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As I mentioned before, this is beginning to feel like all Dorothy, all the time around here lately.  However, some of the other stuff I have on the back burners need more information and I’m not sure a lot of that is going to be forthcoming until after the election.  So, we may as well keep ourselves disgusted with this rather sad example of why slaughter wouldn’t fix a single thing…

Happier times for Dorothy’s hoard….

As I’m sure anybody who has been following this situation knows, Dorothy has pleaded `not guilty’ to the animal neglect charges against her.  This means it’s going to trial and that NNER is in the unenviable position of not being able to release photographs of the horses at seizure until this is resolved despite Anne Knight aka Manes n Tails aka Sanctimonious Twat’s ranting and frothing at the mouth over them not responding to her demands and shitstirring.  A gag order is a gag order and if anybody has an issue with that, I suggest taking it up with the courts and not attacking the rescue.  Now, having said that, we know that Dorothy helpfully video taped a few of the evidence pics and uploaded them to her youtube account (coloredcowhorse).  The thing was, she was very selective about which pictures she showed.  Out of 34 seized horses she showed maybe five of them and they were not in excellent shape. As we all know, Dorothy has done this hoarding and seizure thing at least twice before, so I’m sure there will be drama for months to come..

Colonels Diamond Chex

A few days ago I was able to view video of Dorothy’s two hearings in September when this entire mess began.  It’s hours worth of footage and it was very enlightening  to say the least.  Dorothy is quite the little armchair attorney! Anyhow, it would take days to recap it blow-by-blow, so I’m going to cover some of the highlights.  See the horse above?  We’ve pictured him on this blog before.  I can now confirm that he was, in fact, the `old’ stallion that was in need of immediate euthanasia.  At least Dorothy wanted everybody to think he was old.  I even watched her argue that in court with the veterinary witness , although she was vague as to how old he really was and refused to give the horse’s name.  He was Colonels Diamond Chex APHA #705128 and he was only 10 years old. The vet estimated him around 8 years old by his teeth; Dorothy claimed he was closer to 17 yrs old.  After hearing the testimony regarding him, we know he also suffered horribly.  He was emaciated and badly foundered when seized. Witnesses say he could barely walk and was rocked back on his hind end to get the pressure off his sore feet.. Apparently, his feet were curling up and the veterinarian stated he was likely severely rotated.  His body was covered with pressure sores from laying down so much and apparently those sores were infested with maggots. Dorothy’s only response to this was ask if they had kept any maggots as evidence.  His feed tub was full of feces on the day they came to take him away as well and he was reportedly laying in filth and urine.  This same horse, Dorothy refused to sign a release to have him euthanized immediately saying she `wasn’t sure who owned him anymore’ and they had to go to court to get the judge to order it.  Then she whined about them making him suffer and additional couple of days even after the judge explained to her that since she hadn’t signed a release, they couldn’t legally do anything with him prior to the hearing.  Dorothy tried to tell everybody he had Pigeon Fever or an abscess, but the vet told the court it was highly unlikely as Pigeon Fever tends to have sores on the outside and an internal abscess most often ruptures and kills a horse within hours.  The bottom line is this horse should have been treated and/or euthanized long before he was seized and he wasn’t.  May he rest in peace.

The first hearing I viewed was the initial hearing a few days after the horse’s were seized.  It was brief mostly because Dorothy asked for time to find a lawyer.  The judge at that time let her know that the board charges were adding up on the horses by the day, but granted her a week extension.  Wanna guess who ended up eating those charges?  That’s right….NOT Dorothy.  She told the judge at that time that The United Horsemen and The Cavalry Group would be helping her out with legal representation.  Guess what?  One week, later and no attorney.  I’m not sure we should be surprised given that Dorothy is a pathological liar and the UH can’t even refund the Scummit tickets yet.  She’s not a paid member of The Cavalry Group, so they weren’t going to help her either. Dorothy also half tried to insist that they get another vet evaluation on the condition of her horses and was told she was welcome to do that but would need to pay and arrange for that herself.  That wasn’t done either.  I guess she felt buying her new computer was more important.  So the following week, Dorothy attempted to wriggle out of things again by saying she wasn’t willing to represent herself because if she made a mistake, she couldn’t sue the people that unlawfully seized her horses.  She was firmly reminded that hearing WAS to determine whether or not the seizure was lawful and what was to be done with the horses.  Also, deputies can’t be sued for carrying out their duties.  Dorothy was told that anything she said in this hearing wouldn’t be used against her in the event criminal charges were brought against her and she should be truly thankful for that.  She lied her ass off!  She also clearly has watched way too many lawyer shows on TV because her questioning was bizarre to say the least.  As we have seen her do, she attempted to blame everybody else and bring up things that weren’t related to her situation at all.  For example, she tried to show pictures of other neglected horses, wanted to discuss the Lippizan Stallion’s stall size, the PMU stall sizes, etc.  If she wasn’t so belligerent and passive-aggressive throughout most of it, I would almost have felt sorry for her.

One of Dorothy’s attempts at a big `A-Ha!’ moment was the issue of a horse with `shingles’.  Apparently, when the deputy went out to see her horses she told him a horse had shingles. The deputy admitted he wasn’t a horsemen, but had handled several cases before and was well able to identify a thin animal and lack of care.  When he repeated that the horse had shingles in court, she nastily told him horses couldn’t get shingles.  At this point, I had nominated both the judge and DA for sainthood as they were nothing but respectful and patient with Dorothy, despite her deliberate stalling and general rudeness.  You would think somebody that had been through this a few times before would know that you should probably put on a clean shirt to go to court and even throw on a bra if you really wanted to make a good impression.  Early on in the proceedings, the judge explained to Dorothy that lack of feed is part of neglect, but even a well fed animal could suffer neglect.  They were looking at the whole picture.  For the record, the vet that testified not a single one of Dorothy’s horses were in acceptable weight and condition.  Dorothy made a big deal about having 14 whole bales of hay (approx 100lbs bales) on hand.  She had 34 horses, so that wasn’t going to go far, but Dorothy seemed to think it was awesome.  The deputy testified that he counted the hay the day prior to seizure and by the next afternoon, only 2 or 3 bales of hay had been fed.  I think most of us know that is not nearly enough food for a herd that size, especially when she admitted she was trying to put weight on a `few’ mares that had sand colic. Speaking of sand colic, in Dorothy’s world that means the horse will remain skinny for months and months.  From when we had a yearling colt sand colic on us, I know he bounced back within a week because we, you know, had a vet treat him.  Amazing how that works.

