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I really didn’t want to do this post up today.  The longer this drags on, the more triggered I get with the usual HiCaliber antics and this past week was off the chain which means I’m beyond triggered.  I am well and truly over the bitching back and forth these days, but you can only bite your tongue so much before the only taste in your mouth is blood.  I don’t even really eat red meat so not my favorite flavor at all.  As always, the version of recent events presented by The Manson Family are riddled with lies of omission and outright deception and while I get that’s their default setting, I feel the need to fill in the blanks on the disgusting exploitation of Mayday as well as a few other things.  I think because she’s on everybody’s mind and because she deserves it, Mayday is where we’ll start and we’ll start at the beginning as we know it rather where Manson marked it.  Pop a Valium and grab a seat as I attempt to draw a map that is a little bit clearer than mud.



Unnamed dark bay/black horse that ended up in Manson’s trailer on April 24th and likely dead the same day.

On April 24th at auction, what appeared to be a bay TB mare was rejected before entering the sales ring.  Manson was at auction asking for donations that day.  This was the very same day she manifested a few horses in her trailer that the village has yet to meet.  One they likely never will because she is said to have killed the horse without even naming it or bringing it back to HiCaliber.  The other one, had to have her feet trimmed before heading back to Valley Center which was also part of the pit stop at Buzz’s.  We talked about the horse in the red trailer last week and like the bay OTTB mare, was never available to anybody other than Manson to purchase.  No advocate got close enough to the bay mare that was rejected to be able to say with any certainty whether or not it was Mayday.  Manson claims it was.  If it was the same horse that’s all the worse for Manson because, that means she knew the condition this horse was in and she knew where she was for the past week because again, the mare was never offered to the public.  She was already in Manson’s trailer when she arrived at auction on May 1st along with Kenny, who was to be a rescue transfer.  Strangely, the picture that Manson showed of the mare when she put out the initial ask showed her to be in the same trailer as the other horse from the week before.  Same trailer tie, same or similar halter even.   This is the background on that mare as we know it which isn’t exactly how Manson tells it.


Mayday May 1st

This was the first post and the first volley of lies to do with this mare. No, she did not no-sale at auction.  She was never in the ring, yet Manson somehow was close enough to her to see she was lame and couldn’t move an inch.  She obviously talked to the flipper and knew he wanted $500.  So, to my way of thinking, Manson walked on this mare after being close enough to see she was in trouble.  She talks a good game about Animal Control dropping the ball but nobody really knows what was said or done with them.  The irony of this post was Manson bitches about people trying to squeeze the last drop of money out of this mare while asking her village for more money.  Ultimately she would raise more than $1100 for this mare’s plight, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

After this mare stood in the trailer for a few hours at auction as they waited for Kenny to be picked up, Manson decided to head back to Valley Center.  Given the time of day they left, it was likely a couple hour drive, so at this point this mare is probably plus 4 hours in the trailer.  For what it’s worth, Manson was merely pissed off at auction and not upset like she would be later when she devloped a theme to the grift she was laying down.  There were two veterinary clinics within 20 mins of them at auction, including one that is rumored to have done the surgery on Umbra.  Instead, Manson decided to take the mare all way back to her feed lot while ranting on live feed about how everybody failed her and she alone is the one who will step up.  Naturally this worked what remains of the village idiots into a heightened state of arousal as they aggressively touched themselves in their naughty places whilst robbing their children’s piggy banks to give to Manson.  Just like old times!


This next part I will break down in very small chunks as it was given to me.  There were a few different parties involved including Rogue mole, Accidental mole and Stealth mole; not to be confused with Ninja mole. Don’t worry though, there won’t be a test on this.  I just separate them for myself so I can give credit where it is due when the time comes.   Anyhow, at around 2:10pm Manson was spotted pulling off El Norte Pkwy which is about 10 miles PAST the usual exit to HiCaliber.  She didn’t do this to take the horse to he vet or anything like that.  She and Wrinkles went to feed themselves because the oxygen always goes on Manson first and she was not Mayday’s bitch.

About 10 mins after they were initially spotted, Manson and Wrinkles were again spotted at Yogurt Heaven III www.yoheaven.com 326 W El Norte Pkwy, Escondido at which point Wrinkles can be seen checking on the horses in the trailer.  Yes, horses.  Plural.  Mayday was not alone.

Shortly after, Manson checks the horses too.  I’m not sure if Mayday was already down, but they were done checking on her by about 2:25 and headed into the yogurt shop.

About 2:40, they came back out to check the trailer again.  Without knowing 100% I would guess that the mare was down at least by this point.  By about 3:14 they came out of the yogurt shop again and Wrinkles unknowingly headed straight towards rogue mole, so rogue mole left.


A few minutes after our mole left, Manson went live from the trailer in the parking lot as the mare was down.  Just to recap, they had been in that parking lot about an hour at that point.  This was after a 2 hour drive from auction and after the mare had been in Manson’s trailer for at least a couple of hours prior to that.

Live time stamp

Time stamp of HiCaliber going live from the parking lot


Because of what was shown on live feed the mole called the police.  The police called the HS and when the mole called back, she spoke with them for almost 19 mins as shown above.  As per our mole, “HS said no laws were being broke and nobody was coming. I gave dispatch violation number and history. He didnt care. Said HC wasn’t concerned.”


I should probably mention that yes, there was for sure a second horse in that trailer the whole time.  It appeared to be a chestnut with a blaze and loaded up ahead of Mayday in the front.  She showed up on the live feed from the ranch a little later.


Shortly after 4PM, Manson was picked up finally headed back towards the ranch.  By this time Mayday had been in the trailer at least six hours and was down.  I think this is important to stress because of the histrionics and self pity that would make up the next 36 hours or so as Manson exploited this mare for every penny she could get.

Yet another mole happened across Manson on the way home and noted that there was only one horse that was visible in the trailer.  Given the position of the horse it would seem Mayday was still down.

Finally, they got Mayday back to the ranch and the pity party began in earnest.  Interesting that the 2nd horse that was on the trailer was clearly visible in the background with no mention or acknowledgement.  This is how horses get erased folks.  Manson has drug at least one or two a week home every single week during and since their suspension.  How many have you been introduced to?


Mayday eventually made it back to HiCaliber after standing in the trailer all day and yes, Dr. Talbot was there to see her although he didn’t do x-rays that night.  I’m not entirely sure why he wouldn’t have just blocked her out and gotten right after it, but maybe the 13k they claim they owe him as something to do with that? More likely Manson wasn’t done wringing the last few pennies out of the situation as she proceeded to do several live hits with the poor mare in the barn, still never once mentioning the other horse that she drug home with her.  Naturally these live feeds were mostly about Manson with Mayday being a tragic prop.



I’m not going to rehash the all the live feeds from the stall or Talbot coming back to do the rads on this mare.  Predictably Manson made this all about her and used Mayday’s plight to push her agenda by attempting to plant the seed that she alone cleans up these messes and then getting all defiant saying she will never stop.  The good-bye post along with the staged and tearless cry face with the mare was also predictable as she compared this mare to Mirage.  I found that strange since Mirage died pretty much due to HiCaliber not providing proper post surgical care for her.  Manson the went on to anthropomorphize this mare by saying she `exhaled’ and she knew love.  I would also just like to say that Manson also spoiled The Avengers movie by comparing herself to one of the characters like the self involved hosebeast that she is so fuckyouverymuch for that too, Manson.

While the death announcement only came yesterday on the HiCaliber page, Mayday had actually been dead in her stall since the day before with Manson admitting she was the one that killed her.  I found this disturbing on a few levels.  She had Talbot right there doing the rads on this mare and clearly sent him away so she could kill her herself.  She was killed in the barn and either scenario regarding that isn’t good.  Did she shoot indoors?  Did Talbot leave her the euth drugs or did she just OD her like they have with a few others?  I guess we should be glad we weren’t treated to the obligatory pics with the corpse while everybody cheeses for the camera.  Given some of the hints Manson dropped and what I know is going on in the background, her convenient adoption of Mayday squints my eyes.  Was that so she could kill her without repercussion?  Why the constant grifting for a horse she privately owned?  Sure hope she isn’t issuing tax receipts for that.  RIP Mayday, I’m so sorry you had to leave this world in the hands of a monster as they used your situation to make money.   #sayhername

As y’all know, Romney Faye proudly posted their print outs from their time buying horses at Ontario.  I’m not going to lie, that kinda surprised me. Even though it’s clearly for an audit situation and not the close out they claim, I didn’t think she’d hand a smoking gun to all the haters so easily.  Thankfully, I have a reader that is far more motivated than I am to untangle these numbers and she did up these sheets from with the breakdowns. If you have one take away from all of this it would to compare the money they laid out for these horses compared to what they have on their most recent 990’s.  I sure hope Salvador, Nacho and Misner wrote them receipts is about all I have to say about that although I suspect the receipts from them will be in the mysterious box that was stolen along with the bag of hair for all the Louisiana horses.  Things that make you go `hmmm’.


Another fun part to the auction paperwork was being able to compare some numbers.  Thanks to another reader, we have this little snapshot into just one day at auction.  Aside the fact that all the horses that ended up being bought by HiCaliber are already dead, the mark ups to the village was quite something.  The mark up to the private buyers seems to be fluid.  I’m sure if anybody took the time, they’d find a similar situation playing out each and every week.  Thankfully auditors tend to take the time to do just that and will also compare it to the money taken in for donations on those days.  Good times!  Isn’t transparency fun?


Fice’s solution to a horse pulling back. Note what appears to be a sarcoid in her left ear

Fice made a comeback last week too.  He kicked things off by trying to shift blame on his abuse of Barbara which basically retraumatized many advocates and didn’t quite jibe with the original story.   He posted a video of the horse pulling back repeatedly and in a long-winded and almost indecipherable post, blamed her for breaking a shank and eating too much.  Not once did he ever mention giving her grain or anything other than two flakes of hay and actually seemed pissed that he had to up it to three at one point.  The video showed a clearly ribby mare that was obviously sensitive to pressure on her head.  He also posted a picture of his rig he used to discourage her from pulling back, complete with her battered face.  I’m sure what appears to be a sarcoid in her ear had nothing to do with her sensitivities about the head *sarcasm*.  If your constitution is strong and you want to refresh your memory on Barbara’s ending you can look it at this link which also shows that Barbara didn’t begin with Fice all ribby and beat up.  Beside the obvious abuse this horse endured at Fice’s hands, another disturbing element is why he would take her to Manson to shoot when he stated that the previous owner had said they would pay euth and removal costs if he couldn’t `fix’ her.

Soon after Fice dropped the Barbara post, he showed up in person at HiCaliber to boost algorithms and fuck up some more horses.  Kenny was the first tribute and it was painful to watch Ficehole send mixed signals and further stress this horse out while Manson referred to the horse by various derogatory names.  This would be only a few days before the whole Mayday incident where Manson asked us to believe she actually gave a shit about something other than herself.  Kenny has since moved onto another rescue which wouldn’t be my first choice but at least they feed and care for them well as long as they are there.

Next Ficehole decided to show off his various equitation techniques on poor Dylan.  We were treated to the Half Starfish, Hoedown Elbows, Full Starfish, Pike position, Half Fetal among other positions not only completely ineffective on an actual horse, but also really unappealing to the eye.  Of course all this was done while ripping the mouth out of Dylan as Manson practically soaked herself by praising Ficehole and demanding that people give him credit.  I have to admit he does deserve credit.  He deserves credit for looking worse on a horse than Manson and Amanduh and that takes some doing.  Fice hung around to abuse another horse or two but I couldn’t actually watch the rest.  I know I’ve said it before but I’m losing my religion with these gunsels.  At some point self preservations kicks in.

Recently Wrinkles and Manson took us on a little tour of one of the herds.  I’m still trying to figure out why they thought it was a good idea to show off a horse like Glide who, despite being there since November, looks even worse than he did when they first got him.  Manson brushed it off saying he doesn’t thrive at HiCaliber.  He seems to have a lot in common with most horses then.  Next we had a mare that may or may not be very pregnant.  Manson obviously chucked the vets under the bus on that one, conveniently forgetting her current vet is supposed to be an actual reproductive specialist.  The wind knots just irritated the shit out of me.  Manson, never one to accept blame, said they had only recently untangled her mane and it just does that.  Well, that’s why you pull the mane or put some freaking Show Sheen or Cowboy Magic on it.  Really not that hard.  These are not even the worst of what she has stashed on that ranch by a longshot, but they are representative of what having too many horses can start to look like.   She made more than one comment about how some of them are hard to catch and then pontificated about not feeding treats.  Funny how I’ve usually got a pocket of treats and can stand in  the middle of a 10 acre paddock and not only do my horses come running, but none of them run me over or get rude.  Amazing how that works when you put the time in and not every interaction you have with them is unpleasant.  The HiCaliber horses are often only handled when somebody wants to poke, prod or ride them.  Hardly any motivation to be caught.



