off her feed bill somehow.
“.Paints have traditionally brought less $ as they have also traditionally had less in the way of breeding. Some of us are working at changing that by incorporating the best QH lines we can find and afford with the top of the Paint performance lines. I don’t expect top QH prices but I do expect to be above meat price when the pedigree for working is there. There probably aren’t a lot of Paints out there from daughters of Boon Bar…and in foal to $ earning son of Lenas Sugarman out of a SCO daughter. The young stallion here….is a homozygous tobiano whose pedigree is entirely QH with the exception of one line to color both top and bottom…and that goes through Delta, the first Paint in the NCHA Hall of Fame and dam of a Superstakes winner. That may not count for much in your world but in the Paint world….that’s decent. And since he’s HZ it means I can find the very well bred QH mares and get colored foals with good breeding….such as the Docs Stylish Oak/Nu Cash granddaughter I have (both sire and dam are $ earners) or the double Docs Hickory (and her daughter by Slamin Doors, a Haida’s Little Pep out of a SLL daughter). I think those pedigrees will stand up to even some of the most critical of QH breeders.”
– None of this PSA’s horses are broke to ride.  While her dream is admirable, there comes a time to cut bait and face up to the reality of the current situation.
Ok, remember this all went on back in March of this year.  She has clearly stated she would rather see her horses go to slaughter rather than give them away, yet has shown resistance to lowering her prices or having just anybody buying these horses.  She also stated that she was prepared to live in her truck in order to keep these animals fed if it came to that.  In May she posted that she had found an acreage to rent for herself and her animals but was still looking to sell or lease a few out.  She did mention that water would need to be hauled, but there was a `pond’ for the horses to drink out of.   Late in June, I posted another quote from this PSA from the HFA page.
Ranch in foreclosure and I’m moving….can’t take them all with me.  Priced from $1 to $750. Some registered, some not, some can be and have paperwork ready.  Yearlings to 5 year old.  Some have been saddled/bridled but I can no longer ride and can’t afford trainer.  Well bred for cattle work….bloodlines include Doc Quixote, Doc O’Lena, Docss Hickory, QT Poco Streke, Ris Key Business, Smoke N Cotton, Broadway Doc, Docs Muchacho and others….on papers or three generation pedigrees for the couple not registerable.

Out of time, money, hay….keeping only the very core of the breeding program
– Seems she had finally decided to lower her prices, but it turns out that `some’ aren’t even registered and can’t be.  Yet, this PSA still wants to keep her breeding program up and running.  She has lost her farm, she does not have a job and she has `health issues’, but intends to keep right on breeding.  She has mares in foal for next year.  There is no mention that she has shipped any to slaughter or sold many, if any.  I would suspect the situation is getting quite dire at this point.  Last week this was posted all across the net…
“Long long story…..end result…..34 horses taken without search warrant, without seizure warrant, no show cause that I can clearly see. Deputies came in with statement that they would help in getting an old, ill horse put down….local vet refused care unless I had full amou

nt in hand (his office staff…he didn’t talk with me directly…”busy, he can’t take call” from staff). Horse was ill last winter, got better, got sick again, got better, moved, did not tolerate being confined in pen (used to 20 acres and running in bachelor herd with buddies), got sick again, mild colic (treated for possible sand..new place is a sand pile), got better, sore front foot, blew abscess out of coronet, got better, got sore again, treated with epsom salt soaks, antibiotics, bute, omeprazole for possible ulcers, lots of feed (eating approx 30 lbs alfalfa a day in hay plus sr feed, calf manna, oil)….began loosing wt seriously about mid July. Decision made early Aug to put him down as soon as I had money to do so….on radio classifieds trying to sell stuff, find extra work etc, horses on there as well and on Dreamhorse, Craigslist etc….no buyers anywhere. Deputy out July 1 on anonymous complaint and found no neglect….one or two slightly thin (including sick older horse and two that had strangles prior to moving down here and two that had sand colicked almost on arrival here) and some yearlings with needed hoof trims….needed help in doing them as they arent yet trained to stand tied and nothing here really strong enough to risk them pulling back against). Said he did followups a couple times and saw no changes that looked like neglect but did not come on property to see pens (not visible from road) could only see pasture with binoculars. Sister died in Aug. and that took some time/attention/money. Buying 40 bales (105-110 lbs each or slightly more) a week……around 4200-4400 lbs of hay a week…nice alfalfa. Feeding 34 head an average of about 640 lbs a day (some are yearlings and most adults are 14.2 sized so not 1100-1200 lb animals). On 9/6 I got home to a note from deputy (placed on house door….had to climb over fence….gate locked) that they had an anonymous complaint regarding horses and please call. I did so. Told that they would be out to see in the a.m. When they got here they said they understood that there was a sick animal…I said yes, that I was trying to gather the $ to put him down, that $ resources were somewhat depleted by having to buy generator, pump and pressure tank for well and for sisters final expenses and they said they had resources and could help me. Came in, looked at all horses (still a few thin ones…..had been sand treated, pulled out of herd and were being fed extra to regain lost wt….and 3 that needed feet done…helper on vacation and would help upon return in several more days at end of the weekend). Said they would have vet out to help with putting old stud down. I agreed and gave verbal permission. Vet called….same one whose office refused services more than a month earlier (only one full time large animal vet clinic here….one other that comes in occasionally and I wasn’t aware of him at that time). Vet did NOT put the horse down, did not do hands on assessement of horses, said entire herd malnourished and recommended impounding all. I got as many photos as I could but ran out of battery power. Loaded them (including sick guy) into stock trailer and hauled them about 5 miles away to sales yard. Took until about 10pm and they hauled mares with stallions, long yearling colts/fillies together, were going to haul adult breeding stallions together as well. No receipt, no charges of neglect, no arrest. Sunday a deputy came by and gave me a notice of seizure listing the horses with very brief descriptions (some so vague as to not be able to ID the horse and including the description of a gelding….there was no gelding here…..and a roan mare…no roans here…..descriptions via NV Dept of Ag brand inspectors. Notice included info that the horses were at the sales yard where a $5/head/day board fee was being charged under a “limited lien” (only thing I can find says they can only charge board for up to 14 days). Notice said a hearing scheduled on Wed, 9/12 to determine if the horses were to be sold, put to sleep or turned over to an officer to do with as he saw fit. Says the cause of seizure was the horses were malnourished and in poor environment. Notice was not dated or timed regarding service….I insisted the officer do so and he reluctantly did it (and signed) when I pointed out that without date/time of service I could claim I didn’t get it at all….or just hours before the hearing. On Tuesday, 9/11, a deputy again climbed over my fence to present me (I was in the house which sits about 300 feet back from the road/gate, reading a book and cooling off after doing some outdoor work…scared the bejesus out of me when he banged on the door) with a form requesting my permission to have the old stallion put down. I told him I couldn’t give permission as it was not clear if I still owned the horses or not since the brand inspectors were on site on Friday when they were taken….brand inspection is used for a change in ownership here. Told him they had my permission, in fact, had my request that the horse be put down on Friday and the vets statement it was needed immediately….that they had held off doing this for 4 days in order to accomplish it on the day the sale yard is open to the public and doing so on Tues would garner them a lot of publicity….that they needed to go to the court for a court order to put him down. Wed. 9/12 was the hearing….at this they claimed that the horses were starved and in poor condition, that the pond on the property was not adequate for watering the field horses (never mind that horses have lived there and drank from that pond for over 20 years), that the 2 12×12 pens with single horses in them were too small, that the other pens (ranging from 12×16, 12×22, 12x 24 and 18×24) were also too small and that having three yearlings (remember that these are horses that mature to 14.2 or 14.3) in a 12 x 24 was far too crowded. They claimed no hay (there were photos of 14 bales ), no feed (two 33 gallon garbage cans with sr feed in one, alfalfa pellets in the other) and that the chewed on 20+ year old fence posts were evidence that the horses were eating wood due to starvation. I was still not charged with anything. I asked for more time to find legal assistance. Was accidently given a copy of photos that they took….they took no photos of any of the hroses in good condition..none, not a single one. Got a one week extension to today. Taking a short break….back in a few minutes.
OK….today……hearing to determine if horses should be sold, put down, handed to an officer to do as he sees fit. Still no charges against me. Threw them a slight curve last week with info that two of the horses they took were leased by me. During the week I found a number of things. One is that the ONLY neighbor who can see my back field and pens is also one who has tried to divert water from the ditch that feeds the pond (it is run off/tail water from irrigation system) to water his back 5 acres and raise a herd of meat goats (he has no irrigation rights….what you need to have..ie…pay for…to irrigate more than maybe a yard sized patch)….and his wife works for sheriff’s dispatch. He CLAIMS he nor wife are behind this and that in fact his wife just accidently heard a discussion at a restaurant in Reno (60 miles away) from a woman at a table behind her saying she had been to Fallon to see some horses for sale and they were all starving to death…..wife reportedly turned and asked “where in Fallon” and was given my location. Interesting….I’ve had no women from Reno and only one woman at all out to see horses in the last 2 months. There is a religious group here whose members hold many if not most e positions of authority including high positions in sheriffs office, many other spots, justice of the peace, judges etc. My neighbor is also a member. Don’t know if that’s significant or not. During the week I tried to get an attorney….was told that since I had no charges filed against me there really wasn’t a case for them to take on. Also told my one that this sort of thing would never happen to him “because my family has been here for over 100 years and the law is not equally enforced here”…..that’s a quote. Got some photos of the horses yesterday….and they are running a 3 1/2 year stallion and 3 long yearling stallions with the mares and long yearling fillies. Deputies today couldn’t remember a lot of stuff, had only their opinion (and no training) regarding whether or not horses were neglected. Was told by Justice of the Peace and assistant DA that since I had no attorney and was acting in my own defence (for what? no charges filed!) I would have immunity for anything I said. I took this as an offer to become meek and mild and apologetic and cry some and maybe get some of my animals back. Not happening. So….it got interesting with lots of stuff….vet couldn’t remember any of the horses that were above a 3 unless I could refresh his memory with a photo (they didn’t take any and I ran out of battery early on in this and the ones taken yesterday at the sales yard were “too far away, I can’t tell what condition they are in”). Vet admitted that a horse that sand colicked could loose dramatic amounts of wt and that after treatment and refeeding it could take several months for them to regain and that that situation was not neglect. He didn’t know when the old horse was put down or which vet in the clinic did so but admitted that something like cancer, internal abscesses from strangles or pigeon fever (both of which the stud had within the last 8-9 months), ulcers (possibly from confinement), foot abscesses etc could cause wt loss. Also claimed the horse was badly foundered in both front feet with rotation but no photos, no x-rays to prove it. Lots more stuff but upshot is that they are offering the horses to NE Horse Rescue (Elko, NV area I think) and those that don’t go there will be sold at the next available sale (could be later this afternoon or next Tues). When I was asked for a “final statement from the defence” I again pointed out I had not been charged with anything but that this hearing had apparently been a trial in front of a justice of the peace over whether or not my horses were neglected. This JP by the way, was previously a sheriffs dept employee…..in charge of the jail. And is running for office. When I asked the jp if the lien holder was going to follow the NRS regarding foreclosure of a board lien (has some notification and time line requirements) he slammed his gavel down and said that court was adjourned. Feel free to cross post this anywhere possible. This occured in Churchill County, NV, under sheriff Trotter and JP Mike Richards. The vet involved was Dr David Faught (trained at Washington State) of Lahontan Valley Vet Clinic. He testified that he didn’t have to do a hands on assessment of animals to determine body condition score, could not give the name of the developer of the BCS and said that “eyes on” is sufficient.”