This brings us to another problem Dorothy had.  She claimed she was treating her horses for this and that, yet no vet receipts or anything other than she said so.  She didn’t even attempt to show receipts for meds she had bought and I have to think given the rest of her nit-picking, she’d have produced them had she had them.  For reasons known only to herself, Dorothy attempted to blame the vet, when he was on the stand, for not coming out and treating her horses for free.  What we did find out is that bill she claimed as a $40 or so dispute, was actually more in the neighborhood of $500.  That was straight from her own mouth and it was for treating, yet another sick mare some months ago.  Dorothy was also told that this wasn’t the only vet that served her area.  Given all the vet articles she googled and other unrelated facts she tried to present, you would think Dorothy would have tracked down a vet, any vet, to help that horse if she was truly sincere about easing his suffering.  It was a bit irritating to watch her flip back and forth from knowing everything to being completely oblivious to anything that would have helped out her suffering animals.  At this point, I have to believe she just doesn’t give a shit or have any compassion  for animals.  Actually, given how vocal and nasty I have seen her be in any slaughter debate, I pretty much knew that long before all this came to light.

As we all know, the outcome of the trial was not in Dorothy’s favor.  The seizure was determined to be lawful and the horses were released to NNER after they paid the back board on them.  Dorothy brought up the two leased mares and said she had no idea how to contact their owner as she hadn’t been in touch with her since Dorothy took the horses.  Yet another outright lie.  That owner is a `friend’ of Dorothy on Facebook and has been for a while.  Dorothy has actually had the unmitigated gall to pop up on her favorite HGS forum and attempt brazen things out by not acknowledging the fact that she is so busted.  In fact her only acknowledgement was over on UH’s Facebook page and she said :“Happy to discuss in private…..lots of info being put out that is not accurate.”  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think the fact that her rap sheet pertaining to over 50 convictions of animal neglect in the past is pretty accurate and damning.  Then again, what do I know?  I’m one of those annoying people that hug their horses and feed them and stuff.  I’m hoping Santa brings Dorothy a nice little jail sentence for Christmas this year.  She goes to trial on December 28th.  Stay tuned….

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Happy Sunday!

No PSA poster child today.  It’s beginning to feel like all Dorothy, all the time around here lately and skeletons continue to fall out of her closet at an alarming rate.  With her trial next week, I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of her.  I do think we may have heard the last FROM her online for quite awhile though.  How do you respond to being so thoroughly busted?  Anyhow, I thought since it was Sunday, it would be nice to focus on something `happier’ for at least one day.  Somebody sent me this awhile ago and I thought it appropriate to share given the events of the last few weeks….if only the PSAs would read this, huh?

Horse’s Prayer

To Thee my Master I offer my prayer
Feed me water me and care for me
And when the long day’s work is done provide me with shelter
A clean dry bed where I can lie down in comfort
Always try be kind to me your voice often means far more to me than the reins
And pet me sometimes that I may serve you the more gladly and learn to love you
Don’t jerk the reins strike beat and kick me when I don’t understand what you want
But give me the chance to understand you
Don’t tie me where water can drip on me and please keep me well shod
And examine my teeth when I don’t eat
I may have an ulcerated tooth and that is very painful
Dont’ tie my head in an unnatural position or take away my best defense
Against flies and mosquitos by cutting off my tail
I can’t tell you when I am thirsty so give me good clear cool water real often
Save me by all means in your power from that fatal disease the glandars
I can’t tell you in words when I dont feel good or when I am sick
So watch me so that by signs you may always know my condition
Give me all possible shelter from the hot sun and put a blanket over me
Not when I am traveling or working but when I am standing in the cold
Never put a frosty or dirty bit in my mouth but first clean it and warm it in your hands
I try to carry you and your burdens without a murmur
And wait patiently for you long hours of the day and night
Without the power to chose my shoes or path
I sometimes slip and fall on the hard pavement which I often prayed
Might be of a nature to give me a good sure footing
Remember I that must be ready at any moment to lose my life while in your service
And finally dear Master when my useful strength is gone
Don’t turn me out to starve or freeze
Or sell me to some cruel owner who will slowly starve and torture me to death
But do Thou my Master take my life in the kindest way you can
And your God will reward you here and after
You wouldn’t consider me irreverant if I ask this in the name of him
Who was born in a stable will you

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Here we are again, with another edition of Point and Laugh Friday, except it’s already Saturday.  It has been a strange week.  We actually had Daffy come over here, make sense and not be offensive.  I think the end of times may be closer than we think.  Most of our usual suspects have been engaging in their regular asshattery and Slaughterhouse Sue has been at laying down the links and being inappropriate again.  Lots to do and lots to cover, so let’s get right on with Point and Laugh Friday…..brought to you by the letter `W’ for WTF?

As I mentioned, Slaughterhouse Sue has been linking up a storm over on the UH page.  She took particular offense to an obscure survey and, once again rallied the brain dead supporters to go over and raise hell.  “Please take the time to complete this very anti-horse biased survey. It is probably some kid who doesn’t know any better, but whoever it is they need to get an earful from the real horse world.”  As a result, the survey has been pulled, no doubt from the bombardment of the `real horse world’.  Funny how Suey considers herself a part of `horse world’.  Actually, it’s not all that funny, it’s downright offensive to the rest of us.  Aside from her usual anti-HSUS links, the main theme of the week has been dissention in the ranks over at the UH bat cave.  It seems people still haven’t received their refunds from the Scummit and others are starting to see the holes in her stories.  Here’s a little sampling for y’all….

“I was just wondering. The bill passed supposedly a year ago allowing horse slaughter
in the US to resume. Then supposedly we were to have plants open except USDA would not have inspectors until this fall. Everything was set for a plant to be up and running by Sept. Then we had a plant bought except we didn’t have it bought and then we heard the deal was back on and everything was set. At the same time we were to believe that there would be a plant in Hermiston and then we read that there won’t be a plant there. I don’t know about the rest of you but I would like for the membership to hear the truth as to where we really are without the rhetoric and
hype. Am I the only one that is wondering whats REALLY going on?”

– This person needs to come on over to the dark side with us and we’ll fill him in on what is REALLY going on…

“I was pondering that too, also would like to know where my 225.00 dollars went to that I had to send to attend the 2cd Summit of Horse which was canceled but have yet to receive a refund are we funding a group that can’t pay their bills that has to take money that isn’t theirs to take?”

– This wasn’t the only person that piped up and said they hadn’t still received a refund….I thought D-bag Duquette was going to pay them all out of his pocket?  Perhaps Suey cut off his allowance for the `no big deal’ comments last week?  Oh well, we had #2 ass barnacle, Puppymill Patterson attempt damage control…

“XXXXX, I owe you a phone call. Left you a message tonight, so let’s talk this weekend. I realize there is a lot at stake and everyone wants immediate answers, but there are things we cannot discuss on this page as it is wide open to the AR moles.XXXX is very accurate in her statement above. We need to sit tight… this election will determine a lot. Sue and I were in DC just 5 weeks ago, and the sentiment on The Hill was that of everything being on hold and up in the air until after the election. So as we make this final 10 day push, put your angst and efforts into helping the right people getting elected and making sure people get out to vote! United Horsemen is working hard on multiple levels. Not everything can go public. It’s a protection.”

