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The UH has posted another blog entry.  My goodness they are a busy bunch of animal haters this week!  It would seem that somebody pointed out to D-Bag Duquette that his analogy about `Samson and Goliath’  was ridiculous and wrong, so he’s gone back and done an edit on the original posting as well.  I’m sure that Mama Suey thoroughly chastised him and is now editing for him when she is not endlessly trolling the internet for irrelevant facts and figures to toss out to her idiot supporters.  So, just before we pick this apart and have a good laugh, I want you all to know that D-bag is `very proud of this’ blog entry.  He was also probably pretty proud of himself when he learned to pee standing up too.  When you are a drooling moron, you have to celebrate the victories no matter how small they are.

“Greetings again, horsemen.  Even as we work through a few early kinks and minor editorial mishaps, we’re excited to utilize the fluid medium of blogging to bring people up to speed with what we are accomplishing.  Understandably, there have been a lot of questions about the programs we are putting in place, and we hope to be able to address them here.  

In our first blog, we offered a preview of what our Equine Rescue & Rejuvenation Program (ERRP) will look like.   While the diagram illustrates the basics, the program will also be inherently flexible and dynamic enough to meet the changes and challenges we’ll inevitably face—something we are ready, willing, and—most importantly–able to do.  It’s impossible to sufficiently emphasize our priorities as being the well-being of horses, horse-people, and the horse industry as a whole.”
– I’m guessing the whole `Samson and Goliath’ thing was the minor editorial mishap?  It’s also impossible to emphasize your priorities as the well-being of anything other than your pocket books if you’re honest.
“The well-being of horses is NOT being neglected and abandoned when owners run out of options, when the skyrocketing costs of feed and care are rivaled only by the cost of euthanasia and carcass disposal, and the struggling rescue network can’t accommodate even a fraction of the widely accepted estimate of 100,000 horses that become unwanted annually. ** See references at the end of the blog. “
– No matter what D-bag and Slaughterhouse Sue say, slaughtering horses is NOT going to fix neglect and abuse of horses.  It was happening before slaughter shut down and it will continue to happen as long as there are idiots like the PSAs owning horses.  Unless every single PSA gets out of the horse business, there will always be abused horses.  Also, the cost of euthanasia and disposal is usually around the same amount as boarding a horse for a month or less.  Here’s their references and it includes more whining about euthanized horses contaminating the water supply.  http://www.amillionhorses.com/
” The well-being of horse-people is NOT being forced to choose between paying for groceries for their families, or paying for the disposal of a horse they can no longer afford.”
– If you are operating that close to the bone on your budget you have NO business owning a horse or any other animal.  That sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight.  Why should the taxpayers underwrite some backyard breeder or hoarder’s lack of planning?  I think the money they want to spend on USDA inspections would be better put to use for bringing back mandatory sterilization for these idiots as it becomes increasingly clear that natural selection just isn’t working.
”  The well-being of the horse industry is NOT to eliminate humane end of life options, not only creating prolonged and completely unnecessary suffering of horses, but also erasing the base of the market.”
– So now we are calling slaughter `humane end of life options’?  Nobody wants to eliminate any humane option for horses, but since slaughter is not nor ever will be humane for horses this statement is ridiculous.  At least now we get to move onto their FAQ portion of the blog where things get even more ridiculous.
“How does the United Horsmen’s ERRP differ from traditional rescues?  

Most obviously, the ERRP includes humane processing as a final option for horses that cannot be rehabilitated and made useful otherwise.  This will ensure that funds are used in the most productive and efficient manner possible.
Another unique aspect of ERRP will be the extensive involvement of professionals—trainers, veterinarians, and educational program leaders.”
– Does anybody care to hazard a guess on how many of the young, fat and healthy horses are going to get branded not suitable for rehab when they have kill quotas to meet?  As far as their `professional’ trainers, vets and educational program leaders, I guess that D-bag Duquette, Holy Theresa Manzella, and Puppymill Patterson will finally have regular jobs.
“How will horses enter ERRP?

Horses may enter the Rescue and Rejuvenation Program in several ways. Owners who are unwilling or unable to care for their animals may donate them to the 501c3 non-profit program, and possibly receive a tax deduction. The Program also will accept horses from other over-burdened rescue organizations or from law enforcement/livestock agencies in possession of stray, abandoned or neglected horses. “
– Do these idiots honestly believe that any legitimate rescue is going to turn over a horse to them??  How about the can of worms that would open should a law enforcement agency seize a horse and put it in the slaughter pipeline?  As for owners `donating’ them, what an ingenious way to further line your pockets!  Not sure exactly how it’s going to help out these poor people who you claim can’t afford to feed their families due to no slaughter, to DONATE you the horse so you can make money from killing it.  Newsflash for D-bag, if you are in that bad of shape financially, those tax deductions don’t mean a thing.  That’s for rich people.
“What is the primary goal of the program?
To rehabilitate horses from an unwanted and at-risk status to a healthy and functional status. We will identify horses with potential, teach them skills, and then offer them to the public. Horses that can be trained, or re-trained for new purposes, will be sold. Horses that demonstrate suitability for purposes such as non-profit therapeutic riding or youth programs will be made available to those groups at little or no cost. Any profit on the re-homing of horses will go back into the Program in order to help more horses in need.”
–  Ok, let me get this straight.  Poor people are going to give them all these horses and they are going to sell them and keep the money, either as meat or riding horses?  They get to keep all the profits to buy more horses to kill?  Is there anybody actually stupid enough not to see through this scam?
“How will this be accomplished?
 All horses entering the Program will be evaluated for health, soundness, behavior, disposition and level of training. These evaluations will be performed by qualified veterinarians and professional horse trainers. Horses will go in one of three directions:  into training, into rehabilitation, or to humane processing/euthanasia. Healthy horses will continue their training as appropriate. Professional trainers, students from college and university equine science programs, and apprentice trainers from tribal education programs will work with the horses in a safe and supervised setting.  Rideable horses will continue their training as appropriate, under the guidance of professionals and supervised student trainers from college and university equine programs.  Horses will be developed in the areas where they demonstrate talent – roping, jumping, cow work, reining, pleasure, trails, ranch work, therapeutic riding, etc. Untrained horses that are sound and healthy will be started under saddle and evaluated for various disciplines.”

– Do you wanna bet that every horse that finds it way into their program has a clock ticking the second it gets off the trailer?  It wouldn’t be economical to keep them around long enough to actually teach them anything useful or put a solid foundation on them.  I’m also guessing their `rehabilitation’ program consists of fattening them up and holding them without drugs for the appropriate withdrawal times that are in effect right now. There is just so much wrong with what he is saying here, it’s hard to know what to address.

“How will the Program help horses?
By giving horses every possible chance to live a healthy, productive life. The Rescue and Rejuvenation Program offers sanctuary to horses that are starving, neglected or otherwise suffering. Horses who are ill, injured, thin or otherwise in need of rehabilitation will receive medical care and nutrition. If a horse in the program is unsuitable for any other purpose, the Program provides quality care and a quick, painless death.  The rejuvenation phase of the program is designed for horses that cannot enter the training program due to their age or condition. Mares with foals at their sides, and horses too young to enter training, will go on pasture.  These horses will stay in the rejuvenation program until their status changes, and then they will be re-evaluated.”
– Bullshit they will get medical care!  If they give them Bute, Clenbuterol, or apply Furacin, to them they can’t be eaten and that just won’t happen.  Nor will the `quick, painless death’ be happening either.  The `rejuvenation’ program is their finishing program in preparation for slaughter.
“How will the Program help horse owners?

