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I think by now, most of us know that nothing pisses off a PSA like people being kind to horses and having concern about their welfare. I’m talking about all horses ,and not the few unfortunate ones that find themselves belonging to a PSA.  There are a few PSAs that profess to like their own horses and even treat them decently as long as they are `earning their keep’, but they are in the minority for that group.  However, I can’t even count how many times I have seen a PSA take the annoying cop-out that they would never slaughter one of their own horses because they are too special, but what the country so desperately needs is the ability to slaughter all the `other’ horses out there so people will be nice to them.  As hard as I’ve tried, I still can’t follow that logic or comprehend the ability to separate their own horses from all the other horses out there.  As a direct result of the PSA’s sense of entitlement and flagrant lack of compassion, they truly hate it when any legislation is introduced that might make it harder to get away with mistreating and abusing horses, or any other animal for that matter.  They consider it a violation of their rights and the ability to treat their `property’ as they see fit and it usually motivates them to rally the troops and express their outrage.


Even though most PSAs are currently distracted by the very real prospect of Oklahoma allowing horse slaughter again, some of them have discovered that Oregon has introduced Bill 2901 in recent weeks and they are super pissed about it.  HB 2901 (http://www.leg.state.or.us/13reg/measures/hb2900.dir/hb2901.intro.html) would make horse tripping for entertainment a Class B misdemeanor.  The penalty for conviction of a Class B in Oregon is a maximum of 6 months in prison and/or a $2500 fine.  The actual wording of HB 2901 is as follows:

“A person commits the offense of equine tripping if the person intentionally causes an equine to trip or fall, or intentionally ropes or lassos the legs of an equine for the purposes of a rodeo, contest, exhibition, entertainment, or sport or as practice for a rodeo, contest, exhibition, entertainment or sport”

Horse tripping is not only cruel and gross, it is already banned in several states such as Florida, Illinois, Maine, New Mexico, Oklahoma (really!), Texas and Nebraska.  It is barbaric and completely unnecessary to do.  Horses used for tripping often suffer catastrophic injuries  for the entertainment of a few rednecks.  It is a favorite event at Mexican Rodeos and one of our former Sunday PSAs is not only an advocate for it, but also an active participant. (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/05/name-that-psa/) Unsurprisingly, The United Horsemen think it’s great too and Slaughterhouse Sue and her lap-dog, Douchebag Duquette, think horse tripping is great and have, in the past, joined the fight to keep it legal.


Do you know where they get the horses to trip?  Mostly they `lease’ them off kill buyers.  Very few horses will survive the season, but the PSAs don’t want anybody to know about that because they are still saying that Kill Buyers are great guys and slaughter is not only `humane’, but it gives horses back their dignity.  I guess further public torture and suffering before you head off to the feedlot to get slaughtered is dignified to these people.  You know what else happens to the horses these assholes use if they survive the rodeo?  Many of them get hauled off to a remote location an abandoned because they don’t want to pay to properly dispose of them and the KBs won’t take them back.  These wouldn’t happen to be some of these unwanted horses that get turned loose because they have no value would they?  No wonder PSAs don’t want this type of thing banned.


I think most non PSA horse people would think that any legislation that would outlaw this `sport’ is a good thing.  Hell, even most people that aren’t into horses would take a look at this `sport’ and find it disturbing.  However, Oregon is the hotbed for buckaroo culture and with that comes a whole other bunch of asstards that like to get their jollies by abusing animals.  (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/hey-mr-buckaroo-why-are-you-such-an-asshat/)Big Loop rodeo is a favorite pastime of buckaroos, with the Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo probably being their most famous.  Naturally horse roping is one the biggest crowd pullers.  Buckaroos will tell you that what they do is not the same as horse tripping and their horses are supplied by stock contractors.  They will tell you that done properly, the horses won’t fall but are `laid down’, but you can watch this video and decide for yourself : (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v7djtzbckE).  Doesn’t it look like those horses are having a great time and feeling all dignified?  Yes folks, they defend all this because they claim it to be their culture and tradition.  It doesn’t matter there is no reason to do this to a horse at all, the buckaroos think that outlawing this practice for entertainment, and that’s really all H2901 is seeking to do, means they can’t continue to be assholes in the privacy of their own ranches.  With a textbook display of PSA paranoia, they think that if this gets passed, it will lead to an end to all horse sports and ranching practices.  Seriously.

Getting laid down gently?

Getting laid down gently?

HB2901 just had its first reading on February 11th of this year.  It still needs to pass the House and Senate before it can be signed into law.  You can track the bill here : (http://gov.oregonlive.com/bill/2013/HB2901/).  They have struck similar legislation down in Oregon before, so make your voices heard and support it.  It is barbaric activities like this that fuels the slaughter pipeline.  Horses used in tripping are ruined for all else usually.  If they survive it at all, how else are they going to dispose of them quietly?  It is no coincidence that besides Slaughterhouse Sue and Douchebag Duquette, three of our featured PSAs have been avid horse tripping and Big Loop enthusiasts.  (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/sundays-psa-6/)(http//shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/sundays-psa-4/) They defend this practice as part of their culture and way of life.  I guess that means that we should have never given women the vote or abolished slavery because those things were also part of culture and the way of life for many people.  I’d like to think that society in general has evolved and we don’t have to cling to archaic and barbaric traditions to accomplish what we need.  Practices like this are not needed to break horses or get through life on a ranch at all. Most sane ranchers will tell you that the less stress and rough handling you put on any stock, the better off it is for the stock and their bottom lines.  It is strictly for `entertainment’ and making it a misdemeanor is the only way you can even hope to penetrate the thick Cro-magnon skulls of these hold-outs.  It’s called progress and society in general will not tolerate this needless cruelty and suffering.  The only problem is that society in general doesn’t usually know about these activities or why it cruel.  Because of this, they also aren’t aware when legislation like this is introduced.  People tend to focus only on that which affects them directly. That’s where we come in.  Get the word out in Oregon.  Let’s get this passed!


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By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that the horse slaughter movement in Oklahoma is gaining steam.  My apologies in advance to the decent people in Oklahoma whose voices are not being heard, but it appears ignorance is thriving in The Sooner State.  This past week The Sequoyah Times released an article by staff writer, Diana F. Dandridge, that can only be considered an exercise in creative writing.  (http://www.sequoyahcountytimes.com/news/article_95b1aa8a-7d13-11e2-8654-001a4bcf6878.html) It would seem that fact checking is not a requirement for publishing in that rag.  However, Slaughterhouse Sue is posting the link while flicking her bean at the mere idea of being one step closer to the equine version of Auschwitz, so I guess we better take a closer look at it.  Quite honestly, I am getting more than a little frustrated reading the same lies and fables repeated over and over without it ever occurring to any of these people to provide actual proof and documentation.  I’ve nearly concussed myself from banging my head on the desk after wading through Suey’s affidavit for the New Mexico lawsuit and now this shows up on the radar.  So, join me in donning some protective head-gear and let’s take a look at what passes for news in Oklahoma.


Put forth by Senator Mark Allen, Senate Bill 375 would make it legal to process horse meat for export in Oklahoma.  It still won’t be legal to sell it for consumption in Oklahoma, but they can get busy slaughtering for export if it passes.  Allen is either as profoundly stupid as your garden variety PSA or he comes from the Sue Wallis School of Sleaze when it comes to pulling statements out of his ass and presenting them as fact.  “All trainers and horse people are for this bill.  The Farm Bureau and Sheriff Lockhart support it”.  All horse people?  Really?  Or maybe just the three kill buyers he managed to track down lead him to make this laughable sweeping generalization.  Then you have the Farm Bureau on board who are also OK with gestation crates for swine, battery cages for poultry and basically any other cruel practice that means more money at the cost of more suffering for animals.  I have no clue who Sheriff Lockhart is or what qualifies him to be the expert, but we know from the River Ridge Farm situation in Louisiana that sheriff departments aren’t exactly on the side of animal welfare either when there are dollars involved.  Still don’t believe me about Lockhart?  He actually thinks that passing this bill would mean that people will take better care of their animals and increase the price of horses.  I guess he knows something the rest of us don’t and that means Canada and any other country that has horses slaughter have no cases of abuse or neglect ever.


