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Happy Thanksgiving!  I thought I should probably dispatch this post before everybody gets too busy, cooking, eating and participating in some festive family dysfunction. On the surface, it was a more quiet week at the Manson Family Feed Lot, but that wasn’t actually the case. Shocking, I know.  Not only do we have the regular auction hijinx to discuss, but also an Open House, some monumental lies and things that just kinda make you want to scream, but not in a fun way.  Because we have some more names to say and I know that weighs heavy on most of us, I thought it might be best to lob a softball and talk about the Open House to kick things off.  That means it’s time to gather round, grab some holiday cheer and pull up a chair.  I suggest moving any breakables out of arm’s reach because you’re probably going to want to throw things…


Once again, The Manson Family threw themselves another party after a killing spree.  I believe the last time, when they had the pool party, Manson had done the same.  Maybe they’re celebrating the bodies getting carted away or something or maybe they’re trying to suck up to the neighbors.  I can’t begin to understand what they’re thinking 90% of the time.  I don’t think I really want to either.   The party was also conveniently on the same day that they were doing a volunteer orientation because nothing helps you overlook mounds of shit and filth like a full belly and some booze.  Other than the fact that this is the same organization that can’t pay their bills, I don’t really care about their party habits beyond the pictures that come out of it.  In this case it was kids sticking their fingers where horses can bite them and we get to see two of the barn inmates, Eclipse and Shane.  Eclipse is allegedly in there getting her summer sores attended to, but with what passes for a bandage on her, I can’t help but wonder if they are experimenting with bowing a tendon.  Shane is sporting a tight bandage around his belly and up over his withers.  Your guess is as good as mine as to what thought process brings a person to think this is anything but a recipe for disaster.  I saw Manson did that to Vegas as well before he went off to his new home.  Maybe they are trying to create a fistula on Shane’s withers or something so they can shoot him.  I really don’t know, but I do know that I had a horse have surgery on his back to remove a cyst and there was no bandage involved because that would have made matters worse.  I guess it’s not vet-ish enough if you’re not using copious quantities of Elasticon or something.  Clearly nobody has told the 30% vet that less is more in most cases.


During the live feed for the Open House, Amanduh decided to take us all on a little tour to show off her barn blindness and so we could hear her morph into Manson with that annoying squeaky baby voice.   What was also on display was her complete and utter ignorance as she proudly showed off filthy pens, filthy horses and overcrowding. We were also treated to views of Jingle with a nylon halter on so tight it’s practically choking her.  It could be made looser and Amanduh was right there with her hands on Jingle, but she wouldn’t notice such a thing.  It was the same when she showed us poor Camilla with her super tight fly mask with flies all over her that were probably gravitating towards a raw spot to make an even bigger mess.  I guess none of them have ever seen a horse hang themselves in a nylon halter because I have yet to see even a breakaway on a single horse there.  All of them are accidents waiting to happen.  Amanduh was also quite proud to point out the brand new volunteers that were doing their best to swamp out the mounds of shit out of the pens while the ranch residents and old volunteers were up at the barn filling their faces with Manson.  Good times!


Speaking of Manson,  we did check in with her as she was dragging Astro around and giving ball cupping lessons to children, including her own.  It seems now that Manson has reverted to being strictly dickly, she is as obsessed with this horse’s testicles as she was with Mirage’s vagina back in the day.  Either way,  it is hardly treating these animals with respect and dignity and fondling this poor horse was just gross. Maybe she was chekcing for ripeness so she could serve up some horse balls for Thanksgiving dinner or something.


Another feature of the Open House seemed to be the poor little orphan foal, now named Magnum ,`After the condom!’, put on his own in the arena for the kids to torment.  It was tough to watch as they chased him around, slapped him on the ass and generally antagonized him until he jumped through the fence and took off.  Sadly, rather than do the kind thing and put him away, they herded him back into the arena as the kids continued to torment him.  I can’t wait until a few months from now when he’s bigger and has even less manners.  He’ll likely get put on the euth list for being behavorial as they are setting him up to be extremely ignorant.  Just because he’s little doesn’t mean that his own boundaries shouldn’t be respected.  If you wouldn’t do it to a full-grown horse, don’t do it to a baby.  Of course Manson has told us she doesn’t believe in correcting or halter breaking babies.  I guess she prefers roughing them up and fighting with them when they are older and bigger to increase the chance of injury to horse and human.  Sadly, her philosophy on allowing him to be a baby doesn’t extend to letting him do what comes naturally.  Nursing…


Finding something to `suck’ on 😦



No, I’m not making this shit up.  It seems the foal has taken to nursing off his own penis and in the world of HiCaliber it’s `perfectly normal’.  Ummm, no.  I can assure you it is not and `hobnobbing’ in this context is not a thing.  Manson wouldn’t allow him a bottle or nipple bucket  because she thinks it causes all sorts of problems.  Apparently, teaching him to chase people, kick and pin his ears is not problematical though.  Personally, it think it probably has more to do with a combination of ignorance and the fact that Manson was too lazy to bottle feed him.  I guess an igloo feeder which not only keeps his formula clean and clear from the guinea hen shit, but also from going off in the warmer weather is too much effort for her.


There you go, Manson.  That one is for you.  It’s just not that difficult and I’m sure I’m not the only one that is sick of watching that poor little foal trying to nurse off anything and everything, including his own penis.  He needs to learn to be a horse and not a play thing and a novelty.  While you’re at it, maybe point out to the children you have on foal watch that the stuffies are for him and not for their own personal comfort.  Way to mentor the next generation to be just as ignorant as you are, Manson.  Seriously.



I hate Tuesdays. I hate them hard.  Ever since Manson took over auction again, it’s nothing but a headache to untangle the lies.  Manson lies about everything.  She lies about things that don’t matter, she lies about things that do.  Basically, if she’s flapping her mouth, she’s lying and it is exhausting picking through it all.  To top things up, she was feeling salty on Tuesday and had temporarily reunited with Wrinkles because Jonassthan wasn’t present.  Wrinkles was so pathetically happy to be back up Manson’s ass even though she seemed to be slurring most of her words.  Manson was channelling low rent drag queen realness with her clip on purple extensions and heavy eyeliner.  Anyhow, they ended up dragging 5 more horses back to the ranch, one for Baker and another for a private buyer.  Don’t get too attached to any of them.  The one gelding, Glide, was already trying to kick Manson’s head in and she seemed to think him resting his hind foot mean something ominous.  Another, she 30% diagnosed with a fractured sesamoid `area’.  We’ll see how those play out in the next week.  What we need to talk about today is the dun mare.  There is so much confusion surrounding her, so I’m going to see if I can make some sense out of it and sift through the lies.





So, this little mare showed up in the chutes.  Manson claimed she wasn’t sore and it was just the angle, but it seemed that every time she came on camera she was parked out.  As you can see above, there was a very long and convoluted story to go along with her.  Crying kid?  Sad family?  Sounds like a winner to me!  Except it was all a lie and thankfully, Manson was stupid enough to put it all in writing.  This included showing a copy of her papers that clearly showed that the mare had only had her ownership transferred once in her life.  So let’s take note of the fact that Manson claims they couldn’t sell horses on Facebook and then we’ll look at an eyewitness account.  I do have to wonder how they knew the horse sold to a bad guy  if they were such newbies to auction.  Manson is so used to lying she busts herself for lying in the same post she told the lie!


This is an eyewitness account and it goes along with some other pictures that have been floating around that clearly show the mare spent her day tied to HiCaliber’s trailer.  Of course, Manson has an answer for everything.


Actually, HiCaliber never showed pics of her tied to the trailer or mentioned that until they were called on it.  By then one of the readers of this blog had found some other information and passed it along.



Wow, turns out the owners did know how to sell a horse after all!  Kinda inconvenient that there is a completely different back story to the mare.  If you look up the person selling her, you’ll find that she’s far from a newbie owner and, in fact, lives in Valley Center about 8 miles from Manson.  She also has a whole bunch of friends in common with Manson.  This kinda led me to wonder why a horse that they wanted $1500 for a few months ago, was basically given away this week.  I also wondered why they would haul a horse to Ontario when Mike’s auction is closer and attracts way more buyers and potential for a better home.  Well, knowing Manson and her past patterns I’m going to guess this horse was an owner relinquishment.  Manson has done this in the past.  She gets the owners to run the animal through auction so she can get some sympathy donations and that’s exactly what seemed to be the case when she claimed that a private donor wanted the horse to go to HiCaliber. The reason the horse went through twice probably had to do with her missing the orignal bid or some other shenanigans on their part.  They were clearly working with the past owner throughout.  Wherever the truth lies in all of this, I can say with absolute certainty that this horse did not land softly now that Manson has her.




After a full day of scamming and parking lot deals they were finally ready to load out but realized they had bought too many horses. Since Bang Bang Becky has taken her toys and gone home to mama, that meant Manson only had the one trailer and used the opportunity to beg for a new truck and trailer.  You’re supposed to forget that sugar daddy Richie only bought the rescue the current trailer, which she now refers to as `hers’, not even a year ago.  That’s not the important part though.  The fact is that once again Salvador shows up late with a horse to sell them and not only did Manson take the horse after not being able to find a private buyer, but she hired Salvador to haul for them.  Then she went on live feed to tell everybody what a great guy he is and how smart she is to have befriended him and Misner.  It then occurred to me that some of the readers here may not be up to speed on what an awesome guy Salvador Paniagua is.



Click on each and every picture.  These were not HiCaliber horses.  Ever.  They were some of the 7 horses that HiCaliber’s newest supplier showed up at Mike’s’ Auction with a few months ago.  He didn’t just collect these horses from other places.  HE DID THIS TO THEM.  He is the one that supplied them to the rodeos that used them for tripping and broke their bodies.  He is the one that supplied them to the people who smashed the teeth of the mare’s mouth and then he took them to auction to squeeze the last dollar he could out of them.  Except that time a legitimate rescue was there and called AC.  Salvador has a few open AC files due to his mistreatment of animals.  Five of those horses had to be euthanized much to the delight of The Manson Family.  Manson started spouting about averages etc and generally crowing that they had to put down these broken souls.  Then she became Salvador’s buddy and when he brought a trailer full of horses that he had broken, she gave him his asking price and took them off to be shot without ever once calling animal control or taking them to see a real vet.  Yeah, that Salvador is a super great guy.  What is that old saying about birds of a feather?  BTW, the papwork posted above?  That’s what it looks like when a real 100% vet checks horses over and signs off on them, price and all.  I know this isn’t something anybody that only follows HiCaliber would recognize though.