Part of the Rescue and Rejuvenation Program’s mission is to help horses and horse owners in need. Numerous “unwanted” horses enter the slaughter pipeline primarily due to their lack of training. This problem becomes cyclical for owners who need to sell their horses, cannot afford to have them trained, and then discover their horses have little or no re-sale value due to their lack of training. 
The Rescue & Rejuvenation Program is a place for horses to receive training, thus transforming them from potentially slaughter-bound animals into valuable horses with skills and a purpose. In addition to training, the Program offers a safe haven for ill, injured, malnourished or abandoned animals. Horses in need of a feeding program or medical care will go on pasture or into treatment until they are healthy enough for a training and temperament evaluation. Critically sick or injured horses will be euthanized through humane processing.
Horses adopted/purchased from the Rescue & Rejuvenation Program will be eligible for a special show incentive. Events organized by the Program will offer classes in various disciplines for those horses, in which competitors can win money.

– D-bag, giving their horses to you IS putting them in the slaughter pipeline and you want them for free.  How is this helping somebody that can’t afford to feed their family like you keep crying about?  Bringing back slaughter is going to give backyard breeders an outlet and create a bigger problem.  Now you want to have a slaughter horse show circuit?  Are you efffing kidding me with that?  Will there be a class for the most creative use for your horse’s hide and hooves?  The only thing D-bag Duquette is trying to create here is his own personal industry where he isn’t a bottom feeding joke like he is in the reined cowhorse circles.

What happens to horses that can’t be trained or rehomed?
For horses who have lived past their useful life, are unsound, untrainable, or otherwise not suited for re-homing, a humane system of processing will be utilized. Equipment and management practices approved by industry experts will ensure a minimum of stress and pain. Horses will be handled with kindness and respect, employees will undergo proper training, and the facility will be monitored to prevent mishandling and abuse. The processing plant will be near enough to the the Rescue and Rejuvenation Program to spare horses the stress of trailering and travel.”

– Awww, does that mean you’re going to kiss them all on the nose before you shoot them in the face too?  Where are you going to find all these caring and compassionate people to give out all these warm fuzzies in the death chamber?  The one that is, apparently, going to be adjacent to where all the rehab and rejuvenation horses are housed….That sounds like such a happy place, they should also think of running a summer camp for poor kids there!

“How does ERRP set the base of the market?

ERRP doesn’t set the base of the market; the existence of domestic humane processing does.  The ERRP is an option for horse owners, and because of the network of professionals involved, it’s a unique opportunity for otherwise unusable horses to become useful.”
– So horse slaughter is going to fix the economy.  Good to know…..  The only people who are going to make a single dime off these horses are going to be Duquette and the UH.  The horse owners that `donate’ them into his program won’t see a red cent.
Will the ERRP benefits reach beyond horses, horse owners, and the industry?
Absolutely.  Numerous educational opportunities will be available in all aspects of the Program.   Dialogue is currently underway with colleges and universities to establish internships and credit-earning opportunities in the following areas:
At the Rescue & Rehabilitation Facility:
·        Horse Training
·        Equine Sales Promotion and Marketing
·        Reproductive Management of Horses
·        Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiologie
·        Farrier Science/Basics of Equine Dentistry
·        Therapeutic Riding
·        Pasture Management
At the processing plant:
·        Collection of Organs and Fluids (e.g. synovial fluids) for Therapeutic Purposes
·        Meat Processing
– You are going to be teaching `Reproductive Management of Horses’ out of your feedlot?  Does that mean you are going to be breeding specifically for slaughter?  What `rescue’ would ever do that?  And other than the inbred spawn of the PSA’,s what horse loving kid wants to go to college and `intern’ at a slaughter facility?  I want some of the drugs these people are smoking!
“With the program’s holistic, multifaceted approach, issues that have been central to the ARM’s misguided battle against humane horse processing will be addressed and effectively curtailed.  For example:”
– As far as `holistic’ you can read that as no horse will be given any banned substances ever.  That means that if it has an injury, they are going to probably burn sweet grass and smudge him rather than give him a little Bute and do him up in Furacin or whatever he may need to be made comfortable.  If that animal requires anything other than getting kicked out in a pen or pasture, he will be considered `unfixable’ and be marked for death.  As far as ARM goes, Kudo is more than busy out there trying to uncover the illegal slaughter operations that are stealing and torturing animals than to be bothered with D-bag’s dumb ass.  Does D-bag even know what ARM is?
““Horse slaughter can’t be done humanely.”  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) deem the captive bolt gun used in processing plants to be humane end of life option for equines.  All food animals are processed under the same USDA guidelines for humane treatment.  It is interesting to note that USDA reports for humane handling standards from late 2011 demonstrate less than 1%–that’s ONE percent—non-compliance.***  There is no logical, science-based reason to believe that the processing of horses will be any more problematic, or less humane, than is the processing of literally millions of other livestock.”
 – How about the reason that it has NEVER been done humanely at a mass production facility before? Horses are NOT raised to be food animals nor are the considered as such right now.  Do you want science based explanations?  Check out these old blog entries and make sure you check out the links: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/death-dying-and-the-hand-that-delivers/)(https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/things-will-be-different-this-time-around/)  The `source’ that D-bag provides is from the period of September 2010 to September of 2011, so it did NOT involve slaughtering horses. ( http://www.fsis.usda.gov/regulations/HHER_Q4_FY2011/index.asp)
   “Perfectly sound, usable horses go to slaughter.” Horses entering the program will be evaluated for any existing potential, and given a chance that is uniquely afforded by actual equine professionals. “
– How are they going to keep so many `professionals’ from every conceivable discipline on retainer and living in close proximity to this death chamber?  Any true equine professional I know, wants NOTHING to do with this group or its plans.  I have a feeling that Slaughterhouse Sue will be saying a lot of the horses involved will have great potential to be steaks.
“Horses are forced to endure long hours in trucks to their eventual fate across our borders.”  The proximity of the ERRP to humane processing plants will eliminate this issue entirely.”
– So how are the horses going to get the ERRP facility?  Is Scotty going to beam them up?  Unless you have one of these facilities in every state, most horses are still going to have a very long ride.   Since the flagship operation is likely going to be on the west coast, that is most inconvenient for many.  It will still be cheaper and shorter to ship them to Canada or Mexico.
“ERRP is just one of the expansive efforts by United Horsemen to answer concerns related to horse processing.   Stay tuned for upcoming blogs—we will soon be outlining the Equine Owners’ Assurance Program (EOAP), better known as the “do not slaughter registry.”
– I don’t know about you guys, but I, for one, am very excited about this.  This is the program where you get to pay yearly ransom money to make sure your horses don’t  end up slaughtered, but you only have 72 hrs to answer the phone if they do show up at a facility.  How awesome!
I know I should think this is all very funny, but I’m  actually getting kinda pissed about it all.  I’m pissed that like the existing rescues that support slaughter, some poor soul is going to hand over their animal, thinking they are giving them a chance and that animal is going to end up in a freezer.  I’m pissed that these horse eaters presume to speak for the true horse industry and the people who have dedicated their lives to the well-being of horses.  A fourth grader can put together a better and more believable business plan than the one they are rolling out.  If these people get so much as a toe-hold in the slaughter industry, it truly will be a holocaust for horses.  I’m sickened.

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In light of their resounding defeat in Texas and the revelations about Rockville, you would think the PSAs would be getting very discouraged right about now.  Slaughterhouse Sue poked her head out of her pit of embarrassment long enough to tell her minions that the Rockville story was all lies and that they were still `full steam’ ahead.  She said she couldn’t type anymore because she was posting from her phone from the airport in Denver.  That must be one hell of a flight delay because she hasn’t been heard from since.  Perhaps they were having trouble fitting her delusions in the overhead racks and she is having to thumb it back to Wyoming or something.  However, this was more than enough to lift the spirits of the horse eater faction and give them hope to cling to.  Their newest idea is that they are going to harass the USDA into providing the inspections they are entitled to.