Lockhart goes onto talk about the old PSA fallback position – abandoned horses roaming all over the place.  I’m not saying this never happens, but you would think the sheriff that is oh so worried about the situation because he says they have been `bombarded’ by abandoned horses would have some actual hard numbers to quote.  Nope.  He just says they have dealt with “maybe” 50 in the last four years.  Ok, that breaks down to “maybe” 12 horses a year or an average of about one loose horse a month.  He thinks that one loose horse a month constitutes a bombardment and warrants a slaughter business that would see in excess of 100 horses a day processed.  Naturally, Big Ag asshole, Charles Sloan, of the Sequoyah County Farm Bureau thinks opening a slaughter-house is an awesome idea too and backs up Sheriff Lockhart by talking about all these horses turned out to die horrible deaths of starvation.  Strangely, I have driven through Oklahoma and never seen a single loose horse yet this pair of good ole boys would have you believe they have an infestation going on.  Again, not a single statistic or documented fact is offered up.  Of course not!


To further illustrate what a compassionate guy he is, Sloan goes onto talk about how humane the death would be at the hands of professionals because horse owners would see to it that it is being done humanely.  Nevermind that in the decades and decades that slaughter was available in this country, it was never done humanely before, this time will be different because they will be similar to cattle and hog facilities.  That’s great to know because horses are JUST like cattle and hogs in both their anatomy and flight responses.  *sarcasm*  Local vet, Crystal Sampson, thinks it’s great too because she sees all theses horses standing out in fields left to breed and go hungry.  I guess it never occurred to her that perhaps stiffer penalties for neglect and abuse would go much further towards addressing that problem. As anybody that followed Dorothy Robertson’s story knows, being pro-slaughter and having it available to you doesn’t mean you won’t still let your horses starve in a field and breed like rabbits.


In an impressive display of slanted reporting, the next `expert’ we get to hear from that is pro-slaughter is Ward Stutz.  Ward is the Senior Director for Breed Integrity for the AQHA.  That title alone should tell you that he’s about the last person anybody should consult on the issue as I don’t know of another breed association that has less integrity than the AQHA.  They’re the ones that have a serious and often fatal genetic disease that they not only allow, but frequently award world championships to the horses that have it and carry it.  Who cares if they eventually end up flopping around on the ground like a fish out of water and dying horrible deaths as long as you get your nice belt buckle to show off your crotch separating jeans.  Naturally, Ward is all for regulated slaughter, although we’re not sure if it’s because he’s so concerned about horses suffering or if it’s because those meat buyers really like Quarter Horses.  Maybe both?


I have to give the writer of this article credit because she truly hit all the pro-slaughter markers in compiling her information.  Like so many half wits before her, she pulls the GAO report out of her butt like some prize.  I’m not even going to rehash why this is a ridiculous document as we’ve been over and over it, with the last time being in the previous blog entry.  Despite it being generally recognized as a joke, the GAO report is the only thing PSAs have to wave around because it’ almost as big of a joke as they are.  At least after you have to read all the pro slaughter fables we finally get to hear from one anti who just happens to be a horse trainer and his wife.  I guess that little opening statement made by Senator Allen about `all’ horse trainers wanting slaughter wasn’t exactly true after all.  How shocking that a politician would tell a lie!


It seems that Senator Allen has taken a page of out Slaughterhouse Sue’s propaganda handbook,  because he proceeds to tell us all that there is a drug withdrawal time for banned drugs. “The longest any toxin stays in the body is 21 days. That’s for Bute (Butenafine hydrochloride). There’s no sign of morphine in the system after seven days,”  He knows this because he has contacted `top authorities’ that he neglects to name.  I’m going to go ahead and guess those authorities are Slaughterhouse Sue and Dave Douchebag Duquette.  Allen also says that horses can’t just be dropped off at the slaughter houses, but must go through an auction and broker first.  I’m still trying to figure out how that makes it any less barbaric if not more so.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting so tired of the same old lies and `experts’ that don’t even know one end of a horse from another, let alone actually like them.  What is bothersome about this article is that a reporter that clearly has not followed this issue,  takes the word of these people as gospel and puts it out there for the general public to read.  Think about it; if you didn’t know a thing about horses or what commercial slaughter really entails, you’d probably wonder what the big stink was about and you probably wouldn’t waste much time digging for the real truth and facts that are left out.  That’s dangerous.  That’s the kinda apathy that gets these bills passed.  This is where we can’t give up.  We have documented facts and science on our side and we need to keep educating people what the realities of slaughter are.  The person that wrote this piece needs to be taken to school about it.  Even if they can’t grasp the idea of certain drugs being banned and tissue residue vs. blood withdrawals maybe they need to hear the one undeniable truth that none of these PSAs ever talk about.  The option of slaughter for horses has never gone away.  There are kill buyers in every continental state and if that is what you want to do with your horse, nobody is stopping you.  There were neglected and starving horses when domestic slaughter was available and there always will be as long as assholes own horses.  Just as kill shelters have done nothing to reduce animal cruelty for dogs and cats, horse slaughter will not make somebody suddenly respect their horses and care for them. The only things that will even come close to reducing the suffering and abuse of horses are stiffer penalties and your bottom feeders to get out of the business.  If anything, slaughter is just going to make matters worse.  Spread the word.  Don’t give up.


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If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a week, you have probably come to realize that the pro-slaughter faction has a little problem with the truth.  I’m not entirely sure that it is out of profound ignorance and stupidity or if it is deliberate on their part.  Because Slaughterhouse Sue is their chosen mouthpiece, I’m going to go with ignorance and profound stupidity in most cases although the general consensus among Antis is that it’s deliberate on Suey’s part.  I know, tell you all something you don’t know, right?  While she hasn’t bothered to even acknowledge,  let alone address the scandal with horse meat in Europe, she did toss this little bone out to her fan club last week:

“Glad to report that the horse business is on the right track and we are getting some major things done. What a joy a great team of dedicated people are, and we do have one tremendous team! When the time is right and we are at a place where we can share some good news on that front, you can be sure I will.”

Now, for Suey that could mean anything from a new set of doctored statistics to the start-up of yet another organization that will require you to pay memberships as well as provide a DNA sample to belong to.  Of course the ignorant followers lap it all up like the devoted little asstards that they are.  They may not have money to feed their animals or engage in dental hygiene, but gosh darn it, they do have money to pay these memberships and buy the t-shirts and official merchandise!  Anyhow Suey, via the IEBA, finally threw a card on the table and issued a press release.  (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs133/1103685263837/archive/1112528591717.html)  It seems they have decided to intervene in the lawsuit between Valley Meat LLC. v. Vilsack et. al. and HSUS, that was filed in New Mexico.  Suey and some of her horse hating buddies have all sworn affidavits and they are linked at the bottom of the press release.  This is a lot to wade through for one blog entry, so I thought we would take a look at Suey’s affidavit  for now as she is speaking on behalf of the IEBA.  I’m going to pick out the pertinent points in her affidavit for commentary, but feel free to follow the link and read it in all its original glory.

Slautherhouse Sue and her pappy size up their next meal....

Slaughterhouse Sue sizing up her next meal

The IEBA represents companies and individuals who are currently, or who intend to be in the business of equine processing. The Association is structured to provide service and support to equine harvest businesses,and the use of horses for food, dairy, leather, and by-products. The association provides technological systems, animal care standards, and advocacy activities.

– Don’t you hate it when they call it `harvesting’ when they’re trying to shove their evil agenda down somebody’s throat?  I would also like to know WTF a slaughterhouse has do with equine dairy products.  I realize that in some countries that mare’s milk is consumed, but just don’t see it becoming a big seller over here.  I suppose commercial horse dairies are next on Suey’s agenda.

I am a lifelong rancher and meat producer involved deeply in this particular issue since 2007 when HSUS was successful in closing the last three remaining plants in the United States which very quickly resulted in severe and far-reaching negative impacts in the horse industry. I helped form the initial grass roots volunteer organization United Horsemen,which still exists as a separate 501( c)nonprofit educational and charitable organization dedicated to building a better future for horses and horse people by focusing on returning humane and regulated processing of horses to the United States, and controlling the over population of wild and feral horses on federal, state, tribal, and private lands. Besides leading the IEBA, I also am President/CEO of Chevaline, LLC, a marketing and facility coordination company opening horse processing facilities nationwide, and providing marketing services for other companies.

– As we all know, what severely impacted the horse industry around the time she speaks of is the economic crash.  Since then, the prices for quality bloodstock has steadily increased.  Good horses still bring good money.  As far as the UH goes, she basically left Douchebag Duquette holding the bag after they went belly up and couldn’t even afford to issue refunds of their cancelled (due to disinterest) Scummit of the Horse.  I have to wonder how much all her traveling around to attend to business matters for all these organizations is actually being done on the taxpayer dollar and written off under her state rep. expense account.  Phone calls?  Stationary?  Faxes?  I can’t see Suey being ethical enough to keep things separate.  Taking a page out of NT’s book, we should demand to see the financials on these non-profit groups and businesses. Afterall, she is a public representative and there should be transparency.