Wow, it seems the haters aren’t the only ones concerned about the quarantine protocols or what passes for them at HiCaliber.  The fact is that proper quarantine is impossible there and there are no protocols.  The same people who were taking ball cupping lessons on the recently arrived Astro, were also playing with the orphan foal and hand feeding Ria and other horses.  I think the question about it was legit, but since Sarah is one of the newest ranch residents, she seems to think that means she can be a bitch to other volunteers now.  Maybe she always was, but her little `we know what we’re doing’ kinda made me laugh.  The next time a new horse comes onto my place I’ll just take the temperature and kick them in with the rest because HiCaliber knows what they’re doing.

auction team.jpg

Wow, what a great opportunity!  You can sign up to wait around the ranch as Manson completes her parking lot deals, drives around filling her face with fast food and then be there to unload the horses and put them away for her as she trudges off to the house.  Don’t worry though, this is HiCaliber we’re talking about so you won’t have to worry about walking the horses out or watering them off.  Just throw them in their pens and you’re done.  No need for clean pens or clean water either.  They may as well get used to things being what they are right from the beginning.


See what I mean?  Manson doesn’t lower herself to clean the trailer.  It seems that job belongs to Wrinkles and she’s too busy to do it this week.  Sign up or Manson is going to send Wrinkles into time out again!  #freewrinkles



Notice how it never falls on Manson, Wrinkles or any of the other residents to feed or water.  No, they want orther people to give of their time and energy to come do their chores so they can continue to live for free.  I guess I have always done things wrong.  Whenever I had somebody that came to the barn who wanted to help out for the day, I gave them the easy jobs because I figured they didn’t come to do my grunt work.  Don’t go by me though, I never mind cleaning my own stalls.  You can tell a lot about what’s going on with a horse from doing their stall every day if you know what to look for.  For instance, you might notice if they are bunging up before it’s too late and you have full blown colic.  Imagine that! You can also tell if a horse is body or foot sore by how they keep their stall as long as you know their `normal’.   I really wouldn’t expect their green volunteers to be that keyed in, especially when they aren’t doing it every day, but I do think that proper management practices would be to have some consistency with who is doing chores.



So here we are on Wednesday (as I write this) and I was just getting ready to format this post when a reader who is local to HiCaliber told me that they had to call ALAR to come pick up an animal they had put to sleep.  It just so happens that when the above company showed up to pick up the body,  there were 4 horses already in the truck and they all had bullets in their heads.  I guess we can all guess where those came from and it wasn’t long before my hunch was confirmed.  Amanduh had put a post up confirming three of the departed and it lasted for all of about half an hour before Manson pulled it down.  Too late Manson, I may not have the announcement screen shot, but I do have the three names and we will be saying them.



We’ve been worried about Ace for a while now.  As recently as last week, I had mentioned that Manson was warning people to say goodbye to Ace.  It seems like today was the day and Ace was executed for having ringbone and to make room for even more horses.  Rest easy sweet boy. #sayhisname



Cozetta was also killed today.  She had long fallen off the village idiot radar, but she was originally part of the `bonded pair’ with Lex.  The village idiots think horses are like lovebirds so the bonded pair angle usually inspires them to dig deep and because of this, Cozetta’s great buddy was purchased a few days after she arrived at the ranch.  Not rescued, but purchased.  The truth is they weren’t that bonded and other than the first week or so, were never really together again.  Cozetta is said to have foundered and for whatever reason, wasn’t worth making comfortable or maybe she gave Manson the stink eye.  She ended up under the tarp next to Ace today.  RIP Sweet girl.  #sayhername



Cheeto is the other confirmed kill.  As you can see from one of the pictures above, he was perfectly fine to haul Manson’s ass around at one point but then, because she couldn’t handle him, he was declared either neuro or having a weak stifle.   He was still good enough to go be ridden though.  Cheeto was even shown on live feed this past Saturday during Amanduh’s little tour around the pens.  My little bird told me he had foundered recently.  It seems a lot of horses are foundering at HiCaliber as they struggle to pay bills and have an inconsistent feed supply and schedule. Not very responsible of them and not really rescue, no matter what Manson says.  RIP Cheeto.  #sayhisname


I think that about wraps things up for now.  I could have picked apart the whopper of a lie Manson told about Snuggles as she drove around eating salad with her bare hands and talking with her mouth full, but that’s another story, for another time.  FYI Manson, the horse you traded Snuggles for was Erick.  Why is it I can remember that and you can’t?  Are these animals so insignificant to you that they are out of sight, out of mind?  A means to an end?  I’ve had enough.  I know for a fact I don’t stand alone either.  Every single week, more and more people see the truth.  I’m thankful for that.  I’m thankful for the people who email me with information, updates and even questions.   I appreciate everybody that is standing up to bring this horror to an end.  I am deeply thankful for my wing people who take so many hits on my behalf and still soldier on.  I’m sickened every time I get news of another horse getting shot in the face and each one feels like a profound loss.  That isn’t rescue.  Most of these horses didn’t need to die.  Having so many horses warehoused that you can’t even remember their names or any details at all isn’t rescue either and neither is dragging home animals that you don’t have the skill or desire to deal with.  How arrogant to think that unless you drag them home, they are going to a bad place. HiCaliber is the bad place now and for whatever reason Manson is on a killing spree lately.  We’re in the double digits this month alone.  I haven’t forgotten about horse #4 in the meat truck.  I have a hunch it’s Serena from auction on Tuesday, but waiting for confirmation.  I refuse to let Manson erase these animals off the earth.  I’m thankful so many of you feel the same.  I believe this time next year, things will have changed for the better.  Happy Thanksgiving…


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I guess we’re going to do things a bit differently this week.  Nobody likes getting stuck in a rut anyhow.  It seems that those wacky HiCalibrites really went above and beyond in the fuckery department on Tuesday and the schemes and scams they cooked up are still going on.  Because of this and by request, I’m going to try to sort recent events out and depending if they can keep things in their pants over the weekend, we’ll do a Wednesday post rather than the usual Tuesday thing.  Maybe.  Best laid plans and all that. For now though, we’ve got some pretty tough stuff to talk about.  Y’all know the drill.  Beverage, seat, focus and I strongly suggest making that beverage an adult one.  Just when you think they can’t sink any lower…

***ETA**** I keep forgetting to remind people to click on the stills for videos in some cases, including the new HiCaliber Theme Song down below.  If you’re reading from mobile they will appear just as an image, but will play if you click on them.

I don’t even know where to begin with this poor little mare.  She was one of the victims they drug home from auction on Tuesday and Manson truly sunk to new depths with this one.  The poor little mare has a rectovaginal fistula so you know that pretty much sealed her fate with Manson right there.  She even had a brief photo sesh with it in the pens at auction before loading her up to take her home.  You know, Manson doesn’t have time to water or feed horses, but show her a messed up vag and she’s all over it to the point of obsession.  That’s neither her nor there though.  It was with the fund-raising tactics they used with this horse and they lies that got told that are the issue.  The story has changed several times but there is always a `Wounded Warrior’ tie in.  Maybe the fact that Veterans Day is this weekend inspired her, but she latched onto this story and stuck with it.  Of course, the villagers rallied and the mare, now named Joan, and her messed up vagina were on their way back to the feed lot.

While they were on their `Freedom Walk’ a man and his son showed up to help.  The kid was leading a pony for them and the dad was really chatty.  It turns out they were the sources of the `wounded warrior’ horse and it seems Manson may have found a kindred spirit if not another dumping ground.  The Barber ranch has pony parties and petting zoo animals.  I think I heard him mumble something about buying all the pigs other than the two that HiCaliber scooped that nobody will ever hear from again. It does not appear that Barber was the original source of the wounded warrior lie.  He’s been trying to sell the Appy mare since September and had no real back story on her.  However, it seems he’s not one to throw his new BFF under the bus so he kinda go on board with the con.

In September there were no mention of veterans or Wounded Warriors. The mare was in better shape back then too, so he may be partially to blame for her condition.

So, over the course of a few months she went from having a rather generic back story to a heart tugging one.  It didn’t sit right with many people.  How could an organization like Wounded Warriors be neglecting animals and discarding  them with flippers and kill buyers?  It turns out they don’t and not only are they in no way involved with this mare, they are actually beyond pissed about Manson’s lying about them.


Well, as of Friday, Manson is saying the mare came from the Wounded Warrior Project and is standing firm that the mare has some association with them so looks like her lie hole may be getting her into some real trouble this time.  Sadly, she’s also threatening to kill Joan, but not before soaking the village for another $400 in diagnostics for her.  Apparently, that’s what x-rays cost when you’re a village idiot.  For the rest of us they’re only about $60 per view and you’d need exactly one view to diagnose laminitis in a foot.  However, Manson doesn’t have a clear idea what laminitis actually is.  Active laminitis is a veterinary emergency.  It’s not a wait until tomorrow thing.  You get a vet out immediately and get some antihistamines into that horse and pedal support duct taped on if you must.  IF this mare has foundered she is past the acute/active phase.  It’s over and what you’re dealing with is the aftermath, which is still pretty horrible but it seems Manson doesn’t really get how things work.  Bone changes don’t mean an automatic death warrant and horses can be made comfortable.  Don’t take my word for it though, I’m not even a 20% vet ( laminitis article)


As you can see, Manson is bound and determined this mare is not fixable despite her lip service to one last good home.  I’ve dealt with severe cases of laminitis, where hooves are trying to slough off.  It is not for the faint of heart or something I’d wish on anybody, but horses can often be made comfortable. This mare isn’t remotely close to that from what they have shown of her.  I’m sure her feet are tender and I’m sure they are even more tender with how short they were trimmed and the drastic angle change.  Any horse would be.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen this with the HiCaliber horses as well.  This mare was walking around the parking lot on Tuesday with no issues at all.  It was after posting this video that even more drama regarding her continued use of the Wounded Warrior moniker was whipped up complete with attempted village idiot intervention,

Oops, there goes another major donor for HiCaliber.  Sadly, the other horse they picked up on Tuesday has a target on him too.


I fear Ollie is as good as dead.  Manson as much as said so on a live feed earlier today.  Again, he’s had his feet trimmed super short and they always seem to want to show these sore horses off on this incline to make them look even worse. I think the important thing is to note her use of navicular and laminitis because that’s going to be important later in this post. Likely, Ollie has been thrown in a pen with Joan to await their walk out to the killing field in a few days.