Today one of the PSAs posted this on the UH page:” I realize that the government thinks they have the American people fooled,but It is still We The People and if we decide we want usda to inspect horse meat.they have no choice ,but to do it!”  I’m sure if Ole Suey wasn’t in hiding she would be so proud and turned on by this passion.  Instead, we had to settle for Holy Theresa Manzella waving her pom-poms around and playing cheerleader. “Right, XXXXX! I heard yesterday that a decision was forthcoming by Mon. I hope myt intel is correct! If not, we’re gonna have to open up a can of….well…you know…”  Now, given the fact that as recently as last week, Holy Theresa hadn’t actually figured out how to call the USDA, I’m going to go ahead and guess her `intel’ comes courtesy of Douchebag Duquette or Ole Suey herself.   We all know that neither of those two people live in the same version of reality that the rest of us do.  They also wouldn’t know the truth if it ran up to them and tweaked their nipples.  It seems that they are operating under the misguided notion that they can just snap their fingers and there will be USDA inspectors in place and the plant can open right away.  So before the big news on Monday, let’s look at why the PSAs probably shouldn’t get their hopes up

As we all know, the Moran Amendment to defund USDA inspections for horse slaughter is about to go before the full house as part of the Agriculture Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2013 .  Wording prohibiting federal funding for USDA inspections of horse slaughter had been part of the Ag Bill since 2007 until three Senators from MO, GA, and WI had a secret back room meeting and put the language back in the bill to fund the inspections in November of last year.  What Slaughterhouse Sue doesn’t want you to know and her followers don’t realize, is the rationale that was given to defund the inspections.  It wasn’t presented emotionally or to save all the pretty horses.  Moran argued that this year has seen a $9million cutback to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service that has already put a strain on the budget.  Adding the inspection of horse meat, which is largely for export, could compromise the inspections for chicken, pork and beef which are all consumed domestically in mass quanatity. To any rational person, it makes perfect sense to not fund an industry that is a) foreign owned b)largely for export; at the expense of the current meat industry. Slaughterhouse Sue howls a lot about agriculture but she sure doesn’t seem to mind letting our beef, pork and poultry producers taking a big hit in order for her to eat a little horse meat.

Since it’s already more than half way through July and the Moran Amendment is on the table, the likelihood that the USDA is going to hire, train and place the needed inspectors for horse slaughter on the tax payer’s dollar is almost nil.  What would be the point when within a couple of months, it will be defunded again?  It seems that Slaughterhouse Sue and her posse are operating under the misguided notion that the inspectors that were around 5 years ago are all still sitting around ready to go.  They are not and hiring and training takes time.  Remember that Suey, herself, spoke of the rigorous background checks she would insist on to make sure no Animal Rights people snuck in under the radar to film and sabotage operations.  At this point, Unified Equine or whatever name Suey is operating under, doesn’t actually own a facility.  Temple Grandin has not been retained to design or retro-fit a facility and no permits have even been applied for.  All of these things take time.  As far as I know, there hasn’t been an actual feasibility study released either.  Clearly, there is a problem with not having ducks in a row.

Let’s just say that they could get the facility and USDA inspections up and running by the end of the year.  Holy Theresa Manzella claims they have a plant in New Mexico all retooled and ready to roll with legalities worked out and everything.  I have yet to see Slaughterhouse Sue even acknowledge, let alone address the upcoming deadline for all horses having an EID (Equine Identification Document) by July of 2013.  It would be impossible to implement this system in time which means that no American horse will be suitable for slaughter for the EU market after that date. So again, why would the USDA throw all that money at something that will be shut down in less than a year?  Of course one of the geniuses of the UH figured we could get around all this by just selling the horse meat elsewhere.  Besides the fact that the EU is the major buyer of imported horse meat, what a great and ethical idea to just offload all our carcinogen loaded horse meat on a country that hasn’t put regulations in place yet.  I’m sure all the people who end up with aplastic anemia and cancer will be so grateful!  These are the very same people who thought `offal’ was the dung from inside the intestines.  They are also the same bunch that get their facts and information from the Petulant Pony blog and we all know she just reads something on a Facebook page and runs with it as fact.

Maybe I’m wrong about all this and Ole Suey has been scurrying around behind the scenes, hiring people and getting ready to open her equine version of Auschwitz, but I don’t think so.  It is far more likely that Slaughterhouse Sue is trying to get another 11th hour back room deal to get the Moran Amendment removed from the Ag bill as she promised would happen again.  I admit to being 100% biased, but I just can’t see many people taking this mess from Wyoming seriously.  Remember when she urged her followers to `reach’ out to the nice girl who slaughtered her horse, stripped naked, climbed inside the carcass and had a little photo session?  To leave you with a few giggles, here is what the UH scholars are saying about it still:

“I think that a point could be made that whether or not we agree with the idea of someone crawling around naked in a carcass, we will still defend their right to do so”

These people truly are the gift that keeps on giving………Consider the source, people.  Just consider the source….

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What a great week this has been!  We’ve had drama, lies, chicanery, oh and more drama!  While the Anti-Slaughter people were out uncovering facts and truths, the PSAs have been very busy lying and bringing the drama.  In fact, it’s been so entertaining, I’m considering giving my TV set away to one of the poor people in Rockville, MO who won’t get to work at the equine version of Auschwitz anytime soon.  So, remove all liquids from the vicinity of your computer lest they shoot out your nose and ruin your keyboards because it is once again Point and Laugh Friday.  Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter `B’ for buffoon.

You know the old saying about shit rolling down hill?  Well what better place to kick off the festivities than with the biggest asshole  of all the PSAs?  That’s right, you know her, you love to hate her, you can’t believe she’s for real…..Slaughterhouse Sue!  What an epic week Ole Suey had.  She kicked things off by snuggling up to her loyal Facebook posse and posting a polite, but heartfelt email voicing some concerns with the proposed slaughter facility in Missouri that was sent to her by a concerned person. In fact, Slaughterhouse Sue even admitted it was a respectful email and that is why she dignified it with a response.  Sadly, rather than act like a professional, Suey elected to post the email up on the UH page along with her rude and condescending response.  She also decided to leave the person’s full name and email out there for all her unstable followers to have their way with.  Of course the collective UH, like the good little minions they are, all cheered on their fearless leader and simultaneously wet their panties.

Because Slaughterhouse Sue loves people crawling up her ass almost as much as she loves the taste of horse meat, she dropped some more propaganda on her faithful followers.  This time it was an undated letter from what she said was a resident and attorney from Kaufman, Texas.  She assured one and all that this was the absolute TRUTH of what really happened there, blood on the streets be damned.   She neglected to mention the letter was from the lead attorney for the slaughter plant that got run out of town after years of violations and court actions.  Why let a minor detail like that get in the way of all those kudos?  Unfortunately for Suey, there was a bomb waiting to drop as she posted up articles heralding her new slaughter plant in Rockville that she promised would be open within months.  One of the readers of this blog foreshadowed what was to come when they promised a big surprise in the next few days in the comment section. (Seriously guys, if you want to be in the know, read the comments on this blog.  Some awesome people contribute here)

A few days ago The Animal Welfare Alliance dropped one of the biggest bombs yet by releasing the investigative report by John Holland outlining some fairly serious lies and scandal surrounding the Rockville facility.  This wasn’t just big news on Facebook and various slaughter blogs, this hit the mainstream media and went global.  Hysterical! It also meant that Slaughterhouse Sue went to ground and has not been heard from since this news broke despite her tribe back at the UH headquarters growing restless.  One of them even had a moment of clarity that lasted long enough to post this:  “I want to know if this article and the reports are true. The Investigative Report makes Sue Wallis look like a criminal.”  It sets the stage nicely for the inevitable return of  Suey and her attempts at damage control.  Given how dependent she is on her followers’ support and encouragement, we should be in good shape for next week’s edition of Point and Laugh Friday.  For now she has left loyal followers these words of reassurance, alledgedly from her phone in an airport last night: “Not true, folks. We are full steam ahead. Spread the word. Activists have no lower limits…” and “Not true. We are doing fine. As Dave said, desperate attempt by inept small town lawyer looking to keep her HSUS check…” Seems to me that if it wasn’t true, the media would have latched onto that by now rather than Suey having to count on her rapidly diminishing followers `spreading the word’.