The IEBA has adopted the Humane Handling Assessment Tool and Guideline for Horses at Processing which has been developed in Canada by the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada, and which is now implemented in well run Canadian horse processing plants. This system, developed by humane handling expert Jennifer Woods with oversight from Dr. Temple Grandin, Joey Astling of the USDA-APHIS Slaughter Horse Transport Program, and others goes above and beyond the minimum requirements which have always been in place under the U.S. Humane Methods of Slaughter laws. IEBA members commit to following these high standards
and to regular and consistent internal and external monitoring to see that standards are enforced.

– Don’t y’all just love how the stories change depending on the intended audience?  How many times have we see Suey pull the poor horses having to be slaughtered in a foreign country where they are not governed by the same humane standards card out of her ass?  Now she’s saying that Canada is the gold standard for slaughter?  If you believe this load of BS, please take the time to go over to the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition’s website and look at the numerous documents and footage of what it’s really like in Canadian slaughter houses. (http://defendhorsescanada.org/)  I’m so happy to read that the IEBA commits to torturing horses in the same way.  I wonder if they gave Temple Grandin the courtesy of letting her know she will be overseeing these chambers of horrors unlike the time they said she would be designing all the plants but forgot to let her know about it.

The IEBA has developed a thorough and effective system of horse identification, tracking, and testing both prior to animals arriving at the processing facility, as well as rigorous and scientifically valid testing of meat to ensure that all meat is 100% free of drug and residue contamination. This system is auditable and provides assurance to regulators and customers that all meat provided by IEBA member facilities is of the highest quality and safety. In addition, IEBA works with the scientific community to ensure that withdrawal periods and testing methods are thorough and valid.

– Just a bold and blatant lie being told here.  How the holy hell is she going to test these animals prior to them arriving for slaughter and how many times do people have to tell this ignorant cow that there is NO WITHDRAWAL PERIOD FOR BANNED DRUGS.  NONE. Canada has been trying to get their identification system online for years and it’s still not going to be ready to go by the deadline.  Suey can develop all the systems she wants, but if she isn’t in compliance with the EU standards, it’s all for naught.  Right now horses are not identified or tracked in accordance with the EU standards so how the hell is she going to find out the backgrounds and drug history on all these horses on the ground right now?  It is impossible.

There is absolutely no credible evidence of any kind that horse processing facilities would be any more detrimental to the environment than any of the thousands of meat processing facilities for all other kinds of meat. If anything, by providing a valuable use and purpose for otherwise worthless animals the horse processing industry will be improving the environment as it will eliminate the likelihood that horses get turned onto public and tribal lands to further increase the significant damage done to land resources by overpopulated feral herds. As to the safety of the nation’s food supply, since the testing of equine meat far exceeds that of any other meat species already, and the industry has stepped up to provide a fail-safe system to ensure zero drug residue, the notion that pure meat prepared in a USDA inspected facility under sanitary conditions would endanger the food supply is simply ludicrous.

No credible evidence, huh?  I guess Kaufman, Texas doesn’t exist either, just like we didn’t really put a man on the moon all those years ago.  What is Suey smoking?  You can refresh your memories about it all here: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/the-truth-about-kaufman/) and please follow the links at the bottom of that entry for several other articles and documents.  I bet the citizens of Kaufman would disagree that hosting a slaughter-house `improved the environment’ as blood was bubbling up through their drains and dumpsters full of animal remains were left uncovered to stink and host various rodents and scavengers.   Also, the key wording used here is `meat species’.  Horse are not now, nor have they ever been, primarily raised as a meat animal, any more than dogs and cats are in this country.  Besides, North America has already been busted for releasing adulterated meat into the food supply more than once in the past year alone.  Hardly a `fail-safe’ system.

IEBA member companies are seeking to open horse processing facilities elsewhere in the country and the inordinate delay that Valley Meats has endured has prevented all other companies from opening as well. In addition, IEBA represents businesses throughout the equine supply chain including horse buyers, and truckers, in New Mexico who have been directly prevented from conducting business with the Valley Meat facility as a result of this delay.

– Can somebody please explain to me what Valley Meats not being able to slaughter meat in New Mexico has to do with the `equine’ supply chain’, say, in New York?  I’m going to sue the government too because their laws against recreational pharmaceuticals have prevented me from opening up my company to manufacture and distribute drug paraphernalia.  It makes a bout as much sense…

Our member companies would be prevented from providing a valuable commodity with a worldwide market to those who want to use it. They would be prevented from creating jobs and economic opportunity in hard hit rural communities and tribal areas across the nation. The lack of a viable secondary market for otherwise unusable or unwanted horses provides a baseline value to the entire horse industry, and a humane option to horse owners. Without this secondary option it is inevitable that the entire horse industry in the United States will continue to decline. Already, just since 2007, all of the major United States horse breed
registries have seen in excess of 70% decline in the number of foals bred and raised.

–  We’ve already discussed what kind of jobs and economic opportunity a slaughter-house creates in hosting communities (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/06/16/slaughterhouse-sue-wants-to-kill-rockville/) and what kind of people those types of jobs attract (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/death-dying-and-the-hand-that-delivers/)Also, the existence of horse slaughter encourages the over breeding of horses and creates even more `unwanted’ horses.  As far as the preferred horse for slaughter being unusable, one needs only to run Cactus Cafe or Canuki through a search engine to see how `unusable’ they are as well as countless others.  Slaughter does not want the old, thin and infirm horse, but rather the young, healthy ones that people seek out for show and saddle horses.  As far as the `entire horse industry in the United States’ being on the decline, one need only check out the Keeneland and Fasig-Tipton sales results over the past few years to see that is a fallacy as well.  As the economy crashed, the prices went down and now that things are improving so are the sales averages and medians.  Besides, isn’t breeding less crap a far more humane way of dealing with all these surplus horses Suey keeps telling us about?

We have already been delayed for over a year since Congress lifted the riders from the Ag Appropriations bill due to USDA’s review of their equine inspection procedures, and their validation of the science underlying their drug residue procedures. This in spite of the fact that they had all of these programs in place and functioning in 2007. Every day that the plants are delayed means that jobs are not created, value is not created, economic opportunity for companies and communities is not realized, and more horses are left to suffer unspeakable fates because they have no value or outlet. The imposition of NEPA process would only provide unrelated third parties with ulterior motives and political agendas to further delay and obstruct the restoration of the industry.

– Perhaps all the scandal with adulterated horse meat being released into the food chain by North American horses not being properly inspected has more to do with the USDA’s review of their inspection procedures and validating the science underlying their drug residue testing as well.  Maybe the fact that the USDA has had their budget cut and that funding inspections for horse meat would mean funds have to be pulled from inspecting chicken, beef and poultry which are actually food animals that the majority of Americans do consume.  Honestly, with all her histrionics over how many jobs will be created and economic opportunity lost, you would think it was the sale of liquor that was being banned or something.  Besides, most of us are aware that the people Suey is trying to partner in her horse killing business are mostly foreign interest and that is exactly where the profits go too.  I believe it was Dallas Crown in Texas that was found to pay a grand total of $5 taxes on something like $42 million of income that went straight overseas with the carcasses of the horses they slaughtered.  They were also the ones that ended up costing their host community millions of dollars that could have been spent on things that actually benefitted the community rather than lawsuits, decreased property values and cleaning up the mess that plant created.

Currently there are approximately 2,500 head of horses per week going to Mexico for processing and 1,500 to Canada. Once those horses cross the border, they are out of the United States’ jurisdiction. If we want animals to be handled under the highest standard in the world — the U.S. Humane Methods of Slaughter laws – then it would be much better to have that happen in the United States where our horse industry, veterinarians, and experts can oversee the entire process.

– Wait a minute…Didn’t Suey hold Canada up as some sort of gold standard of horse slaughter she plans to model her own plants after a few points back?  Now she’s saying  that they aren’t the highest standard.  As we have rehashed too many times to count, slaughter in this country was hardly the gold standard before and Suey has done nothing to prove that it will be any different other than just saying so.  Given how many lies she has been caught in, why would anybody believe it would be any different this time around?

The meat and poultry industry is the largest segment of U.S. agriculture. Total meat and poultry production in 2011 reached more than 92.3 billion pounds. There are 6,278 federally inspected meat and poultry slaughtering and processing plants in the U.S., as well as thousands of custom exempt and state inspected plants. Equine processing facilities are identical to plants processing beef, bison, and other large mammals. These facilities are all permitted for environmental compliance through local and state laws, and there is no requirement for NEPA for any other meat plant. There is no credible argument that could be made that horse plants would be any different than existing plants. In fact, the companies seeking to open horse facilities now, including Valley Meats, are simply upgrading existing beef plants which have been in place for many years without environmental problems with their lagoons or other waste handling facilities.

