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I’m sure most of you woke up to the same sad news this morning as I did.   The founder of Golden Carrot has lost her house, dogs and everything but the clothes on her back in a fire overnight.  Thankfully the horses are all fine, but she is left with not even a roof over her head or electricity.  TGC provides an important service in the rescue community as they are a true sanctuary.  TGC was also a big part of Saban’s rehabilitiation after his surgery.  For those wishing to help:

To mail or have anything delivered, the address is:

If you wish to donate to replace Casey’s personal items Please to go these links:




I’m not certain or what exact items Casey needs, but given that she only got out with the clothes on her back, it’s probably a bit of everything from clothes to hygiene items to meals.  I should let people know that Casey is VEGAN so that is something that should be kept in mind for any donations of food or products.  I am told her boot size is 8.5/9, jeans size 12 and L in men’s shirts.

I’m sure many of you know that Casey usually is the lone soldier at TGC and her dedication to her horses has always come before everything with her.  I have faith in the SoCal horse community to come together and pitch in during this difficult time for her.  My only request is that we keep things classy and our focus squarely on Casey and the horses of TGC.   I will update this as needed.

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We are not amused.  To be clear, by `we’ I am referring to the royal `we’ although I fully expect that to fly right over most heads.  I especially expect it to fly over those of the village idiots, and much ado will be made of nothing as is the usual reaction from them.   Anyhow, back to me and my disgust… I was off resting on my laurels figuring the bulk of what I set out to do with HiCaliber was either accomplished or in the works.   It’s been kinda nice reclaiming my personal time and not having to have The Manson Family in my thoughts most of my waking hours.  Sadly, it seems that HiCaliber will not go quietly into the night and the death throes drag on.  That also means that horses are still getting shot for no good reason, lies are being told and, once again, I feel compelled to lay down an update.  So, for old times sake and posterity, let’s pull up a chair, pop the cork, twist the cap or whatever and deal with the never ending shit show that is HiCaliber.   This is going to hop around a bit today mostly because I can’t be arsed to make things linear and I do what I want.  Buckle up!


It seems that Manson has been making an effort to clean up the mountains of manure from the ranch property in recent weeks.  The timing is weird, but better late than never. Sadly, this entails loading the manure up and trailering it over to a neighboring property.  All this was witnessed by somebody that was visiting the ranch.  According to this source they gained access to this property off Calle Oro and through T-posts and rolled up fencing.  The property in question has goats and chickens within view of the road.  HiCaliber wasn’t being overly secretive or stealth about doing this so perhaps the neighbor is ok with having their diseased waste trucked over to his place.  It’s probably better than how they used to just shove it over onto public land.  I wonder if the county knows?


That’s right, for the minor sum of only $40 you too can learn breeds, colors and markings from the very same person that thinks horses have back knees and has no clue about how to eyeball a height on an animal.  If you’re super lucky, Manson may make a cameo appearance and show us how to find a dorsal stripe by looking underneath a horse or how a foal that does not have black points may shed buckskin.

Not content to spread misinformation on that which can be easily googled, Amanduh continues to teach unsuspecting people to ride as poorly as she does.  Apparently proper footwear is optional as is adjusting stirrups to the appropriate lengths.  I also learned that riding a dead lame horse was also fine because it’s what he loves it and he is depressed otherwise. I’m sure that standing in a small stall 24/7 while getting eaten alive by flies and choking for water has nothing to do with his depression though​.  Don’t get me started on the whole `gait regulation’ and how you use your seat by not having it in the saddle.  I’m sure glad Amanduh is on the job to tell us what `real’ horsemen do.