– 34 horses were seized and in poor condition.  One horse in such bad condition it had to be put down right away and allegedly none of the horses above a 3 in body score.  At this point I’m not even sure where to place my outrage at this situation.  For sure I’m pissed at this PSA for letting things go this far by being completely stubborn and barn blind.  I’m pissed that the UH who claim to be all about helping each other didn’t step up and do anything meaningful when they claim that’s what they’re all about.  Rest assured, these assholes have plenty to say about this situation now….
“i read that and am not really sure on the whole deal… there is always two sides to a story, but anyway i look at this its not a good deal.. you cant just snatch peoples property and sell it… this is america, i would love to see pictures of the horses, i know dorothy has been over her head for awhile, she has some very well bred paints i studyied the pedigree’s when she was trying to sell them.. she was firm on her prices and was to high the market right now.. as you know brood mares are a dime a dozen.”
– I actually agree with this person.  There are two sides and I haven’t seen many current pictures of these horses either.  There is no way they could have just taken her horses without warning or proper investigation.
“I have been an expert witness on several unjustified seizures, now. Win or lose the owner is on the hook for huge bills! Even if innocent! So far they have all been older single women with 20-100 horses….”
– Unless you are wealthy enough to afford the staff, no SINGLE person should ever have 20-100 horses, especially an older single woman.  WTF?
“i feel very sorry for her-she mentions it in passing but can you imagine having your sister pass away in the middle of this? where is the compassion from the authorities?”
– Where was your compassion for this person before things got away from her?  Where is your compassion for the animals that were starving and neglected?
“She has done nothing wrong! Where is the outrage from the world?
– Oh trust me, I’m very outraged right now.  I’m outraged on several levels….
“NOBODY has the right to come in and take your property just because they “think” you aren’t handling it/them correctly. This is outrageous.”
– Turns out they can.  I’ve said it a million times before, horses are not inanimate objects that you can do whatever the hell you want with.  There are laws to protect them from neglect and cruelty…property or not.
“There is more to this than overzealous law enforcement. Horses wouldn’t have been taken like this. Almost impossible to get them to do anything, in any state, even when horses are laying down and dying of starvation right in front of them, so if they seized them? It was bad.If you aren’t caring for your animals, or your family, someone needs to step in. If you don’t have the money to care for them, feed them, or vet them, you don’t need them.

And she has been in trouble a while now too, and kept breeding horses, when it was clear the economy was going down in the horse market. If you can’t sell the ones already on the ground, QUIT BREEDING.”

– I feel like I have just found a living unicorn or the lost city of Atlantis!  An actual PSA with common sense and clarity!  WOW!
“But who are you, XXXX – or anyone else for that matter- to tell her how to live her life? It’s nobody’s business but her own. It’s no different than me trying to tell you, “Well you already have 5 horses, you don’t need to breed another one, so I’m going to call law enforcement and tell them to come take all your horses away because you have a problem.” Whether or not you and I agree with how she’s handling her herd, it is her own business.”
– I bet this PSA has posters of Crazyass Steve King AND Michael Vick on her bedroom walls.
“She didn’t have any bred until sheriff put studs with mares…”
– Yup, she did have bred mares prior to seizure unless all the ones she bred this spring slipped their foals due to malnutrition.
“deputies climbed her fence to inspect the property the gate was locked and she was away. Deputies know nothing about horses or animal abuse cases by their teestimony in court.….

Took no pictures of the horses seized, no descriptions of ALL seized naimals. Said one was foundered-no pictures (proof). Said there wer maggots-no proof….. They pick on easy targets-single women-Robyn Vess, Parkinson, several other women…..”
– What was she hiding behind locked gates?  Our gates are open nearly all the time except when I remember to go up and close them at night.

One of the rescued horses with skin blistering off it

One of the rescued babies…

Feet of the above filly…



As of right now, there is a Paypal account set up to send Dorothy Robertson, the accused,  money and a few UH people are allegedly trying to help her out.  The county sheriff involved in the seizure of these horses said that some had feet grown out so far they were having trouble walking and all were malnourished, some severely so.  I’ll leave some news links at the bottom for you to look at.  There is a rescue currently involved called Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue and they are already taking some heat from the PSAs on Facebook.  While I find this to be a very sad situation, I’m extremely pissed off.  PSAs, including the one involved in this mess all tell us slaughter beats starvation.  Dorothy vowed to ship her horses to slaughter within a few weeks all the way back in spring.  Yet, here we are near the end of September and they are starving and dying with elf boots for feet.  I guess her promise to live in her truck in order to keep them fed was just playing for the crowd?  We are supposed to feel bad because she lost her sister during all this upheaval.  Well, I’ve lost people near and dear to me over the years and had my own share of trials and tribulations as well and do you know what?  Not once did my animals ever go hungry or suffer neglect during those times.  She also had 34 head of horses on 10 acres with no running water.  WTF??????

While Dorothy says the horse that was euthanized was an older stallion who had sand colic early and she had asked for somebody to euthanize him, Monte Bruck from the Livestock Exchange, where the animals are currently being held,  stated “It was starved to death. It was the worse case I’ve ever seen.” None of this should have come as any surprise to her since she was given a warning from sheriff deputies on July 1st of this year about the condition of some of her horses and their feet and one was taken and euthanized at that point.  News report here if you watch the linked video: (http://www.kolotv.com/home/headlines/More-Starving–Neglected-Horses-169555346.html).  She refused to give any away or lower her prices beyond what she felt was her due and now we have a glut of horses likely heading to either a kill buyer or rescue.  Somehow this is going to be spun into a reason we need slaughter, but this PSA ,who supports slaughter, did not avail herself of that option.  This is classic hoarding and abuse and a slaughter-house in every state is never going to prevent this crap from happening.  This is the manifestation of a mental illness and now a bunch of innocent horses are going to pay the price.  Dorothy Robertson and all her little champions over on the United Horsemen page should be ashamed of themselves.

One of the seized horse’s feet





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Sunday’s PSA

We’re going to do things a little different this week.  No mystery.  I’m going to recap some stuff with one of our favorite asstardians.  Mostly because I’m kinda irritated again and I think I need to share my outrage.  While this person has never actually been a Sunday feature, we’ve certainly discussed her enough times.  She’s not really a player on the grand scheme of things apart from epitomizing the brutality, ignorance and cold-hearted selfishness of the stereotypical PSA.  I’m talking about Angel Marshall.  The PSA that blames the lack of slaughterhouses for her having to send her crippled horse, Montana, on a 30 hour death ride to Canada, complete with a likely falsified EID so she could wring the last few pennies out of him.

To recap, Ms. Marshall of the clown car vagina, wants us to feel sorry for her because she loved her horse so much but didn’t want him to go to waste and contaminate the ground water by humanely euthanizing him at home.  She described his pain level prior to selling him to a kill buyer as `walking on razor blades’.  Apparently the horse had an abscess.  She alleges he also had acute ringbone but elected to let her farrier diagnose the horse rather than call in a vet and take a set of film to find out what was really going on.  Originally, she told people she wanted to take the horse to Canada herself and be with him when they shot him in the face at the slaughter-house.  Apparently, that was too much effort so she slapped him on the  ass, handed the shank to the KB and took her blood money.  We discussed it all here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/let-this-be-the-last-time-we-speak-of-this/)  Here is a picture of Montana’s injury that basically signed his death warrant……


Because NT decided to jump into the fray to `defend’ this unthinkable act of cruelty, we also know Ms. Marshall has three small children, may be pregnant with twins and neither her or her husband have a job.  They collect assistance and basically work the system.  None of that has much to do with being a PSA other than the fact that what we’re going to talk about today shows a profound lack of judgement and ignorance.  I believe the original intent of that disclosure was to play on our sympathies, but for me, it ain’t working.  It seems besides her precarious family and financial situation Ms. Marshall is happily working on hoarding more horses and `fostering’ for a local rescue whose executive director has had a mention on this blog for her support of slaughter and eating horse meat in the past.  She says she was `tricked’ into it.  Whatever.  Asstards.  Anyhow, let’s hear from Ms. Marshall about what she’s been up to since shipping her beloved Montana to slaughter and how she’s spending up her blood money (which she claimed she didn’t keep for herself).

“My qh was just put down, miss him badly. Stuck with just my percheron/qh/morgan to ride now. Hes a great horse really, just a bit of an ass. Kids have a POA or something along those lines-gaited black and white paint pony. Have a class B mini too, and 2 mini donkeys, 1 we drive.