– Keep on digging that hole, Suey.  An equine slaughter plant needs to be quite different from other large mammal plants.  Horses have an entirely different anatomy and flight response than beef and bison.  You cannot immobilize their heads and ensure a clear and accurate shot with a captive bolt.  They vary in size to such a degree that the angle at which they are shot needs to be addressed for each and every horses.  The kill boxes are also not conducive to keeping a horse calm and unstressed either.  It is also a proven fact that the blood volume from one horse is approximately double that of a cow leading to far more waste product to be disposed of and the necessity of a different standard for lagoons and waste handling facilities.  I know I keep bringing it up, but one needs only look at what went down in Kaufman, Texas to see that Suey isn’t telling the truth here.  Dallas Crown claimed they were going to sell all the blood product to other companies to use in fertilizer, only to have it declined due to toxicity.

The local community would be adversely impacted if the Valley Meat facility is not inspected in a timely manner so that it may open. Once a viable and potentially thriving business providing more than 50 good jobs would be prevented from operating, paying taxes to support the local revenue base, and all of the resulting economic benefits of local business with the dollars staying in the local community and rolling over several different times.

– Didn’t we read that Valley Meats was going to throw in the towel on the horse slaughter idea and go back to cattle?  Oh that’s right, they were cited for inhumane practices when they were handling cattle, yet we’re supposed to think they’ll be nicer to the horses they want to kill.  They also originally stopped processing cattle because they said that had become unprofitable yet we’re supposed to believe that slaughtering horses is going to be a bunch different and turn things around.  As for the `50 good jobs’, we also know that most are minimum wage type jobs and that doesn’t exactly create an economic boom for any community.  It especially doesn’t when may works in these types of businesses tend to be foreign and ship as much money home as possible.

Further, horse owners would be deprived of a humane and economically beneficial use for animals they wish to sell, which further depresses the horse market. 

– I’m pretty certain if selling a horse into the slaughter pipeline is something you have no problem with, then humane treatment isn’t really a huge concern of yours.  People that need slaughter to set the base price for the type of horses they are breeding need to get out of the horse business because they are failures and the only thing the availability of slaughter will change is the amount of those types we have to clean up after.

IEBA member companies and supporters are seeking to open facilities in at least 13 states with facilities ready, or nearly ready to open in not only New Mexico, but Missouri, and Iowa, and new facilities on the drawing board in Wyoming and Oregon. Once it is shown that facilities can be opened, can process horses humanely and provide safe, high quality product a robust worldwide market awaits, as well as a good niche market with health conscious, gourmet, and value conscious consumers in ethnic communities and elsewhere in the U.S. it is expected that numerous small and mid-sized beef and bison plants will be converted to equine, or will
become multi-species processing facilities capable of processing beef, bison, and equine. Besides the initial workforce employed directly by the plants which will likely average around 50 employees per plant, each plant will be supported by a wide network of buyers, transporters of both live animals and product, airline personnel, contractors providing everything from sanitation to marketing services, and more.

– Ok, I really want to know wtf Suey is smoking that leads her to come up with this stuff.  When  equine slaughter effectively ended, there were only three facilities in the entire country that processed horses.  Now, she thinks there are enough horses to support plants in 13 states?  Does she plan to wipe out the entire horse population?  We know that not a single modification was ever done in Missouri and nobody there has even heard from her since she got shut down there last year.  We also know that equine and beef cannot be slaughtered in the same facility so I’m not sure why she even bothered to mention that.  It’s good to know she’s suggesting that slaughtering horses is going to save the airline industry too.  I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to tell us it was going to lead to the cure for cancer and the common cold too!

As mentioned before, the domestic horse industry in the United States has been severely impacted by the closure of the plants as was clearly delineated in the GAO study “Horse Welfare: Action Needed to Address Domestic Slaughter Cessation” which was released in June 2011. With the breed registries all reporting 70% fewer horses being bred it doesn’t take much of a leap to extrapolate a severe contraction in the industry representing a corresponding decrease in the number of jobs, equipment and supplies being sold, decrease in service businesses surrounding the equine industry, the ripples extend far and wide. Nationwide, we have
seen a dramatic upsurge of horses abandoned, neglected, and turned out to starve to death under horrific circumstances as the result of a lack of market.

– As many of you are already aware, the GAO study was widely debunked by clearer heads (http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/uploads/GAO_Exec_Summary-final.pdf) due to it containing numerous inaccuracies and drawing its conclusions from questionable sources. I’m also not understanding why Suey cares that there were fewer horses registered by various breed associations, when she is crying about over population, lack of market and unwanted horses out of the other side of her mouth.  Is she suggesting we should bring back slaughter so we can go back to breeding anything and everything on a larger scale?

There will be a huge economic impact if horse slaughter facilities are not opened. Beyond the obvious impact of the lack of access to a market, and the loss of value of livestock, the jobs that would not be created, the tax revenues that would not be collected, etc. etc.

– Please refer back to the Kaufman entry that is linked above.  That should tell you all you need to know about how much tax revenues horse slaughter has typically brought in.

Currently Mexico and Canada are paying rock bottom prices for the very best meat horses. When processing plants open in the United States, there will once again be a competitive reasonable market. This will raise the price of the best number one horses, as well as provide a viable outlet for horses who simply cannot be sold at any price today because they have blemishes or are not in perfect shape.

I guess by referring to certain horses as `number ones’ she is attempting to disguise the fact that it ain’t exactly the thin, old and sick horses she is after for slaughter.  What they are after is the young, robust and healthy.  Exactly the kinds of horses that don’t need slaughter to find a value.  The same old and sick horses will continue to be turned loose to fend for themselves as slaughter houses don’t want them.  Do you think it’s really much of a coincidence that so many abandoned horses seem to show up near border crossings frequented by slaughter bound trucks?  You can read this blog entry if you want t know where the prices on the real horse market actually are: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/the-reality-of-the-horse-market/)

There is no more negative environmental impact from horse slaughter facilities than any other meat plants. Please note that all proposed plants seeking to open as equine plants at the present time are former beef plants that have more than enough capacity to deal with waste streams, and already have all the required environmental permits and facilities.

How many more times is Suey going to repeat this outright lie?  Horses have more blood volume in relation to their size than other mammals.  When Dallas Crown was up running, nobody wanted to buy their blood product because of the amount of toxic drugs that they contained.  Nothing like that has changed.  That leaves most existing slaughter plants with woefully inadequate facilities to deal with waste products.  Care to hazard a guess on the cost of upgrading them would be?  Do you think that Suey won’t have her hand out for any and all available grants to make it happen or just not bother?

There is a positive environmental impact from the opening of horse slaughter facilities. By providing a humane option for horses otherwise unneeded and unwanted you not only improve the environmental picture
in terms of horses that are likely to be turned out on already heavily impacted public and tribal lands, but you also prevent this very vulnerable group of horses from being at high risk of neglect and abandonment.

– I guess if you consider an increase of urban rodents and scavenger populations, toxic blood waste coming up through household drains and broken sewage pipes a `positive environmental impact’ then she’s right. Most of us wouldn’t see a lot of positivity about any of that though.  Note how she says unwanted horses `likely’ to be turned out.  If the sales figures for the past few years from the APHA, AQHA and Keeneland are anything to go by, the markets are on the upswing, so I will go out on a limb and say that the state of the industry tends to fluctuate more with the economic climate than the availability of slaughter. What she also fails to mention is the fact that there was abuse and neglect when there were slaughter houses, so clearly they didn’t solve that problem either.  As long as people like Dorothy Robertson and Mendy Tobiano are involved with horses, there will be horses that suffer neglect and worse.  Just as it always has…

Horse slaughter is humane. Horse meat is safe, nutritious, affordable, and delicious. The absence of a valuable use for otherwise unwanted horses results in immediate tragedy, increased suffering, loss of economic opportunity, environmental degradation, and unnecessary taxpayer burden. The answer is simple and obvious. Allow a properly regulated industry that protects the rights and choices of horse owners, while restoring a normal market that creates jobs, offers opportunity, and ends the unnecessary misery of horses.