With Slaughterhouse Sue either busy running around trying to cover her trail of deceit or composing even more crappy poetry, that left her right hand man Douchebag Duquette virtually unsupervised, unless you count the Holier than Y’all Theresa Manzella.  Considering Holy Theresa is about as intelligent as a box of hair, you can probably guess that they brought the comedy too.  Despite their assurances that the UH is ready to roll out their equine welfare programs right now, it seems they are more than a little broke.  Rather than handle this little problem discretely, they pissed off one ex-supporter by not only not refunding her Summit and membership fees when requested, but also not returning her calls or emails.  Lucky for all of us, they let it all play out in public, complete with posting private email addresses and an admission that the UH is so broke, Douchebag Dave is now having to issue refunds out of his own pocket.  Things have become bad enough that at least one PSA was seen suggesting it may be time for an audit.

Moving on down to the turds of the PSA movement (Ha!  See what I did there?), it’s time to check in with Mendy Tobiano and all the things she isn’t.  One main thing she isn’t is employed anymore.  After threatening to host a mass euthanasia via bullet on her property, she allegedly managed to get about half her hoard herd re-homed and we can only pray they come to know a better life without the threat of slaughter.  After this blog pretty much proved Mendy and NT are one and the same, she is still flipping in and out of denial although letting one personality speak for the other more often than not lately.  She also decided to run off and start another blog on her most favorite subject of all.  Herself and her version of reality.  I attempted to read it but found myself getting drowsy about half way through the first entry and called it a day.  I’d far rather watch DVDs of The Trailer Park Boys where at least no animals get harmed in that world of make-believe.  Now that she is unemployed, I’m sure that Mendy Tobiano will continue to be heard from on a regular basis as she just can’t seem to live outside of the drama zone.  She is also free to spend even more time online pretending to be sexy *gag* and running around with her virtual skirt over her head begging for attention.  Or at least she will be once she finishes shopping online stripper stores for her poor kid’s pageant wear.  I truly wish I was kidding about that part too….

I bet y’all thought I forgot about Daffy Daphne, didn’t you?  After last week’s Point and Laugh Friday, Daffy sent her mommy over here to spank me and call me some names in an attempt to defend her daughter’s honor and lack of horsemanship.  It really became a clusterfuck due to the fact I had filtered `daphne’ in the wrong space and about half the comments from everybody, including the ones belonging to mommy dearest ended up in my spam folder.  That’s all been sorted out although Daffy’s mommy has joined her in time-out due to registering a few accounts and post bombing me with the same illiterate crap.  Does anybody happen to know what a “hoopie hilljack” is btw?  Apparently I am one and I’m not sure how I should feel about that.   At least now they can press their faces up against the window of this blog  family style.

If Ole Suey hadn’t had herself such a banner week, Daffy would have been the hands down winner in bringing the drama.  She rarely disappoints in that way.  The beginning of the week was pretty much business as usual with Daffy doing her copy and paste and troll other boards looking for a fight schtick.  Despite repeated requests from her buddies to knock that shit off, Daffy continued almost without pausing to change her kid’s diapers or feed her horses.  Things really came to a head when a new group was started on Facebook for both sides of the slaughter issue under the guise of being drama free.  Not only was Daffy not invited to be a part of that group, she also had her membership request denied.  The meltdown that ensued rivalled the fourth of July for fireworks. Private messages were posted, wrecks were thrown and drama abounded.  Whilst stomping her feet and turning purple, she posted this:

“But this person wants info, facts, ppl who have been there , done that. I AM that person, thats why the anti side hates me so much. I worked in a slaughter house, at each and every area. I handled everything. slaughtered horses, cattle, hogs, chickens, you name it came thru that small local house. “

Poor delusional Daffy, she thinks we hate her.  I don’t hate her.  I pity her a bit, but mostly I think she’s batshit crazy and funny as hell mixed with a healthy dose of disgusting on the side.  Sadly, her cohorts lost their patience and sense of humor and unceremoniously kicked her ass out of their group and sent the rest of her family with her.  So epic was the meltdown, they had to go private while they cleaned up the mess.  Many of them blocked Daffy when they got bombarded with her whiny private messages begging to be let back in.  When that didn’t work, Daffy admitted she was crying real tears and ran off and started her own group where people could ask her for her expertise on all matters of slaughter and horse abuse apparently.  She even added some people against their will, so at least they get a front row seat for future meltdowns and can report back to the bat cave.  Speaking of front row seats, Daffy could not see the carving up she received due to being blocked, but for people who accused some of us  of being `Mean Girls’ they certainly did a mighty fine job with their version of a Daffy Burn Book.  See for yourself….

“had to finally do it. I have blocked a fellow farter due to the incessant need to advertise her ‘attacks’ on other pages, her lack of spelling and grammar, her whining. She won’t see this, and quite honestly I don’t think she would recognize herself in my comments. To paraphrase… ‘better to be thought a fool than speak (or in this case TYPE) and remove all doubt. Sometimes ‘shut the hell up’ is advice that would be well taken”
Me either. You know there are people that disagree with you, why go snooping around and then reporting on it like it’s a big shock? She does the same shit everywhere she goes, rambling incoherently half the time, with abysmal spelling and grammar. It’s been discussed among the admins of this group and others to kick her out of ALL of them!”

“She is pissed. Shes on my friends list and says shes in tears over being banned “for simply stating her opinion” I wonder how long it will take for her to contact me. She’s like this in her personal life also. Becky are her mom and hubby members here? If so she will get all her info from them.”

“I wish there was a way to know who is taking stuff off of here and passing it on to people who are not on this group. Someone-who-shall-remain-nameless pm’d me whining about something said here. Now I will say again, if I said it here, I’d say it to your face, but I do NOT like being harrassed with pm’s from someone who is not a friend, and doesn’t deserve 2 seconds of my time to further their whiny agenda. So if you are the guilty party, please go find someone else to play with, m’kay?”

“When a person is told umpteen million times, politely, to chill out, and then told very plainly to “chill the fuck out”, as I told DW yesterday, and they still don’t listen…um, yeah. Take the bitching to PMs, drama queens. Sorry to all of you who are taking the hit listening to the bitching, but gee, sorry…ratings were down and the Daphne Drama Shitshow was cancelled.”

“The DW show will always be going as long as someone will give her a stage. As for the carpet, well, we jerked it out from under her in HFA.”

These were just a few `samples’ of the carving session they all had over there.  It went on for well over 100 posts and one genius actually floated out the theory that Daffy may be a mole for this blog.  I can’t make this stuff up!  I can assure our sorry little paranoiacs that Daffy is most definitely NOT a contributor to this blog in any way, shape, or form.  Incase y’all haven’t noticed, I am decidedly `anti’ on the whole slaughter issue.

So, that was the week in PSA world.  While we may not hear from some of our usual suspects while they lick their wounds and regroup, have no fear.  There are plenty of other asshats in training and graduation day is just around the corner.  In between all this buffoonery and drama, some really important things happened for the anti-slaughter movement this week.  People on our side are working hard to reveal the truth and protect our horses and we shouldn’t forget that.  Still, it’s pretty heavy and depressing stuff to discuss day after day, so it’s nice to take the time to laugh too.  For that we owe a debt of gratitude to our PSAs as they truly are the gift that keeps on giving.  Kinda like I hear herpes is……

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It would seem as long as horse slaughter is on the table, I will have endless material to write about.  Sadly, I’m beginning to feel a bit like a broken record and that always breaks my sarcasm filter even more than it already is.  In the past few days, I’ve taken some time to check in with our PSAs to try to get a handle on what they are thinking or if any of the facts that they have been presented with have actually sunk in.  No such luck, so get our your tinfoil beanies because we are going to attempt to follow the logic of the PSA crowd today.