I have to admit the above screen shots amused the hell out of me.  I’m not sure why the village idiots think that a celebrity would be the one to bail HiCaliber out  and that they may just throw their money around without vetting things first.  The mention of Robert Redford was particularly amusing and just underscored the actual ignorance of some of these people.  Robert Redford is a well-known and respected anti-slaughter advocate who tends to be pretty up to speed on equine welfare issues.  However, if they truly did want to go the celeb route and get at Mr. Redford among other high-profile celebrities, perhaps Manson shouldn’t call Grammy nominated producers that have a fondness for blue water bottles a `cunt’ considering said cunt’s connections to some of the very people they want to target.  Of course this is all easily verifiable unlike Maggot’s alleged Emmy win that nobody can find a record of.  Moving right along…

shaw na naottb

So yeah, this is about to happen to piss all over Derby weekend for many us.  I’m not sure why on earth they would want to highlight the fate of TBs at their feedlot but these are the plans of Shaw na na aka Shawna Ortega who fancies herself some literary genius or something.  She hides it well if she is.  However, in the interest of full disclosure, I did a little digging on the OTTBs of HiCaliber…


The above graphic lists some of the OTTBs that have met sad and unneccessary ends at HiCaliber and gives them back their real names.  Horses like Breaux aka Corporate Smoke who broke his leg in his ramshackle pen and had to be shot.  Horses like Galle who suffered, not unlike Mayday, with a long painful ride back to the killing fields only to be met by a bullet int he brain.  Horses like Summer Soprano aka Squirrel, pictured above, filthy, skinny and sick.  Add to that list Benny aka I’ll Fly For You,  Emma aka Cozy Girl, Fireball aka Mister Mambo and  Gia aka Ihearyah as more OTTBs that did not survive being `rescued’ by HiCaliber.  Why would they ever want to draw attention to any of this let alone think for one second that they’re going to tap into some OTTB funding?  The mind boggles…

Just to refresh everybody’s memory, this is what Manson had to say about TBs last year during the Lousiana swindle.  Supply and demand.  Nothing more than product.


Bruzer is listed on the HiCaliber website as `adopted’ I guess, technically, he was but as is with most things Manson, that isn’t exactly the full truth of what happened with Bruzer.  If you remember, Bruzer was fostered and schooled with the same trainer that had Nala.  She wrote of her experiences with these horses,  along with others she fostered, in this post.  I’m sad to report that Bruzer didn’t actually make it out of HiCaliber in one piece.  From what I understand he was flipped over while when they were trying to load him and he severely damaged his withers.  He was initially taken to his new home but soon after needed taken to SLR  where it was advised he be put to sleep.  HiCaliber was apparently aware of this when they did a `happy’ update on this horse.  RIP Bruzer #sayhisname


I’m not sure how many of you recall a Pyrenees dog that ended at HiCaliber almost a month ago.  Originally, they believed that he belonged to a hater and planned on holding him hostage so she would have to come and get him.  It turned out not to be the `hater’s’ dog at all.  What actually happened is that his owner didn’t really want him back so HiCaliber was going to keep him at least for a while.  Apart from hearing the dog wasn’t doing well or overly happy at HiCaliber, he has never been mentioned since.  Hopefully, he’s not locked in the barn or anything.  I honestly don’t know what happened to him, so he gets a milk carton.  If he is alive and well somewhere, please let us all know.  Every animal matters and Manson does have a penchant for making them disappear.  Speaking of disappearing….


Yamaka goat seems to be MIA as well. She was the one that had a severely injured back leg and couldn’t put any weight on it.  She was originally living in the chicken coop of death but has also not been seen or mentioned for several weeks and is actually presumed dead.  #sayhernametoo


Along with the ABC theory (always be closing) Manson also subscribes to the ABGs (always be grifting).  This seems like a throw away post until you realize that the horses in question are standing at Misner’s house with one of the mares having a tiny little bay foal at side.  Not sure who `her’ is unless Misner has taken to cross dressing lately (NTTAWWT).   Does anybody want to hazard a guess on whether or not there will be a kick back into Manson’s pocket to move these horses?


I think I’m going to leave things here for now.  As always, I could go on and on with a million other things but I think people get the point here.  I know I’m preaching to the choir and I know people are upset.  None of this is fun and the closer we get the end, the worse the fuckery gets. I fear we haven’t even reached maximum fucker yet.  I have said it many times before, but I don’t think Manson has any intention of going willingly.  The amount of exploitation and grifting that went on over Mayday is exactly the reason she finds herself in the position she is in.  SHE failed that mare when she decided to let her sit for a week and then make her the poster child of why rescue needs Manson as she tries to reinvent herself as some fucked up angel of death.  No other rescue or individual had any access to that horse but Manson.  Rather than work with AC, she elects to side with the very people who hurt these animals and squeeze the last penny out of them.  In fact, she joins that cycle by taking her blood money too all the while being cheered on by the bully brigade and bean flickers that are her village.  Tomorrow is Kentucky Derby Day.  Whether racing is your thing or not, and I’m not really down for bashing that industry, keep in mind all the OTTBs  that have had their lives cut short at HiCaliber.  For them and every single other animal, we’ll stay the course and make sure this is long over by the time Derby rolls around next year.  As much as I hate doing these posts lately, I’m dug in.  Every move you make, Manson…


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Forgive me for not posting sooner.  Things were quiet so I took the weekend off and, sure as hell, everything broke loose.  Isn’t that always the way?  For whatever reason people keep asking me what I think about things so I guess I’ll address that.  I’ve got some other things to share as well and, as usual, have left this too long so it’s a big post and clip heavy too.  I expect there will be some outrage in some corners over this and I’m pretty sure I won’t care.  Let’s just say whether you’re into drama or averse there will be a little something for everybody in here. With that being said, it’s time to pull up a seat and put our tinfoil beanies on just on the off chance that fuckery is contagious.  It seems to have reached epidemic proportions within the village this past week or so.


As everybody is aware, this past weekend saw the dramatic announcement that HiCaliber is shutting down.  As with most things that has to do with Manson, nothing is ever quite what it seems though.  Because of this, I’m going to break this down into bite sized chunks because if you can pick through her self-serving and maudlin creative writing, the bullshit is quite thick.  She begins this post setting the stage for it being all about herself and how none of this is her fault.  Right away she lies by saying her pride will never outweigh her loyalty to the horses?  WHAT loyalty?  The loyalty that causes you to allow them to stand in their own filth in crowded conditions?  The loyalty that allows you to experiment on them like the equine version of Dr. Mengele? The loyalty that allows you to look them in the eye and shoot them in the face because of your own shortcomings?   REALLY?


Going back even a few years ago there were red flags and several people voiced concerned that the HiCaliber nickel and dime, small stream income strategy was not sustainable.  Of course any time those concerns were addressed with them, the standard reply was `Eat a dick’.  It was a further concern when it became apparent that the rescue was supporting several able-bodied adults that simply refused to have jobs or even do much work around the rescue to earn their keep.  Originally the plan had been for the human residents to support the rescue through rent fees and chores; something that never quite came to fruition.  What ended up happening was that everybody got to live for free off the donor dollar with paid help to feed the all the horses for them including their own personal ones.  So, while Manson claims to be shutting down and pleads to help keep the horses fed, realize that includes her own personal horses along with the other personal horses on that property.


FFS Manson needs to get off the cross because I’m pretty sure somebody else needs the wood.  Seriously.  I’m so sick of these bitches playing the `kid’ card.  Manson is very worried about her kids losing people they love but that didn’t seem to be a big concern of hers in her custody hearing and I won’t even go there with the daughter.  She wasn’t really concerned about the example it set for her kids to have them on the Shane Dawson show and bad mouth the son’s father.  Now she want us to believe that she was just joining in on the game others were playing?  Bitch, please…Keep your prayers for yourself because you need them most of all.


Now we reach the deeply delusional part of this post.  Does anybody believe for a single second that there has been a credible threat against Manson?  Wishing bad things happen to somebody isn’t the same as making a threat.  I think what’s important to remember here is that in her own mind, Manson is a celebrity so she’s built this whole dramatic scenario up in her head for village idiot consumption. Danger! Drama!  Threats!  Friday cliff hangers for their interactive soap opera!  I can only speak for myself but not only have I not paid anybody for information, I’ve never even solicited it so the whole `sold their story’ thing is as laughable as her eyebrows.  The `sweet couple’ Manson describes wouldn’t have even known who she was if she hadn’t told them and then spent the majority of the flight discussing her `fame’ when she wasn’t discussing vaginas.  The only reason they knew about this blog is because Manson showed it to them and it must have resonated with them or I wouldn’t have gotten the deets about their awkward encounter with La Manson.


I actually feel sorry for Manson if this is her life’s work and she thinks it’s something to be proud of and hang her reputation on.  Not many people aspire to be remembered as a horse hoarding, abusing, gunsel that gets off on shooting viable animals.  I’m guessing that’s the reputation she’s referring to because the only other rep she had was as a liar and a swindler.  If she doesn’t recognize herself perhaps she needs to lay off the back alley cosmetic procedures.  If she has trouble recognizing somebody who lives to hurt others I suggest she looks in the mirror and remembers every employer she called, every confidence she broke when somebody tried to leave her and that’s not counting all the animals she betrayed.


The pity party rages on…The ASPCA and HSUS endorse good animal husbandry.  Period.  Speaking out and telling the truth is not a smear campaign.  It is worth mentioning that all the issues with the unnecessary euthanasias, the practicing veterinary medicine without a license, the substandard conditions and hoarding were all initially addressed with HiCaliber.  Insiders, former board members, and advocates all, at one time or another, attempted to address this with Manson directly and at any point, she could have turned this around.  Rather than accepting advice from those with more experience, Manson went harder the other direction because she is nobody’s bitch and the animals paid the price.  Damn straight people comment when they find her trying to accumulate more animals to drag back to the ranch to suffer horrible deaths. It’s not hate because people recognize that things were getting so far out of control we were looking at a situation that was going to be far more horrific than Fallen or Starlight ever thought of being.  Believe it or not, there are many of us that have been at this far longer than Manson and we can see a train wreck coming miles away.   Does anybody think Fallen and these other places started off like they ended up?


If Manson wasn’t broke as a joke, I think I’d sue her for a new laptop because I spewed water all over my screen when I read about the whole raising the bar thing.  I’m wondering if she even believes the craps she writes.  I can’t figure out what bar she has raised?  For euthanasia percentages?  For sure.  For standard of care?  Not in a million years.  Manson indicates `all’ investigations have proven that they aren’t doing anything wrong?  Why is it that their original PayPal accounts are still frozen?  Why is it that they are no longer allowed to film in the chutes at Ontario?  Who brings a criminal defense attorney to auction?  What about those audits?  No, they are cleared of nothing, they just haven’t been formally charged yet.  As far as the rules of rescue, the only hard and fast one is that you are a good steward of the animals you take in and yes, if you can’t abide by that you need to go.  Manson needs to go.  The only horses she will be welcome to devote her life to is Breyers because she will never be welcome in the horse community.


Here we get to the grift.  After all this creative prose designed to draw in the reader, Manson admits she is going to keep their non-profit status.  If you haven’t noticed her setting herself up for the next phase of her career you might be blind.  The constant talk about compassion pulls.  The propaganda video she had the San Diego UT produce for her (euth video ), the protecting of known trippers and abusers all point towards the new direction for the 501c3.  It’s also blatantly obvious that Manson gets off on killing horses so what better career for her than to make a living doing just that? You know the old adage about doing what you love and figuring out how to get paid for it…


Manson’s track record for paying off her debts isn’t great hence the foreclosure, bankruptcy, unpaid vet bills, stud fees etc.  If I was one of their vendors, I’d be worried. However, like the good grifter she is Manson shifts the responsibility of keeping the hoard and personal horses fed onto the very tapped out village idiots and drops the none too subtle hint that one of them step up and buy the property.  Naturally the community of grifters would like to stay together and continue to not work for a living.  It wouldn’t be accurate to call it a commune because that would imply that they all pitch in and work for the good of the community.  Maybe coven is a more accurate term for what they are proposing as I’m sure organs and body parts of sacrificed animals will be involved.


Now we reach the Academy Award portion of this post where Manson thanks all those that enabled this shit show for so long including `the best team she’s every had’.


What strikes me about Manson’s BFFs and support system is none of them seem to have been in her life more than 5 years.  That speaks volumes to me as pretty much everybody I know has some `lifers’ in the friend department.  I think that speaks volumes about what passes for loyalty in Manson’s world.  Then you have her thanking the body pick up man which should probably be the other way around considering how much business they give him.  They’ve probably put his kids through college.