– Mass production horses slaughter has never been humane and never can be humane and economical at the same time.  That is a proven fact that has been widely discussed for years.  I think recent events have shown us that horse meat is anything but safe as they are not raised to be meat animals and are often treated with medications, vaccines and dewormers that are clearly marked that they are not to be given to animals intended for human consumption.  The vast majority of people that breed horses do not intend them to be eaten.  Slaughter is still available to anybody that wants to go that route.  As we all know there are numerous kill buyers all over the country that continue to ship roughly the same number of horses to slaughter as they always have. Considering there was only three operating slaughter houses before USDA funding ended, and Suey claims they employ about 50 people, does she honestly think that 150 jobs across the nation would have that big of an economic impact?  Really?  We also know that slaughter will just provide another way for horses to suffer and be tortured rather than end any `unnecessary misery’.

Attached is a brochure labeled “The Promise of Cheval” which is a comprehensive report as to an accurate representation of the position of the majority of the horse industry.

We will be picking this apart no another day.  Suey truly is short-sighted if she thinks for one second she has the majority of the horse industry backing her.  Wow.


So, that pretty much recaps Suey’s statement.  I guess I’d like to know exactly what makes her an expert on horses and what is best for them or even a member of the horse industry.  She doesn’t own horses and she doesn’t even like them.  She basically blames a riding accident for being the ultimate reason that her other half passed away. I’ve had my share of horse related injuries and will likely live with more than my share of aches and pains for the rest of my life as a result, yet I don’t blame horses and I sure don’t want to see a single one slaughtered or suffering no matter what their breed, condition or background may be.  I love horses and that’s kinda how it works if you really do.  I’d also like to point out that all of Suey’s `facts’ are not actually backed up by anything other than her own ego-bloated opinion and the faulty GAO report.  She can’t produce a single scientific study or  any well documented and properly conducted research because there isn’t any.  She dismisses the actual testimony from the residents of Kaufman, Texas in favor of the words of the facility’s well paid lawyer.  The sad part is there is a nest of morons that hang on every word she says and that she is allowed to waste money and continue to spread these lies.  I know it’s tiresome, but we need to continue to get the truth out there and repeat it as often as necessary.  It’s the only way to truly help the animals so many of us love and appreciate.  You know what is my favorite part f this press release?  The little begging for money thing she does at the end of it.

“Financial assistance is needed. IEBA welcomes contributions to our legal fund in support of this intervention. Please make checks payable to IEBA, and send to Sue Wallis, U.S. Chair, IEBA, PO Box 71, Recluse, WY 82725 or contact Wallis at 307 680 8515, sue.wallis52@gmail.com.”

Don’t you dare support a rescue or take in an abused animal, but go right ahead and send your hard-earned money to Sue’s private address so that she can continue to rattle around the country getting free meals and making up more stories.  How awesome!

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As most of you are aware, Slaughterhouse Sue and good ole Mendy Tobiano love to tell us how super awesome kill buyers and feedlot brokers are.  They are just hard-working family people trying to make a living.  Suey will go so far as to tell you they are horse lovers that are doing more for the plight of the mysterious unwanted horse than all rescues and anti-slaughter people combined (http://elkodaily.com/lifestyles/killer-horse-buyers-are-heroes-saviors/article_1a09968a-ef71-11e0-813b-001cc4c03286.html).  The kill buyers scoop up all these sad animals at auctions and restore their dignity by giving them a one way trip to a slaughter-house in Mexico or Canada.  The brokers kiss the kill buyer’s ass and are granted exclusive access to his feedlot so that they can cash in on anti-slaughter people’s desire to save horses and they both make even more money so they can go out and get even more horses to ship to slaughter.  Isn’t that great?  Don’t you wish you could have friends like these?


Let’s start off with our friendly neighborhood kill buyers.  If you are a good little PSA (pro-slaughter advocate for our new readers), you will accept the fact that they are awesome and spread the good word just because Suey and her pet pony NT tell you so.  Even though we know for a fact that in addition to trolling auctions, many of them scan Craigslist for cheap horses and are not above telling the seller some trumped-up story about how they are looking for a nice solid horse for their handicapped, two headed foster child and it will have a loving home forever and ever, in order to get that horse for cheap.  We have heard stories about horses like Backstreet Bully, who mistakenly got tagged for slaughter (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/a-sickening-end/)and did, in fact, end up slaughtered despite his former owner and rescue interests doing anything they could to buy him from that sale but having their bids ignored.  The KB further refused to part with him after the fact either because he needed a full load or because he’s just a huge douchebag.  Maybe both. Yup, that’s a stand up guy right there. Still need an example about the great morals and ethics of kill buyers?  Take a boo at this little article: (http://www.newson6.com/story/19133395/oklahoma-grand-jury-indicts-six-men-in-stolen-farm-equipment-scheme?clienttype=printable).  At least two of the men involved in this little grand jury indictment, are known kill buyers; George Baker and Phillip Hawk.  I’m not sure about you, but it’s not such a huge leap to think if they are involved in this type of criminal activity, their horse trading practices might be questionable as well.  I know I certainly don’t do business with indicted criminals if I can help it.  The interesting part of this it that this all happened in Oklahoma, where Suey and her buddies say they are close to getting a slaughter-house opened.  These are the types of buyers that are going to be signing off on documents stating the horses are drug free and putting adulterated meat into the food chain.  Given the horse meat scandal in Europe, that gets more widespread every single day, this doesn’t look good for the Oklahoma slaughter industry at all.  Just like it takes a certain `type’ and mentality to be pro-slaughter, the same goes for kill buyers.  Argue all you want, but no horse lover would ever get involved with facilitating the torture and slaughter of even one horse, let alone hundreds.

Trenton Dale Saulters

Trenton Dale Saulters

Already I can hear the shrieking about measuring all kill buyers based on the transgressions of two. Do you still want another example of the `heros and saviors’ of the horse industry?  Meet Trenton Dale Saulters, the man pictured above.  We first heard about him here : (http://rtfitchauthor.com/2011/09/15/special-agents-looking-for-horse-slaughter-kill-buyer/) Ole Trent got charged and pleaded guilty to stealing cattle down in Texas.  He is currently serving a 10yr sentence for his efforts.  Cattle, horses, what’s the difference as long as you can turn a buck, right? I bet ole Suey and NT will tell you Trent was just a little misguided and this has nothing to do with his buying horses for slaughter.  Kill buyers are great guys and they SAVE unwanted animals.  Well, it seems the rotten apple doesn’t fall that far from the asshole tree.  Take a look at the picture below.  That was taken on Terry Saulter’s feedlot.  That would be Trent’s Daddy, making him yet another poster child for mandatory sterilization.  You can also read about the Saulter boys’ arrest records here: (http://www.kaufmanzoning.net/)’  Seems Papa Saulter has had some aggravated assault convictions to go along with his own set of theft charges.  What great guys they must be!

Taken on Terry Saulters's feed lot

Taken on Terry Saulters’s feed lot

I could go on all day listing the indiscretions of all the various kill buyer that infest the country, but you get the general idea.  Let’s move onto how awesome brokers are. I know we basically covered a lot about how feed lot brokers work not so long ago (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/those-pesky-grey-areas/). Since then NT has seen fit to offer a rebuttal on how awesome brokers are using a specific example, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at it here.  Of course Mendy Tobiano is a great big fan of Rebels (pun intended) because she has gotten a horse off them.  The same heifer that pisses and moans when a rescue asks for money, had no problem letting strangers chip in to pay the cost to buy this horse off the feed lot and then take it for free.  She allegedly paid to have it shipped to her (more than it costs me to ship a horse across the country, but whatever), but the fact remains, she admits to not paying the initial bail on the horse.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that any horse gets a reprieve from slaughter, but in this horse’s case it might have been out of the frying pan into the fire.  The horse was originally listed by Rebels like this”:

“Bundle     $775
15h, 18 yr old, brn QH type mare. This mare is sensitive and hot. She does not want to buck, but she wants to work. Rides like a hot barrel horse. She would not be suitable for a beginner or inexperienced. She is big bodied, athletic and a power house. She neck reins and gives to pressure. She was not good about picking up her back feet.”

So, you have an older mare that is NOT suitable for beginners, just to be clear.  What does Mendy Tobiano do?  When she loses her job and has to sell off or kill the majority of her hoard, she elects to give this horse to her kid’s boyfriend for free.  A kid that is admittedly a rank novice and she does so less than a year after getting the horse.  She even throws in another of her skeletons for good measure stating that the new family needs education on how to care for a horse.  Given the condition of NT’s horses at the time, I shudder to think of the education they are getting.  Before I go too much further, I’ll give you a visual on the horse.  This picture has been posted far and wide, but I have decided to protect the poor kid’s identity for our purposes.