A lot of the outrage this week, aside from auction, started with Tiara.  Tiara was bought off Misner back in August along with her friend, Belen.  The only thing really wrong with her seemed to be a summer sore near her eye.  After it was cleared up, we never really heard much about her until this past week when Manson announced Tiara was out of time.  Her crime?  She’s not `happy’ and after being tossed out in a herd and virtually ignored for months. She’s not appreciating that the only human interaction she’s getting is people picking at yet another summer sore, but this time on her mouth.  She’s not lame.  She doesn’t have melanomas.  She’s just not happy and for that she must die according to Manson.  If that wasn’t offensive enough, Manson heaves herself up on the proverbial soapbox to inform the village idiots that it’s still rescue because the saved her from slaughter.  The village idiots don’t realize that they don’t slaughter gray horses for consumption and they have been well schooled to never seek out the truth either.  That’s why they got her from Misner in the first place.  She had zero value to him and now Manson is threatening her life saying they were the only rescue that stepped up.  Perhaps that’s because they were the only ones Misner called?  At any rate, her little game of internet roulette worked and another rescue did step up for the poor mare.  Sadly, this won’t be the last of the lives threatened and lost in the immediate future.

Another part of the reason that Manson was threatening Tiara’s life is because she is getting ready to shoot her pal, Belen, in the face and she thinks that Tiara can’t handle it.  You know, because horses are like lovebirds and mate for life or something in Manson’s world.  Belen was picked up from Misner the same day Tiara was and somehow has magically become laminitic or at least that’s one of the reasons Manson is giving for her impending death. It wasn’t anything they every mentioned as being a problem before, but Manson has been on a bit of a laminitis kick as of late.  I’m sure the fact that Belen is blind in one eye has a lot to do with things as they never did bother getting anything done with her deflated eye.  Sadly, Belen isn’t the only one on the soon to be dead list.

Siri is also on the latest euth list.  She’s only 10 years old and she was an owner surrender last November.  That’s an automatic strike against a horse because Manson can’t milk them for funds from the outset.  The `official’ reason for getting marked for death is Manson claims she is dropping in her pasterns and is now `reactive’ on the ground and rears under saddle.  In other words, they can’t handle her and for that she must die.  Considering they were riding or attempting to not that long ago, I’m not really buying the dropped pasterns or at least not so severe that she needs to be shot in the face.  Do none of these people know how to do any meaningful leg work?  That was a rhetorical question.  We still have more that are marked for death…

Loree was bought at auction this past January.  She was pretty skinny and didn’t exactly thrive at HiCaliber.  Yet another one that went bald on them, so she was promptly shipped off to foster where she clearly did quite well.  Sadly, she’s back at the feed lot and the 30% vet has now declared her a 4/5 grade lameness and having zero joint space left.  I’m not exactly sure how Manson came to that conclusion unless she’s developed x-ray vision because I certainly don’t recall her begging for cash for diagnostics and we know there is no way she’d have dipped into her eyelash fund to cover that.  Maybe Loree looked at her wrong or something.  I was told that the breaking point for Sareen getting shot in the face is that she bit somebody that shouldn’t have been in her pen in the first place.

Ace is also on the death list.  He’s likely near the top since he was returned from foster a few months ago and the plan always was to kill him due to his ringbone.  Manson has said he is having a hard time `more often than not’ so he’s gotta go.  No word on a vet signing off or anything of the sort, but that shouldn’t really surprise anybody.  When is the last time we have ever seen a vet sign off on a euth at HiCaliber?

bullet list

None of the horses listed above are dead yet, as far as we know.  That could change in a day or a week. It all depends on how itchy Manson’s trigger finger gets.  She has some blanket reasoning for adding these to her death list which is mainly that she feels they are `top heavy’ with navicular, ringbone and chronically lame horses and that this group has been showcased long enough.  I’m not sure what she considers `showcasing’ since most of them haven’t  been mentioned in monhts other than maybe in passing. She also said something about it getting cold, you know, because SoCal is famous for its frigid temperatures. There will probably be one last post for some them and then they all get lined up and executed basically because they will be considered not adoptable if people don’t step up and takethem.  Nothing like a little extortion to motivate people, right?  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a real big problem with this.  Like a HUGE one.  What is rescue about any of this?  Isn’t rescue supposed to be about rehabilitating horses?  Am I missing something here?  I’m furious and all this wasn’t helped much by the other bullshit she’s pulled this week.

Just to lighten things up before we wade into the rest of the mess this week, I thought I’d mention their volunteer appreciation posts.  When this one was put up, I have to admit I kinda felt bad for a split second because I saw Josie was featured in the pics.  I had mentioned in a previous post that Josie was dead.  I felt like an asshole and I was getting ready to kick some serious mole ass for the bad info.  Then it was brought to my attention that his was a complete copy and past of a post they had made in August right down to the pictures.  Josie, sadly, is still dead and even sadder, she was likely dead when they made the original post back in August.  It’s things like this that I am thinking of when I talk about Manson lying about shit that doesn’t matter.  Why make the post at all?  I don’t know about everybody but else but I question the sincerity of the appreciation when it’s a recycled post.  Poor effort!

The village idiots are now buying horses that are basically sight unseen.  After all the auction grifting, this gelding was somehow left behind or bought by somebody else, depending on who is telling the story, and they just had to go back for him midweek.  Naturally, the village idiots came up with the $1000 and he was declared `safe’.  We haven’t really heard anything about him since then or even if he has a name and the village idiots have already forgotten about him so your guess is as good as mine as to whether he ever actually materializes at the feed lot.  He might magically show up on Tuesday as well.  That’s happened before.  Nothing about Manson’s story strikes me as true.  That’s what happens when you constantly lie though. Moving right along…

I guess we should talk about the foal.  He was purchased for $200 at auction on Tuesday from Nacho the flipper.  Even though Nacho is a horse trader just like Salvador and Misner, Manson does not like Nacho because he won’t lower his prices for her.  Really that’s the only difference even though she’s trying to package Salvador and Misner as good guys.  Anyhow, he produced this orphan foal who was nursing off a goat.  Manson wouldn’t buy the goat.  We all know Manson is far too lazy to get her ass out of bed and feed him and that was proven when a sign up sheet for his feedings circulated and not a single resident of the ranch managed to sign up.  However, the first night, when he was still a novelty they all crowded in his stall and tormented him until he was charging them (including Manson’s bare footed child) and trying to kick and bite them all.  This was all happening while Manson was telling us she refused to bottle feed him or use a nipple bucket because it creates `all kinds of problems’ and makes them bad mannered.  This would be the same person that doesn’t believe in weaning babies until they are 2 yrs old.   Manson also took the opportunity to inform us that she knew all about orphans because they adopted a `truck load’ from Last Chance Corral in Ohio.  I did some digging around and that was determined to be yet another lie.  Manson adopted one foal and a former board member adopted another when LCC broke down in their area and needed some assistance.  From all the digging I did, that’s the `truck load’ she is referring to and she didn’t do the work on raising those foals either.  I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m worried for the little guy.  He as not landed softly at all.  I don’t think he’s seen daylight since he got to HiCaliber.

Manson really outdid herself on this one.   A midweek `rescue’ under the cover of darkness and she didn’t have time to explain but please send money.  Oh, and did y’all notice the part that she claims to have gotten a call to go shoot some horses?  If you can pick out the truth in there between the `dealing with AC’ to the vet being out a month and then making the leap that after all that only she can shoot the horses, please tell me how because none of this makes sense.  What is likely is that due to her getting busted with her parking lot deals from AC and that their offsite locations have all been identified, she’s now making her deals with Salvador under the cover of darkness to try to get around being honest and transparent.


The morning after the midnight run we were treated to a tearful video from Manson.  I wasn’t buying what she was selling, but the village idiots sure were.  She was pretending to be upset about putting these ponies through pain and how shooting them in the face would be harder because she wasn’t used to shooting ponies or something.  She also showed us the other three horses she drug home and mentioned one had new shoes on and wasn’t that strange when the ponies came from the same place and had elf boots.  It’s really not so weird when you realize she picked them all up from one of her regular flippers so they likely all came from different places a few days ago.  Oh wait!  Their owner died so that’s why the ponies were neglected yet he still managed to put new shoes on one of the horses from beyond the grave.  What are the odds?


I don’t know about the rest of you, but it kinda seems like Manson is getting worse.  Without Angrid and Romney Faye around to keep her in check, she’s really gotten brazen in her lying. She wants to make money by playing the Wounded Warrior card, yet another veteran that she thinks posts on this blog (she doesn’t), is fair game for Manson to trash and spill intimate secrets about just because that person dared to leave HiCaliber.   If anybody dares question her practices, they are told it isn’t her first rodeo or to eat a dick.  Sometimes both.  I’m tired of the carnage at that rescue and somehow speaking up and saying `Hey, this isn’t right’ makes you a hater.  I don’t know what a `hater’ really is but I sure hate whats going with those horses, so maybe I am one.  I don’t really care what the village idiots think at this point.  I’m not out to change their mind and if they want to eat Ramen noodles and hand over their pensions, that’s on them.  I’m here to preach to the choir so that the advocates can get the information they need and we can make a real difference for these animals.  That is all.  I believe we are gaining some ground, so now is not the time to turtle on this.  This ain’t my first rodeo either…

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Enough.  I’ve had enough.  If my inbox is anything to go by, most of the readers here feel the same.  Up until this week, I’ve tried mostly to stay above the fray as far as the drama goes.  I don’t have time in my life for it and I don’t really enjoy participating in it.  Far easier to stay on the high road when you aren’t paying attention to what the pissants are saying.  Unfortunately, I had a brief lapse in judgement and ventured over to Facebook to see what was what and, for today at least, I am off the high road.  So, if you don’t like that sort of thing, just give today a miss and I’ll return to our regular scheduled programming on Monday or so.  For one day only, I’m going to give the pissants what they crave and that’s attention.  Don’t worry, we’re going to deal with the auction mess too.  In fact, let’s start there, because the levels that were stooped to were record-breaking this past week.  As always, it’s time to settle in with your favorite adult beverage because we’re going `there’ this week.  Apologies in advance to those of you with delicate sensibilities unless you happen to be a village idiot.  I hope I do offend the village idiots.