One of the more bizarre arguments I have highlighted in the pasts was that some of the PSAs figure you can’t be Pro-choice on the abortion issue and anti-slaughter at the same time.  It absolutely confounds them that most anti-slaughter people see no relation between one and the other at all.  So, if that wasn’t bad enough, I actually saw one brainiac ask where people stood on the capital punishment issue.  While several people did answer one way or another, there seemed to be some confusion as to what it had to do with horse slaughter.  That is until he described a rogue horse he had (PSAs sure seem to have a lot these types of horses) that ended up in a kill pen and he felt that it was basically capital punishment for the horse because he was so bad.  Huh???????  Did the horse have a lawyer and a trial before you condemned him to his death?  It makes about as much sense.  I’m sure as the horse was shot in the face several times prior to being strung up and eviscerated while still alive, he considered the error of his ways and asked for forgiveness.  Maybe the taxpayers can fund a non-denominational priest to administer last rights for these horses too?

Another battle cry we keep hearing over and over again is that horses are property and people should have a right to do what they want with their property.  One of the comments on this blog spoke of `human responsibility’ and that concept seems to escape our PSA pals.  Yes, you can own a horse.  You can also own a dog, cat and any number of other living creatures.  However, that does not give you the RIGHT to abuse them.  There are laws about this very thing.  If you own a dog, you do not have the right to engage in dog fighting, nor do you have a right to abuse it any number of ways.  In fact the legal definition of animal cruelty is as follows: Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the infliction of suffering or harm upon non-human animals for purposes other than self-defense.  Since even Slaughterhouse Sue admits that there will be `minimal’ suffering involved with slaughtering horses, I would take the leap to think that is probably not legal unless every single horse in the kill box is somehow threatening the shooter’s life.  Since horses are not inanimate objects, there are laws governing what you are and are not allowed to do with YOUR property in this case.  How effectively they are actually enforced is another matter entirely.

You have been living under a rock if you haven’t read about or engaged in the whole Bute issue as it pertains for animals intended for human consumption.  Of course Douchebag Duquette still things that milk cows are given Bute on a regular basis and there is no problem with that (complete lie btw), other PSAs may have busted out their dictionaries and are beginning to realize what `banned’ means.  Try as we might, we just can’t seem to convince the majority of them that the banning of certain drugs and medications for animals used in human consumption has NOTHING to do with drug withdrawal times or metabolizing a drug through the system.  It has everything to do with carcinogens and what the potential effect is for knowingly consuming them.  Just like grey horses are very rarely accepted for human consumption due to most of them having malignancies.  You can’t eat that stuff and be safe.  Well, one of the PSA rocket scientists had a solution for all this and that is to ban Bute in all horses.  Excuse me?  Now you are going to tell me that my horses who will never see a slaughter-house now must go without therapeutic medications when they need them because you want to eat less than 2% of the entire horse population that ends up at slaughter?  I wonder if this person realizes that Bute is only one of many drugs that are banned.  That would mean there would be no Ivermectin, no ACE, no Furacin, no Hyaluronic Acid, or any number of drugs that performance horses and pleasure horses get all the time that keep horses healthy and comfortable (http://www.vetsforequinewelfare.org/prohibited-drugs.php).  Considering the drug companies have more money than anybody, I don’t see this happening any time soon.

Continuing on with the med bans, I have seen some PSAs liken it to prohibition.  They figure the ban won’t last forever because even prohibition was eventually lifted.  It seems we need a little history lesson.  Prohibition in the US was a movement initiated by evangelical Protestant churches.  It had more to do with morals than health and safety.  Even so, it only drove alcohol use underground and opened the doors for organized crime.  Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and it was lifted.  Since the Bute/Banned Med issue is not a moral question, I’m not exactly following the logic that connects the two things.  Perhaps we could connect the sinking of the Lusitania and somehow use that to prop up the banned med issue as well?

“licening horses same as guns ….Next we register our children…..tattoo numbers on our arms….then we are told who we can mate with….told what jobs we are permitted to take….when and where we can travel…..it’s a slippery, slippery slope”  This was contributed by a PSA today.  Guess what Sunshine?  That’s EXACTLY what is about to happen should you bring horse slaughter back.  By July of next year, in order for any horse to be slaughtered for human consumption and exported to Europe, they will need a passport and microchip which will list any and all medications given to a horse from birth similar to the EU passport system.  That means every single horse you breed and sell will be able to be traced back to YOU.  Should you decide to lie and that meat comes up tainted, you’re going to be in big trouble. It will be far worse than having a horse on a truck destined for slaughter show up with your name on the Coggins test.  Slippery enough for you now?

Speaking of slippery slopes, Douchebag Duquette and the United Horsemen want to assure you that no stolen horse will be slaughtered nor will a horse be slaughtered that you don’t want to, regardless of whether you sold it years ago or not.  How are they going to accomplish this miraculous feat?  They want you to PAY to register your horse with their Equine Owners Assurance program and even if you do pay them for this service, you will only have 72 hrs to answer the phone once your old horse gets presented for slaughter otherwise he’s getting killed anyhow.  Since unscrupulous kill buyers have been known to cut out or alter a brand on a horse being shipped for slaughter, it’s probably not a huge leap to guess they wouldn’t have a problem cutting out a micro-chip as well.  I heard some talk about iris scans maybe being used, but you’re going to have to pay to register your horse for those and pay a yearly fee as well.  Also, we already know that shippers have admitted to gouging they eyes out of horse causing problems as well.  Kind of hard to scan an eye that is no longer intact, no?  Besides the logistical nightmare that implementing this would be, don’t forget that this is an organization that can’t even issue a simple refund of a couple hundred dollars in a timely manner due to lack of funds.  How in hell are they going to afford all this technology to protect our horses?  What about horses that have been sold prior to implementation? I don’t know about you, but this feels a bit like extortion to me.

Everybody is going to get rich if we re-open slaughter plants for horses.  That’s what Slaughterhouse Sue would like you to believe anyhow.  She rattles off impressive numbers as far as meat prices and how much horse meat is exported every year.  What she neglects to tell her bumbling followers is that the profits are headed straight overseas with the carcasses. She tends to gloss over that slaughter houses for horses will be foreign-owned and she sure doesn’t talk about how Chevideco, through a series of front companies managed to pay only $5 in federal taxes on exports in excess of $12million.  It is also documented that the majority of the workers in slaughterhouses are working for barely minimum wage.  So, other than Suey and her Belgian buddies, who is going to get rich?

Slaughter is going to address the problems of horse abandonment and neglect.  Yup, it’s probably eventually going to be the cure for the common cold too.  It probably hasn’t occurred to Slaughterhouse Sue that maybe people are abandoning their horses in government lands because they don’t want to run them through a sale where they would likely get bought for slaughter.  People have always had the option of running a horse through a sale barn.  I wouldn’t advise it myself, but we have never taken that option away from anybody.  It doesn’t register with the PSAs that not every person that has hit financial hardship wants to see their pet slaughtered.  The only thing that will lessen this issue is the economy turning around.  As for neglect, that takes a certain mentality and slaughter isn’t going to fix that either.  You either have it in you to inflict pain and suffering on another living being or you don’t.  Your economic status doesn’t change that.

The more I read from the PSA side of things, the more disgusted I get.  Even when presented with documented facts and figures, they still can’t grasp simple concepts or look at any other alternatives.  Instead they prefer to dodge and deflect.  I’m beginning to think they just enjoy fighting online because they hold so little power in their own lives.  At the very least, I wish they would present some relevant facts and figures to back up their arguments rather than copy and pasting Slaughterhouse Sue’s lies and half-truths.  Maybe once the slaughter issue is laid to rest, I can spend my time working towards bringing back mandatory sterilization for some people and do my bit for humanity….

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I wasn’t sure I was going to make this a regular feature of this blog, mostly because I figured there was no way the PSA crowd could lower their level of self-awareness and intelligence on a consistent basis.  I’m happy to report they have not disappointed us and really had a banner week in the crazy department including the return of some old favorites.  Sorry folks, this is gonna be a long one.  Without further ado, we have Point and Laugh Friday brought to you by the letter `I’ for ignorant!