I’m sure that anybody that has been following this on any level knows about the Valley Center Western Days Parade clusterfuck that has gone down over the last week.  It has caused beans to be flicked on both sides of the fence as nearly everybody has gotten their drama boots on and waded right in.  Minor children were bullied and ridiculed, lies were told and all around fuckery ensued. I’m not even going to bother rehashing it all.  I think it’s important to put the actual facts out though.  The reason why horse people are concerned with HiCaliber being in the parade was the risk to their own horses.  Manson may think Strangles is `no big deal’ but most horse people know better.
Here are some screen shots and emails clearly showing there has been an ongoing Strangles issue at HiCaliber for well over a year.  It also clearly shows that Manson was not only aware of it but so is her adoption team as they were addressing it in recent contracts.  Remember that the initial order from the Western Days committee was that no horse exposed to Strangles within the last 12 months would be allowed to be in the parade.  Sadly, knowing the Manson Family, they would have likely worked around that claiming the horses they were riding weren’t exposed and that’s where a lot of the concern was for many people.  I know that Manson claims they have `major’ biosecurity measures in place.  How does she really even know considering she rarely waltzes her happy ass to the more remote areas of the ranch?
This screenshot was from one of their private groups and was posted about a week ago.  One of their regular volunteers described her day at HiCaliber.  What I want people to notice is the order of paddocks she visits, clearly admitting to `petting and scratching’ horses as she went around the property.  AFTER visiting the QT/Vineyard area, she went to the nursery letting them smell her and petting them, on to North herd where she stopped to pet more and then to South herd and Rivers Run.  THIS is just an example of why people do not trust the biosecurity at HiCaliber or want their own horses exposed to HiCaliber horses and it’s valid.  What I find saddest of all is that this small community has had to deal with all this drama and complete fuckery when they are just trying to hold a family event.
It’s a real shame things even had to go his far as it is a complete dick move to knowingly spread Strangles or any other disease around.    I actually don’t even get what the big fuss about being in the parade is for HiCaliber.  Judging by pics of the recent parade they were in and other past performances, it’s not a great advertisment for them or their horses.  You have Manson riding horses that are far too small for her, none of them are groomed and even the riders look raggedy.  Their time would be far better spent at home grooming and feeding their animals and if they must go in the parade, then walk the route holding a sign or drive the golf carts or something.  Just give these poor horses a break because they all look horrible and nobody needs to see Manson doing a 2 point starfish while spilling out of her saddle and sexually harassing anything and everything that crosses her path.  For crying out loud it doesn’t even look like they bothered to clean their tack or dust off their boots.  I suppose we’re going to have to replay this all again as Manson is planning on riding in the July 14th San Diego Pride Parade despite the fact she has said she plans to close down by June 30th.  I’m sure Manson’s criminal defense attorney, Mr. Fancy Socks, will fight for their right to party though.
 One of the features of Parade-gate was good ole Mags charging into the middle of things and basically losing her shit.  Actually, not basically, completely losing her shit and as of this writing, the meltdown continues.   Because the default setting of Mags and the village idiots is to cry `bully’ and point fingers without realizing that every time they do so, three fingers are pointing right back at them, they decided to bully a 14 year old girl that has NOTHING to do with any of the HiCaliber drama beyond a genuine concern about riding her own horse in the parade.  When her concerned father stood up for her and brought it right to the source, all hell broke loose and Mags called him a `shitty parent’ for doing so.  Given her partner’s past criminal charges to do with his own child, I guess Mags isn’t in a position to judge anybody on their parenting skills.  It was also at this point that Mags appears to have lost her tenuous grip on her sanity as she heaved herself up on the cross and played the victim card for all it was worth claiming to be the victim of bullying.
Where do I even start?  Margaret, you need to get your money back.  Seriously and on all that I hold dear, you are barking up the wrong tree.  In fact, the tree your barking up isn’t even in the right time zone.  YOU are the bully.  You have been told over and over again, you are wrong and you continue to lie about having proof.  By all means go to court.  I won’t be there, but the people you are targeting as me have a very strong case against you.  You have torn people to shreds thinking they are me, you have attempted to discredit me and maligned everything I write.  Tit for tat, Mags.  Not my fault you self identified when I originally posted a blind item about you. I think a year long temper tantrum is a bit excessive and had you actually hired a PI to find out who I was, that’s boil a bunny level creepy.  Your back pedal game is super strong though…BTW the AG investigation, along with the multiple other agencies, is ongoing and Manson has been cleared of nothing.