– Put down????  I guess she doesn’t want her new group of Facebook buddies to know how Montana really met his end.


“Oh, and I have a heck of a qh in canada with her filly to go get sometime this fall, and my mom offered me a heck of a nice paint filly so eventually we will have those 3 here too.”

– She got the Canadian pair for another PSA who also had his picture in this blog and who NT featured in his defense.  We’re supposed to feel bad for him because he has an arm that doesn’t work even though he’s an abusive asshole that also sells horses to people that clearly don’t treat them very well or have the means to support them properly.  Money is money I guess….


“Question: Anyone have or ever had a halflinger? I am considering buying one when her training is done. Shes already a solid harness horse, but shes being broke to ride. I want a shorter nice heafty well put together horse and they look like they would be what I want. Curious to anything anyone can tell me.

– WTF???  You can’t afford a vet or a bullet so your old horse didn’t have to suffer and now you’re merrily collecting an additional HERD to replace him?  Does anybody else have an issue with this or should I go take some meds?


“Just make sure whoever does it is doing it right. I had a great farrier friend wise up there, but sadly its taking a lot of time and money for my current farrier to fix the mistakes made on my horses. A farrier should aim for perfection. Proper angles need to be kept, the right amount of heel, a good toe…. ask lots of questions! Prices will vary, but remeber that often you get what you pay for”

– Yes, her farrier is so great she let’s him diagnose things only a vet should.  In fact, he was so awesome she sent an abscessed horse on a 30 hr trailer ride to his death in a slaughter-house based on the same farrier’s diagnosis.  I had a farrier we used to fly in to do one horse and he never diagnosed things that Ms Marshall’s did.  Silly me wasting all that cash!


LOL! I know how you feel. Her prices are good too. Shes actually become a good friend too. My bridle is totally new… I mixed the styles of several types to make one very special for me. I tend to ride draft crosses and love the draft style bridles, but I added quite a bit to westernize it. It was new to both of us and it couldnt have turned out better! Have to get a pic of it on here for you.”

– Yup, you read that right.  She went and had a custom-made bridle made with some of her blood money. The only thing that could be more disturbing or ghoulish would be if she used Montana’s hide.  Wanna see it?


“I kept mane and tail from my horse that had to be put down. Someday I plan to do something special with it, for now it hangs with my dream catcher in the corner of my bedroom so I can always remember him. There are a couple of girls that make neat bracelets, earrings, keychains, necklaces and other things that I am considering sending it to. Very neat, but very expensive. My mom makes a swish with horse hair from those shes lost or sold.”

– There’s the `put down’ lie again, but do you know what?  I want to make sure she never forgets what she did to that horse either.  How sad, that so many people that never met the horse cared far more than the owner that claimed to love him….


“For adoption at XXXXX. Black bay mini trained for cart. Driven by kids, adults, and all sorts of people new to driving. Adoption fee is $110. Used to be ridden often, currently can be used for leadline. Currently in foster with us and being used often. Contact for more information.”

– Seriously, what legitimate rescue would let this person foster horses?  No job, a gaggle of spawn, too many animals and on social assistance.  Awesome!


Ok, that’s a sampling of what Ms Marshall has been up to since we last checked in with her.  I’m sure her PSA buddies will be calling for my head on a platter and shrieking about what a meanie I am.  Go right ahead and make sure you tell the FBI that I’m kinda busy during the day mostly .  Who else is going to speak up for Montana and the unneccessary suffering she subjected him to so she could have herself a little spending spree?  Remember she initially told everybody that she used the money to buy a mini horse to train as a guide horse for a veteran or some such bullshit?  She was even going to name one Montana’s Legacy or something like that.  Funny, in her oversharing at her new hideout, she makes no mention of that at all…..I guess I shouldn’t be surprised she’s ginormous liar on top of being a soulless asstard.  I dream of a world where people like this are no longer in the horse industry and mandatory sterilization for asstards is acceptable.

RIP buddy, we won’t forget….





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Sunday’s PSA

Happy Sunday, people!  It’s time to shine the spotlight of disgust on another PSA.  I think this week should be pretty easy for any regular reader here.  She’s been needing a profile for quite a while and, to be honest, I just haven’t had enough interest to do it before now.  However, it’s been a crazy week here in the shedrow so I chose a PSA that would be easy enough to write up.  I’ll be disappointed if about 90% of you don’t get this one before the reveal.  I may even revoke your anti cards.  I’m sure you’re all busy on this last long weekend of summer, so let’s get down to business and learn about our PSA…

Besides being an easy one this week, she is also one of the louder ones.  She knows everything about everything.  Just ask her.  It’s also quite amazing this PSA is able to sit down with so many other PSA’s parked up her butt all the time.  Nope, it’s not Slaughterhouse Sue, but she may be just as gross.  Our PSA is an admitted horse eater from time to time as well.  If you haven’t guessed who it is already, let’s hear from her directly so you can all make up your own minds about our poster child this week.


“I feel for people like XXXX. We call them “sheeple”; it’s exactly the type they like and want. Ones who really have no clue about reality. Ones who will blindly follow. While those of us HERE prefer people with a brain of their own they can actually USE.”

– I think we’ve discussed the fact that most stupid people not only don’t realize they are stupid, they think they are smarter than everybody else.  It’s quite amazing this PSA is able to dress herself in the morning.


We originally adopted Chief in 2001; sold him in 2006 and thru some unfortunate
circumstances, he fell into some wrong hands.  Subsequently, the man who bought him employed the use of another man to help haul him to the sale yard.  I found out and tried to stop it but couldn’t.  The night before the sale, the man who was going to haul him roped Chief, snubbed him to a tree and proceeded to beat on him with a pipe and board until he collapsed.  Then he tied him on the ground and proceeded to kick him repeatedly in the head and stomp on his head.  A kind soul came along that night and cut his ropes and got him to his feet.  He was pretty beat up and sore and stiff.  The next morning, the guy comes back to haul him and is mad that he’s loose; he planned on leaving him tied all night.  So he ropes Chief again and runs the rope thru the trailer and proceeds to beat on him to get him in the trailer.  I found out all this AFTER the fact.  He got sold to a meat buyer; I promptly bought him back from the guy and brought him home, where he is recovered physically but not 100% trusting of humans. The man who beat him never faced charges.

– Kind of a strange story for somebody who is as adamant about slaughter as this person.  I wonder why she would feel a need to rescue a horse from slaughter considering she eats horses herself.  It’s also one of these dramatic `save the day’ stories PSAs love to tell without any documentation of photographic evidence.  This fantastical tale of rescue is even more ironic considering how `Pro’ this person presents herself and some of the other people and activities she supports.


“Horses are livestock. If you don’t want to send yours to slaughter, if you don’t want to *eat* yours, no one is going to force you to do so. The horses on the cover are stock horses. Rodeo stock. Contractor horses. You know, the kind that actually earn their keep, much like ranch horses. Horses have been eaten for centuries and will be eaten for centuries to come. I don’t particularly care for goat or sheep or rabbit but I certainly am not going to stop someone else from eating them.

And if you don’t think we have done our research, obviously you have not done *your* research. If you don’t like what this page is about, why are you here?”

– From her numerous posts all over the internet, I’m guessing this person thinks that ranch horses are the only ones that earn their keep.  While I sure enough do have much respect and appreciation for a good ranch horse, I’d love to introduce her to a few horses I know so she can really have an idea about how horses earn their keep and never have the threat of slaughter or abuse hang over their head.  There is no exaggerating when I say many racehorse people can look out their window at easily a million dollars worth of `earning’ their keep at any given time and that is documented.  Sadly, it costs money to make money…..Care to guess how much money the two horses in the banner of this blog have contributed towards `earning their keep’?  Neither one of them have ever seen a cow in their life.


“Horses are not pets, never have been pets, were never intended to be pets and never will be pets. Period. They are livestock.”

– The FDA disagrees!


“I’ve seen some horses that would just as soon take a person out as look at them. Had one we had to chicken feed or she was going to kill someone. I’ve seen wild horses leave injured or ill or old horses without a second look. They are ANIMALS, not humans.”

– BINGO!!!!!  Almost without fail, every single loud and proud PSA eventually talks about the outlaw horse that had to be killed or it was going to kill somebody.  Always without fail they are not responsible for said horse.  Apparently, these types of horses are only born on PSA lands and end up this way just because they are bad seeds.  They are nearly as mythical as the unicorns they like to talk about so much.


“I like the aspect of the triage system they will use to restore the equine industry. So many think UH is *only* about slaughter, so many think UH wants to do away with rescues (how CRAZY!) and kill all the wild horses (NEVER was on the agenda) and other such crazy ideas. I support UH because they are for range management, they support LEGITIMATE rescues, they back HUMANE processing, they help with the stolen horse foundations, they support gelding and vaccination and owner education programs. There is MUCH more to UH than what is the perception and THAT is what I support.”

– In PSA speak `legitimate’ rescues means slaughter supporting rescues.  It’s quite alarming how many of these people can’t see through the UH’s proposal.  They’re going to get you to DONATE your horse so they can profit from slaughtering it.  I’m also beyond sick and tired of reading about `humane’ processing.  It’s never going to happen.  However, this PSA’s statement is even more telling when you read our next quote from her….

“We are in the process of starting a rescue for domestic pets and livestock, and working towards getting incorporated and getting a 501c3 status.  We will be doing fund raisers of all sorts and taking in donations from people to get the ball rolling … it’s not cheap to file for non-profit status!

Our first project is to help the local feral cat population.  In conjunction with the XXXXX Spay & Neuter clinic and with Snip House in XXXXXX, we will be taking many cats over to be spayed and neutered.  Our local Vet clinic will help with euthanasia for cats with debilitating injuries and illnesses.  “

– To be fair, I do not think this rescue ever actually happened.  The website for this PSA has not been updated for years, but it’s interesting to know such a slaughterphile was trying to get non-profit status as a rescue and admits to eating horses.  That’s not illegal but there is just something very wrong with that to me.