Taking a page out of the manipulators handbook, Manson serves up a classic shit sandwich to her village.  Soften them up with flattery and faux vulnerability, ask for money and then praise again.  She really is a specimen.


Presuming I’m a `mean girl’ I can guarantee there is a less than zero percent chance I will ever find myself in Manson’s Yankee doodle dandy shit kickers or anything else she wears on her hooves.  I’m also reasonably certain I don’t need somebody like her lecturing me on empathy and compassion or relationships.  Her `bad backyard program’ caused more suffering  and mutilation of horses than almost anything else she did as she protected and covered for the very people who abused and broke down those horses.  The very horses she shot in the face without even a kind hand as they were nothing more than income for her.  I hope children are watching so they learn how to stand up to a bully and that what is good and right will ALWAYS win out.  I will say the one thing Manson did do is unify the real rescue community and they will be stronger as a result.  The horses of Southern California are in very good hands once they no longer face the risk of being exploited at the HiCaliber feed lot.


There has never been a need to send Manson screen shots of everything.  She reads all the hater sites, all the time.  Constantly.  I hope she means it about adopting out the horses but I remain skeptical.  I’m also not sure what constitutes a `more affordable’ option for a bunch of people who have no jobs.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s wrap up some things we talked about in the last post.

One of the first rules of Mole Club is always have more than one mole.  In fact, have more than two if you can swing it because sometimes you have to make one into a sacrificial lamb to foster security.  Thank you to the people who emailed me out of concern for the outing of the mole.  Y’all are some great readers.  In an effort to plug the holes in his secret groups, Pasterfuck decided to make all the participants sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.  I suspect Angrid may have helped with this as she did with Marg’s epic blackmail letter we talked about last week.  I’d like to remind you that these are all grown adults in a Facebook group that have dedicated their time to bullying people into silence and now they want NDAs so nobody tells on the kind of plotting and shit talking they do when they think nobody can see.

Here we have the usual suspects shit talking Izabelle K once again.  You will recall the last post showed them talking smack about her due to her lack of filter.  This series of screen shots show them all getting pissed off  yet again that Izzy spilled the beans about a plan to transfer 20 horses out of state.  As far as I know Izzy is still a staunch supporter and completely oblivious what they say about her behind closed doors.

Oops, did I forget to mention that part of the initiation ritual to get into Pasterfuck’s super secret forum was to post their driver’s licenses?  Yeah, that was a thing and it was absolutely astonishing not only how many of them did it, but how many didn’t bother to blank out their DL numbers and addresses.  They just put it all out there and it was anything but secure.  Because I actually have some sympathy for true idiots, I removed their numbers and addresses because those are not important.  I think what is important is how many of them are from out of state and far enough away that it’s obvious they have never been near HiCaliber.  I also find it telling that even though PF and Mags asked them for their very personal information, they didn’t provide their own DLs nor did they protect the info they gathered.  Let this be a lesson to everybody.  There is no such thing as a truly secret group and if you put it on the internet you can expect it to become public eventually.  Don’t worry, I didn’t keep any of their addresses so they won’t be on my Christmas card list.

Speaking of secret groups and nothing ever really being private, it’s time to hop over to some HiCaliber bat caves.  A month or two ago, before she made a big show of deleting her Facebook, Angrid was witch hunting in their private forums and targeting some of the more vocal anti-Hicaliber people.  She also targeted Jennifer Marek as she always does.  It seems she thought my YouTube account was Jen’s.  It’s not but we’ve been round and round that issue before.  What is interesting is that videos from Jen’s personal account started showing up on these pages.  Funny how that happens.  You know what else is funny?  It’s super funny when somebody that likes to act like she’s smarter than everybody else outs herself as the proprietress  as one of the pages that aggressively targets anybody that dares speak out against HiCaliber.

Here we have Angrid in the secret HiCal admin group announcing that she is, in fact, Baby Horror.  To be honest, this wasn’t a big revelation to me.  I’ve known for quite some time, but these screen shots came to me recently and they are really amusing, including the one where Angrid shows the owner panel of Baby Horror and begs for likes.  Baby Horror was dormant for a while but was recently brought back to life right around the time Angrid deleted her personal Facebook account and said it was because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.  The only problem with that excuse was that Angrid deleted her Facebook before that stuff came to light, so it appears that wasn’t really the reason.  As funny as it is to out people for their own hypocrisy and immaturity, the personal details that were posted on Baby Horror give me pause for concern given Angrid’s job and the information she potentially has access to.  I also find it somewhat telling how often Baby Horror is online during the regular work day.  I apologize in advance to whomever Angrid decides I am after this gets out because I’m sure you’re next up for the spotlight.  Let’s move on from all this fuckery, shall we?





It’s really no surprise that the permit process is in limbo.  Manson even apologized to the village idiots for wasting their money and explained they weren’t moving forward with it now that they are closing.  The problem is that HiCaliber is in arrears over $1300 for what has already been done with that permit.  Between what HiCaliber raised and what Tracy Acres donated, and that’s not taking into account what they brought in via PayPal, they should have had more than enough money to cover those costs.  Obviously it was not all put in the trust account for the permit. In fact, they only put $7000 in the trust account so the exact amount owing is $1332.60.   HiCaliber’s youcaring is still open and getting the odd donation.  I find it amusing that they were threatening to close doors and kill horses for this con too.  What isn’t so amusing is that they likely won’t be allowed to just sit in limbo with the permit indefinitely.  Eventually the county will likely start laying fines.  I wonder if Manson feels the same about making sure they are paid before she closes or if she’ll try to hang the property owner with it?


Speaking of unpaid bills, this post showed up on the HiCaliber page the other day.  Macho actually belongs to the owner of the property.  One of the conditions of their lease was that Macho and Curly remain on the property and be cared for by HiCaliber.  Curly was adopted out a few months ago and Macho was shifted off to foster along with a rather skinny Scotty.  Apparently, Manson isn’t returning the calls of some people she owes money to.


It has been noticed by a few people that Jesse has a chunk missing out of his ear.  Despite what she claims, he was likely not born with a wound like that.  Up until recently they have gone out of their way to crop pictures and not show his ear.  At one point Manson said he `scraped’ it, so the story changes depending on the audience.  I don’t know what happened to him but Amanduh’s dog has been seen on live feed chasing and trying to heel him.  I’ve brought a lot of foals into this world and never have I ever seen one born with a fresh wound and chunk out of their ear.


Corky the pig isn’t exactly living his best life either.  He spends most of his time in the chicken coop and, up until recently, was trying to create his own mud from spilling his water.  He’s recently been given a pool, but is still allowed to eat chicken feed which can create problems in pigs.  The other night the HiCalibrites thought it would be funny to try to ride him, with a few of them taking turns.  Corky tried to get away and run back to his chicken coop to no avail.  Manson mentioned on the same live video he was only about 7 months old.

Rizzo intake April 2017

Rizzo was bought just a little over a year ago.  Being young and papered, Manson immediately helped herself to him for $1 and whisked him off to Bang Bang Becky’s to `grow up’.  Even though he was only 2 years old, Manson did test ride him last year.   Since Bang Bang Becky kicked Manson to the curb, Rizzo has been back at HiCaliber and clearly not thriving.  There is some controversy over his actual adoption status as he is listed as up for adoption on the website, but Manson has said in private forums that he is not really available.  It makes me wonder if she is trying to hide her personal horses that live on the donor dollar for some reason and listing them even though they are not really available to the public.

The other day Amanduh did live feed while riding poor Petty.  For whatever reason the HiCalibrites feel that a view of a horse’s ears is  a suitable adoption video.  I guess  now that they’re closing they aren’t bothering with trying to hide much either as Amanduh took us along for a lovely tour of the various shit mountains that are stacked around the poor horses in the training area.  I don’t suppose that moving them will ever happen now that they’re no loner pretending to give a shit about upkeep on that ranch.


Back in 2016 one of the villagers hosted a fundraiser for HiCaliber called the Horseshoe Gala.  In the above video clip an almost unrecognizable Manson talks about being on track for a close to a million dollar year before inviting all the party goers to eat a dick.  One of the featured items in the auction was a donated tanning bed.  It was really strange that they only valued it at $300 when even a used tanning bed normally goes for $4000 minimum if you take a look online.  I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised about the under value on it considering the very same tanning bed took up residence in Manson’s house where it remains today.

On a recent live feed, several gunshots were going off in the background as some of the village idiots were out on public land attempting to shoot coyotes again.  Of course, Manson thought it was hilarious and joked about shooting horses.  You know what they say about many a truth being spoken in jest…

Dedo experienced a death by Manson recently.  I’m not really sure what the official reason is for that as he wasn’t in any sort of quarantine situation that I’m aware of.  No emotional goodbyes for him either even though her young son rode him and liked him.  Dedo did not last even two months at HiCaliber.  RIP Dedo #sayhisname


Julia was bought at auction back in December around the time of the Del Mar clusterfuck.  In her intake video, Amanduh stated that she had some soreness and `mild’ conjunctivitis.  If that was mild, I probably don’t want to know what they consider regular or severe.  Julia’s intake video was pretty much the last we ever heard of her as far as updates.  She was taken for a tarp nap recently without so much as a mention.  RIP Julia #sayhername

Peasley also joined the list of the dead recently.  Even though he was named after one of the nastier site admins, that did not save him from taking a bullet to the face.  Peasley was diagnosed with ring bone shortly after being bought by HiCaliber but they never made much effort to find him a puff home.  I’m not entirely sure he made it out of QT even.  In Manson’s world ringbone is punishable by death.  RIP Peasley #sayhisname


Many of us were rightfully outraged that Manson was parading horribly broken horses on the side of the road outside of the wedding she was attending.  The one mare was an older OTTB named All Things Equal and the other was a young bay filly that appeared to be the victim of tripping. Originally Manson said she was injured in a paddock accident but in the above video she guesses she was match raced.  She also seemed to specifically know she was only 2 1/2.  It was pretty evident that the younger filly, if not both, were not long for the world with one of Manson’s favorite remote kill locations just around the corner at good ole Buzz’s.  Despite them being cruel enough to haul this young mare in this condition it would seem she either got to hang out in the trailer until it was kill time or they killed her and partied after.  Either fate is pretty callous.  Manson even turned her death into being all about her in the above video and not once expressed any outrage for the people that did this to her.  Instead she likely paid them to clean this up.  The fate of the TB mare is not known but she is also presumed dead.  RIP Ladies  There is only one name to say as the younger filly didn’t have her name announced.


At auction or Tuesday, one of the flippers brought this horse and never took him/her anywhere near the ring.  His trailer was parked next to Manson and at some point this horse was transferred to Manson’s where he got to stand in the heat until Manson was ready to leave auction.  From there Manson went to Buzz’s where she remained for several hours.  She had mentioned in one of her live feeds that day that she had been approached about this horse and it was likely a compassion pull.  It would seem that once again Buzz’s place was used to kill this horse as he/she never made it back to HiCaliber and Manson was boasting or seeking validation that she just shot him/her without asking for money.  I’m not even sure what her point was.  Nobody had an opportunity to step up for this horse.  He/she never went through the ring.  Nobody really knows why this horse needed to be killed or if this dark bay was the one that was killed.  Manson had a few in her trailer by the end of the day.  What this reminds me of is back in the day when people would take their old and broken horses to slaughter to squeeze the last few pennies out of them.  Manson is no better than a mobile slaughter-house it would seem.  RIP Sweet horse, I wish we could say your name.




By now most people have heard that Squirrel is also dead despite several adoption offers for her over the past few months.  She was purchased from Misner last year shortly after he had bought her at Mike’s auction.  She was said to be very keyed up and hard to handle at Mike’s that night so there was always concern about what would happen with her at HiCaliber.  What happened was she got sick with Strangles and suffered in her own filth.  Her ultimate demise was similar to that of Nala’s having had Strangles and then exhibiting signs of colic which was likely a result of the abscesses bastardizing.  We recently had a post about Squirrel and how her illness progressed here.  Make no mistake this was a senseless and entirely preventable death.  Manson denied this horse a chance at a forever home more than once.  It is reasons like this that Manson is finding herself being run out of the rescue industry.  This is not rescue and this is not ok. RIP Summer Soprano  #sayherrealname


The above list is all the horses that have lost their lives at HiCaliber this year.  We are in our 17th week of the year and forty two horses are already dead.  That’s not counting the unnamed ones that have been killed, with at least three of them being within the past two weeks.  That means Manson is killing an average of more than two horses every single week.  Just looking at the list and it reads like an honor roll of senseless deaths.  At least three of them are dead as a direct result of  Strangles.  I can probably count on one hand the number that actually and legitimately needed to be released from suffering unrelated to their time at HiCaliber.  This is NOT rescue and this is exactly why Manson finds herself in the pickle she is in.  THIS is why there are haters and will continue to be as long as she is infesting the horse industry.