I knew this week wasn’t going to be good when Romney Faye was the opening act.  I feel so betrayed that her big leave to heal herself lasted about a week.  Not content to huff, puff and guzzle beverages for the camera, she had to add mucous to the mix this week. I guess it was a fortunate coincidence because it made the tears come easier and she was the perfect foil for Manson’s `bad cop’ routine.  That was our opener this week.  Romney Faye cradling a dying lamb while Manson went on a foul-mouthed rant about the food industry and blamed everybody for the fact that Ontario Auction allows this sort of thing.  Manson ranted about the three little lambs and compared the one Romney Faye was holding to her deceased son.  Classy.  Of course I will be demonized for mentioning that, but hey, it is what it is.  It wasn’t me that made the comparison.  Manson also informed us this was the fault of everybody that eats meat.  Of course anybody that isn’t a manipulative piece of human excrement realizes that the auction she’s parked at has nothing to do with our food supply, but why let facts get in the way of a good rant?  It is the lowest of the low and no, your major beef, poultry, and hog producers are not bringing their animals there.  They just aren’t.  That doesn’t make factory farming right, but what she was showing you has nothing to do with what is on your supermarket shelves.  Just go read up on the USDA site.  Even so, maybe her whole rant would have been even a little bit appropriate if she wasn’t frequently seen on live feed horking down on fast food that is by no means vegetarian or cruelty free and that’s only when she’s not cooking up some medical waste for her family. She also might have been just a smidge more believable if she didn’t refer to the little lambs as `things’.   Apparently, it is the rest of us that need to adjust our moral compass though.  I’m wondering if adjusting mine will mean I, too, will be able to exploit animals, use people and still sleep at night.  Might be worth a try…

In the clusterfuck that was auction this week, it’s hard to keep things straight.  The first video with the lambs said that the horses had already run through with no mention of them buying anything, yet they ended up with 10 horses when it was all over and that’s not counting two private buyer horses.  These were four of the poor souls that were drug back to the feedlot.  They named one horse Petty, after Tom Petty and hey have already 30% diagnosed him with enough issues to justify a bullet in the head.  In reality, his biggest crime was pinning his ears at them and trying to bite Romney Faye.  Three of these horses were bought from Salvador Paniagua from Perris.  Salvador is the piece of shit that brought 7 tripping horses to Mike’s auction and got busted by Animal Control after somebody did the right thing and called them.  They were in such bad shape, 5 of them had to euthanized within days and, Miss `Moral Compass’, Manson, made fun of that and tried to create drama for the rescue involved.  Turns out she’s a regular customer of Salvador and his son Daniel, which puts her on Team Tripper.    That red rusted out trailer is often at Ontario and Romney Faye said they’ve bought horses from him before.  I guess why bust a source of some good heart-stringer horses?  Sadly, these horses weren’t the only ones HiCaliber go their hands on this week.  If you don’t think this wasn’t all prearranged, then I’ve got some magic beans to sell you.


Presley and Paula

HiCaliber also ended up owning these two horses when it was all said and done.  It was harder than usual to keep track of prices this week because it appears they never actually bought anything in the ring.  These two were said to have no-saled but the owner was wiling to sell them for $185 each.  There was a private buyer that wanted one of them but HiCaliber dropped the ball and decided to keep the horse for themselves.  This is especially frustrating, because these two horses wanted no part of Manson.  She labelled them `unhandled’ even though one clearly has her mane hogged, so she was at least handled enough to do that.  Manson was unable to get a halter on either horse and they left them at auction to be picked up the next day.  We all know what happened with the last two `unhandled’ Arabians they bought, or almost happened.  Eventually, those two did land softly but no thanks to HiCaliber.  Such a shame they didn’t let the private buyer at least get one of them safe.  I wonder where the `line up of people’ that wanted these horses was or was that a failed effort to run the price up?  The two fillies are currently back at the HiCaliber feedlot, looking for a foster situation.  Both have halters on and appear to be at least halter broke.  Maybe they just sensed Manson’s evil energy or something.  Smart horses.

Also on Salvador’s trailer were two extremely crippled horses.  This was in addition to a very sad little pony with what appeared to be a broken pelvis they had picked up in chutes.  I don’t think that anybody would dispute these three were compassion pulls.  They were heartbreaking to see and, in all honesty, I would have been angry about it too.  What I wouldn’t have done was make them walk a step further than they had to or drag them across the parking lot as they were almost falling down as shown on the above video.  As Manson was ranting and blaming everybody for the condition of these horses, all while protecting the identity of the person responsible, she stormed off across the lot dragging Sunflower so fast the poor horse could hardly stay on its feet.  It hurt to watch.  How is her face being the last one she saw a compassionate end?


This brings us to the worst part of Tuesday.  Everybody knew these horses needed a release.  I didn’t see a single person question it and, for a brief moment, I thought HiCaliber might actually be doing the right thing for once.  Sadly, they had to go and mess that up with some more lies that didn’t even need to be told.  Actually, the problem is it’s not so much the lying as the careful wording to hide their own fuckery.  They state the horses were assessed by two vets and then taken elsewhere to be euthanized aka executed.  What they don’t say is that they were only assessed via text message and that no vet diagnosed a sunk coffin bone because no x-rays were ever taken.  No real vet actually put a hand on these horses.  Manson drove them to a nearby ranch, likely Buzz’s, lined them up and executed them after texting some footage.  I’m sure the fact they didn’t fund raise for them was a factor, but I also suspect she needed a release for all that anger she had already shown on live feed.  I have to wonder how `compassionate’ the end was for these animals.  That pony should never have been made to walk another step further let alone all the way out to the parking lot.  None of these horses knew the people who took them to the killing field enough to be comforted by them.  We can see on the above video how much compassion Manson showed as she drug one across the lot.  So, after their painful ride in the trailer, they were drug out at a strange place and promptly shot.  The first horse would have been the luckiest given the fact the other two would have had the pleasure of standing next to their dead trailer mates before meeting their own fate. Horses understand things like that, which is a huge reason that commercial slaughter is so inhumane for them.   I only hope she didn’t miss her shot this time. RIP Sunflower, Byron and Heartbreaker.



I guess they need to keep Misner sweet each week because they swung by his feed lot on the way back from the killing fields. It seems Misner had another mess to clean up and HiCaliber happily obliged but collecting this OTTB who has a charro brand on his hip.  Manson immediately started throwing the `neuro’ diagnosis out there which we have come to know is groundwork for a bullet in the head.  Then, in an astonishing lack of awareness, they named the horse Vegas supposedly to honor the victims of the recent massacre.  Of all the horses they collected on this day, the one they name Vegas is the one most likely to get shot in the head.  Wow.  Of course this was only after Manson had informed us all, during one of her rants, that nobody can help the victims in Vegas but they could help her out by sending money.   Yes, you read that correctly and yes, I heard her correctly.  For what it’s worth, there are lots of ways you can still help the victims in Las Vegas.  Donate blood.  Donate for funeral or medical expenses.  Say some prayers, send good vibes or whatever your belief is, but please don’t use it for personal gain.

Anyhow, let’s be done with Manson and HiCaliber for a bit as we get to the real fuckery from the last few days.  If you’re not into drama, it’s time to look away…

This has nothing to do with rescue and it has nothing to do with horses.  I was kind of back and forth about even giving this shit pickle the attention he so desperately craves, but enough is enough.  All this because of hurt feelings, he’s going to put a bounty on me?  This is the same guy that ran a gofundme to buy a used van last year and he’s going to pay cash to find out who the person is that hurt his feelers.  Why not put that towards a horse rescue if he’s so concerned about it?  Don’t forget that Pasterfuck and his `wife’ have stated numerous times they 100% know who writes this blog and have even gone so far as naming their suspect and engaging in publically bullying her.  However, this week they decided I was somebody else that still isn’t me, but there is no convincing them of that.  The bullying campaign has commenced.


How about the main post then?

Again, Pasterfuck has gone off half cocked and accused the wrong person of writing this blog.  Many people that have been in contact with me via email and behind the scenes know this.  Don’t bother telling him though, he’s busy waving his theory around like a dick.  I find it ironic that he suggests anger management for anybody given his arrest record that is really easily available online.  I would suggest a restraining order for the ladies he thinks are me.  As for me personally?  I’m not afraid.  He’d be profoundly stupid to come within 100 yards of me or mine.  I’m just a bit confused why he and his cohorts on the poop page are so obsessed with the blog traffic here though.  They sit on this page hitting refresh every five minutes and keep close tabs on how post and at what times.  They should see my inbox if they think that’s a lot.  Not like one of those jackwagons doesn’t attempt to hack it at least once a week either.


*ETA*  Please note that this email was from back in May and the board member listing given is no longer accurate*

I don’t really understand Pasterfuck’s issue with me beyond hurt feelings .  Back in May he was trying to cozy up to me and I didn’t respond.  The reason being was that he was working with Rick and Laura Bell and they were threatening people, which is not something I engage in.    That’s right, go over to her blog and read it all.  They were threatening people’s spouses, their jobs etc.  Then the Tonemeister decided to threaten other people he thought might have some information on HiCaliber and he got called out here .  He was also using my comment section to try to solicit information and to harass people.  I know a number of the readers here mentioned getting unwanted private messages from him on Facebook.  At that point I was done with him, but I guess I misjudged the level of butthurt a grown assed man was capable of.  This brings us to his charming wife that he’s not actually married to and her antics.  When they aren’t fighting with each other, they double team whomever it is they pick on on Facebook.

Remember that Margaret claimed she knew 100% who wrote this blog.  She spread that misinformation far and wide and even went on that person’s personal Facebook page to spread her vitriol.  They made fun of this woman’s home burning down, they made fun of one of her dogs getting hit by a car.  They even went so far to make comments about her husband and family all egged on by Margie.  Then, when she was proven wrong, there were really no apologies.  She certainly didn’t spread that information far and wide.  I guess given the personality involved here and her history, I shouldn’t be surprised.  However, because of Margie’s bully campaign and shit fits all across Facebook, people that have been subject to Margie’s wrath in the past are starting to come forward.  Since Margie also seeks my validation, I thought it timely to post this conversation that happened a few weeks ago.  Please read each and every one of the following screen shots.  This is one example of her `rescue’ advocacy from back in 2012.


Here is the post from SCTR when they were expecting Poppy to arrive there.  He never did.  The other screen shots were people looking and wondering what happened and Margaret talking out her ass about something she either knew nothing about or was covering.