“I hate the label “pro-slaughter”; it sounds like I’m some Manson follower that can’t wait to kill something and get bloody! LOL! I prefer to say I am not anti-slaughter. :)”

– Don’t y’all just love how they like to find softer words to make them feel better about what they are promoting.  Yes, you ARE pro-slaughter and yes, it IS called slaughter and not humane processing, harvesting or whatever other bullshit term you dream up to ram it down the public’s throat.  Say it with me one more time…..`SLAUGHTER’.  If the forehead swastika fits…..


“A TRUE horse-person doesn’t want to see a horse suffer. Right now, horses are being turned loose in the wild to fend for themselves, where they usually end up dead, horses are being left at auction yards or in people’s fields or trailers, horses are being starved because people can’t afford feed and no one wants the horse. So the ones that DO end up at an auction and aren’t wanted and subjected to a long trailer ride (sometimes for days) to an unknown, and often unkind, ending. We want it back HERE where it can be regulated, the trailer rides are shorter, the horses are handled with the humanity and the dignity and the respect they deserve.”

– Ya know, a trailer ride from Idaho to Missouri is a lot longer than a ride from Idaho to Canada.  Since there were only three slaughter facilities up and running at the time inspections were pulled, and they were all in a fairly close radius, this whole `long trailer’ ride argument is kinda stupid.  Unless they are going to specifically breed for slaughter, I can’t see them getting one in every state or even more than one or two states.  Having read about what went on in those last few plants, `humanity’, `dignity’ and `respect’ never factored into the carnage.  Besides the proposed facilities are going to be run by the same people that are happily torturing horses in Canada and Mexico already.  Doubtful that the US is all of a sudden going to be the gold standard of humane slaughter considering how crappy the slaughter of other animals is currently being handled and Big Ag’s distaste for humane livestock handling.


“And my personal, spiritual belief, very much align with the Natives of this country, abhor “waste” and feel it’s disrespectful to fill a horse full of poison (the euthanasia shot) and leave it to rot in the ground and to poison the earth. Once an animal is dead, it is a sin, in my mind and beliefs, to waste any parts that can be used. Think “Circle of Life”.”

– I hope that this wannabe Pocahontas realizes that the Native Americans were actually not big horse meat eaters.  They revered their horses and for them, having horses were a measure of wealth and many still do.  I’m sure they did eat some horses when the white men wiped out their buffalo herds, but the fact is that Natives did not view horses as a primary food source. Because my own family has Native Americans in it, I can safely say that eating horses is not a cultural thing nor do they have the slightest issue with euthanasia these days.  Those family members would be card-carrying Natives that hold a lot of status within their bands.  Given how our PSA feels, I wonder what she does with her dogs and cats when their number is up….


“I am proud to be part of Sue’s movement and proud of Sue for all she has done! She is an exceptional woman”

– The force is strong in this PSA



I could go on and on with the quotes from this PSA, but most of them would make her a dead give away. She was one of the ones that was the most pissed about last week’s feature and has made a few veiled threats towards this blog.  However, I have used her exact words and publicly posted pictures, so she can cry to WordPress or threaten to show up on my doorstep all she wants.  If you think you know now, make a guess because the next things I’m going to tell you are going to seal the deal.  She is very much into the abusive rodeo culture.  No, I’m not talking about bull riding or even traditional broncs.  She’s a buckaroo fanatic and basically wets her panties over any asshat in chinks with a handlebar moustache. If I had to do an armchair analysis of the situation, she derives a certain pleasure from watching people handling livestock roughly.  In fact she positively drools over anybody that dominates and rough handles their horses or livestock.  Do you know who our guest star is yet?  One last chance to guess because it is time to meet our Sunday PSA…….Say a big `howdy’ to our PSA of the week……

Andi `Buckaroo Fangirl’ Harmon

In other news, the EU has had another bad test for BUTE in horse meat.  I believe this one originated from the UK, but the fact remains that they are now being found with much more frequency and it’s only going to mean there will be no movement on the passport and ID system they have mandated for next year.  Read it and weep PSAs….(https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/rasff-window/portal/index.cfm?event=notificationDetail&NOTIF_REFERENCE=2012.1215) How many does that make?  Something like four or five bad tests on horse meat in the last six weeks?  Oh well, I guess we can always pawn all this toxicity off on the Asian market like the PSAs keep telling us they will….

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Sunday’s PSA

Happy Sunday!  Because it is Sunday, it is once again time to feature a PSA.  I’m going to deviate a little bit this week though and pick a usual suspect who is a true attention whore.  She checks all the boxes just like our past PSAs, but she’s also been crying for attention from us for a long while.  Actually, crying for attention from me in particular.  It would seem she has a bit of a girly crush on me.  Because my week has been so awesome, I’m feeling magnanimous so I’m going to throw a bone. I’m also busier than hell right now, so this one may be a bit boring, but there will be some important stuff at the end of the reveal as far as actually doing stuff to prevent slaughter. I suspect there will be a shitfit of epic proportions either publicly or behind closed doors, so you may want to put on your splatter shields.

Our PSA this week likes to talk a lot.  She also loves me and this blog and spends a lot of time refreshing the page and discussing both.  I’m thinking our PSA will be a fairly easy one to guess for everybody.  She seems to like to discuss vaginas quite a bit, especially mine, but I’m not going to nauseate y’all with those details.  Let’s let her speak for herself and then you guys can tell me how you make out with guessing…


“It’s time to write a letter of support for Rep. Wallis in the very public, very slanderous attack against her by Sound off with Sasha. This is not acceptable programming and I am shocked their station allows for bullying and harrassment, esp of elected officials. rjohnson@wgcu.org Mr. Johnson is the station manager. I believe letters of disapproval are in order immediately.”

– Did I mention our PSA also enjoys the view from the inside of Slaughterhouse Sue’s rectum?  Or at least she used to.  Word has it she got her nose out of joint over the cancelled Scummit of the Horse Eaters when she couldn’t get a refund on her plane ticket and promptly threw her toys out of the pram. As of this writing it is unclear if she still thinks D-bag Duquette is awesome or even still has the POS horse she paid way too much money for from him.

“Here is a new thread for making fun of people… and for talking about XXXX XXXX, aka her new nickname… the Lady Reverend… or Rev for short… holding up my shot of Tequila to the Rev…. Have a cold one on us!

– This is one example of many that this PSA has started `dogpiles’ on anti people she doesn’t care for.  Yet, she is the first one to screech when her buddies get a feature on here or other blogs.  I felt it may be out of envy, so I’m giving her the spotlight today.  No need to thank me. 🙂



“I suggest if you get to that point of sending quality stock to slaughter, you turn to your UH group and ask for assistance in finding them REPUTABLE homes. We may be able to ask for rescue transport assistance. There are fates worse than death, BUT you have a group of people around you who would likely work with you to take these horses on. Trust those in your circle and offer these guys free to people you KNOW.”

– WHAT?  They may be able to beg for money?  I thought that was just wrong!!!!!  Oh wait, it’s fine and dandy to beg for money as long as you are enabling a horse hoarder and slaughterphile.  Gotcha!


“Rescues are so picky you’d think they’d send he ass packing. I was refused a horse at rescue because I board!”

– Yup, our PSA is one of those city folks they keep saying have no business having an opinion on the horse industry.  I guess that’s only for people that don’t support slaughter though.  Given how this buffoon behaves online, I’m going to guess there may have been other reasons she got turned down for the rescue horse.  At any rate, she now slags off all rescues that don’t support slaughter.


“how many screen shots do we have of AR’s intentionally buting their horses. Whether its needed or not. Now that is *intentional and excessive drugging of a horse for NO medical reason and obviously w.o. the permission of a Vet. Gads, I wonder what’ those Vet’s would say if they saw their clients were abusing the prescription? hhhmmmm”

– You would think Bute is heroin the way these asswipes carry on about it.  Yeah, if it meant the difference between slaughter or not, I would give every horse a one time minimal dose too.  It isn’t a bunch difference than giving them an aspirin.  Why are all these PSAs so uninformed?


“I will also state clearly…. our #1 priority is the welfare of horses. This groups should not be about finger pointing but about implementing solutions. Including helping those horse people who the media or others portray as “bad”. For those not familiar with the rescue or AR world, it is common for breeders to be picked on.

Our group would rather HELP people and KEEP horses in their homes, than propagate inappropriate seizures. Truly, in this case, had people offered to assist Ms. Skakel in repairs she herself was unable to make, we would not be having a conversation.”

– Our PSA was one of the little worker bees that charged off to enable Nancy Skakel.  In case you don’t remember who Nancy Skakel is you can refresh your memory here:( http://fuglyblog.com/2010/04/07/breeding-trainwreck-du-jour/)


“I chuckled when she bought and won some halters… I knew if she bid on a horse… the fact that she has *nothing* ready and likely no place set up, no truck, trailer… hell all she’s got a halter.. and she made comments to me about how horrible slaughter was… her face through out was comical only because the lady just doesn’t understand … when I left she had yet to bid on a horse BUT that doesn’t mean she didn’t”

– This was when they were making fun of the lady wearing shorts at an auction.  Notice how our PSA whines about helping out a hoarder/abuser like Nancy Skakel and HELPING people, blah, blah, blah….I guess that doesn’t count if you are anti-slaughter.  They cry about the state of our industry but they want to pick and choose who becomes a part of it and none of them have a single nickel to share between each other..  Just more every day hypocrisy from a loud-mouthed PSA.


So, some other fun facts about this week’s PSA.  She is yet another one that is a failed trainer (link below).  She also has a kennel, or at least her website says she does. She seems to get in scraps on doggie message boards too.  Needless to say, she’s pro-puppymill.  As are so many of our PSAs she’s a convenient christian and  a card-carrying member of the International Cowboy Church Alliance.  Our PSA is also trying to make `Western Dressage’ happen and a member of that too.  When she gets done dreaming about whether or not I vajazzle and wishing I was blonde, I’m sure she’ll work herself up into some righteous indignation and rally the troops of the witless. I can’t wait!  Has anybody guessed who our poster gal is this week?  It’s time for the big reveal…..say hello, to our hypocritical buddy…..