– What Puppymill isn’t telling these idiots is that IF there had been applications for permits for slaughter plants made, there would be no secret about that as they are public.  The only thing the UH seems to be working hard at is trolling the internet for links and dodging their bills while D-bag Duquette and Holy Theresa have pajama parties.  Wise up people!

Drink up PSAs….time has almost run out on your dream!

Since D-bag was grounded we’ll take a quick check in with Holy Theresa.   She is still quite busy hating on anybody that isn’t a white redneck, but she also took some time out to engage in some extra-curricular hypocrisy this week.  As most of us know, Holy Theresa is a crazy cat lady, but not just any kitties; she likes the exotics that only eat horse meat.  Most rational people recognize that exotic cats are dangerous to be kept in captivity by the average person.  Personally, I have no issue with licensing for people that want to do this as it is far safer for the animal and the general public.  Naturally, Holy Theresa doesn’t agree as she feels it’s her God-given right as a redneck to be able to hoard and abuse animals freely.  She posted up the following picture with this statement: “This breaks my heart! The picture on the right is what is happening in Zanesville. Way to go AR ZEALOTS… better off dead huh?”  What I want to know is how it’s worse than a horse packed into a crowded trailer and then shoved into a filthy crowded feed lot to await its execution that will not be humane…

This brings us to the ramblings of Mendy Tobiano.   The human side of this personality is still in deep hiding and for that we are all grateful.  There is only so much self-importance we can stomach in a lifetime and I’m happy she’s gone to ground and given us all a break.  I’d be happier if she was out of the horse business rather than just not bragging about it, but we’ll take what we can get for now.  The petulant pony personality turned in a very poor effort this week.  The blog about eating horse meat is some people’s culture and that we should respect that is a favorite of mine.  You know what else is some people’s culture?  Female circumcision and arranged marriages.  Just because some cultures practice or eat something, does not mean that we need to adopt that practice on home soil.  She thinks it’s just great that there’s a Japanese market for our horses.  What she is too ignorant to realize is that we ship live to Japan and it’s less than humane.  You can check out a video of horses being exported from Calgary, Alberta here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji5n8siQGAw&feature=plcp).  NT also admonished us for having concern about adulterated horse meat and the fact that somebody died from ingesting drugs laced with Bute.  We should be ashamed because other people are dying of meningitis.  Yeah, I can’t draw that line either, but I guess when you brag about doing this to your nails, we aren’t exactly on the same wave-length anyhow…

Oops! Looks like somebody has man hands despite the klazzy manicure…

While our other favorite PSAs have been up to their usual antics, I think it would be better to once again update the Nevada 34 situation.  Suffice to say, a lot of crow is being eaten today.  It turns out that getting 34 horses seized for neglect ain’t Dorothy Robertson’s first time at the rodeo.  She has 50 prior convictions for second degree animal neglect in Oregon.  Yes, you read that right FIFTY prior convictions.  If you look through the comments on the previous blog entry it’s all there to read including the little revelation that Dorothy lost her nursing license  and got run out of town for ripping off elderly patients.  Awesome! “Our lawyer at the time had her nurseing license pulled. Seems the state doesn’t like it’s nurses neglecting animals. Before Klamath Co, she was run out Deschutes Co. in Oregon and before that had questionable dealings in San Francisco caring for the elderly and with her lawyer boyfriend magicly these elders signed over estates to her. Don’t know if there was a conviction on that but they sure left SF in a hurry with boatloads of money to buy animals.” Yes, HGS asstards, this is the person you so vigorously defended while trying to ruin the reputation of a legitimate rescue and defame the chair person all because they took custody of Dorothy’s hoard.  If you still don’t believe that Dorothy is a hoarder maybe this little blog entry of hers from 2008 will help…

“I have 5 stallions, 7 mares (so far) with 6 of them due to have foals this spring, and three yearlings left from last year.  One of the boys is going to Idaho to stand at stud at a really neat stallion station.  And one of the mares is going to California to be bred to a world champion and Supreme Reined cowhorse after she has her foal this spring.  All of the foals are sired by my older Paint stallion so it should be a colorful spring.”

For the logically impaired, she increased her herd to 34 in less than 4 years.  She clearly wasn’t selling many, if any and she was accumulating breeding stock at an alarming rate.  Barely any of her horses have been trained at all.  The older paint stallion she mentions died over a year ago.  The one that had to be put to sleep after seizure was only TEN years old, yet Dorothy kept trying to tell everybody he was super old and that was part of the reason for his condition.  Prior to getting outed on her previous convictions, Dorothy posted up some short video clips to show her horses were in great shape when they were taken.  Of course, out of the 34 she only shows a couple and we never see their feet, but you can see her `evidence’  here : (http://www.youtube.com/user/coloredcowhorse).  The HGS assholes kept saying they weren’t that bad and she should be allowed to keep the ones that weren’t in such tough shape.  Excuse me?  If she can’t provide proper feed and shelter for all of them, she shouldn’t have any of them.  Having 14 bales of hay on hand to feed 34 horses is NOT sufficient.  Feet don’t get as long as some of those were unless they hadn’t been done in over a year.  Are they really thinking that it’s ok for horses to have such bad sores on their legs for that long (Dorothy’s excuse) is acceptable?  Did Dorothy just pick and choose which horses were going to be properly fed and cared for?  We know she wanted to dump the buckskin tobiano stud because she felt he was too tall to sire cowhorses, so did she just let him wither away?  Let nobody forget that Dorothy was a staunch supporter of horse slaughter, yet she has what appears to be a long trail of abuse and neglect. The height of hypocrisy is evidenced in this letter she wrote last December, while she was in the process of abusing and neglecting her own animals : (http://bellbottomfarm.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/open-letter-supporting-horse-slaughter/ )Slaughter was alive and well in 1995 when she had over 50 horses seized, yet she still neglected and starved them.  I guess it really doesn’t fix that problem at all as long as there are sickos like Dorothy hoarding animals.  I truly hope that she does jail time for this and is never allowed to own animals again.  Hopefully, local authorities will go back out to her place and check on the dog and cat breeding situation out there too.  I’m sickened, but I have a feeling this isn’t over yet.  Dorothy goes to court next week to answer to her current round of charges.  Stay tuned…

Page one of conviction reports as posted on HGS

The Happy Hoarder….