Mendy Tobiano’s comment on this horse is “‘Nuther picture of Bundle, it’s a bit closer so you can see her lovely conformation :)” I’m sure Bundle’s new owner loves her and she’s a perfectly nice horse, but `lovely conformation’ is not one of her virtues.  She’s way back at the knees, high and post hocked and long-backed.  If she gets used too hard, she’s the perfect storm for unsoundness.  I only bring it up to illustrate that NT really hasn’t the first clue about what constitutes `lovely conformation’ or form to function and should be the very last person to ever advise anybody, let alone a novice.  Hopefully, this horse isn’t too much for the kid and doesn’t end up in the pipeline, but even if she did, Rebels doesn’t give a shit and neither does Mendy Tobiano. All these people will happily slap a horse on the ass and send them to slaughter themselves without losing a wink of sleep over it.  All of them have done so more than once.  We should thank her for her incessant need to brag herself up because she gives us so much to work with.  Now, what’s my beef with Rebels?  Read on…

San Milredt

Sam Milbredt

Rebels Equine Feedlot Sales operates out of the Pacific Northwest and pretty much exclusively deals with kill buyer, Chuck Walker.  It is run by Sam Milbredt with the help of Helen Love and Cindy Dolowy.  Love and Dolowy would tell you they are anti-slaughter, but you know the old saying about laying down with dogs and ending up with fleas…REFS is their current operating name, but many people would probably remember them better as Columbia Basin Equine Rescue and all the scams they ran under that name.  You only need to take a quick tour around the fugly horse blog to get an idea on the types of scams Sam has run in the past.  Here’s a link to start you off (http://fuglyblog.com/2011/01/17/keep-it-up-a-whole-new-generation-of-suckers-are-being-born/) Some of their past antics have included: misrepresenting listed horses, sending diseased horses into new homes, sending bailed horses to slaughter without telling anybody, bullet euthanized other horses that were paid for by sponsors without consulting them, placed numerous horses in unsuitable homes including placing some with somebody that sexually abused them.  Yes, you read that last part right.  They don’t give a shit about where those horses go or what happens to them and nothing has changed from one name change to another.  Sam, herself, has a few different names she uses.  Here is an interview she gave to a person by the name of Sarah Lane last year and I think it is very revealing as to the motives of a broker: (http://www.insidebainbridge.com/2012/02/07/an-interview-with-controversial-horse-assessor-samantha-milbredt/) I’ll highlight what she said about the cost breakdown:

“I asked Milbredt how much money Walker makes from each sale of a horse. She calculated that he often spends $25 on a horse at auction, and the average horse will sell for $500 through Rebels. Milbredt tacks on another $100-$150 to cover the costs of her work, her phone charges involved in the transaction, her travel the 40 miles each way to the feedlot, and the hiring of a rider to test the horse. This brings the average cost to $625.”

So, a mark up of over $500 on the average horse?  That buys a LOT more horses to kill by my calculations.  Mendy Tobiano will tell you that Helen Love, at least , does this out of the goodness of her heart.  I call bullshit on that when you see that Milbredt freely admits to taking a mark-up for herself and what anti-slaughter person would work so hard to enable even more horse to go to slaughter? Helen Love has been hand in hand with Sam Milbredt for YEARS.  If you want more confirmation about Rebels and their previous incarnations please read this link and all about yet another rescue that Sam was on the board for that got shut down by the local DA for animal abuse in 2005: (http://www.insidebainbridge.com/2012/02/04/wa-horse-rescue-operation-suspected-of-fraud-with-kill-buy-horses-destined-for-slaughter/)


So, here ends yet another overview on how awesome it is to be a kill buyer and feedlot broker. Hopefully, this will remove any doubt about what kind of person it takes to engage in these activities. If not, there are plenty more examples where these came from.  I also need to thank NT for constantly stomping her hooves and putting people on my radar that I otherwise wouldn’t have bothered to name and shame, as well as continually fouling her own nest for our amusement.  As long as we have people like her advocating for slaughter,  we’ll get our message out to reasonable people that make a difference.  Until the last horse is safe, our job will never be done.

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Ok, I know I’ve deviated from our regular pattern of posts since I got back after Christmas.  Like I said, it’s a busy time of year for me and I needed a break from the daily ignorance of our slaughterphile buddies.  We’ve also had more important things to discuss and pay attention to and I just haven’t bothered to take the time to recap everything they have been up to.  For those of you that were worried, I have not mellowed in the least. However, as you are all aware, ignorance never sleeps and slaugherphiles  are no exception to that rule.  So,  even though it’s not Friday and we haven’t done it for a while, for old time’s sake, let’s get out our fingers for a very special Wednesday edition of Point and Laugh Friday.  This edition is brought to you by the letter “S’ for STFU.


As tradition dictates, I think we’ll kick things off with the ever annoying and deceptive, Slaughterhouse Sue.  As most of you are aware, Suey has had some personal tragedy in her life over the past few months.  Out of common human decency, a concept that is foreign to our usual suspects, I elected to cut her some slack.  However, nobody ever accused Suey of being dignified and she certainly hasn’t allowed her troubles to slow her quest to save all equines by slaughtering them.  It also has not brought about an epiphany and inspired her to tell the truth.  I know most of you thought I probably wouldn’t go `there’, but guess what?  I am.  Let’s look at a little article of lies that Suey is quite proud of. (http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming-legislator-returns-to-work-because-she-believes-her-late/article_0884c043-8939-562d-82b8-5a5942d1221e.html) Ok, I’m going to set aside the obvious tragic element to this story and cut straight to the lies about slaughter this article contains; no doubt supplied by Slaughterhouse Sue, herself.

But Wallis and McQueary thought that slaughtering horses for meat was humane treatment for old horses whose owners otherwise sometimes abused them or turned them out to starve. The possibility of selling old horses to slaughterhouses could mean they are valuable and are treated better. She is an executive of a company that’s looking to build slaughterhouses.”

That paints a warm fuzzy picture if you are completely oblivious to the meat industry, doesn’t it? Since when do meat buyers prefer `old’ horses?  Last time I checked, it’s the young and healthy animals that are preferred for slaughter for human consumption. I guess none of those meaty Haflinger and Belgian horses her brother breeds would have anything to do with her salivating at the mouth to bring back slaughter either.  Go to any overnight auction and see how many of both those breeds are currently being run through as slaughter only horses if you have any doubts.  I can also show you pictures of a feedlot in Canada full of nothing but sorrel horses with blonde manes and tails if you still have doubts.  Coincidence?  I wish I could tell you that was the only lie Suey put out lately, but it wasn’t. She resurrected some of her departed husband’s writings on the issue and his recap of their failure of a `Summit’ a few years ago.  (http://rodmcqueary.blogspot.ca/)

What HSUS/PETA did when they closed the horse slaughter plants was to take one fairly responsible and workable solution, and turn it into a plethora of nasty, unsolvable, expensive problems. For the sake of the tribes, their horses, their homelands, and their long-term futures we need to restore the markets for horse meat, and allow them to return to their traditional methods of management. We need to help fix the broken spoke in Arlen Washines’ wobbly wheel.”

So, in the first article it was about helping all the poor starving and old horses have a value and a humane end, but this article says it’s all about helping the tribes and their traditions.  I guess like any good comedian, you change up your act depending on your audience, no?