As always, there isn’t much to say after the dead have been listed.  Despite the announcement of doors closing and the lip service being paid to going out on a high, it’s pretty much business as usual at HiCaliber.  Horses are being brought back to be warehoused, others are being shot and cons being run.  Only yesterday Romney Faye sat in an empty auction house crying for the camera and begging for money.  It seems closing the doors is a very good fund-raising angle as the donations continue to roll in.  Manson has found some sympathetic ears in the media willing to allow her to spew her propaganda without the inconvenience of a fact check and the village idiots collectively touch themselves in ecstasy as if that was some proof that none of this is happening.  It is happening and it’s not because people are anti-euthanisia.  It’s not because anybody has an issue with tats,  bad hair, or foul mouths.  Lord knows enough of us rock some or all of those same things.  What people are against is suffering and cruelty.  They’re against rewarding and covering for the very people that are mutilating and hurting these animals and Manson doesn’t even do that under the guise of collecting evidence.  She knew these tortured souls with broken bodies were her income source and the more mangled, the better.  People are against that and that is why Manson finds herself on the outside looking in.  She’ll tell you she `saved’ 500 horses a year but that’s a lie too.  When you have increased the suffering and exploited it, you are a big part of the problem and you need to go.


These next few months are going to be rough as new schemes to raise funds  are hatched and Manson tries to make the whole `Angel of Death’ thing fly.  The more money rolls in, the longer she’s going to hang on until she has no choice.  I can assure you that she has been cleared of nothing and the investigations are open and active.  I can also assure you that the moles are all still very much in place and active.  Information still flows.  My job or intent with this blog has mostly been accomplished.  I got the word out as best I could and we created a community where people felt safe and supported in telling their own stories.    All the readers here are a huge part of that.  I’m not going away just yet,  as there is still work to do.  Until the investigations wrap up, I’ll do my best to keep people updated on where we’re at and we will continue to say the names of those horses we could not get relief to in time.  This is the hard part, but I think we’re all up to the challenge.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and, this time it is not an oncoming train.

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If the last post pissed you off or wasn’t your thing, it might be best to scroll through to the bottom half of this one.  It seems I have some `leftovers’ that need to be dealt with​.  For months now, I have attempted to mostly take the high road in regards to a lot of behind the scenes stuff I have been aware of.   I’ve attempted to keep the focus on the end game despite several threats and moves to block that.  Aside from occassionally rolling up the proverbial newspaper and smacking people on the nose when things got out of hand, I didn’t give much time to the attempted blockers.  With the blessing of fellow advocates that have been taking hits on my behalf, we have kept moving forward towards getting some relief for and putting an end to the exploitation of all the animals acquired by HiCaliber.  However, the closer we get to that end, the more vicious and outrageous the attacks have become and I have finally reached my tipping point.  The last post was calculated and it did, in fact, hit the mark.  It kicked off a round of tantrums, threats and pure asshattery, the likes of which I have never seen supposedly grown adults engage in.  I’m disgusted, I feel unclean having to read them and I’ve finally had enough.  More than enough, actually.  I am nothing if not loyal to my fellow advocates and for the ones that have been bullied in my place I am `going there’ today, with their blessings.  I won’t even say it’s the last time because I will no longer stand for the targeted harassment of innocent parties.  So, for my long time readers, please forgive me.  We’ll be back to our regular scheduled blogging in the second half of this post.  For the rest of you that like tea, settle in because a bunch is about to be spilled with receipts.

To refresh everybody’s memories, I posted some stuff from Mags and Pasterfuck’s super secret group in the last post.  I had been watching them for a while before I posted the things about Barbara Benson and I did so in consultation with her.  As we all predicted, the meltdown was nearly instantaneous and, to use a Pasterfuckism, it was epic.  I swear they take shifts monitoring any and all social media 24/7.  I particularly enjoyed Pasterfuck naming off all his private groups he was in charge of at the time.  We’ll get to that in more detail later.  Amberloser, being a rocket scientist, blames it all on the Horror Girls for whatever reason.  I think it’s been pretty clear I don’t have any real ties to them and haven’t for quite some time, so I’m not really sure why they got brought up. What I did not calculate was how stupid these people can be and how invested they are in all of this drama with no concern for the animals involved.  Unfortunately, rather than the fallout from that post splattering on myself, they went hard after Jennifer Marek yet again.  Because I truly like and respect Jennifer as a fellow advocate and because she has taken far more than her share of hits on my behalf, I feel the need to leak some more…with her blessing.


As is her usual schtick, Mags went into a public and private posting frenzy to show how unbothered she was and to further target Jennifer Marek.  She also attempted to get the pictures from the last blog pulled down to no avail and perjured herself in the process.  It was request denied due to it falling under fair use.  I was somewhat curious as to what letters she sent to Not Me, but I didn’t have to wait long to find that out either.


Mags openly admitting she really doesn’t know who writes the blog but is targeting Jennifer anyhow

So, to break this down short and sweet, there is the letter Marg claims to have sent Jennifer Marek.  I, personally, have not received anything other than my monthly bills in my mailbox for weeks except for an Amazon package which was a book I ordered.  I can’t speak for Jennifer since I don’t even live in the same time zone. If you want to follow Marg’s links in the letter, it is easy to see I never initially identified her.  I simply put a request out, based on screen shots I was sent, that she stop trying to pass herself off as me or at least allowing people to think she was me. You can read about that here.  Since I wrote that blog, Mags and Pasterfuck have been relentless in their pursuit of who I am, including Pasterfuck offering to pay for that information, egged on by Mags.  They basically outed themselves and self identified as Mags and Pasterfuck.  I can’t even lay claim to coming up with the `Maggot Rancid’ name since I didn’t coin it or even use it initially.  However if they would rather I use their given names so all this information is easier to google for people, I’m more than happy to oblige.  ​I made sure to tag them both in this post because I’m helpful like that.  There was even a time they were completely convinced I was Teresa Cook.  I’m not.  The emails up above are between Angrid and Teresa, who shared them with me.  Angrid, who is not a member of the California Bar, probably shouldn’t be `helping’ or advising anybody in a legal capacity.  I have screen shots of her asking for people to send all this info and other things to her from this blog as well as saying how she printed it all out.  The emails above were part of an entire email exchange where Angrid and Mags ganged up on TC in a particularly disgusting way, calling her names and ridiculing her.  For some reason, like she always does, Mags felt the need to give us her resume in that letter , which still fails to impress and ends the whole thing with blackmail.  Awesome.  Target an innocent person and demand 10k or you’ll sue them.  I’m pretty sure that is a felony offense in the state of California.  Good thing Angrid was helping her out with that!  I hope she does go to court, because the countersuit will be a slam dunk should Jennifer elect to file one.  I have several more screen shots from over the past year of Mags claiming how insignificant my blog is and how it had no affect on her work as well.  Kinda strange that she claims in a letter that all this damage was done when she thinks she can make some money off it. Also, just to keep things current and because I know this sticks in her craw,  Mags undershot the views of this blog by more than half.  I’m well over 2 million now.  (ps. Mags, I was kind enough to redact you and Jennifer’s addresses along with your phone number and email address.  A courtesy you did not extend Jennifer yourself, instead posting her home address in a private group of people who are actively digging up information and targeting others).



Before I get to some other bullying, this is another email Angrid sent Teresa Cook on the 13th.  She clearly requested my email address.  I’m not sure why she did because it’s never been a secret.  shedrowconfessions@gmail.com.  Both Twinkie and Ton Loc Mags and Pasterfuck have emailed me in the past so she could have just asked them.  Anyhoo, shortly after she requested my email address somebody mysteriously filed a takedown notice on my own blog and on my behalf using that email address on the form.  WordPress is a super awesome platform and they let you know about these things right away.  It took about 30 seconds to get that straightened out.  I guess I should be thankful they have taken a break from trying to hack my passwords for now.

There is just so much hypocrisy and crazy in these  screen shots.  Marg admitting she doesn’t care and saying nobody reads my blog which is kinda contrary to what she claims in her letter to Jennifer Marek.  Then some of them go after Teresa Cook for whatever reason.  Both these ladies, as I’m sure most of you know, are very well-known and respected advocates that have been in the trenches with the slaughter issue, along with many others, for a very long time.  The fact that Dixie moderates this blog is neither new or a secret.  She has done so since February when I was away for a bit.  I am still the only writer and have been since 2012.  Any guest posts have been clearly marked as such.  The reason the writing changed with the guest posts is because they are GUEST posts, as in I didn’t write them.  That’s how it works.  I’ve always been accused of being different people since the very beginning.  Back in the Sue Wallis days I was even accused of being a man for a bit.  One of the best screen shots in this series is Pasterfuck wanting to get his subpoena on.  Not sure how Pasterfuck is going to subpoena anybody.  The court has to issue those.  Maybe they better call up Angrid again for some of that legal help.  Notice that Marg swears she doesn’t do Baby Horror only.  I always knew she didn’t do that page but she sure was careful not to mention the pages she does do.

Here we have these people, who claim to be so against bullying, making plans to target other rescues.  They also have plans to target and dig information on individuals too.  Pasterfuck planned to devote his weekend into planning out his attack on `hater’ rescues.  It doesn’t matter how well they take care of their animals, it doesn’t matter how ethical they are, if they have ever questioned HiCaliber, Pasterfuck and his group are going to try to take them down.  WTF?  Then you have Mags taking issue with somebody who put a horse down yet never says shit when Manson blasts away at least two a week, every single week and usually for no good reason.  I don’t even know what horse or situation she is talking about with the other rescue and I’ll guarantee you Mags doesn’t either because even though she lives in the SoCal area, far be it for her to get off her ass and actually go check things out for herself.   These rescues that they are targeting all had their own interactions and dealings with HiCaliber.  They are within their rights to talk about that good, bad or indifferent.  Manson certainly has no problems talking shit about other organizations.  If this isn’t an attempt at bullying people into silence and retaliation, I don’t know what is.  Disgusting.


Pasterfuck has made it his personal mission to get Blankround taken down.  Again.  I find it ironic that a male ( I won’t call him a man) that has been arrested for domestic violence, threatened to punch women in the throat on live feed, and other bullying behaviors, has the audacity to call another man, who has publically stuck up for various women that Pasterfuck has attacked, a mysoginist.  I also don’t really get it because Blankround doesn’t really do a bunch other than insult them.  You know the old saying that what other people think of you is none of your business.  One thing nobody has ever accused Pasterfuck of is having any self-awareness.

Rescues and private citizens aren’t their only targets.  They plan to take down Dr. Moore too.  I’ll be honest and say that Dr. Moore and I haven’t always agreed on how to go about things, but make no mistake, I respect her as a veterinarian and an advocate for the welfare of horses.  I don’t care really care about anything else beyond that.  We may not work together but we work towards a common goal here.  They don’t even seem to have an issue with Dr. Moore’s knowledge or level of care.  How would any of them even know if they don’t use her?  They don’t like that Dr. Moore speaks out for the animals.  You know, the ones that don’t have a voice of their own.

It seems that Pasterfuck and Mags aren’t the only bullies.  Amberloser is also a huge bully or at least tries to be.  She is also going to target Mea Ola’s Place and try to bully Ann into silence.  I guess she doesn’t know Ann very well.  Oh well, in Amberloser’s world, just because she says something doesn’t mean she has to back up her shit.  She claims to have moles everywhere.  Girl, you need to get new moles.  Truly.  Protip: Real moles don’t use Facebook to discuss their strategies and intel.  The bigger your inner circle the more leaks you probably have.  That protip wasn’t just for the village idiots btw.

Here we see the secret group eating one of their own.  A few of their own actually.  They go after Rene for being a mole.  I choked on my coffee and jetted it right out my nose when I read that.  Rene has actually sent me hate mail recently.  I have ranked on her over and over again.  Safe to say she hates me.  I’m not even sure who Emily is.  Either way ladies, the welcome mat is out.  Have your people, call my people.

I literally can’t even with these people.  Really, they are going to bring up Travis’s mother?  The reason so many advocates know her is because she’s an advocate too.  In fact, she used to be pretty pro HiCaliber and that helped get them into their current property in the first place.  Obviously that was before Manson decided to be a complete shit to her.   Now they are trying to bully people away from buying a property.  I’m sure that will go over a treat with the owner.  You have Amberloser making more threats to dig up things on people and then you have Ole Sheila posting from her glass house.  I wonder how she’d like it if I posted her brother’s mug shots and the reason he’s in prison accompanied by the fact that she DEFENDS what he did.  Amberloser doesn’t want her business, friends and family contacted but she’s perfectly fine with putting that on blast for anybody she deems a hater.