On that depressing note, I think it’s time to wrap things up for this week’s recap.  Hopefully, the upcoming election will effectively shut Slaughterhouse Sue’s murderous plans down and we can focus more on cleaning up the messes these slaughterphiles seem to make *coughdorothycough* I hope the recent revelations mean that NNER is left to care for these horses and the attacks stop.  It is patently clear why they have been limited as to what information they can put out there regarding the Nevada 34.  Dorothy did a great job of throwing shade and redirecting negative attention on them.  I hope that stops at the very least, but there are a lot of people that owe them sincere and public apologies.  For all those people that were paypal-ing money to Dorothy or setting up funds to get her horses back, I hope that you redirect your assistance to the true innocent victims in all of this….the horses.  NNER has a public Facebook page set up and anybody that wants to donate or assist, I suggest you contact them through there or the email they provide on there (https://www.facebook.com/NortheasternNevadaEquineRescueInc?ref=ts&fref=ts).  A lot of those horses will have a long road to recovery and regardless of what a few people think, placing unbroken broodmares will be a challenge, especially ones that there are no longer papers for.  As for me, I’ll try to be a bit more timely with my posts.  Advanced warning that I’m on the road for a few days at the end of November, so that Point and Laugh Friday will be a few days late or one of the regulars can step up and do the guest recap.  Send me an email if interested.  My other half will be most grateful.  As always, thank you to all the people that comment here (well done this week!) and for the emails.  I’m kinda sad I don’t get any hate mail, but there’s always hope.  People in the NE, please take `Sandy’ seriously.  These monster storms are no fun and very unpredictable.  Trust me.  Stay dry and stay safe!  Happy weekend everybody and don’t forget to hug  your horses!

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Nobody Panic!

Point and Laugh Friday is coming…..I’m just running a bit behind this week.  There has been a lot of asshattery to wade through, but we’ll get it all recapped….Promise!

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I was really hoping we didn’t have to discuss the Nevada 34 until next week when their former owner/abuser goes to court, but it seems that Old Dorothy doesn’t know when to STFU.  She is currently being egged on by the morons over at HGS forum and I do apologize to the very few people over there that have attempted reason and to call Dorothy on her BS.  Most of the HGS people make the UH peeps look like geniuses; that’s how bad it is.  If you are needing to refresh your memory on this neglect case, you can review these links: (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/the-nevada-34-update/)(https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/straight-from-the-horse-neglecters-mouth-updates-on-the-nevada-34/)and (https://shedrowconfessions.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/sundays-psa-8/).  Right now,  Dorothy is busy pointing her grubby fingers every direction but at herself, but I still thought it would be fun to take a peek on her latest round of delusion and denial…As always, we’ll hear straight from Dorothy herself….

Old, picture but this is worth reposting when you see what Dorothy has to say for herself…

“Would you leave your place and go to town to do so while sheriffs deputies are on the place and no one else is there but them? My camera is a Flip video camera….recharges the battery by plugging into computer USB port…..at that point my house had no power except the generator and I didn’t even think of starting it up, plugging in computer and then plugging in camera….other things (like asking them not to load stallions/mares in the same trailer load) on my mind at that very moment.”

– I’m kinda getting confused about Dorothy’s camera situation.  She originally told us that she had pictures on her camera but her film tore when she removed it.  Now, it’s apparently a digital video camera (which wouldn’t have film).  I’m not aware of too many flip video cameras that use film anymore….especially the  ones that plug into a USB port.  So….where ARE these pictures she claims to have that would show what super awesome shape her horses were in prior to seizure? She promised to have them available to everybody a few weeks ago.

“Added some photos to my ranch album…..taken from outside the sales yard property (posted with no cameras/videos allowed) only a few days after the horses were taken. According to the vet this herd had an average body condition score of 2 with only a few 3s and none a 4 or higher. Same vet testified that horses in starvation situation would take 1-3 weeks to turn around metabolism and begin to gain and at most would gain 1-1.5 lbs per day once they began gaining. Waiting for more photos taken a few days later with longer tele lens….. being processed in Reno at specialty photo business due to film damage in unloading camera (borrowed from a friend in case anyone needs to know….friend is also the owner of one of the leased mares and was NOT….as reported by the brand inspector…..upset about the condition of the mare but was upset about brand inspectors charging time and milage on top of brand inspection fee when brand inspection was done at BI’s usual place of business….sales yard….and by sales yard manager charging $7/day board on the mare since NNER had supposedly already paid the board…..and the board fee is limited by statute to $5/day…..did the same thing to the owner of the other two leased mares who was there at the same time picking up hers…..mare owner had a brand inspection in her name as well as mare’s papers in hand in her name…real question arises regarding brand inspection…..there was never a brand inspection showing ownership change from the mare owner to sheriffs dept or to NNER yet owner was forced to get a new inspection form showing her as owner when she had one already in hand.)”

– Ok, yet another camera story. Is anybody keeping track of the camera excuses?  The horses have been in custody since early September.  I would think the film would be developed by now?  Now it’s the brand inspector’s fault and how dare NNER not pay the bail for the leased horses they weren’t taking into their care!  I’m still not sure what any of this has to do with the condition her horses were in…

“Let’s get something straight…..I could afford the horses at the time they were taken…..there was hay on the property, hay was purchased twice a week or more, the old sick horse was getting medications for pain, ulcers, antibiotics and all the feed he would eat. The only issues were that I had spent down my reserves in dealing with move, getting pump/pressure tank and generator to get water accessible on the property other than the pond for the mares (which by the way, is over an acre in size most of the time and several feet deep at its deepest) so I didn’t have to haul it daily, and dealing with sister’s death that came faster and more expensively than anticipated (docs had given her to about Christmas, she died the end of July with funeral first week of August). I didn’t have the full amount of the money the vet wanted at the time the horse needed to be put down and was working on obtaining more as quickly as possible……retired so checks only come once a month…and he wouldn’t accept payments…..retirement check arrived on Wed after the horses were taken on Fri (and one day after the horse was put down or possibly the same day he was put down at the sales yard after being kept there without medications he was getting here) and would have paid for vet in full. Help for getting foot care done was also coming the next week….legs on those with photosensitive reaction were healing and they had been getting halter/tying work done with them so that help could hold them while they were trimmed…that help was on long vacation and due back the weekend the horses were taken. Those yearlings without leg issues due to photosensitivity had been trimmed within the previous month to 6 weeks and work was being done on the mare herd gradually. The funds shortage was short term. Moving here was a financial improvement over the situation where I was previously living.

– Dorothy could not afford a bullet to put down an emaciated and suffering horse at the time they were taken.  She was in arrears to the vet and many of those horses hadn’t had their feet trimmed for probably at least a year. Did the picture I posted above look like a horse that had been trimmed within six weeks?  These horses had no shelter from the sun and those babies had been returned to her in April.  She had several months to treat their sores and get them trimmed.  Strangely, NNER managed to get the worst cases done immediately by tranquilizing them and laying them down.  If money was `not a problem’ why didn’t Dorothy do the same?  Again, I keep coming back to the severely emaciated and suffering stallion.  If you couldn’t afford to end his suffering, you shouldn’t have animals.  Period.  That’s not even going into the fact Dorothy has no electricity nor running water at her place.  Yet, she has enough money to care for 34 horses….Ok then….