Let’s move onto Suey’s favorite ass barnacles next.  For those of you new to the blog, that would be Dave `Douchebag’ Duquette and Holy Theresa Manzella.  The holy one is up to her usual schtick of displaying a blatant lack of self-awareness and promoting hatred at any given chance.  She is still quoting the bible and bastardizing it to suit her agenda and talking about humanity and compassion as she continues to support horse slaughter, wolf slaughter and whatever else she perceives to be a threat for her to be a redneck ignoramus.  The other barnacle, Douchebag Duquette took a little trip to Florida and was seen asking his Facebook buddies if they knew of any good horse farms to visit.  I sincerely hope he managed a visit to a few of the bigger ones down there and got an education on how little the lack of slaughter has affected people that are actually successful in the industry.  He also found time to make a post on the UH website.  Actually, I don’t think he was the writer of the post as it is not laced with profanity and grammatical errors like we have come to expect from him.  Likely Puppymill Patterson is ghostwriting for him as she has done in the past.  So, what is the latest butthurt for D-bag and his band of morons?  It should come as no surprise that they are super pissed off that under the new Horse Protection Act that is being introduced, lawmakers seek to regulate the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, particularly soring and other inhumane practices that have outraged most people with a shred of compassion.  (http://www.icontact-archive.com/sRszqmyZGmERhv5PQPZvndHQ__Dir4-I?w=4#.URmvP_eUZ8M) Douchebag Dave refers to it as a `crushing blow to what remains of the US Horse Industry’.  Yes, D-bag, however will we go on if we are not allowed to abuse and torture our animals?  Pull your dress down and stop being such a drama queen.  Remember, PSAs are all about being allowed to do whatever the hell they want with their `property’ even if it flies in the face of basic kindness.  Cue banjo music…


Now it’s time to check in with our favorite multiple personality, Mendy Tobiano.  Because she bases most of her blog on whatever it is that I write about, she hasn’t had a lot to say lately.  I know the fact that my life interferes with my blogging hobby must be frustrating for her, but she has assured us that she is `swamped in research’ and about to pull the penultimate blog entry out of her expansive ass at any time.  What that really means is she is waiting for Wikipedia to update on whatever it is that is sticking in her craw lately, because that, to her, is the best place to get facts from.  I guess she hopes that mining this blog for ideas might actually get people actually comment and participate over there besides herself and her alternate online personae.  Most of what she writes about is splitting hairs and leaping to conclusions that no reasonable person ever would, but her latest shows such an astonishing level of ignorance and lack of reading comprehension, I felt it was finally time to directly address her rambling even though I loathe to.  The regular readers here are well aware of the ongoing saga of 3 time convicted animal hoarder and abuser, Dorothy Robertson and the 34 horses she most recently had seized due to neglect.  The rescue that ended up taking the horses, NNER (Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue) has taken a lot of hits and public attacks as a result, despite the fact they were the ONLY ones that showed up in court to make application for those horses.  In the past week, they have posted a pleas for donations due to an extremely harsh winter and the high cost of rehabbing the appalling condition Big D’s horses were in when they took possession of them.  They estimate that they have spent close to $35,000 bringing these horses back to health and have had very little donations to cover expenses, leaving the head of the rescue to pay out-of-pocket.  Nowhere have they stated they are in the hole for that much money or that they can’t feed their horses.  hey stated they need more funds to move forward. Apparently, the head of the rescue has run into a health crisis at this time as well.  It happens.  What they have done right is ask for help BEFORE things have gone downhill.  I’m sure it wasn’t an easy request to make, but an entirely legitimate one.  They have run a few raffles and fundraisers in an effort to make up some of the cost and that’s legitimate too.  That’s what rescues do, they ask for donations.  But, since Mendy Tobiano can’t resist taking a shot at any rescue and this one happened to have the unmitigated gall to rescue her good buddy, Dorothy Robertson’s hoard, she has decided to carve them up publically.  Nevermind the fact that the only ones that pay the price will be the horses, what PSA have you ever met really ever takes something like that into consideration?  Now the self-important heifer is telling people to call the Nevada Attorney General and have the horses removed from the rescue and auctioned off.  I can’t even make this crap up.  The same person that whines and cries about personal property and that anybody dares to look at her horses or call her on her neglect, now wants to have that done to another person that there is NO evidence that there has ever been neglect.  Right on cue, Big D, who must be freshly out of jail, chimes in with this:

“Pointing out that the rescue involved claims she’s taken not one dime (so what were the donations and chip-in and paypal account payments used for? as well as the reportedly donated vet and farrier services?) but has spent $35,000 to “rehab” these horses…..photos showing horses in some cases to have been in better condition when taken than in the “after” shots taken by NNER and others in unchanged condition. There is a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes in this case…some of which may involve federal agencies.”  

Lord, give me strength!  By now, anybody that cares to have seen the pictures of the wretched condition those horses were in when they were seized.  We have all seen Big D’s past convictions of doing this very thing two other times in the past.  She truly needs to STFU and go collect carpet fleas or something.  Apparently Mendy Tobiano and Big D do not get the difference between asking for help BEFORE things get bad and just flat-out neglecting your animals while you continue to park your ass online 24/7 and fill your gullets with burgers and Doritos.  For the rest of you that are genuine and concerned, you can check in with NNER on their Facebook page as they are running an online auction with several very nice items as well as having some really nice horses up for adoption.  My suggestion to the PSA assholes is to either step up or shut up.  You especially have no business commenting on the condition of anybody’s animals when yours look like this:


One of NT's Horses

One of NT’s Horses

Now that we have recapped the asshattery from the usual suspects, I thought it would be useful to reiterate the `why’s of this blog.  I don’t pretend to be the voice for anybody but myself.  There are lots of anti-slaughter blogs out there and many of them go into far more detail than I do on any given issue.  What bothers me is that people like Slaughterhouse Sue, Mendy Tobiano and all the other band of idiots are not shy about twisting what people have said and spreading their lies far and wide.  Anybody that is on the fence on the slaughter issue can stumble across their ramblings and it would really be a shame for somebody to make up their mind based on propaganda and flat-out lies.  Since I’ve started naming and shaming the loudest ones, many of them have taken their nonsensical ramblings private where there is no danger of an `innocent’ party being swayed by their crap.  Horse Farts imploded and went secret, Mendy Tobiano rarely pokes her nose out in public other than her ridiculous blog that very few people read anyhow.  Now, we have finally driven the United Horsemen to close their doors to onlookers and they won’t have to stumble across their crap either. If we can have a few laughs along the way while most of us really are working hard to end the threat of slaughter, I think that’s great too.  Occasionally, we have the opportunity to make a real difference by getting the word out on an important issue and that’s a bonus.  My inbox is full of things that need to be addressed in the coming weeks.  I will get to all of it as time allows and hopefully we’ll have some updates on the River Ridge Farm situation this week too.  If this language I choose to use or the topics I decide to discuss offends anybody, they always have the option of not coming here and reading.  I suggest that the PSAs that love to follow this blog and whine about how I portray them grow thicker skin in the coming weeks because there are no changes planned as to what I write and how I choose to express myself.  Happy Hump Day People!



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Thanks to everybody for sharing all the contact info and updates for the River Ridge Farms situation in the last post’s comment section.  I have some other things to write about, but they can wait another few days.  There are still over 40 horses at River Ridge Farms likely starving and Sheriff Jones has yet to intervene or act upon countless complaints and actual evidence that animals are suffering.  Clearly, this situation runs far deeper than any of us could know as it is pretty mind-boggling to think that given the condition of the horses that were actually surrendered (two dying from malnutrition within the first few days) to Louisiana Horse Rescue and the photographic evidence that Donna Keen from Remember Me Rescue provided of the horses still at the farm, that they still don’t think there is a basis for seizure and charges because Clay Ryder has been `cooperating’ with them.  This situation has gone on for over a year since original complaints were brought to the attention of Sheriff Jones.  There is no earthly reason for horses to still be starving and dying on that property.  Since so many people have been asking what they can do to help with this situation here is a list of contact numbers that was posted by Remember Me Rescue as they were provided to them by Jeff Dorson of the Louisiana Humane Society:

Livestock Brand Commission 225-925-3962
La State Vet 225-925-3980
La Racing Commission – Dr. Tom David 504-615-1578
Natchitoches District Attorney: 318-357-2214
Natchitoches Sheriff’s Dept: 318-352-6432
Judge Hawthorne – 318-357-2209
Attorney General: 225-326-6200
Another point of contact: John Fleming, Louisiana State Representative: 318-798-2254 or 202-225-2777. Maybe he’d like to hear about what’s going on in his district?
Sheriff’s Office
(318) 357-7801 Receptionist
(318) 357-7802 Sheriff
(318) 357-2214 DA
Call these people and ask them why nothing is being done for these horses and why nobody wants to hold Clay Ryder accountable for cruelty and neglect.  Is this what Natchitoches wants to be known for?  Jeff Dorson further suggested that everybody contact Michael Edmonson who is the superintendent of the State Police (225)925-6006 and ask” why the remaining horses are not being removed and owner not arrested”. No need to be rude or hysterical, but keep on these people.  Don’t let them sweep this under the rug. Don’t accept the SO saying they are going to meet with Ryder and his lawyer to discuss the matter this week.  Clearly their consciences are not motivating them to help these animals, so perhaps persistence and public shame will.  Until the last horse is out of that death camp, we can’t give up.

apparently this picture was taken at River Ridge Farm last year by a concerned horse person

Apparently this picture was taken at River Ridge Farm last year by a concerned horse person

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Here and there, my PSA `fans’ have accused me of being biased when it comes to the Thoroughbred breed and their stance on slaughter.  By and large, the industry stance is anti-slaughter and there are many dedicated rescue and rehab programs to give racehorses a better chance at finding a home after their racing days are over.  As a breed, I think they do more than any other as far as trying to keep their horses out of the pipeline.  However, this does not exempt all Thoroughbred owners from being asswads and it doesn’t make all Thoroughbred rescues above reproach.  In recent weeks a horrific neglect case in Louisiana has come to light and the story behind it brings about many questions.  It’s a story of gross neglect and cruelty and it’s a story about two rescues and two different approaches.  It’s also a story that is far from over.


