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Can you see the John Lyons quote on the picture above?  It’s a pretty nice sentiment and I can get on board with it.  I would guess most anti-slaughter advocates can relate to it as long as they actually believe in God.  Guess what?  I pulled it off our the Facebook page of our favorite slaughter supporting horse rescue, Willing Servants.  Apparently the insight God granted Holy Theresa of Willing Servants  is that the best way to treat and care for these `reflections’ is to torture, kill and eat them.  I know none of these delusional fuckwits actually look at slaughter that way because they have come up with softer terms for what it is they want so badly.  Harvesting, processing, and even humane euthanasia.  I realize their ignorance and hypocrisy isn’t news and it seems to get less funny over time.  What is news is that I’m so sick and tired of the whining these idiots do, I’m willing to make a compromise if they will just stfu and move on to something that I don’t care about.  Seriously.


While I know the prices of euthanasia and burial/disposal that the slaughterphiles frequently quote are grossly exaggerated, I do appreciate that doing the right thing isn’t always cheap.  Believe me, I know more about that than I want to, but I also consider that a part of owning a horse.  Personally, we choose to bury or cremate our horses because it’s what we can live with.  I don’t really judge anybody for how they choose to dispose of an animal after the fact.  It really doesn’t make a difference to the animal and even after cremation, there is a significant amount of cremains to deal with.  Since nearly all the players on both sides of this issue claim to be horse lovers and only wanting what is best for the animals while they are living, then why not compromise?  Let’s bring back knacker trucks!


Back in the day, that’s how it was done if you didn’t process your own animals.  You paid a nominal fee and a guy would come out and shoot your animal and either haul it away or process it for you.  Since nobody wants to admit that they are into slaughter just because they like killing horses and watching them suffer, I think this would be a great compromise.  Old Dobbin can live his days out in familiar surroundings and when his time comes, you call in the knacker and allow him the dignity of dying without fear and torture.  Even though it’s not an option I would ever choose, I could get on board with it if it meant no slaughter houses and no shipping across state lines or international boarders for slaughter.  Surely if you can’t afford a couple hundred bucks to make sure your beloved horse dies peacefully, you need to stick to gold-fish.  Maybe that’s unfair to gold-fish too.  Get a stuffed toy or something.


I realize my compromise is never going to be considered.  As we all know, it’s all about the money and enabling backyard breeders and bottom feeding horse traders.  God forbid we see little shops of horrors like Sugarcreek, Shipshewana and New Holland go out of business. How do we know this?  Because slaughter is legal in most states.  You can send a horse to slaughter right here on home soil.  The problem is you can’t do it for human consumption and sale without a USDA inspection, so nobody is going to make money off it and open up a slaughter-house.   This minority pocket of assholes, lead by the ever greedy and inappropriate Slaughterhouse Sue, want to mass slaughter horses at the expense of our beef, pork and poultry producers and the safety of the food on your dinner table.  I guess the fact that this just isn’t an industry that is ever going to profit the majority of citizens doesn’t matter as long as Suey gets to see her `dream’ come to fruition and line her own pockets.  There isn’t a shred of love for horses that factor into the equation.


Remember how the slaughterphiles keep telling us that slaughter is to save horses and stop the cruelty and neglect?  It allegedly provides a way of dealing with unwanted and unsuitable horses.  Horses that have no other value left in them but to end up on a dinner plate.  Well, I’m sure most of you have read about Cactus Cafe and Canuki over the past year.  They are two Thoroughbreds that raced at Beulah Park in Ohio, that were sold under shady circumstances and shipped to slaughter in Canada.  (http://www.drf.com/news/canadian-slaughterhouse-firm-no-longer-accepting-thoroughbreds) The uproar over this resulted in at least one Canadian slaughter plant refusing to accept known Thoroughbreds any longer.  Cactus Cafe and Canuki were both located at Viande Richelieu near St. Hyacinthe, Quebec in the kill pens ready to head to a dinner plate despite having been given banned drugs throughout their racing careers.  Thanks to the hard work of several people, these two horses, in an unprecedented move, were recovered from the slaughter plant and sent to a rescue.  Remember, that according to the IEBA, slaughter is a `humane’ way of dealing with unwanted and flawed horses.  Seems that Cactus Cafe and Canuki were anything but unwanted as people went to great lengths to save  them.  Are they unsound and untrainable?  Look at their recent pictures and decide for yourself if these were two horses that needed a dinner plate to give them value….

Canuki today....


Cactus Cafe

Cactus Cafe




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I’m going to apologize right from the start for this post.  It’s something we have been over many times before.  Even as recently as a few days ago, this blog and others have commented on this issue.  I’ve given up on trying to educate the PSAs, so I’m just going to use it as an extension of Point and Laugh Friday.  It seems a few of you have gone over to their Facebook page to try to educate them.  While that is very admirable, you are in violation of one of the cardinal rules of Dunce Club.  Thou shalt not speak the truth….EVER.  I’m not even going to even say this is the last time I’m going to talk about this subject, because we all know that would be a lie.  I can’t resist a good tarding. I’m going to wrap my helmet in tinfoil and revisit the dreaded Bute topic yet again….

“Ok one more time we know. we get it Bute is not supposed to be in the meat. But that don’t stop slaughter. Especially when a withdrawal date is figured out or a test can be implemented to figure out which horses are not bute free. How many times do you need this explained to you? You seem to be the only one who can’t understand this simple logic.”

– You know, I’m not even going to pretend to be a little bit nice or politically correct anymore.  The only `withdrawl’ this functional asstard should be concerned with is what his/her sire should have done and spared us all the grief of having these arguments over and over again.  Also, the only `simple’ thing I see is the person that made the above post.  What part of you cannot economically test a live animal for residue is so hard to understand?  It’s not about what is in the blood stream, it’s about what is in the tissues.  In this case it is likely to be carcinogens. Carcinogens are bad news.  I can’t put it any simpler than that. BTW I am making a citizen’s grammar police arrest on this person….

