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Anybody out there? I know I’ve been a ghost for a long while. Same old excuses…busy, new computer and couldn’t remember my password, shiny objects and I’m a dick like that sometimes. I’ve also low key been working on a few other things here and there and searching for my lost motivation. While my motivation still seems to be somewhat MIA, I promised y’all when there was something to report, I’d report it. As a result, I’ve found the magical post-it note with my password so I could share some good news. Without further ado, enjoy the fruits of our labor….Better late than never!

So, there you have it. The first of what we can only hope is several dominos to fall. We knew all along the wheels of justice turned very slowly but never imagined they would rival the second coming. Thank you very much to the individuals that keep checking these things and have stayed the course. A very special thanks, much love and good vibes to Dixie who was tireless in putting this all together and never gave up. There may be other updates soon or maybe it will be another several months. Things happen in their own time. For now, enjoy this good news. I’m going to go and attempt to recall what my gmail password is for this account, so if you’re trying to get at me, it may take a few days. Score one for the good guys…I may not be all the way back, but I also never really left. In the time I’ve been MIA, they have changed the whole layout and how you edit these things, so this post is a hot mess. I’ll try and get my head back in the game. The other rats may think they got off the ship in time, but that isn’t the case. Other things coming soon xoxo

PS. I’m still not Jen…

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