This is a sampling of the various fundraising efforts that went on during HiCaliber’s suspension from the Attorney General.  There are many more screen shots complete with the time and dates stamps in my possession as well.  `Sandra Milstein’ which is said to be Manson and/or Angrid is involved too.  It’s actually kind perplexing to me how dumb some people are to hang their asses out on Facebook like they do.

I don’t know why this amuses me so much.  If you notice a common theme with all of them, it’s that horses are rarely ever mentioned.  It’s all about attaching themselves to Manson’s drama and being keyboard warriors.


Here they all are fighting among themselves apparently.  I guess with HiCaliber lying low on social media for a bit, they had to eat their own for their drama fix.  My favorite part of it is Mags, who is going to write the article on bullying, talking about humiliating people online.  So many pots and kettles here!

You have to understand the layers and layers of private and secret groups these people have.  Only a select few get to be in all of them.  Poor Izabelle tries super hard to be a good foot shoulder but she has trouble keeping track of the lies or maybe her mind just doesn’t work that way.  At any rate, the ones she thinks are her comrades in arms, like to talk shit about her in their bat cave.  Izabelle Kapp, come on down!  I swear I feel like I’m playing Red Rover with these people lately.

fireball coma

Ok, all you drama adverse people can come back now.  We’re going to return to our regular scheduled blogging starting with last Friday when HiCaliber finally got their suspension lifted from the AG.  Naturally, this prompted a drunken Fireball party, complete with Manson rolling around in her spilled drinks and food while eating salsa off the ground.  Village idiots sent money for Manson to drink even more as Wrinkles slurred for the camera and others danced inappropriately in the background before getting in their vehicles to presumably drive home after drinking.  Classy.  What I need everybody to realize is that this doesn’t mean they are cleared of anything.  The only thing that changed is HiCaliber finally filed their 2016 taxes and got out of delinquency.  This has nothing to do with their audit or all the other things going on.  Their original PayPal accounts are still frozen.  We expected this.

One of the funnier parts of the festivities was a very drunk Wrinkles asking Morgan from Pet Matchmaker about HiCaliber Haven only to be told she was long dead.  That wasn’t news to almost anybody but Wrinkles and was only funny because Wrinkles claimed she was her favorite horse.  This was followed by Wrinkles having no clue or memory of the other horses they had dumped off Pet Matchmaker’s way over the past 10 months or so. Way to follow up on those adoptions!

Rather than celebrate their ability to openly raise funds again by putting up some really good adoption videos, Manson elected to trail ride all weekend and once again, poor, skinny Braveheart was one of the victims, only this time he got to pack Romney Faye Baker.   Romney Faye was showing off her own unique equitation stylings that I like to call the `Fetal Starfish’.  Manson rode Chiefy the first day.  The poor mare hadn’t been ridden in months and Manson figured taking her on a trail ride up an incline was a kind thing to do while bragging about `going toe to toe’ with her the day before.  The mare was literally staggering as her ill-fitting halter slid down to further impede her breathing as she tried to pack Manson up the incline.  Again, this horse is too small for Manson.  Simple fact.  The second day Manson decided to pick on Paxton and, because she’s a gunsel, tied her own horse to the saddle to pony along.  You NEVER tie a horse to you.  Maybe if you know what you’re doing and are riding a seasoned horse, you can do a half dally, but only a complete moron would tie a horse to their horn.  As it was, Manson managed to fall off her horse  while he was standing still, followed by RFB nearly getting wiped off Braveheart while she shrieked and continued to stay live.  Because of this, I had this nice HiCaliber Horsemanship clip put together which includes wrong lead Amanduh,  JonASSthan getting dumped in the river last week and then Manson nearly getting tagged as she yanks on a stallion’s junk.  Good times!  Who didn’t have a good time is the horses that had to haul everybody’s asses on these trail rides.  They were all quite sweaty when they returned to the trailer and not a single one was offered a drink or had their sweat marks brushed before being thrown into the trailer for the long ride home while Manson likely did her usual fast food drive thru crawl.

Dane wasn’t on the trail rides this past weekend, but he does get picked on too.  He’s the horse with the droopy face they got not so long ago at auction.  Now, I’m not sure about everybody else, but if I had a horse with nerve damage in his face I would not ever put a thin rope knotty halter on him for any reason let alone to ride him.  If anything, I’d only put an open bridle to minimize the pain to his face which, despite some paralysis, is likely even more sensitive than a regular horse’s.  It’s this kind lack of empathy that never ceases to amaze me.  At any rate, Dane needs an upgrade in the worst way but chances are, now that he’s hauled Manson’s ass around without dumping her, he will have a ridiculous adoption fee attached.

I thought it might be nice to do a R2R update on one of the Louisiana horses that nobody thinks to ask after anymore.  She was a rescue transfer and went to her new home within a week or so after arriving from Louisiana.  The picture on the left is what she looked like right after arriving from Louisiana.  She was still in foal but in decent flesh.  The picture on the right is what she looks like now.  She’s still at the other `rescue’ who has been partnering more and more with HiCaliber lately.  They have also taken a page out of their book and started to buy direct from Bubba and put up crisis fundraising posts.  As anybody can clearly see, Denali, now named Savannah, is not thriving at rescue even months after foaling.  I don’t even have the energy to post the `training’ videos where they tie up feet on horses to teach them to pick them up or something.  I swear I’m losing my religion with this kinda thing.

dirty tanner runny eye


Last week Romney Faye, figuring the coast was clear now that HiCaliber can fund raise again, slithered out from under her rock to tug at the village heart-strings by reminding us that her son had passed away a year ago.  She also mentioned that while he didn’t dig horses in general, he`connected’ with his namesake foal, Tanner.  I’ve seen lots of people asking for updates on Tanner lately, especially since the last pic we saw of him was with a draining abscess under his jaw.  The above pic was taken the day after Romney Faye had spent the weekend at the ranch.  Not only did nobody see her go near Tanner the horse,  it is pretty clear this little horse hasn’t seen a brush or any kind of attention in quite some time.  It seems like I’ve said a million times that I feel badly for anybody that loses a child.  That’s not the natural order of things.  Nobody is making light of the situation no matter how they try to spin it.  Maybe we’re just not comfortable seeing a tragedy used as a fundraising ploy.  At any rate, a personal tragedy does not absolve somebody from being an asshole nor will it excuse RFB from her part things when this all comes crashing down.

wind knots and manure.jpg

I’m not sure who this little horse is.  Cleary he’s not in QT, yet he appears skinny with wind knots in his mane.  He also seems to be eating manure.


Unknown grey horse with a scab of some sort under his jaw.


Eclipse remains in decent flesh and finally has those godawful wraps off her legs at least to be ridden but looking at this picture, I predict may be body sore in the immediate future.  Let’s hope she is one of those horses that is stoic when in pain rather than becoming behavioral as a result.  Amanduh did mention in a recent video she was hurting after her ride.  The concept of bringing horses gently back into work after they have stood in small enclosures for months on end, seems to be too difficult for the HiCaliber crew to grasp.


Both the top pictures were taken of Braveheart within the past week with the one on the right being the more recent.  He paces a lot and they ride the shit out of him.  Not exactly a recipe for putting weight on a horse.  They decided to show him off in their recent grifting video complete with absolutely filthy water tubs as he paced back and forth in his pen.  I can’t say that’s a huge surprise considering he’s directly across from a couple of mares, at least one of whom they laughed about the fact she’s constantly `winking’ at him.  He’s only recently been gelded.  If I had to guess, Braveheart’s life has gotten quite a bit worse since he had the misfortune of being `rescued’.

Magnum continues to show signs of being bloated and malnourished on their most recent video.  Of course the Manson family think he’s chubby and have informed the village idiots that they should think so too.  He was out in the arena as Amanduh’s young Heeler tormented both foals and came close to getting her teeth kicked in a few times.  Of course this was very funny to Amanduh and Wrinkles.  That might possibly be because they have visions of the gofundme windfall that will happen when the pup actually does get kicked and they can go live from the emergency vet clinic and beg for money.



As part of their Griftapalooza 2018 to make back the alleged deficit, Manson went out and manifested some seriously jacked up horses from her usual friends.  In at least two cases, we were supposed to suspend belief and think that they would actually be accepted to run through Mike’s last night in their condition.  The two in the worst shape seemed to come from the same known location.

Of the unfortunate four mentioned above, this mare turned up on the roadside in Norco being paraded around for donations.  She had been hauled there from her original location by Manson.  From the video, it appears that trimming her feet would go a long way to getting her comfortable.  I can’t say for certain if she was given that chance or if she is currently in a landfill  Manson’s trigger finger has been pretty itchy lately.




Hard to know what part of this to comment on first. This was the second tribute of the two that showed up on the side of the road in Norco with Manson.  I guess I can state the obvious and say that this mare’s injuries are consistent with having been tripped.  Left leg blown up with scraped up knees, scraped face and what appears to be a broken right shoulder.  Just because she has 4 shoes on doesn’t mean she wasn’t tripped.  They get these horses free off Craigslist or next to nothing at shitholes like Ontario, trip them and get rid of them.  HiCaliber has rewarded all this by paying the trippers to cover their asses and get rid of their `trash’.  Then you have HiCaliber claiming they need a new name because this mare’s was `offensive and ugly’.  I gotta wonder how bad it was considering Manson recently named a horse `Foreskin’.  The biggest lie there was good ole volunteer Johanna asking if people seriously wanted her to be transferred and transported elsewhere in her condition?  Why not?  Manson transported her and her OTTB buddy to Norco to show them off on the side of the road.  The trailer is clearly visible in the background with the other mare’s hooves in the pic too.  As far as where they picked them up, let’s just say I’m aware of where they got the mares and where the other two horses are too.  We don’t have word on whether Manson, Wrinkles and Romney Faye shot this mare before they went to the wedding or if she got to stand in the trailer and wait for them to get their drink on.  We likely will never know.




Floofy was a branded Mustang.  Originally they said he was 10 to 12 and they did not own him, but for whatever reason they aged him by a bunch more on the website and came to own him.  They also said he was a compassion pull to begin with but a few days later, they said that he was comfortable and could go be a pasture puff.  Barely a month later Manson shot him in the face.  This was after cancelling an adoption on him.  RIP Floofy.  #sayhisname



Jupiter lasted even less time than Floofy after having the misfortune of being purchased by HiCaliber.  They said he was a `little’ sore in his knees but didn’t indicate he was on death’s door.  Honestly when you see what they transported and kept alive this weekend, how bad could this horse have been in comparison?  At any rate and for whatever reason, Jupiter was also recently shot in the face.  I wish I could tell you all why.  RIP Jupiter.  #sayhisname



I think that’s probably enough to digest for today.  I realize I’ve been a bit more quiet than normal lately, but rest assured I have been no less busy with this stuff. The information still flows.   However, the closer we get to the end of this journey, the more people seem to lose their minds and want to be heroes.  Quite frankly,  I’ve been kinda disgusted with the sparring back and forth that goes on over on Facebook.  You rarely ever see horses mentioned on either side.  Some people are in such a rush to be a hero, they can’t keep anything in their pants which makes a lot more work for some of us and puts the end results at risk too.  It almost makes me wonder if supposed `haters’ actually want this to end or are just enjoying the drama and attention. Make no mistake that HiCaliber is in its death throes, but now is not the time to be complacent either. We are a long ways from rolling around in Fireball and salsa.  I will continue to do what I do and keep people in the loop as warranted.  My hope is that some of you, and I’m not talking about the people who comment here, can be a bit more responsible with the information that gets shared.  This has been an immense and taxing amount of work for a core group of us for well over a year now and we’re not in it for the glory. True advocacy is never about that.  I promise that when the fat lady finally sings, I’ll share how it all went down behind the scenes.  I won’t do it for the glory, but so that the next time this happens somebody else can lead the charge. For now, please support the hard working and legitimate rescues in SoCal. We’re going to need every last one of them in the very near future…

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This is going to be short and sweet today. I’m working on a bigger post with some updates that should be ready by the weekend but I have a little guest post for y’all today.  Originally, I was going to put this open letter in that post, but I feel like given the absolute and extreme fuckery that has gone on the past few days, it needed its own spot.  It’s not a long post, but it’s a good one.  Before we get into the open letter part of things, I’m going to put a little context into what prompted this so that maybe others can see the level of bullying and paranoia that is actually being played out behind closed doors. I’m also going to bookend it some hypocrisy from the head shithead so please read all the screen shots.  As always, thank you to our poster for saying your piece.  I have nothing but respect for you.  This one is fun!