Jes `Vajajay’ Sothern

“Where’s my chin?”






Ok, now that we have the PSA named and shamed, let’s talk briefly about what we can actually do to end slaughter.  I got this in my email yesterday and  I am always happy to pass these types of things on, so keep them coming!  Please read carefully and do what you can.

“So we all agree that we like horses. We all agree that we are opposed to horse slaughter. But ask yourself, what have you really done today to make sure it ends? Not everyone can be the boots on the ground, but is what you are doing really making an impact? There are several campaigns going on right now- some only take seconds to complete, others take a little more effort, but if your action becomes the difference between having horses slaughtered in the US and ending it, wouldn’t that be time well spent? If we say nothing, then Congress will listen to those who do support horse slaughter instead of all of us who oppose it. I can tell you one thing for sure, they ARE speaking up. Are you?  Here are 5 things you can do without ever leaving your home. Please note, deadlines are coming soon on several of the projects, so lets get on it! Show that you care. 
1. Make a video  Deadline Aug 31  https://www.facebook.com/WeAreAgainstHorseSlaughter Cheryl Flannagan with Save The Horses is collecting and compiling videos made by advocates regarding ending horse slaughter. These videos will be compiled and presented to congress with the letters and petition. The videos should be one minute or less and the purpose is to put a face to a voice and not just a signature. With your horse, without it doesn’t matter.  Once completed please email the videos to horseinc@aol.com
2. Write a letter to congress. Deadline Soon! Tell them you are opposed to your tax dollars being used on horse meat inspections for foreign countries when our food safety programs are being slashed . Tell them why you are opposed to horse slaughter in your own words. http://heatherclemenceau.wordpress.com/2012/08/07/letter-writing-campaign-to-end-horse-slaughter-email-us-your-letters-now/  If you aren’t sure what to write, join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/477262352286586/
3. Order some postcards, hand them out to friends and family https://www.facebook.com/pages/Postcard-Campaign-Against-Horse-Slaughter/224998564288799
4. Sign and share a petition including this one- It has almost 50,000 signatures. Show congress that we do care.  This only takes seconds to complete. Please encourage all your friends to do the same.  http://www.change.org/petitions/overturn-the-legalization-of-horse-slaughter-for-human-consumption?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_modal&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=11288995  There are many petitions out there. Sign and share as many as you like, but lets get this one past 50,000.
5. Fill in the blanks and write a letter to Congress in support of protecting our wild horses. This is another easy one- http://rtfitchauthor.com/2012/08/21/wild-horse-freedom-federation-to-deliver-letters-to-the-president/
Finally, for those who want to go on a September road trip- This looks like a great way to meet some amazing advocates and have some fun in Vegas… http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/Int_l_Equine_Conference.htmlHow are you going to make an impact? Please share this and tell your friends how you made a difference for the horses today”





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Sunday’s PSA

Because it is Sunday, it’s once again time to feature one of our PSA friends.  The obvious choice would have been to choose one of the PSAs that whined the loudest over this blog during the past week.  I know of about two or three of them that are absolutely crying for a feature on here.  However, I don’t really like giving in to bad behavior and this blog isn’t about pleasing them.  I think it’s far more fun to make this a bit more challenging than going for the obvious every single time. This week’s PSA ticks all the boxes as far as being a stereotype and hateful, plus he has the added bonus of basically being a caricature of a cowboy.  I think we’ll be about 50/50 on people guessing before the reveal this week.  Let me know how you do!

Our PSA this week normally has a lot to say and fancies himself quite the little expert on all things Ag.  I can tell you that he calls himself a rancher and is most definitely all about slaughtering horses, although he prefers to call it harvesting.  He is regularly misinformed, but that rarely stops him from spewing out his garbled `facts’. It would be a safe assessment to say this PSA is batshit crazy.  Are you ready to hear from the man himself?

“BTW he has been running with 20 mares for 3 years and his first bite of hay was today…after arruval”

– Talking about his no account stud which I will post a picture of at the bottom of this entry.  Why is it that so may of these PSAs breed in mass quantities yet whine about too many horses and no slaughter to place a value on them?  Just because you run a crapload of horses on the back forty and don’t bother doing anything with them does not a `remuda’ make.  Just because your horse is a pretty color does not mean he needs to make more just like him.

“….charged with the crime of letting a dog be a dog” and “…not treating his dog like a kid.”

– This is our PSA’s thoughts on Michael Vick.  No, our PSA is not Steve `Crazyass’ King.

The respectful harvest of unwanted horses desperately needs to continue. Millions of kids around the world die of starvation every year and upity American citizens, attorneys and judges snub their noses at that by endorsing the wasteful disposal of an otherwise valuable resource. Once again I contend that only an overfed and ungrateful nation would enact a law removing potentially the greatest value a horse has to offer at the end of a useful life. I propose that, before we completely let the horse out of the barn, we go into one of the most poverty stricken areas of our nation and have a horse barbeque. I doubt that the hungry kids or the homeless veterans will tell us that it is against their morals to eat horse meat. I have the horse and if you have the grill, we have a date.

–  Respectful harvest.  You gotta love all these euphemisms for slaughter they come up with to slide it down the public’s throats a bit easier.  I also love the fact that so many PSAs figure that just because you are poor, you’ll eat anything or are willing to drop your values.

“And apparently the mission is to make the ownership of a horse something that only the elite in this country can have. And that, my friends, flies in the face of everything that the horse represents in the building of our great nation.”

– So slaughtering and eating horses better represents their part in building `our great nation’?  Huh? BTW I don’t think you have a `right’ to own a horse if you can’t afford it or are willing to make the sacrifices to properly care for it.

“Factory farms do not exist. Companies like Chipotle have launched ad campaigns with selective portrayals of the truth that grossly mislead the consumer.

The size of the farm – or whether animals are confined or not – does not in itself determine the treatment of animals. Management, in all cases, is the most important concern in animal husbandry. You may be able to raise pigs outside, in all of Mother Nature’s grandeur, and get along just fine. The truth is – very few of us are willing to work that hard to get it done.”

– Remember that I mentioned he is a self-proclaimed expert on all things Ag?  Well this is what he had to say about hogs.  NO such thing as factory farms and nobody cares about the welfare of the animal because they aren’t `willing to work that hard to get it done’.  Yet, people like this asshat are the ones saying they are concerned about the `welfare’ of horses.

“I hauled five young horses to the Loup City Commission Company’s monthly horse sale in October and two of them brought only $1 apiece. I actually felt fortunate because they did send me a $103 check for the bunch instead of a bill. Before I do that again, I will consider other options such as feeding dogs in the neighborhood.”

– Sounds to me like somebody needs to quit breeding horses if they are only bringing $1 a piece.  WTF is wrong with these people?

Ok, now that we have had a sampling of where our PSA stands on certain issues, let’s get into some really fun facts about him.  Remember how I mentioned he is batshit crazy?  That may be an understatement.  Environmentalist Robert F Kennedy Jr. has accused our PSA of stalking him.  He writes all about it in his book `Crimes Against Nature’.  Here’s an excerpt from the book and it’s also linked below:His mission was to follow me around and to try to discredit me, but also to intimidate me. He shows up at speeches and press conferences I give, sitting in the front row. He records me, and then he prints distortions or outright misrepresentations of my statements. Sometimes he mumbles menacing comments. Once when I was in Iowa, he came up to me and whispered, “I’m your worst nightmare.” He waits for me in dark parking lots on my way home. He asks if I’d like to take a ride with him in his car, those kind of things. Which I don’t find intimidating, but that’s clearly his purpose.”

Pretty crazy stuff, huh?  Our PSA has also been indicted and plead no contest to cattle fraud/rustling which meant he was caught selling cattle without a bill of sale and selling cattle without a brand inspection.  Prosecuting attorney, Jason White, said:”It’s a long, drawn-out factual situation in which he bought cattle, never really paid for them, never got a bill of sale, and then he turned around and started selling those cattle,” What a great guy our PSA is!   Details are linked below.  Basically, this conviction was the only thing that stopped him from his stalking hobby because he wasn’t allowed to leave the state.  I can’t make this stuff up!  It also wasn’t our PSA’s only brush with the legal system.  He also gained notoriety for being the manager for a 50,000 pig factory farm on the land of the Rosebud Sioux for Bell Farms.  Such was the negative environmental impact of this facility that the Rosebud Sioux had to eventually file a lawsuit to evict our PSA and his operation.  As you can see he is a typical Big Ag douche that has no care about animals, their welfare or even the environment as long as he’s putting money in the bank.

Have you guessed who our PSA is yet?  I’m betting at least half of you know already.  He is a huge fan of Slaughterhouse Sue, D-bag Duquette and Holy Theresa Manzella.  He has a 501c3, (don’t they all?) and claims to be a sixth generation farmer/rancher. He says he has 200 cows, 40 horses, 20 meat goats and 40 sows, although he is so busy running around the country being a pain in the ass, it is widely believed that his wife (also indicted for cattle fraud/rustling) does all the work on their ranch.  Even though he is not a buckaroo by any stretch of the imagination, he wears the costume which probably makes him an even bigger asstard than the actual buckaroos and that is no small feat.  One last chance to guess, because it is now time to give a warm anti-slaughter welcome to our Sunday PSA!

Trent `I’m a Little Teapot’ Loos

Also, for your personal amusement, I’m going to share a link that was sent to me by one of our readers.  It’s from the Summit of the Horse Eaters and good Ole Trent tries to insist that branded BLM horses do not end up in slaughter houses and Bill `Maggot’ des Barres repeatedly contradicts him.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wWSApEUiq4&feature=youtu.be

Do not even get me started on all the reasons this horse should not have his balls…..kinda like his owner.