I’m going to let people draw their own conclusions about this.  I will certainly say that for me, it put a frame on all this hoof stomping and tantruming that Margie has been doing about this blog.  She became even less significant to me.  It also explains why her and Pasterfuck jumped to the other side of this equation when they weren’t welcomed with open arms by people that have been working on this for a very long time.  All about the horses, huh?  Margie claims a well-respected individual went to HiCaliber and told her things were ok.  Well, considering this `well respected’ person (JE) is also the same person that turned over the screen shots from before of Margie letting people think she wrote this blog.  I don’t mind posting those either if I need to.  I guess she hasn’t realized that rescue and the anti-slaughter movement doesn’t really need or want her.  Hell, most advocates don’t know or care who she is.  If anything, her throwing her support behind any organization is to their detriment given her social media behavior.  We’ve all been at this a very long time and people like her come and go.  Tagging along with somebody to Kaufman does not make you an advocate but helping somebody make a horse disappear to Mexico does make you a disgusting bottom feeding piece of shit.  I’m not saying either way, but if the shoe fits…Perhaps the response for Margie’s future fits and bullying is #where’spoppy


I’m going to leave the rest of what I had to talk about for another day.  A day less about drama.  I’m going to let all the shitheads from the poop page have their fun with this post and then be done with them.  It seems the more truth we pass out and the closer we get to forcing some change at HiCaliber, the louder they squeal and the dirtier they are going to fight.  They want to scare off people from commenting on this blog as if it will stop me from posting.  I’ll turn the comments off and people will still read.  Several of the people that comment on here are in regular contact via email anyhow.  They can make all the threats they want, but I am still entitled to my opinions.  If anything, the shit show on Tuesday only strengthened my resolve.  I can’t, in good conscience, say nothing while the most vulnerable of animals are being exploited this way.  Maybe if Manson would work to end this sort of thing rather than protect it because it’s her cash source, I might have some sympathy, but she’s part of the problem.  Salvador the flipper showed up at Mike’s auction with a load of his tripping horses and it took exactly ONE phone call to get AC out there. ONE.  HiCaliber’s repeated refusal to do the right thing has finally pushed me over the edge.  I’ve had enough.  Whatever miniscule thought I had that maybe there could be redemption for the current players has been extinguished.  They gotta go.  To say that you can’t ever stop all of it so why even try is a cop-out.  May as well have no drinking and driving laws then because people will still do it.  May as well make all drugs legal  because people will still do it them.  Every change has to start somewhere and you can either choose to be part of the problem or part of the movement that brings about change.  If you don’t want to be either one of those things, then get out of the way.  Until next time…

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I wasn’t going to bother with a Tuesday post this week.  The last post kinda left me sad and I am also not huge on commitment.  Tuesday posts kinda feel like a commitment sometimes.  However, I guess there is a reason for most things and just when I felt like I could phone it in this week, my inbox lights up and I gotta do the next right thing.  I wish I was coming to you with some laughs, but that’s not really the case this time. So, let’s all self medicate and gather around.  This is going to be short and not very sweet.

transpI’m going to break their latest crisis down in bite sized chunks.  That way it should be easier to follow.  I’m also not very good at formatting this stuff, so maybe people won’t whine about paragraph breaks and lose the message this way. Anyhow…. This got posted today.  As we have come to realize, nothing is EVER HiCaliber’s fault.  Not ever.  You damn haters and villagers that wanted to know why they were asking for another big chunk of change are the cause of this latest crisis by forcing them to be transparent and as a result, they are going to ask you for even MORE cash.  Shame!!!  What I don’t get is why the applications needed to be pulled at all.  The would have hard copies of them and it’s likely available to them online as well and that’s not even taking into consideration they have known about this for a full year and then some.  I also don’t know why they need an `immediate’ $2k when they were up over to $8k collected already.  Why can’t they use some of that or did it go towards the rent that none of the residents on the ranch actually pay.  Wouldn’t that cover the `immediate’ need?  The laughable part is they say they need it so they can tend to their rescues.  Ok then…

How are they `saving’ horses from the slaughter pipeline when they don’t even understand how it works?  How are they working to end it when they continue to buddy up with kill buyers and feed lots?  Oops, I’m sorry, the spin term is ` building bridges’.  How is it working to end slaughter when they failed to keep their promise to identify those OTTBs so that Louisiana advocates could lean on the racetracks out there to enforce their existing anti-slaughter rules?  That can’t be done if they don’t know who the horses are and where they came from. It was bitterly ironic that one of the only ones that was identified met her end there recently and prior to landing at HiCaliber she was the victim of lying kill buyers rather than anything her owner did wrong.  RIP Ide Like Orthodox.   Also, just a brief word about the zoning…it was changed in 2013 which was BEFORE HiCaliber moved to their current location.  Once again the Manson Family refuse to accept responsibility for their fuck ups and their lack of planning has become everybody else’s emergency.  Nobody is going to force them to shut their doors over this.  That’s just drama to add urgency to the situation because village idiots love a good crisis and it nearly always motivates them to part with their lunch money.


After the dramatics of blaming their situation on having to be transparent, they post screenshots off a website that in no way would suggest they had to pull their application in order to do it. I guess we should give them their due for at least making sure the mountains of shit was cropped out of the baby pic they used even if they are in far worse shape than when they arrived.  That fact will be lost on most of the village idiots because it’s not so much about the horses for them no matter what they claim. I’m going to jump back to the start of the post briefly to highlight what may have finally been a light bulb trigger for at least a few villagers.


The highlighted part above, was right from their play book where they used manipulative terms like `ripped from their herds’.  Well, when you think about it, every time anybody adopts a horse it is `ripped’ from its herd, just like it is when you move pens or even take a horse out to ride.  Horses adapt and tend to buddy up pretty easy.  I’m not sure why dispersing them would be a bad thing either.  Isn’t that the point of rescuing them?  Getting them adopted out?  What really pissed me off was the death threats.  Manson always defaults to death threats.  I’ve seen her do it countless times when begging for money.  This time it didn’t work.  Some villagers started to wake up a bit and ask them to not go to auction tomorrow.  Others didn’t appreciate the death threat.  Sadly, there are still a few idiots that are completely buying the official story of permits being complaints based etc.  Probably no hope for them.  No blanking those names out either because if you’re going to be stupid, you’re going to own it on this blog.


Of course they are going to auction.  The above post was made under a statement about the recent tragedy in Las Vegas and some stale adoption updates featuring old pictures of horses that have been sprung free from the feed lot.  Maybe somebody can explain to me how they can justify going to auction when they have too many horses on their lot for even the permit they are applying for.  There was only one horse at auction last week and they outbid a private buyer for her.  She did not need to be rescued and there is nobody that is going to match race a lactating 14.1 horse that has already had a few foals.  It’s just not going to happen no matter what they say.  The go to auction because that is a huge part of their income.  No auction antics means no eyelashes, car payments and fun money for Manson.  Although it’s not like they didn’t create some room for a few more this week.  I know we already talked about three that recently left this earth on the last post.  Guess what?  Two more for the show…


Sareen is no longer with us apparently.  This poor mare did not have it easy since being purchased at auction last June by HiCaliber.  From what I can gather, Sareen made the grave mistake of not warming up to Manson as she was branded a `bitchy’ mare.  We talked about Sareen in this post in June.  She had already been at HiCaliber a year at that point in and that year had managed to get in foal (depending on whose timeline you believe that may have happened at HiCaliber), abort the foal, and then go from being a riding horse to a pasture puff somehow.  Apparently, Sareen aborted her foal while at foster and rather than get her the vet come to clean her out as requested by her fosters, Manson refused and the horse was returned to suffer on the feed lot.  For whatever reason Sareen never really resonated with the village idiots and nobody asked after her much.  She’s been on my personal death watch for a number of months as I knew Manson had euth listed her at some point for `behavior’.  I don’t know why she had to die this weekend but I gotta think it might have something to do with the fact that Manson likes to make sure the load is full when the truck comes to collect the bodies and there was another horse under the tarp already.  Rest Easy, Sareen.  #sayhername


O’Brian was the other horse under the tarp this past weekend.  By the reports I’m getting, he didn’t go easy but rather due to some kind of emergency.  Read into that what you will, but the end results O’Brian didn’t make it.  He was the sweet old man who Manson automatically diagnosed as `advanced wobblers’ by swinging off his tail.  He was also the one that Manson spun the whopper of a lie that their insurance didn’t allow for neuro horses to stay on the ranch or something.  That was in this post back on September 1st and their insurance policy is there to prove that it says no such thing.  In that post Manson described him as naughty and pushy which probably meant he was tossed into his little pipe corral and forgotten about.  Some people claimed that they inquired about giving him `One Last Good Home’ only to be turned down and/or ignored.  I have to wonder if this sweet old horse wouldn’t still be with us had he landed anywhere but at HiCaliber.  RIP O’Brian #sayhisname


It seems like The Manson Family is cool with all the killings.  So cool, that they are planning a little team building sesh at the shooting range next week. For those of you that don’t know, Iron Sights Oceanside is an indoor gun range .  I’m not sure if they are trainings in hopes of joining the `euth team’ and take some pressure off Manson or if they just really get off on shooting things, but this is what passes for entertainment with these people and it explains a lot.  No word yet on if underage children will be in attendance or if they have special horse head targets for them to practice on.  I actually feel like we’re being punk’d with this.  There is no way they be this ignorant and insensitive, could there be?


These pics showed upon Facebook this past week.  They were taken by a former volunteer last winter after all the rain.  I thought it might be something worth looking at as we head into another winter with just as many, if not more horses warehoused on the lot.  How many horses died in the mud last year?  We’ve talked about a few of them.  Muddy season will be here before you know it and we can look for more of this sort of thing.  Do any of these look like conditions you would be ok with your horses living in?  I sure wouldn’t want this for my animals. That’s no kind of life.  A large part of the problem is that property is not set up to warehouse as many horses at they have there and it’s just going to get worse if they don’t do something. Their own website states they have 16 acres withouto mentioning that a portion of that is not usuable due to terrain and private residences.  They have something like 12 usable acres for housing animals and currently have approx 140 on the property.   That’s a conservative estimate too.  That means they average over 11 horses per usuable acre.  Then you look at the minimum standards of horse care in southern California as per UC Davis and in many cases, they are not being met at HiCaliber.  I dont even know how you don’t feel like a steaming pile of shit every time you look out your door and see animals in those conditions and know that you are responsible, but I also don’t understand how you can sleep at night knowing that animals are standing there with no water and various untreated ailments.  Nobody that loves them could.