“Phenylbutazone has a withdrawal of MAXIMUM 72 hours. (48 is the norm, but we count 72 to be safe) it is a PAINKILLER/ANTIINFLAMITORY.
Clenbuterol has a withdrawal of 14 days (maximum) It antagonizes tha effects of prostaglandin f2 and oxytocin, with bronchodilator. (helps expand airways)
2 completely different drugs. Both have been tested regarding withdrawal periods many times, as they are actively used (within regulations-as per animal rights groups) in the performance horse industries.
Feedlot quarantines seem like it would be a perfect solution, granted that they have funding to feed the quarantined animals…not a bad idea.”

– God help me!!!!!!!  Make it stop!!!!!!!!

“Then my thinking is that we treat this as we treat dairy cattle and milk production.
Oxytocin is banned from use in dairy cattle…do you think famers still use it? Heck yes they do! But their milk gets tested before it is shipped to the big house. And if the test strip reveals any use of drugs and/or water in the milk, the milk is drained out of the tank and all over the famer’s yard, and the money lost comes out of his pocket.
They need similar testing in meat products. The cattle industry is much more strict. It will get better. They just need to put better testing and agents in place…all a work in progress…”

– I’m going to be honest.  I don’t have a clue what dairy producers do or do not use.  I do know that simple logic (their term) tells me that a fluid and a tissue are two very different things.  I also know that oxytocin is naturally produced in the pituitary gland and allows milk to be let down.  Yes, I realize you can give an oxytocin shot as well, but it is not nearly the same as a drug like Bute. It is not a drug nor is it a carcinogen.  It will leave the system.  I’m sure some of my readers can speak far more intelligently on this than me, but for now we’ll just all realize it’s apples and oranges.

“I find it amusing you are trying to say that “there is no withdrawal date” when in most other animals it’s out of the system in 72 hours. On the other hand I find it hilarious that you think some how a horse is sooooo different to a cow in how it cleanses itself of Bute.

– I’m not amused at all at this point.  Bute is banned in cattle too.  Why is this person so stupid and why are they allowed internet access without supervision?  Please send me a picture of this person so I can begin my campaign to bring back mandatory sterilization for idiots and use them as our poster child.

” lol, I realize that the FDA has nothing to do with animal rights, thank you for the clarification. My point was that OUR regulations in the performance horse industry, were put in place to protect OUR industry from animal rights activists.
I got my information from Dr. Jerry Black, DVM who administers drug testing in performance horses. They have tests available that can trace back drugs to almost 2 years prior to test-date, and which drugs have been administered that do not leave residue. A man VERY informed on withdrawals for those 2 specific drugs

-Drug testing in performance horses was put in to weed out cheaters and to stop the inhumane treatment of horses in the name of making money for their asswipe connections.  Anytime money and horses collide the way they are treated clearly needs legislation to protect them from assholes.   If she wants to give AR people credit for that, whatever.  The fact is it was and is still needed and if you think I’m mistaken, take a look at the Big Lick TN Walkers.

“shes’s gone XXXXX hate to have to do it but when folks start outright lying I’m not leaving that on. But I never thought of this XXXX. The horse racing world has been battling the use of bute in the preforming horses for as long as I can remember. They are probably light years ahead of the withdrawal date of bute in Horses.”

– Actually what the race industry mostly up in arms about is lasix.  Again, we test for withdrawal times for the drugs to leave the blood stream and not be `active’ in the horse.  Bute is an NSAID and it can be unsafe to run a horse under the effects of that.  Just because a horse can produce a clean urine test after a race does not mean that there is no Bute in their system.  There is an acceptable level for performance and an acceptable withdrawal time based on the average time for an animal to metabolize it.  The race industry is only concerned with performance level and have never looked into what residues are left in tissues.

“They absolutely are. And it certainly does leave the system. I am not about to write a book on how I discovered the exact withdrawal date on bute, because I personally have not don’t the research myself. But testing has shown that no residue appears after 72 hours. As for the clenbuterol, I showed the exact documents breaking down (hourly) how it leaves the system.”

– WRONG!!!!!!  There is an allowable threshold for Bute in the system for racehorses.  WTF is so hard about that for these asstards to understand??? (http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/dvm/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=697064)

“Well I don’t make a living from horse slaughter, so you would be incorrect there.
And I don’t believe the COUNTRY should be held responsible, I think the country needs to make the SLAUGHTERHOUSE responsible. Otherwise Canada will constantly have horses being slaughtered at the hands of people who just don’t care, which would be a sad waste.
Yes, kill buyers DO troll ads looking for fat free horses, that is correct. There are horrible people out there…now let’s talk about the other end of the spectrum…
The people Getting rid of those free (and fat, or otherwise) horses…suppose nobody takes them. Then what? They get sent to an auction perhaps? Then they may get bought…and what if they don’t? Have you ever seen someone take their horse to an auction and then leave it there when no one buys it? I know I have.
There are terrible people on both sides…the owners AND the buyers. And there IS a surplus, or there would be no sanctuaries or horse rescues BEGGING people to take horses home out of their overflowing barn.
I will not deny that their are production farms. But is it illegal? Apparently not! Maybe that is your argument? In which case, why are you arguing that in a post about bute?”

– Call me crazy, but why would I think that anybody that runs a slaughter-house cares a whole bunch about the animals they are slaughtering other than how much money they can make off them?  Also, why do Canadians care less about horses than Americans that want to slaughter them?  Hell, most of the UH gets behind a nutbar like Crazyass King that supports dogfighting, veal crates, foie gras, tail docking and countless other blatantly cruel practices and these are confederate flag waving AMERICANS.

I’m sure we’ll have to revisit this same topic about eleventy billion more times before next week.  The only thing these PSAs are proving  is how profoundly stupid they are.  I guess we shouldn’t even worry about it.  Thankfully the powers that be do understand the difference between withdrawal times and banned.  I need to take my own advice and just let them keep having this conversation, but I am constantly amazed that there is a group of such stupid people and they are all so evil.  I realize that fifth grade was the best five years of these people’s lives, but do they really need to inflict their stupidity on the general public?  They are exactly the reason we need so many laws in place about how animals are treated….My head hurts 😦

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The more I learn about the proposed slaughter industry, the more I think about my own horses.  I’ve mentioned a few times that one of mine was rescued from that fate.  I’ve had him for quite a few years now and I still think about it every day. He’s pretty much a one person horse now and I often think about what would happen to him if anything happened to me.  Because he’s big and `fancy’, I’m sure people would want him, Lord knows I’ve turned down serious money for him in the past, but I don’t know how he would do with anybody else.  Not because I think I’m soooo much better than anybody else, but because he’s a problem child due to past abuse.  I’m not sure if somebody else didn’t know his history, that they would do OK with him or have the patience he needs. I’m really not sure that somebody that didn’t have the emotional investment I have in him would take the time to learn to work with him.  He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, but because he is so big and athletic, he could be dangerous in the wrong hands. So, what to do?