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Happy Sunday and welcome to another edition of Sunday’s PSA.  I had a difficult time selecting our poster child this week.  So many PSAs seek out negative attention and I hate to deny them their time in the spotlight.  So many horse abusers, so little time.  However, I do try to select PSAs that are stereotypical to that group and borderline hateful.  Lots of PSAs are more pathetic than hateful due to being more stupid than evil.  Sadly, the end result for their animals is never good no matter which category they fall into.  The purpose of featuring them is to highlight the type of person it takes to support slaughter and what their other animal husbandry practices are.  Maybe there are some fence sitters out there that may realize that these are maybe not the best people to trust and follow.  I think we have a real gem for today.  She is not really a headliner in the internet slaughter debates, but a real presence all the same.  In fact, she is so busy on social networking, I bet many of you are `friends’ with her on Facebook or have at least had requests.  Follow along with me and see if you can guess our PSA this week….

As is our tradition, I like to kick things off letting our PSA speak for themselves.  Not all the comments I’m going to use are directly related to slaughter.  Some I’ve selected just to illustrate how hateful she is, others to highlight her `training’ techniques.  This PSA is a real treat.


This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who doesnt do what is right is not of God

– I bet y’all are thinking I chose Holy Mother Theresa again, aren’t you?  This one may be even more sanctimonious, but she also thinks if you don’t agree with her, you are not christian.   At one point she spent an inordinate amount of time on twitter, harassing people about their sexual preferences and condemning them.  You can look her up after our big reveal.


” I hate all faggot homosexuals you are going to burn in hell for being a faggot.  The lord God almighty has spoke to me and told me to tell you if you do not change your ways.  YOU ARE GOING TO BURN IN HELL LITTLE FAGGOT!”

– I don’t care what your thoughts on gay people are, most people would clearly see this is hateful.  She did not know the person she was sending these messages to on Facebook.  I have linked their blog explaining everything at the end of this entry



The next series of quotes and pictures are her explaining how to fix a `bad horse’ and her response to people that expressed some concern about her methods.  She is not the person in these pictures.

Seems innocent enough? Read on….


This is the first pic in the bad horse series I am about to post here. Remember, my philosophy is “treat a good horse good and a bad horse bad.” This can also be applied to men. Here “Pistol” is standing after getting a good butt whupping from me.”

– Note the stance of this horse.  This does not look like a `bad horse’ to me, it looks like a scared horse that is trying to get as far away from his tormentor as possible.  The person in the pic is her `helper’ and not our PSA.


“For cow kicking like a son of a gun. He putXXXX in the hospital last week. She is one tough Texas hillbilly. So I thought about things carefully and his day of reconing was today……Proud cut, arrogant, dominant, spoiled.”

– At this point, some of our other well-known PSAs egg her on and agree with her.  Of course they do!


“Here is the problem with you animal l rights crazies. God gave Adam dominion over the animals way back in the garden. Man is above the animals. When we let animals rule over us we willingly give up our God given authority, which includes the administration of discipline as needed. Next God gave us the command to love him and to love one another. If you choose to hate another human being over a horse then you become a murderer in heart and a murderer has no part in the Kingdom of Heaven. So please enjoy your earthly kingdom down here because unless you repent and get a new heart, the earthly kingdom is the only one you will ever know.”

– And here comes the `God’ card and having `dominion’ over animals thing.  Sound like anybody else we know?  I promise you it’s not Holy Mother Theresa, although the MO is the same.  When confronted about anything, bastardize scripture and twist it to justify your ignorance.


“I am not ashamed to crack any horse in the head who will plow over a human with no respect for our space. They are large animals who can be dangerous or cause serious injury to their handlers”

– Typical PSA scared to death of her horses and making them suffer for it as a result.  Lots of back and forth under this picture along the same lines….

“Here the bugger is fixing to come out of the trailer full force and plow over XXXX”
This is her caption for the next picture


Why dont you come show me how to do that Ms Expert”

– This is her response when somebody suggested using kindness.  To recap; she has this `bad’ horse confined in a stock trailer and beat him, leaving him no place to go.  I don’t blame him for wanting to bolt out of the trailer as soon as the door was open, do you?


“Poor baby dominated and intimidated his previous owners, put my horse whispering rider in the hospital and got the butt whipping he had been begging for for a long time now. Discipline is love and it will save him from the kill pen too.”

– At this point I need to point out to you this person is PRO slaughter and a member of the UH page.  Apparently she thinks beating the shit out of horses save them from slaughter.  Maybe Slaughterhouse Sue and D-bag Duquette can make discipline and butt whipping part of their rescue and rejuvenation program.  I have a feeling that our PSA is exactly the type of `expert’ they would employ.


Not our PSA holding the horse…


He is just generally a disagreable sort, kinda like XXXX.

– I would classify him more as a `scared’ sort….


“That is definitely what we aimed to do, put the fear of God in him about cow kicking and running us over.”

– The most dangerous horse you will handle is a frightened one….just sayin


I skipped over a few pics of them leading him around before reloading him


He is thinking about running over the top of her again.”

– I don’t blame him one bit.  The last time you had him in this trailer, you beat the shit out of him.  Now the brilliant handler is standing directly in front a scared and trapped horse and will blame him should he try to get away from her by going over top even though she is blocking his only exit…..


“Now he is thinking twice before I crack him in the head again.”

– The comments that followed this picture were mostly angry at our PSA and she blessed them all and offered to have them come `save’ the horse.


“If he kicks again I will whip his butt again too.”- 

– Anybody else hoping this horse kicks her right where she pees?  There were a few other pictures following this, but I think you all get the general idea at what an abusive asstard this PSA is.



Ok, I bet y’all won’t be surprised to know that this person has been charged with cruelty and had her horses seized in the past.  She also considers herself to be a rescue, mainly for TBs.  Go ahead and vomit now.  In July of 2010 she had 11 horses seized due to malnutrition and neglect.  She blamed the issue on her the person she said she hired to care for the horses, but in the end they were both charged with animal cruelty and the `helper’ is still her helper as far as I can gather.  She did manage to get all but two horses returned to her. I will link the article and some other gems of hers at the end of this entry.  If you are still wondering what her stance on slaughter is, wonder no more…

“Humane Horse Processing is a better term for a better way of handling unwanted and excess horses. Time for change in response to the outcry of cruelty which was very valid, my having been in this industry for 40 years now. Fix the way we do things and bring this issue to closure.”


I never really feel like I do these profiles justice, especially when we have such a batshit crazy one like our PSA today. I could write a book with all the information there is out there on this one.   To be honest, you can google her and have endless things to read up on her `rescues’, arrests and holiness.  Have you managed to guess who our PSA is yet?  Allow me to introduce you to our Sunday PSA …..




Devorah `Sexier Than Y’all’ Aikman






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I’m going to see if I can stump most of you with our PSA poster child this week and pick somebody that maybe isn’t as into the Facebook drama as most PSAs.  He is, however, one of the bigger pieces of crap out there.  He supports slaughter and some other disgustingly cruel practices with horses.  Thank you to one of our regulars here for putting this one on my radar.  Since he’s so proud of himself, I’m sure he won’t mind the publicity.  Are you ready?

I always like to start off by letting our PSA speak for themselves. That way you can formulate your own opinion and see if you can name that PSA on your own.

My name is XXXX and I have been a Charro for over 20 years. During that time Charreada has been attacked as being cruel and barbaric by the animal rights industry. Specifically they denounce mangana, piales and cola. They call the first two horse tripping and the last steer tailing. With reference to the first two, they claim most of the horses used die or have to be put down. This is absolutely false. Yes on very very few occasions, horses are killed, just like they are sometimes killed in steeplechase, cross country, and even rodeo. Like all the events, involving livestock, there is a danger to both the human and animal precipitants, but that danger is minimum.”

– He may be right that most of the horses used for tripping don’t die in the actual arena, but they don’t exactly get up and walk away and live happy lives either.  They are traumatized and often crippled.  This PSA has posted numerous YouTube videos in defense of his beloved `culture’ but fails to mention where they get the horses for tripping or what becomes of them after.  We’ll get to that shortly.


“The 4pm live broadcast Charreada on DeCharros.com had some fantastic competitors. Only two pial caught with one rope broken, but the first 9 mangana were caught in a row, with a total of 12 captures out of 18. Mangana is La Reyna de Los Suertes (The Queen of the Charreada events) . It is the catching of the front legs of a running mare and in traditional mangana, bringing it to the ground. That is what they do in Mexico. 9 states have made it illegal, in the United States. To do this the AR fanatics lied. They said most of the horses died. That is absolute nonsense. If you have been watching DeCharros, you will have seen that no horses seriously injured.
Even though the AR fanatics know the facts, they still call mangana cruel and barbaric. Which means the people who do it must be cruel and barbaric. Do you think it is a coincidence that Arizona passed the anti-mangana law and then passed the anti-immigrant law. Some Charros think it is OK for states to stop horse roping. I don’t because of the implication. It implies that people I know are good and honorable are cruel and barbaric. That should never be tolerated.”

– There is nothing `honorable’ and `good’ about making entertainment out of terrorizing and abusing animals.  Yes, anybody that engages in this activity is not only cruel and barbaric, they are also asstards.  Since our PSA is such an avid spokesmen for his `culture’ he may just be King of the Asstards.

“The anti-slaughterhouse movement mystifies me. What do you do with horses that do not make the cut. They are lame or blind. They just are not good enough to work. What do you do with horses when there is not enough food to feed them. The slaughterhouse is a lot better way to die then starvation. You probably are using or own something that has a horse product in it. If you own house pets, you absolutely have used something made from horse. The French and most Asians consider horse meat a delicacy. Just another form of protein. The point of the video is that mangana or what you call horse tripping is no more dangerous to horses then most equine events and it is less dangerous to them then some, like Steeplechase and Cross Country. Therefore it should not be banned.”

– Our PSA has quite a few online IDs and has been fighting to have the ban lifted on his beloved horse tripping for years.  Thankfully, my tentacles reach far and wide.  Is anybody really surprised that a horse tripper would support slaughter and think it’s a much needed outlet?  This particular PSA has a trail all across the net in support of horse tripping.  You can look him up if you want, but I suggest you do so on an empty stomach.