“Yep. And this is not the only behavior from that BI that should be reviewed. Her job is to accurately describe animals and to do recorded transfer of ownership for state records. She somehow missed listing brands on two of the three mares that carried them, described one horse as a gelding when there were no geldings here, described more black/white Paints than were here, described one horse as a roan Paint (no roan Paint here) and offered such vague descriptions of almost all the horses that someone not familiar with them would probably not be able to ID any of them while I, as the owner, can only positively ID about 1/3 of them from her descriptions. That’s just one small group of animals with that many errors…..one has to ask how accurate her work is in larger groups (such as on sale day at the sales yard where maybe 1000 head or more of animals will be changing ownership). Then there’s the issues of her notifying the rescue within an hour of the last horse leaving here that the rescue would be getting these horses….who contacts someone they don’t know well at after 11 at night to tell them they are getting a big bunch of horses….the claim from DT that she and the BI didn’t know each other prior to this seizure is BS. And then add in the kind of posted remarks such as this place being overrun with hundreds of feral cats….really?….because there isn’t a single cat in any of the SO photos (yes, I have them but printed and don’t have a scanner to upload to a disk) and none of the neighbors have seen all these feral cats either. Add in her breaches of security on her other job on the Naval Air Station (posted photos of military aircraft inside their hangars…..huge security issue as NO photos are to be taken on base of any military craft or facilities).”

– Dorothy is running out of fingers to point!  I’m just going to float a theory on the rescue/BI issue.  If the county knew they were likely going to have to take custody of over 3o head of horses, it would make sense they had their ducks in a row and gave a rescue a heads up.  It would be irresponsible to take that many horses that were in reportedly fragile health without a plan in place.  I don’t know that as a fact, but I could see it going down like that.  As to the cat issue, we know Dorothy breeds ragdoll cats and I don’t have a hard time believing her house was full of them.  Hoarders don’t have great perspective on what is `too many’.  Maybe they weren’t running around her yard, but that doesn’t mean her house wasn’t full of them.  She also apparently breeds dogs.

Ok, now that we have a sampling of some recent inconsistencies from Dorothy, let’s look at some other whoppers she has told.  Remember how she kept telling everybody she had not bred any mares this year?  *update* The picture of the mare’s ass is current but the HGS people are still morons*  The above mare recently slipped a foal.  A foal that was estimated to be at least six months old.  NNER had the fetus DNA tested so there would be no question what mare it came from.  Of course they are now getting mobbed up by the HGS shitheads who think that was a waste of money.  Damned if they do, damned if they don’t….Had they not gotten this evidence, the same people would be saying it wasn’t this mare’s foal or wasn’t as old as they claimed or something.  The fact is, this is Dorothy’s former mare and she aborted a six month old fetus. Maybe it was an immaculate conception. Here are the DNA results…

Another outright lie Dorothy told was to do with the `old’ stallion who she had no money to put down.  She claimed he was very old and very sick.  Thankfully, Dorothy has an internet trail that even a blind man could follow and we now know that the horse that was in super tough shape likely wasn’t all that old.  It turns out that Dorothy advertised 4 stallions at stud.  One of them was 20 yrs old, Muchacho Pintero, but he passed away at least a year ago according to Dorothy.  “Muchacho Pintero, sorrel tobiano, only Paint son of Docs Muchacho (Doc Quixote x Maguey Girl by Les Glo), out of stakes placing daughter of All American Futurity winner Three Ohs. Lost him last winter and miss him terribly.”  Ok, so we know the only `older’ stallion she has listed on several sites, including her own website (thank you internet archives ;)) died long before this drama ensued.  The emaciated, downed horse in the news footage showed a buckskin tobiano.  Guess what?  Dorothy had a buckskin tobiano stallion at stud.  His name was Colonels Diamond Chex and he was NOT one of the horses that ended up at NNER.  He would have only been 10years old this year and  you can see him here : (http://www.horsebreederdirect.com/horses/coloredcowhorseranch/colonelsdiamondchex) He is likely the `old’ horse that she couldn’t afford to put down nor would she sign a release to let the sheriff do it, prolonging his suffering by a few more days.  Since Dorothy lies like a sidewalk, we may never know where Colonels Diamond Chex ended up or if he was, in fact, the `old’ stallion that suffered so badly.


Let’s go back to how Dorothy told us all how she wasn’t going to breed anything this year.  Even though we now have an aborted fetus that suggests that wasn’t true, I think I’ll let Dorothy speak for herself again.  This is what she had to say last November…

“Likely using Ima Streakin Doc (bay tobiano APHA, Doc Bar grandson) on several mares as I like what he’s done with them in the past…and one maiden because I think he’d make a great cross with her.

Smoken Boo Jac (black tobiano by QT Poco Streke out of daughter of Mr Barbie Cody Jac by Hollywood Jac 86)…previous foal a big bay tobiano born doing rollbacks and sliding stops

Diaman H RisKey Beau….black tobiano, possibly HZ for both (not tested yet) daughter of Ris Key Business out of daughter of QT Poco Streke…previous foal bay HZ tobiano colt

Hickery’s Lil Crimson (chestnut HZ tobiano granddaughter of Smart Little Pistol out of Lenas Diamond Chex/Doc Doll/Mr Gunsmoke/King Fritz mare)…maiden, guaranteed tobi with 50% chance of HZ, probably bay or black

Other stallion that will be used is Double Down Delta (APHA pending) liver chestnut HZ tobiano, son of res world ch Delta Promise (Delta O’Lena x Peppy San Badger daughter out of Nu Bar daughter) out of daughter of Dots Nu King (reining points, died before finishing, full brother to 2 x world ch reiner Gay Bar O’Lena….Delta O’Lena x Nu Bar daughter o/o daughter of Gay Bar King)…will be bred to…..

HR Smiles Doll, solid bay Paint, producing daughter of Doc Doll out of daughter of Freckles Playboy, second dam full sister to Travelena and placed 8th at NCHA fut…….guaranteed tobiano foal with great pedigree

Stylish Sugar Mama, med liver chestnut QH mare, daughter of Nitas Stylish Oak ($ and fut winner, Docs Stylish Oak x Royal Silver King daughter o/o Peponita daughter) out of daughter of Nu Cash (Peppy San Badger/Doc O’Lena on bottom)…chestnut tobiano foal

BBR Uvaldelena, bay HZ tobiano mare by Dos Munecos, double grandson of Uvalde Doll (dam of Doc Doll) with grandsires being Gay Bar King and Jose Uno…out of daughter of ’92 APHA world ch reiner, Retrospect…..HZ tobiano foal

Docs Lady Is Smoken, bay minimal splash white registered as solid, granddaughter of Smoke N Cotton (5th in lifetime working cowhorse pts when he died young, sire of multiple world chs including 4 x world ch Smoke N Blackhawk) and of Docs Gabilan (top 10 finalist Snaffle Bit, Doc Bar son) with Broadway Doc and Bueno Chex on bottom. Tobiano, possible tovero foal.