I know this hasn’t exactly been a feel good post or provided a ton of laughs.  I find less and less what goes on with Manson and her merry band of sycophants to be amusing these days.   It’s Tuesday and you can believe after the scramble to shake enough money out of the village idiots last week, that Bubba Misner has been given his marching orders to find them something that will pull at the heart-strings.  Who knows what the sympathy play will be this week?  Could be another out of town kill buyer, maybe there is a black market Cordovan leather pipeline and they have a buyer from New Jersey on the way to this Podunk auction in the middle of Nowheresville.  Whatever it is, they will apply just the right amount of urgency, tears and emotional blackmail to fill their weekly quota.  If they’re lucky, the horses will be in such bad shape that they won’t have to be kept alive long enough to eat into their $650 responsible rescue ransom.  Maybe there will be updates on them and maybe there won’t be.  Has anybody heard how the little cows are doing or are they long gone?  How about Belen, Cammy, Noodle, and countless others I’ve seen people ask about and go unanswered.  What rescue does that?  Beg for money to buy a horse, and often to get expensive diagnostics done and then flat-out refuse to do updates.  I’m not sure if it is some sick little power play by Manson or they are hiding something or maybe both, but enough is enough.    This is not rescue, this is exploitation and hoarding.  This`rescue’ is operating on a kill shelter model but they aren’t exactly up front about that.  We know O’Brian died due to some sort of emergency situation.  Did Torrey and Comfort have a similar one?  What about Journey?  Where are the vet reports that said they needed to die?  Why so many unexpected deaths in the last 10 days? These are questions I wish people would ask not only of themselves, but ask HiCaliber.  Hold their feet to the fire and don’t shut up until they practice true transparency.  As always, if any of what I posted is wrong, then prove it.  Show me Sareen and O’Brian.  Explain why that shooting event is posted in the private groups.  In the meantime I’ll still be here hoping literally anybody else but HiCaliber brings those horses home tomorrow because at least they’ll have a chance that way.  #saytheirnames

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I have a confession to make.  I’m actually very much a silver linings kinda person.  I tend to try to look for the good in a situation or, at the very least, seek the higher meaning or lesson in things.  I don’t mean that in a Pollyanna way, but it usually prevents a lot of stress for me and keeps me from bogging down with negative thoughts.  For a split second last week, I had almost manged to put a positive spin on Manson’s latest live feed extravaganzas.  With everything being all about her, I thought I could just give them a pass and not have to comment on much.  If she wants to be a vulgar hose-beast on live feed, more power to her.  That, alone, does not require my commentary because I’m not out to change that.  However, the positivity was only for a split second because despite my good intentions, she’s still Manson and she’s been Mansoning out in a big way lately, including yet another killing rampage at the ranch.  So, y’all know the drill.  Grab a beverage, get comfy and breathe deep, we have a lot of ground to cover.  Where to start?


I guess this is a good jumping off point.  Poo and water.  Constant themes at the HiCaliber feed lot.  They are still having issues with horses having NO WATER.  Why?  This is from their private forums, but clearly one volunteer is leaving and waters aren’t done despite what Shaw Na Na aka Shawna Ortega claims in the discussion group.  There is never a single mention of Manson or any of the other residents with their sleeves rolled up.  Nope.  It’s all on the volunteers and who cares if they have jobs to get to or obligations of their own?  Note that Techie is still hanging out with some fillies.  Apparently the 30% vet is operating under the misguided notion that long yearlings can’t procreate.  We do know that Techie is listed on their latest adoption event as a cryptorchid, and yes, crypts can reproduce.  Then we read that one horse is standing in his pen weaving (Ryland?).  I’ve had horses who weave when they are in stalls.  Putting them in solitary confinement with no attention, exercise or companionship is not the way to manage that. They need room to move, friends and no stress, which is exactly the opposite of what goes on at HiCaliber.  That’s not a happy horse.  I guess we better confirm who it is and put him on the death watch because that’s getting close to `behavioral’ in the Manson book of horsemanship.  Oh well, at least they attempted to crop most of the shit out of the pictures above.  Sadly, that’s not always the case.


Here are some recent pics of the babies that were rescued from the dreaded Sushi pipeline along with a few others.  As you can see, they are failing to thrive at the feed lot.  It seems all babies that spend any amount of time at HiCaliber end up with those malnutrition bellies and ribs.  The water looks fairly low in the one pic, but beyond that it seems they are all just living on hay alone which isn’t great for growing bodies.  Poor little Hotshot looks like his belly is about to burst and the others are just pitiful.  They shouldn’t have rough coats and no asses.  Go over to Ann from Mea Ola’s Place’s post and see what her orphan filly looks like.  That’s what a foal should look like.  Every single one of these babies looks far worse than when it arrived.  They need blood pulled and a proper worming program along with proper nutrition and I don’t mean Thrive.


The one thing about running a shell game is that you need shells.  This presented a problem at The Manson Family Tuesday Griftathon this week.  There was only one horse at auction and she was in good shape.  However, this week featured yet another glorious return of Romney Faye Baker and she mind-melded with Manson to invent the notorious underground lactating mare match racing pipeline.  They claimed this little mare was a famous ex match racer that was in foal and recently had a foal pulled off her. This meant she was in grave danger of being returned to match racing despite the fact she is 14 years old and leaking milk all over the place.   This also meant they had to run the bid up to over $1000 to save her from continuing to be well cared for apparently.  This was only after we were treated to Romney Faye crawling around in the chutes checking the mare’s legs for `dorsal stripes’ at the behest of Manson.  Protip for Manson- just look up the meaning of words before you use them.  The word `dorsal’ would be a great start.


Because one horse does not fill their weekly quota, Bubba Misner, playing the roll of `well-known flipper’,  was quickly dispatched to dredge up something sad. The best he could do on short notice was a sweet old gray gelding that wasn’t all that sad and didn’t really motivate the village idiots to dig deep.  Meanwhile Manson decided to wander the chutes and look animals in the eyes.  What is it about her looking things in the eyes lately?  I swear she’s feeding off their souls or something.  Anyhow, despite the fact that she walks past them every time she goes to auction, has a fondness for junk food, AND likely had carne asada for dinner that night, Manson shed tears for food animals and waxed poetic about what a good life the auction pigs had before they went to auction. Then she bought three little steers to drag home and flip if they live. (I think we are supposed to forget that she doesn’t actually like cows and has claimed to be afraid of them in the past)  This was all in addition to a trailer full of llamas for a private buyer.  I fell in love with one of the llamas as it showed Romney Faye exactly what it thought of her and HiCaliber by repeatedly spitting at her.  Good times! BTW, the lactating match racing mare turned out not to be in foal.  Shocker, I know!


I don’t normally have a bunch to say about Angrid only because aside from being bitchy, she’s not all that interesting.  She’s rarely at the ranch, but lately seems to be taking the point on social media.  I’m not sure why that is, but she’s the queen of the latest Facebook closed group where HiCaliber pretends to answer questions from people who ask nicely.  Despite her public protestations, Angrid has been actively hunting me for months and this blog has come up in the closed group quite a bit.  I guess it has never occurred to her that there may be several moles and how inside they may or may not be.  Maybe I’m my own mole.  Maybe I’m Robyn.  Maybe I’m one of Manson’s personalities.  Maybe I’m psychic and me and my Magic 8 Ball are just plucking all this out of the air.  You never know, but since HiCaliber doesn’t officially care, let’s carry on, shall we?


I’m not exactly sure why Angrid, on behalf of HiCaliber, feels that they don’t owe anybody an individual accounting of these horses.  They are purchased with donated money and I think they do owe an individual accounting of these animals.  Then you have this little lie Angrid told.  I can’t speak to her motivations, but damn, why lie about something that doesn’t even really matter all that much?  Yes, they recycle names.  There is proof.  None of these horses were official private buyer purchases.  If she’s going to say Dawson Redux is a PB horse then why is she listed as for adoption on the website?  Oh right, they don’t have time to keep up with that website.  You can message the page and they may or may not answer you instead because they are not your bitches!


Does anybody remember that old adage about rats and sinking ships?  HiCaliber seems to be bleeding board members lately.  I know, I know, it’s not about that for Angrid.  It’s about her ambition and I have to say I can’t blame her.  Right now, having HiCaliber on your resume is not all that impressive.  While we’re at it, I want Angrid who is officially not reading this blog, but actually is, to know that these screen shots didn’t come from the discussion group so there is no need to throw your toys out of the pram and storm off.  She threatened to do that if they leaked news of her departure.  These are screen shots from HiCaliber’s group instead so everything should be cool.  I’m a giver that way.


Here’s a fun little shout out to this blog from Manson and Robyn the House Elf with a special cameo from one of their brilliant volunteers who doesn’t care if they shoot every horse on the place apparently.  Manson lies out the lie hole trying to discredit the guest writers on this blog.  You know, because everybody is wrong and Manson is right and because nothing is ever her fault.  Nobody on this blog has ever made fun of Romney’s child.  If anything people have been more than uncomfortable that she continues to use his death to gain sympathy and donations, including an open youcaring page that was donated to as recently as last week.  (Don’t worry, I have screen shots if the link goes bad) Also, pointing out that you are too big to be on a horse is not body shaming.  It’s facts.  If you see me riding around on a Shetland pony, by all means tell me to get my fat ass off it.  Common sense and horses first.  All that aside, going through a tragedy doesn’t make somebody suddenly a saint.  If you were a lying asshole before the tragedy, you are a lying asshole going through a tragedy, so come back down off that cross and start facing up to the mess that you have created, Manson.  I’m pretty sure you’ve mixed up a lifetime of fame with notoriety.



Speaking of pants on fire, Manson went on yet another horse shuffling road trip a few days ago.  This time it was to Buzz’s to pick up Seymour and April who are adoption returns.  They were picked up further north and brought as far as Buzz’s for Manson to go fetch.  I think we can all realize that life can throw wrenches and even appreciate that Seymour and April’s people did what they thought was best for these horses.  Where my confusion is , is why Manson felt the need to announce their return and lie about the circumstances surrounding it.  It gets a bit confusing, but I’ve known these horses needed to come back for a while now.  Almost a month in fact.  Manson knew too.  I don’t know why it took so long for her to get them and it doesn’t matter.  Maybe the former family had their board paid up til the end of the month.  That wasn’t where the lie was.  The lie came in on the whys of the return.  You see, there is another HiCaliber horse out there that the adopter has been trying to return for a few months.  She was told to place the horse herself and offered no help at all, BUT the reason for that horse needing to be returned all of a sudden became the reason Seymour and April were being returned in Manson’s version of events.  Not true and to protect privacy, I wont get into the real reasons, but having a human baby is certainly not the reason Seymour and April came back.  I’m confused why she even lied about this because it doesn’t matter, nobody cares and it makes her look bad.  I’m also confused why the grand announcement of the return of these two horses other than Manson can’t wait to ride Seymour because she’s still to afraid to ride any of the five horses she owns that are currently living at HiCaliber.  Even stranger is she didn’t feel the same need to announce Camilla’s return after less than two weeks in her adoptive home.  That’s the thing with these adoption events.  They throw up some big numbers initially but they don’t like to say how many come back. It seems like they have a revolving door on the place or something.


Since Manson says this blog has no credibility, let’s get her to back up her shit.  These screen shots are from last week.  They are all the intakes from 2016 and 2017 that are no longer alive.  I’ve never once said they were all shot or all euthanized for no reason.  Some died on their own, some were legitimate compassion pulls, but many were none of those things.  If I’m lying about their status as far as living or dead, then by all means, point it out and prove me wrong.  Show me the horses, but while you’re at it, better make sure to show me the latest three to join these lists.  It would seem that Manson has worked out her angst by going on yet another killing spree and I gotta admit, I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the latest ones.  Remember in the screen shot up above how Angrid states that their  website is run by volunteers and they don’t always have time to update it right away?  You better believe they wasted no time erasing these next three horses off their website and no, Manson didn’t post tributes to them on their Facebook page either.  It’s almost like they never happened.  Well, not on my watch…


Comfort has reportedly left this earth in the last week or so.  I don’t have confirmed details on the hows or whys other than she is gone.  She was an owner relinquishment from back in early February of this year.  This was a lovely mare that they were riding in parades this summer and as recently as August were advertising her for adoption.  No tribute posts of sad goodbyes for Comfort though.  RIP  Comfort.