Before we get to our big reveal, let’s talk a little bit about horse tripping.  This PSA whines and cries that it is part of his `culture’ and has been done for over 400 years.  Remember, this is the same culture that thinks bull fighting is pretty cool too.  I’ve been to a Mexican bull-fight (don’t ask) and I can tell you that it was probably the most disgusting display of abuse I have ever seen.  Horse tripping has been outlawed in several states because it is cruel and barbaric.  I’ve heard stories of them getting horses cheap or free off Craigslist, auction houses, thoroughbreds off the track and being leased from kill buyers.  Once the horses are used for tripping they are basically ruined for all else, if they even survive long at all.  Slaughter is almost always the end game for these animals, except in the rare cases a rescue has stepped in.  Even in states that have banned this practice, it still goes on.  Because these events are not sanctioned, it is difficult to get any hard numbers but I did manage to dig up this from the American Horse Defense Fund:

“There are no hard statistics are available on the number of horses used in charro rodeos. Most of these rodeos are not sanctioned or take place at small arenas without oversight. A source at one Riverside, CA feedlot reported that during one season before horse tripping was banned the lot leased 25 horses per weekend to two different charro rodeos. Approximately 2 to 5 of these horses displayed injuries serious enough that the animals were sent to slaughter every week. For each animal that went to slaughter, another from the feedlot replaced it on the charro circuit. During the 1992 season, 75 to 100 horses were leased from that particular lot to the two charro rodeos, but only 2 of the original horses survived until the season’s end.”  – (http://www.ahdf.org/tripping.htm)

Our PSA is also supports the UH and regularly advertises his horse tripping extravaganzas on their page.  He has found a nest of like-minded assholes that also get their jollies by mistreating animals for entertainment and ego boosts.  “I would like to thank Sue Willis, for her help in Col., Org. and Nev., as a memebr of one of the first groups targeted by the multi millon dollar Animal Rights Industry, we appriciate all the help.”  Naturally, Slaughterhouse Sue endorses horse tripping ….”you must be from the Charro Federation — so glad to be working with you! Working together is the only way to ever succeed, I am absolutely convinced of that…..I need to be sure and add you to our list of supporters — consider it done.”  Do you know what I’m absolutely convinced of?  I’m absolutely convinced that our PSA is at least as big of a douchebag as any of the other UH regulars.

This PSA likes to talk about his `culture’ and tradition.  He thinks people are being racist because they are disgusted by his acts of cruelty.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  My distant ancestors used to run around and scalp people that pissed them off.  They don’t do that anymore because it’s frowned upon and not very civilized.  It’s all well and good to have culture and traditions, but part of evolution and progress means we can leave barbaric and cruel practices behind.  There is no earthly reason to be tripping horses anymore.  Of  course they are slaughter supporters because slaughter gives them a convenient garbage can for their sport. Run today’s PSA  through a google or YouTube search along with `horse tripping’ and you’ll have endless hours of disgust.   Have you guessed who I’m talking about yet?  Please welcome our Sunday PSA….

Randy `Asstard’ Janssen


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One of the semi-regular features of this blog is to profile individual PSAs.  Besides the fact that they are unintentionally hilarious in their ignorance, it also helps the rest of us to try to wrap our minds around what sort of evil it takes to support slaughter.  The one I’m profiling today is not one of the ones that just think it’s a necessary evil, she really and truly wants to slaughter horses at any cost and even eats her own.  Of course she is a breeder, aren’t they all?  See if you can guess which asstard I’m talking about and I’ll name and shame her at the end.

I think the best way to begin is with letting this person’s own words speak for themselves.  Lucky for us, this PSA has a lot to say about all matters of horse abuse and slaughter.  As with most PSAs she has had animal control called on her, but it wasn’t her fault.  It’s NEVER their fault even though the rest of us happily get through life without getting accused of abusing or neglecting our animals.  That seems to be  a PSA thing kinda like having a bad and unruly horses is.  Yes, she has plenty of them too!

“OK I did the dasterdly deed yesterday and shot and hung my crippled coming two-year-old. Took me all afternoon to gut him. I learned you need a REALLY sharp knife. Also learned it is a LOT harder to do than watching someone who does it for a living. I ached so bad I could hardly bend over last night. I know he is too tough to eat. The dog could barely chew a small piece. But, I have the heart and liver. Anyone have any good recipies?”

– Naturally this was posted on the UH page and Slaughterhouse Sue comes to the rescue.  Does anybody else have the visual of going to see a breeder’s stock and seeing them dress out one of their horses?  Yuck.


“I had one butchered a couple years ago, hung the hide on a gate to wash it off. The herd stood and stared at it until I couldn’t stand it and removed it. I say yes, they know.”

– Apparently butchering a horse is not a one time thing for this `breeder’.


“I too am over stocked (aren’t we all?). I am on a chat room list and mentioned that I would be butchering a couple. WOW did THAT raise a ruckus!!!! Comments like “all you do is raise ponies for slaughter” and “why do you continue to breed if you can’t sell any” etc. Well, I sold just as many this year as last. Only had 2 foals from my 15 broodmares. But they slam me for those two foals! I’m not exactly breeding crap either. See the profile pony? Check out the LONG yellow ribbon. Third place, nothing to brag about, right? Well third in a class of OVER 200 entries that had to QUALIFY to even come to the show ain’t bad. Besides that was just one show. Year end awards puts him FIRST place in the nation in small green hunter ponies. But I shouldn’t be breeding because I “only raise them for slaughter”!”

– Actually, she is mostly breeding crap and we’ll look as some of her champion stock in a minute.  Many PSAs think that getting lucky with one horse means they are forever golden.


“I ran four breeding stallions on a neighbor’s 20 acres over a winter. No mares for miles and they got along fine. Only problem was the idiot neighbors who contacted the humane society because they could prove the stallions had not been fed or watered for weeks. No tracks in the snow was proof. They were right! I didn’t water because there was a creek 20 feet wide and 3 feet deep. I didn’t feed because they had not strated to eat the 1500# round bale I’d left them 2 months earlier. Society worker said she was sure I had not fed them but ‘they sure looked good’! She had not noticed the bale.”

– Perhaps they didn’t eat the hay because it was moldy?  I wonder why Winstar and Three Chimneys don’t turn all their breeding stallions out together in the off-season?  Oh, that’s right…..because it’s fucktardious!


“So what does a LOCAL plant need to do to do horses legally?  I mean a plant that is currently doing cows and pigs.  And you want your own meat back, not sell it.  Ya, I got another one to go.  16 years old foundered and unbroke, but gentle enough for a toddler to handle from the ground.  Can’t get $600 for her so might as well save myself some $$ at the store.  Besides, I just bought dog food $20/month to feed the mutt!  She can eat scraps and bones.”

– Where do I even start?  Why does this breeder have a 16 year old unbroke mare that was allowed to basically eat herself to death?  If she can’t afford $20/month to feed her dog, it makes me wonder what the ponies are living on?


“I sold my mare to a dealer. The next morning she put his hired man in the hospital. All he was doing was carrying hay to the feeder.”

– Every good PSA seems to have at least one horse like this….


“Oh, they charged me! No drugs, just throw and cut. I had one done by a vet that spilled his guts the day after I brought him home from the vets’ office”

– She was referring to how she gelds her colts here.  No drugs, just throw and cut….charming.  Then she pays the guy for `training’ to get around the legalities of not having a vet do it.


Sadly, those are just samples of the ignorance of our PSA of the day.  Since she is so proud of her stock and breeding program, I thought it would be interesting to see what I found listed for sale by her on Horse Clicks.  I’m not sure how old these ads are.

5 1/2 years old, unbroke and `heavy’ in foal. Cow hocks included. $1500


Almost 3 yrs old and unbroke. $1750

The copy for this grey colt is: Sire is brother to Pony Finals Champion medium and res-Grand Champion. Dam’s sire is 1/2-sister to Silver Steps, 4 times horse of the year for AHSA/USEF. Has good hunter movement.”  Did you catch the part where the dam’s sire is a 1/2 SISTER to somebody famous?  Does that mean he was a hermaphrodite?  Typical backyard breeding of the second cousin twice removed to somebody that was almost famous.  Ugggghh,.


Coming 2 yr old described as `show quality” $1000


5yr old gelding UNBROKE $2500


Ok, this PSA basically has a crapload of ponies advertised for sale.  Most are not broke and  way overpriced.  Yes, there are a few cute ones, but what appears to be going on is somebody that has far too many horses and can’t afford to get them trained.  Backyard breeding at it’s finest.  If anybody wants to pay way too much money for one of these little unbroke terrors, do not tell her you are anti-slaughter or she won’t sell to you.  “Am seriously thinking of not selling to a person who doesn’t agree with processing. I don’t want my animals slowly starving in their backyards when they lose their teeth” You can check out the rest of the hoard here: http://www.horseclicks.com/welsh-pony/kansas/AC/horses-for-sale 

This PSA really ticks all the boxes.  Backyard breeding, hoards of unbroke stock, horrific injuries, unruly and bad horses, and of course she has been reported to the humane society.  She also is also hoping to get a job as a kill buyer for ponies should the Rockville plant open up and thinks that it should be perfectly fine for miniature horses to ship in triple-decker trailers for slaughter.  Have you guessed which one it is yet?  Her farm name is Patchwork Ponies.  Meet your Sunday’s PSA…..

Doris Kelsey







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While I was basically phoning in the Sunday’s PSA blog, I actually did take the time to dig around online about Holy Mother Theresa Manzella.  That kind of thing is never fun as I always end up feeling nauseated and pissed that such a vile creature exists and has the unmitigated gall to call herself a christian.  I did happen to stumble across one thing that irritated me more than most of the propaganda she spews everywhere.  It was this radio interview back in January: http://www.rodeoattitude.com/facesofag/2012/01/20/theresa-manzella-brings-up-good-point-on-chester-county-horse-trader/    It’s not all that long if you can bypass the first few minutes of the interviewer wetting his pants over her picture.  I felt a bit unclean after listening to that part for sure.  At any rate, I felt this deserved a blog all of its own due to the absurdity of it all.