I hope I have these mostly in order.  It’s pretty easy to follow along anyhow.  All the usual suspects are fixated on Barbara Benson and this was from auction just this past Tuesday courtesy of Maggot and Pasterfuck’s private bat cave. Make sure you read how they tear apart this person who dared to show up at auction.  They even call her fat at one point and they aren’t content to tear just one person down, they rip apart anybody and everybody.  Now that we’ve got some context, let’s get to the guest post part of the festivities…


Dear Robyn, Suzanne, Margaret, Michelle Parsons, good ole Nancy, Tony and whoever else is oh so interested in me.

I am really not into speculations, so I will save you some time googling and spreading false information.
I am all for facts (something you have a hard time with).
Let me help you out here.

Not sure which poor soul you identified as me, but I was nowhere near Ontario, Tuesday 04.10.
As a matter of fact, I was shooting in Glendale.
I had a 8am calltime and we wrapped around 6pm.
I even made my FB public, so you can see for yourself.
I also wasn’t at auction with some blue water bottle last week or the week before.
Allegedly someone has pictures.
I must have a lot of Doppelgängers. I had no clue.

Gold star for figuring out my legal name.
Either you reversed searched my cell number, which is easy enough for $4.95.
Or the auction house identified me, which would be illegal, but then again, so is speeding.

I am totally chubby in the world of skinny Hollywood folks. No doubt. Maybe we should start a diet together. You don’t really look in shape these days either.
We do have a mutual friend. You guys went to school together, he said. If you need more info about me, call him. He knows me well.

So let me tell you about me.
I have been a producer all my adult life. A good 20+ years.
I won’t list my achievements or jobs. That you can google. Easy enough. Right.
I also consult on horse intense jobs, being in the industry and being a life long equestrian.
I am a private advocate and rescuer. Never make public who I support and what horses I rescued. But be assured, I not only financially support rescues, but also have a few horses in sanctuary from local rescues and find placement for horses in need in CA and out of state.

Remember the 25.00 mare, ummm blind gelding, from your epic rant last week. You know, the one with shoes.
I committed to that horse before he was loaded into Vera’s trailer.
He will be coming to my ranch after QT.
You saw me give ALR money. I did. For the horses they purchased that day.

I currently have 11 on my ranch, which I own. 6 are either fosters or sanctuary horses.
I have 2 out of state.
Needless to say. On my own dime.

I sure hope to see you all next week in Ontario.
Suzanne, I am still looking for 1 mostly white paint and a donkey .I found a good assortment in Billings, Montana.

Feel free to ask any questions you think are unanswered.
I really want to help you guys out here.

Barbara M. Benson
Ps: I do often go by my middle name. Long story. Maybe I tell you one day




The top few screen shots I pulled out of their auction attack posts for some flavor.   Obviously the pictures are of Mags in all her red-faced glory and then we have a long-winded explanation about how unbothered she is by that.  I dunno what Marg’s `fat ass’ has to do with HC and helping horses, but I also don’t really know what attacking private citizens has to do with HC either.  Doesn’t HiCaliber screech about the `haters’ stepping up?  So when one does try to do that quietly to help some horses on her own dime, they get torn apart in private forums.  Get over yourself, Village Idiots.  We’re going to need a whole bunch more people like Barbara Benson in the immediate future.  Meanwhile, buckle up because I got a LOT more to say over the next few days…BTW Mags, I know you say you don’t look like these pics anymore and that would be true.  You look worse.  You stick out like a sore thumb at Santa Anita.  Get a bigger dog to hide behind maybe? Also, I can’t speak for Jennifer Marek, but I’m the one that called you a moonface on THIS blog and I stand by that.  Your detective skills suck so much ass, Mags.  Grow up.

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I guess it’s my turn to make a post today.  I was actually enjoying handing the reins over to guest posters this past week or so.  As usual, there are a variety of things to cover, names to say and things to rehash.  It’s become distinctly unfun to sift through so much fuckery from the HiCaliber feedlot  lately.  With the overwhelming amount of information flowing in, I sometimes have to let things marinate a bit before posting.  I never quite manage to get everything down that I want, but hopefully enough to keep everybody in the loop. I tried to get everything in this post that we’ve mentioned in the comments over the last week.  Feel free to jog my memory if I’ve left something out.  You might want to settle in because things are gonna get frustrating with this post and I’m not in a great mood today.  I think it will be clear why by the end of this post.


Here are a few screen shots of Michelle lying to her few remaining volunteers.  As per usual, she always has an excuse for everything, they just aren’t very believable.  It also seems that Peace Love and Sage Lori Anne has dropped the new age zen act in favor of being hateful.  No word if she’s bitten the head off a guinea fowl and completed her initiation into all things Manson Family yet.


Let’s look at the current condition of the inmates at HiCaliber. Yes, the grey up top is poor Squirrel.  Remember some people said that it had rained so of course they were dirty?  All these pictures were taken 4 days and more after it had rained.  They are all recent with the majority of them being taken within the last 10 days.  There is no excuse for this level of filth and Manson herself mentioned having to clip the mats off Royal Gambler on live feed.  I have been riding horses since before I could walk which means longer than Manson has been infesting the earth and I have never in my life had a horse so filthy that I couldn’t knock the mud off with a brush or a hose.  That is some deeply embedded filth and neglect and from the above pictures, I guess it’s easy to see how it happens.  I can already hear the VIs howling about how they are rescue horses that come from bad backyards.  Go look up any of these horses and the length of time they have been at HiCaliber.  None of them came with that embedded filth.  Then you have Bella the one on the top right and she’s an adoption return that obviously isn’t exactly thriving at rescue either.  Still not convinced?


All these pictures were taken on March 26th.  That is Boone standing ankle deep in shit.  I’m not sure if he has his bizarre bandage situation happening under that filth, but we haven’t heard what his x-ray results were either and that was a few weeks ago.  The other pic on the top right is of Brady’s Kat and Lex.  They never update either of those horses.  The bottom left two are Radar and Trish.  Remember Trish?  She’s the one that was returned from adoption due to being diagnosed as neurological by a real vet and deemed unsuitable for use as a lesson horse.  Of course that was overridden by Amanduh and the 30% vet who think it’s just fine to strap small children to the saddle and use her for lessons.  From the above picture she’s losing condition too.  It would appear from today’s live video that Manson managed to get a few stalls clean to show off to the haters (more on this anon).  Show us the rest of the ranch, Manson.  I dare you!

chrome 3-26-18

Mucho Chrome 3-26-18

They don’t do so many updates on Chrome now that he isn’t looking so good.  As a result he’s been evicted out of his stall in the barn and sent down to stand in a tiny pen that is rarely cleaned as he loses weight and condition. He’s not super skinny yet, but give him another month so and I’m sure he’ll get there.  I wonder if they’d like Art Sherman to come out and see him now?  I can’t wait to hear how Maggot defends this and still show her big moon face at Clockers’ Corner.  I guess just like horsemanship, self awareness isn’t one of her long suits so the snickers and side eyes just blow right over her head anyhow.  All this because nobody wanted to spoon feed her another story and she tripped over her bloated ego.


I’m sure everybody is up to speed on one of the Louisiana horses dropping a surprise foal in Price arena about 10 days ago.  The mare is Tilden and was one of the healthier Louisiana horses which means it’s not really likely she saw a 100% vet for intake as Manson was pretty much doing them all by then anyhow.  However, in typical Manson fashion, nothing is ever her fault and, in the youtube video above, she throws all the vets under the bus.  The only problem with her story, is that given the fact this looks like a full term foal so unless they did an ultrasound to preg check Tilden when she first arrived, last May, anybody would have missed it, especially a 30% vet.  Yes, people make mistakes, even vets, but there seems to be too many `oops’ foals and fetuses floating around to be mistakes rather than neglect.  This mare went full term and was down in Price arena with all the other sick horses and Manson and the brainiacs the live on the ranch decided they were all too fat and put them on a diet.  Given the fact they can’t even be arsed to knock the mud off the mare after moving her to the barn, I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t bothered to check IgG levels on the baby or hang plasma to maybe give him a little boost and insurance against all the disease he has already been exposed to up in that barn.  Might be best not to get too attached to the little gaffer.


In my last post I shared some current pics of Braveheart who continues to lose weight.  In Manson’s world that means you ride the shit out of them apparently.  Even if he was in good weight, she is too big for this horse.  I’m not fat shaming, I’m stating a fact.  According to their website, this horse is only 14.3 H and Manson admits to being a quarter pounder.  Then you can add improperly fitting tack to the mix and it’s a recipe for a horse becoming `behavioral’.  One of the best ways to see pressure and potential sore spots is to check their saddle marks after untacking and from the screen shots above you can see where the saddle is crunching the point of the shoulder and one side of his back.  Properly fitted tack will show an even sweat pattern.  His feet also look uneven and in need of attention so I’m wondering if he’s seen a farrier since Luis quit HiCaliber.  Clearly none of the gunsels at HiCaliber, Skeletor included, are able to recognize this horse is too skinny, especially given the length of time they’ve had him.

I guess the ride a skinny horse thing is just how they roll at HiCaliber.  The above pics are Harper and yes, they are recent.  She’s also on every trail ride lately it seems and she’s either packing Manson or Wrinkles. Besides being too skinny to be working hard, her feet also need attention and while Wrinkles is considerably smaller than Manson, her tack is no less ill fitting.  I guess I shouldn’t complain because they are bitless after all and that’s the way of the future according to Manson.

Manson schools us on riding bitless in these clips as Amanduh rides around on a lame horse.  I’m not against riding bitless, but I am against ignorance and riding lame horses.  I also know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I had these clips pulled out to save the rest of you from having to sit through the entire thing.

Manson tells us all that we need to grow our skills and ride bitless as Amanduh demonstrates her `skills’ and piss poor eq.

Because she has an excuse for everything, Manson pulls one out of her ass about why they can’t put a rope halter on properly.  Manson figures it’s no biggie because the rope halter is still on bone.  I guess the nerves and pressure points on a horse’s face are not something she cares about, and feels she’s doing a `dance’ with the horses.  (it just me or does anybody else get this image  in their mind when she talks about dancing with horses?) It’s ok though, because she and Amanduh have `super soft hands’ and know what they’re doing.  That’s super obvious from the pictures above.  Manson compares her rope halters to a bosal, or at least I think that’s what she’s comparing it to.  Her bizarre pronunciation of it makes me wonder if it’s not something she invented in her mind or learned from the Google Horse Training Acadamy.  Nothing says counterfeit like not being able to pronounce standard equipment while telling people they need to increase their skill set.

You asked for it, here it is.  The auction meltdown where Wrinkles loses her absolute shit over this `blind’ horse and rants about people letting `her’ go to Misner for $25.  While Wrinkles is cursing Vera from Love This Horse and other advocates,  the `mare’ who was actually a gelding had already been purchased privately from Misner.   This caused a lot of drama with the Village Idiots and The Manson Family because first they were angry nobody bought him, but then they were angry they did it in the `parking lot’, which they did not

What actually happened with the blind horse is that yes, Vera purchased him after he’d been in the ring.  What people need to remember is that HiCaliber pays to be able to go back in the chutes.  Vera had no way of knowing what horses were coming through the sale until they were int he ring and, having a breed specific rescue, she’s primarily there for Arabians.  She saw the `blind’ horse go through and missed him for whatever reason.  Vera immediately had somebody talk to Misner and offer to buy the horse for $100.  Yes, there was a mark up on him, just like Manson pays him all the time.  The other choice was to bid against Misner and let them run the bids up way higher like they did a few weeks ago when A Little Rescue was present.  The bottom line is the horse was purchased by Vera by 11:30AM as Manson and Wrinkles were cursing and saying their village idiots would step up and save this horse.  I’m still not sure why Wrinkles was so outraged about the horse having shoes on.

The `blind’ horse turned out to actually have some vision and is in not bad shape.  The video is of him arriving at quarantine where he will have a real 100% vet assess his vision.  His name is Don Quixote and he just won the lottery as far as where his ultimate destination is.  There will be updates once he’s out of quarantine.


Jumping back to auction, Manson was trying to network a horse that was already purchased by Love This Equine.  She is stuck on people sitting on their asses and letting  a horse go to Misner for $25 while conveniently overlooking that she and Wrinkles could have privately purchased the horse as well.  She shows up at auction every week with a trailer even though she’s `not officially rescuing’ and drags horses home and continues her remote parking lot deals.  She could have very easily purchased this gelding too.  She also claimed that Misner got the rest of the horses but that wasn’t true either.  His number is 413 and he took home two after selling the gelding to Vera.  Vera was the buyer on the last horse who was an Arabian.  For somebody that preaches being a rebel and thinking outside the box, Manson sure doesn’t like it when somebody else does it.  They hypocrisy was thick!