This one made me laugh.  Little hint for Mags though, even wordpress doesn’t have my actual identity.  By all means though, go on with your bad self and the court orders and PIs.  LOL.
From what I can gather, Mags is not well versed on animal advocacy.  She seems to have zero clue who the players are and what people’s credentials actually are.  Funny how it’s not bullying when Margaret spreads untruths and mocks people’s misfortunes though.  I could tear Mags’s personal advocacy claims to absolute shreds but a) what would be the point? and b) I have too much respect for the sources of my intel.  It doesn’t matter anyhow as there is no law that says Mags has to respect TC and there is certainly no law that says anybody has to respect Mags or believe anything she says.
 I’m not sure if all this is in order, but Mags made a dramatic post.  I can only imagine it was actually put up to inspire people to talk her out of leaving because she hardly even took a break from posting.  It was telling that it was mostly village idiots that told her not to go and the racing community remained silent.  It was also kinda weird how she went full bully after making this post and really didn’t appreciate having the mirror held up to her own face.
You know what I find funny?  I haven’t posted for weeks and she’s still obsessed with me.  I think the regular readers here can attest that even my comments have been sporadic and mostly late at night.  For sure D can attest that I haven’t been around all that much lately.  I also am highly amused given the fact that Mags has posted in private groups about how little my opinion matters and if you want to see screen shots of that along with Mags admitting she really doesn’t know who writes this blog, you can refresh your memory in Writing On The Wall…With Crayons!
Mags didn’t appreciate having her own hypocrisy pointed out to her it seems.  It also seems that even what remains of her own friends have tried to point out to her that she’s off on a tangent.  If anything, Mags picked up steam after this exchange even though she deleted Abby’s comments.
Here we have anti-bullying warrior Mags bullying people.  I’m not sure if she is daring Jennifer to blog about her or she’s daring me, but since I’m the one with a blog and I do love a good dare… I’m not entirely sure what the $100 letter is or why we’re talking bankruptcy but given the fact that Mags’s legal counsel has so far been Angrid, who is not even a member of the California bar, she’s probably not in a position to throw darts here. I’m also not sure how somebody that has to run gofundme campaigns to pay her vet bills and so her partner can buy a used van can afford to hire PIs.  Like I said, she needs to get her money back.  I have a shitload more screen shots I could post showing Mags bullying people, calling names and lying, but what’s the point?  If they haven’t learned by now, I do what I want, I post what I want and if they continue to poke me in the chest, they will continue to get negative attention.  Let’s move on.
This is a video where Manson tells another pack of lies.  The person she is talking about is Salvador Paniagua.  This would be the same guy who she used to refer to as `the worst of the worst’ and has claimed there is a language barrier with.  He is a known tripper and the incident with FHR she is referring to is well documented.  He showed up at Mike’s auction with 7 completely mangled horses that had been tripped and demanded $250 each for.  Rather than pay his ransom, FHR called in AC and they suggested that he take $100 each.  It should be noted that none of these horses were in acceptable enough condition to actually be run through auction.  Once the horses started being transferred off Salvador’s trailer and it became apparent how bad of shape they were in, FHR offered $600 for all 7 horses just to get them safe and it was accepted.  All but two horses were too badly injured to save and after being seen by a real vet, they were humanely euthanized. That is the truth of the situation rather than Manson’s version of events.  It’s also what a true rescue and advocate would have done.  Manson bought a load of tripped horses off Salvador just this past January and rather than call AC, she arranged to meet him and pay his ransom.  She also shot the horses herself rather than letting them see a vet.  I should probably mention that Manson and her village idiots mocked FHR and made an issue about them having to put down the 5 horses from Salvador.

Owens Intake February/18

Owens is one of the pasture puffs awaiting adoption at HiCaliber.  As is obvious from the pictures above, he’s losing condition despite Amanduh’s claims he has put on lots of weight.  I’m not seeing it.


Before I get onto the last few things, I thought a little comic relief from Ficehole would be appropriate.  Now, I’m certainly no computer whiz, but I have noticed that when I google something or look at certain web pages, the ads Facebook shows me usually have something to do with that.  I’m guessing it’s something to do with cookies or something.  I can also say that Facebook has never shown me drug paraphenalia ads or anything remotely close and that’s probably because I a) don’t do drugs and b) don’t google drugs.  The fact that Fice has meth pipes coming up on his feed is both funny and telling.  The fact that he’s indignant about it is hilarious.


Nathalie is one of the newer Manson Family members and ranch residents.  Manson has mentioned several times that she is from Norway or The Netherlands or some place like that and that she is visiting.  Since moving in with Manson it seems she is doing a bit more than visiting and actually acting as a front for flipping Manson’s personal project horses.  Buddy the Peruvian Paso is actually the horse Manson bought for herself and promptly named Foreskin.  Buddy also seems to have severely dropped pasterns and I’m not sure how any of the HiCaliber gunsels know what `gaiting beautifully’ is when they usually diagnose them as neuro and shoot them in the face when they are gaited.  I also recall some other Peruvians who were shot in the head for having dropped pasterns within days of their arrival at HiCaliber.  I guess they didn’t figure they could squeeze the last few pennies out of those horses.  I’m sure having a rider much top large on him, isn’t helping Buddy with his pastern issues either.  It seems Nathalie is also `adopting’ HiCaliber horses and is the new owner of Ryland.  I wonder if wheeling, dealing, grifting and working under the table is something her visitor visa allows?  Maybe Miss Homeland Security aka Angrid would know.