Some of you may recall the case of Kelsey Lefever that came to a head back in January of this year.  The short version is that this evil cow ended up being charged with five counts of  fraud after it was discovered that she had posed as a trainer at Penn National Race Course and got horses on the cheap or often free from race trainers and owners.  She did this under the pretense of training and rehabbing these retired racehorses to place in new homes.  What she actually did was send them up to Canada for slaughter. Most trainers actually just gave her the horses so they could have good homes and some even subsidized the horses, giving her cash and feed for the horse’s upkeep while she was retraining them.  She laughed and gloated to her friends when trainers would ask after their horses and told a friend “Those crazy people don’t have to look for their horse anymore because he is in a box in a freezer”.  Pretty horrible stuff, wouldn’t you agree?  She said far worse…..http://www.paulickreport.com/news/ray-s-paddock/kelsey-lefever-every-one-of-them-is-dead/

Kelsey Lefever

So what does this have to do with Manzella?  Well, our favorite faux christian went on this little radio show to talk about this case.  You would think that any horse lover would be horrified by what this person did.  Not, Holy Mother Theresa.  First she waffled a bit about where she stood on the whole issue.  Then, just like the twatwaffle she is, she basically started talking out her ass about things she even admitted she knows nothing about. Instead she used this all to push her and Slaughterhouse Sue’s agenda.  She starts spouting off about Thoroughbreds and says that people who own them don’t have the same choices because of different racetracks ban the sale of TBs for slaughter and impose sanctions on people who do it. According to her, the Thoroughbred `Industry’ has taken away the rights of its owners to send their horses for `harvest’ .  Then, she suggests that Lefever may be a fall-guy for trainers that really wanted to slaughter their horses but couldn’t due to the zero tolerance policy enforced at most tracks.  If you happen to read the linked article above, you should have no doubt how devastated the owners of Beau Jaques were about his fate. Oh and btw, Theresa blames the Thoroughbred Industry for being the driving force behind getting slaughter banned.  Clearly, Mother Theresa didn’t bother to educate herself before shitting all over the race industry.

Beau Jaques in happier times

All of this is quite bad enough, but since Mother Theresa loves to hear herself talk almost as much as she loves slaughter, she goes on to further put out blatant misinformation out on the airwaves.  According to her, it costs 33% to 50% or more to feed and care for a retired Thoroughbred because they are `hot blooded’.  She even says that they can look neglected even though they are well fed.  Can this woman possibly be any more ignorant?  I work with Thoroughbreds, I have retired my own off the track and I can tell you that she is 100% full of shit on everything she said in this interview.  Once they are let down, they cost exactly the same to feed as any other full sized horse.  They also make great ranch horses, trail horses or anything else you want to do with them, and yes, they can also become fat lazy bastards if given half a chance  as well.   Theresa needs to STFU about things she has no clue about.

Now, let’s talk about facts around all of this.  The Thoroughbred Industry as a whole is anti-slaughter.  Yes, certain tracks have imposed sanctions due to some unscrupulous turds, but there are always rotten apples in every bunch.  As a whole, most breeders, owners and trainers are decidedly `anti’.  No other breed has so many rescues dedicated exclusively to them that are supported by the horsemen in the industry.  Owners like the Mosses, who had a little horse by the name of Zenyatta, endlessly fundraise and support rescue and rehab programs for TBs.  Trainer Nick Zito and his wife  put notes on the papers of his horses so that they won’t end up in slaughter.  They are actively involved with rescues and have stepped up in the past when one of their former racehorses is in need.  Adena Springs now has an entire retirement division added to their empire. These are just a few examples of the many industry leaders who do their part to keep TBs out of slaughter houses and neglect situations.  Theresa can shut her gaping maw about owner’s having their rights taken away in the TB Industry.  The overwhelming majority of `us’ in the TB Industry truly appreciate the animals that allow us to make our living and we honor them.  We do not feel that slaughter and consumption is appropriate, hence all the elaborate memorials and horse cemeteries on many TB farms.

How Lefever likely ended up with up to 120 thoroughbreds she sent to death is quite simple.  Many trainers at the tracks have their people they deal with when  horse can no longer race.  We had a few polo connections and a lady that rode hunter/jumpers.  We WANT our horses to go on to new careers and be well cared for. I can easily see this young girl coming around and sweet talking these trainers.  We work on an honor system on the backside and it probably wouldn’t occur to most of them that one person could be so evil. I know at the end of every race meet lots of people come to look at horses that are being retired or not cutting it as racehorses. Who could ever guess that one person could be so evil?  As for Holy Mother Theresa Manzella, I’m perfectly fine with this ill-informed asswipe believing her own lies  if it keeps the likes of her well away from the TB Industry. I am NOT ok with her spewing outright lies to the general public about things she has no clue about.  Theresa Manzella, you have been weighed, you have been measured and you have been found wanting….

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Because it’s Sunday, I felt we should check in with our favorite christian self proclaimed horse rescuer.  Yes dear readers, I’m talking about the queen of sanctimony herself, Theresa Manzella.  Get our your bibles and prepare to thump!  The most holy Theresa runs a 501 (c)(3) rescue and not only supports horse slaughter, she is one of Slaughterhouse Sue’s most favorite henchmen. Just to refresh your memories, Holy Theresa made this quote about people that are anti-slaughter:  “Not so fun fact for the day: Hitler was a vegetarian. And Hitler held animals in very high regard. He even assembled a team of trainers who tried to teach dogs to talk. Killed millions of human beings, but is reported to have revered animals. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.”

Next meal, Theresa?

I thought it would be fun to gather up some other fun quotes from this nice `christian’ lady. She gives us so much, it was very difficult pruning this down to a manageable blog entry.  I’m not sure if I’m more offended she calls herself a christian or a horsemen….

I think we should put a normal ol’ rancher in charge, skilled in culling a herd, (like all are), and use that “mustang” meat to pay down the the Natl debt. OR feed OUR homeless and hungry. SOMETHING other than strapping the American tax payer with an additional, unnecessary 83 million.”

– Slaughterhouse Sue will be so proud of you!  She wants to feed horses to the poor people too!

“I’m proud to be associated with the incredibly strong(and I MEAN incredibly strong) Leadership running the United Horsemen’s Organization. When the AR’s have exhausted their lies and propaganda….TRUTH(and HOPE)Floats”

– Yup and so does a turd in a stream Theresa and we all know which one you are.  BTW how does Sue’s colon look from the inside?

“Yep. They have a big feed. I didn’t think I could eat it.. the way I feel about cats and all….but it’s really good!”

– Discussing that she eating game cats because she loves her kitties so much, but it’s still perfectly fine to chow down on a horse. Is there anything this woman won’t put in her mouth?

What does it mean to have dominion over a horse? What does the this scripture mean to you?: Gen 26 And God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let him rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, and over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” Personally, I find really good horsemen get this one right most often, intuitively. Horses respond so well to solid leadership, which includes dominance, within the herd, that they follow without question, and become confused and rebellious when strong leadership is not presented. I find it wrong to treat a horse as an “equal.” Just my crazy cowgirl logic and “take” on the matter”

– Personally, having one decent horse in your life does not make you a `really good horseman’ nor does your need to `dominate’ horses.  And for future reference, it’s actually Genesis 1:26 and the term used was `cattle’ not livestock.

“The new NH people remind me of new Christians. They find the Lord and then they tend to look down on those who haven’t and they can’t hardly accept that othes my see it differently. lol

– Theresa clearly has not been blessed with self awareness.

“I must be feeling grumpy to engage is such a conversation as this but “competition” is the way you take a subjective issue of horsemanship and convert into an “objective” sport and profession. If you want to see how you measure up as a hors…emen, check yourself into the nearest NRHA Reining, or NRCHA or Cutting and you’ll find out real quick what separates the men from the boys, or the horsemen from the wannabes, based on a standardized, objective judging system that is recognized world wide, where winners and first losers are separated by 1/2 point increments. And I’m not saying that those who chose to not compete are necessarily a lesser horsemen…but I’m reading here that it’s your opion that those who do, are, Sam Hales…and I have to admit I have a problem with that. Place yourself in the judgment of your peers, and see how you fare.”
– How’s that working out for you lately, Theresa?  Actually, other than your old horse, how has that ever worked out for you?
“Dear Lord I pray you find mercy on this poor women and her demon possessed soul. She needs an exorcism, before her head spins around a green slime comes rolling out of her mouth. Amen. That’s the best I can do for you Brenda.”

– This is how Theresa `debates’ the slaughter issue when she gets shown up to be the hypocrite she is

Basically, if you run Mother Theresa through a search engine you will end up with endless fodder for ridicule.  She likes to comment on the slaughter issue A LOT and she gets beyond pissed when she gets owned in an argument, which happens A LOT.  I think it would be best to leave the last word to those that actually know Theresa in real life.  All the following quotes can all be found here: http://ravallirepublic.com/news/local/article_311cad9a-5c13-11e0-a46c-001cc4c002e0.html

“…..In addition to her political bent she offers up the concept that she is being “led by God” in her ministrations of Willing Servants. Yet, from all I’ve seen and heard throughout the Valley “What Would Jesus Do?” is not on her go to list when people come to her for help.

Truthfully, I haven’t met ANYONE she is purported to have helped. I have met quite a few who needed assistance and were turned away. Bottom line: Actions speak louder than words and her “talk” and her “walk” are on separate sides of the street.”

“Miss M is a very self serveing lady,she wants all the attention when there are good loacal folks that have been helping animala and other people for years before miss M blew in here and became an expert on everything from saveing horses to makeing descisons when to put down horses.Ask about her own horese that fell from her trailer and exploded on the highway near Darby montana.That was pure animal neglect,she forget to close the trailer door.So miss M give other people credit,before you get your face in the news.”

– Ummmm. Wow!

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