After being somewhat dialed down since her banning from this blog, our buddy Daffy was back and in fine form.  It would seem everybody’s favorite spelling bee champion has been far too busy running around like the Town Crier to gain a shred of self-awareness.  She has been busy copying and pasting posts from various pages and blogs and reporting back to the bat cave with impressive tenacity.  The humorous part is that Daffy doesn’t like to admit she reads here or other places so the new code is `I had my techie email me with blah blah blah…”  Sadly, the `techie’ has no more reading comprehension than Daffy does.  From what I understand, `the techie’, which is any or all of Daffy, Daffy’s mommy, and other members of her inbred family, is a member of several closed  anti-slaughter groups.

To kick off the week, Daffy posted up this video of her `retired at 9 yrs of age’ crippled horse, to prove that he wasn’t actually a cripple. This is how she introduced it:

“I hope this works– Now this is a vid and YES im proud of it, and I don’t care what the EZ’s say. Now for all of you horse owners that have had a older horse and they know that a youngen is on their backs they will take small short, steps as not to scare them, etc. The ez’s have told me he is crippled and needs to be put down,”

Note that she is proud of this video.  She’ll remove the link quick, so click it while it’s hot people!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSi_LjQV5f4&feature=channel&list=UL.  If I didn’t feel so badly for the horse, it was a little bit funny to watch her PSA buddies attempt diplomacy in their responses.

” he is considerably off at times.. without even being able to see his legs. but without a better video, its hard to tell much more.”

” To be honest, he looks excessively sore on his front end, not just short strided because of a youngster but sore. I couldn’t say crippled and needs to be put down from this one small clip, but he sure doesn’t look comfortable to me. The range of motion is off as he is actually taking fair sized strides, but the way he puts his feet down looks like he’s rocked back off his front feet and is patting the ground rather than step over himself. He looks lame on the left front, he quick steps anytime he has weight on that foot, he doesn’t have an even walk, and it’s the same leg each step. Sorry, but I wouldn’t class him as even passably sound based on that clip.”

How’s that `herbal’ Bute working out for you, Daffy?  FFS give this horse some real  pain meds already! Daffy still doesn’t think he’s all that bad and chose to drop the subject.  Maybe she’s planning on filling her freezer with his carcass this winter or something.

As busy as she was this week, it was hard to choose the highlights.  She also decided to lecture somebody on breeding in an astonishing lack of self-awareness, even for Daffy.  Apparently this person is standing an unregistered Palomino at stud and Daffy took issue with it.

“what has he done to be allowed to keep his well balls?”

“ok wait he is NOT reg. and I have seen many more better studs that throw color. Im sorry but in my opinion he should not be breeding anything until he proves himself. Not trying to be mean, but he should not be breeding”

and this is why we have problems. this guy is telling me that his horse is special cause its apally. big deal dude, he has a straight shoulder, toes in, short backed, and looks to be mutton withered, BUT oh hes 4 and has produced over 10 foal”

All of this is hilarious because Daffy herself bred a colored stud whose lifetime accomplishments consisted of getting hurt and getting an erection.  For more shits n giggles you can read some of Daffy’s greatest hits here  http://forums.horsecity.com/index.php?showtopic=29081022 where she complains about the judging at the show she couldn’t win a class at and then gives us all a little English riding lesson telling us to pinch with our knees.  Apparently, I’ve been riding wrong my entire life!  And, since she saw fit to post the other person’s full name and phone number in her bat cave….behold her breeding stallion with champion bloodlines…..Tell the FBI they can contact `my techie’, when you ring them up, Daffy.

As I covered earlier in the week, Mendy aka Naughty Tobiano continued with her own histrionics and delusions. I thought it best to deal with each personality separately.  She has gotten all her Facebook accounts back working after getting sent on a time-out for harassing people, including children.  It becomes quite difficult to keep up with all her different stories, but after `going out of business’ due to losing her job, she then talked about teaching lessons again.  After some posters left comments on this blog, Mendy went into a frenzy of oversharing and naming and shaming many of her past students.  Now, maybe it’s just me, but I would think if I had a pissed off past client, that would stand out for me.  Not Mendy, she has a list as long as her nose in full-on lying mode and still can’t figure it out, so she has elected to be pissed at everybody.  Although she can’t afford to feed and keep her horses and has lost her job, she apparently can afford to keep a lawyer on retention. At least that’s what she’d like us to believe.  Go figure….

Naughty Tobiano has also had a busy week.  While NT’s account was suspended and reinstated on Facebook at exactly the same time as Mendy’s she/he continued the charade of being male complete with lots of talk about his/her genitals and a proud declaration of loving `bush’.  Ummmm, apparently somebody forgot to inform him/her that it is no longer the 70’s and people…..ummmm…..groom themselves and stuff now.  I haven’t heard anybody refer to that as THAT since the disco era and my mind’s eye now needs bleach.  Moving on…..After declaring himself/herself a `brutally handsome’ man that likes to touch himself a lot, NT finally posted a picture.  It’s not all that revealing other than a lack of manscaping, suggestion of manboobs and maybe being a slightly less bloated version of the alter ego’s hubby.  The white rental walls and redneck sword collection in the background were a nice touch.  You stay classy, NT!

It seems our buddy NT is quite concerned with the amount of traffic and comments over here and has now taken to refusing to answer questions on either Facebook page, instead telling them to go over to the blog and ask there. Earlier in June NT posted this:

“If you have not joined as a member of the blog, following it—please do so. The more people who see YOU reading it, the more they are likely to take a peek too!!!”

Followed by this last week….

If you really want responses answered, the best place to post would be the blog. If you would like to repost the question. I am not going to play hide and seek. You are right however, this is actually a team and it depends on who is answering what at the time. Some of us get a little crankier than others. A few are totally tongue in cheek.”

I’m taking this to mean that the way you are answered over there may be entirely dependent on whether or not `somebody’ has taken their meds.  Considering NT has always been abrasive and rude, it’s no great mystery why people choose not to spend a lot of time making comments on that blog.  I’m sure we’ll see a drastic personality change in the upcoming weeks in order to boost traffic. 

After posting a blog `announcing’ a 2 week vacation due to having a life or some such bullshit as well as the death of a `team’ member (rumored to be yet another of Mendy’s horses), NT was back less than two days later posting a rather long-winded diatribe about how little he/she cares what any of the rest of us say or think liberally peppered with names and insults.  Don’t forget this was after an earlier blog entry whining about being picked on.  There seems to be a common theme here.  Here’s a clue NT, if you want people to post on your blog, maybe don’t insult them in the body of your posts and then complain that nobody from the other side of the argument will come have a discussion with you. They especially aren’t motivated to come talk to you when you post stuff like this: “This is my page not some social responsibility site or education site. I get to put up on it what I want and if I want to delete you all, I surely could do that as well.”


Also, you need to remember the stories you tell.  You claimed to not have a significant other on Facebook and then you said you had one on your blog today under the same persona.  Pretty sure we’ll all need a scorecard to keep track soon. You see, here’s the problem with telling lies…You always have to remember what you told and to whom.  If you tell the truth, you never have those kinds of problems.  Now, I don’t claim to be a genius, but I do know how old I am and I don’t have to think about it when asked.  Seems NT has a problem remembering….(these are posted in chronological order exactly how they appeared less than 48hrs apart)……OOPS

I’m a 39 year old redneck, gun shooting, boot wearing, tractor driving, skirt chasing, testosterone filled brutally handsome man

“See—-here’s the thing ya fucking sock poppets—-you ain’t gunna get anyone to say who is on the team—-and you cannot PROVE I AM MENDY any more than you can DISPROVE I AM a 38 yr old shoer”

The online faction of PSAs continue to decrease as they have turned up the crazy dial to near maximum this week.  In between Mendy using the NT persona to pay herself compliments and back up her fabrications, Daffy copy and pasting absolutely everything she sees online while her children probably sit around in shitty diapers, the PSAs began to turn on each other.  In one instance, they turned on one of their more articulate supporters because she dared to join and anti-slaughter group (even though she identified herself as PSA) in order to get information.  First rule of Dunce Club is thou shalt not question their lies. Second rule of Dunce Club is thou shalt not seek out the truth. Maybe she got sick of hearing about how sexy Mendy wishes she was and what a great little horse abuser Daffy is.  All I do know is that while this person has not bad mouthed anybody, they are carving her up like a cheval rump roast in their bat cave and she hasn’t been the only one to bow out lately.