We were actually talking about this at the barn the other day.  My one friend has actually written her horse into her will.  No, she didn’t leave him her worldly wealth, but she has three people designated that she would want to have her horse and made a provision for him.  She knows that the designated people are all anti-slaughter as her concern is to keep her animal out of that pipeline. I have another friend that has written me into the will to disperse their horses in the event of their death.  They knew I would place them in homes and see that they were cared for.  I have made contingency plans for my own horses with a provision from my estate as well.  I know that the fat bastards would be more than happy to be retired and they are perfectly happy where I keep them.  They would continue living right where they are and being spoiled rotten by the BO.  It’s sure never fun to think about stuff like that and you can’t exactly rule from the grave, so you make your best plans and hope it works out.

Not as easy to plan for is what happens if you lose your ability to care for your animals.  Not everybody boards their horse and not everybody keeps them at home.  There are almost as many situations as there are owners.  I know when I injured my knee and had surgery a few years back, I was the only person that was available to care for my horses on a daily basis.  I had surgery in the morning and was feeding that same night.  It was not easy doing it all on crutches by myself, but we made it through.  I actually had to ASK for some help from family to come help me get things set up, which included moving feed supplies to a place I could easily distribute their meals hopping on one foot.  I wasn’t overly worried about getting down to water them as my horses are pretty respectful of my personal space, so the crutches weren’t ever an issue.  Everything took far longer to do, but you do what you have to.  They continued to be a priority. The whole situation to get me thinking though.  I didn’t really know my neighbors and if I hadn’t had family in town and was unable to get out to them, what would I do?  Thankfully, I did know other horse people and had helped others out before.  I was pretty sure I could call in a favor if it came right down to it.  Now, I make a point of trading favors with horsey friends. It is important to network as you never know what will happen.

I’ve had horses all my life and have been lucky enough to make my living with them for most of my adult life.  Still, I have always carried at least two of my own horses in addition to work and they haven’t always lived where I work.  When I was younger, there were many times I went hungry, but I have never had a skinny horse.  They didn’t know I was poor, because I always made sure they ate before I did and I lived on what was left over.  One of the readers of this blog mentioned `human responsibility’ in the comments and I think that applies here.  Whether you lost your job or some other disaster strikes, you have a responsibility to your animals. We took their ability to care for themselves away when we domesticated them so many years ago. I have a horse on a special diet and I always make sure I’m at least a month or more ahead with his feed I buy.  I’ve always stockpiled hay well in advance too.  It’s just always been a part to my budget. Before the manicures and pedicures, before the hair salon, the animals are provided for.

Most of the plans I make for my horses, involve keeping them out of the slaughter pipeline.  I am not really an `in-your-face’ with my beliefs type in person, but I make sure that the people I have horse dealings with, know where I stand on that issue. There is not a single person in my family that supports slaughter.  I wouldn’t use a vet that supported slaughter only because I know we are coming from two different places when it comes time to make hard decisions.  Time and again, I see people who have lost their jobs or had some other personal crisis end up either starving their horse or putting them in the slaughter pipeline.  Life throws us all curve-balls and we can’t always plan for them, but we can be prepared.  What plans have the rest of you made if the unthinkable happens?

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I thought since yesterday’s post was a bit on the `heavy’ side as far as subject matter, I would lighten things up a bit.  I’ve noticed from the PSAs that they all fit in a certain mold.  I have yet to see a single one of them, Slaughterhouse Sue included, address a single concern the anti-slaughter people have without hurling insults and getting angry.  Only today, Ole Sue kept things classy by not only posting a fairly respectful email somebody had sent her with some questions, but also posted her long-winded and ignorant response.  She signed off with this:

” I hope that you take the time to reconsider your misguided and self-righteous stance over the proper relationship between humans and animals, and to appreciate the fact that your attitude and that of others like you is inflicting far more harm and suffering on the animals you profess to love, than those of us who are working to make sure that the breeds and species are improved and preserved at the same time they are cared for responsibly.”

She also posted this woman’s email address for all her unbalanced supporters.  Now I can see this happening on some social network sites that the PSAs like to gather on, but this is an elected representative.  I’ll likely bore you all to tears by picking her letter apart another time, but for now my point is that is exactly the types of response we get when concerns are raised.  For today, I thought I would explain why I am vocal about being anti-slaughter.


I’ve always been anti-slaughter. That was a value I was raised with despite coming from a ranching family. Being a rancher does not always mean you are Pro-slaughter.  I know many that feel the same as I do.   Horses were our partners and in one way or another I have more often than not earned my living off them. That means that despite what the PSAs think, I do think horses should have jobs if they are sound and healthy. I also think that when they have spent their best years serving us, we owe them something in return.  I learned from a very young age that my horse came first.  I wasn’t allowed to put a horse away with sweat marks, I had to do my chores before I had my meals.  I had to plan my social life around feeding and caring for my own horses.  When I moved out on my own, my horses came with me and I didn’t have the fancy apartments or vehicles that some of my friends did, because I had to pay for my horses.  I never gave it a second thought.  Just like I never gave my slaughter stance much thought because it wasn’t a factor in my life.