Manson took her turn ranting about `other’ rescues and lying about the reason they are currently suspended.  I’m wondering why she doesn’t tell people why her PayPal account is still frozen because that isn’t something that usually happens when you’re just late with your 990s.  Actually, if it was as simple as a few forms, I’m pretty sure her CPA would have been all over it and they’d be up and running by now.  For comparison, and because she likes to use them as an example,  FHR missed that one form and had the situation rectified immediately without ever having a suspension.  Manson can pretend she’s on the hook for the same thing, but we know differently.  If you don’t believe me, maybe you will believe Romney Faye’s mother…

Thank you to Romney Faye’s mommy for confirming what we’ve known for awhile now.  It’s been fun to watch Manson squirm and lie about it but yes, they are under audit by the Attorney General.  The AG doesn’t just do an audit because haters made baseless claims.  They other fun part of Susie’s little rant is the `living stipend’.  That really doesn’t fit in with Manson’s previous claims of being a volunteer and not taking a dime from the rescue.  It also doesn’t fit in with Romney Faye being the only paid employee when she was CEO.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m also pretty sure that a living stipends aren’t retroactive meaning that they aren’t something you can claim after you get caught elbow deep in the cookie jar reaching back a number of years.  Then there are the ridiculous slaughter fables she regurgitates and we’ve only been over them a million times it seems.  If you want the specifics, you can look back a few posts where I posted the numbers and the facts about what does and doesn’t ship to slaughter.  Manson has saved nothing and, getting drug back to her feed lot to rot away in a small pen before getting shot int he face is every bit as bad as most slaughter horses face. The only difference is they don’t have to stand around as long as some of the inmates at HiCaliber do.  At least now we know where Romney Faye learned how to twist the truth and manipulate people.  How tellign that somebody her age needs her mommny to come charging to her rescue as she attempts to slither away and leave her good buddy Manson holding the bag.

Since Wrinkles had to pull her ridiculous rant down as soon as they realized they looked like dicks, or at least bigger ones than usual,  Manson manifested some blind ponies!  She couldn’t save the `blind’ horse in the ring but she’s all over the ponies from her regular flipper connection. I guess I’m not supposed to recognize the white double trailer pulled by a red truck that they came in or something.  Anyhow, the poor little souls were drug back to the HiCaliber shit pit where Manson had what appeared to be a prearranged rant on live feed.


While she was `networking’ the ponies,that ended up going to Jen Baker, this comment popped up on the feed, followed by a long pause by Manson before she kicked off into one of her rants. The first red flag was that she didn’t screech to get him banned or tell him to EAD.   She sounded angry enough as she trudged over to training to show off her less filthy stalls, which was likely the whole point of Doug’s comment.  What she wasn’t expecting was for the village idiots to attack him like they did.  Doug is the one that helped with Snuggles, has Trently and has done Manson quite a few favors.  Why do I think it was a set up?


On her Wednesday live feed, Manson briefly mentioned the marines had been out to volunteer at the ranch for a few days.  What they  mostly did other than put up a few shelters, was shovel up a whole bunch of shit including the area she showed off in her rant.  If you noticed in the video clip, she walks right by Mucho Chrome showing off the `clean’ stalls but the picture earlier in this post showed the condition of his stall before the marines were there.  They also seemed to be cleaning the stalls belonging to Amanduh and Skeletor’s personal horses.  Anyhow, that’s why we saw a clean stall on the live feed and why Manson likely arranged to have that rant.  Nothing is every quite what it seems with her.



This brings us to the part of writing these posts that I hate; listing the horses that did not land softly and make it out of HiCaliber alive.  I’m not listing them in any sort of order this week other than these are the ones that went to the killing field since my last post.  First up is Emerson.  She was looking quite healthy just a few months ago in her update video that they did.  The meme is what she looked like just before taking a tarp nap.  It appears nobody even took the time to clean up her face for her or vicks her nose, so I’m pretty sure they didn’t hot pack her abscesses and try to actually help her get better.  She deserved so much more.  RIP Emerson.  #sayhername



Poseidon also went to the blue tarp recently.  He was originally a purchase from Misner a few months ago along with two other horses.  There was quite a lot of lies surrounding the three horses which you can refresh your memory about here.  If you remember our guest poster mentioned that Poseidon’s original date with the tarp was the day JacksonMax and Beatrice were executed but Manson didn’t feel like killing any more that day so he got to wait around for another few days until they had enough others to get their discount from the meat wagon guy.  It’s good to know that a horse that is deemed too uncomfortable to rehab is allowed to stand around several extra days to fit into Manson’s schedule or maybe it was Amanduh’s.  She is now making up the euth lists and taking turns shooting horse in the face.  I also am not sure who it was that diagnosed Poseidon with bladder cancer, but I’m reasonably sure Manson didn’t spring for the diagnostics to confirm that.  RIP Poseidon.  #sayhisname

LeDoux also was shot in the face recently.  I don’t actually even know what the official reason is.  I guess we can attribute it to whatever bullshit diagnosis Manson pulled out of her ass that day.  He didn’t last very long with HiCaliber and, again, not sure he ever saw a real vet.  RIP LeDoux.  #sayhisname

Cait is also gone.  I’m not sure what her crime was either other than her age.  Nobody ever really asked after her and she was just one of those horses it’s easy to make disappear.   The high profiles ones they can milk a few extra dollars get the tearful group photo with the carcass and live feeds while horses like Cait just get blasted in the face without skipping a beat.  RIP Cait.  #sayhername

Happy Prayer is also no longer with us.  To be honest, I didn’t realize that he had fallen into the clutches of HiCaliber given the shell game going on the day he was in the Ontario parking lot.  Apparently, his former owners never did make contact or get him out.  I’m not really sure what to believe because he had bounced around quite a bit before having the misfortune of going back to HiCaliber.

This is where Happy Prayer was living right before he ended up at HiCaliber.  They got him in a parking lot deal from either Jose or Marco.  They are brothers and usually together so take your pic, although I want to think it was Jose for some reason.  These pictures were taken at Jose’s place and do you know what’s sad about them?  The conditions he was living in there, as ghetto as they were, were actually better than where he finished his days at HiCaliber.  I have no idea why this horse was killed.  RIP Happy Prayer.  #sayhisname

As recently as a few weeks ago Micah was being used by Amanduh for lessons despite being lame and listed as a `puff only’ on their web page.  He had clearly lost weight and condition since he arrived at HiCaliber in November even though they said he was only 8 years old.  There has been no official explanation for why he is dead, but his death brought the total up to 36 dead horses this year and we’re not even 14 weeks in.  RIP Micah.  #sayhisname


I think this is where I’ll leave things for today.  I’m sorry I’ve been slow with my own posts lately.  Rest assured that the information river still flows strongly, I just feel that the guest posts should be the priority when they come in.  I want to thank all the readers here for being supportive to our guest posters and continuing to keep the comment section awesome.  I do want to remind people to not get discouraged and think all is lost if HiCaliber is back fund-raising in the coming weeks.  We expect that and it doesn’t mean they are `cleared’ even though you can fully expect that Manson will be all over live feed making up for lost time and income and claiming they are.  If they are cleared, we’ll know it from other sources.  If you’re confused or wondering WTF is going on with that, just drop a question in comments and hopefully somebody will have the answers.  Who knows?  It might even be me.

******** By request, here is the most recent letter from the AG***************


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I realize I owe everybody a post from me soon.  I promise that’s in the works. However, one of the benefits of ex HiCaliber people speaking out is strength in numbers.  It seems to have opened the door for others to come forward to share their experiences knowing they are not alone and that others will understand.  I feel like what these ex volunteers have to say is exactly what people need to hear most of all.  These aren’t `haters’ or people with an axe to grind.  These aren’t the people who have been `moles’ although I’m sure they’ll be attacked as such.  These are people who had real emotional investment in HiCaliber and, as you can imagine, it’s far from easy to let go of that.   Not only do they bring the facts, they share the feelings that are behind them.  What I can offer is a supportive space for them to share their own experiences without being deleted or edited.  Still, I have to admit that today’s post surprised me when it showed up in my inbox and I struggled a bit with it.  The guest poster has not always been my biggest fan and I get that, but the struggle was with what she shared.  It hit me really hard and I felt her grief as she talked about her feelings behind some events we’ve already discussed from the outside point of view.  I think that’s really important  for all of us to remember, that there is a real sense of loss for many that have left HiCaliber and, no matter how disillusioned they have become by how it is run, the love for the animals remains.  I want to thank today’s poster for entrusting me  with her story to post for everybody.  I want to thank her for what she did for the horses while she could and I sincerely hope that she will share her compassion and talents with another rescue at some point.  Although I felt sad to the point of tears for parts of her account, I want to thank her for that too.  That’s why we’re here.  With all that being said, I’m going to hand things off to our guest poster and let her tell things in her own words.


From the first moment I stepped on the ranch, I felt at home.  We toured the ranch, and with every step, I felt a passion for horses renewed, and as I left that first day, I already could not wait until my next visit.  I loved it there. My drive to HiCaliber was approximately an hour and a half, so twice a month I made my drive to clean and fill waters and muck stalls. For the next year and a half, I worked everything around those two Saturdays a month.  

In time, I got involved in more things…I took some classes, and became a small part of the fabric of that ranch.  My daughter worked with the Orientation team and I joined the Feed Team, Glam Squad, and also stepped up to do adoption contracts (not nearly as much fun, but it helped the horses). I also took pictures and wrote about my days there. Quite simply, I loved being there.  

The problem with loving something blindly is when things start to seem a little off, you dismiss those feelings.  I did that. The times I had to fill empty waters, or dump and clean waters that were so disgusting, no horse would drink out them are endless. The crap build up in stalls that was nearly impossible to clean, the mountains of manure that grew and grew, until someone would just start a new mountain. Yeah, I would cry and then I would do my best to make a difference.

My first real aha moment had nothing at all to do with the horses. We were all there for a volunteer potluck, and Michelle was sitting there amongst everyone; glued to her phone while my step mom was trying to have some kind of a conversation with her.  A few of us walked up to the store, and on the way back, two of the roosters in the chicken coop were in the process of killing another smaller rooster. I banged on the pen like a crazy person, and my friend’s husband went in and rescued the little guy. We walked down to Michelle and I told her what happened and asked what we should do with him.  She just looked at me and said, “I don’t care – take him home”. No feeling, no nothing. I get he is just a rooster, but he was her rooster – she didn’t even bother to look at him. Thankfully he is now living the life of Riley (or Ringo – his new name).

While there are many moments I knew something wasn’t right, there are a few that stick out more than others. I am going to focus on two. First, was the day I discovered what Strangles are.  I was feeding, and I noticed Bunny was not eating. I spent a little time with her, and noticed she had a really disgusting open wound at her throat. I had my daughter run to find someone, and finally the head of the medical team happened by.  I called out her name and told her what I found, and her answer was, “we are aware of it”. Not anything about being careful, that this was not a flesh wound, it was something extremely contagious, nothing. We had a huge event that day, and there were many volunteers there, new and old, and Johnny Cade was there and the $160,000 Chrome.  Romney showed up to video the million dollar baby and was literally ordering volunteers around, she actually called out in a voice akin to the Queen, “Volunteers, volunteers (while snapping her fingers in the air), “Michelle wants these horses groomed for a live”. I was already cleaning up the area for said grooming, and tried my best to remain calm.  Around this time, someone brought Johnny Cade out for a walk, which seemed rather odd – he was supposed to be quarantined, and the horses we were grooming were also QT horses, and all the new volunteers were all over the ranch loving up on horses. Later that day, I was told about Strangles, and all I could think about was that poor boy. I don’t know if I have ever seen an animal with such a will to live.  He was special, and he deserved so much better than what he got. And that beautiful Chrome – he stands in his tiny stall all day, every day.

The next was not that long ago.  Again, I was there feeding. I came early so we could make sure we were done by the time the Glam Class started. We fed in the barn and I was sad to see Jackson Max back. He seemed in good spirits, and I planned on coming to spend some time with him when I was done. I always had a soft spot for that boy, and the day he left for foster, I was so happy he was finally getting a chance to get the attention he deserved.  My co-feeder and I then went to do the rest of the ranch. We were almost hysterically laughing at the conditions of the ranch. Fences falling down everywhere we turned, the shit piles, the stalls so unbelievably filled with manure there was not a clean spot to put the hay. It just seemed so absurd that this was okay. Not funny, but it was either laugh or cry, and you certainly didn’t want anyone to see tears there.  

Anyhow, we finished and went to the class, where Poseidon was getting ready to be bathed.  We were told this would be his spa time before going to Heaven. Michelle already had the Gramma mare tied up to the arena, ready to put her down, and then it was going to be Poseidon. We were all kind of stunned. The whole thing seemed kind of surreal.  I think we all had tears, but we kept on. I know the Gramma mare (I don’t even think she got a name) was in pain, and we were told Poseidon had bladder cancer, so we all did what we could to be upbeat and trust that they were going to be let out of their pain.