Remember the $25 `mare’ at auction and the legendary rant that Wrinkles went on?  The same horse that turned out to be a gelding and had actually been purchased by an advocate?  His name is Don Q and the above pics are of him in his new home.  They were taken within the last week or so.  Don Q is the one with the one white sock.  His buddies are Hickory, who is also blind and came from a hoarding situation in another state, and Sarge who is toothless and ancient and came from FHR.  All three horses are living the good life and are very loved.  I’m also told that Don Q no longer has shoes on so Wrinkles can stop worrying about that as well.  Too bad Manson won’t allow horses to be adopted by `haters’ because this advocate has a fondness for puffs.  I hear she likes them even more than she likes blue water bottles.



Manson has put out a few posts saying they are nearly out of hay or they can’t pay for a load that just came.  I guess she spent all her money on sending her criminal defesne attorney to meetings to fight for her `constitutional right’ to spread Strangles ride in a parade.  While she claims to have adopted out several horses in the past few weeks, her feed bill seems to be about the same.  None of the village idiots bother to question that just like they don’t realize that while she is dumping horses right, left and center, she is bringing news ones back to the ranch at nearly the same rate.  The only difference is that she’s not telling her village about them or bothering to give them names which makes it all the easier for them to vanish off the face of the earth.  Not exactly the actions of somebody that is closing their doors, but more the action of somebody that is transitioning to become a full on flipper.  I know I sound like a broken record, but Manson is not going to exit quietly or quickly.  Hell, we’ve already passed the window for this to be quick at least a month ago.  I guess there is always that one guest that doesn’t know when it’s time to leave the party, right?


When I resurrected this blog, I never thought I’d be here a year later still dealing with this shit.  I certainly never wanted to be anybody’s leader or even a point person. I just wanted to get some things off my chest and document what I saw as a trainwreck in the making.  I’ve been in this advocacy game for a while and if I know anything, I know it’s far better to head off a trainwreck than clean one up. It’s also nearly impossible to head them off for just the reasons we have seen played out this past week alone.  Even though I am in the horse industry and have been my whole life, I know it attracts crazy.  Add social media to that mix and you have a whole other level of nuts.  What I saw this past week was local horse people genuinely concerned for their own animals and trying to do something about it through proper channels.  I also saw several people on both sides of the fence insert themselves into the situation for the sake of drama.  It was gross.  It’s also not something I wish to participate in. I’m busy in my life and I have zero time for social media flame wars.  That being said, I’m not going to drop this issue either.  As I have said all along, I will stay the course and see things through.  I don’t care who wants to grab credit or be a hero once the dust settles.  That was never my goal.  I just want to save some horses.  Maybe it’s time for some people to ask themselves what they are in this for.



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I really didn’t want to do this post up today.  The longer this drags on, the more triggered I get with the usual HiCaliber antics and this past week was off the chain which means I’m beyond triggered.  I am well and truly over the bitching back and forth these days, but you can only bite your tongue so much before the only taste in your mouth is blood.  I don’t even really eat red meat so not my favorite flavor at all.  As always, the version of recent events presented by The Manson Family are riddled with lies of omission and outright deception and while I get that’s their default setting, I feel the need to fill in the blanks on the disgusting exploitation of Mayday as well as a few other things.  I think because she’s on everybody’s mind and because she deserves it, Mayday is where we’ll start and we’ll start at the beginning as we know it rather where Manson marked it.  Pop a Valium and grab a seat as I attempt to draw a map that is a little bit clearer than mud.



Unnamed dark bay/black horse that ended up in Manson’s trailer on April 24th and likely dead the same day.