Journey reportedly left us this past week as well.  I’m not sure if he was part of that horse shuffle that was going on after dark last weekend or what happened to him.  I know at one point he was fostered by a person who lives near to where Manson was last week, but I can’t say with any certainty if she picked him up or what happened there.  He is no longer on their website or fundraising pages.  Rest easy, Journey.


Torrey is also no longer with us.  She was only 4 years old and her Jockey Club name was Ide Like Orthodox.  Her story is a little more filled in than the other two, having been one of the Louisiana horses.  Being so young, Torrey’s tattoo was easily read so she got to at least get her identity back unlike the others from that clusterfuck who still haven’t been identified and likely never will be.  In fact, Torrey’s previous owner contacted HiCaliber to tell them she had a chip in her knee and that she had been rehomed as a potential broodmare.  Apparently, that didn’t work out too well for as she ended up on Doughboy’s lot.  When you think about it, Torrey’s life from that point on, was really not much  different from that of any horse in the slaughter pipeline other than her cross-country trip was in a nice van.  She basically went from one feed lot to another, stood around with no shelter and often no water and died a premature death.  Not sure if she went with a bullet or on her own but the end result was the same.  RIP Ide Like Orthodox.


So here we come to the close of yet another blog and I’ll leave this little snack as a lagniappe for Manson because she gives us all so much to work with.  In all honestly, I wish she’d give a little less.  I know I sound like a broken record, but she can make this all go away.  If any of what I said is wrong, then prove it.  Don’t just deny it, PROVE IT.  Prove these horses aren’t all dead.  Prove that a vet signed off on every single one of them that didn’t die on their own.  Prove that those aren’t enormous and ever-growing piles of shit surrounding those foals.  These are NOT Manson’s personal horses and that ranch is not her personal space.  It is part of a non-profit organization that is funded by donations and with that comes some accountability.  I don’t want to hear that the troughs aren’t empty `for long’.  They should NEVER be empty.  If you have horses that are draining them, then get them a bigger trough or a second one.  It’s just not that difficult.  I would dearly love to put all this to rest and go back to pretending Manson and family don’t exist.  The problem is I actually lose a lot of sleep at night over what is going on with the horses at HiCaliber.  I can’t imagine lining them up and shooting them for no good reason.  How do you look an animal in the eye and blow it away without that changing who you are for the worse?  How do you do it once let alone an average of twice a week?   You see, Manson has this ego thing going on that if she can’t get along with a horse then nobody can (look up HiCaliber Rux).  Just like Manson and Romney Faye think they alone get to decide what a bad backyard is and the irony to that is that HiCaliber is a bad backyard right down to cryptorchid stallions in with mares and fillies.  A huge part of the problem is that Manson won’t acknowledge she’s in over her head and that she really has no formal training in any of this.  She’s not a horse person, she’s not a business woman.  But rather than start yet another Facebook group where you try to bully people from speaking the truth, why not put that energy into fixing what you know is wrong?  Why not just prove me wrong?  #saytheirnames #showmethehorses

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I’m human.  I’m not saying that in the Joseph Merrick sense or anything.  (That would be The Elephant Man to you Philistines out there and yeah, his name was Joseph and not John like in the movie).  I’m saying it in the high road sucks sense and sometimes I just gotta wallow.  So, I’m going to give myself permission to do a bit of that today, but I’ll also tie it up in some context so I can continue to delude myself that I’m not being completely petty.  I’m actually not.  I do have a point with most things I post and today is no exception.  Just bear with me while I get to the actual point of things.  In the meantime, pull up a seat and grab your pumpkin spiced whatever and let’s get started!


I’m sure a lot of you know about this already, but let’s rehash.  Last week, right before the village idiots got shook down for 17k, Manson and her screeching sidekick Jonathan decided to dazzle them all by showing how a 30% vet does intakes so much better than 100% vets.  It was pretty much a bullshit job from start to finish as various lies fell out of her lying lie hole, but the weight tape thing had me snorty laughing right out loud.  Seriously.  Manson went into this great spiel about how the weight tape isn’t always accurate as far as numbers because some horses can be ribby with big bellies (kinda like MOST of theirs are), but you can still see if the number changes and just go by that.  Well, a knot in a piece of bailing twine would do that for you too, but only if you measured the right part of the horse.  Right there on camera, Manson unintentionally demonstrates how NOT to use the weight tape. The directions are usually right on the tape FFS.  How hard is that to figure out?  There is a diagram and everything about where to place the tape.  It actually explains why so may of their horses look like complete shit, because she thinks big belly = healthy weight gain.  Then she lies some more about not giving Banamine right way if horses are dehydrated or something, but most of us who aren’t high on horse drugs or opiates remember her hitting every single horses that got off those loads from Louisiana with Banamine, wormer etc. with absolutely no consideration as to whether or not they were dehydrated.  I’m not even sure she knows how to tell if a horse is dehydrated without her magical SAA machine.  (cue Manson furiously googling `dehydration in horses’)  She also generally loads up every auction horse with Banamine and Dermosedan before they even get on the trailers or she has her ass barnacle, Robyn, do it if she didn’t manage to get out of bed that morning.  So, I’m not really sure why she felt the need to come on camera and lie about intakes and amaze us with her complete ignorance and lack of knowledge, but I’m sure the village idiots were suitably impressed and primed to dig super deep for the big ask that was coming.  Maybe that was the point all along.  It actually kinda worked for a while.



I addressed the permit drama a bit on the last post.  It was yet another big ask after greasing up the village idiots.  It’s also where we get to the semantics part of this post.  I don’t think most of us ever really doubted that the village idiots would cough up the cash nor did anybody other than the village idiots think they would be getting shut down.   I’m actually a bit surprised it’s taking them this long to raise the funds as they’ve seemed to stall out around 7k (they are claiming $1500 in paypal as well), but that’s no biggie considering we still haven’t figured out what all the extra cash they’re asking is for since they refuse to post any letters or official sort of documents.  They also don’t want to answer direct questions like, why have they known about this for a whole year and are only asking now?  Since Manson has dropped the love vibe schtick lately and can’t answer anything without going on a profanity laced rant,  HiCaliber has elected to allow Angrid field most of the questions since she’s mainly just angry and snarky, but a bit better at the verbal gymnastics than Manson.  From what I can gather, Angrid is saying that they didn’t technically `know’ since last year because they’ve been in talks and going back and forth with the county.  That’s not exactly true.  They did know since last September that they were going to need some sort of permit and they even knew, given their numbers and activities, what that permit was going to be.  It’s really nobody’s fault other than their own if they were operating under the ego-bloated assumption that they could talk their way out of having to follow the same rules as every other resident of that county.  In fact, even though they weren’t entirely honest and transparent in this video (go to minute 24) it does show they were meeting with the county as far back as early May about this situation.  They also knew they were out of extensions before they came to the village for money.  To me, and most logical people, that would suggest they left things until it was at crisis point whether it was intentional or due to stupidity, that’s the fact of the matter.  However, here is where we are and they need the cash for right now.  Brace yourself for them to be needing more because they actually should be getting a Tier 4 permit since they always have over 100 horses on the property except on days they know an inspector is coming.  Given the amount of grief they have been getting lately, wouldn’t you think they’d just knuckle down and cover their asses once and for all?  Why fudge this process and risk the fines?  I don’t get it.


I was sent this spread sheet by an awesome reader.  It is a 30 day snapshot of the money HiCaliber has asked from the villagers and mostly received.  For those of you that are lazy, the grand total of asks is $42,485 including the permit money.  Think about that and look at the list.  How is spending that much money buying, that many horses in one month even remotely close to rescue?  Looks like a horse trading spreadsheet to me and then you have them even begging for water and Gatorade?  Really?  Manson was even asking on live feed for people to send duct tape.  That’s ridiculous and irresponsible.  Next month the totals will be similar with a variation on headers because they realize the village idiots won’t twig that they keep needing more and more money every single month and it’s nearly always time sensitive thing.  That’s actually a page out of the bad rescue red flag list.  Go ahead and google it up and you’ll see HiCaliber ticks a lot of red flag boxes.  Not all, but a lot.  Certainly enough to make a person pause. The other issue with this list is where is their other funding sources?  Most other rescues get grants and sponsorships so they aren’t nickel and diming their followers into the poor house.  If HiCaliber can’t manage to do the same then perhaps they need to put a real board of directors in place and get a whole bunch more professional.  While we’re looking at this list, how many of these auction purchases have they ever posted an update on?  I’m still kinda waiting for the updates on the Louisiana horses which I’m sure will come in right around the same time as the DNA results from the paper bag of hair Manson claims to have.


I’m going to preface this next bit by saying this isn’t about fat shaming.  I know lots of larger riders that are lovely riders and they are `light’ riders too. Just the same as I know smaller riders that are complete loads and ride really heavy.  Part of being a light rider is empathy and I think the pictures above show a distinct lack of that.  This past weekend, Manson and her chosen ones,  went on a poker ride.  Naturally this was cause for much vulgarity and crude humor as Manson and her merry band of gunsels proceeded to take their show to new territory and inflict themselves on a new group of people.  Besides the drunken antics and lewd and inappropriate comments to the ride organizers, Manson was extremely preoccupied with the horse she was riding, Jelly, dropping his penis.  Actually, Manson has been preoccupied with penis in general quite a bit on the live feeds lately, but in this case it was Jelly’s manhood that held her attention as she attempted to photograph it from various angles before getting somebody else to do it for her so she could paste it on the HiCaliber Facebook page with the hashtag `dickpic’.  Because nothing says `professional’ like sexualizing the horse you claimed to rescue.  What the rest of us saw as a horse that probably just really wanted to pee but she was too ignorant to get up off his kidneys so he could do just that.  Howver, let’s say he didn’t have to pee because, to be honest, a number of the HiCaliber horses looked pretty drugged.  I’m talking lip drooping and birds tweeting around their heads kinda drugged.  Let’s say Jelly was just hanging his thang out because he was stoned.  He was still stretched out like he was in pain.  Do you blame him?  The saddle on him clearly is digging into his withers with not enough or the right kind of saddle pad on him and Manson is spilling out over the saddle which doesn’t distribute her weight properly and help matters either.  I’m not even going to get into the rider weight to horse weight ratio.  You can draw your own conclusions on that.  None of this can be comfortable for him.  Poor horse!  Next thing you know he’s going to go `behavioral’ or end up with a fistula on his withers either of which could eventually land him on the dreaded `euth list’.  Poor thing has already been subjected to The Fice for a short period of time, now he’s become one of Manson’s go to mounts because she’s still too afraid to get back on her own horse since she fell off him.  #Freejelly

Not to be outdone by her new BFF and mentor, Amanduh put her horsemanship on display yet again as she rode the infamous and drugged looking Dawson on the poker ride.  Dawson is not available for adoption but is still being funded on the donar dollar because Manson has 4 other personal horses already living for free at HiCaliber.  Amanduh of the $75/hr lessons and classical training can’t seem to figure out how to tie a rope halter properly.  This didn’t stop Manson from loudly boasting to an unsuspecting and glassy-eyed ride volunteer how all their horses are bitless and use rope halters only because they don’t need them with Amanduh swigging on her beer and nodding in agreement.  This was before the bitching and moaning about not being allowed to ride on the paved bike path because Dawson was too tired to walk in sand or something and just generally being in appropriate and gross.  I’m guessing self awareness and social graces aren’t cool in the HiCaliber culture or something.  At least they impressed themselves.