Strait Miss Boon, brown solid Paint daughter of 8 time world ch Strait From Texas (RisKey Business x daughter of Hollywood Smoke by Mr Gunsmoke) out of own daughter of Boon Bar (sire of multiple winners incl Royal Blue Boon, dam of Peptoboonsmal)….tobiano foal

Munez Queen Phoebe….QH mare, bay, daughter of Docs Phoebe (by Docs Hickory) out of daughter of Brinks Leo Hickory (by Docs Hickory)….tobiano foal

There are several other mares here I’d love to breed but am unsure of what the economy is going to do so am not sure whether I’ll breed them or not…hate to have them just sit but don’t want to produce non-selling foals either…only got three coming in ’12 so they’ve mostly sat for a year this coming spring as it is. Will see how things look in the spring….feed prices etc all factor in. Thinking of maybe breeding half the herd one year and the other half the alternate years…until they are old enough that this risks future breedings at all.”

Kinda tells a different story,no?  At least maybe NNER can use this list to identify some of the mares that Dorothy refuses to give up the paperwork for.  For sure they can use it to ID the aborted fetus. You only need to run a search on any of Dorothy’s stud’s names and you pretty much get endless pages of her talking about her breeding plans for them.  Wanna see the baby daddy?

As of last November, Dorothy admitted to having 9 stallions running together at her place.  She also, helpfully posted pictures of some of them.  They were not in bad weight, but you can see the beginnings of slipper feet on at least one of them.  Strangely, he doesn’t appear to have sores on his legs either and she claims that her recent financial woes were temporary in nature.  Remember how she was outraged that the county had put stallions together in pens when her horses were seized?  “I have 9 uncut male horses here right now (not counting the weanlings)….they run together in a bachelor herd, seldom even have sparring matches among themselves and not a one of them has ever attempted a bite at me and one tried a kick one time. I safely walk among them at feeding time, can take any one of them out of the herd whenever I want, have them in a field that sometimes has mares as close as 30 feet away (most of the mares are across the road… a two lane road with fences on both sides so mares and stallions are about maybe 100 feet apart most of the time)…and I don’t have problems with them.”

I think by now, most reasonable people can see for themselves that Dorothy has a big problem with keeping her stories straight.  She seems to spend a LOT of time on message boards and likes to give advice about anything and everything.  I guess while she was busy on the net, her horses were withering away from photosensitivity and neglect.  What we do know for a fact is that the issue of the horses being seized has been settled.  NNER has the horses and that’s the way it will remain until they put them up for adoption.  NNER had NOTHING to do with the seizure of the horses, yet Dorothy and her idiot followers continue to demonize them at every opportunity. We also know that Dorothy is in court next week to answer to the neglect charges.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see that gong show as I’m certain that Dorothy will be blaming anybody and everybody for the condition of those poor animals.  Remember, that Dorothy is a staunch slaughter supporter and has, in the past, attacked many anti slaughter people over their views.  I guess the biggest question I have in all of this is, how is bringing slaughter back going to eliminate cases like this one?  She could have sold her horses to kill buyer at any point, instead she chose to neglect them and let them suffer.  Does anybody really think this would have gone down any differently had there been a slaughter-house in the US?

Dorothy `training’ one of her young horses…

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Here we are, once again, winding up another week in the seemingly never-ending slaughter wars.  This week has provided more ups and downs than most, as I’m sure y’all realize.  Never a dull moment and sometimes it’s harder than others to find something to laugh about.  Thankfully, this week is not one of those times.  We still have lots to laugh about because not a single one of our usual suspects found a clue this week and they still aren’t shy about flying their freak flags.  We also have had some new faces pop up and flaunt their ignorance.  It’s been hectic trying to keep up with everything.  Hell, it’s been hectic trying to keep up with the comment section on this blog the past few days.  I guess that means we should wade right in and get on with the festivities of Point and Laugh Friday!  This week will be brought to you by the letter `O’ for obtuse.

You’d have to be living under a rock if you missed the rollercoaster ride we all had last weekend with slaughter temporarily being shut down for US horses and then fired back up come Monday.  It took everybody off-guard and even momentarily shook Slaughterhouse Sue out of her Bute induced stupor to scramble around like a little rat trying to do damage control and madly type up press releases that don’t say a lot.  The temporary ban hadn’t even been in effect for 12 hrs and Suey and her band of dumbasses were shrieking doom and gloom from the rooftops.  If anything, it only increased their blood lust.  They seemed to think that horses would magically multiply overnight yet they would soon be extinct.  Yes, go ahead and read that again because it still won’t make any sense. Before we learned that the ban would be short-lived, Suey pushed the panic button on the UH page…

“The horse world was already in bad shape, and the events of last Friday are manifesting themselves in an even more awful loss of value everywhere in the country. At this rate there will be no horses left standing in a couple of years. Certainly no one can afford to breed in this environment, which means when the old pets die, there is nothing to replace them. Probably the most telling sentence of all in this post is “the other interesting fact is that no rescues were buying” – of course not, they are all off rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of raising millions on the strength of only they will be able to help the horses that now have nowhere to go. They have no intention of taking even the amount they were before to keep up their scam even if someone does give up and hand them over. They are too expensive and feed is too high and the liability of starving them or shooting them to waste isn’t good press. Nobody seems to understand the scale of this wreck, except a handful of people directly involved. We are talking 4,000 head PER WEEK that were going to both countries now choked off to a tiny trickle of horses they get for less than the cost of hauling them to the sale. No, the majority of those horses are not going to be dumped on charity or anywhere else. They are going to stand right where they are, and people are going to do their best to keep them in good shape, and hope that they can get some value out of them soon. In three months time that is 48,000 head or horses–which is, by the way, more horses than BLM is now spending some $75 Million dollars a year to house on long term holding and feedlots.

Do you think the American taxpayer is in the mood to quadruple that $75 Million tax bill this next year to take care of all of these horses? I don’t think so… Better get the international bureaucrats and activists backed off fast, is all I have to say…”

– Oh my goodness!  Did Suey just refer to horses as `pets’???????  At any rate, I’m sick and tired of this creature that does not own a horse, and by many accounts is afraid of them, speaking for MY industry.  No, Suey, the rescues weren’t buying up horses because with no slaughter, there was nothing to save them from.  How dare they expect the douchebag kill buyers to take responsibility and care for the animals they own!  I find it strange that Suey is so concerned about the American taxpayer when she is perfectly fine with them funding USDA inspections on horse meat so she and her foreign investors can make lots of money.  Since there has been cuts to USDA funding, that would take funding away for inspecting and ensuring the safety of our own domestic food supply as well as hurt our beef, pork and poultry producer’s pockets.  I wonder what the American Taxpayer feels about that….Anyhow, when the dust settled and horses were once again being sent to their deaths, Suey gleefully wrote up another press release…

16 Oct 2012 … Last Friday the Equine Welfare Alliance distributed a media release claiming “US horses are no longer being accepted by Canadian horse slaughter plants.” Since then HWAC has been working with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to clarify the issue.