The first time I really got hit square between the eyes about the slaughter issue was when I started working at the racetrack.  In our barn, we were always very careful to place our horses when their careers were over, but I learned that wasn’t always the case for other barns.  I found out that one of the `gyp’ trainers made most of his money buying horses for slaughter.  He kept a few in training at the track which kept him in the loop, but they rarely won any races.  It was one of the worst kept secrets on the backside, but there was still a few people who didn’t know.  I will never forget seeing him buy a gallop girl’s horse at a paddock sale.  The girl was very sad that she couldn’t keep her horse and she gave him the horse’s leather halter and told him what treats she liked and lots of little details so she could be `happy’ in her new home.  The KB snickered.  Me, being young and not knowing what to do, said nothing.  That has bothered me ever since.  Should I have told her he was a KB, even though he had already bought the horse?  I still don’t know the answer.  Thankfully, somebody like that would not be given a license on most tracks today.

So, flash forward a few years.  In the off-season, I sometimes teach private lessons.  I mostly do it for friends or people I know as it’s not really my passion as far as horses go.  It’s not about the money for me, but more about if I want to help somebody understand or get along with their horse better.  I went out to a barn one night to teach a lesson and I saw this horse in a portable pen beside a trailer.  He was a nice looking horse but appeared quite `anti-social’.  Other than asking what he was doing there, I didn’t give him a lot of thought.  Or at least I didn’t until the following evening when my friend came running up to me and to tell me the horses was headed for a slaughter lot.  He was in the pen, because he had refused to get in the trailer the day before but he had an appointment with a northbound truck the following day and was going one way or another.  It seemed that this horse had fallen with his rider and got branded `unpredictable’ and `dangerous’.  The owner did not feel right about selling him to somebody else that may get hurt and felt this was her only option.  Call it divine intervention, but I had been to a sale to buy another horse earlier and had changed my mind.  As a result, I had a wallet full of money.  I waited around that night until his owner showed up and then I sweet talked her out of him for less than meat price.  I knew nothing about this horse other than his color, he was young and that he was very big.  I had no idea if he would ever be able to be ridden or not.  I just knew I couldn’t let him get on that trailer.


So, what about this impulse buy?  Well, it turned out he was very well-bred and had been shown before.  The girl I bought him from hadn’t had him long.  He was terribly abused before she got him.  He has a scar on his hip that I don’t even want to know what happened to make that.  It has been a long road  with him.  The first thing I did was get a chiropractor out to work on him.  I’m not sure if he was a mess from the fall or if he had thrown himself because he was a mess.  At any rate, once we got that cleared up for him, we started from scratch and he’s become a horse I never would have thought I’d have the privilege to own.   I’ve turned down more money for him than some people make in a year.  He will live his days out as `my’ horse.  This horse has become the face of slaughter for me.  There isn’t a day goes by I’m not sickened to think of him in a slaughterhouse and how close he came. Knowing how he reacts to unfamiliar people and surroundings, I can’t even imagine the horror that a slaughter plant would be for a horse like this.  Then factor in his size (a full 17.2H) and he’d likely be one of those horses that needed several shots in the face to go down.  This horse is one of the ones that Sue and her PSAs call dangerous and unsuitable.  This horse just needed a little understanding and a quiet hand. He is a gentle giant.  This horse is not unique and he is the reason I will fight slaughter until it is no longer a threat to any horse.

So this is my reason I am proudly `Anti’.  I am not telling anybody that my horse is the best horse in the world.  He’s not even my only horse.  He was just a very nice horse that found himself in the wrong hands more than once and very nearly paid a terrible price through no fault of his own.  He’s the one that made slaughter very real for me.  Like I used to be, many people are anti-slaughter but not overly vocal about it.  I want to know from the people who read here, what makes you want to make a difference in this issue. I think that’s the nicer thing to talk about rather than trying to wrap our minds around why some people are so passionate about killing horses like mine.  Although, if they can articulate their reasons, I’d like to hear them too.

BTW, yes, he is the horse featured in this entry.  His little spotted buddy was rescued from slaughter as well and belongs to a friend of mine. Pick him apart all you want, it won’t make a difference to either of us. ❤



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One of the most contentious issues for many animal welfare advocates is what happens after a horse is hit with a penetrating captive bolt or bullet.  The PSAs will tell you that the horse is basically brain-dead as soon as the bolt or bullet hits them, while anti-slaughter people have some real concerns.  It is a major issue because it speaks to the whole pain and suffering issue.  If we are to believe Slaughterhouse Sue and her tribe of the uninformed, horses sent to slaughter spend their days relaxing in bucolic surroundings with ample food and care.  When their time comes to end their days on this earthly plane, they are gently ushered into a pristine room and are rendered senseless before they know what is going on. They are handled all the way through by caring and compassionate people and they likely have harp music playing softly in the background throughout the process.  There is no dispute that they are bled out aka exsanguinated while they are still technically alive, but the PSAs will say the horses will not be `aware’.  Other than the blood and gore aspect, it almost sounds like a fairy tale.  It reminds me of  the parent that tells their child that the family dog went to live on a distant relative’s farm when they actually had it put to sleep.  They will tell you what they think you need to hear so you’ll be ok with it.  Unfortunately for Suey, animal welfare advocates are not children and are well aware that the picture she paints is anything but the truth.

It would seem our PSAs are, once again, confused.  This is hardly surprising as they normally eschew any facts, research or data that does not support their misguided mission.  While there can be some movement of a body after brain death occurs, PSAs have been quite unable to distinguish that from purposeful movement.  One of the main ways you can tell if actual death has occurred is eye response.  Even when a horse is euthanized under ideal circumstances any competent vet will check the eye for response before considering his job complete.  Simply, if a horse can still blink when you move your finger towards its eye, it is not yet dead and still aware.  A dead horse will not be able to look around, get to its feet nor will it be able to aim a kick at somebody.  While there may be a few flickering breaths, a dead or senseless horse will not display rhythmic breathing.  All of these things have been recorded and documented in the very Canadian slaughter-houses that Wallis plans to model her empire on.  Not a single horse was checked for insensibility.  I have linked it before, but if you need a reminder you can check out this link:


If the footage is too disturbing, I suggest you read the indexes which will give you a listing of horses that were not cleanly stunned and what occurred after.  It should be noted that in these instances a .22 rifle was used to knock the animals down. Many of the animals listed were very aware and able to feel pain and fear. If you recall, Temple Grandin has outlined that 100% of animals at slaughter must be rendered insensible prior to hoisting. For the mathletically challenged among the PSA crowd, that means even one horse is too many.