Ok, this is me being a little bit petty.  It amuses me.  It seems like Amanduh is always on the wrong lead on videos lately.  It certainly isn’t an intentional counter canter she has going on there since the horse has zero collection or engagement going on, so I’m guessing she just doesn’t know any better.  What’s worse is it feels like complete shit and four flat tires to be on the wrong lead, so I’m not even completely sure how or why you would go more than about two strides without fixing that shit.  I knew my leads before I was 5 years old, but I realize not everybody is lucky enough to grow up with that opportunity.  Still, it’s a basic skill and one of the first things you learn when you learn to canter or lope at whatever age that may be.  You don’t even have to be `classically’ trained to learn that either.  It’s pretty basic.  Personally, I think if you’re going to teach other people to ride, and especially if you’re going to charge $75/hr to do so, you should be able to figure out if you’re on the correct lead or diagonal yourself.  Actually, if you’re going to teach others to ride you should not only be on the correct lead and diagonal, but you should be able to feel it without looking.  I actually feel sorry for the people who sign up for lessons that are going to be learning wrong.  Sadness.

See all those names on the screen shots above?  There are 117 names and those are all the horses and donkeys that were intakes in 2016 that are no longer alive.  One hundred and seventeen.  That’s more than an average of two a week dead.  That’s not to say that some weren’t legitimate compassion pulls and some died in foster or other places for legit reasons, but you can pick out quite a few WTF names on there.  Horses that never got the courtesy of a goodbye post or any acknowledgement at all before they were erased from the website as if they never existed.  Be careful about asking after them on Facebook as you’ll likely be met with hostility and banning.  Not all these horses died last year, but not all the horses that died last year were intakes from last year either.  How about we see how we’re doing this year so far?

This is the horses that have been 2017 intakes that are no longer with us.  The change to that list is that Adagio should be added and Fila should be Fili (not sure of spelling).  Again, some horses were legitimate compassion pulls but the majority of these animals died at the other end of Manson’s gun.  56 of the 2017 intakes are already dead with a few that probably won’t be with us very much longer.   That’s 173 horses dead in the last 21 months averaging 2 per week.  That’s a whole bunch of bullets.  To be clear, this is just a list of the 2017 intakes that are no longer with us.  More than that have actually died this year.  You gotta wonder what that takes to be able to shoot that many.  In contrast, two other rescues I follow lost horses in the last week.  One from natural causes and the other was put to sleep aka not shot in the face.  Both horses had nice tributes posted on their respective pages.  They were honored and, I’m sure they are mourned.  One of these things is not like the others…



I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aware of the antics that play out on Facebook.  I don’t really get it, but I’m aware of it and from time to time, I even look in on some of them.  Lately, it’s a bit difficult to tell who is who.  You have Angrid and her goons on the poop page flinging turds at the horror story girls and then we have the break off groups of the same people in some cases and in other cases exiled people or ones that need to be on their own power trip.  I’m not entirely sure of the dynamics there nor am I sure which ones post here other than the ones that are in direct email contact with me.  That’s our little secret though, so no worries there.  What I really don’t get is why y’all need so many groups and what does any of it have to do with me other than you like to grab screen shots from here, because for some reason I keep getting blamed for your fuckery.   I don’t really care one way or another because I’m all about information getting passed along, but I think we need to pump the brakes a bit with the group creation.  Now y’all have created a private group to discuss HiCaliber with Angrid and it can’t be public (saw it anyhow, thx) because Angrid needs a safe place and was getting uncomfortable with being called on her bullshit.   This is even though everything is getting screen shot and passed along anyhow from both parties, so wtf is the point?   I do not care if this costs readers here or what, but half of you `horror girls’ are becoming just as bad as the village idiots.  It’s drama, drama, drama all the time.  I’m counting the days until I can put this to rest and I’m beginning to think that some people are going to have a hole punched in their life when it is all over but the crying.  Remember those names I just posted above.  That’s why I’m here. Why are you?


Now that I’ve pissed off both sides of the equation, I want to remind you we’re headed into another Tuesday fund-raising extravaganza. tomorrow  Donations have been down and lies are going to be spun.  No, they didn’t run out of horses in Texas, New Mexico or whatever other place Manson pulls out of her ass to say a new kill buyer hails from in order to loosen some purse strings.  It’s simply not true.  Why would somebody drive 1700 miles to a sale that habitually has less than 10 horses run through each week, in a state where shipping to slaughter is illegal?  Keeping in mind they would drive across several states that have lots of horses and it is legal to ship to slaughter on the way there.  Misner does it because it’s in his own back yard practically and he collects horses from all over to get his buddy Chavez to launder them for him, but even a bottom feeder like Misner still isn’t going to ship stallions, grays, or skeletal horses because they won’t be accepted at the border.  Stop paying this loser to clean up his messes.  Please. Before you open your purse strings to buy from a kill buyer please read the screen shot below.  It was posted in an anti-slaughter group.  I’m happy to credit the person who wrote it if that is his wish.  I take it he’s a trader or trainer.  Learn it and live it and share it everywhere.  Keep a good thought for those poor horses that are going to be exploited tomorrow.  We’ll reconvene here in a few days to do a postmortem, I’m sure.  Ciao for now!


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Can you see the John Lyons quote on the picture above?  It’s a pretty nice sentiment and I can get on board with it.  I would guess most anti-slaughter advocates can relate to it as long as they actually believe in God.  Guess what?  I pulled it off our the Facebook page of our favorite slaughter supporting horse rescue, Willing Servants.  Apparently the insight God granted Holy Theresa of Willing Servants  is that the best way to treat and care for these `reflections’ is to torture, kill and eat them.  I know none of these delusional fuckwits actually look at slaughter that way because they have come up with softer terms for what it is they want so badly.  Harvesting, processing, and even humane euthanasia.  I realize their ignorance and hypocrisy isn’t news and it seems to get less funny over time.  What is news is that I’m so sick and tired of the whining these idiots do, I’m willing to make a compromise if they will just stfu and move on to something that I don’t care about.  Seriously.


While I know the prices of euthanasia and burial/disposal that the slaughterphiles frequently quote are grossly exaggerated, I do appreciate that doing the right thing isn’t always cheap.  Believe me, I know more about that than I want to, but I also consider that a part of owning a horse.  Personally, we choose to bury or cremate our horses because it’s what we can live with.  I don’t really judge anybody for how they choose to dispose of an animal after the fact.  It really doesn’t make a difference to the animal and even after cremation, there is a significant amount of cremains to deal with.  Since nearly all the players on both sides of this issue claim to be horse lovers and only wanting what is best for the animals while they are living, then why not compromise?  Let’s bring back knacker trucks!


Back in the day, that’s how it was done if you didn’t process your own animals.  You paid a nominal fee and a guy would come out and shoot your animal and either haul it away or process it for you.  Since nobody wants to admit that they are into slaughter just because they like killing horses and watching them suffer, I think this would be a great compromise.  Old Dobbin can live his days out in familiar surroundings and when his time comes, you call in the knacker and allow him the dignity of dying without fear and torture.  Even though it’s not an option I would ever choose, I could get on board with it if it meant no slaughter houses and no shipping across state lines or international boarders for slaughter.  Surely if you can’t afford a couple hundred bucks to make sure your beloved horse dies peacefully, you need to stick to gold-fish.  Maybe that’s unfair to gold-fish too.  Get a stuffed toy or something.


I realize my compromise is never going to be considered.  As we all know, it’s all about the money and enabling backyard breeders and bottom feeding horse traders.  God forbid we see little shops of horrors like Sugarcreek, Shipshewana and New Holland go out of business. How do we know this?  Because slaughter is legal in most states.  You can send a horse to slaughter right here on home soil.  The problem is you can’t do it for human consumption and sale without a USDA inspection, so nobody is going to make money off it and open up a slaughter-house.   This minority pocket of assholes, lead by the ever greedy and inappropriate Slaughterhouse Sue, want to mass slaughter horses at the expense of our beef, pork and poultry producers and the safety of the food on your dinner table.  I guess the fact that this just isn’t an industry that is ever going to profit the majority of citizens doesn’t matter as long as Suey gets to see her `dream’ come to fruition and line her own pockets.  There isn’t a shred of love for horses that factor into the equation.


Remember how the slaughterphiles keep telling us that slaughter is to save horses and stop the cruelty and neglect?  It allegedly provides a way of dealing with unwanted and unsuitable horses.  Horses that have no other value left in them but to end up on a dinner plate.  Well, I’m sure most of you have read about Cactus Cafe and Canuki over the past year.  They are two Thoroughbreds that raced at Beulah Park in Ohio, that were sold under shady circumstances and shipped to slaughter in Canada.  (http://www.drf.com/news/canadian-slaughterhouse-firm-no-longer-accepting-thoroughbreds) The uproar over this resulted in at least one Canadian slaughter plant refusing to accept known Thoroughbreds any longer.  Cactus Cafe and Canuki were both located at Viande Richelieu near St. Hyacinthe, Quebec in the kill pens ready to head to a dinner plate despite having been given banned drugs throughout their racing careers.  Thanks to the hard work of several people, these two horses, in an unprecedented move, were recovered from the slaughter plant and sent to a rescue.  Remember, that according to the IEBA, slaughter is a `humane’ way of dealing with unwanted and flawed horses.  Seems that Cactus Cafe and Canuki were anything but unwanted as people went to great lengths to save  them.  Are they unsound and untrainable?  Look at their recent pictures and decide for yourself if these were two horses that needed a dinner plate to give them value….

Canuki today....


Cactus Cafe

Cactus Cafe




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