Today we received an email from AAFC confirming that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has not changed its policies and directives regarding the entry of US horses intended for slaughter, nor were any instructions provided to CFIA operational staff or industry to refuse the entry of US horses intended for slaughter into Canada.


The AAFC resprentative stated, “While I cannot speak for decisions made by the industry, I understand that the information you learned of may have been prompted by a shipment of Canadian meat derived from US horses which was temporarily held at a port of entry in France. With the support of the Canadian Missions in France and the European Union, the CFIA contacted its regulatory counterpart, the European Union Directorate General for Health and Consumers (SANCO) to request the release of the shipment based on the existing arrangements agreed by both sides that allow Canadian horsemeat into the EU. Consequently, French authorities have revisited their actions and once again permit access for these products.”


We understand there may be a requirement to amend the current export certificate, but at this time, CFIA officials have not been formally notified.

HWAC continues to work with AAFC and CFIA and will provide additional information as it becomes available. “


Read that last bit very carefully.  If Suey and her minions do not think that what happened last week is merely a preview of what is about to happen to the slaughter industry, they may be even dumber than we all imagine.  Nobody wants our toxic meat.  For a bunch of people that whine about putting the rights of animals above humans, they sure are eager to serve up death on a plate to anybody and everybody.

Douchebag Duquette had little to say this week and neither did his counterpart Holy Theresa.  D-bag is likely muzzled after his `no big deal’ comments last week and Holy Theresa is busy declaring jihad on all Muslims and basically anybody else that isn’t a white conservative.  What she isn’t busy doing is rescuing horses or trimming their feet if the pictures somebody sent me is any indication.  Instead, we were once again treated to Puppymill Patterson’s special brand of crazy and animal hatred.  Not only was she outraged that there was actually a day or two where no US horses were tortured at slaughterhouses, she is now on the warpath about H.R. 6388 (http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/hr6388/text)which would basically put an end to the torture that Big Lick horses and other gaited breeds have been subjected to for far too long.   As you know, Puppymill is dead set against any law that would infringe on a person’s right to abuse and torture animals and basically makes her living making sure her home state of Missouri is the animal cruelty capital of the US.

Mendy Tobiano continued her special brand of fiction and misinformation this week as well.  She somehow managed to draw a line between a border guard getting shot in Arizona and the suspension of slaughter of US horses.  One thing had nothing to do with the other, but she nevertheless decided it was an example of how antis don’t care about humans.  She also informed her three readers that horse slaughter in the US ended in 2008, when we all know that it was actually 2007 that the last plant closed.  I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised when she gets most of her information from Wikipedia or straight out of her own ass, but you would think if you were a staunch advocate on this issue, you would actually know the basic facts surrounding it.  After reinventing history, she went on to tell us how super awesome being a kill buyer is (more bad horses and heroics *yawn*) and that all antis lie when we say horse meat has never been a staple of the American diet.  Her proof is that it used to be on the menu at Harvard and we should all be super impressed with that because it’s Harvard.  Actually, there are a lot of things that are on lots of menus that aren’t `staples’ of the American diet.  Just a few weeks ago me and the other half had a disagreement about whether or not frogs legs are gross when we went out for dinner.  Many people eat them and they really do taste like chicken, but I don’t like them.  He does.  However, I don’t think you would consider them `staples’ of the American diet.  I guess I shouldn’t expect to educate the petulant pony about the subtleties between eating a novelty food and something being a staple of our diets when she can’t read with basic comprehension.  I certainly have given up on her or any PSA fathoming that the general population are far more health conscious about what we put in our bodies these days and eating the adulterated meat of a companion animal is not something most of us would even consider.  That isn’t even touching on the moral and ethical issues of thinking that it’s perfectly fine to sell that same toxic stew to unsuspecting countries, or even worse, giving it to the poor people to eat.   Seriously, WTF?

I thought it might be fun to check in with a former Sunday PSA this week as well.  Once again, Jes `The Chin’ Sothern has shown us that hypocrisy is alive and well in the land of the PSAs.  The following is a little rant she had about pet overpopulation…

“This concept is so very important for people to understand. The math and myth of “pet overpopulation” doesn’t add up. Because people are unwilling to see that we have enough homes for, it’s easier for Shelters to just euthanize and not haveto be accountable for finding those animals homes. Overpopulation=justifiable shelter euthanasia.

Wouldn’t it be better to see that we have more ample homes?! That is the GREAT news! The hard part is accepting the fact that it takes work to make these animals available to good homes. Readily accessible, easy to find and easy to adopt.

The old demand that only the “very best” of people can adopt who meet the “most stringent of rules” is what is keeping dogs and cats languishing in shelters or foster homes because to some, there is no home good enough. Sadly, we see this time after time after time… reasons to REFUSE an adoption rather than finding reasons and ways to make it WORK!

I am not always a Winograd fan, but his facts are indisputable. The question is are YOU all willing to accept that the myths just might not be true and actually look at the facts. Hard core facts in terms of indisputable numbers as well as the successes by no kill shelters who apply some basic principles.”

Interesting stance for somebody that goes on about all the unwanted horses and the need to kill them all, no?  I wonder why she and her buddies can’t see that applying these same principles to horses is a better solution than slaughtering them?  Let’s not forget that the PSAs in general make a sport out of harassing horse rescues and interfering with their fund-raising efforts.  I guess maybe she likes puppies and kitties more than horses or something….

Not really a new player, but one that has been too boring to mention until now is Sheila Short.  She’s another one of those Missouri assholes that wants to slaughter everything.  I’ve seen a lot of her ignorance posted here and there and she appears to be vying for a place up Slaughterhouse Sue’s ass most days as well.  Well, she may not have achieved favored status with her idol, but she is vice president of the Missouri Equine Council, which makes her Puppymill Patterson’s ass barnacle.  We all have to start somewhere….Since Madam Short has such an inflated opinion of herself and thinks she knows everything about antis, I thought it would be for the rest of y’all to take a look at what she has to say about recent events.

“Has anyone else ever noticed that as we, the pros try to work through our issues, ie. stabilize our industry and to get slaughter back here & how we will have to adapt in order to meet both the regulations here and abroad, that we focus on what we as an industry & the individuals involved with it will have to do.”

– Mostly I have noticed `pros’ refusing to accept that slaughter is on its way out and refuse to accept responsibility for their messes.