Since Slaughterhouse Sue and her band of buffoons keep telling us that administering a kill shot with either a captive bolt or rifle is so easy, I’m wondering why it goes so wrong in these slaughter plants.  It mainly doesn’t go right due to placement issues.  Horses are typically brought into the kill box unrestrained.  They move their heads around a lot which makes it nearly impossible to place the bullet or bolt correctly.  There is a relatively small area on a horse’s head that must be hit accurately and at the proper angle in order to effectively render the horse unconscious.  For bigger horses that enter the kill box it becomes even more difficult to be at the proper angle to knock them down in one shot. In cases where a captive bolt is used, it is recommended that the horse’s head be restrained and the strength of the cartridge must be appropriate for the size of the horse.  As we know, they do not use head restraints for horses in slaughter houses as they are considered inhumane and, at the present time, the animals are not haltered and held for killing as Temple Grandin has suggested.  That would not be cost-effective as far as labor or time when they have a target of processing one horse every two minutes.

After I wrote one of my initial blog entries about Rockville,  there was a lot of whining and finger-pointing when I mentioned they types of workers that a slaughter plant usually employs and the effects on a community.  While most ranchers, hunters, sportsmen are quite capable of killing an animal and dressing it out a few times a year, have you ever thought about what kind of person could stand there and kill animals, all day, every day?  Thankfully I’m not the only person that wonders that.  University of Windsor Criminology professor Dr. Amy Fitzgerald wondered the same thing and completed a study linking slaughterhouses to violent crime using the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report database, census data, and arrest and offence reports from 581 U.S. counties from the years 1994 to 2002.  Her findings showed support for the `Sinclair Hypothesis’, which suggests the propensity for violent crime is increased by work that involves the routine slaughter of other animals.  I will link the full report with all the research data as well as a summary article for those that don’t want to read it all.  It was a very involved study.  In short, Fitzgerald found that with an average sized facility (175 employees) the number of arrests will increase 2.24 and reports 4.69.  The larger the facility, the worse the problem.  Those may not sound like big numbers, but add that to an extremely small community like Rockville, Missouri. Remember, this was a study on VIOLENT crime.

In doing her study, Dr. Fitzgerald controlled such factors as new residents moving into a community once the facilities open, high numbers of young men and immigrant workers.  Yup, there is that dreaded `I’ word the PSAs got their panties in a wad over.  Immigrant.  “Some residents started to recognize that crime rates were going up and started complaining, and the SLAUGHTERHOUSE COMPANIES were quick to blame the immigrant labor pool they were relying on” is what Fitzgerald said. She compared slaughterhouse communities to those communities that hosted comparable industries aka dangerous, repetitive work not involving the killing of animals.  There was no rise in crime in those communities and in some cases, the crime rates dropped. More studies will be needed to figure out if the workers are committing the crimes and why it is going up.  The questions that researchers have is whether working in a slaughter-house desensitizes workers to killing or is that type of work attracting less sensitive people to begin with.  I don’t think it’s a huge leap to surmise that anybody that loves horses is not going to end up working in a slaughter-house.  I’m sure the PSAs will puff their chests out and tell us all that they could and they love horses too which is complete and utter bullshit.  They may have their fragile egos tied up in their horses, but you don’t love them if you could stand and kill hundreds of them a day or even watch.  Don’t forget, we aren’t talking about old, sick or infirm animals that you would be putting out of their misery.  You would be killing young, healthy animals that struggle to survive in the kill box. If you still think you could do that, I don’t want you living anywhere near me or my loved ones.

So, that’s the scientific explanation.  What about hearing from the actual work themselves? I feel that their own words are more powerful, so here are some quotes from workers that worked on the kill floor processing hogs. I don’t see how it would be the least bit different for horses, if not worse.  The source is linked at the bottom of this blog. I strongly suggest people take the time to read it.  These are the words of the people who couldn’t continue killing animals.  What does it take to be able to do this as your career?

“When you’re standing there night after night, digging that knife into these hogs, and they’re fighting you, kicking at you, trying to bite you – doing whatever they can to try and get away from you – after a while you don’t give a shit. You’re just putting in your time. And then it gets to the point where you’re at a daydream stage. When you can think about everything else and still do your job. You become emotionally dead.”

“So I go to their supervisor, a USDA veterinarian, and tell him workers are being hurt by live hogs…He’d be like, “Hey, I’m coming down.” And he’d tell everyone in advance. The main foreman would tell me the vet was coming down, then he’d crank up the stunners, walk around picking up pipes, and warning everybody, “Whatever you do, don’t use no pipes, the government man is coming down.” The vet would look around and say, “I don’t see no live hogs.” After that, he’d tell anyone who complained, “Hey, I’ve been down there, I’ve seen it. There’s nothing wrong with them hogs.”

“[The managers would] say, “That’s just muscle reaction, nerves. It’s not alive.” I’d say, “Then why’s the damn hog trying to bite me? Just how stupid do you think I am?”

“My wife…couldn’t take the bitching any more. I’d blow up at the drop of a hat, come home every night and find something to complain about, take my frustrations from work out on my family.”

“Today, if somebody gave me a choice of going without a job or working for [the slaughterhouse], I’d go without a job. I’d mow lawns, fix cars. I’d do anything before I’d do that again.”

I don’t know about everybody else, but I think the sources of this information are all pretty credible.  Slaughterhouse Sue and the consortium of ignorance will discredit and minimize every single fact that does not further their agenda.  People need to realize that Suzy lives in  sparsely populated constituency whose numbers are rumored to be mostly made up by her inbred clan.  The only thing this creature has been successful at is pumping out kids at an alarming rate.  As an animal welfare advocate I want these issues addressed.  If I lived in one of the communities that she wants to host a slaughter plant I would DEMAND it.  So far the only thing I’ve seen from her is lies and chicanery.




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I wasn’t sure I was going to make this a regular feature of this blog, mostly because I figured there was no way the PSA crowd could lower their level of self-awareness and intelligence on a consistent basis.  I’m happy to report they have not disappointed us and really had a banner week in the crazy department including the return of some old favorites.  Sorry folks, this is gonna be a long one.  Without further ado, we have Point and Laugh Friday brought to you by the letter `I’ for ignorant!