On April 24th at auction, what appeared to be a bay TB mare was rejected before entering the sales ring.  Manson was at auction asking for donations that day.  This was the very same day she manifested a few horses in her trailer that the village has yet to meet.  One they likely never will because she is said to have killed the horse without even naming it or bringing it back to HiCaliber.  The other one, had to have her feet trimmed before heading back to Valley Center which was also part of the pit stop at Buzz’s.  We talked about the horse in the red trailer last week and like the bay OTTB mare, was never available to anybody other than Manson to purchase.  No advocate got close enough to the bay mare that was rejected to be able to say with any certainty whether or not it was Mayday.  Manson claims it was.  If it was the same horse that’s all the worse for Manson because, that means she knew the condition this horse was in and she knew where she was for the past week because again, the mare was never offered to the public.  She was already in Manson’s trailer when she arrived at auction on May 1st along with Kenny, who was to be a rescue transfer.  Strangely, the picture that Manson showed of the mare when she put out the initial ask showed her to be in the same trailer as the other horse from the week before.  Same trailer tie, same or similar halter even.   This is the background on that mare as we know it which isn’t exactly how Manson tells it.


Mayday May 1st

This was the first post and the first volley of lies to do with this mare. No, she did not no-sale at auction.  She was never in the ring, yet Manson somehow was close enough to her to see she was lame and couldn’t move an inch.  She obviously talked to the flipper and knew he wanted $500.  So, to my way of thinking, Manson walked on this mare after being close enough to see she was in trouble.  She talks a good game about Animal Control dropping the ball but nobody really knows what was said or done with them.  The irony of this post was Manson bitches about people trying to squeeze the last drop of money out of this mare while asking her village for more money.  Ultimately she would raise more than $1100 for this mare’s plight, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

After this mare stood in the trailer for a few hours at auction as they waited for Kenny to be picked up, Manson decided to head back to Valley Center.  Given the time of day they left, it was likely a couple hour drive, so at this point this mare is probably plus 4 hours in the trailer.  For what it’s worth, Manson was merely pissed off at auction and not upset like she would be later when she devloped a theme to the grift she was laying down.  There were two veterinary clinics within 20 mins of them at auction, including one that is rumored to have done the surgery on Umbra.  Instead, Manson decided to take the mare all way back to her feed lot while ranting on live feed about how everybody failed her and she alone is the one who will step up.  Naturally this worked what remains of the village idiots into a heightened state of arousal as they aggressively touched themselves in their naughty places whilst robbing their children’s piggy banks to give to Manson.  Just like old times!


This next part I will break down in very small chunks as it was given to me.  There were a few different parties involved including Rogue mole, Accidental mole and Stealth mole; not to be confused with Ninja mole. Don’t worry though, there won’t be a test on this.  I just separate them for myself so I can give credit where it is due when the time comes.   Anyhow, at around 2:10pm Manson was spotted pulling off El Norte Pkwy which is about 10 miles PAST the usual exit to HiCaliber.  She didn’t do this to take the horse to he vet or anything like that.  She and Wrinkles went to feed themselves because the oxygen always goes on Manson first and she was not Mayday’s bitch.

About 10 mins after they were initially spotted, Manson and Wrinkles were again spotted at Yogurt Heaven III www.yoheaven.com 326 W El Norte Pkwy, Escondido at which point Wrinkles can be seen checking on the horses in the trailer.  Yes, horses.  Plural.  Mayday was not alone.

Shortly after, Manson checks the horses too.  I’m not sure if Mayday was already down, but they were done checking on her by about 2:25 and headed into the yogurt shop.

About 2:40, they came back out to check the trailer again.  Without knowing 100% I would guess that the mare was down at least by this point.  By about 3:14 they came out of the yogurt shop again and Wrinkles unknowingly headed straight towards rogue mole, so rogue mole left.


A few minutes after our mole left, Manson went live from the trailer in the parking lot as the mare was down.  Just to recap, they had been in that parking lot about an hour at that point.  This was after a 2 hour drive from auction and after the mare had been in Manson’s trailer for at least a couple of hours prior to that.

Live time stamp

Time stamp of HiCaliber going live from the parking lot


Because of what was shown on live feed the mole called the police.  The police called the HS and when the mole called back, she spoke with them for almost 19 mins as shown above.  As per our mole, “HS said no laws were being broke and nobody was coming. I gave dispatch violation number and history. He didnt care. Said HC wasn’t concerned.”


I should probably mention that yes, there was for sure a second horse in that trailer the whole time.  It appeared to be a chestnut with a blaze and loaded up ahead of Mayday in the front.  She showed up on the live feed from the ranch a little later.