“One the other hand, when the antis try to come up with a solution that does not involve slaughter and then try to get us to buy into their plan, that the plan always involves our resources. Our time to rehabilitate, our money to feed & condition, our land for operations and our knowlege, all the while they want to be the leaders of the effort.”

– Pretty sure I have yet to see any anti slaughter person look to Slaughterhouse Sue and followers for their `knowledge’.  The most I have seen antis do is ask people to take responsibility for their animals and get out of the way of people that are trying to help save horses.
“And even if an anti does agree that some of the horses just will not be placeable, the only other options are either to live out their lives on welfare or to pump them full of death juice & then shove 1000# of meat into a hole. They resent us for our “disposable” attitude & we resent them for their “entitlement” & “wasteful” attitude.”

– How dare we not want to feed toxic meat to the masses!  The shame….

Besides our regular PSAs behaving badly, we have had a few bit players showing off why these people need to find a new `industry’ to insert themselves into.  First up is the woman who our pal Daffy has been endorsing for the past week.  When you have Daffy as your number one cheerleader and supporter, you know things are bad.  Well, it seems this PSA is one of those color breeders and she `leased’ or lent her stallion out to a `trainer’ to make him into a versatility horse or something like that.  First problem with this scenario, is you get what you pay for.  Nobody wants to train and show your horse for free, so that should have been her first red flag.  It turns out, the person elected not to feed the horse and the SPCA seized the stallion.  The problem now is that they want to geld the horse before the owner gets him back and all the UH PSAs are up in arms about how wrong this is.  You know, personal property and all….Well, normally I would be neutral on this subject if it wasn’t for one little problem.  This woman is an irresponsible breeder.  She likes to breed those HYPP N/H horses and doesn’t see a problem with that.  The stallion himself, isn’t HYPP positive, but the mares are and that alone tells me this person shouldn’t be in the breeding business.  If that wasn’t enough, she openly admitted that the horse is `worthless’ to her without his nuts as she is strictly a breeder, so I have to wonder if he wouldn’t be better off getting his brain surgery and going to a new home where somebody may actually care about him.  Clearly, the only thing his owner cares about is breeding more genetic mutations and Lord knows we don’t need more of those. Anyway, she’s in court to fight for her stallion’s manhood next week and let’s just hope for the sake of the unwanted horse population that she loses.  Here is one of this breeder’s lovely little HYPP N/H mutants she is so proud of…a weanling..

“Took me 17 years of breeding to get AQHA/APHA cremello overo, N/H, OLW negative filly, only thing better would have been a colt but just fine with a filly maybe I’ll get a colt next year. So my stallion is 100% color producer and is OLW negative!!!!”

I wish I could say this was the only PSA breeder behaving badly, but I can’t.  Next up is another crazy color breeder from Kentucky.  She popped up offering free breedings to her stallions in exchange for round pen panels.

“I am looking for some decent panels to make a round pen in exchange for a breeding to one of my stallions. 
1. True Golden Jack – APHA Smokey Grullo hz Tobiano Stallion. 
2. SWF Champagne Thirst – AQHA Champagne stallion.
Located in Western Kentucky.”

Notice the only accomplishments either stallion has is being an awesome color and the ability to get erections.  Then you may take notice she doesn’t care what kind of mare you have or even what breed you have.  She’ll let you make a baby because what the horse world needs right now is more super awesome colored grade horses. It’s people like this that are creating the problems for the horse world.  Still think I’m being a harsh and maybe these stallions are decent?  Behold!

True Golden Jack

SWF Champagne Thirst

Even though there was plenty of more fuckery from the PSAs over the past week, I think it’s time to draw a line under it and look at some good stuff.  Do y’all remember Declan Gregg?

“Declan started his own blog, Children 4 Horses, to spread the word about horse advocacy issues and worked diligently with the Million Horse March campaign to collect letters from children to inspire lawmakers to end the slaughter of American horses. Declan’s dedication to horse advocacy brought him to the nation’s capital twice in recent months, where he represented over 1,000 children from the United States and abroad by presenting the letters to legislators in Congress. In addition to his Washington visits, Declan testified at a hearing for a bill opposing horse slaughter at the New Hampshire State House in January. Declan’s blog, read by individuals in more than 80 countries, provides commentary on horse advocacy issues and also includes horse poetry, horse news, photos, Declan’s artwork and stories about other kids who have made a difference helping horses.”(http://www.aspca.org/Pressroom/press-releases/101812)

As a result, Declan has been awarded the 2012 ASPCA “Tommy P. Monahan” Kid of the Year Award.  Well done, Declan!  Having kids like him in the world proves that hope is alive and well.

As we know, it’s been a wild in the slaughter trenches.  If we have learned anything, we have learned that yes, we can handle the inevitable shutdown of horse slaughter whether it’s happening in this country or our neighboring countries.  We can consider last weekend as a practice run for next year.  Despite what Slaughterhouse Suey would have us believe, as of next July at the latest, no American horse over the age of six months will be eligible for slaughter for human consumption.  Sadly, the majority of the PSAs prefer to poke their head in the sand and think that the EU aren’t serious about their deadline, but saner people know different.  Not only are they serious, they will no longer tolerate our adulterated meat on their dinner tables.  Advocates are working hard to educate the other consumers of North American cheval on the consequences of eating animals that were never raised for human consumption as well.  So, while the PSAs sit around congratulating each other on what fine horsemen they all are and waiting for the next crisis, we choose to be proactive and keep working towards our ultimate goal.  This may not be our mess, but we will clean it up one way or another.  As always, thanks for all the emails and comments.  Despite the ups and downs of last week, the laughs have been many and that makes it easier to soldier on.  Don’t forget to hug your horses every chance you get…..Have a great weekend!


One hundred years from now, it will not matter what sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of the animals & creatures on this earth

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I’m sure you have all heard by now that US horses are being accepted for slaughter once again.  (http://www.examiner.com/article/business-as-usual-for-slaughtering-american-horses-canada-begins-again) There is still much confusion surrounding the reasons for the temporary shutdown and why it was handled the way it was.  Of course, Slaughterhouse Sue is minimizing the entire deal, even after throwing her skirt over her head and running around screeching about a global economic crisis over the weekend.  Make no mistake, it was a bold and swift move by the EU and a sign of things to come.  It also showed the true colors of the would-be horse eaters in a way I never could.  The blood lust was astonishing. The good news is that it also showed us how swiftly equine welfare advocates are prepared to mobilize in the future.  If there is still anybody out there that doesn’t think the EU is serious about enforcing their deadline for documentation and identification on ALL horses presented for slaughter, they may be more stupid than we gave them credit for.  As sad as we are that horses are still suffering in slaughter houses, don’t lose heart; the end is in sight and nobody is ready to give up yet.  If anything, it steels our resolve to see this through.  Much more to cover and recap on Friday on all fronts….keep the faith people!


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