After being somewhat dialed down since her banning from this blog, our buddy Daffy was back and in fine form.  It would seem everybody’s favorite spelling bee champion has been far too busy running around like the Town Crier to gain a shred of self-awareness.  She has been busy copying and pasting posts from various pages and blogs and reporting back to the bat cave with impressive tenacity.  The humorous part is that Daffy doesn’t like to admit she reads here or other places so the new code is `I had my techie email me with blah blah blah…”  Sadly, the `techie’ has no more reading comprehension than Daffy does.  From what I understand, `the techie’, which is any or all of Daffy, Daffy’s mommy, and other members of her inbred family, is a member of several closed  anti-slaughter groups.

To kick off the week, Daffy posted up this video of her `retired at 9 yrs of age’ crippled horse, to prove that he wasn’t actually a cripple. This is how she introduced it:

“I hope this works– Now this is a vid and YES im proud of it, and I don’t care what the EZ’s say. Now for all of you horse owners that have had a older horse and they know that a youngen is on their backs they will take small short, steps as not to scare them, etc. The ez’s have told me he is crippled and needs to be put down,”

Note that she is proud of this video.  She’ll remove the link quick, so click it while it’s hot people!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSi_LjQV5f4&feature=channel&list=UL.  If I didn’t feel so badly for the horse, it was a little bit funny to watch her PSA buddies attempt diplomacy in their responses.

” he is considerably off at times.. without even being able to see his legs. but without a better video, its hard to tell much more.”

” To be honest, he looks excessively sore on his front end, not just short strided because of a youngster but sore. I couldn’t say crippled and needs to be put down from this one small clip, but he sure doesn’t look comfortable to me. The range of motion is off as he is actually taking fair sized strides, but the way he puts his feet down looks like he’s rocked back off his front feet and is patting the ground rather than step over himself. He looks lame on the left front, he quick steps anytime he has weight on that foot, he doesn’t have an even walk, and it’s the same leg each step. Sorry, but I wouldn’t class him as even passably sound based on that clip.”

How’s that `herbal’ Bute working out for you, Daffy?  FFS give this horse some real  pain meds already! Daffy still doesn’t think he’s all that bad and chose to drop the subject.  Maybe she’s planning on filling her freezer with his carcass this winter or something.

As busy as she was this week, it was hard to choose the highlights.  She also decided to lecture somebody on breeding in an astonishing lack of self-awareness, even for Daffy.  Apparently this person is standing an unregistered Palomino at stud and Daffy took issue with it.

“what has he done to be allowed to keep his well balls?”

“ok wait he is NOT reg. and I have seen many more better studs that throw color. Im sorry but in my opinion he should not be breeding anything until he proves himself. Not trying to be mean, but he should not be breeding”

and this is why we have problems. this guy is telling me that his horse is special cause its apally. big deal dude, he has a straight shoulder, toes in, short backed, and looks to be mutton withered, BUT oh hes 4 and has produced over 10 foal”

All of this is hilarious because Daffy herself bred a colored stud whose lifetime accomplishments consisted of getting hurt and getting an erection.  For more shits n giggles you can read some of Daffy’s greatest hits here  http://forums.horsecity.com/index.php?showtopic=29081022 where she complains about the judging at the show she couldn’t win a class at and then gives us all a little English riding lesson telling us to pinch with our knees.  Apparently, I’ve been riding wrong my entire life!  And, since she saw fit to post the other person’s full name and phone number in her bat cave….behold her breeding stallion with champion bloodlines…..Tell the FBI they can contact `my techie’, when you ring them up, Daffy.

As I covered earlier in the week, Mendy aka Naughty Tobiano continued with her own histrionics and delusions. I thought it best to deal with each personality separately.  She has gotten all her Facebook accounts back working after getting sent on a time-out for harassing people, including children.  It becomes quite difficult to keep up with all her different stories, but after `going out of business’ due to losing her job, she then talked about teaching lessons again.  After some posters left comments on this blog, Mendy went into a frenzy of oversharing and naming and shaming many of her past students.  Now, maybe it’s just me, but I would think if I had a pissed off past client, that would stand out for me.  Not Mendy, she has a list as long as her nose in full-on lying mode and still can’t figure it out, so she has elected to be pissed at everybody.  Although she can’t afford to feed and keep her horses and has lost her job, she apparently can afford to keep a lawyer on retention. At least that’s what she’d like us to believe.  Go figure….

Naughty Tobiano has also had a busy week.  While NT’s account was suspended and reinstated on Facebook at exactly the same time as Mendy’s she/he continued the charade of being male complete with lots of talk about his/her genitals and a proud declaration of loving `bush’.  Ummmm, apparently somebody forgot to inform him/her that it is no longer the 70’s and people…..ummmm…..groom themselves and stuff now.  I haven’t heard anybody refer to that as THAT since the disco era and my mind’s eye now needs bleach.  Moving on…..After declaring himself/herself a `brutally handsome’ man that likes to touch himself a lot, NT finally posted a picture.  It’s not all that revealing other than a lack of manscaping, suggestion of manboobs and maybe being a slightly less bloated version of the alter ego’s hubby.  The white rental walls and redneck sword collection in the background were a nice touch.  You stay classy, NT!

It seems our buddy NT is quite concerned with the amount of traffic and comments over here and has now taken to refusing to answer questions on either Facebook page, instead telling them to go over to the blog and ask there. Earlier in June NT posted this:

“If you have not joined as a member of the blog, following it—please do so. The more people who see YOU reading it, the more they are likely to take a peek too!!!”

Followed by this last week….

If you really want responses answered, the best place to post would be the blog. If you would like to repost the question. I am not going to play hide and seek. You are right however, this is actually a team and it depends on who is answering what at the time. Some of us get a little crankier than others. A few are totally tongue in cheek.”

I’m taking this to mean that the way you are answered over there may be entirely dependent on whether or not `somebody’ has taken their meds.  Considering NT has always been abrasive and rude, it’s no great mystery why people choose not to spend a lot of time making comments on that blog.  I’m sure we’ll see a drastic personality change in the upcoming weeks in order to boost traffic. 