This week also saw Captain Douchebag Duquette momentarily wake up from what I can only imagine was a tainted Bute burger stupor mostly to whine about the fact that his quotes in Lubbock Online did not make any sense. “Rarely does an interviewer get right what I say, two of the quotes make no sense at all, this is what we were dealing with today” Captain Douchebag claims he was misquoted, but this writer wonders if he has ever listened to himself speak or read any of his other incoherent ramblings, because as far as I can tell, it was business as usual for Slaughterhouse Sue’s right hand man.  You can read the article and decide for yourself here: http://lubbockonline.com/filed-online/2012-07-10/horse-slaughtering-be-focus-committee-agricultural-and-rural-affairs-hearing#.T_-LOfXrS1g  Because Slaughterhouse Sue was quite busy on Facebook this week, one can only assume that Captain Douchebag was quickly re-muzzled and put away in an effort at damage control.

As I have mentioned, Slaughterhouse Sue has been Facebooking her ass off this week.  She has been posting up a storm and sucking up to her little Missouri minion Whacky Jacque Miller. In between goosing Holy Mother Theresa Manzella and stroking Whacky Jacque, Slaughterhouse Sue found no time to pimp or compliment The Naughty Tobiano blog which I’m sure does not bode well for NT’s raging insecurity.    Sadly, Jacque did not consult Suey before posting up one of her propaganda pieces and did not word her poll to Sue’s satisfaction.  Jacque gave the following choices on her piece about eating horses, complete with a recipe (I have not altered spelling or grammar on her poll choices):

  • yes, i would try it at least once
  •  maybe, i’m not sure, it would realy depend on how it was prepared
  • no, not unless i were starving in a life or death situation, then i would
  • no, not under ANY circumstances

Ole Suey’s comment on the article was ” I love your article! But you need another option on your poll question, something like “Yes, I have eaten horse meat and I think it is great!” That would be the option that I would choose.”

Could this woman possibly be any more vile?  Do you see any of the Anti-slaughter leaders on Facebook or any other social networking medium being so disgustingly unprofessional?

This was supposed to be an important week for the PSA front.  The Texas State Senate Committee on Agricultural and Rural affairs held a meeting to hear testimony on what the economic impact was after horse slaughter was banned in that state in 2007.  While officially it was said to be an information gathering session, some felt that this may be the first step towards getting the ban lifted and slaughter houses in Texas re-opened.  Ole Suey implored her United Horsemen to  attend and save the horse industry. Apparently The United Horsemen felt they had so much support in Texas it wasn’t necessary for anybody to interrupt their online fuckery and actually attend the meeting.  Oops.  Despite Captain Douchebag Duquette’s assurances that “There will be no lack of support from Texans for that”, the last I heard was that 28 people spoke against horse slaughter and only 2 people spoke in support of it.  We are all waiting with eager anticipation on how Slaughterhouse Sue is going to spin this one for her ever dwindling supporters.

In another head scratcher, Slaughterhouse Sue announced that we are perilously close to having horses extinct after posting some graph from the Arabian horse association.  Yes, you read that correctly, the very same person who has run around saying that there are all these unwanted horses that necessitate slaughter, last week said we are running out of horses.  Don’t believe me?  Here is her quote:

“I just came across this on a different group.  Seeing the graph is pretty startling.  Really makes it hit home how seriously close we are to completely losing horses in our lives.  Sure this is just one breed, but we have seen all of the statistics…all of them are down over 70%.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this trend is a sure recipe for extinction”

Actually I would say it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to surmise that if you are concerned that horses will become extinct, then slaughtering  them at a rate of 300 per day in numerous slaughter plants probably isn’t the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen.  When one of the PSA faction dared to disagree, Suey responded with this:

“the fallacy of your argument is that horses were over $1 per pound in the mid to late 1980’s which you will notice on this chart where there were the most horses ever — 30,000 registered Arabians alone — so obviously your argument makes no sense. By your reasoning that is when they should have been the cheapest. I would argue that the reason we had lots of horses at that point, is because ALL horses had good value. The more they are worth, the more we have. Simple economics.”

As I said earlier in the week….`Sweet Cheezus, I can’t make this stuff up’.  I’m not sure if this creature is just that stupid or it is pure arrogance that allows her to think that one single person with a firing synapse can’t see how often she contradicts herself.  You could drive NT’s ego through the holes in most of her arguments.  Seriously, WTF???????

As you can see it’s been a busy week for the PSAs.  Hopefully, by recapping their shining moments once or twice a week, we can deal with the real issues the rest of the time.  At least we know that while they are all sitting around congratulating themselves on what fine horse people they are and trading horrific injury pics and stories about their horses, the Anti-slaughter advocates have been busy actually making a difference. They say that birds of a feather flock together and boy is that ever true with that group.  The more I see of them, the less concerned I am that slaughter houses will ever be re-opened.  At least they give the rest of us something to laugh about when we need a break.

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While I was basically phoning in the Sunday’s PSA blog, I actually did take the time to dig around online about Holy Mother Theresa Manzella.  That kind of thing is never fun as I always end up feeling nauseated and pissed that such a vile creature exists and has the unmitigated gall to call herself a christian.  I did happen to stumble across one thing that irritated me more than most of the propaganda she spews everywhere.  It was this radio interview back in January: http://www.rodeoattitude.com/facesofag/2012/01/20/theresa-manzella-brings-up-good-point-on-chester-county-horse-trader/    It’s not all that long if you can bypass the first few minutes of the interviewer wetting his pants over her picture.  I felt a bit unclean after listening to that part for sure.  At any rate, I felt this deserved a blog all of its own due to the absurdity of it all.

Some of you may recall the case of Kelsey Lefever that came to a head back in January of this year.  The short version is that this evil cow ended up being charged with five counts of  fraud after it was discovered that she had posed as a trainer at Penn National Race Course and got horses on the cheap or often free from race trainers and owners.  She did this under the pretense of training and rehabbing these retired racehorses to place in new homes.  What she actually did was send them up to Canada for slaughter. Most trainers actually just gave her the horses so they could have good homes and some even subsidized the horses, giving her cash and feed for the horse’s upkeep while she was retraining them.  She laughed and gloated to her friends when trainers would ask after their horses and told a friend “Those crazy people don’t have to look for their horse anymore because he is in a box in a freezer”.  Pretty horrible stuff, wouldn’t you agree?  She said far worse…..http://www.paulickreport.com/news/ray-s-paddock/kelsey-lefever-every-one-of-them-is-dead/

Kelsey Lefever

So what does this have to do with Manzella?  Well, our favorite faux christian went on this little radio show to talk about this case.  You would think that any horse lover would be horrified by what this person did.  Not, Holy Mother Theresa.  First she waffled a bit about where she stood on the whole issue.  Then, just like the twatwaffle she is, she basically started talking out her ass about things she even admitted she knows nothing about. Instead she used this all to push her and Slaughterhouse Sue’s agenda.  She starts spouting off about Thoroughbreds and says that people who own them don’t have the same choices because of different racetracks ban the sale of TBs for slaughter and impose sanctions on people who do it. According to her, the Thoroughbred `Industry’ has taken away the rights of its owners to send their horses for `harvest’ .  Then, she suggests that Lefever may be a fall-guy for trainers that really wanted to slaughter their horses but couldn’t due to the zero tolerance policy enforced at most tracks.  If you happen to read the linked article above, you should have no doubt how devastated the owners of Beau Jaques were about his fate. Oh and btw, Theresa blames the Thoroughbred Industry for being the driving force behind getting slaughter banned.  Clearly, Mother Theresa didn’t bother to educate herself before shitting all over the race industry.