A friend and I went to get the horse we were going to groom, and on the way I told her I was going to make it my mission to find Jackson Max a place to call home. On the way back, we passed Michelle leading Jackson Max, and for the life of me, I do not know why I didn’t figure out what she was doing.  We tied up Chris, and I think it hit me, and I asked someone if she was putting him down. And pretty much as they were saying yes, I heard the shot. I could not believe it. I started crying; I think we all did, and I got rather loud and someone texted Michelle and let her know. The volunteer came up to me and said Michelle felt really bad, and she wanted to give me part of his tail. Like some sort of consolation prize – like that was going to make this any better.  I truly was kind of in shock and numb, so I just started grooming Beautiful Chris like a person possessed. Anything to not think about that poor boy. About 20 minutes later, Michelle comes walking up with this tail and proceeds to tell me how she feels like a dick, and I just took the tail and listened to her go on and on and on about how bad she felt, and she just couldn’t deal with doing any more. So Poseidon, who has the bladder cancer and was actually leaking urine and I believe he still is, was left in pain.  I put the tail away, and just focused on the horses I could help. We also groomed the Sushi Foals, who had never had a bath the whole time they were there. Two weeks prior, we had groomed them…again the first grooming they ever had. We actually had to use vinegar to get the shit and dirt off of Sake. They were not perfect when we got them done, but they were so much better.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that I realized that the tail I was given by Michelle was not even Jackson Max’s.  I don’t get the whole tail thing to begin with, and I was not sure what I was even going to do with his tail, but now I have this tail in my car that is not even his.  I have seen pictures of the spot where he died, and it kills me to think of the reason she could not give me his tail. What kind of human being does this? My advice to anyone who loves a horse at the ranch is this – make sure you talk about that horse all the time, make them known. Jackson Max was a quiet horse, and he never got the attention he should have. I literally cheered when they came to pick him up for foster, and I will forever feel guilty because I was not enough of a champion for him.  He should not have died that day.

I am no horse expert; I guess if I was, I would have seen through all of the crap sooner.  I will say, I learned a lot during my time volunteering at HiCaliber. There have been many success stories and great outcomes for so many horses, but that does not excuse the ones that don’t find a soft landing, the ones that are either put down or left to stand in squalor day after day after day.  And for those who say this is about the ’15 minutes of fame’, come on – I have shared my love for this place since day one – I got my family and friends to donate to them, to share and like all their endless posts for money, and now I have to tell them I was wrong. My word is very important to me and what does it mean now.  But right is right, and hopefully someone will read this and listen to that little voice that is telling them that this is not right.


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I have another guest post to share today.  This one is from a group of former volunteers.  I realize there have been a number of guest posts recently and I’m grateful for it.  These people are the ones that were there.  What they saw, felt and experienced is important for everybody to read.  I’m sure we’ve all see them attacked by Manson and the village idiots on live feeds and Facebook.  I’ve even seen some `hater idiots’ bash them for staying so long without realizing that without them hanging in there as long as they did, things would be far worse for those horses.  At the end of the day we all have our individual saturation points and we should be grateful that they have stepped forward with the truth knowing they will be attacked and harassed by what remains of the village.  When you are reading those attacks, it’s important to remember that Manson had zero problem with any of these people until they decided to speak out.  Without these accounts we would be nowhere as far as putting an end to this.  I admire anybody that can truly put the horses first which is just what the people behind today’s post have done and not just today, but many times.  With that being said, I’m going to turn things over to our group of volunteers and I’ll be back with you in a few days.  As always, this is their own words and experiences…





We believed in everything we saw, everything we heard, everything we were told… until the day our logic, education, and /or common sense told us something wasn’t quite right.  We were HiCaliber volunteers and leadership team. As we started noticing things that were inefficient, ineffective, or just plain wrong we brought them to the attention of management.  When nothing was being done over and over and over again, we finally each came to the realization that we had to leave. One can’t enact change when it is not wanted or ignored. Michelle can talk the big talk (for hours), but she doesn’t want change.  Her actions at the ranch, or lack thereof, spoke volumes to all of us – there was nothing more we could do. People ask, if we saw these things happening and never said anything, we were “complacent,” we were “abusers” and we “did nothing.” Little do they know of the things were being said.  Of course NOT on a public forum and of course NOT to the outside. We all believed, wanted the improvements to be made, strived to improve the lives of the horses and get them adopted. We were not about to blast HiCaliber publicly when we thought we could help make things better – We Were HiCaliber through and through.  All of our suggestions fell on deaf ears, or even worse were told they would be considered only to never be acknowledged again. One learns very quickly that when you question the authority at HiCaliber, you get pushed out, ignored, blasted and Michelle will talk badly about you to anyone who will listen to her. She bad mouths almost every volunteer because NOTHING IS EVER HER FAULT. She constantly attempts to pit one against another by spreading rumors.  Even the current residents and some volunteers still there today were Michelle’s favorite people to complain to us about repeatedly and tell us how they “Fuck everything up.” But, in the same breath, we were told to “kiss their ass” or “not get on their bad side” because “they could become the worst type of hater because they know too much.”


Can any of you see a RED FLAG here, or is it just us?


We spoke up publicly about Strangles at HiCaliber because we knew that it was not being disclosed to fosters and adopters.  HiCaliber would only tell a potential foster/adopter if the horse they were getting was in a current QT area. Most people don’t know that HiCaliber has no QT area.  We have all seen the horses being moved around the ranch like pawns on a chessboard with no rhyme or reason to who goes where. They pretend that one area of vineyard is QT, but that is just a joke.  They are sending horses out into the community without full disclosure. If Michelle wasn’t going to be honest about it, someone had to.


Michelle mentioned in her inewsource interview on March 2, 2018 that, “We get horses from auction and outside parties that test positive for it and it’s not that big of a deal.  Our biosecurity is pretty darn solid as far as when a horse has it to the point that it doesn’t jump the ranch….. What my feeling about it once was to what it is now…. I’m not as worried about it anymore as I used to.  People fear what they don’t know…..”


Well then Michelle, we will give you that much.  People DO fear what they don’t know. When a person receives a horse from HiCaliber to foster and shortly after it begins to show signs of illness and then blows its lymph nodes, you bet your ass they are scared.  These horses are being brought to private or public facilities with other populations of horses. These fosters who think they are doing wonderful things by training a HiCaliber Rescue horse are now saddled with the guilt of possibly infecting their entire barn with a disease that could have been easily managed if disclosed.  


Is Strangles a death sentence? THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME, NO.


Is Strangles highly communicable? YES


Should Strangles be taken seriously, even if in a non-reportable state?  YES


Would any of us have an issue with HiCaliber having Strangles on the property so long as it was disclosed? NO


Would any of us have an issue with HiCaliber having Strangles if we thought QT was done properly? NO


Does our issue come from HiCaliber horses being sent out that could have been exposed and/or sick to barns in Southern CA without warning or concern?  YES YES YES


We know of three horses (Breeze, JacksonMax and Squirrel) that showed up in foster, came up sick very quickly, blew out their lymph nodes and were subsequently returned to HiCaliber.  These fosters had no warning of potential sickness and were unknowingly exposing hundreds of horses in the community to Strangles, which CAN BE a death sentence to some. It is this negligence and disregard for the safety of our horses that led us to speak out.  If Michelle can’t tell the truth, someone has to.


Some may say we know nothing, did nothing, weren’t real volunteers, didn’t spend time on the property, etc. Well between those of us bringing you this information we have been involved and/or leaders on every team at HiCaliber. We have seen the internal emails, chats and group conversations.  We have collectively fostered 34 horses from HiCaliber and adopted 24. Not a single person can tell us we were not there for the horses, we did it all.


We want to give the following story as much credence as possible.  We need this to be taken seriously. We want the public to be aware.  Please! If you adopt or foster from HiCaliber, quarantine the horse, no matter what they tell you.


We are focusing on Squirrel’s story today to show you what a foster went through.  The foster has NOT spoken publicly and all of the information you will see below is from our side of things.


Let’s begin.


Squirrel came to the ranch on May 16, 2017.  She was Squirrely, a little hot-headed and head shy.  She needed one on one time and HiCaliber advertised her as such.  Below are her gorgeous intake pictures.

Intake 1

Intake 2

She finally found a foster in February 2018 and started showing symptoms of illness shortly after arriving

Squirrel Feb 25

The emails began back and forth between HiCaliber and the foster.  Luckily this foster had a vet check and Squirrel tested for Strangles.  POSITIVE. The foster relayed this messaged to HiCaliber with all pertinent information about the illness and proper quarantine offer with her vet.

HiCaliber declined.

email 3.jpg

Per the email above from Amanda, the foster was waiting for pick up.  The foster was not getting a response and messaged the main page. This was Amanda’s response to her concern in the foster/adoptions internal chat group.


The lack of concern by HiCaliber (Amanda) for someone who is only looking out for the care and well-being of the other horses on their property was crass and uncalled for.  (Although, for those of us that know “Nasty Amanda” or “Asshole Amanda” or “Abuser Amanda” it wasn’t that surprising). Maybe Amanda’s arms were still tired from beating the crap out of Squirrel to get her sedated for a trim before she left???  Who knows, but Amanda is a nasty piece of work, rude, disrespectful and blames the horses for her shortcomings. She has a very short fuse, but her training methods fit right in at HiCaliber. Take an already scared and abused horse, put them in a stall, never work with them and then smack them around or shoot them when they don’t learn manners by osmosis in a year’s time.  That seems very reasonable. Yes?


While HiCaliber may view Strangles as “not a big deal,” most people in the equine community do not want this infectious disease parading through their barns.  She just wanted Squirrel out to protect the other horses on the property. Is that too much to ask?


She was finally picked up on March 5, 2017 and brought back to HiCaliber.  She was put in Stall #41 which is directly attached to 2 other stalls, and less than 20’ away from the other stalls in vineyard and Price Arena.  Is this proper quarantine and the correct way to prevent the spread of disease? Put a horse with confirmed Strangles in a stall that is in DIRECT contact with other horses already housed on the property?  

Map Stall 41

This is NOT controlling the spread of the disease.




This is why we spoke out and felt the need to warn the general public in Southern California about the risk.  From start to finish, Squirrel’s case was not dealt with properly. HiCaliber does NOT swab and test for every blown lymph node, hence why Michelle can claim they have so few positive results on the ranch.  She knows darn well that if she swabbed them all, it would send up huge red flags. One here and one over there can give her an idea that the whole section now has Strangles. If we are wrong, please Michelle, let’s see the swab results for Bunny, Tanner, Bev, JacksonMax, Duchess, Legacy, Squirrel, etc.  Show us! Where are their swabs??? In the random stolen box from the med room that none of us had ever seen? The file box that has magical invisibility powers? Good thing vets keeps records too, just ask them for a copy and show us.


Squirrel is now feeling better, but here are some picture of her from March 18, 2018 down in Stall #41, not eating, nose-to-nose with other horses and not being given any type of special care or diet.  She was so sick, depressed, covered in mud and miserable. The feeders were actually sneaking her soaked pellets that were “not approved.” If this is what is considered rescue, we will gladly eat the foot that HiCaliber claims is in our mouths.

We hope Squirrel goes back to her foster who loved her very much. But her story had to be told to protect the rest of Southern California horses and to validate what we are saying.  Michelle can spout all day long that we are “spreading rumors” and “making things up” for our “15 minutes of fame,” but she could never be more wrong. We are the boots on the ground.  We are the ones out watering, feeding, mucking and caring for these horses while she stays in bed and bitches about the “admin work” she has to do “16 hours a day”. Bullshit. We know her, we’ve seen her, we’ve been first hand witness to the lies, neglect and excuses.  We tried while on the inside for improvement to no avail and now we are the whistleblowers. Nothing can be fixed by being there; It is a fruitless and frustrating effort.


Please, adopt from HiCaliber.  Save a horse. BUT, quarantine the horse(s) and don’t believe a word they tell you about any care they have had while at their ranch, including vaccinations.  The care and record keeping are substandard to say the least. There are some amazing horses there that need homes, but treat them like they are fresh out of auction and not healed out of a rescue.


And just in case you would like yet another reason to give us more credibility than Michelle’s open mouth, please see the contract below.

Again, in the March 2, 2018 interview with inewsource, Michelle said, “ As far as I know HiCaliber’s paperwork does say there’s a chance that things have been exposed.  It does say they recommend them to be quarantined when they get to their new place.”


Below is an adoption contract from March 2, 2018 (the same day as the interview).  We don’t see any type of Strangles or exposure wording, do you? Nope, but after that interview where she flat out lied (we don’t think she could tell the truth even if she wanted to) – the wording was then added to new contracts.

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