After posting a blog `announcing’ a 2 week vacation due to having a life or some such bullshit as well as the death of a `team’ member (rumored to be yet another of Mendy’s horses), NT was back less than two days later posting a rather long-winded diatribe about how little he/she cares what any of the rest of us say or think liberally peppered with names and insults.  Don’t forget this was after an earlier blog entry whining about being picked on.  There seems to be a common theme here.  Here’s a clue NT, if you want people to post on your blog, maybe don’t insult them in the body of your posts and then complain that nobody from the other side of the argument will come have a discussion with you. They especially aren’t motivated to come talk to you when you post stuff like this: “This is my page not some social responsibility site or education site. I get to put up on it what I want and if I want to delete you all, I surely could do that as well.”


Also, you need to remember the stories you tell.  You claimed to not have a significant other on Facebook and then you said you had one on your blog today under the same persona.  Pretty sure we’ll all need a scorecard to keep track soon. You see, here’s the problem with telling lies…You always have to remember what you told and to whom.  If you tell the truth, you never have those kinds of problems.  Now, I don’t claim to be a genius, but I do know how old I am and I don’t have to think about it when asked.  Seems NT has a problem remembering….(these are posted in chronological order exactly how they appeared less than 48hrs apart)……OOPS

I’m a 39 year old redneck, gun shooting, boot wearing, tractor driving, skirt chasing, testosterone filled brutally handsome man

“See—-here’s the thing ya fucking sock poppets—-you ain’t gunna get anyone to say who is on the team—-and you cannot PROVE I AM MENDY any more than you can DISPROVE I AM a 38 yr old shoer”

The online faction of PSAs continue to decrease as they have turned up the crazy dial to near maximum this week.  In between Mendy using the NT persona to pay herself compliments and back up her fabrications, Daffy copy and pasting absolutely everything she sees online while her children probably sit around in shitty diapers, the PSAs began to turn on each other.  In one instance, they turned on one of their more articulate supporters because she dared to join and anti-slaughter group (even though she identified herself as PSA) in order to get information.  First rule of Dunce Club is thou shalt not question their lies. Second rule of Dunce Club is thou shalt not seek out the truth. Maybe she got sick of hearing about how sexy Mendy wishes she was and what a great little horse abuser Daffy is.  All I do know is that while this person has not bad mouthed anybody, they are carving her up like a cheval rump roast in their bat cave and she hasn’t been the only one to bow out lately.

This week also saw Captain Douchebag Duquette momentarily wake up from what I can only imagine was a tainted Bute burger stupor mostly to whine about the fact that his quotes in Lubbock Online did not make any sense. “Rarely does an interviewer get right what I say, two of the quotes make no sense at all, this is what we were dealing with today” Captain Douchebag claims he was misquoted, but this writer wonders if he has ever listened to himself speak or read any of his other incoherent ramblings, because as far as I can tell, it was business as usual for Slaughterhouse Sue’s right hand man.  You can read the article and decide for yourself here: http://lubbockonline.com/filed-online/2012-07-10/horse-slaughtering-be-focus-committee-agricultural-and-rural-affairs-hearing#.T_-LOfXrS1g  Because Slaughterhouse Sue was quite busy on Facebook this week, one can only assume that Captain Douchebag was quickly re-muzzled and put away in an effort at damage control.

As I have mentioned, Slaughterhouse Sue has been Facebooking her ass off this week.  She has been posting up a storm and sucking up to her little Missouri minion Whacky Jacque Miller. In between goosing Holy Mother Theresa Manzella and stroking Whacky Jacque, Slaughterhouse Sue found no time to pimp or compliment The Naughty Tobiano blog which I’m sure does not bode well for NT’s raging insecurity.    Sadly, Jacque did not consult Suey before posting up one of her propaganda pieces and did not word her poll to Sue’s satisfaction.  Jacque gave the following choices on her piece about eating horses, complete with a recipe (I have not altered spelling or grammar on her poll choices):

  • yes, i would try it at least once
  •  maybe, i’m not sure, it would realy depend on how it was prepared
  • no, not unless i were starving in a life or death situation, then i would
  • no, not under ANY circumstances

Ole Suey’s comment on the article was ” I love your article! But you need another option on your poll question, something like “Yes, I have eaten horse meat and I think it is great!” That would be the option that I would choose.”

Could this woman possibly be any more vile?  Do you see any of the Anti-slaughter leaders on Facebook or any other social networking medium being so disgustingly unprofessional?

This was supposed to be an important week for the PSA front.  The Texas State Senate Committee on Agricultural and Rural affairs held a meeting to hear testimony on what the economic impact was after horse slaughter was banned in that state in 2007.  While officially it was said to be an information gathering session, some felt that this may be the first step towards getting the ban lifted and slaughter houses in Texas re-opened.  Ole Suey implored her United Horsemen to  attend and save the horse industry. Apparently The United Horsemen felt they had so much support in Texas it wasn’t necessary for anybody to interrupt their online fuckery and actually attend the meeting.  Oops.  Despite Captain Douchebag Duquette’s assurances that “There will be no lack of support from Texans for that”, the last I heard was that 28 people spoke against horse slaughter and only 2 people spoke in support of it.  We are all waiting with eager anticipation on how Slaughterhouse Sue is going to spin this one for her ever dwindling supporters.

In another head scratcher, Slaughterhouse Sue announced that we are perilously close to having horses extinct after posting some graph from the Arabian horse association.  Yes, you read that correctly, the very same person who has run around saying that there are all these unwanted horses that necessitate slaughter, last week said we are running out of horses.  Don’t believe me?  Here is her quote:

“I just came across this on a different group.  Seeing the graph is pretty startling.  Really makes it hit home how seriously close we are to completely losing horses in our lives.  Sure this is just one breed, but we have seen all of the statistics…all of them are down over 70%.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this trend is a sure recipe for extinction”

Actually I would say it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to surmise that if you are concerned that horses will become extinct, then slaughtering  them at a rate of 300 per day in numerous slaughter plants probably isn’t the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen.  When one of the PSA faction dared to disagree, Suey responded with this:

“the fallacy of your argument is that horses were over $1 per pound in the mid to late 1980’s which you will notice on this chart where there were the most horses ever — 30,000 registered Arabians alone — so obviously your argument makes no sense. By your reasoning that is when they should have been the cheapest. I would argue that the reason we had lots of horses at that point, is because ALL horses had good value. The more they are worth, the more we have. Simple economics.”