Ryder River Ridge Farms in Natchitoches, Louisiana was founded by Firal Ryder some years ago.  In the past they have been prominent breeders in Louisiana and won many honors, including Louisiana Breeder of the Year.  By all accounts, Mr. Firal was a horseman and well-respected in the racing community.  He has stood some very useful stallions at his farm over the years including Toolighttoquit, Easyfromthegetgo, Smooth Jazz and Announce.  As happens to all of us, Mr. Firal grew older and with that became infirm.  At some point, the operation for the farm was turned over to Mr. Firal’s son, Clay Ryder.  It is unclear when this transfer of responsibilities actually happened, but by January of 2012 rumors began swirling that all was not well at River Ridge Farms.  At its peak, there were at least 150 head of horses on this farm.  After hearing reports of problems at this farm, The Louisiana Horse Rescue Association (LHRA), contacted Clay Ryder to offer assistance and also contacted the  Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s office to ask for an investigation.  Remember, this was in January of 2012.  The sheriff’s office, in turn, decided there was no reason to cite Clay Ryder or seize his horses, but elected to take his word that he was increasing his care for them and attempting to reduce his herd.  In February of 2012, Clay Ryder released 8 emaciated mares to LHRA and had them delivered rather than picked up at his own farm.  The mares were in deplorable state, but all but one have since been placed in adoptive homes.  Over the next several month, LHRA reportedly attempted to have something done about the situation on Rider Ridge Farms and get assistance to the remaining horses.  All of this was handled fairly quietly, although there were rumbles in the horse community about what was going on.  No additional horses were surrendered to them until January of this year when Mr. Ryder delivered 18 emaciated 3 yr olds with a promise of more to come.   Two of the 3yr olds died shortly after being delivered due to their weakened state.  A second group of horses consisting of 6 starving mares, with one confirmed in foal, arrived a few days later.  This is where things seem to get very complicated.


From what I can gather by going over numerous articles, blogs and first hand postings about the situation, LHRA were trying to work with authorities and Clay Ryder in getting help to these horses.  The problem is, this all came to light a full year ago.  There was thought to be at least 100 horses still at the farm when this came to the attention of LHRA and the local authorities, yet only 8 mares were released.  The fact that the surrendered horses were delivered should have raised a lot of red flags. The alleged condition they were in upon delivery should have been enough to get the attention and action from local authorities.  From what I understand, none of the rescue people actually were given access to the farm and the only horses visible from the road, were in satisfactory shape.  Enter Remember Me Rescue (RMR)out of Texas.  Remember Me Rescue may be in Texas, but it is run by Dallas and Donna Keen and is a dedicated Thoroughbred rescue and rehab.  Dallas Keen is a successful trainer that races in many states including Louisiana.  RMR has been involved with many other Louisiana horses in need and has worked with LHRA on a mass seizure last year.  While they had been aware of the situation since last year, they had been told that it was under control and `many’ of the horses had been surrendered.  However, by January of this year, they began to hear rumblings that the situation was far from handled and any attempts to contact local authorities and rescues provided no solid answers.  So, they rented a helicopter and flew over the property.  What they found was beyond belief.  Emaciated horses unable to stand, mass shallow graves, dead horses with their bones strewn about, and extreme neglect. After pictures from this fly over were released an additional 14 emaciated yearlings were released to LHRA.  Since then Clay Ryder has lawyered up and no additional horses have been released.  There is thought to be at least 51 horses, breeding stock left at the farm.  There have been reports that at least one stallion, Easyfromthegetgo, remains at that farm and is very thin and blind.  He is only 14 yrs old.  The following is an article from a local paper posted by RMR on their Facebook page on January 26,2013:

Sheriff Victor Jones Jr. said Thursday that his office has been investigating complaints of animal abuse at Ryder’s River Ridge Horse farm for over a year and have been working with the son of the owner to improve conditions there.

Jones said in January of 2012 his office received a complaint of abuse at the farm on Williams Avenue. River Ridge is owned by Firal Ryder and the horses have been in the care of his son, Clay, since his father is in a nursing home.

After getting the complaint, Jones assigned Dep. Rob Walsworth to the case. Walsworth visited the farm and found some horses in poor condition. Walsworth arranged for visits by a state veterinarian and representatives of the La. Brand Commission. After that, Jones said that Clay Ryder began working with officials to improve the conditions and began taking some of the original 150 horses to rescue facilities.

Jones said there were 150 thoroughbred horses on 60 acres at the farm, an area too small to support that number of horses.

Walsworth made about 20 visits to the farm during the last year with the last one being Dec. 8. “Some of the horses were down in weight but there was nothing alarming,” Jones said. “And Clay was working with Rob and did everything we asked him to do.”

Jones said there was one dead horse on the farm but he had no way of knowing what killed the horse.

Jones said the furor over the conditions at the farm escalated last week when members of a horse rescue group, Remember Me Rescue, began calling his office about the conditions.

The group also began an e-mail and social media awareness campaign about conditions at the farm. In an e-mail they wanted Clay Ryder charged with “a felony count for every dead horse and cruelty charges for every other horse.”

Jones said that over the weekend, a La. State Police helicopter flew over the farm. La. State Police then met with Jones and Walsworth and requested they arrest Ryder. Jones said he told them he would not arrest Ryder because of his past cooperation.

He said Ryder then contacted attorney Bill West and on Tuesday they met with Jones and Assistant District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington. The result was that they gave Ryder another 30 days to improve the conditions and step up the efforts to get rid of the horses, to which Ryder agreed.

“He put out more hay on Wednesday and he’s trying to get rid of the horses,” Jones said. “We told him to take care of it or we will arrest him.”

Jones said Ryder inherited too many horses to take care of and should have taken better care of the horses than he did.

Jones said he believes the horses are being better cared for now and believes Ryder will take more action. “I owe it to him to be fair. After all his cooperation over the past year, I wasn’t going to hastily get a warrant. He’s making progress.”

Jones said there are about 57 horses left at the farm.


There are some important things to know about the local authorities in this situation.  Sheriff Jones is either straight up lying about monitoring the situation or he has no business assessing the condition of any animal.  The District Attorney happens to live on the same road as Clay Ryder, yet nobody will bring charges against him.  It should also be noted that the Ryder family has other business interests besides horses with some of their partners said to be quite powerful in local politics.  What you see at play here is the stereotypical good ole boys network looking out for one of their own.  Why should Clay Ryder be given a single day longer to clean up this mess?  He’s had a year to make this right and by all accounts and pictures, things have only gotten worse.  The only thing that has been accomplished is he’s been allowed to keep these animals until they are so sick, starved and weak, they can hardly stand up and then dump them on LHRA and let them pick up the vet bills.   Why is Sheriff Victor Jones Jr. covering this up?


I think it should be noted that both LHRA and RMR are great rescues.  They have both done a lot of good for the horses they have managed to save.  What the River Ridge Farms situation highlights for me is the question of how far you need to go when you know abuse is going on.  Clay Ryder has refused to allow anybody on his property to see his horses.  For somebody that is running a breeding operation, that’s a pretty big red flag considering stallion viewings at the very least are quite common.  It would seem that LHRA tried to gain his trust and cooperation thinking that was the better way to save the most horses.  Apparently, that wasn’t the right way in this case.  Clay Ryder was still racing horses under his farm name as of January 18th, so clearly he was selective in which ones he was neglecting.  There is no way this situation should have taken a full year to play out when horses were dying horrible deaths due to neglect and starvation.  It is absolutely sickening that there are still horses on that farm that could be suffering, including mares in foal.  Yes, it’s always better to get a surrender in these cases, but when no more horses were being given up and Ryder wasn’t allowing anybody other than his cronies from the Sheriff’s office to see his animals, then swift and immediate action should have been taken.  Thankfully, RMR took matters into their own hands and did the fly over.  Thankfully Donna Keen elected to speak up and uncover what is really going on.  As of right now, all the horses that have been surrendered are under the care of LHRA and they could use donations.  RMR has been reimbursed for the rental of the helicopter but the have other rescue horses they support as well.  Both rescues are worthy of support.  This is a very complex and sad story that isn’t over.  Hopefully, there will be happier updates in the coming weeks.

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