Shortly after 4PM, Manson was picked up finally headed back towards the ranch.  By this time Mayday had been in the trailer at least six hours and was down.  I think this is important to stress because of the histrionics and self pity that would make up the next 36 hours or so as Manson exploited this mare for every penny she could get.

Yet another mole happened across Manson on the way home and noted that there was only one horse that was visible in the trailer.  Given the position of the horse it would seem Mayday was still down.

Finally, they got Mayday back to the ranch and the pity party began in earnest.  Interesting that the 2nd horse that was on the trailer was clearly visible in the background with no mention or acknowledgement.  This is how horses get erased folks.  Manson has drug at least one or two a week home every single week during and since their suspension.  How many have you been introduced to?


Mayday eventually made it back to HiCaliber after standing in the trailer all day and yes, Dr. Talbot was there to see her although he didn’t do x-rays that night.  I’m not entirely sure why he wouldn’t have just blocked her out and gotten right after it, but maybe the 13k they claim they owe him as something to do with that? More likely Manson wasn’t done wringing the last few pennies out of the situation as she proceeded to do several live hits with the poor mare in the barn, still never once mentioning the other horse that she drug home with her.  Naturally these live feeds were mostly about Manson with Mayday being a tragic prop.



I’m not going to rehash the all the live feeds from the stall or Talbot coming back to do the rads on this mare.  Predictably Manson made this all about her and used Mayday’s plight to push her agenda by attempting to plant the seed that she alone cleans up these messes and then getting all defiant saying she will never stop.  The good-bye post along with the staged and tearless cry face with the mare was also predictable as she compared this mare to Mirage.  I found that strange since Mirage died pretty much due to HiCaliber not providing proper post surgical care for her.  Manson the went on to anthropomorphize this mare by saying she `exhaled’ and she knew love.  I would also just like to say that Manson also spoiled The Avengers movie by comparing herself to one of the characters like the self involved hosebeast that she is so fuckyouverymuch for that too, Manson.

While the death announcement only came yesterday on the HiCaliber page, Mayday had actually been dead in her stall since the day before with Manson admitting she was the one that killed her.  I found this disturbing on a few levels.  She had Talbot right there doing the rads on this mare and clearly sent him away so she could kill her herself.  She was killed in the barn and either scenario regarding that isn’t good.  Did she shoot indoors?  Did Talbot leave her the euth drugs or did she just OD her like they have with a few others?  I guess we should be glad we weren’t treated to the obligatory pics with the corpse while everybody cheeses for the camera.  Given some of the hints Manson dropped and what I know is going on in the background, her convenient adoption of Mayday squints my eyes.  Was that so she could kill her without repercussion?  Why the constant grifting for a horse she privately owned?  Sure hope she isn’t issuing tax receipts for that.  RIP Mayday, I’m so sorry you had to leave this world in the hands of a monster as they used your situation to make money.   #sayhername

As y’all know, Romney Faye proudly posted their print outs from their time buying horses at Ontario.  I’m not going to lie, that kinda surprised me. Even though it’s clearly for an audit situation and not the close out they claim, I didn’t think she’d hand a smoking gun to all the haters so easily.  Thankfully, I have a reader that is far more motivated than I am to untangle these numbers and she did up these sheets from with the breakdowns. If you have one take away from all of this it would to compare the money they laid out for these horses compared to what they have on their most recent 990’s.  I sure hope Salvador, Nacho and Misner wrote them receipts is about all I have to say about that although I suspect the receipts from them will be in the mysterious box that was stolen along with the bag of hair for all the Louisiana horses.  Things that make you go `hmmm’.


Another fun part to the auction paperwork was being able to compare some numbers.  Thanks to another reader, we have this little snapshot into just one day at auction.  Aside the fact that all the horses that ended up being bought by HiCaliber are already dead, the mark ups to the village was quite something.  The mark up to the private buyers seems to be fluid.  I’m sure if anybody took the time, they’d find a similar situation playing out each and every week.  Thankfully auditors tend to take the time to do just that and will also compare it to the money taken in for donations on those days.  Good times!  Isn’t transparency fun?