As I said earlier in the week….`Sweet Cheezus, I can’t make this stuff up’.  I’m not sure if this creature is just that stupid or it is pure arrogance that allows her to think that one single person with a firing synapse can’t see how often she contradicts herself.  You could drive NT’s ego through the holes in most of her arguments.  Seriously, WTF???????

As you can see it’s been a busy week for the PSAs.  Hopefully, by recapping their shining moments once or twice a week, we can deal with the real issues the rest of the time.  At least we know that while they are all sitting around congratulating themselves on what fine horse people they are and trading horrific injury pics and stories about their horses, the Anti-slaughter advocates have been busy actually making a difference. They say that birds of a feather flock together and boy is that ever true with that group.  The more I see of them, the less concerned I am that slaughter houses will ever be re-opened.  At least they give the rest of us something to laugh about when we need a break.

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Thankfully, the PSA front only engaged in regular buffoonery today so we can get back to our regular scheduled programming. It seems that we can’t move on from the Bute tainted meat issue no matter how hard I try.  Our PSA counterparts are operating under the misguided notion that each and every cut of meat is tested and since there is rarely ever a recall, that means that this whole Bute issue is a non-issue.  I’m not sure whether some of them know better and are just glossing it over or they actually believe that.  Probably a bit of both.  Having observed them in action, nothing would surprise me at this point.  I’m going to attempt to break it down as simply as possible and leave some links for the readers that want in-depth information or, for our lurkers,  just more ammo to twist around and push their pro-slaughter agendas.  What can I say?  I’m a giver that way.

I thought that looking at Canadian guidelines would give us a clearer picture on how they test for Bute in exported meat. Canada also has to operate in accordance to EU guidelines the same as the US would should slaughter houses be re-opened.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency(CFIA) is in charge of testing and, obviously,  Bute is banned in any food-producing animals, including those intended for slaughter.  The common misconception that I see floated around by the PSAs is that since they test all meat, that means the horse meat that makes it to the market is perfectly safe.  This is not true and how could it be?  Did anybody honestly think that there was a team that took samples off each and every carcass, and then held said carcass until the lab results are back?  If that was the case, we would never have recalls on the market for any meat.  Often times they don’t realize there was a problem until somebody gets sick and with things like Bute, it’s going to take YEARS before you get sick.  Kinda difficult to trace your cancer back to a Bute filet 20 yrs ago.  What actually happens is that they take random samples to test.  This is in accordance with the standards set out by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization.  When there are results that raise concern, they will often increase the frequency of their sampling.   Is that vague enough for you?

CFIA will also do some random testing on animals based on observing them before they get in the kill box.  Every slaughter-house has vets on staff who supervise their trained inspectors.  Their job is to make a guess about any animal, based on its appearance and/or history that may have been treated with Bute and hold that meat back until testing is complete and comes back clean.  They will also examine animals after slaughter for signs of arthritis or other conditions that might mean the horse had Bute.  Does that make you feel safer?  It shouldn’t.  I have one horse that is big, sound and young and also not a Thoroughbred. There would be nothing about this horse to suggest that he had ever had any conditions that meant he was Buted and I’m sure he would sail right through the kill line.  The fact is he’s had a lot of meds over the years, including ACE (banned), Banamine(banned), Bute(banned), Furacin(banned).  In fact, most horses that have had their teeth done or gelded have had ACE.  We give Bute to a horse that spikes a fever and how would they ever know that?  This is fuckery at its finest.


Ok, there are actually other safeguards in place.  The countries that Canada exports horse meat to also do their own random testing. This includes EU countries and Japan.  Also, beginning in July 2010 CFIA made it mandatory for every horse, regardless of where it came from to have an Equine Information Document that details all vaccinations and meds the horse had within the previous six months. Here is a sample of an EID http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/fssa/meavia/man/ch17/annexee.shtml#e2  Do you honestly think your friendly neighborhood kill buyer is going to know this information and hold each and every horse for six months before shipping them? Do you feel safe yet?  Especially since they used the wording of `to the best of your knowledge’ on the document which gives the shipper/broker an automatic out as far as what’s in a horse’s system.  Surely nobody would ever fill out a false report or lie on such a document…..Yeah right!



Now it seems that the EID program in Canada is relatively new and isn’t in full swing as far as I’m aware.  I have family and friends in Canada and none of their horses have electronic passports or identification documents like they were supposed to by last year.  Yet, Slaughterhouse Sue wants you to believe that not only will she have a fully retro-fitted, state of the art, facility up and running by the end of this year, she will also make sure that the EU regulations that they need to comply with by 2013 will be in place as well.  Canada has been at this a long time and it still hasn’t gotten its act together. Another interesting fact is that until the EU set out these regulations, the ONLY thing they tested horse meat for was trichinosis (roundworms) despite Bute and a crapload of other drugs being banned for years.  It has only been less than 2 years that Canada has been testing for Bute in horse meat.  No wonder it’s hard to dig up data on long- range effects of consuming Bute tainted meat.  Does anybody feel like being a lab rat?

So what does this mean for  slaughter in the US?  It means that Slaughterhouse Sue is lying to everybody.  Maybe she doesn’t know better, maybe she does.  The point is that should the US decide to fund USDA inspections and re-open slaughter plants, they have exactly one year to be in full compliance with EU regulations as far as having a tracing system comparable to the EU passport system.  That means each and every horse presented for slaughter must have a document listing any and all medications they have had in their lifetime.  That will automatically disqualify all these alleged 170,000 unwanted horses Suey keeps screeching about.  There is no way they could slaughter all of those horses prior to July of next year even if they started tomorrow.  Where is she going to get all these horses to kill?  An interesting comment left on this blog mentioned that Slaughterhouse Sue’s brother just so happens to breed and raise Belgians and Haflingers.  Those happen to be two of the most popular breeds raised specifically for slaughter.  Think about it.






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