Beau Jaques in happier times

All of this is quite bad enough, but since Mother Theresa loves to hear herself talk almost as much as she loves slaughter, she goes on to further put out blatant misinformation out on the airwaves.  According to her, it costs 33% to 50% or more to feed and care for a retired Thoroughbred because they are `hot blooded’.  She even says that they can look neglected even though they are well fed.  Can this woman possibly be any more ignorant?  I work with Thoroughbreds, I have retired my own off the track and I can tell you that she is 100% full of shit on everything she said in this interview.  Once they are let down, they cost exactly the same to feed as any other full sized horse.  They also make great ranch horses, trail horses or anything else you want to do with them, and yes, they can also become fat lazy bastards if given half a chance  as well.   Theresa needs to STFU about things she has no clue about.

Now, let’s talk about facts around all of this.  The Thoroughbred Industry as a whole is anti-slaughter.  Yes, certain tracks have imposed sanctions due to some unscrupulous turds, but there are always rotten apples in every bunch.  As a whole, most breeders, owners and trainers are decidedly `anti’.  No other breed has so many rescues dedicated exclusively to them that are supported by the horsemen in the industry.  Owners like the Mosses, who had a little horse by the name of Zenyatta, endlessly fundraise and support rescue and rehab programs for TBs.  Trainer Nick Zito and his wife  put notes on the papers of his horses so that they won’t end up in slaughter.  They are actively involved with rescues and have stepped up in the past when one of their former racehorses is in need.  Adena Springs now has an entire retirement division added to their empire. These are just a few examples of the many industry leaders who do their part to keep TBs out of slaughter houses and neglect situations.  Theresa can shut her gaping maw about owner’s having their rights taken away in the TB Industry.  The overwhelming majority of `us’ in the TB Industry truly appreciate the animals that allow us to make our living and we honor them.  We do not feel that slaughter and consumption is appropriate, hence all the elaborate memorials and horse cemeteries on many TB farms.

How Lefever likely ended up with up to 120 thoroughbreds she sent to death is quite simple.  Many trainers at the tracks have their people they deal with when  horse can no longer race.  We had a few polo connections and a lady that rode hunter/jumpers.  We WANT our horses to go on to new careers and be well cared for. I can easily see this young girl coming around and sweet talking these trainers.  We work on an honor system on the backside and it probably wouldn’t occur to most of them that one person could be so evil. I know at the end of every race meet lots of people come to look at horses that are being retired or not cutting it as racehorses. Who could ever guess that one person could be so evil?  As for Holy Mother Theresa Manzella, I’m perfectly fine with this ill-informed asswipe believing her own lies  if it keeps the likes of her well away from the TB Industry. I am NOT ok with her spewing outright lies to the general public about things she has no clue about.  Theresa Manzella, you have been weighed, you have been measured and you have been found wanting….

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Because it’s Sunday, I felt we should check in with our favorite christian self proclaimed horse rescuer.  Yes dear readers, I’m talking about the queen of sanctimony herself, Theresa Manzella.  Get our your bibles and prepare to thump!  The most holy Theresa runs a 501 (c)(3) rescue and not only supports horse slaughter, she is one of Slaughterhouse Sue’s most favorite henchmen. Just to refresh your memories, Holy Theresa made this quote about people that are anti-slaughter:  “Not so fun fact for the day: Hitler was a vegetarian. And Hitler held animals in very high regard. He even assembled a team of trainers who tried to teach dogs to talk. Killed millions of human beings, but is reported to have revered animals. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.”

Next meal, Theresa?

I thought it would be fun to gather up some other fun quotes from this nice `christian’ lady. She gives us so much, it was very difficult pruning this down to a manageable blog entry.  I’m not sure if I’m more offended she calls herself a christian or a horsemen….

I think we should put a normal ol’ rancher in charge, skilled in culling a herd, (like all are), and use that “mustang” meat to pay down the the Natl debt. OR feed OUR homeless and hungry. SOMETHING other than strapping the American tax payer with an additional, unnecessary 83 million.”

– Slaughterhouse Sue will be so proud of you!  She wants to feed horses to the poor people too!

“I’m proud to be associated with the incredibly strong(and I MEAN incredibly strong) Leadership running the United Horsemen’s Organization. When the AR’s have exhausted their lies and propaganda….TRUTH(and HOPE)Floats”

– Yup and so does a turd in a stream Theresa and we all know which one you are.  BTW how does Sue’s colon look from the inside?

“Yep. They have a big feed. I didn’t think I could eat it.. the way I feel about cats and all….but it’s really good!”

– Discussing that she eating game cats because she loves her kitties so much, but it’s still perfectly fine to chow down on a horse. Is there anything this woman won’t put in her mouth?

What does it mean to have dominion over a horse? What does the this scripture mean to you?: Gen 26 And God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let him rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, and over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” Personally, I find really good horsemen get this one right most often, intuitively. Horses respond so well to solid leadership, which includes dominance, within the herd, that they follow without question, and become confused and rebellious when strong leadership is not presented. I find it wrong to treat a horse as an “equal.” Just my crazy cowgirl logic and “take” on the matter”

– Personally, having one decent horse in your life does not make you a `really good horseman’ nor does your need to `dominate’ horses.  And for future reference, it’s actually Genesis 1:26 and the term used was `cattle’ not livestock.

“The new NH people remind me of new Christians. They find the Lord and then they tend to look down on those who haven’t and they can’t hardly accept that othes my see it differently. lol

– Theresa clearly has not been blessed with self awareness.

“I must be feeling grumpy to engage is such a conversation as this but “competition” is the way you take a subjective issue of horsemanship and convert into an “objective” sport and profession. If you want to see how you measure up as a hors…emen, check yourself into the nearest NRHA Reining, or NRCHA or Cutting and you’ll find out real quick what separates the men from the boys, or the horsemen from the wannabes, based on a standardized, objective judging system that is recognized world wide, where winners and first losers are separated by 1/2 point increments. And I’m not saying that those who chose to not compete are necessarily a lesser horsemen…but I’m reading here that it’s your opion that those who do, are, Sam Hales…and I have to admit I have a problem with that. Place yourself in the judgment of your peers, and see how you fare.”
– How’s that working out for you lately, Theresa?  Actually, other than your old horse, how has that ever worked out for you?
“Dear Lord I pray you find mercy on this poor women and her demon possessed soul. She needs an exorcism, before her head spins around a green slime comes rolling out of her mouth. Amen. That’s the best I can do for you Brenda.”

– This is how Theresa `debates’ the slaughter issue when she gets shown up to be the hypocrite she is

Basically, if you run Mother Theresa through a search engine you will end up with endless fodder for ridicule.  She likes to comment on the slaughter issue A LOT and she gets beyond pissed when she gets owned in an argument, which happens A LOT.  I think it would be best to leave the last word to those that actually know Theresa in real life.  All the following quotes can all be found here: http://ravallirepublic.com/news/local/article_311cad9a-5c13-11e0-a46c-001cc4c002e0.html

“…..In addition to her political bent she offers up the concept that she is being “led by God” in her ministrations of Willing Servants. Yet, from all I’ve seen and heard throughout the Valley “What Would Jesus Do?” is not on her go to list when people come to her for help.

Truthfully, I haven’t met ANYONE she is purported to have helped. I have met quite a few who needed assistance and were turned away. Bottom line: Actions speak louder than words and her “talk” and her “walk” are on separate sides of the street.”

“Miss M is a very self serveing lady,she wants all the attention when there are good loacal folks that have been helping animala and other people for years before miss M blew in here and became an expert on everything from saveing horses to makeing descisons when to put down horses.Ask about her own horese that fell from her trailer and exploded on the highway near Darby montana.That was pure animal neglect,she forget to close the trailer door.So miss M give other people credit,before you get your face in the news.”

– Ummmm. Wow!

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