Fice’s solution to a horse pulling back. Note what appears to be a sarcoid in her left ear

Fice made a comeback last week too.  He kicked things off by trying to shift blame on his abuse of Barbara which basically retraumatized many advocates and didn’t quite jibe with the original story.   He posted a video of the horse pulling back repeatedly and in a long-winded and almost indecipherable post, blamed her for breaking a shank and eating too much.  Not once did he ever mention giving her grain or anything other than two flakes of hay and actually seemed pissed that he had to up it to three at one point.  The video showed a clearly ribby mare that was obviously sensitive to pressure on her head.  He also posted a picture of his rig he used to discourage her from pulling back, complete with her battered face.  I’m sure what appears to be a sarcoid in her ear had nothing to do with her sensitivities about the head *sarcasm*.  If your constitution is strong and you want to refresh your memory on Barbara’s ending you can look it at this link which also shows that Barbara didn’t begin with Fice all ribby and beat up.  Beside the obvious abuse this horse endured at Fice’s hands, another disturbing element is why he would take her to Manson to shoot when he stated that the previous owner had said they would pay euth and removal costs if he couldn’t `fix’ her.

Soon after Fice dropped the Barbara post, he showed up in person at HiCaliber to boost algorithms and fuck up some more horses.  Kenny was the first tribute and it was painful to watch Ficehole send mixed signals and further stress this horse out while Manson referred to the horse by various derogatory names.  This would be only a few days before the whole Mayday incident where Manson asked us to believe she actually gave a shit about something other than herself.  Kenny has since moved onto another rescue which wouldn’t be my first choice but at least they feed and care for them well as long as they are there.

Next Ficehole decided to show off his various equitation techniques on poor Dylan.  We were treated to the Half Starfish, Hoedown Elbows, Full Starfish, Pike position, Half Fetal among other positions not only completely ineffective on an actual horse, but also really unappealing to the eye.  Of course all this was done while ripping the mouth out of Dylan as Manson practically soaked herself by praising Ficehole and demanding that people give him credit.  I have to admit he does deserve credit.  He deserves credit for looking worse on a horse than Manson and Amanduh and that takes some doing.  Fice hung around to abuse another horse or two but I couldn’t actually watch the rest.  I know I’ve said it before but I’m losing my religion with these gunsels.  At some point self preservations kicks in.

Recently Wrinkles and Manson took us on a little tour of one of the herds.  I’m still trying to figure out why they thought it was a good idea to show off a horse like Glide who, despite being there since November, looks even worse than he did when they first got him.  Manson brushed it off saying he doesn’t thrive at HiCaliber.  He seems to have a lot in common with most horses then.  Next we had a mare that may or may not be very pregnant.  Manson obviously chucked the vets under the bus on that one, conveniently forgetting her current vet is supposed to be an actual reproductive specialist.  The wind knots just irritated the shit out of me.  Manson, never one to accept blame, said they had only recently untangled her mane and it just does that.  Well, that’s why you pull the mane or put some freaking Show Sheen or Cowboy Magic on it.  Really not that hard.  These are not even the worst of what she has stashed on that ranch by a longshot, but they are representative of what having too many horses can start to look like.   She made more than one comment about how some of them are hard to catch and then pontificated about not feeding treats.  Funny how I’ve usually got a pocket of treats and can stand in  the middle of a 10 acre paddock and not only do my horses come running, but none of them run me over or get rude.  Amazing how that works when you put the time in and not every interaction you have with them is unpleasant.  The HiCaliber horses are often only handled when somebody wants to poke, prod or ride them.  Hardly any motivation to be caught.



I have to admit the above screen shots amused the hell out of me.  I’m not sure why the village idiots think that a celebrity would be the one to bail HiCaliber out  and that they may just throw their money around without vetting things first.  The mention of Robert Redford was particularly amusing and just underscored the actual ignorance of some of these people.  Robert Redford is a well-known and respected anti-slaughter advocate who tends to be pretty up to speed on equine welfare issues.  However, if they truly did want to go the celeb route and get at Mr. Redford among other high-profile celebrities, perhaps Manson shouldn’t call Grammy nominated producers that have a fondness for blue water bottles a `cunt’ considering said cunt’s connections to some of the very people they want to target.  Of course this is all easily verifiable unlike Maggot’s alleged Emmy win that nobody can find a record of.  Moving right along…

shaw na naottb

So yeah, this is about to happen to piss all over Derby weekend for many us.  I’m not sure why on earth they would want to highlight the fate of TBs at their feedlot but these are the plans of Shaw na na aka Shawna Ortega who fancies herself some literary genius or something.  She hides it well if she is.  However, in the interest of full disclosure, I did a little digging on the OTTBs of HiCaliber…


The above graphic lists some of the OTTBs that have met sad and unneccessary ends at HiCaliber and gives them back their real names.  Horses like Breaux aka Corporate Smoke who broke his leg in his ramshackle pen and had to be shot.  Horses like Galle who suffered, not unlike Mayday, with a long painful ride back to the killing fields only to be met by a bullet int he brain.  Horses like Summer Soprano aka Squirrel, pictured above, filthy, skinny and sick.  Add to that list Benny aka I’ll Fly For You,  Emma aka Cozy Girl, Fireball aka Mister Mambo and  Gia aka Ihearyah as more OTTBs that did not survive being `rescued’ by HiCaliber.  Why would they ever want to draw attention to any of this let alone think for one second that they’re going to tap into some OTTB funding?  The mind boggles…

Just to refresh everybody’s memory, this is what Manson had to say about TBs last year during the Lousiana swindle.  Supply and demand.  Nothing more than product.


Bruzer is listed on the HiCaliber website as `adopted’ I guess, technically, he was but as is with most things Manson, that isn’t exactly the full truth of what happened with Bruzer.  If you remember, Bruzer was fostered and schooled with the same trainer that had Nala.  She wrote of her experiences with these horses,  along with others she fostered, in this post.  I’m sad to report that Bruzer didn’t actually make it out of HiCaliber in one piece.  From what I understand he was flipped over while when they were trying to load him and he severely damaged his withers.  He was initially taken to his new home but soon after needed taken to SLR  where it was advised he be put to sleep.  HiCaliber was apparently aware of this when they did a `happy’ update on this horse.  RIP Bruzer #sayhisname


I’m not sure how many of you recall a Pyrenees dog that ended at HiCaliber almost a month ago.  Originally, they believed that he belonged to a hater and planned on holding him hostage so she would have to come and get him.  It turned out not to be the `hater’s’ dog at all.  What actually happened is that his owner didn’t really want him back so HiCaliber was going to keep him at least for a while.  Apart from hearing the dog wasn’t doing well or overly happy at HiCaliber, he has never been mentioned since.  Hopefully, he’s not locked in the barn or anything.  I honestly don’t know what happened to him, so he gets a milk carton.  If he is alive and well somewhere, please let us all know.  Every animal matters and Manson does have a penchant for making them disappear.  Speaking of disappearing….


Yamaka goat seems to be MIA as well. She was the one that had a severely injured back leg and couldn’t put any weight on it.  She was originally living in the chicken coop of death but has also not been seen or mentioned for several weeks and is actually presumed dead.  #sayhernametoo


Along with the ABC theory (always be closing) Manson also subscribes to the ABGs (always be grifting).  This seems like a throw away post until you realize that the horses in question are standing at Misner’s house with one of the mares having a tiny little bay foal at side.  Not sure who `her’ is unless Misner has taken to cross dressing lately (NTTAWWT).   Does anybody want to hazard a guess on whether or not there will be a kick back into Manson’s pocket to move these horses?


I think I’m going to leave things here for now.  As always, I could go on and on with a million other things but I think people get the point here.  I know I’m preaching to the choir and I know people are upset.  None of this is fun and the closer we get the end, the worse the fuckery gets. I fear we haven’t even reached maximum fucker yet.  I have said it many times before, but I don’t think Manson has any intention of going willingly.  The amount of exploitation and grifting that went on over Mayday is exactly the reason she finds herself in the position she is in.  SHE failed that mare when she decided to let her sit for a week and then make her the poster child of why rescue needs Manson as she tries to reinvent herself as some fucked up angel of death.  No other rescue or individual had any access to that horse but Manson.  Rather than work with AC, she elects to side with the very people who hurt these animals and squeeze the last penny out of them.  In fact, she joins that cycle by taking her blood money too all the while being cheered on by the bully brigade and bean flickers that are her village.  Tomorrow is Kentucky Derby Day.  Whether racing is your thing or not, and I’m not really down for bashing that industry, keep in mind all the OTTBs  that have had their lives cut short at HiCaliber.  For them and every single other animal, we’ll stay the course and make sure this is long over by the time Derby rolls around next year.  As much as I hate doing these posts lately, I’m dug in.  Every move you make, Manson…

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